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The Total r-:.o and ~-Etnra
nihilation of Secti
Ten Thousand Cheers for the Old
Keystone, and a Pennsylvania
The gallant Democracy of the old
Keystone have acquitted them
selves with true courage and loyal
ty, repulsing in every quarter t4e
hordes of Sectionalism and Revo
lution, and rolling up a majority in
the State approximati , I; to
The latest news from the States
remove all doubts of the triumph
ant election of James uchanan.
At a meetinc , of the leaders of the "Fusion" Party of Huntingdon I
county, held at Capt. Miles' office on Wednesday night, Nov. sth,
it was unanimously Resolved, That the boat " Fusion" leave Fish
er and McMurtrie's wharf for Salt River, on Saturday morninc , next,
at 5 o'clock. Those " Americans" who were deceived into the sup
port of " fusion" by the FORGED Circular issued from the Journal
office on the eve of the election, are respectfully advised not to get
on board, as all such are likely to be troublesome and may be cast
'overboard to prevent a general rebellion in the camp after arriving
at our journey's end.
By order of the Select Committee,
JOHN G. MILES, Captain.
Ist. Mate—Pat. Brunker. 2nd Mate—Theo. H. Cremer.
•ist Engineer, James Bricker. 2nd Engineer, Win. Glasgow.
Ist Clerk, Erk Miles. 2nd Clerk, John W. Mattern.
Pilots, John Williamson, Capt. John Whittaker.
Book Keeper, Thos. H. Pollock.
Stewards, David Dunn,Wm. E. McMurtrie.
Head Cooks, David cAlurtrie, Isaac Fisher. Assistants, Wm.
Dorris,•Jr., Christian Couts.
Cabin Boys, Horatio G. Fisher, William A. Campbell, James D.
Deck Hands, Wm. P. Orbison,
H. Cornpropst, J. Sewell Stewart,
A. Benedict, David Parker, Wm. B. Leas, J. Bumbaugh, Sr.
Pursers, A. B. Crewitt, Dr. Benj. F. McMurtrie.
Financier, George W. Garretson.
Physicians, Horace L. Brown, J. W. Ashcom.
Bar Tender ,
Samuel Shoemaker.
Surveyor, John F. Ramey. Carpenter, Wm. Hoffman.
Firemen, Sam.'l L. Glasgow, Andy Anderson.
Barber, Thos. V. Chaplin. Scullions, Wm. Brewster, Samuel G.
Huntingdon 80. - ;
Murray's Run,
Mt. Union;
~i u
— V 4 issw,e wisave . •
47 4 Nve
_.,-- T, i,
, - ,
1,,... a ... ~TA__
~-..4„.--,-,Ti_ -
4 -
_,.. i __.,,_,
_. _._,.-__=-s.,.__-
„ .
-- „;..-_-_-
l i l i''"
2002 761 1684
Hopewell and Tell not heard from.
Delaware County, 300 majority for fusion.
Muffin County, 173 majority for fusion.
Montgomery County, 3,700 over fusion, 2,-
42 114
79 4 104
40 33 62
192 41 20
124 10 132
139 126 43
122 76 90
16 6 17
61 15 107
51. 4 105
45 31 35
300 over both.
Burks County, 7,000 over all.
Schuylkill County, 2,500 over fusion.
Perry County, 700 44
Chester County, 500 44
Monroe County, 1,800 4, _
Lehigh County, 1,130 “
Columbia County, 1,500 46 F
Northumberland Co., 1,425 4,
4 Luzerne County, 1,700 44
York County, 3,500 4,
Lycoming County, 800 GC
Line upon Line--Here and There a Little.
Tn/Lynam/NG DAL—Thursday the 20th inst., has been
appointed for Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania.
11(e - The Black Republicans say Fremont is a "tried
man." So ho is. He was " tried" by a Court martial, and
found guilty.
" We have about half the Congressmen and both branches
of the Legislature."—Journal.
rry It's not true, and you know it. The Democrats have
a majority of the Congressional delegation, and also a ma
jority of son joint ballot in the State Legislature. It is
impossible for the Journal to tell the truth.
LIBEL AND FORGERY !—Con Saturday last there was Issued
from the office of the "Huntingdon Journal," a document
which has been termed "The Secret Circular," as it was
intended for secret circulation throughout the countT.,---
lt is an extraordinary document, and came from the hands
of a vuxAm, whoever he may be. Through the vigilance
of the ' l Arnericans" it was brought to light at an early
hour. It caused great excitement and indignation among
honest men of all parties, and indictments for Libel and
Forgery will 110 instituted. A large majority of the per
sons whose names are attached promptly came forward and
denied having any agency in the matter, which gives room
for suspicion against men whom the community would
least suspect of such conduct. But let them face the mu
sic !
tc9,.Messrs. T. & W. SAXTON, proprietors of the "3letropo
iitan," have received a very large and handsome stock of
all sorts of goods, to which they invite the attention of
their numerous friends and customers. Walk in ladies and
gentlemen, and take a view of their goods. You will find
the salesmen very polite and agreeable.
