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Ceo ire Hail, OcL SO, 79.
ygwT-TvuMa.—f'2p*r year. when paid "
tdvanor ; $2 (10 when not f' <f i* etdranee.
Advertisement s 2fW* ptr lev for three in
sertions, and b cents per lin< lor errry snA
segment tnacrfion. drfwrft tement* sjf fAe
year at a tiberat iiteemnt.
Subscribers outside the county should re
rnt'f ws 10 ef*. nmounf of o it yenr s P 0 -*''
age. instead o/20cf* as formerly ichen paui
by t htm set res.
S ' verifier* can alwax/s te.l Ante faei rtc
>ount* stand at the Reporte- ofHot by ny
suttmo fAe tables an their ) aprrs. If the
.able reads" John Roe 1 jan TV f means
t hat John is indebted for sul senptionfrom
the Ist of January. 18*5. and that f s*
. fitne he sen* payxng the printer.
X CxHP TO Til* TVtu.lo. -Having sold
my saw! will and part of my stock of
•eadv made clothing to a fir n in Vhiladel
* ; a] to which 1 baTe to gis e possession of
•ore room by Jan I,lß*o. 1 now offer
" T *' kof ready made clo hing at actual
niy M ° f , freight. This i an excellent
T' 1 good bargain,
chance for a KospectW y,
J N *WMAN, Jn.
ICocl'Jm ...
. .... , _ it, housekeepers. you
.ust in oi t j e| lIIM i potatoes at
can get a peck of r
Sechler's for2o cent*.
t. . .„.i, .all*o nextTues-
Democrats. go to trie i
s . iv <v ftarr and to pre
daT and vote tor D. o 1 , .
, ~ • from aggin getting
vent the Cameron ring w 8
hold of the Treasury .
" 1 s *' urs
day morning Get jut your TO
One of our ex-.'hanges, good a *
ing, predicts that the commiig winter Wl '
"bo much colder than last summer.
Beef and pork, wanted on subserip- |
lion, at th ; s office.
U. G. Brett, one of Ferguson's 1
working democrats, paid the RSTORTIK a
visit the other day, and g* e u# a good 1
talk over old time*.
A tea made of dried nullen leaves.
and sweetened with sugar w 11, it is aaid.
cure consumption.
An inch of anew at Ilasleton, Pa., ,
last Friday. i
Ph. T>. Stover and AmbroseYonada ,
of Haines twp , this week le:t fbr Kansas ■
on a tour of observation.
Rev Robinson will sett his house
hold go.d# at public Bale, at Potters Mihs, i
on Wednesday 5, next
Having witnessed th > new patent i
process of cleansing feathers, by Mr. tor- i
bin, we arc convinced that it is a decided
improvement upon the old way. There is i
no scorching, all the odors are carried off
during the process, these with other
merits, render the work unevceptionable. '■
See other references below.
Do you want a finet >ilet article,
fancy goods, stationery, or any thing in 1
drugs and medicines, ro to tee old relia- 1
ble stand of F. T. Green, in the Bush
house. (
Last Saturday in Williamsport,
Judge Mayer refused E. H. Brookhardt.
convict*d of rape on a ten-year Old child,
a new trial, and sentenced lim to fifteen ,
years imprisonment i
The first snow of the s ason visited
us Friday morning last, acco npacied by a {
cold howling wind. Sure and winter (
means to come.
Jut the place to get 'em—dried and
canned fruits, cured moats, coffee, tea,
srrup. sugar, queensware, stf neware,. and t
hundreds of other things, th< best in mar- <
ket. go to Sebler's, in the Bush house 1
block. All goods fresh and nice.
Go right to Lee's coacl shop if you 9
wish a stylish buggy—done t p by the best
workmen and of best material. All work
It's going to snow soon, now is the time
to bargain for a sleigh at Le 's.
The time of Dr. Fowle s lecture in 9
Bellefonte has been change, from Wed- .
nesday ove 'Jf'Ui, to Frday eve 31st
—Chipmunk seems to b- the favorite
dish of the Lewistdwn Gaze'te man; we
take the bint in bis last paper, and will
send bim a mess of the critteis when next
we go sunning—tho' its a game we never
Miss Lixxie Cox, a Sn young lady
in one of the western count: •*, attempted
to hurry the cooking stove lire by using
the coal oil can. Her funeral two days af
ter was very large.
stock of new goods, go to Wolf s in tbe
bank building, tbe assortment we venture
to say. is unsurpassed in the county, and
at figures which are low for the quality.
At Wolfs; as is well known, none but the
best goods are kept—he nevsr deals in an
inferior goods, and hence tb -re is no de
ception in what you get there.
Linn's "Annals of Buffalo Valley''
is one of the most interesting volumes that
a citizen of central Penn'a can read, and a
book that will do to keep for all time, as it
gives a history of the conflic ■ of the early
settlers in this section of tbe state with the
red man. Mr Frank Cba nberlin, esq.,
is now engaged in selling '.his book in
PennsValley. We would alvise all who
can to purchase it, it is full cf thrilling in
cidents of frontier life.
All have been outgeneraled in
breeches, and in the war for cheap cloth
ing Newman is victorious o- er all others,
and is King Clothier so firm y established
that all opposition combined can not drive
him from bis high seat. £ keeps the
largest and best stock and sells lower tban
any one elso without exception.
Mr- Nancy M'Cormick, Tdyearsofage,
was run over and killed by r. shifter on a
Pennsy vania railroad sidi ,g at Lewis
town on Monday. 20.
That's so—that's so : Try your luck
—no blank cards—no miss in it—you al
ways make and are pleased and satisfied
and invest again when you once deal at
Secbler's grocery, the best and most com
plete in this county in every respect. One
trial will convince you.
zv. Read tbe testimonial of a few of
those who bad their feather jeds cleansed
in the vicinity of Millbeim :
We the undersigned, residents of Cen
tre Co., Pa., having employed Mr. Cor
bin to renovate and dress ou • feather beds,
pillows, Ac., by tbe new process of Gris
wo'd & Gipson's "linpri ved Feather
Bonovator," thereby reniering tbem
clean, sweet and Lealthy, also much light
er and larger, therefore we nost cordially
recommend bim and his work to all as be
ing what tbey represent.
W. S. Master, O. W Stover, Jr.,
W. A. Kerlin, J. G. Musser,
Jno. S. Auman, Amos Alexander,
Jno H Frank, L. E ."stover.
