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    'TE#l±L's `al: . THE" GLOBE.
Per tinunm in aqtance, ' $1 60.
31x 'lnOnthe " ' . 75
Three months •'• ' - X6O
A failure,t.o.notlfraidiecontinnanCe at the expiration 0
thelernt vuhattibed for will be mnaldered 'a new engage
npßi.• :.. :.: ..:' 7 :. + ' ---.., .
; TEftMS
, , , I inser t i on . 2 do. 3 do.
rotir.linee be lasi,' • 3..25 $ ' '3 50
Jue square; Milnes,)„....: 76 1 00
evuirts; ' 1 OD 1 50' 2 00
hreo squares 150 ' 225 ' 300
Orer three week and lest! than three months. 25 cents
2`'r oquare foLee'. ! ni , , : j"er :39n n lio . tithe, 6 .;Onti.: 12 - Mon
or 31 60 ' $3 OD
" " 300 ; 00 7OO
Twri:sqtdtrast - 5 00' is 800 `lO 00
nitre sqUarni, • 7 00 — f• 10 00 .. . . .;...15.00
'Foil. " 9 00 ' 13 00 ' 20:00F
* Efiltre.notitnin '•' 12 00'' 16 00 • nt 00
'one column, 20.00 30 0D.... ..... .00 00
Prot:Triton:lel aroprinefa cards not exceeding Cur linos,
Adn4nistra,toia'.andlb.:ectitors' liotides ; '‘' ell, 75 _
Advnithrimenbi - tiOritiailed with the number of inter
<tens desired, will be continued tilt forbid and charged cc
"C.4-/P.g,IP,Ar" tl rn g'.l • r' ;
The , ,'fellewingl'afe.' the resolutions
mdopted by the Conventi on. which nom
inated "Linceiri arid' Johnson at Balti
more, Juno 9th
iji4shitia; -Atti i> 634114 higlieses:dii
ty of every American citizen to main
tain againat'fill`theit'eriginies the in
tegrity? csf.sthe 7 Union,' and' the; para
mount Of the' CoiistitatiOn'and laws of
the; iUnifed IStateh-;an'd that, laying
neide diffeiencesis and political' opin
iotis,tve pledgdonrdelves as Union men,
satliniiited by a aciin:thoh sentiment, and
Miffing at woofs:mon object, to do eve
rything in our power to aid the Gov
sernment:inAuelling by forCe 'of arms
softtie l sßo s bellion now yagin sn , against its
authority, mid bringing to the pun
ishment due' to their crimes the Rebels
and timitdrs 'arrayed , against '
lasotved;: That'Ate -approve the'
-terinination' of theqovernment ofthe
United States , no l t: to temprothise with
.RebsOls; erste ciffer uii tocsin's 'of Peabe'
'except each' as may base'd'urmiii,
•"urfccsfiditiOnal suiiender" of their hos
tility and :a' ieturn to' alle
,giaticolo the Constitution and lawit
the United States,' and that we call tip'-'1
son the Government to maittain . this
position and to prosecute the war with'
the utmost possible vigoi• to the com
plete suppression'of 'the Rebellion, in
full reliance upon the self-sacrifice, the
- patiletisra, the heroic valor, and the
undying devotion , of the, American
- people to-their 'country and its froo
istitutions. '
Resolved, !That as slavery was 'the
cause; and now constitutes the strength
of this Rebellion; 'and as it must be
always and everywhere hostile to the
principles of republican Govcrnment,
justice and .the National safety de
mand its utter and complete extirpa•
tion front the soil of the republic, and
that we uphold and maintain the acts
:and• proclamations by which the GeV
ernment, in its own defense, has aim
ed a death blow at this gigantic evil.
Wo aro in favor, furthermore, of such
an •atnedinent to the Constitution, to
ibe Made by the people in conformity
with' its protisions; as shall terminate
:and forever prohibit the existence of
the jurisdiction of the United States. '
'Mickel', That the . thanks' of the
Anfolican people are due to the soldiers
-tad sailors: of the army and navy, who
ihavizilieriletl-their lives' itr defenFie of
country, and the.libn.:
, or lathe flag; that the Natien ' oxVes
to them , some permanent recognition'
of their patriotism and valor;and am
pie andTermanent provision for those
'of theirturVivors who have received
disabling and honorable wounds in
the'Service of the country; and that
the memories Of those who have fallen
in its defense shall ho hold in grateful
and - everlasting remembrance.
Resiclved,' That "we approve and ap
plaud the practical wiSdorn, the tinsel.
itishiiattiotism and unwavering fidelity'
to the Constitution andthe prineiples'
Atnericati 'liberty, with which Abra
,ham Lincoln haS:'diseliarged, Under
cireutnstanees of unparalleled difictilty,
the great duties and responsibilities of
the presidential office'; that We approve
and Indorse, - as ilemanded hy emergen
cy and essential to the preseleation of
the. nation, and. as within the Consti
tution, the measures and dots which he
has adopted tiideferid the'nation against
iits open and 'secret foes; th,at
grovee - especially the Intelaniation of
.emancipation; arid the einplOyment as
Union soldiers of men heretofore' held,
Pn elav'erf; and that we have' full con
ta donee in his determination to carry
these and all other constitutional
metnitiresAssentiat to the. salvation of
thelcoutitry into full and coMplete ef.
Reseiveii,ortuit ode deeni it essential
to thegeneral welfbre that harmony
:should!:previdl in the national councils,
:and We rep,',ard tis virorthY of public con
fidence*find official. trust - 'those only
whecoraially. indorse' the principles
- proclaitned in these resolutions, and
whicli,shciuld characterize the admin
istration ofthe Geriernment.
.Resolved, 'That the Government
owes to all Wien i employed in its ar
mies, Withoufirogard to iliStinction of
color, the full protection of Abe laws
.of War, and that any violation of these
Jaws of-of the' usages of civilized na
tions in the thrie t:lf war by the Rebels
now in arms, should be made the sub
ject'of full and prompt redress.
