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Letter of a Dying Wife
The following most touching fragment of a
letter from a dying wife to her husband, says
the Nashville Gazette, was found by him some
months after her death, between the leaves
of a religious volume which she was very
fond of perusing. The letter, which was lit
erally dim with her tear-marks, was written
long before her husband was aware that the
grasp of fatal disease had fastened upon the
lovely form of his wife, who died at the early
age of nineteen :
" When this shall reach your eye, dear
George, some day when you are turning over
the relics of the past, 1 shall have passed
away forever, and the cold white stone will
be keeping its lonely watch over the lips you
have so often -pressed, and the sod will be
growing green that shall bide forever from
your sight the dust of one who has often nes
tled close to your warm heart. For many
lung and sleepless nights, when all beside
my thoughts were at rest, I have wrestled
with consciousness of approaching death,
until at last it has forced itself upon my mind;
and although to you and to others it might
now seem but the nervous imagining of a
girl, yet, dear George, it is sot Many weary
nights have I passed in the endeavor to rec
oncile myself to leaving you, whom I loved
so well, and this bright world of sunshine
and beauty ; and hard indeed it is to struggle
on silently and alone, with the sure convic
tion that I am about to leave all forever and
go down into the dark valley t "But I know
in whom I have believed,' and leaning on
His arm, 'I fear no evil.' Do not blame me
fur keeping even all this from you. How
could I subject you, of all others, to such
sorrow as I feel at parting, when time will
soon make it apparent to you t I could have
wished to live, if only to be at your side when
your time shall come, and pillowing your
head on my breast, - wipe the death-damps
from your brow, and usher your departing
spirit into its Maker's presence, embalmed in
woman's holiest prayer. But it is not to he,
and I submit. Yours is the privilege of
watching, through long and dreary nights,
for the spirits final flight, and of transferring
my sinking head from your breast to my Sa
vior's bosom I And you shall share my last
thought, and the last faint pressure of the
hand, and the last feeble kiss shall be yours,
and even when flesh and heart shall have
failed me, my eyes shall rest on yours until
glazed by death ; and our spirits shall hold
one last communion until gently fading from
my view—the last of earth—you shall mingle
with the first bright glimpse of the unfading
glories of the better world, where partings
are unknown. Well do I know the spot, my
dear George, where you will lay me; often
we stood by the place, and as we watched
the mellow sunset, as it glanced in c l uivering
flashes through the leaves, and burnished the
grassy mounds around us with stripes of bur
nished gold, each, perhaps, has thought that
some day one of us would come alone, and
whichever it might be, your name would be
on the stone. But ire loved the spot, and 1
know you will love it none the less, when
you see the same quiet sunlight linger and
play among the grass that grows over tour
Mary's grave. I know you will go there, and
my spirit will be with you then, and whis
per among the waving branches z--`I am net
lost, but gone before.'"
Malt Lives a Day zoi(11, lifllewi
Cut 0f;-2n accident occurred in a pottery
in the lower end of Fort street, in the out
skirts of the city, some days since, resulting
in the death of ma employee of the estab
lishment, which furnishes at most singnitir
instance of the tenacity with which life
clings, at times, to the human frame. The
man, whose name we have been unable to
ascertain, was engaged in the room where
the machinery employed in cutting and pul
verizing the clay is situated. This machine
is a large wheel, with heavy knives or cut
ters placed at equal distances on its circum
ference. Some disarrangement of this w heel
attracted the attention of the unfortunate
man, who attempted to roach into the wheel
and adjust it while it was still revolving.
In this however, he miscalculated the speed
at which the mac,hineary was running, and
before he could withdraw himself from under
the knife, it struck him on the back of the
head, low down in the neck, completely sev
ering the upper and back portion of the skull,
on a line close to the top of the ears, and cut
ting through and removing a considerable
portion of the brain. The most singular cir
cumstances was that the man, in this horri
bly wounded condition walked into an adjoin
ing apartment where other workmen were,
and afterwards walked to a carriage which
he rode home in, surviving the accident
nearly half a day. We doubt if another
ease of such extreme tenacity of life can be
found in the records of accidents, but the ac
tual occurrence of the above circumstances
is vouched for by competent authorities, and
is beyond a doubt —Detroit Free Press
Bonham, (Texas) ladepentlent tells of a horse
which escaped from his owner in May last,
and was found seven weeks after, a m ile a n d
a half from the house. lie had twenty feet
of rope tied to his neck when he got away,
and this had become fastened to a bush, and
kept the horse all that time. The horse had
only twelve feet of the lariat to play upon.—
He had bitten off two elm saplings four inch
es in diameter, and eaten the stumps to the
very ground and also the trunks and limbs
as far as his tether would reach. No rain
had fallen during the period to wet the
ground, and in the last four weeks it had not
even sprinkled. The horse was an "Ameri
can" horse of good size, and was fat when
he escaped—when found he was a perfect
skeleton. Great caution was observed in
giving him water and food after he was
found, and he rapidly recovered his flesh.
disease, and like many other kinds, is often
self-imposed. In the case of many individu
als, it is an inherited malady, and conse
quently hard to cast from the system. But
it is often the case that this disgusting tem
per is brought on persons by their own de
liberate selfishness—by a vastly discreditable
disposition to shirk the inevitable burdens in
cident to living a decent life. Laziness of
this kind is one of the cardinal sins, and
should subject the obnoxious offender to the
discipline of the tread-mill. More particular
ly is laziness offensive in th e youn g an d healthy.
