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    The Centre Eeporter.
Cbktrk Hall, P., Mty 8,1879.
The excellent management of the
Penn'a I\K. is shown in the following
item Out of 072,00 ft pieces of baggsge
carried on the Pennsylvania linAs dur
ing 1878, oaly one was lost.
Two cities and one town have been
levied upon by our state authorities
llere is a chaace for a bargain. Who
want's to buy a whole city or a town *
Attorney General Palmer has issusd
executions against the cities of l.oek
Haven and Altoona, and the borough of
ftunbury, for unpaid state taxes. The
claims against the above named cities
and borough, it is alleged, have been in
the hands of the attorney general for
nearly a year, and the erocnliona ha>e
been repeatedly delayed on the promise
of the authorities to have them settled.
The condition of the state treasury is
such at present that it has been decid
ed to press the payment of these claims
at once.
The United Slates Supreme Court a
few davs ago decided the juror a test
oath unconstitutional, "lhis test oath
law is one of the republican measures
enacted during the war, and ous of the
acts which the democrats in the present
extra session of congress are endeavor
ing to have repealed.
The hunt for a king for Bulgaria is at
an end, as one haabeen found and elect
ed—but he does not hail from among
the many who were recommended from
Uncle Sam's Jominious. Ou I>J ult., the
Bulgarian Assembly of Notalues uuaai
monsly elected Prince Alixander o'
Battenburg to the throne of Bulgaria,
with the title of Alexander I.
Hayes has vetoed the army appropri
ation bill upca grounds which make him
guilty of glaring inconsistency with his
own record in congress. But we looked
for nothing better from one who is the
greatest fraud since Adam was bom. To
veto a bill because it has a rider upon it
would do well enough for a president
who never voted for bills with riders.
This the fraudulent president himself
did frequently and upon important bills
when he was a member of congress, and
that one of his main reasons now for
vetoing the army bill is because it has a
rider, is simply ridiculous.
Wholesale arrests in Russia seem to
be the order of the day. and a military
despotiam ia fast being established. e
judge the excuse for it all is that the
Nihilists are plotting trouble as well as
assassination of the rulers.
The St. Petersburg correspondent of
the Unirers ears: "The police are
openly arresting people at ail hours of.
the day, whereas arrests were hitlfcrto
made at night. On the slightest suspi
cion against any person, his whole
family are arrested and domiciliarv vis
its are paid to all their acquaintancea.
these leading to further apprehensions
on the most frivolous grounds. Eighty
three furnished lodging-keepers are in
prison for not reporting, within twenty
four hours, the latest arrivals. M.
Jakovleff, a Government officer, living
in the Winter Palace, and his son, an
officer in the Guards, areamongthe per
sons in custody. Baron Bistrom, Depu
ty Commandant of the St. Petersburg
Garrison, and Gen. Gildenstube, Com
mandant of the Moscow Garrison, have
been superseded for insufficient enthusi
asm toward the new order of things.
There are few pedestrians or carriages
in the streets, but an endless line of
porters are seated on stools at every
door with stout sticks. Covered prison
vans frequently pass, with a police offi
cer mounted k aside the driver, and Gen.
Gourko drivea around in an open drosky
escorted by Cossacks cracking their
whips. The iehabitaets are not accom
plices of the Nihilists, but pathetic
The long and short of Haves veto is
that his party can not get along without
having bayonets at the polls.
Let the democrats in congress stand
firm and not yield until this feature of
military despotism is stricken from our
laws. .
Hayes owes his fraudulent position to
bayonet rule, in the tare of 300,000 ma
jority of the popular vote against him.
Read the Declaration of Independ
ence and there you fiad one of the
charges against George the Third, that
he quartered soldiers among us in times
of peace.
The democrats carried on this govern
ment 40 years without ever having a
soldier at the polls, and we say no more
appropriation for the army until there
is a guarantee that the bayonet shall
not be stationed at the polls te intimi
date democrats and carry the elections
for the republicans.
The democrats rely upon the ballot —
the Hayes' veto means that the republi
cans are depend upon the bayonet.
Gov. Geary ia one of his messages,
mad# a strong protest against the soldier
being ordered to the polls. It will be
found in the Reporter ef 17 April lant.
No more bayonet elections is the
democratic watchward.
As to what foal means were attempt
ed to pasa the riot bill, and fasten 4
million of taxes on this tax ridden state,
read one days proceedings of the inves
tigating committee, in this issue of the
Since the veto of the army bill, Yocum
votes with the radicals.
Washington, May I.—The house to
day voted on the veto of the army ap
propriation bill and the motion to pass
the bill notwithstanding the Teto was lost
by a vote of 120 yeas to 110 nays, a two
thirds majority being necessary. Four
greenbackers Messrs. De La Maty r, Ladd
Stevenson and Wright voted with the
democrats in the affirmative. The
others, including Mr. Yocurn, of Penn
sylvania, voted in the negative.
Tha Kemblc mentioned in the bribery
investigatiea at Harrishurg is the Kernble
who wrele the famous "addition, division
and silence" letter to uiy "dear Titian,
in tha Evans embezzlement affair. Why
shouldn't k amble have bis hand in tha
matter af bribing the Peana legislator* to
pass tha riot damages kill ? Keasbi* is a
republican machine manager.
Yocum now votes with the bayonet
men, and to sustain Hayes. How next ?
Let the democrats in congress stand
firm and not yield an iucfa upon the re
peal of the bayonet election laws.
No man who loves freedom and a free
ballot, favors the bayonet at the polls.
The watch ward for freemen : No more
bayonet elections!
Thrae times already fats the Csatrj>f
Russia been *hot ai uufi >V tio a
be afraid to be Csar?
Passed finally :
I {CUM bill to encourage the planting
of trees along the roadsides of the
An act authorising certain classes of
oor|H>rationa to hold lain! not exceeding
60,0(10 acres.
The governor's veto of the concurrent
reflation appropriating soooto pay the
expenses of the Pennsylvania agricul
tnral investigating commit tee was sus
tained unanimously.
Should the local option law now be
fore the Legislature pass it would shut
off the manufacture as well as sale of
Joint resolution to amend section 1.,
article 2, of the constitution by provid
tug that the a kola number of represen
tatives in the legislature shall be 101 in
stead of 201, the present number. Pass
ed senate. This we think is Senator Al
• xander's resolution.
hayks vetoes rin: army m
On 2\> inst., Mr. Hayes returned the
army bill to the house accompanying it
it with a lengthy statement of bis rea
sons for refusing i sign the bill. No
action was taken on the veto in the
souse on account of the announcement
of the death of Representative Kuah
Clark, of lowa. Mr. Hayes takes the
ground that under existing laws there
can be no military interference in elec
tions and that therefore there is no ne
cessity for the political legislation on the
artnv bill. But the question naturally
-uggests itself, if the proposed political
legislation is mere surplusage and ac
complishes nothing beyond what is al
ready fixed in the law, why should the
executive veto be interposed 7 Mr.
Hayes also objects to the bill that its ef
fect would be to prohibit all the civil
'dicers of the United States from em
ploying any adequate civil force to keep
the peace and preserve order at federal
elections. He insists that interference
ti congressional elections by the civil
authority of the federal government is
necessary to insure free and honest elec
tions. It is but the customary plea of
those who favor a centralized govern
ment and distrust the ability of the peo
ple to hold their elections and govern
themselves. This point iti the veto is a
clear and unmistakable intimation that
Hayes will veto the legislative appro
priation bill on the ground that federal
supervisors and deputy marshals are ne
cessarv to a pure and peaceful ballot.
