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    Centra Reporter.
CKNTRK HALL, Pn., Sept, 4,1870.
DAN IXL Ot HARK, of Allogliovy.
The next election in Pennsylvania
will be held on Tuesday, the 4th of No
Voters most be assessed two months
preceding the election, that ,on os be
fore Thursday, September 4th.
Voters must have paid a state or
county tax one month preceding the
election, that is, on or before Saturday.
October 4th.
Members of Democratic state, county,
and city committees should see to it that
every voter of our party has complied
with the law.
Failure to pay tax in season deprives
the voter of the privilege of suffrage. An
elector can swear in his vote, though In*
be not assessed, but the neglect may
cause him much trouble.
Tbe Democratic voters of Centre county
will meet st the regular place of holding
the general election for the district, en
Saturday, 13th of September, IST t,
to elect delegates lo the Democratic Coun
ty Convention. The election will open at
2 o'clock, p. in., and close at 6 o'clock,
p. m.
The delegates chosen at the above time
will meet in the Court house, at Belle
fonte, on TUESDAY, the 16th day of
SEPTEMBER, at 2 o clock, P- to
nominate a candidate for Jt'Kt Commis
siossa, and transact such other busine*.
as may be regularly brought before it.
The number of delegates to which sucl
district is entitled under the present ap
portionment, is as follows :
)N W IHnril township
Bellefonto *S W 2 Ueward
Jff W I Huston
Howard boro l| Liberty
Milesburg " lj Marion
l'hilipsb rg" JjMiles
I'monville " 1. Ration
Benner towmship SH'csn
Hoggs 11 1 otter n th
Burnside " 1 " i
Curtin " I i Rush
College " 'iUvnowshoe "
Ferguson " old Spring I
" " now 1 Taylor
Gregg " 5] Union
t haltmoor. " 1 Walker " I
} Haines " 4 Worth " 1
There has been more shot gun policy
north, oflate. than south—yet there is
no radical how! yet. Go in boy's, and
bellow, until you're hoarse.
The Cherokee Indians have elected
Bushy Head as chief.
W'e wonder whether sap-head, block
head or mush-head won't feel down iu
the mouth about itnow ?
The shot-gun policy is fast taking root
among the loyal shriekers north of Mas
son Dixon's line. One of the loyal
organs says a musket should be at eve
ry voting place to shoot democrats.
The L■ 'm Gaz<t': didn't go into a
howl over the Conkling affair or the
Kalloch shooting—the sho. gun policy
wasn't south this time. NYhenever a
negro or carpet-bagger down south gets
a black eye on account of some impu
dence, the (rozeiu and sheets of the satm
politics, make weeks of ado about it.
Mr. H. Frvsinger has sold the Lewis
town Trur Democrat and will take charge
of a democratic paper in Chester, Fa.
Sorry to hare Mr. F. leave this part of
the state, bun paper always was a favor
ite with us. May the greatest success
attend him. Mr. IX L. Sollenberger of
Sunbury is the successor of Mr. Frvsing
er, who will continue the paper demo
cratic as heretofore. Success to him
Sunday last was the last day of sum
mer, according to the almanac, but
Monday seemed to have no regard for
the almanac, and old Sol kept pouring
down his rays as fiercely as ever, bathing
us in a sweltering beat, as if to remind
us that summer was not all played out
yet and a lively remnant still on hand.
The latest from Grant is that he goes
it with an "if." He is not a candidate
for president, still, if it should happen
that the republican party should need
him, he will accept. We never knew
Grant to refuse any thing except a bull
pup upon which the express charges
were not paid.
Last week we furnished the evidence
taken before the Wallace committee of
the way in which honest men and sol
diers of the war are denied their rotes
in Rhode Islandbecause they are poor.
This week we give only a little of the
evidence that shows how voters are bull
dozed in righteous Massachusetts. I>et
all honest and candid men read and re
fleet over these damnable outrages.
Richmond, Va., August 28.—Nelson
Lewis, colored, died to-day from injuries
received yesterday at the hands of Will
iam Goodman, colored. Both were dray
men and a difficulty originated in a
Squabble for right of way.
If Goodman had been a white man
the whole northern radical pack of
howlers would have had columns of de
nunciation over a new southern outrage.
But in this instance it was nigger that
killed nigger and nothing need be said.
According to a London paper the
Great Eastern is to be turned into a
great meat-shop. The owners have at
last determined to convert the great ship
into a meat-carrying trade, between
London and Texas. The requisite alter
ations, which include new boilers, will
involve an expenditure of about £IOO,OOO
hut as the vessel can carry 2,000 head of
cattle or 30,000 sheep the speculation
should prove remunerative.
A Savannah negro had a narrow es
cape last Monday. He was in bis coffin,
having died, as his friends thought, two
days before, and the preacher was talk
ing away about life on the other side of
Jordan, when the corpse sat up, stared
around him and deliberately crawled
out. The irregular proceeding caused
the congregation, preacher, relatives and
all to make for the street, with the man
in grave clothes after theui. Getting
over their fright the colored people shook
hands with the restored man, who had
been only in a trance.
This reminds us of the dead corps of
the democratic party that the republi
cans so often attempted to bury, it al
ways gets up out of its coffin and scares
the whole radical tribe into fits and
makes them scatter in all directions.
That democratic party won't die.
D. iSithewson, of Nemaha Co., Kansas, ,
says ® the Perfected Butter Color, of
Vt.: j'Ye have used other preparations
but none so good, Our neighbors who
neglect to color, sell for a few cents less."
Testimonials like this are worth some
Howl as nuicli in* thcv will about the
south, let the radical oratoni and orfana 1 1
remember that all the mean acta that j t
hare been a disgrace to our country r
hare been committed by prominent i
leaders of the radical party. Kalloch i
was a prominent New England preacher 1
and Kansas ahrieker, and all the while
he was committing adulterous acts.
lleecher as a leading Kansas howler
and pious preaclu v, and amidst it all he
was making illicit love with another
man's w ifo.
Theodore Tillon was a favorite radica;
lecturer and slanderer of the democratic
party, and he too w;.s all the time hav
ing unlawful intimacy with other won
Next we haveOonkting and stpragne,
moguls of the radical party, with tluir
disgraceful atlaii in which a woman was
concerned, and in which the shot-gun
jHilicy -.o much cackled against by
those saints came in for a prominent
We imght add to this L*t, but it stitll
ces t> tiring those which are fresh in the
i memory of all, in order to shew the
I character and virtue of those who are
continually magnifying others sins and
extolling their own virtues, lah
♦ ♦
The tirst steps in the riot damages or
legislative bribery cases were taken at
Harrtslmrg on Judge IVaraon charg
ed the grand jury in the matter m a
manner that proves he desires the truth
to come out. He instructed them to find
true hills in all the cases of corrupt s >-
llcitation of members of the Legislature
if the testimony submitted to them
should correspond with that heard by
the Committee of the Legislature. The
indictments presented for the considera
tion of the tiraml Jury refer to oulv
those persons outside the legislature
who are alleged to have offered money
for votes for the bill appropriating SL
-000,000 to indemnify owners of property
destroyed in the Tittsburg riots, but the
Judge also instructed them to proceed
against any members implicated in cor
rupt solicitation, so that all the guilty
may be placet! on an equal footing. A
committee at the last session of the Leg
islature found Representatives Bamber
ger, I'etroff and George T. Smith guilty
of attempted bribery, but the House re
fused to expel them, the necessary two
thirds vote not Seing obtained for ex
pulsion. These men, with probably
three other members, will likely be add
, ed to the list of defendants in the riot
bribery cases. About twenty members
of the Legislature have Wen subpoenaed
to appear before the Grand Jury, all of
i whom, accordingto their testimony in
May last, had been offered money to
vote for the Riot Claims bill. The Com
monwealth w ill demand the production
of te leg rain.i bearing on the bribery
business passing between the principal
lobbyists, : n order that they may be us
ed as evidence. A refusal on the part
of the Western Union company is appre
The cases will no doubt be postponed
for trial at a special term in October.
The trial of l'eter llerdic at !'• llefonte
last week, foi obtaining fsOOO from Win.
