The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, August 02, 1928, Image 6

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few minutes sleep,
Wel send a genero
Dr. Miles Medical
Buck to Methuselah
A message Madrid,
states that a happy fami
rizns has been discovered,
Is aged one hundred
and her five sons ra
dred and eleven to one hundred and
five, According these figures the
mother must have heen only fifteen
when t son was born, It was
further stated that all the sons are at
work ; doubtless they are the
port of their aged mother,
from Spain,
ly of centena
The mother
and twenty-seven
nge {from one hun-
her eldes
role sup
Fownskin ps « Without Names
If you should send a le
{ter to some
one in Letter OC, Maine, or to Lonz A
Maine, or to No,
the 1gter would
Impert eet Bricks
Usually bri
powder 'y
icks in a wall
amd waste away
ried and are
susceptible to
qQr wasting away: due
dration. If the number of
in a wall they
moved and replaced by others
have been burned hard enough to re
sist weathering
to dehy
such bricks
Is small,
may be re
Hundreds of Supreme Court
Judges concur raise
of the wthority,
The Presidents of a! leading Ut i-
ves ities, Colle 8 and i
large dictionary as standard
clect ed Webster's t
The Scho It )
:dhere to the }
system Of diacritic
The Cov
at Washington
RITE for a sarel
Words FREE
G. &C.
Berg Makes Good
Moe Berg, playing his first season
as a catcher, not only is doing a good
job behind the bat for the White Sox,
but he's also hitting harder than ever
before. His present average is a
cool 358, which tops the Sox club.
Moe's blows, in addition to being fre-
quent, usually come in timely spots
porting Sauibs
Athletic teams at Ohio State univer.
sity played before 236,000 fans the
past year.
* *® *
When told that Pyle and Grange
had. split, some heartless cynic merely
asked what,
% » ®
The Chinese, supposedly the world’s
greatest gamblers, are taking a whirl
at greyhound racing.
* * ®
The motion picture rights for the
United States at the Olympic games
are placed at $60,000,
* . -
According to pictures In the paper
the last thing a boxer In training
thinks of doing is to box.
- oe oe»
Billy Agee, winner of the Baltimore
marathon, Is a product of the Balti.
more pavements, where he formerly
gold newspapers,
. 8 *
Although he lost seven crack mem-
bers of the 1927 eleven, Coach Pat
Page at Indiana expects to have a
strong football team this fall,
* so
Lou Magnola, New York boxing ref
eree, recently had the honor of offi
clating as third man in the ring at
After engaging In several exh'bition
bouts, Kid Williams, former bantam-
welght champion, new thirty-five, has
decided to take one more fling at the
ring game,
* »
Lloyd Hahn, the twenty year-old
gprinter of Fails City, Neb., holds the
record for the half-mile. Hig time is
1 min. 52 2.0 sec., the fastest ever re-
corded for the distance,
* & »
Miss Beatrice Spears, sixteen-year-
old champion swimmer, Is believed to
be the youngest aspirant to attempt
the English channel swim. She 1s
mow In training for the ordeal.
Princeton university made over $41.
000 in sports last year,
. . *
The Yankees hold every attendance
record in every American league base
ball park.
* *
Andy Cohen,
Giants, is being bothered by
in his left ear.
» ® »
the boy wonder of the
There were 788 stolen bases in the
American league last yes a8 com
. of 41) 1 ¥
ith 04 1 ie l gu
pared with 640 In t Nati ial league,
* * »
fee Fohl,
former major league mana-
hag been appointed pilot of the
Moines Western league baseball
A sport critic says the home run
is losing its popularity in certain
circles, .-He ought to quit talking to
- LJ »
Baltimore's streak of seven straight
pennants in the International league
is a record unequaled In organized
* * .
Judge Emil Fuchs of the Braves
tells of the batsmen who felt insulted
when the catcher hollered, “Two down
and nobody up.”
*» * *
“Lefty” O'Doul, now with the Giante,
has three times equaled the feat of
walloping six hits on six trips to the
plate in a game,
. *
Cleveland has announced the release
of Pitcher Waiter Brown to the New
Orleans clnb of the Southern associa-
tion on option.
. 0°
William Steinecke, catcher on the
Waterloo club of the Mississippl Val-
ley league, has been sold to the De-
troit Tigers for $3500,
* .