To learn to work, and work cheerfully, is the
central lesson of life. Begin to learn it early
—eschew laziness as the most disgusting of all
faults, and one that will surely end in hope
less misery; for, depend upon it, none can be
so insensible through laziness as to be, in the
end, incapable of suffering, .Nature is, in
the event of a non-payment of her demands,
a stern and merciless creditor,
Huntingdon, 'Wednesday, Dec. 8, 1858
,E,c l - 7.3 While musing on the past, many
scenes of by-gone days recur to the mind,
which bring back joy and gratitude to the
heart. How thankful we should be for the
many blessings which the Creator has en
dowed upon us. Thankful for the power of
memory—thankful for the pleasant scenes
and pleasures of the past, which daily occur
to our mind. Oh ! how often we think of
childhood's sunny hours. How dear to us
then—how we love to dwell upon the
thoughts of them now. When no earthly
care troubled our little brain—then—then
we were happy. It makes us feel happy
now, in our sterner years, to dwell upon the
thoughts of boyhood. Now, that the troubles
and cares of a busy world, are involved upon
our mind—now, that we are one of the
many who are daily occupied in the pursuits ,
of business, we have no time to enact child
hood's scenes over again, nor have we any
desire, for years of discretion have taught us
to think of more useful employment. Life
is but a sunshine, no telling what moment a
Clark cloud may encircle our brow, and hide
our face from the gaze of the world. The
happiest moments of a man's life, says Syd
ney Smith, are while dwelling upon the
scenes and sports of childhood. Who is not
given to retrospective musings? 'Why should
we not make ourselves happy by dwelling
upon the thoughts of the past True, it
would be better for some of us, could we
blot out from the memory some scenes in the
drama of life, but then, those persons have
their happy times to ponder over, as well as
those whose past life has no act which they
would stain from the Book of Life.
FORCER ARRESTED.—On Sunday morning
last, Michael T3etz, of Lebanon county, was
arrested at Mr. Whittaker's, on Warrior
Ridge, by Joseph Shontz, a constable of Leb
anon borough. It appears that about a year
ago, Betz forged a note in his father-in-law's
name, on the Bank of Lebanon, for 51500,
and as it was about coming due, he left for
parts unknown, whereupon, the officers of
the Bank sent an officer of the law, after him.
The officer followed him West as far as Kan
sas, then back again as far as Mr. Whitta
ker's, where he arrested him, while sitting
comfortably behind the stove reading a book.
When the officer made known his errand,
" Why," says the fellow, "lent that fixed up
yet. lam glad you come. I was going to
walk home, n hen my foot got well." it ap
pears also, that he has forged several notes
previous to this one, on the same bank, and
in his father-in-law's name, but was more
successful than in this case, with -which he
went West and speculated in cattle, &c.. but
he was not very successful in his speculations.
"Ile fellow was not aware that the officer was
after him, until he was arrested. By some
means or other, lie lost all the money he had.
with him, and we suppose he was stopping
at Mr. Whittaker's to recruit, preparatory to
starting on a " tramp" for borne. He seemed
very much pleased that the officer should
come after him, and. was willing to accom
pany him back. The officer brought him to
this borough and lodged hint iu jail until
Monday morning, when. he proceeded with
him to Lebanon. The officer was six weeks
in pursuit of hint, at a cost to the Bank of
'3!200. Such rogues as Bets deserve the full
extent of the law, and it would be nothing
unfair, should he get what his crime so richly
deserves. The officer deserves credit for his
vigilant and untiring industry, in following
the rascal up so closely.
Viii' Winter is upon us, and Jack Frost is
preparing to give us another of his annual
Exhibitions of red cheeks, red noses, and
frozen feet, together with a thousand and one
other feats which be annually performs.—
Now is the time for those who are able, to
store away such articles of food as they may
need during the cold, dreary winter. Those
who have not the means wherewith to pro
cure the necessaries of life, and who are de
pendant upon the charity of those who are
blest with an abundance of this world's goods,
dread the thought of the coming cold and
cheerless season, whilst others, who have
plenty, look - with joy and gratitude upon the
snow-capped mountains, in anticipation of a
happy time in the valley beneath, with their
horses and sleighs and the merry jingle of
the sleigh-bells.
A ScAmr--The Chambershurg Spirit says
".A. fellow professing to lie a jcnr printer,
visited this place last week, and after spong
ing his supper off some of the craft, obtained
permission to sleep in one of the offices.—
The nest morning he was among the miss
ing, and also an overcoat belonging to one of
the proprietors of the establishment. The
chap gave his name as Barr. He is a young
man about 18 or 20 years of age, has long
black hair, and rather etravagantly dress
A fellow of similar character served us the
same trick, early last spring. lie may be
known by his eyes just such eyes as you
will find in the head of every dog guilty of
killing sheep.
pEr The Methodist Church is still in pro
gress, but as yet, they have received no con
vert& Some able m inisters hare presided
over the meetings already held, and have pro
duced some able arguments. We hope, be
fore their meetings come to a close, they may
he instrumental in reforming the morals of
many of the young of our borough.
Rudorous.—There will be a sermon deliv
ered in the German language in the German
Reformed Church, on next Saturday morning,
at eleven o'clock, and in the evening there
will be a sermon preached in the English
language. At eleven o'clock, Sunday morn
ing, the Lord's Supper will be administered
by the Rev. Mr. Reid. Those wishing to join
the Church, will make application to the Rev.
Reid previous to that time.
A Ricu FEAST.—On Thursday evening
last, we visited, by invitation, the LADIES'
OYSTER SALOON just opened and fitted up in
handsome style, by Mr. E. C. Summers., op
posite Jackson's Hotel. The oysters served
up were large and very fine, and the table
extras ahead of any we ever saw furnished
in the best city Saloons. Give Mr. S. a call
and judge for yourselves, of the accommoda
tions lie offers.
Ero=.A Teachers Institute -will be held in
this place, commencing Dec. 27th inst., and
continuing for three days. We may expect
this meeting of Teachers to be one of more
than usual interest, as learned and experien
ced gentlemen . will be in attendance to take
part in the proceedings.
Our young friend, ITarry Swivel, has
been promoted to the post of baggage-master,
between. Harrisburg, and Lancaster. May
success attend him.
BROAD Tor DEER.—We have lately noticed
several deer arrived by the cars from Broad
Top region. They are said to be plenty this
re, See advertisement of Dr. S:lnford's
Liver Invigorator in another column.
On Thursday, November 11th. by Rev. S. 11. Reid, Mr.
&ow; Wirmr.R. to Miss' ANNII: SNYDER, of this place.
