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x leatra Rtporter.
CkxTiiit Hill. Ta., April 11.1A78
The Greenback atate convention mceu
May $ at Philadelphia.
The threatened war in Europe will
have an effect upon the horse market as
Well an upon brtadatnflk irf this country.
A Chicago despatch 1 inst. says It is
stated that two English gentlemen are
in thia city and have agents through the
Weat for the purpose of buying 20,000
horses, ostensibly for street cars in Scot
land and England; but judging by the
character of the animals they se
lect, they are intended rather for active
movements than for draught purposes.
Thev have brought 500 here, and will
pegin to ship within two weeks.
Francia W. Kngle. who cut down Pat
rick Hester at Bloomshurg and after
ward appropriated a ring belonging to
the dead Motiie, has been arrested for
larceny on oath of Catharine Hester,
willow of the deceased.
We have known jnat aa mean men ss
Engle elected to offices. A man who
will cut down another that was hanged
and ateal a ring off his finger is—well
we won't express ourselves farther.
What Montgomery Blair thinks of
his resolution which passed the Mary
land legislature last week, is given in
the following Washington intelligence
of 2 inst;
Montgomery Blair was on the floor of
the House, this afternoon, and attracted
general and widespread attention on
both sides of the Chamber. A number of
members had short conference* wbh
him, and nearly every one had aooia
question to ask in regard to the resolu
tions proposing to proceed to a proper
decision of the last Presidential election.
This evening Mr. Blair anmmed up the
impression which these rapid conferen
ces had left on him, by saying that be
was convinced that a majority of the
House would certainly be in favorofany
legislation which might be needed to
make effective the resolutions passed by
the Maryland Legislature, and opea {he
way for the appearance of the Attorn•-
General of that State, in obedience, I**
fore the Snpreme Court. Of the result
of such an appearance Mr. Blair said he
had no doubt whatever, and he express
ed it as his opinion that Mr. Tilden
wonld be in the White House sixty days
after the case was opened in the Su
preme Conrt.
We notice in one of oar exchange •'
litigant claims the value of a railroad l
track laid on his land by a trespasser. ,
In 1569 the Neequehoning Valley
Railroad Company entered upon lands
of the Banting family, a mile or two
from Mauch Chunk, and proceeded to
build their road through it. No pro
ceedingw were taken under the railroad
law to secure the land, and consequently J
the Buntings brooght an action of ejects
ment against the company. When the
case came on for trial judgement was
confessed, and the railroad filed a peti
tion to base viewers iippointed to assess
•he damages suffered by the owner* of
the land. Viewers were appointed ac
cordingly, and fixed the amount at $4.-
555,94. Not satisfied with this the own
ers appealed from the viewers to the
Common I'leas, bat the second jury cut
down the sward to $1,074,41. It was
contended by the Bunting* at the triai
that as the company were trespassers
upon the land previona to the filing of
their petition everything erected upon
it belonged to the owners, consequently
the ties, rails, etc., laid across the isnd I
should be estimated by the jury in as
sessing damages as if they formed a part
of the land taken. The Court was in- j
structed to charge the jury to this effect,
but declined and instructed them that
the measure of damages was the market
value of the land at the time of its occu
pancy by the railroad. A writ of error
was taken by the Bantings to the Su
preme CouH, and yesterday on the argu
ment they contended that this charge of
the Court was erroneous, because what
ever was affixed to the land by a tres
passer immediately became a part of it
and was the property of the land-owner.
Decision reserved.
