The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, November 14, 1878, Image 4

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T*o dog* are fighting ; cwtt-borsa ia UrUd ' j
Thinks he wit) trot!
Rawing and plunging. he intddenly daahM
Oat of Uir lot I
Cart follow* n*>--h*..Hv can help it,
Biner il i fast !
Buvublety-tnmhleiy ! jiggeUy-jnmblety
Kfc the two part.
Boy drop* his shore! struts* alotif after,
rWng hot cW*e"
Mooly-oo*. wh taking, and ki-kctg, aisi frtaking. i
Join* in the race.
BcMv.otlf, il hld. Unok* this a frolic
Just to It* mltul 1
After its mother, skipping and Jipjiing,
It O*)MWS Uhiud.
Lssving thr quarrel, dogs folic* after.
Streaking along ;
So the procetb-iou weak at artisg,
Knd* very strung.
On they all go 1"
rimigmg and dasl.iug, i ouui.g au.t slashing
Jiggling aed j.inip ng. creaking and hnmtaug 1
Shaking an.l whisking, kicking cud fr skii.g I
liaucuig and skipping, rearing aud diptung
Rarkuig aud chksing I All the sewn,
With all of their might, on. on, oat of sight I
Folks, staring after, wonder ,Ui iaughtw
Where it willml.
Than suddenly see them retnru as they started,
Jut rounding the bend '
Tet, with this differri ce, Uiy uow is driving,
And sevins to bv mad 1
But aft of the other* are sui) just as happy
As eVvr and glad.
B-ck they all evwE.. !
Flung ng and dashing, si outu g and slashing
Ji gbng and jnoiping, crt-skiug aud hnmpiug !
Shaking aud whisking, kicking aud frisking I
Paucii g and skipping rvaring aud d.ppv g'
Barking and chasing ! A I the seven racing
Straight ha k to Ihe lot. *Up they end up
their trot!
:t * JT(fa Eorrta-.r,
Tkss'v Ad*e**re,
"The bug* arc eating np *!1 tbc ICAVYW
the young squash-vine*; what shall
we do to save theui ?" said nuunmu one
" Get aomeiecda to stay in the garden,
and they will eat up the bugs, aaid
'• Rut how shall we make them *t*y in
the ganon ? Tby will not think those
b*lf-e*teu squash Tines so mee to hide
under as rock to which tiiev ue
"Oh, papa! let's build a house fer the
toads, and thru they will stay," said
Ih-lla, who bail been listening all the
while. So the matter eras decoded, and
under papa's direction the house was
built, something tfter this fashion:
Three nat stones were selected frvtn the
garden wall, which Tbeo, Bella's little
brother, drew in hi* wagon to the plot
where the oa' bsges and gnashes were
struggling for life. First they dug the
cellar. Theo helping with his little
shovel, only stioseW the dirt in, in
stead oi ont as be should have done.
The cellar was deepest at the back, so
tiiat the two fl|t #tset ap for the
sides sloped backward, and when the
third stone was laid across for tlie roof,
that sloped too. hke the roof of a hon-e. {
They piled twrtb r.p at the back part,
bnt lett the trunt fstrt open for a door.
When it w.-ij* *ll dene, tb* children
snrveytsl it with pre at satisfaction.
*' There, now, that's as nice as can be,"
said Bella
"Tea,"' said Then, " I can det a toad
to pat in it. I know where ther's ever
never so many."
"Oh, we can find toads enough.
There's one right under the front door
rock. I've arm him put out in the
evening," said Bella
But it was a-h'iol-time now, and Bella
was obligeii to leave the garden and the
bouse for the present. TUeo was too
little to go to school and he wandered
about not knowing exactly what to do
with himself, till a bright thought enter
ed his brail.
Dinner-time bronght Bella home from
school, and .lj went at onoe to tne gar
den to inspect the towd-bouse and to look
up a tenant f<>xu. Not filming her little
bother eithar In fbc house or in the
garden, she began to be alarmed about
the little fellow.
" Mamma,'wfeere's Theo?" she in
quired returning to the kitchen.
" In the garden at plav, I think," re
plied mamma; who was busy with the
dinn r, and had ceased to watch him for
an hour or so.
"So, mamma, be isn't there, for 1
have just been there to look for him,"
said B- ila.
" I hope he hasn't run away. Borneo 1 |
Romy .' where'* Theof" sue called, as a
large Newfoundland dog bounded into
the • kitchen.
R >mv wbiufrl and began to smell
arouno in ail direction*. Th- o's mamma
looked very anxrou*, and his papa, who
had just onoe in. ami who took in the
situst on, followed R my. who was mak
ing his w ay towards the lower end of the
Bej on J the wall which was the bound
ary line betw#efi the garden and the pas
tare a joining was fi-small frrg pond
which the chthtian sometimes visited
when searching for wild Bowers.
R mt-w made straight for the pond,
and papa followed on tot mo; and it
was well they ruaebwd it when tbey did.
Theo was found in n sad plight.' He
had attempted to wade into the water
after the frogs, and when he had got in
part way, both feet stock fast in the
mnd and he could not m >ve at aIL He
was a brave little fellow and did not cry,
but called odt joyfully: "Oh, papa,*!
wanted to get a bop-toad to put in my
house, an 1 my feet stocked in the mud
and wouldn't"go along."
" I shouldthink so," said his papa as
be fished him* out " Didn't you know
it was naughty to go to the'frog-poud
alone ?"
" I won't never do it any more, papa,"
said Theo
When his papa set him down in the
kitchen audi told his adventure, his
mamma hardly knew whether to Jangh
or cry, hat she caught him np in spite
of his mud ly boots and kissed him again
and again.
" Well, Mr. Theo," eai 1 papa, as they
sat down to dinner, " I guess we shall
have to watch you a little more closely
in the future," but Theo did not run
away again that summer. —Marion.
SfMwi' Krcn.
The more you study into things, the
more wonders yon will find, even in
things so small as the eie of a spider.
Eight is the a ual number a spider has,
and in ea -h branch of the family they
are arranged tognit their way
of life. Those wtnch livo in caves, or
dark boles, And* need to see only before
them, have 4t!'the eyes in a group on
the front of 4be head.- Spiders which
live in a web trove the eyes raised, so
they can see all abont them, and those
of the family <whi<-h travel abont and
hunt their have them more scatter
ed. They are very beautiful, too, look
ing—under a microscope—like ronnd,
polished diamonds.
MrHe Taken eat of a Snug.
The latest sentimental ballad ia en
titled " Givo Me tbe Home of My Child
hood." Ble-syour soul, we ddo it iu a
rninnte, but—why, haven't yon heard ?
Old Tadgers closed out three mort
gages on it in 1867 and 68, and tbe next
year it was sold for taxes, it was seized
for debt in the summer following, then
your oldeetjbrother claimed that it be
longed to bis wife and brought suit in
her Dame ft) recover, and before that
was through they found an old flaw in
.the title, and m trying to straighten
that out it transpired that yonr grand
father had no government patent on it
at all, but bra stolen it bodily from tbe
Indians ; and now two half-breed* have
brnnght suit to recover the propei ty as
the heirs. The house was burned down
two years ago, and tbe neighbors have
used the fenoes for kindling wood ; yonr
wife's consao is try ing to get bold of the
lot, aDd yojy; half-brother jumped the
property ynflj night, put up a little
nhanty on the alley corner, and is t qpw
in possession. There doesn't seem to
be much show for you, but you might
tile your papers, bnv a lawyer and sail
n.—Burlington Hatokeyv.
The Electric Light In Part*.
Several of the wider street* aud
squares, HD<I aboat forty wotknho|< in
and ats.nt Pan*, are now ri<g larty
| Ibrbted by electricity, The amm* lean
ing from tbo Grand oj<era house is
lighted throughout it* on tin- length, atnt
, preoeuu a good sample of street light
ing. The lamp* are placed on }>o*t*.
precisely like the gas lamp#, except Hint
the poata are taller and wider apart,
The lamp* are iuctoacd in large oval
gl**a glob.-*, and beyond tin* do not
nff. r exNu-wil!* ftvm the gas lamps.