WIP,PICTURES.—We would say to all our
friends who may want to procure good pic
tures of themselves, that E. P. PRETTY MAN'S
is the place to go to. Rooms at the Station
House, up stairs. His pictures can't be beat
in Huntingdon county.
Plain. and Fancy Printing.
Job work of all kinds—such as Handbills, Circulars,
Business, Visiting, and Show Cards, Tickets, Bill Reads,
Deeds, Mortgages, and all kinds of blanks, &c., &c., &c.
neatly printed at the "GLOBE" Job Of Huntingdon. Pa.
~(I- - -- . Specimens of "GLOBE" printing can be seen at the
office—which will satisfy everybody that it is no longer
necessary to, go to Philadelphia for neat work. Call and
see for yourselves.
Am►brotypes and Daguerreotypes.
E. P. Pn.Erridunzr respectfnly informs the public that he
is now perpared to take Dauguerroetypes and Ambrotypes
on glass, put up with double or single glass.
Rooms at the Station house, Huntingdon Pa.
Blanks of all kinds,
Neatly printedand for sale at the "Globe," Office—such as
Blank Deeds, Mortgages, Judgment and Common Bonds,
Agreements, leases, Judgment and Promissory Notes,
Notes relinquishing all benefits of exemption laws, License
Bonds, and all blanks used by Justices of the Peace.
The Cara for Broad• Top and Bedford.
Tnerrazoccir,,er -trams - leave rue- Depot - stratnuttawum-..4,
9.30 A. M., and 5.30 P. 314—returning arrive at Hunting
on,: 2.01 P. M., and 8.34 A. M. Passengers for Bedford take
four horse coaches at Hopewell, on the Hopewell branch.'
The Public
Generally are invited to call at the New Drug Store of
Wm. WILLIAMS, it Co. Every article usually to be found
in the best establishments of the kind, can be had, fresh
and pure, at their Store, in Market Square, 'Huntingdon.
See adverticement in another column.
For Ready-Made Clothing,
Wholesale or retail, call at H. ROMAN'S Clothing Store,,
opposite Couts' Hotel, Huntingdon, Pa., where the very
best assortment of goods for men and boys' wear may be
ounlow fd, atprices.
On Saturday evening, 25th inst., at the residence of B.F.
Brown, by Rev. R. G. Rankin, Mr. Wnr.i.usl WALTEn and.
Miss CATHA.IIIIq.E. C. CAMERON, all of Shaffersville, Ilunting
don county.
On the 20th inst., by the Rev. R. Fletcher, at his resi
dence in Huntingdon, Mr. JONATHAN WALL and Miss LA
VINA &nom, all of Huntingdon , county.
On the 19th inst., by Simeon Wright, Esq., Mr. JOHN
QUEAur and Miss TEMPERANCE SLONE, all of - Union town
ship, Huntingdon county.
On Monday, October 13, by the Rev. W. W. Robertson ,
Mr. JOHN E. YORK, of Huntingdon, Pa., and Miss SARAH
TURNER, daughter of Mr, J. Turner, of Fulton, Calloway
county, Mo.
Moxntr, Nov. 3.—The Flour market is steady, with a
moderate demand for export, and me notice sales of 1,300
bbls superfine at $6,8734; 100 bbls mixed brands at $6,75;
1,000 bbls extra at $7,12, and 100 do. at $7.25: there is a
steady supply of the city retail trade at $6,873.4©57,50 for
common to extra family; sSei $8,25 for fancy. Bye flour
scarce and wanted at $4. Corn meal held at $3,31 for Penn
sylvania. Wheat in good demand with moderate supply,
and prices well maintained; sales 8,000 bus at $1,57 for
prime Southern and Pennsylvania red; $1,65051,66 for
good white, and $1,70 for prime lots. Rye is in fair de
;nand ; :idles of 1,000 bus at SOc. Corn active and lc bus
dearer; sales 11,000 bus good southern yellow at 68, afloat
and 66. in store • a lot of '2,000
,000 bus choice white at 68. Oats
steady ; sales 11200 bus good Jersey at 40.
hereby given that letters testamentary on the will of
JoILN HENDERSON, late of Warriorsmark township,
Huntingdon county, dec'd., have been granted to the un
dersigned. All persons indebted to the estate of said de.
ceased, are requested to make payment, toad those having
claims to present them for settlement,
Nov. 5, 1856, Executors.
$1,200 AYE - Sit,---1000 AGENTS
WANTEA—Agents wanted in every part of the Mil_
tel States, to sell a beautiful and instructire work, "The
PANORAMA of the OLD WORLD and the NEW;' corn.
A View of the present state of the Nations of the world,
their manners, customs and peculiarities, and their political,
moral, social and industrial condition; interspersed with
By WiLuAlu P/N:goes, Author of the History of Xafdaral,
Greece and Some, Enlarged, revised and embellished with
several hundred engravings from designs of Creme, Do.
vereux, and other distinguished artists. It is, also, illus
trated with 24 beautifully colored plates, with costumes of
various nations, Ac., &c.
Agents selling this work have cleared. $lOO a month.—
Send for a specimen copy and prospectus, which will
be sent by mail, post paid, on receipt of $3,00, with partin ,
Wars of agency.
