The globe. (Huntingdon, Pa.) 1856-1877, July 13, 1864, Image 1

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TERMS trir THE GL08E.",4
; Itionthi " '
throo monflia.... ...
A fillnre to notify a discontinuanco at the expiration of
the terns subscribed for will be considered a now onglig,o ,
anal. 1 . ' 1 '.._ ~—......,.! / 1 -..... e,.
. _ ..
T.Elt3f3= OF 4ADvzitripit .. fo: ,
Ilenerttdn3 do.
Twat !lies or tone , ' $ 2255..27% $ 60
Jun square,ll2 'think). . .16 1 00
Ciro ?pti . .tes; ....... .. oo 2 00
Dues .1.60 225 '-- 300
three -wet& and• Icor. then-three'months,- 20 cents
,cr.egrinyo fne
,_ itulerbon. - .
_- -'•• • - • '--, .- 3 months:3 molithe. 12'intonthe.
iiiilxielket • 10 4 1 6 - $/•• 14 . - ' -- •
Juicer - mar* .. ' 300 - 6 00,_
.. --
..., .00
rwo squires - - ' 600 —' 8 -60 10 00
15 00
Three anattret• _
ltPour squac6B, -' •' . • '••'"'"-'- -", 0 - 0„, .24 00
,01Cia 00150110 ) . .... . . :.,.".. , ..i . 1 . 3 Pc•••,•••• • 1 6 .
' .i '. 3o 00. i".:.;..50 00
:1 - ..nic.colunini ! ....l ' '
~... 30 ,0 ( •••_•! .. s•••• .... 6a ., , 5 •..- r - Inin ,,,
"Profesitoicaliimilluslness Cara. not exce 1 ot ,
One year
441mtpletrators'.md Exechtors' ~, .. 75,
'AdTertlsomettta tot' trirked - with'ttio number of Inßor
'llOnle a6lfrod,Arilibircbatimicq 1111.Toi;blirp'd
Cording ternia, •
C k _ et 031,01;
Far the -
MiIF4SI4IV4Ir9IEII, dR l l.l 1 4 .-
- ' - sralt:MY 8 •
Forted from Itpias nod all
e'er ILO
A .4..".Y.T SECOND.:
h ow many - million& have rent the
lleitvens'unheard, 'amidst burning: eit
jos.and falling•edifices • whilst wo,only
`know that God has a righeto
any, or all, his creatures, its ministers
'of either wrath or merdy. .3t. would
.0 exceedingly, cruel' in us to'refaso; if
In our power, P. save all , Yhe'are ier
ishing either troin the . .ragirig deep, or
burning edifice's. Besides, God has
consignedltO ifs a very' siaall part of
. lats'..dordinion,Varitt Ito - o\ capa
cityp understand the vast, and to us
complex, machinery of his goy ornmen t.
The. Canaanites had forfeited:, their
right to life andrliberty by ingratitude
-to their lawgiver, and, by denying his
right to rule over them, and Israel was
commanded to destroy them. But
where is the parallel between Canaan
lied -Africa
- As well ,might a sin ode township as
:eiund_the Government of these Uniied
Btates as. fOr us to leave tho narrow
liihits of our province to logislato for
the_erapirO of God, or repeal any of
his laws. „
33111.11!,,,W; l'yr-itiJiAlggiedDr4ll9AlNlFllo .
aad_rtend Slatery.
lows to
cniailin) l ll lo :3 ganaMitpsT,.l.l.4qausoAof
64:dr-incorrigible Wickedness -; 'We ihay
tifidna.'lcitiEWrinabilo, go
'to Africa itcal her.sublo sons andidaugh
tors, crowd them by hunilrefs, mann-
'filth_and :putieicenco, - transport'. them
,a ptplige
, ; lierniaphere i transmute
them into chattels, arid :ductal-Ohm
baccdita'ry` bondsniun:crefore;_lje-
Faint° Gopininanded: slay
menu vorne4,; and Ifiliiidren of,limpy
declare Nx-+=l
;:ace - ;•bcginning with, the , aboriginces
otii. own c9ulitry, = %ihci: wore' once
i!...E , Ords and proprietors; nfiexekter
nubiting.them, instead of Sending the
lipralds of the7Orose to ,filni benighted
!. I .r-Vtilecl,'.WC - may, scR.4. - t. l . l 9AW Ol :47Arst
to-thro Pacific Isles, snd after ex.termi 1
iiiiiiWelteir'fifbabitantS,4 ; OU'r power
.Wfii eiraitl to-it, , Wrii, Might:. hew dOwri
With - fire f afid sword 6ify heathen vac,
*VcAnienViiPOit fbaith7t4he iossesSion
;,;r4 . o‘). iitinet, in" 'fee, simple, aha - :hid
*defiatice . to the dictates of humanity.
