The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, October 24, 1878, Image 4

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Tfcc l.tnncl's Vr.
OJCB 1 x*w a wee brown Munet
binning on * tree,
I lancing on * tree.
How her feet flew every minnte
As she (tsaoed *t me-e- .
How her feet flew every minnte
As she da.uoel at roe
" Sing a song for ins, wee linnet.
Sing a song for roe.
Sing * song for me."
"Ob, Miss, if you'll wait a minute.
Till my mate I see-e-e ;
Oh. M.s*. if you'll wait s m nuts.
He will sing for thee.''
••> you, thsnk you. wee brown linnet
For amusing me.
For amusing me ;
You have danced for many a minute,
You must tired be-e c.
Ton hsve sung formany minnte*.
Yon must tired be."
'' Thanks would starve us." cried the hnuet*
As he at me.
As she danced at me—
" Should yon sing like tin* ten minutes.
You would want a fee-e-e ;
Should you dance like ibis t< u miuutee
You would want a fee."
" Taivton me, I pray, dear linnet.
Fly down from your tree.
Fly down fr. ro your tree.
1 will come back m a ruinate
With souSa e<d for thee-e-e ;
I will oome back in a minute
With some seed for thee.'
—Mr* A. A, iVesft**, in J®. JffrkiiM.
Tfce Rrave t.lllle Mswrr tilrl.
At the entrance of one if the large
hotels iu Boston, you will frequently
s-e, at noon, and early iu the evening, a
I t tie flaxen haired girl, with buttou hole
bouquets to sell. iiho is rather tall for
her *ge, has ,4 tweet, gentle face, sad
looks as if she might have a story—and
*.< she has. Well, here it is, just as lit
tle bltto eyed Mary told it to me herself;
1 though it does read "like a book,"
I ftud it ail true :
"I WHS nine years old, ma'am, when
I first began %0 sell flowers, but that foui years ago. You see we were
very poor. Father was dead aud mother
was sick iu bod. I was the oldest, and
there weie lots of tittle One* younger
than mo. Oue day mother was sicker
than usual, aud we hadn't a bit of ooal
in t':e house, oeanvthing to eat Mother
had just twenty-five cents left in her
pocket-book— thai was ail— but I hap
pened to remember how au aunt of nune
need to make a good deal of money by
selling flower*. So I asked mother to
let me have the quarter to see what I
c mid uo with it Well, she let me have
it, and I went right to a florist aud get
xome flowers—it don't take many, you
fc'Mr. for a button hole, just a little bit
c:"(CD aud a few buds are enough
and then I want around to the St.
James' aud some other hotels to sell
them. Folks were real kind, ma'am,
aud I made fifty cents on the first quar
"Ever since then I've kept on selling
flowers. I never go near the saloons,
ma'am, bat I have fennd good sales fer
my bouquet* at the large hotels. Now.
I always come here, for the ladies and
gentlemen ail know me, and do a great
d al to help met Sometimes they give
me great oeantifnl bouquets, that 1 can
matt up into fc-v of little ones. Here
arc some of them," and the little girl
showed rue two or three dainty little
bunches—a pansy and white pink with a
bit of smiUx between rosebud and
heliotrope bouquets—that she sold at
fifteen cents ncee.
"Tiov navd to give me nice things,
too. to carry Some to mpther—pieces of
chicken, yon know, and sneh like. Why,
there's one particular place in the din
ing-room now, where they put my brown
p.q r "tag ; and I m always sure to find
it full when I go home at night!
Mother .< 1 last winter, abont Christ
mas time, so I live with grandmother
now. I"- tally, I earn about six dollar*
a week that 1 carry home to her ! but
sometimes I can make ten."
Brave little Miry! She tells her
story in the simplest, most unaffected
way; lut I know that for nearly four
y. xrs she w.s* the sole support axul com
i >ri of that poor sick mother and those
little helpless ebihirea. — H'idc Awake.
The New World's Nomenclature.
The names of American cities are a
study; the face of the continent is stud
d• witu illustrious names as thickly as
the surface of the moou. Washington is
of course the favorite; he the father of
tne couutry, has left his autograph in
every State, if not in every county of our
confederation. The capital of the repub
lic bears his name. Twenty-seven coun
ts or more bear it; of cities, towns and
villages, there are not lees than one
hundred and fifty Washingtons, besides
the Washington Hollows, Washington
H ight*. Washington Lakes and half
a dozen W ishmptonvillea. If there be
gratitude at baptismal fonta, Americans
are certainly not ungrateful to the man
whose genius- achieved their freedom,
an i wh >-e virtnee founded their em
pire. Franklin has given Ilia name to
•bout t wenty counties ami one of more
parishes, to one hundred and sixteen
c 'i-*s, towns Sad villages, to say nothing
of oompoanAa of his name, such as
Fraaklinton, Frautlinville and the like.
Jefferson add Madison follow these
worthies, there being nearly twenty
counties, with no less than eighty towns,
villages and hamlets named for each of
these presidents. There is nearly a
quarter hundred Jeffersonvillee. Lin
coln has his name preserved in several
Western eonHties and townshios, as has
also Douglas; while Fremort, and mili
tary heroes, have given their names to
several harulefs. In time we shall have
Stanleys, E IbWns, etc., in plenty. There
are at least thirty-seven Miltons, and
several with ue Miltous
burg. The* are quite a number of
II amp Jens, .ad seven Sidneys. Crom
well dnds tiv cities named after him in
America, and Sic great admiral of the
commonwealth has given his name to
two B lakes burgs and one Blakcsvilie.
There are several Napoleons, Nelsons
and Wellingtons. Next to. Milton, By
ron among the poets seems to carry oil
the prize of popularity as thus tested.
No less than u dozen" towns and cities
bear the poet's name. Nearly twenty
towns are called Marlborough ami one
Marlbrook. Commoner names jostle
each other oddily—Troys, Londons,
Homes, Jerusalems, Calcuttas, Cairos
and the like. There are twenty Viennar,
8-venteen Ihsboaa, and twenty-two
Parises, but not one Constantinople.
But the City of the Saltan in these stir
ring and trying times may now look for
these trans-jkHantic recognition. Every
event iu Europe seems to write its story
on the blank spaces of the new world,
for already there are a dozen Kossuths,
comities ami towns here, one or more
villages named Jenny Lind and
Bismarck, while LarmarUne baa seven
towns grofflng laurels for his brow.
Curiously uuoiigh, there is not a single
Bhak >neai\ though there are not less
than three and two Hamlets.
41! Editor who Wouldn't be Cowhided.
We find ibis story in some reminis
eeiiciee of Justice Mtiler, of the United
States supreme court, written up for
the C nciuifcti Enquirer, by George
Alfred T<wnwnd: Judge Miller .related
■mother incident of the fighting days in
Kentucky, when an editor by the name,
I th nk, of Mattbewson, was applied to
},v a citizen of Richmond to famish
h*iu with the name of the author of a
j.ersou ii graph in his paper. The
editor replied that he required nntil the
next day to see the author and get his
permission., "Very well," raid the
caller, "yon give it me to-morrow, or I
w'll cowhide you for concealing the
mime of 2fo miscreant? " Next day,
•it the iterated time in came the
'p-entlemiaStu pursuit; of , avenge, with a
cowhide iniiis hand, as he had promised.
Matthew** said: "I decline to give
the naniqiJf the author. I have seen
1 ini aud^n^Withholds his permission."
' Very well." said the man drawing his
cowhide— but at this instant the editor
shot him dead. No judicial proceedings
followed these little Kentucky pnvi
Experiment* with Rattlesnake PHINIII.
An Indianapolis llnd.) paper says:
A series of experiments w* recently
made in thin city by Dr. I. It. Huyuc* ,
with the view ot studying the effect* o(
snake peisou npon the blood and tissues j
of the animal system. The experiment*
were witnessed by Professor It. U. Pi- j
i>er, of Chicago, who caused a descrip- ;
tion of the same to be pnbliahod iu tin*
Tim** of that city. One object of the
experiments, a* stated by the TVinm, !
was t< note the eftecta of the p>ii*nii
with reference to its use as a remedial
agent in certain eases of diaaaaa. The
eliief factor iu the experiments was s fine
rattlesnake about elevt 11 years old and
thraa and a half or four feet long, which
Or. Hayuea has confined iu a wire cage.
Some thirty animals were used in the
experiments, sneh ss rats, hens, pigeons
and rabbits. They lived varying peri j
oda after being bitten, death m*! follow- '
ing in an* regular sequence of tune, as
s generally believed. One rat died in
eight minute*, one in twelve, aud the
next rat lived twenty-seven hours, the
next one surviving twenty hours. A
pigeon died iu seventy-five minutes. A
hen, which was struck three times, j
lived for three days in a stupid rnidi- |
tion, and dually recovered.
The symptoms were labored breath
ing, paralysis of the hind axtretailia* in
the quadrupeds, and absence of blood in
the extiemities. After death the hearts
were found gorged with txlood in a fluid
state. This nou-coagulation of blood
Professor Piper was inclined to attribute
to fright or excitement just tadore death.
