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Huntingdon, Wednesday, Feb. 20, 1861
AM-Every Subscriber to The Globe Is
requested to act as Agent to extend its
circulation and usefulness. - f 3
We ore anxious to publish a first class nen apaper, and
with the aasiatanco of our subscribes a no know a e can
be put in po.ssession of the means to do so. We want
every subscriber to interest himself, not only in procuring
for us additional patronage, but also in pelting us in pos
session of all the local none of the county of interest to the
general reader. A little effort on the part of all onr patrons
would bens much to their advantage as to ours, as st ills
Increased patronage no would be enabled to git e a better
paper. We cannot affordsto put Trte Gloria at less than
$1.50 a year, and to enable us to deal honestly vt ills all
men we must demand the subscription yearly or half
yearly in whence. Sarbaeriptions can be sent to us
through the mail at our risk, the Postmasters witnessing
the same. We earnestly and most respectfully ask our
friends to make an effort to increase our patronage.
Connected with Tile Oxon; we have a .lob Mee fur.
Dished with a more extensive assortment of 1110 latest style
of types :aid materiels than can bo found in any other
county town in the State. Our work compares favorably
with any done in the cities. We have four in ewes, which
enables us to put out all kinds of job well: with dispatch
and at reasonable pliers.
[Advertised in 'TnE GLOBE," or for which bills Lave beep
Steal Estate
Oa Thursday, March 14th, on the premises, a tract of
land iu Tell township, estate of Geo. Wilson, 11t41.. deed.
On Thurs.lay, March 14th, on the premises, n lot of
ground in gnuly tot, tishig, (state of Arthur Adanteon,
On Saturday, March two Tots of ground in Carbon
towndlip, to bo bohl ut Alit iff'c Onto.
Homes for the Industrious, in Illinois, nt private sale
Personal Property.
On Friday, the 22d day of February at the residence of
Jacob Iletrick, in Ilen,:erson tootnttip. colts, malt coos,
tams antic. wagons ; slid farming utensil,.
011 Fl iday, March let, at the residence of Henry Ste.
in Marklesburg. louses, coos, &pseud+, and loom:hold
and kitchen furnittne.
On Priday the let of March. nt the t eeitionce of David
Pdtgittnl, in Barrett towndlip. horses, ntilch cows, }ming
cattle, hogs, and fuming utetodis.
On Wednesday, the 6th day of March, at thi, re,-ideace
of Ihtrid Enyeart in Walker tontrdlip, horatm, mild
cows, sheep, logo, and n aarit•ty of agricultural imple
On Tuesday; 12th of March. on the in etaiseg of Jackion
Enyeart, in Hopei% ell tommltip, horace, cot e and 3 oung
DRIED PEAcnrs.—Last week we re
ceived a peck of nicely dried peaches
from Mr. Alex. Cunningham. We un
derstand Mr. C. has a few bushel of
the same kind still on hand for sale.—
As it will be a long time before new
fruit is brought to market, a good sup
ply of the dried would be an accepta
ble substitute. Mr. C. has our thanks.
Thursday evening next, the scholars
connected with the N. E. Sabbath
School will give an Exhibition in the
Church. The exercises will consist of
dialogues, declamations, etc. The pro
ceeds to be applied to payment of bal
ance due on the bell. The entertain
ment will be
_interesting, and well
worth the price of admission—for
adults, 15 cents; for children, 10 cents.
Of course the 'Ammo Will be crowded.
County Conamittoe Mooting
At a m:2,eting on the 14th inst., of the
Democratic County Committee of Hun
tingdon county, called by the Chair
man, for the purpose of sending Dole
mates to the State Convention to be
held in Harrisburg on the 21st inst.
On motion the following gentlemen
were placed in nomination ; and elected;
John Scott, of Huntingdon, Senato
rial. George Tack.:3on, of .Tackson twp.;
John H. Lightner, of Shirleysburg;
H. B. Petrekin, of Huntingdon ; John
Dougherty, of Mount ,Union, Repre
R. B. Petrekiu and Sohn Dougherty
being a tie, the Convention declared
both elected. The meeting adjourned.
F. 8., WALLAcv, Pres'6.
tingdon County Teachers' Institute
will meet at Mount Union, on the :22d
inst., to continue in session two days.
FRIDAY- Forenoon-Ist. Discussion
on Orthography. 2d. Best Method of
teaching Reading: Opened by Gco.
W. Whittaker, Esq.
Afternoon—From 1 to 8 o'clock - -
Best method of teaching English Gram
mar, to be opened by Prof. J. B. Kid
der. From 3to 5 o'clock—suhjeet of
Descriptive Geography, to be opened
by Newton Madden.
Eeening—Discussion on General Ed
ucation, to be "opened by Ephraim
SATURDAY—FrOM 0 to 11 O'clock,
A. M., to be devoted to discussion on
the subject of Physical Geography,
opened by Albert Owen. From 11 to
12 o'clock, and afternoon, will be devo
ted to the subject of Arithmetic.
Prof. E. Brooks, of the State Normal
School, at Millersville, Lancaster co.,
author of 'Brooks' Mental Arithmetic,'
has consented to attend and deliver a
lecture during the session. Other em
inent educationists are expected to be
full attendance of teachers and
friends of education throughout the
county, is earnestly solicited.
By order of the board of Managers.
11. M. M'KurnEs,
ENVELOPES- , " red, white and
... hlue"—
for sale at Lewig' Book Store.
rer• We take pleasure in calling attention
to the advertisement of R
of Art. The. ta3timonials are of the first
fen' A new stock of reward books and
cards for Sunday Schools, just received and
fur sale at Lewis' Book, Stationery and Music
tar A fine assortment of Wallets, Port
monales, Pocket Books and Purses, for ladies
and gentlemen, for Bale at Lewis' Book
THE MORSE AND His DlsEAsks—a new and
valuable book just received and for sale at
Lewis' Book Store,
The Peace Congress,
The following resolutions offered by
lion. James Guthrie, of Kentucky,
chairman of the Committee appointed
by the Congress, were agreed upon by
the Committee at midnight on Wed
nesday last. It isThaid they will pass
the Peace Congress by a decided ma
ARTICLE 1. That all Territory of the
United States shall be divided by a line
from east to west, on the parallel of
3G degrees 30 minutes north latitude;
and all territory north of that line, in
voluntary servitude, except in punish
ment of crime, is prohibited whilst it
shall belong to the United States, or
be under a Territorial Government;
and in all territory south of said line
involuntary servitude is recognized as
it exists in the Southern States of the
Union, whilst such territory shall be
long to the United States, or be under
a Territorial Government; and neither
Congress nor the Territorial Govern- 1 1
ment shall have power to hinder or
prevent emigrants to said territory
from taking with them persons held
to labor or involuntary service, accor
ding to the laws and usages of the
State froul which such persons may be
taken, nor to impair the right arising
out of said relations, and be subject to
judicial cognizance ; the United Stags
courts of such territory shall have
jurisdiction thereof, and those rights
shall be protected by the courts and
all the departments of the Territorial
Government, under or According to
the laws of the State from which the
person bound to such service may have
been taken; and when any territory
north or south of said line, within such
Loundary as Congress may prescribe,
shall contain a population required for
a member of Congress, according to
the then Federal ratio of representa
tion of the people of the United States,
it may, if its form of Government be
republican, he admitted into the Union
on an equal fboting with the original
States, with or without involuntary
servitude or labor, as the Constitution
of such new State may provide.
ART. 2. That no territory shall here
after be acquired by the United States
with out the concurrence of a majority
of the Senators of the States north of'
Mason and Dixon's line, and also a
majority of the Senators south of said
line ; but no treaty by which territory
shall be acquired shall be ratified with
out the two-thirds' vote of the Sena
tors, as required by the Constitution.
ART. 3. That the Constitution, and
no amendment thereof, shall be con
strued to give Congress power to reg
ulate, abolish, or control, within any
State or Territory of the United States,
the relation established or recognized
by the laws thereof touching persons
bound to labor or involuntary service
therein, nor to interfbre with or abol
ish involuntary service in the District
of Columbia without the consent of
Maryland and Virginia and the own
ers, or without making the owners who
do not consent, previously, full compen
sation; nor the power to interfbre with
or abolish involuntary service in places
under the exclusive jurisdiction of the
U. States within those States and Terri
tories where the same is established or
recognized ; nor the power to prohibit
the removal or transportation of per
sons held to labor or involuntary ser
vice in any State or Territory of the
United States, to any 'other State or
Territory- thereof, where it is estab
lished or recognized ; nor to authorize
a specific tax or any higher rate of
taxes on persons bound to labor, than
on land in proportion to value ; nor to
authorize any of the African race or
their descendants to become citizens,
or to exercise the right of suffrage in
the choice of Federal officers.