Resolved, That the foreign emigra
tion which in the;' past has added' 'so
much to the wealth - and de , elopment
of resources and. increase of power to
rtho nation, the , asylum of the oppress
.ed of all •nations,• should' be fostered
andiencoaraged by a liberal'and 'just
policy. •
I?eSolved, That 'aro in flavor of
the 'speed} cinisfrtietibn of the railroad
'to the Pacific.
Jaw/v.4, Tliat the national faith
pledged for the redemptiOn or the Pub:
!lie debt'nuSt be 'kept' inviolate and
that for this purpcso wo recommend
-economyand rigid responsibilities ' in
the pablic,expenditures, and a ivi(;or
.ous and just system of taxation • that
it is'the 'daty,of 'any loyal Sate to
'sustain the credit and promete the use
.of the 'national currency.
Resolved, That we approve the posi
tiontalien by the Government that
the peoplp of' the United States never
regarded with indifferena the attempt
of any European_ power to overthrow
by force;or to sapplant by fraud, the
institutions of any republican. Govern
ment on the •westcrn continent, , and
that they view with extreme jcalous
sy, it menacing to the peace - and in
dependence of this our conntry r thc of • .
forts ,of any such power• to Otaln
sustained by a foreign milit4ry,, force,
in nem. proximity to the United States.
WILLIAM LEWIS, Editor and Proprietor.
The resolutions adopted by the Con
vention which *nominated McClellan
and . Pendleton at Chicago en the 31st
of Aughst, 1864, are as' folloWs
Rao/tied; That in the future, as In
the past, we will adhere with unswer
ving fidelity to the Union, under the
Constitution,• of the only solid founda
tion of our strength, security and hap
pidess arm a people,' and as the frame
work of the"GoVernineut; equally con=
dueive to th'e welfare and prosperity
of all the States, both Northern and.
Resblvrii, That this Convention does
explicitly declare, as the, 'sense of the
American people, that.fifter four years
of failure to restore the Union by the
experiment of War, during Whichon
deethePretonce of military necessity,
or' the "war r PoWer, higher than'. the
Constitution Itself has been dieregar
ed every part, Mind public liberty
and private right alike trodden down, ,
and the 'material prosteritY Of the
country' essentially impaired, and that
justice ' rn i huanity, liberty and the pub
lic welfare •demand that immediate
efforts be made .for the cessation of
hostilities,'with a view to the ultiMate
eonventioh'of all the States,'or Other
peacable means to that . end, thm.
the earliest. Practicable Moment pea'c'e
may be restored on the *basis 'of the,
Pederal Union of the States.
Resolved, That the direct interfer
ence of the authority of the United
States in;the recent elections held in
Kentucky,' Maryland 'Missouri and
Delaw.are was a shaineful violation of
the Constitution, and a repetition of
such acts in the approaching elections
will be held revolutionary, and will
be resisted 'with all the means' and
power under our control. '
Resolved; , That the aim and object
of the Democratic partY is to preserve,'
the" Federal Union and the rights of
the States unimpaired, and they here
by declare that they consider the ad
ministrative usurpation of extraordi
nary and dangerous not gran
ted by the Constitution, and supervis
ion of civil by military' law in the
States not in ins urrection, . the arbi
trary Military arrest;'imprisOitmeat,
trial and sentence of A.merican citi
zens in States where civil law exists
in full foree, the suppression of free
dom of speech and of the press, the de
nial Ofthe right of asyln.m, the open
and 'aveiVe'd dii3W,iqfct or state ts,_
empfeyni'ent of dinft,L...ll:teaOuths,
and the interfere-nee . with and denial
Of the'. right of the 'people to bear
'arms, as calculated to prevent the res
toration of the Union and a perpetua
tion of a Government deriving its just•
powers'from the consent of the gov
Resolved, That tho shameful disre
gard of the AdMinistration to its du
ty in respect to our fellow•eitizens who
pow, and long have been prisoner's,
and are now in a suffering condition,
deherves the severest reprobation on
'the score alike of public and common
humanity. '
Reso/ve.i, That' the sympathy of the
;great Dernocratic party is "heartily
'and earnestly - extended to the, soldiery
of our limp, who are and have been
iu the fild under the flag of our coun
try, and in the event of our attaining
polVer they Will receive all care, pro
tection; regard and kindness that the
braiAi u
soldicri ofour Repblic have so
nobly earned.
The resolutions were adopted with
but four ditisentiOir voices
McClellan's Record'
To the Editot of The Press: •
SIR 7 I take the following from i
book'entitled "The tatth3 , fteldti of the
South," written 'by au" officerin the
'rebel'service, page xvi 'of the Intro
ductiOU. 'lt speaks for itself '
"It may .not be p generally known,.
butmen of , high position und. great
veracy have said, in
,Ilichpicoad,, that
keelellan offered his services to the.
South •• when the war began ; and that
he asked to command a division. Ho
was answered that if his heart was in
the cause let him join the ranks, like
Longstreet,and ; .others, and fight his
way upin . that. position. There are
documents which put this question be
yond dispute." •
The book in question was published
in 1864, by Sohn Ijradburri, No. 49
Walker street, New York ' and can be
seen at the Merchantile Library, .in
this /city, clasS 26 A, No, 547.
lam sir ypurs truly UNION
P ) IIILAI)ELPHIA, Sept. 24, '
. . . .
"I COULD ror," says Jieneral Mc-
Clellan, "look in the face of my gallant
comrades of the army and, navy, who,
have survived so many bloody battles,
and tell, them that their labors and the
sacrifice of so, many.. of our slain and
wounded brethren had been in vain.—
That wo had abandoned that Union. for,
which we haye so often perilled our.
lives." Qf courseyou• could not, but
how can you look in their flees now
that, you.have accepted a nomination
,from.. a .Convoution, which declares
that those" galiant comrades" had la
bored, sacrificed and bled to no pur
pose, arid that, the first thing to be
done was to make . immediate eXerts
.for the cessation of hostilities? How
can you look into their faces, knowing,
as you do, that, you are used as a tool
by a party, which is doing all it can to,
prevent those comrades from being,
reinforced, which is ready to sacrifice
them in order to .conciliate the public
enemy, which is fomenting those divis
ions Ari the,ltiorth on which,the robols
rely.more,than..on their .own power,
and:which, has nothing hut soft .w,ords
for the orkrngs,pf the Confederates,, and,
po Words,at.all,for your "gallant corn-,
/Ades," pow upholding the nation,in
the field?