Jacob Sankey, Wm. 11. Phillips,
J as, P. Coburn, B. O. Deininger,
Jacob Gephart, Elias Lose.
C. F Deininger, W. L. Musser,
W. K. Alexander, Dr. P. T. Musser,
H. E. Duck, Jonathan Kreamer,
Jacob Wolf.
Mr. Corbin is now at Centre Hall, and
none should fail to bave their feathers
renovated. Satisfaction guaranteed.
CAMPHOR MILK— Dr. Oberholtzor's
Liniment nas been te-ted >y thousands,
and has proved to be of the ligbest value
to the community. 1' I• affected many
cures in Rheumatism. So- a, Swellings,
Sprains and Frosted Feet, a ;d many per
sons recommend it for Cits, (tails and
Swellings in horses. It costs 25 cents.
Sold by J. D, Murray. 9oct4t
a bottle of Frank P. Gree I'S compound
syrup of tar, honey and Hood root, the
best remedy out for a cough, cold, croup,
asthma, or early stage of consumption.
Phoenix Pectoral will cure ..'our cough-
Phoenix Pectoral cures hoar eness quickly.
Phoenix Pectoral taste 6 good aDd brings
Phoenix Pectoral costs 25 ct ; 6 bottles sl.
Sold by J. D Murray, Centre Hall.
—O ye men that have fish- baskets
read Sheriff Spangler'a proclamation
in the Reporter,
The Loop church was radedicaled to tho
service of God on the *2fith inst, Tho day
*s A bright and beautiful one, opening
with a bracing atmosphere and inviting in
all it* autumnal glory. By the hour of 9
o'clock tho church * literally packed
with an eager multitude. Rov. John
Tomllnson opened the lerrico with an in
vocation and tho reading of a German
hymn, after which Uov. Groh offered
prayer. Rev. Tomlinson then preached a
most excellent and appropriate sermon In
the German larguago ami was followed
by Rev. Groh with a seruton in the Kng
lish language. Both of these discourses
were earnest, thoughtful and Impressive
We trust the congregation that enjoyed
them on that day will never forget the
wholeaome instruction they imparteil.
During the preaching of these sermons
the crowd still came and went, one mak
ing place for the other. It must have
been considerably annoying to the breth
ren who preached : but we were certainly
glad to see them come. Rev. J. K. Mil
ler was by appointment the money solici
tor of the day, and right handsomely did
ho fiil his part of the programme. It was
announced that the congregations wanted
$W te pay off the debt of the remodeled
ehurch. Commencing with $lO the work
of giving began, s,"> followed, then $'J GO,
then sl, then collection until the required
amount was raited. The responses were
indeed prompt and we believe on the
whole willing. The services of dedication
were then proceeded with by Rev's Kcod
er and Pitcher, pastors of the congrega
tions, and the church was solemnly recon
secreted to Almighty God. To say that
this was a delightful service all through is
but to echo what we heard from scores
p <msent, The church presents a hand
torn* exterior appearance, and Joes not
disappoint one when entering it. It was
simply impossible to be comfortable in it
previous to this remodeling. Now there
is a good basement for Sabbath School
and other services and a cheerful and
very agreeable audience chamber up
stairs. 1 thiak if the old fathers of this
church were to come back to the earth
again they would have difficulty in find
ing, what to them was, the Loop church,
si- completely has its aspect been changed.
The afternoon was taken up with verv in
teresting services, beginning at 3 o'clock.
The character 'of these service* was his
toric. Rev's Roeder and Fischer read the
histories of both the organiutions, Luth
eran and Reformed, from the date of their
iocipiency up to the present. No doubt
these histories would be of interest to the
people generally and they may be pub
lished in abstract at some future time.
The house was comfortably filled at this
service. Rev's Miiler and Tomllnson fol
lowed the reading of these papers in
thoughts awakened by them, making
good impressions upon the hearts of the
people. Rev. J. A. Koser of Pine Grove
Mills preached a very acceptable dis
course on Saturday, previous to the dedi
cation, and also filled the pulpit of the
Lutheran church in Centre Hall en Sun
day night. Bro. Koser may come again-
The entire cost of the church was about
fifteen hundred dollars. As it now stands
it is a grace an 1 credit to the community.
That it may continue to be the Mecca of
hundreds of spiritual pilgrims for years to
come, is the earnest wish of a pastor.
W. E. F.
Just bear in mind all kinds of re
pairing on wagons, buggies, and carriages
done at Jno. T. Lee's coach shops in short
order, and new rigs turned out in bes
style. All orders by mail gisen prompt
A large and splendid assortment of
new boots and shoes just receised at
Wolfs old stand.
We are under obligations to Hon.
Jno. B. Linn for a pamphlet copy of his
address at the unveiling of Brady monu
ment. at Muncy, on 15 insL The address
is full of historic interest and has the
mark of literary ability. We do not think
a filter person could have been chosen to
deliver the address, than Mr Linn, who
has made the early frontier lile a special
study and the address aforesaid is a valua
ble contribution to the history of our state
at that period.
Mr. Joseph Crotzer, Treasurer of
school board, will be at Tusseyville on 27
Nov. Potters Mills 2S Nov. and Centre
Hall 29 Nov., for the purpose of receiving
school tax. On all taxes paid there will
be a reduction of 5 per cent.
Ladies will findthe finest lot of new
dress goods, all the latest styles at Wm.
Wolfs old stand. The prettiest goods in
market. Come and see.
Pop goes tbe weasel, and pod goes
everybody in to Secblers, to see their
handsome grocery, a show worth seeing,
buy some of their nice, fresh and whole
some groceries, and you supply your ta
ble with the best as well as cheapest.
Fits, fits! Clothing made to order
at Newman's who has the services of one
of the best Philadelphia tailors—and all
work warranted to fit at prices the lowest.
_ Rev. Shoemaler had bis buggy
lines stolen a few days ago, and a few days
previous tbe fruit WM stolen from several
of bis tree* Our informant thinks some
parti--* must have been after keepsakes by
which to remember tbe Kev'd.
One dav last week four car loads of
apple# were shipped from Coburn station.
Mr. J. C Mutz was tbe principal shipper.
His idea was to bave tbem converted into
"applejack" or apple whiskey.
Centre Hall, Saturday evening, Nov. 1
1879. To be addressed by HOD'S C. T
Alexander and S. R. Peale.
PENS— Millbeim, Friday evening, Oct.
31, 1879. To be addressed by lion's C. T.