.1‘ u•r. 4. That hereafter the paragraph
of the fourth article of the Constitution
shall not be construed to prevent any
of the States, by appropriate legisla
tion, and through the action of their
judicial and ministerial officers, from
enforcing the delivery of fugitives ftom
labor front any other State or Territo
ry of the United States to the person
to whom such service or labor is due.
ART. 5. The emigration or importa
tion of the African race into any State
or any Territory of the United States,
whether fbr residence or involuntary
service, is forever prohibited, awl Con
gress shall have the power by appro
priate legislation to enforce the provi
sions of this article.
ART. 6. That the first, second, third,
and fifth articles of these amendments,
and the third paragraph of the second
section of the first article of the Con
stitution, and the third paragraph of
the fourth article thereof, shall not be
amended or abolished with out the con
sent of all the States.
Another Appeal from Kansas
A•rcuisos, 1 as. Feb. 14.—A messen
ger from hunter county reports that.l
the winter in the south-western part
of Kansas has been the most severe
that has yet been experienced. The
snow is eighteen inches deep, and the
cold is intense. The stock is dying
with fearful rapidity. and most of the
inhabitants are reduced to a subsistane
on buffalo meat.
Not a team. has been able to go
through the snow. lie walked twenty
siti before finding the track, and
seventy miles before reaching the
stage at Emporia. The mail on the
route had not been carried for three
weeks. Horses and cattle are dying
along the route, and many goods have
been abandoned in the middle of the
prairies, the teams.having died or giv
en out, and the drivers, with frozen
limbs, halting to seek the nearest set
tlement for refuge. One of these dri
vers had lost both his legs, and anoth
er both hands.
The Osage Indians had attacked a
hunting party, killing two, whom they
burned, and beheading another.
The messenger makes the most ur
gent appeals for aid,which will be sent
Urgent appeals for food come from
the north-western settlements. Aid
has been sent.
Psrln April, 1859, George Fairfield
and Elizabeth Robinson were joined in
wedlock by Alderman C. W. Lewis,
of Elizabeth, Allegheny county, Pa.,
and have since lived together as man
and wife. Abraham Robinson, father
of the lady, recently sued the alder
man for marrying a minor, .she being
at that time "just mineteen years old."
The jury found a verdict for the plain
tiff in the full amount of the penalty - ,
which is -fifty pounds, Pennsylvania
currency, $13:3 83,-
The Southern Confederacy
The Columbia (S. C.) Guardian is
jubilant over the election of Davis and
Stephens as Provisional Magistrates of
the Cotton Republic. It says :
"The gentlemen composing this Pro
visional Congress have discharged their
high trust in a manner that must com
mand a hearty well done' from their
respective constituencies. The very
unanimity and harmony that have
characterized their whole proceedings
cannot fhil to carry with them a vast
moral influence. history records no
thing equal to it, and the CONFEDER
their positions among the nations of
the earth with a prestige and influence
that will command respect from every
Government whose recognition. may
be desirable."
The Washington Star takes another
view of the election of these gentle
men, and thus reasons:
" The election of Jefferson Davis to
be President and A.ll. Stephens to be
Vice President of the 'Southern Con
federacy,' and its adoption of the Con
stitution of the United States, even
with the amendments, is a blow to the
schemes of the South Carolina party
among the revolutionists, scarcely less
griping than the results of the Virginia
and Tennessee elections.
Davis and Stephens are notoriously
in favor of bringing the seceded States
back into the Union on the first decent
pretext., while the South Carolina oli
garchy aro bitterly opposed to any
such policy. The latter hate the Con
stitution of the United States, too,
with unparalleled fbroeity and con
tended that its adoption and the elec
tion of Davis and Stephens would
speedily lead to the return of the rest
of the seceded States to their allegiance
to the United States, leaving South
Carolina oat in the cold.'
We hail the action of their Con
gress, in the matter referred to above,
as embracing proof positive that so
soon as a settlement may be made
that will keep the hearts of the people
of the border slave-holding States true
to the Union, there will be much very
fitst travelling among the leaders of
the secession movement everywhere
out of South Carolina, to get over
upon the popular—reunion—side of
the fence."
—lt is a singular fact that Indiana has
had fine• Governors since the Ist of
October. Governor Willard died on
the 3d of that month, when Lieutenant
Governor Hammond became Govern
or. lie served till January 14, when
Governor Lane was inaugurated.—
Governor Lane served two days, when
he was elected to the United States
Senate. and was superseded by Lieu
tenant Governor Morton.
On tbe 14th (Int , by Rev. S. 11. Reid. ML. SOLOMON OS
WALT to Miss M. 31.inmms.rAn. nil tiftbi.4 ranee.
By the lin. 6. Vanartslen. on Tueßilny evening Feb.
lath, A. D,•acw hour to
daughter of the late Gee. IVilson, Log , all near Shade GM,
Qua coaut:..
- .
On the 11th in Mai Meshing. by the Bev. d. K
Bricker. Mr. CiAnti. of Ken hung% and Albs 31 ten t
ra.r Cnun, if Illinws r.dlcy, this county.
On lho lat. init., by tln , leer. S. L. 31. - Cower, at Coal
moat. 3lr. Joim u. t aluu A,.aut..A. Melt
it Wolei England.
At Warq.m. Mo., on his Mb inst., of Consumption. Jos.
L. M kI , SON, M. D., aged 46 yeats, 1 month, and ten days.
Huntingdon and Blair county papers please copy.
At Shade Gap on the 13th inst., Mrs. 11 senri„ wife of
Geo. Sip's I:sq.. in the 33 3001 of hoc age, A Mother in
Ist ael so hose end n as peace.
In Tod trA, nship on the ith fuoL, 3 - o.3l:Pti D., son of Joe.
11.0nd Rebecca Wilson, aged d Sears and 31
3loso AA., Feb. 19.
Fancy anti Extra Fatally 'F10ur1,•1,75Ei.6.21
Common owl .`,sllpet line 4i,13(a.5,31
11)e llour Sl,fl'/L!.
Cron Meal zr , S*l
Ea ha 1% Idle Wheat $1,30@1,40
Fair 4111 , 1 Pranao Real ::1,..25e.1.27
Rye 710
Coin, va low Yellow 59©e5
Oats 't Ski
Clormecal,ll 111 lbs 51.75C41,21
Timothy •,.., :25©1,50
White Wheat
Red Wheat $l,OO
Corn 50
Onto 0 5
Clorox ~eed 4 00
Flameed 1,00
Dried Apples 1 50
Rutter 16
I V.: ,
L tt I.
- 11 - ) ÜBL IC SALE.-
JIL The subscriber will sell at Public Sale, at his resi
dence, in Walker ton nem). Iluntingdun county, on
My 7 nesday, March the Gth, 1861, at 10 o'clock, A.. 1!,
,t the following property to sl it:—
ititer 6 head of horneq, (4 are la owl toares,)
Y, cults. 10 head of mulch COWS and
3 nuns ,rttle, 0 head of hogs. 1 sow and Ogg,
1 new threshing machine, 1 turning mill. 1 rolling moon,
1 wagon, 1 low tt Ink wagon. 1 pair of hay ladders, one
Parr wood ladders. two plows, two lint rou s. two durilde
chord plows, Dile single shovel plow, one !torso rake, two
pair of doable trots, ewe pair of 'Treader 9, two log chains.
bcythe , (, pain cradles, hind gears, front grain, four fly
nets. 0110 badde, ono new wagon saddle, 44 actor of grain
in the ground, two barrels of cider rinegn. and !MISC.
hold and kildren fm nitere ten numerous to emotion,
Al., one black Chester Lion Stallion four )curs
who had eight mare" last sin ma, six of them \\ ith Coal.
TEIt3IS:—A reasonable m edit till be gi, en, by giving
notes m ith aroma ed security.
