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    Tine Centre
l r.NTKK Hali., l®*- *
It now seems certain that tirant will
accept the presidency of the Nuaragua
canal company. Thue it is alleged
would take him of the track as a candi
date for a third
John Sherman ia greatly annoyed by
the tirant boom and there is a bad feel
ing between the follows who are oper
ating the tirant boom and the Sherman
itcs. Grant has refused to visit Cincin
nati because it Viet in Sherman's ternto-
A few dart ago •x-aecretary hobeson
declared himself in favor of a third
term. Now cornea Helknap, bn ancient
cronv and fellow plunderer, who
warmly pronounces for another term of
Grant. Next.
The net earnings of the Venn a UK.
are improving, and have been incrcas
ing materially for the last Is months
Won't that corporation aoon feel ab.e to
w -o on and complete our unfinished road,
and thus ahow that they mean to be as
as good as their pledges to the people of
Centre county ?
Tho revelations in 1-ouiaiana prove
that Kellogg bought his scat in the sen
ate of the United States from the fraud
ulent legislature. Hi it <• '
and cannot therefore be dit
turfced. Hut this does prevent lus ejec
tion from the senate on the proof now
made of his corrupt practices.
In the bribery cases at Harrisburg. on
Saturday the defendants were again put
under bail. William H. Kemble and
Charles B, Salter inj^.ooo each, and
Pet rod", Long, l.eisenring and Met une
in 12,000 each for their appearance at
tho January term, to answer the charge
of corrupt solicitation.
The Atlantic aud Great Western rail*
road will be sold in Akron on the 6th of
January. The date was fixed in pur
suance of a private cable dispatch, an
nouncing the completion of the reor
ganixrtion of the syndicate iu London.
The liabilities of the road are about
seventy million dollars. It is expected
that it will sell for about ten millions.
There seems now to be a fair prospect
of a reunion of Jthe Philadelphia de
mocracy. The primaries to be held un
der the auspices of the regular city com
mittee will be attended by the party
generally and no pretext will be given
Sir Richard Yanx for setting up a bolt
ers' ticket for tbe February election. A
consumation most devoutly to be wish
The republicans of Virginia are now
likely to get much "boot" from tbeir
policy of inducing their negro followers
to support the "readjaßters." The re-ad
ustsn claim that their settlement of the
Virginia debt would be as fair and hon
orable as the adjustment in the M'Cul
loch bill. They say that on all national
'■sues they are tlie same democrats as
their opponents and that the republi
cans will gain no political advantage
through them.
Toomb's death to the Union dispatch
is repudiated by nearly the entire south
ern press. Of course. Now let the
northern radical press repudiate the
stalwp.rt hate breeders in like manner
we will be & happy family. These
i!Jt<3 m?n in the north, seducers of other
men's views, and the two ortbres south
ern irreconcilables, are the only causes
that remain to keep up a bitterness of
feeling between the north and south.
The legislative bribery trial has been
quashed, on account of a trick of radical
hatching—they managed to nave one
grand juror, out of tbe '24, not to be
sworn, and this irregularity led to the
quashing of the indictments, and the
radical corruptors of our state legisla
ture go free for the present.
These rascals have already been prov
en guilty by a legislative committee and
if tbe trial had not been defeated by this
trick, Keinble and his assistant radical
corruption gang which attempted to fas
ten 4 millions upon the state, would
have been sent to state prison.
The readers of the Ripoexek will re
member that we expressed fears that
some game would be hatched to defeat
JJMexico would die of inanition if it
did not Lave a new revolution ever tw i
or three weeks to keen up tbe "circular
News has been received by the steams
er Newbern from Mazatlan of an im
pending revolution in Mexico. Gener
al Jeaes Ramirez has pronounced, and
some of his forces hare been at liosario,
Concordia, Copala, about sixty miles
from MazatiaD, and near tbe lines of
Tepicand Binaloa. Another small force
has pronounced at Cosala, |in the State
of Sinalca. The insurgents have also
pronounced at Lapaz. About two hun
dred and fifty men took possession of
the town, and after getting possession
of all arms left for the interior.
Nothing is Bafo any more under radi
cal hands. They have for IS years stol
en and rniaappropriated the public
monies, stolen the revenues and when a
rascal was sentenced he got out by an
abuse of the pardoning power. They
have used the army and the sword for
the basest purposes and to maintain car
pet-bagism, carry elections and an - est
voters, and have stolen the presiden
Now they enter the gtaud jury room
to defeat justice by an irregularity, so
that indictments against the corruptors
of our state legislature may escape pun
llow long will the people vote to
tinuethe authors of such iniquities :o
power ?
The legislative commi'tee to prsoecute
the riot-bill gang for attempting to cor
rupt legislators, although defended at the
late term of the Danphin county court,
by a trick as disreputable as their grfme
oftjribery, tampering with the grand
jury so as to have the trial quashed—
the committee we say, will again pro
ceed to get at tho guilty republican lead
ers, at the January term, when it is
• hoped the jury business will he guarded
against a game like the one exposed at
the late term. It would be an everlast
ing disgrace to the state to have Kemble
& Co. go unpunished in the face of the
evidence of guilt as brought out by [the
legislative investigation last winter.
These had men have defeated the law
for the present, but the net at the Jan
uary term can bo made to hold them.
The Wolf committee, we understand,
vrill keep pushing tire prosecution' t}ie
people demand it,
The grand jury * hicli roceully ad I
journed at Salt l,ake were specially
charged to inquire into of the vie- j
lation of the law against j>olygAmy. Tin
district-attorney and deputy marshals
hare been hard at work for two month*
getting the evidence. The result is four
indictments for polygamy. The grand
jury, in their report, aay thatUiey found
great diilieulty in obtaining truthful tes
timony from the witnewes, who, from
their own admissions, and from clreum
stance? could, if they would, hare given
satisfactory evidence as to the guilt or
innocence of parties. The witnesses
were unwilling and unreliable, Fape
eially so wore the younger persons ap
pearing before them.
We never knew of colonies of Indians
to have such opportunities ottered them
and if they had we douht whether the
red man, would have shown as discour
aging a Knik account.
1 The agent in charge of the White
Faith Iteeervatlon in Minnesota report*
to the Interior 1 *epartment that the
Chippewa Indians have made a very
gratifying success of the experiment of
raising sorghum in that part of the
country. Twenty-live acres upon which
the experiment wa# tried last season
yielded 100 gallons of svup per acre.
The Chippewa* are much pleased with
the industry, and next year will plant
•J9O teres with aorghnm. The agent re
porta that it will grow and ripen upon
any lands capable of producing corn.
The Chippewaa, about one thousand in
number, who were all wild ludians ten
years ago, have also this season raised
abundant crops of grain and vegetables,
and are reported to be happy and con
The lIuroXTKB desires to announce to
the radical press that thee may soon
have another southern "outrage" to
howl over, which will l>o when Klita
Pinkston—Sherman's Kiiia—is hung for
murdering her husband. Kiiia was of
great service in the presidential steal,
and in the hands of John Sherman
played oil bruised and half dead, under
perjury, to get up a fictitious outrage.
