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    Eije 61oht.
Wednesday morning, Nev. 29,1865,
'To Subsoribers
Those subscribers receiving a pa•
per marked with a -1 - before the name
will undersiand that the time for
which they subscribed ix up. If they
wish the paper continued they will
'renew their subscription through the
mail or otherwise
—Snow fell to the depth of three
inches on Broad Top
. last Thursday.
—Farmers, remember—the first of
December is market day.
—Butchers, rentembee—the first of
December (next Friday)lhatyou:bring
in your "weal and \venison."
—A select school is now in session
.at AfeAlavey's Fort, taught by Rev. E.
Studebaker, A. B.
—Hog-killing fever is now raging in
this vicinity, and many .a well fattened
Torker will eat its last dear meal, and
:squeal its last squeal.
—All ye farmers - who wish to make
mroney, and at the same time satisfy
flre.craving appetites of our, citizens,
shouldl;e 6n'hat; - cori next Friday.
—The banks which we reported last
'week to be broken—the Allegheny
Bank of Pittsburgh, Caterers: Bank,
Trenton Bank and Pittstonßlink —are
still alive, and the • notes are taken at
this bank.
—A revival of religion is now in pro
gress in the newly dedicated M. E.
Church at Brinisville. Penitents are
found at` the altar of prayer every
night and, quite, a number have been
converted. -
-Remarks caused by the high price
of provisions : When shall we three
,neat again; or, It'is dot nieat that is
(to be) a-lorin ilarn"and flitch, (we
.don't care which,) were never "sick,"
is price and , van tea, etc.
—Pete Releum thinks it strange that
-We know very,, soon who are getting
rich by oil speculations, but those who
lose (and there are many) we never
hear from. It is a sure, sign when, we
don't hear a speculator croiv that his
money is running instead of oil.
—We were gratified that some of
our friends responded to our call last
. week to send us the news. \Vo would
: like to hear from all sections, and so
-would our readers. Don't be backward
'friends, in the, good work of, making
your'county paper interesting.
Afloat' in this neck o' timber—
'Those deieetahle curiosities which a
Aound Table poet calla "Dabs of appe
%tieing jelly 1 Sources of epigrastic cc.
stacy." He means, and so do• we,
nothing more nor less than oysters.—
Steep, though, at 50 cents a stew I
—Delegates are being. appointed in
• almc4t. every town to represent the
citizens in the Fish Convention to be
• held Harrisbufg, ,T an ury 10, 1860.
No Ash , delegates have as, yet. ,been,
chosen fromthis section of the Juniata
Lot us, bare the had, era ths‘shadoW
of , alehapee slips /33-. " ' ,
—ijur country friends will not for.
get Ahab on "Friday next is the first
market`-'ila f y (of a•Abousand
and you are expected to bring in eve. ,
rytbing you have good te[eat, in great
A:identity and good qualify. 'Bo 'sitto
:and lia•ie 'it nothing bad will
passe•theiniTection of the half master,,
—Small coin, of the denominations
of one;• two, - and three cents; are said
to abound, in the United States Mint
of Philadelphia. The coin will be sent
to .p u semi n,' axe)) an go for green
backs, at the expense: of the . United
States. Let them bound through the
countryoo t.ho 'death of scrip. • ' -
Just •
Trangh, — ,, of. the golli
6yshnigStaddaid, says wo were'only
privented from bUying'all we saw on
our,•trfii"tO 'Rea recently, by that
universal ailment , arming Printers—a
lack of funds. The next time wo tra
veryie.,Want Traugh's company, hav
ing an, idea,lhat was lately demon
strated,,that,Rlair county Printers are
net:quite as peer as Job or his turkeys..
eVery body, giVe the ordinance
; concerning the'market, a good reading,
s:l,,sit is the last time, probably, it will
appiar in -our columns; and there is
many_an item in it you will wish you
,had readwhea you had the chance.—
The::ltrilfsinaster (Market master) is
also advised to read again and post up
what concerns him, as '6O cents a day
are hard earnings not to he lost. -
—Traugh, of the . Standard, and the
local of the Altoona Tribune, are very
puffed the former for services rendered
in making him what he is, and the for
tnet: tort; putt; the' latter'b u y Culling
trim tho-post "Intelligent and faithful
apprentice",ever in the O. This
dove-kissing reminds us of the anti
tiiitteed Ayme, ''lf you loved me as i
loved you, no knife could „cut our love
, -
in two 0 !
—On Viiesday evening theTJui,
on men, of Bedford county , assembled
at the court house in Redford for the
purpose of congratulating themselves
over the late glorious triumph through
out the country. We see the name of
mai, John Williamson, of this place, in
connection with Col. Francis Jordan,
Roil. P. Frazier Smith, and Ron: John
Cessna, amongst the speakers.
- We
suppose the'Major: poured forth some
Of liniefirckA andetasion's
llnatingtloa Excelsior Star Band
On Thursday evening last our ears
were saluted by strains of music froM
the brass band ,now in "fait blot" in
this place. We were highly delighted
with the performance of Abe players,
and think that by sufficient - practice
they wili.make themselves perfect,and
become a source of pride and renown,
as well as pleasure; to our town. We
give the names of this troupe, which
has taken as its motto aExcelsior:" at
tached is the name of the instrument
each one plays:
Johnßlack, Ist E flat; Philip Sny
der; 2d E flat; John Westbrodk, 3d E
flat; Wm. Westbrook, lst B flat, Cor
neti Simon Weston, Ist Alto; John
W. Cunningham, 2d Alto; John Smear
man, 3d Alto; John Snyder, Ist Tenor
or Trombone; It. S. Westbrook, 20
Tenor or Trombone; R. S. Renry, 3d
Tenor or Trombone; Oliver McNeal,
Baritone or B flat; George Snyder, lst
Tuba Ed ward Snyder; 2d Tuba; John
Smith, (hunt Major; Newton Cunning
ham, Bus's Drummer; Silas Wise, Cym.