On the Ist of December. by (labial Chancy. Mr.
ANTHONY BRAME): to Miss 31.1.RUARFA 3.1171i11; both Of Bar
ree township.
Orr:. v.:Ty quiet; sales 500 bids superfine at
and i,ion bids extra family at .=' ,1 3.3Z, The rorPipts
continite to till) liye Flour dull at :241, and Corn Meal
at 8'1.25. WI teat comes tbrward slimly and in bettor de
mand; sales 2,U00 bus at $1.2tiq%;1.27 fin" red. and
$1.40 tbr white. Rye wanted at Si/o. Corn dull and has
declined: sales 5,000 bus. now - yellow' at 00 , ailSc., and uld
atStie:S:ic. Oats steady at -15e47c.
TRAY STE E R.—Came to the, prom
of the sithscrilwr, in Toil township, some time in
September last. a brindle, with some white spots, and a
white star on hi , forehead, both emi., cropped, and sup
posed to be two yearsl old next Spring. The owner is re
quested to come forward, prove property. pay charges anl
take him away, otherwise he will be of aceerillng
to law. 131-LISON
Dec. S,
If:tying* been reliably informed tlmt Samnel L.
t;Llsgow Kehl orhold; saceral IlutCS Of balsa purportingto
be giVC.I by me, to Lim, and having never giVell said Otos
i4.cos a note or note , of hand, or evidences of debt of any
kind. or any amimint, or roceived valuo or coithideration
Irani bitn,l ltyray forewarn all per,ons from having any
thing to do with any notes Or orbit-Bees of iiebt Imrport
lo.:.; to bzi by Joe to •iiald will not pay
them nnl4•4, conlpvllett by Dm- JOHN BRE 11 - STEIL
ll,crinioor S, I`•3i(..]
4 i` t ,6 11) ur
psuunce of
j .t c j an OrdManco pa:csed by the Durges,e,
ainl Town Cotincil of the borough of rruntin ; _pron,, the :,trd
day of December ' propo,za, NS ill lie rcec•ived the
undersimed, up to 12 o'clock. 31., on Saturday, the 25th
day of December, in,thnt, to loin to said borough, the
sum of GIVE THOUSAND Dob.r..-ues. redeemable ou
the lir,t day of January. 1864, and to bear interest not ex
coeclin!2 six per cent. per anonza, payable semi-annually
on the nist tlay:i of Jammu and July. To secure which,
cart ideates will be issued tar amonnts not exceeding one
hundred dollm d each. .1011 X 101 ITTAKE
[December S. '5S.] Cht . ':l Burgess.
rylIT..-g'd& IN ST IT UT E.
The o.,telicrs of this county are respectfully invitc4
t ase:cmhlo at the Court on tit.:2.tith, 29th
IV:, of this month. for the purpose of 'Mailing . an In: titute.
The C 1 11 , ,litlays appear to he the not latrurabie
ptni e.tnferred with many teachers, ire linty expr , ct
o tlen. , ral attentlance—proitahl3 larger than at any former
nucti ;g.
Prof. lic7C. WALSH W ill rowl a roport on th means of
pr,,;(2,4"naliz!ng feathers.
Prof. P.... 10.-.r.or,Nr., DANTl , l O, .:: ,, sr.\ - Ift•stry Melinur.N.
‘‘ ill prepare a eeport on Physical Cioography.
Er:cm f; ‘t.a.a. MILTON ,SAN:; W1LL1.174
A. liege; kill preimre a report on the utility of introdu
ing the higher brai:die , of shady into our Conintou
S, Miter repel -; have been i.repareti, but the Cont
i mitt ees appointed Intvr not beet: tie le,ted front.
J. SI,WELL. STI:WART, Emil.. will lecture on neology. lien.
Dr. Jous li. WisTßom:„ aud A. NV. Dr,Ndnuel, v. ill
lecture on ldeatling.
Lectures will alto be. delivered on Composition, "Vocal
Music, Phyeical ideography, and other stuulies .belonging
to Cie
1 A class ci voculi.,ts till enliven the exerci , eß of thr ,
stitnte tt ifit =elect pt - rem of tutt , ic. More dclinil t arritiv6e
nients will be noticed next week. ALUER'I2 OWEN.
Cliuutingdou, Doc- S;sB.} County Sylh•rinicivlizt.
A tlDE:oit , s NoTicE.
Cialacws of G. LigWarr.)
The undersigned Auditor, appointed by the Court of
Common Pleas of Ihmtingilim county. to distribute the
proeeeds of the Sheriff's Sal., of the real e.4.1t0 of Dr. J.
G. Lightner to anti amongst those legally entitled thereto,
hereby gives notice to all persons interested, tint he will
attend lbr that purpose. at his office in the borough of
Huntingdon. on Frichty the 24th of _December la;:t., at 1
o'clock, P. M., when and where all persons are required to
present their claims, or be debarred from coming in upon
said hind. THEO. 11. CRIOIER.,
December 1,1.855-4. t. Auditor.
MACHINE CO., 7:10 Chestnut street, Philadelphia.,
Loring greatly increased their thcilities fbrmainnimturing•
their CELT-in:ATM) 'FAMILY MACHINES, with all the recent
improvements, hare reduced their prices, and offer for sale
It is no longer questioned that these Machines ate the
best iu use for family sewing.. They
in the most superior manner, and are the only machines
iu the market that arc , so well and simply made, that they
may be sent into families with no other instructions than
arc contained in a circular which accompanies each ma
chine, and front which A CHILD OF TEN YE Alta may
readily learn how to use them, and keep them in order.
They make upwards of Fifteen Handrol Stitches a Minute,
and will do the sowing of a family cheaper than a seam
stress can do it, even if she works at the rate of oae CENT
TN there a 'husband, father, or brother in the United
States, who will permit the drudgery of hand ~,ening:
his family, when a Grover & Baker Machine will do it
better, more expeditiously, and cheaper than can possibly
be done by hand ?
.iI"'SENT ) volt A cincoLtiv -
Dec.l. 1811 S.
(Escure of 1t m. 2 .Tamison, deed.)