isToifVhiirrible - -.,eti the inferenednlVty
appear, it is clearly-the legitimate re-
ISttit.okargUinonts di•awn from the blblo
iiiTilOicatiofi of slavery; because - - tho
iiritidates of the bible for the utter ox=
iefiiifiration - iif the heathen Cannanites
by:the - Sword, ia:lncomparably strong
vr.'thart- it :is for their.onslavement:—
But we rejoice--that-the bible neither
eildetti:ageFf;theloriers cif :war:norBla
,very,;eri..theoptrayy, it teachc!it,that
-nt least one of the parties engaged; hi
- chargeable with crime. ' • • •
.., ' As . to Onisimus, the cont,urion's ser
vant; and all similar. cases, which are
draggod into proslav - erY service;-.We :
have only apace to_say, that there, is
nothing , regarding . them which
'might ot_berpredicatedlof apprentices,
.orpooi bi:Phads, bound outter the
,' , .e:ar
of t their majoritY, in order that byliOn
°rabic service thOy Might Pay : for 'their
boarding, schOoling, clothing, nursing,
. ,
Admitting, for argunient's sake; that
it thd empiraanded' , daty :Of ,I_Sra el
to issake war upon the'heatheia for the
fsuriioie-of enslaving them, - we repeat
quiry, What has that:todo - with
Soutliet% :Sliverk, in the absence of
God'g. ;command, to, Make war upon
;the nations of ii.frica:?, who never of-
Tended uS; or know of our existence till
thekdkrbleadifig - tit out feet. 5 - ; &t thd
tune of ivhiChWe speak, the+Yews-eon;
the cliurehL of . :Upon
earth ; and in order that they might
nbt be gaitaintriated`: - With that gross
ihOlatrylifactised- by.the_heathenwith
they wee Eliarrolinded, and to
whie - htheir- nature se - strongly tended,
the ceremonial institutes of Moses
;Vera given them, which 'we' e - intended
lo keep them separate, and prevent
their contamination.- But when Christ
.arrived ,upon earth, to make it the
theatre of his sufferings and death, and
• to proclaim himself "the - end of the,
' be broke down all the ceremonial
barriers between Jew and Gentile,gave
his church enlarged bases, - and a now
impulse; znd cora l l lll Pd9d the 9 ffieere
of chiff siiiriEnat kingdom,. tor snake
aggressive war upon thd-kingdonot
Satan, and proclaim to -the heathen
;,world,: not excepting Africa,j.that the
do - or was now openod Co them
also, that they, too, might be counted:
. ,
.;. . , .: ..,..: :i • ..:: •- .::: 4..:1 !,••! , :in,:-•_ - ; '... 0 4 :: :J.; • , • t!..! -.• ;
--• :: -- ': , i ;:,: i . 7 .; - :', , 7''"";%,...-441'w-"•',;- '
;-.!•::./.- ;' --,-,-.- : ',... A ' , T ,2 - .,:-.(ar..- - .f.'il - f•-.'F . .T ' . - ."-" - ;:.';' , :c - ', - ; , i't - i4-• --::.,,1. , !-i.O-:,
. : • :. - ..,:), ...v. ; -.•:L. t.. , .•-, 4 ,-.4.. - 44--f-.* : ) .*; ~..,., ,.. -‘,•;:z- - - •
- ------ I
~,-:', / ; ,-,.,,, ; , 4 : - 4 -:,' I , .'.
~; .11 .-. . ,7: tS s,• - • ;. i C \ C ,;l*;? ; ll,tl4 .4 * .;, ;-'
''.;•. ;t4 , ''',',';;;;-: '; - ,e '
.'.. • .. . . • .. ; . .;.,i. it* :
.; ;', •
~.. ',.,; .. . 4 .,.. t_, :: ; :1, , ~., ~...)! i ,
~ ;;;!.. 0 ; : ' : ; , -,,,,
_._,., . -,___, :. , ....r.0%.,..!- ; :,.. , , k4,..\\,;;S :1):1.,-4,,T.V.Z.;:<,..4,,,,,‘.....„,::..,,i;
~,,,-,,,,;: ~ ,, _, " . : 1_ ,...„....., ,, ,, ,:;,,.., : ,.,.,1 ~.. .
~, !, _
;, . :,.0,
' ' r
' .:
i ' . ' ,', ::.
T T : '"
o .' kk .', c:: ':.';,..., . • ~-.:.
.•, ~—, ~,-,..,„ ~.,.........,... „...___,::., ~.. ~
:,...,..::. ...„zi---- -
:.,., , ~,. ~ . .,, - ..., ,,- -, . .„- - , r ..,..-,-..-cyo, . :. :.. r••••":".:••••'?" '". •
• '''' ••• ' .l •,'" •• - '''''74.:,,,, ' .11, ...If ~ r .
;1. W 44 , . s •• - - , ,+'L'. '
6; w , ...-. 0 ..., :,-, ; : a ., . , .-• , . •,-,.h ~ ,1„,
, v ,
~ .., i : • - ~•:'• p . ~ -..:.
.: , ..:
~, ~..!, , ....1wt..., .. .,iArp.:-, i (, - ,..,7 : 0,, i . , , , ; , „ e „ 4,,_,._.: . „14,...i...: tti k.,,e..„,",,,., .....:!...:.1 .! ~,.„.: „t. 2,.-... 1 , ..,,, ? , .-.-.!.: ~..._ ... .
~.„ T.,,, .t.)., t t.O - ...::: , 7,.....,,,..,,,, 0. ,g.,,,,1 , -, ,
, r.e- ..4: , ' , `'''''''''''' '.
. '.7. ,7 ;2.', - ••,;.” -
. . : . . . ..,.,
- - ~ ,• ~ ...74 1. .„,-I ~ ~_, •
- : ,i , ..-. :;.- It. I: .. - -, • • • - .• - • . • ' • - " - --..1_ , ,--461. , * , :.• - - , - , :7f14------ - - . - -- -- - -c , --`" N
... - , '?: ...
. !;:!: !! ' 1- ' 1 ! ''' ;!'•!!!.
srii.i.?„,.. .., --•-•!! .. —,
.:, ••••. 1,. .. - „tz-Nr... ,.. ‘"i. !,,-L.... , : - .-- - .*!. .e.!_.,_ ..