Appeal of the National Union Cdninzit
tee to the People of' the United S'tates
NEW YORK, Sept.,9,
The great rebellion, which for more
than three'years has wrapped the MI:
tion in the flames of civil wfir, draws
near its crisis. Its, armies have he,en
beaten, its territories has been eon
.quered, the forts'and posts which' it
treacherously seized have been occu
pied and held by the soldiers Ot
RePublic, its foreign , allies have been
detached from its support, and its hos
tile arm, paralyzed by exhaustion and
discouraged by defeat, is upheld solely
by the hope of political victories 'to be
achieved by its allies in the Presiden
tial election of November next.
• If the People] in that election
taro the Government, if they —l reatiscrt,
its just authority and reafftrri - i ; their
purposele maintain war So long
as war. assails it, the rebellion will,
speedily end. If they falter .in this
determination, or leave any 'room for
doubt on . this tital'point, the -. 'rcbels
will take fresh' courage and :proleng,
the contest. Every utterance .of their
organs and , their,ltgents affirms' and
confirms this • position. Every:!rel39l,
in aims and.oVery rebel in office . verY
rebelsorgan in the rebel States : dr in.
foreign lands—every hater of .Demo , (
cratic Freedom and the Rights of man
longs and labors for the overthroW of
the administration and the expulsion,
of Abraham. Lincoln from the • Presi
dential chair..
- • In the Northern and Western
States this hostility has been Olubedo
ied and organized in the . aeli and de
clarations of the Chicago Convention.
That conventioc gives a silent' appro
val of the rebellion itself, and•anopen
condemnation of the war Vaged,,ihr
its suppression. Without a. word of
Censure for the conspirators who plot
ted the nation's death, it brands , with.
unsparing denunciation the patrietsH
and heroes who defend its life. While
it passes in utter Silence the gigantip,
usurpations of Jefferson Davis and his
confederate traitors—while ; it over
looks.entirely, and.thus, , by . justilnd
necessary inferende,'apprOVp's'' their:
abrogation of political rights:, and per-,
son& liberties over all that .portion of
the United States in which they have
been ~a blo _tbaq
wriltb;'WTt;g6it ' A
LI 11 oy
every e:Ct by, which the OonBtitutiouni
President of:the United: -Staten has
sought to defend. - . find protect the life'
and liberties of.the nation; *hose ex
oeu tilie power. is placed in his' ban 48. ,
That Convention had no words of
exultation •for our victories; no thanks
and honors for the sokliers and 'sailors
Who have shed their blood to trehieve,
thcin. While it denounces Our
ernment for neglect of duty toward
our "fellow, citizens, who are. .now;
and:long have been prisoners of war
in a suffering condition," it has riot
even a syllable of censure for those re
bel autherities,who, with 'more. ',than
savage,eruelty, and in utter, disregard
of every dictate of .humanity,, , as , well
as of every usage of civilized warfare,.
have deliberately and with systematic
purpose inflicted upon' those priSoners
all the tortures, of expoStuT, of n r eglecf,,
and starvation, and hav,e off6red pre
miurnS for their ninrder to the bri4l
guards to whese grim custody they
have boon consigned 'Arid, on , thO
very eve -of the most,' glorious victo
ries that have ever crowned'our'erhis
—after three years of bloody, Opstly.
and successful war, When three-foUrthS
'of theterritory 'originally held: by-the'
rebels has paSsed'into 'our hands.; 'at'
the very moinentwhen' the rebEilliOW'
itself is tottering to — its fall, and" the
flag of our country is rapidly '',MlVart.:
cing to its old stipreniacy-,: the 'Ptii i tt
reprekuited at Chicago dernands '"that
"z:mmediate 'efforts beitiadefot it cessation '
of hostilities"—il step w hich Would in-,
stantly arrest our conquering armies'
andanatch' from them the glories ore;
final triumph, repeal the blockade, aka
throw the whole rebel:frontier open to
the supplies they so sorely need, se
curd therecognition • of foreign pow,.
ors, and either accomplish their 'inde
pendence or 'give tholir the, ability to
fight for it four years' longer. . •
We appeal to, the people', of the limi
ted ',States—lovers 'of the Union arid
friends of Freedem—against the con
summation of tho foul' crime against
both which ,th,e, acts and declaratiOns
of the Chicago 'Convention involve.
We invoke them not to sanction
. these
principles and sentitnents by electing
the cUndidaide put forward_ to repre
sent them. We implore them, as'they
love their country, as they,'seek
s integrity of its territory', as
they desire the peaceful protection of
its flag, and the blessing of, its free, in:
stitutions and its c,stual laWS,fbr them
selves andtheir posterity, not to, ar
rest the blow' whicnis just ready to,
descend upon the rebellion now tot.
'tering to its fill; not to give the' rob
els time to, ,i'encl!,,w their str4gth fbr
fresh conflicts, Mit to aid those wno,
would aid 'them in ,overthroWing oar
Government, in destroying our limn,
in plunging into a, chaos of anarchy
the great communities of which the,
Constitution 'makes ono great and glol .
rious nation, and in thus extingnish
ing finally and forever; the hopes of
all who have faith in Freedom.and
,tbe Rights of i‘lan.