J. W. BRADLEY, Publisher,
48 North Fourth St. Philadelphia. -
N. B.—ln addition to the usual percentage, we make an
extra inducement to Agents in the way of PnEanums.
Nov. 5, 1856. J. W. B.
141 A subscriber offers at private sale the Farm on which
e resides, in Henderson township, Huntingdon county,
Pa., about four miles east of Huntingdon, adjoining lands
of James Porter, - John Porter, Esq., and others, containing
15d acres;
about 60 of which are cleared and in a good
state of cultivation, the balance is woll timbered with oak,
hickory, maple, and both kinds of pine.
The improvements consist of a new Dwelling
House 22 by 26 feet, with a cellar kitchen, and
cellar in the basement, with a never-falling well e
of excellent water near the door, a new frame •
barn, and a young orchard of 70 trees, being a choice se
lection from Waring's Centre Nursery. This is a very de
sirable property--worthy the notice of persons wishing to
purchase—being in a moral and healthy neighborhood',
convenient to schools, churches, &c.
Any further information desired can be had of the sub
scriber on the pre mises. or by letter addressed to
D. THOMPSON PORTER, Huntingdon, Pa.
October 29, 1856.
AIW-Cliester County Democrat, publish three times, and
send bill' to this Mike.
SALE.—We would offer for sale the following prop
erty, viz:-
-A FARM of ninety acres in Germany Valley. Hun
tingdon county, it being one half of the Farm formerly
owned by Geo. Eby, nearly all cleared and in a fine state
of cultivation, choice Lime Stone Land. House and Stable
erected thereon, within running. water. 1% miles from
Sltirleysburg, and 5 miles from Penn'a Road and Canal
at Mt. Union,
ALSO-15 acres of choice land adjoining the above on
which is erected two good Houses, small Barn, Wood House,
&c.. with a never failing spring of good water, fine Orchard
with choice fruit. This is a very desirable property and
would be suitable for a mechanic, or any person desiring
to retire froze active life.
ALSO—A FARM in Union township, Huntingdon coun
ty, consenting 65 acres, one-half of which is cleared, and
balance first quality of Timber land, situated within one
mile of the Penn's. Canal and Rail Road at Mill Creek-
Either of the above properties will be sold low and on
reasonable terms. Apply to the subscribers at Mill Creek,
Huntingdon county, Pa. KESSLER & &RO.
September 10, 1856-tf.
YOTlCE.—Letters of Administration
have been granted to me upon the Estate of Nathan
Scofield, late of the Borough of Huntingdon, deceased.—
All persons indebted will make payment, and those hav
ing claims present them to me for settlement.
ROBERT LOTT, Administrator.
October 27, 1856.
JIL STAINS, of Scottsville, Iluntingdon county, Pa., for
the best specimen of marble work. Send on your orders
soon. Scottsville, Oct. 21, 1856.1 y.
—And so are J. ,tc W. SAXTON—
Not with Gas, but with an entire new and well assorted
such as Dry Goods, Groceries, Queensware, Hardware,
Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Bonnets, Carpet and Oil
Cloth, Wood and Willow Ware, and every article usually
kept in a country store. We have one of the best selected
stocks of DRY GOODS ever offered to the citizens of this
place and vicinity, and are determined to sell lower than
can be purchased at any other House east of the Alleghany.
Give us a call and be satisfied of the fact. We will sell our
old stock at cost, and a great deal under cost. Don't forgot
to call at "THE METROPOLITAN" before purchasing at
any other house. We also purchase and store grain, and
it is admitted by all that we have the safest place of un
loading grain in town. All kinds produce taken in Ex.-
change for Goods. J. & W. SA XTON.
popular methods for Cooking and Preparing all kinds of
Poultry, Vegetables, Preserves, Omelets, Terrapins, Pud
dings, Jellies, Pastries, Desserts, Meats, Pickles,
Sauces, Soups, Syrups, Cakes, Pies, Fish, Rolls,
Celebrated for nearly Fifty Years, as a Cake and Pastry
Mier in South Ninth Street, above Spruce,
Complete in One Large Duodeeirml , Volume, Strongly
Bound; Price One Dollar
There is not a lady living but should possess themselves
of a copy of this work at once. It will give you all better
meals and make your cost of living less, and keep your
Husbands, Sons, and Brothers in an excellent humor.—
Send for it at once by all means.
(Bead what the Editor of the Philadelphia Public Ledger,
in that paper of Sept. 4th, sags of it.)
A VALUABLE WORK.—" Next to having something to eat
is having it cooked in a style tit to be eaten. Every house
keeper does not understand this art, and, probably, only
for want of a little elementary teaching. This want is
easily supplied, for T. 11. Peterson has just published Mrs.
Widdifield's Cook Book, in which the experience of that
celebrated person in this line, is given so clearly and with
such precise details that any housekeeper of sufficient ca
pacity to undertake the management of household affairs
can make herself an accomplished caterer for the table
without serving an apprenticeship to the business. The
book is published in one volume, the typography good and
paper excellent, With as much real useful information in
the volume as would be worth a dozen times its price. (let
it-at once."
(Read what the Editor of the Ladies' National Magazine
says of it in the number for October.)
