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Huntingdon, Wednesday, Feb. 13, 1861
.4Cir Every Subscriber to The Globe Is
requested to act as Agent to extend its
circulation and usentlness.lill
Wo aro anxious to publish a first class newspaper, and
with the assistance of our subscribers on know %Se can
be put in possession of the means to do so. We want
every subscriber to interest himself, not only in procuring
fur us additional patronage, but also in putting us in pos
session of sit the focal news of the county of interest to the
general reader. A little effort on the part of all onrpatrons
would be ns much to their advantage as to ours, as u lilt
increased pattounge oe would be enabled to give a better
Palter. We cannot afford to put Tux Gums at less than
$1.50 a year, and to enable us to deal honestly with all
men we must demand tho subscription yearly or half
yearly in advance. Subscriptions can be sent to us
through the moil at our risk, the Postmasters witnessing
the same. We earnestly and most respectfully ask our
friends to make an effort to Increase our patronage.
Conneetml with Tax GLIM; we have a Job Odle° fur.
Mailed with a more extensive assortment of the latest style
of types and materials than can be found In any other
county town In the State. Our work compares favorably
with any done in the cities. Wo have four presses, which
enables us to put out all kinds of Job beak with diyateb
and at reasonable prices.
Zers A. new stock of reward books and
cards for Sunday Schools, just received and
for sale at Lewis' Book, Stationery and Music
„tein. A. fine assortment of Wallets, Port
monnies, Pocket Books and Purses, fur ladies
and gentlemen, for sale at Lewis' Book
ENYELOPES—"red, white and blue"—
for sale at Lewis' Book Store.
VALESTIN'ES !--A beautiful assort
ment of Sentimental Valentines, for
y oung and old. now open, and for sale
at Lewis' Book Store.
RErautous.----The flu - lend sermon of
Benj. Higgins, late of this place, will
be preached in the Baptist Church, by
Bev. J. L. Holmes, on Sunday the
24th inst., at 10A o'clock, A. X,
'ARIETY ENVELOPES, containinga fine
assortment of commercial and ftney
note paper ; letter and note envelopes,
steel pens, etc., at wholesale prices, for
25 cents. Prepared and for sale at
Lewis' Book, Stationery and Music
:DESTRUCTIVE Flity..---On Thursday
evening 31st ult., Col. Lemon's " Blood
Searcher" establishment in this place,
caught fire and burned to the ground,
together with its eontents. The build
ing was a large frame, upon which he
bad an insurance of $750, he had also
an insurance of $lOOO on his stock,
both policies in the Blair county Com
pany. His loss is estimated at some
thing above these figures.—Hollidays
burg Register.
that frozen feet can be speedily and
certainly cured by being bathed and
well rubbed, with kerosene or coal oil,
for a few times at night hefoie retiring
to bed. Several persons have already
tried it, all of whom unite in pronounc
ing it an effectual cure, which, if they
;ire correct, is an easy and cheap mock
of getting rid of a very sore and trou
blesome affliction. Those who have
tried it inform us that the feet blio tad
be well warmed by a hot stove during
pad after the application of the oil, and
it will certainly effect a speedy cure.
Persons suffering from the pain of
frosted feet will no doubt do well in
giving it a trial, for it is surely very
cheap ointment as one which is very
easily applied.
The numerous advertisements and
circulars setting forth the great prizes
to be drawn in jewelry and gift enter
prises, indicates that the business is
profitable to those who engage in it.
The absurdity of receiving a gift worth
$lO for a ticket which costs but $l,
should be a sufficient warning to all
sensible people that the plan is a swin
dle—that the goods are either stolen
or )rorthiess. Bracelets which cost $lO
per dozen, being mere composition or
brass, are represented to be worth $lO
each; and watches, pencils, rings, &c.,
equally worthless, aro put up at the
same proportionately - high figures.—
*Every person ought to know this, af
ter giving the subject a moment's
thought; yet people who are the least
able to bear it are bled to the amount
of thousands of dollars, and receive lit
reality nothing for their money. We
caution our readers against these
humbugs, whether book, gift, or jew
elry enterprises—they are all of the
sane stripe, outrageous swindles.
a man nothing to deal courteously
with all whom he encounters in the
journey of life. A kind look, a- kind
- word, a kind act, may seem sometimes
to savor of supererogation; neverthe
less he that neglects these evidences
of the most exalted human nature,
will find himself, in the decline of life,
a stranger on the earth. His money
may keep him surrounded by flatterers
and he may appear above the reach
of accident. He is, however, only the
grovelling animal. Strip him of his
'golden fettering and binding, and he
IS a hideous clod or clay. The Al
mighty never made An independent
man. We are in this world to extend
hospitalities toward each other, and
he that attempts to separate himself
from his fellow beings, prepares, un
mistakably, to die their slave. Civili
ty is the surest road to the highest
honor; the fortunes of men change so
rapidly that one even improves his
chances of good luck in this world by
bowing to a beggar. Be courteous to
IMPROVEMENTS.-WO hear that sev
eral new dwellings aro to go up in the
Spring. The troubles of our country,
and the "tight times generally," do
not appear to frighten all our moneyed
men ; and it is to be regretted that
more of our men of means do not in
vest their money in buildings for the
accommodation of strangers who are
anxious to come amongst us. For sev
eral years there has been a scarcity of
dwellings—and the coming Spring will
find some families houseless. If strang
ers come in; they crowd other families
out of town to seek a home wherever
they can find a roof to shelter them.
We hope for a waking up of the spirit
of improvement in the " ancient bor
town meeting was held in the Court
House on Monday evening, at which a
committee was appointed to wait upon
our citizens for means to nid the suf
fering in Kansas.
Cuenca Mustn.—Teachers and others,will
be furnished with The Shawn), The Christian
Minstrel, The Cytbara, The Presbyterian
Psalmodist, The Sabbath Bell, or any other
book, by the dozen or singly, at the lowest
cash price at Lewis' Book Store.
at Lewis' Book Store, a new article of writing
fluid. It costs hut a trifle more and is much
superior to any writing inks.
12im We take pleasure in calling attention
to the advertisement of R. Newell's Gallery
of Art. The testimonials are of the first
of the Standing Stone Literary Asso
ciation held Feb. sth, 1861, a committee
was appointed to draft resolutions ex
pressive of the feelings of the Asso
ciation on the death of its esteemed
member, Joseph W. Cunningham.—
The committee immediately reported
the following, which were adopted :
WHEREAS, it bath pleased Almighty
God in his providence to remove from
our midst, our esteemed fellow mem,
her Joseph W. Cunningham.
AND WHEREAS, by this unexpected
event a deep gloom has been east over
this association, and a void created
which human power cannot fill.—
Resolved, That this Association join
with the relatives and friends of the
deceased, in mourning his early and
sudden departure from the busy scenes
of this life, and express the hope that
our mutual loss may prove his eternal
Resolved, That the Secretary be di
rected to prepare and deliver to the
friends of the deceased, a copy of these
Resolved, That a copy of these pro
ceedings be furnished the papers of
Huntingdon, Lewistown, and Holli
daysburg, for publication.
J. 11. SimrsoN,
OASSVILLE, Feb. c,1861
FRIEND LEWIS :—SCeing communi
cations in you excellent paper from
other parts of the county, I thought I
would give you the most important
news, in this section. Times are pret
ty dull here, but all hope for better• in
the spring.
The Seminary and free school in
this borough, arc improving very
much. The former is under the care
ful supervision of Prof. James W.