It waa uoticed during the experiments
that the suak# apfieared e[ alile of strik
ing from several different nositious, ac
cording as it suited his convenience, but
when about to strike there were always
two lateral curves of the H-vty, one buck
ward and one forward. The rattlesnake
spriugsouly two-thirds of his own length,
and always strikes at the neck, or as high
up as he can get. Iu the experiments 1
iu this city every animal t>ut into the
snake's cage was struck iu the neck, ex
cvpt oue that received the fatal blow
immediately over the eve. The anake's
faug makes a very small wound, and but
little blood escapee. Inflammation sets
iu at once. The animal struck seems to
suffer very little pain, but to be rather
in a stupefied condition. Human being*
are said to suffer acute pain from the
wound. Iu the course of the investiga
tion here Professor Piper trust to get au j
idea of the method in which the snake
struck, but it was impossible. The
snake's motion wa* so rapid that no eye
could follow it. Lightniug was not more
sudden iu its movements.
S me additional facts concerning the ex
periments in this citv are described m the
Jim** as follows; " L>r. Haynes ent off
the jioints of the teeth of a large rat that
he had put into the cage, lest the snake
should tie rendered incapable of perform
ing any experiments. The rat tried to
keep away from the snake, but the latter
felt that his premises were invaded, and
struck at the rat. The latter, partially
disarmed as he was, at once turned
roand and made a sturdy fight for a few
seconds. He bit the snake, and the
snake struck him three or four times.
At last he felt the effects of the poison,
and walked off as far from the snake as he
could get He lived for twenty-seven
hour* after this. A dove put iuto tb.
cage exhibited no fear of the snake, and
showed no sigus of suffering after being
struck. Nor, in fact, did the wound
seem to have any effect on the bird for a
time. About an hour after the wound
was made the bird's breathing was short
and hard. This was the first symptoms
of poisoning, and in flfteeu minutes more
the bird was dead. Iu the ease of ail
these animals no blood flowed after
death, and yet the blood at the heart
was not coagulated. The authorities
differ a* to the liability of the blood to
coagulate after a snake bite, but in all
these cases the blood was unooagnlated."
Saved Becju*e She Could Swim.
The London Standard says: Among
the few survivors from the terrible
wreck of the Princess Alice are three
members of the same family—Mr.
Thorpe, of the old Kent road, a young
man seventeen years of age ; his sister.
Miss Thorpe, who is a year older than
himself, and his brother, a mere boy of
nine. All three owe their lives to the
fact that they could swim. When the
t<trribla crash was beard and the doomed
vessel began to settle down, these
three children —for children they almost
are in years,, if not in courage and pres
ence of mind—found themselves strug
gling in the water. The boys, it would
seem, were somewhat separated from
their sister. They were both picked up
by the same boat, and were, when it
helped them from their perilous posi
tion, swimming side by side. The sis
ter, who was older than either, achieved
her own safety. She struck boldly out,
and—in spite of the encumbrance of her
garments, the force of the tide, the
darkness of the night and the danger to
which she cannot bat have been sub
jected by the frantic efforts at those who
were straggling aronnd her in the water
to catch and cling to any object within
their grasp—succeeded in reachiug the
bank. It seems little short of a miracle
that, nnder snch circumstances, a mere
girl, not twenty years of ago, weight**!
with her heavy woman's dress, bewil
dered by the suddenness cf the catas
trophe, frightened—as she must have
been —by the terrible nature of the
scene, and helpless for want of her natu
ral protectors, should have been able,
single-handed, to save her life. The
feat is the more remarkable when we
bear in mind the fact that Miss Thorpe
is not —as are some young women of
her age—a swimmer of endurance.
That she can hold her own gallantly in
the water the result has sufficiently
shown. But she is merely an English
girl who, like her brothers, had been
taaght to swim. She has never at
tempted the distance from London
bridge to Greenwich ; she has never, so
far as appears, competed for any prize ;
and, were it not for the fact that she
owes her life to her own skill and pres
ence of mind, her abiiitv to defy a sharp
current ou a cold, chill, dark night
would be no matter of public record ;
nd yet the exploit she accomplished is,
if we consider it, almost marvelous
The tide was rushing swiftly down ; the
water must have been cold and lonnmb
ing ; the night, as we know, was dark
and foggy ; there were round about her
all the horrors of the scene ; the " last
farewell" was rising from river to sky ;
in the water the stragglers were grap
pling, in their last agony, each with
each—and yet through all thwe horrors
she fought'ber way with a calm, quiet
confidence which men who have stood
under fire and confronted death in other
and even mere sudden shapes might
well envy her.
The Spirits He Smrlkd.
Ata recent trial of a liquor case the
witness on the stand was under examina
tion as to what he had seen in the defend
ant's domicile, which he said ho had
visited " a number of times."
" Did you ever see any spirits there,
or anything you regarded as spirits?''
naked the presiding justice.
" Why, yea—l don't know but I
have," was the reply of the witness.
•' Do you know w hat kind of spirits ?"
" Yes."
" How do yon know ?"
" I kinder smelt it."
" Well, now," said the judge, straight
ening himself for the convicting answer,
which he supposed would be given,
"will you please tell me what kind of
spirits it was V
"Spirits o' turpentine!"
As soon as the roars of laughter thai
rseulted bad subsided, the witness was
at once discharged, the opinion being
that his testimony was not to the point.
Dan Newman, of Sierra valley, Cal.,
killed 205 blackbirds by emptying only
two barrels from a shotgun into a flock
of them the other day. This may appear
a rather improbable story, but it is
vouched for by a half dozen or so reli
able witnesses. The birds were huddled
together in a grain field where a thresh
ing machine had shortly before been in
operation, when Newman fired at them,
and each shot seemed to have brought
down a separate victim.
N>hla Mote..
The old scoop bonnet is revived.
Trains are not so long a* last ye ir.
Elbow sleeves are very fashionable.
laxee pendants are attached to the
fronts of wide lace collar*.
The latest novelty tn veils is black
dotted, net lined, with white illusion.
I Oordttrov velvet* will l* largely naed
! for the underskirt* of wiuter costumes.
The embroidered handkerchief cap*
worn over s round tuob cap of Itruaatils
net, edged with a frill, are called
•' Creole cajia. '
Twelve and six button white kid
gloves are ahowu for evening wear, with
' the small mother of pearl buttons in
stead of gilt ones.
White barege ia used fox luwxpeustv*
bridal dresses. Hush dresses are trim
• med with white satin add garland* <>f
orange blossoms.
On some of the dreawee for next sea
son sre to t>e woru saoriea that 1*
to say, plastrons, pockets ami cull*
composed entirely of feathers.
Black felt bouuet* in close pnueeaae
shsjie, trimmed with a band of cashmere
feathers, or else with an AUaeian ls>w of
velvet ami satin ribbon, Will be pipular
!y worn during the tall ami winter.
llnUst-sha|Hsl buttons oome iu colored
pearl, in brass, iu steel, ami crocheted
ill colors and iu black, for wiuter dresses.
When two colors appear tn the dress
good#, the round silk button is of the
lighter color, nearly .oovered with cro
cheted netting of the darker shade.
Satin, this season, has unusual eon
shlerattoti Plain satm will be very
much employed, especially black satin
in oombiuatiou wit Ik black silk. There
are also satin striped grcs grain and
lengthwise outvied silk- 1 , with satin
striped, aud plain nutir** anlit/ut*.
The newest black velvet bags are etn
hroidered iu gold aud tu other colors iu
fioral patterns. Wide velvet la-Its are
wrought iu the same colors to bo worn
with them. Plain velvet bags have gilt
bands and monograms. The old-time
1 leaded reticules are again revived.
Hosiery for the fall is in hair-line
stripes around the limb, ami is embroi
dered up each side. This is not new,
but promises to IK- the popular design.
More expensive stocking* are of solid
dark color, with the instep and ankle of
a light shade, *tri|>ed across with ptu
-1 cilled lines of the ilark oolor.
Mrws Bad Malra Vbaal \\ mmrm.
A Spauisb woman walks in the Paris
1 boulevard leadings dove with a ribbon.
So woman can l>e employed iu an
Austrian railway office imleaa slie is
under twenty-five and will promise not
to marrv under three vears.
Elisabeth C.-uly Stank>u has prepared
for the eonung season three new lectures:
" Home Life." " The Rights of Cbil
dreu" and "The Peterkiu Family."
M'lle Marguerite Oidel, daughter of
the principal of Henri IV. college iu
Paris, has just passed with success the
first part of her examination a* Bachelor
of Arts at the Paris Faculty of la-tters.
The young lady is only sixteen yt am of
age. "
AH honor to that brave Wisoousin
woman, Mrs. Charles Schlevs, who left
a luxurious home in Milwaukee to nurse
the sick in the yellow fever hospital at
Jackson, Miss. There is more heroism
in such an act than leading a charge
smul the fear-forgetting excitement of
battle.— Utica Ht raid.
Chicago has a woman's medical col
lege which has lived through some
eight year* of varied existence. It i*
called the Woman's Hospital Medical
college. I)r. W. H. Byford is president
of a faculty of sixteen memlier*, aud Dr.
Sarah H. Stevenson is professor of physi
ology. Candidates must be graduates of
a high school, or its equivalent, or they
must show a teacher's certificate from a
county superintendent of schools. In
the absence of either of these they must
pass au examination before the faculty
on the branches of a good common school
Mrs. Van Cott, the preacher, wan born
in New York city, and she is nearly tifty
years of age. Her father was Major
Newton, manager of John Jacob Astor's
estate. He became insane. Marrying
and soon becoming a widow, she attend
ed to her husband's business of drug
broker. She was converted ou a Fulton
ferryboat while thinking about religion.