"The author of this book, Mrs. Hannah 'Widdifield. was
celebrated, for nearly fifty years, as a cake baker and pas
try cook in Philadelphia. None of the receipts have ever
before been published. They have been tried for years, by
hundreds of Mrs. Widdilield's pupils, many of whom we
know personally; and we can, therefore, conscientiously
recommend them. They have, moreover, the advantage of
not being too extravagant, as most receipts in modern cook
books are; and they also comprise everything relating to
the table, preserving, &c. We have no hesitation in pro
nouncing it the best work on the subject there is. The
great majority pf the cook books, it is well known to the
initiated, are made by incompetent persons, who have
never tried the receipts they profess to recommend. We
advise all to purchase this one at once."
(Read what the Editor of the Dollar Newspaper says of it.)
‘4_,4/I,thotraeurtinf-e in _kook .nro onal,__Ear _Ana our_
intblishecl an book form, and none of these receipts have ever
before been issued in any other work but this; and we have
no - hesitation in saying, that we believe it will prove, on
examination to ail, to be the most useful and popular Cook
Book ever issued. The merit of these receipts is, that they
have been tried for years, and therefore can be recommend
ed conscientiously. It is the best book on cookery and re
ceipts that we know of, and while it will be useful to ma
trons, to young housewives it will be indispensable?'
Yl4Copies of the above celebrated Cook Book will be
sent to any one to any place, free of postage, on remitting
One Dollar to the Publisher, in a letter. Published and for
sale at the Cheap Bookselling, and Publishing House of
No. 102 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
To whom all orders must come addressed.
1111—WANTED—Canvassers in every town and county in
the United States, to engage in the sale of this popular
book, to whom they will be supplied by the dozen, hundred,
or thousand, at very low rates. Everybody Will want it.
Vela. B. Peterson has just published an entire new cat
alogue, which will bo sent gratisto any person, on their
sending for one. October 22,1856.
hereby given to' the members of the Cumberland Tal
ley Mutual Protection Company, of Dickinson township,
Cumberland County, that the undersigned has been ap
pointed Collector of Assessment No. 7 of said Company,
and that he will soon call on said members for the amounts
due by them respectively. ROBERT Cl °SHORN.
October 15,1856.
STRAY STEER.—Came to the premi
ses of the snbscriber, in Darree township, Hunting
don county, on the 13th of September last, a brindle steer
calf, about eight months old. The owner is requested to
come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take him
away, otherwise he will be disposed of according to law.
Oct. 13, 1856.* CHARLES DUFF.
Letters of Administration on the Estate of JOHN
ER. late of Walker township, Huntingdon county,
dec'd, having been granted to the undersigned Administra.
tor, all persons indebted to said Estate are hereby notified
to make immediate payment, and those having claims
against the same to present them duly authenticated for
settlement to JOSEPH. McCOY,
0ct.15, 1856.* Administrators.
long expected book by T. S. ARTHUR, is now
ready for Agents and Canvassers. It is having an immense
sale, and is considered one of his best efforts. In it will be
found Mr. Arthur's views on the vexed question of
and what she can do as SISTER, WIFE and MOTIfER.
Specimen copies sent by mail on receipt of the 'mice,
$l.OO, J, W.,Elr, Publisher,
4S North 4th Street, Philadelphia.
N, B, We publish all Mr. Arthur's Now Books. Send for
our list, and terms to Agents. October 15,1856.
taining together about 1500 acres, situate in Huntingdon
county, Pa., will be exposed to public sale, some time in
December n ext, as part of the Real Estate of the late JOHN
KEIL, Esquire, decd. These lands lie in a compact body
on the western side of the Juniata river, and within a short
distance of the borough of Huntingdon.
The Mansion Farm of the late Judge Ker, deed, contain
ing 2.37 acres, upon which are valuable improvements, will
be one of the farms to be offered for sale. It is expected
that Orders for the sale of these lands will be obtained at
our next November Court. In the meantime those de
siring to purchase, are invited to come and examine this
property. Please call upon the undersigned, at the resi
dence of Mrs. M. C. Her, in the borough of Huntingdon,
who will show these lands, and give every necessary in
formation in regard to them. The terms of sale will he
easy, as one third of the purchase money will remain in
the hands of the purchaser during the life time of the
widow of said deceased, HENRY M. KER,
Administrator of John E'er, deceased.
October 15, 1850.3 t.
is hereby given to all persons interested, that the
fol owing named persons have settled their accounts in the
Register's Office, at Huntingdon, and that the said accounts
will be presented for confirmation and allowance at an
Orphans' Court to be held at Huntingdon, in and for the
county of Huntingdon, on Wednesday, the 12th day of No
vember next, to wit :
1. Benedict Stevens, Esq., Administrator and Trustee to
sell the Real Estate of Lodwick Kloster, lato of Springfield
township, dec'd.
2. George Lang, surviving Administrator of Patrick
Lang, late of Walker township, decd.
3. Henry 51. Ker, Administrator of John Ker, (who was
in his lifetime one of the Administrators of Patrick Lang,
dec'd,) this being an account of the Administration of the
Estate of Patrick Lang, deed, by said John bet in. his life
4. John Henderson and Harriet Henderson, Administra
tors of George Henderson, late of West township, dec'd:
5. David Thompson and Martha 'Thompson, Adminktra,
fors of John Thompson, late of Henderson towrisliipolec - cl.