The Sun mts that Theodora tu to see
Elixabeth recently. It says:
Sotue few weeka ago, for what reasow
no one seems to know, Mrs Morse
yielded to Tilton'a deaire to an extent,
and brought about a meeting between
her daughter and her imn-in law with
out t be co oeen t co n n i ex nee or k no w ledge
of the former. Of the detail! of that
meeting it would be absurd to pretend
to know. The fact of a meeting is all
that is known, sate that then and there
Mrs. Tilton told Mr. Ttltnn distinctly
that she would nerer lira with hnn
again. Thers were no lawyers, no
friends, no children made parties to the
consultation, and all the reported going
and coming of this, that and the other
child is simple fabrication. When the
parties separated it was distinctly un
derstood that the children were—all of
them—common property and subject to
a common discipline, free to be called
by one or the other, as seemed beet for
them. And such has been the constant
The deeire to have Hon.C. A. Mayer
re-elected president judge of this district
is contagious—people outside are about
u unanimous that he should be re-elect
ed as the people in the district. What
could binder it from being thus?
The House of Representatives of this
state was s regular mob on Friday last—
the most disgraceful confusion and dis
order reigned for nearly an hour. Yells,
•creams, bawls, fists, slamming desk
lids, Ac., Ac., were the order. Shame,
oh shame,and all this at the rate of $lO
per day for each son of a hickory in that
body. A little buck-shot war, that would
drive some of these rowdiea out of the
back windows, a laTbad Stevens, would
be in order just now.
One of the buildiogsat the Steuben
county Ponrhouae. near Bstb, New
York. u burned on Saturday night,
and fifteen inmates perished. The
building was set on fire by an insane
pauper, who also lost his life.
A steam saw mill in Morrisdale, Clear
field county, owned by Hon. Gsorge R.
Barrett, was burned down a lew wights
ago. The fire was started by an incendia
Nine coaches f emigrants for Kansas
went West on tba fast line. Pennsylvania
Railroad, Tuesday afternoon. Most of
the passengers were from points along the
Cumberland Valley Railroad.
The aggregate log crop of the Clearfield
Mf ion this year is a little over 36,000,000
iaet, valued at $333,000. About 1,000
rafts were made, 800 of which aie still in
the woods, 700 were put in the streems,
and GOO of these have reached Lock
Some enterprising parties ars attil bor
ing for oil in Clintan county, and a boia
has been made on K.sills creek thirteen
hundred feet deep. They have struck
gas and tbe supply w narly Urge enough
'•'XTRA VAGA XCK IS Til I S / !7 /
In the debate upon the Hunk t\>m
miwioner BUI, Hon. A. H. Hill made
some very interesting retnaika in favor
of greater economy in tlio State govern
ment, from which we extract the follow
ing to ahow some of the increased rt
penses that the party in power ha* im
posed npon the people:
in ISOOjm-t before the war the or-lt
nary axneuMW of the State, excluding all
extraordinary expenses, such as thn
payment of loan* or interest on the
public debt were $1,060,14388. In I SMS.
after the war, after Inflation had pro
duced the riae in price* they; were ft.
$87,773 -Vk Two dollar* then scarcely
purchased a* much a* one dodar now
From that time moiiex conatantly ap
preciated, and yet in 1876 the extraordi
nary expenses amounted to s.t,tk\,ist -
86 "being two hundred and sixty-five
per cent, above the expenses of 1860
This too at a period when a dollar won lit
purchase nearly a much a* in 1860.
Take the items of these expense* an.l
vou wili see how they have increased
" In 1860 the department expense* were
$47,910,89. In 1866. notwithstanding the
iticreaae of business occasioned hv the
war. thev were only $76,140 88 . vet til
1576 they are f16ti.204.45. being 265 per
cent, over 1860, and 90 per rent, over
1866 Take the judiciary, to which I
more particularly directed my atten
tion: . ..... . ,
Take the judiciary. 1" Im*' the jn.U
ciarv only cost $145.065 42. in 1860 $214.
057 :, 3 in 1576 $487,326 ;19. being 28.' per
rent over 1670. and 127 i>er rent, over
1866. Now it is true only thirty nine
judges were required under the old con
stitution. which Bumtwr baa been in
creased to accent v one judges and five
| orphans' court judges under the new
[ constitution, but whatever may t-e the
occasion of the exjtense it has certainly
1 been incurred.
In 1860 the Senate expenses were $55.-
207.39; the House expense* were $124.-
067.26. A Senator coat $1,612 and a
member of the House $1,240.