Now that Kiiia has murdered her bus*
band, neither Sherman nor the radical
press can see a '■southern outrage" there.
When Kiiia'a trial comes off let the rad
leaders do like in Penn'a, tamper with
tlie grand jury. and thus have the indict
ment against their dear sister Kiiia
quashed. There is hope for Kiiia yet.
llalstead of the Cincinnati l v.
the most intluential republican paper in
Ohio, looks shy at the Grant movement.
In his paper he deals it the following
black eye:
We got aloug very well without Grant
while he was going arouud the world,
and we do not need him now. There
are 1,000,000 citiiens of the United
States as capable as he of being a good
President for the fouryoais succeeding
Hayes. Any capable Justice of the
Peace is equal to tlie Chief Magistracy.
The American people must not be per
mitted to make asses of themselves
about the noed of rulers. We do not
require anybody to rule over us. We
are Republicans and irule] ourselves.
The President isn't a ruler.
Alex. 11. Stephens deniee that he has
expressed himself in favor of Grant. In
a letter to the Augusta Chronicle he is
in accord with the erratic Dr. Felton, or
that he contemplates publishing a simi
lar manifesto. He also denies saving to
a reporter of the Washington star that
"if democratic dimensions in New York
continue our only hope of success is des
troyed, and the South wi|l look out for
herself," or that "the South to-day pre
fers Grant as dictator to Sherman or
Conklingas President," or that "among
the Southern soldiery there is the great
est respect and reverence for Grant, and
that Lhepsopls of the South would sup*
port him in preference to any other man
of the republican party." Mr. Stephens
says that the telegrams and interviews
ascribing these expressions to him are
groundless fabrications from beginning
to end, and he trusts "that the people of
Georgia who hare any regard for tbe
truth will not bo misled as to my say
ings or doings by giving credence to any
such anonymous representations of my
The heathen Japs have a highfalutin
opinion of Grant, which is not less than
the opinion of the jobbers and plunder*
ers here, from whom they evidently re~
ceived their knowledge of the Gener
In anticipation of the visit of General
Grant to Jeddo there appeared a sketch
of his life in Japanese, in which the
author, after speaking with enthusiasm
of the achievements of Gorantu, as he
calls the General, addresses his readers
in the following words"Whether we
consider the fox amoDg leasts, or the
pho. nix among birds, we find that even
when endowed with unusual abilities
the inte.'hgence of these is not equal to
that of stupid Old women or doltish boys.
But men are able, if Uiey chose, to culti
vate their talents; and tifir >® ft man
who has cultivated his great natural
abilities, is rich in thought, is admirmb.'O
in bis movements, is as unfathomable
as heaven and earth, and with whom
neither the fox nor the pbu-nix is for a
moment to be compared. Sach a one is
General Grant, whose intelligence is
commanding to a degree, and whose
business capacities are truly grand."
Well, wc are to have light at last. And
now it is announced that Edison promi
ses to show his electric light perfected
on Christmas evo, at Menlospark, N. J.
He will illuminate all the buildings in
the modest little hamlet in which he
lives and works. To that end wires
have been run from liouae to house, and
connected thence with his laboratory.
The illumination will be given by means
of what might be railed electric jets,
each jet of 10-candlo power, which is
the measurement of electric intensity;
that is to Bay the extraordinary phe
nomenon may be seen, on Christmas
day in Menlo-park, of electric lights
toned down to the intensity of gas jets.
In a few days Edison will begin the
task of affixing the jets so-called, from
thejgas burners in the Beveral houses,
instead of running wires that are to
transmit the current through gas pipes,
as it is his intention to do shortlv, in
this city. For this occasion ho will lay
wires along the pipes. "I shall send in
vitations far and wide," says Edison,
"in order that all may see that what has
considered as visionary and impos
sible, ha® I**" aecompllslwfd. Let gas
companies reduce their prha, and then
reduce it again, for it la well known
they can still do this and make money,
and I can undersell them and make a
largo profit.
A horse stung dead by bees has caus
ed a law suit in lowa. And we'll bet a
half year's Ripoktkii that when its over
all parties to the suit will find themsel
ves badly stung too.
You can't say of Texas that its all cry
and no wool—for this year that state
clipped 22,000,000 pounds of wool.
Till: Till KM A X ACT
There is to he a strong ellort made |
this winter to secure the repeal of the
Thurman ait compelling the Pacific
roads to calculate their percentage for
the sinking fund, to repay the govern
ment loan on net earnings. A bill
looking to tbat object will be introduced
very soon after the opening of the see
aion, and those interested in the road#
are hopeful of its passage,
This is one of the fruits of republican
victory in Ohio. The man who made
the great railroad monopolies pay their
debts to the government, is to (step out
and his work in behalf of the people ii
to be upeot.
sn: MI Nil HA ri:s' o
Hayes'.message and Secretary Slier*
man's rejiort were both stolen and given
to the press last Saturday, and went out
to the world before the assembling of
con grow.
Since Hayes accepted the stolen press
idency, stealing is considered fair by his
subordinate*, and he is being paid tuck
in his own coin by his own subordi
The price paid fir stealing the mes
sage was ft.' t>, and they are trying to
find out who the guilty ones are. - lhe
same is correct as to the stealing of
Sherman's rejort but how can John
complain hecugineered the great i res
idential steal? These radical employ
ees in the departments have learned a
trick, and chickens arc coming home to
The fraudulent President's stolen mes
sage is tame, and only -talwart upon the
subject of having deputy marshals at
the polls so as to help carry elect ous.
lie demands the punishment of j>oly
gamy, and we would ask why don't he
have it punished ' He gives a blow for
civil service reform, yet permitted all
his appointees to practice in opposition,
lie gives our relations with foreign
countries as friendly. I'pou the I nan
ces he say 9. The ordinary revenues
from all sources for the fiscal year ended
June o, IS7U, were 1-78,5'.T.1-Lt''; the
ordinary expenditures for the same pe
riod acre $266,947,n:m."> : leaving a sur
plus revenue for the year of f • *7'.' •.-
vJ. The receipts for the present fiscal
year, ending June 30, !>.*>, actual and
estimated, are as follows : Actual re
ceipts for the first quarter commencing
July 1, I*7'.', $7',M3,063.61 :estimated
receipts for the remaing three-quarters
of the year, $208,1 *'7,330.: total receipts
for the current fiscal year, actual and
estimated, $285,0w,000. The expendi
tures for the same period will be. actual
and estimated, as follow* Tor the
quarter commencing July 1, IS7*, actual
rxdeuditures, $'.'1,0&3,3-3.10, and for the
remaining three-quarters of the year the
expenditures aae estimated at $172,310,-
614.90—making the total expenditures
1261.000,000, and leaving an estimated
surplus revenue for the year ending
June*V, liv, The total re
ceipts during the next fiscal year end
ing June 30, 1881, estimatedaccording to
estimating laws, willbef2vi,oW),oUo. and
the estimated ordinary expenditures for
the same period will be $278,037,304.2.' —
leaving a surplus of $0,002,633.01 for that
The large amount expended for ar
rears of pension# during the last and tlie
present fiscal year, amounting to $21,-
747,249.60, has prevented the application
of the full amount required by iaw to the
sinking fund for the current year ; but
these arrears having been substantially
paid, it is believed that the sinking fund
can hereafter be maintained without
any change of ex i-ting law.
