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    insylvania can prevent it, and this
will endeavor to do, if necessary,
all the means that God and nature
e placed in her power. [Applause.]
But it has been. alleged against
insyi ania, by persons high in au
rity in our sister States, that there
laws on our statute books in de
ation of the Constitution of the
ited States, and of the acts of Con
es passed in accordance with its
'visions. If this be so, which lam
prepared to admit and do not be
e, the country ought to know that
was not intentionally done. This
at State has given sufficient proof
her acts in the time past, that she
conservative, law-abiding, Union
d Constitution-loving, to relieve her
,m any imputation of intentional
ringement of the Constitution, or
lful nullification of Constitutional
ngressional enactments.
BO let us be sure of our position,
t Only in intention, but in fact. I
nture to suggest the hope that the
Joie body of our law bearing upon
e subject matter of complaint alluded
, the rendition of fugitives held to
labor or service in other States. will
referred to the committee on the
tdieiary system, or to such other
aurnittee as the Senate may direct,
id carefully examined and reported
?on, and that if any just cause of
pmplaint exists, that it will be
7omptly removed. Pennsylvania is
po just to be guilty of intentional in
(sue° to other States, and too great,
•eakly to refuse to acknowledge and
) rectify errors in her legislation,
'hen pointed out to her and her legis
iture made sensible of their existence.
,nd thii without regard to what other
tates aro doing or may do, not for
mr of threats or consequences, but
heorfully, freely and gladly, because
ho loves the Constitution, ordained
to form a more perfect Union, estab
'eh justice, insure domestic tranquility,
promote the general welthro, and se
arc the blessings of liberty to our
elves and our posterity," and desires
o see it perpetuated in its integrity.
SENATORS Your attention will be
iceessarily called to these and other
natters of the gravest importance, and
lever was there greater occasion for
,he exercise of the highest wisdom on
your part, never greater necessity for
tssistance from that higher than hu
zan Wisdom, to whom our fathers
iaiforntly looked in their great emer
gencies. May WO all be enlightened
to a faithful, able and conscientious
discharge of our whole duty.
I.lousE.—The Rouse was called to
order at 12. Elisha W. Davis, of Ye
mango, was elected Speaker.
- Upon taking the Speaker's chair,
Mr. Davis addressed his fellow-mem
bers as follows:
I return my thanks for the high honor
doneM:6in the election as your Speak
er. Since I came among you ono year
ago, my highest ambition has been to
discharge my duty iu such a manner
as not only to receive, but deserve and
merit, your respect and confidence,—
That I have succeeded even beyond
my proudest hopes, this day's proceed
netsly prove ; and I can only say
.tt!:_l_will endeavor so to dis
char,,,e the dfirmrof,tho position in
which your kindues — rillplaced me,
that our proceedings may b&as,o.rder,,.
1 a and decorsus as our organi7:2...„
Since the adjommment of tfic Legis
latur3, death has been among us. Our
able and beloved Speaker has been
stricken down in the days of his
fttrength and his usefulnesss. The
best eulogy that can pronounce on
the character of Win. C. S. Lawrence,
is to point with pride to his youth, to
the position which lie occupied in this
'louse, and to his memory enshrined
iu the hearts of his fellow-members.—
The amiable and accomplished J. W.
Coulter, too, has fallen by the hand of
death. And within a few days of our
coming together Henry K. Strong, one
of Pennsylvania's noblest sons, whose
good qualities of head and heart are
known to all, has been called away.—
They need no eulogy from me. May
God comfort their bereaved friends.
I need only say that I deeply feel
the responsibilities of the position to
which I have been chosen. But I will
endeavor to discharge its duties unin
fluenced by any other consideration
than my deliberate convictions of right.
I ask your indulgence and forbearance,
your co-operation and support. I know
too well the character of the members
of this House to apprehend much diffi
culty. Our position is one of no ordi
nary importance. Pennsylvania, in
the vastness of her resources, the
amount of her wealth, and the num
ber, intelligence, industry and integrity
of her citizens, has few equals as a
.State. Her interests are committed to
our charge.
The eyes of her three millions of
people are upon us, and our actions
will be closely watched mid severely
scrutinized. Let us act not only as
the Representatives of a free people,
but as men who appreciate the honor
and feel the responsibitities of our pos
itions. While reckless madness rules,
the councils of some of our sister
States, and treason raises its bloody
hand within their borders to strike
,down the National Government, the
great heart of Pennsylvania beats re
.sponeive now, as it ever has done, to
." the music of the Union." [Applause.]
I believe that I speak the sentiments
,of 'her entire people, when I say that
the Old Key stone State, to the extent
of her power, will maintain the Con
stitution and enforce the laws. [Ap
plause.] Iler voice is, and always
has been " The Union must and shall
be preserved." [Applause.] If there is
Any law upon her statute books which
.can be in any way tortured into an
excuse for treason, I would advise its
immeiate repeal; [applause] and
that she should then deny, in her sov
ereign capacity, the right of any State
to secede from this government. [Ap
The verdict of the people in the re
cent elections has been for the Con
stitution and the Union, and that ver
dict must be respected and enforced
at all hazards. [Applause.] Penn
sylvania has suffered; her interests
have been trampled upon. There is
no State in the Union that has more
just cause of complaint. She has
sought her redress through the ballot
box, in a Constitutional manner. She
has set her seal of condemnation on a
-wicked and imbecile Administration;
and I, for one, am now ready to sus
tain that verdict, if my 'country- re
quires it, with the blessing of God,
lvltit my life. [Applause.]
Port Sumpter Besieged—Anderson's Com
munications Cat cy— Combination to take
Possession of Washington.
WASHINGTON; Jan. 3.—lntelligence was
received last night that Fort Sumpter is now
besieged ; that all of Maj. Anderson's com
munications are cut off; that Fort Moultrie
has been repaired, and her guns remounted
and ready to open fire on Amlerson. New
batteries are being opened around him by
the Secesisonists, and every day his danger
and the difficulty of reinforcing him are in
creased. his frequent applications for rein
forcements, and even the tears and prayers of
his wife, have failed to move the President,
he has determined never ngain to renew his
request, but will perish, if he must, in the
fort. His men have bound themselves by
oath to stand or perish with him.
It is beyond a doubt that a combination is
forming to take forcible possession of the
Government at Washington on or before the
fourth of March, but the time is not yet de
Tho above information is from sources
which leave no doubt of its reliability.
Gentlemen censure the apparent inactivity
of the Presideut, contending that, by availing
himself of the counsels and services of Lieut.
General Scott, all possibility of danger could
he averted.
Delaware for the Union
The Legislature Reject the Resolutions of
Wit.niNcros, Del., Jan. 3.—The Legisla
ture of this State assembled at Dover on
Hon. H. Dickenson, the Commissioner from
Mississippi, was received to-day, and ad
dressed both Houses. He made a strong
Southern speech, taking ground in favor of
South Carolina and secession, and invited
Delaware to join the Southern Confederacy.