Y* the dttl tight lades a wav, there COUII S,
t without warning, n sudden flash, and
every light in the street is burning with
an inteiiae white glare. The effect ia
like daylight, swept in intensity. Every
part of the street, the immense trtillic m
the roadway anil the people on the
i walks, evert' arehitectnral detail of the
budding* to the top of the root*, every
object., however lilinnte, IU the window*,
the flowrrtou the bah\uie, are plaiu y
. v*r;tile iuhl m their natural colors. The
actinic effect is the same a* bv day. and
a'l color*. Intli real aud artificial, lasr
their true shades. Every sign on wall
0 omuihus, the tui&iilMil pattern*
falirie* and the finest print can plainly
be iwv-n, People * ated bstan< the ,vf< *
read their paj>er* by the aid of light* on
the opposite aide of the way. and y. t
the m *t oelicnte complexion* and aof*.
est tint* in fabric* oo not *ff r in tl e
w ite glare of the lamp*. Every *t- e
in the road i* plainly visible, and tin
horses moveswittlv along a* if confident
of their baiting. Such illumination it
the perfectr >u of sire, t lighting Neigh
boring streets, though more brilliantly
lighted with gu than any American
a'reeta, *o|ieai dark and ghaimv bv eon
trast. Be* de* the Avrnne dc VOt**'*
thme aie a nnmler • f theater, halls a d
public buildings and bop*. bgl 'id
wi'hont or within, ami in each cane ft.,
e'egtrie light haa suivrsedtsl ga* or 'I i*
used where gas would be too cxpeu*ivt\
Tbe appearance of the lamt>* naed >n
Fvria t* peculiar. The entire gloK
aer'tns to be flUc.l with light—no fl -me
or point of light being v sible. T ! e
color is intense white. ooe#*ioua)'y
changing to bin* or deep Yellow for *■
instant lu aome few case* the light is
naked, or placed in clear glass lame*.
In whatever manner nsed it is untie*** •
hlr to look at the light for more thai a
few second*. This iuteusitv. and th
occasional flickering of the light. e
ra **d as object-.®* to the electro light
On 'be other hand, why should any ore
1 >k at the lamp* any more thau at the
snn. and when not looking direct!* at
the light the flickering is liardlv uobee
able. In balU aud abopa the lami s
may be placed next the ceiling, or b -
bine sc ecu*, so that only the reflected
light ean be aeen, and on tof-doors the
latnps mav tw placeil overhead oat of
the range of the eyes. The flickering
come* from a variety of causes, and it
is donbtfnl if it can ever be wholly ovei
come. The tMunta to secure are a stead \
motive power (a turbine being beat I,
and good car lams in the lamp*. An
other objection has been found iu tl e
deep shadow* cast by opaque otyeca
when lighted by electricity. Carcfnl
observations both here and in Paris, in
ball*, shops and street*, fail to show that
this i* a aer.ona objection where two or
more lamps are need *-dtoribner.
Iwt Fercrer.
When a man who has any relative* or
friends suddenlv and myateru/uslv i i
api,ears. the police are quickly pla< eJ
upon the scent, and all ci< aus of pnblic
lty are resorted to in order to find him.
Bat now sud again an event occurs which
lifts a corner of a curtain otherwise kept
carefully drawn, and gives ire a glimpse
of a very sotabre and gloomv mystery
connected with nr society. Women, it
apoears, frequently—very frequently—
are spirited away, and their frieuds and
relatives keep the matter secret, for fear,
it seems, lest publicity should bring ex
posure and disgrace upon them. No
one can have failed to have remarked
that in almost every instance where the
body of a young woman has been found
under circumstances that give rise to
the suspicion that she was murdered, a
contest for the identification of the
corpse springs up. For the body of the
woman drowned in the bav o
Boston, last mon'h, there were no less
than thirty c aimants; that is, no less
than thirty families from whom a young
woman had disappeared, and who had
kept their seen until this discovery, in
hope, perhaps, of the return of the miss
ing ones, and for fear of scan 'al, now
come forward to settle their tears or
their hot e. So in the Silver lake
(rvUteu Island) we; no sooner was tue
discovery of the body in the barrel made
known, than it was disclosed that a)
least four young someu, wt-o, in form,
features and age, soruewl at reeembleo
this mutilate 1 c >rpe, lit 1 disappeared
within a few weeks. There is some
thing very unpleasantly startling in
thfve disclosures. They appear to show
that vice is far more prevalent in what
are believed to be rea> ejtable families
than had been enspeeled; that resort to
the medical murderers who undertake
to shield betrayed womeu from the con
sequences of tbeir fall, is extremely
common, and that when death ensues
the b *ly of the victim is too often so
disponed of that detection never come*.
For one cane tb*t eoraen to light there
arc doseit seems, which continue to
be successfully bidden. Murder does
not alwava out, iu tbene cases at least.—
AVtc York Graphic.
DimmoioßH of the fh>bc.
Its size has been determined, I hare
no doubt, to within a very few mile*, in
what appears tJ ns now a very simple
manner. In the first piaae, every si*
turn of the earth is bounded approxi
mately by a circle, and mHthemaficiaus
divide all circles into 860 degrees. Hence,
if we can measure accurately the 1 360
part of this great circle, and if, when we
have got that measure out into miles,
we multiply it by 360, we get the cir
cumfereuo" of the earth- that in to say,
the whole distance around it. Then by
dividing this resnlt by aomethii.g a little
over three (3 1416 the ratio of theeir
cnmfcrenc" of the circle to its diameter)
we find or\t bow far it is from one side
of the earth to the other. Ttiis gives ns
the diameter of the earth. As a result
of a long series of observations it has
been found that a degree measures as
nearly as possible, on the average, sixty
nine and one-half miles, ft can he stated
in inches, but it is near enongh for me to
give as a first statement of result that it
iB aboat sixty-nine and one-haif miles;
and if yon take the tronble to multiply
sixty-nine and one half miles, the aver
age length of one degree, by 360 degrees,
the number of degrees that there are all
around tho earth, yon will find that tb>-
circumference is something like 2f> 000
miles, and, tin refore, that the diameter
of the earth is something like 8,000
miles. Mark well the words "on the
average." In trntb the earth is flatten
ed at the poles, so that the length of the
degree varies from the ple to the equa
tor; and hence the diameter in the equa
torial plane is in excea of the diameter
from pole to pole. These two diameters,
expressed in feet, are as follows: Equa
torial, 41 848,0: polsr, 41 708,710
Prof. Lfjckyer, in Gortd Word*.
Brazilian Baby Transit.
Tbe work among the Indians ia done
almost entirely by women, who start out
early in tbe morning with tbeir baoies
astride tbeir bips, baskets balanced on
their beads, and puffing like a diminu
tive steam engine from small clay pipes.
The walk is often three or four miles,
and the work hard ; yet a long life of
this drndgery seems to render it easy,
and they make no improvements. Their
implements and methods arc crude, Dd,
like true Indians in a natural state, they
are but repetitions of tbeir progenitors.
Tbe custom above-mentioned "f carry
ing babies on tbe hip is as peculiar as it
is ungraceful. The body is thrown
much to one s de, as in the act of carry
ing a heavy weight in the right hand.
For instance, the child sits astride the
left hip, one leg dangling in front, tbe
other behind, and supported by tbe en
circling left arm. A mere unoomforta
bie looking method oould hardly be
devised, and yet the journey to am!
from the mandiooa plantation is alwsv
made in this way, a baby being the
proverbial accompaniment of the Indian
household.—Para {Brazilian) letUr.
Anele' t Plague*.
Tbo groat plague of London in IflM
form* a climax in the history of diaraw*.
It neeined to ep ud it tnry in one th roe
effort. It war to oorne no more. Con
tnrioa have |a**>d. and *till the fatal 1
aeottrge that rngtxl wi tin git a limit, I
without rroiafaiuv", altuoot to the de
atruetiou of the population of a Vast cap
ttal. haa wholly vanished bofoto aonie
inscrutable law, aoiue change of habita.
improvement in motala and manner*.
OI ten before ll'rti it had prevailed in
liondon and England utmost with ori
ental severity, ami had slowly ma to ita
way over weatern Europe, devouring a
generation it! it* paa*ogc It Uigau
usually in Egypt and Syria, reached
Constantinople, overran the ooultueut.
desolated Amsterdam an.l Pans, c -v. red
England with d>sinav. It l cntiouuto
notice liw h|| the** viohiit and l>*ath-
some dt*ca*es are and nourished 111
the K**t, ride slowly westward, deci
mate, destroy, are tlie |MU*onui* gift i of
a deoayinw civibiatiou. The black
death in ldfS i* the most fearful of alt.
It came Irotu the Ks*' over uiedutoal
Eimpe, slayiug whole Cities of full po-
p.r, laving wasic au,l *tlcut the open
.Mtratry, knivkiug at tlie isd.astc au.t
the paluce gate Tt.e Imniau lace, iu
the wot J* of the rhroioold a, ncciuixi
at I Hint ti ili*apper : citie* a* largo aa
Sow Orleans wele nearly ilesepivl ; .ha
tncta of fertile cotiu'rv fatter 111 an M is.
Hiasippi were teumito.l ouiy' more by
wild lea*t*. Half the people of Europe,
it was estimatoil, ilte.l. It *m* as it iwo
hnu.lrvsl thonaaml of the luhalutau'* of
IkivUrn hail (HsriatieU iu a few moaths,
hall a million iu Newf York. Wo have
uothiug iu uuaieru tiui-* to approucli
tlie violeneo of th< *c wic tut )>lagu<n;
men have mnhiplieil, .lisoa-o.liiutnislu s.