Wo call upon. the people to bear in
mind that, by whatever sophistries
they. may cloak their purposes,: the
Chicago Convention neither condemns
the action .of the Richmond rebels,. nor
proposes to expel:thorn against their
will or. by, any exercise,of force,' from
the seats of .pow,or they have usurped.
in all essential respects the action that
Convention Wein accords with the re
shits * the'rebels seek ~ oth desird 't,
cessation ofhostilitiett Beth:dondunc'e;;
with unsparing, hift,' i it'es' 'the O9V-,,
eminent of thetall., Ntes, . and,
both alike seek its'irerthrewy Both
demand that the att&iipt.tem , conquer'
' armed rebellion' by','f?'tie'of,,arraSslinil,,
be, adandoned.. 'imijob ( Ipipan4
that,: When. tbn • G - 1 9.*Atnesit;, of :idle ,
, .United.mm9tatos shall : hre ~passed' into ,
the h ands ,of men fotqiesed , to an. tirml,
ed defence' of the 9hlik•iiiii'ent.q . 44ingt/
rebellion; the War' 0411eti,d, hy 10en:'...,
ful conforonce Of,thii,% . ,.allied,,:,p,owcre..
Whatinore,than Ole tonld ,, the.rebels
ask or,. need for the ,, . astunmatibMof
,all: their plans ? ~'yir ' :Tall n iip'en`• the
I, s eopin'te belly ;i . mi,,,A 1 1 , ; ,(ir.thjit;, 'ff', :th 9 y:
.elect, the cantlidates.,.,ce:the,,oiiica.gP.
Convention, theyi,ar.ridst the. Overn
'Mont in• the , exedutiow of its plans and'
'purposes 'ontiteery,';.eVe of their ful,.
fill inon t;:iitid onsithirtro . a''Year be fem r e,
any, ne w ~ad m i ii, is treti on .pa.o talo its,
place. ~ The .interval:.will be. ono. of
hope:and confidence for the rebels, and'
of exultation for' th eir allies' in the' lop
al '1.:1,4, § .• In the wOtern States *Pre-:
parationa.have airaily_bilqi,i nude by '
the• disciples end advecates of sews',
gion, to . follow , , the 'example ‘ofi, , the •
South,' and Sever' the-'West :frbM . ,thii,
Federal'', Unien .: ;:; T q 6 .success of, '
n th e '
Chicago pre is . m,l'e comber, will
be the. signal • tor ,:carrying these -de-'
signs into execution;- and the' fourth .
'Of March Wilt 'daWn utn:mn:a 'new Wess'
'tern :eciri r fed,craelY,' ainiing• ; at ii ; depen-
I EI orlon ; defying,the po4r of the nation
al ' arms, and: .co-open Ling with the
slave , power of the Scathern States , in •
bolting from 'existenei'the free "BepubL:
fie, of the Weetern :)vdrld. '
n ... .
We, eltli,nkip'the ii.oplo to crush, all
theseschemes ; and , t 4 brand; their an- ,
tilers and allies with their lasting 're-:
probation .: " We' ettl).Yillio r li : tliooi'tO
support the n
,Gevern in eh t, , to quail the
rebelliph,.tO" defend and preserve, the,
Union; We call upomi them to stand:
by the President 'who, - under einem=
stances of nnparalleled diflicully,:ha
Wibliled',the power .of the ' n Mit ion.,w it 6;
u n faltering courage and fidelity ; with ,
integrity which oven 'calumny limis,,not ,
dared:to , impnrch, and with • wistioth'
and , 'prudence •upon Which' siiceeki ';'ik
~ ey on , !lOW ' stanip,i hit th c , serest a i'm ii:111ii:,
flpalnsemit;, ' :His election will „proclaim
to time world the 'unaltered , autl..unal- ,
tenable doterminatioh 'of the Anteriea'n'
People tri quell the rebollien and s'Sli- . 'e
tlic ;Union. li:,Vill' 'strike doWil, for::
9. ,;;i7i'7713.; . . - false‘ I i oi)es . and i oxpodtations.
, • nc1i0tn0... , 4 , - , -lown-e,oncl-lire)olnini-;,
to lii - o' people ot'tfro rebel States thlit,
their - ohly hope of:petteo liiis in aeon
*ming, their 'hostility to the GOv'eyn
reent and resuming, their allegiance to,
the Constitution and:Laws of the Uni
ted Statemim' ' - ~, • '
. • ~.
' \Ve 'Open' the Viiiinf COM Mit - tees
and the Union Leagues, and : Open' 4!i:
loyal associations in every, State, coun
ty and town, to perfect tbeir nrgani
lOtions ; to refuke fFeSh vigor and ;Le
. •
I •tivity into, their operations ; to canvass
:carefully find promptly, their' respect . ..,
five districts • to ;circulate documents
and newspapers:containing ~just and
fortable expositions' of the merits
our cause; 'to condinthy assemblages,
of the peoplo'itCpublie meetings, ,by-
pliblic speeches, by .convcrsatiomi - ,
'letters and personal appeals. and" in
all just and priMermodes, the'ilecepl
tivc and: perilous Sophistries of the
agents and political allies of th
. o:rObo),
lion. Let .them be, on their guard
agiiinst the arts .of corruption and of
intrigue which will ,bo' brought, with
finsprnpulons,:desperation, to boar. up',
on them. The rebid if,Ovcrorrient',' hod'
those forei g e i rfi are mo:4 deeply in-'
Aerested„in,thir,destinetion, could Weil
afford to eXpendMilliens in ove4hrow
• ing! this administration,.and placing in
poWer the nominees and; , representa4
ties of the Chicago Convention;
,Tho slcieSare. brightand full ofprernt. ,
ise.: • The libn-heatted' citizen-SoldferS'
of the Republic" Mareh 'Witli"SfeadY
stepland.iiphiltoring purposo'lp a spee-,
dy and glOions,. victory. :The.. heart
.of, the, people .beats tree to the'Union.
tvery Irifirophof ;tho - :Union 'itrinS
over :the: relict, trOoPS arebser,';afresil',
the *trap Cenfidelied of thi)
on •mee,and: chills the heart and; (loci . -
mates the 'ratiliS of :the submission s'e:.