Feb. 20, 1561. DAVID I:NYE:WT.
Tho sul,ewilrr 1,111 sell nt PO,lie Sale, on the wilt
fles. in I:atree ton aciap. on FRIDAY, the llt , t toy of
Mulch next, nt too o'clock, A. M, The following
Tno,maro, vs 1111 fuel. one )coiling colt, six Intel) cows,
ten hood of 3 oung cattle fifteen head of Miceli, four bog:,
two Ewt-; nt horse genvA, one 1100 horse Ungon nml Lrd, two
plop=, one hat ron, (nine cultivator, one finning mill. one
giinditone. one grain mune. one cutting box. one ballet
chin n ' one ten plate E.tose and pipe, bav folks 0011 rakes.
and other articles too ninn,rotl to mention. A credit of
six months and a year n ill nu given.
DIVID 1?11101.1.TA.L.
Cornprobst's 3101 s, Feb. 20, 1901.-1 t."
be received by the suksca tier mining and
l: lin big iota cats the coal from the l'o‘relten and liar.
net Colter ies, for one car, ending first, 1202.
The coal to be del ivetul at so much per ton, of 2210 lbs..
as atm esaid, In the best marketable c °minion, free front
slate, and other in such quantities and of rash
des. intim) no may 1,12 designated by the orders of the
The contractor will be provided with such mining tools
Mid implements, mutes, houses, .(c., no may be on the
n salvation of n blob 1111 bo made at the time
1,041.4i011 is given. the amount of nide], valuation to be
accounted ford the expit kits!) of the contract.
A good store u ill be provided. A moderate tent will be
charg.i for nooses
'tire mines to be worked suldret to such milling engineer
no the lessee may pros hie, For fin ther info, :nation apply
to ROM. 1144111 POWEI.L, •
Nu. 104 Walnut Ftreet,
Feb. 20, 1001.—tf. Philadelphia, to.
Ac C!,y,ge Rim Station, (122,1 (V(2l-01222).9(
SIMON CORN & CJ., have just received nom the Cast
el a Cams, a Iln ye stock of
Dry Goode. (it °creme,
Qthensasys. Hardware,
ClotigGig, Beano to,
11010, Op, Bets,Shoe;
and all other articles Inept in country Moles, millet, they
e ono ing at their Mammoth Stores, at Coffee Rim Sta
tion and Neo burg. at unnsually low mices. Tho ladies
especially, are Invited to call aunt examine their Fancy
It, mg arrangements with large firms in PI tiladelphia
and other °foam n cities, they ale able to buy their goods
cheaper than other country merchants, and can conse
quently. andel sell them I In eXeilall7,l3 for goods, they
take ill kinds of countly produce at the highest cash pri
ces. By sin ict attention to the wants of costumers, they
hope to receive a continuation of the liberal patronage
en tit „610 k they have been heretofore Coated.
Mr. Colin Is Agent of the Bread Top It. R. Co., at Coffee
Ron Motion, MIA 11111,11 MM to Idols nil kinds of Grain to
the ilastesu nr,u hots. Having' a largo Wince Room, fat
niers can 6[ololllth him until leanly to ship. I:rely con.
NOlielleo will be afforded them.
‘ ll5 virtue of an Min , ' order of the Orphans' Court of lion
t ingdan county, will be sold at Public Salo, on the prem
ises, it, Tell township, on
Thursday, March the 1415, 1561,
the following certain Mcssuages and Tracts of Land, to
A certain Tract of Land situate in the said
too nship of Tell, bounded by lands of William Whiney,
Jonathan Briggs, and public madras°, by mountain lands
at said Dem ge Wilson, Deed., Mrs. Logue, and lauds of S.
11,kedm 0, part of e Lich is cleated and under fence,
having thereon erected a log house—containing about GO
Acres mole or lee. This in oporty mould make an excel
lent stand for n blacksmith shop.
ALSO--A Trttct of Mountain Land, con
taining 100 Acres, more or less, bounded by lands of Jon
athan Briega , Jatoos Jones' heirs, Ttssmom Mutt oftith&o.
f; It NIS or SA Llt.—One-holf of the purchamt 111011 Cy to
be paid so confirmation of sale, and the ',lane in one
peat that caller, to be secured by the bond and mortgage
of the put chaser.
. .
11. R. SHEARER, Exe.cutor.
Feb.l3, 1801 —3t.
lip ,rtue of an °Wer of the Orphans' Court of Hun
tingdon county, be sold at Public Sale, on the
premises, iu Blady too ullap, on
Thursday March Mc 14L/, 1861, at lave o'clock, A.
All that certain tract and lot of ground,
wires in said ton unity of Bratty, adjoining land, of 'Mat -
tin Fleming on the south. Mufti of John McCarthy's bits
on the lee tin and nest. and lan to ofJonathan Metz on the
east, containing 8 acres and urine perches, baring thereon
a home and hal a and other building,
TERMS OF S 11,11.—Onehalf of the purchase money to
be paid 011 confirmation of solo. and the re.idue In one
j ear with interest, to be Rent ed by the bond aryl mot tgage
of the pitch:l,er. JAMES G. CORBIN,
Fob. 13, 1001.-3 t. Tin-tee.
HERIFF'S SALES.—By virtue of
sundry wilts of Lee. Fa. and Ti. Fa. to me directed, I
CXIIO,U to public sale, or outcry. at rho Court House,
on Saturday the Id day of Mot eh, 1001, at 2 o'clock, I'.
the follon tag described pi opet ty, to wit:
A❑ that lot of ground, situate in Broad
Top City, in Calln) too i.hip, (I do Tod tp.,) in said coun
ty, being No. IS3 in the genet al plan of said ton n, with
all that NI 14111 plank house one and a half storieq high
thereon erected, said lot fronting 30 feet on litoad street.
Seized nod taken in execution and to besold as the proper
t of Moses Il..iltilan.
ALSO—AII that corten lot of ground in the
town or Barnet in Carbon township, flouting 50 feet on
Hamilton street. and extending in depth 140 toot to llem
lock Alley, and being lot No. 10 in the pl..] of said town,
having thereon elected a frame home 10 by 40 toot. ocen.
',Wan a tat el 0; and other buildings. Also, All that cer
tain other lot of ground situate in the town of Brunet, in
Carbon township, ti outing 50 foot on Hamilton 'greet. and
extending in depth 140 feet to Hemlock Alley, and being
lot No. it in the plan of sal.' too n, timing thereon 0 limn°
stable 50 by 16 feet. :nixed and taken in execution and
to bo SOW on the propel ty of Jame Dunn.
JOHN C. WATSON, Airnriir,
&MOWS Omer.,
Feb. 13, ISGO. f
The undersigned auditor, appointed to tliitt Halle
the balance °ambling In the bands of Duthie]. Mousey,
mbar. de boni4 non rum trahuucuto 111111QX41. of Thomas
libur, leed.. trill attend to his duties at the °like of Milos
& Doi tit , on Filthy the 2'2.d day of Mnt tlr ne,t. at too
o'clock, A. M. WILLIA3I DORRIS% Jr.
Feb 17, 1851 —lt. Auditor.
Estate of Audi ew
Letters of adminkttation on the estate of Andrew Alli.
son. late of lienderion tp. bred., Lm ing been panted to
the undet,,igned, all persons horning Chlllll9 against the
e,tate into tectueittql to pre'sent them to Alexander Allison.
at CI c. , ..40n, Cambria co., I'll.. or John Porter, near Ilan.
ting , lon. :mil all persons indebted trill make immediate
topay moot. JOHN PORTER.
Feb. NI, 15C.1.-Ct. Adners.
The Illinois Cenmal Railloatl Company have for Sale
1,200,000 ACRES
Of Rich Farming Mulls in Tracts of Puny Acres and
Upnard, on Lung Crelit mid at Low Pikes.
The nth nt ion of the enter'. icing and industrious por
tion of the community is dit ected to the r 011.% big state
ments and hboal inducements oltetcd them by the
Which, ns they will pot ccive. will enable them, by proper
enet gy, pet set erance, and pint ale comfortable
and pet mattent 110111,1 for theinselveB and familiee, tt ith.
comparatively tmenking, very little capital.
