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("annitml* I*wrMi'l and
cd • llir tlloo.UhlrHJ "*•♦ r ■*"" "
The colonv of Queensland, though one
of the most recently established. ) ossesscs
one of the largos! trrriwrifl in Au
stralia, over the unsettled part of which
roam tlio aborigine*. I hoy an l among
the lowest of mankind in mental capac
ity and in physical formation. \ cry
little effort has been made to civilize
thorn, because e\perienoe has shown
that they an almost incapable of living
a civilized life. They wander in small
tribes, subsisting on roots. Their
weapons are the spear, the boomerang
and the nullah-nullah. The wealthy
squatter (the term squatter in Australia
it a title of honor and distinction), mov
ing into the interior of the country, pa*
lure* his sheep and cattle upon the land,
and now and then some wandering
blacks take what they want. In the
northern parts of the colony the blacks
capture, kill and cat human beings.
tJold mining is carried on there exten
sively, ami tlnn* are thousands of
Chinese engaged in tlu work. Tlx-*e go
out in small panics to work or travel to
and from the aliux ial diggings, and an*
often speanal and eaten by the natives,
\\ ho prefer a Chinaman to a white man.
White* occasionally pcr(x-tratv -< rious
offences, and, to escape punishment, fly
to the vast unexplored tracts that lie
beyond the settlevi districts. To cap
ture offending blacks or escaping whites
the Qumis.and government estal li-luxl
the native police force, or Hiaek Track
ers. a- they arv more generally trrtucl.
They are seUvtvai from tribe* a- far aw ay
H possible from the region in which
they arc designed for work, tak -u to a
police station in some small town, and
i.vught to ride and to handle a revolver.
When there is any need lor their services
they are drafted to the place at om-e.
They are employed to track xvliite men
who have 10-t their way. or xvlio are
attempting te> escape from justivx-.
Mary a horse thief and murderer ha
been brought to the bar of ju-lioo hy
their efforts, and hundred* of lives have
ht-en saved hv their persevering search;
for " lost in the lvush ' is an Australian
phrase, ahuosi synonymous vvith hor
rible death by thirst and starvation
There is another work perforimsi hv
the Black Tracker, and one in which he
is eon-t-uitly e-ngagisl. Australian
journals frequently vxntain item* to the
efftvt that some officer weiit out vv ith a
party of native poUca MM! DKMMMD >
mob' of blacks. I'o one who d-* not
Understand th* peculiarities of the
Queensland jH>live, this it- ni i- uninte
ligible; it simply means that tin- black
butchers murdered every man. woman
and child they could tind "To dis
perse " means to massacre. It is not verv
Uvng since some cat*.ie wera stolen from
a station about -Vn miles from Bowen.
and about sixty aboriginal*, tuen. women
and children, wore all b_n hensl by tin-*,-
k fiends, because thex wen- in Bu
ll igbborhood. I'liree t'lnntx-. on their
way from t'ooktovvn to the I'aimer
River "digging*, were }*-arevl and eaten
bv tlie Macks, and several days after
ward about twenty natives were s.aught
■ rial by the hlav k triH;x'rs. )\ hen
a little girt was killed and eaten n< ar
Townsvi ie, the natives !1. iik- p 1 envoi
in autumn.
It may tie asked if these people do
not Rsort ti> firearm*. Strange to say.
:hey do not. N-t do thev MHO t un
derstand tlie use of them Until it i*
provevl bv the death tf many of their
men. When first brought in contact
vvith the tracker* they had no f-ar of
tlie revolvers and carbines, hut rushed
wildy to certain death. On one occasion,
after a number of tlieiu liad l>een kiiosi.
-*.-:r.e of remainder txk refuge in
the trvs>. uus.ining that they were as
safe aniengYhe hraneiit-s a* the t>inl from
their own nftomer.ang. They have never
adoptevi the weapons, however, though
thev could easily do so. for the same class
who have furnished tlie Indians with
fin-arms couad supply them. There are
many small town* into which they an
not allowed to enter, partly because they
dri *- a* nature dres.-ssl them, hut prin
. ipally on aebount of their treachery.
"Th h';a K trexipt-r detests his less for
tunate Ir-ijn r* of the wilderno*. and
show* no lasvx-y. lie pursue* them day
after (• av fpr hundreds of miles, and
*i., H >t* t!i ai down, one and all. The-r
aim i* to punish the perpetrators of
■ rttu-. !>u: Aoey eombin-' tlie powers of
iu-y*nd ex<s utioner. The white
t u wh<> le.-ui th-m ar>- frequently n*
hlixxi;. .1 ir*ty as thentselve*. and often
- 1 th.-n. in acts of wanton cruelty, a*
vx ill be seer; from the following ac-'ount
el th- de-tkßs-Uoii of natives, which np
p-tm-d in vf-ite number of the Oti'ttts
"tin- :v#ve police offi---r, no longer
in th-. .• rv*N\ had a moh of blacks driven
into :i hole. Hi* trixiper* had til*
xvatcr u- esmded. ami thT- was noe*-;
< for tint miserable Marks. One by
• tie de-pairing wretrie-* were shot a*
they ruse to the surfacet- breathe. The.
*•<> ii. by. and at *t fl it that he
v ould a perianal *liare in
th- work. sfrij[>inc to his *hirt. and
xv tb v. tondßiawk in his licit, lie entered
th- wat- r. and with demonstration* of
ri -. •• iridui-ed one of the vvretelies to ap
pro* h. When the block vva* near
en >ugh the whiu- savage buried his
tomahawk in hi* victim's brain."
The water holes here spoken of an
pin l *-- to which tin- natives n-sort to
quen h their thirr. Thev an often ian
*'ructel by the owner# of large estate*,
hit" in- :iwr- frequently the work of na
ture. Th Black Trackers know these
p!a os well, an l tliey also know that the
n-divi-s must inn* to Uiem for water
Tliey fnvjuently wait ah- at these water
■ for day*, slaughtering th-- tin-
U*;>>'. ting native* They very rarely if
cv • take pri*om r*.
White ii.-n an* found who lxiost of
♦h- nnmh r of tlie nativ * they have
kil'e-! and on- man i:var Somerset,
Cape York, his a fen-*- n!'ut hi* pr<-m
-- -. every po-t of whieh is surmount* d
by a human skull, which li<- -ays repre
sents a native whom lie has shot.
These disgr.-u - ful proeeiaiing# have at
tracted considerable attention during tlx
past year, and petitions liave been pre
sented to the Qu**n s land Parliament,
praying for the di*!iandm-*nt of the na
tive police.—Snn Fmnrxro Chroniclt.
The .Man Who Ought to Have Been an
The man who knows how to run a
newspaper came into the Ih-rrirl oflh-e
yesterday. He sat down in the l-*t
chair, nulled all tlx- exchanges into hi*
lap and •*egan his criticism.
" I ought to have been an editor," - aid
he, "just to show you fellows how easy
it is to run a newspaper. Why don't
you pitch into the city council? People
want some kind of excitement, (live
the police thunder for not attending to
business, it will wake the people up. I
t'.-esar! wouldn't I make it hot for 'em
if I had anything to do with a paper!"
" S'pose you run this office for two j
hours to suit yourself."
" All right. ju*t let m-- do it. I'll
show you the hottest arii<-'es you ever
saw. (live m- tlie pencil."
We left him sitting in tlx- editorial
chair working awav for dear life. On
the stairs we met Jim Jones, a driller
from A lamagpoz"ium.
" Where's the editor?" -aid lie.
"Up stain at his desk," wo* the re
Jones had blood in hi* eves, and he
bounded up two steps ai a time, while
we waited "at the foot of the stairs for
developments. In about two minutes,
we saw tlx* dictionary fly out of the up
jx-r window, then there was a sound as
of a chair being smashed, followed by
loud yells, and in two seconds tlie door
flew open, and the would-lie editor came
rolling down the stairs.
"What'syour iiurrv?" we asked, as
he flew by vis. "Sit ilown and tell us
liow to runs newspaper." we continued,
a- lie struck tlie sidewalk. But lie never
stopped, lie just flew across the side
walk and fell on his hack in tlie gutter.
And such a sight. His nose was knocked
rrosswiv. .one eye wa* black as a
tliunder-cieud. his hair stood on end, his
coat was rrpped down the back and one
sleeve tor* out. Jones was coming
down the stairs and the woujd-be editor
jumped and ran up the railroad with
Jones close at his tieels, yelling " I
ain't the editor," at every jump he took.
He J -isn't returned. We fear his youth
ful <1: earn of running a newspaper has
been nipped in tlie bud by the frost of
adv< se circumstances. Oil City Der
Two BUtimorean brothers named
Thomas ran a era!) cannery at Oxford,
at the mouth of tlie Chop tank, last sum
mer, and found tlie venture profitable.
They pay twenty-five cent* per hundred
for the crabs and employ - hands to
" pick " them, but the process of canning
is a secret which they monopolize.
Wit does not always follow that a man's
bare assertion is tjie naked truth.
PICKI F,D CNKRHIRS —'To every pound
I of cherries allow half a pound ot loaf
sugar, half a pint of eider vinegar, half ■
an ounce each of powdorol cinnamon,
mixed whole cloves and allspice, and a
few blades of mace. Put the clierries in
a jar, Doll the other ingredients live
minutes in the vinegar, and when ladl
ing pour the liquor over the fruit.
Cover closely for n week before eating.
CIir.KKV I'v MMVrt. One quart of
flour, tliree cupful* of dried cherries
ru blast in the tl>ur. four eggs, two cup
tlils of sugar beaten very light after
being added t<> the cg. a cupful ol
sweet milk, one teaa|don(\il >f bicar
bonate of soda, ami two teaspoonfltls ol
cream of tartar sifted into the flour
Wet the flour and fruit with the egg*
and milk, and add a teaspoonlul <• salt
I Scald your pudding cwtk or MUM, al
lowing. uup < is>om f'V *\v-ling. and
boil for two or thtvi hour.-
Clll ItUV OK IHxiA*- VM Hoi I Stew
the cherries, or whatever fruit \on de
tign Using, with a little sugar; roll out
the pastry into a thin sheet the thinner
the better; spread over a thick layer of
she fruit, and then, commencing at one
side, troll carefully until all the fruit is
inclosed within the pa*te; pinch to
gether at the ends, and tie up in a strong
cotton cloth; then drop into a pot -t
boiling water. The Motvllo or sour red
cluster cherry is tlie I* .: for this pur
pose. or some other fruit possessing
I'VHKOT Sotr—Tl > day before th:-
roup is ixsjuiiast. boi thn-.' |vounds ol
giH>d soup heel" in a gallon ot water until
reduced one half. Stain When coal,
skim off all fat The next day add a
tablw-ooonful of salt, and replace on the
fire. S. rafH- voung carrots, and eut
them into small dice, ihit these in th>
soup with cayenne pepper, a tatucsp.'on
ful each of burnevl sugar, sharp vinegai
and grat'vi eam>t Boil till the carrots
are tender, and serve.
OMM Sot I" -T# eacli quart of young
corn, cut from tlie col. allow three pints
of water. Boil until the grain* are ten
der, lake two ounce* ot -weet '"UtT'-r.
mixevl smooth with one tahh-sjHHvnlul ol
flour; stir tlie butter into the soup, and
let it boil ten or m'.een minute* longer.
Just .etore taking >ut of the pot. heat up
■vn egg and stir into it. with salt and l*'p
por to your taste.
KKIKO lhT\Tv>rs. — Bare raw pot*!.*--
cut them into very thin slie.-s the short
vv.nv across, keeping the slices in re •
water; then lav them on a .loth to
drain. Have enough butter in a drip
ping-pan to more than cover them ; let
it Is- very hot; it takes a great ilea!, a
they absorb it. Fry quickly brown:
trtni. ami brow n tin- otic r -id ■ -ait and
pepper thrill. 8)ml koMbkhoC >.*-,
pvitatoes are managval the same way
I used* t Orellr.U.
Insects will demand attention th--
month and every other month until v. g
e tat ion O-HSS. Mu.'h f tl e sui-va-s- in
truit growing depends UJHIII the clo
watching and iroj-er combatting o!
these rnrmiis. thily the .cading p<-*t*
,-sui lw mentioned.