Becoming a preacher, she traveled
through the couutry. and she counts
more than twenty seven thousand con
versions as the result of her labors. She
weighs 225 pounds, and is now iu Cali
Waking up the Baby.
Just at dust the other dismal day
r the children, the oldest of whom did
not seem over ten years old, were hud
dled together on the rickety steps of an
old house on Beanbien street. A pedes
trian peeped over their heads to read
the number on the door, and the chil
dren looken so frightened that he asked :
" Children, where are your father and
mother t"
" Father's lsen gone way off for ever
so long, arid mother goes out to wnali
and hasn't got home yet," answered the
eldest, a girl.
" And vou are all alouo ?"
"Yes, sir, but baby is on the bed.
lie's been asleep i.n awful long time,
and we can't wake him up. If we con Id
we'd play hide and seek and let him And
" Is the baby sick," inquired the man.
"We don't know, sir, but we cau't
wake him up ; I touched him and toncb,
ed him. and Charlie he tickled his feet
bnt little Sandy never moved once. I
guess he is awful sleepy. Don't yon
think you could wake him np ?"
" I'll try," replied the man as he
went in, aud when the girl hat! lighted
the lamp he followed her into a bod
room in which there was neither carpet
nor furniture. Pushed back against the
broken wall was a poor old straw tick
and a single quilt. He bent over to look
at the child, and the first glance showed
him that little Sandy was dead. On the
window sill were some pieces of bread
and a cup of milk which the children
intended to feed him. The dead child's
hand clasped a rag doll made of an old
calico apron, and its thin little feet aud
pale face were evidences that it had
known sickness and hunger throughout
its brief life. While the children waited
for him to open his eyes aud romp with
them and drive the gloom out of the
house, the angels hail whispered to
him and his eyes had nodosal to behold
the splendors of heaven.
" Won't he wnke np ?" asked one of
the children, standing hack in the
"Children, you mnst not come in
here nntil your mother comes!" he raid
as be left the room.
" Won't he be afraid to wake up in
the dark, they naked.
"He will nleep n long time yet!" he
whispered, not daring to tell them (he
truth, ami aa he went out they put the
light in on the bedroom floor, that little
Sandy might not And darkness around
him when hid aleep had ended. Poor
tbinga f They knew not and they conld
not see the crown of glory on the dead
child'a brow—a crown whoso light all
the shadows of earth ran never darken
in the leant.— Free Pre**.
Archers were a formidable part of all
ancient armies, and the use of the bow
seems to have lieen known to all nations
when first discovered. The Hcytbiaus
were the best HDcient archers, and the
English among the moderns. The vic
tories of dressy, Poictiersand Aginconrt
were chiefly gained by the English
archers. The Scythian bow was of horn.
The Euglisb long liow was five feet six,
and they were made of steel and brass.
Arrows were from three to five feet.
Ash was used by the English, and goose
feathexed, two of the fledges white and
one black. The heads were iron or
brass, with light steel points and small
barbs. The strings wore of gut or hide
or hemp. A sheaf pf arrows was twenty
fonr, and the archer was armed with* a
maul and a dagger. The English archer
drew to the ear steadily. A furlong was
the distance of the butt in shooting at
marks. The Parthians and other nations
had horse archers.
Th Mun-KaUng Nbark.
Tho warmth of ihe water in tmpioal
latitudes aorma to hare tho name client
nil the mo tie torn of the deep that tho
rlnnato haaou the tempernnieiit of man.
Tho barracuda ia anvape ami aptfrensive
aa a tißor, and tho onto! voracity of tho
king of tho (hmnihal island* ia quite
eolirveed by ttie horritdo, treacherous,
stealthy tiatnro of that is pirite, llw
man-eating ahark. ft ia stated, ami
front what I liavo hoard 1 aui iiicliued to
think it ia true, that tho ahark prefers
wluto uion t> negroes, and will only
attack and oat tho latter on raro OMNA
aioua. An Knglish frigate's orow ou tho
edge of tho llaliaum hank killed suty
of thoas tn-maters in one day'a ajx.rt a
fow years ago, so numerous are they iu
thoao water*. Thia might hare been a
uioaua taken tiy tho ltritiah government
to rovonga itaolf, aa on s>>tue ravage
tiilM< ri'garrtlopa of diplomatic rmiou
tranooa ami fh onurteey of nations, for
tho lilierty taken by tho sharks with tlio
crow of an Kughsh ship-of-war aouie
yoara earlier. Tho Magpie schooner
waa cruising off (Julia for pirates when
alio was struck by an "ovoye" squall
a wind coming with.ait other warning
than a small round cloud m a clear ky,
rushing with tho rapidity of a oauuoti
latll. She was over in an luatant, and,
to make a long story abort, tho whole
crow but two were devoured by a school
of aharka whieh were lying iu wait.
(Hiding in among tne horror-atriekea
crowd of scanieu, they played with theui
for awhile aa a oat .iocs with her prey.
Hut the tlrat taste ol bhaii was like
alcohol ton druukard, and in a few mo
ments only two of the crew survived iu
a boat which had (touted off from the
vessel as she went dowu. After they
had been in the ivoat several days,
parched, starve.) and roasted by the
tropic suu, a brig hove in sight, slowly
passing two utiles away with a very light
morning air just tilling tho sails. As
she did not seetu to see the boat, one of
the men jumped into the water and
swam off to her. He was followed by
two sharks, which kept him company
the whole of that long, awful swim.
But he scared them off by Happing his
jacket- the shark Is a great coward.
Just as he was about to give up the race
in despair, the man at the w le-el looked
over the rail and saw him. A boat was
lowered, and he and his shipmate were
saved. Nothing one sees at sea so sends
au involuntary shudder through him as
to ice the edge of the dorsal fin •( a
shark floating like an upright sparou
the surface of the water. You know at
slice that mischief is lurking there.—
.(ppfrtun'i Journal.
Ihe Olile.t Huiltiiutr in >en I rig la ml.
The oldest building ui New Eugltuid
is the "Ctmlock house," situated on
Ship strict, Medford, MMuchuetU,
one mile from the town-bonne. It wa*
bmlt bv Governor Orftdock's mechanic*
—tlie owner never left England—tn lUB4,
or two hundred end forty-four yean ago.
It i* ou the north luiuk of the Mystic,
opposite the " Ten Hilla farm," which ia
in Somerville, on the south hank. The
Ten Ildla farm ana located by Uem&or
Winthrop, a year or two previous to
11i34, but the bouse he built wan of wood,
and a hundred yearn ago gave way to
the present old mansion on the farm.
The Cradock house was locwtei) opposite
to Governor Wiuthmp's, in order that
Winlhrop might have an oversight over
the mechanics x>f his Kugbsh friend, who
was a leading man with him in the
Massachusetts company, organized by
royal charter, and probably the richest
The mechauion of Cradock w.-re ship
oarpenfera and builder*. They bmlt
their hon sea of brick from clay dug and
burned on the sjuit, probably the first
brick made in Massachusetts, save at
Salem in and not excepting the
pilgrims on'lvmouth, whose firwt house
was bnilt of i.igs. The Cradock house
is not only the oldest house, but it is the
first built in Medford, and the mechan
ics who lived ia it founded the ship
building business for which the town
was no famous. The house, as before
stated, is of brick, is two stories high,
abont fifty by thrty-five, with a roof
neither " gambrelnor •' pitch,** hnt
i a compromise between the two.
The walls are pierced with four port
boles in the fn nt and two on each - end,
through which it is supposed the inmate*
could attend to any Indians who might
hsve had a disposition to be trouble
It is a quaint-looking old building,
apparently good for another hundred
f yearn, though the front wall ha* wabble*!
a little out o( plutub by time. The house
ta well worthy of a visit by tlioae inter
estcd in American antiquitu-a.— l\>ttcr'
American Monthly.
.1 l'uz/lt-d Hoy,
The young iwn of a widow litring on
I'ark BtrxN t enteral the liouiw> the other
day with excited step, and called to hta
" Yon'd better get this hottae all slick
ed up, for there's • n? range man gomg
to call aa ftoou an he gets through talking
with the grocer on the corner !"
" Man with the gas bill, I KaptKawj,'
was her indifferent reply.
" Not by a jug fnll *!" continued the
Ixiy. •' He' all dressed in broadcloth,
ha* a big gold watch, looks a* if he
owned a bank and he wot usktug tne
abont yon."
"Is that possible? I wonder who it
can l>e ? What did he a*k 1"
"He asked if yon were as handsome
as ever, ami if yon had grown old very
fast, and if yon had married again !"
" He did ? Gracious ! but who can it
" I don't kuow, only he ia good-look
ing and rich, and—and— !"
" And what did yon tell him ?"
" I told him yon wouldn't marry the
best man in the world, aud it wouldn't
do fcim any good to come spooking"—
" I'll give you an awful licking if yon
don't split the rest of that wood!" in
terrupted the mother with sudden ener
gy, and he was run into the back yard
and given a cnfT on tho ear aa he left
the door. He leaned on the axe-helve
and surveyed the windows in wonder
ment, and by-and-bve he mused:
" She is alius saying she's going to live
for her dear children alone, but if this
looks like it then I don't know tho famf
ly ! I'll fell the next man that the whole
six of ns are on the marry for taters in
the cellar and a posish in society 1"
A (roil Free Pre HI.
Comfort in Ntnall Room*.