In 1860 the Senate expenses were $78,-
130.20, and of the House $193,947.05. A
>euator coat $2,39.1 and a member of the
House $1,936.
In 1874. the year before the increase
m the number oi members, the senate
expenses were $134.460.t> and the
House expenses were $289 084 13. .V
Senator cost $4,074 aud a member of the
House $2,690. , ,
Now, strange to say. for the first leg s
lauru after the increase of members the
expense* *'f the Senare were $116,785 $6.
and of the Hosow $808.701 72. A Sena
tor then coatonlv s.'.***, a member
of the Hou*e $1,817. It i* i.u* 4i :V
-e-ssiou of 1874 the salary paid was
300, on account of the length of the **--
mjn. But see the difference. The ex
penaaj of the legislature of tw o huudre.l
members tvj fjftv Senators and only
about $70,000 mow they were in
11574, and the average to member
lis nearly what it was in 1860. 1 **, p
i every Senator, if he will take up the
] swhiect and make the comparison, he
i wkJuftad a steadily increasing rat o of
, public eaters instead of any decrease,
i which (Jha com.d:cm of the people de
! manda. And We i$ * proposition to
create a naw department, t-j Jty un ad
ditioual paroiacent expensp <;a the
rxxiunT AT $660 A TON.
Fro* ill*' Hetroit News.
Washington. Usnii J?J.—The manage
ment of the American ecuihit at the
Pans Exposition promisee to pan .aj;
with the usual amouut of corruption,
idiotic extravagance, and extravagant
idiocy. Twenty eomaii*iouer* have
been appointed, each with a salary of
i f1,200. and l£W honors-y commissioners
without sny salary. all of whom are
i popularly supposed to 1m charged with
the dutv of attending to the Aniao;i
exhibit, and the business connected
therewith. Of the commissi oners ap
pointed, not one, so far as I have l>een
able to ascertain, understands the
i French language, and many of them do
' violence to the English. Not only do
thev have clerks to do the rouiiui work
' of the commiseion. but men are emjwoy
id to attend the duties which the com-
I mission was specially selected to per
form. For instance, in the art depart
ment a special cor| of men is employed
in New York to aetett pictures to b
sent to Pari#, and a superintendent to
lake charge of the pictures aiut take*
Uiem to the Exposition. What bothers
. a msa of a common understanding is to
know what are to be the duties of the
I 120 commissioners if it is not to perform
the work that belong* u> them to do.
But the worst part of the
couajsts in the freight department, m+,.4
the dead beat passenger system estab
lished. Eor jnetauce, one of the chips
employed by th Secretary of the Navy
Cd iransport'goods for the ex
hibit is the Constitution. expense
of fitting ber out was $60,000 wkjj is
manned be'3."J officer* and 180 seamen,
and wis loaded ijvith a freight of 110
tons—about as miua. 43 an Erie canal
boat would carry. The whvis cost of the
crutae of this ship cannot lie 1 than
1100.000, which will bring the freight-,,
to SOOO per ton. In the case of the other
five ships to be employed, the rate will
be about in proportion. The amount of
freight to be transported is set down at
about 1,000 tons, for which six ship* are
to be employed, manned by 110 officers
and over 1,000 seamen, the whole mat of
which is set down at not less than $750,-
000, or about $750 per ton for the freight
transported. The infamy of this ex
travagance can only be fully appreciat-:
when it ia known that responsible
shipper* frare offered to transport that
freight, fab# ipsqred, for $-' per ton, 01
$2,000 for the whole, £gjt)st three-quar
ters of a million, which it firdj actually
c<it the Government. The fact ia, ;h ?
whole scheme of employing Govern-j
ment ships to transport this freight was
got up to give a horde of supernumera
ry deadbeala in the navy an opportum- |
ty to visit the Paris Exposition at the |
expense of the people.