Borer*are not hatched vv itliin tin tree
The eggs are laid on the hark, and the
eaterp 1 arsthen eat their vvay in. W hen
within, their presence i* shown hy saw
dust, i'V gutu. oy a depression in the
Ivark. all near the rH>t. hen dis
covered. eut out with a knife or probe,
or kill with a wire probe.
in time ndvised the destruction ot the
egg*. The eatt-rpilla:"*. when hatched,
keep together and form a web or " tent.'
As soon a- one of these i - 'n. destroy
it in the morning or evn. ag. when the
insects are within. A hand, with or
without] a glove, to remove the t- nt. and
a foot to crush the whole, are ail the
appliances needed.
BARK LlC.—' Theee, especially the
Oyster-shell Bark-louse, ha* mucli in
creastxl i telv. Ifatrve fnmi the nurs
ery is infested, don't plant it. hut charg>
it to the nursery.. an. If IUI inffsust
tree has lie-*n planted, pull it up and hum
it and plant another. If an established
tree shows this twst. paint it over, be
fore the growth begin*, with larvl oil. or
other cheap, not drying oiL ft W*
have used crude petroleum with success.
(* XNKTK WORMS. — Barriers of tar <>r
printer's t.ik m*n liands of strong paper,
put around the trunk, will k-s-p th<
wingless female from ascending. When
the in*-*-ts have reached the top. laid
egg*, and the "worms" are already at
w .-rk on the foliage, prevention i- u*e
les-. Birds wi'd destroy some. Some
Western orriiardists have found Ix-netit
from the u*e of Paris gn*n —a teasjvoon
ful to a pail of water, syringed upon the
Cureulio. especially d-*tructive to th-1
plum. anl often so to the p aeh and
other fruit*, ran only be treated i>y sliak
irtgoff with a sudden jar. rate'in gon a
-li'S't or some sulvstitute. and kil ng If
anv one offers a eurvulio pr 1 ntive.
try liefore buying.
Plant lice, often in crow-' - on the end
of cherry and other twig-, ar- - i*i!y
killetl by tobacco water. —.li/ori-vm Ay
Xfaitßurmmt of X'ouuv Emit Tree*.
Comparatively ffvv farmer* giv.- tin
attention to their young tro.-s that is
eessary to secure the h- -t result*. On
ot the Wftrst and most common error- i*
to s-ed the youngorehanl to gniss. With
su- li treatment nineteen-twentieth- ot .
the trees w ill die liefore they reach n
hearing *ize, ami the remainder w ii! Ix
-ickly and unpn-litahle dwarfs, ( can
cultivation for five to eight years will l
amply rewarded by th- more vigorous
growth if the tre-s, and the .superior
qixiiit v of the fruit. Some useful crop
should 1M- grown, which will perhaps
repay tlie labor Ix-stowed upon th* tre--*
Indian corn, althougli not as g-Kxl n
potat- -. vvili he gi*>d to secure the re
quisiteculture, and i: may IK- alternatexl
with vvln-at. rye and oat*. It will then -
be neee-sary to mulch the trees.
Any coarse material may IK- used for
this purpose—forest leaves, fodder. 1
straw, ete., wili do. nnd should he ap
plied to the tree* a* far around as the j
roots extend, and six to eight inches
deep; this will keep down weeds, anil
prevent the ground from getting dry
around the root*, and wln-n decomposed
will enrich the soil. Peach tn*-* should j
be examined every spring in order to
destroy the peach worm, which may lx
found by the gum which exmh-s from
his abode near the roots of the tree.
Strong ashes or lime will destroy them
and is at the same time tie* lx-st fertil
izer that ran lx- applied.— J. C. Ihivu, in
Cou ruT'Jou nvi 1 .
The Color of Clothe*.
'Die eolor of clothes is not a matter
of indifference. White and light-colored
clothes refl* -t the heat, while black and
dark-colored materials absorb the hit;
hence it is that in summer we wear light
colored dresses. But. after all. light
colors are really best at all seasons; i**r,
though black and dark substances ab
sorb beat b*-*t, tliey al*> radiat*' or give
it off soonest. There is no doubt tfiat
white clothing retains the heat of the
body longer than dark clothing. The
i-oacliman will tell you that his white
duffel coat i* warmer in winter and
cooler in summer than any other kind
of coat, and the brewer's dravman will
wear hi* white stocking* all the year
round. The true reason for our prefer
ence of dark-colored clothing in winter
anil during hail weather i* economy.
It is a question of soap and washing,
not of comfort, which de*-ide* us t<*
CIKX*C those color* in materials whicli
do not hhar constant washing, such as
wool and silk, which show the dirt least
and retain their color longest. In the
summer, when ladies wear linen and
| cotton fabrics, which do not suffer in the
, washtuh, tliey can indulge in th'-ir love
for white an<! delicate tints of color.
How to fftrnl with Kitlf.
An exchange says: We clean our
premises of those detestable vermin by
making whitewash yellow with copperas
and covering the stones and rafters in
the cellar with a thick coat of it. In
every crevice where a rat might tread,
we put tlie crystals of tlie copperas and
scatter the same in the corners of tin
floor. Tlie result was a perfect stampede
of rat* and mice. Since that time not a
footfall of either rats or mi-e has been
heard about the house. Every spring a
coat of the yellow wash is given to tlie
cellar, as a purifier as well as a rat ex
terminator. and no typhoid, dysentery
or fever attacks tlie family. Many per
sons deliberately attract all tlie rats in
tlie neighborhood by leaving fruits and
vegetables uncovered in the cellar; and
sometimes even the soap is left open for
their regalement. Cover up everything
eatable in the cellar and pantry and you
xvill soon starve tlicrn out. These pre
cautions joined to the servi<-c of a good
eat will prove as good a rat exterminator
as tlie chemist can provide. We never
allow rats to be poisoned in our dwell
ing; they are so liable to die between the
walls and produce much annoyance.
The t'lf nt Water In IMall.
it is very common to throw water
I around the roots of a ti-ee at planting,
without stopping to inquire why I'ti
less the soil is extremely dry. in the
spring, and the tn-e has already eotn
-1 men cod to grow, water do.-s uiore harm
than good And light here it may as
well be said, if dr\ weather ensues alter
planting so as to aftoct ill*' tree, do not
sprinkle every day. hut remove two
inehea of the surface over the roots and
pour water enough to go clear down t>>
the lowest roots replace th* earth ami
muh-h with a little hav, or grass, or
tatihark. or something to prevent rapid
evaporation. Seldom will any more
water t>e needed Kxchanyf.
Klow r r-llril* ,
The (timn/a fhrmcr says A few alrn
ple rule* in the .arrangement ol flown
Ixsls will materially enhance the effect
produced. Among these are
First A void p icing rose colored next
lo scarlet, orange or \ lolct
Saniut IV> not place orange next to
yellow, nor blue next to violet.
Third— White relieves any color, hut
do not place it next to yellow
Fourth -Orange goes well with blue,
and v cllovv with v io'.et
Fifth Rose color ami purple always
go weiltogethei
In dress lug Little Ned,
"Where is ' Whisk v Hill,' who u*-*l
to ilrive that oht white horse in front ol
atwentv tire cent express wagon* " re
peat •at the matt in tones of surprise
"Well, now, it's a curious case, lie
slowly contiliueil. " We all tliouglit he'd
gone to the dogs. fr sure, for he was
drinking a pint of whisky a day. Iut a
few months he braced light up.
-topped drinking, and now 1 hear lie's
in giHsl business and saving money. It
(•cats all, for the last time 1 saw him lie
seemed half under ground."
Win n vou go lioine at nithl aiut tind
that all is well with your own flesh and
hlocd. do vou go to sleep reasoning that
tlie rest of the world must care for it
st ,f* l>o vou ever sliut your - y< * and
. .all ii|> the hundreds of lac- s vou have
met during the day. and womh-r it the
paleness of h .tli w iii covi r any of them
in-fore the morrow? When vou hav.
once been at IT acted to a face, even it it
I In- a stranger's, do you let it drop from
memory with your dreams, or do you
all it up again and again a> night conn -
down, ami hope it luav lose linUt of its
brightm ss in the w liirling mists of time
So "Whisky Hill" was hunteddowii
An inquirv her and then* finally trac<-d
him to a little brown cottage on a by
street. He sat on the step in the twi
ight. a burly, broad-shouldered man of
fifty, and in the house thrvs- or four chil
dren gathered around the lamp t >ok
over a picture l>ook.
"Yes, they used to call me ' Whisk v
Bill,' down town." he replied, as In
moved along ami made room, " hut it is
weeks since I heard the nam- No
wonder they think me dead, for I've not
s}-t eves on tin->,tl i row.l for months,
uid I don't want lot r months to nn
" Thcv tell uie you have quit drinking.
One could see that by your fai-e,
" l hope Mi; I haven't touched a droj
since February. Before that Iw is 1., •
• irunk day in and dav out. and more of a
brute than a man. 1 don't mind saving
that my wife's death set iue to thinking,
hut I didn't stop my liquor, Cod for
give me, hut i was diunk when six
died. half drunk at the grave, ami I
meant to go on a r< gular spree that
iiiglit. It vv as low .low n. sir. hut I was
no better than a brute those days "
" And S.I you left VOUI mot lx rirsschiU
■ dren at home and went out ami got
-irunk ?
" So. I s:iid I meant tv> but 1 didn't.
Hie poor things w.-re crying all day.and
! :iAer coming a--me from the burial 1
thought to g : 'ciu tie ke.i away in Ust
i before I went out Drunk or sober I
never struck one of 'cm a blow, and they
never ran from me when I *t.iggr-d
home. There's four of Ytu in tln-re and
tiie youngest isn't quite four years yet
I got the older on*> in 1H- i all right and
i then came little Ned. lie had crust him
self to sleep, and he culled for mother a*
soon as 1 woke Mm. I'ntil that night
1 never hail that boy upon my knot-. t>
say nothing of putting him to isl. and
■ you can guess tin #• big fingers made siow
! work with the hi*'k and buttons
Kvery minute he kept saying his mother
1 didn't do that w ay, and the big eliildren
wen- hiding th- ir h. atis under the quilts
)to drown tlieir sobs Wh-n I hast hi
chit lies off and his nightgown on 1 xva*
' ashamed and put him down, ami when
I the oldest saw t'-ars in my eyes ant
j jutll|ieti out of led to put luT aitn
iround iu\ m k I dropped tlj• name of
■ Whisky Rill' right then and forever."
" And little Ned "
" Mehlte I'd have w- ak<ncd, but for
I him." replied the man. as he wi;**! his
. ,cs. •• After I got the child's niglitg.-w n
• •n. what did lie do but kneel right bow n
beside me and vv ait for m<- to say tlx
laird - J'rayer to him' Why, -ir. vou
might have knocked me down with a
i feather! There I w as, mother ami father
to him. ami I couldn't -n four words of
that prayer to save my life! He waited
and wait.-vl form.- to begin, as his mother
alwavs had. and the big eliildren were
waiting, and when I took him in my
arms and kissed him. 1 called IL-aren
to witness that my life should change
from that hour. And so it did, sir, and
I've I teen trying hard to lead a solx-r.
! honest iiff. tiod helping me. no one shall
call np-' Whisky Bill' again."
Tin- four little children, little Ned in
his nightgown, came out for a gmni
niglit kiss, and the hoy ruddied in his
father's arms for a moment and said
" (>ood-night. pa —good-night, every
body in tie- world—good-night ma up
in heaven —and don't put out the .iglit
'till We gcttosleep!"— Ihtfi'it ?> l*r>v.
A Horrible Death.
Mr. txhia. ..f M-nshurg. Iz- Sueur
county, Minn., got on a spre. on a r--.ent
Monday, at Montgomery, and oIV.-r- d to
wager that he could swallow the gia-s
, contained in a whisky flask. The wager
I was taken up by one of the party pr sent.
when upon the drunk'-n man proceeded
I to swallow the pulverized glass and also
a tallow candle. Strange to relate, that
night In- felt no ill effect* caused by the
rash deed, hut next day the glass began
j to cut ami grind lit* Uiwcls. compelling
the man to writhe and scream in agony.