Cessionist's representbd
A;UnlonVicifbry in Neverfiber'will
end the, long and labet•MUS,' strife , it,
will paralyze. the arm of the rebellion.;
It will disperse; its armies; destity.the ,
hope by which the despotiSm"fitißidb:.'
mond noiv holdS sithjee(OU';',lfdli
.dage, release the people of the' nth,.
era States from their 'enforced dislop
alty, and give them again , the. • bles
sings of 'elt"-goverttpient Within "'the'
Union, and under the lirbteetilig
etitntien and Flag of 'the • United.
States. It will enable our, own gov.; the weapons. 0f .,1
war for the Conn:4olA of Peade,:lo'reflik
; the stein control
: Over pilblie
and public; Speech Niel), a ;state of war,
rollers unavoidable, to restore ..our
fittatoial:system to dissolve: 'all mili
tab' i.oll,tts and hand over tq'
isiimpucoi7 c ii,tpo and the preServatiOn
.public order, and to. •rostoro.: their
firesides and their homes, clothed' with
honors and•ito beheld' in' cycirlailfing!
reonimbratiee, t•hat'great ar } oy or ou r
citizen soldiers. w have :bared their
br'ensts against armed rebellion, and
won the imperishable renown of : , sit
ving the glitorionS . Union' for'
their father:4 Mid : their brothel's died.
Signed': by tho Conunittec.
11. J. - Rayrnond,lll W l[offman,ll.ld
Chairman, N. Y.S II Boyd, lII° .
S. F. Hersey, lie G B Scram. 0 ' '
J. B. Clitrkn, N. H S D Deirces, Ind i
A. W. Gfircinni•, VI.. 8.0 Cook,; Ili ...,
W. Claflin, Mass U.Giddings, _Minh
T C Tumor, R I S Judd, Wis
_ _
D B Stubbs,. Towii
A. Campbell, IV, Vo,
N D Sperry; Ot
S 11. Pui'vittne'e.
N Smithery, Del.
• 1 :
t : i t.. 11 .,t :
l e' . :. g,' '' ., t i ; iii....: :
4 : 1
::, : t
:;_. t r.i. .. ,:t . ; t :',. ..,,,..,;,,
~ 1 , 1 i , : ,
.. , .
I \ f.'
t itt . If itty, I, ; 11
.. , . ).- , t T.,' ..."....•,1 1 ;?.. -, ' , k,' -.• : / ',• ~ ' . ,
I 1 ,rs'!..z_____
1 f rr:.:.',.% -.- i sjOi:W . '.'," ,'!'. -`?,h'i,
SPAY OCIOBEL 5,:.,1864,
Get'. Shermha's. Army.
;; , ;
The, reat Exodus ,Orc(ered-,—lt - ,Mll
Be Withdrawn--rt:,lssued .19r
... •-,1., - •i,1;, ..1. , ; - 1.1-7-.':-1:!,. - .1"..t••• : :"... '' [:i
• . ' ifeadquarfor.l,,itilgitigy, :Pivision of
'tile ..zitissi.ssippi, inike field, Atlanta. Ga.,
S'epteruber,,l2,,lB64,-,-Jarnes, .14.- { ,Qtl:
him IN Alayor l 4 1 . 1,? ! ..,12,1t.w50n, anti,
W .
ells, t representing city of.
,4thititaGerateriinti :HI 'have "your
lettni"of the ' kr' theliidure 'lit' 'it'
petition toi7evOlie-myi Ord UR xernoti ng:
all the
in habitants ~ from; Atlanta„! ,I ; '
hity.e. read. it, carefully, and, give fll4
credi't t,C.' l . oiii. iti,atementS of the',diS-
tress 'Via: Will 1:03 ceaSitined' 'by - it', l
and 'yet I shall not invoke my ()eller,
',,s 4 PPIP because , my orders, are not, de
:signed to meet the humanities, of the
c rise, but to prepare,., for the future
.41T:high pillions,:yea,: htifp
'deeds of milhonS Of gbod people out
side•of Atlanta',lgave.p., , deep, interest.) .
• ‘lr,p ; must ,IIP, , YP Pell eor "t; 014 at At
lanta, but in, all America., . To, secure
thiswe'elust'ele!so the war 'that how
deSbliites ' o u r 'detect ' hail* and' fay Ore
country. To stop then war 'Ave , must
:defeat, the rebel are array-
led against the, , ,laws,and Constitutiorr,.,
whiqh•ell ,mustrespeckand,obeY.l• To,
defeat .thesearmic.s. we must :prepare
the,. way to reach them . in their races
“i provided with •armi and instill-,
Monts which will enable us to accent-,
plish our. purpose. , -. - '1 , .) I'.. , .•••: 11
- ' _No . I ..know .. dm , vindictive.,nature
of our coemy, and Oat; we tinny have
many y ea rg of military, operations from
this, quarter; and utherefollef•deem it
wisp and •.prudent, : to,pilepere in: time,
The use et Atlantalbrovarlike ,purpo
ses is inconsistent in: its character as it
:home fori families, ~,TheAe,,will •be. no
, matiefactares o icquimerce,, or „agricul, _
tinre2he4e forith,e, rettintenttece.or fami-• ~! - , ' ... , • . .. .
'lies,soopermtlater ,want .Will : corn pel ; Majority for Lirieoln': .' • '. ” ' 5
'the inhabitants to go,. „,,,,, ,„.