Iu furnishing tonall room* so that they
will bt> comfortable aa well tie tidy, a few
rules mnut be observed. The wall-paper
should be of some small pattern, iu the
llrst place. If the rooms are low, hnug
the pictures low, the more space there
is between the top of the picture ami
the ceiling, the higher your room will
look. It is a very common mistake to
imagine that the higher *lO pictures are
hung the higher the room will apjtear.
The next to be considered is the lurui
ture. Anything large ought to la avoid
ed. It is not the quantity, but t!w size
of furniture in a room that seems to
crowd it. A number of small tables in a
small drawing-room will take np fat less
room, and lie much more useful than
one big one. Eveu the ornament* should
he chosen judiciously; they ought all to
be small and delicately shaped, and har
monious in color. It is not easy to keep
a small house tidy nolens yon have plen
ty of places iu which to Stow away
tilings. There is no possible room lor
large chests of drawers, chiffoniers, or
eveu that conveuieut thing a box otto
man, iu to limited a space as that we are
considering. One must resort to shelves
and small cupboards, put up on the wall
in any unoccupied corner that can be
fonnd. Even tla-se may lie turned to
orua*ental as well a* useful purposes,
for nothing is easier than to get plain
deal cupboards, painted black and gold,
and with pretty designs on the panels.
Shelves, too, covered with cloth the
same oolor as the curtains or furniture
in the room, add to it* effect, and help
to keep it tidy. It is by no means im
possible to live very comfortably and
tastefully in a small house.
Half a dozen onions planted in the
cellar, where they oan get a little light,
will do much toward absorbing and cor
recting the atmospheric impurities that
are ao apt to lurk in such places. Dr.
Foot*'a Health Monthly.
■ ■•turn and Aniridia state*.
\\ ll(l is supposed to have txXNI UlB shock of
1 ail earthquake was frit along the Hudson,
from Wot Point to IStrlnklll, ttin other mom
lug. A rumbling round |u reeded ami foi
) lowed the shock, rlilrh loafed about thirty
minutes, irilling windows and waking U|i
A nil-days' ehauiptoushin pedestrian mstcli
between LUnlol O'LnP *ud Tla-iuaa Hughes,
t.s.k place iu Nsw fork, suit *•< won by
U taui. sliu covered 4(13 Utiles tu Ills up
ponsot'a 310. Ttis siulwl u fur (ho chuu
|i|ou Imlt, won bv O I.ssi vtu louden some
tluie ago, sud slsait 40,a o persona aers j>re
out during the f uise of the match.
A tire In I'stersou, N, J., dnstruyed por
! t on of the l'asaalc i oiling tulll, dou.g damage
in Its •!<• nt of over (bki.Ono, and throwing
j dun hands tew|M>rarily out of euitduynieut.
Tlio aeeood cncket match betaestt the Alls
j Italian eleveu and aa American teem look
place lu I'lolad. IpUia, the Ujnvottaats of the
visitors being • picked eleveu from the V un ,-
America club. The ma'.-b resulted In s diss,
I the A Inn leans having 34'.'runs and the AU
tialiens when tunc was celled
At Wood! rntge, sit miles frotu New Haven,
Cnuu . the cloUtlug of Mrs. Jacob Knur caught
dr. from the kitchen stove. The sufferer
rushed nt the haru In a frtrnny. sod rot hug
stunt the floor set the bay and building ou Ore.
Shortly after she rushed into ttie open air, her
clothing having heel! burned off and her body
literally roast.d black Hhe jumped tutu a
sell to aaeher sufferings ami was drowned,
though her burns were sufficiently serious to
have caused death.
A lire tn West Thirty fourth street, New
York, parliollv deeUoywd the large piano manu
factory of tieorge Hi.s k, entailing a loss of
' slcml (till (UNI, on which th insurance Is In the
I vicinity uf dso.uoo.
Au .vicursion tram, consisting of twenty cars
and two krc-uaotlvea, was returning from a
regatta on Kilver lake, Mass., and when atnul
seven tulles from ttoslon the engines jumped
the track, oarrylug wilh them Ave cars, ail of
winch were stocked. The am-idsut >currej
i at the YVolk.ton gravel pits, where there la a
slo|ug enihankineut of s .ute twenty feet. The
•v .ndin lot had orUored the brakes applied, and
the engineer of lire eeouisd engine had applied
j a presuie of ninety five pounds when h<- felt
, his engine J mip the track. His engine pulled
t' e ft'st from the track, and IsHh piuugel
down the euilMinkuieut in a wreck. The tig
g ge car, which lmmedtstety fallowed, was
pushed slnng the track and loft standing. The
compartment car strut k the t-uruer of tho sec
j ond tender and had its eutire aide turn out. In
this were UsUiug uiou and their ladies and re
I ctrtof-, and every person ou the left hand side
} of the car were either aillnl or badly injured
; The neat car was hurled to the other side of
the track, and broken lu two. The three fol
, lowing cars plunged down Ihe t>euk, and were
l>ded upon each other m one mass of broken
) timbers, with hundreds of people dead, dying
and letrihly hurt jammed togethai u an inex
trlcahle confusion. I h.-se in the care at the rear
etpertenced a slight shock as of a sttddeii stop,
hut sat .juietly for fully fifteen miliu es before
ascertaining that there was aor sc-rlotl* trouble.
The sceue iuat after the crash was a repoUUuu
of llis tmefmiiientiy drawn ghastly picture -
mangled 1--.lies of the dead lying in the huge
confusion of broken care . the injured living
struggling to free th.-tneelves , m.siuu g men
{ with t-Token arms aud atiattm-d legs lylug
helpless, here and there the al ghtly Injured
rushing about in aud helpless con
dition . and v.anic and distress r.. rywhere
YYutd wsa unuiedlalel- telegraphed lo lkwton
aud relief or, wtiti phratclans on h>ai-i and
tna'erlt) for the wouudnl was at once tent
out, while the townspeople of WolasbHi end
the local pbyaM-tant were pro... jg to lend g
hands wheleVrr poeathie Keagan. one of the
1 prtuctpalalu the day's boat race, was arm ng
the fatally injured, aud he dlcal eriou after his
removal from tne |*iace-oar iu whwh he had
beeu r.dtug wi h the managers of the race and
a number of leading local celebrities About
twenty persons were kilted and over 10l in
t jured more .r lees severely. Am ng the deed
aud wounded were several members of the
By aa explosion of fire-damp la Ihs l"r>>pret
•haft i t the t-rtagb coal company, u*or VVliko*-
1 twrrs, Fa., Jsßkui* L-wie, (ivcwge lasher (iotiu
W t .iuxiaa sud Jams* Ruaruta four minors who
•o a! "virk together in a dletant chamber
orre burled agamat tbo aide of the gangway,
sad received u,June* frvm abteh they dud.
Tt: other day aboat forty large wagon*.
pfnmlnl by bora, ho wal the inmate* of
bouse!- of their approach, went through the
street* of Now Viak and person* accompany iug
tl r-m gathered clolhu g for the yellow fever
sufferer# of thr Hoatb A large juantity of
cioUung of eirrt description aw obtained
Twelve buildings—one of tbsm a large chair
far-tow on huly flrat and adjacent at lest ain
New Vorfc, were J**t roved by tire, causing a
to i'f about ttOO.OUO, on wh.cL there la a
{-arUal plan ranee.
Wddtarn and Southern State*.
It? the explosion of a boikr >u Hatclil'>r
sawmill, at lorinan Mtation. Mich . Jeose For
man wa killed. rd four other men wrre
-nou*!y Injured. The mi!! was totally de
l)!Bcer Usee, of the Chicago pohca, was shot
end instantly killed by a man driving a wagon,
who wa# acting au*ptou-!y, and who dia
apiwared after tnurdcrtug the poboeman.
Much alarm <n oocasiontd throughout
Ktnaa- and C dorado by an or.tbpeak among
the Indiana, who lef' Ib- ir reserratxm and be
gan to plunder and kiii the at tiler* and ranch
mni. Seventoeu tawjiee of white*, who bad
been murdered were found. United Stale*
troops were ent in pur unit of the marauder*,
and settlers and stock turn organised for de
Heury Grwftoobaum, ex-preatdrnt of the
. (lertuan uvuig- bank of Chicago has been ar
retted ou the charge of embeaaltng 4225.000.
IVputy Ilevenue Collector Fhtihpa recently
r. turned to Nashville, Tenn., b--m a raid
aiming dlir I disthiertas in Overton, Jackanti.
F- litres* and But nam eouutu-a Several Ail
d.#til!eru- werw destroyed The revenue offi
cr had a aevwrt. fight with a party of about
fifty men, armed with long-range itfi.e and
p-t. don a Idnff. Four of the distiller* were
killed and other* wounded, but (ha officer#
filially retreated, for want of ammtinftxin.
I The Octidier elections in Ohio, Indiana, lovra,
and Waal \ Irguu* hav# t-oen l>ald. vntii varying
rv-sulto. lu Ohio, on the day after election,' th<
ancceos of the Republican Stale ticket wa# con
-a-l<il; tk* IVmocrwUi nlftotrd tlirtr Slate Ucket
' in Indiana tiie llopubtlcoiw Uieiro in lowa, and
ui West.Yi'gitna the entire liptnoeratic con
givwsioiAl ikiiegatwu was declared elected. In
several of the congressional district* Us con
test as close.