Alexander and S. R. Peale.
FEROUSOX —Pine Hall School House.
Saturday evening. October 25, 1879 To
be addressed by D P. Fortney. W. C.
Heinle, J. L. Spangler and Geo. K. Bar
SpoRTeMEX.—I bave an excellent slock
Muzzle loaders, which were bought at
very low prices. Sportsmen wishing to
invest, bad better do so now, as the ten
dency is upwards. All kinds of goods for
sportsmen on band, at tbe Gunstore of
23oct 3 m Bellefonte.
undersigned offers his property at Centre
Hall at private sale. The lot is favorably
located, with choice fruit, and water con
venient. The house is new, twe-story,
with sevea rooms; other outbuildings.
Terms very easy. Apply to.
23 Oct. 4t. Centro Hal).
payers of Potter township are hereby no
tified that the school duplicate is in the
hands of the undersigned. On all tax paid
into bis hands before Ist of December
there will be a deduction of 5 per cent.
from Dec I to Jan 1. 1880, there will be
no deduction, and after Jan. 1, there will
be 5 per cent, added to all unpaid school
tax, in accordance with the act of As-m
lOoct 2m Treasurer.
Persons wishing a good article of
Brandy. Whiskey. Gin or Wine for medi
cinal purposes, can bo accommodated at
the Centre Hall Drugstore All of the
very bes'. flavoring extracts for family use,
such as Lemon, Vanilla, Sarsaparllla.
Pine Apple Rose, Bitter Almond, Ac-,
are kept in stock and offered for sale.
Persons wishing anything usually kept in
a well regulated Drug store, will please
call on UJJ, and you will find my stock full
and complete. Night and Sunday custom
ers are always waited upon with pleasure.
16oct8m J. D. MURRAY,
Tailor and Renoyator, has located at
Centre Hall, where be will be happy to
meet tbe wants of all desiring clothes made
in tbe Latest style and most Approved
Fashion. Fits guaranteed. He will also
clean aDd restore faded clothes and make
tbem look good as Dew. Has a choice lot
of samples. Cutting promptly attended to.
Prices low. Boom No. 1 over the Bank.
Completed—Long't new grain house
Tho German Reformed church of Com
tre co,, it lending the HOT. Mr. Shoemak
er to Kanaaa an a Misiionary, now would
not iomi church of aome other Co., be
kind enough to tend a missionary to thi
place a* I think one U needed very badly,
we used to have a prayer meeting'hore on
Sahbath eve but tor some reason or other
it ii deftmct, now don't all com* at once.
The ainging class under the leadership o!
Prof. 1' 11. Meyer will soon be In opera
tion; than all ye lovers of good'music come
and hear -onie sweet music. On neil Sah
bath our Sabbath school will go by the
board, now Messrs. Otflcert why not keep
up tho school all winter' 1 think it i
worth trying, no doubt it will hurry aome
of you a little in the morning but you must
give up some little pleasure to do thej
work of the Lord. Hemeaaber the lesson,
of last Sabbath "Faith without works"j
well you know the rest.
Wonder why they tiiif the school
be!! to much on last Saturday sup
pone tt wi to give 'be school a good
•tarton Monday morning, am! I think it
accomplished it* work, juJging from the
number of pup Is waoderirg that way. So
much for Guinea IliH.
The Kev. Mr. K 'hlnson preaches hi>
farewel sermon on tieit Sunday eve. Not
tit Sorry to !00*4so able a minuter a*
Rev Hobniieu.
Spring Mil!* has the right man in the
right place in the person of F K. Jamison.
High: Fred make the boys stand around
The Democrats of Gregg township hate
spit on their hands and gone to work to
roll a large majerity in for D O. Harr tor
State Treasurer and all the officers te br
elected this fall. PEDRO.
Fine lot of stores at Grenoble's and also
plenty of best coal, cheap Our highway
was much improved at 1' tt tlson's—otb
er places need it 100, to enable some ol
our farmers to reach the grain market in
better temper The bridge at Duncan
dam needs looking alter Farmer s Mil!
Comet Band -erenaded Mr. George Krape
in his new residence on evening of! 14. met
with a kind reception and a good lime •
had. Miss Flora being well prepared with
refreshments, and to the eiceilent band
music were added some fine pieces upon
the organ by Mr. Frank Karick. t\
Rev. J. G. Shoemaker was presented
with a handsome gold-beaded cane by the
Aarottsburg Sunday School, ou Sunday
last. In a few and appropriate words
Prof Apple, D D., of Lancaster. Penn'a,
made the presentation, alter which Rev.
Shoemaker returned thanks, but was ap
parently so overcame that he could speak
only with •' e greatest difficulty. Kev
Shoemaker, as beforo mentioned, will take
charge of a Mission in and about Emporia.
Kansas, for which point he and his family
left on Tuesday.
—Weather cool and wind? last 4
and 5 days with occasional raius.
—The greenback meeting that was
to bo at Woodward didn't come off—
the speaker, Setb Yocura did not ap
—Ou SuoJay last Warren Filing
er, hireling of Mich. Fiedler aud Ed
die Boone a foster child of Mr. bV,
were handling a cartridge revolver.
The usual result followed. The cart*
ridges were a little too large for the
cvliuder. Warren took his knife aud
attempted, bv slight strokes, to force
a cartridge into a bore of the cylin
der. The cap exploded and the con
tents were lodged in Eddie's baud,
and a physician had to be called to
remove the bullet.
—Tn*re, above is a fine string for mak
ing new locals without credit.
Forty Persons Believed to Have
New Orleans, October 23, 1879.—The
English steamer Louise H , Captain \ oss.
just arrived from Algiers, Africa, brings
seventeen unfertunate men. picked up at
sea. who are the sole survivors ot the
Spanish steamer Nuevo Psjaro del Ocea
no, which was burned at sea early in the
morning of Saturday, October 18. Tbe
steamer left Havana. October 10, for Nue
vitas with a general cargo, including a
large lot of grain, provisions and ammu
nition for tbe Spanish army. Everything
was all right until about four o'clock on
Saturday morning. October 18, when the
vessel was in Bahama Straits, between
Paredon and Lobas lights
An alarm was sounded when the cap
tain, passengers and crew, who were
asleep at the time, rushed from their beds
to ascertain its cause. It was found that
the vessel had taken fire amidships and
was then in a sheet of flames.