F. Reynolds & Co., under false pretense,
was taken up, Wednesday noon, and
lasted until Friday evening when the
jury, aft . Wing out some four hours,
> ame in with a verdict of not guilty, hut
Mr. .llerdic to pay the costs. This case
attracted considerable interest not only
in our county, bnt in the state, from the
well known let laracter of the defendant
who rendered himself very prominent
by his large speculations and business
The charge was that Mr. Herdic ob
tained s*>. ) from the banking house of
\Vm. F. Reynolds Co. upon securities
that he represented as first liens upon
real estate in Wiihamsport, which the
bank allege did not prove to be so. Some
twenty witnesses were present from
Williamsport, on Mr. Herdic's side.
The counsel on the part of the com
monwealth were district attorney Fort
ney, Gen. Reaver and A. O. Furst. Mr.
Herdic's counsel were W. R. Mann of
Philadelphia, J. L. Spongier, and Ed.
Rlanchard and Hon. C. T. Alexander.
The case throughout was ably conduc
ted on the part of the commonwealth,
but as ably defended on the part of the
counsel of the defendant. The court
house was crowded during the entire
trial. The verdict of the jury was as
above stated, in favor of Mr. Herdic
hut he was mulcted* in the costs. The
evidence, we are told, which was the
turning point in favor 01 the accused was
that Reynolds & Co. could have made
themselves safe with their securities if
they had made efforts in that direction
at the proper time, and that they neg
lected the opportunity.
r The evidence in the Herdic case was
closed at 10 a. m.on Friday, the last wit
ness being the defendant himself. Coun
sel for the prosecution objected to his
testimony, but the Court overruled the
objection, and he was called upon the
.-land. The substance of his testimony
was a denial of intention to cheat the
prosecutor. Colonel Mann made the
closing speech on the part of the defend
ant and General Beaver for the Com
monwealth. Judge Orvis then charged
the jury, and they retired at 5 o'clock.
On the part of the commonwealth the
the case Jwas o|>ened by Mr. Fort ney,
and on the part of the defence by Mr.
A society was formed several years ago
to produce a reform in speling—a thing
much neded. This society has among
its members profesors and eminent
-colars, boose the absurd maner in wirh
meny words in the English language aie
speled, ret lering it dificult foraforener
to become acquainted with it and requir
ing at leest to yers of time that is wasted
by our children in lerning to master the
roundabout way of speling so meny of
the words. If ever the REPORTER gets
within fifty miles of this .Society for Re
form in Speling, we wil go the fifty and
join it.
Some may oppose this reform, and
one argument tha use is that the words
would look so od. That mile be true;
but it is equely true that to men woncc
used to it, say 30 yers after the reform
was established, the words as now speled
wud lok both absurd as wel as lafable,
and scolars and lerned men wud wonder
wi we of this generation wer so bad in
our speling and putletersin words that
did not spel any thing at all and tok .
yers of the time of the boys and girls to
master the absurdities insted of going at
it in its simplicity and taking the comon
sense \va.
I Althosome may laf at the EXPORTER
for favering this reform, and doing away
with the jawbreaking sistem in speling,
we wil undertake to thro many words
before them that fu can spel. Won #e
wud give the "qu" another the "tisic"
and still another a "fisic" until we had
them all on ther baks with reconisans
forfited. Many eminent freologists favcr
tiiis reform in speling; filologists join in;
the catalog of members of this society
wil kep on incresing until tha ad to ther
program the endorsement of all posesed j
of comon sens. I
Wo gen it wil ho slo of adoption but
ma we not lok upon it ' sure to com 1
Wer it not for aom krotnhcty notions
ntiout sticking to the old wit this reform
in s|>eling wer easy to bring about. Ihit
j the society wil get to the deoo some
time. Ar we not for reform in other
things? Is it enuf to adopt the comon
ions manner in everything cb and act
the fill in speliug? Nh, ma the silent
letters never again clove to the ruf of
our mouth if we can ■ e it' The tony wa
not given us t> he plngi d with those
useU-s tramps in words, the silent leter
The bed is made t> ake in tlier stud>
and many a felow thinks he is hi lernod
became he Ct.n place together a lot of
letters and sav they *[>••! that wen no
child ot eomnv>n n- can. for the ufeof
him, comprehend that tha spel any
In conclusion, we -av. mtieh of < m
spvling dos not rpel at all, and only
serves to thro the pti| '. into a 1 ami
give one jaw brakei s.
run Kiunr ic si i la orr.
THAT 11! YOTI 1' AGAIN* T Till
Says Tildcn Got t)ver 8,000 Majority
in Ixiui-iatra.
Kock Island, August Among the
national celebrities who are here i- Li.-
, tice Samuel F. Miller of the lulled S' a -
tes Supreme t'ourt and a member ol tin
1 ght to Seven Flectoral oninii.—ion
which installed R. I">. Hayes in the
■ l'mudency. On every test questiou be
• fore the Commission Justice Miller \ot
t ed with the Republicans, refusing to go
lichtml the returns, in the cases of Lou
isiana and Florida, and supporting eve
' ry other measure of the Republican ma
. jorilv for reversing the verdict of the
, people and depriving Mr. Tilden of the
seat to which he had been chosen. In
' person, Judge Miller is a stout, powor
' fully built man, with swarthy couute
. nance, strongly marked features, and
. the careles- dress and free, otl-haud
manners of a prosperous Western farm
er or merchant. He B|>e.iks las mind
1 clearly and with emphasis.
On Friday morning, August 10, the
. Judge made one of a party of fi ur on
the balcony of the Ocean \ w Hotel
1 Mr. Walter V Haldetuan of Louisville,
■ Mr. William G. McHenry, formerly pro
prietor of the St. Louis/' , and a
correspondent of the N w lio ' ad been
previously introduced to Judge Miller as
* such 1, making up the group, which was
- afterward joined by Judge lllodgt tt of
, the United States District Court of Chi
cago. The conversation turned upon
Mr. Tilden's canvass for the Presidency.
" and Judge Miller expressed his tiehet
t that Mr. Tilden krn-w more about the
j cipher dispatches than he had yet ad
. milted, lie also said that Mr. Tilden,
while now making political capital by
antagonising Tammany llatl, had form
i erly worked with that organisation, and
j had been intimately associated with it a-
ChairmJti of the Democratic State Com
mittee when the great fraud.- of I s -
1 were perpetrated, lie then said:
"i have met Mr. ITUlenonly 011,0 m
the last sixteen years. That was at Sara
toga last summer, when he occupied a
cottage near tny place of residence, ami
passed me frequently. 1 thought of
speaking to him once or twice, hut did
uot know how he might take it in view
of my position toward his ciaim- :n th<
matter of the Electoral Tribunal. 1
think that he unquestionably tried to
buy that elector in Oregon—that tin
s.■-,000 which was transferred by tele
graph for that purpose came out of lu.-
pocket. 1 think also that money was
raised, with his know ledge, for the pur
pose of buying one of the Returning
Hoards, and that only his characteristic
hesitation prevented his using that
method of securing the Hoard. on the
other may be said of him that
he honestly thought himself elected and
entitled to the votes of the two Southern
States whichlke tribunal decided against
him. He was elected in I.ouisiaua —
that is, he got eight or ten thousand
more actual votes there than Hares. In
the event of his success next year 1
think he will make a good 1 resident.
He is a man of great ability, unwearied
pertinacity and extraordinary courage.
He cannot be bullied by the p hticiai -
or office seekers. He has made an ex
cellent Governor of New York, and has
shown administrative and executive
powers of a high order. He is old and
rich, and has no temptation to abuse the
powers of his office, while he has every
inducement to give the country a good
administration, once which will enure to
his fame and obliterate in a measure the
scandals which have attached to his
"What do you think of the result- f
the extra session?' was asked.
"I think that both parties made mis
takes, and that the Republicans would
have done better had they given up the
army at the polls, and in fact conceded
everything except the supervisors' law.