He claimed the right of the States to secede
If they were not allowed is do so, war was
inevitable. His speech was greeted with
mingled applause and hisses.
After the speech, the House adopted the
following resolution by a unanimous vote:
Resolved, By the Senate and House of Re
presentatives, in General Assembly met,
that, having extended to Hon. 11. Dickenson,
Commissioner from Mississippi, the courtesy
due him as the representative of a Sovereign
State of the Confederacy, as well as to the
State ho represents, we deem it proper and
due to ourselves 'and to the people of Dela
ware to express our unqualified disapproval
of the remedy for the existing difficulties
suggested by the resolutions of the Legisla
ture of Mississippi.
The Senate concurred, by a majority, in
the resolutions.
The Abrogation of the Personal Liberty Bill
ReCOlll mended.
BosroN, Jan. 3.—Governor Banks presided
at the dinner of the cadets yesterday, and
made an eloquent speech, closing with a sen
timent highly complimentary to Major An
derson. To-day Governor Banks delivered
his valedictory to the Legislature. Ho re
commended the abrogation of the personal
liberty bill. A large crowd of citizens wore
Gov. Banks concluded his address by de
nying that there can be a peaceable seces
sion. The Government cannot be dissolved
at the bidding of any dissatisfied State, nor
can that portion of the continent occupied by
the American States be portioned out to hos
tile nations.
The interior States will never allow the
keys of the continent on the gulf and ocean
shores to pass into the hands of au enemy.
nor eon tear ttime cities or States exist hide•
pendent of the plantation and farming inter
ests of the into, ior. He did not, however,
anticipate the dissolution of the American
Slovernment. He doubted not that the same
"Povrer_that protected us hitherto will pre
From Charleston
CEIATILESTON, Jan. 4.—A1l is quiet here.
Fort Sumpter has uut been besieged, as re
Major Anderson was visited to-day by his
brother, in company with three gentlemen.
The understanding was that the interview
should take place in their presence.
Gov. Pickens has divided the duties of the
Executi%e administration of South Carolina
among his Council as follows :
A. J. McGrath, Secretary of State to regu
late intercourse with other States and for
eign powers, make treaties, regulate oum
merce, and appoint consuls.
1). F. Jamison, Secretary of War.
C. G. Memminger, Secretary of Treasury.
W. 11. ',Harlhee, to regulate the Postal
Department and Light Houses.
A. C. Garlington, Secretary of the Interi
or, to attend to local matters, including the
militia and coast police.
Seizure of a Revenue Cutler—Georgia Forts
1 learn from a gentleman who arrived here
this morning from Savannah, that the forts
aro in the possession of the Georgia State
troops. They are occupied by 150 men; and
an armorer with 30 men is engaged in clean
ing the guns to render them serviceable.—
The State of Georgia has also taken posses
sion of the U. S. revenue cutter on that sta
SAYAN:(An, Jan. 4
Fort Pulaski was yesterday taken posses
sion of by the Volunteers, by order of Gov.
Brown. It is reported that the Revenue
Cutter, Dobbin, has been taken possession of,
but Gov. Brown has issued orders fur her
return to the Government.
Light Breaking—Guns Ordered Back.
The guns ordered to be removed from the
Allegheny Arsenal to Southern forts has
been countermanded by the War Depart
ment, under the decision of the Cabinet.
Arreet or a News Dealey
Sr. JosErn, Mo., Jan. 3
C. C. We!worth, a news dealer of this city,
was arrested to-day,upon an indictment found
against him by the Grand Jury, on a charge
of selling newspapers of an anti-slavery ten
dency. He gave bonds for trial at the March
term of the Court.
The Steamer Brooklyn not Ordered to Charles
ton—The Post Office Service to be Contin
WASIIINGTON, Jan. s.—The rumor which
prevailed that the steamer Brooklyn had been
ordered with recruits to Charleston, is pro-
Bounced false by official authority.
Mr. Hager, the postmaster at Charleston,
has written to the -Postmaster General that
he holds himself responsible to the Federal
Government for the revenues accruing in his
office. For the present, therefore, the postal
arrangements will continue unchanged.
Inaugural address of Gov. IVashburn, to the
Maine Legislature-14cal of the Liberty
Bill, if Unconstitutional.
PORTLAND, MC,, Jan. 5.-00 V. Washburn's
inaugural address to the Maine Legislature
recommends conciliation and forbearance ; to
stand by the Constitution ; and, although
urging the Legislature to make no compro
mises involving moral treason, lie recom
monde the repeal or the persAnel:liberty bill
if found to be uneuestitutional.
4nother Secession iforement.
NEW YORK, Jan. 7.—lt is rumored filet
Mayor Wood's meastige, to be presented to
the City Councils will embody a proposition
for the secession of New York city from the
State and the Union.
Huntingdon, Wednesday, Jan. 9, 1891,
My attention has been called to an
article copied into the last Journal
American from a Philadelphia paper,
in which I am made to figure conspic
uously in that city. .
I have only to say that I have not
been in Philadelphia for more than a
year. IkL w nothing about the trans
action, except what I read in the news
paper, and no process or parties have
come into my hands or custody con
nected with or relative to the said
transaction. James Jamison told me a
few mornings ago in Huntingdon that
he would bring me Hunter unless bail
was entered for his appearance.
From the Hart isburg Patriot it Union, Jon. let
the above caption we published a sen
sation article yesterday morning, cop
ied from the Philadelphia 2.Vorth Amer
ican, which we have reason to believe
was worked up without regard to real
filets. We have been called upon by
responsible and respectable parties,
personal acquaintances of years stand
ing, who declare that the most indubi
table proof can and will be produced
at the proper time to prove that con
necting the name of a gentleman now
sojourning in this city with the trans
action in the manner in which it was,
was the result of a conspiracy. The
best evidence of this fact is, that Hun
ter and Miss Scott were married in Lew
istown on Saturday. This crushes out
all the romance connected with the
" page." The only connection the
gentleman in this city had in the mat
ter can hardly be designated by the
world as even an imprudent one. He
endeavored to shield and screen a
friend, both by his advice and means
—this an enemy took advantage of,
and the gentleman is determined to
vindicate his character in a court of
justice, not only by bringing suits
against individuals, but also by put
the law of libel in force against
all the papers who have brought him
so prominently before the public in so
unenviable a light.
To show how much confidence can
be placed in the whole statement, it is
only necessary to say that neither the
Sheriff of Huntingdon or any of Miss
Scott's relations were in Philadelphia
at all. Hunter and her went there to
get married, and would have got mar
ried there but for the interference of
those who were ill the conspiracy.
>l , The Fanner and Gardner • for
danuary is received, andmaintains un
tarnished its high reputation. It is, as
usual, handsomely embellished, and fil
led to repletion with matter of the
highest interest and importance. We
observe, that the enterprising publish
ers, Messrs. A. M. Spangler & Co., have
also issued a new monthly, entitled,
"The American Bee Journal," which
tiat i tik s w t erl i rdePh a gC'AB l gfedfiN- -
ested in that subject. The price of
each of these Journals is One Dollar,
but the publishers offer them both, to
gether with a pre-paid copy of either
the " Year Book of the Farm and Gar
den," or "Both Sides of the Grape
Question," for the trilling sum of One
Dollar and Fifty Cents. Specimen
Copies of either or both of the month
lies, will he sent without charge, to all
who may apply for them. Address
A. M. Spangler & Co., 25 North Sixth
Street, Philadelphia.