Of course we extend tho invitation
to the boys to: call again, as we are
juSt as .ready to aivreciate good music
as the crowd which followed the band
from 'our office ,after 'the serenade.
This,evidence that our citizens
love music..•
The teacher of this band, Mr:Herr
mann, wbo has been teaehing it for two
weeks past, regularly every night, and
a portion of the day, left on Thursday
night. He certainly deserves great
credit for the untiring energy and great
skill he manifested in training the mu
sical qualities of the young men. The
members now meet twice week at
the school house, and will no doubt,
"ifillt;, it Out thsir own ' line," until
they make the band a permanent insti
Mr. John Black is the,cliosen leader,
and is worthy of the exalted honor,
being something of a, musician from
ioitne,i..experionee. Success to the
Huntingdon ..Excelsior. Star Cornet
W.hftt Neit
A Western paper informs us that a
company boring for oil on Highland
Creek, Kansas, a short time, ago,
struck milk or something which strong
ly resembles it. The fluid had not at
last accounts been analized or subjected
to a. close inspection, but if it turns
out to be the real genuine article, the
fortune .of the company is made sure.
All they Will have to' do will be to got
up some of our recently patented
cburns, put them to work and if the
yield of butter is equal to . our Dur
ham and Devonshire stock, they will
be able to supply enough for home
consumption, and probably reduce the
price of that necessary article even_
here, in our Eastern markets. The
price of butter inHuntingdon still keeps
up, much to the annoyance ofour good
housekeepers, and like Banquo's ghost,
it seems that it will 'not go down. Not
withstanding there is plenty of it
'manufactured in the county, it still
brings forty cents per pound, which is
.entirely too high a figure for most of
our people: Wo would advise some of
our enterprising people to imitate the
example of their neighbors, in Kansas,
and go to work and, bore for,oilln.the
valleys of Old'Efuntingclon."''Probatiky.
they nay be fortunate enough to strke
a vein of the lacteal fluid here; and
then, they . can- regulate the price 'ef
butter. to suit the - mac/res. , When thei
company out west shall have succeed •
ed in turning their Milk into butter
milk, which, no doubt, they aro under-.
taking, then some body-in this section
will surely follow suit; and strike deep
for milk, and strike:still deeper against
the price of butter.
Pittsburg' Pentair Colleire—lmportant
Thu Winter term .of this, sterling in—
stitution will conimonce on Tuesday
morning; December' sth: The term
just closing has been one of the most
successful in tb history,of t.l39'college,.
Its 'marvellous success, leading, as it
does , every ladies' school west of. the
mountains, is; the best corntrient on its'
superior, Advantages, apd., cxcellont.
niansgeMent. It now nuinbers among
its patrons hundreds °four best citi
zens and those of other States. A
mostevaluable improvement is now in
progress. A now, recitation room, a
largo and beautiful roomlor ,tbe.cabi
net, and a spaciona and cloganelibrary
and reading room will soon be comple
ted and added to .the already splendid
facilities offered by the college to its
pupils. Wo need hardly repeat what
we have so
,often stall,"that in its lit.
erary and ornamental; departments
the college has'no equals in this region,
and but few in the country. Send to
President Pershing for a catalogue.
Narrow Escape
On Saturday last, a brakeman on a.
westward bound freight train, named
Wilkins Briggs, from Shirleysburg,
this connt,,T, whip .running alor.g. the
decks of the cars, in motion, his head
struck the top of timibridge at Bridge.
port, tie - at:Mill C`rooli, and.ho'became
insensible. The blow precipitated him
between two cars, and when he gained
his senses he found...himself astraddle
of one of the bull-noses, with the train
still in firitioit, flis head was bruised
by4he blow ; • was injured ieter
riallyrby the fall; but his fate would
have beetOntireilainehtablichad be by
any unfortunate occurrence been
thrown frOni . hie position on the bum
per viderneatbotlie'citrs:
gie" S. Cu.. boort) sent to
1h ci ty for, more new goods, Tvbieb
will be 4pre before the ;Reels closes.
Oar Trip to /flusklugum 'county, (Ohio)
011 Region, •
On' Wednesday evening, 15th inst.,
we left home, in company. with Mr.
James Maguire, on the 8 o'clock train
to visit the oil region of Muskingum
county, Ohio. We arrived at Pitts.
burg, (153 miles) at 3 o'clock, a. m.,
on the 16th, and immediately left there
on the Pittsburg„ & Cleveland road for
'Bellaire, 98 miles from Pittsburg,where
we changed to: Central Ohio road and
arrived at Concord at 10 o'clock, 159
miles from Pittsburg. Took a late
breakfast and an early dinner together
at 'the American House, . Capt. Z. A.
Wifson,'Proprietor, and after a litt)o
trouble procnred a horse and buggy
and started' at 1 o'clock for the oil
region. The country through which
we passed wo found to be good farm
land, but badly farmed: The land is
limestone. The, wholo country through
which- we passed for a, distance o 17
miles, to Mr. P. Stevens, Muskingum
county, is very hilly, but, not the kind
of hills we have in Pee nsyivania., There
are no ridges Such •as we have. Tho
farmers devote their attention princi
pally to the raising of stock ofall kinds. ,
Wo saw no poor cattle, Every farmer
has either . small or ,large flocks of
sheep of the best. breeds. The-'corn
crop-was heavy, and, a great 'Many
hogs Are fed for 'market. 'n
•We arrivechit Mr. r Stevensat 5 p.
m.; where , we were kindly received,
and .found first-rate accommodations.