.„ . . ... . ... . .... ~ ....'bo
.Editor, and 'Probrietcir.
amongst the spiritual seed of Abraham.
When the fouridation of
-our world was
laid, cvo aro- told •that; l ~t ho' Merril - rim
stars Sang together; and all the Belli of
God shouted "for joy;', but how differ
ent was the 'Scene When Cliriat suffe'r'ed
himself to bo crushed into. the gra,vo,
'Under a load of guilt own,
'Order to the heti,4Y buidons, and'
let the o_ppreSsed,go free," and
_that all
distinetiim between Jew, ; and Gentile,.
. and free, should,,f9Ever_ be bro
ken ; was the
and so intense was the suffering
when the Lord and Creator of nriiver
sal nature sank.udder it, that Ifeaven
was,voiled in. sadness, the foundation
of the earth was shalton, the ashos of
those who had rested for centuries in
their graves were re:mil - hated, and tho
yell of thp - I tsmplo,;thoF
'fiiietion between:Jew and. Gentile, was
torn asundert, - .lThen. Is;as Ahat-,:Paul
"Was, sont,far,honce to the Gentiles,"
and Peter, was taught, by vision, to lay
aside all his Jewish predilections,
preach to, -and treat his heathen neigh
bors tte brothers, 'upon equal footing
witlyhis 'own' 'nation. ~ We are now
taught :by, Apostolic institutos, that ,
when oven we meet any of the unfor
tunate sons or daughters of Adam we
aro bOund to rocognizo them -as breth
ren, upon, whose benighted I souls•the
forfeited iyaage:of their glia may be
rewritten: /And,' if so, ": where - aro . tho
heathen nations under the Gospel to
whon‘WO, Gentilo,ehildren Sa
plieth,4 m 'go, col:quer, purchae or
steafthe.cbildren of God, in orde"r'to
onslo.viitkern7, - or Whoro the': com
mand of GOd to do so? If the - fathers
IvreroT-majite,tly, ensla , A,3d; ail' all must:ad
mit Whose -, MOrat principles :are,not
wiihereil, Y and'WhoSo consciences :..aro
noilsearad v by the institution Where
aro the.; arguments to prpvo that We
may Cjita . il",it upon their ehildrei2,•iind
perpeltilate..and:Oitend the institiation
indefinitely 7'in the übSerice of
guilts just as dertainlypiirpotuakd
to tPe same, eitcht..
ItlOreoVei';'Wii &Om it"demcidstrable
that very great ! evils to Church and
State aro thoivnilt `of tho proslavory
// 141;14,
l aint - treaching ef••:tlioge`:Who
laborsiis 2 tain if j - by," the - 'bible. `When
such pro - du - Cl , io - Ws are 'floated to the
SoUth'ilpon every breeze; whoro every
avenue is elbSed against our arguments,
it gives aid and comfort to them, and
prompts them to treason; rebellion, and
robbery, in their madness against our
, ,
loved institutions, for which we aro so
deeply indebted to 'tho '
All„intelligent ,beings_ ';ascend from
nature's laWs to the God of Nature and
worship him. , it, is also true, that all
intelligent Christians believe in the
perfect_aceordipco of ~ tho,laws of Na
taro; and &me-of-Divine rdVelatidn,--
but if it bo,pyoven that the teaChings
oh-the Bible are faVorable to that—sys
temof slayory which we ,can rpost'suc-'
,cossfuily prove is violently•opposed to
the laws of nature and' humanity, the
logical iedulf,.niust be, tho-rejection of
either revel ation,
.or tho laws
of nature; for, agreeable to the hypoth
..osisTilieileaniiol, both be'lli•oin God.—
And, doubtlesS, to'many minds a con
vincing evidence 'that the bible incul
date§ the right of, man to transmute
his fellow man, soul and body, into
chattels will; at the same time con ,
vinco him that the bible is not tho
word of -God'; and.such being tho ten
dOncY of = such use of it,' We' have 'DO
doubt that it has. resulted in making
thousandS - of:infidelS. ,InTvieW of the
awful tendency of suelr.reasoning, wo
should make, as if it was the least in
quiry,'ls it possible that'the meek and
lowly Jesus, the Author of, our bible,
whose bosom - was,.and is, the very'
temple of bersp7olenco, can bo'phargo
able with building an institution which
does such violence to all the attributes
of liiii Nature?
TG;is contended that because ,slavery
prevailed in the grecian and Roman
empires, tlierefere'the'primitive Chris
tians must havebeen sla,Veholders; and
why not contend that t hebaise some
emperors gloried in'tliiSir intoxication'
upon hrman blood; wrlin fora'hUnd-1
reds of thousapds" of their defeneelessi
subjects, upen' the gery ; altar:of their
insatiable ambition—and others mani
fested their mingled wickedness, am-'
hition and folly, in such acts of cruelty,
debauchery, and folly; as forbade:the
historian-,to record their deeds of dark
noes in detail;--=therefore
tire Christians must have lived in the
prac;tice.of' t,hose-aborninable • `crimes;
and why not contend; with cepml pre
priotY,r that beemise''saiite r Of the
demi immolate thethselves t 6
Jugornaut—,others, the
funeral pilo on the death' of their lius
bands--others, do pehande by hook
swinging, and others,,f'ped: the ; eroco
-dilei-of the Ganges with human flesh,
—therefore the native converts to
Christianity must practise these abbm
th:eydry., bentrarya're
the,facts'handeddOwn to us by ;the
cordoof faithful-history: the objects
of tlab primitive proachorS of the Cos
pot iyttS i t9lnelt,,thel . charns of i cypel ty
rant, qualify their subject's "for the en
joyment of liberty,,aud lot the captives
go : freo, in•order that they might learn
their high destiny fer time and etorhi;
, Such was its directs, - and such 'is
its effects in - 1 in os an, andin every
ho4hen land,whoro Allege glad tidings
are proclaimed to; an enthralled' and
dying 'wOrld. Let no` man object that
because so numy prdiessors are incon
sistonp,, therefore our biblo is not what
-we claim for it;, but let• it be romem
bored that it is not from bible author
ity that - wickedness provitili, either in
or 'out of the clir'ch, but in Spitoof it.