On that they could have made an excel
lent fight without giving their oppo
nents the chance of raising the cry
against military interference with elec
tions. The disgrace of the grand back
down, however, rented with the Demo
crats. Thurman in the Senate and i w
ing in the House could have prevented
the extra session easily, had they mind
ed to, and the responsibility for it in a
good measure rested with them. It had
injured Thurman greatly and considera
bly diminished whatever chances he
might have had for the Presidency."
Concerning Secretary Sherman b can
vass and the efforts he is said to be mak
ing to obtain the Republican nomination
H the Judge said :
"It does not follow because a man is
Secretary of the Treasury and makes
use of the great power and patronege of
s his office, that he is necessarily going to
B succeed in the race for the nomination.
. Two former Secretaries, James Guthrie
and Salmon P. Chase, in turn did what
Mr. Sherman is notv charged with do
' ing, and yet they signally failed when
j the time came."
And Calls for the Indictment of the
Bribed Legislators.
At Harrisburg, on Monday, at theopen
ing of tha August term of Court, thoC'uurt
room was crowded, whenJudgo Pearson
charged the Grand Jury. After defining
all grads of crinio the Judge finally
reached that of corrupt solicitation, and
the nioß intense ulenco prevailed as he
charged the jury on this crime. The ref
erenoe to legislators attempting to bribe
fellow members is regarded a rofcrring
to Kumhcrger, l'etroff ar.d Sinitb. The
following are Judge Pearson's re-marks
relative to f-orrupt solicitations :
I will now call your attention, gentle
men, loan offense probably of rather dif
ferent character from of most of those, and
one which has not often come before the
public here, and it is one of those offenses
that is, if committed, highly injurious to
society, dargorous to public morals and
dangerous to the general administration of
the government of the country, and that
is solicitation to receivo bribes, solicitation,
as alleged, to members of the Legislature
to receive bribes, offers to them of a kind
which is forbidden by the law, and 1 will
call your attention to the law on the sub
ject. I speak of it, gentlemen, as n crime
which strikes almost at the foundation* of
society, because if, instead of having fair,
honest, proper legislation, according t
the best discretion arid judgment of the
legislators, we are to have them bought
over to vote for measures or soto against
measures which the public requires, or
which are injurious to the public either
the one or the other, then I sn,y it is dun
gerous to society at large, and wo should
most carefully guard against anything of
that kind. 1 will, in the first place, call
your attention to the Constitution of the
Commonwealth on that subject. It is net
merely a person soliciting, but the person
agreeing to receive, or actually receiving,
that ought to be held up to public scorn
and contempt by being indicted- in the j
criminal court, 1
|Hare the Judge <|u..ted the pr. visions I
the Constitution relative to corrupt - .1 ici
tation.) ,
You will observe, g< lit ui< ti, that thi
Constitution therefore make* the t>rovi*
on l.olh agsinvt members ><t tho Legisla
ture who shall receive or k tor, o be
willing to re. eive, or agree to rocciv<•. n"v
offer, In the form ot monev, cilice, er in
my other way a person going to a mem
her of the I.ogislature ami saving, "Y> .
vote !.-r stieh n bill," or "\ t.. against
such a bill ami I vv ill pro. lire you s leh at.
oflK, ' it would l o bribery w thin tLis
act of \- embly. Any |.error. . lic.tirn
th • to bed. i e I- guilty of a lugh critm.
guilty > f the attempt to bribe I'ho . tier
ot money c>r anytiiii g of value > i it
made the criino a this case. I .iepctore,
pers. us have no busim -* to be tampering
with the Leg-.- a'.ufc, tampering with the
members, or saying, "Ifyou vv ,'.! consent!
to v. te for s ich a b Iy. u can r < -v e so
much mom v it c r illegal,!
and forbidden by the t'.-mulution itelt
The sYct et Assembly is perhaps equally
.vj licit •. t!. is suk ec!, drf.ning vvhat the
pun -hinetit shall t m.-re part, ularly.j
theug' the (,'onstitut, m dvelari what the
'init l as welt as the act of V-senibly.
[Judge P. arscn hero read the act ul
\pr.i , at I, defining the . "for -o of i -r*
rupt so!.. u ; mem! rt uftho A-em
hly J
An open a.Klrtrs, any persua-ion, any
coaxing, . c the like . r that, vvculd not
e me v. t' r> the r. t, .1 the in. n v
office - . tiered, the moment any article u!
value i otlercd, the moment any proinL.
ot advantage i: r!ered, it brings it witiiir:
the statute. In order, then, to make out
the fie .sect urged here, yen hav. only to
t inquire Was there an oiler or endeavor,
to influence at.y itiembor of the Legisla
turo by or | ;..-m:str,g them it. ney,
promising them nuythlngof valu prom*
isiiig them acv advantage, any office, ai v
advantage of any k.nd Was that don.
Its , it would be a.i attempt to solicit
them to do wn at is illegal, and i- an al*
lemp.t t<>, an uniuvcful !. citatum
I hoy M-ed not accept it They may say
they would not accept it, that they would
' scora to take it, yet i: doesn't make it any
le-- I'ficuse on the of tho person oiler
, icg they art guilty, and all that t aecev
sary to t.e proved is the simple fait that
, they- ,-itcd a member of the Legis alure
lo vote in a ; -.rticular >v ui.Jer a prom*
1 ise i: procuring money for them or ofi'er
i"g to g'V. tl .-in m :.<y, tc! .ng tl . m
i where t '.v c uid got money, or that ti ey
: could have n. ney by d. .;.g so end -o, that
they e- ..Id roci;ve such et.J >u. h erticlos
1 —that is all there is nr.. -sary t-. be .-stab
| ush. d, to be proved t>. your saUsfactioii. in
t order to make out tb.s otTeiu. Ti.-.s i
. not a new otlencc, geullemen, hi Pea::>yl*
, vaiua. Former laws - the ect of IS i -de*
' scribe it very much in the same wy, very
' much in th. -midword- of ih* Constitu
tion, very much <n substance a* in the a.f
>f 1 ?* 1 It ha- long bcun prohibited in
, Pennsylvania, ar.d yet l > the scabJai of
our Stall -1 hepe it .s ta'.re, 1 h. pv it Is
> only seal, .a! to the scandal of our State
it ha* bee: urg.d and said h.-' ir< . and
hundrt-ds i f times, that -uch arid su. .. a
. bill was procured by bribery Ildemeato
J our State; it brings us into contempt
. other countries , brings us into contempt
w ;h . ur -islcr Staiv- .causes Us : • be be*
' littled al :*• ad, t be b. lit'.e .at .. .u . in
jur - the legislative b -dy w Ith the. a.m..-
. nity. Tho very susp.cion that they take
. bribe- .s a:, it jury t • them, an ri.jury t
* society in geaerai, I . ci-ui l they are le i to
' distrust the laws that such a Legislature
' pa-*. - and to .I sr. gard them entirely
I Thcref. :•it i a high OlTes se agamst s
ety, and i nc that shou. i su most carefully
I guarded against by courts and juries, ; ..n-
I UheJ inflexibly und without a: y Leit .
1 lion, if persons arc guilty of it, and the
1 only s.mpie fact for you t have*
I ed before you is that any person whales
( | t-r soli. :.* a: v men ir the Leg fixture
lo acce; I a bribe, or tell them how they
. could make money, or t t:.-r to g vc then.
! money, or anything of that kind t rv ting
in a parti, ular war, voting for or against
a partii uiar bill Tb.s constitute * the ef
( It may be pos.-.b!e, in ri.o course
. of your examination of this charge against
! persons for solu iling member* of the Leg
i.-laturu lo accept uicney, that .1 i: ay
Come out that it doeeri I st>p at soli, itatioti
J alone, but that a member accepted or
agrcctt to a..epl the money. If so, ai
though r.o indictment may be sent before
you, yet if in tho examination of witnesses
before you in the .;uetti.n of this bribery
it come- out that any member of the Leg
islature did a ptor agree to accept any
gift of mo nay or valuable thing, . lSc or
anything of the kind, if ;t comes out that
they did agree to do so, you make a pre*
sentmentof it; you present them t the
court, and say such and such wilncises tes
tified before us that such members of the
Legislature, naming ih.-tn, were guilty
a, cepting, or agree : g to accept, these
bribe - which were ©fioreci to them, and, il
such is tho cur. dire ', the District Attor
ney to -end indictments before you, < r if '
tbey Jon t do that at once, t., at least have
the person charged arrest, d and brought
up before a magistrate for a preliminary
examination, and then an indictment
wou.a be -cnt before the j.cxt Grut.U Jury .
so that neither the perrons who are charg
ed in the-a indictments, nor the member*
of the Legis aturo themselves, it they
agree to accept meaty, .an get clear, it
you perform your duties But if any mem
ber did not agree ;e lake it, you are
make a presentment of him , bu. it is only
when the one oiler* or the > th< r agree* P
lake—either the one or tho other—they
are both guilty of the crime—that you will
find a true bill, or make a presentment.