No State In the valley of the 311ssi,iippi olTers so great
an helacelneat to the rettler a, the state of
There is no partial! of the world 5% here all of the condi
tions or ci home and teal so admit:flay COOll/11110 to produce
thirie tie° giro! staplet , , cola and w heat, as the prairies of
The deep rich loam of the 'unities is cultivated with
such mishilertul facility that the fanners of tho Eastern
and 3hilille States .0 u non ing to Illinois in great !minim 9.
'rite 014...n[ 111 . 1.4 a abort
the 8 . 1 / i , .§e? rich
These lands ate contiguous to noailroul seven hundred
miles in length, ullielt connects with outer toads and nsv
inablo lakes ,ul,l rivers, rims affolglins, an unbroken cool-
Intinicatation islilt Cho Eastern and 3ofithein markets.
Thee fu• capital and labor have teen applied to deroln p
ing the soil; the meat teeollllCll/1 of the State to coal arid
iron are almost untouched. The iutm hide rule that the
111,11. t ale al to (loutish best t% hero food and find ate cheap.
eat. m all tollow at an early day in Illinois, and in the connee
of the mdt ten years the natural dawn and necessities of
tine roar sat taut rho belief that at least five hundred
thousand people u ill be engaged in the State of Illinois in
the vat law: mannactut tog employmenk.
Over $lOO,OOO 000 of private capital Lore been expended
on the cult and system of Illinois. Iniomilich 0 pmt of
the income from err eral of these works, m Ot a N.litt.thle
public final in lands, go to diminish the State expen,s,
the taxes are light, and mast consequentl) every day do
el ea,.
The State debt is only 510,105,308 14, and nithin the
last three Yeats has been reduced $2.050.746 80 ,• and oe
may teasonably expect that in tell yens it %till become
Tho State 19 rapidly tt i ling up with population ; 863,
02; persona haring been added since ISM, necking the pop
niation 1,719 490—n ratio 0 . '102 per cent. iu ten years.
Tile rt,c , ricultutal products of Illinois nro greater than
those of arty other State. The 111°1111as sent out doting
the past year exceeded 1,000,000 tons. The w heat clop of
1800 approaches 35,000,000 bushels, while the corn mop
yields not leaf than 143,000,000 bushels.
Notthet C ran the indush ions fanner scent a such limn&
dinte results for his labor as upon these pt nit in soils, they
being composed of :Cdeep rich loam, this fertility of which
is uncut passed by any ou the globe.
.. 11
Since 1,851 Me Comp Any have sold 1,300,000 acres. They
sell only to actual eantent ors. tun/ et era conitraet contain
an agrigulcut to cultivate. Thy road has been can articled
through thevc hinds at an expenle of $1.000.000. In 18 r O,
the population of Mc 49 counties through which it passes
tons only 335.,198, SOW Villi Cit 470.403 hare been added. 0,0.
hag the roleak populationSl4,S9l—a gain of 143 per cent.
As an evidence of Um thrift of tho people. it may he
stated that 600,000 tom of ft eight, including 8,1300.0000 n,
of main and )00,000 barrels of flour, wed lot warded over
limo line lost year.
Slocbatics and workingmen ,ill find the tree school
system encouraged by the Mato and radon ell a lib a Lugo
net entire for the suppra t of schools. Their children can
live in sight of the chinch and school house, and grow up
mill, the pt osyerity of the leading state in thelit eat West
out Elllpll 0,
The pt ices of these lambs vary from $0 to $25 per acre,
aehrtling to location. quality, .C.c. First-class farming lands
+ell for shoot $lO or st 2 per acre; and the relathe expense
of subduing prait ie latol, as compared si Rh w oodhunl, fa in
the ratio of one to ten in fluor• of the tinnier. The terms
olsale for the bulk of these lands will be
ONE teen's 1 4
at six per cent per annum, and six intelest notes at six
Per cent, pa able respectively in one, two, three, fom•,fire,
hiv years om date o sale; and four notes for princi
pal, IWII,IO ID four, five, six, and seven seine, none date
at sale; the contract stipulating that one-tenth of the [tact
put chasrd shall be fenced and cultivated, each and every
star for live yearn horn the date of sale, so that at the end
of live yea. g be fenced and under cultivation.
Wan the ,diction for cash, except the saline should be at
sic dollars per lime, when the cash price n ill he j 5 dollars.
Pamphlets descriptive of rho 1:11111.4. soil, climate, pro
ductions,prices, and terms of pa} moat, can lie had on
pllc thou to J. W. POSTER,
Land Commissioner, Illinois Cannel Railroad,
Chicago, Illinois.
For the names of the towns, villages, and Cities situated
upon the Minot.; Cent. al Hai'load, see pages 188, 180. and
100 Appleton's It ulway Gusto. [Feb. Cl, 'Ol-u If.
110UBLIC SALE.—The subscriber will
I at Public Sale, at his residenco In Henderson
ON FRIDAY THE T 2,1 FEll. 18G1.
fi l ivc‘ The following pet sonal property two r .,,, V
Colts, two years old in the apring,two !U
Mitch Con s,and se, erat head orYoung
Cattle. Wagon and Hay Laddera, ono 1•ill,11-
ing Machine, Plans, Barron e, and ether farming utensils.
Kilo to commdnoo at 1 o'clock ou bald day, when toms
will be mod,' known by JACOB HETRICK.
Feb. ii, ISBI.
Notice is hereby git en to all concerned, that ap.
plication NI ill Ic made to tho Leginlattne of Pcdn'tyllanm,
at its present Session. for the passage of "An Act to In
cm potato the rowolton Coal and holt Company," empon ,
ming sold company to hold lands, he, m Bedford and
luntingdon counties; and that the names of the curpota
tors in said company setll ho
All persons interested ate horeby uotdlud that at
the Nowa Session of the Legielaturo of L'ennia. ap
plication Will ho made for the pasoago of nn lot of Assem
bly to be entitled `An Act to incoiporato the Glamorgan
lien Company," gisingsuch company the privilege of
holding lands in Huntingdon and licilfold counties, and
of eat ohm on filo business ofinanufictin mg iron therein,
Lt a Melt bill thu undersigned will be thu Corporntois
ell A WOOD, I 'SA3II . , ISETT,
Feb. 6, 1.36/..-/i.
The undersigned Auditor appointed by the Orphans'
Cum t of Huntingdon co., to distrnbuto the balance In the
hands of Henry Brewster and Jenne Holliegsworth, Ad
iniointratore of tlio lion. John Brewster, late of the bor
ough of Shirleysbnig, deed, hereby given notion that ho
will attend at his onion., in Huntingdon, on Thursday the
231 b day of February next, at one o'clock, P. M., for the
purpose of making said distribution, when and where RH
persons interested are required to present their claims
against said fund. or Ito tbrorer debarred from conning in
upon the same—tlin said fund being the balance on their
partial Administration account.
Huntingdon, Feb. lii, 1861.—1 t.
The undersigned Auditor, appointed by tito Court of
common Pleas of Huntingdon enmity, to di6trihnto the
the fund in the /iambi of.lolin C. Watson shetiff, from the
solo of the personal estate of David NI - tight, hereby gives
notice to all persons interebted, that ho will attend at his
°nice in Huntingdon, on 17iday the lot day qf March nest,
at 10 &block, A. M, for the purpose of malting sand distri
bution, triton and n here all persons arerequired to pre
sent their claims against the said fund or bo forever de
elated from conning in upon the same.
. .
Huntingdon, Feb. 0, 1801.-It. Auditor
The under signed Auditor, appointed by the Conrt of
Common Plem of Huntingdon county, to distribute the
fond In the hands ofJohn G. IVatvon, Esq.. Sheriff. arising
from the sale of the personal property of David Grove,
hereby gives notice that he will attend, at his office in
Huntingdon, on Friday, the Ist of March next, at I o'clock
I'. M., for the purpose of making said dist, ibutiom when
and where all pee on% are repair.] to present their claims
against said fund, or he for ever debarred from conning In
upon the same. THEODORE 11. CIIIIM EH.
Huntingdon, Feb. 0,1861.-4 t.
The Hero of Fort Sumter,
At the Court House, in Huntingdon,
The get rims of the " INeelsior Cornet Band," and the
"Continental Suing Baud" have been seemed for the oc
4Z-- There will hen Growl llkplay of vira:woims on
that evening. Tickets can be procured of the undersigned.