It I* n->t ibrti ult to fan y the horror
hat settle,! lip. u lbeu-viv rs, the ter
o r* of the lonely citir*, the fonuikcu
strev fs, the ilepopalwtevl, desolate IS'IIU-
try ; the *u.t>iui outbreaks of tierce
ittmiuev* that often followoil ; the tlagel
lanls, white |a-nitruta, goitrituiu, de
sptr;or the wild revwfrv that some
time*. sprung up in it* tuuUt. the sh mt
of riofons merriment mingling with
groans ati.l tear*.
It was a plague of tin* kind that came
upon Ls.ndou iu ltibd. so fearful that it
(sould oulv meui a judgment from
t'ho hot weather of Jlllv rouaoil It to
viruleniv ; in August it was fearful ; in
Se-ptenilver 'he horror* told of it surpass
belief. It first appeared with a tiuu. r
on the brea t or nuder the arm, harJ,
pamful horrible—the plugne-apot. Tlie
Itliyaiciaua when they saw the fearful
onieu would cry, " L it up your eyes to
(Ksl ! ' lu a few hour* it wan fatal
Sometime* the patient* sank under a
raging feTcr, headache ; aonietian a
faded away in a awitt decline, almost
painless ; aome weemetl to die of frignt ;
some hanged themselves to cswape it ;
some were seiztwl iu the streets, aiul
.hod before they could reach tl ■ ir own
doora. In Septemlwr B,(MX) t .-rson*
died weekly, and tiO.OUO, it was btiievtsi,
were infected.
Whole streets of houses were shut tip
and abandoned ; meu fled from each
other when thev met; the ..ouev paid to
the butcher or bukcr fumigated ;
thieves wandered tlirouirh the de
serted shops and dwellings, and some
times diet! there. Fearful tales were
told of nurses who smothered ami rob
lied their patient* ; of deeds of horror
that were never pntushed : < f the iu
fect.d who ran shrieking through the
streets, and fell dead ; of home* where
all died together. August, Heptem'orr,
passed on with over-growing horrors;
m Sovvaber the colder weather seemed
to check the disease, and many who
came back too hastily were ioiMthl una
died. At last, in December, the great
deliveiance came ; the pestilence had
A Sated by llerole Exertion*.
There ii a terrible accident at b-tiih
Nor walk, Conn., tweuty-ilve year* ago.
The draw over the railroad bridge bad
been by some carelessness left < p- n, and
the engineer, mistaking the signal, dash
ed ou. wild down thundered and crashed
the train. The loss of life wm terrible,
and very mauv were crushed and badly
wounded. Even now, after so many
year*, it is spoken of as one of the great
People living near by. and others who
wi re attracted to the scene of the acci
dent, worfcid nobly, and reudered ah
the aMtataoce thev could. Men came in
boats, and tenderly lifted the Jwtd and
dy ing bodies from the water, carried
them up on the bank, and Isul them gen
tly down to W farther cam! for. Among
those attracted to the so-ne was a mid
lie-aged man, who wue a ag--driver,
whof-e route was t>et wren New Canaan
and South Norwalk. He saw them
bringing np on the bank the bodies of
those taken from the water, and one
U>dy particularly attracted him. It was
the body of a "fair yonng girl, and a
•traDge fe* liDg to tell him that
the was not dead. He felt of her hand. It
was eo d and clammy. Placing his ear
•ver her heart he could detect no beat
ing. Yet something within him said
she was not dead. A physician, after
making au examination, pronounced
life extinct, and urged the driver to
a-sn-t the others in caring for the
He turned to go, and again that ure
sistihle feeling impelled him to try to
-ave the girl's life. Securing the assist
anee of two women, be la gan a vigorous
rubbing of the lady. He labored on
until the water fairly poured from liirn.
The lazv cuuosity seekers gathered
around and Bai l it wan a foolish ta*k;
she was past belt-icg. Nevertheless, on
he worked. No change * observed
for half an hour, and his heart began to
sink. For the last time he began a des
perate renewal of bin exertions slone, for
the women hail stopped, and a* he drew
himself up to go away, the girl, with a
low moan, opened and closed her eyes.
With a rush the blood dashed to bis
be.ait, and he almost fainted, aDd *ith
open month astonishment the throngs
again gathered around. After a little
attention she was restored to oouscioua
' news; her life bad la-en saved.
After she had learned the facts ahe
wt-Lt to her deliverer, and with tours of
jov thanked him.
1 'She was the only daughter of very
wealthy parents, and deep was their
gratitude. When ihe girl took him to
her home, her mother kissed him, em
braced him and cried for joy.
Her father gave him a handsome gold
watch and chain and clothing; every
thing that wealth oould lavish on bim
was done. He was urged to pass the
remainder of his life witu them; but lie
declined this, and went back to hia own
home thankful for theft kwidnecs.
This was twenty Ave year* ago. Regu
larly every year since then, he has re
ceived a present in mouev sufficient to
keep him in luxury for the next twelve
month", besides pro-ent* without end
from these grateful hearts. He has
oulv to express a wish nnd it is gladly
gratified. He lives In his lowly way,
and he is au old man now, nud slowly
drawiug near to his end.
Farm Life.
It lit a cmmoD complaint that the
farm and farm lite are nut appreciate*!
by our people. We 1 rag for tbe more
elegant pursuits, or tbe wayß and
fashions of tbe town. But tbe farmer
baa tbe moat Bare and natural occupa
tion, and onght to find life sweeter, if
leas highly seasoned, than any ..titer.
He alone, strictly spe i kinp, has a home.
How CUD 4 man take root and thrive
without land? He writes bis history
upon hia field. How many ties, how
many resources be has; hia friendship
with bis cattle, hie team, hia dog, his
trees, the satisfaction in his growing
crops, in his im proved fields; bis inti
macy with nature, with bird and besst, j
and with tbe quickeningeleraenta] forces;
bis co-operations with tbe cloud, the
SIID, tbe seasons, beat, wind, rain, frost,
bribing will take the various uncial
distempers which the city and artificial
life breed ont of a man like fsrm nir, like
direct and loving contact with the soil.
It draws out the poison. It humbles
him, tea'bee him parience and rever
ence, and restores tbe proper tone to bis
Cling to tbe farm, wake mnch of it,
put yourself into it, he-tow your beart
1 and yonr brain upon it, so tnat it shall
sevor of yon and radiate yonr virtne
after yon- day's work is done !— John
' Burroughs in Hcribner.
Orchard and UnrtlM Hl*.
The ll'. i>l rn ft Hint HUTU that toma
toes picked when jn rtpe, urn! with a
! p..rtiu of tU* stem retained, and at
one* novated with brine composed f a
teacup of **'t iliMiilvill ill a gallon Of the
water, oan h>- ket* ftouily all the yenr
without hottcMbte loea of freshneoa or
A covreup. indent of the /.midun dm ■
dm claims to keep frmt in dry sand.
ll. huw m> kept French crab* two yearn,
> nml Cati'Ue pcius one year. There IN
tto doubt of the ctßoacy of sand, tttnl low
<lrv teuqw-ralure in keeping fruit. We
IINVP known grapes to le (irtwnrfwl |>er
tivtiy ui thta way until spring.
An uxchargo t. tie how h> keep a cults
iu bloom, • follotn "My calls l.aa
Mow four bioNvotuH ami one tui.l. I have
tried t>> keep it in a pot, lint now have
it in n tub about tlie site of n common
Water paiL 1 have ihtt within three
tlichen of the tivp i aud keep it filled with
water, putting it on warm. The col Ia m
three IIHII high ; til.wa.una measure live
ami one-half by *U inchee,"
A'V\irvltug U> the AY Doriido /v mo
. if, the a'i|w mtcml.uit of the riacer
ville t'al ) t .umlry hae dm.y.vered that
a blaet of co'.l air la quite Niicocaaful in
drying (not. The jMr\t and nlicetl
fruit w.w placed iu tltecupvda furnace,
where it wh ant.jwt to a strong drft
of cold air. By this prootun, iu the
oonrwe of throe and a null hoars, the
'ruil wa* completely cure.l and with
none of thst hard, harsh, stiff dryii ea
aU.ut it which frequeutly toNttlU from
drying by aim heat ..r tire boat. The
idea may Ik. worth elainvratiug.
A psraeitto fit tig UN ofteu produces
cur! m |Ka-h ieavm. A jtidtetona cut
ting bu.-k with an application of un>
leti.-htsi UNIO s aruuud the rrowu of the
t.K.t, and slaked lime shoot the re
mainder. i* consider- d beneficial. P.>f
aeli in of tin port aucc to tlit* growth o'
irK> and aa*in l* iu preventing cur! iu the
teat. A bushel of coal ashes piled
nr. mud the tree ha* twvn kuowu to oor
rect the cut 1 au.i prevent the dropping
of frtnt without other remedy, 'lite
cutting tuck ought not to lie done after
the new leaven are ouL If it hita not
•kn n ad-..tnphche.l before the buds are
ou. pruning is beat omitted.
A.vordiug k> au eichange, " the ex
elusion of atr is an important desider
atum in prolonging the uonmi con.lttion
of apples and pears. It is kuowu that
the apj.les lenat bnble to shrtrcl or de
cay ooutaui au unusual amount of gum
ou the cuticle, closing all the porea.
