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| lma | n tn r'n j >•• AWini a Pcntl*r
of People.
There are from one liuinltiHi mil fift\
to two liumlfHi organ-grinders in the
city of New York, all of whom, with
probably hall a dnxen exception*, are
Italians. They form a peculiar and dis
tinct clam among the thousand* who
earn their living in the street* ol the
groat metropolis, and the story of their
lives and work has a -peoial intn-st.
Abont seven-tenths of them live in Mott,
Baxter and Mulberry streets, while the
greater portions of the remainder are to
be found in the Eighth W ml. especially
on Thompson and Mercer streets
Among themselves th*y are divided into
two classes, those that came t or rather,
that were sent) from Naples, and those
tiiat have lived at tJonoa, Home. Milan
and other parts of Italy. The banner
are the lowest order of Italians, most of
them having formerly btm brigands
and ex-oonvVot* in their native lands,
from whence they were driven some
few years ago bv the order of Victor
Emraams'i TheN apoliian* live on th
block : r. Mulberry str t.near the park.v
medium-sited, old-fashioned tenement
houses, in a state of wrel ludius> a.-
most imt>osible to be desorilxsi.
Between five and six o'cliv k on sum
mer and six and seven on winter morn
ings, the organ-cinders -tart forth on
their musical mission. They go in all
directions— some traveling a.- far a>
Harlem bridge in New York, and other
going beyond Prospect park in Brook
Some git to Xi w Jersey. as far as towns
in Morris county, and even beyond, re-
turning the same day. late in the evening
Others go off during the -uiumcr on a
tour through the country not returning
till tire winter season. Those of thi
cl*-s are occasions . y t*>und in Pennsyl
vania or Massachusetts, and mention is
made of one who made a summer trip to
England. They earn from sixty cents to
$1 50 a day, never more than that these
times, though in former days 3 was the
highest figure. They are very envious
of each other's suco If one niotv pru
dent than the rest heroin, s rich and
opens a store, they one and all shun h.; s
"They try to break him." said a young
Italian to* me; "and if they find they
can't break bin!, why. then they grad
ually feme around and patronise him
Sunday attent ion is the only time \ou
can see the organ grinders at the Five
Points, unless you care to go there at
six o'clock in the morning or run the
risk of being roblasl by lingering for
their re'urn late in the evening On
Sunday, if the day i- fine, you yvi.l find
them standing in groups upon the street.
sharing the experiences of the week
exchanging fa sol mods would express it
better, for they never give truthful ac
counts to each other In the morning a
few of them go to s>me Cathoiic church
in the lower part of the city, though, as
the sextou of one of these houses ot wor
ship remarked, they were ol no aivount
to get monev front. How it was as to
religion he did not know. Later in the
afternoon and evening they may go out
visiting, those p*siiiinj in the lower port
of the city visaing tlo ir friends in the
Eighth wani, and we tvrsa. They
drink staie bn-r—the drainings of beer
keg- gathered up by another class of
Italians early in the morning—at en.
cent a glass, and play cards "for the
drinks" in the barrooms near their
homes on Sunday afternoons. Their
children, if bo vs. work mostly at black-
ing hoots. One niasi -poke with pride at
having a son employed on a sti-aiulmat.
and another boasted of his boy being
engaged at the Hoboken ferry.
Hand-ofean* are generally made to
order, and cost, when new. from to
the average priia? is JUX>. They
play either eight or ten tunes. Second
hand organs can b-- ha 1 at from to
JTO The tune- are arranged jy mean
of pins on a cylinder, on the same princi
ple as that of the music- box. New tunes
can be put in a: any time by pulling out
the pins representing an old tune and
placing in new one-. A tune generally
lasts one year before the public tires of
it. On the other hand, it has to be
pretty well known betotv it can lie made
popular on the organ. "The Sweet Bv
and-Bye" is the nt-ist popul ir tune at
pres-nt in all part* of the country, while
in the West ra nv organs have been set
t > Moody mid Sankey airs.— Christian
Fishing in a Man's Stomach.
"I've swallowed my teeth," said
Thomas Prout to the house -urgeon of
the New York Hospital. The surgeon
looked inquiringly at Mr. Prout's mouth.
To all appearances he was but one tooth
short, and that was an upper front
tooth. Mr. Prout explained. He said
that nine days h-f re, wfiiie a-l-ep in
bis home in C'hesttire, Ma—., he wa
awakened by a - "i-v. > ■of choking and
violent strangling, asr . plainly felt that
there wa-sonngbin unpleasantly hard
an J large making - way to his stomach.
But tie didn't kr, w what it was unti.
tlie r. Xt morning he diseovemi that hi
" plate" was missing. Then he came to
the conclusion that h- had swallowed
the rubber plate to which was attached
a single tooth. It was his custom to
remove the false tooth and plate each
night on going to !* .1, but that time he
forgot to do so. The result of swallow
ing this large and irregularly-shaped ar
ticle was that he became ill. could re
tain nothing in his stomach and was in
great pain. II" consulted tlie physi
cians. who dosed him with emetics and
poked down his throat All this only
aggravated his suffering. He rapidly
grew thin and in nine days lost thirty
five pounds.
Tlie house surgeon at the hospital sent
Mr. Prout to a ward and had him put to
hed. Then he hunted up a iong strip of
whalebone, ta which was attached -
littleh">k. The doctor carefully intro
duced thb instrument down Mr. Prout's
throat and into his stomach. Then he
begun fishing for the lost tooth. It was
slow work, hut after a time he felt that
he had hooketi on to something. He
nulled slowiv and steadily, and. to MR.
Prout's bodifv pain and mental pleasure,
brought to light the missing plate Httd
its attachments. The surgeon was Br.
AY. T. Bull, son of Major Bull, of New
The Irish Language.
In a paper recently riiwl before the
Statistical Society, Mr. lUvenstein states
that the C> ltic portion ot tlie population
of the British Isles makes a total of
nearly 2.200.000 souls, of whom nearly
one half are Welsh, further, w ate
told that in there were few Irish
counties in which the old language had
altogether died out. the localities in
which Irish was then spoken makes a
total area of nearly 10.000 square miles,
with a population not far under 1.500,-
000. of whom 69 3 per cent, spoke Iri-h,
while in 1871 the Irish area had sunk be
low 6,000 square mi. s. with a popula
tion under 600.000 of whom about 63
per cent., or considerable less than 400.-
000, spoke Irish only. I-xstly.itappears
that probably not 5.000 persons through
out Ireland were then able to read an
Irish book, and not a single Irish news
paper was being published. This con
trasts 'trongly with the Welsh, who
print over thirty newspapers and period
icals of various kinds, while the Welsh
in America have several flourishing
newspapers and hold eisteddfods without
number in the country of their adopt ion.
We hav no statisti s of the Celtic ele
ment in North America, though it is
well known to be considerable, but. so
far as concerns the Irish portion of it.
ther- would l>e no great error in suppl
ing that the Irish language loes ground
among the emigrants much faster than
among those left behind in Ireland.—
Tht Atkcno"'m
A Harm Reception.
Douglass Earts and Thomas Sweeney,
two young men living three miles west
of Danville, 111., being in that town,
filled their kegs full of whisky and
started in a wagon for home. On their
route they passed the house of Jacob
Swindall, Jr., son of a well-to-do
farmer. Earts had previously had some
difficulty with young Swindall, and,
after consultation with Sweeney, they
concluded to attack Mr. Swindaii's
house. They nrepared themselves each
wuh a wagon single-tree, and Earts
commerced at the front door, while
Sweeney proceeded to the rear end be
gin his attack. Mr. Swindall, to keep
hi- children from being hurt, put them
under the bed, and alxmt that time the
attacking party, having demolished all
the windows. Earts bursted the front
door open and attempted to enter, when
Swindall shot him in the bre-ist, and he
died in a very few minutes. Word being
sent to the city, an officer proceeded to
the scene and arrested both Swindall
and Sweeney. The next morning at the
ooroner's inquest Swindall was dis
charged, as it was clearly proven lie
acted in self-defence. Sweeney was
'ommitted to the county jail for trial.
P*hinit UrttM.
Red bonnets will continue to be worn
this winter.
Ribbons are twilled this year instead
of be'ng of satin.
Both hats and cottage bonneU will
continue in fashion.
I totted net ruches will he substituted
for lace this winter.
Silk beaver will be worn for elegant
wnlking-hsts this winter.
Baby belts of rihlton will continue in
fashion throughout the winter.
Bronte beads yvill take the place i
the rainltow beads of last year.
An immense variety of new tints in
silk and velvet has been imported.
Frog green, copper green and Nor; 1
Pole blue arc among the new tints
Crackle velvet, looking .ike bits of
porcelain, is to be used for trimmings.
A new kind of plush has a!ternal<
stripe* of reppcii -atin and uncut loop-
Velvet, with the ground of one colm
and the pile of another, i- to Is- revived.
Sulphur I* mixed with pink in -oun
French costumes prepared for the au
Facet ial baUaof jet,*hollowed out unti
the.V are as light is down. are used for
bordering bonnets
The > a-1 1 of Wor it again-t the Prim
Mural for a bill of ssiti oxuf
up in the French courts.
Overdresses ol colored mu-li't in
st rolls ami flowers art; worn over dress
of foulard for evening dress.