The tin-en hack or* ele-tr-d two v-ngriwameu
in lowa.
The Missouri Kepnblican Niate convention,
in aasskm at Nt. toui*. nominated a ticket
Itradrd by Alexander F. iMiuy for supreme
court j.idgis on a bard-innney platf-mu.
A boiler explosion at Burns' mills, near
Hope, Ail, , killed two meu and severely in
jured several others.
Charles Everman and a neighbor, wlio were
cutting corn in a field near Ilecaiur. 111.,
became invoivnd in an aftercatioo. Kverroan
struck hi* iw-igbbar three blow* on the neck
wltb k corn cutter, severing tho bead fftito the
In the Indiana legislature the lNm<*-r*t*
have a majority of about six on j--int ballot,
insuring ttann the flection of a V nitcd But*<*
senator, to succeed Ibmiel W. Voorhies. The
cotigrsasioual delegation stand#nine I>emocrat*
to four JU-publicau*, a Democratic gain of
In Ohio the Republican plurality on the
Rtate tirket Is vsrioaslv estim ited from thr e
to eight thousand. The congee* mina] delega
tion stands eleven Democrat* to nine lleptib
-1 leans ; a gain of three for the former party.
A prairie lire m Hwift county, Minn., cleared
everything in its track on thirty *<piar<> miles
of territory, compelling the farmers to flee for
their safety, and MMriM tlie farms of all
combustible material. Where once were hun
dreds of prosperous farms, all is now a black,
desolate area, amTw-areoly a dollar of property
remains. The farmers m the Are-devoured
regii'H are deddnto, having lost everything
except their lives.
From Washington.
The United Mates steamer Plymouth has
sailed from the Portsmouth (Ta ) navy yard
for Santa t'rux to protect American resident*
there during the insurrection. Hhe carries
twelve guns and -JO oihoers and men. including
twenty marines.
Government clerk* will be allowed ten days
to go home and vote.
The presides' ha* published a proclamation
commanding a!! |M>r*on* iu New Mexico, and
espcctailv in Lincoln county, who are obstruct
ing the execution of the law* of the United
States, to disperse and go peae.-ablv to their
respective abodes on or before Oct. 13. In ac
cordance w th this proclamation. the secretary
of war sent the fallowing to Gen. Sherman
• The president ha* issued a proclamation
declaring thst. bv roason of nnlawfnt obstruo
tiotia, combinations and assemblage* of ier-
SOIIS the law* of Ihe United Stales within
• tie territory of New Mexico, and especially In
Lincoln county therein, cannot be enforced by
the ordinary Course of judicial proceedings,
stel commanding the (icrsons comprising such
combination*or assemblages to disperse end
repair urawably to their r.-specttve abodes be
fore tea Iv® ©clock. n<s>n, on the 13th Inst.
Tht* proclamation 1* preliminary t" the em
ptovmerit of troops of the DdM State* to pre
serve the pemca and enforce the law*, in o*e
di*tnrbanv and nnlawfnl oombtnation* con
tinue after the time named. The president,
th. r> fore, direct* that yen Instruct the proper
military ofltccr th*t after Ihetlni* above men
tioned ha* expired he will proceed ta. disperse
bv military force all *urb unlawful oombina
tJoßH or ami-mblage* of i*r*ou* within '.he said
territory, and that h will by tbe ON of tuoh
force, anil so long a* resistance to the law*
shall continu -, aid the governor and authori
ties of the territory in keeping jieace and en
forcing the laws."
The number of silver dollars coined up to
the ninth i* 17.0(H).000. of which not more than
■J 000,000 ire I*-1 loved by the tresoury depart
ment to be iu actus! circulation.
From reports forwarded by ten of the l-ge*t
nostoffirea iu the oountry, it I* believed the sys
tem of TigiHtration of tbird-olse* mail inslter,
which went into effect recently, is a success.
| {Secretary Sherman haa decided to iaaue legal
tender note* of the denomination* of $9,000
and tin,ooo, and designs for the platea are
now lad tig prepared at the bureau of engraving
and printing. The highest denomination of
United States note* now ianiied is #I,OOO. The
uw note* will not lie issued until .fan. 1 and
are Intended to take the place of coin oertil
cales, which, tt ts eipeoted, the notes of Ifat
largei dnnomlueUou will In a great measure, ll
not entirely, supersede.
Porniarn dw,
The etoi y is revived ttiat mauv colored atU
sens of the Culled Htales are held In h-odagi
on the island of Cuba, havlug been kidiiap|>ed
from the Htales of Klcrtda and l. mlslaua and
sold Into slavery. Curing the progreaa of the ou the Island of Cuba, tuvestlga
tton was obstructed, hut as difficulties are imw
removed by the restoration of |eace, our gov
ernment will promptly act on all reoroeenta
lions from re|msilde soureoa charging the
kidnapping of colored (itlcehs.
The whole of Itosula and llerMgovtlia is
snlMtunt and the country is In tba hands of the
Atisttian army of vswupatlon.
Ha ad Hetdsli Par ha and 1M soldiers
htm wsis massacred In Albania hv Ihe Itifurt
st.-d luhahllanls when they were informed by
the |l.a that the suKsn of Turk. * had sen
him to arrange for the transfer of Podgurtlt
to MonteuaffVO,
Au iusanffictp u among the colored jsipula
Uoti of Hants Gnu. an Island tn the West
Indies, is re|Hted. lire insurgents burned one
town, d. slioyod sugar estates and murdrrtd
several leading planters. In one engagement
the h.aurreoUonhria ntre touted and 300 of
litem killed.
The Pacific mall steamship Ooorgta ran over
some concealed risks on a sandy (sunt tUi
miles uf Panama, and became a
total sink The passengers and crew were
saved, and tt was thought must of the cargo
would be recovered. Ihe vessel Was valued at
The Canadian goveriimritl has teisgued and
Mir John A. Mcliouald has been lull beted with
the formation of a cabinet.
Over 100 estates on the island of Hauls Ctu*
were laid waste by the tusturertiotdals.
There has been quite a panic among per sous
holding stock in lAM.don gas companies owing
to the discover y of professor Kdlsoti, the
American inventor, that by the dislnuuttou of
electric light a rbaajwr Illuminating agent is
al tamable.
Ths %'elless fsisr svrwerae,
A New (Ifleans dispatch of the foort'i to a
New York paper give# the following fearful
details "The f> vol seem - slid to ma utaiu lis
hold UJXIU the outer borders of the city, more
especially in ths rear aud lower limits with a
further extension out of Algiers up lo (Ireins
tu the center uf the city only a few cases still
linger. The best authorities say that there i
have nut been less thau twenty-five thousand
oases of fever tu this cvty up to the present
tune, hast night aud this morning, annum
panted by two physicians of the Howard and
Young Men's (Jbruttau associations, lira, j
t.rossrt and Unorge Hlutnpf, 1 drove along the
rear jiorlusu of the ally, where large numbers
of our |w.|utlutiou are now suffering from the
fever. In some places 1 found two, three and
four chihtriu iu one twd, all down with the
fever At one plans there were eight in the
family father, mother and aix children some
sick and some well, hut only one bed for them
alb Hover al 1 found iviug on the hare floor,
having under them only a few rag*, and with
filth and vile odor* lu every aurner. la this
bouse I noticed one of the pollen s partkcalerly,
a young girl of about seventeen summers,
with handsome, regular features and large
dark eves that wera iueijvrwsaibty sod Mhe
seemed sinking amid the squalor and inde
cency of the apartment At another place 1
saw four children lying ui one bed, all of
whom had learn taken sack within a few hours
..f each other Hull another family was vkUed
"here three Children had hewtu stricken duwu
withi u about lift ecu minutes of each other. It
seems mar vci.ios thai many uf these caatw ever
iwcovrred. Home would take no medicine what
ever, In one instance, through the Ignorance
and stnjadity of parent a. the medicine was
mixed all together, and ail givter at una does.
The great tendency with the children aeetns to
'w toward re la j wing Ona little creature had
had two rvlajwM, utrna through eaUng acorns
after be had town up and about for sutr days.
A considerable number of the patients i saw
bad no strength. indeed, they seemed to have
beru utterly broken down before they warn
taken sick. Home of those had nut taken a
mouthful of food fur several days. There waa
filth, destitution, and almost etarvatluu, every
lus deaths from yellow fever, in the places
named, up the aixlL were as follow
New Or leant- ... 3.171 Water \ alley. Miss 17
iiatou Itottge, La Id Ocykft, Ml** 17
l\a<l uetullHj. I.a . 65 Jackson. Mi ... 9
Patterson tills La. 'Hernando. Miea.