This gummy iuutter*also (mrforms a simi
lar function ou the leaves of tuauv
plants ami prevent* them from shrivel
ing iu the hot. blistering rays of the .
sua, bv preventing the evaporation of
the diffused water. A coating of any
substance that wilt exclude the sir will
have the effect of preserving apples and
pear* iu a souud condition for a p roll act
ed jierioii."
srlrctWn at Nssd-Cara.
The matter of selecting seed-corn is &
very important our, and as farmer* gen
erally are aware thai corn lor planting
should be well dried lief ore tlte frost
touches the leaves, it is to le presumed
that most of the seeii-corn throughout
the Oountry has been secured. Many
cultivators go further and say that seed
gathered atid dried in the sun as soon a*
the kernel is out of milk has more vital
ity to withstand con) aud dump after it is
planted than when allowed to retnsiu on
the stock until dead ripe. However
this may be m jxnnt of fact, corn which
ripen* earliest in the tlefd w to be pre
ferred, other things being favorable.
After having suu-drnvl their seed the
farmer* id some sections store it in lofts (
->f smoke-houses that it may bttcoms
j>er:uestsi witii fhe odor of meat under
going Mtioking therein, and thus gmn s
protection when in the ground against
the depredation* of field-mice, birds,
worm", etc. The lowa .Vfnfe H'ffiattr,
commenting on this last practice, saya
that when placed overtbemuoktug meat
'the worn is thoroughly saturated with
creosote, a hirh is very r.ftenatve to man*
animals, esptv-ially to squirrela; and
wiiilc w do uot preUm-i that it is un en
tire prefeutive of the ih-f>redtlolis of
these rodents, yet the present year it
provrsl almost entirely at"
Having gathered the V>est aud fiueat
seed that can ire found by selecting frotn
those stalks which have the most ears,
taking tli* b'-st from each stalk, the first
essential point is gained. Having se
lected large, fair ears, with kernels of a
bright, clear color, ehooe* those cars
in which the rows arc most uniform an<l
reguUr in sire. Take also such ear*
that taper the lesst. having their butts
vrr* little largwr tiiau their tipa. Those
ears that are well filled out at the tips
with the grain covering the extreme end
of the cob, are much to lie preferred
l ake the i* u'ral gram frota each
rejecting the tips aud butty, as it lias j
Itreu demonstrated over aud over again 1
that the kernels near the ends of the j
t*b give II smsller y eld aud an inferior I
grain. —AV IT York MVrW.
Ilrnlih II la la.
FOB Ttvuuit Kiuzr \\n Nnrnaicita LV .
THE LIMBS. —U ifhe rhe iiaitjs ami teethi
warm tiai-water —make it atrung—aud
then appiv urirm fltanel.
HloooDi-H.-eHiocongh of a severe and
proiotig-si ty|ie bu been cored in five
munite* by a powerful compretMiioa over
the epigastrium.
To CrrtK SNORING.— PeopIe suore be
cause tuey lie with their heads thrown
j back, and there is eonsequcutlv a drop
ping of the under jaw. To break the •
habit, sleep with the monih dotted end
the chin low.
To Oi TOROW DIHKAHK Persons msy
outgrow op-ease snd lictxiire besltny by
proper attention to the laws of their
physical constitutions. By moderate
and daily exercise tnse may become
strong in limb and muscle.
to changing the is consid
ered hazariious to lessen its amonnt
after dreseu-g in' the morning, nuleas
! active exere ae is taken immediately.
No under gurments should be changed
for lighter ones during the day, ordina
rily. Tne best, safest sod most con
venient time for lessening the clothing
is in the morning, when we first drees
for tbe day.
Cbenp Hear-llasl.
Nearly every fitrtner has tmrplns ap
[ pies, or some other fruit, that tbe boys
of the neighborhood, and esjiecially of
i the neighboring village, long for. Tell
, Ibem yon will giv • them a peck of
. apples for a hnshel of lames, and you
, will have plenty of customers. Then,
I late ill the fall, take a little waste wood.
. pile it with the bones in a heap, Mid
. bom them till they are white and esn bo
pulverized with the back of a ahovel.
This gives yon what is called bone-ash,
a powerful fertilizer, ami just what is
wsubvl as mi ingredient of ths compost
heap. It is the cheapest way both lo
get and utilize the wn-te lames, thou
sands of bushels of which lie around in
l every community.
A Cat'* Scnw of Slllfll.
Pussy lws not a keen sense of atpell. ,
A pi*oe of moat may bo placed in ck>fe
proximity to a cat, but, if it is corf rod ap,
she will fail to diatinguiah it. This
want ia, however, partly compensated
for by an extremely delicate sense of j
i touch, whi"h ia i>o*essed to a remark
able extent by the whiakera or vibrissa,
aa well ■ by the general anrfacc of tho
akin. Tbeae briatlea are possessed. to a
greater or lee* extent, by all cat*, and
are aimply great developed hair*, having i
enormonaly swollen roots, covered with
a layer ot mnscnlar fiber*, with which
delicate nerve* are connected. Bv
meana of theae latter tho slightest tonch
on the extremity of the whiakent i* in
stantly transmitted to the brain. The**
organs arc of tho great eat possible value
to the eat in it* nocturnal eampaigna.
When it i* derr'ved of the guidance
afforded by light it makea it*
the aenee of tonch, tho flna whiakera ,
t >ncbing againat every object the cat'
pa-sea, and thnsj acting in precisely the
I same manner aa a blind niau'a ati-k
l Put a couple of doaen, of exqniaite
i fineness. and these Dot held in bia hand,
hnt imhedded in hi* akin, ao that hia
nerve a come in contact with them, in
stead of having a layer of skin between,
snd some notion may lx> formed of the
way in which a ca f naes it whiskers. Ho
' puea ie not,o badly off, after all.
All About b>llo.
The tlrt needles made in England
) wore by Uliao Kiatitn, a ' l > rmau. who
came over to the reign of (J .oeq Khsa
; Mh. Before that iitu- Hpuuieh tieedles
Worn itn|Mirtol; but who taught the
| the H|>autanl to f*luotl at<M'l noodles
Iwo do not know. They must have been
valuable an.l eipeuaive, however, (or
English court hiatal* infortua ua that
1 King Richard 111. appeared before hia
court in a blue natni mantle adorned
with Innumerable cyeht hole", froja
earh of which hung the needle by which
it had boon worked, glittering a* in
walked among htn courtiera ami their
i jewels. Scripture s|* oka of Oeedlwa ami
" a uoedle's eye" eighteen ewnturiea and
( a had ago, hut the oldeat needle ill the
world IN in a collection of Rgvptiau
; li.aiarhold antiquities; it is live thousand
vean. old, ami waa taken from a muui-
HIT. It won found adhering to an iiutiu
tailed piece of darning, oiul wo* in tile
toiuh of a lady, whoae lost labor |>roh
, ably wmi to la.-lid bar Ui tin tin dreaa, aur
! rounded by tier chil.ttt-u, for Utcir play
thing* a doll with tpw haii anJ a croco
dile With a (mapping uudcr-jaw—ware
aU.) found beanie her The new lie ia of
ood, not aiecl, fashioned s Ana aa
jhiwaiide, but sadly clumay. Tlie thread
with wi.ieh it wotlted ia iu it atill. The
darn, owing to the Imperfections of the
j implement, ia leaa like the darning of
to-day than what ladiea designate aa
'• herring buo "
After Eiioa Kranee settle,) iu Lnmlou,
tn 15(v5, little impruvem. tit seems to
' tigve IMK-U tua.le in ilia hr*tlch 111 in.lns
< try fur nearly three oenturn-u. iuu-li
i tiiKsile ha.l to tm hgmpiwrivi
r.iilial, I .en to. I utnl iystle.l, |iriNe.l Hint
tl'e.l. Fifty years agf. miller tl.ia sys
tem the popnfation engaged in England
111 tnakiug lie*,tlrß WHS ntnyilt tliteen
, huU'tml; twenty Ave yiart. iaU'r, in
IN&'A after tlie thtrvlnotion of better
larlhoiiN au.) mar toerv, it was About
tni thottNauJ X.w-.fltv-IH.jntttig WHS
long consul, reT a M-aint fruffa It was
f..11<-wei by young tiieu, wlm never were
prrmilUvi to ex rtuac it Uvfure hbey wera
twenty, and rarely an n,stuee lrwpp.'nrsi
of a needle- pi 'inter living past "be uge
of forty. They w.-ro temphni to th*
employment by litgU wng. . A maak of
ttikgpetjgeil ir>ti, to lie worn ovr tie.
month, waa iuvsute). which arrrst.Nl
the |iurtidleu of Ntel throwu off in the
grinding before they <ue takuti into
Ihe Itviigs.