' ' •'I ”' Ihis.. company was recruited 'in'
..I YV:ll3' riletig,OhoW, Islllen , all , three..dilyereitt, comities : viz: .Tinion, -
rangement.a nl aro.,;conkpleted for ,the liycoming and Huntingdon, • Where
'transf , er, ; i•insteakef ,waiting:till, the •
, the peat
c r y are very numer 7 ,
.plu Ogorkw, , shoti of , , conten ding ;armies, oils; and VrY Oitti"settle this war on
'will renew the seen ebf the past month? any tot ms," and's6me of them think'
:01! ectlllTsP Jo ( IPfl°;t'''lPl )o), " -i 'll`' R a i' 'that soldiers 'would be•Willing:t o . seek
tstielt,thing , .44l,tis,monleAti bl'it , 3 - Pli'"P' 'eace and, accept it, on, any:. terms ~1-:
lid :Ewppol3o• i t,ll:l,4,his, army ,w,lll : Ile
but i'f, is not so. They see.. but, one
'here' . till the,lwnr„is,, overT,,cannot honorable way of securing a:.',pernia;
'iliSimss . thits sultject with you fairly,
be . 1.7; fient'antt lionbrable'peabe, and that is
cause I cannot impart to you what I. by the arbitrament 'of the swOrd. ,l The
ProPosP,te.:4 o .lollt•ttl , :assert - that tiny' 'rebels appealc,d,to,,Ctesar and ,to -Cue'
'lnilitUrY,,,ignq Pl/4fp,.4,p9.:'°§.84FS fo r" stir they must go., ..; . , . • ~,,
the inhabitants tc1.....,,,tm awity,'all4, I can :‘_,
...„. 'Bpi ,
''. iiiiii ff ' fiiifeiv 7 - ilik ' offer' ut'' - seirrli
vst u Q ales§ fin 'ti. i l d e n gti t : i t a r y ai .,_ t d o o r , s v ' ri to tht l i t l. l a •
T.n g l e s t - , r„ eil .n ;4l:
to • qmtko their •; ,6*.ijd ttiii ."in '• 'any ~ + i or
direction as :easy . and - dothfortftblo• us 1 - 7, , t. • -
possible war ln, )
harshen terms than • ' ,
• , ar cruelty,„ and you cannot
refine Who brought' War'
on onr.countrr.deservn all tiny eniSes
and ,maledictions; a ipeople can, pour
out. lcnow.l had no hand : in malting
thiS war;. andlkuow,f. will make, more
sacritiee id:day i ,than any of yellito: se
'l3WC.".y.ou'eanlibt "have
peaeo•andes, dibisioii Of our:-countly..
Irtho,Uni tea States isUbmit,:to
ion now, ; it „will not, will , go
on till we li reakthp fate of Mexico,
•whiell* is'eternal
,War. '.P116 ;United
States'ddei and frinst l't§dit'its"adtheirL•
.lty wooreverit has power ;.if it r dukes'
• one bit, to pressure kt, i 8 ;gone,. a,n,d
know that such is not the national
foCling. , This feeling assumes various,
shapes, but ' always 4tollei!` . filick''to'
that ;'H• • . •
Once tidmit.tW Union, onee 'More
upknowledge the,au tliorj ty of the; .Na
tionttl dovprnmentond, iostcad ; of do
'voting' yon'r' liouseS' and struck and
!redde'tci Alle'dioad• useS'of War': and'
;this rarhiy, , beeomi) one° yda pro
-tetetors, nd, su p porters, eh iel d ng • you
front. dangeb Je s t, it, come, 11:054 1 a r t ,
quarter it may • It know .tlmt a few
orrorabil'PiteSidri Snell •
the' Sduthinto'reliellion butryotCcan'
111(fint•Pnt.,so thatoyc may, kno,wt thoso
who desire a' Govornment.and,:tbose,
who insist on war and dosOltfion.
it ' 'Might ' well' 'appeal a l ga i t
•-the: ihundnrgtditii agiiinStAllese' ter
rible hardships ofwar. , - tThey-akainev-,
'itablc, t and,tho.pnly! way,.thp.people of
ean_hope once morn to live
peace'aiill' quiet lit lionto rs to stop tho
war; wutcli Onfialone; be
thaOt bogahl in error arid lg.'. per;
'potnal;i.n.prjdo:-;;lN'o:don,t •avant yOur,
upgrocs,,or,your houses or ; your lands,
or,anything you have : but we do Want'
'and NyVH\tAvoi ohedie,ded
lava of 'the United States. 'hat: we,
will hay°, ancl if,it involues.tho distract:,
tion your p Foie n . Cap not,
holp it ;Yon have
,heretoforo road
}our nows Papers,
:thatliVe by falshoOtrand'icitatilent;
and the quicker. You I.eek.. fOr' truth , in
;other, ,quarters,the,botter for you. , ,
.Trepeat then,. that, !by the original:
e.Onpatt,t, of„;goverum en t,
,it :Milted
. had, • Goo!:gia
whiciihavonevci : been ilelingillslied and
neve i r , ivil I he'• ;that.' "the'i'Stitith bdgi tl'
War by sei4ing/ortlt arm,4le,: rnintTsr„
:Cindorn.lunises i Ao.,&e„ long hefOre
'.ldr.;tineOn . 'Was iiist:1110; and hdfore!
the South had , obis jot oe title of 'Orb..
,voention. myself, have' semi. in
'sourio lientuckey,, , ,"..l;ponessoc,: and
11ississippi, hundreds and thousands.
'Of' woman and, children „fleeing, from
your .armies andylesperadoefy hungry
and with, bleeding fret. Im...lfeinphis;,
Yickslitn •g„ and IdississiPpi we, fed
thOuSalUls'tiPon' thou:4l6(lA Of 'tlio' hind-
EioldiciA 'I eft iptibur
and 'whom wocould , not see• starve). • •"
Now that,,waricomes , lionie to you;
you 001 very differgot,; you
its, horrors, but did not fecl,them when
you 'Sent' car hinds 'Of . sOldierti and
•aminittiltion; rind ''titid
shot to carry war.l3nto Kentucky and
Tonnessee, and dessolate the homes of
:iindreds and, thousands of! good peo
., ple, who only asked to live in peace
at their old hems, • and• under tire
"I'ERNIS; sl;so' a' year 'in advance:
Government 'of their itilieiitane.' But
;these comyrisons aro idle:- I. want'
peace and, believe, it can only be reach—
ed through Union and, war, .and
'will n eVer conduct war' purely with a
view to perfeet'and early guccess.* '
' But, my dearisits, , when that 'peace
does come, youmay,call on• me for (tar
thing. 7 Then, will, I,
,ehare„with. yor
the last eiticicer, and watch :rvith,,y'in
to shield 'oui"liiiid i ed [Old familiCS against
fclange r' freer .''every:
you , :must i go i and. ake, with you. , the
old acid fephlei fbe,cl and 'nuree
and' build for them in more quiet, pl,a 7 ,
ems proper habitations, to, shield „them_
agai rist the 'weather,' until thO mad
passions: Of mono , tool doWn, Arid
theilniorkand peace once more to 'settle
on.your homos,at .Atlanta. ~Yours,
The Soldier's and the Presidetto,k.