Long mantles are announced as the
ct'iniug winter wi~ap for ladies whoi'c
not adopt the cloth street suits
Stephanotis is uiix.-d with OltBC
flowers in some bridal wreaths. I lie
fragrance is rather ov. rpowcring.
1 jong-napped plush in ail the new fur Uuli tin
outer and inner trimmings ot bonnets
Th* crtiwns o! ' o!iUft> wia be cilliT
foldedor laid smooth or puffed this win
ter, and one style wi. be as fash ion a be
as the other.
Sir ped ribbons, and those of change t
ble twills, will replace those of satin
next season. They will be wider tha:
those worn last year.
Painted satin, to be used for trimming
light dress-bonnets. has a ground nt
ivory, cream, dauphin-gray or old-gold,
and figures of Indian design.
The silk* called glaee areold-fashioned
changeable silks, no more, no less. This
year some of them are plain, and some
have satin stripes of solid color.
Vrw. ami Xolr. fur Wunic*.
The Santa Fe (8(V Mniso) icdu
trial jU'h.Mii is about to grauuate au
A jiache Indian girl as a teacher.
Bachael Yent worked at biacksmith
ing in Baltimore until her death, a short
lime ago She was rebus!!y handsome,
but habitually smoked a clay pipe.
Mrs. Emma I>. E. X. South worth, the
novelist, says that she has written con
stantly ever since she was fifteen years
old. Slio is now at work on her sixtieth
Mrs. Estelle Johnson, the wife ol <x
liovenior Charles P. Johnson, of Mis
souri. recently committed suicide at tin
family residence by taking arsenic. < Irief
over the death of a child had brought on
mental derangement.
Julia Clarke, a San !' ineis.-o factory
girl, wa caught in a machine by liei
long hair. She seized a pair • : suears
and cut off her tressi*s so quickly that
she was not drawn between the wheels
and killed, as she otherwise would have
The painter Ingres says; "To give a
true poise to '.he figure necessitates an
upright carriage of the head ami a
smooth, firm step." To give this he re
commends.a long walk daily with a
pitcher of water on the head. The hint
is being acted upon by the lady puphs of
an eminent French actor.
liardrnluii tor ladlfi.
It is quit** refreshing to read such a
da nty little story as this, told by Julia
" I know a Lady whose sensible doc
tor told her twenty years ago that -he
was half gone witu consumption and
that her only chance for life was to be
in the open air as much as possible. A
perfect i*>wer of paradise was her littl*
yard. Was the soil poor 3 Sheenriched
it. Were here varieties indiffcn*nt? Sh<
procured lx*tter. Nearly k!l the luMl
were fragrant. Fifts-n kinds of ros. -
bloomed under her hand# and a succes
sion of flowers tilled out the summer.
One side of the yard was covered with
grapes. Peaches, plums and ra-pbcrric
were trained rn tJiritur. an.;_ choka
-quashes ripened on the nx>f- of the out
"Tomatoes were trained to singl*
poles and yielded luxuriantly, and ruby
,tm* 1 terries peeped out even from th
bleaching gra<s. Sin* hers* i w:is a
!'r sh and rigorous as you could expe. ■
nil- to >• whose half-decayed lung- had
left her with insufficient vitality. Hut
lier life was -ared and it lias i>e*-n a
happiness to herself and a blessing to
She is right, too. when -lie says tlint
mere than half the credit for tie* orna
mentation of our dooryards and home
is due to the ladies whopu-h the men up
to their duty.— Womnn al I York.
One of John Phonix's Stories-
Out in a certaia Western fort, som<
time ago. tlte major conceived that artil
lery must l>e used effectively in fighting
thc Indians hy dispensing with gun
carriages and fastening the cannon upon
the hacks of mules. So !IP explained
his views to the commandant, and it wa.-
determined to try ttie experiment. A
iiowitzer was selected and strapped upon
an ambulance mule, with the mu/zi*
pointing toward the tail. \\ fien they
Lad secured the gun and loaded it with
ball cartridge, they led the calm and
-teadfast mute out on the biuff anil set
up a target in the middle of the river to
practie* at. The rear of the mule was
turned toward the target, and he was
baeked gently up to the edge of the
bluff. The officers stood round in a
semicircle, while the rayor went up and
inserted a timefuse in the vent of the
liowitzer. When the fuse was ready,
the major lit it and retired. In a minute
or two the hitherto unruffled mule heard
the fizzing back on hi# neck, ami it made
hire uneasy. He reached his head round
to ascertain what was gsinp on. and as
he did so his body turned, and the
howitzer began to sweep around the
horizon. The mule at ia-t became ex
cited. and his curiosity became more
and more intense. In a second or two
he was standing with his four legs in a
hunch, making six revolutions per
minute, and the howitzer threatening
sudden death to every man within half
a mile. The commandant wurbserved
to climb suddenly up a tree; officers
were seen sliding over the bluff into the
river, as if tliev didn't care at all about
the high price of uniforms: the adju
tant m:ule good time toward the fort; a
sergeant began to throw up breastworks
with his bayonet; the major rolled over
and groaned. In a moment or two there
wa<a puff of smoke, and a dull thud,
and the mule—oh. where was he! A
solitary brute might have been seen
turning successful hack somersaults over
the bluff, only to rest at anchor finally
with his howitzer at the bottom of the
river, while the hall went off toward the
fort, hit the chimney in the major's
quarters, rattling the adobe bricks down
into the parlor, and frightening the
major's wife into convulsions. They
do not allude to-it now. and no report
of the result of the experiment was ever
-ant to the War Department.
An Eye on a Spree
An Alleghany physician, who. in
wav. is a great wag, tells a story of a
north side gentleman who for years hns
sulT-rcd from periodical attacks of what
in medical parlance is known as supcror
bital neuralgia- Quinine proved of no
effect, and the sufferer was almost erased
with pain. A kind-hearted old lady
living in the neighborhood of the patient
nformed him that if he would cut the
affected nerve with a pair oiscissors or
a knife it would give him no further
trouble. It so happens that ths super
orbital nerve is the one which controls
the aetion of the eyelid, and when a man
is in liquor this nerve becomes para
lyzed, and it is this that gives a drunken
person such a comical expression about
the eyes. The neuralgia patient no
sooner heard what liesupposod the wel
come news from the old lady than he
repaired to a closet, and with a jack
knife parted in twain the offendim
nervs, and he nows greets his friends
with his right eye as sober as a Qunkei
in a quarterly meeting, and the left in*
highly intoxicated co dition. — Pitts
burgh (Pa.) header.
Bearing Fruit.
Twenty-five years ngo we went to tin
wedding reception of a charming ami
brilliant young woman from n New
England State, inst married to a young
physician In a Western city. She had
come from the best s.-liool*. and was tlie
woman, of all others, who was looked
al as a leader in Ihe higher literary ami
artistic life of a prominent circle in I lie
town. Seven y ears ago we again met
•.hat woman, now a matron of forty
five, in a Western university town,
where her husband bad finally landed a*
a professor id'science in the college \N •
saw that the family were iiviti , in quiet
ami simple elegance on the small Hanoi
of a Wt -tern prx .feasor, with a Itousi In.
of line eliildren. and no servant that w<
itiu ld discover.
At tea we ventioed the question.
" What lias lu'en the re-ult of VoUt
studies ami ex|H'rieiu ' in the last twenty
years? 1 have wen no book, or luagu
/ine article, or poem. ovu your name,
as we i*\pivtial. " I will ihow vouiny
one lumk," -lie replied, leading tlte w y
to Iter kitchen There she i xhihited l
a most ingenious tuaehim t"i wa-hin.
the iltsbi Sol h. i tahle, which abolish, a
the drudgery of this disagrn I'-ie ind of
iioust keeping, and enabled a child with
the iielp ol two "lifts" from mot iter, to
make a play of what would be th< work
of a servant.
t'tiUPi*, Hot r\T\ Olllt i V ;%l
M-hoolcirt lias the inventive faculty to
do h hat this womait h id aeeotuplisls d
But think what she has done She
1,.- made it p.—ible for v. ry mother in
Aim rl Ito Ml an hour a day for study
or work, in the upper side of lit' Sin
has made it not oniv a respectable, but
an artistic etupioyinent to wash tabic
di-he- She I -made home dull' - ami
hoU-i keeping more attractive to all hci
daughters, and taken one more step t"-
wart! the alioiilioti of the drudgery thai
has - crushed out the lives of a thou
sand pi Herat ions "I women since the da
id m. tiier Eve. We doubt it any lumk.
i yen a new novel by ! iot, oi i
tew picture, a new voice like the warble
of to rst. r, or any -pleni'id thing that
may be done by a woman in America,
w oil Id go so deep, touch on higher
realms of lite, or mom justly entitle that
cultivated Christian lady to the respect
and admiration of the country. Ante
KnyUiml Journal of f'duntion.
Hysteria and Miraculous Cures.
Speaking of the can* of a woman it
Hoboken, X. J . who a aims to havi
been mi aeulously euixsTof paralysis id
the lower limbs, a New York pntn-r-civ
il •• points directly to the hvpoth* -is tlmt
the case was one of those interesting in
stances if hysterical palsy which delight
the expert in nervous diseases but are a
vexation and a puzzle to the genera
practitioner lly -terial,as beendscribed
as the dramatic artist of pathology.simu
lating all the diseases in the calendar.