All ueeillee are mrnie out of steel wire,
whii*h t furnialie,! of vartom, aiae*. The
wiree, having leen .mt win! straighten
ed, *ru first roughly ground by water
fwiwer, and then pans into the bauds of
the dry grinder, who sits la-tote hia
gnudatonu pomtiug emib wire (whvh in
lo make tw>> needles iat both ends. A
fan wheel M* he vrorka driven the ileadty
dust sway from bun. The wage* of the
hoodie pointer re main the Nuute (is of
old, but ,-ueh n:n ivtaxetl alwutt tweuty •
live rente a we, k for the extru ,-ii"ise
of life-saving nia*hiuery. Xxt, the
two-poinUal wires are " glitte red " in u
stamping uau'ittije, auJ il-u the r;*
artt puuciieal. Tku twin ntMnlitto are
thru*-,!. but th*y h"k rough unci
rnty, ami are o<ft enough to betxi with
• touch. They ure liudriifd by being
hrab-il tv-J hot an I then plunged into
cvilil water. TtieT are subsequently
trjuoertvl by groat heat on a metal plate;
if tbt-y get too little heated tlietr Print;
if t*ai much, Uiey break. Lastly, they
taunt by polished. Fr very superior
-peei-* this hue to In* iloti** six timoe,
for nidie Imt than Ihrw. The |>o!ibi*ig
is accomplished in a >rt of mangle, by
oil, soap ami emery. Kw* h polishing
rrquir* a ale-nt tight bonrs: and when
all is finished they have s'tU t*> ivi
oliviuivl, dried, sorted sod put tip fop
NeeltiK TUe i rater
Two American girls not long ago <io
tcruiiucJ to ssceml to the crater of Ve
> auviue, anil, to the statement 1
of an Eughsliman who wrote humeri)
ately a full acoouut of the matter to the
Lomlou Tint' , narrowly osca t>d—not
fall tug in aud fiodiug " ther • was :.<db--
uig in it"—but I* tug swindled. They
wirw informed at the hotel, and rl>> be l
A trusty gtndc, that there *w no daiij
per from tha cruviiL' U ol the mouutaius
but thu journey ahould la* |x*rfortui*d at
night, as the heat of the .lav war. op
preasivo. They were wlvisrsi to l>e ou
' the cone by sunrise. A gentleman who
was a stranger to them, aud, perhaps,
leas plucky, but who proved good com
pauy, agreed to aii* *mpauv them ; an !
the three employed a safe courier, who
sjmke English, "the party went to Hutu
peii in ttie*'n, re*f*l from seven
till twelve o'clock, and then, at mid
night, after a cup of stroug coffee,
atarted out ou what thov *tl|>l*s<vl mut
prove to them a delightful *xrar-on
By time A U . *ll were at the summit '
The wind howled aud blew the sulphur
on* smoke into their lung* an.] yyea,
, ao>l the fin s only jMtrtlv lighteil np the
ilarknees. Then the ten Italian gui le*
asked the ladie* to d. seen 1 into the
| outer ereU'r, iu ordnr t>> compel them to
pay a fee for an "extra." Tlrey de
dine-1 to go Tlie courier *a. appesle*!
to for his influeooe t* induce them to
I go. Heaimpiy aah*) th*m it tht-y wbsl
to go, and upon their saving no, Void
, the Bl uu no. They became only the
' more efasfw rated, and began q-wirrelicg
with th# ts'urier. He rrms'tuvi gissl ua
tortl. Uit they banten*d htm, clinch**!
their fl-ta. and then went through s
scene which beggars dcscripUr-n k aucy
the night, the |4av, tbe |*r*>i'au-two i
ladies and a stranger, w-th ten Italian*
Iwnt on roht'ing them of money—and
j thear .Uusnoa IWorefth* gUrtt yf the vol
. oano fighting tlb* eoChef hints.-U. The
tallies had desired to be carried np the
cone on the chairs always in waiting,
but were asked foty francs ench for
that aervtce —nearly five dollars for the
three ; ami that iu eonaeqoeoco of the
oomluct of the men no pleasnre what
ever was derived *t the summit. At
eight A. * , thev reached Porajs-ii agAiu,
glad to be with civiliz-vl people, al
though dreucheil to the skin by the rot
which began at seven, and which they
hnrrted through On horseback in order
to be ont of the rewih of all the aoouu- (
.lrels who secme.l to infest the region of
i Veanvtns.
CtntflWling tiur-dhellc*.
The immense aerviee rendered by
oliloroform, ether, etc.,in tlx- alleviation
of pain have been aotnewhat depreciated
b<r the danger to life iuourred IU their
HHP, ami the nitmcrim" fatal case* re
corded a" tbo result of their administro
tion. Many effort* hav been madet>
And a rapiil and certain antidote, bnt
without miww, UDtil a very simple
remedy wan discovered by the late cele
brated snrgeon, Dr. Nelnton, Ilia sor,
while quite a lad, was in the habit of
araus'ug hiniaelf by catching rniee and
harneasing them to toy carriages like
horses. In attaching them t> the miuia-
I ture vehicles they frequently bit him.
i 4 (ml he iudnred bi father to give him
some chloroform to enable I un to per
form his operations without the ineon
vetucnco of being bitten. On "U" orca
siou,having administered the ann-th* tie,
he raised the little animal by the fail in
a perp' ndienlar direction, when it im
mediately turned and tru-d to tiitc him.
, lie mentioned the subject to his father,
Bio, nntm rflec'i'<b wmsidered that
tlw etplatiatioß ws due to the fact that
! the brain, wh Ie being asleep is Mlm<-t
i d out it nto of blood, but that on the post
! tion of suspension with the head down
ward having ooen attained, the circulat
ing fluid rushes to the head an 1 awakens
toe animal. Not long a'ter he hud *an
. opportunity of testing his theory. Iwo
eminent Burgeon* hat! to perform an
joperation at Saint-Germain Live, and
feqnesti-d the assistance of Dr. N, niton,
i He happened to miss the traiu.iuid wliea
! he arrived by the subsequent one. the
! proceedings had already commenced.
The patient was under the mflnenoe of
chloroform, and the medical men feared
from the Bjmptoms that a fatal resnlt
might ousun. Dr. Nelaton at. onoo ad
vised that the head of thetmtient should
be hnng over the side of the bed. and
i the feet nu*ed iu the air. The experi
' raent was successful, consciousness re
turned, bnt, upon the perwrn being re
placed in tied, all the somnolency recnr
red. The trial was repeated, anil after
a suspension of ten niinn'ea.hcad down
ward, the effects of the chloroform were
entirely dissipated. So simple a remedy
ia one which may lie of invuhvible as
i aistauce to medical meu, onJ may lie the
means of saving many lives. - (lalig
nani't .VMbettyt r.
laatern and Middle States.
Aa J -nil J Morris, a Saw Vurk aMsrinati,
waa walkuifi up HI at ti avenue early In the
mormtia a man •mt'teiib .*. fronted htiu tad.
i lUbt'lni rapidly three turn a, ill.api wared
lit the .Istkucws. A'lhrmau M'.rrla made lila
way lo hie limit* whore tin waa a>tended by
physicians. who f unit Ibr-ee aimiKli in the
viotnltv <>f the heart, nmio of then, however,
iieceas*. tly fatal t'be w.model official waa
' una hi* to desert (>• lila assailant accurately, and
( cgukt pot I*ll why ba hail been attacked.
One of the h*aa|a*t hank IHIIWIIM thai
over look place IU this or any olhM ooiuiliy
Its* Jlial <.courted hi Now V. Ik, where the
Mai.i.all an saving* lank waa tillered by a
land of raven 111 a. lei burglar* and ivibl <*l of
neanv Hone nnlliou doltai* in aecwiu,* anil
tuom j, The thieves entered tho batik Jaut
tur'a riaun aseo. ding'n tha story tol.l by thai
Individual hand, oftcd hint and hi* wif.<
and fot.-ed h m lo eurtei.dat the ke>* of ihe
. al.d the a <T*t of the combination of (be
loca, Ihey Ih. II bntervat the vault and r. •
mailed It., re nearly Ihne hours, hr.aki a
open the >*fe and rid iur d of a purtiolt of I'a
c. iiirtiia, earning away 92 717 7 0 in aeeunlioa
and All duo Ui cash. Mot of tlie sretinli a
taken wrw mil negotiable. The hank ..IbrtaU
ia. u-1 a net tee staling lluu In to prevent
loss to d<}Mtellers no pa vuienU would he u.ape
ithiu atitv days The imltre eUled that Oie
• hole affair waa on* of tba uioet remarkable
and myaUrluua IU the atiuala of the depait
lavti'. I
Hyi. r rtri Heals wae luatantlv killed and Jhu
, tteaidet. (Many u.jured at Um Thutna# Iron
Company * initios, ttigli I'i Ja' N. J . by fall
lp iu Ltindred fvet doah au old ahaft.
| Aa. hold robierj has tieeu committed Ui
N-w V> rk the vu-tiut this Utue heing a lady.