: Again, it is stoutly insisted upon,
: that
_beeause Christ •and.. his ••iniinecli
ate followers did not assail • slavery in
specific and 'direct terms, therefore
- theyaPPreved'ef the system in all its
uglyp.oss: : But how would ,such reas
oning stand the, test in the ..11ando of
Butler, the master in analogical arg,n-
Mont ?;'.tt simply 'Stand ?thus :
Because Christ,and the Apostles did '
,not denounce slavery in ,direct terms,
therefore they approved of it; and their
`ittmediato folloWers - 131114;110o 'Proc.
tised ' So, becautie 'Christ, and tho
apostles did not in direct terms; do
non nee gl a diatory shows,Priie fighting,
chariot racing, gathbligg• - 4 - treti
other gross practices, - theroforo they
must have appreved of 'those things,
and the primitive Christians must neo;
essaril3rhave indulged Yit - nd-i.",rif4ctilied
OT I IP.Iii /# l 4atifili . q l l :4/0 80 14 1 i - •
tient reasoning, the tendency of which
if sustained,. would botaintredimethe
barbarity of antiquity, "from which
the enlightened sbulrocoils hor- ,
ror; and would•roll the ,moral world
back from tholight,and liberty of the
nineteenth century, into- the' darkest,
agos . of paganism and tyranny: mim
134911w,as not the to iphing of tho;slß
Om. of our. bible. • , ,
All the lawgivers, from ; Solon , and
1? - yettygns *Co - our' 'own -time,
,cornbiqd, are ,superficial when eMn
iiarol,with.the great legislator,- WllO is
tho author of our religion: They can •
only construct laws applicable - to tho
overt acts of mon; Divine law reS:Ch
ds.the heart, the fountain or spring of
action; they can only partially cut off
the excrescences without a change of,
principle, and Without tho povier of
healing the deadly source • whenep fill
mOrslovil-'proceedtq law;-tided
- i - toiivrpCie.l by its author, dries up
the fonntain of iniquity within, and
calls forth responsive' acts of kindness
and love, the very antipodes,' of "bon
dage, cruelty an'd s hlaV6ry:
It is Worthy Of reriMilf thSt the au
thor of our bible, foreseeing thenative
tyranny of the human heart; and its
tendency to enslave - the poor and the
defenCeless, has - So multiplied, his
,Commands and instructions against
it,.:that our only difficulty is in select
ing, in order to;prosent, it in direct
conflict with slavery in thd South, in
defence of which our, "frinds :there
haye,d.dclaxed, and are'. now • waging
against us ft eruel predatory war. The .
bible teaches, that "thou shalt 'noith
'or vex a stan,ger not• ' OpPress him,"
131avyry cloys both pnder . the protection
of human and selfish law.. The. bible
- teachQS, that "thou shalt not delivdr
. linto his master '66 servant who is
cliped unto thee; ho shall dwell with
,oven.. amongst you."--Slavery
demands of us, laws by; which they
can punish us'with penalties and im
prisoppient for refusing to give up the
"13611 , fliai who'has escaped unto us"
God threatens that !the will feed :the
oppressor of the defenceless'? with his
own flesh, and that "he shall be drun
ken with his own blood."—The
boldei. bravei GMs lthr s daterfed juts
tices and-faithfulness. Gad. says in
OM' bible, ,‘I will.coMe:near to-you to,
judginent; and I will been ;swift
fidss l abinfit. you ;it" *"* 'arid ft";giiiiikt,ll
thoWth'at " 111 . 8 j
• ,
wages, the wkdow aptitlits fatherlese r
.Sia.yery fotees widowhood and orphan
age upon its subjects, by rnitigUeous
sepirrations;and by denying them the
,to,c4ainf their wages.—The bible
says ) "that for thp - opprossien - of the
poor :for tho• sighing of the needy,
now will I'ariso, 'slab the r l;iird,
will'sot him in safety,„fromjili t n th4t
p k uffeth at him."--'Slavery:,.defies the
authority ofJ l ,phovab, as if determined
to.thwart' the; benevolent"' designs of
God bY chastising the poor and do- 1
fenceless. -r•-The bible demailds: "Is Trot
'this the fast that
,I have chosen ? to
loose the.bCnds of wickedness and let
the oppressed go- froo, ' and that
break' every !yoke.'-' , Slavery" el ai ms
the right to rivet the 'botils Imori)
tightly, render the, yoke More gidling,
and give perpetuity to opproshion•
The" bible toliches us;:::th'at'f'he that
st,6lilool , am;an,,4rid plf6di'him, or„ . `if
'hO,he fiiipid in his bands, ho shall snik)-
ly be put to death." But slavery rests
upon tlio right to steal, , ohatteliz.e, and
trafficiin human ,IleSl3:indblbod, eon
trai:y: to his.„"ereillo4i `authoritY----
,Ohrist,teaphes• 41. An ref Pron CO, to mar
riago, "what. therof6i6 God has - johibd
ti - igother,•lOt4bt
tracts ,bY", suPar,ating `husband and
wife. Tho author of our religion ',en
joins it upon•liarentg to "Bring up
their children in•the'nukinro and ad
moriitien of the lord." ",:8ut". , th.6,; in
stitution.authoripos tilt) ! cruel• task
master to drag the weeping , babo Trom
the bosom of the frantic InOthcir, in or
der to a'porpetnal. (3 . cp4ratioq l , never
again to r draw_ from that bereaved
brADAtOAM) nlitfirni 3 llt oflife,r feel
the mother's tondnr;hand7ipieg away
the cold and,biammy . swat ;
_the' has
bingos of dent,h, nor feel her tenii'S 'fal
lirig'as dreps of dew upon., the brow,
bUrning with fever in the swamps of
Florida,'.l nor: (hear the — sweet no
'bents :•or thd.Sotigil',' of zion falling
'from a moth'er's' ,tp;}viiffits spirit
!pto'ibraham's besom ) by, .t,ho, , hand
of ministering angels,. at,,tbo 'close.: of
a life ofpain'and
:But time would fail to exhihit the
whole benignity. of tho , bible in , con
trast with that eruelinstitUtion, which
has brought foto the 'liattlefield• htin
diods of thiinsands Of Vother's,', ready
to drench the earth m46' each oth
,I"yeltad; concludecl , that
slavery was: municipal, and Jona', and
not:national ; but sineo our highedt ju
•dicatolry has; in filo DreeSCott case,
,assunted..toTvorrule the co-ordinate
bratiolles of our government ; and nit.