The undersigned Auditor appointed by the Orphans'
Court, to it , eertain the balance in the hands of Eobert
Campbell, Executor of WILLIAM Y. JAMISON,
subject to distribution, and to make distribution of such
balance, and also the proceeds of certain judgments as
signed by said Executor, in trust, to be appropriated to
the persons legally entitled to receive the sante. u ill attend
for that purpose at his office, in the borough of
don, on Thursday, December 231, IShS, at ten o'clock. A.
1%1. All persons interested are requested to present their
claims at the above time and place, or be debarred front
coming in on said fund
Dec. 1,1855.-4 t
- The undersigned Auditor appointed by the Orphans
Court of 'Huntingdon county, to distribute the balanoe in
the bands of Hiram Williamson aud Samuel Miller, Aa
niblistrator4 of the estate of Nicholas: Grafts. deed, to and those legally entitled thereto, hereby gives notice
Him lie will attend for that ronlae:e„ at his thee in Hun
tingdon. on Thai. In)/ tie 2:kt ?t.IOIIAT in t., at
o'ehadr. P. M., when and where all persons interested in
raid fund, are required to present their claims to the
er be debarred from rotilintr, in upon
said fund. THEO. 11. 01?..E31
December 1. IS3`—at Auditor.
1111Litli,"E TS.
iF. , ENBERG s; CONNOR., are prepared to rut Dish all
! (.1 den.; rta• t.romptly. Address Isctiberg ti Conuor,
Alexandria„ Huntingdon county, Pa. Pee. S,
TRAY BULL.—Carne to the pawl
w; the subscriber, in 'Union township. :s.onv2 , tin, in
'vtember 1.1 , 4. a young. bull with red bides and white
I a on;; Ids hack and l Kdly, supposed to be three year, old
n Tho owner is requested to conic forward,
peove property, pay charges and tal:e him away, other
,' i u, lie Is ill be dispoged of according to law.
N0v.24,1858. LEVL WlaGar.
ÜBLIC SALE.--Orphans' Court
sale. (123tafd of Henry Tl7o:fcl, deceased.)
In purauance of on tinier of the Orphans' Court of Run
county, will be sold at Public Salo, on the prowl-
'On Thmsday, 23d December, 1858,
A TRACT OF LAND situate in West township, leljoining
lands of William Stewart on the North, lands of Dorsey's
heirs on the West, land of John and Michael Weir on the
South. and lands of William Reed on the East, containing
NINETY-SIX ACRES, more or less, having thereon a
Frame [Louse, a Frame Bank Darn, and other out-build
ings. The land is limestone of good quality, and has upon
it a never failing spring and stream of water, and an or
chard. Said farm being late the property of henry War
fel, deceased.
!VEHMS OF SALE t—Onc-third of the purchase money
to be paid on confirmation of the sale, and the residue in
two equal annual payments with interest, to be secured
by the bonds and inortgage of the purchaser.
Sale to commence at 10 o'clock. A...NT.. of said arty.
olr,i3Ewr ILORNINU,
Dec. 1, 185.9.] Atl»tin islrators with the Will annexed.
c r ! -- TRAY HOG7---Came to the premises
)) of tile subscriber, in 'West township, about the 10th
of September last, a white barrow with a piece off the
right ear, will weigh about eighty pounds, The owner is
requested to come fOrward. pros-a property, pay charges
tirm take him away, otherwise, he will be dispo=ed of ac
cording to law. M. WEYER.
Nov. 24. 1555.-3 t
KJ Sundry Testattun writs of Vend. Exp. issued out of
the Court of Bedford county, to me directed, I will expose
to Public Sale at the Court House, in the borough of Hun
tinztlou, en Wednesday the 20th day of December,lssB, at
2 o'clock, P. M., the following described ProPerin to wit :
All the right, title and interest of the de
fendant, of, in, to and out of one tract of land situated in
Tod township, Huntingdon county, containing 500 acres
more or less, and surveyed on two warrants to Richard
Clatk, the one dated Sept. 3d, 17th and the other Sept. 18,
1734 and adjoining lands of Espy L. Anderson, Wm.
IlLatek's heirs and others seized a n d till:en in exectition as
the prop,Tty of John Dougherty. .(1.1 , m, all the right. tine
and interest of defendant, in, to and out of one tract of
land known as Taylor's coal bank tract, containing three
hut,Jull and seventeen acres (317) more or less as its at, o ut
50 a , re, cleared, a dwelling liono, bzirti and Other traihl
nig; the' eon erected, situated on itotACV Ridge in 120,1
ton nship, Huntingdon county, adjoining lands of John
S.l.vagts' heirs, Peter Cul finutt, Jacob Tayllr, Tayloe
and others, seized and taken in execution as the propel ty
of Joint Dougherty
About five acres of real estate situate in
Shirley township. Huntingdon county, adjoining the town
of Mt. Union on the north and separated front said town
by _Market street awl adjoining, land of John Tin wipson on
the oast, Andrew Volleek's heirs on the south, land o r
John Dougherty on the west, and separahsl from said John
Doneherty by a Straight !Inc produced or to ho producol
by the extension of the western side 01 AVllAlifigtell Street
(On Of the streets of said town of Mt. Union) an of sai
real estate b , "ing cleared and under foneo. Soi/etl and
taken in execution as the property of John Dougherty.
Also, the following lots in the town of Mt. 'Union, Shirley
township, Ifuntingdon county, to wit: Lot•• deshowtod
and known in the gOn , 'rll plan of said tw‘rn as recorded in
the Recorder's 00 h:c in Huntingdon and in said plan
describea ae numbers 32. 3.1-, 37. 40, 43, 4e, ;It ; b.:. L 5, 3.4
35, 38. 41, 44.47, 01). 53, 06, 3d, 311. 42, 45. dtz. 01. 5 1„1 . 7. 70,
71, 72, 73, 116, 141,142, 143 and 1 t 4. Seized and taken in
execution as the property of John Dougherty. Alec. as
the prop rty of both defendants, the foll Owing lots in the
town of lit. Union, Shirley townslup, Huntingdon county.
l'a., to wit: Lots designated in the recorded Plan of said
town as numbers SS. 59, Go, 61 and 49. Seized and taken
in execution as the property of Jarites J. INlcElhony tool
John Dougherty. Also, ono tract of land containing Son
acres Inure or less (being coal land) situate on 'Rocky ilidge
on the waters of eiroat Trough Creek in Toil township.