Hughes, who, I believe, as a teacher,
can not be excelled in Huntingdon
county. The latter is under the super
vision of Mr. R. Cahill, and Miss Pris
cilla Stever, who are both well qulified
to discharge the duties which they
perform. Educational interests are
looming up in this part of the country.
There is considerable excitement here
at the psesent time, on account of the
secession movement in the South.—
The majority of the people are for a
peaceable compromise if it will save
the Union.
There has been excellent sleighing
here for the last two weeks. The
young folks enjoyed it Hugely and even
the little boys called into requisition
everything in the shape of a juniper or
board that they could get. More anon.
Letter from son. 8. A. Douglas
The following letter has been ad
dressed by Judge Douglas to the edi
tors of the Memphis Appeal:
MEssus. EDITORS :-I have this mo
ment read with amazement an editori
al in your paper of the 30th ultimo, in
which you assume that I am favoring
the immediate withdraWal of the re
maining States from the Confederacy,
as a peace measure, to avert the hor
rors of civil war, and with the view of
a reconstruction on a constitutional
I implore you, by all those kind re
lations which have so long existed be
tween us, and which I still cherish
with so much pleasure and gratitude,
to do me the justice promptly to cor
rect the unaccountable error into which
you have been led. In regard to se
cession, whether viewed as a govern
mental theory or as a matter of politi
cal expediency, I have never had but
one opinion, nor uttered but one lan
guage—that of unqualified opposition.
Nothing can be so fatal to the peace
of the country, so destructive of the
honor and of all hopes of reconstruc
tion, as the secession of Tennessee and
the border States under existing cir
You must remember that there are
disunionists among the party leaders
at the North 4s well as the South—
men whose hostility to slaVer3r is
stronger than their fidelity to the Con
stitution, and who believe that the
disruption of the Union would draw
after it, as an inevitable consequence,
civil war, servile insurrection, and fi
nally the utter extermination of slay-
cry in all the Southern States. They
are bold, daring, determined men; and
believing, as they do, that the Consti
tution of tho United States is the great
bulwark of slavery on this continent,
and that the disruption of the Ameri
can Union involves the inevitable de
struction of slavery, and is an indis
pensable necessity to the attainment
of that end, they are determined to
accomplish their paramount object by
any means within their power. For
these reasons, the Northern disunion
ists, like the disunionists of the South,
are violently opposed to all compro
mises on constitutional amendments,
or efforts at conciliation, whereby
peace could be restored, and the Union
They are striving to break up the
Union under pretense of unbounded
devotion to it. They are struggling
to overthrow the Constitution while
professing undying attachment to it,
and a willingness to make any sacrifice
to maintain it. They are trying to
plunge the country into civil war, as
the surest means of destroying the
Union, upon the plan of enforcing the
laws and protecting the public proper
ty. If they can defeat any kind of
adjustment or compromise, by which
the points at issue may be satisfactori
ly settled, and keep up the irritation
so as to induce the Border States to
follow the Cotton States, they will feel
certain of the accomplishment of their
ultimate designs.
Nothing will gratify them so much,
or contribute so effectually to their
success as the secession of Tennessee
and the Border States. Every State
that withdraws from the Union in
creases the relative power of Northern
Abolitionists to defeat a satisfactory
adjustment, and to bring on war,which,
sooner or later, must end in final sepa
ration, and recognition of the indepen
dence of the two contending sections.
If, on the contrary, Tennessee ' North
Carolina, and the Border States, will
remain in the Union, and will unite
with the conservative and Union-lov
ing men of all parties in the North, in
the adoption of such a compromise as
will bo alike honorable, safe and just
to the people of all the States, peace
and fraternal feeling will soon return,
and the Cotton States come back, and
the Union be rendered perpetual.
Pardon the repetition, for it cannot
be too strongly impressed upon all
who love our country, that secession
and war will be destructive, not only
of the present Union, but will blast
all hope of reconstruction upon a con
stitutional basis. I trust you will do
me the justice to publish this note in
your next issue,
I am, very truly, your friend,
S. A. DoomAs
On the gist Jail.,Chout AtIALINF, daughter of Jut.
and Temperance McCartney, aged 6 yeat a 6 months and 20
Beloved by all with whom she was connected, silo has
left a vacancy In the home circle and her parents heart's,
which only the soothing hand of a merciful Father can
"So fades the lovely blooming dower,
Frail smiling, solace of an hour,
High in Heaven's own light uhu dwelleth;
Full the songs of triumph swelleth;
Freed horn earth, nod earthly falling,
Lift for her no voice of mailing."
MONDAY, Feb. 12.
Fancy and Extra Family Flour $5,75@16.25
Common and Suporfino • $5,1205,37
Eye Flour $3,6114
Corn Mail SM7A
Corn, prime Yellow
Clovrscecd, E 1 &Its
White 14 heat
Eta Wheat...
717 e
Clo err red..
ht maeS
Dried Apples
Ae GAG Run Station, and Newburg.
SIMON COIN di CO, have Just received front the East
ern Cities, a largo Mock of
Dry Goods, Groceries.,
garcastoare. Hardware,
Claihiny, Boonels, Shawls,
hats, Clips, Brats, Shoo,
and all other articles kept In country stores, which they
are °tiering at their Mammoth Stores, at Coffee ltun Sta
tion and INew burg, at unusually low prices. The ladies
especially, are Invited to call and examine their Fancy
Having arrangements with large firms in Philadelphia
and Other easiest% cities, they are able to hay their goods
cheaper than other country metchauts, acid can conse
quently, undersell Bumf In exchange for goods, they
take oil kinds of country produce at the highest cash pri
ces. By strict attention to the wants of customers, they
hope to receive a coothitiation of the liberal patronage
with which they have beim heretofore favored.
Mr. Cohn is Agent of the Broad Top It. It. Co., at Coffee
Run Station, and le prepared tu ship all kinds of Groin to
the Eastern markets. Having a large ware Room, far
mers can store with hint until ready to ship. Es ery con
venience will he afforded them.
Feb. 13, 1951.
virtue of nu alias order of the Orphans' Court of llun
ting,don county, x ill be sold at Public Sale, on the prom
ices, in Tell township, on
Thursday, March the TM, 1801,
the following certain lifeesusgss nod 'fillets of Land, to
A certain Tract of Land situate in the said
township of Tell, bounded by lands M . William Wtdney,
Jonathan Briggs.and public roadplso, by mountain lands
of said George Wilson, Dee'd., Airs. Logue, and lands of 8.
J. Ileckedoin, part of vadell is cleared and under fence,
having then eon erected a log hansa—containing about 60
Acres mule or leas. This property mould malie itlf excel
lent stand fur a blacksmith shop.
ALso--A Tract of Mountain Land, onn
tatalug 100 Act es, mote or less, bounded by lauds of Jon-
Milan lh legs, James Jones' heirs, 'rusearont Monntain,&c.
TEII3IS OF SA I.ll.—Otte-half of the purchase money to
be paid on confli motion of sale, and the reAdtte in ono
year thereafter, to bo Secured by the bond and mortgage
of the purchaser
U. R. Sill:Ant:R. Executor.
Feb.l3, 1861.-3 t
virtu° of no order of tho Orphans' Court of Hun
tingdon county. still bo sold at Public solo, un tho
premises, iu Dimly township, on
Thursday .h.turqz the 140, ISM, at feq. o'apck, A. M.,
All that certain tract and Int of ground,
situate in said too oship of Brady, adjoining lands of Mar
tin Fleming on the south, lands of Joint McCarthy's heirs
on the nut th :Old west, and land, ofJonathea Ntet‘ on the
oast, containing 8 nerve and sense perches, having thereon
a berm nod barn and ether buildings.