The Secretary of War repoats that the
War Department estimates for tlie fiscal
year ending June 30, 1881, are $4 \ 10,
428.9", the same being for a leas sum of
money than any annual estimate ren
dered to Congress from that Iepartment
during a i<enod of at Isast twelve years.
On Tuesday last President t llaycs I
sent his third annual message to con*;
press, and as it is a lengthy document
we cannot publish it, and so notice the
following from the Harrisbnrg l'i •'
in reference to it: It contains nothing
of a remarkable nature except an itera
tion of the civil service reform recom*
mendation made by Mr. Hayes in 1577
which so disgusted his party that it re
fused to sustain the administration at
the elections of that year. The fine
hand of John Sherman is plainly visible
in tliis part of the message. Now that
the elections are over and the depart
ment clerks will not be required to con
tribute tojtho republican corruption fund
for six months to come lie thinks it a
good time to manufacture a little capita!
for the administration and for himself
as the administration candidate fur the
succession. With this view he has per
suaded his chief to drop the stalwarts
once more and to return to a repetition
of his mummery in regard to the civil
service. On this point, however, the
message carefully distinguishes between
the heads of departments and their sub
ordinates so as not to subject Mr. Sher
man and his associates in the cabinet,
or Mr. Hayes himself, to criticism or
ridicule for their meddlesome interfer
ence in recent political campaigns. It
is insisted that the president and his of
ficial advisers may with eminent propri
ety explain their policy before the peo
ple, but that it is the duty of those in
subordinate places in the civil service
"to obey tbe legal Instructions of those
upon whotn that authority is devolved
and their best public service consists in
the discharge of their functions irre
spective of partisan politics." In other
words, while the president and his cabi
net may properly travel over the coun
try on electioneering tours and engage
in partisan politics to the top of their
bent, chiefs of bureaus and. department
clerks must not meddle in political mat
fers but give all their time and attention
to their official duties. The message al-;
so declares that "in whatever aspect
considered, the practice of making levies
for party purposes U]>on the salaries of
officers is highly demoralizing to the
public service aud discreditable to the
country." Now, the fact is, as Mr.
Hayes and Mr.bherman very well know,
that if the members of the cabinet and
the president himself did not set the ox
ample their subordinates would not
trouble themselves abont partisan poli
tics ; that if the high officials of the ad
ministration did not permit levies to be
made upon their underlings for party
purposes and thus countenance and en
courage that practice there would soon
bean end of this system of collecting
electioneering funds from the subordi
nates in the departments. It is only
necessary for Mr. Hayes to put his foot
on the evils of which he complains if he
would crush them out. Hut the course
pursued by his cabinet, notably by the
secretary of the treasury, is not calcu
lated to inspire any very profound faith
in his sincerity. It is notorious that
subordinates in the departments aud of
ficers of the revenue have been removed
because they did not belong to the ad
ministration party or failed to perceive
the eminent fitness of John Sherman for
the presidency. Nevertheless, it will
be well for congress to take Mr. Hayes
at'his word and send to him such legis
lation for his approval as will not mere
ly authorize but require the executive
and heads of departments to cause their
subordinates to abstain from such par
ticipation in partisan politics as inter
feres in any way with the proper dis
charge (J their oflieial duties or requires
ttiem to share their salaries with tlio
managers of political campaigns. The
message congratulates congress on the
success of resumption, but falls into a
contradiction when it reecommends the
retirement of the legal tender notes; for
if rcdpmptjpn is already a success, in
spite of the fa iX that the whole of the
$1540,000,000 of legal tenders repeln un
redeemed, where is the necessity for the
retirement of the legal tenders',' Mr.
Hayes could not have more maladroitly
admitted that resumption is not yet an
assured fiif-i 4t?d will not ho until the le
gal lenders urn finally redeemed at the
treasury. On other subjects the message
is very tame and unsuggeslivo. hcarcu
lv a thread of the bloody shirt appears
in its texture. An allusion is made to
the importance of free elections, and a
platitude about public opinion overrid
ing "all political prejudices and all sec
tional and state attachments in dernand-
I tug that all ovci our wide leritorr lite
name und character of of the
t'nitcd Stairs shall mean one and the
same thing," probably in intended as a
bint to congress to require Massachu
setts and Rhode I -land to treat natural
laod eltlsena of tins United States at
least as well as Wisconsin and Minne
aota treat unnaturalited foreigners. A*
a whole the message is just what might
have been cipeeled from an Ohio man
who holds an office to which he was not
eluctesl prompted by another Ohio man
who hopes to to elected to an office
which he fears the people are unwilling
to confer upou hitu,
tiarrUhurg, IV, Nov. ,'t, IS 1 A* wa*
foreshadowed yesterday the Court thi* nf
teraoon quashed the indictment against
x- Representative Salter, charged with
having ottered money t<> eght member* of
the Legislature f. r their vote* f. r the
I4.mai.iaio loci Claim* bill, Slid busing
afterward committed l>e< try by <*faiin.;
boh re the legislative committee that he
had not c.rruptly approached anybody.
Altl.v ugh the prosecution had engaged
such distinguished lawyer* a* judge lilac*
of thi* State, aud Senator Carpenter, of
Wisconsin, it wa* evident, alter the de
fence had *how:i that twenty-four per
sons participated in the findings, that the
Court would sd aside the indictments
The prosecution relied upon the record,
which showed that only twenty-three
grand juror* had been sworn, but by th<
evidence it was thi'wn that one more wa-,
on the ,ury, and that the er.o supposed t.
have been excused took part in the delib
erations of the tody. The Court overrul
ed all the motion el the defer.. <• to quash
the indictmentr, except that relating ti
the defective tirand Jury, and at the con
clusion of ti c decision Judge Pearson
said :
Quashed on Technicality.
"i am verv sorry to have oeme to thisj
conclusion, because it i nt trying thej
case on i'.s merits, ar.J these inen, if thev
•scape their trial th '.iuie, eca; een what,
might he called i d >Ui;tial l< chi. cali-'
The Judge alio Indicated that 11.0 in-;
dictraents again-*, the eightthers ac. ised,
of corrupt solicitation of members of the.
