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The Ceatr® Reporter.
Cextrr Hai.i.. Pn., Feb. 20, IS7O.
Senator Christiancy, of Michigaa. I l **
resigned and the President will anoint
him as minister to Vera. This gives
old Ztck Chandler a chance to get back
'ntothe senate. Chandler telonya to
the school of politicians who hare no
was rroeited by the
Senate from the Secretary of the Inte
rior transmitting a letter from the Com
missioner of Pensions relating to
granting arrears of Peneione an.,
posting certain amendments to that bill,
calling the attention of Congress to the
present svstem of adjudicating pension
claims, and the adoption of proper leg
islation for the protection of the govern
incut agaiust fraudulent claims. I lie
Commissioner recommends an appro
priation ofF>o,ooo for temporary clerks
in his office, He eatimate*that f.U.OtV,-
(XV will be required to pay arrears of
pensions to those on the rolls on Janua
ry C\ IST* the date of the passage bill
—52,500,(<00 to pay cases added from
January 25. to thecloss of the present
fiscal vcar. aad *5,500.000 to pay arrear
ages in cases added during the fiscal
year ending June 30. ISSO. The com
munications were referred to the com
mittees on Pensions and Appropria
The I'.ulti affair has wakened up John
Bull. H is announced that on I'J a
British Cabinet v ouucil resolved to eei.d
*'; x battalions of infantry, two regi
ments of cavalry and two batteries,
about -even thousand mien in all, to re
inforce Lord Chelmsford against the
Zulus. The First Lord of the Admiral
ty declared in a public addreee that an
ample force would be or its way within
a week.
Sheriff Williams, of Armstrong coun
ty. for violating the iron d*d oath, ws*
stn'.euoed last week to two year* aad
one month in the penitentiary. Let this
tea warning to all who seek office, that
r.o corrupt mean* be used to make an
•lection or a nomination.
A despatch from Kittanning, of 10
in?:., says: The Sheriff of Armstrong co .
George A- Williams, who has been in
office since January, It?TT. and who was
convicted at the lecember term. I>7\
of using money to obtain votes, was to
day sentenced by Judge Boggs to two
veara aud oue month to the l'enitentia
rv and fo pay a fine of fcW. Ihe pres
ent Coroner, J. E. Willis, was appointed
by the Court to All the office, and the
Sheriff was placed in his custody. An
application for an allocater. to bring the
case befere the Supreme Court of the
State at Philadelphia, will be made by
Williams' counsel to-morrow.
At no time since the commencement
of the prosecution againtst Sheriff Geo.
A. Williams has there been a greater de
gre of public interest than was shown
in the last act of the prosecution, which
occurred here this afternoon. Promptly
at the spening of court at two o'clock
the case was called, and the Sheriff
brought in for sentence. The Court
asked if either counsel had anything to
sav why sentence should not be nr
ccanced. There being no reply
fendant waa directed to stand up
Judge Boggs, afrer reading the section
of criminal code under which the prose
cution was brought, remarked that in
pursuance of this section the defendant
had been -ried and by a jury of his
coantrytaen found guilty.
To the inquiry "Have you anything
to sav why sentence should not be pro
nounced," tbe Sheriff replied that he had
nothing to say at preeenL
Let this be a caution to Seth Yocum.
not to take the oath, in the face of the
proof that is being had of foul means to
influence voters.
The independent press are about of one
mind that theeipher investigation only
resulted to plague the republicans. The
bpringfield Republican, the ablest of
this class of journals in the country, says
'•What we mean to say is that the Trib
une, in the great heap of its wisdom has
done what it leas' of all desired —recall-
ed Mr. Tilden to the upper air in the old
and formidable character of an honest
patriot. Nay more—it has added to this
the attractiveness of injured innocence
and the mystery of an unexplored job.
'Two days ago it was a question whether
Mr. Tilden could become a powerful
com;>etitor with Bayard, Hendricka and
Thurman for the Democratic nomina
tion in ISBO. Thit question is now set
tled. Ihs examination at the Fifth Ave
nue Hotel on Saturday leaves no doubt
whatever on that j>eint. He has fought
his or Actium and the victory for
the present rests with him. Richard is
himself again and the Tribune has lost
the fruits of its last summer's victory, so
far as the annihilation of Mr. Tilden is
concerned. It did not know when to
leave oil", and so it has already sacrific
ed its margins and begins to "rehypothe
cate." Having Gail Hamiltoned Blaine
into a rapid decline, it has now involun
tarily "kited" Tilden into the political
stock exchange once more and made
him a good investment, at leaat for the
present. Mr. Raid's journaliatic boom
erang has returned to slap the face of
Mr. Gould's prize journalist."
0 m •
•Some annoying jokes are being passed
over the recent outcome of the cipher
investigation. This one by the World
mav even make the Tribune smile. It
says: In view of the remarkable con
clusion to which an esteemed contem
porary admits its cipher campaign has
come it may not be amiss to recall the
experience of the youth who, exulting
in the possession of his new jack-knife,
undertook to carve his initials upon the
rear elevation ef a mule. When, after
four hours of arduous labor, the doctor
brought him to his alleged senses hp
lisped (from much swollen lips
were away round near the nape of tns
neck !, "Oh, father, shall I die?" "My
son, you will live," replied the author
of the sufferer's being, "and you will
never look as pretty as you did, but
you will have a durn sight more
The indebtedness of Clinton county is
142,328. __
"Grant and Beecher" is the ticket
which the Louisville Courier-Journal
advises the Republicans to run.
Yes, so say we too. The Columbus
Democrat says: Let the Potter commit
tee call the man who enjoys the atolen
Hayes has nominated Judge Butler of
Chester county for U.S. ditrict judge,
as successor to Judge Cadwalader, dec d
Also Pinchback as revenue agent in
Peter Cooper has entered his Sfltli
The Philadelphia Times puts the t
whole question of the ciphers and die-
puted Presidency in these few lines
The fact is established that the Prssi-
dency was for sale and that it was sold, j
Friends or emissaries of Mr.Ttlden tried
to buy it, and failing to raise the means,
because their chief would not authorize
the pavment of the money price de- :
maaded. there was no sale. Friends or |
smtasaries of Mr. Itsyes tried to bu> it, ,
anil succeeded. The Ketuming Hoard
people eonld not get money from Mr.
filden. so they demanded the equiva- '
leut in patronage from Mr. Haves, and
thev got it. It was agreed that tliev
should be provided for if the stolen
goods a ere delivered. Mr. llayes i
now in possess on of tbe plunder, and
lias been fmtthfril tq (lie disreputable
promises mads in In* behalf.
Occasionally a subscriber asks us
whetket the pC.ce of newspiSporsshounl
not or>tr J \be *nse the |t:.e- of
! main r ; > * o T "View. It
' 'rue t is. a un lesare down
liie* weic before the
..r—dating the .it everythi"v* went
up two and tl ice price
tcrif-iion f ••ier. e' o "-'n, *;<: ■. H
the readei will retlect ju* a moment,
he will find that country papers of Uh
aire oftlie Reporter were }. per tr.t,
d v n- during the war u con
sequence of which many papers woiitj
out of existence while otheis strugg.vd
n w.'.kout any profit on t e papci
rtisn would it not be asking too touch
to have us come down when wedid iu
go up*
In job work all printing otficea ra.-ei
their price- during the war and we
wish to impress it upon the reader tha'
in that respect we have lowered our
prices to what lhc> were before the war.
Ws a-k auv honest man w 1 or that is
not fair dealing—or rat .nr. whether
newspaper men did not do tin re t! hi
| could He reasonably expected of them
when they refused to put up the sub
: scription price during tb.e war, and - it
not mors than any fairmindeit man w i!
now ask that we come down when we
did not raise u price and lost its bene
fits '
No country paper of the size of the lie
porter can be printed for less than
unless it has a list of several thousand
subscribers, or unless it is issued from a
daily office where the type setting in
consequence coets nothing for the week
ly ; or. where there is a large and steady
run of local advertising to make no for
the low price of subs ription.