As 1 understand from the form f thi*
-laietucnl there is no one charged wuh re
ceiving the money, that is, no member ol
the Legislature charged with receiving
money. As 1 said belore, you cannot avi
upon newspaper reports, y.-u have no
right to act upon resolutions of the Legis
lature , you act upon the evidence produc-j
cd before you, and that alone, und it that 1
makes out a case of either bribery or ro-!
ceivmg a bribe, either giving or receiving
a bribe against th. person who is charged,
find a true bill It il is against others who
are not charged, make a prcMnltncnl ot ,
them to the District Attorney, so p at the .
matter be properly ar.d fully investigated '
in court, so that we may g. al the bottom
of these things. Sometime > committees o. I ',
of the Legislature examine subject.*. | i
They have not the same power tbit the''
Courts have in compelling thu attendance
and testimony ol witnesses a* we have the
power to do ; sometimes they are not very
noxious to lind out what has been done,
-vmetirnea they arc not very willing to ex
pos# whether they have bean guilty ot re
cciving bribe., they don't want to tell
anything that takes placo, but we want to
lind out evcryth.tig about it; we want to
get to tin; truth ot the matter, and Ret to
the bottom of it, and see who is guilty nr;<l
who is not guilty, or whether any person
is guilty, or whether it is a more general
slander. As 1 said belore, you act upon
the evidence and upon that alone, and not
upon anything that you have ever read in
the newspnpers about what took place in
the Legislature last winter. Do not he in
fluenced in the least by that I)o not be
influenced in the least by any public
[opinion. Do not be influenced in the
least by politics or by anything else than
the evidence which is produced before you.
Ifthe Commonwealth cannot now produce
witnesses* before you to establish tho facts,
you ignore tho hills If tho Common
wealth does produce witnesses to establish
the facts, find them without tho least re
gard to whom it will strike, without the
legist regard to the character of the per
sons who have been guilty of planning
anything of that kind or of soliciting olh
i r to commit what was wrong.
On Saturday there were 3K cases of yol
low fever ul Memphis,
IN MAS.*. A (111 '.SKITS!
InliiuidaUun—Manufacturer*' 1.,11u*
I lie Hon Kli Thayer. Democratic can
n'*7> ' r '.""gfeM, i" ls?p against Rico
lie tl-icw had spoken in the hail owned
bv Vaiu'haug corporation, in thai town,
slid I . Nt Diere to speak ; they refused to
alow me to speak tlitre, and 1 spoke in a
arn, i .a liall had hes used for minstrel '
li.• . I Mr oD„. r puhlio Uses.
"J ur * u A i iheetc lion ,
lis. Mr M. Arthur, superintendent ot
• u'.'-haug <el puruiioft, was -eleetnian
1 ftH the uttiiuiit of tbo mi* i
he\ voted; I hast, and Knox, other em
I'lyi-of the , orporsllon. sto.J hv tlie
in l -aw the volt,- and controlled the
etlll'l %< S a- they voted , Voters had to psss j
,p betw<,u rows of corporation men t>
' r: ' Kennedy Wm ai live as a
Iti.i i r lima In ls.'s _ occupied „ tenement!
.>uo owned by the Mancliaug corpora
|tion son mid nana* worked in the mill on!
I iedai of meeting hold by Kli Thayer, I 1
g..'. n.,lice to vaeate mv house within twoi
weeks , 1 saw t ha-e, I lie acont he said he
!id it by order ot Mi M. Arthur I said 1,
w..utd stay and Vote . lie said I should go'
.nt 1 ran! 1 would not, and I fought !..r!
* ' ' " and did rtav t re and vol
•.1 ! •*r Puller; the fait of my notice to
| leave became public, and bul'ld. sed and,
ml undated every Hulls r man there the
h..u. - are UWIK ,by the Maticbsug cor
S ration; < hase votes men there wbo have
no vol, - , the men are hauled to the polls
t'V tl.t loams of the , orpoi ation, and (.'have
received lb. m there slid saw they had
Republican ticket- aud voted them. Mc
Vrlhur would look al the In kets as they
were put in I ebox; I objected to II anil
ie si pped it My son was discharged
tr.'lii 'he mill !our .lav- afler 1 gut my no
lice to to go out o! the house ; he and tnv
neici all lel\. They lived with me, 1
eit t he t wn and live m Connecticut
I ii -er \\ . l'uiman, l'rohibitory Re
pubnean Live in Sutton , WHS at election
V v ember, l!.h; linse, e i.ploveol
Mancliaug corporation, say he had earned
■lis |..unt , !i settee Was idled with 111.n
y whoa the voters w. re watched as thev
went up to vote, Mi Art her, employe oi
c rporat m. Was chie! selectman in charge
jot ! allot box , men vv. re brought from the
tnill* and voted, and taken back in same
; wagons.
John t' I'arker: Sj* voters of the
Manchaug carp ration hauled to (.oils in
li.eir wng. >.ii and taken back in the same
alter they Voted , raw t ha.e lake tickets
out of the hand* ot rnill-bands and girs
theru another, and said ;
"Carry that in."
1 tie >.. ito .am u ped!er and a Ke; übli-
Henry J Whiten . At election of 1K77
■ w Knox take tick, is out of thu hands ot
-evcral of the employes of the corporation
ai d give them others , tore im>r up be
l !:. ru Iheti). Cbsse told mc he could
, . ntrol the Uiea *■ d W uld, but be would
.ol 1 re sli out of the ni. n emph.yed bv
•ill. rp ration ;v • w ago • of the
: -late and its elections.
I i 'r;nk Kenneday re fxaniimxl; Was
at Mamhaug and i.eard a conversation'
'.elw.eiil l a-.,, m. i-age t, and Stevens,
barber ; Stevens said he wa* going to vote
r Butler ,1 I.arc -a.d be thought It Was
,nv I lc hi- intere-l to do so; afterward
I rd MeVens -r.v l wa .< I r ght he war
•• r Talh.,l, and
Would Cid $1" f .r hi- Vote
alter the election . the money had come to
'. wn the night Long, Republican vaiidi*
late for Lieutenant govern, r, had ."ine
llier. . he saidlke ballots w. uld be mark
*ie ! and they could tell how each man
I, vo!,-d
, 1. A. l'orliain, Dardner, Worcester
> .'.tv A mar. named Newell, fr. tii llos
ton, boarded with tue frvia July until af*
. '.er e.ection ; three or four ilays before
; > eclion, in November, t 1 ", he came in
I with
A Roll i f llxtik Rilh*,
. ! ... IJielil uu: and ss.d he lad got U.< Ui
.1 w: at t iisin I'.al batik ,he eflcrcd me
f I<| ol it if I would v. to for Talbot, or j
1 would t t v to . i am a Llcnio.rat and
• was he . 1 refused to take thu money
. an i vote I for Butler.
Kemp \ . Lyndc proved dismissal a
:nmn from employment by n overseer of
- ii Gardner, for votirg for Butler.
Native-Rom Citiiens Kt. recti to He
c me Naturalize J.