Legislature, tw o . thers ac cused if a rinii j
lar offence ar d of perjury, would fall wlthl
this decision. The pro.-evu'i 'i resisted j
tin. sweeping determination of 11.0 ca>c.
a I after a v v a : tat dJo u> n, 1
iog nearly two hour.. Judge i'ear* :
agreed (e tu.penJ judgement in the other.
caes. The District Attorney called tin
name of Alexander W. Leisenring, pres.-,
dent - ftbe Firs*. National Hank ! Mauri.!
Chunk, who is alleged'., have offered t
divide with two member* of the
ture from his c untr the expect. 1 t r. 2.1-
speculations in i'ennsylvania Its. 1 road
slock, which Lo predicted would ro in
value on tho pat.age of the Kiel Los-vi
bill. The defendant wa* n tin the court
room and hi* counsel said that he was aot|
|in the city. The court then Lxe-1 tho be
ginning of the t*i*l for Friday after,
Promised Evidence.
The pro.ecution will furnish <* !.-• ee
that will contradict that submitted by li e
defence, and wh h it expected t. ! w
that the Grand Jury was tampered with
it I* doubtful if they will be able to pre-,
vent the other indictments from being
quashed, unlets they should prove that
tw i of the Grand Juror* who testified per- ,
jured themselves. In the event of the ,
Court deciding all the case* in favor of
tho defence, the kgttlai.vr prosecuting j
committee will have new bill* drawn in
the rate* of the a-c.iu !, which wilt be
submitted to the Grand Jury of the Jan
uary term. There it no doubt that they i
will again be indicted for the tarn el'en- •
ce* as before.
llarrisburg, Pa , November '*).• There ,
was a session of the court this - lorning .
to enable the j r-or i accused of c >rrupt.<
solicitation of members of,the legislature*,
andjprejuryito renew their bail. Merers 1 ,
Ketnb'o. Salter, Leisenring, 1. *g. llc-h
cune and Pctroff entereJJlhe ncssary so- |
curily which it the same as had been fix
ed pr-.-vioesly, f-'.OUOon each indictment j
Thejrcst of tho accuse ! forfeited their ,
rec-gr.iranre*. Lbt the requisite bail ,
will no doubt be furnished in a few days. ,
Judge I'arson expressed the opinion from <
the bench yester lay that tho common
wealth were not expoiiting the trial ofj
tbe accued by resisting the quashing of <
the indictment, but Judge Illack and oth-'
er counsel for tbo prosecution are not i
willing to risk tho cases with annoiber <
grand-jury in view of the last experiment. I
None of the trials will occur until the i
third week in January, when tho defense i
will no doubt assail the indictment as n >t
being property drawn All the bail en- .
tered is for appearance o: the defenda ts |
at tho next court.
Harrisburg. Nov. 2S.—ln the Lcgiila-,
live bribery casts to day. the Common
wealth was reinforced by Cel. Gowen,
President of the Philadelphia 0c Heading
Railroad Company, who made a strong
argument against the contradiction of the 1
Record of the Court.
Motiou to Quash.
After the caso against A. \Y. Leisen
ring of Muucb Chunk, charged with cor
rupt solicitation of members of the Legis
lature had been callod, General Albright
moved to quash tho indictment on the
same grounds on which that against
ex-Reprcfentativo Salter was quashed.
The defense then offered to submit some
evidence heretofore offered to how that
the Urand Jury was illegally constituted,
when the Commonwealth objected to its
Argument of tho Prosecution.
Judge Black submitted the following,
which wui signed by attorneys for tho
Commonwealth :
Fu ht—The facts asserted by the defsnd
ant HI reasons for quashing the indictment
are all of them extrinsic to the record, and
it is a well settled rule of the common law,
adopted in Pennsylvania by the highest
judicial authorities of the State, that facts
not apparent in the body of the indictment
or tho caption thereof cannot be produced
in any form of proof to sustain such a mo
tion at this.
Second— This indictment nnd all previ*
ous proceedings which load to it are con
cltillvely proved by the record to havo
been perfectly free from any defect in
form or substance, for it was found by a
Grand Jury of twenty-three persons, reg
ularly empaneled and sworn, duly pre
sented to the Court and made a part of it*
record in perpet nam tntmoriam, The
absence of any averment to the contrary
in the objections which the defendant nnd
his associates have mado is iteclt an ad*
mission that it is regular.
77, Such a record is sacred and can
riot he falsified or contradicted by any eg
trinsic proof to tho Court which mado it
up. What allegation* of misbehavior or
negtigcncu committed by tho judges,
clerks or grand jurors might be shown to
sustain a plea in abatement, it is not now
a question before this Court, and on that
subject wo aflirm or deny nothing.
Fourth—To allow tho verity of tho re
cord or tho effect arid force of tho indict
raont to bo callod in question by uiero alii
davits not given, upon any issue mado up
between tho parties, would bo a total de
nial of justice to tho Commonwealth, for
great criminals can at all times have their
spies prowling about the ante-rooms and
corridors to walcli for some irregularity,
or the OwiiwiPn some form, and affida
vits can bo got iu all casus, if tho law
which to solemnly declares that a regular
indictment cannot he defeated in that way
is now to behold for naught these defend
ants. whether guilty or not, mutl go tin
whipt of Justice, •into there . nt even a
remote probability that any future indict
ment > *n stand agaimt objection* which
these • lt> H▼ i t maker* may tin J egsinst
1 W luakc'rio allegation that this
motion i- prompted by motives notcradlk
able to the counsel by* which It is urged.
\\ o speak without personal application to
the defendants themselves when we ray
that the success of this movement iff>on
the Court would make n preci tent fatal t
public justice.
Ihe integrity | the defendant* in mak
ing it i* not impugned, directly or infor
mally. Wo acouse theui of nothing wore
than the perjury, bribery and corrupt so
licitation wherewith they stand charged
in the indictment, and we desire only to
give them a fair and honest trial, upon
which they will be triumphantly acquitted
' we do not prove their guilt beyond a
reasonable doubt.
After arguments on the question of the
a lmissibility of evidence had been i losed.
Judge l'earsoi announced that the Court
Would render a decision on Monday, I'e
cember Btb.
j Ifthe t' mrt should decide against the
sdiniition . f i-\idence, the motion to
quAh will be denied, otherwise, all will
, be quashod,
♦ - •
•hi.- Hundred liorsee Kousted to
Death—Several Demons Hurried |
in the lvuins.
New York, November 2o - The depot
and itahle* of the Eight Averuo railroad,
•n higl-th avenue, between Fifty Crst ai.-k
Fifty second tre D, vvero discovered to be
n fro *b i.t 0 i thi* morning, aiul tho
denies spread w th such rapidity that in h
:hort t.nie tiiey were beyond control,
j At the t nie the Cro l>roke out there were
very few of tho employed* about the
tablet, and according to all account* none
them w ere iu the particular portion
I where the conflagration began. A* a re-
I suit of this the dumb animals confined in
'•he - fables Were, it teemed. de.'Uied to
leath. Willing men ran to the burning
building and made heroic effort* to save
'.be peor brutes, but were only partially
|<uccest(ul. The:e were on teiund floor, it
• 'V !. < verV(:.*.y-tve Lor es, yetof'.hi*
.ilimber, a c. rdi: g to the meagre and con
jfu*ed accounts obtainable this niortiing,
only thirty or thirty-five were saved; the
test were roasted to death.