Watson tells of a case of gastric hemor
rhage, treated hv hint in which tin
patient vomited incredible quantities ot
idooil daily, but did not emaciate. She
recovered spontaneously. Sir Charles
Bell was deceived bv a mock ease id hip
joint disease, and did not di-cover his
uii-takc until, while he was delivering a
rlinical lecture to liis pupil- on the limb,
the voting woman went off in a hysteri
cal fit and spoiled the point of his di
course. Scores of young women, says
an i mini nt medical authority, are annu
ally ireatetl for disease of the spine, ai d
i-ou fined for months ami years in a hori
zontal posture, when nothing whatever
ails them hut hysteria, and the supposed
spinal dis. ase is pure fiction. I>r Bright
tells of a e;-.e of hysterical palsy of tin
lower limbs, exact v -imilar to that oi
Mrs. Bavin, of Hoboken. which he at
tended lor nearlv a year without lwnefii.
The woman finally recovered -pontaip
ously under the infiu- ne. of a deep reli
gious imures.-ion. The ease id the poet
Southev's mother is a classical one of the
same kind. More inter.sting .-ti an
the eases of hvsteri al catalepsy! and
ecstasy, coupled with strange
which the spirit-world is revealed, that
occasionally come- under theoliaervation
of meilical men. A profound impression
was created among physicians in Brook
lyn and New York long ago. hy
the wonderful story of a young girl sut>-
jeet to such trancs in consequ.-nee of
nervous -ho k and injury received when
quite young It is scarcely necessary to
iii-eu-s at length the knotty question* ot
science raised by such eases, hut it tuny
be ob** rved in passing, in tin words ot
an eminent professor in the Royal Col
lege of Physicians and Surgeon-. I>m
don. that the alleged mir.v.. invnriab.y
liisappearsonclose investigation, leaving
belting a -ad history of by-teriaor a very
unpleasant lcoord of imposture."
Dining Bith Hi-Dead Family.
A mysterious dinner party w is given
some -hurt time ago, by an elderly gen
tleman. in the Hotel Demuth, at St.
Petersburg. One morning the gentle,
man in question upon Mr l'int
seber. the manager of the Bemuth res
taurant. and ordered a luxuriant r. pas'
for six, of whi.-li he, himself, made out
the menu, selecting from the wine card
the costliest vintages. He asked for an
estimate of the dinner's cost, paid the
amount of his bill in advance, and re
quested that everything should be pre
pare! for the entertainment of his guests
at seven o'clock precisely the same even
ing. At tjmt liotir lie entered the room fiir his banquet, and ti-.k hi
plaee at the ln-nd of the tahle. To the
chief waiter's respectful inquiry.
" whether he expected his frieiids to
arrive soon, as the dinner was quite
ready." he replied. "They arc ali here!
Let the soup oe servei forthwith*" By
bis express commands the at
tendants then proceeded to help the ab
sent guests to course alti*r course, setting
down full plates before the emp;y chairs
and pouring out precious wines into
the groups of glasses stationed ls'fori
each untenanted place. The gentleman
ate and drank copiously, now and anon
clinking his glass against the iuastorle>s
goblets ranged upon the table to bis
right and left. With the first round of
champagne he arose nnd made a speech
to his imaginary friends, from the tenor
ot which oration the waiters gathered
that they hid been engaged attending to
personages long since defunct. When
the gentleman had concluded his re
marks lie again went through the clink
ing formality, drained the contents of
liis glass, and. turningto Mr. Pintaoher.
chilled that amazed functionary's blood
by the following ghastly testimony:
I' ■ day I celebrate my joyful meeting
with my Ivloveii relatives —my dead
wife, daughter and three sons, two of
whom fell in the last campaign. Bo
not be afraid: I am not mad. It has
done nie a power of good to spend this
happy hour or so with my family. You
may look for me again on this day twelve
Heroes in Journalism.
Memphis presents a fresh example ot
the faithfulness of the journalist. The
city is literally dead, there is positively
nothing lining in the way of buiness.
yet the papers nppear as regularly as
ever, ami it has. of course, never oc
curred to the editors to suspend publi
cation. nn<l. like the merchants of the
place, close their establishments. Cer
tainly they go on at a loss, for all the
sources of their profits are shut. The
newspaper is ever the last to suecumh.
If its office hum down, it is out the next
morning witli "a full account of the
conflagration." The fires which de
stroyed Chicago and Boston only
scorched the newspap. rs. though tle ir
buildings were laid low. The war
record of the Memphis Aralawhr rap
not be forgotten—how it carried its
presses from point to jmint as the I nion
arm-es advanced, and printed its edition
everywhere and anywhere, but alwa\s
somewhere. The religion of the jour
nalist is his trade To him it is a sin to
fly from his desk at the ol
ditnger. Like the general at the head ot
his army, lie would be forever disgraced
in bis own eyes if the enemy, coming in
what shape it might, did not find him
in command. The income of the Mem
phis editor stops, but his expenses od
not. He fights for others and pays for
the privilege. He urge* courage. He
i> so little frightened bv Yellow Jack
that he takes him by the buttonhole and
laughs with him. He tells his fellow
citizens never to lose hope. He sifts
out the truth from the wild stories fly
ing about, and kills despair by show
ing how things eould be a great deal
worse than they are. He points
gleefully to the tuture, and declares
that Memphis mut and will recover
her old-time prosperity. Imagine, it
you ran, Memphis in this hour of its
sore trial without its press. Think ot
the ravages of the dead visitor, unre
corded. with only the alarmed paople
to tell one anothsr who still lived;
with the whole world silent, with no
word of encouragement to reach the
public ear.— Philadelphia Timet.
▼ Ivld llrellal of Tarrtfesla fieanaa VVil
i,assail In til a Vtlnri at fillvarla Prison.
*i* Who Navel Ma# lha l.lhl of Ilay. j
A cot respondent of R Wmtcni p*per.
who not it'iiif felnrf (mill visit to tlte -
mine* in Siberia, lurnislif* a gra!ilile ac
count of tlie tnißeralile t*le of the polit
ical ami other prionert cottlined in
them. After a deacrlpiion ot tlte trip to
T\ilmlL in company with a friend, ami
tlie difficulties cricountend on tlm road,
am! aUo on an ival in olitniniiig 'lie nec
essary permission Irom the officer in
charge of the tVeoßck* ttionetl Uiere.
the correspondent tel.* of hi* descent
into a towering mountain through a
shaft similar to the nil ola volcano. :
From within, fearful ami disgusting
odor* saluted the nostril* of the visitor*,
and on entering, dirty water dripping
front the roof fot im-d in rivulet*, through
which they u A-(hey proceeded,
llie stench he. unit* still more unbeara
ble, and the cold was so great that it j
waaf. il even through tlieir heavy eov
cr ng After a walk of about ten uiin ,
ute*, a Sight was oven ahead, and MHHI a
large Iron grating was tea. lied, which
being o|ielt.i| by tlie guard ntatiourd
tliere, till' parti passed into vvliat was
found to )>e the dormitory ot the prison
ers. lighted by only one poor oil lamp
I'll if* hole, into VV tlirll tlie ray* of tlie
sun or itimiu taitiUi never penetrate, was
called an apartment, and in this dun
geon the v ietims wi re obliged to remain
after a hard dav's work The miasma
rising Irom tin* half-rotted and soaking
straw which formed the twai* of thr
poor prisom is was deadening. Into the
walls, iVoiu iv iiieit droppcil water, a!-
coves had I HCII hollowed out, into
which live ol the convicts were placed,
ami each eli lim d to a liar ol iron fast
ened at the top of tlte cell Thus were
they'd to PASS l ln- night, no IMHI
. milling being allowed, and a hug of
rotting str.nv their pillow. No chair
nor table, no bench, no utensils ! ntiv
kind w< re to he seen, hut in eruel mock
ery tlie single light illumined an image
ot tlie Madonna in a gill frame, as she
liH.keti ffown on tin- scene of misery be
fore her.
leaving the dormitory and passing
a long corridor, an i-noriuou*
cave w an reachevi, in the center of which
straal a t.tiue and three henche#. Sev
eral torches hung from the wall lent au
uncertain light to the scene, which was
dismal and gloomy IHOon d description
Thia was the mine itself, and the noie
caused hv the many pickaxes and ham
mers Used by tho*i at work was deaf
ening Scattered about were hundreds
of ragg'ul creatures, with rough, long
h< arils, laces pale as death or of a sickly
yel ovv hue, dragging heavy chains rat
tling a> they moved. These poor pris
oners all looked unhealthy, and all
worked in siictn < : none spoke or talked
or whist ~ d. as is the custom among fro
workers. Many were barefooted, and
the rugs which covered them dripprd
with water, although it was so eold
that icicles hung from their beards.
Fhe work never eeoaed. fur if a convict
atteuipteii to stop, the rough oriw of the
guards drove liitn to new exertion. One
of the prisoners was narticußferly notice
able, vmiova* asked his name, iiul darai
not answer. The guide infonned the
visitors tiiat he was tlie fount Taren
toff, a well-known cams pi rotor, and
wa* known as No 114. 'llie ptoir iel
low swung Ins pickaxe a* the breath
eime wheeling from his chest, and
hmked exhausted and weary of life.