1:. c. SU)I3IERS,
Huntingdon, Jan. 30, ISGI. Manager.
iIuNTINGDON COUNTY, from tho 3d thy of Janu
ary ib69, to the 7th day of January 1801, including both
1071. Chili les GI OCR. Wool.
. 5 .2 97
1033, laiko Vomlices, Ilenilersirin, 1:11 69
1653. John 11 lomp4ol, Walker, 07 34
1030. Soloman Minor, Jackson, 40 05
1847. Joseph Palk. Clay, 5 00
William Johns, Cromwell, 110 00
• George Miller, Oneida. 139 80
James G. I/011e. Ohl, ley, 5883
. Joshua Johns, Opt ingll AL 784
1870. IPm. Walker. Alexandria, 38 77
'• John S. Gehrett. Cas, ille, 670
George D. Mikhail, Clay, 141 05
0 .liimill Cm noliiri, CI ininvoll, 165 50
William McClain. Dublin, 50 13
Jacob Hallman. Bendel non, 21 79
" Penn Snoope, Huntingdon, 10 00
Sonnet Stotley, Jackson, 280 00
• Nathaniel Lytle. Min ill, (14874
Daniel Knuth., Porter, 30373 ,
4 . David Amain/I, Tod. 355 00
Henry Swnope, Walkor, 120 67 52641 43
1039, William Kemp, Alexamli ia, 232 50
. Samuel Myton, Barree. 971.58
• James 16. Haum's, Iliady. 299 01
• Jahn It. (lastly'', Cass, 255 10
. Nicholas Corbin. Coss, ;Ile, 45 30
" Joseph Digging, Cal Lon, 490 21
• Benedict Stevens, Clay, 332 59
.lamas Baker Esq , CI °unroll, 821 03
" John Ebb. to, Fianklin, 1637 51
" Blisha Shoemaker, Henderson, 274 30
i• John Roth' sok, Hopewell, 140 00
• A. S. 114: thou. Huntingdon, 731 70
. John Oaks, Jackson, 1027 26
.70101 It. Dean, Juniata, 180 23
Pm ry Moo,e, 3101019, 091 40
, i Join, Logan, Oneida, 164 53
John Itoin.eliold-r, Penn, 507 22
Robert Lahti, Porter. 1421 19
David Parsons. Toll, 385 51
7--me Cu, finan ' Tod,, nu 13
John Eby. Shitley, 1113 12
George Leas, Sidi leysbnrg, 90 49
Muses tinnier, Walker, 500 21
O Peter 11. Bin ket, Warrior-awn k, 022 SS
It. 51. Cunningham, West, 1403 87
John Clayton. Union. 102 53
0 James limper, Dublin, 473 39
0 Jacob Baker, Springfield, 25338 1634.3 31
nog. William waor, Alexandria. 200 45
Samuel IV. Nylon. panne, 215 00
O Fame Wolverton, Ifiatly, ISO 45
O Joseph P. thirlinan, Cass, 132 00
•, Anstin th eon, Casslille, 40 00
Jel , , Cook, Coibon, 8,3 57
" O. 11. f..,tetOtri, Clay,
" ..... tlinVlMMaillaiii, 503 15
Jacob Het, Ick, Henderson, 188 35
11t,,. K. Radon, Huntingdon, 1318 78
O Henry Lo. Jack-am,
315 00
0 Levi Itideriont, Jiiiiirita, PO OU
0 Win. Ililemaii, Mania, 250 00
John P. Stun art, Oneida, 72 53
0 Wm. Dean, Penn, 39000
0 It. A. Laird, Poi ter, 130 00
John Silvia thorn, Tell, 107 91
Jacob Elks, Tod, 130 00
Ceorgo Smellzer, Wiley, 390 21
W. A. Fiaker, Sidi ley.,Mirg, 47 24
Jonas Bucknalter, Walker, 325 IA
0 John It. Thompson, Warriorsmark, 405 00
Henry Neff, West, 145 65
Thomas In in, Union, 205 93
Jacob E. Rare, Springfield, 60 00 6070 62
Resell, ed on unseated lauds, 407 12
School tnX. on " 0 215 43
Road " 1. n 192 45 059 00
Redemption money paid in, 212 05
On judgment against Chin lee Cowden, 450 13
Fines and Jury fees mead flout Sheriff, 51 00
Itee'd on Coned, Cows Fines and costs
N. Peigh MI, 1(50
John :n131101 , , 12 61
George Jones, 52 50
J. Lave Esq, 4 67
booth y poisons. 13 00
R. 6ion - itrt Esq., 1 32
lleurge Ali ica, 27 00
A. W. Stromlo Esq., 1 34
Kinney, Long .0 Parks, 25 08
John Hall, 14 00
George Milroy, 8 50
John Baker, 10 00
C. Sankey. 103 192 60
Rent fur IWO of C 0,,, t Muse, 61 50
11. W. Miller for old stole, 5 00
Proceeds of au esti ay, 2 00
Military Auditors fur T. P. Love, 10 00
Balance di, Treasmer, 124.3 69
Attorney Gen. Prothonotary, Sheriff and wit
ness fees on Coosomno Caith pt oseent ions, $1202 61
Constables looking I eturns and election fees, 411 61
Grand and Tins else Jn t ore, Constables, Crier
and 'lipstaff.
Judges, Inspectors S: Clerks of Elections,
Ingo isitions on dead borbeq,
Cat and Fox scalps,
Road and 131idge viorve, 430 00
Bond Damages, Basil Alines, $9 10
11. C. Cieuter, 100 00 109 10
A;ssysors orders, 370 02
lliidgev, Building at MeAlevy's Port, 020 00
Shade Creek, 120 83
Spring Creek, 300 00
Shaver's Ci Mr, 91 59
,• 91111 Creek, 50 00 1200 b.;
' Repairing at Drakes Pony. 700 99
Union Furnace, 103 75
‘• !lawn's. 72 50 03230
Repairs at court lion,e and jail,. 2011 50
2'33 50
Pend on iron fence nt gout t hou;a, 200 00
" for pavement " 141 87
" foe Gee " GO 95
" on County bonds, 1512 69
" Intorent on do.. 440 43 10:.311
Judgment paid F. IL Lane, 4782 51
D. Caldwell indexing Qr. Session docket, 150 00
lemoving papers Prty's Office, 05 00
fees as Not's, ak of Sessions, 85 31 230 31
Seals and presses fen public offices, 91 50
Hooks and stationery " '• 62 04
Postage, 47 02 200 56
Sbetitt Miller, in MI for boarding prisoners
conveying convicts to peuitentiaty, S.e., 151 08
Sheriff Watson, on account for do., 462 70
i• Miller costs on executions eta} cd by
Cononisbioners, 13 30
Dr. Dorgey, medical attendance on Ink., 50 75
Pt luting for County:
Nash & Whittaker, 142 75
11'111. Loris, 83 25
lYtn. lh ewster, 2 50
John Lutz, 20 .50 252 00
Western Penitentiary, keeping cons ictl, 18120
Merchandise for nom t lionhe and jail, 38 72
Washing fur pt isoners, 0 0 00
Cleaning cam t horse, 21 00 45 00
Redemption money paid out, 167 54
County Auditors—T, AV. GraffluA, 16 50
Israel araffluq, 18 00
Wm. L. Cunningham, 10 50
Clerk 11. SW. Miller, 10 00 64 00
3-0. Stowalt, auditing ProVys .8 Reg. act., 000
Commissioners-11. L 31eCat thy, in full, 47 50
G. W. Slattern, 80 50
Joint Ileum . , 153 50
IL F. Campbell, 165 73 458 23
Clerk of Commissioners In 101 l for 1859, 150 00
on account foe 1560, 230 00 460 00
Expenses of Com're matting btidgev, 25 70
Agricultural Society, 100 00
Eel undlug orders, 119 43
Joe Reed, Esq., Atty for Comes in full '5O, 25 00
on account for 1800, 30 00 55 00
c• per tentage on molt.
oy carded,
School tax on unseated land,
Tream or of Hunt. Co. Poot House,
Treasurers commission on $54151 GU at 11L.;
per cent.
In testimony of the correctness of the above, wo here
unto subsenho our name, and Aix tho seal of said coun
ty this ith day of January, 1061.
It. F. CAMPBELL, Commissioners.
Attest lIENtn - W. Him Art, Clerk.