TERMS OF SA I.E.—One-half of the purcluteo money to
be paid on confirmation of sale, and the residue In ono
year with interest, to be secured by the bond and mortgage
of the purchaser. JAMES G. CORBIN,
Feb 13, 1861.-3 t. Triedee.
,511ERIFF'S SALES.—By virtue of
sundry writs or Lev. Fa. and Fi. Fa, to use directed, 1
exuoso to public hate, or outcry. nt ato Court House,
on Saturdsy the 2,1 doy of March, 1801, at 2 o'clock, I'. M.,
tlio following described property, tq :
All that lot of ground, situate in Bread
Top City, in Carbon township, (bite trod tp.,) in said comi
ty, being No. IS3 in the geherni plait of told town, with
all that certain plank house one and a half stories high
theicon erected, said lot fronting 30 feet on Broad street.
Seized and taken in execution nod to besoiduz the proper
ty of Moses Heilman.
Also—All that cortan let of growl in the
town of Barnet in Carbon township, fronting 50 feet on
Hamilton street, and extending in depth tin t feet to Mat
lock Alley, and being lot No. lit In the plan of sold town,
having thereon erected o from° hails) 18 by 40 feet, occu
pied as a tavern, and other bnildings. Also, All that cer
tain other lot Of ground sltuote itl thq town of Barnet, in
Carbon township, fronting 50 feet op Hamilton street, nod
extending in depth 140 feet to Hemlock Alley, and being
bit No. It In the plan of said town, having thereon a frame
stable 20 by la feet. Seized and taken in execution and
to bo sold cus the property of AIMS Dunn.
Stream's. Orrice,
Huntingdon, Feb, 18, 1000. J.
The undersigned auditor, appointed to distribute
t to balance remaining in the Laud of Dahlia' Massey,
ntlinr. de bents non cum testament° annexe, of Thomas
Flair. deed., will attend to his duties at the office of 3111 es
Doirle, on Friday the 221 day of March next, at ten
o'clock. A. M. WILLIAM DORRIS, Jr.
Feb 13, 1061.-It. Auditor.
Estato of Andrew AiMon, Deed.
Letters of administration an the estate of Andrew Alli
son. late of Henderson tp.. dec'd., having been greeted to
the undersigned, all persons having claims nohist the
estate ate requested to present them to Alexander Allison,
at Cresson, Cumbria co., Pa.. or John Porter, near ilqq
tingdon, end nil persons indebted will melee kunteediate
payment. .101110 PORTHR,
Feb. 1 t , 1801.-Ot. Admire.
IN Tilt.l
The Illinois Ceneml Railroad Company bare for Sala
1,200,000 ACRES
Of Bleb Farming Lands in Tracts of Forty Arras and
Upwas d, on Long Crciit rind at Low Prices.
The attention of the enterprising and Industrious por
tion of the community is directed to the following state
ments and liberal inducements offered them by the
Which, as they trill perceive, will enable them, by proper
energy, person, enlace, and industry,to ptovido comfortable
aunt permanent homes tor themselves and families, with,
eomparathely :positing, very little capital.
lco State in the valley of the Mississippi offers so great
att inducement to the settler ns the State of Illinois.—
There is no portion of the world where all of the condi
tions of climate and soil so admirably combine to produce
those two great staples, corn and Is beat, as the prairies of
lho deep rich loam of the profiles is coltivated with
such eohderful facility that the farmers of tho Eastex
and Middle States arc moving to Illinois in great numbers.
The area of Illinelj in about equal to that of England, and
the soil is so rich that it will support twenty millions of
Tlzoso lands are contiguous to a railroad seven Minared
tiles in length, which connects with other roads and nav
igable lakes and rivers, thus affording au unbroken com
municAtatlon with tho Eastern and Sauther4 markets.
Thus far capitol and labor have been applied to develop
ng the toil: the great resources of the State hi coal and
mu are almost untouched. The Invariable rule that the
nechanic arts flourish best Inhere food and fuel ero cheap.
st, mill follow nt an early day in Illinois, and in the course
f the next ten years the natural Uwe and nece4dties of
be case was rant the belief that at least floe hundred
housand people v. ill be engaged i u the State of Illinois In
he tattoos men =tut frig outdo} motifs.
Over 5100,000,000 of privnto capital have been expended
on the rulhead system of Illinois. Inasmuch as part of
the income hem sevend of these winks, with a valuable
Public fund in lands, go to diminish the State expenses,
the taxes are light, and must consequently every day de.
Tho State debt is only $10,105,398 14, and IN (thin the
Ina three years has boon reduced $7.9i9.146 SO ; and pro
otty reasonably expect that in ten years it 0111 become
The State is rapidly 8 i ling up with population ; 863,
026 permone haring been added Nince 1860, making the pop
nlation 496—n ratio of 102 per cunt. in ten years.
The agricultural products of 1111.101 s rue greater than
hose of any other State. The products sent out during
he post:year exceeded 1,000,000 tons. The wheat et up of
SOS approaches 35,000,000 bushels, while the corn crop
,sield.s not less than 140,000,000 bushels.
Non hero can the industrious farmer secure such Immo.
dint° robults for his labor no upon them pinkie .11R, they
being composed of a:deep rich loam, the fertility of which
is unsurpassed by any on the g!obo.
Snce. 1554 the annpany hare sold 1,100,000 acra. They
sell only to actual cultivators, and every conUract contains
an agreement to cultivate. The road has been constructed
through these lands at an expense of $30,000,000. In 18 •0,
the population of the 49 counties through which d passes
was only 335.590, since which 479.291 hart been added, ma.
tog Mc ,ehote inundation 014,101—a oin of 113 per cent.
As en es Mena° of the thrift of the people, it may be
stated that 600,000 tons of ft eight, including 8:00,000 bus,
of grain and 200,000 barrels of flour, were forwarded over
the line last year.
Mechanics and worbingmen will find the free school
system encouraged by the Mate and endowed snit n large
revenue for tire support of schools. Their children can
live in eight of the church and school house, and grow up
with the prosperity of the leading state in theo teat West.
ern Empire,
" '
The pi feel of tlieeo lands vary from VI to sas per acre,
=tinting to location, quality, &c. Firefolass farming lands
sell for ideint $lO or $ll per act° ; and the relative expenso
of subduing prairie land, as compared With a oodland, is is
the retio of une to ten In fmor of the fartaeir.. The terms
of tale for tho hulk of theso lands will '
at six per cent per annum, and six Interest notes at six
per cent. payable rem, timely in one, two. th ree, four,tive,
and six years from date o sale ; and four notes for princi
pal, payable in four, five, six, and coven yews, from date
of sale ; the contract stipulating that one•tenth of the tract
purchased shall he fenced anti culthated, each and every
year for live years from the date of sale, so that at the end
of five years one-half shall be fenced and under cultivation,
from the valuation fur cash, except the same should be at
six dollars per acre, when the cash mice will beg dollars,
Pamphlets descriptive of the lands, soil, climate, pro
ductions, prices, and terms of payment. con he had on op.
.t ,7535,25
plication to J. W. FOSTER,
Land Commissioner, Illinois Central Railroad,
Chicago, Illinois.
For the names of the towns. silia3es, and cities situated
upon tho Illinois Control Railroad, see pages 188, 189. and
130 Appleton's Railway Guile. [rob, }o,'ol-n tr.
...:5 .50
DUBIAC SALE.-The subscriber will
sell at Pnblic Sale, at lila Fesi,lence in Henderson
Atix„The folloning personal property two ,y.,r•.,
Colts, too years old is the sip itig,tuol:r
Mitch Coat; and Etei era' bead or young. R,t ,
Cattle. Wagon and Ilny Ladders, ono /in .ao
leg Machine, Piqua, liairoaa, and other farming utenenla.