6. David Mountain, acting . Administrator of Wm. Dean,
Esq., late of Walker township, dec'd.
REGisrfges OFFICE,
Huntingdon, Oct. 15, 1856.
QIIERIFYS SALES.----By virtue of
sundry writs of Venditioni Exponas and nera Facing
issued out of the Court of Common Pleas of Huntingdon
county, and to rue directed, I will expose to public sale at
the Court House, in the borough of Huntingdon, on TUES
DAY. the 11th day of November, 1856, at 10 o'clock A. M.
of said day, the lotion ing described real estate, to wit
One House and Lot in the borough of Pe
tersburg, fronting sixty feet on Main street and extending
back one hundred and twenty feet to a street, - hounded on
the east by Abraham Renner, on the north by Abraham
Creswell, having thereon erected a two story frame house
painted white, and a shop. Seized and taken in execution
and to be sold as the property of John Cl. Bitter and Re
becca Ritter.
ALso—A certain Lot of Ground adjoining
the Borough of Birmingham containing about one acre
more or less, adjoining a lot of John Owens, Esq., on the
west, the public road leading from Birmingham to Water
street on the south, lands of Shoenbergerou the north and
east, on which is erected a Brick building seventy feet hi
length and 35 feet in depth, three stories high, with a stone
basement, known as "The Mountain Female Seminary."
ALso—A Lot of Ground in the borough of
Sliirleysburg, lying on the west side of Main street, front
ing sixty feet on said street and extending, back 140 feet to
land of Samuel Carothers, bounded on the north by a Lot
of the widow llicket, south by a lot of the heirs of James
Carothers, deed, having thereon erected a two-story log
house, a small kitchen, and log stable and other buildings.
Seized and taken in execution and to be sold as the prop
erty of James Smith.
ALso--All the right, title, interest and claim
of the defendant, Thonms Wallace, of, iu and to apiece and
parcel of meadow land situate on the margin of Standing
Stone Creek in the borough of Huntingdon, adjoining a
lot of George Jackson on the north, a lot of Wm. Dorris,
Sr., on the south, another lot of said defendant in the same
inclosure, on the west, and said creek on the east, contain
ing seven acres and sixty-four perches, be the same more
or less.
ALso—A lot of ground situate on the south
eastern corner of Church and St. Clair streets in said bor
ough, fronting about seventy-four feet on St. Clair street,
and extending back from the same two hundred feet to the
old line of the said borough and western boundary of the
above-mentioned and described lot, bounded on the north
by Church street, and on the south by a lot owned by the
widow Hawn, including the whole of lot No. 172 in the re
corded plan of said borough.
ALso—Four contiguous lots of ground sit
uate in said borough, bounded on the north and west by
the Renner farm, on the east by the Warm Spring road, and
on the south by a lot of the lion. James tiwin, Nod. 1, 2 &
3. as represented on a map of said lots, divided on the 16th
day of October, 1855, for the defendant by J. Simpson
Africa, County Surveyor, containing each four acres, and
No. 4 containing about 3 acres; be the same more or less.—
Seized and taken in execution and to be sold as the pros
erty of Thomas Wallace.
ALso—All. the right, title and interest of
John Donaldson, one of defendants, ih and to all that mes
suage, parcel or tract of land situate in Union township,
Huntingdon county, on the westerly side of the Juniata
river, and bounded by lands of Matthew F 2 Campbell, Esq.,
James Hampson, John McComb, and others, containing
one hundred and forty acres, be the same more or less,. be
ing the same lands mentioned in an article of agreement
dated March 19,1850. between John R. Gosnell, John Don
aldson, James Donaldson, and Michael Ilennig. Seized and
taken in CA:CCUtiOu and to be sold us the property of John
ALso—All the right, title, interest and
claim of deft., J. T. McVey, of, in and to a certain lot of
ground No, situated on the corner of Market and Com
merce (now called Lyon) streets, in the borough of Bir
mingham, in the county of Huntingdon, being t 0 feet OD.
Market street and extending back 165 feet more or less, ad
joining John Gralhus on the north-east, having thereon
erected a two-story log dwelling house, plastered, with a
brick store house, a frame office building, a stable and
other buildings, (which was extended by the Inquest and
confirmed 14th January, 1556, and accepted by defendant
at the rental fixed by said Inquest, which rental has not
been paid, as per affidavit of Plaintiff. See Precipe filed.)
ALso—The following Tract of Land situate
in Shirley township, Huntingdon county, and hounded by
John Levy on the west, Robert Bighorn on the north, Black
Log Mountain on the east,—containing two hundred acres
more or less, about 100 of which is cleared, having thereon
erected two small lug dwelling houses and a log barn.—
Seized and taken in execution and to be sold as the property
of David Knepp.
ALso—Two small parcels of land situate in
the town of Scottsville, in Clay township, Huntingdon
county, and bounded on the east by a lot of Adam Cullman
and north by David Heck and west by Samuel Smith, south
by public road, containing in all one and one half acres,
more or less, with the following improvements thereon—
a two story log house. Seized and taken in execution and
to be sold as the property of Joseph Banks.