Thetnss K. Shumwav Lit" in Ply
mouth . a decision of the selectmen was
made t;.al >• ung men born ot f.>r<- gn | a*
retits within the ute could be registered ,
thi* made difficulty, and prevented many
registering; this d ision was made ten
day s before election, atni was reversed on
Monday evening, about 10 o clock, before
i ■ <. lion, but 100 late to all. w people to
register and vote ; know < ! two who got
registered, but heard of a do. < n excluded i
■ of them got naturalized , his name is
Morrison. Thi- is his naturalisation pa
per. it reads that he was hern in Maisa
■husetts. Doe of luese mn born within
two rods of Plymouth Rink. Four select
men Republicans and one an Abbott l)em
, rat J. bn D'Connell went to pay- Lis
poll lax. N . Hon, chairman of the beard,
old me he had the opinions of two law
yers on this point. 1 told him i was not'
-atisCi ! this opinion. Got opinion l
jfrout .'.erk of court in IL-ston r.versmg
this. No act,on taken until Monday
I night, befora election. Polled lluu vote's!
:n the town
\\ . ii Nc.s. n : Davis L. Lord gave an
opinion that persons born witliin the sUte,
lot alien parent were i d entitled to regis
tration until naturalised . in IS* Mr.
llcaly of Boston, city solicitor and clerk
of our county, coincided with the cither
opinion ; General Butler gave his opinion!
against this; the attorney-general did not [
give his opinion, although asked ; we de
cided that they entitled to register,
and made it pubiic either on . s aturdv or
Monday afternoon before election ; we
iheld they must be naturalized before thev
w. re registered , 1 am chairman of seicT
: men.
Within Three Mile* of Fiymotrth
Andrew Carr Bom will n twa miles of
Plymouth Kci k; my father, was an alien.
i>rn in Ireland; they refose.l to regt-Usr
iue because I wa- rod naturalised and my
| father wa* not, I went several times am:
t nallv found thev had registered mc or,
Monday before election.
Alexander Morrison: B rn in Sand
wich, Barnstable county. Ma s . my fath
er born in Ireland, wanted t.> be register
ed; the -electmen refused to register me!
because 1 was not naturalize 1; Hodge ad
vised me to get naturalued. I did so in the
court, this is my paper
C MMO>W I *l.lll <>K M *-*< HI -1.1 11, ,
Plymouth Cm vit, u, I
To all people to whom th<--c present
hall come, greeting.
Know ye. That at a • iperior court, fie
gun and iioiden at Plymouth on the fourth
Monday in October, in the y ar of our
Lord one thousand eight hundred and
seventy eight, Alexander Morrison of
Plymouth, in th- county of Plymouth and
•tat" of Ma-vachusclt*. born in the town of
Sandwich, in the county of Rarnstablc,
Massachusetts, having produced tho evi
dence and taken and -übscrihed tho oath
n juired by law-, Was admitted to become
a citizen of the sai 1 I'nited States accord-]
ing to the acta of Congress in such inses!
k Ie and provided.
In testimony whereof 1 havo hereunto
set my hand and affixed tho sea! of said
court, at Plymouth, in said county, this
lirst day of November, in the year of our
Lord eighteen hundred and seventy
1 wn> sworn nnd so were my witnesses,
after that I went to thoselectmen and they
racist ore I me, and I veto.l for Butler
F. \V. Bobbins: Selectmen at Plymouth
refused to register tho young men, and 1
think near a dozen of them lost their votes
who wore born in tho state because of this
refusal to register them
LcmuM Ifradford. Selectman at Ply
mouth: llodge removed to Boston with
his family in October last, came back
when his name was off and was allowed to
vote; he was and is in the Boston custom
liousi. men born in the slate of foreign
parentage were refused registration be
cause not nnturalixed.
In General.
McCarty: Supervisor in Ward 12,
Boston, carefully examined the lists giv
en him by chief supervisor, and found but
three names to check as doubtful. These
names did not present themselves on elec-i
tioti day. 400 in the precinct.
Kildiill'and Daily: In employ of gov
ernment on new post office building in
Boston last October; were known as But
ler men; were discharged before election
day; think 'or voting for Butler; both sol
O'Connor: Discharged in Cambridge
port on evening of olection day for voting
for Butler.
Plympton, Worcester: All the hoard of
registration in Worcester last year were
Republicans; rejected Democrats frem reg
istering beca: -e presented by the Demo
cratic cent mil N*e; they presented Ibomsel
res through the Republican committee
ind were registered; the effect of tho ru
mors about the manufactures' meeting
jeld in Worcester in October, was to
•ause the employes to bo silent and do- (
dine to act with tbo Republican party.
Tin' Lntfut Absurd Proceding Among
Weelern HpiritualiaU.
(From the Si. Louis Globo-Dcmocrat.)
F.lizabeth llargus, aged 43 years, died
in ihiadty on June A, IH7H, and Christian
I* II argue, aged 4H years, died on Feb. lit*
lash Al tbo residence of Mr. K. 11.1
Springer, on North Sixth street, Inst even
ing, the departed cetiple wore divorced i*
spirit life The spirit of Mrs Kllen Fitz
gerald, formerly of Taylorwick, recently
slated through a medium Diet tlm divorce
would leke piece on the'.'uh of July, com
mencing et 9 I*. M., by worldly time.
Mr llameii, the brother of Mr*, llargue,
we* Informed in regard to the coming
event. At first ho pooh-poohed the *tory,
jbul finelly contented to go end *eo the
medium In answer to e coinrnunlcelion
| addressed to his dead sister, Mr. llenn-n
received the tollowihg reply :
Dear Brother Whet you have heerd is,
ten true, Christian end I. thou*!
iwe l ived each other in your world lor
"Vtt twenty-four years, cannot g<<t atony
together in our spirit form 1 don't like
I on as J used to, end I cannot like him
I do not know why, end that is the reas< n
1 want to he separated from him You
know how he used |u slay out nights el
home; well, he remains away frem rue for
ng periods, end when he returns says he
has been fishing In the golden lakes, of
resting in the roseate bowers where the
male spirits sit and sip the distillations t
tlm amaranth or the dews of the nighi
hlooming cereus 1 cannot live with him,
and therefore we must separate.
The reply to another communication
was as follow
l)oar Brother: Spirits who have been
married during (heir earth life remain
married unices divorced by the proper
court- Wo have laws, Courts, justices,
Ac , in the spirit land, just as you have in
your world, and the processes are the
same, oftentimes tedious, vspenally when
| publicly tried, but speedy and satisfactory
wneti obtained without publicity You
know that I left the world of substance
■line months before he did, and althougu 1
i ould have obtained a suitable divorce du
ring hi? absence Iroro the spirit land, 1 re
maii.rd true to turn and waited until he ar
rived here. Lven then 1 tried to love him.
hut tould not and (aunot. 1 will always
1. k upon him as u tr.end, however, and
will not ask that he attend lo my waau
a fur the divorce has been granted al
though 1 might make bim do so, accord
ing to law, if I liked. Your loving siter i
Lizzie Ilargue.
A communication was then addressed to
the husband, and elicited the following
reply ;
Brother-in-law Kd. : I regret to tell you
that ail you bave said is true. Lizzie does
not tare for me any more, and has given
her affections lo a young Virginian they
call George Washington, vbs, tbey Say,
bad a great name in your world. Was li
ng ton is mairird already, Laving been
married when in the if est. and remained
u. He wa* burn ever so long ago tyour
lime . but hit great name and fine appear
ance has won Lizzie s affections, at il has
ither spirit women's, and she says be is
.. r t :. iy true affinity, and she adores bin..
She is always making little statues of him
and wreathing him wuh Dowers. 1 have
jplaced my plea in the hand* of the court,
ar.d the me will be trlrd July JC, at 'J P.
M ty .ur time ! ; try and be there. This it
a dug fitful place, and everybody love*
■ very body else, except Lizzie, who w ill
not love me. Brother Kd., I wish you
v. uld come I spirit land , you might Leal
the sorrow* of my aching heart, and reason
with Lizzie to love me again.
C. P Uargue.
Last ovenirfg al the appointed hour lour
v i.ilors pr eroded t. the rear of the ba- a
parlor, where four chairs were placed in
an arch af proper intervals. They look
their place*. Then the medium brought
< ul his cabinet lib* usual medium's clu*>
eti and placed il just a little back of the
.me running across the folding doors be
tween the front and back parlors. The
gas was turned down lo a reasonab.e
darkness Mr. Walters entered hi* cabi
•nci, and during the minute that followed
there was intense silence. Suddenly a
i heel of faint hght fell between the spec
leU>r and the cabinet It was like the
sheen a half-moon tend* out at its rising.