Unto to conlindnoe at 1 o'clock on raid day, when term
will be made known by JACOB lIETRIeIi.
Feb. 6, 1861.
12. 1 i
, . 1134
Notice Is hereby given to all concerned, that ap
plication will be made to the Legislature of Pednlylvania,
at Represent Session, for the pas.nge of "An Act to In
corporate the Powelton Cool and Iron Company," empow.
°dug said company to hold lands, dc., in Bedford and
Huntingdon counties; and that the names of the corpora
tors in said company v,lll be
Fob. 6,1361.-11 t.
All persons interested are hereby 'Willed that at
the present Session of the Legislatuto f Penn's. '
an ap
plication will he mode for the passage of an Act of Assem
bly to be entitled " An Act to incorporate tho Glatnergan
Icon Company," glting such company, the priullege of
holding lands In Untillngdon and Bedlord counties, and
of carrying on tint business of man atctnring iron therein,
In which hilt the undersigned will be the Corpurators
it. It. WIOTON, "WM. P. Olt BISON,
Feb. 6,1.861.—1 t.
The undei signed Auditor appointed by the Orli/nibs'
Covet of Huntingdon co., to distribute the. balance in tie
hands of Henry Brewster and Jesse Hollingsworth, Ail.
miulstratoms of the Hon. John Browder, late of the, bor
°nil of Shirlepiburg, deed, beteby gives notice that he
wilt attend et leis offica in Huntingdon, on Thursday the
2.91/1 cloy of February neat, at one o'clock, P. M., for the
purpose of malting said distribution, when dud uhei o all
persons interested are required to pieseut their claims
against said fund, or be forever debarred front coming in
upon the same—the said fund being the balance on their
pettiei Athninietletiell ettOnnt.
Huntingdon, Feb. 6, 1861.-It.
Theundersigned Auditor, appointed by the Court of
COl,llllOll Fleas of Huntingdon county, to distribute the
the loud to the bonds ofdohn C. Watson, sheriff, from the
sato of the personal estate of David Wright, hereby gives
notice to all persons Interested, that ho attend at his
Wilco In Huntingdon, on Friday lht let day of March nert,
at 10 o'hloclr, A. Id , for the purpose of malting said distri
bution, when and where all persons aro required to pre
sent their chQms ItgAillSt the said fund or be forever do•
dared from coming In upon the same.
Huntingdon, Feb. 8,18131.—1 t. Auditor.
The undersigned Auditor, uppo:nted by the Court of
Common Pleas of Huntingdon county, to distribute the
fund in the bands of John C. Watson, Esq., Sheriff, arising,
from the Bale of the personal property of David Grove,
hereby gives notice that ho will attend, at his olive in
Huntingdon, MI Pt idny, theist of March next, at 1 o'clock
P. M., for the pqrpose of making said dial ibutiOni when
and where nil persons ale required to present their claims
against said hind, or be forever debarred front coming in
upon the seem. THEODORE 11. CRDMER.
'Huntingdon, Feb. 6,1567.-It.
IN 1101 , 1011 OF
The Here of Fort Sumter,
At the Court House, in. Huntingdon,
The sorvlcts of the " Excolstor Cornet Bartd," and the
"Continental String Band" have been seemed for tho oc
4/Z - - There will boa Grand Dleplay of FIREWORKS on
that °telling. Tickets can bo practiced of the undorslgtied.
E. C. BUlllitats,
Iluntinolon, Jan. 30, 1861. :Manager.
T 1 P. GIVIN'S is the place to buy
_Ly O good and cheap Carpets.
UM SHOES, cheaper at D.P. Uwin's
‘'than can be had in town. Call and nee them.
LANDS or %moms
IfUNTINODON COUNTY, ftom the 3d day of. Tann•
ary f 360, t9Atka ith day of January 1801, including both
1851. Charles Green. West, 22 97
1863, Lake Voorhees, Henderson, 131 09
1855. John Thompson, Welker, 97 34
1856. Solomon Hamer, Jackson, 40 85
1857. Joseph Park, Clay, 6 60
William Johns, Cromwell, ao oo
" George Miller, Oneida, 159 80
" James G. Doyle, Shirley, 58 83
a Joshua Johns, Springaeld, 784
1858. Wm. Walker. Alexandria, 33 77
John S. Gehrett, Cassville, 6 76
O George D. Hudson, Clay, 144 65
• Joseph Cornelius, Cromwell, ND 50
" William McClain, Dublin, 90 13
" Jacob Holtman, Henderson, 24 79
• Peter Swoopo, Huntingdon, TO 130
" Samuel Sterfey, Jackson, 200 00
• Nathaniel Lytle. Morris, 648 74
/nude) Knode, Porter, 203 73
" David Aurandt, 'foil, 355 00
henry Swoope, Walker, 120 67 $2014. 42
1851. William Kemp, Alexmairia, 252 60
Ii Samuel Myron, Barren, 074 08
J/111108 K. ilampson, Brady. 290 61
ll John It. Gomel!, Cass, 2.55 10
Nicholas Cm bin, Cassville, 49 30
a Joseph Biggins, Carbon, 490 21
" Benedict Stereos, Clay, 332 59
" James Baker Esq., Cromwell, 321 03
John Ebberts, Franklin, 1657 81
a Ellsha Shoemaker, Henderson, 274 50
" John Rothrock, hoponell, 140 00
ti A. S. Harrison, Huntingdon, 731 70
John Oaks, Jackson, 1027 28
a John R. Dean, Juniata, 180 25
O 'Jerry Moore, Mimi% 991 40
a John Logan, Oneida, 164 53
li John householder, Penn, 507 22
Robert Laird, Porter, 3421 19
a David Parsons, Tell, 395 51
Isaac Coffman, Toil, 330 13
John Eby, Shirley, 1173 12
George Leas, Shirleysbnrg, 00 48
a Moses Hamer, Walker. 508 21
Peter IL Burket, Worries ernark, 023 82
R. M. Cunningham, West, 1403 87
a John Dayton. Union, 192 53
James Harper, Dublin. 473 39
ll Jacob Baker. Springfield, 253 38 10313 31
1860. William Walker, Alexaudria. 200 45
a Samuel W. 'Bytes, Barren, 2.75 00
" Isaac Wolverton, Brady, 189 45
Joseph P. Coffman, Cuss, 132 00
Austin Green, Caseville, 40 00
Jesse Cook, Carbon, 88 GI
G. H. Stevens, Clay, 54 29
• Frederick Harmon, Cromwell, 48 00
Daniel Conrail, Franklin, 56.315
Jacob Iletricir, Henderson, 151 35
Wm. G. Rohm, Huntingdon, 7118 78
Henry Lee, Jackson, 215 00
" Levi ltidenour, Juniata, 80 00
" W:n. Ilileinan, Morris, 250 00
John P. Sten art, Oneida, 72 53
" Wm. Dean, Penn, 396 00
ll R. A. T.aird, Porter, 150 00
ti John Silverthoru, Tell, 107 91
" Jacob Elias, Tod, 130 00
George Stottliter, Skit ley, 30923
9 W. A, Fralter, Shirleyeborg, 47 24