He is evidently enamored of the work
performed by Marshal Kerns' pet
lambs. Redding, Slav in and Brown, the
"Twenty-timer." Mr. Hayes also thinks
that the attempt to repeal a law by in
serting the repeal in an appropriation
bill is calculated to deprive the execu
tive of bis "qualified negative'' and
would establish a "radical, dangerous
and unconstitutional change in the char
acter of our institutions " He did not
think so when as a member of congress
he voted for political riders on appro
priation bills. He then concludes his
message by answering that congress
means to coerce him into siguing the
bill by withholding the appropriations
necessary to carry on the government.
He must know, if he watched the de
bates in congress, that those who spoke
for the majority specifically disclaimed
aay intention to coerce the executive
It d ies mot seem to occur to him that he
is undertaking to coerce congress by
saying. "You shall not repeal certain
laws in the manner in which yon have
chosen to do it, nor indeed shall you re
peal those certain laws at all in any
manner." But since he will have coer
cion probably he may get it
The petroleum war is still ablaze, and
has led to the indictment of the more
prominent members of the Standard Oil
Company. A telegram from Pittsburg,
of 29 nit., says the fight of the oil pro
ducers against the Standard Otl Compa- !
ny has taken a new shape to-day. Civil
suits against the corporations forming
the company are now pending before a
master appointed by the Supreme Court
and on last Saturday an information was
made before a magistrate of the town of
Clarion, Clarion county charged the fol
lowing named defendants with criminal
conspiracy, via.: —John P. Rockafeller,
William Rockafeller, Jabez A.ltostwick,
Daniel O'Day, W. G. Warden, Charles
Lockbart, Henry M. Flagler, Jacob J.
Vandergrift, Charles Pratt and George
W.Girty. The information charges the
defendants with fraudulently conspiring
to cheat and defraud the public and the
oil producers by creating a monopoly of
of tbo oil trade, to prevent lawful and
legitimate competition in the purchase
of crude petroleum. It also charges
conspiracy and concerted action to
squeeze out of a lawful business all who
are not interested with themselves ; and
it also charges that by usiog railroads
foreign to the State—the New York Cen
tral and New York Erie—as tools they
have compelled the Pennsylvania and
Allegheny Valley railroads to carry
their oil at ruinous rates, under a threat
of taking away all trade that otherwise
would naturally flow to these lines. Of
course this is a mere outline of the
• barges of the information, the points
being elaborated with illustrations and
facts and backed up by such evidence
that has already been obtained in the
bill in equity and suits before the Su
preme Court.
Warrants were issued,and the consta
bles have returned the defendants as not
to be found in the country, the informa
tion was sent at once to the Grand Jury.
A number of witnesses were subpoenaed
and were examined before the jury this
morning. Messrs. Wilson and Jenks
and ex Senator Corbett appeared for the
Commonwealth. This a'ternoon true
bills were found against the defendants
and bench warrants will at once be is
sued for their arrest. The information
was made bv Mr. It. B. Campbell, Presi
dent of the Oil Producers' Union.
There was considerable squealing iu
the House on account of the refusal of
the State Treasurer to pay the balance
of the members' salaries They have,
all of them, received $7.50 on account,
and the Treasurer thiuka that the
schools have been behind for over a
year and the other Suite institutions re
fused, that the jolly Jaw maker should
take a little of that medicine, too, in or
der to bring them to a realizing sense of
the presewt condition of the State finan
ces. The outside clamor bus forced this
state of affairs. Complaints have gone
in from all quarters about paying mem
bers in advance, and leaving the schools
behind. There has been paid out s2llO,
000 on accouut of the salaries and ex
penses of the present Legislature, and
its expenses will run up close to ti aI fa
million dollars if they set out the 150
days. Nothing has happened this ses
sion which has served half so well to
waken them up to the situation as this
I stoppage of their own pay. Some want
[ a little money to pay their tuxes; some
to use at home on other matters; others
1 guess to buy poker-chips—as the wants
of a member of the Legislature are very
multifarous. Well they cannot draw
more money till the end of the ses
aio'n, and not then unless they riir some
law by which a little money will find its
way in there. The members generally
agree that the gctfo? of the Treasurer is
right, tyit mighty inconysaient.
The house caucus at Washington on
Saturday was harmonious.
Mr. Chalmers, of the joint caucus com
mittee, submitted three drafts of hills to
prevent the interference of the military
with elections, one drawn by the coin
aiittee, one by Senator Ttiuramn and mi
other by Senator Katon. The object of
the hills seemed to be to meet the qm s
tion of military interference with elec
tions fairly and sqtiatrly to leave out
all that could be construed into any In
terference with civil otlicersor the pro
cesses of federal courts, and to make a
square issue in regard to tbo use of
troops to control elections. After some
debate the Thurman bill was adopted
as the best. To it was added the pream
ble of the liou-e committee's bill, which
is in words and terms similar to the
preamble of the 1 uglisb statute < ti 'his
subject and this was adopted Mr 1 add.
of Maine, was authorized to present the
bill on Monday The caucus then up
pointed a committee on pairs, consisting
of one member from each state and
then adjottraed.
This new bill to be presented in the
place of the sixth section, which ha
caused so much trouble, will provide
that sections ",ts j and ",o< of the mis
ed statutes shall not be construed to
authorize the presence of troop- at the
(Hills except under orders of the Presi
dent to rejiel ariued enemies of the
United States, or iti pursuance of the
constitutional requirements, upon ap
plication of the legi-laturo or governor,
to repress domestic violence. Nothing
else will be done upon the other (>•>•
lilical questions at issue until this one
i* settled.
The - makes some very sharp
(Hiints, which the white house fraud
should have had in his veto message. It
says that between July *> IS'>-, and
March t. 1.-71, the Republicans, win
had complete control of tiie benate anil
the House of Representatives,engrafted
no less than three hundred and eighty
seven acta of general legislation on ap
propriatiou bills, <>r nearly thirty every
year for thirteen consecutive years.
Among the most notable example of
this species of legislation was one in
is ifi, when the appropriation for three
millions to carry on the war with Mexi
Co was pending, l'avid Wiluiol moved
his celebrated proviso, that no p.irt of
that money should be used for the ac
quisition of territory where slavery
should exist. The House . - IVnio
cratic, with John W Havisof Indiana as
!-|>eaker. Mr. I' hl:u of N r'.h Car. -
lira, afterward .-ccrelary of the Navy,
made a (>oint of order on the amend
ment, which was overruled by tho( Lair
man, and upon an appeal from 1 is deci
sion the Chair was sustained by a voti
of nearly three to one. The Hou-e as
serted the principle that upon a money
bill an amendment, though not ostensi
bly germane, could be attached, lit-ati-i
it prescribed a condition for u-ing the
money. According to the po-itiun of
Haves, the Wilmot proviso was "rvvo
In lsioti John Sherman, then a mem
ber of the House, moved no a amend
ment to the Army Appropriation bill to
the effect "that no part of the military
force of the United Slates herein pro
vided for shall be employed in aid oftbt
enforcement of the enactments of the
alleged Legislative Assembly oftbeTer
ritory of Kansas, recently assembled at Mission, until Congress si.a.
have erlt> ted either that it was or w..-
cot a valid Legislative Assembly." A
Republican member, Mr. 1 e;ter of Ohio
was in the chair, and ruled against the
amendmeut when the point of order
was raised, but the House sustained ar
appeal against his decision. This case
precisely parallel with that of the bill
which Hayes has now vetoed by Slier
man's advice.