General confusion ensued, some of the
passengers and crew running to the stern
of the vessel and jumping overboard in
tbeir night clothes, with whatever small
objects tbey could lay tbeir hands on to
serve as life buoys, while others were try
ing to lower boats. The vessel burned to
tbo water's edge and sank in lest than four
hours' lime
There were forty-two men in tbe crew
and some seventeen or twenty passengers, 1
including about six officers and soldi.-rs of
the Spanish army. Tbe Louisa 11. picked
up seventeen of the unfortunates, includ
ing the captain, two mates and ono sold
ier. Of this number the captain and five
or six of the crew were badly burned and
otherwise injured. When picked up they,
had been floating for eighteen hours on
pieces of plank and were almost naked, j
Five of the crew took to a sraull boat and
are supposed to have been picked up
One boat was lowered and some twenty
porsons—passengers and crew—took to it,
but it is thought that they are lost.
Those who were picked up were in a
fearful state froui their long exposure to
sun and water. Their flesh is torn and
chafed from contact with tho rough boards
to which they clung, and against which
the swell of tbe sea caused their unpro
tected limbs to grind and rub until great
patches of skin were worn away, while
salt water and fierce sunshine combined to
make tbeir condition worse, Tbey are
stiff and sore in every limb, and in their
destitute condition present, on tbe whole,
a most pitiable sight.
There was one woman, tho stewardess,
on the Pajaro del Ocnano. One of tbe
survivors relates his efforts to save her.
lie bad her at bis side for some hours un
til be coula no longer bold her up and she
sank exhausted. Doubtless many of the
passengers and crew were eaten by sharks
Tbe second mate and a companion who
were floating on a plank, saw a shark ap
proaching and managed by climbing on J
the top to avoid it.
Severe Floods and Great Destruction ;
of Property,
Kingston, October 16 —Severe rains (
fell in ibis island on Saturday, the lllb ]
inst. J
Some thirteen lives were lost in King- 1
ton, while horses, mules, shoup, goals, i
huge trees and timbers, bridges, bouses ,
arid sacks of coffee and plantation trees
were swept out to sea. Ureal distress pre 1
vails among the poor. The telegraph
land lines have been thrown down, and
communication with many districts entire
ly stopped.
Havana, October 23.—Tho steamer Pu
jaro Del Oceano. whose loss on tho voy
age between Porto Rico and St Thomas
was reported yesterday, took fire in her
cargo among some boxes of petroleum
In five minutes she was ablaze- As far as
known at present forty of her passengers
and crew perished. Her boats were dash-<
cd to pieces by tho screw, and only one
boat load of people (the one reported yes
terday) is known to have been saved.
The loss of life by the Spanish floods has
rca cited 2.000.
The nyeaant brisk, choery taniparature,
following a xpeli of unreasonably warm
weathrr. hat made every one think of (
thick garment#, and a mora au|>ialom>l
limn f*<r an opening of wintar good* could
1 not hava bnnn axkou.
Maaara. Strnwbrldge A Clothier had an-,
nauncnd yesterday a thnir opening day!
for Ladiaa" 1 Wintar Coat* and Mantle#, ai d
though but a few day# a,o such covering*!
at fur. and heavy woolen wrapt were
looked upon a* out of season, yet whin
the dav arrived, the temparalura had un
dergone a change, and a moro appropriate
nine for .uch an opening could not hare
been desired. j
The opening day* of tte great retail
houaet of the principal citiae are alwaxi
awaited with interett by the ladiea as fea
>f the fair tei are courage, ut euough tot. -I
lect the tlyle* of their garment# until the
ttandard nuthoriuea t*iLibit what Faahion
decreet thai! be worn for the season;
Yesterday Messrs Strawbridge ,%
Clothier teemed la outdo aU previout Jis
playt of lb it cha**. ter la the exhibition ol
ladle t. and children • coat*, man
tie* and oultide wiapt generally. U*u#'-
lv a lew pattern garmenti. made by French ,
modiste., are dlpU>ed at opening*. hut ,
on tkit occasion teveral thousand ga>
menu every one made by foreign artitte, 1
were on exhibition Anv detrriptlon if i
criniit in detail cannot be at tempt |
hut Ihe event iuelf should be mentioned
as worthy of general interest to our ladt
readers, AH day thronga of ladle* pattei I
through the spaeiou- salesrooms. remind I
ng one of the crow J. that gathered in the {
art gallery of the Centennial Exhibition
rtie firm have aptly headed their er
mull, eiuent "Art in Apparel," and w I
advi.e all our lady readert who hare 8.l <
called te take advantage of the continue
lion of the opening to day, Wednesday,
.nd witnett this inieretting spectacle of
art and ute combined.
The above extract Is from the Philadel
phia/Vcs# of a week ago. Since then we
notice in the local columns of other I'hile
delphia papers that on last Saturday it wa.
estimated that twenty thousand person,
-ntered Messrs Strawbrulge -V Clothier's
-tore. No stronger prosif could be.adduc
ed to prove the reviving prosperity of the
country or no more conclusive evidence
..f the'deserved popularity of thie great
a ♦ •
The Russian Official Messenger states
that there has been an Immense Cte at
Ufa. More than a fifth part of the town
was consumed and many person* were
killed. The loss of property wasenor
mous 11* fa i the capiul of Orenburg, on
the l"f* and Beiaia river*, and is enclosed
hy wall*. It ha* a mosque' and manuf|c
turet of various description*. It* popula
tion i It MOO J
Cincinnati, October '23 —A special til*
patch from GraTSon, lay , relate* that two
hundred men rode Into Martinsburg, Elli
ott county, on Monday night, surrounded
the ja'.l, overpowered the jailor, took two
prisoner*, John W. Kendall and William
M Millan, to a tree near by and hanged
them until they were dead. The men who
were hanged were known to belong to a
gang ol outlaws.
S-. Louis, October 2f - The body found
yesterday on the shore of Lake Michigan,
near Mi'ler"* Station, is ident tied from
the description gives in despatches bj
William E. Burr as the remains of his
brother Ge--rge Burr, who ascended with
Professor \Vie in the ballooa "Paklfind
er ' three weeks ago.