The Tribune: Lord tiahsbqry's circus
lar to the European Powers' is apf of
the most interesting document* Itie
Eastern question has produced. It is
intended to explain why the British
Government refused to enter the Con
gress, a d to defend the attitude it has
assumed. In brief, Lord .Salisbury's
reason is that he could not allow the
Russians "reservations" to nullify prac
tically the Treaty of Paria and tiie dec
laration made at London in 1871. Tak
ing. then, the Kusso-Turkish treaty as
hit text, la>rd Salisbury contends that
the new Bulgaria would overslaugh the
neighboring provinces ; that the propos
ed Province would be essentially Rus
sian, and that Muscovite influence would
I permeate Thessaly and JSpirus to the
prejudice of Greece. He paints in
gloomy colors the general effei-t pf tjie
treaty, and discover* great wickedness j
in the indemnity which might be com
muted for more territory or made the
means of entirely subordinating Turk
ish to Russian policy. The gravest ob
jection, Lord Salisbury finds, apparent
ly, is that a nation which exercises for
mal authority over Egypt, should be so
closely pressed by the "outposts of a
"greatly superior Power that jte inde
pendent action, and even existence, is
almost impossible." It will be seen that
the new Foreign Minister exalts the
Russian triumph to a degree which has
not been attained at bt. Petersburg
where the people consider that the
Cxar might have made better terms. But
Lord Salisbury could hardly do other
wise since his dispatch is intended to
elicit Austrian and Greek approval in
view of coming events. The general ef
fect of the circular must be to widen the
breach between Russia and England,
and to make the former feel that slie
will have to defend with the sword the
rights she has wou on the battle-field
With England ao irreconcilably opposed
to the treaty, we shall probably hear no
more of the Congress. Diplomacy seems
to have reached its limit. England
must now aullenly submit to the Turk
ish settlement or openly resist it.
Harrisburg, Pa.. April 6.-Thirty frame
houses in the lower pert of the city, own
ad by tbe Locbiel Iron Company, were
totally destroyed by fire this evening. Loss
$12,000; insurance unknown. About one
half of tbe honaas were unoccupied.
Mrs. Jennie PowU, iu attempting to
shoot an apple from tbe head j?/ Mile
Volante on the *taee of the Pawtuckes,
1., fjpera House, night, of 0. sent a rifle
bullet through tee letter's bead, killing
her tortucUy *
DMTAIIsOF Till Mt ttfikk PTIJt
run or ir i Ti:i*t. m s ' / f. a
t.v/i driver.
London. March 3. Tin- h'Bowii •
farther details of the m-sasMiistion of the
Fail of lAHtritu and his clerk ai.ddilxer
I have been telegraphed from Huhlin
The Far I of Leitrtm lB hi* lesidem e at
Miltord shortly tie tore 8 oilock vrMer
• day rooming, accompanied by bi* clerk,
and wn* dnvimr on an outside cm to
Deny to meet bis atdkHor He alwnx*
earned aim* "' *c. that lire
loutasains concealed tlieii.M-lve* behind a
low embankment between the road and
plantation, and ti.nt bavin* first *lmt
iho l-Uirl of Kviirim, tlit*v *lmt 1110 .it rk
and the driver *o there might be no wit
ncsa Hie driver waaahot liHlie mouth
•he I*ll ranging upward, and the lerk
Ih hind the ear. txolh jxrolxat'lv at clo*r
oiiarter*. lit* lardhip * valet waadrix
mg at Knit a i nle twliind, and on *omtng
np toni <1 tn* master au-1 tie . Icrk I ij'g
dead en the road lifewaaatill In li e
,1, ner. 't'be aaaa—in* meanwhile ea-ap
ed in a tmat aero** Mulr-x b" the
x alet drove hack to Mtlfor.l and alarmed
the iH'lice, xilio. i*-minit to the pla.e
round the driver stilt alive, hut uueon
s ion* He died shortly alterwar-l*.