ALso—All the defendant's right, title and
interest in the following described property, to wit:—A
tract of land known as the Henry Roupt tract, containing
about 270 acres on Broad Top, Tad township, adjoining
lands of B. Hare Powell, Gen. A. P. Wilson and others, hav
ing thereon erected a two-story log house, barn and other
..... _
ALso—A trarel - of and - known as the - "Cot- -
bin Tract," Containing . 300 acres and allowance, situate on
Rocky Ridge, Tod township, adjoining land' of Taylor's
heirs and others. Also, a tract of land adjoining the above
known as the Cornelius tract con tainin g 395 acres, 5 perches ,
and allowance. Also, a tract of land adjoining the above, '
warranted in the name of Speer and Martin, containing 96
acres, 153 perches and allowance. Also, a tract of land,
adjoining the same, warranted in the name of Eliel Smith,
containing 152 acres, 98 perches and allowance. Also,
tract of land situate on Broad Top, Tod township, warrant
ed in the name of Speer and Dougherty, containing 439
acres and 51 perches and allowance, adjoining the William
Hermit Coal Bank traot, John MoLain, Michael J. Martin
and others, Also, all the interest of SAN defendant in the
land of Michael J. Martin and Joseph S, Martin, (now &CID
which he holds under certain articles of agreement, for the
same, with John Dougherty and George W. Speer,firptherr
wise, as the same appears of Record in Huntingdon. Sete
zed and taken in execution and to be sold as the property
of William 11. Irwin.
Also--All the right, title, claim and inter
est of defendant, of, in and to a lot of ground in the village
of Shade Gap, Huntingdon county, numbered 18 in the
plan of said village, made by J. W. Matthias. the 14th of
March, 1549, lying and being on the west side of the road
on main street of said village—which runs at 12% degrees
north—said lot being 60 feet in front on said street and ex
tending back at right angles thereto 140 fret, ton line par
allel to said street, having thereon erected a small house
and other buildings. Seized and taken in execution, and
to be sold as the property of James Wilson.
Atso—A Lot of Ground situate in the town
of Barnett. Tod township, Huntingdon county, fronting
60 feet on Henrietta street, and extending back. 140 feet to
an alley—bounded on the east by a lot of Michael McCabe,
and No. 26 in the plan of said town—having thereon erect
ed a two-story log house 16 by 26 feet, with other improve
ments. Seized and taken in execution and to be sold as
the property of Thomas McGillan-
Huntingdon, October 8, 1856.
NP. GWIN has just received from Philadelphia a large
and beautiful assortment of FALL and WINTER GOODS,
consisting of the most fashionable Dress Goods for Ladies
and Gentlemen, such as Black Silks, Chamelion and Fancy
Silks, French Merinoes, All Wool Delaines, Persian Sculls,
Coburg Cloth, Levella Cloth, Alpaca, Debarge Madonna
Cloth, Wool Plaids, and any quantity of Fancy Delains.—
Prints of every description.
ALsct—A large lot of Dress Trimmings,
Dress Buttons, Bonnet Silks, Ribbons, Gloves, Mitts, Ho
siery, Laces, Veils, Collars, Undersieoves, Chimazetts, Mo
hair Head Drosses, Gum Belts, Whalebones for Skirts. Silk
and Linen Flop,''French Working, Cotton, Fall and Wool
Shawls, and a variety of Fancy 'Goods too numerous to
ALso—Cloths, Black and Blue, Black and
Fancy Cassimeres, Cassinets, Tweeds, Kentucky Jean,
Flannels, Sack Flannels of every color, Canton
Flannel, Cotton and Nankeen Linsey, Muslim, bleached
and unbleached, Ticking, Cheeks, Table Diaper, Woollen
and Linen Table Covers, Sheeting Muslin 2 1 / 2 yards wide.
Woollen Yarns different colors, Woollen Coats and Caps,
Comforts. &c.
Silk Bonnets of every description and color,
largest assortment in town, and at prices that can't be
beat. Also, Bats and Caps, latest styles, Boots and Shoes,
Queensware, Hardware, Buckets, Tubs, Baskets, Oil Cloths,
&c.. &c.
Groceries, Salt, and all goods usually kept
in a country store.
-e.r - My old customers, and as many new ones as eon
crowd in, are respectfully invited to call and examine my
Goods. No charges for looking. All kinds of Country
Produce taken in exchange for Goods at highest market
Prices. Huntingdon, Oct. 8, 1556.
STONE LAND. FOR SALE.- , -The subscriber will of
fer at public sale, on Tuesday l November 11, his farms sit
uated in Morris township, and containing 265 acres. 250
acres under fence and in good cultivation, the balance tlm•
ber land. This property is divided about equally into two
farms, with a large brick house tlnd frame
intenant house, a largo barn. wagon shed ,"'"
and corn crib, carpenter and blacksmith e n
shops on one, and a good frame house and
barn on the other: with good water and fruit on both pla
ces, and in a healthy neighborhood.