' 'i. the third ar.df. urth floors there were,
• ■' mate.!, ab .it two hundred 1. rs..
W . the tew attache, of the stable- found
that a fire had broken out. 8. me of them
• as -'.at. : above, rushed to the second floor.
r* daLed up to tho third and fourth
"> r>. a:.,i made hi r. it efforts to save the
pi ur*. t imprisoned there. The uier.
tritxf har.'. to direct the animals down tho
inclined plane from * o A .r to another
• but the terror stricken bru'. ., with pant
ing nuilr, s and widely distended eyes,
sto. J still a* if rooted to tho *pot, and had
to bo left to their fat* Out of all the
horse* en th*;e floor#, but forty, it i* said,
were rescued. The sufferings of many of
ithe !
were terrible to witn s. Many of them
wore terribly ! -rr.ed, and th' ir flesh peel*
< d off* them in long ilripi.
lie -ire ws brought under control
when only a few fragments of tho wail*
were ;; .tanding. On the Fiftieth street
side nothiag remained sxvc smoking heap*
. f debris. Fully seven hundred hones
; were rescued in all, ona hundred psrishing
in the ffamc*. 1
New London, Uonn., November lit.—Al
collist. n between a freight an i a passenger'
train on the New London Northern rail-ji
'r.-ad occurred at half past s. ven u'clock i <
this morning, between Palmer and Throe
rivers. MSM. The engine# of both trains ,
sad two or three cars were wrecked. Sev
en person* whose name* have not yet been .
ascertained were injured more or less se- *
veroly, tbe majority of them being track- ,
men of the road, who wero riding in the i
baggage car of the passenger train. Homer 1
Williams, engineer of the freight train, J
ha* both legs broken, and his fireman is ;
severely injured in the batk. Tbe colli*- i
i n was due to the stoppage of tbo freight,'
cngir-.eer'e watch, through vfliich he wa- 1
twelve minute* behind schedule lime.
In combatting tbe common idea that •
isfety from a lightning slroko can be •-
[cured by insulation on a glass foundation;
■ the Scientific American incindenlallv
• ays, what all 'scientists now affirm, that
tbe git" insulators with which most light
ning-rods are provided are utcloss. if
thero is a path of least resistance fr< m the
rod to the ground through the bouse, th*
discharge will take this path without re
gard to the glass insulators. All light
'mng-rods should be connected with the
' system of g&t-pipo* ar.d steam-!.eating ap
i paratus, furnaces or large masses ol metal
! about a bouse, and then carefully ground
ed in moist earth. Tho lsc<<t ground can
! be obtained by connecting the lightning
' rod with the water-pipes, if there are such
about the houe.
Moody says that no Christian settles
his debts nt 60 cents on the dollar—and
wo might add that none will cheat the
RaroKTr.u on subscription, as some have
The state treasury is still empty, with
little prospect that it is going to be flush.
Now this is no fault of the democrat,
the rads havo boen in power and they
have drained it. It is even impossible
to pay al\ the common school drafts
Let the voter think over it and find out
who squanders tho money.
T>ia Sua *lll Jaalwllli tho IKDII of the yc.r lssn Is
11. riffii faaMob. 808 pretty well undi nl-• 'it by a.ffry f rom January 1 until Pacwahar SI, Willi*
con-luctwil . nmwar. wrltfau la lb. English
languuia. and prlntori fr ton p.eplo
A. • BI>;I.|'". Thn MNU li.Li n in galling all the
n.ff. of the world promptly, and preanuitng II la Ihe
moat Inlclllg IMB ahi*- U. lhl 11l enable IU
roffder. w- i 'P ff.ll of ton >(o a tin lb*
lout uoproducuro •xpffwlttur* of time. Tha groat
Ml Ititorr.t to th. nainbar Hi.l K, th. I.ff
pun trolling IU d.llf up. It nut ku . clreal.
tinii icrj rnacb larger Ih.n tb.t of any other ANI.rl
!n .nit enjoy, .n Income ffblcb It i..t .U
(tier, iir.ti.rffd to.p.ait lll>*r.liy lot th. henaßt of IU
reader* reoplc of .11 con IIUOHB of Ufa and .11
ol thinking bujf .nd rn.d Thn Hon n.| they .11 J.
rlt. Mtl.tMtlon of noma "on from It. rolamti., fur
th.) knap on buying .nd reading it
In on tn.n nd AFL.lrn, Tit. HOB be-
HrtM tttffA tli. only guldncf policy abould b. coatat'in
In.plrifft hygnnnlo. American i rln. IplM .nd
1... kad liy hunnnty of purponn Fur tin. rn*e >n it U,
.nil ff til oontlnn. to b. .haolutaly of
party rllM, rllnß,ß,or Internal, It I. fur
.11 hnlof nun. II "HI wonttuae to pralae what t>
good .ltd reprob.l# wh.l 1. .rlt. taking earn tb.t IU
1.0.UM" l.lolbojulßl.nd plain. beyond lit. fowl
l lllti ol luting mUaudffratoiid. It I. uninfluenced by
■ til.l do not .pp..r on lit. iurl.r.. It h.. t>n
I.ptnlon. loUll.U'O thM whloh lu.j h.d by nj
parctuurr ff lib ItroccnU. It li.lm in|u.llca .nil r.>
r ffllty ...n BonlkHlt hl< • unueoaeeary word*. It
abhor. fr.uil., plUMfooU.od deplore. nincompoop,
ol ...rr apnclnn. It •••• c.nlln.o throughout ih.
, o.r im in chaatlao lb. tlrt Uaaa. In.trnct tbeenc n l
end diaooantenance llto third. All liottMt men, will,
hooeel cnntlclloua, whether eound or, arc
11. frl.Dd. Aud Th. Un tn.k..Do te.nea >.f telling
til. truth lo It. Irl.nda.nd lul 11. frl.Dil* itli.n.r.i
occasion nrlw" fur plain .peaking
Thaee r. tb. principle. upow which lb. bun will
b. conducted during tho ..r to com.