tionalizo slavery, contrary ...t.45 the
.opinion of the fathers arid , frathers'
our' , • g o
foi;th, dhigr to drink
blood or who, dare sustain Itho
right., The .nssassin's.'-blado is . seen
ilehmini in our council'cliambers,'olir
senate chareber
blood of these who dare', &fend_ iho
claims - of humanity oui4. treasury:As
iolilie in- , order- to • -find sustenance
for traitors; our arsenals • aro robbed
to fgrnisl robpls with:arm's and am
munition, our - forts,bave been taken
and war hal been declared against us;
and all this in defonco of that insti
tution, against which every • attribnte
ofJeliovah stands in feaiful array.
And shall we stand still, ; and,-. soe
our llag, the emblem of liberty; .tram=
pled in the dust, r enemy's ' hands
. nini n o4.inpur bretlibrs'
iop.}vith ; all glorious
..,.apPendages .
forever destroyed; , and.' our. - liberty
harteredTfor tYriumy ? Upon the con
trary,' wo owe it to our filende in the
South, inorder . T te sayo ~them from
their own madness and felly, we owe
it to ourselves,' as the' depoSitarios: of
that liberty which 18 the natural
birthright of,i3yery'hurnan: boingl.wp
owe it to posterity to Inind
them in ,purity, the privileges bequea
thed to us by oui worthy. ancestors,
hitt es'pe6ially we awe it to 'God,' the
benevolent author of Our beinmand of
everything dear to us... To in
his name; and by; his.autherity, send
• forth.artnies which.' will . • 11 sfonish.• the
world for their numbers; we Will.sus
taidthern at any expense. T . emnst
save the Union, and bequeath. te'fu
tire 'generations, those precioue rights
and:piqvileges, soured at tho' , oXponSo
of patriots" . blood; and ' - depoSited with
us for safe
..keeping; To . will not re
cede whilst all Europa is throbbing for
that liberty which-they have learned
is their right; and which our . poor"de
luded friends in the South, are now la
boring to bury in 'the sepulchre .of pa
triotism... i .
The Roses of Heaven.
Katie, sweet girl, was gently imss
ing away from earth when one of her
Sunday-sehoel_elassmates ealle,d to,See
her brdiging .the simple'bUt well-so-i
teetedOffering of a , white ,rose. The
dying girl looked at it thoughtfully,
toying with it in her thin fingers, and
remarked,'"This. rose is tho emblem'
ofimrity. Threugh t the blood of christ
.my,hoart has boon, eleansed,and made
like to:this rose., •: Thank you, Maggie
dear," said she to the giver, "fer'this
lovoly Howe: has given me 'new and
.snered thonglits. And when I roach
tho horao •of the !angels I will 'Weave
you a' wreath of the roses 'that bloom
in Paradis'o. And toll my teacher that
when I meet for in heaven I
,wjll sing
her a song , far sweeter. than that she
:joked inc tesing.for 'her whon
her htSt." . 'Ana -wheiithe day, daWned
Katies' cleansed ,spilitliaaseA
to the.heine.Of the aiigels. f , , Ana Idag
gio 1111 , C:been summoini to
johr her tit( het• head is • all' silvered
over with age, but her faith Ihils not
JULY 13; 1864.
