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.t.uN.ll.#o-Pc . N, -R-A.,
Wednesday morning;Nov; 2211865.
W. Lewis, Editor. and Propriehir
Hugh Lindsay, Associate Editor,
The Constitutional Amendment.
South Carolina is, tbe twenty-fifth
State whieb.has adopted the Constitn
tionul. Amendment abolishing slavery.
The following is a ehronotogieal
sate. Tinie State. 2.1111,.
111IttoIs Feb. - 1885,
Mode 2
Near York Feb.
...... ..Feb;Bl
Mnbetuimeette;:'....; . . .. ..
Penney'rattle . Feb.
Meet ..... ....Feb.
knebfgeo, " Fob.
518Ine, ' 'Feb: 7
Ohio Fab. S
Kansas Fob. 8 .
... ...Feb:13.'1865
Novada. - Feb. 113
...... 17
IWlskonnin .. Feb: 22
111ssnust; Feb.2l
Vermont March
Arkansan, April -
Connecticut, ...... 4]
lowa. -.- June 30
South . Caroline, Nov. 13
Feb. 9
.Feb. 9
ed by thn following
' It liasbeen rejec
New Jersey,
' Fob. 6
There are thirty•six States, in ,the
tinion and of, these twentyseven , are
: ratify the amendment be
fore it can become a part of, the Con
atittitign. Only two aro now wanting,
,ono„of thorn will be New Jersey.
The Legislatures of California and Or.
egon will meet in January, and as they
are largaly, Union in, sentiment, their
votes may be set down. as , certain, for
the amendmeut,,reaking the Constitu
tional number required, and, one over!
Calciradayill be admitted early in do
, winter, but the Legislature will have
said •yes totbe amendment even ,before
the eel of admission. Besides this, the
Brpaident has required,•as, essential to
reconstruction, thepassage of the anti
slavery Amendment by all of, the late
insurgent States., We may. expect,
therefore, to see the great Amendment
,carrisd upanimouely, before •the,expi
ration .of another year. , ,
TtrE'RssE uOh iN JAMAICA.--.A re
bellion in Sainaiert;'which has been ,ra
ging with fearfoleffeet foi some time
past, has*beep • Suppressed -by the En •
glisb,trOOps, in eb•OPeration with the
Spanish fleet The entire lino of a
road, leading from Tiong Bay, to :Han.
ebh3eal Bay, a distance of eight miles,
was so strewed with ,dead bodies as to
render the road impassable. 'Many of
the , rebels have been executed, Among
'them several leaders, and the principal
ono—a man named dOrdon. Others'
have been iMirlsoned. British troops
"were 'fast reaching the Wand, and there
new no lilietiliooa of the rebellion
breaking out afresh. • •
IT.sw ArLitiTlO CABLE.--Thero Ie a
niroject stated in London; to lay Allan's
iteleglinclhib cable. across the Atlantic
. 1 1ifii route: ' Mr. Allan hai
'newtahle"., which he affirms is
better thin' any other. He sheathes
his wire Within ;i''g i ntta pereha eOvei ,
14; in - gti;ad of having a wire protec•
tion outside: weiglia only one fotirth
of the last_Atlantic cable. The projeo
, ,
tod intended, to run from Lon
.ddic etiOlibriB;eihandred miles; from
Oportolcrithei,,Azorch, nine hundred;
and from the Azores to Halifax four
teen' liii"tidied more.
WY" General,. Wilson and his party,
Isdip . 'were!enga!ged in the .ehase and
eap,tare of 3'eff:Davishirve reeisiecl the
.sums of-money' offered for his
more difficult, 'in 'the
•ease, of those engaged in hunting clown
-Bocith,to tell to who the reward is da r e.
-Corisequently;•thie , Sacra tary of ;War
•Appointe'd•-ali. 14:Prestige ti he Ocnn ttoe,
the;repont off' Whielvkominitteels 'now
do- lie bf-itheiPiesideat,, - *await"-
ingtialalpproved order , to-disburse
;I ~; .
ti:• , •tfz:l Rte.
Gov. :thiaT.rbr• bus been laying
klerioutgy,,,l;ll3t it hoped not daeger
-9w3,1y1 ill in',New. 1011 r city during
Otit:ten days. At the ,earnest re
fjyßoof Veion men of the .Empire
VKP,Eitern,,Ner . ,York
tleX ppqr t,toakerle,te take l3, and whiio,xeakjeg
tal)Fel3,l/3s,7*i.l_,taken ,f3i* and -cell4PP4-
pq mee,e4 ;paptily to New York
94.7,10x„idicAl tre 4 t l44 ? . nt, h,At t .. 4)
/koAqc,9Pßtk , A - Tf9.lq . i4J' o 8 41v4Y
YoiteibiLrboi, by.tilng
its bag,;of 1 hot Weighing twedy-five
pounds, arbilAd‘bisitti3ek;'tind jtaiiping
icktcytho rrviiinfrotnia fertycbowe. , Por
WerelirPtcenVitoui hd had•been laborink
undei arifattack - nof nnet'ious
aticllat:ihelitiie of tho suicidal act was
supposed anstate of temporary
aheiiiitiannOf zninii. in " •
-.11 71- • .
1 1 itt 'rid of
Mitriilfell. t '' fOr'ttirope
and, , expeate to, reside in Paris, where
be" 'ivlir"itheas 'correspondent,of,.the
N e To* 1+ 7 004,.The Rebel organ,in
No* Yink:': It iteild , that Mitchell's
roleese from , prison Was' conditional
thfit:lesbould leave the country. It
to be hoped ' tbo.:lte never again
Will-tot foot on , our , sboret. , (,
iaot4o6ii iu dauidajn obn ea:
uenco of an approhended raid of the
Pp'nlans'up r ori,tbeli: The
' Cana-
A.ll , il"authoiitkes it avo falcon air . 6 eoO‘ii
wary .procantions Co pr'ev n ont,
doprodEotions. ,
'Atet" Bishop Simpson sysi he is in
favor pnj7ing the" - rebel debt, when it
betymes due; after the independence of
the'Corafederate States shall have been
[For - the dlobe.l
In the Globe of last week I reviewed
briefly the Adams-Russell controversy,
• giving the itnpreSsions of otir'ldinisters
abroad concerningEnropean sentiment
and the designs of foreign powers,glan •
sing hastily,at the long train: of :evils
that followed the recognition of the in
surgent Confederacy As a belligerent,
and presenting evidence thatt the pre
cipitancy of that:liet was represented
to the British and French authorities
early in the year 1862. I will proceed
to consider in like manner, and I:vith
all possible brevity, - the' facts "connoc•
ted, with4lic establishment o au imp° ,
rial &Vern:lll6lft in 11lexico..