Huntingdon county. SU:Deli:nes call•'. I. the Corbin trod,"
surveyed nu a warrant to James Witt or or Jaynes Miller
eenv.. - ed to Geo. \V. Speer and John Dough orty by deed
dated March 10, 1054, by .Asa Corbin end by Speer con
veyed to Dougherty on the 12th of April 1.0:)0, arid adjoin
ing lends of Peter Curfinan, Taylor's heirs and others.
Selz% and taken in oxocntion no the, property of John
Dec. I t 18:7S
Ylt 1)114' 11, L(lll.i i T
20,)---1: L ESTAT . N 1/.II`,"SCIN C. SMA‘A"..C.Y.
CEA:SEP.—MOSEY WA:WU:D.—The s ol , scriber. as Ad
nduistrator of said estate, and for tho of pa:,
the debt: against the , :taw . „ aad herohy to
horror; the slim of about nine hundred dollars, foi•
interest, at the rate of SeVell per cent. per annum will LK,
allowed, to 1:e seem ed by nuade age ou s aid real tate.
And provided said loan is not etlected by the •2t1 , 1 day r f
Pceeinber lust., (185S.):then, on sail day of I , ceendwr
inst., by virtue of a fourth plurias Order of said Court,
and between the bours of tea o'clock, A. M., and I
olh:ck, P. M., of said day, will be expos-cd to imblia
on rite premises, (or such part thereof 11e enfilcient
to pay the debts athre.said.) the following* real estate, \i:::
A TRACT OF LAND satiate in Shirley township, Hun
tingdon county, bounded by Juniata river o 1 1:0 notilt
east, ley- Atigh wick Creel: 00 the north-we=t, by lands of
J. M. Deli r , ll the south-west, and by lands of 0. Di taqr
and yell's the south-ea it, containing about tno
ha ildr.`d said :713.3 - -n , ar acres and 1//i011":111CO, 22101"
:lb Jet one hundred acres of which are chard and under
cnltiwition, haying thereon erected a TWO STt:III.7 ;410...N.E
DWELI,EVI HOUSE, Lank barn, stoho spring house.
tenant house, &e. .. 4 .1,0 on said premises is :tit lion Ore
Applo Orchard, Ac., being the real estate of
sahl deceased.
TERMS OF SALE :—One-third of the purchase inmey to
be paid on confirmation of sale, and the res . :due 111 ttcu
ritual annual payments with interest, to be secured by the
bonds and mortgage of the purchaser.
Due attendance giA en on the day of sale by
Acenti22 istrotor of Dawson a i'mawicy, deed.
Doc. 1, ISt d.
Pal REWARD—WiII be given
P ,l Y
_Jo' for the apprehension of JOHN AMdritOSE
awl GEOlt(li: LITZIfORD, who escaped from the Hum
tire,;don Jail ou the night of the Hall ifnst. At/IN-ruse is.
about :35 years of age, slender, dark hair, Olin in front,
small black rvhiskers, and is about six feet high, had on
'.lien lie left dark pantaloons and heavy hoots. tit/Surd
is slender. about lira feet three inches highrfi6ht hair, is
as Ermlisinuan in appearance and speruch.
DOLLARS each will he paid for the arrest of
aluovo scribed persons, or for such information as will
lead to their arrest. Gltirra 21ILLElt.
1111ntingdon, Nov. 24, ISSB. Sheriff.
Notice is hereby given that immediately after flue
&mond, Monday in January next, proceeding , ' svili tuo cow:
monred for the collection of all balances then remaining
due, from collectors 'those' Duplicates bear date in 1811,
aml previous to that time.
order of the Commissioners.
thmting,don, Nov. 21, ISSB.
Letters of Administration on the Estate of IV3I. IL
LAlsik.i, late of Springfield township, llmitingilon en., d-
ceased, having been granted to the undersigned. he here
by notifies all persons indebted to said Estate, to make
immediate payment, and those having claims against the
same, to present them, duly authenticated,
V A for s ettlement.
Nov. 17, 1.958.—Gt. Administrator.
all. They are elegant, light, easy and durable.
Fitting to a charm—no turning up behind—no shrink
ing off the head: indeed, this is the only Establishment
where these things are properly understood and made.
N0v.17, ISSS. ly.] 233 BIIOADWAY. NEW YORK.
y in all diseases, inflammation, more or
less, predominates—now, to allay infiannnation, strikes at
the root of disease—hence an immediate cure.
and NOTUING E.LsE, will allay inflammation at once, and
make a certain cure.
will cure the following among a great catalogue of dis
eases :—Purns, Scalds, Cuts, Chafes, Sore Nipples. Corns,
Bunions, Bruises, Strains, Bites, Poison, Chilblains. Biles,
Scrofula. Ulcers, Fever Sores, Felons. EM! Ache. Pile..., S,ae
Eyes. Gout. Swellings. ltheuunitham 4rild Iliad, Salt
Rheum Baldness, Erysipelas, Ringworm, Barber's Itch,
Small Pee, Measles. Bash, .`ze..
To some, it may appear incredulous that Po many di,
cases should bo reached by one article snch an idea Al ill
vanish it hen reflection points to the fact, that the salve
is a combination of ingredients, each and every one apply
ing a perfect antidote to its apposite disorder.
in its effects is magical, Leo:lase the time is So short be
tweet' disease and a permanent mire: and it ism) extractor,
as it titans all disease out of the anceted part. leaving na
tare as perfect as before the injury. It is sC:tlcely neces
sary to say that no 'house, work-shop, or manufactory
should be one moment n ithout it.