In 1867, when the Republicans were
striving to break down the j<ower of the
Executive, they tacked on an amend
ment to an appropriation bill, designed
to deprive President Johnson of this
constitutional authority as ('> nmander
in-Chief, by requiring him to send his
orders to the army in a method dictated
by his political and personal enemies.
Hayes was then an obscure member of
the House, and he Toted for this
amendment, like the rest of his par
In 1573 a Republican Congress at
tached the salary gsah and back-pay
steal to the Legislative Appropriation
bill, by which the salary of Grant, who
had been re elected the previous fail,
and who signed the bill, was doubled,
and I heir own salary was largely in
creased, with a retroactive clause that
put thousands in their pockets.
These are all familiar instances, and
they show that when the Fraudulent
President says in bis mes-nge "the en
actment of this bill into a law will es
tablish a precedent which will tend to
destroy the independence of the several
branches of the Government," he writes
what is not so.
[Journal ofCommerce (Dcm. , April 30.J
The President condemns the measure
because "it is now proposed to deny to
the United Mates even the necessary
civil authority to protect the national
elections." Pray who proposes to deny
tins to the United States? Is the Presi
dent of the United States ? The Con
stitution confers upou Congress the
right to make certain regulations con
cerning the election of its members
The two houses have pHssed a bill de
signed, as they believe, to prevent any
undue interference of the military at
such elections. This action is most cer
tainly within their province. It is not
a deuiul to the United Mates of the
rights conferred by the Constitution,
but on the contrary it is the "exercise"
by the Congress oi the United Staitf
with whom the power is lodged ol the
very rights in question. The two houses
of Congress certainly represent "the
United Mates" as much at least as the
President, and w hen they deny to the
army the right to Interfere at the polls
they deny nothing to the United States.
It is the people of the United Mates by
thsir representatives in Congress assem
bled who insist that "the right of cili
zensofthe United States to vote shall
not be denied or abridged" by the dis
play of un armed force at the polls for
partisan purposes. If there is no ground
lor their apprehension, no harm is done
by rendering such a menace illegal, and
thus securing to all a lull and free exer
cise of Ihe elective franchise. But the
pretense that because the President is
ol one political parly and the majority
in Congress are of another he is the
United Mates, and they by the exercise
of their legitimate powers are denying
something to the United Slates, isainost
offensive arid unwarrantable assump
tion that ought not to pass without se
vere rebuke.
l'eiu is enthusiastic abuut her war with
Chili, and her people are giving all
po-tiblv support to the government iu men
money and material. It is probable,
therefore, that we shall see tlif-so .South
American republics involved in a pro
longed rind fratricidal war, out of which
they will come wi-er and poorer fcr tlio
Sac. (Herman, aged 101 years, died in
Chicago He was na ot Napoleon's sol
diers in tlio Russian and Spanish cam
paigns, and afterward- dratted as n war
prisoner into tho Prussian army. His son
a prominent Chicago detective, has veri
fied his father's age thorough
i 77/r SICKO FXOhIS I ITS/ S ol 1
nu \i ft I'M i\ i is (.71/ .v /;i ,
I loilsi.\N.i i '> s
V.4JV. ,
Washington, \| nil , 1 s;i Mr. [
KIIIU, rt-prc ontatiw* in t'nngrcw* limn
UillllilllH, litis tcrctvt-d II letter Irulil i< in ( 'nmvrdin fuirinlt in that Mate, '
well k now it Iti i tin North, ii ml w bu ow tie
•several I'lutitiiiii'im in l.ouiMmin, Hint 1
who wrriten trout t oiicordlu, under date ■
nf April "I, lis follow s I
We iiii< nil very iinciin ti limit tl.i
Kmisns emigration of llir negroes-, lino
being ilrlvvn Mm) bulldozed awav In
t lift I leader*, i von ill. or wtio ilo iiul lu itn, mill tliry mo t. 1.l (In
government ii lii fin' llicin Hi hmi .
l.iiitls and uitil" c tliitl thr govern
tin nt will not ttllow tli!• HI to ii'itoiiii ii.
this |>ml ol tlir country ; that tho In
diatm wtll I t-brought in to kill nil win
remain ut the ctt.l of cigli ecu months
All tige nt |.<■ K.I lhi • null here la*t wi . k
telling this Story, ami miothcr told then
tltrtl the tjticeti ot bputn h> bought ah
of tllchO I, itllll that It Ull tin 11. ,
dear out -lie will I nt. tln-tii aluughlt-i
ed. F.vrry lew .lays cmno ol lht>.
agents culuc along Willi there lies. Ih
negroes are far I roin hi.ling this. tin.
.-oine to un lor protection ami tell n
aboal it, uiiil the) are woiru.l to ile.itl
nut the got ei nine lit, tbet ruv, tells I hen
that thet must go. aim that they Hie Ii
uu.rtal ilniiger. Never weie Ihlugs mm.
pr. -prions than now . but I very mini. 1
lear that we have gtral trouble aheuit '
nuil the more puhlte you Wake the truth I
that the liegre-e are really prosperous i
hero utiil ilo not wish to leave, hut MM
being driven awav by the*f- set ret
em i s Ifolll the Not ill the l etter it
will he for llieiu It is tohl here that 1
uioueV is heuig r.ilse.l to help them leat i -
hut tt ho is ilou.g all tills no one ean teil I
It in evidently to injure the planter*. 1 .
suppose the taptaili lias written you ol
the man Wfhti Jell hpokan, selling hi.*
tive mules lor Jl", mal numerous bog
tor titty cents each, anil leaving a aplen-I'
ilul crop of cotton und nun, tin , *
hardest work of the aeaaott already!l
done. j t
In addition to these cheerful plot latuu
lions, gorgeously illuminated chimin,
liltiographs of Kansas scenes have been 1
distributed the blackn. A geu-i who has seen soiue of ttiesi v
ihrouios writes thut the most ravishing
preseiittniain of rural life m Kmi-n is -
Urpicteil. The negroes look on the filal. t,
as a second j>..taiti-e, cotiipared wilt,
which oltl ( aliaati Is a Florida swain)
One of these pictures, entitled ' A 1 u-eil i
man's Home," represent# a tine land 1
scape with fields of ripening gran I
stretching away to the si tting sun.
In the foreground, illuunnaied by a .
marvell oia sunset, stood the Irreduian's
home. It was a picturesque cottage with i'
gables, dormer window a auu wnl.
verandas, trench windows reackeo n
dow ii to the f!.-. r. and through the t-pen
casements appealed u sviiuctive s n..
m the family silting iuuUl. Ihe col reii
father, who had jual returned from hi
harvest field.*, sat in an easy eliair i. ad
tug a newspaper, w kite the • htldren and *
halms rollicked on the floor of tt>. '
piazza, through the open door of tin
kill hell Ike Colored w.c Could he seel, f
directing the servanis and cooks win .
were preparing the evening meal, tti llir
parlor, however, was the most em hunt
ing feature, lor ut a grain) piano was
poised the bed* of the household, and 1
hi tlie piano w tiet<- she was t laying
stood her colored lover, ilev uriag her
with liis ivtj, while he abstractedly ,
turned the leaves of her uiussc. Just to ,
one side ot the dwelling appeared i.
cotnniodtous barn ami carriage house
and workmen busily engaged in putting
ui order their reapers and mowers 1 t r
the follow Itig da)'. a
In one of these pictures the "Old p
Auntie site mi the vi-runda knitting
stockings Willi* she guZes i n herds ol
buffalo and utiteiope, w bit h are feeding ,
on the prairies beyond the wheat held*. '
Approaching the gate a on
young colored man is seen earning in
from a hunt, with u dead buck ami I
string of wild turkeys slung over his y
shoulders. These agricultural cartoons,
in vtvnl coloring, the writer rep its ur, J
doing uitli h to ihtluetne the of
the more ignorant negn-i s.