It may here be prOinised that France,
as,will appear from. the circumstances
hereatterrelated,has pursued an equiv,
()Cal course; ollowing a line of - policy
that she pretended to ignore, and that
she has actually deceived the world.
In a treaty concluded on the 31st of,
1861, England, France and
.Spain, coribieed in an expedition' for
the ostensible purpose ~o f 'demanding
,reparation -.for )11.111110S: sustained: by
subjects of these powers,from the , .llex
lean. government., 'J'l second article
- cif 'that treittystiptilatea thhOthe.tkree
'.not, Seek any 'Separate
advantage; nor exercise any influence'
,on. the internal affairs of Mexico affec
ting the independence of the country, or
its right,to freely choose its .013111 goy.'
ernmettt." Under this agreement
Bpitin deString to penetrate to the Me.
nor of Mexico, sent: 7000 mem.Franee,
not being so eager that,an extensive
invasion should he undertaken imme
diateity, sent 2,500,. anffEngland, will-
.March 1
.ing 'only to seize and occupy the ports
and military 'positions on 'the coast,
.furnished a fleet . and. a few marines.
This lormidable alliance, although un
aupported by any great display of mil
itary power ,might have inspired dread,
oven had the Mexicans been united
and in pcissession of it stable govern
ment, and it is not strange that.soon
after the arrival of the enemy on their
shores they endeavored to effect by
negotiation a settleindiit the
culties existing—between themselves
and .the invaders: The convention
.o,f ; Soied,ad.,was . , proposed, and , being
consented to, :was .held in, February,
ffifith. It. was there:agend that the goy
eminent then 'existing in - Ilievic;o should
remain intact, that the allied troops
should .be removed to high ground, - out
of .reachof the yellow fever, there to
remain . until the_ acceptance or, rejec
tion of these StipulaticinA would be re
turned from Europe.' By England and
Spain the action of the convention was
.satisfied. FranceAissented and .the
Alliance was dissolved. Here we, be
to perceive the inconsistency in
the course' of the latter. With her
allies, she . disavowed any intention of
imposing, a new government on Mexi.
co, and a few months later deprived
herself of their co operation by declar
ing that theold governntent should be
France might have considered her
selfabsolved from, the treaty of London
by the, withdrawal of -England and
Spain, and Might have openly a"iknowl.
edged her ambitious' policy, had she''
not regarded the importance of concil
iating the United States, Although
taking:our moment of weakness as the
most propitious, she, :foresaw the inju
ries to her, plans that might resultfroin
Mir enmity, and. Nir ' ris profuse in her
assurances - thitt she entertained 'no idea
of subverting the system then existing
in Mexico. On. the: fith 'of June, 4802,
Mr. Tholiveral informed our., minister
at Paris Mr.ltaytOn 'that "the French
troops did not go there to interfere
.with the form of government; nor to
acquire an 'in eh of territory."•Mr..Sew
ard, - trtion this conversation :had been
reported to him, replied ; "Webavea
right' Franco" Shall not
ireprovethe.war she Makei to raise up
in Mexico' an anti-republican or anti-
American government,",, and in: view
of the diselaimingef such designs he
reposed faith in.the declaration
,of the
French minister: • The ' words 'of the
Emperor had "it' further. tendency to
allay, any fears that may have.arisen
in this country. In a , letter,to.General
de Lorencez, he said ,"Itis, contrary
to' my- interest, my origin, and', my
. principles to impose any kind . ef gov.
ernment on the Mexican people."
.....:Whon the' public journals:- first .an•
,noun cod that L ari,,Angtrian prince was.
to be.„seated on a, throne, in, Mexico,
gii:Soivard4roto U; 'Mr. bayten "It
is hardly necessary teinfOrin you thitt
this Government has abt attached' any
such:importance to the speculators of
the.Europeari,. press as,sto apprehend
that the government of Franco
Vries anY hidden design against . the
United Sthtes with 'the' military oper
ations it is:Carrying on in ..Mexico.
Thushya series of misrepresentations
made, thrpush,our. diplomatic .agents,
ail our shspidienS were repressid,oVen
while' preparations. were - being, made
to l'ear meitarchy. . The empire. of
Maximilian owes its existence to:dno
of themost stupendous deceptions ever
, . ,
practiced by a natipo.',
Spruce ('reek; Nov. 17, 1865:
ON Wednesday evening Generals
Grant„lgeade And other, pronaine,nt,of.
fLPerg,' 'badFP,cePtiol',l l 47;9lUPio,n
teag,Pe), Ye'ric-; vjoe P . 007
de4,Pf,tAle °lab, 1 1-.Fl l3 PekMaii, made
the ( welcoming address, and in the
course of his remarks said :
,c'The rebellion. you have ,orusbed
had . for its, object the ostahlishment of
an empire. It I;vad'ihe foe, of'republi
can institutidos, though iagnised in
republican form. Grasplng at the hope
ful •opening made by the temporary
sp.ccess,pfthose eonspiraturs,European
ambitiOn'.has striven to establish anoth
hhirniiii.e'oier 'a Sister
it - Millie,- 'by Tstranger las'been
forced , . upon, her bravo arid unwilling
people, . ;; Fouler wyong,never.outraged,
human, ananls,than the present °cell.
pitieri of by the Ffepqb. . We
sympathized ;With: our, slate} itepubl lc
in the , of; adversity, and:firmlY.
belieie in ber ,coMing delivOihnee,
ittexican`Grant , will yet restore his
ft 9 you hivesavedyotir
,General , Grant, when ho r attpuipted
to. replyp.was greeted 'with vehement
cbeeritig.' HO isaid-fq ;• ' .""1 ,
1 11 ' 60 11 4 4 (1 . 1i , '' e ' .xetise MO' -PC"
algtlkil3B,76d, anay. great'lObgth., But
there Is' °tie' sen tinient littered in yOur
address' whioN lir the
one touching, the' futiire ' o('Mekid6:
[Cheers.]" "
-It is reported that the Frene6
troops are leavin - •
Our Correspondence
Colorado Ter.. j"
Out. 29th, 1865.