ACCIDENT.-Au accident of a serious
character happened to Postmaster
Colon, on Saturday evening. Ile was
returning from the Warm Springs,and
when entering town, he attempted to
pass a sleigh in front of him, and got
off the road into the gutter, where his
horse kept for several hundred yards,
until it struck a board crossing, de
taching the horse from and upsetting
the sleigh, throwing himself and lady
out. The lady is seriously injured but
no bones broken. She was parried
home insensible, but soon returned to
consciousness. Mr. Colon escaped
with a sprained thumb. We feel ex
ceedingly sorry for our fair friend,and
hope she may soon recover from her
CHURCH ROIMED.—The Hollidays
burg Register says the Presbyterian
Church in Sinking Valley was enter
ed a few nights ago by some saeriligi
ous scoundrel or scoundrels, and rob
bed of all the valuable Hymn books in
the pews, and part of the Library of
the Church. Even the Hymn book
on the pulpit was taken. The depre
dators must have been most audacious
villains, for they built a fire in the
stove, tore up a portion of the carpet
to make a bed, and so lodged for a
portion of the night, at least. Doubt
less the books taken will be offered for
sale, and it is hoped that this may
lead to the arrest of the thieves.
NOTlCE.—Porsons mailing lelters to
tho Members of the Legislature or
}bads of Departments at Harrisburg,
should bear in mind, that a late order
of the P. o.Department requires them
to be pre-paid by stamps. If this is
omitted they will ho sent to the Dead
Letter office as dead letters.
Friday last, the day named by
our President, for flisting and prayer,
was observed in this borough by the
closing of tho doors and windows of
most of our business houses. A Union
prayer meeting was held in the Court
or. 1V take pleasure in calling Attention
to the advertisement of R. Newell's Gallery
of Art. The testimonials aro of the first
-Mommr, Jan. S.—Flour $6 25(35 373,1; Bala. of Finley
end Pennsylvania at $5 75$`0 50; some 1000 barrols sold,
mostly for City use. ltyo Flour 3Ce. Corn Meal, at $2,74.
Wheat is dull nt $1 V® t 33 for iced, and 133©1 40 for
White; 4500 bushels sold. Corn soils nt 66e.; now at 650
604 3000 bushels sold, Oats nothing doing; 32©32% for
Delaware and 34e for Pennsylvania; 4,500 bus. sold.
Soads—Clover dull at 65 25@d5 60. Timothy $2 N.—
Flax. seed sl4o©l 50. Barley and Malt nothing doing.
For the Globe
On the 25th ult., by ltev. J. K. Thicker, Mr. Joan Lau
men end Miss ELIZALICTII Samoa. both of Juninte tp.
On the lbt inst., by the mime, Mr. Jonx 11. DAM, of
NOW berg, and Miss CATHARINE ANDUISON, of Point tp.
On the some day, by the come, Mr. Ammon , ANnensom
and .M 1.84 SARAH SHOWALTER, both of Penn tp.
On the 27th tilt, by Peter Swoops, Esq.. Mr. Jox.trntzt
&MR and Mies ELIZALITTH QUATITLY, both of Union tp.
In Reading, on Sunda) , morning, Tan. Gth, 1801, Mrs.
CATHARINE yrnon, in the 7fdli year of her oge,,tuother of
the editor of this paper.
At Hanging Rock, on the 18th ult., FRANK Baby eon of
N. S. and Anna M. Givon, aged 1 year,lo months and 7
days. He was a sprightly, healthy child, nod his parents
cherished the hopo that a long life waited bins. But
how soon the fondest expectations ore illmwolatetll In
biting a stick of candy, he bursts a little artery, and
bleeds isle life away; he lingoes for a few days; at length
ho sleeps, and his parents thinking that-la sleeps so
sweetly, he must ho taking mit in sleep, and thnt he would
do well, nnd soots ho well ; and so, after sleeping most of
the night, as day began to dawn, he snakes and asks Pa
fur a drink; again ho seems to sleep; but ho Menthes
shorter and shot ter until without a strnggle, tho spit it
loaves tho body, to go to its heavenly home. C.
Jan. 2, IS6I-tf.
All ulna have unsettled arconnta with me of six
mouths atanding or longer, are earmmtly requested to
call and settle up and mare costs. I must hero money or
quit 1.1119i110119. LEVI \WESTBROOK
Huntingdon, Jan. 2, 1861.
riegular nuptial meeting of the ifuntingdon County
Agricultural Society, 1, 0 111 be held lu the Court House, on
Wednesday evening, of the Jailunry Court, (16th.)
Dy order of the society.
11. ',dent VITT,
Jan. 2, 16t1. Secy.
Respectfully informs the citizens of HUNTINGDON and
vicinity, that ho bon opened a EMI nt tho Exchange
Irani, where he offers fur onto
tipectaeles, for distant or close reading, with gold. sneer,
steel, nud tortoise-shell frames, and a new and improved
assortment of perifocal and parabola ,mouud flint Glass.,
of hie own manufacture.
Ile would particularly call the attention of the public,
to hie 'Spectacles for NEAR SIGHTED PERSONS, and
for persons who kayo been operated upon for the cataract
of the eye, and to his new kind of Glasses and Conservers
of the sight, mado of the best flint and azure Glasses.—
Good Glasses may be known by their shape, exact centre,
sharp and highly polished ma'am. The qualities aro to
be found iu his Glasses.
CRYSTAL,so universally proved to he far superior to any
other Gloss. Also, Micaoscoets,Srr AND Qiniture (Juana
of every size and quality; Tetracorse, Mu - ow/no AND
OPERA Gums, with different powers, together with every
variety of articles in the Optical line, not mentioned.
WOPTICU, nod other Instrument, and Mosses, care
fully repaired at Pima notice. Ile can always select
Glasses to suit the vision of the person, as he toes them,
upon the first trial.
egy-Ire will remain in this place during the Jan. Court,
FIRST WEEK, and thew in vault of the allow artlelea,
will please give him a call.