itoE tl;i3
• There is tothing 'Moro eison
happiness than a contentelimind.- 4ovir
often do 'wd moot with
,persons , who
are 'not - contented 'with their lot in life
simply because they they, tiro 'not
riph enough ; they,toil ,
..thOir life
time in order to add ,dollar. to: dollar,'
and :acre - to acre, saying, whenlhey
get so,ratteh,inbtey; and so many acres
of they will be contented We`
are prone, bymittiro; to he ,crafty, and
tho more some persons t get ; .the: More
they want. We do not moan to say
that this' is, the case with every one,
• •
lukt we do, say,.it is So with mai:lT- 7 ,
On the other hand, NvO find ;that the
poor peasantis often happiof than the
rich Mail. • '• -"'
:There wore ono two `little % boys
whop W 0 , 1 4 101 call William, and Au
drew. William' was the son of a 'black
and Andrew's father Was a car
'penVei'. These i 4,6 boy-4'
ea"Ch othor, .and both attpeded
the same schOol ?they wore both:stn. ,
Aious,:and .gonorally stood aide 'by:side
at the' limid'Of their anat . :3. Years pairs
ed by and both had grown.luto'map
uood-;!Androw had chosen his father's
trado, and Was aecuniulating a-hand
some fortune by his-industry, an&ifv
ing contented : and happy amid', efeeial
enjoyment; while William, Who, ; had
'always boon of a discontented and ro
.ving mind, tried .inany different occu
pations, but never found iMYto 'suit
'his I wild, roving - , fanCY.; His 'faibor
died and left, all ho had to, , son,
:William ; after disposing of, his proper
ty, left his native land to travel. info-:
reign, coiiittribs . :
Th it - tow' Years h'o - i , etitihiod to liis
nativotown, baying spont all his Mon
ey, 'go now,began to seo his folly,
and much, indeed, did ".hegrievo)irror
the *paSt; ,lifit if, Was nOw tdofatoi affil
co,Uld notrecall the 'years, that ho
d *.asto4 in
too lato to improve the proseat, hoi
Went from bad - to; ,'Werse; arid died, a'
drunkard, a:na. a.''diunlcard'e ,detith'^•
Ablo -Pasoyia.so9 tho,eftfiets:
gat' a:disconterttoti mind:'-may • hayo :
upon " a"Pchisoii 'Who 'doe's not' try te
overcome it. Ilero Ave soo two per- .
'sons 4130 "'had both :the saine bright,
prospects of life in 'their 1)03-heed days.
The ono plied steadily away at, ono
thing, while the other, wasted his time
doing nothing. With •truo content
ment thoro must bo religion. It will
then both insure happiness in this
world . and also in that which is to
come.• • ,
Sunday-schools havo served as' the
intolloctual' elovators of thpUsands,
nay, we might doubtless Say hundreds
of thousands, This.was the. case du
ring the earlier portions- of thoir histo
ry much Moro than at tho present, day.
We hoard a well known doctor of di
ty thopther day telling of tho ,firat
introduction of Sunday-schools. in
some portions bf the 'West. They im-
Modiately bcicomo the COD toi-:of attrae
tiohnet for children only, but fOr
ny adults who had ..,never learned to
read. Ono of thoso, a man of forty,
did not know the alphabet. Whon his
teacher named the first letter, he ox
, • •
claimed with, somosurprise, ‘,.‘l . declare,
.is that.A:7 Well, I have often heard
of it. but I never saw it Word' , 'ln
spite 'of ho ' unpropitious a' commence-
MontAhis man became at last an ac-
Ceptabh3,Sunday-school.teacher and a
prominent Church member.. ...• .
kgrb 'etersburg is, a city of some
eighteen thousand inhabitants, located
on tho,Appomatox, twelyo'rniles above
its entrance into . the Jaines river, and
twenty-throo Miles south by :cast;, of.
Itichmend. It is , ono of , the handsom
est and most commercial places in Vir
' ginia, and; before thd war,-exported
largely tobaccd and flour.' 'The river
front City POipt is navigable for, yeti
solo of , ono ,hundred,,tonS, so thut, sup
plies shipped from' Washington can be
forwarded direct to : the place.
H. C. B
, pa— Fanny_ Fern, says, speaking, of
cotton:. "The ladics, as we: alt knoW,
owe sornething'of their angelic sYm
metry to' the pure and delicate south
ern staple. Of all the earth `it ie near
est to their hearts.". , •
If Your fips , would keeP from
five things obsorvo with care—
of whom' you speak, to whom you
speak, and how, and when, and whero
LtCr"The man who raised a cabbage
head bae done 'More good than il,the
Metaphysies in the world;" stud '
stamp . orator at a meeting. "Then."
.replied 'a•wag, "your, mother ought
to have'the preiniem."
ref-A:Spanish ..provorl) says; "A lit,-.
ti iti tbo inorning: is onougl?, enough
but 111,1,10'6i too,
bubh."' ' • ''." ' '
::c„'fS i:, , ~,~
TERMS, $1,50 It year iii-advalabil:
Heard of It,
r:J ,_~..,.,..,.
1 iEDITOR.c.
Te.szts chitdivit 'taronie
ullto'irie 'and 'bf such
IS the * :Kiii:gdonl'Of Heavii:/
What Chancellor Frelifighttygen
thought; of Sunday-Schoble:
".IVo long regarded the .Sinictay
school among, the ' &St. - efficient
moans under the - divirie rblesiiner of
advancing the
and is, intimately connected with true
"ialTays rejoiep in the occasioil
that enables_
me to ;raise my Voice, in
behalf Of the Sunday-sehool: • Iregard
its'the - bordgnant 'onter
pi4drof idodeA ' heiforieVoienCe:
the foupdation of 'geed. Xn all its 'as-
Pods, fuMpf promiso. •
"Some ef rily'Mast - favored hours
beeft in ',the' "Sundtty-Sobool, and
that'da •'t ( large
my player isWOl4
ifs inflkeado,. arid 'extend ifs ,relations
`untiietOrY'iribe and kindred Shall be
SaVed. - • • -
.... ;. • -r-the
''',l'l• i;-5,- , tepng_ , .
found. solio(ite, .
.. , , to iriteg
., i,stiroay;
pf .lifie and privl
ation Pi.;
~.;• 040. ~ 8
a Tiiioi,ligene.