Lnwis-LSia..: Thinking that
perhaps a line from a friend and Penn
sylvanian might be deenied worthy an
insertion in the Globe, I . have conclu
ded to pen you ft line from the western
slope of RockY goUntains.
Summit coUnty, the place of our
adoption, is very large, rough and
mountainous, and extends from the
top of main range westward to bonnd•
ary of territory. Heretofore, .ifin,A of
the mining that has-
.boon doo . o _bore
has been Placer Dig•gins, and we have
quie a number of gulcpcs.that pay
very vc'ell, - yet among them (Vold Run
takes the leadin the - iiiimbdrof men:
employed and money taken out, but
there are others that excel in the qual
ityof the dm3t, being much finer and
coins mgre.. - , , .
Lode mining has not beeti gong into
very eitensively 'its yet, there being
any number of lodes discovered but
very little work done on any of them.
We have but one quartz mill in opera
tion this side the, rarigo, erected this
summer, in Freneh gulch and owhed
and run' by Walker; Milliner &
The great eseiteinent hei.e this sum
mer has•been "silver on tho brain; the
county has been filled , with prospect
ors and some very valuable discoveries
made of silver lodes, but whether they
will . ultimately'provo valuable or not
is as question yet, to solve. But certain
it is they are . already creating an'ex,
citement in sonic of the eastern
Most of the discoveries Mire on' Snake
River and Ten Mile Creek,*both tribu
taries of the Blue river, and b.oth about
equidistant from this -place, (Breckin
ridge,) say, some 15 or 20, miles, or
thereabouts. Any and every bOdy
that could rig up An outfit is pushing
for Snake river. 'A Burro or a Rosi
na,nte', poor as Jelfs' .turkey,: with
bones at, an angle of 45 . degrees,. all
over his body,. pushing with a very
surprising pertinaeity . Chrotigh a hide
'wonderfully deficient in afithe Ordina
ry juices usually flitted in:horse skins;
a pack saddle, mnde;of:four cross pie
ces,.putting us in mind .of a saw buck
in a wood yard; a pair of attenuated
blatikets, the holoS of: which,.for What
of proper sustenance; almost covering
the whole texture ;41 spare amount of
hard tack; something :whieli was : once
called, bacon,; a five cont postage, cur-
Kerley, patched with a confederate. bill;
. Whip; captured 'froM the
FrieridlieSat Sand Creek ;'.lorie of those
"affidavits" tbo"Profossor" used to talk
about. in the good old; days. of yore;
pick and shovel, a corn cob pipe, and
a buneh of matches:-'---these comprise
the usual tout ensemble of the 'pilgrims
to silver land. And most of them have
been. successful in finding -considerable
property. . • , .
Some very largo assays . .as have been
made from surface ores; among others
I notiedin the Miner's Register an ac—
count of some ore Boston and
assayed from lodes belonging to Mtn.
:A...1\ 7 " biting & Co., on Ten 31do creek.
The assays wore mide by Prof. A., A.
Hayes, State • Assayer. Silyer coin,
value per ton, from surface 'ores, from
Siberian lode, $l3B 44; Hard Cash lodo
$l4O 57, and from Augustin lode 8287-
55. You ,will please bear in mind that
these specimens were not of decom
posed quartz or of .chloride of silver,
but from. ore, winch laid •en : maSito to
a width of - front 2 to 4 feet, and that
these, specimens were broken from the
surface of, Such outcroppings, whirh
outcroppings, when " composed : of ar
gentiforous 'galena, aro kriOwti td'ho
much poorer in silver - than ore of the
same :nature. at a greaterdopth. 'These
results, when we consider ;the ease
• with 'which galena.oros can. be,crushed
and the silVer extracted, itro, ie . Say
the least, astonishing, and have'Crea
tod a good deal of exciterdent . amot
practical miners here, and speaks-well
for:the interests of Colorado, and more
especially SlimMit county, which has
lain dormant now far tbo long, but
'which we hope and believobY anoth'ii
stimnior will: be:rousod front: her loth;
orgy and be prepared to tako the lead,
as ,a silver Mining county,.ot- any . in
Colorado, and we may,hopo,,of any in
, • .
We aro as yet a territory., but feel
confident that ere ;mailer six: months
relt•around adniitted i into
and have a right to all the benefits . of
one of the sisterhood States.' `Pohail
vo'oi, the reiluisito number of iriL.
habitants to borne•in regularly-, hut we
have framed a.Constitution, submitted
it , to the peoplo,and it has been, voted
on and accepted by them, and if Con
gress will pass tin enitbing act we can
then Come 'in as Nevada did'lm , t, fall.
Then we are r,entitled: to two;United
States Senators and, one congressman.
We are doino our host to elect the
UniontiokeVOr , the Lokisla."-
ture„ BO BA id '&lablirue' to sEnd tWo
Uniorr : Sehat'ora to •Washington.• Otir
candidates are:.loc.-Governor:.'.
Hon, 4.:3T, Teller, both e*ceyerit
moo, and we feel, if thoy are olocted l
hill do'hOnOr'tA thA'ne# Stato of
oradO (yet to lie.)