/},as- Ito %till. if required, go to nny respectable house
where his services may he wanted.
ire The very best ftYreNVATGII and the best Muting
Glasses always for sale. pall. 2,1801.1
QIIERIFF'S SALES.—By virtue of
j sundry writs of Tend. Exp. FL Fa. and Ley. Fa. to
me directed, I will expose to public solo M. nt the
Court House, to the borough of Ituritingibriu ON MON
DAY Tll/1 I.lru DAY OP JANUARY, 1401, at 2 o'clock,
P. M., the following described Real Estate, to wit:
•All the dfendnnt's right, title and interest,
In 7 acres of land, more or less, situate in Shirley town
ship, having thereon erected one stone house, two stories
bigh 24 by 30 feet, ono plank house, one-and•ichalf stet ins
high, 16 by 24 feet; too log bowies. 18 by 36 feet, one
mill, three stories high, 25 by 42 feet, alai ono saw
mill. Also, 34 acres of (indict land situate In same town.
ship. Seized and taken in execution and to be sold at the
property of Jacob Hutzler. •
ALSO—One lot of ground, situate in "Scotts
• Übe, Huntingdon county, adjoining lot of Semi. E.
mi the A, est, lot of Ilampson's heirs on the south-east
haling thereon erected ono tonne store house. Also—one
tote( ground in the same town. adjoining lot of A. S.
Stepliel, on the east, and Danl. heck on the nest, baring
Hudson street, having thereon erected a too story frame
house with a basement Story, one triune 1,1t011,s and a framo
stable. Also-100 limes of land, mole or leis, situate in
Fin ingfielil township, adjoining lands of Jess. Butter on
the north, Jacob Baker on 'the smith. Dutton Lane on the
est, and land of deft. ou the east, about 70 acres of which
is cleared. A l / 3 0-150 acres more or less, situate in Spa ing
field too hsliip, adjoining land of deft. on tho west, land of
J. 'Sootier on tha north, lana ~ f .laesk Baker en the eolith,
and Black Log Mountain or. the east, having thereon cra
ted n two story 1101150 20 by 24 feet. with a hack olive . , 14
by 26 feet; ono li ' s and Mono ban 26 by ,fffeet, with oil..
outbulldidgs, about 80 Ames of NI Well is cleared. Seized
and token in execution nod to ho roll thl tho property of
Benedict Stevens.
• -
MAO—Defendant's right, title and interest
In aunt to 100 acres of land, more or lose, aitunto In Clay
ton uship, on tiro waters of 1...A.110g Bill Creek, eland 150
acres of which is cleared, and hat fug thereon ea ected
frame home, log barn, and saw roll, ralth other Improve
ments. Seized and taken in execution end to be sold as
the property of 3fatthow Corbin.—One lot of ground, situate in Carbon
ton usirip, In the town of Dudley. having thereon erected
a plank house, trio stories high, stone basement, about 18
by 40 feet, with a back wing two stories high, about 14 by
20 feet, all well finished, painted brown, a flame Stable
8i)011t IS by 20 feet, and other outbuildings. Seized end
taken in execution and to be sold as the property of David
S Borkstreaser, trading under tire arm of David 8. 13ork
stressor S Co.
Arco—All defendant's right, title and in•
least in and to all that certain tract of land warranted in
the name ofJoieph Flank, situate In Cromwell township,
containing 237 terra, more or less, being }Wended land,
nod bounded on the north mul mat by lands of Simon
Orate, on the south by lands of Enos McMullin, and nest
by lineman and others. and has thereon °rotted n log
barn and other outbuildings• and about 100 acres, more or
less, cleared. Seized and talon in execution and to bo
sold as the property of J. Hoary Dell.
ALSO—Two lots of ground, situate in the
addition of Broad Top City. being No. 13 and 14, fronting
on Broad street 40 feat, and 00 feet on Spruce, street, and
SO foot on Ifaslott street, having thereon erected a frame
bowie one-and•a•hnlf stories high. Seized and taken In
exectibou and to be sold as the property of George Kotu.
Also-327 acres of land, more or lees, sit
uate in Dublin township, bounded on the south by land
of Amos Potts, on the west by land of Mamen Dignms, en
the north-went by land of Samuel Campbell, on the north
by laud of Pon ell Mull nod 15m. Climans, about 75 acres
clerred, having thereon elected one old log house. and one
log bouso 18 by 22 feet, and ono log burn '2O by 40 fest.—
Seized an taken In execution and to be 401 a as the proper
ty of Matthias Long.
41)-• All sales advertised for the first day of the Court,
will be adjourned over until the Gahm ing Wednesday, and
deeds acknowledged on Wednesday of tine second Court
week. lOthN C, WATSON, Sheriff.
FlFEttlyed OFFICE,
Huntingdon, Pee. 5 6 , isnl•
The firm heretofore existing under tho name of
Hardy l Smith. at Ennisville, Huntingdon county, has
been dissolved by mutual consent,—the books remaining
in the hands of the uudersigned,by whom the business
alit be continued as heretofore...
Enniewille, Deo. :5, 1860,4 t
p u EGISTEIt'S NOTICE.—NOtice is
hereby givon, to nil parsons interested, that tho fol
owing nouns] parsons have settled their accounts in the
llegistex's Me, at Huntingdon, and that the said accounts
will be presented for conthmation and allowance at an
Orphanx' Court, to be held at ffuntingdon, In and for the
county of Iluntingdon, on 'Wednesday, the IGth day of
January next, (HOU to wit
G eo. W. wholuix fro tor of Martel Wright,
Into of Union township. deed.
2. ,Tohn Scott, Esq., Guardian of Elisabeth and David
Confer, minor children of Philip Curter, &sig. Final ac
count. .
3. Abntham Brumbaugli,Adininistrator of Daniol Brum
baugh Mt° of Hopewell too iiship, deed.
4. A. 0.11141 r rind 311eltaol Sharer, Executors of John
Stunkarcl, Into of Tell township, deed.
5. Abraham States, Req., Guardian of Franlilln Lang, a
minor con of Patrick Lung, Into of {Volker toatushlp,
6. John Dean, Guardian of Jacob, David end Eunice
Catharine Ilhoeucfolt, minor children of Frederick 000en
efelt, deed.
7. John Dean. Guardian of At !mine ShoonefeD, (now
into married with tleorgo Chilcoto) a daughter of Freder
ick hhoenefelt, deed.
8. John Owens, Adiu'r„ do boots non of Esther
Coo, into of Warrioremark township, deed.
9. Janice Henderson, Adm'r. of Margaret ifeliderao 9 ,
Into of Tod township, deed.
10. David Clarkson, Tt nat. to sell the real estate of
Robert Speer, Into of the borough of Caseville, deed..
11. Suva, lloilingsworthand Henry Dreaster,Executore
of the Hon. John 13rowster, Into of Shirio)sburg borough,
deed. Partial account.
Unntingtion, Dec. 19, MOO.
io Just received from tho Onnndago Snit Company,
Symense, N. T., to be sold on commission, either whole
sale or retail. 200 13AltItELS and 1000 SACKS of SALT.
Oct. 31, 1860. MUSK & SON.
Note, Poet, Commercial, Foolscap smd Flatcap—a
good assortment for solo by the ream, half ream, quire or
sheet, at
of OUTMAN & CO., if you want n good article of
Clothing. Store room in Lotlee now building, In the Dlec
mond, Iduntingdon. Sept. 9, 1857.
P. 0-W.IN )
Wafer in Dry 13 arab, d to , rriae. Mai dware, Qncens
pin 11,04 and Cop*, o,oh and Elloet.,
33 TERM, 1801.
William Patton as James tutriken, et al
Johu Savage vs Matthew Truman.