Jonas Buck a alter, Walker, 326 OR
John R. Thompson, Warriorsiletrk, 405 OU
• Ilenry Neff, West, 146 05
" Thomas Irvin, Bolen, 205 98
Jacob E. Bare, Springflehl, 62 00 6079 02
Received on unseated lands, 48712
School tax on 1 'I 279 93
Road a 1..1. 192 45 959 00
Redemption money paid in, 242 00
On judgment against Charles Cowden, 450 13
Flues and Jury fees recd from Sheriff', 51 00
Itcc'd on Conith Cases Fines and costs
N. Pelgh tal, 1050
John Snyder, 12 61
George Jones, 52 50
J. Love Esq , 4 67
Sundry persons. 13 00
It. Stewart Esq., 1 32
George Africa, 27 00
A. W. Swoop° Keg., 1 34
Kinney, Long dc Parks, 25 08
John 11.01 i 14 00
George Ilarvey, 8 50
John Baker, 16 00
C. Sankey, 108 192 00
Rent for use of Court house, 01 50
IL W. Miller for old stove, 5 00
Proceeds of Oil astray, 2 SO
Military Auditors for T. P. Lose, /0 00
Balance dile Treasurer, 1243 89
Attorney Gen. Prothonotary, Sheriff and wit
ness tees on Commonwealth prosecutions, $1262, 61
Constables making returns and election fees, 411 61
Grand and Travers° Jurors, Constables, Crier
and Tlpstatt 2213 51
Judges, Inspectors & Cli#is of Ele,ctiorm, 1080 90
Inquisitions on dead bodies, 168 01
Wild Cat and Fox scalps, 386 50
Road and Bildge views, 436 00
Road Damages, Basil Armes, $916
H. C. Cr emer, 100 00 109 10
Assessors orders, 370 62
Bridges, Building at McAlevPs Fort, 020 00
Sheds Creek, 146 83
Spring Creek, 300 00
et it Shaver's Creek, 91 99
Mill Creek, 50 00 1200 82
. Repairing at Di tikes Ferry, 759 09
Union Mimic°, 153 75
Hawn's, 79 56 933 30
Repairs at mut home and Jail, 285 59
Fuel 233 50
Pahl on icon fence at court ham, 200 00
" for pavement 0 141 87
" for Cos6o 95
" on County bonds, 1512 08
" Interest on do.. 440 43 1973 11
Judgment pAid F. 11. Lane, 4782 54
D. Caldwell indexing Qr. Session docket, 110 00
removing papers Prty's OM., 55 00
fees as Pi ofy, CFR of Sessions, 85 31 230 31
Seals and presses for public Mikes, 91 .50
Rooks and stationery ° '. 62 04
Postage, 47 02 200 50
Sheriff Miller, in full for boarding prisoners
convoying convicts to penitentiary, ilic,, 151 90
Slierlff Watson, on account for do., 402 70
'. Miller costs on executions stayed by -
Countifislonen, 18 20
Dr. Dorsey, medical attendance on pis., 50 75
Planting for County :
Nash & Whittaker, 142 75
Wm. Lents, 83 28
Wm. Brewster, 250
John Lutz, 23 50 252 00
Western Penitentiary, keeping convicts, 181 20
Merchandise for court house and Jail, 38 72
Washing for p% isoners, 20 00
Cleaning court house . ; 25 00 45 00
Redemption money paid oat, 167 54
County Auditors—'P. W. Grafflua, 18 50
Im ad Gratlius, 18 00
Wm. L. Cunningham, 19 50
Clerk 11. W. Miller, 10 00 64 00
J- S. Stewart, auditing Pt °dye S. Reg. act., 0 00
Commissioners-11. L McCarthy, in full, 47 50
G. IV. Mattern, 00 50
John Pinner, 158 50
M. P. Campbell, 105 73 458 23
Clerk of Commission°rs in full f0r1659, 150 00
0 on account for 1800, 330 00 480 00
Expenses of Condrs visiting bridges, 35 70
Agricultutal Society, 100 00
Refunding orders, 119 43
.10%0 Reed, Ed+, Atty for Contra in full '59, 2/ 00
on account for 1800, 30 00 55 00
" per centago on mom
ey collected, 81 62
School tux on unseated land, 69 45
'load 0 72 05 141 50
neasmer of Hunt. Co. Poor House, 7793 62
Treasurers COLIIIIILSSIOII on 454471 60 at 13;
per cent. 810 77
In testimony of the correctness of the above, we here
unto subscribe our names and MHz tb o EP) or 3014 coun
ty this ith day of January. 1801.
Attest 11cNay W. Milton. Cleric.
. • -
We the under signed Auditors of Ifuntingdou county,
Pa, elected and sworn according to law, report that we
met, did audit, eettlo and adjust, recording to law, the ac
counts of If. T. 'Mute, Esq., Treasurer of the county of
Huntingdon, and the orders et the Conunissloners and the
receipts of the same, for rind during the past your, and
find a balance due 11. T. White. Treasurer, of one thousand
two hundred and fto“ co dallara and eigh ty.nlna canto.
(Waal Under oar hands at the Connuisatottet °Mee, In
the tan °nil of Ifuntingdon, tiro Ith day of.fanttery, 1801.
• WM. L CUNNING lIA3L} Auditors.
reb. 1661.—1 t.
Thompson, Stew:lid, In account with Huntingdon
County Alms House, from Jan. sth, 1860, to January at,
18b1, inslustvo:
258. To County Treasurer for amount drawn $ll2O 08
Error discovered in last settlement, 37
Levi Evans for his note, 1230
John Hicks for Lis note ono yoke oxen, 76 00
J. slcElw ee, do do 000
Wm. Diver, do do 28 60
Win. Glasgow; do do 42 29
Wm. Skinner, do ono horso sold Malt ;50 00
Cumberland county Alms House mitt freolved, 31 50
Thomas illefiarvey, for his note, 600
J. 0111 eland, do., 75 00
K. P. Moore, one horse sold htni, 1.10 00
D. Clarkson, cash paid, Ammerman ono, 27 50
CR. By Sundry Erpendilum for me of liouse.
Ir o whiy Sintentene No. 1, Tmtuary.
By removing Mafia Duncan to Juniata ceputy, $6 25
Attendant° at II tuttingdou 5 days annual settlement, 3 76
Sending off sundry paupers, 4 75
lungerick .0 Smith, Gtr groceries, 18 76
Abram betvia, for camp/tone, 5 00 ,
Traveling expenses during month, Out door huskiest', 6 30
Cash paid for sundry incidental expenses, - 4 63
Statement No. 2. February.
J. Ricketts, for plastering, 200
Stark & e Q . , glocery bill, 105 00
J. C. Seehler, freight on groceries, 10 23
Removing J. Finbaugh to house, 3 60
lending ocr sundry rftlpers, 1 00 ,
Cash paid for sundry incidental expenses, 442
Statement /To. 3. March.
Expenses going to Huntingdon, 1 50
Removing Susan Bolinger, 2 25
C. E. Prober, for stage fare paid, 1 37
Expenses going to Warrlotemark on Russell case, 4 62
J. C. Seehler, for freight paid, 110
Expanses attending Russel family, Aturrata case, Sc., 6 83
Cash paid for bottle Cherry Pectoral,
Sending off paupers, 200
Traveling expenses going to Scottsville, 37
Incidental expenses during the mouth, 4 03
Statement 110.4. April.