,11. , 7.
ht a 'and lib0:P?, ,
ritjr an , • ii,osen:r r,ig
..08oi.vhtio , ,
I.ii,ntoe• f 0.,..
ir this
P-Ind thO:G6it g l, -i• - • 't• , 'dna a•
dOivdf sbei g 37 -.- . ittinn
th•-,0 a1iaa1,a,,1).,.,,
view .-43.,
ci.h-ttad patrint
• f the statas'n - , .-,•,-
a go o
~, .. •
The ~L ittle Girly and tha DEpal-
• ,‘ . 9no,..Sunday morping,„, as ,Inoob
Frooth r was drawing a toad of' charcoal
be ii k. o 9 her ; „to'
Sabblith-school reading lberßii)le.
"What book are you reading this
rnOr'nin4, *My JAc(3)2.
• • )13
in a good naturedway.
"God's book," replied tlio &Ili) girl,
mo hoa4i yOu read," said
y. Jilcpb,
stop ing his , donke . •
fih 1
; t , l S ' Ig l Y) l 1) ?gt
gneb "yuora 1,110 nook :mali.oppn,!,y`e,
irimnbor kin?' 541;174.h..d0k
.to ltogp nit
holy,' Six cTaYs,shalt. thouk labor an
'do iiii‘tifiy - WOri. ,, "'
- - 'l , lidie; - that -- iii - Corovgb," said Jacob:
stopping her; {" and ,now tell the _Oat
it Means."
"It rneafiS - 11 M littlo cbild
"that yoij mug n:ot'araw ebarepal on ri
Sunday . , nor let ynnrdonkey draw it,"
"Does it?" says Jae6b,, musing a
littlo "I toil yob}: what, tbori, i will
think. over What - you have bald."
Thus sporikingjitedb'yreett "'wont
on tboifghtfully with hia IlenkoY ono
waY, and tbe'littie
the Othor:'
On'tho felios,vir.g , Sunday`no one saw
J'apob's tiOnkey,go . to .the woods,'and
for this good' reastin, - that Jacob i
not go thor(;,
,if ho
not . go thor6, lie Wont' sorneWheroSO;
and very likely yon' ben :iness•whero.
Ho went to tho Sunday school, taking
liie 1)00i' girls ivitli to '`ask Maio
for thoni to attend'the'SOhobf, '
It was known thiit Jriooli 'had &ill
tititbbooh a Sabt;athfbioaker, and
it iVal3 IttlTed, in tho''-first Rlace, tliht
cinti of the teacheiti' 'should ' dill upon
On the morrow the teacher went to
the cottage of Jacob Es%er.'y-,
thing went on woll; rind the teadlior
soon counil thaVit'wris Jadob'sinteri..
tior no - longerwork ''thd Woods
on u 'SUnday." . ' Arid 'now :What has
come of it all? Jacob'' Fieoth is'nOW'n
Sabbritli-kcelibr i humbly' attending
God's hotisej and his children, ire:nand
clean in their dress, trio' about 'two of
tho'best-behaved scholar's' in' the' Sttir
I Cannot do Wrong. Father.
, Thoro wasa . littlo• boy.who.had hid
the word of•Ood in his heart as ho bad in the Sunday-uchool. , On
boing asked, by his father to do wrong
ho, refused, giying as ; his ; reason that
his Sunday-schoolteacber,•and tho lii
blc, forbad!) ;it. ; pis .faqlor .in • angpr
Acid him that his only, ehoicewas
do : as he had hidden , bira or,leave his
, Tho: little &flow had •but two
days in which to , deoide At the end
of that time ho made up his mind to
leave home, and presented hin3self be
fore his father, bundloin hand.
"I cannot do-wrorig r father, and dis
obey my., Saviour,"-:wore . Tordmfs
words as ho was about to bid ,his par=.
outs good-by.• The father's heart was
' touched, and ho remarked
If that is the effect ofreligion on so
young a heart I s Want hive it tip,
spealcor who told anecdote
said that six, months ' ago ho sa
that father, 'With the raOther and the
little boy, all seated at the, 'eatnniae
ion table, cOminenioratiuglfie dying
lokre Thus_vitiS the whele
towed' j3treani of life, by
a little Sunday-sehool
1 24.1-1 M _O-16013.M
r" Krrrtzg_ iTIAU
- Ttite.traoet epinfoleto of.iitiy ttiKciiitti.m.i."
aeons the ineatopliplo fegdalforairefo, PUY-Madding
"the bist'etyle, every variety of Job Priallog, aro%
TAP, Vq.
" PllitiCrilaida:: - •
• PdetEßSt;
I -. )30:14 - - - tiCKE l it,
7 4 48,,Y.ti540., &0.,
, II jr. , flr A. l.ll I ') I
Startling OD. essictiL
buslness , lll: li
pp,.N.ltthAp*Aitreet was cakdfo.:kr IWork.„.pn
rnettriiik_lik tieigt
the melanehOli. ( ielelligenco that Ms
wife,,Barhars,, bad :taker, ~ mosonic for
the,-i',l4*Prthou K e c 6 4 l2, 4t;ilo4 4 Sioidfii
110 hasteriefaiioA4dElti,...aniuou"n"d
her more in• agorrylohnindsthan body.
She declared that there was something
on hor Mind vhibh 'TirieVeir to Con=
fekt - dePaAr r i r re;'ivith
the hopes. bf obtOining . higlbyqiVeness.