1 Mrs Clarence Ogdeu. propri. tr. a of a fah
tnnahle b ardihs-huua* < n Fifth avenue, had
retired for the nißi.t. shortly after e.eves
o'clock. Home ilmt afterward shaaaaawok
awed by a tints* lu her loolu. at d on b>okii R
up she aa* two tin u, wllh masks over th< it
f.oee. It,fore ktra o,d<ii cuid give an ahem
tie IbtrAcera ota(iped a toad ratoraUll iu
ohi.gtif.rtn over U*r face, and • 1* rame no
cv.oae.wua and did not retain her >UIKS uuiil
. early nouu itw y. vf day O/tei leiniesios
: their'vi -tpn help C a .he tl.ti r> rat sa. krd t •
1 anart-. out. a rlpptn* it of tuouey J*wlry ami
.Itlie* VslAstCes ltd t/KJI OU* 'UaOlOtld fl g
fr..ui Mr* Ox'ten a teger and cut ttw *to..o*
,-.<4l* Iter ekK-a li et ntabl mil pat 4.
r vtl? 7 "the ■ vit antntss Mra.tkflen es tuUini
in ai tio.NiUa.Waua twndne, and va lb
Ar: mi.isst. JU the psepw. lu Ure bouse had
tost a .taring mhhary had heeu sosmiitual m
1 their Very lueisi.
Four hundred |iuDdr i 4 i.ifro g'ymr .so tn e
' magstiu aL F* cola i'a, e*p.>ale.l. kUlii g
th o*i iter H O. Oothaui and an,
, j nnkeei. r, and dM%erwa*lv .im.i-a Henry Mr. Afouism wae |4 'klsi up dead,
without a mark uyuii hi* t> dy, whhe Fo*Wr
waa hs.wu to atoms, vul) a fins or U 1 tig fuQnd.
and that was fso butidrvu yard* from tha
act u of the vX|OO*IOU.
four urn were being lower*! to the bottom
of the ah ft (350 fe-et in depth)of an iron mine
at lAi.erti.wu. I'a., h'U the drum became
oti.rranged. ihe cng u* was isvervod, hut
in duiug aO the U(lit w. re lorn from >.ur of
the cog wheels of the mum and the tucket
carrying the miners was dashed to th hottom
Aa a. AMI aa piaslhle after the a cidenl nyw
srv p'otwuvst and two men were soul ilosa
tjie all aft lu render aawstai oc. At the bottiOe
the nnfurieuata wtrw found ail tvealh
ing, but twdiy injured. The rupee **re He. l
rruiad ttieur hodie*, and .utu at a lime tm y
were drawn up aa aarvfuiiy ae poaathla. No
ou • of |i*rm recspod without igoSrn bouea
and severe mOruaJ injuruaa. Oue died e"uti
af •rriaci.tng the autfscw, and twu others died
a f*w hours after being earned to Ibtlf hum. a
TtiS scle on*r Kkirnooo Cap'ain Tyaou.t a
arnvtsl a. New LAI OUU, Conn., fmui her Crete
voyage. Captain T)enn double
of an opan Polar are He says there mat U
water a* the pole, bat H 1* choked
wiui, nr. quanauc* of doating to*.
Western and Southern States.
Iu air affray tirar MarwhallviUa, (la , Joho
Audt-rson was stabls-d aud iirobehly fataity
wcunited bv Heurv Mcltea yoob red), whom
Audtvsnn afterward bot twics, kilting him
At a fi-e iu coal oil reflnety. n<ar Blti
nssre. kotsrt IMU>SIOW snU drill uu kaiiiti
b. re I uns-d to death and Lewi# Ixlcun was
horfK'b rows'ed
Tie Vinrinl* aud Htat* fir tba
futiuc/.a ltichuiend sod the u.lter In Maeoo—
liwai tko . 11. i-r .is*.
A difficult - <xv irred oaar M mot Jnliat
T.-IIU . t- I sen Wiurtelit Sti tThVT.r tod John
Clevd (o>, caused tr* a dtepula about
tor y (iit. claimed to tx- due CRed fr pie*
tug cotuc. ( old *b<4 M>'*birr sod ttfd.
V ant l is Id- art isi xaa I-so. it ai.d gl'ro lu
KH> ;SUM> I sua \\ -rfool to sarva J■
M Wi.ii tr, !>r lUvtwr sud Jehu Oabort t.
at ra •uuiiuoocid to aid turn tn af <<Aiiig s
sm-ot. Mi* (sjraa. iu tou M ar— of tie- > ar. li.
(u to the t.etio of John IV.istiis.n
c.lorsdk siai di-o-xon-! that Wiiis.aoa a*s
uvavib altJWi. lb- ass pi scad UUdu am .
Ttr |K>aaa towsr* QrsveuflL hopio*
to iu —' Ck>yd ou tha xr. Wtaui near Its
rraiilan-e of John T. tha offie r m<t
(1 <,yd an i triad to '**• hiju in fistotf. C' yd
shot VVarf. oi. wbt. ihtii ra nr- ed lbs fira as I a
fall. Tic-hall airuck Cevd ia 'I < forvh-ad
,t.y lif rati MUial* aip-r d. a t!- d d Wa
f.-l Two frtaad* of (load ahot Pr Rsviaer
in tha thigh and m> m. infl e. nf •* oaa wotu-.
Prom Washington.
The rhU-f of the bureau of atati-Uca rep-irta
that lha tuianu—a bctxeau Ilia I'mlr-l Suab--
and hrarl d in. g the vaar r idrap June SO.
I-47- xa at follxwa : Va'Ue uf tx
put# (all to** 1 ) #1 610 f-tC . value uf
fojl**rt (all l*-nail an ie. 4Xca>|*t l*ce
J.l < 63) dl'A9?k **- TUal va'lto uf_ fur* igt)
rxyiOita tu IkacU (all B.e. Laudi~ ). C 76 • 58.
Mr J. A Willlaiuaou if the
a-nnaral 1;>U ..ffl.e hat c-*ip *-iad i-u> auuoa
re or* It -IMX. ibat Uunuy U-a laat ti-calye-r
S 6*6.17* <*r*a of puh ic land* a* re ilt-p-a*il
of. au-l H 01! Dll are*— xi-re UI-TeyJ tt) addl
tioo to tn- 7XI 613 74- acree iirrvtonaty ur
vevi-d The t*<al i-cn.r of acree of public air
mam etlH tin-ttrv*<e4 IB aetn**tb-iig oref aoe
tbouaauil millmna. Theili#pOßlxe-emainly aa
followa : Hnmc-tead aul r-. 4 4IS 344 too a
-inilsr ruliure rninex. t,570.434 ac*a : <ta rt
latxi elitnoa 3IO.US*C ea ; it-t> a-.lrva 677 645
acrex gi area lorar.MMt# lX>6 #4ua*ea. axao p
lan * i1 ■ IBe*l 36 AKIC arret l **th* r gr* nia t>
•Balsa, XI4 9Jac etoaah r*oH-'. il' XI
ifeiaaxi-l oah r ipta ore IH7C 77. 5i 7.
I't.aee ilgniea abux a great ...crt-a-B ia U*e
qctuuty uf land Ukau up b U.a r* ot
art-.a' ae*t!er at booia-trc * au-1 for the inr
ia-ae of iimba. co tore. C- mmit ione Wtttain
aea rromim-Ddi in regard t ta|Mc) ra lrtd
(Bat lAiugrexa ah Uld rill or d*clastbe
granta fisfeiu-o and tiaierr t*r Ui d in dc
p. Bid aa part of the pet-lic ik-Bia'n. or exlni-1
fbdf-IBwfcr tha ( XNIMRL BO* the road- AD
itKTfwae in the aorkiug force of tin office i
call- d for.
Auditor French, of the bureau of ra.lroad
acoouiita. ha- retwr ed t" toe aeeretar* of the
I..tenor that lha D ' ,be tJi*lrl
Pacific railroad refu-e to anhmit ihe book
of the ro d tn ln-p*tlon aud to rei-d-r -uch
acamota aa have bt-en ra lad for UD.'er tire
law |>aaaed by t'a laat Oongreaa Formal
uolioe of tbe n-fdaal will be tranrmiUod lo P-a
atloruay-vensrah with a rv .jo* at that leral
pr. rexafiuga t*a takau un or the act. The
ireualtv for tIM) violaliou of the law i a fine lu
ew-h e.a.* of bcglect or r.-'n-al of not lew vhau
f 1,00(1 uor tm re ttiau to 000.
Porolan New*.
(teneral Qraut waa a witneaa to the attempt
upon tbe life of tbe king of .dpain.
Tbe workmen conneob-t with fle large
ahiphuiidius retabliahmt-iit* on the Clyde, lu
Scotland, hare atra k ay{aint a piopoaed re
duction iu wages.
Tbe Glasgow house c-f John James Wr ght A
(V, |a t>a.iVriipt. with liatsliliea reaching gS.-
000.000 aLd nieagrr assets.
The flaid rrmv with w ich the ameer of Af
ghan* an will ropa with LuiiUiid uun.Ujw
50.000 infantry. 11 000 <wva\ry and 3ioo oa -non.
a in.uig ilie rv-nt hankrupts in F. .gland >•
Edward ravaon Weaten, tbe American pedre
tiian, with iO.XoO of liatalitica.