Unbo-leant, I.a 34 Hay St. I *>ol*.. .. 37
j Morgan City, Iji lOKUoxi, Mi** 14
I UabadicvUie. Ia . 7lsi i irean Miwruga. M . "it
i Port llada, Ia 13 Tetrv, Mssa.. ~.. 13
1 lMbi. U .33 Hefuge, Mia* ... 15
' ffwrr limns LA 'jn (IrasueiUo, Mio# .380
' Memphi*. Twnn ..2,713 IAKO, MIO# FTW
Chattauf >'*, T. . 4i- itlckuiau, hi 105
; Uruwitsville, Tstin. so Ixtuiavtiie, Ke 41
1 (Irand Junctlim,T. 54 (iaiiipult*. Onto .. Id
' (irwnada. Mi** ... 274 ( .unmiiali. Ukio 14
' IA (iraogf. Ti-tu. 21 Nt I*mi*. Mu 41
i NaabvlUe. Teuu . ft Chldftgo. 1
Holly Hprtns*,MiM XSVCortu. 11l 12
! Vicksburg. Ml*a 1 ("O* Mot-lie 17
(laulun. Miao. ... 11* Kev Wast 5
Port (Itboou. M-o*. lift
l'aaaUhnstiau Ilia ft; T0ta1......... 3,933
Urv Owvd, Mice ft
There have been k few doaths aj*o at atUftl!
town* in Temaessee, Minaka* pfg and I*>uiaiaoa,
of which no are*! rate report can IA made. The
total unmber of cases has In New
Orltsans, 10.4*5: in Hatou Runge. 1.497; in
i 'anti-n. 745 . in Memphis about .OW. and In
; Yickebutg about 3.00(1. The rhatruMui of the
relief comm-tlre, a! Holly Hpnnga reported to
{ Burgnoti tieueral Wo dworth, at Waahmatoo .
I '' Our ait nation t* indescrlhshls and mme would
ttelicve ti uhkfas they caw fur themst ires. 1 am
(he only riuaeo who has not had the fever, and
almost daily the trfhee has l-eeu *wepi of clerks,
nif-Ms-tigara and other mpk>yes. I'hem is
great deoUtution among the pn-plr. and we arw
ning every mesne to (wry-nt suffering. Von
j hsve bten exceedingly kind U us. and 1 vrtll
> hereexprnsa our deep and lasting gratitude
From Baton itouge, l.a . ojumc the foil->wing
| dispatch dated toe seventh : ** tine hundred
and eleven new caves and eleven deaths of
yellow fever were officially reported, witli one
. physicuui to bear from, during forty-elgl t
hours ending this rooming. The aoourge ta
; steadily and ooustantly dxmg Ma work. Them
is no prospect >-f abalcwm at Tbs weather
omit tinea hot and opt wee-an. A great many
, re*sw are reported as doing badly. A cry fur
asdftUtim is oomtug from ever- Tbs
- Howards are sorely prvamed. Their axpeuars
I now amount to hundreds of dollars daily, and
[ their rwooun-ee are fairlv roelunz away. Km
* (stance is u.w much tiewied." The fttssMship
J -bu M. Cbknit-era, from HL Ixuiia, laden with
cftpphee for infected imtnt* 1-etween that ty
d Virkatmrg arrived at Meinplii*. Surgeon
i Keys, on botn) the steamer reported that
i 11<0ktuan Kv , was the only place between St.
Louis and Memphis needing stares.
Reports on the tenth staled that the dowAse
was spreading in Temweeee. wbils in Nickc
hnrg, Mi**,. ime of the tisanly afflictefl c-tiea,
the plague wa* on Ui* decrease. The following
<l patoti from New lirleans to the New York
| //r'.iid will be read with inDreat " To-du I
; bad an opportunity to obowrve the admirable
cvatfMu die Young Meu'e Christian association
have adopted lu attending to their yellow fever
liaiienU. All their employee*, cxaept nurses
erst diiebww, Islair incessantly to alleviate the
•ufforing* and sorrows of the ck. and give
tbeir err-ices without the slightest compensa
tion. looking for their reward t-nty tn the
estimation of good men and what they hops
for in the next world. The aaeoc stum em
braces among its members Kirns of the most
re#|* I'tntl men in the city, and is a charitable
a*—.-nation in the tallest, broadest sense of
the term Each meinl-er has his district, and
the nv-ment a ease is reported at tin- office—
indeed, ofteu before ii is rejauted there—a
mem tier visits and takes charge of it. This
promplcnssis most uuportanl. aa many case*
rvtpiiri- attention at once ; often |fUuts die
befort- a physician can get to them. Oho poor
creature the other day wa* found lying in a
chicken coop, and a whole family was diecov
i*rwd in a mere shed, the roof of which was par
tially covered with au old piece of tar ran In.
The'Vonug Meu's I'bnstian association is uu
gularly fortunate lu having some of the 1-ost
young pliy-aicxans in our city. As sufiicieut
time has now lapod suioe my visit in the very
worst district# in town. I am now ali o to indgw
of tins. Ail till eases I saw than, upward of a
hundred and there were some vary desperate
one* are doing well, with two exception*. The
case* under the car.- of Dr. M. F. Orosart are
|>artloularly noticeable for the care with whiob
they have l-(-n treated. Till* energetic young
tihysician, who since the fourth of August ha*
iieen going inceswantly dav and night, has at
tended 275 oase* an 1 has lost only twelve.
This good Kamantan, 1 am informed, lias not
only attended the sick free, but, in some
I instancoH, ha* also buried the dead at hi* otvu
coat." _____
Holland*** Mar with Atchecii.
Th© 1 >ll toll have Htill got that war uu
their hands in Atoheen. Th© contest
ha* nnw Iwn UHgmg for shout eight
years, and has cost tit© Hollander* ft
pretty penny. A correspondent lately
writing from Amsterdam says, "The
Atoheen war ia likely to ruin onr tl
uancea. Heareely has the chamber ac
corded a cmlit of several millions for the
war than the government find* itself
under the necessity of asking for new
subsidies. This time it asks for eight
million*. In order to oover the deficit
entailed by the war, which has already
involved a loan of forty-throe millions
of florins—the government haa had to
persuade the chamber to oonaont to a
tax which has stirred np lively discon
tent among all c.hwc*." Atoheen is the
northweat portion of the great ISIO of
Sumatra, which at the nearest point ia
distant only thirty-five miles from Java;
but Sumatra ia 900 milea long, and
Atoheen the portion moat remote from
Java. The Dutch have always viewed
Atcheen with great jealousy and dislike,
inasmuch aa they regard the vicinity of
a free and independent state as setting
a hwl example to their Malay population,
which ia in a state of nerfage i'ttle re
moved from slavery. The Atcheeneae
are the most advanced of the native
racea of Hnmatra, and are evidently a
very formidable foe, with a great deal of
ataying power.
To oleinaa and whiten th* tenth, to aweeten
the breath, tine Brown'* Camphorated Hapona
otxms Dentifrioe. Twenty-A re oent* a bottle
A Ifrwlib-tlearrwvlea Vewwr
, la gwneraied by the aetiou of the nun's rays
' npou damp, oecarlng vegetation, stagnant
pools and marshy, (nw lying tracts The true
nature of this miasms ts by no means clearly
understood, but tl.are are two facta U> relation
to it that are The Mrst is, that the jmrtndloal
4 fevers which tt breeds are of the most virulent
type | the second Is, ttiat these matadtas are
rarely cured, although they may he aatelio
taUd, by the ordinary re mediae employed tn
overcome them. The true antidote to the ef
fects of miasms is Itrwtettar s Htumsrh Hitters
This medtctue ts one of the most popular
remedies of an age of auooeeaful proprietary
e|m-iilcs, and Is In irameriM drmstid wherever
on this coutluent fever and ague allots. A
wlneglassfill three tunes a day is the beet poa
slid, prwparativs fur ehcuuntaring a ruaiarious
atm.wpliere. regulating the Itvar, and luvtgor
atlhg the stomach.
The Pal Vise's Pee tee. lee.
We ran are some pleasure, if no reason, in
the coo wuii.g ufa bwhy show, hut we aoarese
, wecoillt nevir see the a Ugh teat cause, reason
! able or otherwise tor a fal man's coavenUua,
I unless 11 Iw Ihe fee* that misery loves rem
I any. lor ttfty or a hundred men whose sea
<>rsl weights range from two hundred in thiWe
' hundred pounds In hold a couvstiUon simply
twmaose of SO much surplus avoirdupois, ts
abssnd lo say the least. Ii becomes eo
■ 1.11. We redact that ohestly ts a disease. What
would we think of as many parentis emanated
' by ooiisumpikm holding a oooveotnui to cum
I are Umtr relative weights t Therw ia hot cue
ground spun which we would advocate another
fat men s i - uvoiilion. and that is that the* will
meet In discuss the merits of Allan's Anil-Pet,
' the known remedy for obesity It is safe
and reliable Hold by druggtsla.
The professional indorsement which has beau
accorded by feaduig medical men in varum*
)*ris of the ounutry to I>r. Win. Hail s i>stasia
for the l.uogs, ts a suffioleut guaranty 6f Its
efficacy Ui erailtealiug diseases of tbe hraeth
lug organs. These gentlemen have thoroughly
, tested the lemedy. and Vbpu eanrerrout MJ
muuy is tu ihe effect that it la a positive
fur long, bioiM-hial and thrust affecUona of
everv description, and a most rwltahle preven
tive uf that dreaded scourge, aunsOßiptinti.
firugglsts set) It.
Por upwards of thirty years Mrs W tNMIAJ'A'V
HOfJTtnNO KYltt'P has hewn used forehlhlras,
wph iievei -falling tit ourreete acidity
of the stomach, rehevca wind oolle, regulates
the bowels, cures dysnutary and diarrhcea,
whether arijatng from teething or other eaosee
An old end well tried remedy 36 eta, a botUa.
Ttie (V-lel-rated
Wood Tag flag
iHa Pu-wzaa Tonaouo UoariM,
New York. Ikwtaia, and c'bioago.