PPAILiGuIBA.I - 7: 1, nssumo. Ogt Pqllo
contalhuts nlow priet linqs 3•99 r eol
ninns ;" not actuated by pie; idea
fewlll'gfeatly . bonafit any of your
morons readers; but feeling :confident
thatif the effort does no goOd, it lean
do no harrn Therefore T. shot,' nrof
geed to sketch a few of le distinguisy
ing features belonging to this town,
• It is situated • On the north side of the
Tussoy Mountain and bn'lthe :bank `of
Siiruto (reek; , and 'about.' four a'nd)la
half miles frona.thoioarest polnt of the
Pennsylvania Railroad o hemmed in op
either,Sido by hills and 6arren Moun
tains, yet` when viewed from the rocky
summit of these' mountains; its aornei
and towering steeples giro,. It a :some4
what magnificent, appearance. i As tp
its population ',presume that .the ,ex ;
fiat number of living boings has novOr
Yet' boon ascertained ;'sullice'it to sitY,
however' that it falls something beloW
the population ofPoicin, or Joddo.c The
inhabitants, are,, industrious, etitgr
prising,ppople? very, fond of spprt i and
The amusement in which they
iire"iii&stlY i 8 iri'ilid'AiSibm
blage of a number of youngfolka(bbyi
and' irls) engaged'in little plays from
dark" until. pretty nearly Iday..light,
When the b'hoys escort tlieHditir , part
nerd ttit;heir respeotive homes;. an& all
this they eondiddr sport, 'Vora 'which
they seem to derive` niuoh 'Weastrrel
Tliey*tare , extrtimely fon& of Imo'.
sly as I 'bare 'alrelady rotated; and t!ae
violin seems to be their favorite instru
ment,., Yet they„are,That. in
. .,the least,
giverijoilaticiitithere hi a sortof
perstition ntiont them which does Lot
admit of their participating in such
foOlish amUseinent._ But I will digresi
from this'andliasfen'to , givo you some
of the curiosities. acid attractions of
the place, for "•tertainlY other
largo towns it has such:_ and the
most • prominent and' 'distinguishing
feature, is the greittptammoth or•giant
cave; there it is, gaping with its enor
mous mouth, and as it were inviting
us to Colllo , ift andogaze upon its nat,
nral.curiosities.andk-explain its hidden
mysteries. There's a scene wdlook
upon, which;yethiips; was a scene and
a *wider for the'imeientsthousanda of
years' ago,Ter no doubt the very rooms
and-paths we now traverse were tra
versed by, _persons iu ages before us.
The largo 'rooks loin - nod here by the,
constant dropping, of water from the'
heights, truly indicate that it had an
existence, doubtless ,orcr since the
world be , an. As we stand and Jook
upon the Sparkling drop,suspended to
the point of one of those stalactites,and.
consider that in the course of yoarb
that.minute drop of water shall have
changed silently, from a liquid to a
and thus forma part of a rock
Which nature has reared this
lofty mountain, and when we view the,
fact that after almost countless years
shall have passed : away, and long, long .
after the numerous multitudes that
no* people the earth shall have dwin
'tiled to dust, there still bo a cave
hero for others to explore, 'we natur
ally exclaim Amt nature isSublime and
wonderful, and, has, bestowed somo of
her chiefest gifts'upon the knowledge
seeking peoplo•ot Franklinyille. Let
other towns boast'of their Wealth and
pride and popularity. When real worth
is subject to investigation, we. aro coin.
pelled to stand back.
Another curiosity is here. Perhaps
it doeS not seem a 'curiosity . to' sonde,
but it Seems so to inc. It is this large
mountain. There it is • its base here
almost where we stand, its summit
almost raised 'to the clouds, and its
don't know Whei.e. 'But the inys
terYli;ero is 'a cave' in it, and there is
cave; what'is its design. I know it is
:magnificent, but that is all I, undet ,
stand , about Will teaVe the subs
ject for frivestkatien to the wisdoth
'and talent of otlierd Who are more corn
petent'tOltuiravof.the mystery contain.
ed , tbereitk. , • • '
i..will yet remark that the citizens
of this : place. are 'generally temperate
in all thin ,, S:•''Thi.„re is no hotel in the
place Whore intoxicating liquors .can
be sold ;,80 you :may imagine that
from this,quarterthere can he very lit.
tle influence exerted'ovor such a vast
population. The: . 'different religious
denorrdriatioria'ai ' lgethodiats; Bap
tists, Lutherainc DankardS, Quakers,
and SPirituitlists, all:of which are nu
!Timms. qxeopt the latter.
Yours truly,. NOSTAw.
Suicide of Hon. Preston King of New
• York.
1.T.0n. Preston King, Collector of the
Port of New York ,and late United
States Senator, committed suicido on
Monday morning by Jumping from a
Hoboken ferryboat. Mr. King stated
to' a -very intithato friend, on Sunday
night; that he would not see him again.
Knowing that Mr. King had been for
Sento time lahoring,under a depression
of spirits, he'tOokbtit little notice of the
matter. ITis - .health had been poor for
some time,.and- latterly - he had shown
indications of:a softening of the brat)].
,had . 9 py,:ypturod to.. New ,York
city laSt :Saturday, 'rem a visit. to his
honie 'in "Si. liawreilee county.' lle
went' to the Astor House; where he re
muffled. ,Sunday with his friend.
On Moila,y"morning.he arose, dress
ed Wins& and,said to his relative,
whO slept in' the . Sam l e room with him,
that he wistidto' take a walk; and
preferred: gOing .
alone. About eight
o'clock,,ho.,weet up town. Since his
.from. tbe„ ; country, he had suf
fered 'Moro than ever, film depression
of the mind. Ple tras'ocst, heard of on
board a' f`drry `-'.bbitt; returning frotti
Christopher street I.lObokeri, and
on-Monday it waS" . reported that a man
jtfrppedeverbotireFour of Mr. King's
friends entered the 'boat, - and found
that-a gentleman.answering the - deS•
eription Of. Mr„King had entered the
boat. on Monday 09. o'clock,- bad re-
mained,on . the stern end, arid,, when
the teat-
,Wds Midway in'the stream,
was . Seen by tune children and the Pass:
engers on that endOf the , boat - to take
offhie -hat-and „jump overboard'. , The
alarm was given: and the, boat stopped,
but the bOtly was not Seen ; by any one
board: As the' tide was falling at
the it , iSrproliable that the body
was mashed out to sea.: The roan
employed,on the heat had seen a man
Mwering ,M.r . . ( ,King!ta description ,get
on board of the boat. .A:ll:parts of-this
litbil• are stfbagly . 'cohfirmed. Mr.