The late Rellefonte // was started
at 11. s) per annum. We did not be!.eve
■ it would survive, and said so ton, unless
it obtained a heavy subscription list
and good advertising patronage. Of
course the 11 t went under.
Newspaper prices were -ame during
the war as before, it is unjust to as
'.bat we change where we remained uni
form aud we think that no fairmiuded
reader of the Reporter w 11 a-k thisuj :i
President Gowen has pubhsed a ie ter
which makes some startling revelatiou
•xpoaing the secrets of the Knights i!,
La'.or, a second edition of Molly M
gutreism, which has been in existence
in Schuylkill county for over a year
Re savs a general miners' tr ke was
ordered by the society to take place 1 eb
rusrv Ifi, in case the men wi re not paid
their wages by that time. Hut a post
ponement was ordered until the 20: h,
by whick time all will be paid. He
gives the names of a committee called
M'Mulley's -a-ig, appointed and organ
ized for e -impose of burning coal
break- .d -r prope'ty in case of
• strik , ..<1 i 'e- retails of the
• " • .i publication of the
ier w...ireate a senation niv sec
ond to tha exposure of the notorious
Mollis Magutra society.
We notice in the Blair county papers ,
that candidates are already announcing
themselves for sheriff. Thai's what we!
| would call a little previous, considering
how cold the weather is, and that the
ground bog will have a few weeks more
of it.
In the senate Mr. Alexander, offered '
a bill to extend the jurisdiction of the
court of common pleas to grant divorce
to parties who have been married under
twenty-ona years of age without the
coasent of their parents and truardiaa*.
if aaid marriage had not b-■ followed
by birth of issue or cohabitation, pro
vided said application is made before
the parties are twenty-one years of
j The senate concurred in the hour
concurrent resolutions instructing tbe
attorney general of tbe state to institute
proceedings againat the American insti
tute of Philadelphia, for the illegal issu
ing of diplomat.
In tbe Houae petitions were present
ad praying for the reduction of the sala
ariea of all public officers to the rates es
tabliaked before the war.
Mr. Gephart, offered a supplement to
an act relating to the collection of city,
county, township and borough taxes.
Mr. Wheeler, an act to prevent pollut
ing tbe running streams of this state by
discharging tan bark, refuse from tan
neries or oil refineries into the same.
Mr. Wolfe, aa act prohibiting retail
era of merchandise from selling out their
stock of merchandise at public sale or
auction in any borough of this state,
within a period of one year from the
time of commencing business, without
paying a special tax therefor.
Lewis G. Goldsmith, a Danish sailor,
is having a boat, l.Sj feet long, built \
in which he proposes to sail around the
world, starting from Boston next sum
mer. If some hungry whale catches
him with his little craft he may get a j
good taste of stomach bitters.
The Chinese bill which recently passed
the House, also passed the Senate on
Friday, and goes to the President. It
forbids any vessel taking inure than l.
Chinamen on board fortius country on
one trip.
In the senate on 14, Senator Bruce was
called to the chair and presided over
the Senate r portion of the afternoon,
the first ' in •• history of the Gov
ernment _ iloi i : occupied the (
-mi -'jr . .. ugn while a negro i
n tie bill to keep Chinese 1
from coming to these shores wan before
the senate.
In the house, aame day, Ben Butler
made his bid for the Presidency in u 1
conciliatory speech, advising the Smith- '
ern men to drop all idea of claims for
war losses except for one or two classes
of non-combatants. It was an elegant
effort and attracted general attention. j
Tbe President nominated Horatio C. ,
Burchard of Illinois, lilrector of the i
Mint, Vice Linderman, deceased.
Senator Kellogg, of Louisiana, who j
holds a seat in tbe senate which does j
not belong to him, It is reported from '
Washington, is likely to be troubled '
with a prosecution for perjury Itjis dia- *
tinctly charged that Kellogg . orumitted s
a wilful perjury when before the Potter 3
Committee last summer, in tbe matter p
of the Richland protest. Evidence of; [
this in his own handwriting exists, it is 1 r
ssid In Dip hands of a Louisiana poli-l i
ti-ian, who is no friend of Kellogg. The
intention i -aid to ho not only to bring
the sui. lb'' fit- ut. .1 of the Sen
ate during the present session, but to
procure Kellogg'* criminal indictment :
in this distr. !.
N.-t more than to be expected and
von take up the whole breed of carpet
bag senators, ami not one of tbsin but
what a thief or pet-uter. The south is
near her deliver.'.nee from these infu
sion- cattle
N, census ha* been taken 111 < bins
for the last hundred year- Ihe t'hinese ,
have an idea that their population is
on the decrease and tear if a census i*
again taken a falling off of the popula
tiou w ill be shown, and lb.* they do n>'t
w -h to t> ci 0 apparent. IN ben the
hi t- en u- w ■ taken a' ut I<V years
age. the j- pill.*:.on of the Celestial I'm
pire was '. 0 mi..ion* I' ha* been eon
eetured tha the p pr.'atton now 1* 4""
1 millions. Recently h wevct there 1* a
will 'Uinird.pi: Itl t tbe p pulation
of that country 1* ri >t on the tucrease.
- ♦ •
We are n*; a little inclined to tbink
tbat the F it*.im ro Gazette 1* right. It
a\- IV.ton I*ll t exactly *tt exempts-
M eiti en, hot we take pleasure in call
ing the attention of Republican editors
t . the fact that be is a t>< "er man than
.1. Mad.' a Wr is, ai d Mr. Hay.* ap
-1 |H>llltrtl Mr. N\ e; ' 1 a ledeta. otti. e
I lu t.i. t. we hate rea- 11 to consider Mr
i Pelton the in. ra! r uial -f Mr.. Have*
| himself.
The rei . au- f Michigan w ill elset
, '.a k t. Im: ler to the senate he was
unaii.nioii* r nouiir.atvd in eauetts
! x'atuer •. ! .• n irant, nnil that crowd
wll a!! r o for 'a. L was one of cur.
Minister Welsh ha* written from
London t > Secretary Fvarts that he can
not re n a style be' 'ting hi* p- -ltion
m u salarv 0! ; 11 en Ist him
: come V DM, au 1 have souie oue els#
i'hr '.egis. ititre ta kit.g about ail
ourutug, ut we fear .t w.l! f 1! aheut
1 it until June.
Kentucky, which east* a little detai>-
.-ratio urn r.ty s>f - - as a common
thing, is out ■ f debt and lia* a surplus
in her treasury. Mow happy these
K vittui ks n.u-t l>
! "Don't make a in.stake about that
1 pe. writ tlie .a*t word * spoken b> a
man hung in Cleve'an I, i a i
rinla lsi; a ha- a iebt s-t I."d,
I nod always manages to O>kup a ralt
cal tua -rttv. her M • It- a'.l the while
I crying that tire cifr taxna am no ipprm
-; ve
Ibe latest tw k 11 i htiadelphia is to
have llaitranft e'ec'cd of that
1 city. Why not "
' In t:. .1 g null* of Pennsylvania
there are -', -' 1 uddl ng furnaces, and
u the roiling mdlsot the wh !e country
there are t.t It wiii be seen. tLere
■ fore, that Pennsylvania ha* ah ut sa
I inany a- a"', tbe r-.-t < the country.
It seem* to he the opinion at Wash
ington that -etia'.. r Wallace wiil le
| r!i ted 1 ve.* lent of the NMiute after the
I lib of March. I'hey will have to go a
great wavsto t.ud a l etter |arhamenta
riau than v enator Wallace.
COLOR .V' s"(7.t/. /.t/•*.
I'rom tae PI adeiphia Record.