Wm. Brewster vs John Jacobs.
Clement's heirs vs Id. J. blartin,ot al.
M. Wallace vs Wm. McCauley, et al.
S. L. Keene vs Wilson & Gorsuch.
A. S. Garrison, for use vs Mary A. Shearer.
James Cordon vs Creswell & Williams
Small. B. MeFesters vs Alexander Dears, of al.
Morrison Cove T. Co. vs Minims & Co.
Joseph S. Reed vs The B. T, Imp's Co.
Same vs Send Anthracite Co.
Moses Robison, for use vs William McCluro.
Thornton Barnes vs Wise & Eby.
11. Houtz, assignee, &e. vs Samuel McPherson.
Thos. M. Owens. ;vim, vs At:sh Seeds.
Peter Vandevander as Jun. McComb &J. Clayton
Huntingdon County vs D. Brotherline.
Morris, Fasker & Co. vs Harrison & Mattorn.
William Crotoloy vs Martin & Kurtz,.
Thomas Webb n, Jr. vs Thomas Weston.
Peter Vandevander vs J. McComb &J. Clayton.
Conun'th for Cypher vs John B. Weaver.
Jas. Bricker, fur use vs Mary E. Green's, ndmr,
James Doan vs Jane E. Slay.
Magdalene Stohlor's Ex'r vs D. Mountain's ndmr.
Notice is het chy given that the following named
persons have filed their petitions with the Clerk of the
Court of Quat ter Sessions, pntying the raid Court to grant
them license to keep inns or taverns in their respective
boroughs, townships and villages In the county of Hun
tingdon, and that said petitions will bo preheated to the
mid Court on Wednesday,tho 10th day of January next,cor
'consideration, dc., when and where all persona interested
can attend if they think proper, viz ;
John M. Early, Mount Union.
Adam 'Zeigler, Marklesburg.
John Hartz, Alexandria.
W3l. C. WAGONER, Clerk.
Dec. 10.1500.-4t+
.heat received nod for nal° cheap. MEO, a large
and splendid assortment of the most
direct from the East. Call and coo the We Wags.
Huntingdon, Dee. 19, 1860.-6t.*
amen A. Brown sells the genuine" PORTLAND KERO
SENE," OR COAL OM clear ezi wat6r.
This Is the only knot of uil that gives entirely/Its/action
no an agent for light.
llocate of counterfeits and colored carbon oils. They
emit an arc:l4re smell and smoke.
A largo variety also of
Chimneys, Globes, Wicks, Burners, Shades, &c., &c., sold
at the very lost ett prices, at the Hardware &tore, Hunting
dun, Pa.
(Estate of John White, beeensed.)
Letters of Adminiatratioa upon the Estate of John
late of Huntingdon borough, deed., haying been granted
to the undersigned, nll persons indebted nee requested to
inrike immediate payment, nod those having claims will
pi esent them duly authenticated for settlement.
Nov. 21, 1860
a precept to me directed. dated at Huntingdon, rho
24th day of Nevember,A.D.lB6o,under the hands and seals
of the lion. George Taylor, President of the Court of
Common Piens, Oyer and Terminer. and general Jail deliv
ery of the 24th Judicial District of Pennsylvania, compo
sed of Huntingdon, Blair and Cambria counties; and the
Hons. Benjamin F. Patton and John Long hie Ithsed
ales, ;Judges of the county of Huntingdon, justices as
signed, appointed to hear, try and determine all anti every
indictments made or taken for or concerning all crimes,
which by the laws of the State aro made capital, or felon
ies of death, and other offences, crimes end misdemeanors,
which have been or shall hereafter be committed or perpe
trated, for crimes aforesaid—l am commanded to make
public proclamation throughout my whole bailiwick, that
a Court of Oyer and Terminer, of Common Neal and
Quarter Sessions, will be held at the Court House in the
borough of Hon tingdon, on the second Monday (and 14111
day) of Jimuury next, and those who will prosecute Oho
said prisoners, he then and there to prosecute them as it
shall be Just, and that all Justices of rho Peace, Coroner
and Constables within said county, be then and there in
their proper persons, at 10 o'clock, R. no. of said day, with
their records, inquisitions, examinations and remembran
ces. to do those things to hid! to their offices respectively
Dated nt Huntingdon, the 10th of December, In the year of
our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty,
and the 84th year of American Independence.
Jolts C. WATSON, S7ieriffi_
13 ROC'', AM ATION.--WllEltkii S, by
a precept to ono directed by the Judges of the Com
mon Pleas of the county of Huntingdon, bearing test the
21th day of November, 1860, lam commanded to make
Public Proclamation througliont my whole bailiwick, that
a Comt of CAIMiIIOII Piens n ill be held at the Court Home
In the borough of Huntingdon, on the 3rd Monday (and
Slot day) of January. A. D., 18n1, for the trial of all is
soes In sold Court which remain ondetermined before
the said Judges, so hen and so here all jurors, witnesses, and
suitors, in the trials of all issues are required.
Dated at Huntingdon the Intl, of Decetnber, in the year of
our Loo it one thousand eight hundred and sixty,
and the 84th year of American Independence.
JOHN C. WATSON, Sheriff'.
Stinnirr's Orrocr,
Huntingdon, Dee. 17, 1860.
sheet, with eNerything In perfect order. con Gvey LtK on
the buiiinees. Terms easy and areasonithle credit git en.
For curlier information apply scion to the undersigned,
on Allegheny street, Huntingdon.
A. ()tactics( tobacconist, has opened a new TODACCO
one door went of theHroad Top Railroad Office, where be
has on hand a large assortment of prime Cigars and To)
limos, nide') ho till sell either wholesale or retail. Store.
keepei A. shopkeepers, and all others nho deal in the weed
should cell. llis juices m e low. Call and seo.
Huntingdon, Nor. 7, ISOO.
I)MINISTRATRIX'S' NOTICE,- of Jollies Hemphill, Deed.]
Lotion' of adminktration with the Will annexed, on
the estate of James timpani, lota of Huntingdon bor
ough, deed. having been gt anted to the undorslgned, all
poisons indebted ai o requeltod to make immediate pay
ment, and thoto having 0111119 will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement. MARTHA CAILMON,
Iluntingdon, Dee. 5,1,560.-6 t. AdministratOr.
Who has had 30 Years Constant Practice,
In Huntingdon, on the 14th day of January. Also
on the 110, day of February next, and one day 01 every
month for ono year frwu his commencement, of which
notice will be given.
He treats all diseases that flesh Is heir to. Ho invites
all females who may be suffering with diseases peculiar to
their sex, to call and examine his new mode of tieatment,
as thousends have been restored to health aho have been
abandoned by others. Ile Is hi possessire, of perfect hi
strum...llm for sounding the lungs an& chest and is there
fore able to determine the exact condition of tho vital or
gans—congemiently can tient such complaints with great
er safety and certainty then it Is possible for thoso who
gllo3q at the disease and experiment for Its cure. He be
lies es that for every moistly, there Is found in our soil a
sure and never-falling remedy.