We the undeisigned Auditors of Huntingdon county,
Pa, elected and sworn according to law, report that wo
tact, did audit, settle and adjust, iccording to law, tho ac
counts of 11. T. White, Esq , Tretietirer of the county of
Huntingdon, and the ordois of tho Commissioners and the
leceipts of tho tunic, for and dining tho past yea, and
nod n balanco doe 11. T. White, Treasurer, of ono thousand
two hundred and I orty-threo dollars and eighty-nine cents.
Wren under our hands at the Commissioners' Office. In
the borough of Huntingdon, Choi th day offfimintry,lB6l,
WM. 1,. CUNNING 11AJI, Auditors.
Feb. 6, 1861.--I.t.
KJ Thompson, Steward, in account with Huntingdon
County Alms Homo, from Jan. sth, 1860 . , to January 2d,
1801, hmlusivo
DR. To County Treasurer for amount drawn $ll2O 08
Error discovered in last settlement, 37
Levi Evans for his note, 12 30
John Ilicks for his note 011Ie yoke oxen, 75 00
J. McElwee, (10 (10 0 00
Wm. Piper, do do 28 50
Wm. Glasgow; do do 42 23
Wm. Skinner, So ono hems sold him, 155 00
Cumberland county Alms Mouse cash received, 31 50
Thomas MeGarvey, for his note, 6 00
J. Gilleinnd, do., 75 00
R. I'. Moore, ono horse sold him, 140 00
D. Clarkson, cash paid, Ammerman case, 27 50
1726 G 3
CR. By Sundry Erpendaiires for me of House.
Afonthly SY:femme No.l, January.
Dy removing Maria Duncan to Juniata county, $6 25
Attendance nt Iluntingdon 5 days annual settlement, 3 05
Scathing off sundry paupers, 4 75
lungerick Si Smith, for groceries, 18 15
Abram Lewis, for eampliene, 5 00
Traveling expenses during month, out door business, 6 30
Cash paid for sundry Incidental expenses, 4 65
Statement No. 2. February
J. Ricketts, for plastering, 2 00
Stark lc Co.. grocery IA /05 00
J. C. Sechler, freight on groceries, 16 23
Removing J. Finbaugh to house, 3 50
Sending off sundry pompois, 1 00
Cash paid for sundry incidental expenses, 4 42
Statement No. 3. Nara
Expenses going to Huntingdon, 1 50
Removing Susan Bolinger, 3 25
C. E. Frotier, for stage tare paid, 1 31
Expenses going to Wareoramark on Russell case, 452
3. C. Sechter, for freight Fold, 110
Expenses attending Russel family, Murrats case, in., 653
Cools paid for bottle Cherry Pectoral, 1 00
Sending off paupers, 2 00
Ta aveling expenses going to Scottsville, 31
Incidental expenses during the month, 4 63
Statement N 0.4. April.
Going to Hatfield's forge, Ayers rose, 2 BR
.A. Price, for potatoes, 2 25
Going to Huntingdon twice. 1 95
Wm. Lyons, for order, cork leg case, 80 00
Sending, off paupers, 210
Traveling expenses, 47
Incidental expenses, ' 215
Statement No. 5. Aray.
Going to Huntingdon twice, 215
Removing Joseph Henry from Tyrone, 2 85
',Tames Itch for cash paid him, 4 50
Cash paid Colbert and family to leave,ls 90
Incidental expenses during the month. 1 65
Statement No. O. June.
aoing to sfeConnellstown, on It. Chancy calm, 2 50
Weaver & Graham, for cosh paid per receipt, 45 46
Elizabeth Zilch for rent paid her, 1 10
J. C. &cider railroad fare, for sending elf paupers, 500
do fur (eight Sc., 8 17
W.A.. 1,. Shumway, for metchandizo per receipt, 106 50
Going to Huntingdon, 140
Incidental expenses during the month 314
Statement 110.7. July.
. .
Going to 31nrisleslinrg, Elizabeth Fry case, 4 25
Thomas J. Briggs cash paid for labor, 7 55
Statement Abs. 0 and 9. August and September.
Going to Huntingdon de, 1 70
Going to Broad Top, 5 45
Alm Brindle, for ashes d:c, 1 82
Going to Huntingdon, 1 95
Incidental evenilitures; 2 54
Statement ~Vo. 10. October.
Going to Huntingdon 220
Cash paid for liaise, Huntingdon,
and assistance, 1 50
Going to,oll, 2 70
Cade paid J. Carothers for 100 bribliels wheat, . 110 00
Sending of pauper, 25
Incidental expenses, 94
Statement No.ll. .41 - oveniber.
T. P. 3leNite, for postage stamps, 2 22
J. C. Seelaler, Om o he.. I'. Mahood, 912
Attendance at cool t with 3 girls, 5 30
Pennsyhania It. Road. for removing paupers to Phil. 10 00
Cash paid expenses on return, 7 30
Remoting 311 s. Wilson to flalrisburg, 3 00
Hid ng 1., Nossvil le, T. Murry case, '1 00
J. IL Miller, tier keeping tv.o - paupers, .2 50
Incidental during month. 220
Malement 4)0.12. December.
Removing 'Penance Murry to house, 1 25
Going to Huntingdon, 1 00
T. ls;,lvestel, Mr cash paid, 10 00
T. P. 3leNite, for postage stanw, 75
Cash paid for ashes and cabbage plants, 1 23
:ending off paupers, GO
Philip Clouse, for tavern bill, p6r 31. Digman, 62
Levi Evans, for flirt note lifted by Directors, 12 10
T. McGatsey. for his note in pne t, 09 4a
.7. Did., for his note returned not collected, 75 00
.7.llcAlwce, do do 000
Wm. Piper, do do 29 00
Wm. Glasgow, do do 42 29
J. Gilliland, do do 600
11. T. White, or - der iu his hands not approptioted, 412 47
Salary no Stem aid, 40006
$1726 6.3
In testimony of the correcinebs of the phone account and
statement, we do hmenuto net our hands this 2d day of
January, A. 1). 1161.
Of the Ilmatingdon County Alms Musa from Jan.
b. bog to Jan. 2.1111, inclusive.
To Co.Trenitsier for amount &non on orders, $8175 09
John Thomle.(2 ) StemsaLfos,s49lll4l64..
pi/2 64
E 3 Ta/at/or um of Form. Fite E
By Israel Raker, fur one horse, 1,10.1 . , 015 00
W. P. Harris, difference In snap of horses,6o 00
John Long, school tax and costs, 3, 2,
20 83
Henry Myers, smithing, 4& 5, 77 91
John Wicks, do., including new wagon, 6& 7, 128 97
.1. li, nrge, renal: mg and moik on farm, 8 & 11, 21 41
T.. 1. Illiggs, for wotk on farm, 10 & 11, 18 07
11_. C. Briggs, du . Li, 6 64
... _.....„ . __
Abram Carothers, one plow. ..,.„ _ .
MI, 7 00
Fred. Chick, 15 bushels seed wheat, 14, 18 75
It. A. Miller, 11 bushels superior do 16, 28 00
Sundry persons fur sundries, 16 to 20, 15 10
Perry Harris, wages as farmer, balance, 21, 201 41
S. F. Thompson, sundry work on farm, 22, 21 25
. . .
By 11'wl. It. Lege, for ntexelutudise, No. 1 too, 183 01
W. A. Ft raker, do sto 8, 119 82
W. It. Brew liter, do 1) to 11, 125 07
Foust 41 . Bluffer, do 12 to 16, 60 95
I'. 31. Mu e, do 17 to 20, 110 50
Wm, Johnson. do 21 0 22, 61 23
John K. Lutz, do 23, 21 83
George slchm9ghlin, do 24, 15 37
Thomas E. Orbkon, do 25. 11 90
8. Cresswell 0. Son. do 20, 4 68
Go, id Ender, do 27, 312
W. & J. Cannon, do
John Jacobs, for beef find pork,
.. .. . . .