Also, at the same time and place, I will offer 496 acres
of mountain land, in lots of from 50 to 100 acres, to suit
purchasers. This land is well set with thrify young chest
nut, white and yellow pine, and oak timber, and conveni
ent to the farms, with good roads to and through the same.
The above property is within 1 /, mile of the Penna. R. R.,
and 2//, of the canal at Water Street. For further partic
ulars, address SAMUEL P. WALLACE,
Oct. 8,1856.-te Spruce Creek, I'. 0.
Letters of Administration on the Estate of JOHNi
. ,N.itY.late of West township, Huntingdoneounty, deed,
having been granted to the undersigned, he hereby noti
fies all persons indebted to said Estate to make immediate
payment, and those having claims against the same to pre
sent them duly authenticated for settlement.
Oct. 15, 1856
ÜB.LIC SALE.—By virtue of the
t Will of James Campbell, deed, I will expose to pub
is sale on the premises in the town of 3larklesburg, on
TIIURSDAY, the 23rd day of OCTOBER, 1866, at . 1.1 o'clock'
a. in:, ONE ROUSE and LOT OF GROUND, situated on the
cOrner of Bedford and IL,B. Street, measuring tixty feet in
front on Bedford street, and extending back on R. R. street
one hundred end sixty feet, with a large weather-boarded
frame two.stery lions°, ;with a store house attached to it
the buildings together ' , lie:taming 60 feet in front on Bed
ford street, running batik klorig R. It. street 40 feet. There
is also on the. premises a good stable and large corn crib,
with a good well of never failing wtiter, convenient to the
.. . ,
One third of .the'imrehase riione'S• to be timid in hand or
nt the making of the deeitand 4/tie-Chirp iii'one year there
after, with intere.Wrinti the renaliiing third at the death
of the widow, the interest toliS Pak( half yearly, and the
payments to be scoured by bowl( and - Mortgage,
Surviving Administrator of James Campbell, dee'd.
Oetober 1. 7 556.
Letters of administration on the Estate of ENOCH
t:1111.COTE, late of Tod township, Huntingdon county,
deed, having been granted to the undersigned Administra
tor, all persons indebted to said Estate are hereby notified
to make immediate payment, and those having claims
against the same to present then, duly authenticated for
October 1. 1856. Administrator.
TION. New hooka ready for oulwribers in the Li
brary room iu the Court House, on Saturday at 3 o'clock,
when and where the Librarian will attend for one hour..
Gil Mien's Modern Literature, also Hugh Miller's, Mrs.
Stone's, Mrs. Ellet's, and other works.
Subscription 50 cents per year. New subscriptions soli
cited. Ifunting - don, Oct. 1,1856.
TILING at H. ROMAN'S as cheap as they can in the
Huntingdon. October 1, 1&6.
THE FAIR !--Every gentleman attend
ing the Fair, should call at the cheap Clothing Store
of li. ROMAN, :Market Square, Huntingdon, before they
return home. October .
PEACE RESTORED! I—By latest arrival from the
Lunt, the subscribers have just received, and are now open
ing the largest and most atrefully selected assortment of
HARDWARE ever offered in the Huntingdon market.—
Our Stuck consists in part of BUILDING MATERIAL,
such as Locks. Hinges, Screws, Bolts, Glass, Putty, Oils,
White Lead, Fire Proof and Zinc Paints.
MECHANICS' TOOLS in great variety, including many
new inventions and late improvements.
We invite the attention of Saddlers and Coach makers
to our large and splendid stock tif SADDLERY and COACH
TRIMMINGS. including all the latest styles of Harness
Buckles, Gig Trees, Self-Adjut,ting Pad Trees, Saddle Trees,
Horse and Mule names of 30 diffizent varieties, Girdling,
Hog Skins, Patent Leather, Enameled Leati)et„, Enameled
Muslin, Coach Lace, Hubs, Spokes,Felloes, Shafts, Springs,
Axles. &c., . • ..
LADIES and HOUSEKEEPERS generally, will find it
greatly to their advantage, to mil and examine our new
stork of PINE TABLE CUTLERY, Silver and Common
Spoons, Silver hatter. Knives, Lamps, Hollow-ware, and
other House. furnishing goods, including many new and
useful inventions. In our recent purchases, we have
bought at such rates, as enable us. to sell even lower than
heretofore. No charge for showing -goods. All orders
from abroad promptly attended to. •
Huntingdon. Oct. 1, 1850.
WATCHES and JEWELRY, wholesale and ...
retail at the "Philadelphia Watch and Jewelry n' •r-.
Store," No. 96, North Second street, corner of ,-, •
Quarry, Philadelphia. J... ...
Gold Lever Watches, full jewelled 18 carat cases,... $25 00
Gold Lepines 24 CO
Silver Lever Watches, full jewelled, 22 00
Silver Lepine, jewels, 9 00
Superiot QUartiers, 7 00
Gold Spectacles, • • ,; r 700
Fine Silver do., ' -' ;.:,........ 1 50
Gold Bracelets 3 00
Ladies' Gold Pencils 1 00
Silver Tea Spoons, set, 5 00
Gold Pens with Pencil and Silver Holder, 1 00
Gold Finger Rings, 3734 cents to 00 ; Watch glasses, plain,
123,4 cents; Patent. I.g'; Lunett, 25; other articles in.
proportion. All goods warranted to be what they are sold
On hand, some Gold and Silver Levers and Lepines, still
lower than the above prices. October 1, 1856-Iy.
lIROMAN has just opened a very
consisting of Coats, Pants, Vests, and other articles of gen
tlemen's wear. Call and examine for yourselves.