Bv virtue snd authority of the powers
and duties in me ve*teo by the 1 lib Sec
ition of act of assembly of 24th of May 18711
*ll fish baskets, eel wires, kiddles, brush or
fascine nets or ny other permanently set
m**ns of taking fish ia the nature of a|
ive which are known t<> be wasteful and |
extravagant mode* of fishing .listing iti;
*nyofthe streams within Centre county.|
*re hereby declared common nuisance
.and ara orlred to be dismantled by theirj
owner* oe manages so a to render them
:no longer capable of taking or injuring
the fish of the streams g\ whatever kind, j
and if such fish baskeu, eel wirrs, where
they now esist are not destroyed or dis j
mantled within ten davs after date sf thisj
Inotice 1 sh.ll proceed to remove and dis
mantle the same as d reeled by said 1 llli'
section of act of 24".h Mav lf-T!
'oct 27 2L Sheriff !
Shar if ► Office 11.-liefonte Pa. Oct 27, 1K79.
REGISTER S NOTICE -The follow. 1
ing accounts have been eiamins.!
*nd passed by m. and remain filed _ot re
cord in this office for the inspection of
heirs, legatees, creditors and other* in anv
way 'nu-reeted and will beprwented to the
Orphans C<"ut of Centre county, on Wed
nea,ly. the 2i>th day of November. A. D.,
1H79, for confirmation ard allowance.
1 The a'-cunt of James If. Rankin ad
ministrator of skc. of Abraham SwetUer.
late of Bellefonte borough, deceased
2 The account of John C Stover, guar
dian of Sarah L. Brown (now Hupp min
or child of Samuel Brown, late of llaine*
township, deceased.
3 The account of F P. Sholl, adminis
trator of Ac of D. W Sholl, late of lb*,
township ol Mile*, deceased.
4 The first and partial account of Samuel
Bover and I). II Yeager, executors of Ac.
; of James Archer, late ofSpow Shoo town
ship. deceased.
5 The account of A. C Witberrite,
guardian of Mary A. Wort* (now Tate)
and Ellie Worts (now McCollough* mtn
ors of Margaret NY oris, late of Bogga
township, deceased
6 The final account of John Liggav
guardian of John Irvin Savers, minor;
child ofEliatbmh Sayers, late of Liberty,
| township deceased.
7 The final account of Samuel Oillllan 1;
guardian of Margaret Johnston, minor
child of AW and Ellen Johnston, late of
I Harris township, deceased.
8. Tne account of Daniel Hp* and j
i Jame* Glenn, executor* of Ac. of Jacob;
Decker, late of Hnrti* township, deceaa
! ed.
0. The account of Isreal Kauffman and
Benjamin Kauffman, administrator* of
Ac of David Kauffman, late of Spring
township. d"-ceaseJ.
10. The final account of C P. W. Fish
er. guardian of Marv Rebecca Grob. min
or child of Elii* Grob, lato of Harris
t-iwnsblp. deceased.
11 The acoount of EHxabeth Keller,
administratrix of Ac. of Samuel Keller,
late of Potter township, deceased.
; 12. The account of Job W. Packer,
'.Guardian of Samuel B. N. Lucas, minor
child of Samuel Lucas, late of Curttn
township, deceased.
13 The account of Job NY. Pack*',
guardian of Mary E Lucas, minor child
of Samuel Lucas, lato of Curtin township,
14 The account of Jona* Htine, admin
istrator of ikr of James Lcitzel, late of
Pitton ,own-hip, deceaod.
15. The account of \Vm F. Thompson
executor of Ac. of Samuel Steventon, late
of Patton township, deceased.
Iff The first partial account of Frede
rick nouser, executor of Ac- of Daniel
Ilouser, late of College township, deceas
17 First and partial account of George
Ri-iber and J S llou*man, ndministrators
of Ac of Jacob Moyer, late of Potter
township, deceased.
oct 30. tc. Register.
Wraraaa. tha Hog. Ghana* A Mayar. Praaldant of
tho cuurt of OMUIAII Plaaa, In tha 24th Judicial I>*
trlcl consisting of lb* count la* of ('antra. Clinton and
i Utflald, tou lh II ono rub I • Ham'l Frank, and Ua
llouorabla John I>lrn*. Asaoctatad Judges in Cantr*
county, having laauad thalr pracwpt. baartng data thai
-1 day of Cot A. IF, l*7f. to ma d traded for bold I rig
a conrt of Ojrar and Tarminar and Canaral Jail l>al;
ary and Haaaiona of tha Paaca Orphan*' Court.:
and conrt of Common Plana In Ballafonta Pa., lor
tha county of (•n<r. and to cnmmama on tba 4th
Monday of Nor balng tha 24th day of Nuvmb'r 18*9. j
and to cintlnua thraa **ak*
Notb nia tharafora harabyalran to tha Coroner. J un
tie** of tha Paaca. Alderman and Constat*!#* of tha
aaid connty of (-antra, that thay ha than and thara In
thairuropar naraons. at 10 o'clock in tha foranoon of
• aid day, with thalr racords. InqulalMona. aiarolna
lion*. and tbair own ramatnbrancaa. to do thaaa thing*
which to thalr ufßoa appertain* to ba dona, and tb<*>
who arn bound In rarogntranoaa to pr*ata against
tha prlaonara that aro or shall Ua In tha Jail of (/antra
county. L* than and thara to proaacuta against them
as shall ba |nat.
(•In n nndar my hand, at Rallafonta. tha 91 day of
Nor iu tha aar of our Lord, UP& and In tha HO
yaar of Indapandanca of tha V'tiltad Htata*
JOHN Hp A N(< i.KH, Hhartf
•Spr'iijf Mills Market.
Wheat NoJ $t 25
Wheel No 2 51.20
Kye, 70c.
Corn, *r, per bu. new, ,40c
Oat*, 80t
Buck wheel, 60c.
Cloveraeed, $4 00 to $6 00
Chop, per ton, $20.00.
I'laetar, ground per ton, SIO.OO
Flour, per bbl SO.OO
Itnrley 60 to 70c.
Butter, 16c.
Tallow, tic.
Lard, 6e.
11 am, 12c.
J Shoulders, Go.
EKRS per doz., 16c.
Tub washed wool 30c,
Coal, Retail By Car, Gross.
ESTK, $4 90 $4 75
Stove, $6 25 $6 00
b Chestnut, $4 75 i>4 60
Pea, $3 26 $3 16
"* •• ........
f ' .}ft
I ling II mJj MaJa Clothing At Owl awl Ej . ht,
*•*.•: A e^'n K Ilia Stock Of Rmuiy Made Clothing At Coat nod Frai^bU
T BJHp Hi> -I'iioi Ready Made Clothing At Coat and Freight*
A " 1,0 " < J u>u ' r> K tt>n Clot.,la, Tr l to , ) into tha D'r Ooodt B mnou. T"ia Uno sham. but* square and buoaat tr naactiun.