On Friday morning two
. teuns. were
hitched up•and Mr. Maguire, President
of the Ohio .Basin Oil pompitny, Mr.
Stevens, Paymaster, Mr.. Baughman,
Superintendent; and ourself, visited to.
entities where holes were being. put
dowri, with . good Shows of oil:. We
retnrned,anci on Saturday. morning,the
Party, with. the addition of Mr. An
drew Lyon, visited Kent.,Bun, where
some fifteen holes were going down,
but none over 150 feet: Three or'four
of the wells were already yielding oil
of the best quality, worth 00 in. the
market, but not in largo' quantities.
They will most likely 'produce much
stronger as soon as the necessary ma
chinery is on the ground, and the
wells are Stink to a greater depth.. On
our return from the wells the party
were finely dinnered at the house of
Mr. Lyon,: a lively an& whole-sOuled
gentleman, such as Mr. Stevens, where
we hung up our hat. •
Sunday we remained at home with
the family of Mr. Stevens, and didn't
think of oil to any extent.
.We almost forgot to mention the
fact that on the road from Concord wo
passed over "High Hill," said'to be tbo
highest hill in the State of Ohio. It is
about four miles distrint,from Mr. Ste-
On Monday wo "took to thp woods"
again , on horseback, and visited Man's
Fork of Salt Creek, Kent Run, and
Little Salt Creek. Wells were going
down with good prospects of finding
oil. Enjoyed, an' excellent dinner at
li'razier's„ll miles from Coueord,
where Mr. Stevens met us with our
buggy. At 2p. m., we . left for Con
cord, where we arrived at .5 p. m.,--
suppered . at 6 and left for .horne
Any of our friends- stopping at Con_
cord will find Captain "Wilsob'S gotel,
the placo : to stop.., •
ll'evOia of
By the follovingeard it, ill be seen
that our friend Benson M. (ireene, of,
this place, has recei,ved the right for
the sale Of.klason & flamlin'ei. Cabinet
(Niel - 18;1'n t:fie'. 'additional counties
Bedfcii.d, cl . ea.t.field and Juniata. This
is afrevidence That 111 r. G. has merited
the host and confidence of the' firm
inquestion, by his faithhilness. .We
would reemnatend - tiioqe . at' disttince,
as iron ai,thOso at .hoine, to iendlo
their. orders for..Mason' &
Cabinet Organg to ilfr.,Greene. , ,
UNTI~gII.QP s PA., ,Nov, 24, 1865
•Tliis'ls'to 'certify that we have 'tip:
pail - 40 . '1Y. Gre:tne solo agent tor
ttle;al,e, of, our Ottc)inet . drgans,fer the
folio Counties, viz: Auntingdon ,
Blain. Cegf e, .Bediqrd, blearfield and
Juniata, and
,hetata ,the, exclusive right
for the sale of the above named instru
ments iii the aforesaid edunties.
• j , c cin i vrEn, •
• '• Genernl Agorit.
The folloWin: ,, Ofriciers' of lifeClelin.
Lodge, No. McAlavey's 'Fort, were
installed fdr the' ensuing term
W. C. T.--)1 . . - M. Miner,'
W. V. Musser..
P. W.,C. T,--W. S. Smith, A. B.
W. S.--J. Musser. ,
IV. F. S.—Jaelcson Hermon.
W. T - .—James Lee.
W. C.—Lee Semple.
W. M."—Miles Davison.
W. D. M.—Anna S.torri,son.
W. IL S.----Webley Angel.
IV. L. 11. S.—Mary McCartney.
W. I. 6. l —William Leezerve.
W. 0. 0. 7 -,D. B. Smith. , •
The ' Harrisburg, ;
,Telegra:ph: of last
Saturday says: .. . .
Bev. A. J. Barrow having accepted
a call to Bedfoi.d and Huntingdon, has
resigned OM charge of,' St. Paul's' Epis
•eopal Church, Ridge Road, and will
preach, his farewell sermon to-morrow
evening. Mr. Barrow.has been a faith
ful pastor, sand during his sojourn bore
made many friends who will regret to
hear of his departure.
GO'foTill4ent Cy/thing.
There will a public sale of Govern
ment Giothing, :blankets,
sheete, shirts,.: drawers, pants, ete., in
this place, on December let and 2d.—
This is notehoddy stuff, and those who
want a bargain come and purebase.
Sanday.Sohool Ventival,
It was our delightful privilege to at
tend a joyous festival 'given:' by the
friends of the Ennisvillo M E. Sabbath
School, on Saturday afternoon the 18th
inst. The day, had -boon selected for
moving the S. S, library and furniture
to more comfortable apartments in the
now church. At an early hoUr the lit
tle folks with nirrible,etep, and cheerful
smile, and larger folks with gladsome
hearts and well filled baskets revealed
the place of attraction. The old
church had been selected for the occa
sion, and if her dilapidated walls could
write her historY; we would have, at
least, one chapter under the'caption,
"High Carnival over my Crumbling
Ruins." While our good sisters were
loading the table with the bountiful
supply of delicaciet previded i • we' were
engaged with the children outside, in
their innocent amusements of merri.
ment and fun. All. were happy—the
chubby-cheeked Cherub, the gay little
miss, the loud romping lad, and lively
children of larger growth, mature:r
years, and silvered heads, all partici
pated in the busy sport, and rapturous
peals of hearty; healthful laughter.