Going to Hatfield'. forgo, Ayers case, 3 53
A. Pt ice, for potatoes, 2 25
Going to Iriulthigtion twice, I 05
Wm. Lyons, fur order, coris leg case, 60 00
Sending off peepers, 2 10
Traveling expenses, 47
Incidental expenses, 2 15
Statement .No. 5. May ;
Going to Huntingdon twice, 215
Removing Joseph Henry from Tyrone, 2 85
James Bull for cash paid hint, • 4 60
Cash paid Colbert and family to leave, 15 00
Incidental expenses during the month, 166
Statement No. 0. Jrunc,
Going to McConnollof own, on B. Chancy owe, 2 50
Weaver A Graham, for mitt paid per receipt, .45 413
Elizabeth Zilch for rent paid her, 1 60
J. C. Scebler railroad fare, for sending MI paupers, 5 00
do for Bight itc., 817
W. A. & L. nonfat)) for merehandiffe per receipt, 106 60
Going to Huntingdon, 140
Incidental expen,ans during the mouth 314
Slaturnent 140. 7. July.
Going to Ifarkkishurg, Elizabeth Fry case, 4 25
Thomas .1. Briggs Watt paid for labor, 7 55
Statement XI. 8 and 9. August and September.
Going to Huntingdon dx, 1 70
Going to Broad Top, 3 45
Mrs. Brindle, for ashes de, 1 02
Going to Huntingdon, 1 95
Incidental expenditures, ' 251
Statement No.lo. October.
Going to Huntingdon, 220
Cosh paid for hots°, buggy and oasistance, I 50
Going to Patterson, 2 70
Cash paid J. Carothers for 100 loabbeLs wheat, 110 00
Sending off pauper, 25
Incidental expenses, 94
Statement 110.11. nrember.
T. P. McNite, for postage stamps, 2 22
J. C. Steiger, faro &c., P. Railroad, 012
Atiendanco at court with 3 girls, 5 10
Pennsylvania R. Road, for removing paupers to Phil.lo 60
Cash paid, expenses on rqorn, 7 30
Removing Sire. Wilson to ifarrlehurg, 3 60
Going to Roseville, T. Slurry ease, 12 00
.1. 5. Sillier, for keeping two poupors, 2 50
Inchlental during mouth, 220
Statement No. 12. DsevaN7:.
Removing Torrance Murry to hone% 1 25
Going to Huntingdon, 150
T. Sylvester, {pr cash paid, AO 00
T. P. lllcilite, for postage stamp., 75
Cash paid for asPeti OOd Cabbage Nitrite, 1 25
Sending off paupers, 60
Philip Crouse, for tavern bit], per AL Digman, 62
.. -
Levi Evans, for his note lifted by Directors, 12 99
T. McGarvey. for Lie note to part, 99 45
J. Dicks, for his note returned not collected, 75 09
J. bleAl wee, do 4o 900
Wm. Piper, do do 28 50
Wm. Glasgow, do 40 42 29
J. Gilliland, do do 600
11. T. White, order in Ws bands not appropriated . , 412 47
Salary as Steward, 400 00
sviza 63
In testimony of the correctness of the above account and
statement, we do hereunto set our bands this 2d day of
January, A. D. 2861. . .
Of the Huntingdon County Alms House from Jan.
, 18t0 to Jan. 2. 1851, inclusive.
To Co. Treasurer for amount drawn on orders, $6175 09
John Thompson, Steward, for sundries, 697 55
Expended for use of FUTM • Fire P.
By Israel Baker, Tor one horse, No.l, 0110 00
W. P. Harris, difference in swap of horns, 2, 50 OD
John Long, fiebool ton and costs, 3, 20 83
lien ry Myers, swathing. 4& 5, 77 01
John Wicks, do, Including now wagon, 0& 7, 128 97
J. Ili Iggs, repairing and um, k on larni, 8 k 9, 21 41
T. J. Briggs, for work on farm, 10 .011, 18 07
W. C. bridge, do 12, G 64
Abram Carothers, one plow. 13, 7 00
Fred. (Muck, 15 Ilpliola seed wheat, 14, 18 75
R. A. Miller, 14 bushels eupprior do 15, 28 00
Sundry persons fee sundries, 10 to 20, 15 10
Wiry Ilarrll, wages no former, bolrinpo, 21. 201 43
S. F. Thompson, suddry work on tam, .12, 21 25
Dfcrcha7ulise. Fire At.
By Irtn. 11, Leas, for tnerchendite,
W. A. Braker, do
W. 11. Brewster, do
Foust & Etuier, do 19. to 10, 50 95
51. Bare, do IT to 20, 170 50
Wrn. Johnson, do "1 & 22, Ea 22
John K. Lutz,
George uartughlin, do
Monism E. Orbison,
S. Cress, ell & Son. do
Dnvid Etnier, do
W. & J. Carmon, do
Provisions. rik P.
. .
John Jacobs. for beef and pork, No. Ito 8, 78 16
J. Jacobs & Co., butchers' meat, 4' 17 19
Thomas McOaryey, do 6, 13 97
W. H. Johnson, do 0, 11 10
Abram Carothers, wheat and corn, 7& 8, 57 45
do beef and corn, 0, 52 07
S. R. Douglas, Nal t oat and corn, 10 & 11, 71 37
Samuel Lutz.lool-5 bushels NV Lent, 12, 113 39
Samuel Bowman, 100 do 13. 110 00
£ ^ 8350 13
Adam Ileiffner,.9l3
Joshob Price, 3 stock steers, 15, 72 50
Bashi Boyer, 1136 lbs pork. 10, 68 18
George Swartz, 57 9.60 bushels wheat, 17, 62 56
George Eby, wheat and buckwheat, 18, 58 75
Isaac Rorer. 50 bushels wheat, 19, 55 62
John Muyeart, 45 do 20, 50 62
A. Heiner, wheat and corn, ' 21, 60 60
Janice Ildernen, beer...a and sheep, 22, 41 75
Wm. Alcilarrliy, 29 bushels wheat. 23, 33 62
John Swine, 25 do 24, 32 25
Jo eph Rhodes. 714 do 25, 7 50
Catharine 12. Fruiter, 57 lbs. Ireton, 20, 7 12
H. J. 51cKinnon, 32 lbs. do 27 4 OD
. . • '
Jonathan Carothers, balance on wheat, 38, 632
James Lane, 06 lbs Loaf, 20, 3 84
R. Ashman, 0768 Ills pork, 3387 lbe beef, 30, 541 58
Out Door Paupers. Pile 0. D.