Washington, Feb. 4.—Mrs Seriaur
Bruce yc*".er\tay put the *•>. iai problem
to the test It appears that two of the
ladies of the R gg* House, one of the
fash. mable !."'.e Mrs. Brm e *
residence s tue tiaie ago and left the.r
car l*. All of tbe ladie* of the hotel re
ceive on Monday together in the public
pari' r. Yes'erdav, wtirn the reception
was at its zenith, Mr*. Senator
companied by a lady fr.end 11* dark a*
Erebus, w.i* shown into the parlor
Siuj nigout tbe tw* n who had kindly
left their card* with her. she engaged
i them in conversati n * -me tew minutes,
and then left. The other ladies tbougbt
j thn episode decidedly *lnxking, nat *0
1 much that Mr* BfOCB bnd callsd, a* the
fact that she allowed her darkey friend
to accompany her. She too much
off culor to be squeezed through tony
society, although the Senator's bride s
nearly white.
niE EEI> ALLY' S 0/7.Y70.V.
While Ganaral Sheridan and Secreta
ry Scburz were interchanging sarcasms
as to the fitne.** of the military or of the
Indian lkreau to take charge of the In
dian pr.iblem, the Cheyenne* were
show log by desperate fighting and he
roic death* their view* of the question.
It i* d tlicult to imagine a more scathing
rebuke of the iniquities and swindles of
our so-railed Indian policy than that
the Cheyenne- preferred death to again
• -on ing under the fostering care and
I prutecii nof the wL. f * man and hi*
"Indian Agencies" and "Reservations."
Ttiey fought until the last man was kill
ed and after tbeirammunition was spent
they rushed with knives on the troops.
They had taken refuge in a pit that
formed a sort of fortification and which
gave shelter to their women and chil
dren. From this defense they opened
etlvitire lire on tb.e troops, but as their
ammunition gave out our troops closed
around the pit ami fired down into the
defenseless savage*, but no cry for mer
cy carre from them. In short, it pre
sented that unpleasing spectacle of a
massacre in which our troops were the
butchers and the dauntless savages the
heroes. In the pauses of
while the smoke was too thick to per
mit the -oldiers to see the agonies of the
Indians, their death songs could he
heard. The haughty braves were
• hunting their last defiance. When all
were dead but three, these three came
tip out of the pit and charged the lineof
soldiers with their hunting knives, and
of cotir*e. fell riddled with bullets,
i'heu lb' 'r went down into the pit
and found tiiat the squaw* and their
ththlren were nearly all dead, by the
bullet* of the soldier*. Thus ended one
of tbe "Indian problems." It was solv
ed aud will not urise again.
The lesson which it teaches is the
fierc" scorn and hatred of the white*
which have been bred in the Indian
bren-t by the long-repeated swindle*
and wrong* put upon them by the In
dian agents, eivit: aud military. It may
be well to know what General Sherman
thinks of the Indian question, what
Carl Schurz thiiiks, what I'nil Kkeridan
thinks, but it is also weli for tbe coun
try to know what the Indians themsel
ves think. The Cheyenne* have given
in the.r answer. It is that they have
been defrauded of their lands by treaties
never meant to be kept;that they have
been swindled by agents, foil with rot
ten meat and defrauded with rotten
blankets, < ursed with tbe white man's
whisky and hi* dit-ea*e, goaded into
desperation by wrongs of all kinds and
treated with renewed injustice when
they nought retire**, until they felt thut
the time had come to die, so they choose
their ground, sang their death song*
ami passed beyond the reach of the
white man'* loving care and protection.
Even Mr. Carl Schurz ought to feel some
nmgivings about the success of his "In
dian policy."
Charles Elheritlge of St. I'uul, Minn.,
defrauded a hank of forty thousand dot
lut* ami lied front the State. He was
overtaken by remor.-c, and has frilly re
imbursed the sw Imi led institution by
turning over to it the hulk of his real
and personal property, and he now ask*
to he reinstated in the church of which
he was a member. In a letter to his
former pastor, he says of his crime tbst
"the step was one horn of desperation,
lending mindly as it were off the high
ground of integrity into the deep and to
me unknown abyss of crime," and he
adds that "atonement for weakness in
yielding to temptation and prayer to be
sustained in that object and to kesp mo
from temptation will he a daily and
hourly imposed duty." Etberidge ap
pear* to he really a penitent man, prov* l
im/his repentance bv works, j
rnr rrsi turn hist <:o.
Uie rittaburg I'oal *aye it hopes tb
rhrniocmtic meinhrr* nf Cengrm* will
aland firm in their determination to re
peal the teat oath laws, and those arc
; tiona of the election lawa which pcruut
Mich outrage*oil the tight* of voter* a*
''little Davenport" has heen ahowu to he
guilty of in New York. If the Republi
cans wunt to force an extra reteion let
them take the reapoiieihillty. The pre
tence that the) art- oppoaod to legisla
tion on appropriation law* is stuff and
1 iionscnae. for some of these Ovln us laws
j were enacted m the davs of their on
! checkeil power hv attaching them to ap
propriation hills They could do ao to
work n great inmstiee, hut are remarka
bly sensitive when it come* to righting
the wrong hy the same means uaed to
perpetrate it.
The twt oath section stand* upon tbe
i'.a'.u'r h-. k proclaiming that the citi
rena of the Southern States, who are en
joying eve v other fruit of amnesty,
evrui the inestimable privilege of pay
ing National taxca, as well as the right
lof voting for National representative*
and. for the t'hicf Magistrate, cannot l>*
1 trusted to sit upon juries in the courts of
' their country. which, while it i* gener
al!* cons.dered an iaeft'uhle bore, isatill
the very ear-mark of citixenahlp in a
country and of partnership in the exe
cution of its lawa and the protection of
it* people. The law operates us a sort of
fan to blush from the jury box the In
-1 leiligent aiul honest elemsnt of the
! e urth an,| reserves the ignorant negro
; and the dishonest carpet-bagger to bring
in party verdicts against ]Kihtical oppo
nents indicted by |>o!itical grand juries
and tried by political judges.
The anomaly and grova injustice ot
the tent oath for illustrated by
: the cave of Judge Settle of Florida, who
was appointed hy Grant United State*
District Judge in that KUtc. Just new
he is engaged m a crusade against white
men charged with violating the election
laws, and convicting them on the testi
mony of negroes "to whom." says tbe
New York Sun, "perjury is a recreation
and a reward." Settle was a rank seces
sionist during the war and a violent
Confederate soldier, but ae a judge hv
exclude* intelligence, mora! worth, cul
ture and social standing from juriea lie
cause hut few white n.en can take tbe
iron clad oath. Yet Settle, who presides
as a Judge and enforces tins relic of Ke
publican intolerance, could not take the
oath himself lfcalled as a juror '
• ♦ •
Great Britain has now two wart upoa
her hand*—v<ne in Afghanistan and an
j other in South Africa, with Cetewayo,
King of the Zulu*, begun on the llih of
i January last. Russia also is talking of
and preparing for two- one with the
j Chinese, on the Central Asian question,
i another Koumanis. about disputed
I territory in the neighborhood of Silis
A terrible tale of famine corns, from
Ctarta, a province of nortbsrn liraxil, that
i> .car, e equalled by any thing of the kind
for centurie* have disd of
e'.arva'o u. and the road* aha fields
•trewn * ;th the d*e a -d.v, of bs
' ing* ar.d tbe carcatss of *a>nial* A
votc. nue! drought ia the unfortuests di
tr si hai cauisd a total failura f crop*,
and'.a: -a. ers i tree*, disd off for lh*
wai taf nu ituro. Msn wsra driven hy
hungsr to eating the carcatf* of animal*
that died of hußg*r, aad even lbs bod is*
of children wars eaten by parents.
I'sou-and, of haggsred being* have fitd
the country *a i flocked to the cities uiers
• telolcni, cammg dittrsu by tbsir want*,
and bagging where ther# i* acarca any
thing lelt to git# Tbe drought in the
lamins tlricken district commenced two
year* ago, causing the faruiDt te •'. in a
year later, whivh became mors fsarfu! tad
hsmb.e until ths past tuturasr. when the
inhabit**:* of Cearoa starved bv thca*
ar.dr, yet littls" of the r fsarfu!
eond.lioa got abroad until recently.