Tliw year l"m will be one. In ffbloh no patriotic
American ran .(ford to rloae hi. I. public
It la l|N>*lblw U> itmn lb. Importance of tb.
politic.! a..nta which It baa In atora. or the neceealty
of roaoliile ngtlanroun tba patl ol ornrj cltllau who
ilatraa to preeerre tba tloarnttiant that Ilia foundar*
... ua, The debate, and .i T...1 IJougraa.. tha UP
torait. ea of I ha prwaa.thn telling oonlffaU of tho 11.-
pulttlr.ti and Pemocratlc partlaa, miff nearly jil In
alraugth iliivwghowltbwtouwtn. thn tffrying drift ..f
pufdlr ..•, will .11 tMi.r illrffcily .nd aßaclltaly
liivin lit. I'rMldantl.l nl.cllnn. tola
bald In ffotcmliar. Four jo.ra .go natt Nuroiutmr
tba will ol tlm ballon. M atpraa,i il at tba poll., wa>
thw.rfadbr an ahoinln.blo r Uta iironiotor*
and beiinflct.rica of wblcb .till bnld lha offlcaa ttia,
atolc W ill lb. crtuwof imtwrapwatad In lm • Tit.
naal ilaeada of r*.r*oiunad with . corrupt, ~traa
• atil innd tna-'luul Adts'nlalraimn lntrnchnd at
W.ahlngliin Tho Hun did wnn.thing tumard dla
ItnUmg ttia gang and breaking lUpowar. lha aantu
maw ra now tntrlngtng to rmioro tbolr laadar land
tliomal t plcaa fnitn ffhlcb Ilia, w.ra tlrlr.n b|
111. Indignation of tb. pwrvila. Will Lhuj *
Tha coming ja.r will lung tha anaw.ra lo lltaaa mo
moiilna. iiuaallun. Tha Sao will ha on hand to chrnn
tela Uin facta aa Ihcj ara dt.ululmd. .oil hi
tham clarl> .nd ft>.rlily In their talalloti. t. ai>
dtancy aud right.
Tbua. with . h.bll ofiililliitophlc.l good liamor In
looking .1 th. minor .tfalr. of ilfn. and In griMt thing,
a pur|>M to matatalu tho right, of the
paopl. and the prlßrtpla. of tho Unnaiilutlon agalnat
.11 Tit. Hun la piaparoil to Wrtto at ruth
fnl, Inalrtii'l i.e. guJ at tbw aatuo tint. antorUilnlng
lilatoiy of l*.
Iho rata-of nthac! iptii n unchwiga I lor
the UtilyHitn. .(out pagaahnatof twenty eight rol
uatni, tba pi Inl by mall. Imal paid I. U catila a mouth
or SS.< ..r.r lnclndlnii Iho Hund.y papnr. an
night i cultiiuna th. prlco UU
eonta a moatli. or SI.7S a ) >nr. n iioaugo paid.
Thn Su.d.y orlllloti of tho .Sun I. alao furui.hed
•* at s'- u J oar puatago
Ttt. prl4.of tli Woakly Hun. alglit p.*.-. ttfty U
coluiiuia la SI • y*r. puaUgopald. For tluba of ton
Betiding *lO wo Will ootid auutra tow fiwn.
AddrvM '< " , KM.I.AN l>,
nor. 27 St- PublUhnrof Thnßuo.Nww York City.
Clinrlastut), S. ( ', hn* iiit<l its fimt
tall of uiuw within ten year*. Hundred*
of school children had never seen snow be
Duting the htillle with the Zulus
thu ofllcer* of an English regiment had to
I hunt their nun out from under the wagons
where they had taken refuge.
Don't go to the Heaebort tinlew
you are able , but if >ou need a tonic to
overcome the dopre*ion caused by the
rummer heat use the celebrated Kidney-
Wort, It Las wonderful invigorating
j properties but acts on natural principles
jas It is prepared without the use of li
Buriug-GouM finds that thu fact
that Germans are compelled to Spend tb#
nicest part of their livee in the army leads
to a decline in the number of marriages.
Olc English general in the Zulu
war had about forty bullock wagons for
(Carrying his chickens and other personal
luxuries at a cost to England of J'JJO a
The Hupittue Court on 2bth refux*
ed to grant a special allocatur in the case
of Tracy, of Mr Keen county, who shot
his cousin; and *e he will bang Ibis
Wetlucfiilay meriting Mr. Win K.
Plutnmer, aa.i*nt baggage agent and
night watchiiiati for the P. K. R- at 1 v
rone, was uistnntly killed by a locomotive
while he was engaged in examining the
locks of <ar> The train by which ke was
struck vat an extra, and ho was not ex
pecting it.
By tho accidental explosion ol live
pound* of powder at the residence of Wil
liam Limp*, near New Orleans, be wa* se
verely turned, and two of hi* children,
■one three and the other sii years old, and
the grandmother, Mr*. Paler, were kiil-j
The Marcelltta powder mill, about:
twelve luilcs south west of Syracuse, N. Y ,!
exploded, destroying three buildings and|
three thousand pounds of powder. The.
report was heard twenty mites distant. No
pert.m wa# hurt. The loss is about $S,*
White Butter iu Summer. The
[cause of butler becoming lighter colored
Hi summer, it the in the feed wLen
the pastures to dry up. The best
farmers use Well#, Richardson A Co s
Perfected Ruther Color as *<H>n as needed
t<i keep up the Juno standard of color.
i-OiJ by druggist*.
A democrat cured. A leftdiug dcm>
ocrat uf fKirliligeori, Mr. E. M. Button
spstio m the highest term* of the curative
power of the celebrated Kidney-Wort. It
first cured hisn of a distressing Kidney di
sease. and'hc now uses it whenever ho hat
any sysni toina of hdiiousnoas or need*
toniiig up. It acts eff.aenlly on the
bowels, an t cure* tbe wont cases of
Camphor M ilkcurc* headache and neu-j
Camphor Milk cures rheumatism and
lan.e hack.
Camphor Milk cure* cuts, bruises and
Campuor Milk eotl* 26 ct.; 6 t.-Ule* |l.
Sold by J. D. Murray, Centre li sail.
\ SALL.- The undersigned off*r at
Lrivate ale, a tr&el of land situated in the
oop. in P. tier tap., containing
more or le#*. Fifty acre# of which arc
cleared, and the balance well timbered
There are on tbo premise* a g<x-d FHA M E
itOUSK, a Log Rarn. a SPRING OFI
ORCHARDS, and an excellent SITE
FOR SAW MILL with good water pow
ltM or JJO acre*, with improvements will
he s-dd separate 1 2 dcf .red Tho balance
will bo ao'd in limber lot* of A>. St), or M
acre*, or tbe wbede tract will be told to
gether at a low price and on eay term*.
For further intormation addre**,
A S. KCRLIX, Lewirtown, Pa.,
or A. A. Kxxus, McAlcry'a Fort, Pa.
Nervous Debility ! Nervous Debility 1
Debility, a depressed, irrilabla state of,'
mind a weak nervous, exausied feeling,
no energy of annlmation, confused head
weakliiu tnory, the consequence# of excet
*•* "nienUlly overwork. This nervous de
bility find* a soverign cure in E. F. Kun
kel's jßittcr wine of Iron It tones the
syitom dupe!* the mental gl.-om and des
pedcncv. and rejuvenates the entire sys
tem. Sold only in sl.lO bottle*, or uxj
inAt.e* f>r f r..t)u f.r K, F. Kunkel s
Hitler Wine of Iron, and Uke no other.