The sight w as sickening, and as tlie party
moved out the remark was mad- thai
Sunday must be a welcome day for the
toiling prisoners. The reply was that
Sunday was unknown in the mines; llie
•i-ntence was for unremitting work, and
the only rest would le the grave, for
none who entered the mine ever left it
a ive Two days in the year were ex
cepted, at Master, and on the otrthday
of tlte "glorious Km per orthe re
mainder of the time, twelve hours a day.
was allotted to work.
Carious Kemedy fur Heafness.
The de if can hear Ivy means of their
tee tli! The audiphone, an instrument
invented lay a Western tuun for allevi
ating tlie misery of deafness, is siutply a
s!i<- t of vulcanised rttl'lH r. alvou' 1-22
ol an ineli in tlii.-kn.--s. <u i firmly in a
handle of tlie same material, in t fie up
per ritn <>f ihi* sheet ate pierced some
lioles, through which pauses a silken
cor I. This got down <>n the inner side
of the sheet. to the handle, through a
slot in which it passes. Hv pulling this
cord the she.-t is tient over at any angle
which the uer tuny deal re. Kru-h t'er
son Ins to ascertain for himelf what
kind of a curve of the rublH r sheet w ii]
. nah - him to,hear best, (ienentlly it
is very s.iglit—only al*'Ut ten or twelve
degn .-K— though apparently the deafer
the p< rsoti the greater the curve must h'.
When usi-d. tit.- person holding it
•imply touches the upper <tlge of
llie tun. or audiphone, against the
tc-tli of the ut'|'r jaw. The voice
of the speaker strikes ujnm this tense
sln-> t i f rubber, and ix.nnnunieates to it
vibrations which are in turn imparted
to the teeth, and then pass to the audi
tory nerve. With this operation the
outer ear has nothing whatever to do;
tie- de.i ate machinery through which
-<>und passing from without makes an
iraprv-ssjon U|.on the auditory nerve i*
not ued at all. The outer ear may be
slopjH-d up entirely, so fr as it is pos
sib..- to do it. and yet one hears d.stinet
ly the moment the audiphone is applied
lii tlie teeth. It is necessary to use tlie
Gs-th of the U|'P'T jaw, for the reason
that they ar>- n<>re nearsy in contact
with the auditory nerve; nor dins it
make much differenct whether the tiath
Ire one's own or artificial, so long as
tlnse artificial t<s-tli are tightly litt'-d:
for wlii'ti tliat i* the case tlie vibration
is imparted about as well as when they
are natural te.-th. The inventor i*
rh-af himself. He happened one day to
hold a watch between bis teeth, and
notieisl that lie could distinetly ln-arits
ticking, though when lie held it to his
ear no sound was audible. This set him
to thinking that possibly lie might li
able to invent some device by which the
sounds of the human voice could lx
transmitted to the auditory nerve
through the medium of a tube, just as
the ticking of the watch hod been.
A Miner's Lurk.
A lettter from Carson City. Col., to
the New York Sun givi-s this story
Mines of immense value are discovered
daily all tiiiough this district. Seven
miles from Silver Cliff is another mining
town of the name of Rositn, which is
growing almost as fast. It is an older
settlement, hut it has hecn brought Into
prominence only quite recently by the
now lantous Hnssick" mine. Hassiek is
an old sailor from lie 1 fast. Me. Years
ago he went to Australia, engaged there
in mining, made a large fortune, squan
dered every rent of it, and returned
to this country penniless, hut with con
siderable experience in mining. He be
gan tlie bard work of prospector, but
had such poor luck for several years that
even his credit with the grocers and pro
vision dealers of Kosita gave out. His
large family was on the verge ol destitu
tion when, a few months ago. lie at last
struck a lode of exceptionally high
graded ore. To-day lie is a millionaire,
having sold out his mine to a tiarty of
New York capitalists for f3.60.000 rasli
and l? 1.000.00 ft in stock The old Maine
sailor is now "an independent gentle
man." He wears good clothes and dia
mond studs; his children liave been sent
to Eastern schools, nnd he himself has
been v isiting in his native Maine. The
only unpleasant reminder of his life of
hardship is a humpback, acquired hv a
fall down a shaft some hundred feet
Words of Wisdom,
The wounded heart heals, hut the sear
remains forever.
They who have true light in them
selves seldom become satellites.
The smallest perfect achievement is
nobler than the grandest failure.
Actions, looks, words, steps form the
steps by which we may spell character*.
All ihings are admired either because
they are n< w or because they Rrr- great.
Great things are not oervimpliahed by
idle dreams, but by years of patient,
If misfortune hits you hard, hit some
thing "Ise hard; go into something with
a will.
It is not what you have in your chest,
hut what you have in your heart, that
makes you rich.
It is with our good intentions as with
our days—to-morrow is but too often the
hash of to-day.
In memory's mellowed light we be
hold not tlte thorns; we see only the
beautiful flowers.
It ia easy to pick holes in other peo
ple'i work, hut far ntor# profitablfi t do
batter work yourself.
We cannot hare fertilising showers en
the earth without a clouded heaven
above. It is thus with our trials.
KaiUm and Middle Stat**.
At th* Ma—rhii*etl* ftopuldf an Ntate Con
vantion, bald to Woroaalar, Ab-aandet II
Budia-k pre*idl ovei th* 1,1.4 .bdegalr#
piaaeut. On an inl.u inal Iwllol for Gov oriiot
John 1) 1 snug reasdvwt Ctt9 *"•• lo M' 4 lot
Henry L Haifa and I lor t baric* Heven*.
ami Mr lamg wa* tharaupon
•late ol the iwiivaiitioii by arclan.aiiott. Bv ion'U w* nominated tor l.ieutei.niit Imt
eraor, and iheolhet I daces on the It- kct w.-ic
filled by lenoiiitiMU.m >l the iitvsciil Mate
..moor* Th* plat fill ui adopt**! amiuta the
docttiuv* heteloloi* (.riadatiiu-! and ULa-.n
tnllie.) that the Clilted Mats• U a Nation; thai
.-out institution* ie.i ujuin lite equality ol ail
■lieu let >ie the law ami that * fee lallot. Un
lnfitieH*ed bv Iraud. intimidation or lorve, and
honestly counted, i tha right nt every quah
fie.l volet and we demand tint! elrs In ,ns sliall
l.e tiee Irom *ll inlei lei en. e by unlawful
leatte* ol aimed men, ant! shall also lw* lire
I root the ttiterteience ol National or !- ale
indili* lotu-a, eife(.t when einploytsl a- a
pait *.l Hie |>u. rumifuf-l. deliotiufr* "tin
lloive |oiti-nu iiilsdeiaiue which prevent* *
tier lallot. denies lice torn id p" ilteul opinion
and action, am! takes Irom an) ol the | .
the right to clu.i-e theft hotn.-s ntid t*. <-oiiti\4
slid i ttjoy the It litis ot llirll lalsil eoudl ltiu*
the lfeatuuMßtn- meinla-is ol I ong ir-si*t tlie r
legislative fisli.e, is op|ewa<t t> "n-pudis
Iton tu all it* form*, eilhei bv * 'a-ido g >.t
■tebl* or a drtsis! iiient ol I lie legal temlei i It
culaiiou,' and insists that the- (.s(.vi anil the
<l*Un t tieuistaui ol the count*) *lia.i at aii
time* lie ma ntaiued at pat with lilti g-dd
• tun.laid >4 llie OiMituteo isl wuiid; waiiui)
applauds I'lrsideiit Haves lor his administra
tion id public aflaiis; releis the UHii|*rkUta
queettou to tlie ls)(iiLtnil'i. and piwis4ia ll
adiiiiblatiaiioii ol Uie .Slate goveinuient tin
Uie past year
i tie niiliual exhit-ilioii of (tie A met i.-an lu
•Utute iq-rtn-t iu New Yiuk the other day •
Seveiifccn hundred delegate* were re(H.rtrs!
pris.. nl iu Womestcr at live eon v.-n I ion id ttie
Butler wing ol tlie Mu-s-afbii-.-lis 11. ina-mia.
Fx tarls.x ptcided I In- to -
lownig ticket was nominated I-or *ov ernoi.
II F Bullet; Lmtiltuinnt-Governor, A 11.l 1 .
lA'uodwortb, >s-ietar> ol Stole. M 1 lioua
liue; Attorney licneral, \V F Nortlrend,
Tteoaurer, It N Skillings, Audilor, U. J
King Ihe plallnt Mi adopte-l ignoies national
issues entirely, and devote* itself to -lute
alfail*. ll teadlrtus '■ devotion l the tirn*-
hotior<at prtneiplM at the 1 ieinitrrxlio |vcty ol
the fountr> ;" rveogtuxrai i!ie r glil ol the tnn
(ority Ui rule; S-M-111 llint thecuuing eie-lion
I* tor Stale offh-ei* alone, and dvprwale* tlie
disctlastou til this caiU|Mttgtt "I Hot'.mal iesttns
as lending tocitwle divisions twtwCsMi men ol
diflorclil patties wlmoiv in ei.tira oicoi iiqaiu
all question* alt-sue w in,di all.- I State uflotra;
deuiamla itgnt eeotiomy In all State ami muni
cipal affsus; insist# that lite Sate go Tel nuietil
ts* odiiiimstoie.l by ortliwrs provided lor t.y tna
t'onatiliilion, demand* such wise legialation
in regoi l h> permitting corporate talios to
appropriate private pro|sHy as willptaee the
considerations ol the pu'dic g>-ol over tiioee of
private interest, ojnnes all un nee a*wary or
unwjual t*iotion, and any #>atein ot convict
l*>H.t wlncli compete* With ttv-e lala.t; colls
lor simple and uioloim ivgislrvvlion lows and
dauoutujr* Uie " so-fall. 1 4. IV |1 |)nu age Lsw
aa tnuschicvou*. unjust an I duiigr.-i us.