This continued until Thursday morning,
when the }MM>r wretch was brought to
New Prague in the delusive hope that a
phvsician could save him from his inev
itable and fa-t approaching death. Of
course no physi< inn's skill could now
save or even prolong thWiiff which had
lieeti so deliberately though unknowing
ly taken. It was pitiful and heartrend
ing to hear the poor mortal moan and
scream in agony as the death-dealing
glass slowly hut constantly eut its way
into the vitals. This <■• uld not long
continue, however, and death kitidly
relieved the suffering man Thursday
afternoon. A poxt mortem examination
was held, and the man's stomaeli and
intestines were found to he literally
ground to pbx-es.
A wife ami nine children are left de
pendent by the fooihardim - of a man
crazy by drink. This may prove a time
ly warning to those addicted to the use
of a substance iwdeadlv in it- final efforts
as that swallowed hv the man who came
' to so untimely an en<l.— SJutkrpi r (Minn.)
Ari/ns. _____
Res pert for the Dead.
An indignant correspondent ot the
' New York Errninn I'ont writes in the
1 following strain : Several years since I
witnessed the following occum-m-e inn
village street: A plain farmers boy
was driving his wagon to the mill and
met a funeral procession. It was led hy
a vvorkingman. walkinghareheadeil,and
behind liini was s. child's coffin. A
dozen or more neighbors and friend
walked lxliind. The farmer's hoy drew
up to the side of the road and took oil
Ins hat as the humble mourners passed.
' Yesterday morning about eleven o'clock
1 I witnessed another occurrence at th
1 corner of Fifth avenue and Thirty-see
• entli strii't, in the city of New York. A
' hearse and many carriages in line wer<
' in front of the old Brick church
8 The funeral service of a well-known lady
* had closed, and the eoflin xvas heinfi
' placed in the hearse in the presence o
1 the mourner*. At this moment a splen
' did coach and four passed hy with i
■ brilliant party on top The liverier
y servant behind with flisteniled eheeki
" Mew his horn in face of the funeral. MM
1 without renionstranee from any of tin
' company continued his perlbrmane<
' along the crest of Murray llill. I couh
r not help questioning whether some o
5 the finer qualities of our nature are n<>
i 1 letter cultivated in the country than ir
- the town. _ _
r A Hindoo lias reduced laziness to a fire
r art. He says: "It is better to walk thar
- to run, better to stand than to walk, bet
e ter to sit than to stand, and better to lit
i dowa than to sit."
A Cavalry l*i IAir rio|>iim Willi *
S3 a I"It > Wrrihuil'i liinglilri.
A corrrepuntli'iil of tli* Now York
Ho rl,i wine.* from Fort Alirnlmin I .ill
coin, Dakota, a* follow* \Yldle 11*
ohlrrciviliznt ion of tin* Fnsl i* ■ wlteil
HOT tlio nvinirlr UmtiN of wpll-linil
voung women who prefer for hiialmnil*
enr-ilrlver* mill ertneiuuen to the nit-n ol
more polite position, the IHTO r ami
eruiler society of the fiontler litis heen
enjoying on it* own Hoeoiuil n little ro
mnntie sensation the eml of which him
not yet eollle 111 tin Sevelitli cavalry
there i-> no cnlistixl man, Charles Me:
tier, win me good look* hitve not only
tnnile nnuiv of thi' litundr*'*. *• heart* llut
ter, hilt ten e e\> ili d tin influence ill all
of the towns near \\hl.h hi* troop low
lieen statloneil. Iteeentlv tllei e einne to
Itisninrek Mr Frank (' Melville,
prominent anil wealthy nn r> haul ol St.
Paul. Minn., nml Willi hitn mine hi*
daughter. n girl of eighteen, who i
spoken of ii* quite he.iutiful in l>r*oo
Hllil till' |H**f.s*or ol limn* x^litccfll 1 He
. oinpiislniieut* Mi Mi i ii.* < nine to
HisttinreL to start i flour mill, -m<l
while lie w .w* engaged in tin* occupation
hi* daughter mu ll*l*l herself with the
limited not ifly that the plnee afford*
Every one know* what a heiie an e
--coinpHshcd girl ran he w In n she is v i*-
iting at or near frontier military post,
and Mi** Melville wi- not nil exception
to tin' well-proWn rule, for neter a day
pa* al that several young officers did
not dismount in front of her door, the
of these voung men, it i* generally
thought, wo* sciiotitly MU it ten and
pressed hi* suit with mil. Ii pi r*e% eranee
\(i*s Mt'U i hoivtief. was not eapti
vale*l In the glitter of a shoulder strap
nor did a ehevron stay her free eies
vi\ i. u >, %. a hall w .s gi •II ,t Car
rolton Hall at which, in the clmrae
teristlc Western way. people of many
social . r.ult snn l and mingled on the
lloor, Ihe IT* Miss Mt, ville met tin
ItattdsollU Me .ier, whol is eiVisl so 111 U> h
encouragement that In- met her secretly
ifterwsrd, and the a Tiuaintanee ripened
into an laigagemenl w hieh the other day
culminated 111 all elojiiiuenl to JntUf*
town, where the eotip.i'w ere married hy
the li. i. Mr Jackson I'lie announce
ment of the marriage i reat d more colli'
motion in the garrison than many an
Indian as-mlt lias done Mi :.ier and
his wife ret urinal here after the cere
mony nml the bridegroom wa properly
sent to tile guard-house fur isitig " ab
sent without leave and for conduct pre
judicial to gi h nl order and military'di*-
ip.iin Mr. Meivilla has taken hi*
daughter to St. I'.TUI, hut liefore going
lie had an interview with Mellier and,
w In.e forgiving him, proiui*<ai to evert
his influence to *.- ur- the discharge ol
hi* daughter's hushmd from tin- 1 iiitial
Stales set vie. Whether this can hi
done or not i* an open question, hut in
the mcnnwhil. Mellier languishes inn
" dungeon cell " W itllollt i V I'll tell pholie
Iteggiug as a line Art.
Mr .11! Uregg. of llong Kong, lut*
recently written to a 1/ union paper a
v> ry inter* sting letter on (."hint*" tag
. ar* i'ertiinly *ome of the account* of
these mendicant* are horrible in tin- \-
liviiie, and would hardly be i naiind if
the authority wa* not *<• g.*..!, lie *(}*
that In - ha* actually *<sii one lagg.-xr
I tearing t>n his lew k a! pit' so mu. h nl
fivtol hy the disease that his ear* and
hand* and fiat w . re apparently *;.>Ugh
nig off. With this loath.*..ue burden.
Mr. tlt'egg say*, the Ix-ggar threatened
to c liter cuell shop he passed. Ullii"** tin
sliopki'i'jter at on.a- administered to hi*
wants Ams were promptly thrown
into the street, and quickly pieked up.
Other*. a -.rditig t>> this a.eonnt. go
alx.ut carrying sliarp Chinese r.-vrot*.
with which tin y < Ut tin ntseii i * to show
their misery, and to rxort aim*. Mr.
<>r-gg ha* *.* n mendieant* with the uj
jH-r nart of their bodies covered with
(■ittod At the tow n oi I'itkong. in tin
province of Canton, he saw a Ix-ggar lit
erally bathed m lit* own blood, which
al*<> sprinklitl over the floor of the shoo
in which he w a* trying to melt tin- ap
parently otxlur ite heart of the *hop
k>s |HT. lie also relate* horrible stories
of In-ggar* who vary tin- almve fashion
hy knocking their load* against the
walls of shop*, ami of others who licat
lln ir Irodies witli large stone* for the
•li heat 101 lof pa**er-by. Not eontentetl
with thc*e pleasant and entertaining . x
hihition*. some ol tin- more emaeiateii
have an agiv• ih 'habit of ipp.irently
appearing in a dying condition on the
thr< sliold of n shop or dwelling
and announcing, in dismal tones, their
nurpose of remaining tin re to die. Here
i~ Nlr tin .'g sa . ount of one instmt ■
" In May. l*Tl. I saw one. upparentiy
jw rishing from hunger, throw hitns if
down nt the doorway of a dwelling
liotis . -aying that he would die of star
iat ion if he w ere not immediately r
lieveti I'lie liou*<'lloi.i. r. who was ill a
great state of trepidation, nt nnce ol
ternl tin* star* ing man a small sum of
money, which was indignant )* refused.
\ friend who was with nn* e\pr>-**-d
hi* readim-s- to tvlirve the wants of the
sufferer, lie held out a half-dollar, nni
tin- p. nurioii* hotme|)oid<T at one>
ruslnal tow aril him. and eng.*rly gra*|s)
the coin, which he at once gave to the
suffi ret'."
Thi* i< tt> r go- * to show that tin men
dicants of tin- Kuro|>.-an countries and
tin' I ll i'.. ii State* have not tegun to
master the fine art of 1* gging. and that
they are as yet hut in their infancy when
compared with the almond-eyed chil
dren of tin l Flowery Land.
Hon Much Can a lVr*on Read I
The longest sjng'e poem. I Ix-liev •.
extant, is an Italian tem. "The
Adorn*" of M.irini. who lived in tin
time f>( Jam - I of Kngland. It eon
tain* la.iNKt line-. As for **pain. one
-ingh* author of tin seventeenth century,
IAIJM-7. ile A'i'gi, ivniii l.atWplays. Hi*
work* aitog. tin r tili forty-sewn .juarto
volume*. A lon/, i Tostmlo, a "sjianish
bishop of tin- lift, .nth is-ntury. wrote
nearly forty folios, covering with print
three times a* many leaves a* he hail
lived days. To come to Kngland.
William I'rytine wrote two hundred
different work*, t'lialtners' rolleetd
edition of the Kngli*li JMHU* only eonn *
down to CowjH-f. who died in |t*oo. and
tills twenty-one volumes royal octavo,
double columns, small tyjw. The voi
uun s average "(*• pages. This gives a
total of It.TIM page*, or 'go. 100 column* takes (I have nxuie the cxp'ri
nn-iit) four minutes to r> :d a column,
with fair attention. llere i* n good
y.-ar's work in reading over oniy once a
selection from tlie Knglish |<oets. The
amount of rending which a student inn
get through in a given time hardly ;ol
mits of being measured hy the ell. The
rate of reading varies with the subjeet
th<' rapid glance with which we skim th
columns of a newspnpiT Icing at one end
of the scale, and the slow rate which i
reiiuinnl lor a page of. srty. Kant's
"( riti itie of Pure Heason " l>< ing at tin
oth*r. Still, just to get something to ge
upon, make a calculation in this way
Suppose a man to he able to read eight
hours a day. No one can really sustain
receptive or critical attention to written
matter for eight hours. Hut tnk<
hour* as the outside possibility. Tliirtv
pages octavo is an average hour's read
ing. taking one liook with another.
This would make vMn pages per day
I,RHO j>> r week, and H7,;UtO pages in n
year. Taking the average thickness o
an octavo volume ns test png*s only, tin
quantity of rending which a diligent
student can get over in a year i* no mort
than an amount equal to about '-M vol
ume* octavo.
. i
A (Jticer Character.
" Jimniy-the-Huek." of Virginia City
Nev.. is (lead. He made a living hy t
i queer invention, lie used to put a duel
in a box, with its head sticking out of :
hole, and allow the > rowd to throw
clubs at it for twenty-five cents n throw
the bird Is longing to whoever shonh
liit it. The ducks would of coursi
••duck" their heads just before thestieki
whizzed along, and it was not oftenei
than once in six months that Jiinmt
would lose. The following i* hi* ept
t?ipii: "OM Jimmy's weary hones ar
now resting peacefully under the sage
brush. I/*t us hope that when tin
trump of the resurrection shalleehoovei
tin' rugged peak of Mount Davidson In
will be able to pop his head up like tint
famous duck, anil should the devil ap
pear and make a grab for the old man
may he dodge hack successfully."
A bald Cincinnati woman does no
• cover the hare top of her head with falsi
hair, or hy combing her own linir ove
it. but appears to lie proud of theihs
tinction that it gives her in public as
semblages. for she always removes he
bonnet. The effect i* strikiug.
The total municipal debts ofTtr
I'nited States range between sl,ooo,ooth
000 and $1,500,000,000.
(Attorn and Middlo StAtot.