When ths f.nt rsporl* reached Rio and
other large ciliss of Kraail, no credit wst
given to ths fsarful nsw*—but it only
proved l, o fsarfuiiy true, aad the as cat
bomb!* account* of suffering now reach
ui this famine stricken province
A strange story i* that ot Charts* Gil
bert, who ba* served fourteen year* of a
life sentence for the murder of lieary
Caldwell ef New Britain, Coan., in lv-4.
Gilbert <trt that tbe curse ws* c inmit
ted by b • father, Joaatbaa Gilbert, and a
man named Charle* Partor.s, with ths ob
je< t of plundering Caldwell of S7OO, and
that he, Gilbert, allowed hitmelf to be
convicted in order to avo bi* parent Ths
father hat naci died and l'arsont commit
ted suicide. It i* claimed, however, that
both the eider Gilbert sad Parson* made
tor.feision* exonerating young Gilbert.
Should the convict'* *tory prove true, bit
drvoiioa to Lie parent ba* exceeds* icy
thing recently imagined by writer* of
In February, 1870, the imu* of fraction
al paper currency wa* Hopped and all
that currency pfO aled w* redeemed ia
fractional silrer. Since then the fraction
al silver ha* gradually taken lb* place of
tbe fractional paper. When the iiiue of
the latter ceased there wa* $46,000,000 of
it oultlaadnig A commission appointed
by Secretary Sherman est.asied that of
this amount about s>,("<.>,tM) would never
be perented for redumption, htviag bssn
destroyed or lost. It now ippesr* that this
estimate wn* rather teo until. There is
still outstanding about $lO 000,000 frac
t onal paper i urrency, of which amount
about $2,000,000 is in three cent and five
cent notes. It i* new estimated thai there
will ultimately be redeemed only $4,000,-
(Mi, leaving sl'-', I*lo,ooo ss profit to tbe
government- The redemption of fraction
al paper currency ha* steadily decreased
• incs IS7O, aad now only small sum* are
received for redemption,
MR. ED.—I find in last wesk't paper
that H. F. Hitncr, A. B , of Pean Hall, is
•elected principal for the Centre Hall
high school, which is by a good majority
a firit class selection. Mr. B. hai estab
lished himself, for one at young a* hs, a
thorough scholar. True he ba* not a* a
teacher mads a known reputation, a* he
took to reading law after having carried
off Franklia A Marihail College * highest
honor, which is by no mean* a small or!
easy matter in a clan whose gradation
squalled that of 77. Yet Mr. It. wa* it*
standard bearer with en* majority, secur-j
I ing bis lucceaifilly ia hi* favor. Mr. H
ha* alto an squal shara of practical knowl
edge, which make* turn all ths mora com
petent for the poiitioa. Ho those having
pupd- to educate.will upon trial find them
under a faithful and efficient instructor.
II i< fine qualifications, sgrstable disposi
tion aad gentlemanly deportment, with
tine command of speech, are all qualities
and ornaments which fit him eminently
for thu position, lie is deserving and (
worthy all patronage possible. Support'
a good eaute and he will be sure of sue I
c#s. lam anxious to use your school as
well as Mr. ltitner prosper, "(lie who
know, him." "HKB "
e ♦ ♦
Loudon, February 17. Pleuro-pneumo ;
nia is sprssding among the cattle in North
and East Yorkshire.
About 6,000 weaversar# out of employ
merit at Macclesfield on account of depres
sion in trade.
Liverpool, February 17. —The strike
continues this morning, but the number of>
msn at work have increased. Able-bodied
men from the workhouse at e freely eiu-[
The Zulu* who lalnly gave the English
a ■ overs drubbing, Inhah I a country "U
the eastern shore of .oiith Africa The ,
(•Slewing relative ta the#* paopli- will ke
of interest lo the reader* o f the Rgfonrrß
at thi time The di-ptite helween them
ami the HritLu is relative to possession on
the lllood river
The Zulu inhabitants of the upland be
tween Natal and Delagaa Bnv number, a*
we have already tald, urns .eult,
with an artny of tetnn i*',i*Mtiien, of wh><ui
1 *!w''il two-thirdt are really effectives, the
I remainder including the boys and old
men The* fnira a branch ol the Caffr#
. rare which peoples the Indian Ocean!
, coa*t nl Alrisa and i- so strongly contrast
. Ed in mental, social anil physical altri
huts* with ths dweller* en ths appetite
, thore of the continent They are a hand-l
• auie, manly ra e, of a higher type than
the negro, trewu of complei en, though'
with woolly hai'. tall, graceful, *troag
and active; m their natural condition
heneti and botpitnbls , choerlul and *- (
• rial 's in ditpnilia and with no mean
("owcr t,r organ --alien. They came trom
' the North about the beginning i tbecen
(try, and uedur their four *ucccs*ivr
s■ k ing*. t'heka, Dingati, Panda and Get*-
f *n, who atsumed the chiel.hip ah- ut
. : wenty year* ag-i, have loruied a p<< werful
j army, wh >*e atfieictu y thi-v have tested
upon thvir native urighhui*. much a* Bis
lusrrk and Meltks tried "the tiew inttru-
iiirnt on Denmark,' if.'r . Ic, i hadowa
of the nation form the aria v, *ad at noue
ol them oaa marry w lUut the royal per
r aimen. which it extended '.# H regiment
" at u time, and only to one whose nit ruber.
i have distinguished themselves, the /.u.u
• artny may he said to h# in n chr> nic stale
• of spoi ing for a fight.
The soldiers ss earn • other c lathing than
ifl what niav he called two deuii k . :t of i iret
v and green moakvy-tkin, one in front, one
0 behind, t . I a! the wa -t *• d (ailing to the
knee The married men carry white
thieldi, the bachelors black Here is ss
ar'raet from the Z ilu armv 'ist
Udlembedbln (ill-t*nipere<J • Regiment
II Raised by Dingan Comasander—Ukod
ide Nution l'd'smhsdh!we n, tii miles
p | east of tbe N*sixessi
s Number ef men, 1 .'dlO average age. 6'J
I-1 Distinctive marks—Band of otter-skin
:t round forehead blue crans feather oa
e each sids of the head earfiap* of grssri
. ruoti ksv skin . hunches of white eow-tails
hanging ir m neck : shields, whits, with
r hlesk and rsd spots. Married
B Tba Zulus are armsd with all tor'.s of
weapons from flat-lock- up to hrescl
leader. Tactics sf a rudimentary fashion
they bar*, aad apparently a gt ed dsn! of
strategy, sine# they teem to have draw*
B the English out from their ramp by a
' retreat and then to lias e lallen ui •
i, on ihsin in numbers Their
>f node of altaek it in a cre-csnt, a central
t>edy with is. w:eg* a littls front of and
' separated fr-"n it, either flaaking ths et -
j err.v or protei tit g the flanks i f the as n
. body. Tbe country is well watered, giv
itig the sngir.ser- p'esty to d. a"d makibg
aa advance necetsar; v slow, wtii e tLs i s
n tivs dsfendars arc described as very en
. terprising fighters, nelerioutlv quick ir.
j their mevemeau, dividing before an ene
,f is. v I strength and scattering so as to
# con pel ba to brsik up h : . force tr.d
search the country, arid the* rallying t<
swoop on any neg'ected post or weakensd
. dstachmebt. At L rj Chelmsford has to
hunt far tbe Zulu* an i at the tarns tin.*
# cevsr the colonist*, his tores is fully oc-
T, and even should ths tuosii of
way* net kindle a flame of rebellion
, among the Gaikat aad Ga'ekas, the Eng
lish ars apt to have their hands full for a
j while ere the last and most powerful Af
( ru ar salioß south of the equator it effaced
aad the imperial authorit.ei corns to tett's
, accounts with ibetr üblesnira and expsn
, tivs c lanitlt from whom littls benefit hat
u bsen dsrivsJ t r.cs tba Nuez Canal opened
, a new rout# to India
• ♦ ♦
b rem tbe Coluiubut i(*hi Democrat.