The Inv. stigat; n— A Fight.
From the M . i /' ' • : fi ! i- , h
ws et>y the ho. .a lug prucaeJug* before
the conoiiUee of in*e-tif si >n ;
Representative Knitlle, ot Co'.uml
. unty. testified that he w* appro*, ued
a tha Ciri V slag. Sof till' | rag'. ~f tt;r f,
riot kill hy Representative (•■■•rg. "*ti. ;i-, t t
of Philadelphia, who called ai:s fr -in ' • ,j
'But ar, I told b tn that 5 '• "J w a* bs t.g paid
for votes f r t > r;.". bill, nvd afterward r
Sir -,h ssi.l that SI,WtO w a> bsing pa: i, a'.d ■
li st Witneli C-'U I est that am ant |>'a ;
eided he voted f>r ths bnl pa -,t varise- t:
rsading'. Smith erjoinril secrecy an !mn £
r.d aid hi> wuKl take hi'it to 1
•i sn. Raprcssntative K. \V I>*vi, who ,
would teil him ail about it A\ ilai • v>. f
to bavp wet D*v bv apt .nt ent, bit I
never determined te art in accsrdar.r t
with ike prop -<-, l arraagea e-it. II ■v ot
was aot for sale, lie del not think iher. t
wsv any ink# ;e the Witness t
said : "1 ikought it meant kuitte*
There an coa-iJerab'e commstiun is j
the hall nt till* lime, and ' 'hairaann (iaicl. ■ s
ell isid that unless order was preserved (
the atec'.iiigs wo i.d not ke h"ld ih f lb
whether the wiln.-se- de-i-e i it or r.t i
Rcpres.-ntative lirrv IV toa. of Mer- t
cer, v>. aext esileti. He testified ttist s
gentleaisa :net him nt the Ixx-hiel hotel -
few ei-k sgo and Hkid him to vote for',
the bill. AViine"' informs 1 hiui that h< t
wst not favorably disposed ti it. but that .
be would listen carefully to tha discussion ,
en it. The man told him that there *■ t
inoaey in tb>- bill nad that he aiifht • -
well timv -oniclhing eui f it. \Y !tnai i
told him that he vveuld have to "count t
oitn out " The tu in replied that be hop- j
ed be wouid thin, belter of it that nu-in
hers were poorly paid \Vitna.s w-.v not r
iiffv-red any money, but infrr>-ii that the ,
proposition wu-1 in dceji earnest. Mr ,
Wulfo asked wiia< ss if the p.-rson di-1 i at j
ark hitn whether be would like te kn a
roaster, to which Mr Watson replied in 7
the nffirniative. The runn who approach i
ed liitu was Reprertiilative l'etrs fT. wli.- „
on Wednesday afternoon and night had .
cemo to hiui and pleadvd that witness
would aot eipo-c hiui, he was already
under a cloud lie spoke of the disgrace:
it would entail on his family, and request- '
ed wiinen to answer no to all tha intvr t
rogatories. Witness told him thin h. (
would not stultify himself. Pelroff said t
tfisst ho would not have had the converse 1
lion with him. but fur the fart that ho was J
a Masen. Petrol! wa very humble—up- t
pearcd to fvel very badly, almost shed- >
ding tears. Witness uniformly voted with (
the opponents of the bill.
Heprc'antative Carciil, efSusquehannn.
testitli d that he had hern approached by a
man whs said that those who supported
the bill w >ul>l he remembered with mon ,
ey. Hi- urged hint to suppur: tli" bill, and
said that ih or c who voted for it on second |
and Ihitd reading wouid gut nieney. The
man referred to WHS Ji'"o K. (.'raw-lard,
ot Blair county, assistant superintendent 1 1
nf public grounds Witness said thai ,
Crawford (iret named fihUF raised it to t
>ooo, and finally said Jl.OtO would hejt
pa>d—not lor votes hut as a free gill. Tin j
funds for the purpo-e wou 1 be raised hy|,
those who lost properly by reason ®f the'.
riots. Crawl, rd told witness that h.
would take hill) to Kernbel, if bo wu. fa
vorakly disposed to the hi I. Crawfordi,
had talk, d w.tb him at least three liau -'i
about tha bill, mentioning an amount
each time. Another man had approached j'
hiin for the purpose of ascertainiag how u
the green backers stood on this question, n
This man first said thai if witness support
ed the ineHSure he would get SSOO and at .
terward would raiso tho amount ioSI.OMJ. (
Witness was strongly urged to support the I
bill, mid one of the arguments u-vd h.v
Salter was llml an omnidinent would h> q
ollered exempt ing rial estitlo Ironi taxa-iii
lion for the purpose of paying tho '
claims dumuges.
Two men vvouid bo responsihlo for the'
payment of sl,ooo—Quay and Kcinble. |C
Salter told witness that tho conversation j
was confidential, and witness would nol|
huve made it public but for the fact thatl ('
he was obliged to do so. Salter saw him S
|>H W -. 1n i * lay and HICK (111 I'll to him tha
propilet vafn t lesiifv leg to what had ac
curred between tlieni Salter also asked
hiui w hthai he had any talk with Wolfe,
1., which wit tie-s am wr red .nt he negat i ve.
W itn.m saw neither kambla not (juay, had no id. aof accepting any inoaev.
He w a iilwav against it and voted with
the ea/mies of the hill until It was "laid
it for good. Within triad to avoid
i'rawford and Salter "bet they were
hound to talk to me."
Mr Kirk, of Schuylkill county, trslj
d that he Was oft-red loaliey to publish
1 . liter in! aI v. eating lh riot 101 lin Ins
paper the Schuylkill county /' ttcp
esenlalive Kvaus iuibo to witness etui
-Ule.l it,at K 'llri Magee was willing to
.*v i" it) I * aili an i ditarial Witness
vaiiaraied Mr. F.vuas from any i ofrupt
Mr lVlr. !t was lulled kwt was absriit.
Mr Lewi, Flinery, of -M'Keati leiinty,
aept toek the stand II" tr-lided in suh
tatii e that Mr Shiras, of I'lltsburg, sU
vas the attorney for the riot bill aii.l also
•r the oil men in the suits uga nst the
"eniisy I vania railroad over Ireiglit dis
rimlnation, had taa.lea proposi iontotbe
-I aicli if tbi'V Would i ippert the rlast
a. I matter* HieulU be arrange.l is that tin
pipe and alili-dorriii.inalion bills sli- o u
tie pushed through the house and the bill
placing a tax on oil deieati d Scutei.tne
ct-iore the lb'.h of Apr.l witness fri-riva I
• telegram from Mr. Shiras asking hoo
to havo the rate . n tha riot bill post, one t
for a day or two i! p.i->ib!e, a* tne l'eiin
•y.vania railr ad company would cartain
lv ntake an arrargauienl in r,gard to the
oil tax bill. On the I lit h lie reined a
note frain Quay arkng an intcr/iew at
nee, lint .-o ltd n-.t grant it a! that time
| ecauie tho yote was pending la ibe house
• rt the in.ti tln.te |>u>tponeiaent of the hill
lie receive J iw o mare note- from Quay
I ho atterwarji. called on him at Ike l,uch
iw|, whin the Ii 111 '..-id bi-i-n indefinitely j
po-tpo-ej. Q my askad wlicthar if the n I
t tills should ho revived, be would not
vote for it. Witness answered ne qjsi j
iben re , ietid him to -lata Bh.ras prapo
i-ition ta tha oil dalegattou This he did,
hat l .. Je egatiun r. uej to -upport till
till i, even Ih om . i- I lie y shou J he put. it had
By the pn--age til lbs oil tax bill, line o! j
t/iiiv • listus •! the lull stated that Mr.