Nearly one bundled thousand v isltors Were
preeent in Haitford to wutiess the ceremonies
rnnnac'iid w.lh I lag lie) the cotive)amt- -rf
the Slate a old tattle Hogs Irom Le >tat.
arsenal to the uew Coj itol liieic was a
I mnmiri"- ■ of 10.000 ve erau#. and the build
lugs along the naite were hande.-rnal) dtvora!•
e.l General llowle) deli vera! Uie color* i
the, and the eiciviaea ci.-aod w itli
a oollatiou to the veteran#.
On the ilay alter Butler e nomination lor
(iui crtior at VVtmnW, by a wing of the Mr.#-
aacbu-e(t* IfeonwwrnU.niadhet convcntioti M
held there in hi* intervata—tin* trine .<1 lii
publioans who dosiiwl lu* election. About a*
many delegate# w err (.resent aa on the pre cl
ing ,toy. and Altiert I' J. rear .led i.eiieia!
tiuller was ti .uiinate.l lor t.'.vr r witiw.ut
up|>Witron, and the wh'deof the S:ate ticket
chosen the <!ay tteforw bv the But -! 1 >ein 5
ciata war ado)dot t Flic | latlotiu ail.q.te ; Is
unalterably oj (-we-l to the rule ■ th. li -.g
which ha* fastened it-til ujm itie ' oiunion
wealth;" demand* reform in the -tot.- g,o
em moot, anil that the right* of .bn lw
re#|ws-trt; denounce* the intinfehUtion id vo
ter* tn evetylorm. oji|s the citatum of
rointm**!"!.* •• jwtfortn llie dutie- •<! the
Kverutue; ( |w-e# the ivitein i-I dout *e tax
atxvn, demand* tliat all ( ours, s ntade lo th*
soldier* and aailuts h kept; usee its Ural tin
way to the l*s.i.< G.x should tw -lirss-t, eo.).
uunnpesled and aerure IromWaqilooag. and
com ll iends Genetwl Butler a# one who would
fill the office ot governor with ' -inplete sue
mm "
At a tartement■ hottee fire in B wloo. a lew
days ago. Christian INeiffcr, *ge t' itv -evgltt.
ltoae ileitler. age loir. Mia. Ilwldrvol. ag.
forty-five, and Mi* '.ille-iiie ogeaixt), sue
burtiesl b> death; I'enlmand Motto.L, age
thirty, and K.e Mortoth, i- niece, were
killed by ianiping from a wuclow. owd kit
other iuMiatea of the house were more or ie
se ioatly iniuird,
Danud Drew, the well-known finance* and
railroad atwculatw, <!lrd ainttte-.d) at his ti.nue
Iti New 1.-k.trie idli.-l .la' i" b- .- pc" t\ -
thiol ysar. Mr. Dr. w Iromaamall begiuning.
built up an imnwMs ►tea.iitat inUueet on
the lloiGcm mer. then r'nigal krui uy in traiwnction* tn Ilaii *.r*wt, a: ! nt
one lime wn* one of the wealthiest men in the
city Finally, however. he lost unnimor einn#
and end.-l in lavukmptci. During In- pr.-
jwrv.ii— .Uv* he Imtnlel an! eii<iviwe>l wit
ifiSd.OOO the Drew M iit Seminary at
via/loon. N J At one time his Twine w*-
vanoo*.)' .wl in at* it at liet filteen an *
thirty million dollar*
Frni.caco I'oreelio. the dteehargw! Italian
wortrvnan who tnutdeifd the Irwwme u id a New
York confectionery (oct'-iy bv aialtkirg hun to
the heart a* he sro* g.-'i-fi h-irnc Ir-mi w.Ht,
bo* Iwsui allow ei ti plead giullv of murder in
Uie aeot.nd degree, ami Iweti entfn< ed to un
pr eontnetit lor liis.
The official vote >l Maine f.u Governor,
Willi the exception ol twenty- *mul! loan- an-'
plai lotion*, which will m-l aflei t
the to'ul vote, give* ibrvis. Hepnblifati, 67 -
970; .Smith. Greeah*cker. 47 oiO. nd tarr<
inn, Ifesnnocral. Jl.lSt liaii* failing to qet
a majority over all. thr eleciion tor Governor
will tw ctt'rie.l t<i the la-gialnture. which i
*ud tn Aland aboat a* lollows: senato— lie
puhlicmn*, 19; O(ni'ioti, 12. H<ni*- |{e
pn hi icon*. 90; lippiwitMm. 80
F-mr colore.! men and one white man were,
pnbliclv w ft>| juai in Newf iallo, Del , a lew
ilay* ago, foi larceny
Wextrm nd Southern States.
Charte*GlaM wn* hnng'-l at Cnrio. 111., lor
the tunriler ol farter Newman, Inst Mnrrh.
lh.lh were colored, mid the motive ol U*
crime wo* jealouav. Gin*, met his latacol.Hy
and retuseil to talk.
The Wisconsin Dtwl and Dumb tuslilule at
lielevan ha* Iwcti hurneil to th" gtound, caus
ing a lo*4 C>l 8590,000- The *rhoo! year Unit
j ist commenced and ihere were 147 children
in attendance, but no one wa* injured.
I'raaident liny*attended the reunion ol the
Twenty-llnnl Ohio, hi* old regiment, at
Y'o.itigslown, O , and he and tienetwl Sherman
made apeeche*.
Official rwtornt from llumlvildt eminlr, Fali
lorm*. show tliat Herrv (liemiwrat) is ehwlni
to represent the 1 hird Congressional district.
Berry ItttMeil, prnaideut ol tha New Or
i lean* Bank of lofeinyettc, now in liquidation,
hn* luen artosle-l. charged with einhrul-ng
ff13,000 of the bank'* money, and *eut to jail.
The preaerit |Hlnut crop in Virginia ia anid
to ire the INW! ever nostni in the Stale.
James G.*, a prominent lawyer n.l
politician of Milwaukee, ha* been nominated
lor Governor ol Wisconsin, on the Democrat c
ticket, in place ol Alexander Mitchell, who de
clined. He ha* accepted the nomination.
The Colorado Republican*, at their State
convention I I Denver, nominated William F
Berk for Judge ol tho Supreme Court.
The Indian* luve been murdering and dep.
redating in Southern New M'-xiro. A dii"
jmlch receive I Irom Captain Hooker att>|-
eiente says he had a five hour* fight with 10U
Indian*. llie whites had leu killed and
•e\ ernl wonndeil and lost *1! their horac*.
ITpon application ol Governor Wallace, ol
New M •xico, Wur I h'pnrtnt*nf. tbr
rntmnnii'lftnt ot tin* nr*rnnl nt l\H Utii'n.
Nw Mexico* dirwlinl t *#nr nn tuntix
nrtnn HIH! HA tntirh nimiiutiiuoti U <Mv*piwr
Wnllnro a* hf inn? rail !r, t| t nrrni ,i(0
rift. * mid I,ooo,ooo cartridge*.
After nn aiwenee nbrmnt i>l tvrn yenr* nnd
lour month*. General Grant, wile and party
arrived in Sun Francisco Irom Jit|>nti, nn.l
were received wilh tiring ol gnn*. 'nging ol
liell* and a proeeomon ol militury i .-ti #*
orgnnir>itioii. Dpon landing Mnyor Bryniit
delivered a p4B*iti ol welcome nod extended
the Ireedoiu "I the city and it* lioapcanti' S.
(tciieral Grant replied briefly, and was llicu
driven toward In* quarter* at the Painee Ho
tel, near which, under nn inch forty teel high,
wivathcd willi flag-, flowers and evergtecii*,
he reviewed tin. prorension n* r (tie I pa*!
All along the route the window* w.-te ileiun
n itcl. bonfire* til up the *t reel nor n-r*, -olorni
flies hlaxi-d in trout ol mnnv ol the hou*e*,
and elßClrie liyht*, ro kets and H-nnan eaiidl
■n|.ti-.| to the ill nninalioi, wlnle innuuieio'de
flag* and banners wared Irom the hou-eo| *
and windows. Arrived at the hotel the parti
were weloomed by a chorus ot 5(10 vi.ic-n and
a shouting crowd. Ihe party will remain on
the Ficiflii slope aome time, visiting tl.c Y<>-
ieiii e vallev, iniuing region* arid other nl
truni ion*. I hiring Genet at Grant'* t rip ahmad
tie tin* visited England, hwi'ierlnnd. Ilnlv,
Egypt, Jaffa, tlie Holy
Holland, Denmark. ,Swc*le Norway. Knwia,
Poland, Austria, Germany, Ireland, India,
China and Japan, about in the order men
During a recent raid Irom Canada into the
United .Sfalrw Sitting Bull fought a duel, killing
end scalping hie opponent, ii Crow Indian.