Kieg':haeilbeett , much perplexed over
his! appointment -over affairs. at
the.pustom...4.o4.o, :. nwab. ; ; weighed
heavily. peon ; ; his, mind, and .undou,bt:
his'ileath: - Those
rabit beim barafUll'Y
watched -hi4 - faifinWhealth;:in - yea ntr
lyAhedaa,s!heen i attionded byltf[compaa
ion, whci occupied room w.itl2 him at
the Astor House, and watched his
triovemehts":"Tlie'' body. of Mr. King,
for Whom corew, ttnzt :of $5OO ha offered;
had -not bocci. recovered at the last ac
cq!IPLP! -rs,lo • ,
hufg correspondent' of tho Chambers.
burg '.liYpoiftory;'ailicintlk thiiroughly
posted in' what lie'xvrites; says
fihdnefal 7 enhdition of Pennsyl
vania it'will• be presented in the otIL
cia!' .the,eloes of tho current
Oval year, will be better than ever be.
tOre. The debt was, reduced some,BFioo,-
0013, duririo• Alie`lai't year, and'a large
stint is still availablo and applicable to
its' liquidation, lh addition' to this, the
Slate ..has paid some 8800,000 of mill-
WU; N 5200,000 for transporta
aons; ,8 . 1,801,090 direct tax, and
00;000" fot militia called out under
hfi -order of'4ll&PPesident, for which
the •Generaf GoVerninent is bound by
ovary ~consideration. of justice and
go:39d fa4, l It is a inostretnarkahlo,re
coyd that Pennsylvania, with all hey
gth,43l6,t3ity''Ad'iniri ) "enee
to stiStai n' thb 'Gbikrn reel:it 'and defe r nd
1114 :Jess•debt: to:day- than .bc
fore tihe War,,; Irer'credit,never . was
bolter." ' • '
Justices' aiid Constnblos' Foe
131116 for Ellie sit iteivis' Book Sto're:
Items about Home,
. Railroad:Accideiit.—Christian Dlillor
An employee of the Penna. Railroad at
the depot opposite Lewistown, was
struck by. a train, and received severe
Leg Broken.—A little girl nanied
Sarah Davis, of Lewistown, had tier
leg broken by•running against a fire
Seriously Injured.—firs. Swyers, of
Freedom Forge, Mifflin county, had
her collar bOhe . hrOken by' b'eing
struck with a passing wagon.
Todcec T'icKed.- 7 :1-1eqy Snyder, of
Granville township, countyj
while' on a visit to the west had, his
pocket Picked ',6f $0 at Fort ;Wayne.
Rooiit klite;•th.,.- . -Th a Lewistown ho
tel U. . Sheeffar lid his room enter
ed 'and $l5, stolen, froin ; pocket
hot*, hioh-he left in the room.,
• SOlt. 7 —jolin Filson has erected a der•-
i•ick onhis preperty iaAmaugh twp.,
in Mifflin county, With. the determined
purpose of boring for,salt; the indica
tions for which are said to be prOthi
Purchase.—=fir. Drove, fate • of
Broad Top, this county, has purchased
a hotel and salOon in Hollidaysburg,
Or the sum of $.1,000.
Taxation. 7 -The Commissioners ,of
Juniata county have fixed the rate of
taxation for county purposes at five
mills on the dollar, for 1806, being two
mills less than that of 1805.
Serious Aceident.—Elias gummell,
of Decatur township, Mifflin county,
while engaged in threshing, had his
clothed caught in' one of the -wheels,
rapidly whirling 'him around, and in
juring him qUite severely, before the
'machine could he .stopped. The ma-
Chine is ono of the combined'Threshers
and Separators. ,
Another Paper.—Blair county is to
have` another' paper, called the Whig,
which will be edited by John Broth
erline and Leander K. Zack - . It will
appear on the first weelt in December.
Blair county will then haVe five joU'r•
'nals, and we understand soon after
to have six.
. , .
Ore Lands.—An lion company from
Danviilepropose to lease the various
ore lands near Bedford, Pa., pledging
themselves to expend several hundred
thousand dollars in six monthsln,the
erection' of furnaces. The Bedford
Inquirer says: "Twenty furnaces could
not exhaust the supply of ore : in
vicinity in a thousand years, and there
is no good reason for a few leasing all
the ore in the country."
Bolding Mill.—The amount of money
required for the erection of the Junia
ta Plato and Sheet Iron Woricsovith
an Iron Merchant Bar Mill
, and
Factory added thereto, on the ruins of
the Lincoln Rolling Mill, in Itollidays.
burg, is $150,000 t . of ~.rrhicb. Sids,oQ9
has been already , s4scribed, And the
balance required can be easily obtain-
So says the Register.
°ruble. exeitementints lately been ore
atcd•in Greene County, by the develop
ment of 'gold deposit in the shaft sunk
for the purpose olsoareid rig for Oil. The
discovery was made on lands leased
by the Amber Coal Company. This
company is boring for oil on the farm
belonging to the estate of David Kee—
ner, deceased, in Dunkard township,
and .at the depth of 675 foot struck a
strata of very bard substance which
proves to- be .from . .two and a half or
three feet thick. As 80011 ;a§ . they
drilled through this hard vein, , the
Well, was roamed to the bottom, and
upon sand pumping, fragreontS of aro
were •brought to tho'eurface• reserub
ling.,gold.bearing quartz. --../iiJurnp the
size of. a hulled.iaickory nut-was
. . •
inediately forivai ded,
t i l'esident; of
the Company,' who had it analyzed: It
was found to totitain , gold- over twenty
carets fine.: The value- of s2,B.was re
turned, to lir. Low> as the.product.of
the stiiall lump of ore, besides.ieveral
Entail .quantities Which ivere reserycdi
as.specimens; committee ival-tp—
pointed. to visit the well - and:collect till
the necessary information and report
thei'Mi:• 'This discovery has orated
Much • excitement; and wild specula-
lions aro rife respecting We pre-
sumo a sof entifie.iri4estigatiOn.will be
mad.° preparatory. to the shafting, for
the, precious, metal. themtire facts,
it is' an important feature in .the`mire-,
oral 7PrOd itetio Of ' G Teen e Colt UV; 'Pa.