The Superintendent' was the
. .
signal for a change in the programme,
and we soon found ourselves comforta
bly arranged around a; table groaning
with its weight of luxuries. It-was
feast for even a Horace - Ad enjoy, and
the jovial old poet would have 'found
a subject in some of . those . .delicious
cakes fora Vo;3. fine ode; and if the
good' old Falernian - bad been provided,
he would haire drunk right freely, no
doubt, to the health and preservation
of the good sisters.,
After all had feasted; the school Was
called up by classes and ,each scholar
loaded with library books 'or some ar
title of fernitnrd,.ancl' thug with all
their Sunday Schoel . pes, l seSsionS' they
marched in processionf• to-, the, new
church; singing,• lustily, "I' love
Sunday School." Having deposited
all in the new room; they sang their
first song of praise in .,
tb,o new temple,
and dedicated it to Almighty. God. Ap
propriateaddreases were then delivered
by Revs. S. Andersori'and o.lf. Stew
art, and the exercises of the day
closed. We hesitate not in saying
that all felt happier and better for hay . -
ing thus profitably spent,such a grand
*ubilee. . dons.
Experience In Dr.:Ming.
We find the following in the report
of Dr. A. Rothroolt, late surgeon of
this District, which he has contributed
to the columns of thd Lewistown Ga•
zette. It is an epitome of the Doctor's
experience in the examination of the
yeomanry, of• this and the other coun
ties, for military service; and attached
thereto is the number examined, by
him in those "times that tried men's
souls," and bodies too: •
On the 11th day .of May, 1863, the
Board of enrollment convened at this
place, (Hollidaysburg,) organized and
divided the District into sub districts,
and prtceeded from that time in the
regular discharge of the duties of the
On the 17th of August, 1863, we
commenced the first draft, and on the
7th of September began to examine
drafted men. .
During the &rat few days I was
somewhat embarrassed in the exami
nation, and was disposed t 6 believe
that drafted men would sometimes tell
the truth; but • my. experience' soon
taught me that the' deClination of
every conscript under - exatninatioa
must be disregartied,if the surgeon 'ex
pelts- to do his duty ; faithfully , to the
Goimrnment. IMy -early-impressions
too, were that every so,lilier must enjoy
perfect health; lind bef‘fieb from bleat
person if 11(P - would endure
Atte. privationS; hardehips and ' long
marches incident- to artily- life; this
impression•led nie to putla very. liber
al construction on- the. different see
tione of,par. 85. Consequently on the
first'day I found by fact-one° to my
record, that out of 52. men examined,
29 were exempt ; - and that too, from a
lot of tolerable -- good men. I subse.
quently become more rigid as Igrew
familiar, with the4lutieS o lk.the office,
and learning to d_istinguish more clear
ly between -, the - real and feigned
ease. I held more men_ to service,
and greunceverY day . more incredulous
as to the ll'onesty , -of *drafted' and en
'relled.finep when .it is their intore:st' to
deceive the 13oard. There are, ;how-,
ever, 'honorabfe "exeoptions which a,
practiced su_rgeon_willseadily detect.
As'nearly asljtari it'seeriani - I have
examined up to this time of
drafted men t- 4,721
recruits and suhstitates,3,796
itad enrolled men, '7,201 ' '
making to al) ; 15,778
or, in round numbers . , e thousand;
for Many'reeruitS:and iubstitutes pre—
sented themselves for examination so
manifestly ' unfit for 'military duty that
dismissed them without wasting time
iMper, to mtike their'renord.. •
Who are Exempt from the ..Bounty Tax.
An impression prevails in some lc) ,
calities that taxes to pay local bounties
must bo paid by soldiers us well as
those who stayed at hbrne. But tho
facts in the case are as follows,--By
the law of 1863 miens who had served
in A Pennsylvania regiment, twelve
months as a non•comrnissioned °Meer
or private, and received an hOnorable
discharge,• is required to pay any tax
for bounty purposes. „.413:reever ) the
law of 1865 exempts Alf nonconsmis ,
sioued °facers and privates honorably
discharged; and also the property, of
soldiers' widows, minor'children of de
ceased soldiers, etc., froMpayment of
bounty tax of all kinds; and all sob.
diers discharged by reason of wounds
received in battle, or'disability incur—
red in active service,are exempt from
payment of per capita or bonnty•tair,
be their time of service Long or short.'
A YALuentr,TABLE.—Tho following
table will be found valuable to many
Of our readers„ and especially to those:
interested in the market scheme, soon
we trust to be in successful operation;
A. box twenty four by sixteen inches
square, and twenty eight inches deep,
will contain a barrel, (three, bushels.)
A box twenty four by sixteen inches
square, and fourteen inches deew will
contain a half barrel.
A box twenty six by fifteen inches
square, and eight inches deep, will
contain a bindle!.
A box twelve by eleven and a half
inebes square, and. nine inches deep,
will contain a half bushel.
A box eight by eight and a fourth
inches square, and eight inches deep,
will contain a peck. .
A. box eight by eight inches - square,
and four and one eighth inches deep,
will contatil'one gallon.
A box seven by eight Inches square,
and four and ono eighth inches deep,
will contain a half gallon.
A box four inches square, and four
and ona fourth inches deep ; will con
tain one quart.
Coal EVOlpmosata
The returns of anthracite 'coal car
ried over the various canals and rail
roads of the State' for the current year
show a shipment of 8,171,152 tons in
1865, a'gainit 9,176,100 tons in 1864, a
falling off of 1,004,588 tons. There
was a decrease .of 66,535. -tons in the
amount of Huntingdon & Broad Top
coal shipp3d for the current year.—
So says the _Pittsburg Dispatch.