At thd Utby ihov in New York 100 Inlintl, ,
Ol YWftOtMl | l'40lt> hih! iiiv ol lotigv, I
(Ht||||ottN| iO| Cllffll }'!*•
11l n (MHlllllllliMAth'll
I oiiiiiiittrr,' tli§ RiiMiNU cnHtltil
ill New liiii lcri tbtiwtiiiii , <i witli !in
. tuiMi(iritcw lor iitteiiiii; "wikut ■UmIrHHMi
iiiaimmlittiM mul UituflHwnUl Ih New \ trk
it|4nint one o| our iiuwt hoiiomt Ainl
tiuatel! tl|eiut If t!u etHiumniKHlllt.n In
tfrmuiiff. II wimiUl 4inU*'te llkttl tlo NililluiU
Ii * e nn to Uo oouuiry.
I hi'ir nrtt nw 'il'j Hie iimuimice e*i|i|4Miioti
liunliitvnn in Munmi* mite link ilij;
I keel. Atltliit t e*t tturim • •*** I 4* i 1,10
titiHikiiiffi wvmi buttilitMimttl twniiy flnw
tMUftff>l 1% ikn it] .'(ki, i'l W llte'tl §
IHJ wete (vnitt 1 lie ttl luaumiier ninouiiliMl
to I tiKHf ImmlrtnllUMl inner > wmii
fl the Wrie liueltttUhiy.
At I uIU, N Y , II I* I'eem, n
t 'mm-la*n, |tui|e*| Iroin the center id the Ham
|reunion info rhof, ilmtaiien
*t lirj fetH 11* wi UUMI n* lour
frt*c*>inU, nit.t IVnm Wan jt k*l tip hy n Inmt
tin hit rt A rnwl witiu *•*•*) the tUrhif
Homtt wrrkt Henry who lmt
Ikwvii for innnv Yenm u| *4 pulUn
* hotin ut New \uk eitV,
on >|Ul itunlmiii. w Inch t An***l gf rail OOHIIUWII,
ffthl a rtwoltltioil wn* llilltNluiwl At tha lieil
meeting ot tiir thtnnt of Ktiurattion, mjuanUUi.
' hi in to hut it ituiotl ti ohtaui iiuiioi tt>
•4 intra Mr kiddle, howrbar, hn aati fll j
to of hi* own and tha Ihmitl tM
I .tm nl jtU linn A4*ea|Uat Inn Iri£nation, {mum
tit§* laaoiutioltn cui| hineii'.at > U hit efth inwy j
w lull* IB ofttea ,
M; Mary liiilatt mul hrr tinal) rluhl wara
I 111 Yir an t kiliatt hy a tiWiii tiowi
llart thuri; t I'M
n AtwurilA ainl luraetn, lgathai
with inutility to cmiloct HiterraC t It ml in, liu>
i itthat rwftoat tlie I nu I nit >ut liaiik, t4 >
Mtxnn uit lit han bftfti U)niual In lu !
ihtii£ liunurai iln-te ara 111 QUO ilojawltl
} with 9l.5tKJ.tHiO to their erraltt
Ihr will t*l Ju'l e I'.u kit wan m<l at Allen
tow 11, I'u it Ijosjueathn lot the t umlirnl ,
cluioWliieut nl I 111 a emit)', oi Hth||M !
hem, IV 91 500 000; for a lihrwry ioi t!e
uiuxemtty, U M Lke • il'Wpitd.
iialhiehrtn, 9 >OO tMJO, >t Mtkik -** Kptol't'jwi
i hut eh, .Maui h 1 hunk IV 910 000
At the tenth nun ml eoiniiieueeJueut of th-
U miu-n Mflk'al ( .ll-gje of the New \ ik
Inrtnturry ten > women, all 4 New Yotk
fit), rtvetkrri ili|4uUUM lu | inctioe luwliiiua.
ilia two New \tk elevated railrouJ e*Ui
|!ura )mvs Jiiiuwl furt ra. aint will he tj.rralwl .
Hthlrr one inauuKrtiieul tit itulU 1
1 ia New \ ink han uii(Miriwl. j
Ihe lu wl 1 iiij •• •I'Uint (iikaut inl lull |wowl duf
t|||£ the §raU4t w ,n tJie Olir l tnlut the
rule nl lltUiral in the Mate ftoiu nenari to i!
J-CI i Cill
lire flltieth antiu < rwary of tha IlrMkl)u
>UUtU)SS'ItH>i I tktoftt wan trVhlllal b> rt
l*ata<!e t4 tlie L*n> itrtn ate! at h4atn of 110 Nub*
(•ath-nrhtmin, (**nnj*i alaait il' WO iihln iti
oait Iha t'tti wan gt*titfaLy' utiwiuxl un a
huitiia) the city.
the trtal id I.<lsjd Heitfehanlt on Stalen
inland. N \ . lot the murder ul hra wife rr
in a vvitUi i i hy Ura jury, and
the |>rt*oifrt New O'lult uu.cxt tt lie on
July ll Itai tilta nit in u tines I Inn wife Maty
Aun Krinliardt (f< Ur. tii). ni> ! hurovl iht
rvituuun rrt a barrel at sdvar Malm
Inland He neeli <N*tt*a) Itig the lartel, Ift
w hteh weia the rtuuuii ul lu wile, oft a
wbaelhaUTow cm July 11 1 , ISlh. and lie told thr
lwlwonn win* aaw lutti Uut lie won
Lit I'laee t>i newuh iunb ui 1 had ct\ * ke.ry tit the
(>ti rrl r ithru ho Uu t liwt he aan nhmt buiy •
a dog IttunUanfi. at tho time of tiir di*
n| )*eni*tt < t4 hin wdc, wan luuiuci to l'anlina
Ui'tmal, ol Newark, N J . who wan |rewenl
tha trial
A Ore in Brooklyn J. iruyat tha l'k c |lU *
nor*.! oil Wtck of I owlet, I ittt| '.oil A u , ri-
a low *4 uotrl) tflOO UttO
A New ufk }tA|cr |>tthitnhm latter* and the
jU !h* 1 rolls about 100 Ilax r luoie
than 1 UUO |- mt aJid rr} rtWPtlhm or!;. >tal
, n (hr t u'u euroa|it the IWifl* Mntra, lu fa*
Ifwrd to the otup jmniiatk tothan
rrjKiftt, while lhatein too nueh omw rnai |*rt*tn
iw ui ot nflow tuj* htn ral* an W ere mWltot a
> oar yet there are naUnla* tory indrcataii**
id an \ r?w|*a } fui id u tto<Mtt m* liutu and <4
moat er**)n, aud in the cane f Nome kUjilra an
ith itwM .• ri|a l<d Ihe wheat and~oraen*f<
oi the Wrairm and mrat of tire >od|hortt Ntatew
will nit!**osn that of Lant Vraf, altould tin* iaU '
M-dk 'i tifUTv fnfutublff lt*e rutidilHtn *4 the
Innt itt Nrw l aud tho Ms-Idi*
Male* n otie of uuueuil | rxuum* . hut sis !iuui)
MetiUttl t | the Nffllk Afttl XV Nt the IT*"*-** !AU
taern tliimwl hy the dilil winter or late liinU
1 h<* fru|> ul iwi*. rye and larivjf will ti4 h*-
i? %e lair?
rJteaol in • une iitnite-1 urua I hetoutXcmcrwf
will i** iaTjirr than unual, udtwi hntatuhnj* the
unlavirahie w miliar, owui£ tu tha rilivt id tha
irerht in- ftaM* in Jtoa* ill aatauditkk tha arte
-1,1 tto*wt d the >• mt hern Stnlc* Knnttcato
rvory w tierr liavr | '.anted mora than
u*ual. and mraeim will le tukan to
protod thein from thr mmjfra *4 tha C***irad<
in otic*, which han alrra*)> sjjarnl in thnoaton*
uumhatw in IVnnny U ataa.Ncw Jemry Kan
tu k> . 1 Hiiu an I k*ua uthn Mnlra lu
there in w iira d'hliir, h ;t not ucnnv*
in the Muth, and it i briiA mora largely t die
%at* i \ \ tlir lartirrra ol Mew an
t otrt ti ut In Mm * motUaind New Hamj
•hire the <% odn*tr> in cwu
nidarwtrle nttent.oti Nti>l mh; imtu 1m > na uiU
1 lour ill many •** Hum ul tha MMith an IXX mt
XX il'iiim Urn \ hiirr.i ji. tha antr-Alavary
J agitator, in dm I H* momenta wrre
ifirtit til New til city, to which joe h had
I •ia fhiui XI t- u InmHta. hofun|* to oMatti
-<itir relief from h mek h *-•. ltun at Nrw •
I har>}*ort. \! so ia B 4 I. Mr. tt:m% n
♦ tko ,riiitar'a trade, and at *satrn brjfcn t
I w si!** h*t the He 1 and t-U hi tailed
a nundwrr *4 a-di-nUvery |m|*ara w mimpn-o
.Hwd and fined in lUlnnmrf lr <Wutnrtn||
the at ola N>wl*iiyprt oA|*t.un. who t**l
. *4 alar a* from ililtinaa to
' and wa m 1 and natiowly r* .j-M U :•<;
' killed at flnatoti m lii.lS, llff \*£\n ihto pului-
ration <4 the Ilsodon Lib'fatar in Ihul and
1 aolvral it in BU. i& which our he visited
South t. Hfolitia tm i §jHko at C liarlraluu
The fury in the t uu- of Mm smith ami
Cor art l B-niuHt. on trial al Jamcy t'ltj,
\ J , for the murder <4 file former • liuahtotod.
l*olic*jimii Smith, found ib two guilty of inur
l'-r in the flmt drgre.
Sit anditral>*js And thirty-aeven tu*h jra aa
•rated Caniiiul \i.t u,i-y to <h*l'*ttug the
> ailMlia CWtoMM DM Nc
5 "ik Vu tmuicnac liir*ng we pewaeut. aiwl
. vet) Urge Ciijr m the l'nito.l
.v. rcj in the gathering <4 ( UJtoiu
clargvmcn ihc servtei* lu.*tr*l (rum ten in
the morning until thro- in lh utt'-rnunn. C*r
lnuJ MiT ."shf v himch wo* the chief ■>•!-
, brunt, suil anllg lite miss I'he il€*ln.tory
I Bcrmon *iu pr*ichl h> HKIIOJI Ryan 4 *I
Ixxii*. mul in the < veiling Rwhop Kccute, <4
Richmond, prt-wjbr-1. I'hu lhtUM*irnl i i 4
' mnrttlc. an.l when completed will havo coat
' ; about 3J.40ti.00t1,
Western and Southern States.
1.. I/mgbchm. a t.rnnan living tin a vrgw
- table mix Iw. alstut live uulcw (rom Anttoch,
t t*l . took hia little la>> and girl, agnd i|*v
lively aix and lour vear*. into the fielda, baat
. (belli ■> tnsilJi with a club, eiq thou throat*
and then went lau k to the homm and blew bit
j own brain* out with a shotgun, the latutly
| laid alwava livoil happily together, and it is
P I *.IJ j*M*i that lanigbolita wiui aufftaring from
j nit nttuek ol insanity.
I RejHirta Iroin the Northwest lnt. that tho
prospects lor Urge crt>| m tlutl region are
very fiat ten tig
William Morgan. chier 04 the b; Nicholas
HoUl, 1 llltlla—f ul l>>* Waher. Joint Mor
gan. while rowing n skiff on l.tcking river were ami deowqwl in eudoavonng to avoid n
" pK**'iig steamer.
' ' William Nel*on. a colored man. HIM fined
" 3,1.000 nt lerm ICimte. Iml . an.l sentciwi*! to
the penitentiary for one yoar lor marrying a
white w.mum.
II Oilandti C'aasler, who. is July la*l. mur
" ! dert*l ami p.I-Ihml tieorgv- I. Monroe, waa
' 1 hanged nt Seward. Neh. About hull an hiair
)' la-tore the execution, which took place at Ido
- i u a mob auildetily tore down the inchvniire
'. around the aeaffotd. nml quietly wit new-1 the
r , proceeding* to the end. (Wsler n*erti*l on
It the *.vi(Told llutt he aim innts ent. and Hint his
,f tile had lawn swore nwny Ile wna ctail nnd
~ reaigned Htroughont.
t At the low* |>einoemtie Mute ( .invention
e I held iiit ouii. il llliiffs. n ticket headed hy li
j. II rriinhle, for Governor, wnu. nomiiuited.