.tom - We clip Ihe'_following :from'one
of the Philaddlphjaf.daily !papers:—
Our people visiting-, or sending , down .
tb thei city, would do woll to , malre;a
note.ofit: ;
eitahlishnient,doqated at,
the corner of Sixth and ,7,ll,arke, street,
Hall," is•probably largest'ilnd best
condaeted Ready Made , Clothing 'and
gem:haat; Tailoring House, in the
State. Their,suporior syles,,excellent
irorkeriariship and moderation in prieei
have mails their hous6det4eWeilty
In their Custom Department, where
elegant garments are . made• to order,
none but the very,best artists are pit/ 7
ploy ed, and the flue assortment of °m
terials to sefect'from enables eveiy one
to be well suited. ' .
Samples will be sent by 'mail, and
instructions for meaanring;when writ
ten for. • noB—stn
ma. A dashing yOnng bachelor late
ly appeared in Central Park with two
handsome ponies; ,whose tails were
done up to look like lady's iwaterfall;
sinall 4,9 h, nets, 4 : 110
resembl'ance N‘aeretipital; and the team
.„ . .
Cre'atml a great' sensation.
"Blavery violrod fromtbe Bible
§tand, Point," by Ito'v,. J.1(1; 4.4ir, for
oalo t'Lewie'• Book: stor'o, 'price 10
cones, ; !,
November, 22.
Fondly Flora $11,25
Extra Floor $O,lO
Superftriebriour '—'• • 48,50
'lye Flour : . . .4,7.60
Corn Meal... - $4.7.0
Cairo White Wheal. .- '' ' d2,60@3.00
Fair and Prime Ned '' .•
. d2,30@2,40.,
By. ' • 1,30 '
•Corn, prime. Yellow. :. 00'
'.l:lati " - 63:
• Burley ' . . . • $1,3.5'
!Clovere,eed, V. 04 15e - e .j 5,60"
' ,T imothy.-
Floxreed,• - 24,10 .
Wool 60@70
• CORRECTED 'WEEKLY .11Y nemtv . a - co.
vmully Flour 41,bbl $11,50
F;xtro. I.lnfir . •• •' •• ' • ' 'slo,oo
Superfine Flour 30,25
C 011) Meal cwt $2.50
Duckwheat Blow. cwt 0400
White Wheat ' • $2.15
Red Wheat" 2lO
Rye .100
New Corn
Cloyerseed ......
Flaxseed •:
Dried Apples
Buttiir .........
11 610
r 0 T.IIE IJADIES.—L . ..Do you really
Intend to cease wearing the beautiful styles new
so prevalent, cc dress less elegantly, because the rehol
Jeff. Darla, was capittred in Fashionable Female attire?
One moment'acalm . redection will surely servo to change
your rash resolve.' The angels bad . too much good sense,
to lay aside their putochasto robes of white, bicauso
they had fora time marred to hide the deformities of that
Prince of Rebels,. the Devil. Can you err in following the.
exempleof Angels? Then haying made ny your minds
that you will continue to dress tastefully regardless Of
rebel acts, do not forget to call at the store of She 'subscri
bers, who toa/ be happy at all times to tarnish yea with
such articles of dress as you may desire.' Urge 'your fath
ers, husbands, brothers, noighborsund children to o-isit
the same store. They con herebo suited In good articles
of Boots, Shoes, Clothing Materiel, Hats, Cori, 4:teens
trate and a generatassortment of Groceries, on es res.
sonable terms at at any House in town. Store - on 'Edna'
east corner of the Diamond, Huntingdon, Pa.
may 31, 1365.' FRANCIS D. WALLACE,
THE LUNGS.—The cold and changeable
weather tells terribly on those who have weak
and diseased lungs.. Many are suffering at
this time with affections of the throat and
lungs t Bronchitis is becoming 'very com
mon affliction.. Those who are prediSpOsed
to Colds, Coughe, Bronchitis, ito.; should
avoid the night air. There are many, pre
parations recommended` for these diseases,
but there is not a doubt,but that Dr: Strick
land's Mellifluous Cough Balsam is the best
remedy. We have known it to effect cures
in the worst eases of Coughs, Colds, Bron
chitis, Asthma, and primary cases of Con
New Musical. lustrUraeiet,s
A. new stock of .musical instruments
have just been received at Lewis' Book
Store. Violins frOm $ 3 to $ 50,
Guitars from $ 12 to $ 35;. ,BanjOs.-$ 8
and $ 9 50; Accordeons $6. to . $l5 ;
Fifes, Strings, ..Bosin, .
Boards, Bridges, Mouth Organs, and
Jews Harps.
HOUSE FOR . SALE... ~ . • ,:., .
The. undersigned 10.11 offer at private sale, the
house formerly occupied by • bitiain McConnellstown. It
is a three•story frame building, suitable for °Hip
or a private dtvelliog or a tavern stand. If not
sold at private sale previous to December 4, 1985,
It trill be offered at public sale on at
10 O . CIUCK. in the fore noon. For further particulars ap.
• •, Propriotor JACKSON HOWE, Huntingdon. Pa.
NOY. 20, 1965—ts. . .
On the night of B.aturded , , the 18th of November
00 -1?•
• • •
Mk the More of the' subscriber, in Irranklinville,:Frank•
lie township. Huntingdon county, wee htoiron open and
goods (Fancy Cutteimares, Billmorel bkirts,.Flanniqs, Wet!
Dein nes, Muslint, Beets , Shoes , Pylnte, ke.,) etoleu
therefrom.: • • • • . •
The above reward will be paid for the apprehension of
the thief or thlevse:and the delivery of the geode to
subscriber; ors4o for either the thief or thieves, or. recop
ery,of the goods, as atlas seld. .. • • . • •.. ..!•- _
i Too subscriber offers for male, tho.uMthrick house'
on the southwest . corner of :316fitgomory: alui • Church
lit ito streets in the borough of Huntingdon. now oc:
copied by .L - IC. ItfeCahan, and . the lot iGereto at
tached,frunting 50 feet on each of cald streets. •
ALSO, The brick honso adjoining the same on
the south, now occupied by Bev. J.O. Ohdh: with •
the lot thereto attached, fronting 50 feet on Mont
gomery street ', •'-' , • rItICE—SIIOO L
U' • ' ' - -
If the above is sold together. to tho,sarne purchaser, m
deduetion ' Of $lOO will he Made •froin" the' pikes abate
stated. ,
At'Xs• Time :gtven on payments •to stilt pnrclinseiti; amid
possession is given on the first.da
. yof April next.