B. X. ill air,keeping W. Hockrnberry,No. Ito 12, 78 00
J. K. Thompson, do Mrs. Arnold, 33 to 24, 08 00
G. Shultzberger do S. Shultnberger, 25 to 30, 62 00
D. Megatiou do Rebecca Chaney, 37 to 48, 94 87
It. Danaltenbangh do S. Daogitenbayglt, 40 to 60, 62 00
T. Creswell do Margaret Creswell, 01 to 72, 52 00
Wm. Cornelius do John Benrd, 73 to 84, 68 50
A. Iff. Benedict do Ann Martin, 85 to 96, 05 00
Delia Houck do Edith Fright, 97 to 107, 62 00
T. IL Cramer do Em. _Horrors, 108 to 115, 50 63
Wm. Martin do Mary Martin, 116 to 122, 22 50
Joseph Beaty do Newton Corbin, 123 to 128, 15 00
W. B. Leas do Gunsaul and Beaty, 129 43134; 42 25
John Ilityett do Wm. Malierrau, 135 to 104, 108 30
John Oaks do P. Ibish and wife. 139 to 142, 133 OD
B. F. Patton do 11. Russell and family, 143 to 144 58 00
J. W. /Bittern do Mrs. Wharton, 140 to 140 61 00
M. Starr do Davis and Gamble, 148 to 151; 09 00
Jacob Fry do Elisabeth Pry, 152 to 151', 2200
W. Moore do Hamilton and Davis, 150 to 158; Hi SO
do do clothing, 155, 11. 53
J, Stinson allowance at sundry time., 160 to 163, 16 40
D. Snore relief furnished sundry eases,l64 to 172 y 88111.
I Starr keeping Sarah Welch, 173 to 175, 33 00
J. Donaldson do G. Watrlng, 176 to 177, 17 00
P. M. Bore do Mot Robley, ' 178 & 175, 12 OD
M. A. Temple do J. Blubaugh, 180 & 181, 36 28
Wra. CI oteley ,to 2, Park, etc., 182 & 183, 16 60
D. Blair furnishing sundry cases, 184 - to 188, 975
Sundry persons cofflos for out door p, 127 tol6l, 21 00
John Carberry services per lAD, 192. 37 60
Flatter & Son keeping Old !Dollard, 193, 36 00
S. Ilatileld fornishing Charles Ayres, 19.1, 32 11
D. 1113 the boat ding Richard Bell, 155, 21 05
D. Donlon attehtlancs on J.llenry, 196, 14 45
R. 11. Bowel sundries furnished out door p., 197, 13 72
Jacob Kling for boarding T. Murray, 198, 11 25
S. McPlierran, servitor for Maria Mimes, 155, 10 00
George Eby. furnishing S. Campbell, 205, 10 69
J. J. Cox burying Wm. Pierce, 201, 7 00
Peter Swoepo for sundry services, 202, 8 27
J. G. Stewart services for R. Walker, 203, 5 00
C. Decker do S. Boyers, 204, 7 75
Fisher & tileMui trio flour. Bell & Price, 206, 4 87
It. Ashman furnishing J. Banks, 206, 600
11. Honshu services for It. McDonald, 207, 7 CO
C. Hoffman boarding Sarah Maddon, 2673, 600
A. Mena boarding Susan Itillinger, 2017; 6 25
Win. MeOin ley at tending J. Fiubauglt, 1110, 050
Cleo. Smith Maur for Ira. Not net, 211, 200
J. Birkhemer attending J. Finbangb, 212, 2 00
11. S.tvits boarding Jurah Boley, 213, 1 50
BllzabotbSkirk, do 214, 100
Sundry b. D's. medicine and attendance on Out Door
By Dr. M. J. McKinnon medicine and atten
dance in sundry eases, No. 215-18, 62 37
Dr II Wady attending 2 cases, 210-20, 20 25
Dr J A Shade do 2 cases, 221-22, 34 25
Dr J F Kay do 11 Rmaiel and family,223-24, 22 50
Dr 11 L Brown do Richard Bell, 225-26, 20 00
Dr UIF Huyett do 2 cased, 227-28, 15 00
Dr J M GemioBl do Mcltuglin, 223 860
Dr Jll Irwin do Ayres, , 210, 700
Dr J II Flickinger do Joen Beatty, 231, 5 00
Dr '6 Randall do Upsinger, 232, 12 00
Dr .1 9 Orillith do Elizabeth Renter, 233, 2 50
Dr II D F Baird do Samuel Madden, 234, 13 00
Dr I. 6' Bush do Daniel Banks, 235, B 00
- -
.. ..
Dr J B Laden do Jaws Cooney, 230, 35 00
Dr C W Moore do It:chard Bell, 237, 47 . 50
Dr J F 31oVey, do James Henry, ps, 10 00
Dr G W Tbouipsou do It Walker, 239, 4 00
Pr A P Caldu ell do It McDonald, 240, 5 00
Sundry portoga situdry out door charg., 24741)234, 37 40
17Pnozal and Delit7ery. Fileß
11 Cramer delivering sundry paupers, No. Ito 3 It 40
Jll Lightner official fees, 4& 5, 580
G G 'fate removing out door paupers, 6to 8, 40 80
Adana iVarfel official fear, 0 dc 70, 3 OD
Jacob Menet deliver'g sundry paupers, 11 a 12, 13 DO
P Green for delivering ono pauper, 13, 655
Wm fleeter do one do 14, 630
Thou Carberry do ono do 15, 742
J3l Piper do ono do 10, 670
Samuel Coen do four do 17, 13 52
Woe Elea do one do 18, 870
Jacob Porter do one du 10, 470
A 111 EYAlati do one do 20, 450
Joseph Parka do ono do ffi, 330
J P Dunn do ono do
J Cromer do one 09 23, 330
BYingling do ono do 24, 105
ii McNeal do one do 25, 100
W A Jamison assisting Steward, 26, 6 00
C JO Prober for tavern hill, 27, 125
Sundry Justices for official fees 28 to 33 14 70
Incidental and NisceWanton:. File L
Id. S. Harrison, tin wino and repair, No, Ito 3, 02 08
Abram Lewis, for sundries, 4& 0, 4.08
J. C. Sechler, for radrond charges, 8& 7, 11 01
David Ilarwoy, shoemaking &n., Bto 11, 11 24
Jacob Sn 3 der, do -12 to 15; 21 tr,
Adam Bryan, d 0 18 k 17, - 0 39
Peter 31yent, for taiio tug, 18 & 19, 0 50
A. A. Shannon, repairing harness, 20 to 22, 880
IticHtnnon & Mplilic, for drugs, 23 to 24, 417
J. Lutz, for 'Wheat, printing and pills, 25 to 20, 78 78
C. & 11. Herizter, weaving and yarn, 27 to 28, 15 30
Thomas 31c3lite, for drugs, 29 to 31, 25 29
David Shaver, for lumber, 32 & 33, 4227
Blair county Alms House, sundries for
11011inshoad, 31,
46 89
11.31. Speer, publishing Annual Report, 35, 40 00
Wm. Lewis, do do 16, 40 00
Nash & Whittaker, do 37, 40 00
EL 7'. White. commission on 57,100, 35, 7 500
E. A. Myers, butchering and packing, 39, 33 20
G. 0. Trte, 9% tone atone coal, 40, 22 20
It. IL Wigton, 10 du 41, 17 41
D. etarksou, official fees and extra. services, 42, 17 82
Wm. Slooro, 5 days attendance at Huntingdon
and miingo, 43, 12 40
11. 7'. Stains, ono sewing machine, 44, 12 50
Row. R. E. Collins, mintsteilal services, 45, 12 00
I. 3.lcDonathan, shoemoking, " til, 10 47
. . .
J. S. Africa, use of Cumberland Valtoy Instr. '
once Company, 41, 16 82
Cunningham & Bro., two storm 48, 14 00
J. A. Brown, for sundry karilwarO, 49, 805
IL &meter, extra services and lath, 60, 8 80
Lau McMullen, for cutting wood, 51, 000
Wm. Drake, repairing and Misr ping saws, Sc, 52, 5 67
J. Thompson, balance 00 private account, 63, 547
it. Brindle, far coopering ' 64, 500
Dr. McKenna's, consults/11Rn visit, 66, 250
Sundry persons, sundry small items, 56 to el, 9 65
64 00
Parana Thompson, house labor, 62,
A. Thompson, ility•two weeks sewing. 63, 30 00
Esther A. Thompson, servloe as matron,
in, 50 00
901 78
7_36 00
No. 1 04, 183 01
sto 8, 119 82
9to 11, 125 07
25, 11 95
20, 4 58
27, 312
28, 125
707 CS
1720 02
John Thompson, Stewart, included in Lis statement,
Dr. B. Baird, services as attending Physician, 100 00
James 'Murphy, services 1113 director, 110 00
David Clarkson, do 121 10
Wm. Moore, do 174 02
Samna Peightal, do 25 al
Henry Bro water , eorrjooo no nlek-, 60 00
A. W. Beuedizt,Eaq.. do is otiose!, 20 00
J. Thompeon, steward, eyndry detailed la amount, 1720 Di
'Petal' amount of expenditure,
_Products of 04 Form.