Resolution* were adopted railing ujam I .In
gres* to stand firm lor the dee.lorn o| the Isil
(ot. declaring that l">th the government nnd
Hie State* should be sternly restricted to their
t rrapective npheren in Hie exerriac ol j. . •r;
n i favoring the sulwiituiion ol treasury noten lor
j luilionnl Istnk nottvi. etc.
.1 20.000 jiersons in Hicliniond visited
V Hnllywotsl Cemetery <>n Memorial day.liaten
f *" Itonnn. Id runs, and strewe.l the graven ol
,j : Conl.lernte soldiers with flowers,
a At Severn. Md . John Stinehcomb quarreled
„ with lea brother about aouie pronerty, liecume
; r exnaperated, drew a revolver and fired, alui.s.l
instantly killing him leaving his brother
' dead in tho rond, John returned home and
kilie<l himself h.v a second discharge of the
'' weipon. John wiu. fifty and hia brother l/mi*
fort} -five yearn old. and neither was married.
I The chairman ol the Ohio Republican Stnle
T . Central Committee nmk. - public a letter bv
j Si-eietary Hheinmii, emphatically declining to
lt become the jiarty'a c*ndiilale for Governor.
i The Brood way Saving. Hank, ol St. I/min,
'' : has suspended. It* liabilities are §7(10,000.
| A colored haKe-liall nine Irotn Tallnhannee
I visitt*! Madison, Fla., to |ilay with another
" colored nine. The game not going right a fight
10 i arose, in wliieh one man wit* fatally shot and
T another was so budly cut that he ma}* die.
*" j Several others were severely wounded. Six
- ' tee 11 ot the party were arrested nnd put in jail.
' r A fire at Clinton, lowa, destroyed thirty-
I three housen and several million Iwt ol lum
ber, causiug a loss of about §200,000. On the
if I *nme day the town ol Dalles, < Iregon, was coti
suiued by the fluiues, and near Detroit, Mich.,
I a fire destroyed J. M. French'* menagerie.
1 lie eleplmut hullan, five llonx, a aebra, loop- !
aid, stag aud itiaur itther valuable aninuua
werw ' riwinate.! " 'lhe whole osiabliabmanl, j
eonaiating of Hie animals' harn, two dwellings
and a hlarktmiHi shop, was binned I/MM, i
lly an explosion ol (lie Unlet in the liiordob
Grisi Mills nt F-mtoria,Ultld, Call lltMulley, an
employ w, wna iiMlimtly kille.l, four other met. '
wet* seriously iiijure.l, and the bullibng waa
paitly iluiiioltabexl
llie liasignee ol An.hhiahoji I'm* ell, ol ("in- '
ci ii Hall, IIIM fiUsl a ai'hnlule ul the nssrla and
inthlhlUMi ol the an hhisliol. and his brother, j
I dwanl I'mvell 1 he total amount i 4 claim*
ptoaeiil.*! i* 33 1)07,'*61 4U, ami Ills t*t*vl asset*
at. 31,1 *1 .<(>'.< 47, <4 whl< li amount 3416,600 2*
la l biased as die.Mini
tine day *ex sou lions Al Jake Charles
la , Atwaloin U I' out wna haiigtal (ul the
mm.let ol Dr J.*ae|,h Itar.e in June, lM7tl
Die crime was committed .mi a.*M*uiit ul lia
see's tlftentbnia to fronts ouuau lleien, a
IMMIUIiI.iI giII .4 t weut v I lie i uialetuiinl luan
was •up|Miit. .l on Die gallows, aa he waa nut
It-ring a broken irg leeeivnd while nl
letiq.tiiigUiiw.-ape At lilaksheat, lia., a tuan
ituinwl bkelly was luuiged t.u killing his wde,
and al Miaata, I al , an imtluu called Ja*. k was
executed lot Hie tuurdei <4 a Chinaman last
A small j.rojMller on the t alias..". river,
|/niisiaiui, was iw|wisa.t during a st.-rni ami
Sank Oil bant were the iwptani, euginmu
ami ail juxassngeta i lie twu Itial meuliomal
Mini tJiemaelvea h} awuuuniig. but all the
[Miaaeiigela weie dlowuei
A ft.-. .Mui.g m session several days ami trans
acting a growl deal .4 tmjmrtniit bualunaa tlie
Intel iiat.ollni X on l elil ion ol Tilling Mens
• Aaa.iriati.ins ut R-.i ' uuruad
from Mtgihington.
'Die lull wbu ll Uio House t omiuiltee on
MauufmtuKw agree.! to rejeirt to ttxe House
lor prtuuug and iMHHi.iu.Uai wix* piefwued b)
Rc| .. si uute c Use, .4 I Vims > nama, and
providiw (or Ibe wrilaietd Die JM*I( U- in jirv
i ruling tlie mlulleratmit <4 artiolea ul loud ami
dliuk 11 itu|*uao a fine and impf'tsoiimenl
ujsiu |mi sons iiuxii.ila.tur aeliiug or taxi tar
tl.„ any altn le .4 loud t>r .li ink rsmliumug ativ
u.gtcdietil or mat. rial mjiirusis u. Uie hoalili
• 4 jM-iaons Jsxitakiug ibrleuf, slid atttborusw
j- .sin* s.tsp.vwiig •uch wlulteiaUou to luxv r
asuij.lrw ol Hie attlcle ol l.aei or dnuk an
al) ted, an I 4 Uie fix. t i* exlilbll.-l, tlie o.uj.ot
..1i..1. or imhitjilixl shall |xy all exjieuaea at-
Ir.idtng atxrli pr.a-eo.hng, and ill case .4 a
tel..ail t.y aJM iwoll to luriosh Miuplrw of sua
|wKtr>! a hiltr rated aria lea, he ia made liable tu
ptiuishiuelll. *
tiriieial oiiWuy, *4 New Jeisey, ami tlir
Rev Mi 1 ulnar, ulhl loua.luiic Iwl xii iu
lem.-a with the I'irwi.lent in i-gaid tu xrt/l
ing a sttcUiUsxl tiiu Miuiaaqq*! Ul Uvkt
at*oat-t iiegroea who wnul to tingiate. 'Hie
lVewid.-itl sUitcl he would jituttxl the boat
Foreign hews
Switreriand lias pial had au election on the
quentioa ol rea'ofllig l apital puntahnient, the
vole la-it.g 1'.'1,T.'7 lor to 177.27-1 against
I Tic Ameer .4 Afghanistan has agreed to all
• 4 fr.ngbxiid'* I rojewititin* Among the pun
i-i|*xl jKitiila ol the tqjreeuient are the Bnlrsh
. otiiliiabd .4 the [hisees with sufficient tertv
(<•■) to out is li lute a aclcnltfic troutier. tlie ap
[- >iulunlit .4 a lltiliali resident al ( abut and
tlie . outrol .4 Uie foreign iclations of Algtian
tat alt
t he at* ward uflhe Jtrtiley tcgatta auiKHiurea lb. *liowaraemetlr taxrattxeii .4 Munroe,
Mm h w h*i u.wtl) provwd va-tora at this 1-ng*
lisb regatta last year will he Iwrled Iroui eu
lentig Uie lortticouiuig rax'c barwuae Ibsy ate
luex liaiiro* or aitxswns
II hile 11.-nry lioriop, aged sixty-five years,
Was oiling machinery In his grist mill, at Klotw.
( hit.,!. 'its t luUung . aught on a sliaJt making
I.*o tv i .outrun* a minute, and Ut uixlxiriunalc
irnxli Was literally to!u to piece*.
Au v -IglxgeuxMil lias taken j lace l4 a era
the 1 trx-JW and the mstltgeuta at IVr
(asla. 1 Uewaoly lira lurks ioaa 4uo men in
k ilrsi aii-i woundval and UiemaurgeriLa arveuty
turn, (IU 1 . their intnlcrs
llie 1/in i.m Tuaci aevervly crttrruw-a Call
lotnia s new mmatitution, saying "it is tlie
in cast astounding luatrmueiit eier Irarnevi lor
the goverunmul .4 a oomiiiutuii, ami imah
lAutv of the aattie sort
ldu rhirtwv nth regiment ol Brooklyn. N Y,
neeiie l an on it* arnv-al in t mimla to
jwria IJaxte in the (eativitivw .4 Queen V e tuna I
iritida) . At Montreal the May or ptewentsd
the vraiting regiment with a tdxairlitul ai'ik fiag
~n.t read an d.bes .4 srkutae Che fyw|Mxnae
s,x nt ie by Ue- rwgiment s . hapiaiu. liv-v
llv-ury \\ arvl lb-e her, who said "Sir laaie
11.4 o tuc heir, Mr an idle |deasiue.
nor liair we evmie Hero ia Onr own nines
W.- rc-[ resent .air I'lUsews >4 Ut.s4.iyii one 14
the ... l.wt, and ecituiuly one of the larg.wt
Citiew .11 the I'll tc*l *ta!e—thr only rdt) on
wli.wr banner is written Uie old Dutch ttiuflo,
s bi. li • ..Mild t*e wntlru iqain Ue- banner <4
every cit Vol tlie world • Kigl.t make* might
Me wiiue bruiuvg the tvstua.wiy of Uie gvoaf
wxli, u-4 only ul our own, but the good will ut
tlie i-nliie great Mate New York We ar
I-CJ4 Una flag as a token .4 aunt * an-i *v nqaxlhy,
ai 1 an expression of your narneat deairw tluxl
Wuwe rv-Utiona may tie en '.utiug aud as Die
*!ar* an ! .*tnj*rw and your Bag mingle then
csikira may they never be sevm against each
.>tb. •<1 the fiei-1 uf CVUU t. I/ ' yoitl DM
-i- I - .r-s expena* the hleratuip >4 liberty ami
tte n i.g..4i of humanity, ll they ahould ever
- i s I into conflict na. Ih>-y go together
ami never go into throngs gatb
.-ri-t in the street* through which the (':.- r
lecfxtll inartbeil. and Mr Ue<- her, rmainte.l.
V *, irite.l eliargv t, i* diwcnbed as liaving been
tlie cenliwi atlnv-tion.
t'aptailx i\44> was the w-iuuer in a six days
xwitnm G lrmtcb in I/H>.IOO 11a swam aev
rnty four miloa in the sit .lays.
Queen Yic4orta * sixtieth lerthitay *> eeic
l.rated t Montreal by a military review and
•ham laxllle, in U-th .4 wiuxhthe Thirteenth
Brooklyn regiment oei-iq-iel Hie j-osition of
lionol lu tlie evening a laiquf was tco
derol the visiting reguiietit lliehfxxlth ol the
IW.<MI ol the Cuitv*l Malaa was j-rojioseHl in
n naxsl bv the Marquis >4 lor ue ami Lhq-lsui
llonrv WarJ Ilex-hI made thi ivjiu*e.
I ha I'limi ictit pro tAtn. l*i) baluiolhn Sen*lr
i cotnui'-Mifratiuu Irvrrr lha Saci !arj* ul tha
Treasury in rejdy (n a leaohiti.m villi tig jvtr
itilormati'Mi with regard to the dims* till iru
l-wed on the States and l emtoriea iu IMil
Mr lte!ii-xj-huiie.l briefly hia r.*<in for calling
j for tlie intonnation lie ■aid the a-hole amount
.4 the Uxv wa- gSO.gOO.WW, ol wbrv-ii lixero is
now due aud tiraoUM.U*l the um oi 3 XMkill
Innn a jairtfron ol the Stnto* and l. rrilorie*
fie an-.d Hint *•■ !.• *|w-i-dv and cff<* timl mrilual
should I*ldoptol (. the troowry .4 tlieaaine
Die rojHirt <4 the Secretary alaiwa that tlxe
j aw Mint* due and uncollected from the eleven
*tntrw Wiurji partK-i|sxtc*l in the late rebellion
, nggregale 3J i .'5.10t. ami tluvl the laxlam-e*
1 .lu.- Irom ail oilier State* nnd Territories
wnaounl to 3*65,221 The item*fann
ing tin* Utt.r total are §2oi.b.Vi lor Wiacmam.