At Patients can receiso treatment for $1 per month,
except in rases of Cancers and Humois, they vary from
$lO to $lOO. Examination free.
N. B.—See Handbills.
Dec. 10, 1860
A Bonk, of Plain Rea and Caicukdions s br Dusinchs Ope.
ragout, by Marlin ht. Rohrer, Pradtcat Surveyor and
(hmrryancer. New Edition, published by J. R. Liyyin-
coil & Cb., Philadelphia.
This work contains 201 pages, and upwards of 500 Rules
and Examples, entirely and thoroughly practical, such es
arise every day In the common pursuits of Business. It
has already passed through a number of editions in rapid
succession, and Is pronounced by all classes of business
men to bo the handiest book of roferenco, pertaining to
calculations, that has ever been poblished.
Every exempla in the book is worked out in full and
stated inn plain manlier, so that when a parallel case ark--
ea, those referring to the work will find no difficulty In
solving 1 : In a word, the general ariangement of the
CALCBLATL - 6: != Simple, that any one who knows how to
add, subt,act, multiply ad ivide, can easily solve any or
dinary example that a ri s es .0 business, or arrive at the
trite result of ony estimate required. •
'rho chief film of the author has been to eschew theory
and philosophy in figures, alining only at facts and simpli
city, believing that business Men care little about spen
ding time in dismissing the philosophy of rules, or the
science of figures, deeming It sufficient for their purpose
to ho able at a moment, by reference, to arrive at the trod
result.. The CALCULATOR differs In Ws respect from nil
other Arithinetics of tho day and kindred works—it is a
Roy to practical business calculations,.-it is, ii, the moods
of the business no, what the key to ninthmath:al works
In the hands of the teacher in the school roomwit facili
tates time and insure. conectness.
Measurement of Land, of Lumber, of thick and Brick
{Work, cf Stone and Stone work, of grain and Vain bins,
oreoal and coal bins, of wood. of solids, of liquids, of cir
cular, square or irregular vessels, of cisterns and vats, of
roofing, of plasterer's, painter's, glazier's, paver's,plumb.
el'B, paper banger's and upholsterers' work. It treats of
currency and of foreign and domestic exchange, of the
decimal system, of reduction and Its extended application
to business, al simple and compound interest, and their
entire application to o siness transactions, with the lons
and usages governing the same, together with numerous
commercial forms—of legal tender, of partial payment on
notes, of banking and batik discount, of equation of pay
ment nod of partnership accounts, of assessment of taxes,
of weights and mementos, of square and cubiomeneore, of
the eqUarts toot and its application to business of surfaces,
of excavation, and of many ether important practical
matters not within the Beopa of au advertisement to Men
Farmer, the merchant, the mechanic, time artium, of the
professional man. It has proven a valuable auxiliary to
the lawyer, tho Justice of the peace, the conveyancer, awl
real estate broker, to the assessor, the banker, the clerk,
to the elcil engineer and th 6 aurrs3 or, to the catpctiter
and bricklayer, to the stonemason anti the plastuier, to
Um paper hanger and upholsterer, to the paver And the
tiler, &c.; each and all will tine. ttAdepeo to their
flour, wants bettor than any book published.
afk , Frith, 50 cents. For sale at Lewis' Book Store.
Huntingdon, Me. l oge.
kk§§§ § k § §
s..7 valeta institution established by special Eutlotoinent,
for the Relief of the Sick and Distressed, supicket with
Virulent and Epidemic Diseases, and especially for (As
Cure of Diseases of the Sexual Ova us.
Medical Advice given gratis, by the Acting Surgeon, I.
all who apply by letter, with n description of their condi.
lion, (age, occupation, habits of life, Ac.,) and in cases of
extreme poverty, Medicines furnished froo Of charge. "
Valuable Reports on Spermatorrinea, and other Diseases
of the Sexual Organs, and on the new Remedies employed
in the Dispensary, sent to the afflicted in sealed letter en.
velopea, free of charge. Two or three Stomps for postage
will ho acceptable.
Address, Dn. J. TRIT.LEZZ- ROUGTITON. Acting San
geon, Howard Association, No. 2 South Path Street,T2tll.
adelphin, Pa. By order of the Directors,
EZRA D. HARTWELL, Prukiinit.
OEO. FAIRCHILD, ktreetary. - - -
Dec. 19, 1860.-Iy.
. _ . . . .
The seven yours of _arlvalled success attending the
have made It a household word throughout every quarter
of the country.
Under the auspices dads popular institution, over three
hundred thousand homes have learned to appreciate =by
beautiful works of art on their nalls,and choice literature
on their tables, the groat benefits derived from becoming
a subtcriber.
Subscriptions are now being received in a ratio unparal
(pled with that of any previous year.
Any person can become a momber by subscribing Owes
dollars, Mr which sum thoy will reedy°
Ist,—The largo and superb steel engraving, VA IS
inc Los, entitled,
°d,--One copy, ono ).r, of that elegantly illustrated
Ed.—Four toltuLevions, during, the sensou, to
in addition to the above benefits, Moro will bo given to
subscribers, as gratuitous premiums, over
comprising valuable paintings, marbles, parinns, outlines,
&e., forming a truly national benefit.
The superb engraving, which every subscriber will rec•
coins, entitled, "Rdstuff Mustering his Recruits," is om of
the most beautiful and popular engravings over loaned in
this country. It is done on steel, in fine line and stipple,
and is printed on heavy plate paper, 30x38 inches, making
a most choice ornament, suitable for the walls of either
the library, parlor or office. Its subject Is the celebrated
scene of Sir John Falstaff receiving in Justice Shallow's
office, the recruits which have been gathered for his 'Tag.
god regiment." It could not he furnished by am trade
for less than fivo dollars.
Tine Art Journal 13 too well known to tho whole coun
try to need commendation. It is a magnificently illustra
ted magazine of Art, containing Essays, Stories, Poems,
Gossip, de., by the very best on titers in America,
The Engraving is sent to any part of tine country by mail
with safety, being packed inn n cylinder, postago prepaid.
Subscriptions will be received until the evening of the
list of January, 1661, at which thno the books will close
and tine premiums be given to subscnibers.
No person Is restrletko to a slngla subscription: Thom
remitting. $ll, are entitled to five memberships and to one
extra Engraving far their trouble.
Subscriptions from California., the Caned.. and all For
eign Countriee, meet be 1.1,n0 instead of $3, in order to de
fray extra postage, etc.
For further particulate send lbr a copy of the elegantly
illustrated Art Journai, pronounced Um handsomest Mag
azine in America. it contains Catologuis of Premiums,
and numerous superb engravings. Ilogiilar price, 50 cent,
per number. Specimen copies, honorer, will ho sent to
those wishing to subscribe, on recelpFpf /B'cents, Iu cola
or stamps. Address,
C. L. DERBY, ArrunnY C. 'A. A,.
540 Broadway. Niker, York.
114-Subscriptions received and forwarded b4CIS4I. J.