t'urviahce, ol Pitts! urg, w. old it-e bun in
regard to the defeat of tha oil tax hdl
Q -ay i t.ota atkrd witness ta have
tua vale on final pasiponauieat deferred
aflersia. :i lie lad n . Inaw , ggeot
m->r ay lung u-id t.i ga il votes for the
Inei auoii'.e# then adjourned .te meet
aaxt Tuei.Uy evening
At; r Air. y had left the t*nd he
*a> npp oachv 1 by Senator Klltotl, ot
"piladeiptjia, who la j "you have n.
drains, ynu bava ta b<- prompted Mr
Kiuary n. ,do a sharp rajdy. K.liolt >si<
111 put a hea lon you, and the dispu
tants grappled.
intense excitement at once spread
'. r ugh the crawd Men sprang on dasks
i i aira hum hr -ke a >s n n.tsf nf them
■ e I'e aj* pin* de •gallon rUsbad ti
. rest ..e o! F. ot and U.-prasentaliVe
l)w. dey sprang promptly to tbe assi-t
s' .a.f F.ins ry F.very thing looked prune
for a fulfil' row, when friends intorler
red and after mu<.h c afu on, loud talk
and no little profaa.ty, tae wou d-ba com
t a'.ax:- wra separated and peace ancs
mere perched Herself.
I-lsrs KKL \ I lXti i ll Kilt
Fr< ian.uti n of the Kit , utive C'uit.-
tuitl.e Addressed to the Clar.
Thr V itaua Tagb.att publishes the fob
loss irg pro, area', n addre--sit la the Cznr
.>f Kusiia 1-y the Rev ulicnary Commit
tre a 1 p. sted n the street ef Si. Peters
burg. ,ust bet.ire the recent attack on his
life -
n Mr. Alexander Xuolaitritek ;
Tna warning ai i ttira ir.g letters, as
well as tbo sentence- wßich wa the invisi
hie d- .egat -so} the rsiurd • -jsly o\ press- ,
• I lu-- an pep! l.av e sent to tas- var tus
<1 jnitaries if tha pro-, at d. ipot.c govern
• i tit .a 1. ,ii a I . g, as a rule, to the
preparative wark, an 1 for that reason
nether y urirlf n r any n.amber af your
lati. v appears iti the gi.'.csl d- grae
mctva id by •ur ax'-ral.v e organ-. In the
first instance, • wish to clean out in its
lowest ai.d ti.ihiest coraera ta# Aegean
■abe- .7 despoti-as to tree the peapla
from adn))l>)straliv o per erulion winch
throws thcai guillb-ts into prison, and
there, without . inpa-. an, chastisM tbeoi
and ali"W* ih. in to . ".r frembungeraad
tkirst, aad then lead- ibrni as insurgents
to Ike gallows #r sends them to tho polar
regions to work in tho mines We sit in
judgment, and shall be compassioalass .a
the exercise of our ufilce. and shall recoil
from the uio of no means win. a may lead
us to our abject, which is the eradication
of tho hellish brutality of despotism
through fire and sword The victims cry
out to their t-xecut'oneri, "man tun te
-alulant, ar.d i: y ). Alexander Nicol
nievilcb. refuse to hear our warair.g voice,
lo put an end to this tyranny, we hereby
declare lo you that tyranny will be beaten
in the .nd Your system in Hus-ia is rot
ten lo the core. Oir almost boundless re
sources are ruin.-d. Your army of fuoc
lianaries is a gang of cruel and uasatia
b!e tbievi s. Your judges are a sham lo
uslice. Your enroners, palice masters
,i#d generals are so manv satrips worthy
ofXarxe-ar Harious. Wherever we lure
our eves we see (ought hut stupidity,
'mingled with cruelty, wanton waste com
bined with the most merciless spoliation
of tho people. For the army alone you
re-erve yur fatherly care. You arc gel
; tii.g into dangarausly deep waters. A!ex
atiilar Jiiaolaievilch. Therefore we warn
veu, hut spare your life
K. F. Kmikers Hitter Wine of Iron
(iives tone to the stomach. It improva
thß appetite and as-ista digestion; rxciti'-
the bowels to he 11Ity action, expelling all
the foul humors that contaminate tbe
blood, corrupt tha sec'etmns and offend
tho breath It excite* the liver ta a heal
Uiv action ansl strengthens the nerves
imparting that glow tu life that proceeds
alone Iron) per lea l health
Thousand* in all walks of life, testify to
tha virtues o| this excellent nicdlcmn in
. orrociing the derangements of the digi-s
•ive organs iel the gliiline. Scslsl it)
j-1 00 bottles, or six bottles f..r $o.0(l Ask
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Mild if bo till* it not, -end t > proprietor. K
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! Philadelphia, Pa. Advica free ; enclose
ihree-cent stamp
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; Worms. Dr. Kuukel, the only success
ful physician who remavo* Tape Worm in
two hours, alive with h"d. and no fea un
| til removed. Common sense leaches if
Tape Worms be rem ved all other worms
l. Ati he readily destroyed. Advice at of
fice and store, free The doctor can tel>
whether or not tho patient has worms
Thousands are dying daily, with worms,
and d • not know ii. Kits, spasms, cramps, -
, linking and -iifTocatlon, sallow eomplex
;: in, circles around tho oyes, swelling and
'i aiii in the stomach, restless nt night,
i grinding of the teeth, pickiug at tho nose,
cough, fever, itching at the seal, head
ache, foul breath, tho patient grows pale!
and thin, tickling and irritation In the an-
HI, all these symptoms, and more, come!
ironi worms Fi. F. Kunkel's Worm Syr j
up never fails t > remove them. Price,
jl 0) per bottle, ur ix bottles for
rFor Tape Worm, writo and consult the
Doctor ) For all otkiurs, buy of your drug-j
gi-t the Warm Syrup and if he has it not. |
send to Dr. K K Kunkel, 'AVJ N. Ninth j
Street, Philadelphia, Pa Advico by j
mail, free ; send three-rent stamp.
17 up * _ t0 ( ,
Camphor M ! lk cures headache and ncu-'
ralgia. . I
Camphor Mi k curei rlieumalism and!
lainc buck.
Camphor Milk euros cuts, bruises nnd
Camphor Milk costs 2u et.; 5 bottles sl. I
bold by J. D. Murray, Centre Hall.
i Htlf ihr Poptilttinn Destitute—Ter
iiblo as.
St Petersburg, April 30
A tarnbla cenflagralian has destroyed
the pna. ipat part of lbs rily of Oratibutg.
t <.n tlie I iill Tha liotitts et tha lawn wris
flamcs, fatuiad by a raging wind, swap on
1 with lntcn*a valoclly 'J h I.*** Is am.r
. nd mora than ball tbe population
.••Pleated atabsut thirty-llvo thousattdi
are tu w destitute of I.Mid and *brller. A
- lelt-gialii fioiu the Ooverimr of Oral,burg
ito ti.e I.u> ian Minister of the lateriur,
dated tell IlilnUU-s to I'.' a'cletb, on the
cvt aillg ol tbe "fib of April, says : "Tbe
lire has been isguig since tea o'clock this
i litarning, and a violent stora* is alt* pre
, vailing ll.a distress is tarnbla. 1 tie
tire i -pii-ad.i.g rapidly, and it sr II be im
* pi.ssiiiie lu env• any part ef the city at*
! larked by it."