No Pain Extractor is genuine, unless the box has upon
it a steel plate engraving', with the name of _Remy Dailey,
Fwr a do he all the Druggists and patent medicine (I.Ntlui6
throughwit the 'United States tutu Camolas.
incipal Depot. 163 Chili:lle:es St., New T.
- Sobl by ,TOTI:'.; READ, fir:NTIN , ,c),,,, t r,.
r N.,vorab. 17 7 1
0 11. AFITS NI ILL": R . , S heriS
TT.:.kITE YOU SE EN T E M ?—Th t
qnpel I, engraving:, "Titt: rtt.t.h: tCKS!tIITII," and
' the b. autiful .loclu; tL, \\ hiLth are furni , lm.l to mil.
Of the Cosmopolitan Art A. , -oci.tti.m, eau imw h e .
' ,ieen at the office of .1. J. Lawroteo, Mr a shert time only.
advertisement elsow here : Leaded—New Ecaturee,.
Nov. 0.1855.
OTIC—AII pQrsons having
A Eettiemtuts to make for deolings had at my store at
) - hudidc-Inir,g, will 'slake pixy nicnt Wine at Ilimtingdon, or
I to my lion, Joseph Strolls
Huntingdon, Nov. 24, TB5B.
AT PITELTC SALE.—Tim tm%tersigned. tlesiroaq of
removing to the West, will offer at Public Sale, on the
On Thursday, 23d day of December, next,
the property hnown ;15 the "MOW. , T2' UNIoN
together with all the buildings and ground,
thereunto belonging. This property is believed to
be one of the best for a hotel, in the county—
possessing- a hue front immediately at the
ger Station, on the Pennsylvania llailroad. atSluuut Union
Depot. and extending directly through to the Canal, thus
allbrding, every facility for trade, front either Railroad or
The buildings are large. and embrace, iu addition to the
lintel, extensive Stables, Carriage Ibmsc. Teo itoust, sheds,
Blacksmith Shop, Tenant House, and every desirable con
venience for a Public !louse.
The attention of Hotel fieepers is requested to this prop
erty. Mount Union being the point on the Pennsylvania,
Eiiilroad and Canal. where the trade and travel of a large
di.trict of country, embracing nearly one half of Ranting--
don, all of Fulton and part of - Franklin counties, come,-
tratcs in seeking the Eastern Markets. A line of Stages
connects Chambersburg with thia point.
Possession given on Ist of April, next, (1.559.) Terms,
favorable. [Nov. '24,'58.1 A. LEWIS,.
TO :.Ll3SCRlllE!—Premiums and Reductions.
L. Scott Sr. Co.. New York, continue to publish the fol
lowing leading British Periodicals,
TrID LONDON QUARTERLy (Conservative.)
These - Periodicals ably represent the three great politi
cal parties of Great Britain—Whig. Tory. and Dadicia—
but politics foriu only one feature of their rluiracier. As
Organs of the cutest profound titers ott Science, Litera
ture, Morality and Reliuion, they stain/ they ever lure
Fraild, unrivalled in the a orhi of letters, beine considered
indispensable to the scholar :Ind the prefe;.;:enal
whir to the intelligent lead: r Or MAT chuss they till wish
a more cot reet and satisibc tory roe u rd of the en rout
etaturo of the day. threngluunt the world ; than can be
possibly obtained from any other source.
The receipt of Advance Sheets from the Di publish
ers gives additional value to these Reprints, infeinnich as
they can now be placed in the hands of subscribe' s about
as sans as the oric;inal editions.
TERMS. (Regular Priec;,.)
• Per ann.
For any Mil' of the font 'Reviews > 110
For any two of the tout Reviews 00
For any three of the tour Reviews 7 00
For all feur of the lleviews
Y u r aunt thte
Fer lackwoo‘l awl the flew RevieNis
_Memo carreHt in lite .Stufe le7iece wig be r,cejued
at Pan
Tie Po , :tafr , • to any part ;If the, i2nllol
Tweuty-hw ecata uycar for "lattclzwoeil," and but Yours
teen cents ii year for each of the IZeviev , s.
:St flue above prices the Perh,dicals will he farnishel
15:59, and a= a. monum - to NEW SVllScramx,.3. the Nas. of tile
same Perioilicals for will he furtti,bed oquplete,
Witifrdtt cha
the thore epbenvq - al - 231,1-,117-ines of the clay, thec.e.
Periodicals lose little by age. Hence. a full year of the
:Nos. (with LH, 01.11iss:fm , .) for 1557, May be reartlekl nearly
as Valuable a, for
tiub=criberi.: also tlto Nos. for lSrifl awl ISIS, will
he supplied. at the foll,Ming extremely low rates.
Fur Blackwood' , 11ti ainc, the four years, tin
For any one Review " ri
For any ttrn n o viows c= 10 00
For 131aolovoth1 and 00 , 2 i 0 View i 0 00
For muck Irow:/ital c neriOli , c: l> 00
For thr,c C, 13 03
For Maeltwootl and three R.OVit,IVS " I 7 00
For the rour 15 00
For Blaeltwoutl awl the four 20 00
. 11.—The plico iu Great Britain Of five Pcriodical ,
above named b: per aniimn.
to vee again to offer mleh il2duce
ta,llb, iivreprv•iullted,
NOW IS 'TILE T 1 1]: STMSCnbilll!
11.7:-.1Zelilittancei nlw-t, in all ease , be ni.ide direct to 14,
Prthii.sht , r.s, for at tlie,,o pi ices Lie can be an,,,w
or to:tin - I)AF. ddre , s
No. 31 Gold ,:treet, New Yolk.