.7. Jacobs d Co., butchers' meat, 4' 17 10
Thoma, MeGarvey, do 5, 13 97
IV. 11. Johnson, do 6, 11 10
Abram Carothers, n heat and corn, 7A 8, 57 45
do beef and corn, 9, 52 07
S. It. 'Douglas, wheat and con,, 10 & 11, 78 37
Samuel Lutz,loo4-5 bushels w heat, 12, 113 39
Samuel Bowman, 100 do 13. 110 00
Adam 11ritiner, 90 do 14. 101 25
Josheph Price, 3 stock steers, 15, 72 50
p.n. id Bayer, 113919, pork, 16, 60 16
George Swartz, 57 0.60 bushels wheat, 17, 62 86
Gem go Eby, wheat and buckwheat, 18, 58 75
Isaac Rorer. 50 bushels si heat, 19, 55 62
John Euyeart, 45 do 10, 60 62
A. lleittner, wheat and corn, 21, 50 60
VS/63 13
2213 51
1040 90
000 61
350 50
James lineman, beeves and sheep, 22, 41 75
Wm. McGarvey, 29 bnehels wheat. • 23, 33 62
John Swine, 25 do 24, 32 25
J ..
. _
o.epli Rhodes. , _
,b 1 do 25, 7 50
Catharine E. Frake - r, 57 lbs. bacon, 20, 7 12
M. J. McKinnon, 32 lbs. do 27, 4 00
Jonathan Cruothers, balance on wheat, 28, 6 32
James Lane, 08 lbs beef, 20, 3 St
It. Ashman, 0768 lbs pork, 3387 lbs hoof, 30, 541 56
Oat Door P.Atpers. Fib 0. D.
B. X. Biatr,keeping W. Horkenberry,lgo. Ito 12, 78 00
J. G. Thompson, do Mts. Arnold, 13 to 24, 93 00
G. Sluilizberger do S. Shill tzberger, 2.5 to 08, 02 00
D. Megahnu do Rebecca Chaney, 37 to 49, 94 07
It. Doughenbaugh do S. Daughenbaugh, 40 to 60, 52 00
T. Creswell do Margaret Crest, ell, 61 to 72, 52 00
Wm. Cornell. do John Bean!, 73 to 84, 68 50
A. W. Benedict do Ann Martin, 85 to 90, 65 00
Delia Houck do Edith Pright, 97 to 107, 62 00
T. 11. Ctemor do Em. ` b aste, 108 to 115, 60 63
Wm. Mtn tin do Mary Martin, 116 to 122, 22 59
Joseph Beaty do 'Newton Corbin, 123 ton% 1560
W. It. Leas do Gunsaul and Beaty, /29 to 134, 42 25
John Ilnyett do Win. Maherran, 135 to 138, 108 30
John Oaks do P. Hush and wife, 139 to 142, 130 00
B. F. Patton do 11. Russell and family, 143 to 145 58 00
J. W. Matters do Mrs. Wharton, 146 to 147 01 00
M. Starr do Davis and Gamble, 148 to 151, 80 00
Jacob Fry do Elizabeth Fly, 162 to 155, 22 00
W. Moore do Hamilton and Davis, 166 to 158, 19 80
do do clothing, 159, 11 53
- . . . .
J. Stinson allowance nt smithy times, 160 to 163, 16 40
D. Snare relief fin nished sundry cases,l64 to 172, 80 01
I Starr keeping Sarah Welch, 173 to 175, 13 00
J. Don:11,130n do G. Warring, /76 to 177, 17 00
I'. 51. Baro do Mat Robley, 178 & 179, 12 00
M. A. Temple do J. linbaugh, 180 & 181, 36 28
Wm. Crotsley do J, Park, etc., 182 & 183, 16 60
D. Blair furnishing sundry cases, 184 to 156, 9 75
Sundry persons collies for out door p, 187 to 191, 21 00
John Cavberry services per bill, 192. 37 60
Fisher & Son keeping Old Richard, 193, 36 OD
S. Hatfield furnishing Charles Ayres, 194, 32 11
D. 1113 tin boarding Richard Bell, 195, 21 95
D. Houton attelidanco on .I.llenry, 196, 14 45
It. It. rowel sundries furnished out door p., 197, 13 72
Jacob Kling for boarding T. Murray, 108, 11 25
S. 11ePherran, servicer for Maria 'Minute, 199, 10 00
Gem go Eby, furnishing S. Causpbull, .200, 10 69
J. J. Cue burying Wm. Pierce, 201, 7 OU
Peter Swoopo for sundry services, 202, 6 Li
J. G. Stewart services for R. Walker, 203, 5 00
C. Decker do S. Boyers, 204, 7 76
Fishes A 31631urtrie flour,Bell & Price, 205, 4 87
R. Ashman furnishing J. Banks, 206, 6 00
11. Ilenshey services for It. McDonald, ' 207, '7 00
C. HofFroan boarding Sarah Madden, 208, 6 00
A. Cissna boarding Susan Bolinger, 209, 625
Wm. McGinley attending J. Finbaugh, 210, 5 50
Geo. Smith Dour for Mrs. Earner, 211, 2 00
J. Birkbemer attending J. Filabangb, 212, 2 OD
11. Sanity boarding Jacob Raley, 213, 110
Elizabeth Shirk, tlo 211, 100
61 62
Sundry 411. D's. inediedne and attendance on Out Door
By Dr. M.J. McKinnon medleine and atten
dance In sundry eases, No. 21548, 61 37
Dr II Orlady attending 2 rues, 210-20, 39 25
Dr J A Shade do 2 eases, 221-22, 84 25
Dr J F Kay do II Russel and f1un1Y,223-24, 27 50
Dr Hl. prom a do 'Ballard Bell, .45-20 20 00
Dr U W IJuyett do 2 eases,
Dr .1 31 GI enimill ,To 31cLeoglitt,
Dr J 3I Irsvio do Ayres,
Dr Jll Fllckinger do Joen Beatty, 231; 600
Dr T Darn ieli do Upsinger, 232, 12 00
Dr 3 S Griffith do Effrolieth Berner, 233, 2 50
Dr BD V Baird do Simnel Madden, 234, 13 00
Dr L F Buell do Daniel Banks, 235, 8 00
Dr J B Loden do James Cooney, - 230, 35 00
Dr C W Moore do Itteltard Ben, 237, 47 60
Dr 3 F McVey, do James Henry, 238, 10 07
Dr U W Thompson do It Walker, 239, 400
Dr A P Calduell doll McDonald, 210, 500
Sundry pet eon, smithy out door eltnrg., 2411,264, 3 7 40
Provibions. File
No. 1 to 3, 78 16
227-28, 15 00
229, 8 60
tro 09
Removal and Delivery. Ede R.
II Cramer delivering sundry paupers, No. Ito 3 21 40
.7 II Lightner official fees, 4 A 5, 5 80
GG. Tato removing out door paupers, 6to 8, 40 80
Adam Warfel official fees, OSr 10, 300
Jacob Gherret deliver's sit dry ganyallon,ll. & 12, 13 20
1' Green for delivering one pauper, 18, ' 555
Wm Hester do ono do 34, 630
Thos Carberry do ono do 15, 140
JD! Piper • do one do 16, 670
Samuel Coen do four do 17, 33 50
Wee Bico do ono do 18, 870
Jacob Porter do one do 18, 470
A5l Evans do ono do 20, 450
Joseph Parks do ono do 21, 330
J P Dunn do one do 22, 220
J Cremer do ono do 23, 330
D Yingling do ono do 21, 105
E 51cNool do one do 25, 100
W A Jamison assisting Steward, _ 20, 600
C E Praiser for tavern bill, 27, 125
Sundry Justices for official fees 28 to 30 14 76
Incidental and Miscellaneous. File 1.
M. S. Harrison. tin ware and repair, No. Ito 3,
Abram Lewis, fur sundries, 4 & 6,
J. C. Secbler, for railroad charges, 6 & 7,
David Harvey, shoemaking &c., 8 to 11,
Jacob Snyder, do 12 to 15,
Adam Bryan, do It & 17,
Peter Myers, for tailoring, 18 & 19,
A. A. Shannon, repairing harness, 20 to ,
McKinnon & McNite, for drugs, 23 to 24,
J. Lutz, for wheat, printing nod pills, 25 to 26,
C. & 11. Hertzler, weaving and yarn, 27 to 28,
Thomas McNite, for drugs, 29 to 31,
David Shavor, for lumber, 32 & 33,
Blair county Alms House, sundries for
Hollinshead, 84 ,
Speer, publishing Annual Report, 35,
Lewis do do 30,
& Wh ittaker, do 37,
, White, commission on $7,500, as,
Myers, butchering and packing, as,
Trte, 9% , :0119 stone coal, 40,
Wigton, 10 do 41 ,
rkson, official fees
B. M.
It. T.