Jack Dunn of the Baltimore Orioles
paid the fine of a youngster who was
arrested after trying to “pocket” one
of his baseballs at Oriole park.
er ®
The Cincinnati Reds are a team of
comparative midgets—which is in line
with Manager Hendricks’ belief that
short men are faster than tall ones
. oe
The Waterbury club of the Eastern
league announces the purchase of Wal.
ter Kimmick, former Cincinnati
fielder, from Mobile of the Southern
Babe Ruth says the umpires are falr,
New Sports Duds
houette, Subtle Coloring,
Intricate Detail.
The new mode. which Is still show?
influence of femininity, Is ex
thin of sports clothes,
Even coats entirely suited to activities
in the sports world are showing traces
here and there of a feminine feeling.
Various points that mark this trend
are for instance, in the tendency
toward a normal waistline, the softer,
more voluminous silhouette, the subtle
coloring and intrieate detail
The sports coat 1s, of course, seen
in all fabrics and In all colors and
in a variety of cuts, There is seen
among new models the sports
coat for beach and mountains of
white flannel with its loose silhouette
and slight tendency towards the volu
minous. Then there Is the wollarless
of bright velveteen—or angora
which, In
is prov-
its dash and color!
fug highly
ul appeal,
tco, are prominent and In
os 1 08
Scarf Is Prominent and Smart in
Coat of Roman Stripes.
the soft woolens the lovely model of
Louise Boulanger is beautifuily
fed. This shows =a
pockets and its lines,
lelts go
line a pearly normal waistline. The
trench coat, so smart for rain, motor
ing or travel, nartly seen in off
white shades In cotton gabardine
Scotch pla are
table for trav
ing and are &i their best
which give attention
pecially belts
Frances Han featured “movie
actress in the. plet: ure “No Place to
shows the trend towards fem
ininity in a coat of extreme chic and
simplicity. The scarf, so exceedingly
smart in all coats, is a feature of dis
tinction in this coat of Homan stripes
which is worn over a dress
flat crepe,
is mt
ie, (oo, cut in dashing
lines sul
to detalls—eos
Beige With Yellow Cast;
The newer beige tones,
hears of and secs much
toward a yellow cast
parently feels that one
chouse belween beige and
she frankly sponsors both gray
being once of the high lights of this
very important ocUection.
Flared fullness is
afternoon «nd evening silhouette, and
to a modified degree fuliness follows
through the entire gamut of fashion
It is variously distributed, but while
heretofore front fullness has been the
favorite arrangement, more and more
women are being converted to the
idea of back draperies and back full
ness. This ls possibly the result of
the success of the flowing and dip
pit,g backline, a line that for evening
has become the rule rather than the
The great majority of smart eve
ning dresses are of the period, or
modified period, type. Flounces and
ruffles are lavishly employed, which
might Indicate that sheer fabrics are
the only possible choice. Such Is not
the case, however; there ig a decided
feeilng for silks of the stiffer va-
| riety, although one has not yet
reached the stage when one may
| pride onself on wearing silks that
| “stand alone,” as was the proud boast
! of another generation.
Bam ls conservative, of course, ns he
may have to growl at a decision some
day himself.
Although the general impression pre-
valls that Tom Zachary, Washington
hurler, is one of the oldest men In the
big leagues, the record book shows he
was born on March 7, 1807,
. 0»
ville Vols In the Southern league, es-
tablished what Is believed to be a
world’s record at Nashville when he
hit four consecutive home runs
| Longer Dresses Bring
Shorter Evening Wraps
Evening dresses are getting longer
! and evening wraps are growing short.
er, says a Paris fashion correspondent,
To take care of billowing tulle skirts
and trailing draperies the newest
| wraps have turned into jackets which
| occasionally reach only a few inches
below the hips, Some have no fasten.
| ing and are meant to be held In place
or left open in the manner f a sports
Some of the latest models have
pateh pockets.