1 lie Sweep of flic Flaiura.
A dispat. h dated twenty nsiautes ta nine
• . 1.. i kwt lße Illuming (It the tf.ilß rays
I lie r a fiagr at lon lagi-a Yesterday al.d
, 1 ' ..glioul tSe Bight. Several house* are
, l)H bumliif Ihe storm has ceased The
be, l quartern l the town ara in ashas.
A lvu.-Biati \"i!ln}.' Tutnlly Burned
St Petersburg, A|>nl 3d -The village
d <iraU-beaku, on the \ elga, has been to
tally burned,
St Pelersburg, A greet l. re
curred in tho city of Orenburg, on the
I'rul river, last Monday na.t 1 uetday, de
-'roving tha principal part of the town.
1 1,.- 1.0 is vß.irrn us. More tbau halt ol
tho are now drslilu e e( laud
and startler. A number of persons were
l. o.don. May 1 Tke .-standard'* Iterlir.
I.rresp indent altilbute, the (iranbu-g
fire to political discontent, and t.uirits out
.tint etb-aders are Irrquently banished to
M P.torshurg, April >0 —Tha village
• ! * i rate hen ko, on the Yulga, has be.-a lo
ta iy burned.
I'srrly Dwellings Deatruyt'd iu u Cnu
admit Village.
Montreal, April 30—Fire is now raging
n v t. J.-M Uaptiste in the riorth*asira
i.iarter of this place, which tbreaieas te
S.-str ty Hie ivhoie Village, there being no
aralrr. F'.-rlv dwellings have an far l-r.-a
destroyed The city tire brigade )s in at
endance but its service* without wnlcr is
• ! little avail.
Lai,Jon. April Sit A d.spatch bulle
tined at Loyds dated ol Corutifta Spain. 1
-y that ttae lirilt*li steamer Nile. !rm
I va lor Newport wlib a cargo uf ore. has
bean lost on the Liauela rock-. Three
.-nly were saved eul of a eraw of tweaty
London. A'cril '-"k.—At. official repart to ;
ih- Persian Ooverninenl ..f ihe earth
|uak>- at Mlatieb, on tbe 'JJd af Marah,
-a)'s that Ist. titv-. an village* vera tutnlly
!• -strayed and 95C/ prr*ofs, lf.Ml)ibsrp. I.j
I. > . ven. 111 horses and -j camels were
| killed.
Dgden, Utah. May 3, IST'.) —There Wat
. U-rnble w ind sit-rm alot.g tbe Utah and j
Northern Railway yesterday A freight
tram near Round VnDey, l-Jahn, ccasiat
ng of sixteen cars, some loaded with si!-'
ver bullion, wa* blown (rem the track,
and , me of the cars were carried a dis
tance ol seventy-five feet.
The Si l.auis Republican reports tbat a
resident at lv -ckford. lit , "wko fell aver
an embattkuii-at and lost his sensa ol
-me, . ha* sued tbe cite f. rs■ 10,(HSU dau. -
ag< - W ho wouldn I late a tuiell for
A Be.gbbor informs us that his vstlv
never knew a quiet night until the doctor
prescribed I)r. Bull e Ruby Nyrup for her
little one. He. Pa. April id The Mount
t'armel rul ing mill, two miles south ofj
P.-ltsvi e. was entirely destroyed bv fire
ibis evening. It was earned by New Tork '
>ad P- tlsville parto s. and, including the
machinery, cost S'JjO Ut". and was a.*t ia
surad The aaill has been idle of past
years. Tbe fire ca' ght teota a passing lo
comotive An engine was overturned
while running te the fire and the driver.
Charles Fisher, was probably fatally te
UM.'IHSITT I'lEMtrglh-Br using
the Perfected Butter C<-ler ot \\ eiia,
Richardson A 0.. Burltoglon, Vt, a
complete uniformity ia the appearance of
the butter is prt-seVt-j and a desirabla
tl do. easily rnaialai. ed. D is the best
prepar.-.t. n knows, for colortng butter
f At nnin(clibmi*i oftbv I.SKKk
anniversary of the destruction of Pempaii
r battle <>f *im taken Horn the ruini,
where il litd Ifttn tince A. D. it to be
o|>r Tal'll.
A tr ftt Newburg, Oat, destroyed Rob->
<ri Arnikl n| s dwelling Hi latber.l
-g- d K*i ycart. was burned to death. The
nther inmate* e*cap" a with ditfirul jr.
Csl 1b > FkLi.ews Men i f endur
ance have healthy kidftcyt and liver. No
n< he in the b*ck. no pik-t or tpinnl rsint '
The remedy for the distresses it un
doubtedly ICdsey Wort, vegetable
i.repnrat ft. which harmonises all the in
terna! farce* of the baay.
"A Treasury of Bible Read i a ft" it vht
till* "f a valuable new werk, by Krr. S
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hat already met with a rapid tale on ac-j
i count of itt tr.arii The Bible reader will
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ings af the Bible are set apart in topics
•nth i epieut references bearing upon tha
• atne. with n ide* t< the topica It it
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er ;25 Cents paper carer Tha work •
he hud of Mr Jeha Hhatinen in thu place.
10 ap 3'ft
A fire ftt C*rbn Hill, ner PittMon. Pe.,:
destroyed • h<*u*e occupied by John L.
Ke gh and his five children A tan aged
"leren and * daughter thirteen year* ware
burned ta death.
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uiar*. Brocades, Ac.
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B fc '. * y SrfcAw ~,,m,,t0#4 ■*™h,O.*
,n t.pend.iur*. CLOIHIKK,
801, 803. bOj, 807 A ew MAHKKIM , PHI LA.
Centre A* spruce Crick RR r
WESTWARD. BBICK FOE BALE. —Kirn claw brick
I 3 5 OD band for tale al Zerbe'e Centre liali
, T _ A M PM || brie* yard*. The* brick arc
M'.niaran.. TU> 1 (. 'JO 'f rrtld *° iow lh ** il w j" peraone ala
Leiaburg_ 7 I.'. 2At f, fiance to com* here for then.
, b * - Intending to continue in the manufac-
Arr at SprVn* M lure of brick they will be kepi conrtanUjl
... on hand, and fair inducement* offered l<-
EASTWARD. purcbaa.Ta.
II I A 7au*lf. U.K. ZKKBF.
übavk m. r.u
fcpring M.lli 1010 |- f KURTNKY Attorney at La*
Cobura - 10 35 II Reliefonle, Pa. Officeorer Rer
Lewuburg CSi 12 4'. A® eld* bank 14may'r
Arr. at Montaadot: I ■ 0.(8
No* 1 and 2connect at Montand n with TT"T I TVJ"D "V "ROOi^TIH
|;;; ~ '*• '
s&J "1 "" " 4 wile. itii" c.u. wup
DH. J. W. RHONK. Ir.tit, can be All kind* of repairing )one. The boat
found al hi* office and raaidance .lock alw*y* epton band. A .l work *ar
on Nertb niir of ll fh Mreel, three door* ranted. A hare o. the pubilt patronage
Ka*t of Allegheny, Bellefonte, Pa. j kindly o lie Red. llapr, 14 y
27 fab if ■- ——
() I have jut returned from New York after having purchased an IM-
M ENSE STOCK of Goods for cash, at lower prices thau ever, of which I
will give my patrons the benefit, and wish to call your attention to the
Special Inducements I am offering in the following lines .