Tuesday, 21st inst., by Roy.
Reid, Mr. Josmi C. SIIWZMAKER, to
Miss MiltY, C. SMITIT, both of this
• • •
On the 23d inst., at the Exchange
Hotel, by Roy. J. A. Price, Mr.ELLTAtt
CIIILCOTE, of Bedford county, qind Miss
SARAH SwoOps of Huntingdon county.
On the Same day by the same, Mr.
molt. both of Huoti.agclon coulitY.
On Thursday last, at, tho residence
of the 'bride's father, at AlOiandria
Huntingdon county, by her. brother,
Rev. Dr. Portor, of Lancaster, Pa.,
AUGUSTVS S. Lattrus,'Esq., of
daysburg, and Miss ELLIE, daughter of
John Porter, Esq.
On the 23d inst.; by• Rev. T. W.
Love, at the residence of the bride's
mother, Mr. }.IIJOENE WINTERS Of Wit'
liamsburff, Pa., to :11.iss Rnotte L DoN
NIMLY, of Cathari no Township, Blair
county, Pa. it
At his residence, in Mapleton, on
Tuesday, 14th inst., Col. JOIIN DON
ALDSON,.4II old and: respected citizen
and founder of that village. •• •
Near Fort Madison, lowa, Nov. 2,
1865, of Congestive fever,aftera brief
illness, JAMES LATJTEIEN, Sr., aged 67
years. Mr. L. was formerly of this
county, and moved with his lamily'to
lowa in the spring of 1856.
On the 11th inst.., in, liartslog
ley, AintAKANt LlNcoirt, an infant
child of Benjamin Isenberg and wife,
aged about 3 months.
"Suffer little children to come unto
me, and forbid them not, for of such is
the kingdom of heaven."
On the Bth inst., in Porter twp.,
Huntingdon county, Pa., Mrs. MARY
ANN Fonssr, wife of Daniel Forest,
aged 40 years, 6 months and 28 days.
The deceased Mutts a family of eight
children, the oldest about tbirteen
years, and the youngest but three
months old. During her protracted
sickness she was patient, and entirely
resigned to the of her Heavenly
Father. It was natural that she should
be loath to bo separated from . young
and tender affspring, but grace enabled
her to commit them to Him, who cares
for the lamlis of His fold. Her faith in
the willingness and ability of Christ to
save was strew -, to the last. She died
in peace, and Aso trust is now “wherel
the wicked cease from. trOubling arid
the ;weary' are at rest:
At. New Creek, Va.,,im the 9d July,
1865, BATRICET B. IlmortrEr,, of the 22d
P. V;lCavalry, fbrmerly, a resident of
Biraringham, - Huntirigdon county, ,Pa.
- _
Ho reits—the soldier's rrorfore's o'er,
lie hears the elailr of arms no more
His acts srere brare,.his eatise was jaet;
And glory crowns his honored duet.
No one possessed more patriot zeal--
No one more bravo on battle . field ;
Ile left his home,:and dearest ties; "
And gavecitis life a sacrifice. • •
self-denying traits were '
With brother-splcliers,nr at imme;, '
Ready -for each emergency, .
his heart o'erflowed with synapa'tliY.
Nis bravery spoke his loyal lierWt—
WEIS ,TEIAdy with his . rll6 4CO - ,part;
He 'swirled to fill a coward's gra*
Veit fought uur bleeditig land to nye
Parents, sisters, brothers, now are left;
Of a brave and loving one bereft;
feel the twOurge, and mourn his loss,
But know it sraa a rioble cansb. :
Selected by
NoTember, 20.
Family Flour , $11.25'
Extra Flour . ' • .• • $O,lO
Superfine Flour
Rye Flour ' $7.20
Corn Meal— ' $1.25
Ira White Wheat, 0. 2 ,E 0 @ 3 ,00
Fair. and Mute Red $5,20/§12,40
Rye ' 1,20
Coro, prima Yellow . u. 90
Barley $1,34
Ctoverseed, Vto4lfis '0,50
Timoth , $3,50
WoOl 60@70
lildes '
Pnmily Flenr•fbbl - • gamin
Extra Fieur $lO,OO
Ruperfine Flour $9,23
Corn bleat ewt $2,50
Buckwheat Maur 0 curt
White IVheat
Red Wheat 210
Rya' • 100
Now Corn
Dried Appian
Mel . ••••
AN ORDINANCE to establish and regulate
a Marlca in Me borough of
SECTIpX I. Be it ordaitted,and enacted by
the Burgesses and 'Toton Council of the bor
ough of Buntingdo.n, and it is hereby enacted
by the authority of the same, That it shall i
and may be lanful to have,. hold 'and keep
within the said borough, one market on
Tuesday and one on Friday in every week of
the year, on that part of Hill street known
es "The Diamond.' ;And the hour of open
ing the market shall, be 5. o'clock, m.,
April. May, June, July ; August, and-Sep
tember,, and 6 o'clock, a. to„ in all 'Other
months of the year, and not earlier, under a
penalty of Five Dollars against each and ev
ery per Son violatitig the same. ,
SEC. - 2: The, Burgesses and Town' Council
shall -appoint a suitable person to - Market
Master, who shall perform all things belong
ing to his office, and shall be removable,for
neglect of duty, and another • fraMlime to
time appointed, add remered'aa, 'the Council,
shalt find necessary.'l
Sec. 3. From and after the, ffret -day of
December, d. 865, if any victualer or butcher,
or other person .shall on any of the Market
days or. any other'day of the weak,hawk from
door to door; 'or by any means sell or bffer for
sole within the said 43orough befole twelve
o'clock, at, any beef,veal, mutton, lamb, goat,
kid, pork, ventsoni.wood,eheese;butter, poul
try, dead or.alive,egge, fish; vegetables„ fruit
or other food for the use of man, (unless the
same be engaged previous to market dap,)
at or pieces other than the - market
place in said Borough,dwor they shall for-.