From Washington.
Th full text of Secretary Kvarts' letter ol
instruction diplomatic officers ol the
United Steles in the various oouutrirs lrnm
which Mormon emigrants eemetothis eonnfry
has IOM been made public. Alter reciting the
(act that polygamy h> contrary to the laws ol
the t'niie-l Hfadw ami that th* rank* ol th*
Mommna *ra tuaukly lUled flow loretgn aotts-
I lias, the lattsr oolßilltieai " >'n Insndly
|Miwer will, Ot eoura*. kiinwiagly laud it* aid,
m *ti iudireelly, to attani|ita mad* within tta
bnrdai* again*! th* law* and gnvaretnant ola
ixnitiiry <> belt.wiih it is at pasca, wlih eelah- i
balled latins id aiuily and rceiprt>ewl relatiuna
ol lieaty between them; whila, avan wara
iline no question involvad t<l ojion and penal
inliwtion ol tha law* ul tha land, every oou- i
aldeiat.oii id county should pievail to pievent
I lie territory of a Ii mildly Mais limn iMrouitnug
n result ot retiigs for the crowd* ol misguided
men and woluen who** . rtence sgsmsl mo
lality and decency would bo intolerable in tlie
laud Ii "in whence they oolite" The letter
rottc'iidee try direr-ling our dlplomalic officer*
lo call the aMeulnm ol the government* to th*
countries IU which lliey (rente Ui the mailer,
and to ir.jueel those governments to lake sleps
1.1 |.irv cat Moiaioii agent* Irom organldng
fom|mes ol vioimon converts and sending
them to Ihl* country
Ihe herretary ol the I teaaury ha* iaaue.l a
on culm slalmg that gold coin Iwyoud the
nc. ds ol Ilia government has a!-ciiinutaie<l in
the I reaaury, and directing the I'mlrd Nlstes
litwsure: and saslsiaul lieaaurel* al >■
I Oik, llo.ion, I'lributelphla. Ualiiimna, Cm-
Ciunntl. t hicngo, M Units. New f)i leans and
~n I lanrisco lo pay out gold OO.n a* well aa
sliver colli and In ilea upon tha current obilga
Irons ol the government.
foreign Newt.
The military rorTe*|w indent ot the Uirutim
Timti w inca trout I. " It i' diffbnh. In
the lace ol the on I wnt lining e> i lsn. es lo lite
contrary, to twill ve tliat \ akrdr Khati has
(datedan houorabis iwrt in tlie rveent *!intue.
lul deorts at 4 Blrtil. ll I* algnlflfAtll Ural Ma|or
lavagnari's |.IIUTI|siI uauvo assistant is be
UetT I to liave d.ed a abort lime 'ladine Uie
outt i faL under aoiaewhat au|uciou rireulu
stuiifos Being an Alghan and well acquainted
W illi Hie woi kings ol au Oriental court. Ins
(n ivm-ihv in the Brdish Kesideury was .tangri
mis lo those who wet* plo tlllg the OOtluwak "
A dtrput!h Iroin tv uila, India, adds thiW Ya
knh khan has wrttlan another teller, e*(>reas
tug Ills .lee)> guoJ au.i dial leas al I eoanl r rents
llf ra)a be has confidence in the Bntlah guv.
eminent, and unuouiicsw bta inleuuon to pun
tab the offemters Colta, the eimneul Cierman geol
ogist, is ileal.
kvan Mollis, ot I'ltialmrgh, was defaated in
about race at H.rlna*, N n , by Wan en .vmilh.
of that place.
1 be American Institute of Mining Kngineara
met in annual convention al MonUeal
Jirhn !'>lor, Jr., town clerk ol Bcockvtlle.
Out., baa absconded with ffI.UUU belonging
tiro town.
1 here la a gold lever in Nova SroHa. In
g i,-en, count) flue a|mciiuena coiiUiiue lo be
lotted near the auiluce. The pnw|wctua ola
gold iniinng oouqiauy, with a tapnal ol IT.'OU,-
UUO, lias Iroeu issued.
A diafratch If run t. *{ Town, South Atrira,
rtqawtb ibe capture of Let) wa) o, king ol the
If ibis Some .lays taslore ha capture Cety
wnyo dclrsndert bis lolluwer* and secrete.l
'.in.-ell in the bush. Ihe British, under tol
Harrow, pursued him Irom kraal Pi kraal,
tturning the kiaal* as Cctvwayo and a lew M
lower* Iter I belore them. The capture was
made by surrounding blur in the buah with
a del in bin nt o| and llireaimiing to
shoot ium it be ret used to surrender at once
3 was alone ami made i ivrsistenco
1 no 1 lent h erlitors have just Sought a duel
tlolii Were oiighUy aumala i.
Letywayo aas uliarly jirtiatralcd when cwp
tuled by the Kngtish trtaqrs, and had witli hltn
tinly tbeßty-twu toltower*, flt • ot whom were
alter wairl abut while attempting W> esCaf*
i,l /urtiS succeeded in eacajutig.
Mr I bom as L IxMUt. stbe well-known
l.ngbah agruultuntl authority, aa)s that thr
Jtrdish government'* arid lb* trade estimate.
s iow that the amnios wheal m America, Bus
sia and in Uie Kaat is Soy UUO quarter* lees
than the aggregate deflcieia')' ol the Various
couutviee olul a I ise in the pitoe ut hraadaluds
ts tliereloie anla-tpotcd
In consequence of the hmi liar vest and
numerous llrasN the dtaliaM in |*iT* ol Hun
gar) Ibrmleiis to broranc *|.(ialluig during lb.
. .ining winter. Tire 1 etuos- liorial dislrwt
. tiiM-mtei.w: with laiuine, and some of the in.
babitaul* are pre|atriug to cimgnUe lo Marvin
irnru Brwouaflebi boa been making a ajreec l.
10 p.irgliab tan tier* in winch he rqiriarnlw.
t 3 cat y *ll til* chief tatiner* in the ex
tiv ine M eater u Main wcte u>
< uiiada.
J Itere l as lawn a laood) outbreak of Algtiai
reg.m. Ids at lUrat. Algharualan. The tnq
rwvollc-l and inurdeival the civil and nnblat)
A Berlin correspondent report* that Count
1 s-.irwlfia ski. e* Airhlnsho|> nl l*oeen. has
Uu condemned to a flue ol 2,000 marks or
s<>\ rut) days' imprisonment lot eiforninuuinx.
ltt a j lint w ho had o!ie)ed the May laws.
kmperor William ol Uanwiity met with a
cn.d ti--ri'tictt a ictw-at visit to films.
l*irg. 111 rbexw Many 4 the slirq* were
no , d and a tu illiiude cl h.eiaee clUMai than
shutters Only the official tarilditig* wrtr pr<-
luaely dncorw'evl l'h i irnuan-spsrakuig m
|.,|MII,I. lot inert the bulk ul the crowd in Ibe
-tisels thong , tlie t-'rrncho>|>cahiiig deUM-nt
in Siraaburg is Mill very atrvmg.
irteat pte(Wtalirt* arc 's-ilig mar'e by the
Alghan tele a to insist the Bntiah tisarps sent
iilfiuiiM t uein
At a meeting on ttvc land qiixaalron, hek) in
1 pvtarv. Irtdu'ld IS,OOU |er>>us were pi as
ent ar ! reeolutnvn* wne | calling lot
a'tn!. no nt ot rents and the oatahhshtnent ol
the |os.said propnetai) svslem.
Some severe fighting has twren going on in
I si Iretwecti insurgent launla and loyal vd
){. v J f| hi'. Thonq -on. an rtuinent Cm
gri-gntt ,'iitl divine, and a tlgu'r in tli*
Vii. :i aaooioayat Berlin, wherehxi hud bv•
since INjlr I* dwl in his a A ly-lira', year. H
ingiiMlid and lur twelve year* was editor ol
rtie / ; iryri.itt, the well-known religious
u< *ja|* : ____________
Tfllotr Fpvpr Notes.
A late Mem phi di |*lrh to th* New York
Hi tali says: •' The lever has ser iinglv taken
a trsah start. It was tbought that Uieextrvnie
rotrl wa.lher nl the |*st week would in a
(non-Ure check it* *J..-wading, tarth in and oul
sidr the city SoareiJy a .lay paasv-s I ail arum
new nclini who lias fle.l a short dis' into
the country to escape tire tavngc* of the
sv-Hirge I* stricken, and owing to tha poor
socomnKstaLams a(T.'r.le-l away ln>m the env,
•lich pel Sims generally die If lire w oat bar
c-witiulie* togroa vraivoer. the greatvwt danger
is to lie tented thai the disease will spread to
all those town* leljaceut U> Mem|diia ttiot
were scourge 1 last yar. Thr quarantine
n-gulation# are being nifidlr enforced by the
11 ate I Rid ol health officials, hot ll next
to I1|1( -i'jie tf their oonuuoafil vio
lation in a city id the si/e of Memphis, and
> igilaid a the officer* mny lie, they cannot
impn-on t!:c 16.000 people who yet remain in
the citr, UHUiy Ot a bom. lorced by their ne
ferurdie-. ure da ; Jy finding **>' * 4) 'he
country in aranrh of lat*vr. 1 lie—e are the
otHva that carry the iuteclton with thetn. In
ciei) m-'ai.fn where the fever has developed
beyond the city the in taction could b* tracod
directly to Mettiphi*.