If your druggist bsi.l r.oL aer.J to propri
-0 tur. K. F. Kunkcls N. Ninth Street,j
Philadelphia. IV Advice free, by send
ing three cent stamp.
K. F. Kunkel's Worm Syrup never fai's
to deftrov Pin, Seat, and Stomach!
Worms. "l>r. Kunkcl, the only succeaa
ful physician who removes Tape- Worm in
two hours, alive with head, and no fee un-j
til removed. Common senso teaches if
Tape Worms be removed all other worn.#
can be readily destroved. Advice at of
fice and store, free. Tho doctor can tell
whether or not the patient hat worms
Thousand* arc dying daily, with worm*,
and do not know it. Fits, spasms, cramps,
choking and nuffocailon, sallow complex
ion, circles around tho eyot, swelling and
pain in tho stomach, rustless at night,
grinding of the teeth, picking at the nose,
cough, fever, itching at tho seat, head
ache. foul breath, the pationt grow# pale
t and thin, tickling and irritation In the an
us, —ail these svuiplomt, and more, come
from worms. R. F. Kunkel's Worm Syr
up never fails to remove them. Price.
|1 02) per bottle, or six bottle* fors6(),
1 For Tape Worm, write and consult the
Doctor.) For all others, buy of your drug
gist the Worm Syrup and if ho has it not.
•end to Dr. K. F. Kunkel, 26'J N. Ninth
Strcot, Philadelphia, Pa. Advice by
mail, free ; send three-cent stamp,
Fifty years before
Ov ILVIM the public. Pronoun
ced by all to lw tho most pleasant and
efficacious remedy note in use, for the
cure of coughs, colds, croup, hoarse-
PaIKTH II6 ®' tickling sensation
the throat, whooping
cough, Ac. Cher a million bottles told
within the last few years. Gives im
mediate relief wherever used, and has
Qirrnn ! tbe p° wer to m P arl
O) 1 III' .benefit that rannof be
bad from tho cough mixtures now in
use. Sold by *ll druggists at 20c
Sending health in every fiborof tho system
is rapidly road" hv that remarkable pre
paration, LINDSKY S 1 MI'ROV KD
BLOOD SKAItCHER. For tlio speedy
cure o! Scrofula, Wasting, Mercurial Di
sease, Kruption*. Erysipelas, vital decay
and ovcrv indication ot impovoriahed
bload. "Lindsey's Blood Searcher ii the
ono remedy that can always bo rclicil upon.
Druggist* sell it. _
r. r a.u.n a Co-Prop'.*.ruuva-tb.r. i™r
tor lij l J- >.'M*ra H.TI r
Philadelphia and Krie Railroad Division.
On and after BUN DA V, No. WW. tha trate* 00
I tit fhllfttUlpUt 4 Itrts Milinnd DlrUlut *IU rl a I
latin*. WKNTWItU.
FIUR M AlLU*** Philadelphia H'M ptt j
•• llrrtahurg 4'Jb * in ;
•• •• M>>nfand*"t •!? • m
•• •• WtlliMiiftport 8 ili •in
•• •• llarcn f4oaiw
•• •• Kenora II Wim
•• arratKrla . ttpui
NIAOAUA Kg. laasat PbMa. ,?SS* n '
I ** •• llwftl>or* lljtl.m
•• " MunUnduit 1 i p in
• • art at SVlHUmtporl 3'JSpui
<• •' I,ock lla.on 3 Si' p in
FAST 1.1 NK!•**•* I'lilladslphla llfo* tu
•• •• ll.rrUbura S 36 p n>
' •• " Mini London
" arr at Vfllllamsport 7 31. p in
• • •• In>rk II *.n a 4tt p m
I'ACIS 10 KX.lnui Lock ••" J m
•• Jera*y hhoie IJJ a tu
•• •• H illlamaporl R 16 a in
•• •• MuDtandon Sola m
•• arr at llarrtabtir* 1206a tu
•• •• Philadelphia 3 4opm
DAT £X. l-\ra
latls lltren 1120 am
" " Wiiliautfcpnt t 12 4opm
•• •• Moo tan don 147 pin
•• arr at liarrleliurg 4 10 r> n
I'hlladalphla 4 fcU p ID
LHU: 13 AUdloatba Rauuva c 40 p in
'• Lock liar on PAopiu
" Wllilainapuit liluptri
" Muntandin lilKaiu
arr at llarrlahurff - 4f* a lu
" Philadelphia 700 am
FA LlHKloartt WilUamtpori 3S6aiu
arr at HarrrUburg :tS6aiu
an al Philadelphia 740 a m
Par cara will run bolwnou Philadelphia aud Wll
Uamtport on Niagara Ki.Wml, Krl# Ki. Weil. FhUa
dnlphU hii-re Katt.and Day Ki.Kaatand buuda
hi. Itaifc. Blaaplnirraraon all nigbttmlna.
W6l A. liUDWIN, OguuiaJßuparliilfndacl
If tint convenient to tall its person, send for Bijmplc* of whatever you may.
need in
i> II Y II O O I) S
T<> the Distributing Centre at Eighth and Market Streets, Philad* Ihhia.
The Largest Retail Stock of Dry
In tho State of Pennsylvania, is thore shown aat! distributed among
consumers at the smallest poasibla advance on
manufacturer's prices.
Should not fail to avail uf ihe advantages assured U> all who deal with
P. S. —During November and December, one of the largest stocks ever
shown in America, of LADIES' COATS AND DOLMANS, will be on
isle, numbering several thousands beautiful Foreign Garments, besides an
immerse stock of our oan careful manufacture.
!,' Mil a A MONTH guaranteed.
. fl ■■ ■* I*2 a day at home made by
jl industrti'u*. Capital
' m 1 El ■■ Inol required ; we will *tarl
V.II ■■■you. Men, women, boys!
Willi II land girl* make money faa
tr ~ ter ai work tor u#J than at
anything else. The work is light and'
plctrant, and such a* anyone can go sight'
at. Those who arc wise who see this no-j
lic<- will send u* their addresses at once,
and see for themselves. Costly Outfit and;
terms free. Now is tbe time. Those al
ready at work arc laving up large sums of
money. Address.TßU Kids CO . Augus
ta, Maine. juc y
:• tiom If ftx<Ab(ld *t>4 riiciaiu ; oa4 |* ff
I LwQruAt idttt, I'wt, Acissa. fe.vv#.
j SUtigi, hnriillgi, hpralb*, •( 111 l uf Uw fiokkrt
.Aluc ia carlu# CiiU. ni-d Ift
11 art* ijnlr ll* Rr-t nurtly lint o&M ft&otLM ■■<!]
wont, 'j to -'ftwy drill I>B Its i
4* d BOt WllJh lt vtfetLft. Vrlr* l it c&u ft
!q>Ult for f I.
PiwtidrsKl un!y by litfi II Murrftj.tcnUvllAl*. I
Tin* l'lio nit l'crturul.