It i* given out on rsl.ahls authority thai
■" Ssntler Conkling has ia his pottettion
1 souis *evar.ty or mors telegrams sent out
' fr> m Columbus dilrtng the excitement ot
1 the electoral count in I*7' . an I ngnrd by
Alfred E. Lee, Governor Hayes private
secretary, who hat sipce been appointed
ton fat foreign Cotuua'.s, which show
that R B. Uayss was pretty well p sled
* or. a!i the manipulations that were going
' on, and kaaw that thu Republican gaai
- biers were dealing from the bottom -1 the
deck lo cheat Mr. Tilderi and the Amen
' can people out of the I'rat .dencT, ai.J was
- not advene to the skullduggery.
s* m *
; Chiesgo, Feb. -I. —ln the Reno inquiry
, to-day K. T. Churchill, a raachero near
lis Little Big Horn, testified that from
j some occurrence! during the battle he be
lieved Reno to h# under tbe of !
f liquer.
Lieutenant Edgerly wat recalled aad
: testified that thit was the first time he had
. ever heard ef a charge of drunk can est
Colonel Honteen wat recalled and taid
' that Reno **i at saber al tba time of the
I I fighting as he wa* during thit trial. lie
i was with Reno continually.
Sti ARl'tvtt.LK, FA , Jan. 6, 11-79. ;
[' EDITOR ItiroßTiß —Duriag the letter
r ' psrt ot 1878, there were in blat in the en-1
, I tire Shenango Valley only five h'ait fur
, nacet and two rolling mills, out of a po*- 1
, tibia thirty blast furnaces and nine rolling
.! mills. There are nsw twelve furnaces
. running *nd some four undergoing re
, 1 pairs which will blow in soon. Of tbe
,! mills there ars five runaing and a possibil-!
ity of ens more going in sooa. Whilethii
revival ef business must be considered a'
good look out in Rhenaago Valley, it ha- 1
I occasioned great rejoicing on the part of
, those who have to depend on their days;
j labor for a livelihood.
The coal trade in Mercer county is like-;
wis# growing in magnitude. The ship- 1
menu last year and the beginning of this,
have extended over a broader territory
' than any time sinee the developments ot
' the mine*. This also gives additional en-j
couragemenl to the prospect. The coal;
' mined her* is between the anthracito and
I bituminous, and it not excelled for manu
', lecturing purposes—not at good as the an
-1 thracite fer domestic use—but better than
{the bituminous. It sells from $1 *X) to
'i $2.26 per ton. E. T.
DgMPHKTTows, Feb. 11, 1879.
Good sleighing makes Derapssytown
quite lively, hauling stave bolts to the
stave mill, and lojfb to the saw mill ; both 1
mills are handy to Dempseytown.
There was quit* a sensation her* on
Sunday, Feb. 'J. about9o'clock, ths alarm
| of flrn was haard, and 1 quickly laid aside
Imy spectacles, (as I was reading the news
I in the CKNTRK KRPOBTIR). and ran loth#
idoor, and beheld Abraham Weber's bouse
en fir# ; however the citizens of Dumpsey
jtown got to the plnfie in time te iav# the
! Mr. Henry Carter's wife died Feb. 6.
I aged 68 years, 11 months and 20 days.
Funeral strmon by Kev. Holland of this
| place.
Mus Emma arid Naomi Frnr.konbergar
of this place went ua a visit, about two ,
month* ago, to Centre county, Fa.
Thn Demp.nytewii shooting club met 1
last Saturday, at which time Clmrles We- ,
her hit a ten inch paper six times in suc
cession at a distance of 200 yds. oil' hand,
which is the best sheeting madu sine# lb* j
I club commerced to shoot 200 yds.
' A CiTtzfV.
•1,000 Zulu* Killed ami Wounded in I "
tlit liattlr.
Cape Town, vie Si. Vim cut, Fvb -
On the It last., n Itritiati cs'utnn, ron- #
kitting ef a prlin ef the Twenty-fourth
regl inont, a battery of artillery anil do
native nuiiliariet, an utterly annihilated
near Tugule river hy 20 lU /.ulut, who (
captured the valuable convoy of 102 wag
ons, 1,000 oittn, two rannon, 4t o hot at d
• hell, |,n*i rifles. 'J60.000 roe ad of arnwiu
aition, (tot**) pound- weight of provisions
and the colors of the Twenty-fourth rcgi- )
maul. It it ritimated 11,000 /ulut were j
killed and wounded iu the battle.
Among the killed on the ilrilitb tide t
are two rna.iort, four captains, twelve lieu- ■
tenant* and the quartermaster of the t
(Twenty-fourth regiment ; two < aplains of'i
Hoval artillery, a rolenel, captain, tour ,
lieutenanti and targeant major ef **gi- ,
rwere besides twenty other Uritith officers i
commanding native levins 1
Seven ettarkt subsequently made by tbe |
Z Cue have been repulsed, and the colony
is now noinswl at recovering from theut-.|
. trr consternation which at first prevailed. |
Natal, however, it In great danger, and
li-turba* ices are feared In Pengolarid.
Lord Chelmsford, contmander of the 1
etpedition ha- been fori ed te retire in
coa-cqueric* of lbs defeat It it eat mated.
) loldiert were killed beside* lbs officer
enumerated aheve. Governor Sir Ha rile
Flare bat tent appeal* to Knglaad and
Mauritius for reinfercemente.
, The Hritish Rfcroei the llorders.
l. tdon, February 10. A dispatch fietn
, Cape Town atr* the liriiith fr< e wa|
t compelled to rem it the hordes. The
'ores which wtt annihilated wit attacked
while guarding the ratapo' the hesdquar
, ten ef the e damn at Intandua a, during
tba> ef Lord C'.elia-ford with n
, strong force reenr:n*it#ririg.
St. Lou it. Fa iruary 11 A Latitat City
dispatch say* "A terrible accident oc
curred thit tnornißg at the foet of Girard
avenua in the cut being made for the Ch.-
cago and Alton railroad. The cut witb
it* almntt parpeadicular wallt, ninety feet
high, aaved in end buried tbe workmen
' and their teats* under fI.IUO yard* of fal'-
' mg earth. Sii pertoat ware killed out-i
r ghl and tevaral were wounded
Lebanon, February 11.- Between twelve
and or# o'clock this merning sii prisea-
J ers escaped from the county prison by
cutting a bole in tbe ceiling of their tell.
' TLera are/t preient between fifty and eil*
' ty prisoner* confined there, ineluding
•even eharged with murder—one of whom
hat ban already convicted—and the
building it o ia>e -re that the sheriff i>
powar'em to hold pritonert in hit oust*,
* *
libation, I'm, February 11.—Samuel
[ M iller, a farmer, aged about 46 years, who
ha- rceeotly beea married, left hit boni*
- t.ear Bunker Uiiltvalion at o o'cloek yes
t lerday afternoon, and wat fsuud tbit
merning hanging front a cherry tree ttur
> that place, ll it believed that he wat la
-1 burn g under an aberration of tnind.
How to Make out Caper*.
The bill providing far the payment ol
, arrearage* of pensions ba- panel betb '
houte* of Congress and wat tigned by Mr.
Have*. It is at follow*:
lit it tnaeirti dr. That all pensions l
which have Paen granted under the gen
. era! lawt regulating pentiont or may here
after be granted, in consequence o! death
from a cause wbirb originated in the I nit
rd State* service during tbe cont nuance
e! the late war of the rebellion, er in con
t<iuence c! wounds, injuries er disease re
ceived or contracted ia laid tarvire dur
irg the taid war of rebellion, thai! com
mence from the date of the death or dis
charge from ta d tervice of the period on
whose account the claim hat bean or thall
; "hereafter be granted, or from the lr-m:n-
I at en of the right of tbe partv having prier
t title to tu-h pension; provided the rale of
I pension* fer the intervening lime for
which arreer* of pantiun areherebv grant
• el thall be the tame per month for
I which the peneion wat originally grant
' Oil.
i lectio a 2 That the Commissioner of
t Pentium it hereby authorized and direct
ed te adopt such rule* and regulation! for
> the payment of the arrears of pentiont
hereby granted at will be***ry to
i caute to he paid to tuch pensioner*, or if
the pentioncrt shell have died to the per
on er pereont entitled to tbe tame, all
ucb arreart of pensions at tba petitioner
tnev be er would have keen entitled to un
, der thii eel.