At a niMiUug ot tbi- British cabinet, Ixvrd
Beacoliatii Id waa man <1 with all upik-ptic fit
tba nearly ti-rnuoaled fata-lr.
The Mexican miuiatrr of pu'aic work* an
nonocKt that the gnrernment ta about u> nooi'-
nate a cooiniisaiiui to urgani/e a an*c alex]<o
ai-ion. to take place i a o<>nwi Wmly early
date, for the exhlhition fVclnaiveijr of vmeri
cau and MeXKWB jxvxlßOU-'na, the aaine lo be
held in the city ti Mexico, under the direct
ia*|.iM of Ik* gnveriUiieut.
The directors and other official'' connectrd
w th the Iwoken lilaagow bank have be* lj oooi
miited for trial on charges of fraud and tbe t.
Ho*, ra pri ininxit offictaia oonnovU-d with tbe
liiaUUUion have fia.l
llrltlnff >ails by Machinery.
The New Z aland Fnnr* saya; Ore of
the most simple, and at the same time
most inoiuioua, implements ou view at
the exhibition is an invention of a young
man in this city, a \1 r. P. Falkner. li
is called a " nail gon," and is naed for (
nailing down flooring twmds. W have |
seen the implement >n use. ami as far as
we are able to judge it Is quicker in its
work, and insures grvater elennlineea,
hau hand nailing oould do. The appa
ratus is not unlike a gnu in shape, arid j
is alxmt the same length. It is kept in
I xwit ion with the foot aud knee, and the j
nail to t>e placed (point down) in an sper
tnre at the top of the concern. It slides
down to the bottom, and then the opera
tor draws up a rod and by one downward
stroke of this the nail is oleanly driven
into the board beneath. A practiced
hand, by this simple oontrivanoe, could
do the work of hslf a di-aen men. We
believe that Mr. Fallcner is now improv
itig upon his invention, and is mukmg a
" na 1 gun " which will be aelf-feeding.
We have no donbt that when the imple
ment comes to he generally known it will
be brought into general nse.
ohial Troche* ' are widely knowu as an estsb
list.eil raioody for Oimgh", Colds, BronchUta
and other trenbha of the 'JTweat i
■ net f,oagt. i 5 els
TkMII NhßblM l.lfc" ■■ •**■ l/"f
Witti ii>* PINT • n<t T*f. tbo *IP im at "!•
n nmv •nil rorr by Sufia U
•l*ine, HmM'W'l H'OMODI Bfor, BIB
tiol only Iwmib op ibo biwl KroHtd ot
urk>, but |>r*ouU Uo r rirtw. li to to
' uul |H to u>iti<lo, out oily *■■•
It An tb" botno* f.r more tbo-toiiiblf, but
•looou orooont At It" t"*tot
On<t nniK> 'l K rto Opou Uko ouUro jr ow.
T"*lliuur l i •mrurrriii, poltl*o • 4 nupl"
•liooiriK tlio rliyj(lT of Ho offooto, on<l
ilit It Is un tot-r" polHotio". I'hjl Uo" 000
<wl" |t orrllvoO". l>4 tbCO U • OOtiOUIQt to
Ant of ooti manleo'loeo from in WJI
ri. <.f .or!. t> iin< binir Ho O.OTIU out boor
in* "Itus sto n *ap>rtofity vnr il>or rt"
tie. f. r tuoUrwl 4looo. It to pwl!lj popo
!r I brim |. Hoot |h Wt, nw*vrr feecr oi><l
•KM !>•-.IN, • It do** in nioaji of tb" fotroot
MM! iuot forttio pnliou t.f tbol ot r||U>U.
Are kai Peeete ties lis tf
Why srefai |ieupj<' el wsyaoompiaieta* 7 ask#
seine one who w. ertath* the popular itwofb
errot.eotii ti'Stett that health li •vwafa'S*
With fat. Pat pea.|>b> < <Xti|.<altl beOaUre they
ato .hsaa.e-t. Oiwit i t* an ahtmnual cottdllioti
.if the ay.ti'tii, in wh-ch the raaebarlue and
I olnariiHMtv of the food we a-eltai
laud lu the parUai aaulueou of the tuuele
fortnitiK ami Ural it laudttHhß elrmeuU. lu
pru<>f of thb. b t mfy i.utaseary to aeaart the
welt ktM.wu fact that wistwaively fat |>ewpia are
Uovvf •trtMiß, SUi) eld.OU fur
tueti'at power or aa'ivtty. they are
tt ear, ( re* of ac'e sad aptdatalr fftseaan.
and they arw the fravpieat vteUaw of RMt.
heart .n-a* aud ap iwaiy. Allan a AnU-F*t
la the ouly kuowi. rwoecy for this dtassse ft
•sNilalua DC aotd. la aheotutely hartalees. sad Is
• arranten to retuedy the Biuet ooaAriaed oasr
or .doMtt) ui ourpuieucy.
It ia M'oaishtus with what rapidity u.orroos
aorse and erSIK uiala.ll * are cored by
lleory • farbolie Halve, an eiterual antidote to
inbeaitbi tvwjd.wous rrf the skin whieb u pre
I fa>red by pbyet. lane u> every other pr-parwiou
KN 4* US lis 'he Carbolic eletoruL It I* sndouUt
dly i ha finest antiseptic and par ft * sxtaat.
1 It acta I ke a charm OS narttieac Srvpttana and
j h.| g-u leau stewwwfui.v uw 'or rh. mna
, usiu aud eore threat AU dra.Rlate sell it.
Famlluelty With the wriOuga of the gruel
poets Is a M-cooet! 10 ah) on* wb . wlehos U>
spiwwo welt if coupaoT. Fur Ifte wa wtll mtud
a book of Id" arieet one fratu the keautlful aael
-tW-a of Mas was 'ho gcod p.auaof Brum, aud
tiy gia -PiaUed igiiigßof Ihirbs, sod to popOiar
exgp. 1 >*amwild MCo 915 ftoe* at, rtola.
The Delete ated
•Ma-c enaaa '
Wood Tag Plug
Tag t'loaui Pouaoou Guawunr,
boat Vurk. ihMtuu, aud Chicago.
rgfnuwvnbof Mi* WOteKIW>
JOl lil*a sVJKUf* In* Imm omd furofcUdw*
iU ucTK-fUUHt *>Jf> a. It eutrm#a *cdil
if tbe (lomkcb, rln>w wind ooUe,
she IwwlN, cut* Or-vs lTj u>d dIUTfeM
•' brtbr* m UUUN (run UUiU4M or Oitaar c*nm-
Vn and oIT-tnJ rwoj1 *JB cu. bottl*
Iha moat eosirmpUttl* fraud that La* barn
treactAeed U|vn (>nu>n and wlbr lit the bat
fo KV ill tba 801 l I [iff of imaiBOBB {<• ek of
oOlur.l o*a* Mid caltla puwihaa. I bare is
<Mil> wta aui i imix a.nwu ui I bla country U
n uiaadn-teratrd, and tbo-e are Hberlda-'. a.
If jon fau to find lißa's Ceulsuauai Haa
Kalre ill Jutir cit* or vilUtfa, • d Wl<)
•B-nf i> tin address Of your t-est druggist, <*%
wtO pat Sim in > •** to ton
9 J Pnr* A Co . 1 "baiae* Maaa.
A thorowgwiy pood HaMoat or Par or Organ
la worth two poor • um Maaou A Hamlin make
ihp M*L Tbe prioa* are a ItiLla hi. bar than
ibonaof 1 >•' organ*. U* tt i> much atiaapor I
to tba tjd to i ktm U boat.
No fstaih in this bruad land should under
take t" kw*h he* *• without Johns u" AnoCvne
L'-UtUjSDt . tnaoj hvetnl to but f*Ul. It la
<ur<n mora to a fuail* than a truole maduine
ll.iu G. U. PorsoUN mayor of lioch ester, waa
-tiUaii. rurt-J of Brvhl ■ Diuaat by CraqCa
K.du*y Cure. Depol 42 Cnivenuty PL, N. T
Tn claanat snd whßs o 'ha t-wah. to awaateu
U.e treads is* broarti (Amieiwlxl taapotu
xaat IVnufrtc* Twwal*-tl*a eauU a hottia
(tat JaokaOD's IWt Sweet Sa ry Tohaooo.
lUeoKTASr MtTli*—rvwtn, Vsal-
IMSaadpsaancaa reralssss oa Ramadir w}aai to Ito
roaIAS' VEWWTIAS |.t!*lMK!rr tar tha urs m
'to -lara OiarMxaa. IhixlXi. (*,. <V. > tad Sta
ilcAaaat. laaaa <aaa>av't| (aw tuxtli Utnaxtx;a
alt aaaan >o>IPB aA ttla) and • totallj to. ,
txawa lo taxti aaa Maadaebe. tWchanSt. Sat.
rhr-wu "aia. Huw. Sxxhtaßt,, Sflajtu
to aaa Xt,. Bat ntf' a bar tw'.rt- it oa tn. aaa> I
t tent it i| xa. TV.- 1 ISSUt* s BcU W>J tntak;
„ mxu. U TVt-ntteSt of Ost OMix can nt
aM t, I J. ■*.!.-, ttxtßlta at Ita aanSattai aaamU..