This grew brighter and brighter, until the
tw i gas jets were dimmed, and at length,
the scene seemed to be one ol dusty danc-'
r.g sunlight. A temi-circle of thin, misty, J
w . lie clouds rove from the fl -or, apparent
ly. and let themselves down from the
> eiiing, and then through the intervening
. lrcular space was at last seen the heaven
iy 'ighl so much longed for, and upon
who h so murk discredit has been thrown. >
tseated high upon a threne of resplendent,
light was the Judge none other than
King Henry VIII. with all the insignia
■ fbi royally about him. A desk in from
was for a i lerk. A long tabic ranged be
fore this tor the counsel, and desk* al cith
er side ibJicaled the presence of marshal
em! deputy marshals, while two row* o!
chairs to the right of the King's throac
tned rtserTod for jurors. A golden
railing partitioned off one part of the spirit
scene from the rest.
A clerk made his appearance, then the
marshals, and then the counsel, all in
worldly attire. The plaintiff and defend
ant were each in deep black. On* witness
ra heard, and then the Judge gave
judgment for MM Hargue, the plaintiff.
The trial just took one minute and a half
by the watch.
Corporal John II Hyland, of the engi
neers at Willett's Point, who was recent
ly sued for a breach of promise of marriage
died suddenly on Thursday of heart di
We will bet a half pint of pea nuts there
wa# a good deal ot heart diseas# with t .e
oth*r party too.
of Dauphin county havo found true bills
against Kemble, Crawford and Salter,
l'etroff and others arc indicted. The cases
were postponed for trial to Nov. 17.
The official report on tbo recant tire at
Irkutsk, which destroyed about 200 homes
(how that sixty lives were lost, tho creator
number of the victims being children.
Now that the hunting season has
fairly opened, the following informa
tion, compiled from the game laws,
:will he found to be of interest. In
order to avoid trouble, gunners should
cut, this out for ready reference during
'theshooting season .
Squirrels—September 1 to January 1
Rabbits—October 15 to January 1.
Wild duck and geese—September
1 to May 15.
Wild turkeys —October 15 to Jan
uary 1.
Upland or grass plover—July 15
to January 1.
Ruflled"grouse, pheasant or pinna
ted grouse —October 1 to January I,
Woodcock—July 4 to January 1
(juail or Virginia partridge—Octo
ber 15 to January 1.
Deer—October 1 to December 1(5.
It is unlawful to shoot at any time
[anighthawk, whippoorwill, sparrow,
thrush, martin, lark, finch, chimney
sww I low, barn swallow, woodpecker,
dicker, robin, oriole, red or cardinal
bird, cedar bird, tauager, cat bird,
blue bird, or any insectivorous bird
under a penalty ot five dollars each,
or to destroy their eggs or nests under j
a jienalty of ten dollars for each ol ]
fense. A trap, net, snare, or torch* j
light cannot he used in taking wild <
turkeys, ruffed grouse, pheasant, par- j
tridge or woodcock, or rail or reed
bird or piunatcd grouse under a penj j
altv often dollars for each offense.
At Murrajraville, Westmoreland
county, on last Friday, Raphael Hood*
grass, a young lady of nineteen, wa*
ao overwhelmed with fright at the
peiil of |her JifTfant brother atrnd
dling a plank over iho mouth of a;
well that alio fell to the ground and i
1 expired almost instantly.
Files ! Files! Files! Do you know
what it is to sutler with Files? If you
do, you know what is one of tho worst
torments of the human frame. The
most |serfwct cure ever known is Kid*
nev Wort. It curca constipation, and
then its tonic eetiou restores health
to the diseased bowels, and prevents
recurrence of the disease. Try it
without delay.
New Orleans. August 28. —Of six
eases of yellow fever reported yesters
day from the ouarantiue station board
the bark lilack Friuee from Havana,
three died last night. Dr. C'arring*
ton reports the others doing well.
l)t.r> CiTizass GOSE, — Mr. George
Kepbart, iu bis IfHtb year, died on the
:sid ins!., in Taylor township, Centre
Co., where be bud resided ai*out fifty
years. At the time of his death be
1 v.ns unmarried, lived by himself, and
r was eceenlrie in habits. On the 18th
B inst. Mr. Thomas MeKean died at
1 /.ton, Wnlki r township, Centre Co., in
" his 78tb year lie was a grandson of
! Thomas MeKean, a signer of the Dee
iaratiuti of lude|M-ndeucc aud second
' Governor of Pennsylvania.
i, Columbus, 0., August 2ti. —A roan
enured H. S. Kickley's Hank at noon
ii lo*day, ami while iu cot) vernation
n with the proprietor, who was alone iu
r the bank, a eoiifedera'e entered by a
i, rear window and carried off 15,0H) u>
ii currency and $15,000 in registered
r bouds. The theft was not discovered
ii until some time aftereards
We 'lo not believe in medicine fori 1
children, but we do believe in lJr.
HullS Hitby Syrup, and m-eerl that bo
I family should be without it.
The Democrat! of Clinton county,
at their convention held on Thursday
!at. placed the following ticket in
nomination: Georgn W. Blntcher,
for l'rothouotarv, Jan. W. Clark, for!
Uegi-ter and Recorder; John 8. Ma '
der, for Coroner, and A. C. Cat ham ,1
• ' Jury Commi*i< tier. W. A. himp*
son, of Lock iiavtn, was made cLair
man of the County Commit tee.
The act of 1820 "against horse rac
ing" has been so amended as not to
apply to agricultural societies offering
premiums for tr.als of speed in hordes
walking, trotting or pacing.
In compliance with a complaint
that was almost general. of parties
wantonly destroying the forests of
Pennsylvania, the Legislature passed
an act making it a misdemeanor for
any person or persons who shall "wan
tonly set on fire any woodlands, bar
ren or moors," punishable by a tiue
not exceeding S3OO, and to undergo au
imprisonment not exceeding twelve
, months. l"jon the conviction of any
such person the county commissioners
shall pay the prosecution ibe sum of
, Sdu. to he repaid bv the defendant iu
, to the hands of the sheriff, for the us ?
of the county.
. .
;i Gen ll>H-d died of yellow feve* at New
Orleans. •
/ IKN nth COf NTT. u :
V.. Ths Comrn >nwealth ef Penn'a,
the Sheriff of said county.
Greeting Elisabeth Thomas
trake you sure at presenting her claim
:Uen we command you that you summons
D. A. Arfer, CharlesT. Barrett and Lilde
Barrett. May Barren and Eddie Barrett,
oeir* of S*rh Thomas, intermarried with
Dr. J. M. Barrett, deceased, the last three
hariar t r their Guardian S 11. Yocum,
late < f your reuntr, yeoman, so that
ibey be and appear before our Judge., at
BeUefor.te. at our County Court of Com
mon Plea*. there to be held the day pre
ceding ibe last day of Aug. Term, Beit,
lo show wherefore, whereas they the said
Elisabeth Thcuia- and the aforesaid I) A
After. Charles T Barrett, Ltllie Barrett.
May Barrett, and Eddie Barrett, heirs of
Sarah Thomas, intermarried with I)r. J
M Barrett, do ea-.oi, the last three bar
ing for tiiegr Guardian S I! Yocum, to
gether and undivided do bold all that cer
tain messuage, tenement, and tract of lam:
1 situate in Benner twp.. Centre 00., Penn'a.
bounded and described as follewt, to wit:'
Beginning at corner of land* of lsaai
Haunt and Win. !* Fisher, thence along
the land of said \N m. P. Fisher, South
• -41 West gll T-10 perches to stones, thenci
'.'7 l East along land set out lo Amanda
| Alexander I'd perches to stones, tbenc<
; North' H Ke'l 'Jul 7-10 porchis, thence
(North 271 West I'JI perches to place of
beginning, containing l'.H acres and
i perches, strict measure, with the appur
tenances; Itie same D. A After,
Charles T Barrett. I.illie Barrett. Mav
Barrett and Eddie Barrett heirs of Sarah!