Section !. That tection 4.717 of the Re
cited Statute*, which provide* that "No
1 claim for p*n*:oi , r.ot prosecuted to a tuc
' rcttful issue within five years frout the
dale ef filing the tetue, thall be'admitted
without record evidence from the War or
' Navy Department of the injury or the di
■ teate which ratulled in the disability or
death of the person on who*# account the
| claim is made; provided, that in any rare
i in which the limitation prescribed by this
-ection bar* the further prosecution of tbe
claim, the claimant may present, through
t tbe pension office, to the Adjutant Goner
al ol the army or tbe Surgeon Ganerel ot
the navy, evidenca that the disease or in
jury which reu!tcd >n the disability or
death of the person on whose account the
claim is mad* originated in tbe tervirej
and in the line of duly. And if such evi
dence is deerued satisfactory by the officer!
'| to whom it may be submitted he shalll
cause a record of the fact so proved to be
made, and a copy of the tame to be trans
mitted to the Commissioner of Pension* .
j and tbe bar te the prosecution of the claim j
|shall thereby be removed," ke and the
same it hereby repealed.
I Section 4No claim agent or ether;
; -hall kc entitled to receive any compensa
- lion for his servlco on making application j
' for arrears of pension.
! Section 5. That all acts or portions of, 1
acts, so far as they may conflict with lbe|
provisions of Ibis act, be and the same are;
hereby repealed.
How to Proceed.
The commissioner ef pensions it evident-)
ly determined to lose ao time in securing '
to person* entitled to its benefits their I
rights under tbe bill granting arrearages
<<f pensions which hat just become a law
To tbit end be hat jutl isiued the follow- t
ing circular letter .•
Persona who are entitled to arreart of |
pension, under tbe act granting arreart ,
apprered January 26, 1879, and whose £
petitions were granted previous to that „
date, will not require the assistance ef a „
claim agent ia ontaining the aamant duo
them. All correspondence in relation to!
any claim fer tucb arreart wilt bo with
I the person entitled, and no claim agent <1
will ku recognised in tuoh claim. 1
A 1 utter add rotted to the commitsioner
of pensions, signed hy the person who was "
in receipt of the pensions at the date aforo •
said, and two witnesses, in the presence of ''
a magistrate, will be the only application „
required, and upon which the rights of all
parties concerned will be adjusted.
The l'enion Verti)icates should not hui
should not be tent to thit office, but it g
most be exhibited to the magistrate. *
The letter should be in the following or g
equivalent form: §
"7o the Oommitiiioner of Pension* :
1, , pensioner, under pen
sion certificate No. , hereby apply for
the arrears due me, under the act grant- p
ing errears of pensions, approved January p
'26, 187 th M v pott office address is—here
insert the namo of the pestoffice, and if
the claimant resides in n city, the nam# J
and number of the street und residence •<
mutt alto he given ] K
Two witnesses. Name of claimant. f,
Signed in uiy presence, by——, who
is known to me te be the person he de
soribet himself te be, and at the sametime j
h exhibited to me bis pension certificate, *i
which is numbered— •
Magistrate's signature." I
llgv Dr., LAVS CVrMol.ti-.—ll
We learn from the Ralidnere V,a that
Rev Dr !> Get *. late pe>: >r f the Third
Reformed churcb of that cliy, has almn- 1
doned the Reform* I faith and is about to <'
enter tlie'Cathol elsu• h. I) f (Jan* Is a "
graduate •' Mrik'l < at Lanea*ter,i,
end it very well U wn amung the gradu.
ates . f the colleg - nb \ tkreugheut tba Re
formed church Being a marrle.i man be
cannot go | n p, orders In the Catholic
church, I>r, t.sns hat herein! re had
charge of pastoratei in Terry . oiißty, at
llarrisharg, and Nurrit'.own
M r Edison i launt to haw produced the
highest temperature that ha* ever bear. ,
produced kv artificial means. He says;, 1
"I concentrated the electricity Ir m *
thirteen-horse p w#r machine Into the
•pace of ha,! an Inch hy ine'oting carbon
points In a block ef lime Piece, of iridi i
usn, one of the hardest metal* to melt,
dropped ie'.o the flame-, v. lall'ired im
mediately with an eiplosion A email
t< rew driver pasted as n the flame would J
he cut ie two. the part touched by the
heal melting ieitantiv Even parts nf the
lime crucible fused under the intense heat
and tbe hght from it r , „„ g'arir g thr t t
painfully affbeted icy eve- "
Awi'etuaaia—Theatre g'>or ane
al! such a* keep late hour* ere very liable
jto contract a severe c„ U gh or cold A *afe
arid reliable fir R C ,g , fiiyr-'
i|> The price it orily 26 centi
I.ehan -a krb 1? lt-ee' ltracdl Hen
r v Wise. Jo*,ah Una mel, and George
,/ecbmnn, charged with being a-eetsorie*
jus the murder of Joseph Kaber whose
e J was f it.', r a *hal stream in
i December last, were taken he'ere Judge
jUea In- ■|o ~*v OB B Writ • abOBSC r
pus A number of Witne-,ee were exam
ined and test fled ft • " , f .,e a-■ used
persene held polices or. Habere life, aad
that ! ey he d 're . ,e' : meeting# and o n
tpired to cause his deetb and get tie in
surance user ey Tbe prison#-, were re
, rnarided t . the u tsJ . o: the <t. (f . 0
antwer the ( Barge at < ~ur:
COHTLANDTST . Near Broadway
liOTt HKISS & FOND, l'ropris-tore
The rs-eunrant. cafe and lunch room
atu<-hed, are uatrurpaMw-d for cheapnew
I aad excollcnco of n-rvn-e. Ruotnn .Vc-t*.
to |2 jwr day, fi; to sl(i per week. Con
venient to al! ferric* and city railroad*.
*-w Furniture. Ranngr
ms-nl. 'Jltjaiilv
Sps-cia! Notice*
Dr Is. D. M evbiirn > \Kerative Svrup.l
A rvitie.l, ased THIKI V Stvr t f \H - it t pro si#
;>t%4.Uo#. auU trf fftiiinff i ndittli; ruif
ry fs* total*. S!*>•.Lih*. C ir*-
llAlstoa BtHlaildi* if im wtai'L I'.* Gsuod i*
lmi'its *l4Nt ia bow i'ttrtoA U> ih* i*aii*t
K.klt * aL liUi: i*. ag •Ut.lvmU
bjf wjtrtiri Al*h* . * o ,P,U . a L ahm
II BAl! I f4W lb# TV- I.ft. att:*;U \ r|rtaUr ,
Halai (Ut il rr:ba* lan h* hie*, htbi IM ahd
Mul.hct irti.iif list nklti hull. m*/ mttd t-cnutifui
i glad laaUtKlh-w Iu frwdufitii * luiurUbt ft atb uf
' bhif tifi A Uid l.r-GxJ est fht* Addriwt im tu
1 iu| it t*tus>. i(a i'. Aun hue*!, K V
TO ( ON.SU Ml' I l VTX
Tbr *.l<*rr.set l.s.iae tn pviwaevetlr <ure •!
laal Jin*-, dtera** t < MUUrtrtjM, t- * Umplm !v.n*(2|
it aatkotit 1.1 ttitke a! rn (At Lie tetissw u9*tn 11.*,
Ibeta<d rat* fit t.i *L(| doalie it be tij aend
<4O dfUiepm tipi.rat.MM! free of char** aiu. tb
dim-U ifit f-r |>re|#atiufl gliJ uil# ia* aau.r ebui
t Ley a 111 find a eure t nro fjg ui.oai^tAu>a. A*, hat*
Hr. Nt Ltiih M<.
i'atUri * ,*Lib£ lite l'f k fljdi. u milt a-Id rem#
r A * IKJMJ.V 191 I'eaa IMws WUilaaubarfti. % Y.