Nov. 20 '65-2t. _ _ _
,' —. ' tp.V*•••4•4:1;,,, 1 . ', - , •
.. .. li.kirfic. iisrrm: 7 , ..47 - ,- , • ~ ,A te...^.- -- -a2 '
6. 1 ,', • - 'l* - P,M; -..--,.!.-2-71,..
7131 E OF FlAvitzci O !,!'n1241:45..:.
11/-8,711:411D. • . 8..48/17,1tp,
~ f,— ,7" iT-c— , - •01 • .0 1 0 _
e 6 r
• ft - 4 . >4) .i.szt ‘4. ). , ... ' - , 3i ; ..,
r' ir''' • L .- ro.? STATlONti.l i . 4 ,.;• i yi 4 ,1 p; ; ;3'
... '..g• , ::11 il''''' , • , f.. •g' l l .P ; ',...', ,
e.y41,n.,yr,1 r.m,1,4.x.1., ' I , .t.T.mtiaim . , PA'
5 261 4 13111. 59 . IN.l7aMiltnn, 439 854
6 . , 33,i 4.21.12 08 ~ ..... SH: Union,... 400 0.53 8 , 45
0 . 421 4 30112 18 MnpletOn, ..... 422 837
352 .4.39 12 29 31111 Creek,:: - 4 13 . 9.87 .B'2B
bOO 4 54 112 48 645 Huntingdon,' 4 05 j 9248 15
625 .5 091 108 . Irot'srebu7g,... .3 421..9 08 7.57
8'33 ' 5 171 120 "!]la n ce 334 744
6,41 5,27 1.3 3 .2.; f fiprkoCr3M, 321 856 4'42
659 153 - 'Birmingham, 310 .. 725
.7:10 5 55 2 05 7 35:Tyrnne, - - ' - 2 58 2 , ,33 7 , 18
7 15 6 06 2 20"lipton ,2 43 .7 03
7.81 6 . 13 , : 2 28 ~.,,,.., Foatoria ' ' .2 42 05 7
7 30 6 18 2 35 BM's 511118,.., .2 37 8
,12 0 52
.8* 340 3 01,8,10 Altoona,' ' 220 7 455 ,6 25
LADELPITIA. EXPRESS: Eaatward; leaves
9 DO P;;.14,' aadrimiyat. at :liutitingdon at
The Pill
Altootia at
10 49 P.M.
1 LINE ...Eastward leaves Altoona raG, 3 20
irrives nt Hun tingdpn at 4 40 A.M.
LLADELI93.IAitEXPILESS Vesitwatd, Wives
nn at 7 18 A. N., and, arrives at Altoona at
.11 "!..,. .I , t ;
1 . 2 LINE Westward, leaves Huntingdon at
and arrives lat./annuls at tr 30 Y. 31i. ::
A. M., end
,The PEW
8 50 A. M.
The 'AS
OS P. Id.,
Ditg'ue.i t'
• of kind tke ' 1 •
•1:1, a if
Critics/1, notices of the pins; .• •. ;
It ie the foremoet MagaZino of the, dey,. The,. fireside
never had a itiore delightful companion, lief the tufillini
• MOTS elltrorpri3ltlg friend, , than Aleriusre.Mageadne,4.
Methodist Protestant' (Baltimore)
• Tlie mosa : pogulau MoiAptly.' in the; York
.W,e- twist in - terms a
refir in termnalogy to ;the high tone and
varied excellences of Itarper's Magazine—a journal with
a monthly circulation of about 170,900' copicio-An'whOsa
'Pages are to be found some Of the choicest light and gen,
ertarruding otthoiinv; We speak of this avotle es in
dance of the American People; and the popularity it Imo
acquired a merited.' ]!eels nninbarCoundruifull.t 1 . 44
gas .Of readitig matter, appropriately illuotrated with
good wood:outs ;andit comblrteo to iteelf the soey morali
ty arid the morn phtlooophical quarterly, blended with the
bast featuree of the daily journal. It has great po*or In
the diesemination of a love of pure literature.—Trubner's
Guide to:American Li torature,.(lAinclau) ;+, • ; -
The voluirt, bound constitute of themselves, p library
of raisciallimecato reeding ouch na can net bo found inzthe
name compass in any other publication that bee come
Under our mitice.:-Boston Courier.'+ }‘-+ ;; +;
,The Publisher? here perfeeted a
,system oC : mgtliug• by
'which they eau supply the Magazine and Weekly Prompt
ly tu these Nitu prefer to.recelyo, their pprodic,ls,4iFeqty
from the °Mee of Publication:-
The;postage Ott Ilarkitteir cpntp
Nitiql must he unit agttie subscriber'ePost taco.
N /.
XERIttS: -
' tibejoar, $4
An extra 'eopy;ofojitlier;t4e Magazine Or Weekly Wlll
be euliplled gratis fur every club oPilve" Sugrerlber4 fa
$4,04 cub; Ip QPeirTMittange I or bbr roM° 3 ,f9F.s 2 ° o4,
Bach number can be tiupplied at m,y time.
. rtemplute•OM: noir _comprising Thirty one TPlMrirt
In peat cloth binding, will lie sent by exprerr, freight at
exponao of purchase, tor $2 25 per .volume.:; . 1.01-
umes; by' melt, postpaid, 43 GO. Cloth mow, for-binding,
58.mnitv,. by'luotl,sroctpribl. • ;Address .• • ,•., :I ~..;
• 111A1tPlilt &
. .'' Franklin Square; New York,;,
1866. THE 186.6*,
Ever Brought 'to 'Huntingdon,.
Ts now roady tor inspection arkiligo
7 00
2 00
• 00
Book, Stationery and insio Stare.
Than the same article can be , bouglik
in Philadelphia or Pittshnig:
• 0 UR . ~ S-17. 0 K
Cthlaistrfbf 'up - surds of.
One Hundred Different Stylei;
Wall & Ceiling Paper & Bordeling,
. . ,
The Parlor; Sitting 'Room, Dining
Room, d3ed' Room, Hats,.