Tboma*. intermarrie 1 with Dr. .1 M Bar
rett, deceased, the last three baring for
I their Guardian S. 11 Yocum, partishion
■thereof, between them t> be made ac
cording to the laws and the , ustoms ct this
commonwealth in such > are made a'.d pro
vided do gainsay and the same to be done,
do not permit very unjustly and
the same law and customs, ia- it is said.
Jtr J and have you then and there the
names of those summoncrs and this writ. *
Witness the MOB. C. A. Mayor, Presi
dent Judge of our said Court, at Bolle
fontc, this t>th day of Julv. lHT*.'.
J. 0. IIAKPEK, Prothj.
Camphor M >lk cures headache and neu
Camphor Milk cures rheumatism and
lame back.
Camphor Milk cures cuts, bruises and
Camphor M ilk r its 2u ct.; !i bottles J1
Sold by J. I>. Murray, Centre Hall.
E. F. Kunkd'e Hitter Wiue of Iron.
A sure cure for dyspepsia or indijres
lion, weak stomach, general debility, di.*
sea-es of the nervou.- system, constipation,
acidity ol the stomach and tor all ca.-e* re
quiring a tonic. Kverv bottle guaranteed
or the money refundtwl. Price. D.Ot'per
bottle, or six bottle for Ask for K
F. Kunkel's Bitter Wine of Iron and lake
no other. If your druggist hat it not, send
to the proprietor, £ F. Kur.kel, lli? N".
Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa. Advice
free ; enclose three-cent stamp.
I E. F Kunkel'a Worm Syrup never fails
lo destroy Pin, Sent, and Stomach
Worm*. l)r. Kunkrl. the only success
ful physician who removes Tape Worm in
two hours, alive with head, and no fee un
til removed. Common sense leaches if
Tape Worm* be removed all other worms
can be readily destrovrd. Advice at of
lice and store, free. The doctor can tell
! whether or not the patient has worms.
, Tbou-ands are dying daily, with worms,
land d ■ not know it. Fits, spasms, cramps,
choking and suffocation, sallow complex
; ion, circles around the eyes, swelling and
pain in the stomach, restless at night,
I grinding of the teeth, picking at the nose,
cough, fever, itching nt the seal, head
ache. foul breath, the patient grows pale
and thin, tickling and irritation in the an
us,—all these svniptoms, and more, MM
from worms k. F. Kunkel's Worm Syr
up never fails to remove them. Priot
#1 It) per bottle, or six bottles for s."> i*\
s For Tape Worm, writo and consult the
Doctor ) For all others, buy of vour drug
gist the Worm Syrup and if ho baa it not
send to Dr. K F Kunkel. 'dV.t N. .Ninth
Street, Philadelphia, Pa Advice by
mail, froe ; send three-cent stamp,
I)o You Feel Bad?
I iuiiuM, Pepraaaad In Spirit. CliUl|, bare you
XwidMbr. PAIS In the Shoulder* or buck. lMirloo**.
Uoilml Tnofur, I - tor nnd Ague, and out of sort
federally? Nature I* telling you I hat your Liver 1*
lailltig to do it* work and th iswcrwtton* of the system
are li#lng thrown back Into tbo blood . dangerous re
• tilt* will follow unless you Act promptly. Take .Sol
l*r*' Uvyr Pill* A! oner These Pill* Aro A standard
rotntdy have been long in oaa ud aro highly recom
mended. -SA** Ur. Oakley, of Detroit, M>B. "Sal
ler*'Liver Pill* Aro Admirably calculated for bllltou*
climate* " Andrew S*rer, of .loliet, 111* . say* A
friend raeemtnonded thaoao of your Liver Pill*, and
after using two bote* of them 1 WA* ent Iraly cured ot
a severe attack of liver complaint.** For tale t>y all
Druggist* Priced cant*
R, h. SKLLKRS A t'O . Prop'ra, Pittsburg Pa.
A Search Warrant
' allow* an officer te go through your house from collar
to garret, and l.tndey't li 1 xul Searcher i* warranted
to go through your system from top to t<e and drive
out all I1.hh1 dteaaes Its cure* are wonderful and
strutted to t>y doctor*, preachers and people
Scrofula, Mercurial Disease*. Kryaipelaa. Tetter, \ T D
car* In the l.ungs or on the Skin, Boil*. Pimple*. Ac.,
we warrant it to cure It U jarlv Vegetable Com
pound and Powerful Tonic. For sale by all Druggist*.
See that ottr name Uuu the bottom of the wrapper.
Aug. 7.
R V Sellers A Co.. rrop'rs, Pittsburgh, ra. lrny >
if ur by J . !>• Muxray, CcuUv UAII. a* .
\Y o I l "s Stand.
In Hocked with full lines of
| With full lines of
Choicest T*U, Byrupa, Dried
Fruit, Canned Goods, Sugar*, Cof
fee#, Pure Spice#, St' 1 Pork Proei
-lona. Wooden. Willow, Queen* andj
Gluawara, Fiab, Salt and everything:
u.ually found in a firat-cluaa Grocery.'
l OIL CLOTHS alwaya on hand.
You need not go from home lo buy
good* low. At Wolfa Maud in the
Bank building, youfnd bargain* good:
a* eUewhere, and au aewortraeUt e<jual
| to any in the county.
CORTLAN IT ST.. Near Broadway,
HoTCHKiKBi.It POND, Proprietora.
The restaurant, cafe and lunch room
attached, are unaurpasaed for cheapneee
and eacellence of service. ]loomi>socte
to I'.' per day. (3 to $lO per week. Con
\enient to all ft-rne# and city railroads.
N'**w I'm rut tu re. New Mariagi
j airnt, -3 jau 1 v
f Pianos! Pianos!
Oulj Ml.lo.
Stop Organ*. 2 Full Met of
Rood, Prior M 270,
On I j
IK Stop Organ*. 3 Full Met of
liccdM, Price N5lO,
Ottl) N75. |
Thi* Organ ha* the "Grand Organ Knee
Second •hand Organa foi $35.
Second-hand Piano* for SSO.
82.00 and upwards.
Piano and Organ Instructor*.
Cos era and SIOOU.
Sewing Machines!
New DOMESTIC $30.00
New WHITE $25.00.
New ST. JOHN 825.00.
New Improved SINGER 822 50.
New Improved HOWE 822.50.
Second hand Machines as low as $5.
Orders by solicited and prompt
ly filled.
No Agents employed, The buyeres
get the Agents profit. We buy our
Pianos, Qrgaus and Machines for
Cash,aud will give customers the ad
Allegheny Street, Bellefonte, Pa.
No. 6 Brockerhofi" Row, Bellefonte
Drillers in l>riig,( liciuimlH.
Pcrfhiucry. Faiu ) Loot!* Ac,,
Pur* Wines and Liquors for medic
purposes always kept. luaySl 7.
Dentist, Millheim.
Offers his prtJosuona 1 servicesto the public, lis Is
t>r*prtl so perform allopcrati -<• la tap <lent*l pro*
ie Is now fully prsptrad to titrtci teeth sbsolatly
without pala. mfS-73
l Attorney-at-Law,
Office on Allegheny St.. Bellefonte. Pa.
27 feb tf
Knife, and, in most cases, without
pain. Apply to C. P. W. Fischer, M. D ,
Itoalsburp. Centra county. Pa 24jully
DU .1 W. RlfoNK~Dentist, can be
found at hi* office and residence
on North fide of High Street, three door.
Last ofAilegheny, iieLel'oute, Pa. J
27 fob U
"A 1
j ou can find nj] kind* of Ufoeiriti ud
Canned Fruit* rhri.rr tnn any
where el*e.
He *Jo bun on bund nod in comtnni
-1 y receiving Notion*, Candiee. j n
great variety, and Tobacco*
of the beet grade*.
He deal* in FLOI'R, BRAN, STONE
and take* all kind* of Country
Produce in oiolMng*.
,1 Caotre Ball.