A .KMLMAW eb • offeree* for year, ftoia *ef
leak* IM.UII#. I'l.iUßlUfv O*4AJ.A&(] hii UM> rfrcU of
tadierrefu lli for fhe uk* of •ufeMn* l eend free *> hii L seed it. (be rpcif* eud
K : luik.u* lUr tcrne lj b * Li. h hr
* cored hufiefci* U. Uy Uie mSaerfits
ef * liricu( ceL du eu U) -di.-ewa.u4 in {m rfc* I (XJB
i fidefcf •
JOHN li. (NiDK \ .42 Oder M . Me Yurk
I'll W ,? * li TLMR> d tec horses <*f
* , HUm)U o, u a a&4a.l d i#a<e ! li*
Rial*TUM ootrkty aefl perft . ij> ureJ I t a Mtnpi* end
exjCLlA# lUteedj fut lafttmaUoo eddreeh
A/jendKi Ir J A ( 0.. £ Ann M . X V
H A R D W A R E!——
* 11 H
> A X
E It k
Wo would o-jiocinlly rail attention to the
Highland (Jneeti Cook Stove,
y;2LCOJ£ H£ju)2 >]£AT)DS 3TOV2.
re-ttur stock being entirely New. We offer peeial Bargain* io-%*
iff- IT Ai: n W AUK. Ol LS end PAIN TS
1 jjJ
VhIII VkoknM liirge experi-'l
onc • *n auctioneer, offer* biiavrvicM loj™
the people of Centre county, lie pnkr
both German end Kt'ghh, and pntM**r*
the invaluable gift in an auctioneer of h J
loud, clear voice, and can be dittincllv
heard a long dutance. Thoe having work i
ol thin kimi to do, will do well to give hinij
a call. Charge* moderate. Call on or C
addre* him at Hellefonte. Pa. 17 ap. ,
Harness, Saddles. &c
The undersigned. determined to meet the popular
demand for lower pfkM. respectfully call* Ibaattao•
lion of the public to bi stock of
now offered at the old at and I >estgned e* pet INy fot
lha people and the (line*, the larget aud ntat varied
and complete aMorlmetil of Saddle*. Harness, foliar*
Bridie*, of e* err description and quality . bipa. and
in fact everything to complete a ft rat claaa establish
tuani. he now offer* at price* which wlllanftt tbet line*
JACOB DINOhS Centre 11*11.
TOHN F. POTTER, Attorney-at
if Law. Collectlonapromptly made and apecta C
attention given to lbo*e having Unla or property for
ile. wrIII draw up and have acknowledged |>enl*
ortgage*. do. Office In Iho dlaiuood, north aide of *!
eoourt bouae. Bellefnute octSSfiPtf
Health and liappincaa are pricelcaa Wealth to their
possessors, and yet they are within the roach of ever/
one who will use
WRltillT'N LIVER I'llLH. I
The onlv sure cure for Torpid Liver, I>**pcisla,
Headache, Hour Stomach. (Vmattpatloo, Dehtllty. S'au
tea. and all Hillioua complaint* and Blond disorders.
None genuine unit*** signed. "Win. Wright, Phlla "
If your Diugglst will not supply send 2> cm** fr one
# i to Barrick. Keller A Co. 7u *>'. 4th St. Phi la TnuvUta
Alexander & bower. ai-L
tore,,* at U*. Hallafonte. Special attention j
[Ken to Oollerttona. end Orpbene' Court practice.
Ma? be coneultod la Ocmiau end i.uglwh. OBioe la
'irau i bUlia bttSITUI. j
Dear Sir: ;
If in in <MI •>( nrthiti
Arwroun.i imt .> I UMa* WMfcl# ,
r any .t mr Kinf NjH.ftui (#>*• writ* fwr mfj
l*rgm Catalcvtftir iM PrtAA l**4 •<•• I 1
tfinri trn'.p. *Jf Hl\n fu.Vrt i<rNl W##'
rn liuo Yi*rk*. l*lU*titfgh, t*a 1®#441
w M . WO LF .
. New Goods ;j J
~ |i
*. ,
N A *plendi4 iloek of Niw I ST* T
(joodi ba arrived at j f 1
I 'aril -
mm —IX TBI — a
Ba 11 k Jiu ilditig.
rw - ,
<v Prices Are Down. w j
L i
a. The slock consists of a *"55
; full Merchandise.
* * ji MnAtlly *icctd, on).
j br*i ifij{ til klnde of
~ 7;;
—|| Muslin & Calico Ki !
, j *'# *vbotl<-m price*.
of n.l kind*. j:
" II ITS nod CAPS.
| If
*■■■ PRODUCE i4ceiv*d ia N-|
*eb*nf* for goods J
, '
y u i
and Erie Railroad Division
M'KHAV. Si> 'M I*~V Ua (nit. oa
||k I'klUMl A I fit lUilruad Ui.uitaa will raa a ;
Hanut.uf| 4 24 a la. 1
Mor:i4mi<* 4s; a m I
W iaiAAaaK*rt lEib
Z J"* 1 *44 ABB
Ivrctvf a II uif aba
Air a! k rio ?alt IA
lIAI.ABA FX UattiintiU :**.
llArriAtmrg lokiA A
Vl'liUudoß I OS Arm
•• art At Wiiiututport li*pm
lari Hates 3 Jit ta
I A>T I.IHR Imim hlli*4A4iAli 11 46 a is <
HATY lAt'urg j 11 an.
M " M<x Uu4<* ?Up <*
art At Wi.liAAAport ? SA j m
*• Lam e H ieb *4O p m
KiMHAhD. j
rACIMC IX. '•? 1M Hates 440 a. !
- ; -■.) M.ura ',14 aa 1
W....tMlwt ?•**'
M t.tsndoß IMta;
Are At lUrrUUiff UUaa
PL i lad* It* I. la |A|>B
DAY IX.leiteelteßMa 16 It ash
Uti HATSII 1116a it,
lilumej-ort 1104 p m
Mususdua 143 a at
arr at Hamit'iifg 4 10 r j*
PbllAdMiiu T Si p at
tiKIK MAlLieeir. Uep..,a §££.'
Ifflj';M IttVß;
" X r 'Uiatßtnt II tt|> at 1
Mtmlatulue lilt an)
art at H arr4turg 14A A V
- IbhaaUllLs Ttaclai
I A l.l.\i!|tn 34 lliun{oH
Arr At Hsrnu! u| ILA en '
Arr a!
P.t can via rat. twtarat. l-BltaeaU.lbU and Wu
U.n..[Kitt oa Kiaaar. Ka Waal, ana Pi Waal. fBUa ! i.u 1 iota Eaal.tad I).. I . F.ul aad kaadu
.a*. ri Mni'ittrinet all Blfkl Uala.
wM I.UALiibi.\. !Kti.titiaa||t.
Kxamim > our C'nwh Prlrew of
ltoofw and bm. -We are rolling
■ ut the gx>4 lively, because we charge
!c* for them than w*s ever known. We
keep up the quality and keep down the
price*. We are b -und to sell off this tre
mendous stock, and trut ia the low prices
to do the buiini>i. We will offer you i
Men's fine ealf boots at 6(1 1
Men's kip boots at ... 200
IV omen's kip shoes at. 1 00 i
Children's school shoes at . 73 l
Men's woo! lined gum boot* at........ 250 i
Hoys' wool.lined gum boots at 1 90 i
Men s wool-lined buckle overshoes... 1 40
Men's wool-lined Alaska overshoe*... 90 i
Men'* plain gum overshoes „V
Lumbermen's gum*, solid h*el„... __ 1 25 i
Women * wool-lined Alaska over- I
shoes. 75
Women's plain gum overshoes 35
ill-set' plain i,uui overshoes 30
Children's plain gum overshoes 25
The above rubber good* are all first
class and are warranted, and will be sold!
for ctiik oi v. E. GRAHAM ASON.
Dec 5. Bellefonte, Pa.]
lIKNRT UtUi'KtKllurt'. J. 1). SUI'UIST,|
President. Cathier.