Louisville, Kv., i'ct 24.- The Ohio riv
> er at this point is i • w lower than it has
1 been known before, there being scant two
feet of water in • any pla. es, while wh*t
f is known at the la It presents a bleak aw
barren ap|earance, to go n>i ks and acres
[ -f the stone riv- r bed being visible for
I miles. The erdinary width of tberivtr
here is one and a quarter miles, bit at
' present the wn er it not over half a mile
wide, and the stream on the rapids is not
■ larger than a small creek, although thus
, confined to a tin* 1 er place it it the more
dangerous. For week, past hundreds ol
| geologists have come to Louisville frntu
other points to pC* up rare |ie> miens
(hut eipoted.
The memory *i a singular fa-ulty. A
French scientist has gathered some
out statistics respei toig it. which are pub
iitbtnl in • medical Journal. The inferior
race* of mankind, the investigator says,
such as negroa*. the Chinese, Ac., have
more memory than those of a higher type
ol civilization. Women bare more reten
tive memories than men. The young
have better memories than adults, the
faculty being well develop# 1 in children,
attaining Its mtiimum ah at the four
teenth year, and then decreasing. Feeb.e
individuals of a lymphatic temperament
have more memory than the strong. Stu
dents who obtain prises for memory and
recitation chiefly belong to the former!
class. In French schools it has been
found that pupils who bare the best mem
ory are not the most intelligent. The
memory remains intact in diseases of the.
left aide of the brain, and is much affected
by those of the right, which seems to show
that the reside, chiefly in the right!
lobe Wo remember belter, also, it is
laid, in tba morning than in the evening,
m summer than in winter, in warm than
in cold climates.
• ♦ •
The Standard ha* the following de
spatch from I'esth "The duress in
llur.garv on account of the bad harvest is
very great. Tha government has
ed the cwllection of t#i<- until the nest
harvest has been rattier, d In fl'ty sever
towns and vi|l*f -in Terre. > .-unty th;
greatest distress prevail* In Sr i coun- .
it, where some . a-cs of starvation have
forty parishes are threatened!
with lemine. Vnghtfu' accounts have a!-j
to 9een received from o! AbJ
anj Hove# and 7-emplin
If You Want to IK- Mroog, Healthy
tlgoroit*. uti K. koi.. • tii Wt*. I
Iros S lib*u*> ••<•••> • *S,ji* <J
itaiu—lUM ■-. 1 * *,.*• tali*- uI.KS tbtui pruUn, •
Ulla< S V Ik *•!• hlllae Slss I fra l 1M
nt-.-r * jm mi - „• Htw*
W kebo bf.iu. S.* to ••
!tp*lr*S l-y (ickisMk i* r*i*—l 111 o .iii"! r
...lull .-n M li (-"'• I UwUUi ! • !*
■Lu mil 1* S. n kii. >. *■■■ > *•
roi s.<iist t-* a Ktsr. isiu.i *io ■' lion
..I ufea k SAW. II >• killl M MU.I Ui JTv . Ilk
uw a r kui.s *s a ansa su.
l hi*. Pa' ASITOW tr* MAD litfte <at *Vui<
K r KsSariW<ra*|iw son taili to Jolt i
Ptß. teal, ami iioai-h wrai Im Kaakat. Uw < i
ly aaoooMtul ptjalriaa tsoia> >-t I*l - <• on la
100 Soar* all*v allis limJ aad a,- toa ualil Ma tod
Cowao* nail uaabaa it f t— *<. ba i.ra .oJ alt
oUw aftu M> ba m lis doalood * J,tM al ol
Saa aad alar*, ft** Tba dariar <aa ln wteih or
MUK palHil bu *•>. tloaauiJiiM SIS da!
If Willi nnu. aad So 00l kaow u So* opaom*.
riampa. <te*la aad aaflaaalloa. aaJk-* foi*llo*.
otrclaa imm* lb. .jm aoalllaa aad t>a>a la IboiUa,
aah rMll*a>al !>'• arladla. al tb. Mil plaklca
al Ilia aw. ooaak, l.*n. llrMaf al U>. ml. h*d
arte, tool btawlb. tba psUMI ( i . aad tbla.
UcSltag aad irrl'aliaa la tb. aaaa all Ikiao *1 w>'
kaa*. aadania root* Iron aonai k * knior,
bo>* ai'ip mi. laiu I" ititon iMa t"i I'
IW ioUb. w ill boOlaa lot 0* ' f. Tapa Sola
. rli. aad cwmoll Iba ttadoi ' r* all olkna n i f
< .at druagiai Ula *na "if top and It ba baa II lot.
Mad b* P* B. f kaakai Va> *ib Itlalb M . bblla
dalpbla. >'a Adflc bf mil, ft.. Mud
aSaaae. SSI 111
ESTATE —The undwfigned wtu
■ tfer at puhlie sale on the prcmire* at
I'olter' Mills, on
Saturday, Nov. 1. 187J,
at 1 o'clock, P m . th<- fnllowmg es
tate, of Mis* M illjr li. Brwnin. d*-> ' vi*
A lot of ground, containing 6 ACRES
thereon erected a two-story darei sing.
•toro-houe, Hable and other oulhuiiding*
with an orchard and a spring of never
failirg water
Tikmv- One third of purchase monev
on confirmation of *ale, l>al*i cs in two
annual pay men!* thereafter, to bo secured
by bond and mortgage-
B D. Baisntx.
Oct 16. 3t. Adm'r.
By virtue of a writ of Venditioni Expo
na*. iasued out of the court of C< mmon
Plea* of Centre county, and t-> tne direct
ed. there will be exposed at Public S!e,
in Aaronsbrug. on Thursday. October 30.
A D, at one o'clock. P M., the following
described Heal E-late of the defendant, to
wit :
All that certain lot or piece of ground
situate in the village of Aamn*turg. Cen
tre counlv. Penn'a. hounded and deserib
ed as follows : On the North by turnpike,
on the NVest by an alley and land* of
Bobb, on the South by land* of II A _Nf n
gle. and on tho East by land* ol NVirtx,
containing two ai re* more or I**, there -c
erected a two tory frame bouc, flalne and
other outbuildings. Seiged. taken in exe
cution. ami to be aold a* the property of
Adam F WinklebWk.
lfioct 8t Sheriff.