125 bushels wheat; 300 bushels oats; 700 bushels cora,
(eats); 300 bushels potatoes; 18 tons hay; 8 loads corn fed,
der; 1000 heads otcabbage ; 10 bushels onions; 10 bushels
turnips; 3301 pounds pork ; 3812 pounds beef; 150 chick
ens; 7 tinliays; 22 hogs; 4 busbels clot erased, Ono bores
sold to Wm. Skinner $l5O. One horse sold to R. P Moore
$l4O " _ _
150 shirts, 40 &erne, 24 limns, 24 brit evinforte and
quilts, 24 sheets, 30 sacks, 15 night goicne,2s under shirts,
12 under skirts, 10 noilteciLekitte, 8 night cape, 12 peke
Roche, 30 palm pentedoone, 9 rake . , pilloW! cues, 29 peke
drawers, and 5 vests.
Stale on /land
2 horses, 8 ranch COWS, 22 hogs, about 100 Wallets wheat
100 bue. oats, 200 bus. corn, (sorsa 16 tons hay; 8 loud,
corn fodder, 300 heads cobbogo, 3 box. onions 9000 - pOlplde
pork, 5000 pounds beef.loo cbickene,3 turkeis, g w"gons,
3 plows, 3 cult/ratore, 2 barrows, 1 cart, 1 puny; 4: bola
le. a .°M.:',P,--p gt `v
2 , ; ,.. g.5 , V4 - g". ,, ,a1v,,V,1
i;r,l.r. -,,,...,,E
?„...: ~.„, i
: . r ,,,
ONOONN .=.03
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the above Inmates 5 are colored, 7 Insane, and 7
o the moloreigned Auditors of the county°, Hunting
do hereby certify that we tiara examined the orders,.
hors, accounts. etc. of the Directors of the Poor of
county, and rind the same to be correct ea above
And we do further find that on examining the
urar's account, ho ban paid on Poor Muse orders
boat settlement tho sum or $7,192 132.
taboo our hands thts 22d (lay..Tanuq, A.D.11342.
utiugdon, VO3. 6, 1661.
/ at the settlement of the Auditors for the year 1860,
Chitectos. 2bwnsliikr. aunty Tao. ,Statrt Taw.
1851. *
Charles HrzEgli
Luke t'orhees, Henderson,
John Smith, Barree,
Bolomon Hamer, Jackson,
B F Wallace, Morris,
Ifenry Grazier, Warriorsmarir, 107 22
William Johns, Cromwell,
&halt Weaver, Hopewell,
Joseph Cornelius, Cromwell,
Peter swoope, Huntingdon,
Samuel Steffey, Jackson,
Deult6 ID - toile t Porter,
David Aurandt, Tod. 4303
Thomas Ilyskill, Warriorentark, 100 11
*William Kemp, Ale.Nandtla,
Jobb IL Gonell, Cilsa,
tlosepb Diggine, Carbon,
Elisba Shoemaker, Henderson,
John Rothroek, Hopewell, 40 69
A 9 Harrison, Huntingdon, 1025 84 -
*John Dean, Juniata,
Perry Moore, Morrie,
John Householder, Penn,
tGarld Parsons ' Tell,
Isaac Curfman,Ted, 2 29
{Peter IL Market; IVarriorsmark, 125 69
It id Cunningham, West, 480 18
t.l.dln Clayton, Union, 60 66
1860. •
Wil dam Walker, Alemtndria, 15781
Samuel W Illyton, Barre, 873 15
Isaac Wolverton, Brady, 743 20
Joseph P Cadman, Cass, 294 80
*Austin Green, Camille, - 56 78
{Jesse Cook, Carbon, 571 08
VG II Stevens, Clay, 411 63
Vrederick Harman. Cromwell, 856 80
Volum Morrow Dublin, 582 75
-Dante Conrad, Franklin, 171060
{Jacobi Hetrick, Henderson, 223 82
-John II Weaver. Hopewell, 719 44
-Wm K Rohm, Huntingdon, 1141 35
-Henry Lee, Jackson, 1059 94
-Levi Ridenour, Juniata, 244 18
-Wm Moreau, Morris, 1014 44
-John P Stewart, Oneida, 246 71
-William Dean, Penn, 890 47
ill A Laird, Porter, 1637 76
-John Silverthern, Tell. 868 59
- Jacob DIA Tod, 315 01
-George Smelker, Shirley, 1290 74
-IV A Fraker, Shirleyaberg, 168 60
-Jonas Duck,, alter, Walker, 413 82
-John It Thompson, Warrimmark, 1293 08
Henry Neff, West. 2101 84
homes Irvin, Union, ' 203 84
Jacob F. Bare, Springfield, 266 91
*Since paid in full.
Wince paid is part.
Glyen under seal of the Conlmissloners Waco
M t F. CAMPBELL,i - COllll - 'l6
j. CiD3I3III4G,
Feb. 6, 1£61.41
iii: **~tcr,F~:;
Fancy Envelopes,
Price, from one cent upwards.
tllntato of Jacob Latherow, Deceased.)
Letters of Administration upon filo Estate of Jacob
row,late of Shirley township, deed., baying been granted
to the undersigned, nil persons indebted are requested to
motto immediate payment, and those baying claims will
mcseut thou duly authenticated E
P for settlement.
Jan, 30, 1801,6!
4 [Estate of liezekiah Crammer, Deed.]
Lettere testamentary, on the estate of llezeklah Crown°•
ver, late of Barrels tp , deed , havlbg boeq granted to ths
undersigned, all persona indebted aro requested to maks
immediate poVment, and those having claims to preoeut
them properly auteuticated fottsettlement to
Jan. 80, ISGL-Gt.*
The undersigned Auditor, appointed by the Or
p ans Court of Iluntingdon county, to hear and determine
upon the exceptions to the trust account of David Clark•
son, Trustee, appointed by said Court to sell the real es
tate of Robert Speer, dec'd., will meet the mulles interest
ed, at the oilice of Scott 86 Brown, on Thursday, the 28th
day of February,lBBl, at 2 o'clock, P. M.
iftlutiagdor4 0aR.30, 1801.4 E.
QTRA:ir STE F 4 11,-,,
Came to rho real'dence of the subscriber In Jackson
township in Novomber last, a small brown steer, with
whito face. The owner is rogpeated to come forward and
prol-o property, pay charges and take him away, or ha
will be disposed of, as Coo law directs.
Greenwood Parnace, Jan. 30, 188 L-St.
"'on 1861
To the Creditors of the /find ingdon, Cimbria
Indiana 2hernpifre Road ampany.
'rim Court of Huntingdon county. at Tannery term 1881,
directed to bo paid to Creditors, oneaud.a-bolt per cent.
on their claims, on which former dividends Lave been de-
Oared, which I. will pay on the presentation of their cer
tificates of deposit, by themselves or their agents.
JOAN S. ISETT, Boquestrator.
Spruce Creek, Jan. 23,1861.4*.
gaP . Standard, llolltdayahurg, Democrat tit Settfittel,
Ebensburg, and Record, Dlairsl9lo, 16864 the abort 0
and charge this office.
Jan. 2, 1861-tf.
Note, Poet, Commercial, Foolscap and Flatcap—a
good assortment for sale by the ream, ball roam, quire op
sheet, at
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