Nov. 24. IS.-,S„
of tile COFnnini.ITNN Ar.'r Assom k f rioS. Suporb
iqavings I _Beautiful Art Join nal! Valuable premimn . i,
This popular Art A , ,ociutio a, now in its fifth yrar of
unparalleleil i,urcess, puirlia-,il. and enu:ravNl nu
ilerring's great huinting.. 131.1.C1i
:,M1T1i," 110 i-,illo COnii,, (to F.ittl'icribt , r , ; only,) on
niatc on the foliOlt ing
Every per.,ou lum t.tiic Ihree (lona o a copy
of (to , s , ...crrb Stool .Eograx after I ter? ing's celebrated
Painting,. -nit; VILLAGI: BL %CRS:OITH." Al-a. cc eta yof
the beautiful CosmortitartN Jr,ULINA I, an elegantly
illustrated quarto 11a:7,.1Zitte. ALSO frue 5,;.1` , t,i1 lirl,etsof
admissi o n to the Eastern (or Dusseldord,) and 11, - es tern
tlalleries of the Assordat
There will also I tgt Vett to the snliseribers several hun
dred valuablo works of Art, eimila isiug tine Oil Paint ing , ,
Dronze , , Fculptores, &C., from eelebrateil Anieriemi
and Foreign Artists.
Subscriptions will be received up to January let, IF5tl.
On the evening of that date, the premiums coil be awar
ded to subscribers.
For full particulars, sec Decernber ACT JOLT:CAI" pri ed !
110 cents. :7) . A•cin0.3.1 copies soul to those &shin gto sub
serilie. on the receipt or IS cents in postage stamps or coin.
Addrtss C. L. DEELY Anti CItY C. A. A.,
Eastern Office. C iii Broadway, N. 17.,
Or, Western Oilier, ltiti Water at.. Sandusky, O.
J. J. LIWRESCE, lionorary Secretary, will receivo amt
forward sob , criotioloi.
Nov. 'a, IS5s.
_L NEW currtuxG!!
NEIN - CLOT tliNCr !!!!
sl. GUTMAN S: CO.. have just opened a more than 'asual
large stock of lleady:Matle Clothing, of all kinds. for Fall
and Winter. Their assortment consists of all the differ
ent styles of Coats, Pants, Vests. &c. Their stock of Bouts
and Slices, Hats kind Caps. is also large, and of the best
materials and make.
The public generally, in want of ally article in their
line of business, ate respectfully invited to call ad
amine their Goods and prices. * TheY win sell as cheap, it
not cheaper than the cheapest—a fact purchasers will ho
convinced of alien they call.
rilimkrat for the very liberal patronage they have re
ceived, they respectfully ask a contitinanee of the same.
Huntingdon, September 22, 1.'855.
OCT, "Tuc CosmorouTx:: ART JouttNAL." for Decem
ber. Over seventy pages—choice articles—elrgan tly ;II as
traterl—splendid St eel. Engravings. Price lip ceut.i. 4s'peci
men copy sent, on receipt of lb cents. in stamps or coin.
Address C. L. DERBY,
Nov. 9. 1859. 515 Broadway, New York.
,v—Notie! is hereby given. that the partnership be
tween Steward & William C. Foster, was dissolved on the
2nd day of October. 1.55, by mutual consent. MI debts
due said firm. arc to be received hy John B. Frazier: and
alt demands on said film, to be presented to him Sro pay
ment. John B. Pr.r4ier is also authorized to settle all
debts due - to, and by the company, as far its he rec.dves
motley to pay. ST EWA RD POST tilt,
SHIP.—The part her( tocore eAlstine - , under
the firm of G. KiallGEß t CO„ miners and dealers in
broad Tup Coat, wuea (11.550/eel - I 1,3- mutual consent on the
9th day of October, The basin, ss will hereafter he
continued by W. 3..Aninit.rman & D. p o id a g,
G. liltlEOEtt. & CO.
Broad Top City. 0(1.28, 155SY'
QILK BONNETS, latest styles, in .-reat
variety, and very cheap, at the mammoth stew ., of
D. P. G iN.
Victnrinre rtnil ilentl Dresses arcs ,h 1 at prices. which
defy competition, by FISIIER & :1101V1intlE.
if 1 UMSHO ES. chua.per at D. P. twin's
)1.11 itt t./r./t I:All awl Owni
ri 'FIRS FURS FURS 1 . 1 1 .
ETZ, So. tL.:B Chethtta St., below TM, PhThura.
Luis opened his bonntifid store, on Chestnut Street, with
of 'Lag. I,4.natisr .A.NTY 131'ST SEM:N.:TM) ASE3OIITMENT 01?
L.IPIE.S" FANCY FCr..MS% iinporteil (Erect from Om En
t °pea a Markets. aural nisarifaciured under his own super
to which lie wind,' call the attention of all who
with to purchase
sQulititim, &c.,
11ani.:;1,11.,,, a into c.irdinn . N, Capes, Vintorines,
Cali:. , . Beinti. a I , lllc tical Furrier, and Inivine; obtained
the: est patterns fit an Pails. he can assure those viho
visit the city, that lie can slimily them with the finest ar
ticlea, at the very lowest cash prices.
21=1/ A line assortment of Carriage. Italics, C;eut's
Gloves, &c. 111. GET/..
[00,44 ter 20, 1.5.55-:hn.] 62S Chostunt :it., below ith
L' 007 411 7 D SIT OE-MAELYG,
Iris oil customers and tin: public generally, will give
111111 a call. [limiting(lull, Oct. :20, 1558.1
f- • \ \GI
1 11 11°1 -jr_
4' " P ...
rii r .
~..-3 corl
= c=
4 (40
i; tTI
'"+..4 ).....
- A) /7 74a k
- AO
713 ER,E ARE 'a: Oti - GOI G ?
D. P. G Ir /Ar
jn.3t tetornva froth PhiladelpLtia, trith the largest
and inu.l - I.eautilni assortment of
"Ever lwought to Ilmitingrlon. Consisting of Gm most
hodlionalde Dross Goods for Ladies and Gentlemen; Black
mol lane) , Silks, all Wool De'nines. colors,) Spring Do
la ins. Bra Pie Del:lnes, Bra ize;. all colors; Debaize, Latina
Cloth. Alpaeca. Plain and Silk Warp, Printed Berages. Bril
liants% Plain and Colored Ginglatins, Lawns and Prints of
ry description.