Kitchen, Cline,
Store, Shop, ike,
Cali et * the "blobe!': • B uliding,
and examine our. stock and Piinee.
To .Merchants and - Business Men.
THE undersigned having: recently
been appointed agen: for the New York National
Company, hereby,
.siveti notice 'fo:niefehinte, bust.
rs '.
nese men, and to consumeoral! Clams that he 'ls
pared to supply thamarket frith nu article of Jolt' whteb
in addition to being the beet fu use, Is s eniptiatbislly the
cheapest ever offered for vain in this country.
It neither corrodes thapen,'noi-monlde the inkstand,
is of a rich bluish tint, Rowe freely, sad is perfectly inlet,
giving it, tidvantagetileorponessed by any other Ink,
whether of foreign or domestic manufacture. Thhi Ipk t
contains no eetliment and will
_not. therefore,'Skieken ea,
most inktido,",the being as tlittt And:clur ae the
piyi. All orders whether: wholesale or retail, will be.
proroptly filled, at bwdor Valise theta good - an cis
purchased:the'cities -Or elsewhere. Persona *ha
entertain deSibtit as Seale wsperior-Saistity and oh . es . p , a.
of this Ink are respoitfluly entreated to give it -a
John 11,0 lark, subdigert will' otinvties the cotinti for tbs
purpose of Introduclug this Ink.
Coifed Run P. 0., Iluntiugdon county, Pentlat.
0ct.16,'135-tf. _ .
. .
P.RIXCIPAL Dslntin ox.
Ninom rf
Mr, SIMON COHN,- P. M., hisidng been appointed
man and general agent,' ripresintative of the abate.
company for the county. of Huntingdon, State of Penna.,.
ns.:per. contract,: all, parties'. therolore, .whettisir •having
dealt with us previously or otherwise,. will please &Tait
tilell7BolVia °lnns advantages of dealing directly with the'
representative of:our house here; the y . will find it to.
their pecuniary inteicat - to do so. . . •
0 I. VAN ALLEN; . :Aettier7..:
The above Ink to forule At Leith' illidi4 thI , I44CiPA
storm; in tho t?i,,t,V ~ - !..!, , !!', ;" :•:, !, 1 -- !, !' ,
~ .
.LaCes, teill and exanGficiat 8, E. HENRY
16 000 'bushels
• 6,000 , ",- Rye,
5,000 ". 01118,
5,000 . " Corn, _
3.000 " Flassocq,
-1,000 ". Cli)v&igeOtl,'
1,000 pound ;
For , whioh.ithe hi heat east; . iprieci Will
be paid.
• ILetters of.Adratnistration with the Will annexed,
men been granted to the undersigned upon the enateof
Dr. 3ohnlo. Laden; late or ihe..bdrongh, eilliontingdon,
,All 'pro eons having. claims will present them
duly auth entthated, aad thpsu indebted p re regriestedur
make immediate phyment; no by the ter.e" thk will
the estate to directed to be eett led es speedily sip:l3llkt..
'rho books will he at the wilco olgoett, lirewn and. Bailey s
te.whem payment may be:zombi: !' .‘
" Mal ilaSitnalM;
Uunliugdvn, Qct:~I8 66-8$
• -
DMINISTItA - T - 0:1?74 NOTICE •
........•[Eitittecf•CainitturitiserOleee l •
tors of administration upon the estate'of
Wher, late of Dublin township, deceased . .., haTink beea
granted to the undersigneEball . perepps Indebticl
estata will .snake paymen,t,. and tho4 6IIII7 , II TKOP'T.I, 7! 11 7
presentilienf fat settiemeut: • 4
GEORGE s-pips,.
Sack; Bbi. and-Dairy S 9.11';_
' arid FISHIoLtaI r
sold'low by'
no8:-3i1 E.' HENEY:& CO:
i t NY person in want of - pne of-tie
nbure'artieleerelio.uld cnil oitaniti nriliati. BA
RBI', Agent for the Machine ..." ••
. Iluutiogdon; Sept.
Pa ae'lle rA.4•;2t13:
Irene; fron:i4'i 60 feet deep, at . about one bolt Via lintel
price for eld faehioued.pumpe. I.ll.piampe warranted:.. ,
:.*Aa6CB!Ctii. , ;t: SIP
a famotia Cook,
Coutineotal Hook, and ft splendid varlstylof: gas tauter,
and other Heating Stoves, for coal or wood, just rep
celved, and '
isle iktiths Hardware Stors
• " " " • '' • , " "JAM a`i intafrkt
HontilagehaviTiC . t,a3l , 6o=tr.. ' • ' • •
Wu Flanne:s, miner's Bahl, Wool Flannels ,/r.c., &e.,
. .
TioSl.' 11E0E1:V . -NI? at S. g,
. 09:Mlif3i0TlitiVitil{,iii!laige! . ..stOck taa i ,
sugar cured name, ewe, shoulder au4 am.plpireq.
. .
E. Henry 4 Eo.,4l , s,.julit . .rsAlycli spit.
stock of 0/94%11111A} Hiey ere eelFing_st - very foThiSed
.! `! . ". 111 -
. •
itENRY - k CO: '6ll'
of Iron, shoot iron, Hoop tron,.,:steol, sells, horse
shock; stoves and e shriety.of Hallow stars.
Vilat r e li a l6 fa f g m eay rno el in th li g U i n C t a i t g gt
7ho , lrtqe afore !1 . 1 ;Of
Byrop, Now , Orlepe, "or a nice Waage', Colts',
ugais,_ Tone, Ace. at S. E. HENRY At CO.
Ladies' and Gentlern'en's turs
For sale cheap at tho Clothing Store of
"24 - LEOPQLD )3L90.1f.
vE7 - 001,.''13f4AnliT8 COV.tIt
• yTr leis. Ingraiie, lag %and -11 . w0P Caniets. nevi, 011
apd,rlo9rSlottte, 8, JS. lIENBYA CO.
ITlokoco, Queeneware, War and 1111 low Waroele*
est stock in tko country, et 8. B. I36NRY '4 CO-
1 -1 4 IG TIRED .0.1?4,A,11ig,,5,;: MERN.
Jmac 'and ainolcati rtfule,' o )e.i"m l ; 61nbric6 '444