Familiarity with the writings of the great
iv*-ta la a nr-rawalty to any one who wriahwe to
appear well in company. For 10c. wa will eend
e hook of 160 selection# froth the beautiful tool
odww (iI Moore, tha grand |eauof Bytou, and
(tie nueouaMed MBtfof Burns. and So popular
tonga, Desmond iCo 916 ltaoe at., Utile.
A Fav<maata Noroaiati. —1 b goud rwpw
ation of " brown a bronchial Troches " for tha
relit! of oongba ©old* and throat diseases,
baa given them e favorable notoriety. Tweuty
iieerU. a UX.
The moat dangerous freer* are typhoid, fctl
totia. malartoua and gaatiic. These all < algi
nate in the stomach, liver or bowel# and may
I* easily prevented. One of Parsons' 1' art alive
lilts each night for a week will drive disease
from tha aywl—L
A missionary Just returned says he rwgatd*
Johnsons Anodyne J-iamout a* beyond all
I we, and rfflcaaious beyond any other msdi
' cine. It is adapted to a great variety of special
cases, and is lbs boat pain killer in ine world
Thirty of the beet organ makers of tha world
are oucnpetltura at tha Pans Finortinti. A
cable dispatch to the Associated Press mere
two highest award* have barn awarded to tha
American makers, Mason A Hamlin.
Hon C. It. Parsons, mayor of 1 loch enter, was
radically rund of Hright s Diana as by Craig's
Kidney Dure. Depoi 42 University PI. K. I
1 t-ea
\. rn.. N. V. A PA. P. O. 11l KK( Tt*.
J. J IM. * Co of CbsWa. Mam., an anMwm a
Buait-o## DtloeUwy, is s back wtl be neurdad eas uwdar
IB sack lews and cuj wb* ta* he tan Pike's Oaoleeolal
ball Kbests Halve Tot diaeana of U>* akin, anek aa
Halt Kuan, km Up*. ('Lapped lUata Out*. tans,
Koala#. Ptlaa. Uww, honteea, lugroeiac Malta. He.,
tkn aaive fea* we oqaai
I.HPOKTANT NDTI' K. Parmero, Parol,
laac end OtMass ean peecbese as Itnaaadf nqsnl M Dr
TVIBIA*' VkftrriAM MNIMKNT fas Iks sees of
Üboiosa. P-a-tScna lijMeiisfj. ov si> Ocdas and Han
•trktxaa. (*Ju* taleraOlf ill la scrtsllj besmla-s an*
sakh aevwmimirlag aaek kettle) and osTsrwaltf fee
( atonic Kloantl .*is Hoadaek*. TuoUiacfen. Hare
Thr-al, Cat*, bursa. Meelknoa. Hruaao, MaoqWfo
Mssa Old Hers* Paioa m luaalt*. Back and Ukcea Tk*
VKMrrikW UNIMRNt eaa ittleedne-d la MM?, and
no no* otto baa ocod H kol ooottoooc la do aa. aaci
*< allow it II eac Tee Itollafe a 801 li* ikot w0.3
t.i.f I* e-itk ol H of tWoAoaaoe eae be
aeeeattba Pepof.aHeaa-.osol >la woodertoi
impuHM hold b lb# Pruiu at 4U. . Dopot
4 g Murrar #f_. Mew York
The Market*.
•WW lest
Beef OtWa-RMtn..._ I* • Oi
Teas# and Cfcsraka* C*J# OS*
MUflhOew* ~*._..K>o *•> J
Koga—Use. ..... mff
hrssesd kvl fih
1anat...... ■■ ......... M fi CSV
doe--MiactlctU'ldands ....„ It'.i IC*
etpwr-Wmsore—tt-tel u. Obaloa. 4!• gt H
HtaU — Ohoiet IS Fancy 4 < • 41 ft 10
Wksat-No. W if ftsw
trute Wat* l of 1 ft
bye-Bl*-- # ftl
Barley— itansds No. !...._ t It Sft ' '0
'"Wis—Mixed Waslerk. ZTtl#
(Wrs—Mla*d Waaler* Ungraded ... tft # tft
day. per cwt.. OO # '.ft
Straw tier t* Iwmg Ry# .. W (A SO
Hans— ihted m Prfat* Mew Crop. . W d t
Pork— Extra Family Mots .—.IT ift ftll M
Laid—Oliy maatb. .<o# ftft-fto
• tab -Mackoral. No. I. Bay 1 UO ' 00
Mo. 1 tVlncs Edw'd] to 10 ft
Dry Pod, per ewi...— Tl ft I
Barrtus. 8 aled, par b0x.... U # t
l atrolsem—Or* • .0* 4ft-* fc Msftwsd rt\
Moot —Oaltforr Bprmg *1 A Jft
Texas . a • •
UiMr-wa* Cmorry.,. ...—a... I* ft ft
Oreamery .... "ft # Ift
Dairy .—. 0* # 1*
ji actory (ft a It
(Iftssss-Mate ractcrj. Oft f 10
Wale htte med. 01 A 01
Wasiern f A 01
■gga—4Mat and Poeiv*ytvaHta. ... 31 A JIM
Fleer—Pwxore eacif g-*a Mo. A 4 fty A ftO
vrueal-Bvd IVnnsylvwnu 1 t A 11l
t # !•
oSn-T.foe - 'ft A ft*
hall Mixed..— - .... MMA *0
'Jai —Mtaod A
i aiMlsam—Grwds..— ..JlfMAVtM SAnsd, 0N
Uoo! - pfxera-J0............ ftn Aw
rwxas..— Ift A '
Oklsfernia...— ....—.... k A ft
flnt.. ft A A***
W.Taat H*d Winter.—. M A
0 ru-M art - >3 A **
0i15.... - - - ft A ft*
By* '• A I*
Barley 1 10 A > 10
Barley Malt 1 00 A ' •
Bssif Oettia..— Oft A MB
5H5J1...... . . AM A WTI
Hog* ABA B
Floor— Wisconsin and Minnesota ft SO 4 IK
• lorn-Mixed. ftcNA **
->s4o— " J# A It
-tool—Ohio and t-snusylranla XI. ft' A M
Pattfomla.. 13 A
BkIWHTWW, eat*.
Serf OstUa..— ... 04 A <*B
Ktiesp..... C*BA (<•
k1cha,......................... .. 04 A tl
ings ... 04BA I*
w* two to wit, mass
Best OatUe—Foorto Okoico..— . rfc A Id
HhfWß (ft A *B
ftrS ... 14*S (ft
I 1 dm
MM. | f -
A VrvMtllf PrfMratUa, tnwnt! In th#
IT:H rr ntunr by V*r TtlllUru Mr*##, Burgvon in King
JAM#** army. Through It* ARVIICV HA KND thou*-
uint* of th* mot! arrkm* norm am! wound* thai th# *kt I of th# vnnwt rmfm-nt phimtrtans of
hi* fl.iv. and wa* rrfrardtvl try all who km w him a*
a jnihUo bra?fuuUr.
n.r-tt wot-wpa, nm urn**, Aif given*. mitvuna,
t jir i HKAfrr, noaa ur%. rnYxmcLA*, lus'tHi****,
f vixftts. SCALD WKAT. CHAWED h OT**.
caw ania r* u
M \JW, MM. rti iaa,
! ATM VIM, ffivh\ Hnit*sa
n* m vs m*r Aju*. aoaa.
"■'*T V . ItlWj WHiTLOWa,
- huifiau TAN,
r# j>. ffti*, *ct-*TT,
I IN t iftowtMf VAits. vtrrru: BAWV, MOCKJITTO AXD
rutA BITE* iiunt rruiw*.
An 1 tnifiinrwi* dlmiai and eruption* rmeraUy.
, Throe dozen Boin 11 —I gro**, will he
! Ift t WdbTSi (ex -eaeege said* at receipt
ol H.OlHibsst eleven cents a bos.
Onw Jx*aoPf Bwrt Nwry Tobfeeo.
UILUPII" • ••*
/!■• \ ►ITR.SSRSUWW.'CJ / <P9 1
feFaagaEßSg flH *
The Father Mathew Remedy
I* a MTTBIB aixt >BBfe ear* fat MMBpNWa l*fr
AJVF ILAMIUU ** BLWUIIBTW !***•*• **f ■■*!■■ *•
Xe mmiimt •)•*•*• ill* • BFOEIFEFC. BP fmt
HeMtM. It alee erne mrf Ul •* fMufM;
Mmm. * ~e. r. . P.rwßjCtSiFWwpsSßpae
ABI> M AJRRRBTIPHNI 00, W Baal At, wtw
-V *R>MM ****** ISPI :CUS?B
n*xiL* m%r mmm*r n* *■•>
EmrHwm (U VUFE MSFML *•• E*D * *♦
JP M S - 4
MJ I *"*♦ W***l mttM n* m
M / ' ' FLK
g f 'IH fietrVl luikUJHMI fa
1 |J ii / u* • Ae kM.'t.t.i ■ *fee*
VFI FF F r-r •* *# ky .;< i4M*i,e* ent-rfaeteoi
HiK inuHH„Hilmint.x.l.
wlw MM, B> iktr u|-
" fa w Vuia, Kifff** Hi tifii, CV-
SnibtUUc tt<w!*fk*!a
W*Mlir el the aaad. A rtfii •rra(>,--<ieUUJBp
♦ tnjlifVHtf iti#r4kuU Ho '*-•* MMy fcftA
r*~* * etw*#* *>uoieUa tfc<46 tdjii Umgi***__ ,
fesirsi sMur-saTtt
*^zjzr m ?stts , *?£ feTLiSwrpS foj 11 "'
| IJU .aleUlbW t>i aaminAal r.B.m tm
1 1 Kite. KfMMtf #F ValtlM IHfhMM
J rift*
■ I W MMVM4 f ilt m 4 *• *
I-m •*'• TPMtla* MM* U •?