* .an -t sal.rtwsa* Ot wwwrt at 4 eta. Daps
IfSxn. * V.rt
Tn- la tati.
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N.'(Vaa Jtauta.—.......... ttlß* OT*
fauan iVntw 't%4 "TV
aia v.. •' imooo
V /; u" - . aHA
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xmi #* *"
— • '* * •**
V. : M-diiiiUt.. Ok* 'V
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ran a-a si a*
Wuf,: " ■ *•. ..... *l' J*
Wi,*HUl.xx...—'• 101 •' m
lT I BU. ... i—...... ! V B *'
rlT' S'tu .... !'• i
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u. : M waian * R'h
vra. I 'Mtßi'n Pagradse... * r >ho at
py fre .■ - - a* o Tt)
ra. p' Cxi --- -- A to
"*** KtwUr W~o . • •
ard ; -aaa. .■ - • *•• *■ *•*> ,
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Mo. tynocx Itlx J OM ♦*)
Pry Cod, car V*. ato w •to
t tetol)*. ftoaiad. |>a *a*. 7 S 31
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•.x 1 Otjicrata rWum. M # 0 f
Tuw -"wo , .... 0 •
Astiru*.tri'iiW*..., • " * •' 1
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actor etas- Cuxmsry ........... * • *'
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C*-iceiJ ....... " V W
FVrtcry ...... M "
-!*asaa ; •* raovßrj '*
Ht W:BU.S.„— ... * • *•
Vgia* Sloe ard Paaiaji*aM.... B d 8
mt tat ia.
H4*% aaM •*' #
•SSauiu Z • •*
tsar—l**TlVlte.*Vl , ...."
.ojafti -iUr \lxlrt.... M . ..... to || f*
.y, I 4 ii
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asrom-n-Orad-.. ... i* litoeSH * <••*-. '•
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raw. is to
1>,.r.--vla... —~ M • to
tact Can a. Ci • 9i a e*
iTef...... * 4 *
•ton.—Wtaronau asdXUnaMCCa aTi yi T
orj- -M' . ..... . ..... ....... II d n
alt- " ... ... to 4 to
veal—Athlo aud ?x>r-ua XX. '4 4 SIM ,
Calllnr&lB i;vln*.. .x... I 'td '•
ntaami>. aaa.
-.oatCaC.. 2 f .
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aut*...M.Mx •x • • J* d
loir . taato u.
xATBBrnwB. K*aa.
i*-f OBitia— eoor w carlaa 0* • till
.Baap <4*d IV
: -a** sH
A Vevetahlp Prr|*rwU, tawaitol tn tt*>
fT:h rrniury lv nr. VTIUi-.m nr., Honrron m K u
June.' HinxwS Us wuc) So ciue-l ibout
S r.!, „f o, mo-i "nrx-. snd wounds that
hiffl,,! (h# ski i of S" ml milwsl pinMMnot
bU dev. sad Wiw wanted by nit *lw knew hiu, as
s public Uaofsctor.
njixH wenT-i. r sety.s me. sait swrrw. ctfirtAiw,
.r KKU-.r. KSK urn. knvsimjis. UMWOMU,
*au! nt*iN , inui-im KOW,
rv-t*A runt*.
M'All*, SO**'- fIOSBS,
iw. n*n,
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I.i j*. AFO*w. miTjojas,
Lt priuJies, BCULN
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run IUTCB R JT&KK rnNnfc,
and si I cutaneous <Uoa.** snd crupnous geaeraUy.
Three do son Baxr. 1-1 kroeaV will k
JUU Otil -•,< veeaai- paid, on rccrlpt
•I 94.00—a boat Icvcn cpata a box.
raurskrt) rr
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: cy
$ lO i 525 aLTLrWrK NoveHiw
Outfit Free ZnZt.. t
'■ H W2WttISXI2B.E? m
MM>i>Mlm< M—rit >H rw
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t MIR njme Kf'Mi wouUW ft(|„
4 Mnn rimi*,! 1 "!! ' WVC.
a r*is iirH" 1 ewuiii" l ft I DO
8 -tmaiMfrtts . . BAuy
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IMI. ••At' Ml 4|l<M >J" I OKA
HT<>RKI^• • <X> ,T* MIIMM I"M>, MMTI*S.
MB '
j lb* UMliiiHßul •>■ > IM uh MK MmMMMK
li. imliilu , •..<••'• rM
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.2,MM> ti. t< Btri •a ■
ri >i (hi * !••• ro* iifw. ...
i4db.. M. . •P V
! KIM BUll
fir—.'. r mil* nil* ■paa.ny^**
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Ezcanteaa u Liuooia, Xebracka,
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1 P'Tt Urfr-
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Sat#.. .m< *.#o uy aq. •ymmmmrnM**'
; N kumm# r* • jy.l'.Yty. y?r
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Fun urj J-Mi. If* Pijjiitm M Oi'Jf*
OOLt> Mil) ml, I'M TSfi> UKJM OyM. #~
TV taiMM u ilMkd Faut M UK
The Father Mathew Remedy
b • WIM Mtf '.Mil aaa M ■••• •! M
abv a <ji •• *liMaiw Uiflu <*4 MM* •#
tti ■#.■ an ■ *••## m •.>*.■■*■ fM>
Intra,,, at. l l .4aU#ara, a •!*■♦• UMMp
lal a 111 rraat, all B.aiaJ a*4 T*>**ld,fc.
pr.Miaa. It 4m r-ra aar tial af rim Pit
nrtu b4 T.mFtorrT or m um. * B p
(.'urai • I mm ■■> Pmmmkim am "IMA Ma
KC>ca <• i (.• bmmmm •-•. 4 liiauit in m •
!>.•#." MM a a Parark larnvTiartJUMt
ni> M#rcr#<Tvaoia Qa.. M Ea4 K. IM r#*
Far Hraati al PalUk, a<l, Übr.tVtt
llaaaa, Oataktll'T A I knanna FbutM.
SulMi BKO-„ rraf'n, Caaaaa. Ma—
Kf S U -' ' ■ -■ fS
lloar-t*.. .Jf •# UMarv- •ocrm.tna.Ma4 IMO
tar*# Owat.l. oMaaaa mm u4 M W# maf *MPf£
H aaa of Urn Wart 4 Mar pu.-.MmA tl—B# allW*
r 1 -d-tfet#. Pt-
Sa| iW P AJAIS K \ POSIT 101.
itKi}/ *Jf ■
& . B a."**# HtMt#lm#fe^'aa. vnrrMkktk
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/ I ;H IM*.l<Mi
lit Itiiifc# !.***
• '.♦>' t..TiIMT. rn .••
\ I 1 I. 1,.; *M
Kivn IMA, Ml ntW>,H.
tn • lif#r>r .!! 4|
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cua. I if. |taa#4v -r-ui . a# ■
K. r. ■< < :•-*•-• rt t - ■"" • JT 1 - ." ij'l
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I. .... . V .... I> • f raw p
v. (V ..-t f -a# -anrra'~l jaa"?- a4 will •
M.-4 •>•#.. . . tana a* at **#•• ieHt f mwak M#
vrat, n#■ # ur a rrar l # ,m4 Arat- ja#Vr
an'artan. a <S IV** ir . #an JMi H.l T
rW. W,^4°
HKU* f twikn at iiartlh MnHlWi
tBtrIU mmi .44 a# UaWMa KM A
0 t,,a, *rHMi Mkrrat*.4 T~J
W.l 11 M #a.l ttaV • H fll JE (
• M.Tlltarklß. K| r Tlsr ABLkf
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jicru t tt I Ha Bwiroto.
4tl .rat. la l l apt af art* R1
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Attn I LAISK. anal aaa, fart M ■
1 IrraSara. u I ■
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c. aci *'M Afir ' FTS*T *TCVA MH 1
Hn< AIM vt..aiari..a. It. f. ep— A
J/ / nai\ \
/ /B.M U \
/ ysETH THOMiIS\. \
tt \Ka*rtL rui*V2*.S II
1* Us Old lalitbi* CuMttnlH Lj%
saaampannseM* was let sesame Bses
••ft Md fetus kw enirhly.
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Johnson's Method lor Singing Classes,
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Sewing Machine
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30 Union Square. Hew York-
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Fleah Wounds, ROOD M Pnuftnr,
External Poisons, Cracked Heel*,
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Gilts of all kinds, lime Back,
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Poll Eviir~~ Toothache,
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Cracked Teats, Flatstance.
Calkins, Inn—, Caked Breasts.
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Foul ('leers, rarer. Corns, Whitlow*, *
Abteaa of the Udder, Cramps, Boils,
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