STORE.—JOHN FRISCH respectfully informs the:
ii4V-Nftng4i- 3 /11tirtgili.M 7 C91411.4-thiltilqtnn=e,jts...
don, for the sale of
His stock is entirely new and of the best quality, and
will be disposed of at fitir prices.
The public generally are requested to call and examine
for themselves.
Repairing of Watches, Clocks, and Jewelry, done in the
best wanner on short notice. JOHN FRISCII.
Huntingdon, Oct. 1,•1856.
Letters of Administration on the Estate of JOHN
GAKDNER, late of l3arree township, Huntingdon county.
doo'd, having been granted to the undersigned, he hereby
notifies all indebted to said estate to make immediate-pay
ment, end those having claims against the same to present
them duly authenticated for settlemene. - ;, •
Oct. 8,1856.*
T 4001 ( . HERE,!—L: WESTBROOK
has just arrived with a spleudid assortment of
[Call and examine his stock. L. WESTBROOK.
Huntingdon, Oct. 8, 1856.
TOSEPII FUSSELL, successor to 11. B.
ley FUSSELL, Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturer, No.
2 North Fourth Street, N. W. Corner of Market, Philadel
phia, has now on hand an extensive assortment of the
newest mid most desirable kinds, including many NEW
STYLES not heretofore to be had in this market. An ex
amination of our stock is solicited before purchasing eine
'Prices as lon , as any house in the city
Philadelphia, Oct. 1, 1856-Im.
'®/MUSICAL.--The subscriber having
located himself in the borough fag Iluntingdon in
tends to give lessons on the Piano Forte and Singing: All.:
persons wishing to receive Tnitsiml instruction will find
me at Mrs. Hampson's. Those scholars that have Pianos
can receive lessons at their residences.... extra charges
for going to scholars horses or singing. • • . ' •
Oct. 1, 1816-S r. Z': 1111tt1iTIi3.Y~.
signed Auditor, appointed by the Orphan's Court of
ngdon county, to distribute the balance in the hands
of John Householder and Mesas Hamer, Executors of Wil
liam Householder, deceased, amongst those entitled to re
ceive the same, hereby gives notice to all persons interested,.
that he will attend for the purpose of snaking said distri ,
bution on Saturday, the 25th day of Orteber, 1856, at ono
o'clock P. M. at his office in the borough of Huntingdon,
when and where all persons interested may attend if they
think proper. JOH.N MED, Auditor.
October 1,1856-4 t.
TAGS. -All persons who have bought
chop at our store and have failed to return the bags,
will do so immediately. LOVE & McDIVIT.
October 15, 1856.
hereby given that letterii testamentary on the will of
LIAM MAGILL, late of Jackson township, Hunting
don county,.dec'd, have been granted to the undersigned. ,
All persons indebted to the estate of said deceased, iir' a r.e- ,
quested to make payment, and those having claims to pre
sent them for settlement. SAMUEL STEWART,
Oat, 6, 1656,*
and now open and ready for customers. Call and examine
my extensive assortment. D. P. GIVL.N.
linntingdon, Oct. 1,1856. _
MORE MEN WANTED immEttr, - _
ATELY..—A few rnore enterprising and active young,:
Wen can find immediate 'employment, by which they ears
matte $6OO or $1..000 a year, to act as agents for seVerar•
now and popular works just published exclusively for
agents and not for sale in bookstores. We have wgreat ;
number of agents employed, many of whom are snaking
from $l5 to $2O a week. Those who wish toengageinthis
pleasant and profitable business, will, for particulars, etc.,"
address, C. L. DEBBY St CO., -
Publishers and {Wholesale Booksellers; -
Sandusky City, Ohio:
Editors of Newspapers, by giving the above and A:aim , _
lug three insertions and calling attendee to it, and send-,
ing a copy containing it, will receive any thrcosaf the fel:
lowing works:
Life of Josephine, by Madly, ; Life of Lafayette;
do., $1.25; Life of Napoleon. do., $l,r.Z; Wild Scenes ef a
Hunter's Life, $1.25; Life of Mary amid Jliartim Washing=
ton, $1,50: Odd Fellows Amulet,
Any person wishing any of the above books can'havis
them sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt .of the above
retail price. Address, C. L. DEW CO:"
Oct. 6, MO.-St
ect is or. 20, 1855.—This mill occupies about 2.3. , 5. feet by S
feet, and is 4 feet high, weighing 370 pounds, ankle work
ed by hand or horse power . sad goes very !asap. Two
men can make from 6 to 12 barrels ,
of Cider in a day, if the
directions are followed.
For sale, at the manufhcturers prices, by sttsics, Taylov
and Cromer, Huntingdon, Agents. Price $41);
Huntingdon, Sept. 16, 1850.