Kerchief Searf Lends
Chie, Youthful Touch
The kerchief scarf is an important |
part of the charming outfit by Doris
Dawson, the featured motion picture |
player. Miss Dawson's dress is of
white silk which she wears so smartly
in “Here Comes the Band” The |
dress is notable for its simplicity of
line and its youthful appeal. A hand.
blocked batik designed scarf is of par.
amount importance in making the out. |
fit chic. A white feit hat of vaga.
bond lines is most becomingly chosen
to complete the outfit,
On Rearing Children
€/ w w
Compiled by the Editors of “CHILDREN,
The Magazine for PARENTS"
The supreme ambitio
ent should be
n of every par
to inspire in the child
of truth that ke him
strong in the face of fon and
fearless when he is right,
a love will ma
If your child is not eating his meals
as you believe he shonld, do not force
to eat. His mental attitude will
affect the assimilation of food. First,
him no food between meals
Second, offer at first small amounts
of temptingly served dishes, and by
induce him to eat the variety
his body needs
will learn enjoy
tables every day, to be
fruit as a dessert, and to drink plenty
of milk,
to green vege
for children is
it the source
eat or use
answers can be
An interesting game
to set them to finding o
thing they wear,
on any one day.
f OF in sn
be to find out wha f Amer.
products go lo the countries
these various things. In this
child would come to recog
we interdependence of nations,
orks reference,
t chic
way the
time should be a time for
before the
“making repairs” Long
to have his child
sicisn and a dentist,
absent through the school
cause of sickness become
liabilities in the community.
clings program is made
year be
sound, children,
Parents in all stations of life will
well to remember that
about money matters are not so much
in propurtion to how much or how lit
tle money one may have, but rather
how sensibly or how foolishly one
disposes of what one has A
can learn to distinguish between sen-
gible and foolish expenditure by
opportunity to spend
profit by his mistakes,
The home must see to it that chil
dren are allowed to go to the theater
true of good music and good art.
fostered not by punishment for lapses
or by the payment of temporary re
wards, but by helping the child to
realize the sense of well-being that
cleanliness contributes,
For the older child of five or six
years gingham or cotton prints make
attractive sun suits. To get the most
complete benefit from the sun, light
colored fabrics are best. Thin, open
meshed white cotton fabrics are the
most successful transmitters of the
active rays of the sum As the tem:
perature climbs to eighty dégrees it
is safe to let the youngster play in the
sunny part of the garden In his one
garment for several hours a day.
However, a long exposure of this kind
should be worked up to gradually. If
the small ‘toddler Is put in the sun
for two hours on the first hot day,
a sick child with a blistered skin
will be the result. Tanning should be
brought about even In healthy chil
dren by gradual exposures, On very
hot days, ninety degrees or more,
some protection for the head is ad
(6 by Children, the Magasing for Parents)
tobuy that car
on lame?”
Wee you buy a car for cash, you pay
the factory price plus freight, war tax and
delivery charges. When you buy on time,
you pay an additional charge which in-
cludes fire and theft insurance. This
additional amount is known as a “finance
The finance charges on General Motors
cars are low because the General Motors
Acceptance Corporation was organized to
assure sound credit practice and low
rates to those of its customers who prefer
to purchase on time. The Acceptance Cor-
poration operates the GM AC Plan of pay -
ment. The Plan is simple, fair and eco
nomical. Its large volume of business
reduces costs. It is conducted to give you
satisfaction and to keep your goodwill.
When you buy a General Motors car
on the GMAC Plan, you pay the cash
delivered price — plus only the low
GMAC financing charge—nothing
The Plan is available only thrcugh
General Motors dealers. Another reason
for buying your next car—whether new
or used—from a General Motors dealer.
Buy your next car on
the GMAC Plan
The General Motors cars are Chevrolet, Pontiac,
Oldsmobile, Oakland, Buick, LaSalle a nd Cadiilac.
Together they make up a line of 86 models, ranging
in price-at-the-factory from $495 to $5500. They a
the quality cars of the various car price classes.
Whatever make and model you choose—wh ether
it be of the highest price, or the lowest—you will get
a beautiful body (the closed bodies are by Fisher
4-wheel brakes, a powerful engine, and a quality of
design, materials and performance that only General
Motors, by reason of its resources and its policy of
continuous improvement, is in a position to give.
And the final touch in your satisfaction will come
when you buy it on the GMAC Fian. The trans-
action will be in your interest. The rates will be low
And the dealer will not lose interest in you after the
down payment is made.
Use the coupon below to send for full information
about the General Motors product or products in
which you are interested, together with a booklet
describing the GMAC Plan of purchase. It applies
also for the purchase of Frigidaire Automatic Re-
frigerators and Delco-Light equipment.
GENERAL MOTORS (Dept. A), Detroit, Mich.
cabmiac [1
FRIGIDAIRE Awowmatic Refrigerator [[] DELOO-LIGHT Btecesic Plants []