A review of tha situation, ar a Meniphi*
dispatch, revcaU I a lollowi ig condition rfi
uffnr* H ere are about TIS pfwvplo *ick with
yellow trier in and adjacent to Memphis,
a carte ul! ol whom are being attendtvd end
fined lor by the Howard*. Their physicians
and visitor- are tUily nbroad *ocking new
victims ot the plague They have 180 nurse,
on dutv and na> working under an expense ot
n'.MH f7OO per diem. Their dailv eip<-naea
have treen re.luc*l ffdOOhy tlrclosing ol their
supply More. Mason*. O.M Fellow*. Knight*
ot Honor and orher benevolent association*
are laboring hand in hand witn the Howard*
in the gient and nolda work of rcltaving the
sick and di*tre**ed
The following telegram from the Secretary
ol War ha* Is-en received *' Memphis "It has
been decided bv the I'reaident and Cabin, t,
offer full consider*'em, that since the recent
action ol ( ivngiea* rrl.ef lor the pe.ipie in yel
low fever camp* must eonte either Irom the
National Board of Health or Irom tho Mate
until, TU if. C.u'grees having pa*sed a law
on til" subject foi. ral action mutt l>e gnide<l
Hie plague ha* #ei*el npon Corcor.lia. Mia
A recent dispatch .ays th* condition ot the
rilif -iis there is pitiable in tlie extreme and
add- 'Hedged in by a shotgun quarantine
II git is iui|s.ssilde. and #o there is nothing
bit them bill to await their late in despair
I hen- is a acircily ol money and nuraoa and
the t'oneordiiui* have aj|TalTsl for aid. I welve
nurse- are IHI duty and they threat en to *tn ••
unless priMiiptly paid. At a relief meeting
ludd in Uwenville, Ml**.. fG>O wa* raix-I *nd
-eut to Concordia. Mav ot Ibmrge*. of Green
vtlle, wo* requested to n*k a*mtance fmni
other towns in Missi*ippi. it twing the general
opinion that Mi--.**i|>i might to lw ahle to
take rare ol Comord.a without ai.tance
trnm the oilt*ide world."
A Strnnge llrech of PromlseStiit,
Of *ll the accusations brought against
tl„ Oily of Glasgow Bank. that of being
tli.> cause of mi action for breach 01
promise of marriage is certainly ths
strangest. but nevertheless it is a fact.
I lie nam. sof the partiesare well known,
hut there is no necessity for mentioning
them; si#ie it to sav that the lady be
longs to Glasgow and the gentleman to
Greenock. both of them being people of
ome wealth. The laity unfortunately
held some of the stock of the hank, and
when the crash came, although the mar
riage invitations had actually been
issued, the gentleman cried off until it
was ascertained how far he would he
affected as her husband. After the de
cision of the House of Lords, that no
liability would extend to him. it was. of
rouiup, f'xppctfd ihnt would fit
complete his engagement, but for some
reason or other lie had changed his
i.ind and positively refused to do so.
After all persuasion bad failed, an action
claiming $ 15.000 was raised, which he
has now compromised by paying $5,000.
—Liverpool Gazette.
A teacher ilsflned oonsclcnrfio* "oma
tlilng within you that wll whfin you |
have dona wrong." " I had It once," 1
•poke up a young towhrad of al* ium
iner. "hut they had to aend for tha
doctor.- Dinyluwtplun Republican
Tha tiumiier of Mormon* who emi
grate! to the United Stat* In theaummer
of l*?H wan *.OOO, and la expelled to
roach *.500 tbi* year. •
ttho be* mil •*• Hllhros t
I'rotmldy no one Doubtlrw* we havo *ll
•offered t. eotne extent the itieegrweal-le
nations which • dteo Meted or languid liver j
nan lnfik-l Sallow nes* ol the •km, e.mstipa-
Hon, nausea, vertigo, Borcuees 111 I * t krlnity
ul the ••• £••■ a flee Ue I, • seiioßliOn ua nl miljfes
tOlit In the hewit, jawilive lievlncliv, a h** "I
appetite. ixttenie lhtrt, a high color of Ure
unN. are among the aytiiptome wrhieh nn
it ounce a petvsieuHi or vitietiuci ol the bile
l ite remedy ol remedte* lor lite above ia If"*-
letle:'• stouiwli littler*, administered by uied- :
loai inert; |>ioniHittt ed I Ml re and wbolewmiMj
by litem, and |spuUl aa a roiw|.ir!ieitan e
laiully itteila-ine, and aa a specific pievreullve
void iruiedy chills and lever and Inltoua re
nt lleitta throughout America, and to a wide
client in hccign fount tow Disorders in the (
■UNitaeh and bowel*. a well aa liver, are
•i-e "Illy irmntind with thie j-jpulor and tune '
octal medicine.
< hitdreu do not tile ol the rrietp to vbflei Or-
Um. Hail * lialaaiu lor the Fungs u admin
isi.ird i'aienta will do well ttt temeuibei
thie tact and khe|> a medicine, which saved *o
many livnv, in the houee read> tor an enter
grucy. the tialeam tivriconie* a leitdem-y to r
oollßum|.Oott, atieiigtlieoe w*tk a let hettla eore
lung*, tetnednpe |iainful and avlkttlw'lf htvtalh
ing, lmnisitrw Iwauaeneavamlcure* all hnnwhtai
■ ltd irwehea! Ittrtariimaliou ll yon liave a
tough, nee it "warty and ulteu". All drug- |
gi*4 9t.11 11.
it|*> fer \ t00..11.
By neiidjng ihiny-ffv eeeni*,with age, beighl, I
color oi eye* and hair, you will iwwtve by re
tut u 11mil a correct plmbigiaj hol your lutut* j
bustao.d ot w tie, with name and date ul mm
rioge Addlea* W. Kul, I*. U. Drawer HI,
Fultonvtllr. Si. V.
t/oi on* itliCuiM.—l boee abo are *uflrr- |
tug Iron, coogita, cold*. hueraeneea, *ore tin net,
rig , ahotiid try "Jlrovrn'* Branch.*! Trashes
24 cent* a box.
About organs, tblafart i*rom-iit*ive Maeon
A I lull lint Organ* brv# taken Ute hlgbeet (
honor* al overy world* eihitiilion lor twelve
yeui *, ami no other American organ bae taken
the Ingiieat award at any such.
One |*Ur ol boots or ahoea can he saved
every ) ear by using Lyon* I'sU-ul 11 eel (stifl
ensr Sold by ehtir and hardware dealer*.
Owe Jackson s Ileal Sweet Nov . olaavo
t'se only C (>i)ltert * Corn Sttirh
llaagkirn. Hltn and Wothrrs.
Its M k lull iMS 1 IfcaiN kCa HoLil ttS j •
nvs.f *r r trim r W <-n,-s u. ii as f s it* . / U.<
Wuatk. w LII.S LS'.'b,. tr 1 itcrsliult . f I
U.r W.VS' . Us.l'lfbU Hrntucmsfir ul I' tttanit*. fit ' .
buporcnsr J suu |::T*uir Mtus..' AttuMSii *
r r.... u.r Itttisir bra,l 1 sis! .sJ fur s |wu<|a <1 e it.
titslatTUi .cos sttk irrUOcsU-s fiutti pi and
nsii nu u'AKTH A nal.i.Akl). tries. * I
Stu.d 1) ail D "**. '.s *1 Sr |tr! WtUs
— |
saw tea*
Her! < U> Vtsfi. MsUvss, Use wl O*V4 w
t'slvei. eisu feint Or-s 4 **,,
Miis)' - "b*4 #
Isttls Ikd d . 1
Hugs Ijvs *'•• r*t
K>eur— E1 Ht*!c, guod to fsucjr 4 M i 5 fee
Wmteti eced le tawoy.... i fer .* * •'
Übrsl So. I lied I Ira s 1 U ,
..hit- R!s'.- 1 tl I 191,
lljs-snn 'I
lisrtej lwi. R.i<-d Ktscs JOj A1 h'
itoru rngrsttefi Wtslti* fel iel * *' J*
K ut! TTU fes..t I 4-
Osis -Willi! Mist' .. a V 4 w
Ul-' Wsstera J # * \
Hay hetsl) OraAss ~ . 44 t4 k
Mtrss frvtl lite. Jet rvt 1 t4 *1
ltM-ti<*tr. !? t4 l
iMTk-MwaS * T tg IT*
—4 I) h'.natn r.ttt 4 (M
Ivtrtdeota—4'tads "4 Uefinsd— kij
WtKtl—ntsl* and l**na. XX...... . 91 A 4
ilßilsr - Amu Orwsmcrj 19 tg f
tisiry II II
Wsstert. i resmsrj....... U .4 ll
Variety al ♦ ll
treses -Wste Vst*nr> •# A '■
►.ltd* 04 A 041.