§ for New Mexico, g*!2..'W2 fur Kansas.
3 >6,141 t-m xirogon. and §S6.tfS"2 lor t
Dllettmg ar eiaitii* have lawn preaonted, but
not jet adjusted, from the stale* .4 Wfaeottain
au.l Kalian* The anionnta rvjeirtoil as still
due Irotn the eleven Stnte* are alavut as fol-
I lows V irginia, §JV. tHK). North Carolina.
3llfr.r.o(W; s.ratlt Carolina. §15.1.000; 10-opjia.
3602,000; Alabama, §129.000; Mt*si*ulppl.
3343.000; Louisiana. §71.000: Tennesaee,
3'."i5,000; Arkansas. - 1 >S.OOO; Florwla, >71.-
OtW; leva*. 3174,000. Secretary Sherman on
transmitting this re|M> any# " There .-an lie
no Uoulit tl.nt the Secretary .4 thr Troaaury is
rtuxrgel with tli* duty ol coliuctmg tins dirwet
tax under the priwi-i.m* ot existing Uws It
r.-iiutin* fat Congrewx to deride whether the
collect ion sluxU ).IXKWII umirr the tnetlw>d
provided by existing sUtiitea. or whether ad
iiUmial legislation ia n.s-r-saary." V lurther
cxnnmunicntioa from the S.-crotnry ol Uie
I'l-xi-ury 111 to the rwdenqitioii i 4 legal
tenders and tlie amount ot gold in the Treasury.
atatisl thnt " there ha* la-en n-lr-ein.".l 111 rum
since January 1. IM7. of 1.-gHI-tomler note# au
amount ol fr1.133,51.(. and Urnt "tu issue cer
tiiui lam ia "I the 1 ruled States tho 00111 re
serve ol the Treasury baa tieen incr.-a.*l to
3138,000,000, that being about forty per cent.
,4'the nn'.ea mitalanding to lie reileeiiM*!. and
lielievo.l tola- the amulltwl reserve u|a.n whtrb
rwmiiplion could bopru.leulli eannssoeland
• auex-i—fuliv maintnined —aa fully set f-irth in
mi Inst annual report I'hia reserve arose
Irom the sale ot §VS,.'4K(.(K¥) lauid*. and Irom
surplus revenues a* authorized hy I**. and it
must under existing law la- niaiutnined iinim
isxirwl for tho purp*e lor which it wasereiited."
M.-ssr* lthxine. fr/xton. llnxnrJ. Vance and
I/igan delsvtexi the I/Cgislalive bill. Kxecntive
session and then adj-mnimont.
Alter delsxte on the liagislativo Ap|>n>pria
tion lull. Hie motion ol Mr Kdninud* to sink.- Hie clauses rejuxxling Hie atatutoa relating
tfi the (est .axth wa* lost— yoas, 36; nays. J"
Mr. Kdmunda then moved to strike out the
clause establishing a mode of drawing Fluted
States jurors, l/wt—yon*. 27; ny. 37. He
then muxi*l to strike out 'he cl uiae* repenhng
the statute relating to United Slates deputy
lunrshnl* and u|M-rvi*or* ul e.lwtiona. l*t—
yens. 27. nays, 37. lie then niovol to strike
■mt the clause repealiug sectiou 5,622 o( tho
Ro\ I*o.l Statutes, winch muiialn-a interierenco
with or obstruction ol ilejuity marshal* and
supervisor* of eloetixma in the periormanoe ol
their duties. I/wt bv yens, 27; nay*. 37. The
bill was then rend a third time and panned;
yen*, 37; nays, 27—n strut parly vote. The
hill then went to the Frmulenl fut his *ign*ture
or disapi t oval. Adiourood.
Mr McDonald s lall regulating tho ue <4
the army waa received aud laid on tho labia.
.... l'ho Semite hill relative to the trankporia
tain of animal* wna rejxu tod and placed on the
. ulen.bir, along with a few others ol le.** in
portaiice. ..Mr- Slater introduced u bill to
. egnlnte intereourwe with citizen* <4 the (,'bi Umpire visiting or residing in Uie Knited
State*, and for other purpoaea. Ordered to lie
on the tnble and lie priiit*l . • .The bill to prc
i out the introduction and spread of contugioua
.IUMKUMM wits diaruiMhd aud anutultcr ol aintuid
menu pfti|gMfl- faHoumfid. ■
On motion ot Mr llaj-nnt the Senate took up
House hill No. 4, r(H>rll with atnendmenta
Irom the Committee on Finance, to provide for
the exchange of subsidiary coin for lawtul
money of the United States, niul to make auch* a legal tender iu all *um* not excee Ung
§2O, and lor other purpose*. I'be committee'*
iiiiu'ii.luient to strike out §2O and iuaert §lO,
•o m to make antwlitiary eotn a legal tender in
■iinia lit §lO, waa diaetwaetl without action ...
The I oiiiagiwua liiaeaeaa Quarantine btii waa
paaawt wilh au aiaanitmanl I hat It ahould not
renuun in loice mora than four yeara alter ita
[naaaaqfe 'Die bill waa | aaanl by a vote of M
> eae U> 12 u> Aiiii'uiiiadaJUo an aaactlbva
I lia hill iiitroiliUMsl in the llooaehy Mr. Co*.
<4 New York, to pro,Ma lor liuiibng an utter
national raioliilem <4 alia, uiauuiacUuee and
pirsliK'U of tlie anil and luinna, in the city l
Now Yoik, juovitlrw iluit a eonimiaatoii. to eon -
•tat <4 one delogule iroiu mrii Slate atul Tarn
lory ol ilm Ctilled htelea, altall lie euoatituled,
to be known aa the "t'liiUnl Slalea Interna
UmiaJ t ommiaaion," wiioae duty It aiiall lie to
aupariutend the riecuUon <4 a plan lor bold
lug tlie ealubiUoa It further iiropoaee Uiat
whenever the Irani <4 finance •hall Itave eol
larted aulaau ipuona to tta cajitUti alock of IMit
inaa I ban §1,500,000 tiicaah, and ahall liava a*-
|rt-trtel the aum lor the purjxiae cited, lire
Iserretwiy >4 the Tieaaury •hall |<ay to aael
board $1 600,000. in ail w>t<iai inaUUinenta of
§250,000. aa the aaina may la required, to meet
the e*|eiwltluiea <4 aael buatd, the aum ao
laud to tha It luted hlalea out <4 the prooeada
and popeily <4 aaid mqamlluu laalote any
•tividemla are paid to the ahareholdera or any
portion <4 the oapitai atock ia r4ui>dr>), alter
l*vuieot, kuwavrr, <4 ail other itaiaidiea ut
aaid oorjM>rmUou At the cliara ut the etiolation,
the board <>( finance aie required to aulitnit, in
n , i port to Ibe Pieanienl ol the failed tMatea,
!le linanaial reauila ol tha ethtbiteni.
The tail 4o twpaai and amend the law* relat
ing lu Hie trwusler .4 esses 111.11. Sl-.te U> Kwi
eial e.nirts rame up hut Hia ItapuUloaii* IS
lostng mvuta. a flail <4 the llouaa waa pro
camtrat with, duruut which the morning hour
exp.nvt. and the lull went over without action
Discussion td tha Warner silver tall waa
iesuine.l. sad amatutmeiits wna ad.q4ad luak
lug §JO tha m.milium UeitotninaUun <4 ulvei
. eitin. ales and sinking .ml the provision lor
issuing t per cent more rwlifii atm than -
thete ia bullion and coin in Ilia ltoaaury
Aiiieiidiueiita sinking t-ixl ilia pro. ialou pet
Itiittnig Hie payilieiil ol Hie public debt in cor
lificatlwi and sinking out the wbole section was
rrjeetad Ad|(eirrtad
The House au tost iqam U*s tatuaiuuig aar
lion* uf Uir Wai iw-r silver bill, and <tataatl
among other thing* the plan fo> an iiitmui
t.onal i-ouferem Mi tfi artier deuianded tlie
previoita question oti the toil iiw ItapuUi.
.alia tUsuni Ui liave Ha- tall r*wul ami U> "fit'l
amendments, whteh waa rriuam), when they
.lerUnta! to v otc. leaving the In ma# rq*wlaK>
w Kb. sit a quorum Ibe aargouut-ab-arma was
orxleml to bnug Ul abavat Biriiihris i Mill •
•me absentees were brought in. ami the ma
p Hit) <4 l hem egi-uaed themaelvea on lli# plos
uf --jiuiga ot kaqp i ' Tin dnadiurk win. li
followed iitaled all ligbt
Altet all almost rontitumus aeaaicm ul tweu hour* the Kouac [Mowed, by a vote 4
114 to W7, and niter many da>a .4 detmta ami
fibbustetiag nisi miKti atueniiueol, the tail
presented by Ml Warner, of Ohio, uiaku-g the
standard dollar <4 4121 g'wio a legal laudarlur
all .let its, public and prtvale I'udei the bill
llm at I>nr itoifaxr will be reeoivwd lot eaatwms
dun*, and w usml in |rt at haul in |4> -
ing Uileieat on the Ism-led del it fiulwidiary
man may alao tie exchanged lor legal tender,
whan presented In auaw n<4 liwa than ffM)
t ertxfb-atrw to |ili<* .lrpoaitxng bullam lor
(Siltiage ami cntiflcaltw trj rr-etiling co>u in
the 1 rena.iry w ill be lasued. hut-h claaavw Id be
ranvxlils lor duties tai inq/wia
Tituv—Twelve o'cjiek Site—" (iiorge,
ar- \<>u In cxliibi! ill lire "log >" Hi
—"No; why?" Slie—"tih, nothing,
only )< are such art m*rknl)l<-fine ' twd
tcr Kxit )ung nran. *
Dr K. B- K'ailc, in hi* JJntUh MunWy,
*ay* the tcaniii nt-huus>* rcfortu inaugur
al. J in New York i a good iuovqrutit,
liul that while " wcH-Co-do pcv.jih" gener
ally an- Iwx-oming wild over the plans
for delivering the poor from Urt-ir ill
vetttilniod apartuii-nts, their own hoUaus.
. hur> hi *. lci lun -rxM.uu. bin. reofaiuius"-
ment. t. , ar<- choked w ith f>ul air. In
mokt of our large tharxhe*. in cold
w.wther, more attention is gi*'®
warmiii than to the purity uf lire air.
Va a rub-, the ici lure-room* of <jur tued
ii-a! colh-gws, which ought to IH* tnHlel
in this mipert, art- a b*d or worse tlistn
a iIM-ap show-rxeitn; nor can you go into
a count ing-romu or other titisinaoc pki-c
on a J niuary day and 11. t find 'hat wore
.ittcntUui is given to h.*t than to ven
tiUticm—the thvrmom.Hf oftim marking
eighty degree* or over."
Protrr" (tie Wjxlrut Iruxxi Malxrls.
It is pssssibie ■ do (In# even in region* (4
CMtntry where tnuunua 1* una* rile, and where
the f-erioda. lu* .Vs wbxcil It causes assume
' their most f.-rniubxble types. The imtnenae
popularity <4 llwTrttrr'x stoutach B.tiers is
i erj Urgrltr attntnital-.e to the (act .4 its effl.
' eery as a routed) lor oliiil* and lever, I*IMMI>
■emltlciita. and a* a preventive .4 the various
I lot ui* >4 malarial disease In three j> (ioii
.4 the M'at and South where complaint* <4
! this luxluro prevail, and in lite U-i-xca, it tx
t |wrtt>*ulariy ealeemed lor the pi-utective il.fiu-
cace which it excrte; ami it lias heen very
w ideir adoptnl a* a sutatitutr for tlie .langrr
! MI aud rxi-iifiarativrly UM-tterlive alktthnd.
' sl;>hatc ul quinine. iffiyairaui* have not
uccu among the last to rutimlr its menta,
! .imt I lie emphatic pl'llla Si tuWel iiwlorseinents
. which it ha* nvriiel have ailded te the tv-pu
; tatiun U lias obUune.l at Imuu- and abroad
A Mfrstrr) i-X|xialurl.