.I'n answer to the . statement Of, the,
, (4Opperhotid's and peace•—'-oatray fermg
' , -Hares;•that tho shltlierg Our 'hi.-
mies nri3.o nanimouslys in 'favor of 31e1 . •
and that none but, Deingerats
tire in tho ranks wo,sabmit the follow-
' Com , . F 195th ReEtt. Pa. yols.)
; NlONocAcy"-liiiicriorl;
Sept. 18th, 1864. ,),
. ED,lrou 0F Gr,o)3 object
"tn,sencli no you ,this letter to.,iii.rew
the friendl; and also 'the enemies' of
mine:lase, ho'W thii'sbldiers Of CO'. I",
195thdtegt.'1 3 .1.T.vieW the present'
cootest,and,how they feel in regard
to the twe i gandidates fctr
deney, ribw before people., On Op ;
°veil ihg bf it "h;)lS '
ded , te taken bampaoy,
'and, thp result, was As follows , :
; .13.
inbrni.t.,to the, ikuthority of , the -Con
etikat on and.the Jaws.. This is, all
We ask and must and will have
The'vigorousihosectitiem of the war
we, believe to be the shortest road to
giorilitis•and triumphant pdaen. And
this kiithe , roason why.we,go for Lin
coln and tho,present adrninistratiom--
i:s right and, will win the
_ _
Capt. JOHN E. roiTER,
1.95 th. Regt. Vole
• UA.11.1 , NEAIt MEMPIIIti,NN.,
,1 llth,, T
• • FRIEND' LEWIS :--13bing reader of
your.valuablo .
paper, aS our wOrtliy
(...aptain revolved it and WO all get the
reading of it of course, every one anz-.
ions to get it first, for it . is like getting
'a letter from fiend to et,tho globe,
and 'a r s, wof have never soon thie' 'l9 tlf
Cavidry•mentioned in its colunins,.
I'tbought I would write you, and. let
you know that wo are still living; llrm,
have been encamped abont ton Miles
from IdomPhis for 'some on 'fhb'
_Memphis ' and 'C'harleffttin railroad.
Last Monday we were ordered to Pull
Stakes, and the ; orders were that — we
, Were going to lllemphis,,, where moo.
now aro. Yorrest'S • raid into . Mom
phis oeCasioned consklerable surprise
hut liwhad not time to do much dam;
'age, howover he took a . groat many ,
Mules and horses,,but had .harcl, worls,
to get them away, ho had.-to got: : out
of the city a little quicker than . ho
come in ; tho excitement, however, now
has died away and business is, going,
on as before. ' ' ' '
•, •
— We:are etiacting , him again - Noon'
we heard he; was advancing, bat lie
comes when he is least, expected, We
,have been chasing hint. around ; forithe.
aSt, ten non ilia but he hi like the Irish-,
mua's'flea~,'hard to ditch`: Cob;
caught hint once at 'Tupelo and .
save him a sound thrashing,: but , he.
did, not mind it 10ng,,, the next place,
he was in 'lgentphis. Our. :regiment
has ber,ti in seVerat 'battles skin
inishes, and stir eorepany haS been in'
them all, and has been very fortunate;
,!,ve,have not had ono man killed,-And
only ono••wonnded, we, have
• three.ta-.
ken prisoners, We . have. lost six
,of di-
Wease. l'art'of our reideactit Limey
now orr tlieir way to Little Rook; Ai , -
. knesits; we hope , •however, they will
return soon,' as ; .we. have not, been paid
,for fo il s mon tit si and are , avai Ong ;for
our, grebilhablss,..biit camp reports, say
they Will tiot be btiek 'for some tine
I think it,will , be some; time. befo e e
the' war is settled in this State the. I
'country is swarming with guerillas,
and the most, of thenthave ;the
The day, hclore
For came into Memphis 'there, waS
men , Steppifig arenrid',with the 'oath' in •
; their peekets, a,ndtas ,Einon - as• the rebi.
•Os came, in they, Joilwa , Ahern ;: two
ore, killed who had, only. taken, ,
'oath a hiv dity4" before: The. militia,
Of'the city came' out an • prove
loyalty by fighting the rebels. There.
aro a great many coloreat soldiers and
theyare: good pinek; bat 'they never
taimahy.prisoriera since -the in:ignore ,
Rit'Fort .117lienever they , get
into a fight their cry is• Fort Pillow,
and Woe be to•tlie rob that fails into
their hands. The departmen6 . 'has - is•
• shed• Et•tser3.t st,riet order here• now to
citizens;, any citizen going into, the
64,613 E.
t. e ., . t ; L
1 1.
"E . Gtott-.Tdp, OFFICEf'
the triOst complete , of any fri:itte conoify, onVoe!,
sassesthe Mottl taplo realities toe, fromptip ,, Seco.ti ‘ll -
the best etyldievetrvarlettof Prititing;eitat ea'
LI •
. .