DRESS GOODS—latest novelties. SlLKS—black & colored.
•♦•Mr (i.x Hi* are all marked in plus fisuret. ad the Prtcee 1 wili lb *
lowe.t in ibe county. An early call at the Be it soi.c.trd youw.
JT. H. BAtf£<AJ{,
Motto it One Price, and the vory lewett, the bett ofgoodtand no roitrepre-
i Special Notices
Dr. L 1) \V> burn's Alterative Syrup,
i A remedy earn! TiIIKTV KtVK VKARs In* private
pruUM, and o#er lailioc to radically tin
KrifcUMA lisM,
1 Dronre. Ki7%UU*. Kcroful*. Ixa4>rr Uyphllla. * irm "
vat Uutwlw a'.d alidiaaac. in uae-II UH blood la
Itmpltoatwd ta ■ ogetwd to the public •
tj all KMatl, and 1 Wholalalo on!,
hn Ih* Wubllrll StiklM Ua,r.U 1 i.. I.A , Kocbn*
iw.w. r. __
® 1 will m*ll i Tree) tbo recipe lor a almple Veet*ble
i Halm lbat will reiuere Tae. freckle,. I'lmplre and
I Blotch*.. leavlaa ue able ►<>. clear nd beautiful.
ateo learucl."oa (or produc ln* a luaurtaat rolh "I
hair an a bald head or aaiuotn face. Addreaa. ini Uw-
I 3c itAiup, lln. Vandal! k to., 3i' Ann Mrwl, N. ■ • I
Tho alv#rtlor IUTIDI boon |ormanrntlj cnrod of •
that droatl WM>*®*.t:u®uu|tiott. ljr a wimpl® rctunly, |
u autioua to iuko known t > hi* tallow u!t>r*r* tho ,
i n pam tkf euro To all who itoalro Ho bo will n#ad a ;
copi of Uir proacrtptlon nao 1.1 Iron of char*®' with tho |
l I root ton for |ro pari n* and u*in the •tnr, which t
ttioj will And a uro euro for ( ouauxuplloo. Athuu.
Bronchitis. Ac.
I'arttoa wt*htn< tho Prescription. will ploaac ad.lroM>
1;. A WI Ut>N. Ist Tono hi-. W illlamalmigh, aV. (
A ORNTI.KMAN who anßred for year* from ffer
*ou licbtlitr. rmvilur* d*. ay, and nil Ui* effect* of
youthful loaiacrottuu.will for the uki of antle-taii .
humanity aelld free to all who need It. the recipe and j
direction lor making the nimide reniedj lijr which lie
wnn cured BuOerern wiahtng to prnAt by the advcrti
rr'n experience c*n do no by nddretnlny in pwrfnet con i
nd ones,
JOHN B. fXIDKN.OCednr Si . New York. |
i nil l*VOf *ll klndn, Tt'MLKS, dlachargee of I .
, I I TIT.', ItI.OOII or taueae. nnd nil diner. - of Ibej
I HKrTCM quickly nnd perfm tljcured-b| n almple nnd
I atwtthlnc Koinody Tor information, addror* ' |
3 Ujn>.iii Dr. J. f AHKK AU . S4 Ann St . N V ._ l"
Dentist, Mlllheim.
Oiler* bli profeaetonal eervfeeato tha public. 11l In (
prepared to perform nil operation! In In* dental pro
tension. . .. . , . .
lie l now fuliypraparsd to extract lesth *boiuily
j without rain. mit'TS^
Although till, department ha* been
itit reared to more than four time* It*
former i*e. it I* now scarcely large
chough to accommodate it* maav pa
tron, No such stark can be found
elsewhere The department i* situa
ted in our retired ,ecoad ,t*ry par
lor, ensile aeca**ihte bv elevator
W l-Alt
The product, of all the hatt maker*
of h ranee. England, Germany and
our own country n ie on ethihition at
eur counter* All the n<tvelne* in
Mk. fine ('..(ten nnd Li,l* ||o* far
ladle*, ehiidren and men. Our stock
m all grade* i,f Underwear i* the text
Cemtrlete In thi* CUX
The "Trefuu*" and ether brand*
of Kid Clove,, in *hade, to match the !
new shade* In Hilk* and Ifre., Geod*.
Men* Kid Glove,, handsomely eta •
hroidered Li, e Thread Gloeea in ,
assortment greater ili.a Wa* ever be
fore shewn If, Philadelphia. Fabric
GloVe, of all kind'
• ba** alt the n, west shape#, ma
teriaU, effect* ai d < o'oring* in Neck
wear. t pticc* at least one third let*
than I* usual Cor three brand* of
Shirt,. "The Standard." • The Favor
ite, " "The Cu-torn Made." havepruv
*d l ba the mot popular Shirt* ever
o d .'i thi- cit r.
The very )arg hu> ne„ done in
thi, department. rqjire a* to be
n*i*jr ifithrr ifihikri, ho our cufttoanfn
lire iHurfl of feuing the fr+*kr*t
g<.'d. inevary <)eM r,piioa •( Linen*
lor table or bouse ue, at the lowest
pcib e prices We have ai*o a very
large Mock of Cretan ae,. Haw Silk*. 1
Jute* etc.
W have in tck all grade* of .lac
<piard Honeycomb and Marseille*
Spread. in !ge for cradle*, crib*,
khipl .nb* single and double beds.
i, ".•Ir.vS* u, '* U MII EH
oi* A > KtlsS t |4 Ul per ptir *hieh
• itiihii su#*to ic*iitit quftlitjrvt
' evn Bold.
Gur atoortment u comtilete in all ii
the nvwet style, and c< luimg. The 1
newct taitig for i.adie* and Cnit- I
drel. . CeaU t, , # ! t Cgj.g o, r d u r -f. 1
We haVa it in all tfaa popular thades.
The newest *ty!e* of PareaeU are an '
etjtif* y4*|irt(4fe frum in \ogat
lust j,f We were confident teal
(bey woeid meat with popular favor,
and laid in a larg- ,ie k*f t ha thoic
e,l shape* style, a handle, Though
the price, have been advanced because
ot scarcity, we uuri or .
igmelly intended, at a small increase
o# lit* nuiiufdiiurpri'
rur Msi •f liv.ys weir t n<w
iLtt tmrgf* i RTid best
of these goad, ever tbuwa by *u.
Scotch Suiting*. Fine Suiting*, neat
riatd*. Hinpea. Check*, Diagoaal*. in
great as-orttuent and at very low
ptic* In Blue Fmnaaif w have the
fvtandard indigo Gcsods
While i to he very popular thi*
e,*oa tor warm weather co*iemo*-
Our assortment of Pique*. Swut.Nain-
Book, 1 ndia Musiiii, o.c , t* unsurpass
ed The price, era a* low a* can be
markc, l on good, „f *imiiar qua hue*.
Every*fateg new or eovel ia these
good, that ha, appeared tbi* Mason
* tii be found at our counter* A tery
great variety „f t .yry style of Button,
aau a we i iacied stuck ef Notion*.
CORTLAN IIT ST.. Near Broadway,
UOTCHKISS A POND, Proprietors.
The rexluurant. cafe and lunch room
attached, are unsurpassed for cheapness
and excellence of service. Rooms 50cta.
to $2 per day, s:i to $lO per week. Con
venient Jo all ferries aiul city railroads.