Parlor acetic Mi's Be wn, who has *jnt
the sutmnrr i.mong the \t htte mounta-i-s in
•awxixh ol health. % aud who seeitxs to Have
searched the whole mountain si-le wuliout be
ihg aide to find a Jaiir .4 blooming checks or
ati inch <4 healthful skin; Mrs. White, who
lias rem xine I i t home because her hualsxtid
j coui-i not afloril to go. Uit wl/ae Iresh cxwn
' | dex(on and bright t-> es seetti to have caught
their bloom and fWwn mountain
'.iri'iatee.—Dual me, Mrs. Mhile, hu wel
ivwt are haxkiug' If you will tuff think Uie
tuqiertlnent. let me s-k how run can kwq. so
healthy in this drsaxdlul city ? I liave been tu
the \\ bits mountains, gu tliure every summer.
: in fatct. and 1 can't keep off the durtor'i list at
Mrs W. (smiling)—Fll tall whole
set-ret, Mrs. Brown. YXMI remember bow
1 pxaxrl) 1 aas last spring, some days even !*•-
| uig confined hi toy bl Dr told Mr
to aevnl me to the mountains, hut I knew
' he ooukln't afford it, and 1 tried jDr. Pieix-e'a
I Favorite Prescription. Its . Act* war.- wo
j marvelous tinxt I also tri.-<l hi* Golden Medical
Discovery, to . ieaaae mv svaiem. In my
1 .tpinion. one bottle 4 the Prescription and the
Discovery ii> better than six week* at the
White mountain# b>r a sick woman I have
j only heen ont ol Hie city aw eek during the
: whole summer; (iiext my husband and I went
to It Ulslii txtul *topp.l at Dr. Pierce's Inva
lids' and 1u i*t*' ll.del. The laxth* aud me
cberaiea) ajiparatn# tor treating patienta w.-re
al.Mie worth gwiqtßeaeh-s. our ae-om
iii.ala'iuiit ware hettur than we had at I/mg
Branch I a-1 year, and the drive# and scenery
are suj>erti. T/-t me ndvi*c yrni to use Dr.
Piere • F.ivonte l"reaeripti<vn. and try the In
valid.' mid Tourists' ii<4el next smnuier in
j dead I the White mountains.
An i dy quietus is giv en to a hacking cough
•y llinl iuesDmahle *j**-iflc for pulmonary,
throat > nd luxinchiixl complaint*. Hall's Balsam
for tlie Lung*, which runs couaumiHiou. I iron
chiti*. pueutuutua. |deutisy. labored breatlung
and other disorxiers of the respiratory organs
A In 11 a rough tnanileata itself, the early use
4 H is beneficent ineilicine ia earnestly recom
mended, a# the difficulty i tuure easily over
coin, in its incipient stage Hum later on. Sold
by all druggists
Brown's Bronchial Ttxx-hea.yor pulmonary
and asthmatic ,disorders, have proved their
aflV-ary hy a lest nt tntray yaara. and have
rcsw-ived teatimonieU Irom eminent men who
hav* naed them. Twenlv-flve cents a box.
Chew Jackson's ltt Sweet Nxn .'.viraxn.
-moke IMgw'a"Sitting Bull Dnrhani l'.bacc-
saw to tu.
Hsef rtattte M*.t. Nsllx.#. ttxe wt 'q 4 !<>H
I L'sivs# Htste C V 4 ®1
< x <
tamtia ' URIx # 09 ,
Uugs—Live ®"V4 OS,
llrewed ®4V4 0 y
Flour—Kx State, good to fancy.... (OS .4 6 75
Western, go"' to f4ncy S S >4 7 0
Whrat "40. I tle-1 117 all*
White stale. 11* <• 1 1*
lire -Mute ft.lV-*
' lUrley-Two Ruxre.l sivte • i 4 *1
I . orl: — rncrs.l.' ! Western Mixed.... S 1* 4
Southern Yellow. *7 I* 47
.>als -Wtltle State... SV* 40
Mix#' West, rn Wtt .* S4\
Hxy—lUU4 Qrs te* k .4 "XI
sirsw--l/in* llye, per •• 4 .4 4*
i ll<i>s-state, new crop n& i* H
, Purk-Meoa •• * 9 U4
' Lxr.l—Otty Mlesiu .' .*
Prtr.4.*Um—riru.le Hi l , *o* (t-'flned—4W,
Wool-Mtsle an.l I'enn. XX SI >4 31
Butter - MUt.- Hreauiery 14 .4 lit
i>*try 10 .4 IX
Western t'reamery........ IS <* 13
F.rtory 01 .4 14
1 Cheese—Ml Factor* '4 (4 -ft
Nktme ....... ....... OS .4 01
Western Fsctory 3 i 4 0
j Em#- xute and I'ennavlrani* II >4 11 *4
Flour—Penn. choice and fancy.. ft ' 0 ft 31
Wheal—Fenu. (I'd 1 14 <4 1 !•
! Hys—State ft" <4 Bit
Corn— Mate YeUow 4l<t4 4-q
1 Oats—Mixed,.......,— 33 .4 S3
Uutier— Creatnery Extra 17 <4 '3
OheeecNew York Factor? <> .4 09*4
Petrolauui—("rude ......O T RrAn.xi—Ottki
Flour —City tlronnd, So. 18; rtxit ft 3' 375
1 Wtu at—Had Winter 10. alffl
C irti ft- # Ween-rn 41 (4 41
! Oits—Mute S3 <4 33
Bsriey—Two Howed BUte 61 .4 82
, nogroM.
Beef—Cattle, Uve weight. 04V(i tTVg
"ftJttf ,B 4
Roga 04 V
i fr'ainr—Wtecooatn and Minn. Pat... ft ftO .4 ft 3#
Caru—Mixed *""d Yellow. 47 <4 4
Oxta-Bxtra White 37 (4 4">
Rie— SUte 8* <4 "ft
Wool—Wsxned, Combing A Delaine. 35 (4 3
Unwashed : " 36 tg X&M
Beef —Cattle, lure weight 064(4 Oftlf
(Uiaep ft 4
Hqta <>*S
* I "ha Calnbti*ii
" Mitt lII.M* "
Wood Tftg '*1"
Now York, Hoaton. ami Chk ago.
A CJJjIo diainlrh to ll'a AwW®! I*rB any# I
lint Maaon A llainlin bava law aw ardor) tba
l.ighrai goM mnUI at the liana KapuaiUon fur j
tliair UWMnot Organ. Thirty boot makara uf .
I be n orlii wait coiu|MUUra.
IV Maiaiwiaaubw l*iaito Co., No. 21 Kaat ;
IMb fltnwt, N Y., all I'UUMW at Factory
Cru ra. W rtUi lot a oil>iiur. h 11,1. run uu.
F,t u.r al Mwaatrr N, H.a ftral-rtaaa dm. aw la
operation Tha put rnmpr lara ton art*# of load wilt !
fun p# of n*, una iMwt Bean T.notary fn#w
Ml: <ia. wilhaaataaa taut. atoraboaa*. ahada totna j
Ac the Mill aoolalinoea TMarti alliftto tfllMaf, Bna ,
Ha, too a Fa <-■ nm blue. routpitW. four Mm pound
UaUßft rcclbt. too lab Wcarboa. roller# ealealera ,
rarla. au to ura pimbatiar, and ail lb* applnm**
ftil rUBBUaft lb* Mill.
Huaa p.ctilp al V Wood al ft Ms,rural frttfbt *
caalwO (> alia lilt Mill, which M aoa oa aipptn#
Owner# ha* • troaineaa
Tb pioperty, wkwb It taluabla. will ba toll ala fal i
pru* and ala batalb All Itojiunea by mail promptly '
tuaartt'l Add, eat
MR* BY O KKMt. Trtaaar
,|,U S II i: |
Freckle, Tan
and Pimple
A few applications of this
prepwration will remove
freckles, tan, sunburn, pim
ples or blotches on the face,
and render the complexion
clear and fair. For softening
and beautifying the skin it
has no equal Price 60 cts.
Sent by mail, postpaid, for
75 cts. Address
y t allrrr Flaw. I. T.
Tht XX la* 1, al Ibr laad, U.r DnrW, U>
Ph><:an, lb* Jslp Bar dai.r, lb Uarit own botuaa. and
iwcuaKtaend lu a'i IBta'i ia aM wiflrfrr, from t *|*i*Ja
Sal II ado. far brut Mm a b t-abi mat. HealUirn ]
|MM ' l' - ki:,a* AtUeka Utvr CVaaplunt* I
i.uul and fcbraaal** ilrtbun. kaiart aawa finalaM .
aond Htftr.U
Ttrrml '* Hfn ft Siltirr Apfrtfit, '
u U>. beat an; to ol r* labia ew.iirlar *# ufirrtd to >
Uir it i p. fit? Ibc sl'*e ( *NS f
•0141 HV AIX l>Ei M.IUTi
Ta IBr M taadi. la Uw Baal rllataM aM IB# Baal
rvta* #M *a IB* boat imaa. * "ci 18. hi I *
Mlaaaapeha A Maalteta B y.'lata Bl FuaJ A Pbotftr.
3,000,000 ACRES
Mainly la IBa fuwa
Oa iaaft una. In puna ant tan Biaiiß
PampbU, VUB fall lat omauaa Baa Had fna Apply H
D. A. McKINLAY. Land Com'f,
ai. r. m. a■. my. m. r*ni. Minn. |
(KlfcUkf liuOSr liqtfcYc, eplMSltr the TnbtW lluUdl&f j
Newspaper Advertising Bureau, j
Xew Y* Aceuta f.*r a" KeWltf 1,1 IB Ihe I BlteC .
hial • . an. ( anarla 1.11 itlanßieola InfWatded da. )• a*
tar* tad) to rve-v nvl'M. 1 tu JteartcaaclaM it
Win .lit Iron. F.or.Ja U* Bninb Co.un.bia. Aiao be j
* bra I :a .* ab>l UrrtllcU tWMTVataM
bpt rarawoti am ft # t'f aapntui. lij i
ui< tiorta, in* u iota a.l tbr frii Aallr* fr.aa IVn'.w
1 Arc fruKMn l*na Maatrral I bi upln
lor Ib-auty of foiwti. hanbg 1 I < an: tu
OaratKii: J and 1 ViH riil t <*7rl* d
AWMraB, iUitP&u J.,.;.tKUr. I ab.ou. _•
Thr rrry bral KU 4'frcl ftoai tbr Ticnortrta at Half
Ihr uraai taw Hna p.*B rvar ..flrrrd \r, Cluh Aara!*
it. I larsr Hit vara. ALL KXPABSS CllA luift* PAIP
s rat un PUT A
The rra! imeHraa Tea (aaipaa;.
Al unit U Vatay Mntt. Sru Vnrk.
P O. H i ASMS.
Thr frral aitrrrtl In Ihr thnllltn BBtarr al oat tnua-
My a;x*r thia Uir faalrai arHlaa Pobl rrrr publunr-l
Prl<*a tr-lotx-i R prr tral II la tbr T*K*4 auipil ll*
I r nf tbr v. P #TrT |nl.inbrl Urn; f,* rati* P'Bt B
l.rßlb ail.) arr all* II x IlH'< M A'l..!*n
SaTK'bai Prau'Utia (V PkOaddfWft. Pa
sum s*o*s Clio
~*L .€iJHr Ibt Ifl4f - Mf SBMUI at br ' I rNI
HrkxViu.K illr( : ok-^lfif
?<*l m Ha Mfa. |l OA. Tb
/ -A. rat S.alblr art nratrlar n
ff ' I f I |il Pto* n*il. tt •*
\ /" | fir rrab K I'llnll at nrfrbrrn.
MM Aft. I?" Ewftf:t. >.t
lIiEATb *tl 11 i OH
BT 00a who Hat km '.!>"!
By thr Horjutrt. n Hialevi husrarlaL
Samantha a a P. A. and P. I.
Bj A: <n' wift.