felt the value thereof; one half to be paid to
the market master for the use of the corpora-.
tfodand the other half to the person Or per-.
eons -who-shall.prosecute within ono; -week'l
after the offence shall . hare, been emamitted
by giving information on -oath thereof to any:
one of the BurOses. Provided, always,'
that nothing, herein contained shall extend
to any peison selling within his or her own
dwelling house; or'tto any person offering for
sale While alive any cattle, calies, Sheep,
goats, 'kids, bogs, Situate, pigs of, deer, or to.
any person selling milk. ,
Sec. 4.- If any person or persons shall buy
up, during market hours, any kind of Mar
keting for the purpose of forestalling- or re
tailing in; market, Buell person so offending for every offence Five Dollars,
Sec. 5. The Market-master shall give 'hie
personal attendance on, each and, every.rubt
l -
et day, and shalt .examine by -the legal I
standard all weights and measures. need in
said market; and. - shall upon the application '
of the owner of any wooden measure mark
the same with the letters 11. M. with a brand
iron to lie kept by him fur that porpose, and
such owner 01101 pax-co nie said 41arkat-frins
tor 'therefor. 5: cents;-_and upon -all-metal
weights and measures the said Market-master
shall stamp, the same, letters witb,a stamping
iron, also to be kept by.hint for that purpose,
and shall receive from' the owner thereof 10,
cents for each set of weig,htsand measures by
him stamped.
Sec. 6. It shall be the duty of the Market
master to soils, carry' away 'Or destroy all
weights and measures used in ,said market
place, of On any street, on any day, which
upori' examination by the legal standard of
Avoirdupois weight, liquid and . dry measures,
shall bo found to be deficient;And all provi-
RiGilii which shall be offered, for sale accord
ingto such false weightsand measures shall
he immediately seized by the Maiket.master
and forfeited ; the one half thereof to the use
of the corporation, and.ttie other -half to the
,of the Market-master:'and the said Mar
ket-master shall seize and destroy all unsound
and:tainted provisions which may be offered
for sale in said 'Market, oron any street; and
the owner thereof shall pay the currant price
thereof for the,. use of the corporation upon
proof being made to of any
twp, of the Burgesses that the owner thereof
knew the,,edid provisione were unsound or
tainted before ho or. elm-offered the sew for
SEC. 7. It Shall be the duty bf the Market
master to take care of the weights, measor6
and brit - Id-irons, - which have been provided
for the use of the corporation; and ho shall
not apply, nor suffdr them to bo - applied to
any other ,u ‘ se than that - mentioned in this
act; 'and shall - he accounialile to the Burges
ses for - the' Same, and shall' detivCc up the
same, to. successor in office.
Sec. S. The Market-master shall on the
last Monday in May and the lost Monday in
NoveMber in every year hereafter delirer in
writing to, the . Thirgesses or any two of them
a statsd account of all moneys by !re
ceived in . purstiance of the net; and shall on
each nettleMent pay to the Treasurer all mo
neys in his bands which by ,this act are ap
propriated toithe Use.of the corporation.
SEC. 9. All meat or , other Onnge usually
sold by,weight•sholl be weighed on :scales or
with scales and weights ;
Sse.ll). Onimilicationto the 11.farlie6mas
ter fUr thepu'rpese; he shall measure all 14ed
sold or offered to be sold by the cord, arid
shall be entitled to receive from each appli
can't the sum id • i call' for
measuring one or more corc*•or-nny payrpf
one curd - ; rdit,a,ll, ;}said Mounting less than
a cord, or leSe I hail sucli . partlof ti•cerd as the
same may be repreeented to) bepor may have
; been sold,for, be forfeited; the, pne half; e-,the,ll.ltirketrhuitter,,:fm'etlitc . Othethiilfl;t6..
the use °Edna corporation.
5i..•11. 'skit drneles' (unless tititled- ornn
sound) forfeited. during,market hours shall
be seized and sold` by the 2itfarket r rnastey at,
publie'ontery in" thelintidtet placelo'the
est bidder, at 12 o'clock of : the same-day . ; and
all artiCles forfeited `elsewhere shall be sold
by the Market-master at.publio outcry to the
highest - bidder,ipme,diatetypffer„the seizure,'
at-any'aonvehienePhhie. ' • ;', l 'l2. The Market mastershall see"thifi r
a,Paseagc I , :ihielest thrOugq,
place is kept Clear, and that market wagons ; ,
are conveniently arranged. I ' , •
Sec. 13. The ;,\lttykatlnasteF;spallifor every
market day ,that he receire the sum
of '6O T m
chtsht of t . fiit'tirldit , of the Borough,
to be paid upon an order upon the Nreasu - reni
,drown,by;uny,twg Abeißufgnees, in addi
thh tierquiSiks "arlSing to him by, vit.
,tue of this act.