LAWRENCE, Agent for Huntingdon nod Ticittfty,ifflim
specimen Engravings and Art Journal can be seen;-.`:
Nov. 21, 1860.
Professor of Pathology and Operative Surgery in the
Veterinary College of Plaladelphia, etc., etc.
WILL TELL YOU Of the Origin, History and distinctive
traits of the various breeds of European,
Asiatic, African and Amet lean Horns,
with the physical formation and pe
culiarities of tho Ruined, and how to
ascertalu his ego by the number and
condition of bin teeth; illustrated with
numerous explanatory engravings.
WILL TELL YOU Of Breeding, Breaking. Stabling, Feed
ing, Grooming, Shoeing, and the gener
al management of the horse, with the
best modes of administering medicine,
,also, bow to treat Biting, Kicking,
Bearing, Shying, Stumbling, Crib -Bit.
trig. Itestlessness, and other vices to
which lie Is subject; with numerous ex
planatory engravings.
. . .
WILT, TELL YOU Of the causea,symptomg,and Treatment
of Strangles. Sore Throat, Distomper,
Catarrh, Influenza, Bronchitis, Poen
monla, Pleumay, Broken Wind, Chron
ic Conch, Bearing and Whiatling.Lam
pas, Sore Mouth and Ulcers, and Da
coy ed Tooth.-with other diseasesof the
Mouth and Respiratory Organs.
WILL TELL YOU Of Rio causes, symptoms,and Trentment
of Worms, Bon!, Cholla. Strangulation,
Stony Conon lions, Ruptures, Sal v,
Urine, Stones in the Kidneys and Blad
der, Inflamation and other diseases of
the Stomach, Bowels, ',her and Uri
nary Orono.
WM. F. T11031.t.9
WILL TELL YOU Of tlio causes, symptoms, and Treat
moot of Fistula, Poll Evil, Glanders
Furey. Searlet Fever,Mange, Surfeit
Locked Jaut.lllicunutisntUrranp,Oallo,
Clnensos of Ike Eye and Heart, Sc, fee.
and bow to 'lmago Costration, Bleed
lug, Trephining. Roweling. Firing,
Hernia, Amputation, Topping, and otto
er surgical operatiuuo.
WILL TELL YOU Of liaroy's Method of taming Horses:
how to Approach, Halter, or Stable a
Colt; how to accustom a horse to
strange sounds and sights. and how to
lilt, Saddle, Hide, and Break him to
Harness; also the form and law of
ViAaRINTY. Tho whole being tho re.
cult of 15 years' careful study of the
habits, peculiarities, wants and weak
nesses of this noble mid Meld animal.
The book contains 334 pagas, appropriately illustrated
by nearly 100 Engravings. It is printed in a clear and
open type, and Bill be forwarded to any address ' postage
paid, on receipt of price, bait bound, $l.OO, or, In cloth,
extra, $1.25.
$lOOO A YHAR can be made by enterprising men every
where, in eeliing the above, and other popular works of
011:11. Our inducements to all Ruch aie exceedingly liber
al. For single copies of tho Book, or for terms to Agents,
with other information, apply to or address
.101111 POTTEII, Puldisher,
No. 617 Sanscm Street, Philadelphia, Pa.
Nov. 7, 11360.-Bm
Carefully Revised by .AVr. J. S. Hale
Ix TELLS Yon How to ohm:meal kinds or Meats, Poultry,
and Game, with all the various and most
approved modes or dressing and cooking
&Grand Pork; also tie best and simplest
way or salting, pickling and curing the
TELLB You All tiro various and mostapproved modes of
dressing, cooking, and boning Mutton,
Lamb, Yea], Poultry, nod gam of's!! kinds
with the 61d - facia Dressings, Gravies, and
Gtuffings appropriuto to each.
Ir T1.1.L8 You How to choose, clean, and preserve Fish of
all kinds, and how to sweeten it when taint
. ed ; also all the various and most approved
modes of cooking, with the different Dress•
ings, Sauces, sad Flavorings appropriate to
IT TELLS You All the various and most approved modes of
Fronting over 60 kinds of Nleat,rish,Fowl.
(Jame, and Vegetable Sonps, Broths, and
Stems, with the Relishes and Seasonings
appropriate to each.
IT Tr= You All the various and most apyroved modes o
cooking Vegetables of every description ,
also how to prepare Pickles, Catsups an.
Curries of all kinds, rotted bleats, Fish
Game, Ilindiroonns,
IT TELLS You Alltho various and most approved mcdes of
preparing and cooking nil kinds of Plain
and Panay Pastry, Puddings, Omelettes,
Fritters, Cakes, Confectionary, Preierves,
Jollies, and Sweet Dishes of every &scrip.
IS TELLS Too All the rations and most approved males
of making Bread, /tusks, Muffins, and
coit, and the best method of preparing
Coltoc, Chocolate, and Tea, and how 'to
make Eyrupa, Cordials, and Wines of vu
clout kinds,
IT TELLS lot flow LO setont aud ornament a Table, bow to
Carve nil kinds of Fish, Flesh or Fowl, and
In short, how to so simplify the whole Art
of Cooking as to bring the choicest luxuries
of the table within the everybody's reach.
The book contains 418 pages, and upwrirds of 1200 Re
cities, all of which are the results of actual experience,
having been fully and carefully tested under the personal
superintendence of the writers, It is printed he a clear
and open type, Is illustrated with appropriate engravings,
and will bo furwatded to any address, neatly bound, and
postage paid, on receipt of the price, $l.O, or in cloth, ex
tra $1.20.
$lOOO A YEAR can be made by opterprising men every
where, In selling the above work, our inducements to all
such being very liberal.
For single copies of tho Book, or for terms to agents,
with coot Information, apply to or address
JOlllB E. POTTER, Publisher,
No. 617 B.ansoln Street, Philadelphte,Ta.
GUM SHOES, cheaper at D. P. twin's
than can bo hnd In town. Call and sea them.
L ADIES' SKATES are sold by
A Splendid varieV or (lupet
a, only
,r_t_ cts.rer yard. FISREn k SON.
Ring Bone, Sweanle. Strains, Broken
Knees, Wind Galls, Founder Craelced
Iloo(s. Sole limbo° and araccl, Canker,
Scratches, 'fbrneh and Caere,; also, of
Megrirne, Vertigo, gpiiepay, Stoggors,
arid other diseases of the Feet, Lego,
and Head.
Philadelphia Advertisements.
Miscellaneous, School and Blank Books,
No. 31 North Third lame, below Axel,
W. H. Ilmtian,
W. C. PC479.
Publimber. of Pei tone Outline ldop. antr,Keys, thu tar.-
gest and best Outline Maps ever published. Candor's Now
Headers, Greenleaf 's and Brook's Aritbnietios, &c. Mon.
Oath's and MeNalWs Geogniplileit, White's Copy Booka,
Blank Peeks ; Wtitlng, Wrapping ; Curtain and Wall
Papers. [Nor. 14, 'CO.