I SALE.—The undersigned offer nt
private tale, a tract of land iloated in the
Loop, in PHer <wt> . containing
more or lo*, Fifty acres of which are
cleared, and the balance well limbered
There are on the premise* a good FR AM K
ORCHARDS and an excellent SITE
FOR SAW MILL with food water pow
100er 200 acre*, with improvement* will
be old eparale <t desired The balance
will be sold in timber lot* of 20. 80, or 60
acre*, or the whole tract will bo sold to
gether at a low price id on ea*y term*.
For further information address.
A S RERUN, L<-wi*town. IV,
or A. A. Kerun, McAlevy's Fort. Pa
14 aug If
For the comiug
Fall and Winter
Now is the Time!
Select Your Goods
Sole Leather,
Calf-Skins, Kips,
At Bottom Prices.
Dec' 6 Bullefoiite, Pa,
11111 l II AII It K. !C K
s sncSs; *. t. A. m** 4 B™.)
UHtnfir tl.aiDrMi Clor lttMiftll n rft( r |R.
•ur}uUKMl fa lliliMl its JTOUI * IKI Utklsllo
S ipauM!l(hl liMivutual loMru<-tlut> siudeoU.aa VT a. ._ , - . _ a
7mrfiHardware, Stoves, Oils, Paints Oiass, Pntty, &C. 1
+4F IufTa (AibUr 1 *1 liAii*f
Jnm |.firnl IMm 1 !.• Urfwt work
*** i,h ° hAm ,ht * Kwtl Urnd C billed I*l©w for thin ronnl,.-M
I'lU*, |i.OO, Mi CtliU.
\VCI lON KKK —Th un ft | ■—*■
"y oa'rsepe"f Ji Vx"." ;,en'ce IT.'- 1 WILL NOr BE 3Y ANY TARTY THAT SELLS THE SAME QUALITY OF GOOD®.
bles him to render the uti.i ,-t s'.-tacii..n
in crying sale, ti Vi i W< >1', 1 1 ■ 1 ... . —— tt, -- - 1
Grand. Pall Opening
At Hie BEE-niVE
I wieh to inform tbe public that I have jut received an immenu Stock of Gooda,
And 1 ntn prt-parcd to largish >ou wit! a!l your vr&ntH in tay lioe, baring made it a study to boy just such good* as ar* wanted ; and, cot*
withstanding the advance on all gooda, lam still selling them at lb* lowest market prices. My busioew is founded ou the ONE PRICE SYSTEM,
which you will find in all cine#, Square Dealing and Honaaly. My stock i comp'ete io all iu branches, conaisling of
CARPETS, 4c>f AC| Ac .
All my good# arc mar .1 n plate figure. Hoping to r*<vire en early call. I remain rtapectfully youra.
My motto is. One Price, the very I .west, and no misrepresentation. j H. EAUI.ATvD.
Prepared Coke.
The Bfllefoote A* Snow Shoe 11. R
i(\j. havinp completed th-ir Coke
Breaker and Screens, are mw prepar
ed to furnish ail six*-* of (' ke for
Stores, Rangea and F'urtiaces.
13,00 |S(-r Tun ol 2000 Potinda
2ocl 3m Gen. Supt
D.H. Hliule.
A UCIIONKER-P. net. M . Y-*es
J\ of eltieri.nce in Other |irl -f the
.tele enable him U* gUarant* e U>"_ Ut-u ot
ati'' cti"ti a an Aui-".i-n-r N > iidjea
Icried at reasonable r'a-ge \ b*re of
i the public pwtronag* kindly so'i' lted
Jt r 4-o
ft m c rit'i
Aigj J l
' JgJwRPv*TJ< A juat (Ml.t -.MI tor Uwaa,
hB* om I
f|.| r-_ laJB r-<-t act arnail teeirg Terr .Bg,
tet i 6 i-rat. ! a ion pagr*.
HJtIM PKl'W!*. U-wmO. MAM.
eevTKs: im.i.
Eit rnt u of
Saddles Harness Bridles. Collare. Whips.
FlyneU and eio he. iw on hand Goiion
Net*, sic. Price* low a* any where ei*.
AH kind* of repai'ing done The heat
slock alway* kepton hand All wore war
ranted. A-hare of lb* public patronage
kindly eolicited. ;ocl. if
V E N s I (l N sl
procured for soldier- disabled in I*. S
service by reason* of wound* and other
c*u*e* All tienion dale back to day
of discharge. Pension* incra"d Addro**
with• t**np. fiTODDABTI 00,
No. Dl 3 K St N. Y. Waabtngton, I). C
2a oct 4t.
Lctters of administration on the e-tal*
of Gc-orge Foust, lat" of Potter tap
dee'd. having been granted to the undi-r ■
signed, all iiermn- kn.-wing themseli e- l<
be indebted to said decedent are requested
to make imnindialn payment, and per
having claim* againet the estate will pre
ent iliem authenticnt-d for-eiiletuent
f'oct ft t
BxHßta AXI" Bxtkimtsst-ls the bas
ment of the bank budding. All work done
n fashionable style. I July
You can find all kinds of Groceries and
Canned Fruit* cheaper than any
where else.
He also has on hnml and is constant
ly receiving Notions, Candies, in
great variety, and Tobaccos
of the best grades.
lie deals in FLOCK, BRAN, STONE
j and EARTHEN CIMH K->. A.-., Ac.
and lake* all kinds of Country
Produce in exchange.
Centre Hall.
No. 6 Brockerhoff Row, Bellefonte
Dealers in Driiga.Cheiiili'nl*,
Pernimery, Ftiui jGoods te„
Pure Wines and l.iquots for medic
purposes always kept. mayJl ..
Harchvare *Slore.
A new. complete Hardware Store ho
been opened bv the undi-r-igned in ("en
ire Hull, wtierii he is prepared to ell el 1
kinds of Building and House Furnishing
Hardwire, Nails. Ac.
Circular Hid Hind Saws, Tennon BHW*
Wetib SHwe. Clothes Kicks, K full issort
ment of Glass and Mirror PUi# Picture
Frames, Spokes, Fello-e, md Huh-, tihl-
Cutlery, Shovels. Spades and F->rk-
Locks, Hinges, Screws, Sash Springs
Horse-Shoes. Nails, Norway Rods, Oii*
Tea Bells, Carpenter Tool*, Paint, Varn
Pictures framed in the finest tyle.
Anything not on hand, ordered upor
shortest notice.