G. G.
It. B.
D. Cl.
—../rkson, official fees and extra services, 42,
Woo. Moore, 5 days attendance at lithatingdon
and miloge,43,
11.1. Stains, ono sewing machine, 44,
Roe. 12.11. Collins, ministerial services, 45,
I. MeDonnthan. shoemoking, 40,
J. S. Africa, use of Cumberland Valley Itxmo.
onto Company,
Cnnninglunn ht Bro., two stoves,
J. A. Brown, for sundry battlers_.
—......u.n, ~,... ...wiry Hardware, an,
11. Brewster, extra services and lath, 60,
I,lm 51c3follen, for cutting wood, 61,
Wm. Drake, repairing and sharping saws, .4c, 52,
J. Thompson, balance on private account, 63,
It. Brindle, for coopering, 64
Dr. ItlcKennan, COmmitation visit, 65,
Sundry person., sundry small items, 66 to 67,
I'enina Thompson, house labor, 62,
A. Thompson, fifty-two weeks sexing, 63,
Entlier A. Thompson, service as matron, Si,
John Thompson, Stewart, included in his statement,
or. It. Baird, services no attending Physieinn, 100 00
James Murphy, services as director, 110 00
Bus id Clarkson, do 131 10
Wm. Moore, do 178 82
Same' MOW, do 35 GO
Henry Brewster, services as clerk, 50 00
A. W. Benedict, Esq., do as counsel, 20 00
J. Thompson, steward, sundry detailed in zesount,l72B 88
Total amount of expenditure,
.I', alexia of the Farm
125 bushels wheat; 300 bushels oats; 700 bushels corn
(ears); 300 bushels potatoes; 18 tons hay; 6 loads Corn fod
der; 1500 heads of cabbage; 10 bushels onions; 10 bushels
turnips; 3304 pounds pot k ; 3812 pounds beef; 160 chick
ens; 7 turkeys;
22 hogs; 4 bushels cloverseed. One horso
.1,1 to Wm. Skinner $l5O. One horse sold OR. P. Moore,
130 aldrta, 40 dresses, 24 aprons, 21 Led comforts and
quilts, 24 sheets, 36 sacks, 16 night gowns, 25 under shirts,
12 under shirts, 10 millteilishirte, 8 night Caps, 12 paint
socks, 30 pairs pantaloons, 0 pairs pillow cases, 25 pairs
dran era, and 5 iota.
2 horses, 8 mulch cows, 22 liege. about 100 bushels wheat,
100 bus. oats, 200 bus. corn, (oars.) 16 tons bay, 6 loads
corn fodder, 300 heads cabbage, 3 bus, onions 9000 pounds
pork, 5000 poundv beef, 100 chickens, 3 turkeys, 2 wagons
3 pious, 3 cultivators, 2 banish s, 1 cart, 1 buggy, 4 buahe
MR:l4.4 . arnv
v3z , s''.4-7---gir t
F3T i
r i
i , :,:
.t.:•IJ WC, tO.''';',l
C. 2 C , Z. CO g.
unaol k i tr• s
w eoa ~
,E„~T.~'~g{p~.Qmsc ~~'
'''a'';• , "6'oo.t'o, - -''r.,'
the above inmates 5 are colored, 7 Insane, and 7
"e the undersigned Auditors of the countyof Hunting
, do hereby certify that we hare examined the orders,
:hers, accounts, etc. of the Directors of the Poor of
county, and find the same to bo correct as above
d. And we do further find that on examining the
surer's account, ho has paid on Poor House orders
lost settlement the 81:1111 of $7,799 62.
Ulnas our hands this 224 day of Tanury, A. D. 1861.
utiugdon, Feb. 5, 18i11.
N.,/ at the settlement of the Auditors for the year 1860.
allectime. Townships. Chanty Tax. Mate .74. z.
Charles Green, West,
Luke Vorhees, Henderson,
John Smith,Berree,
}Solomon Hamer, Jackson,
F Wallace, Morris,
Honey Crazier, Warriersmark,
William Johns, Cromwell,
John 13 Weaver, Hopewell,
Joseph Cornelius, Cromwell,
Peter Swe.Pe; Huntingdon,
Samuel Stet Thy, Jackson,
Daniel Knode, Porter,
David Aurandt, Tod, 43 03
Thomas Ilyskill, Warrlommark, 100 51
*William Kemp, Alexandria,
John R. Gosuell, Cass,
•.Toseph Diggins, Carbon,
Elislia Shoemaker, Henderson,
John Rothrocic, Hopewell,
A S Ilarrison. Huntingdon,
' , John Dean, Juniata,
Pei ry Moore, Morris,
John Householder, Penn,
fDavid Parsons, Tell,
Isaac Curfman, Ted, 228
'Peter 11. Barker, Werrloramark, 125 69
It It Cunningham, West, 480 18
fJohn Ceylon, 'Union, 50 65
iWildam Walker, Alexandria,
Samuel W Myron, Barre,
Isaac Wolverton, Brady,
Joseph P Curfman, Cam,
*Austin Green, Comical°,
_ .
Jesso Cook, Carbon, 571 68
a 11 Stevens, Clay, 411 63
Frederick Harman, Cromwell, 855 80
John Morrow Dublin. 582 75
Dante Conrad, Franklin, 1716 50 81
Jacobi Hetrick, Henderson, 223 82 l2
John 11 Weaver. Hopewell, 719 44 35
Wm K Rehm, Huntingdon, 1141 35 63
-Henry Lee, Jackson. 1059 94 45'
-Levi Ridenour, Juniata, 244 18 13
-Wm II Heinen, Morris. 1014 44 54
-John P Stewart, Oneida, 246 71 12
-William Dean, Penn, 500 47 27
-It A Laird, Porter, 1607 76 8
-John Silverthorn, Toll, 858 59 19 ,
-Jacob EMU), Tod, 815 01 11 ,
-George Smelker, Shirley. 1290 74 69
-W A Prober, Shirleysburg, 168 60 10
-Jones Bnekwalter, Walker, 413 82 2
-John R Thompson, Warriersmark, 1293 08 6 ~
}Henry Neff, West, 2101 84 104
homes Irvin, Union, 203 84
Jacob E Darn, Springfield, 266 91 14
*Sinop paid in full. -
fSince paid in part.
Given under seal of the Commissioners Office.
Feb. 6, 1801.-It.
[Estate of Jacob Lathcrow, Deceased.]
betters of Administration upon the Estate of Jacob Lathe.
row,lete of Shirley township, dec'd., having been granted
to the undersigned, all persons indebted are
make immediate payment, and those having claims will
present Them duly authenticated for settlement. -
Jan. 30, 1861.-st.
4 (Estate of Hotokiab Crownomr, Deed,)
Letters testamentary, on the estate or Ilozekialk Crowno
vor, Into of Barroo tp., deed., having been granted to the
undersigned, all persons indebted aro requested to make
immediate payment, and those having claims to present
them properly antentleated for settlement to
Jan. 30, 1.861.44.4
The undersigned Auditor, appointed by the Or
plains' Court of Huntingdon county, to bear and determine
upon tho exceptions to the trust account of David Clark
son, Trustee, appointed by said Court to sell tho real es
tate of Robert Speer, dec'd., will meet the parties Interest.'
ed, at the office of Scott & Brown, on Thursday, the 2811,
day of February, 1801, at ?o'clock, P. 21.
.1. H. 0. CORBIN,
Huntingdon, Jan.3o, 1901:It
P. GWIN'S is the plaoo to buy
Jur. goad and cheap Carpets.
io Generally in use in the Schools of the County, not on
hand, will ho furnished to order, on application at
bEIVI4' moK AND,v,ivapaity 4ropg•
40 80
40 00
40 00
40 00
75 00
33 20
17 41
17 82
12 40
12 50
12 00
10 47
2348 15
$8772 01
, allaill
•pang tioipilq3
77 OS
10 74
NO 62
6 00
10 00
9 68
221 11
11 81
84 46
103 88
247 40
19 63
277 71
773 10
27 b 2
10 72
120 73
13 14
459 69
1025 84
SO 64
168 50
100 50
157 81
873 15
748 20
56 78