Ste. 14. That if
,anyporstm or fierscms
shaTtalte b`it ;Alint6nOli Citherwile anyti)-4,1
'elea , e;ipospd,to i ,sale,n4thyk Alie,hquadit ( . 4%p141,
market, place and cavry,l,ll.Vay,eat or 0,011;iy .
the satiric without
.Ihaltiog, fall'eorimensittion
40 the owner or'n'Whei4 .- thereof, he or they
shalh besideesnolroMnpensation,:pay a `fine
of notmore !bap`dollars'oi,less, than
'twenty'.:five ;cdate,, at the - ttisci:atio a . .of_ the
Burge before whom the offender shall be
tried, which fines shall be recovered by war
rritie-framtander,t.he hinklandSerdof anYi't!!!l'4
of thellint'thises for flie''uebrthe corporation
SEC. 15. All ordinances 'and .parts of ordi
nances, relating to the regulation of markets,
heretofore passed, are hereby repealed.'
clip the following f rorn on
of the PhiladeAphiaii daily; I gnpeis.-
Our people visitink -tiending down
to the city would do well to make a
_ -
note of it:
TILING.—This establishment, located at
the corner of Sixth and Alarket street,
Philada:., familiarly known ns `!'Oak
Hall," is probably the largest and best
conducted. Ready Made Ulothing. and
Mere ant .Tailoring —.House, in the
State. • Their superior syles, excellent
work manship and moderation in prices
have Made their house deservedly pop
In their Custom Department, where
elegant garments aro made to order,
none . brit the very best artists aye etm ,
ploy ed, and the fine assortment of ma
terials to select from enables everfon9
to be well snited.:;,.. , -
,Samples.will be sent: by emi arid
instrpetioge.fof measuripg wllen writ.
teniforl 110:-24k
The . anderelgted . trill-offer at -prtra to vale, the
Ltiita t
fOreily =opted - by. him Itr3lnpoptollstown.- /t
talla A tbreeettoty framebulldinglaoltitble for °Na
or a private ecteelling pr a 1 . 4 f ern ' stand., If not
eon at private vale. proitonatoDetktilierli - . 1885,
t wilt be oittsrateat potato' sale on,tttc , - tiny at
10 wolook It the ion poen. For forthotsPaittnnintn op-,
ply to - • - • , _- - intbrlrr SMITII:
- Pioprlotor VICESOte 11431 - Lin, up - nil - 44w /,'ft.
Noy. 20, 1806-ta.
.1 Tisk subscriber offers for 416, thl tie* brick touso
op the south west corner of Neyffgempry sod chinch
en.etieets in the borough ' or Huntingdon; snow oc
cupied by,J. 11. McCahon, and the lot thereto at
titobed,flootlog 60 feet au such of wad streets.
ite l , '4 siVels,9 l ,, now v b r r o i c c c k n p l 1 2 ry B g j el! l j n . Er t he some on •
elark, with
the lot' thereto attached, fronting 60 feet ou Mont
genii, y street. PRICA—SII.OO.' ~
If the above le -
Bold together tp theimmevirctldot. ot
deduction of $lOO will bo Made fpg4i tito 'prlces ahoy°
stated. ,
rriy- Time gtren ou payments to cult pardihuiersiAndi
pogieselon le gives' on 't . best day of 4411 imxt.
ONE new, trottink BU(iti-Y; . onegood '
v pps WIRE, Wee years- old no;;
spring. T.A . 01/OLD 13LOOAL
littutiogdon, Oct. t'4,:1685;
3M , CPXI. , SJL
~tiudereined. not feeling to re.
build the Foundry now offers ftx eale the ruiniiand
all property saved.- The buildingwas a stone structure:—
The 31p:titling room was 44x 40; Ware room:Seen° aXid
Lath - ccreoure wero ti 9 x 47; the walls of which, tins etlll
etandifig and were but 1,141,e Injured, by On,
Otto, boiler and stebk ere parfecf,'tge cupid. lea's° annul
lug Uninjured. 'Aerate • a largo' stock of *Menhir, pat.;
terns, consisting of rolling Wl, - grist mill, barge and fur
nace'pettornS ; a lane stock ofilaska for altklnds of work,.
a tell set of Jorge' and-rounil creirt and friend ladles, the
1/I rg,est of *bleb is - capable of biditztg twenty" - hundred,
The ground connected with the Foundry Is one acre and
ilttorin perches, on which the - relit erected A fremebulldlng
used an a pattern houre; alito,- wagon pad carriage house',
Three houses and lotediaTing fruit, altoi which
will bo sold Cheap. Terms easy to Bolt tho purchaser.
Far ferthsppeNceßl.spapplylAper?pp,or-by mall So
R. C. 37c0ILL.
4 1.PlaYia.11untingdon comfy
,; :i
The subscribers will ofkor.atprivate
guile'alairalituatdd Jaclieun folibiblp,loutalnt
lu g about
one hundred and forty or which are cleared, sod the /Mi•
unto well timbal:C(l with phic,:tiak und, - chastnut.
• 'the improvalnenta , clinstat of k good' dwelling bailee;
book barn, blacksmith 'hop, corn bouso, wagor ebdd, and,
other necessary out buildings, • • •
- A branch ut Stone Creek rune through the - pr,orntaa
and a swine-of! good .tinCitoer-tiitling, *air gial
bout.. A good apple orchard, and a number of ,
Pervdt trees are aloe on the Atm. -•-
71 0 )i drsir4 ) leklkalluil• +IOW hilapted
of atoci, and 18 couvenient to school. MA161.11°7103.
1 Iv } l . :g r o f a lU it t h k e e lii i r. 1 ;1 " : 111'1
A :3 447.p.gneQ UV/. DOFF.