11 UiteL^
IN. H O BOOT. I IjfßlrilM*, Bb* Tart
Cures Uyspepsia, Indiirestlon
Sour Stomach, Sick JSeadftche.
hirta'a KrBtlv* rtlta maka Ha* Ink
Btowi aod a,a catoiteaij rbaßfa tba Mrad to It*
anurc u if IBrra ntatu Aat para* ba ail
1 ak I ;*-i t jb Et' frara I to II waaka ma* tm laama"
to Of aat M L. tf ac'C a <BIM Bo pmto.Ma- Ml #sra
lafci I a e* r#af H sraff /to >c*' .after rtaaraa
I R. JlMUtej* * 00.
>—m. mmm.
I^l!TT^7rrttr^^- l)ropar> i all ■* **• *■
too Illltf|r. Huwalrr ut I rtaart <**"l
est* ?££siVTr?r I
rant i'ctoratejt 1 irn US!'m aanastrd. Mat! laW.I
L. Ctotor t-wteaa. R1 „ 1.-- ...uatrotoOoompkat I
p— DBrain* Buck* AbobiM
So Son fttMctl Pitta*:
■ '' - *V MX Rao.*. Rata# Wrtiit A Dora
/1/ M l % i Altar! aarat for Kaonc
I / t I Marbtara xapW pat aocA r
-1 r I tol tpval UI agtiai aal t..<
\ 1 act tied of toaabiaa . it Of.
\ / oartr a. noma (too Bracßtaa
V J rtce Ua Dollar AaA a Ma
yV _S rig M Jtoa oaator taooia
oonttod R * ROSE. Sua
- Rotld tto. mo Tort
Ror Kraal 1 of I'all.b. lsai|ii C l.alrar. ( Irao-
t4 |Mi >r*ww3' AVMB
nnn Acres of Choice Pine
oUU.UUU 1 l *. "kni Uattor Wurtrla
If" Road torTtiuatrotoa Ramphlot. foil of footo J||
It. K. H A KMC*.
I a tod I owwlraiattrr. I. Htrda.
tW Sesd for lilest rated Calslofße#
first EtUhlUhM) I Most SumwMl
THF-tR JXRTRt UKXTS hew a eUndard
value la all the
Kwi t wlx-rr rooognfifd >• U'" FINKIiT
OVER 8O , 000 -
Mad* and In uw. Jfrtr IValgn* ootrethmUy.
Brat work eml ko*t prir<-
# 9 ~ S<-11<1 bi a l
7; Si,opp. faftkis Si, SostaL Xi&
y-nrvS? Seven Shot* 0
I /M. 1 |r " n ru.Jm §
e totcrl Knr.W fa
Jrrl Se OliMlrr.
I 6 Wf tin rrr I A plirtH
w 5 J , UkILMUn< * nmw
A Wrymm thh"auhti R.rultwraoba
17 di* beat rrm eft*r*A for tki
" fc WON I, to bo ptmap w>
Uor. ptohu .1 maasfactui.., ol u toot Kughali Meal
an.l Bntobo., to th highaatprtrwi H.v.ilrar ID UM
Otarkrt W barotold MMinf t'.rin bim tho Unit ol
Jm*. aad ba, last coaua. tad >lt> Uw muuloctom
for Hi.rte ra ro <hir g-.rmnlrv ar com panto. ooob Ha
vulva, l.nrtdgsa I* fit Umoua baotiUtned at so*
ganaral torn*.
THK CHH'AGC TVlXlKßirUir UnnW. IMaa<! I
Cboatuot f .mil? Pir In tha In Hod Stoioa. It to 1
printed upon Uitr, plain tn. and can In oaatl> rood ht
old or young. and akould ho In srerr hooaehoid.
KrmrmlM*, "wrr pnrchaaar of onoof thoao Karon
mfouTHKi Hx'AtrO LKIHiKK lor t) months. post
toriwd 4iWrn Tllk I.kIMiKK. I airnrr 11,
For Singing Schools and Choirs.
UO KtoKßanß** ONWARD a now book for
bracing hvhoels. fully oi,nal lo any arar tastied, la reedy
for a*. g, pages o) taMructraot, tto pegs. • f Ciena, and
l>acoa ol Sarr d M uk
15 canla; *1 AO fordoten
Cmaara'a ChllFCh ofFtiTl U C,' a now book
lor Ob. Irs. oontaina a largo and adrairtbl* collection
of Anttiama, wtuob at perfectly to tba Episcopal htr-
Titm. but ara of iha boat quality for aa; aorriok. Alto a
largo number of Boa Chant-
AI.9A; or AI 2 per Daaen.
Kmarson's Seidell QllclftCtteS, .
book for Quartern, Chain, baa a moat musical ooltaction
of naw pieuas >• ths most popular autborr. sod pro
ridas at oat "no saw ona for ererj dab hath in Ida year
Boards £2.00. Cloth 52.25.
Ooan'a Festival Chorus Book m.^
h* * fine •election of chorcea*
, W O Tmrs* REQUIEM a naw and
eosranirnt collection of b>mna and luuaa for Eantral
occasions. I*r.e oO cents
Hand for Oalalomsaa containing tba dmenptioaa af
mam othar eieeUaot books lor Oooira or hinging
Aa* Aaat availed geto/rcaJV *•' fb-ior
N43 Mroitriway, New York.
J. K. IMTtoON & CO.,
921f hratani Bb, Phllit.
mil !?£•- tiJgy&iekJZ
S33oQLJ*gi^r.s~t , JiS^r
SEND lasri^'&igtL'ayvigir
I dajr erllA mmt 4 Wfclt ACDBA A*e*
TROW. W. MI 88. •, LNII, M<B
AAFLA A WORTH ■•*•• Wa*ta- hee I
1 J350 GZS&TIR
BUT..-:;...- '
WAN I til •*• >W
" ill lioy't "•• i<n.nar
: t7^-"#i^Bgasr
Something New for Agents ST.T!
■MHiIP BMP Ml—B. 11l II I 111 A—_ IPP.Rb*Tm.
MBMMfgggpgp UlAiltitA. MM*
ill in unit EBH"^F==
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W. md pt AiMb • Aobrr • * Mr a*MMt a*
ES|L>IM *I F <# ,4E A MW* WMSTATP N <** •••
IT, JMFPPPFE, *.....
Siof $25 FFCSW.TS: Novemes
'!maum*m' b Outfit FR©© tafiSsie-, m
4. B. upturn MORIL KaBBIMCBncM r- iniw
-•''4 V**' ****■
ip" <H,i| iiwenrirai FLRIPME #wr
I Li j j l W l ' tSjtXP' iSl
■..: ' .. .. ...
Ixcarsioiu to Liaoola, Mcbruka,
: ERL£&V" T I'K''J:'WGRN;
H T. IAT A. Par# §*■ MB If R*BLA>
, It ALE.. AM* MMM aaß IAIL **■ i< im faiißni
#aar,tH.' F<* iaF(M LAM Olw*W. LAF">MA
TN Crtai R*may for *
Alt Kidney Oieeeees I
m*t— Nr tfmml jmrmttmtmm t Ra* Or. 4. • BBBWBI.
VMMMM. o <f~ a T. WMIM, M O MM
jafe Oa. P.. J'%a 1. law, , jjarMk, Vi
Of J m wima : nwrth t-m. mm f aXTvt, 0
iaiXlnfyr "iiariin-'tA""SS , 'XmSS
A 1 "'"
'■ Mart M M toB. CfeMßßaaTß^ila^SaMßß
, Marhtsu* FINWIIILLIW I E4 STTEIF H I—'Ll eft nuifii: r—irft
I anti aia, lartutß R"i> ml a8 'ftafe u B ■* jiim
Rocky Mountain Stereoscopic View*
A eaweitr Oue'r fail *a vrßa a* ear alf mm aMaaMJM
UJII. caaaMka^"gj?oorf£r33l flMaaafMa _
■rO_ ' •
~r **■•*, ML . rat *:••*< mm m* r-4 -
Mr- too. tat. . 4. -nniw. Lrat CmMt. Mra. '"if
As Kac&ab Yttiiaan Num. b.4 CtaM m
MaaolHra uo iba .atr>, W Uoi mm at IB* ttaraa
act i a>ia Pvttw. all MM in aortfc at* BM'i Ha
tan Lot Nwttu'i OotoUßaaa Ibatodora a* *NanttK/
pora ami ttotoooo t raioaMo. Vattuao Ml aartt *0)
mU Bono Sat ftko iaarwl.a% (MMfet riradora
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30 Union Square, New York Maaa., Pittsburg, Pa., I hlnu til.,
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Sand Creek*, Episootic,
Galls of all kind*. lime Back.
Sitfast, Ringbone, Hemorrhoids sr Pile*.
Poll Evil, Toothache,
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Garret in Cpwi, Spavins, S-.ermev,
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Callous, Lounrnce, Caked Breast*.
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EerehadtN Gargling Oil to tha staedard
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