Thr thrar hncbWrl a.l I- >lrr.:*ai i"*bt not Aire to
raft ran pul thrar hooka la rvrraarbrfr Hral trnnt
fvrn AMnr 1 Aero.,, aMKHh'AN PIhIJSMIKt.
tXI, CI ITiW**.., I"
Jl cbokf frr-m ewr UW lows IAIHIS tu*
w>st fn tw Alio, st tT>>n< f-1 Ia prr ®t-rs. in farn
•U n fSi* tonus Iks fruitiUsDil (h4) lsrtrti
\a :.)rrn*s rni s*rr no In-l.sns l-n l-r*|*itlus
Lrtf fr i . frw t' tmuri Ff MA|* PAUI
pVrta svl ftr. inFrmstHn anVv t^
10iv 1 Kiii.RiiiiiLiiD roßrnv,
(Vllf KSJM 1. IFJ lun ' j*h SfnL AA-
Maon A Hamlin Cahinrt Onrmna
PrTwaiAntrA hrl l>* nt>.IIK*T HOVOM AT AU
at Pan* I*: Snniw.
rt| \%7€. Pssi% I'TS SA <sL Msusi
Ikf'A Ortf Amenrtti AAtj RUS rvrt hktfhvst boo
mst rut mi h So. ! tut cseh or inula mmw lur
rsaTis ( atAi.Ki' St an i ClrruUrs witb n*w slyis *
n ricm. prut rrrr MASON A HAMIIN OHpiAS CO
il*to. \pw Voft oriVksgo,
TTTMI M tnasrrr
(M. X
la A SaisfY of flu IHtT Uioslll
<r all w s lues coonlHMiq to so'l r new
scvl tmdM I inrenttons. W ss ts ISF
pis ftrs. Addretos SHKUMAX 1 - W
A I AMftF CnrtKß-nOAHU. Kl ffti. krr-Men
r\ vuu. ,rf. n | piiufe.MHt iutuple pwUw
Fsncv Writluc Ink.oil for t|Mi.
A.Wf M FOHN KHKTtK 4 CO.. IWUttnore. U
I Arl/
wUv/K OIIUv Kntlrrly iww llett thing in
tin* market fr Agent* liiiistrat#tl frsr.
A idr es W |. 11 HITCHKK A CO . cnuclatMil O.
■ month. Kvrnr g r uitustr gusrsnlco ! a pnvitnr s:tUß
thm. AHirss H. Vslrntine, Msnju:rr. Jaiit-svillc. Wis
kippers PAsfi!T^;i£^Si
■BMMMBaMSt J.r Mraa.
r,f\ a RJ/, A rt Inv-'itr-l ID Wall Si. Shu-ka riakr,
OIU tO OlUUll '"rtunraevery moatli. H.u.k eoi
frrr rvrrvlhlns.
AtMran IIAXTKK a (Xb. Ilankrra. 17 Wall SL. N. V
SOIL* KOI .xTAWMb ia IN uii ja a
Stvppr.l res !y fM iiir. PurcaUl*ur. Ac.mldrraa al
Cliapmuii A t'o.,Ma'li*i'ii.lii.| M*|a*' j.||llU
niA SAY.—With StriK-ll (HHIIU Wtt .cut, 4
i* ft la| 'l. wlla rapidly for SO rU. Calaloßur hrr.
Wilis M SrrxcEK I I'J \v s . II .i. u. bin.
PO KF.T DIA-TIOW AHY.ab.dOUW .ro; ai d
llr. potr*B Itrnllh Xfonthlv.rnr vrar.lMb
M*,T 111, i Pi a r*. I 'AO F.. a*H\ SL. Xrw V*>rk.
nnillSJ Hruii a. iikai INnaaM. Ikoa*
I II EW ABB.lamwd. InarrutPrtcra. iiußutfal
w■ 11# law to writ** lr. FK. Mirth,Qniary. MI, h
a a r "(IXTII-Ai{tiillV*ntl llAbral
I Sjallf ""'S irliolc* in thr wt*rld; one Minplr fr-e.
uroow A |., lrwJA | HKONSoN. Hrtr. t Mul;
<3177 " M.-nth an., rxjia v* guirautrcd io Apenta
•Pa a Outnt frr, Suiw I Co,. Aocr.ri. Mnna
A*H,' 0r ii-ii ;I *t or Slorrkrrprr for OfSH'Xi 1 b
If 777 A Y K.Ah Aii i • \ju aes ii agent* tHitflt Frte
J l4 4 S i.I irt-ssH O VICKKHY.'AnifUNts.MaI'iR
If yon are
In the Inqnlrj—Which Is the
best Liniui Mit far Man and
* —this i 4
tested !)•. tsroffencfslloßstthe
MEXICAN McSi A.NU 1.1. M :
XKNT. Tat* rcoboii is sim
ple. 11 peui'trstcs eierj* sore,
wound, or liimenoss, to ihe
tery bone, nnd drives out all
liluimatoryafld morbid mat
ter. It 44 goes to the root" of
the trouble, and never falls to
cure ,n double quick timer
K Y N tVSoSI 1
The Gospel of Joy.
The Gospel of Joy
la a arm i.,ua H*B of c*aal bratuy fa* U nap 11
Camp MnUßftl. fkrwrtiuaal M*Uafta aad
By Baa Saarfti Ataaa iMLH ftrara !l oUJM ft
laryr numljrr of B. Wkl rry (Uprriof llyama Md
TUMI ft. rrarra. .lyla tr %a*y rtoafli aM Might. a
brftto a u>.irtiu!' thai baa ar mart lo aay and aUaft abo
- U lad Tuliaca of Orral Jay ■"
Both a4t aa<l narw a* of an tlmM ttaitolaf.
t • .nrif'ia* Ihraurlm to yrrama of rrftaind MM*, aad
lb* -daMUM Brrr.Ll- ' MI prrulrol IB Ml.) lanaal
(unpuritwu bar bar* mrWlj at Bblrd
Prk* Ml Ma. tor vHkhapr. mas i..pira arSl ba ma Had
laui addraaa
ft* ftrWtom IB) Moan la tftr Mrairri fiwM, S aft*
S rto I th* grioai ftottdr>.w- *. fttißC HoaA, bat Miau
aanor of fiw-ooa l I fall Is .unw aM try It.
Tbr.r a'r f> to 4,** in U.r at arlactun of
arhbk , 'r.i laai# aM ahMMy bar l-. iiapya4 Sft
■tour a-w- - W.mlßf B r- " au4 tha *RH*r a* Ufa."
IMe Matoif boukauf ft'ral Inaatf -
C. H. lIITXI* A C 0.,
KM ftrai'lirar, Saw Tarb.
J. K. HITbO.X * C 0..
warn € htdnaC Mcraaf. WUM.
) /'
' f-| * -j m J —J Jki
CrVanaf JVa*ftf nf tkr ll,Um*riphim
Milar Mrdal al Iht PirU llipaaidaft.
Thr ml tt.ulW !** > teaardy kLAOi. far Ma
'.toataunt C tiMi bo-br m raa. >U mm nil ft.
brttmattoao. chsll .n. eatarrk. I ror-rrtrrtti rat, Aan
tor coacbh. (onto. tr". limaL < <np aM rtphißnca, Cftt.
I'aM aM apftvtrd by Cbr iaMiac j*)Utou'< kawpa
M Atarrba
Tb uoirl artb-lra 81 1 . fm> aw— Vrrr'iß* aarb aa
i-oMAIULLXIhOI Bft k* I Alf Pit l ' it li baM lOILST
r*lAPg—anr aisprrro 1.-ib) i!..;rr ta*. 7K, rnam.
c ATI A ( 0., tonka Agrata. Saw Tarb.
ft and Id cent alar, ef a., war *•!
tohlbra. I> arftttta.
la lb* Old ll* liable I saerairatod Lya
htrKtmi bnagMlHf raa far tot
Soft aM TuUrt hay t|nkk!>.
rr u rru. wkickt AJTC> #p*®fts
Tbr Barbel to 6,...rf a.;, ...-**l>d. irat'lMß
j !,*, Mt.nb IB ado t.rau : arah aall aM nafa. ant naf
Prnn-t IIABU Silt Msasrf C*.
pbtiiti*! Pirta
FX rat luubiuhrd I Sinai Maaeraacftol I
Til Sift UtSfBCKSOTS ba** ft Kaodard Vain#
Leading Markets
Of the World
tve-rrwtw-r* rci ad a. the FINEST IN TCUff.
OVER 30,000
Mad* and In are. Xew !<ra*m M*xlSy M
j Wort aM laawl Praa
ftp Sea l fa aCila'ocar.
Tmt St.. opp. Vaithsm St.Bcstf.Miss.
We yaBIWb aa eichl-parr pare, -"Tna Nan.nat
I - deleted te Oi* (StftMM * f
j Her* aM Baii.aanr. I the* hen#; iao<*intoiaaißter*Uag
i famf,* rrallß*.
! Pi. Ptfl, rent* t) nr-weela! Wwaaerb l ilnha
I A fßrne- ( link to .;*. I an .Kmr .:nr "Me- aear AB
! aaaat or Pnmooa HJ. fb-BHr.! r-atnitoaa. *. to racrlmr
j uttXy. au4 each t .*at Bled (pre
I • tbont -!uv JjiPttirr pawrr . fpfx iaeb copy nee.
ftetM tor IL *>BaK s ueww A oa,
*'al! ayt.. U C. UURI MS.
t.i. rl •- * } ■ la aM-II.IS^
I r\VRT\!M !
KittoKVsnv>prPSMj-N< nh.
WiJIMMI DKMip KnUre * Vrtr-
I invnill,l . Interna ai l rxt'riia; nae.
W.-aee Terror rin an raarr of falh
ir: cone for ft' rear*. S-'M eeery-
I h.ra. Send for patns.l.'. t Fl a tnttle.
w. n. ro*Yt,r. wwmn.
for la*)res 'hapiers,
*£.W : w and Cornmaikderie% mar.afact
&***■ r urva bv ii. C. t illrn .r fa.. < ufan
'piyhu, ft Srud for frirm Lifts.
-Krirbts Trrsp!;' !n fomija SpacWty.
Military. Seeiet* and Fire"-an' Gooda.
! !• perfKUr insre. Uto boat by tbc h'B
I ral mn li -aJ authiwtlier in the meld. Gl,eu tgboj
. aaar lat 14 Bi*ldNi ShtßoaMaaaJlrd al I*mnr. J7|.
Hold by Drufpfto W.ll.lscbleßellft AI * * v
mi*vreim diud'" ii-ni-<i>*.
■D Hvfl linnfa tlrmrdl
I ll ll\ I Carer !•,,, K a 1 tor
Ull|) i a!.K ll!u;.r, I Biiba-Bto. Brwtilla
E__ _ jft ii *il a K:rardy core. Pin
rn A in ihe SWe. ha.-. r MHto anil ail
111 Ureaaw of the Kfcloey., ItlaiUar
ail 1 I' Ban Oman* Hunt a
& V Il mnlr em iiraitea M ere
,tr an appellle. bra,-,* "P the afUawl ami aawd health
i la Ihe -erull of urfiia II mil , Itemed) . Sfnu for
lumidilet to WW K CLARKS Provhleme. R I
An Infallible an.l nnea--.'.*'' Rner'ty far
Ylta.blpllepay or Y allllefcM
warranted 4
l-KHWASKYT care.
mhmm *• \ frrr tvottle * f of ™7
imp reli. *ll. IP ill. ami a va'nabla
|| \ Treaiiue u-m to "by • u ®-rer
HQ - adl'i- :u^ b '* '• U '
IH. U. a. ROOT. IMII Fear. Slreet-X ear Yo-k
PAII.T, 4 pweft -VI ;t. , m';i.t)i; W.SU a year
Nl'.YllAY* f ll.**' )•"■
XV KKKIiy. Bptoea. tl B rear.
*1" 11al'X ha* the laraeat ctrcn.aUOß and la tba
heapert and inert mler, th. k pair n tha VnJlad
S 'xiTK WKULY Bl lX to emphatically tha po
ple-a family ex<;IjISD Puniiaher. V T CHy.
I, carefully bat up in tm tana. to-!J al Ab .1A,., ti.lS
•1 hi Take no i'thr. In uae for*) yea'S. WIXILRICH
a CO. on even iabal.
aiCCn pri.flta no Ift daya' luveatni* ■ t t <lllll
SIDDU in icamaa Faciftc. May li • 1 Ul f
Pronortlonal return# every *ek iu Slock Optlow of
r ' ',ao. ffio, ——ioo, w>o.
| Oflbaai Keporta ami Circulara fiee. AMran
t. POTTBR WIGHT A GO., banker#. It Wall ft, M. Y.