10.szatlxi. 1€060.0,
THE HEins::ofliCepti.B i eo - tf will sell
1 at prliatesnla - ii,,,alunbla limesiona farm containing
• -
157 Acres,l43„ Perch - es;
and allowances, Minnie In WRST TOWNSHIP.
don county, Pa, one milo fro . Petersburg, which is eq
tin Itn • otthe Pennn-ttatfraqd. - •.,
About 120 acre* aro cleared and tp good stAte or enltlYnt
lion, inclthliog, some 21 acres in raeadoyi,„ghe remain
ing port is yell tinierpititud, , is gnery, nern,aVailnlPlO for ,
farming ImM. i
There lire on its largo well finished brick Swum; f i r.
a largo bank barn, cue tenant linvve, a brick spring -
;mum, carriage holm. Wagon nhed end corn crib: .
A 1.., en eiCerif Fipple atofpratli prohartL , &men
are good,
the' nearly 200 panels post nod . rall fence.
On the farm are three never falling pipings otr.the bps
limestone Water, and a Malang stream passing tiirliiigh
one Corner of the baruyn M. This presents - A rtico:Cll9/641
to obtaihn,prbtitiotlie, Ilia h>arilttfarm. :
Yoe further lorticulabidali itpon' or adarcsi, prOcrltins,
to OCtober 2011, the undersigued.-,.. .
- . T. 13).1tER,D; P.etere' burg, Wit. to.
JA3IY9. A. DROWN, I.l9tWingou.
. .
Titotutdorelgnedarill soltforla reasonable price tho.fel ;
towing Teal estate situate in. DUBLIN Township, Dim ts
4 4 g410n county, belonging to Mrs, lillea M. Ppm •
No. L-Adjoining lands crimes Neely ; William Sew:,
art, and others. containing one. hundred . and
acres and sixty-fivo perches , more of lees, • ' -
No. 2—Adjoining' land§ ot - Jarnes Neely, James Neely,
owl James CMS..conpiintlig seventeen Acres, niece or less,
No. 3.— , APjoinlhg the. abotatatad containing serlutecn
name and thirty-91x perches, peat whereof la cleared,
Tha real estate (shore mentioned was purchased by Mra.,
Eliza 31,,Plierlfilisaldwf the property of Willie%
Any porson to purelmo the aboroproperties
can ascertain.tho lull partieulata :and' te,lnss tleAatts tti
calling on C..ltObaotb' ,Bed arShatdo 'Dap. pt. • ,
i t.l EcurroattowN altrariut.
Huntingdon. July 12. 1065. - :Atte. fora;
A Kyr TO . -
•• • ! "EVDI. DORMS,'
'Agent for Thorhgok
untingdon; gartv-20, 1865.
.09.r4ig494 por.,the,F4,m of
x•hfch toe} , reside, in West township, Ltuntiugdow
County, tit'ottsitto .sale... It is situated : three Mlles trona
Petersburg, nod the'samo distance from . Railroad tetid TA
-nal.; It contains threedrundred anctfortPilltie acres.imd•
'allowance; good hnildings, andl about !Dow hundred mutt
Ray acres cleared, awl well adapted-for nein& !arm.
• J. mAourgE,
f ICA:Omer, 31AGUIRti.
.3E347c0-,43,33,0. mah.c,tbsEs
! f li I,,,Aka::4HAfF,FFRit ~.,.,
nesjust returne front the e ith a . .
~f, , , C . IV. 1 . 1 ~, '' o. • , !I:, ~,:,,,n''''; .
SPLENDID , STOOK i :','':'
. ~ OTC • - ',' ' .
~::,,, •; J , ':;1' , ..^ z t
;Intl& ha 4;re . fo l thi... lAspectleW of hiel'eheteneis 'enee
tl r, IT! '!' o .lle ql l •VtYri. - r il '?. l l 01.atbO.CiaPe,rrOti
land thoio w'pii-iicihihtie'ono6 y iilll sUioli ca l ll iiiiitin:' 7-- '
etul.itErAlßlLVEVdono' in the neeteet , aryt inost exliedfs
.Callr upon Mr. &bacilli et.lite' shop en 11111 etreetoe ,
few thears.veat of the Dletitend: , '''.e. , .. le , ei41 . ..•: . •
iHrasffiiiitadltiVitYthAfh I I
"IlcJ ):1-: .4 Gi
) 1.30E1N - IEI fil ASTBROOK .
thatba nasjuaticceiyed ciop citx i.w and
'splendid stobk ti t. 1;)
; Hosiery, Shoe ;Findings, Carpet Sacks,
Trunks, &e., &d.
all of which ho Is prepared-Well AEreduced prices.
A lot of choice CONNROTTONgIitHS hove also been re,
Don't forgot the ola atata , the Diamond. Old undo,
more and the pubile-generaDy aro Invited to call. •
linntingddlii4ill2, 1865. •
NE MO .tt. t
Tolorrns.-she7polis, , ,lll,t—he,lketi.
olienbeit $l4-erate+ll2 4 t-lie , DiettOW
15 °° ,9t41%?' 7-1; c)I7 m•
A.TI II O. AM)11 1 1. 1 ,0: 1 t Af-411311,1.4 , Qt
Por Ladies , Gei amen an& Chl/404%
cif 'thigh bewillealf Of fair ptlbig.` cil3 . 101,ignd -
nnait pr'OALt.' tall and examiho nustock. . '
rai urliig and Re pair*, g' done, to, order aittitfsl.
Burttlogdon- Oct. - 1W ISO!' • ' •••
Between the Baptist and Catholic Ch2.o:ehes,,,
. •
) •
WO:fumed that theaohltorlhar preparf4 10,9 tielt
Ll 11Y.13.TABLB, to aqcommo4ato atl,*ltb • 1 . • --
• , •:, at iette,iithiAe.ratu, op abort novo,:
Ran eificdon,'NTßrch - • •
:Fibs Cigars 'anti - Tobacie6;,fa
sale at X.ieNvW 1F49l