In all Ito Branches, executod In tbil bast alio
uovrn In the tat, at
632 Arch Strut, East of Sixth, Philadephia
Lire +lke to OH and &write, Stereoscoptc Portrait"
For Cases, Modollions, Pins, Ringo, tte
Nor. ]4,1660.
Ile Erie Sewing Machine. We will give a Commiaeloa,
or wages at from $25 to $5O per mouth, and expenses
paid. This In a now Machine, and co simple in its construe , -
tion that a child of 10 year,' can learn to operate It by
half an hour's inatniction. It In equal to any Family
Pawing Machine in use, and the price ia but Fifteen Doh
Yorsona whining au agency will address
Secretary Erie Sewing Machine Company,
Nov, 14, 1060. MILAN, 01110.
,I'ON R. MOOItE & CO.,
irriarsAct tinAtms r%
Carpel Ohain,Cotlon Yarn, Collan Balls, &v.,
No. ROO (ob.l No. 116) N, mid St., lllllndalptile.
Aa. Our Carpet Chain le put up tat Itsttairt, without
pasteboard. Orden, promptly attomled to,
Nov. 14 , 1660.
In every County of the thilted States, to engage in the
ale of Rome of the beat and moat elegantly ihuatrated
t oche published.
's',Our public:alone are of the most later stingcharacter,
adapted to the wants of the Penner. Mechanic and Mer-
chant; they are published in the beet style and bound in
the most substantial manner, and are worthy a place la
tile Library of every Household in the Laud,
&if- To mon of enterprise and industrious habits, this
leafiness offers en opportunity for profitable employment
seldom to be met with.
Persons desiring to act as ngeata will receive
promptly by mail cull particulars, terms, dm., by addrens.
log LEARY, OS.TZ & Co., Publisbers,
No. 221 North Second Street, PhiladulphlL
Nov. 14, 1860
Haring removed to their Now Store, Cor. 7013111/1
MARKET Streets, are now prepared to offer to the toads
ft large and elegant nesortment of
all of the newest and beet designs, from the loweit pliant
article to the finest
Gold and .relvet Decorations.
Atti- Pnrchatere will do well to vielt the eatabliehtoost
of 110 WELL & BOURKE'S,
N. E. Cor. Fourth & Market, Philadelpble.
Oct.. 3, 11360.-3ra.
3 - PALMIER & CO.,
Dave constantly on hand nn assortment of DRIED and
PICKLED FISII, viz: 'Mackerel, Shod, Salmon; Blue
Fisk Cod Fish, Beef, Pork. Lard, Shoulder; liana, Mu,
Chem; Bean; Dice,
Oct. 3,1880.-3 m.
I on hand and is constantly receiving largo astFments
AgeRICAN W.ceon, which for accuracy of time and dura
bility, and lets liability of getting out of order, is superb
or to any other imported 'Watch, mado at anything tika
the satno cost. Jewelry, Sliver and Silver Plated liCarti
of all styles and patterns. ,
_ _
. • —ALSO—
Gard, r and Sled S'prefacla,
with glasses for all sights, with PATENT, as well as the old
style Iramee. All goods sold at my establishment are
warranted to bo as represented, and satisfaction guars*.
teed to all ynrchasers, at NO. 618, Market Street, Cornet
of Decatur. • (Sopt.lo, 1860,—1y.
Na. 33 41 - orth Second SY.. opposite Christ Church,
Iftts for sale, the best finally COoking States in
the 3tarLet—n good and faithful servant; tho great
provider for the Family I Every household should have a
reliable Lehigh Gas Burner Coooking Stoco—always rolls.
ble, always economical,
Also, tho great Gas Chnsuming Heating Store, for Par.
lots, Sm.—will burn less fuel and emit mom heat than
any other stove. For sale. with a large assortment of all
kinds of COOKING and HEATING STOVES, Wholesale
and Retail. WILLIAM C. NIIMAN,
No. 33 North Second Et., above Market, Philadelphia
Sept. 1.9, 1860.-3 m.
HANCOCK, CAMP & CO., Produce and General Corm
mission Merchants, No. 47, North Water St., below Arch
St., Philadelphia.
Agents Tor all Guano's Super Phosphates of Wee,
Poudrettes, and other kinds of Fertilizers,
/Hi- All descriptions of Country Produce taken-In et
change or sold ou Omintistkin.
sea- Quick sales and immediate returns are guaranteed
upon all consignments.
&or We aro the sole Agents fiir the best articles of TM
egar made In this city and elsewhere.
July 18, 1860.-6 m.
N 0.72.3 Arch Street, PlOadelphici.
Ono of the largest and moot complete Galleries In the
States, where the hest Pictures, known to the rbo•
tographio art, ore taken at prices no higher
then are paid for miserable caricatures.
The Proprietor, a practical Photographer, attends per.
/tonally, every sitting—and allows no picture to leave the
Gallery millets ft gives perfect satisfaction.
Daguerreotypes and Andirotypes, of absentee deceased
friends, photographed to any required elm, or taken en
Canenes, life size, and painted in Oil by the beet Artiste.
At this Gallery pictures can be taken In any weather—.
es perfect In cloudy days as when the sun sitinca.
Persons ensiling the city are reapectfully invited to no.
amine our epechnene, which for prim and quality defy
scr, - -Instructiona given in the art of Photography.
724 Arch Street, Philadelpha.
From ion. Louie D. Campbell, M. C, Onto
My family and friends all concur In the opinion that
the (Newell) picture Is more life like than any thing they
ever saw. My likeness has been repeatedly taken by tiM
ferent Artlets in various ways, but I have never yet had
ono which presents so true to nature, all the features and
expressions of countenance as this.
From Hon. E. Joy Morris, late Minister to Italy,
The exquisite finish, beauty and softness or your por
traits, conjoined with their durability of outer and faith.
fulness as likenesses, cannot fail to commend them to the
attention and patronage Mail who appreciate Into art.
From Col. James Page.
laving occasion for n portrnit,l procured one from ldr.
Robert Newell, of the city of Philadelphia, a miniature In
Oil Colors, under the new prawn di/covered by bun, and
take great pleasure In expressing the satisfaction given
me, not only by the accuracy of the likeness, but its artia
tic:finish in all respects, end recommends him to the pat
renege of those disposed to encourage the beautiful art.
Nov. 28, 1660 Joe. POOL
WOSTENHOLMS' Celebrated ,I X L
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fIALL at D. P. GIVIN'S if you want
Lyourself warm. Call at M. GUTMAN & 00'S Clump
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OAL BUCKETS and Shovels,
far sal° by JAMES A. BROWS.
Qtllool, BOONS,
Ly Generally in use in tlte Echools of the County, not CI
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White and Colored Card Paper,
For sale at
Cali a 6 tho store of BENJ. JACOBS.
the bo VELOPES-
y, reek, or Ine quantity, for ilia '
LEWIS' 1700 K .f.:V7) .51.417014,1:Ft1'5T0R