Westers Factory....... .. I*4 t?*
Xnt -un u4 Iksiajitf s I'v4 15
trrt, u>.
r.our—env ffetcend. Xo. i ti|>r:sg 4" A* 1*
Wluwl k*d Winter I 01 AI 01
Ooro-Nr* Western 40 A 4c
t late—Male ... 9* A *>
Barley—Twc Hnwsi.! btais. *4 A 1*
rtonr -Pear choice sod faury.. 9 99 A 9 60
Wham-Venn. Hfd 11l A I 19
Anther I 19)* A I Ul*
Rye—Mate 94 i
lkits 'Mr t 4 A 4*
< Mk!a—Wived 61 *4 94
Hure-Cfuwtt I'tln .... If 4 V
obw*—Saw fork Factory 0T A 05k
Vstrmeuiu—Crude JJ'.AJ', l,< ati' J —Ut
Herf-OktUa, Uv* weight. . .. . 04kA 04)*
Sheep 04 A 041*
Hogs 4V*" •*!
VTuuy—\l isisuiatn and Mian l*v; ...It* 41 0
(torn— M et> and Vrfos 90 A 69
Wta-Kitr* White. ... 99 A 4fl
!!)•—RUte 0 A T
Wuei—Washeil, C68.1i: u** ALk etna 99 A 41
lit: sashed ** " 9 A fc
UMSMI *IM.) CST9I.I wsaavT
•leef—Caltla, Irs weight ....... 04 A 09\
Ua'.i...... ....... .... I'< 4 09*
t,* A
i). *cs <4k4 OfiV
ar. WtWimtWmmuw
i.etr. ■ 31 rmkw SB Paw
Lao Til■l'fulX—l
L ■! R
IWeA Int. BtwMi. -4 ad ft .is* >t-sMwa|
' |. I4sr h n I.llley A Is. 0 ssUsu. I
|" ' Ise4 fmr /Vtrs IMs
| fet dltary si> russra* OooCa. istcm A Flsc* |
ViiXima Farm for Sale,
Or Eirhanro for (ItyfPrgpgrty.
S'teatfNl \* I* -x* IMwMOoiU, fomr mtW fypw
•t.4 .. m h. art ft u .g! i/ofioo-* l Um# 1.0
A.-rl ttfti t unf wii-k 'td Uml IB M#'
iDi *> IriMT i Acr#ltt TrU#f an T* Artft
fit (JT*M t*i (.f tfi Ihrplitni tv* Fin !'•
i iM Ct* • CfcßTfcft f : II Ttf ur •! i •
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VtwUtr. Thse*ssWi A lilitwi —4 bee —wg.
Vsasiii*! 4afea bacA >s 4MMI w 4ulk fMHagg
I44ri eitb ma*
■ 9LL th* TIRE
The rsry hset (n4i direct fr. ai Its IWgt" '*" "• d *
lbs turns'. f.iM Beat P *w U> C.t? AaU
uel ar*e Bars:* ALL tXPkkbS t U*H'.kS f* II
Nee terms FKKK
The trregt ArarrimK Tea (ompgnv.
31 swtt 33 * easy Vtrssl. 3tw 9 orb.
r O. Bt.i 4333.
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f: . 9 It ! Awtlhi* 6*4 n*
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V jr oirlMilx.
\i/ Wittu IKM. *. T
A larye. S'rht-psfir pacsr >r -VI i.rna.! v nntns. w
arrt ikjslim I to any a. .'s until January Ist.
gggrow TM KTM. M. T.CIW
tw-lstlmrsff *ll felndaof VILRN -
I * Ts. I futiT h .tt sin IV- Worst
MHWkd of I KPM.ISt *1 UtlFI I A
, bl .* i T nil 91 * KtlKI MATt-M
rsrrywhrrs. 9nd for paiaplrt (I a RftUe.
11. Ife I Oil LE. Host on.
II tr fnn ' Its was Into lilch p staa IV* w.- : >>r an •
ti~iif, Jeti-t.a's emptor una 1a II ttwir approval
WOOI.RH II * Cl' oosvetv sb..!,
tfrrewN A NAMI'IM ( rrhlNrf #t ryrana
D wl-vte.l 'el hr RtiSRICtT HONORS AT AI.L
w v i h-a kXPosrrioNs FOR TWELVE VHAMS. m.j
t P.S.. I<W:. Visars |r?3. Sifiie>. ISTA, PBIUSDU-
I* - It. Psair IT9 ml U 9VMU IMU Intl.
HKn On y Ams'iran |irtn.ver awaeled hlahtwl h.'b
or* at invsnt-h Kt'd for noli or inaUltmenlA tuny
rum 'tiiusi-e ml C-r aw with naw etylea ami ,
....... pee fetASt'N * 11*111.IN (IRtIAN *R'
II tshin N r* Tort at CI _
rn I MV V I.ll*. I V 9 Home and farm
1 roll n * l.r near live fliy of I'altnn.
i mate meal hea thfu! a*f*Uent .Is i.t arA all ]
t,er. eases cnih. u> m> Anl>d. Veil. Ora re- an I , he t • null' • t omfnrtsb e. A Iwi* in to l I
bad :IS Arroa. Pure *4 <MN. P. n r nn
mm- l.tny Is A Pi 11.SOU W ! .I • Iton. •#*._ !
Torrn i* Mioirrrr
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ttl at.H* n thr . oiiiili' . 'jUal ty and te"i the l-sl.
Cotinlrv rlnrekiviwra ahon'il rail or write TIIK VXI.IS :
TK* ci.felPANt nl Kll'lnt. Sl .N .V P. O. Ho* CVW |
"*Jarv . i - no ser nnuilh aa#
aipsnasa. or allow a lar*s coaim -s. .m. .<■ ... '
*ad sontisrflil lorsnnt.ns. Mi a... Uil vr sr. Ram.
gtahs. Addtsaa MIkKMAV Aen Marshall. Mich.
AIVFITI*KB4 hi addrrahlnß 4.1 O. P.
HOW Kl.l. A ro.i* Nrwap.per Atlvsrllam*
Korea* life T-u.-e Slre*i, New York .-a* learn tr*
exact roar of anr p-.ip.4-d dne ol ADVERTISING I*
AmericAti N'ewaparera
IV llMniwirr Pamphlet, lOc. *ffg
gagga PAY. v Woatccafeag
OIK cU. ted* rapid'.* for 341 rU. C*Ulone free
DIIS S. M Sraaca*. ll'J Waah'n St.. Bnv-j kaa
t79a week. sll a day at home easily made. Csst'f |
* a Ontflt free *ddrea T*e* A Co.. AngnWa. Maine. (
a rBE iiEuar roa me ut rrEaxa. | j
K VmM>Mb PfrpflUfl. li IM
rihrtuU'T tev Itr. Wl.Jiairt ur#4 . 1* Klttf
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murfa f tliw mtml aw*mna 4 -iva aJid W"Uh UUhl
iiflta-d1 the aKIIt of (H4 titodßl eminent phyal iA4 14
hi. a*, .\ m tey nil irlwW hitt 44
• public Uttrfhrtur \
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to M'lH tlfwc*. 4MIBULM,
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CUU BfTKi, wrltottJl fflW".
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nuce rt CEKT* A BOX. t WAXI. b c**t*
Three daaea flaara 11 >1 (rota , trill tor
arm TO rCODLEKH. *>TOK RK KEPtßi*.
DBCiiniXTMltiyreWMr paid, an rertlM
•f rlrtra mil a tola.
mar,urn or
M HAKWt*'* aVRAT*,
lAwrub. boa
sin'! tiiii muni!
otK-pow tare* BT norsa.*
iiyia's sccit 5? w, i cum.
l *atilltle<l m:o.
We place loans on Impwred farms aoaatc
i net uti tdoii (root 7 to 10 per cent.
No loans are v.ado for rneediaf on* thtrC
the opprnianl value of Uie farm.
Tltieo nerfeet and property pr raonally mx- i
tiulnol by ua IS r>t for full |>artlco—ra
IfNew tug land lefcreacoa flrat.
wi / pt a/ri rail .- / I GRLAStj
Ft**f "ur uv AM. nr.Ai.rnp.
ALOFJi a offal Jar Cm wind*.
rim KaiaMbbtdl Mm laiuiMfal!
Leading; Markets
Of the World
(rtff A*r> ti k-I B IL FINIST I* Ytllfl
Butt and In WM No Dnfli # to
W.■"* *cd Uiweet nfcaa
4#r Rood for a Oatal >yaa
Tremsat SL spp Wsimia St Butsi Hks
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la ibt Old Ho Ita bio roartatrattd lot
n etcna- .a—eiii oarb can for mak 'r.k War
Soft aod Toilet knap qntr kljr.
(to Market I, Soodod with <>-caHad) Coaceetr#
Lye. wbicb badoiuralad wnb wait #ad raw*, and tan
Peaaaylraaia Salt Manorg l'i.,
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D. A. McKiNLAT, Land Com r.
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Novai and Baautltut StyfM tor tha
FaH and Wintßf Fashions,
Od Wednesday, September 10th.
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1 Lay the Axe
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of MAN or IWUHI. USW* only
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expelling ail inlUmmation,
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BO NOT BELIE not siaoiat CLAMO
The Voice of Worship.
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