(Late Milliken, Hoover & Co.)
Receive Deposits, A
And Allow Interest,
Discount Notes,
Buy tud Sell
Government Securities, Gold A
apTOf-bti Coupon f.
Furniture Eooms!
1 uihhutacture ali kied* of Furniture for
Chambers, Dining Rooms, Libraries and
If you want Furniture of aDy kind, don t
buy until you see my stock.
In all its branches. I keep in stock all.
the latest and most improved Coffins
and Caskets, and have every facil- '
,1 y.. , " r properly conducting [
this branch ofiny business.
I havo a patent Corpse |
Preserver, in which
bodies can be j
•reserved for a considerable length oftim*.,
ullOtf W. R, CAMT. '<
'•A.¥lSA*r -
n,fr • Pnre Drag*, Wwlirinee. FAD
r *_5 ,l ' c^a# Dy* atufL. an
•nrußgiat'a Mundrim. 'nl
Xoi-k of Uonfte-
ra t/l . ™ WW WIUKDII
twared the wrrtcee of Dr. J W
Alexander, who will .Umd to the Com,
poundina of Pretcriptioni. 2N mar \y
JKitriv MILXer —
ff A KIIKE AXD H AIRDAKMa—In the hate,
meitofiha bank building All work d UM
n fatbionabln ttyla. j July
J >1 JO 1
tt MiNmlmm. A d A C%JpBZLMK
c. C. ( ONNKR.
Ir. Rank Ituilding, Centre Hall.
Would ri.pertfulljf announe to the eitl>
rent uf thia eieinitv that ba baa Ukaa
room* in above building wbera be ie pr*.
cared to do all kind* of work balongiag
to bit line, for men and boei, and accerd
ttig to latent ttylet. Good* told bv tarn,
pie. Having bad nine jreara experianeo *'
he guarantee* all work to render per few
Mitiafaction, and aolieiu a tnxre of tke
public patrenage Sdeev
Jcut publiabad, in a aealed envel'gtr '4
Prire aix roota. '
A lertareos tOe Xatere, TrwionL aed fT.tln
run ot W.a>■. r Hemaalenaeea. to
I dure* Of K.110.M, UralaeiMV KWku lira.
|iMer. Neraeee veOlilly. ut itoeedlaMeta to Mar.
fy*Mr- 'iwaewpMea. Itpuewa. *m-
J rt!L\ afeWELL M. 0., aaWer rf Uta -tnraa
lb. arato rraeoaed aettorr. to tkla adadraOto toa
"• ? r—' 1 ' .V* R" ••pralrara lAal <.
.•fal rawiMMM '4 "toll ..wt tuf be eerciaaJ If
1 1.itbavt wtolMiar, uo viTbeal I
iramrai upmriMw. Im itwi nai?er
1 "j l i.b.pnu| t 1 anOr ef rare .1 nara rertoto
I "I edeßtral. far rfaut •.r> t itmrw, m trait*, vara
I Bto raablUua te.irat < are aitoaaif • > r |
Ij toA rae.*Ur *
i -IwtodlT *" " pre ** * fc " < * to waeatoaAa aaa
■ * P**e eeaatoaa. to W) aAAraaa
A'Z'rX ZTrXzg. ; W
II Ana St.. New fork; P. 0. Box. 468 C
IQoct y
The Pork. Houae, at Cobura autiea. ia
new and commodiout, and ie kept ia beat
manner. Bed and board tacond !o aeae
in the county. Stabling for BO horse*
At a tummer retort it will bo feuad all
tbat e uld be datired, right ia tba heart ef
good Cthtng and hunting ground* and
' urrounded by the ;no*l romantic reentry
' I not y
No. C BrockerbofT Row, BA'MBAIC
Of If ra in lruEK.< hf mlfaU.
Pcrfunerjf.lan.iGeed, Ac.,
Pure Wine* and Liquor* for medic w
ourpote* a!way* kept. aayßl 7e '
U • would reipert/ully tae
j citizen* of P enni Valley tbat he bat per
manently located in Centro Hall where ko
j '• prepared to do all kiada of Dental work.
Ail work warranted or no money ark ad
! the time*. >1 i tß y
, Hardware Store.
A new, complete Hardware Store kac
i been opened by the uodertigned ia Cea
jire Hall, where be i* prepared to toll alt
!kind* of Building and Uouae Furnishing*
Hardware, Nail*. Ac.
' Circular and Hand Sawa, Tennoe Saw..
w ebb Sawa. Clothe* Rack*, a full aaaort--
mcnt of Giaa* and Mirror Plate Picturw
Frame*, Spoke*, Fellow, and Hub*, table
Cutlery. Shovola, Spado* and Parka,
Lock*, linger. Screw*, Saab Spriaga,
Horo-Sboet. Nail*. Norway Rod*. On,
(Tea BelU, CarpenUr Tools, Paiat, Vara
Picture* framed in th# finettstylo.
Anything not on band, ordered una a
j *bortc*t notica.
JPttrmrokw, alt goodi offered cheap
er than eitowbare.
By calling at the new and eitaa--
jme bakery e*ublitbment of
(Successor to J. H. Sand*,)
Opposite the Iron Fronton Allegheny
j street where he furnishes evarv day
i Freth Bread,
Cake* of all kinds.
Pies, etc., etc..
Anything and everything belonging it i
the butinet*. Having' bad Tear* of tip*
rience in the butinev*. he flatters him**'
that he can guarantee satisfaction to ail
who may favor him with their r-atronara
affcra hi* eerviccx to tbw citizec* pt
' Centre county in
Houwe, Mn and Ornaiaentml
| Striping, ornamenting nod gilding,
Plain and Fancy Paper banging. Ordara
respectfully solicited. Terms raasonabie.
30 apr tf.
*t hi* rrtablithment at Centra Hall, kaap
on band, and for sale, at th* most reason*
hie rate*.
A Spring WagonS.
and vehicle* of every description made te
order, end warranted to be mad* of the
best seasoned material, and by tb* matt
► killed and competent workmen. Badia*
for buggies and spring-wagon* Ac., of tb*
most improved pattern* mad* to erdar,
also Gearing of all kinds made to order.
All kind* of repairing done promptly sad
at the lowest possible rate*.
Person* wanting anything in hi* Una are
requested to call ana exsmis* hit work,
lb will End it not to b* excelled for der,
1 ility and wear. may B tf.
rV' 2£ w ?v ,nd control tb* Railway land*
quuhy divided by th* Kama* Pacific
.ailway, which we are selling at an avar
<ge of (3.35 per acre on easy tarm* of pay*
uent. Alternate sections of Government
nd* can be taken at homesteads by actu*
•il settlers.
,ia in the GREAT LIME
STONE BELT of Central Kansas, tb*
best winter wheat producing diatrictoftka
i . nited States, yielding from 20 t* 86.
Bushels per Acre.
The average yearly rainfall in this coun
ty i. nearly 33 inches per annum, on*
third .greater than in the much-axtolled
ARK ASSAS VALLET. which hat a yearly
rainfall of less than 23 inches per annum
■n the same longitude.
Stock-Raising and Wool-Growing are
very Remunerative. The winters are
short and mild Stock will live all the
year on grass! Living Streams and
Springs are numerous. Pure water is
found in wells from 20 to CO feet deep.
The Healthiest Climate ia tke Worli I No
fever and ague theie. No muddy or im
passable roads Plenty of fine building
stone, lime and sand. These lands ara be
ing rapidly settled by the best class ot
Northern and Eastern people, and will so
appreciate in value by the improvement*
now being made as tomako their purchase
iat present prices one of the very best in
vestments tbat can be mads, aside froia *
I the profits to be derived from their culti
i ration. Members of our firm reside in
1 \\ A-KEENEY, and will show lands at
any time. A pamphlet, giving full infor
mation in regard to soil, climate, watar
supply, Ac., will be tent free on request,
i Address, WARREN, KEEMY A Co.
'• _ _ 106 Dearborn St., Chicago,
Or WA-Kteney, Trefw co. Is. 26pWm