I Us* |v*d lUcir to be iwalisris r. .14 $ r
..a ruwumcilre* sad ctiiklrea. II UeaS* • res*.
111 *o| assaaa li 4# Mperwrti. Ii ,i. H is
•tout relief Jl dree alreati. 11 i.rl v e reel It
ua maaleaare rureelbac sr., ibr< BeSieiße Taee
Mbd, of tbe rlllsea* of Kaetem I't uur;.raala ltoie .
ueed II for year* |tol and leeiify to iue relief glres
sad cure* .fleeted Irtoe XS crate or S belUe* fot ft.
I'letaref In Utl UtorSelUM, M D
•Sold by J. V. XS array, t Voire ball.
OBKMAMI iux xvti cow rownxa. I
Keeteesork bealtSy aa4 la (mf sa4!Ua. II aide I
u*adaeeta>u*st..B. II atokee Sal. maarleeaad
BUk Hi M!, 11 > Sutw lil ■><• ..f| ,l f®,
#le Bore ailt aad be la teiXer :.jriM arl oeedltSws.'
I a all kee[e roaltry kealUa aad icerraaae Ike oaaa |
Ulr •*#• 11 a a.ale I > Jv Lar: ÜbHkWiwi, at I
Lie ratlla i*. k •■( txS I* Taird (treat. Pblia It laaaid >
II a-lua; a.i!:. *1 II reatoj-e, yeiaod. IyJ. Il Mai •
Kail, aad W.J. TLun;;oa,'.Polii* Hill*, t
Dealer in Coal and Grain, at Bcllefonte,
BROKEN, per TOD, _ $4.75. I STOVE, per Ton 100.
EGG, per Ton, $4,75. j SMALL STOVE, Ton *4,90.
Also Pa vs Highest Cash Price for All Kinds of Grain
and Seeds.
nor 3m
President. Cxchier
(Late Milliken, lloover A Co.)
Receive Deposit?,
And Allow Interest,
Discount Notes,
Buy ami Sell
Government Securities, Gold A
aplo6stf Coupon*.
lißni xroTK, ra.
Uasboen recently thotoughly renovated
and repaired, and under trie management
of the New Proprietor,* Mr. GKURGK
HOPi'ES. formerly of VY'mxport, is first
class in all It# appointments.
Are offered to those in attendance at court
and other* remaining ffn town for a few
dar* at a time.
The largest and most superbly Designed,
Hotel in Central Pennsylvania.
All modern conveniencea. Gotrytbo
Bush house.
Baug GEO. HOPI'ES, Propr.
%### •
This space is reserved bjr
S. <& A. L.OEB,
-"■■■ ■ 1
C. T. Al.kxakdku. C. M. BOWSK
tornm-at-LAW.iieltofooU. NpociaUtumttoa
given to Ool©ctloD, and Orphans'Coact practice.
Mar haynaal&udip UerasauaaU ICagliab. Dflc la
OiraWi BtflllTWfc. njfl! 74 11,
tat r- to* Best, we it. K *:-•• laeiaai ledrt aadeem tse
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uc l i !.■.- I kwi" ml lewlXstMis * W fivwn if 'H4
l uih # wl ws • Uu I* ntms awr* (A*M U 9t?i IWN wxm
•Ow I*Js> ka.s HH J twrtd bv sT. At wrw 1* aifllli In. M
Mhi* |* WwG* tiv* ■ *•% 11£ pnm, bf
J4U>WUT/ brbrral acrw fort - • lt< rusfo
IKI rtsaklla M„ li.ltlaiore, M<S.
t/x #eei*e a*>* ueda *MrS aa* elraaun •* Or. * W t*
• ea ereoee.
to aarßaSi tori i i n S, a*a wSIBI HI II I b
lfiCiloo Tm.. Co., 6hic*#iT RL
Tailor and Renovator, hai located at!
Centra Hall, where he wilt be happy to)
meet the waot* ef all desiring clothe* made
in Uio Latest style and most Approved
Fashion. Fit* guaranteed He will also
clean and restore faded clothe* and make
them look good a* new. 11a* a choice lot
vf sample*. Culling promptly atteaded to.
Prices lew. Room No. 1 over the Bank.
Hardware Store.
A new, compete Hardware Store bar!
been opened by the undersigned In Cen
tre llall, vhere he i* prepared to sell all:
kind* ot Building and House Furnishing]
Hardware, Kail*. Ac.
Circular and Hand Saws, Tennon Saws.!
Webb Saws, Clothe* Hacks, a full assort
mentofGlass and Mirror Plate Picture)
Frames, Spokes, Felloes, and Hubs, table)
Cutlery, Shovels. Spades and Forks !
Locks, Hinges, Screws, Sash Spring*.'
Horse-Shoes, Nails, Norwa Rods, Otis I
Tea Bells, Carpenter Tools, Paint, Yarn-'
Pictures framed in the finest style.
Anything not on hand, ordered upon
shortest notice.
Remember, all goods offered cheap- j 1
er than elsewhere.
' Olfico on Allegheny St. Bellofonto, Pa
27 fob tf
Pianos! Pianos!
O R CI A W H .
bargains IN
-7 Oct are Itokrvood Pianos.
Only 91 SO.
1 Nlou Orraun. a t nil Net of
Only 955.
13 Stop Organ*, S Fnll Get of
Herd*, Price 9*40,
Only 975. |
(TkU Organ ha* tbe Organ Kb#*
Sepoud-ltaod Organ* for Its.
Kecottd-tinnd Piano* for |M.
$2.00 and upward*.
Piano and Organ Inntettrfor*.
Cove r* and Nlool*.
Sewing Machines!
New DOMESTIC $30.00
New WHITE $25.00.
New BT. JOHN $25.00.
New Improved BINGER
New Improved HOWE $22.50.
Second hand Machine* a* low *• $5.
Order* by mail solicited and prompt -
ly filled.
No Agent* employed, The buyere*
fet the Agents profit. We buy our
'ianne, organ* and Machine* for
Cash, and will give customer* the ad
Allegheny Street, Beiiefoute, Pa.
| You can find all kinds ef Groceries and
Canned Fruit* cheaper than any
where else.
He also has on hand and is constant-
I j receiving Notions, Candies, in
great varietv, and Tobaccos
of the beet grades.
He deals in FLOUR. BRAN, STONE
r and EARTHEN CROCKS, Ac., Ac.
■ and takes mil of Country
Produce in exchange
| Centre Hall.
DP. FORTNKY Attorney at Lae
Bellefoate. Pn. Office over Ky
jnolds bank. lffioay'rC
T L SPANGLES, AUsrr.ey-at Law
♦I • Consultations in English and
iGermgn. Office inFurit's new building.
iT~vU. J. W. liIIONK, Dentist, can ba
I ) found at hit office and residence
on North side of High Street, three deora
East of Allegheny, Beilefonte, Pa.
27 feb tf