`Mr:-Paine, *HI dosir
.cd her to go - ion-with heir disclosures,
1 adding that - she l might - f
of his forgixoposs .befoliq' 444.24tit10
• ••_.
( Ah 4ordccai,', s4itl, Von re-
member our large _
-white pitebor, With'
broken some Mmoadp,i,l,prAtqqd,ed to
`. fi r ia" ll. k
.4014 In Aar, oak r. , 'do
not concern yourself ;siech""il+tri
11 ,
fggot.t.el?4 l ll 4 .tr lli fist
,w, 13
I T6M, ll3 lfknilllttirigktOYlAEMß , Ors:
P: sThe Layer
opeons ; .Alctich,made t believe
, wore stolen tiY•thoillapkeeetoditratut
dbr;•lipaWliOd' ‘pay
nor for doing lip My pink' sta
,fidtri.if ,
7PiltPOd : , / SvV ra
P g T t d ll i .
ereouraginity v ,:i flopo
.;71 11 , 1 ;,,..f9Tg l iYPIY°A , N*,fr° ? _IY M 3 4:49'41 ,,
ca!ter sbor Pause, Mrs be:pv/1'
again..:./‘ f
r Oill` best; VOlSFivbie,ii
• !,V/; , i; f.)111 :31t,
WA Mummer, aid made so, rnucli
r•-• , • • rt.• v•-• . •,. f. , J .
1/P) al? 9 1 4) 41.7APP9.4 AWAY, OA peat
loN,lfnr. a, tortoise sholripointi', a aid
ruho: deuce
VaiiierBe6lieet;ihiWi t kelf,
;1409R,,-10AC644't9'.1- ( it lil4l7l-f'
14-' 1, 9 1 . , 5439 PIPT/0191 it:file:7,
could not leavo thiS world with'
such v,•thingi: on triydoolliciiiiiee- re
oil w a r a'"44.J"inta: , - / v j
+7.1, ?..-
N ( 21 11 4 i.Q17, 1 -V 3 4Puda4r-rthinginneb*
itiaine n ~!I;.tie.o•l
' , lfni: Tartlet YOsiiinlid
fi r ,tWi'i. l ,l6Ps"
ran ll l 3 ' a bill uf,sig ;l vyeq s ;
itpd tlien:rnniair in a
pig alcent•? . l ,.ti g re'd(llo
t'o'giSthol 4 ;'
Ain& a' tho h .ninirifini !#=o _ran, away
*ii ll6l :it‘thi'Y 17, 3, rfo
.'Fire and fury-I do you' da,ra,follimo
.this 7'- cried _Mordecai:in' great?
'ButatiTou'i.4(i dying; t
reproach' yon: `foiT,
bettlo the affair 'with yoer
••:1 .": 1 1 5'.1"1,17,
'Stay' Mid'-hear one; thing MbidAtire'
Op* g9fi:gc;
,vut hvrry to gQt the Abiiig,ddhe
gave_Tou‘tbdiwrong . Outy‘itnk , totik
the right one myself''' . "„L'ca
'The ' devil fly way. withyou,' you
j 1 49)1 rOar 6 434 l * (l 99,ftbofi' ll 4 3 •ftitiie
himself out of the room.:
try, ho , morthO apothocari, , whcVlbad
sold .Idrsi'-P2 the: -fitfal
~ IV
;medical man had liekttl of thci;p,otiitno ,
tion at P's bouse,..and,puSpeethjg-_,the
cause, of: it, ho oamo to adniinistorlbpd
and cotniottaii th 9 afilictecVf'
b 6,
ho, 'the'drug I 1 5 3014:10
nothing but magnesia. I judged that;
she wished, to destroy-horselfi and' do'
tricked 'liar fn thii, 'whY. to
deirlife! • ' "sr' .1-
• • iYCitt' swindlindraseid,' sliolfted ; the'
nhkrtl'aitte, ,
dive' yoUditcsa'‘"it
And Obtftin Onlidseisigeeie
`sea 7:-;;Bekbriely ' • " '
And With l thiWexcitiniatiiM be ifriciL
gently ejected tlielestoidstied t
Cary' froin his front door:
of Oysie, Bnspeothig . of' dOiiffjo'
poor Atordebai jwitYr 'BOY t an'ged 's@
'two officers to provide foY hia safe fee-
pi fig. *l - 116 ioltitio'n Cif
dialogre4'howeVer, 114
. ;
A.DyiOE Bors.i-llou triadiitte
r- • .
be kind, generous and ratignanimtias
If there is a boy in 1 e *hi9
has a alit - . fOof,' Ist"' trni 616*
that yon over saw it.
boy 'with - ragged' s nlothei
abbiit; raga in' is libarnig.' 'ltthere Is
a' lathe boy,. assign - -.him
th - o' garhe which diiba nnt . reqiiiin
If thinto`ih`n ; 'hungiy; 'one We
hint part nf your dinnbr: there . %
'a dull ono, help him to` - goy hislOVikitf.
`if there is a brightrohe,.be'neit envitnis
*of htm, for ifono..bor•is proitlLAtr WEI
talents, -and 41)Q0Pr i :
. i113•;43pvi0310,:,0
them,-there are -two great . wrongs and
no more taliintthari" befifirS:' If arlarg
n-Or strongiirr :fed,
iind , is-gorry , fdr it;=fotgivel hi tn tun dlie
,queSt the -tetieberl•not-..t0; bins.
tAll (4. 0,ooligillil4l39w,Y.WPSY,PclW
tenauPee 4-toDyginlinh bot4r it is fligp
to 'aye ( a groat fist:=-11baSct