' it no* Ilia!,lf reMBoAd and tilaaalrelf awd far
HUtumtiltm, I „..i-<l Frt, Affaire, Pain*. Hare.,
Ua. Htlli#t. ; •,tint. Mr II It it.. ataafoal
.-lu. in turlus i alt, Otllt. ttpreina tod • .lUaa la
r boitet
li tcU qnlrt If as* tare If It al awr* M,tkaa Bad
, rtlitiH UiaMlß iuiola. lire laure antclan sad Id*
( triiißf asrtat. Tfaa aaaaf will Its Paul Uafk h. u>
•a* awl aatianad allii lu s**rto. Kir* Ik caata. *
hottiat for*l .
I PrMin! OB If bf la*l Otwtboitrer. M. D,
Boldbf J. U M .rtaj.Centre Mail.
Tlicl'h(i>nii I'ecloral.
II aa pr.iiMl na.ll In fa* pM olUrlf adapted I* aid par*
■ma. MmaausptlMM tad cuiidrea. If braalw a cold.
Iltlapaareuub It aula aiirectoratlaa If **•• la
alaai itlial li great tretail, |, l.rlaa- mat It
satjaada mar. oaraa Urea a ß f afire* aredi, laa. Thou
aaadaof u muaaa of S-.aafera r*aaflaata ban
.red I lot fa*rt |,ttl tad Imilf la KM reluf gre.a
| to ) rurat vllrrlad I'rlrt U mil at I Mill lor *l.
I'rejjtrtd 1,, tare lilarfealuor, M D
bald bf 4. U. Murraj, I Voire Ball.
otkMAV horse AXD cow POWPKK.
I f.**" * Uc >JW d la mmd aaadiUoa li aid*
I MwMmaadMdailailM It aaln f.i auclnui
I mUk 111 utiua tl t bun* will do mora work aad cow
I alt* more milk aad a* la boUot tpinlt aad candtUo
■ il alt" Imw arwlir? fa-re li litaad lacreatm ibt qaaa
tii|, II la taada far lli C#rl liWrboiUar al
•iitmlUr k ■.! las V Telrdrlreaf. PbUt it It sold
. ,| - I"t •. 1.1,' a i li rou Mr poaad. fat J . D Mar
: - : w ~,.;|v ire/. M,n.
¥ L SpAN'GLER, Attorney -at-Law.
ft • Con. u It* Horn in Englith and
German. Office in Fur*t'* new building
BARBER AViiliAimriKEMß—in the bas*
' hank building. All work done
n (a-bionabie *tyl. 1 July
Illumine our Cnwh Frice* of
Boots nnd Nhorw.—We ire rolling
out the good* lively, became we charge
| lea* for ibent than *a ever known- We
jkcepuptbe quality and keep down the
price*. We are bound to *ell off this tre
mendoui stock, and lrut in the low price*
to do the bu*iae. We will offer you
Men'* fine calf boot* at f> £0
Men'* kip boon *1 200
. Women* kip show at—loo
Children , school shoe* al 75
Men'* wool lined gum boot* at ... 250
Boy*' wool-lined gum boot* at 1 90
■ Men'* wooi-liaod nuckia overshoes... 1 40
', Men'* wool-lined Alatka overahoe*... 'A
; Men * plain gum GC
Lumbermen * rum*, wild bee! I 2£
IWoj-ien'* wool-lined Alaska over
j _ kiioa* mii
' Women'* plain gum over*hoe*. m „„ S5
Mi*.e' plain gum orerboc* 50
Children'* plain gum
Tbe above rubber good* are al! Irsl
clan and are warranted, and will be sold
j for rA Only. E. GF.AU AM A SON.
Dec 5 Bellefonta. Pa.
V KGKTNEY Attorney at Law
Bellefohte, Fa. Office over Key
Isolde bank ltmay v
T By calling at tbe new and exten
sive bakery eslabiitbmcnt of
(Successor to J. H. Sand*,)
Oppocite the Iron Front on Allegheny
street where he lursishe* every day
Fre*b Bread,
Cake* of all kind*,
I'iea, etc., etc.,
; Anything and everything belonging u
the business Having had rear* of expet
rience in the buiineca, be Matter* him.el
i"hat be can guarantee aatialaction to all
who may favor him with their patronage
*"m BW i k t k A MONTH guaranteed,
k 1 1 f BSI2 a dav at homemade by
iffi /4III| he ittdu.triou*. Capital
' • ■■ 111 >o- required :we will *tart
alalllllyfu. *cn, women, boy*
'I vl IV land girl* make money fu,
r ter at werk for u* than at
anything else. The work i* light and
ploatam. and tuch at anjone can go right
at. Those who are wie who *c thi* no
tice will tend us their addreace* al once
and tee for themtelve*. Costly Outft and
term* free. Now it the time. Thote al
ready al work are laving up large sums of
money. Addrea. TRL E A CO., Augui-
Man f. 26 jun J
Philadelphia and Erie Railroad Division.
O. *nd after St'XDAY. * IS!*, tks irelet aa
lire CbiiadU>tila A l.rre Kaitroad Otrlaloa will raa a
KHIK MAlLlaarva ChiladalptiU 11 tie m
" llamabur* tltam
"* " Mneiacdua _ _
- Wiuiamaport
: : l->ck Hare. , w ;2
** Krntri lltWam
* arraign* "S?"
" ttanrWbnre 1 *• a m
- - MoafaaOaa 1. p S
arrat Willremtport impm
I/H-k 11 ' .ij t. m
t"AST LlXClitTMrbiUUlpbU !!4AKt
- - igj:
arr al W liliamaiior* ! 3* p m
** 1 art II v*a kkvnm
I ACIKIC 11. Ititn lack Mtrra (*t a m
" J -raa* Mun II a m
" Willlamtport TUam
*• " liaatandoa Vkkam
art at Hirrtklmrf 11 u. m
. " ViSadalptla xsapm
lAi l.XirtTM Kes( <* la Oft a m
: •'. us.r
w tUuuikiK rl It 4V a km
Moctaixftoa | ft a aa
** airat Harrtffi urx 4 1(1 a m
** Fhllidvllltlla IMp e.
RRIK MAIL laartra Kaoovu BSC* m
- Lock I lava*
r JfUHaayyorl 1! Malik
- Moaunditn 12117™
arr al lUmbor* 44 a tu
- Philadelphia :551m
FA LINK 1-*T<*a illia;r;vorl
arr at Harrrtsbara u. _
arr al FhiiadtdpbtA T4oa t
Far cariUrtiß botwrrn l'biladah>b!a and Wfll-
Uamwport oa Xkafara K*. Wtd, Kri# Ki. Vwi. Phila
drlpkla L.preu Fa*l. and I.f ti Km B d Suadar
ti h*;l RWplaacaraaa 11 elphl trmla
If M A. BAI.UVIN. flaaeralSatreriataodeat
Ifewi.-b'r,;, Cutre <t Spruce Creek RR
i as
t-* 4 * K A.M. r.M. j> *f
Lewisburg. 7.17,
oburn 9.25
Vrr. at Spring Mills .9.50
3 16
S4Vlt A.M A.M. r.M
•pnng Mill* 10.10
'oburn ... 10.35
Lewisburg. 6.85 12.45 5.45
Vrr. at Montandon 050 1.00 6.00
Ibid 2connectat Montandon with
Krie Mail, west on the Philadelphia and
brie K. R.
Nos. 3 and 4 with Day Express.cast and
Niagara Express west.
No*. 5 arid i' with Fast Line west.
, . JA JA A WEEK in your own town,
I f|lff and no capital risked You •
*I. I can give the business a trial
l||l| without expenso. The best op
. will I portunity ever offered for
"fill I those willing to work. You
' should try nothing else until
you see for yourself wlmt you can do at
the business we offer. No room to explain
here. You can devote all your time ot
only your spare time to the business, aad
make great pay for every hour that you
work. Women make as much as men
Send for special private terms and partic
ulars. which we mail free $5 Outfit free.
Don't complain ot bard times while you
have such a chance. Address H. HAL
LETT & CO., Portland. Maine.
iw Milker
free to Farmers vb
wy ict as Agents. Cuk
■4 this out ar.d al\
dress-with stamp
Name thi* paper. 3m.