Also. a large lot of Dress Trimmings, Frfageg, More-An
tialuc Gimps, lInt1)..119. Braids, Crapes, Ribbons,
lined and Brass Ho o ps. Silk oil Linmi Ilandkerchiels,Neek-
Ties. t , toeks. Zepher, Feettelt Working Cotton, lArteh and
Cotton Flocs. Tidy Yarn, Woolen Y.t.rn, Wool Coats and
Hood-, Comforts and Scarfs.
AL o, the he , t 4111t1 01-apest at:SO:IMOD tof Collars and
Undersleres lit town; liarrol and Pim laeon e t% Mon
Sks . iss, Fignrod and dotttsl Skirts, Belts. 'Mar
stdt les for CtreS, and a earioty of Whitt: Oootlit too nunt,r
ous in men t
7 011
Rau!, Wator'too and W.), d Shawl q, Singh) and Doubt°
11r,dia Shan LS. TWeaci:t.,
Kentucky Jeans. Yetddogq, bleached and un't deached Mns-
Ens , . ~.-bectintz and plllO \i -ease nu , linq, Nankeen, Tieldng >
Cheeks, Table, Diaper, Cra,h, Flannels. Sack Flanntds.
Canton Flannels, Blankets. .ti:c. Al,n, a largo lot of Silk
and Colored Straw Bonnets, of the latent to, inch
will he t,,thl elmwer than can ire-hail itt liontingdon.
lIATS and C.V.'S. nil co,;•st SHOES,
the and cheapest :etttorttnent in town.
11 A RDWARE,EI.:Xs:WA RE. LUCK LT;:. cuußN,z,z,
PETS and 011, CLOTH. FISH, SA LT. suumt, corypx,
TEA, MOLASSES, and all good:, vsnally kept in acoun try
'!Ty "hi cn,iorneri , , and a. many 11,!11' one: as can crowd
in, are re.siwetinily requested to call and eztrunine my goods..
All kith?", of COll 111 PrOl lure taken in e . . , :cliange for
Cools. at the Iligite,t )larlret D. P. CIWIN.
Ii11;10'1e:don, Ilet. 5. P' S.
1;7 s HER d T ST'ORE.
Thu i u n'e ju,t, reeel Veil a large and beautiful a-sortment
hh AND WI Nit m filch are How open tor
in , pci - Don ; and to which the at Ica Don of Lite public is di
rect, d.
Their stock cm races every article that can
1,0 rum),) in a won stdecrpil stock of DRS' GOODS, con,ist
ing Of Elnol: and Faiw.v*lllis, Froth'll and English Merinos , ,
s: c did and Fancy wool) DeLaint.s. Mohair, Madonna,
Danubian :mil l'antise Cloths: Scotcdi Plaids. Delllaize. Co
hn-Ig,, DeLainos, Ging:hunts, l'renctt
Fury I'rtntr. hr.
A beautiful assortment of Fall and IVinter
Thiuot neat's Shav6"l'; also,
Plain (oXtnt in
A large stoek. of Kid Gloves, Beaver Gaunt
ivo.c Silk :vial \Voolcii Silk mid C.isllmcio
;..Cc:: a lot of Thiel. \ :lad ,flits: also,
ilsr+; Frihgos, Ladies
IlatiiP,crclticf4. I los:rry. Ent tons, Sewing
illoopcs uf all £c.
A lso—Tickings, Osuaburg, 131e:wiled and
mirk:wiled all prices; Colo: and Vhitti Cam
bric.; liarreil undAins, Victoria. Lass us.
Taitet,m, many other articles which couipriso
the line or "WHITE and DOMESTIC GOODS.
rel) Clei Its, Pulley Cas:iiners, Satincts, Jeans, Tlcentls.
Don 131 no LEills, liauncls, Lindseys, Comforts . , Blank,
Hats, Caps, and Bonnets, of every variety
which mill be sold Chotp,
Ve also deal in PLASTER, VISIT, SALT, and all kinds
of (1] AT NS. and possess facilities in this branch of trado
unequalled any. We deliver all p;lckaetes mse parcels of
Merchandise,./tre qf charge. at the Depots of the Broad Top
and Peuus;;lvania
Co NE ONE. COME ALL. and be convinced that the Mc
tropdilon i> the place to secure fashionable and deeirable
gootis, ifisposeti of at the forest rates.
Ittithiplon. Get. FISHER fi M-MURTIITE.
AT If. R0.31-1,7S
Ilie new stock consists of Cont.. °fail Fall anti
Winter. Panto, of all kinds—Vesis, of all hinds—HATS
and CAPS—and gentlemen's flitalisbing goods g,cnerally.
His stock is of the best. and will be sold at prices to Emit
li. rust t alters. Call and examine his seeds and prices and
be convinced.
Unntingdon. October S. 185 S.
-cr, i
6T, -
~ EAT ONCE 1---If you
---- b ,
I. 3
i., wish to secure a copy of that elegant engraving,
— Tim Vit.r..tat: ELACKsMIItt, — and the Aler JoURNA.L, with
the at lo.r premiums, be sure and subscrils , ;;;:3, before the
Ist ofJannary. 1559. Specimen copies of the above, and
full particulars given, by applying to
Honorary Secretary.
See advertisement elsewhere, beaded—New Features, .tc.
Nov. 'd, 1:3)S.
ATA-CICREI — No.'s 1 and 2, reduced prices, at LOVE & AFRIVIT'S.
ltFqll. HOMINY and BEANS .
F .1 L
Fur sale by t
ROCERIES, etc., &e.—Call at the
cheap ~,tore of BENJ..7ACOBS. All kinds of coun
try mance taken iu exchange at the 'highest market pri
ces. (oct2S.)
Flannels, r.t all prices. at the 'mammoth store of
11VOOTS & SHOES.—OId and young
MT) Lo fitted at BE J. JACOBS' store in Market
~I:trp, Thintingdon. Pa. (oct2S.)
BUTCHER -KNIVES and Carvers, in
great variety, for sale at the Ilariltraro Store vt
F ,O cr‘; LA SS S-, S ITERWOOD'S Pat ,
1_ Vcut EL:ttqr , ion I'm. salt , (lly by