. ,
•Z ABELS,fr,p;; Sib., Sid
CALL Atti. LEADICIE akellii!)9 S 7 WEE,
NO. 15.
city is instructed:llY the ioutside
• ets,if ,they.cannot.prove_their_loyalty—
at, headquarters by.'., substantial,
nessps, , they will,not get leave, tta- gyi,l
out, again, but will he, kept, as, prison.
qrs. was . picket; yesterday,,,it r ,
tvniS very tr'oublesonie to atop ; all that,
;Wen tin,' thh ' fead was"fall all day;"
i proveftheirloyalty not Tbut '
willing to try it. I must tell , •xthi
ny.. i ciorrinlitadecif-by
Samuel T. .11uyet, from i gte r vicinity of
Huntingdon; and all who' - limbw tho'
"Captain #po:Arhito - ,:to•liotrAigbAtretifiul,
'and a r gbOdisdliii4r . ;')iehas,provedliihi;*
self so on the- llttle-fiild l i and else-
W here ; him and
'duty withimt
Promising young n3,11n fmcl , -bids fair to'
become.a -godd -officer; he ‘ilas-lieen--
promote& to:a: eaptainty4•We are'soi•-
to have him leave-us, but are plea
sod to see him promoted:: •
The men.of out company' are t chiefiy
from old Huntingdon • and , :Blair, , ati'd .
you know their never have, ,heen any
soldiers went froMnuntingdou ,and ,
Blair, but - cdhat; has .stood up to the 'Worl`like men: 'ltre are' still I ,g44iig;
some recruita.and'tnir company is onn
of the largest in the reginieric, hod ,
tho best ()Moors,' Our 'orderly
goanti, Black; is,a • - young
well knoWn cOnni,4,;; ,
lhe served' 'Onptorti‘trCthe 110th hsgt.;
'as a privt.46 and by ,Paying,',Striet
tention lo'disciplino;ko rose' to;
,sition: l :lietiow,2odetipies!'' ()Ur other:: •
non-dorprnissioned'are all iiSing!,byttel
greos, and I think under tile` 'prese'nt!
Officers the men are willing to fight:
the robs iiniferstiiiiii`the
-snakes are still crawling around the
streets of the anbient'boi•Migh leaving'
oarE ;1J itf
like to have the drafting .of .a few men'
in town; I think I could draft a, gooty
pack of coward4..' ' '
good time • • (_ll. •,1
The weather. is very warm: here as
warm as it .bus • bcen.,a,n,y, ( time -tpir
'Summer, time' 'tMATIOr.
;Occasionally but theylizi"notcseem:fO'','
cool the air., "Welll--WikrtelbefArAllo
,present ok'fierliapsTisillnieary your
patience. I will.lwrite you„agai,n era
long if anything worthy, of note
occur. Otii , boys' are MINA)! 'and
good spirits and, ansious ) to get at tho
johnnies. , ,
r „.
r •r• ' /..
Co, Cavq..MOdiMiirtaiira• t
'tsl4d 1`:.
Gen. itelsereM.)Seheiicliiii
at Dayton, Ohio, a ,fq days since, in' false.e?mressqus, r
IDemopraey for ;Ile soldiers, stud
'There is another plank in tiaci platform,
'find I think it is tfin tait_Of thii Whole.
'The Convoution,,expresses,its r'
doep sympathy with our.soldiers ,p
the field; and its iloterinfarition to give
to them , their - care arid 'pratectibn; •
tbo event of their , ' attaining
What, de you:think qf that; soldiers, 1 if:
'there nro any, here?, Would ~youi nee;
like to have a little manifestation of
tho ancl'isylyipathy navande*,. '
before •ydit trust thee follotdii 7' Do>S t''
you think it, strange tha'as a partyl.'r
they have always oppoped.,:year rightto
to vote, while vou w.ere absent ifigh tingp,
•for yotir firesides and your giqriphs:
country? ,, :"' • Jr' '`
Wouldit not have been 111 Orb' beconvi
ingtetbenr, with Onorge•Pentilstowat:
theirhead„ to have ~y,Otpd, , for,;, , and for more tro.9P4.,tto i
reinfo,ree' you, before, they begin tally
ing Mich hypderney ? ewe itlidl n '
.protection of the dear !dolislierliii , 6itli•••••. -
,pose the deart soldiers ,:hied ntilivotes,
would their, bowels. of pqmpassionhaveT
been so much, moved ? SuppOse _they,,,, ;
, hild succeeded iri r Proventintr the seld:,
iers'fikim voti g, would you Ifave • hae'
:that plank in: the platform ? I rather' '-
think, non ..;,,A rvete ig a, •
has, the effeet„in st,riking,
•th at the bayonet hns in •stri king i
ward. ' 'friek • and a "billet'jn.
hands of a'Soldier will kill `a,
either,direction; Siiddenly, after'etil::•
lingtherailiincoln's hirelings ; denoifii.o
,ping them n - i.,puWie and, private,tbey. ,
are filled with love for the dear boyic
'in the field - nil Irani/ thebt to under,
stand; if they will' help 'theta fo 'put
the Deal °erotic party , I n pciwor, • nO:
body, pill,.sewell,preteet them as•theyf
will. I know something of the feelings:
of solclierS. I knoW the soldiers i are
not fools:" I know with' what 'scorn
they spit Upon , and despise sueb•hypOl'
critical pretences nest whini wanting
Abell', votes, when, .it is. necessary ,to.;
get their' :You cannot, catehi
thqse birds, With".ilint'kiiod of chaff. ,
'You raustrti7 otlfer' 84 , 1y:t0 tint upon.'
the' tails of ;your 'genie; if yoty itocpoot.
to, put any of them in , youf trap:, . ,
' • From ' . l:le diarie4 Of'eflieeip
th'e gu h beat Galemf; d '
from .Riehmeng, itkseeme to be eOtIOIU-?'
preven.that Gerorel Itlloottksik
was part cif the avow, instead .ot, thpi, •
army. cloriniitl3e ()at& of
TO which, then dads General AreCr.zi.2
LAN belong,' the army ' oi'theritaikl
'We pieduthe that :he is ati i •imphibionS•
general. •,, , • , ',,•
Snit Lake perhafs the salib r
est body of ;water on the face of thw
globe. Three barrels of this water arts
said to hold : ;a brawl! , ,of Fait Tho.
Water is of a light green solor for about
ten or twenty rods, rindl then dark
Wm). No. fish enn:livo from. ,
abide in it—and bt few birds are seen.
dipping in its•water.'
'littilo , nurse-mild like,
.tbe ,omoing. sta!r? Became .sl36'ea:
wee 1121 M, . . .
. ,
pg TO stop potatoes from rotting--.