94r Remember, all goods offered cheap
er than elsewhere.
—OP KN I X (i
\\ o I f"s SI an (I.
Exhibit* an immense stock of
Got D*s. NO HON* LA DlE**'
Is fiiied with
Choici-rt '!•**, Syrup#, Driiwi
FruM. t 'atiiu d Goods, Angara, Lof*
fees. Pure Spi -ea. Suit, Pork Provi
sion*. Wooden. Wtllnw, Qti--en and
Glaaware, Fish. Salt and rvervthing
usually found in n fimt cl-s. Giocery.
OILCLOTMB aiways on hvinl.
UHDC r*®a**©#!• to ••**?.♦ ot cuiTtPo •
nUnOCfi't h <r*r Nook It •-**( ill
t 54 fin# eßffitlrffs *h nr P<Htßiii uaiuud f
d*l hnnr* tin*** , • r- . iMlwib all <r*l-
KHl|l|/nb}# . ml*- ' ' .•isinf *h# ®f •
JUUIV. Itwe.mlhat rnrHri| b win# of
►#rb jr#r . *! a 1* #nf*#n* <if other ralaabl* bor##
oform.l irsts IV C*ti Mkß •. I bo Kog|bt
K*kHUit I f* ' f mh.cb I *it> n#t lift# is
*U *• I f • • v# Ifiw* #lr#tli . ##nU
li */.ih*Ttttti M i . *uoGarth l all> Vt Iwyij
Ayer 8
Cherry Pectoral
For Disease* of the
Y Throat aad Long*.
an oh as Coughs,
Colds, Whooping
jWft i Cough, Bronchitis,
t. Asthma, u 1 Con
Tltc rrptitatton it Im* attained. In
consrqucßct of the marvellous cures it
has produceil during the last half cen
tury, is a sufficient assurance to the
public that ll will continue to realize
the happiest rv-ulta that car. Jrtlrcl
lu almost every section of country [
tiicre arc persons, publiclj known, vilio
have hron restored ttom alantilng aud
even desperate diseases of the iunga,
hv Its use. All who have tried it ac
knowledge Its superior 1 '!-- snd where
lus virtues a*-" known, no on- hcsiL-tca
a* to trhat medicine t • cmplor to re
lieve the distress nud suffering peculiar
to pulmonary aflVctlous. CitrmtY I*KC-
TtMui always ilbnt* bwtaaK relief, aad
performs rapid cures of the milder va
rieties of hrottehial disonler, as well as
the more foriuidablc diseases of the
As n safeguard to children, nndd
the distressing diseases which beset
the Throat and Chest of Childhood, It
Is I (valuable; for, by its Umely use,
inultitudea arc rescued and reslotvd to
This medicine gains friends a'
every trial, as the cures it is constantly
producing nro ti>o remarkable to bo
forgotten. No family tbouki be with
out it, and those who have once used
it never will.
Eminent Physicians throughout the j
country prescribe It, and Clergymen
often recommend it from their knowl
edge of its effect*.
rnerABCD or
Dr. J. C. AYER li CO., Lowell, Mass., :
Practical and Analytic-1 Chemist*.
gOLO or *■ ' ceoouisaa ii.vnu-ja
Imiiru I">' soadlbg J6coat*. alth •., hticht
■ UU B C color of u. 9 oU -lr. you will i*cotc
I* It rt-G—t p' i! ... sit-tar® of
>unr f'itur® liabgod or wi*®, with
Yoursel 1' n<uue aud d * u of ® wrrU ' f -
I Adrt.iw* W. kOX, c7 ult-ovtlU.M Y
Aug. *l. 3u>
s H K
O A \
• MB
We would cut! att&l!in t J tb®
Highland Queen Cook Stove,
wiL&Giai N£A?IM rro*v2.
*Oar Svork beiojr eoitrely New. We offer Berlin*
OlLSmd PAiyTS.**{
WILMX. M'F4 RL4 * r * A co -
Spring .Mills O. R !
at 1. J. Grenoble's Store!
has lK rom 1 U'imi ok I
Prices Lower lhaiij
And now extend* a cordial inntation t
Hi* frier, ds, patrons, and public *neral
Also a Complete Assortment ot
Rowdy MaJo Clo'hing for men an!
loyt. Suiu ac low aa to be bad in lb
imported and Domestic
Kuii itiitw .J
Fur Lad tea, Genu, Ruys, Mirer* an!
• Children.
Hosiery. Gloves."Boots and Shoea,
And the iuot complete assortment of
n Central Pennsylvania. and prices tba i
willcomiwl vuu in *lf defence to buy n |
btn . Also Ki*b, Salt, ate. 18oci
A full Hue of di<re6ewiug Martinis*
aud Need lea for all kinds ot
Alao deal* in all kind* of Grain. Ma -
knt price petd fur the name. A specially i
tin CO A L by the car load.
Jap. Harris
P A I N T S,
John F POTTERTa u.^n^r.a
'a* Frtlletfjni,, pronplly made aod ap la
'"• ii-."loa !,b.U or^io[ieit. Tor
at I* will draw or. and hv aekouwlMlfM* Uesdt Offluw In th* diwmood north aid.• of
|H*' .nrttm.ia* Itallaionia *Vr •
,itHCEI\ K OfcPOSITS and allowfnter
est; liipoount Notes; Buy and
Sell Government Securities,
Gold and Goupuns.
Wotr vV*. . Mxvolb
rea't Jashisi
LK net |-t \ N \
I'eran aeatly rarea 4
and PILES.
tu. n. It. Su-eth lire". Tl -- "era "■
■rn nfCIS.". HT TSCC tl Sw ntil Ufcaa
ek_rw. - -.fltlXk
al It k acecr te aMcCMca'-'r."
I ta .' r jrto%"ifN"A*Uw
;u>l<a ct-J- la.ui.n
Trrifuwlntetr, Dal all l- Vmmm twU*
I-Jdscsna, cf • - Vt, an.
•nii®fercl>e.stoe. Arcr-'Atocajeaaeef^eaa
<twi -rn Iroa miM Bad CmUi am It i ia*lilltr
C. a UM lk A, f IWW>. wn "w H*.
i bullae o>nrjr ocb r Ictet* i■> laa a
IT HAS nrrjv n
rrrAretr? tte oxiTtrainxi that
At t* on rurai rii. bowtslsasb uip.vxts
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Forks House!
The Korku House, at tirhurn station, is
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