New Furniture. New Hanace
luenl. 23 jau ly
Health and llnppfncan are rrlrelenn Wealth to their
pimrwn, and yet thwy are uitliln tho reach of every
one who will UH
Thv onW car® for Torpid Uv*r, DopmUtj
llradache, HourStotnaek, <Vn!lpation. l>hili(>. N'au (
t*a. and all liilltou* pomplaiut* *** d |i|o.d ihm'®r.
N'oiwitoninrunirw ai;ned, "Vitu Wrbrbi. Phtla.";
If your l>iui;mt will not wupply st-nd Si tvuu lor on®
b i to Bar rick. Holler d Co. til W . 4lb Bt. I'LIU-'uiivSitu
No. 6 Brockerhoff How, BtllefonU
Dealer* in DruK*FheiuiealK.
Pure "Wines and Liquors for medic
purposes always kept. maySl 7^
I -
Office on Allcghony St., Bellefonte, P.
27 feb tf
TOU C. , na^V~l. k^ 4# of *!•• nnd
Fruit* ehaapar than any
krn el*#.
He Also ha* on hand and ia coniiant
ly receiving Notion*, in
greet variety, and TnUoooc
of the beat gradee
and take* alt AW* ef Country
Produce in eicbange.
Centre flail.
tni'HOK RII.K.
I, a" htgbl* iwsaaut't us* fWolnl, K m 4 lav
Frawed >aot. Art,.,. C.i M . gesuT
*ia*s a.Hins Kyrslas Mr If is . ta# araatM*
rMr " l * '"*"*• "erua* *a* .,l?tag, | a
It wisi)ltlf s,*wn|| flat sm tsnl*s,
rrll.T.s |„ stig jastnU, Iks lu amiss sr.ii ta.
et*iuna. tba aosoer witi P* g.i* h.,g p, av
fi-pH "'r bv lev, lOwraotfMr.X. P
Hail bj J H. Nsnsi . Oat/, Mali.
Tli** Phffiili Pceioral.
Mas psovo* HaaM o. I— Meaharfir adapwd la aid Pw-
< übnaai|Rii hJ eiiildrwi it lreki g coi*f
If hlOJje Cdfldil It btdd MtHTiortUM ft glfaa 1..
JUM Edffi*/ ~risS TtlSfJi CT %
!*"*" c *"** th *B ,r "ikar asadiciaa. Tbaa
saads ■ Mm eiltusM at KoJmrm u7,
'*** ' tot ta ara paax and (s*#ofr la ia# ralfaf
***"j Prsc# Ift cats or S br-tliaa tat ft
frrrrH '•/, i*#twua, no. *
bof* •> J b M arrag. t'sslrs Bait.
oxkm *k rtoipig Airp cow rowpg*.
,e ,, e 2tos?!£Zsa
Rft4UhfiRa tSTVfS:
\ ttt e|g* II It feesje (a |> f j ObrfLtdller .•
***• i*cli *ti Iti ST TwUd htiNNH , Pbdfli "l kaaid
f '• '"I'ANGLER, Attorney- at-Lew.
*' • ConultetHo* in Eng>iii and
German. (Jffice in Furat'* new building
Bakbm avp Uaiapkcmk—in the base
ment or the tmnk building. All work done
is fashionable *tyle. 1 July
Candy Manufactory & Bakery.
Mr. Albert Kauih,
At the
'ia now making the very beat
in Bellefonie, '
Cendiee and Con feci i one.
lie also manufacture* ell kind* of cee
die*, and dealer* can purchase of falte a*
low as tn the City. Candies of all kind*al
ways on hand, logeths-r with Ormegee,
Wmon,, Fig*, Date*, N uu, Syrupa, Jel
ite* and everything good.
An Excellent oygter saloon eieo tt
lached U> the Bakery. Call and see
j ______________ awvl
I P*" I
llxHuainc* ur C awh Prlcee ol
liootw and Sltoea. —We are rolling
; >ut the goods lively, beeemw are chargl
l*s for thrm than wa* evsr known- We
keep up tha quality awd keep down the
' price*. We are bouad to sell off thi* tre
mendous ttock, aad trust ia the low price*
| to do the tus.nes*. W* will offer you
.1 Men's fine calf boot* at .... fy 50
Men a kip boou at- 200
(\ omen's kip shoe* at. 1 Oft
Children's school shoe* at 75
( Men's wool hncd gum boou at 2fa
Boy,* woel-lined gutn boot* at-... . 1
, 1 Men'* wool-lit)d buckla overshoe*... 1 40
' Ms-n's wool-lined Alaska ov*r*hoe*._ *.*
Men, p'ain gutn overshoe* OC
! Lumbermen's gum*, solid heel I'£
iWomen's wool-lined Alaska ever-
Women's plain gum over, Pees S&
-j A uses' plate gum overshoes 90
Children's plain rum overhoes.—_. 2>
t The above rubber goods are all IrM
- class and ar* warranU-d. and will tw sold
s for rati af>. E.GRAHAM ASON.
; Dec & Beiiefoate, Pa.
: health, and If you are without it yon ran neither
(. borrow, buy nor ileal IVbut you ens uliuln it by hwllwrn' Liver Pilln The, lone up the Stomach
j and beep the bowel* In (ood order by rellevta* conn
t ■ nation They produce a healthy act ion la the liter.
.1 "Uaote dicfaiioti and impart rtur to the whole aye.
! t m. Price Si cent,
I 1 . K. SKI.Lr.Ks A CO.. Proprictora. ritteburgh. I'a.
A Crave Robber Caught.
The muel ancceeaful crave robber of the day i* Dr.
t i-dey. by muiuof In. Blood c earcbev he baa rob
i -d the crave of acorea who were dyiof of Scrofula,
I "UDitaplion. Kheumatlsa. Mercurial dleeaao. l.a
. roua YortuaUoaa. Tumor*. KryaipoUa, Jauadloe,
fever and Ague and (iene-al Debility. The blood la
tbo life, andlW. I lndaey'v Hleod he reher la tee creat
life preserver, fi li Hubbard. Hampden. Ohio, lays
Cleveland phynictaaa declared tay wuedylaa of con
vuutptiun By theuae of lr. Luidaey'a Blood Search
r er ahe wa. reatorod to health. J h Brooka. eatnae
, villo.Ohio. aayt "Wyaoa waa atftlctod with aerofula
of tho wont form, ami paoaooncod iacurabio fay ver
a! Ilia life waa aavod by tho oae of Dr.
Llndaey-a Blood Soarebor " A tumor Krowlp* on r ,
head waa completely cured hy the uae oJ l>r Lmd.ey e
" Blood Searcher .N Sarvor. rttt.hora.
BuiL*. Ptiupl®w ou tb®fo®. Salt Rn®am. Old Sor®.
1 and *ll t'utanouua orupMona 'k# maatc
, when tho Blood searcher to naed. boo that oor name
, to on tho bottom of the wrapper. tor aalo by all druc
i: * K Sollora * Co., Prop'i* Plttabnrch, p* lmy y
Kor aalo by J D Murray. Centre HaU.
J Hy culling ut the new and exten
sive bukerv esiabi tab ment of
(Successor to J. H. Sar.ds.)
Opposite the Iron Front on Allegheny
street where he iurnishes every day
Fresh Bread,
Cakes of all kinds,
Pies, etc.,
I Cnr-iite*,
ipice v
Fruits. ,
Anything and everything belonging tr
the business. Having had years ef sips
rience in the business, he flatters hitnsel
that he can guarantee satislaction to all
who may favor tim with their ratroaage
30 aug tf JOSEPH CEi)A*3.