I'hereii no doubt tbat the murder x\..
agrarian. The relations between the
Fvrl of l.ettrim and his tenant* were nn
friendiy. Hi* lordship was kind and
liberal to tlie iimr. but was xerv partic
nlar and exacting in bis .icaiiii,* xxitb
In* tenantry, viaiting xiith nns|aring
-evenly tbe aliglite-t infraction of the
rules of the estate, the Hibbon Socie
ty has a Wrong hold iifmu tbc wuiitry,
owing, in a great measure, to hi* hurnh
nr** He bad an iron will which dire
garded alike appeal* or menace*, and he
extraordinary courage and
perwevcraucr in purauit ..flu* i>uriK>.*e.-
I'lie l imca, in all cililortul on the a*.-a
-ination, *a>a "It i* no exaggeration
to say that the news of the murder of the
Earl of Leitrim. which caused a prv
found aensation in the House of Ooiu
nioti* veaterdav, when confirtneil by the
lri*h Secretary, has struck thi* country
with as much pain ami amnxement -
.tn unprovoked declaration of war.'
Two men named M. Taggart and Frn 1
have beeu arrested in board a -leoma
going from Uatlimullen to
on stiapicioti of complicity iiitlie n m
of Lord Leittiui.
■ - 9
rm: VAST ARRAY <>t
St'FKFHS i'ASS IS <;Ra.\l> h 1 -
VI Ji 11.
Washington, April 6.—The in* nine
book is out, and contain* - no *!., i-iu
wlnch "the masae-" would do w-b i
consider. The volume i* a inn.bmt -
and costly one, and contain* the name
' ot'everg person employed in Federal
service, give* M.Wfti ** toe total iioinbi '
' of s"e'leral office-holders of all kin i* and
' degree*. Thia is about I in 400 of ttie
total population, or one for every .
1 voters. The vu*t number of office seek
' era ceases to excite surprise when these
1 figure? are known, for if there xvert- but
' five apiatui,> far every place tin*
would make one ill everv eigitteeil ol
f the voting population a Federal pla e
• hunter. But when the State and I oca
- officers are adiled to the Letleial thi
5 number of persons who are paid lor ut
" tending to the business of ruling the re
1 majpder becomes frightful to eonlent
pial.c pountiugschool offii-er*. con-tie
bles, and jusiici,., . f the i>ea> e with tin
more important pla> emeh, |t ,j t,r%l at-!i
that the State and local ofH>.e lioldrn
" are at least as numerous as those u
■ Feileral employment, and at that rati
j one man in forty-tlve voters would hi
. | drawing bis f-u'pport from the publii
purse, or in other words, every col!-
, ' lion of forty-five voters throughout tin
' I country Q obliKeJ to support one mat
t "; fy their labor th orue, ina.ntain sue I
f i gi'vernment aa we have. But ifneaiioi
f! tive place-hunter* for every State am
, 1 local plai-e, a* weil a* for the Fe<lera
j. i the result would show that eve
, i ry ninth voter iu the entire Itepublic l
, 1 gn offi.e-seeker. And yet the cry ii
j I oxa*-pfO J action and hard times.
FROM n ? t>///A<2oaf.
\ There is a rumor that the main topic
lof discussion in Saturday's caucus wus
Mr. Montgomery Blair's bill in the
J Maryland Legislature nboot the Presi-
djnpy the question with the senators
! t>eing w hat thev, a* republi. an*,
had better pursue ifMr. Onu, r t:i!, by
passing both house* of the LrgistkfUre,
j shonld take a practical shape. The
I ruinor aild that the general determina-
I lion of the Senators was not to oppose
spy movement having for its object to
1 oust Mr. but liiat nothiug in the
matter was actually bcdt,J UTT. The
I difficulty in this question is said to lie
I here—the anti-Haves men would like to
I aee Mr. Hayes put out and Mr. Tilden
I installed, believing that this would give
, republican party a belter chance in
< lAsb it will otherwise have. But
| they see (hat ;iy effort to oust Mr.
Hayes must, at the gatf>Vtiu-, eh-'Y '*P
i tlie Louisiana, Son b Carolina and Florf
fda election frauds: and this would per
; sonally involve a number of eminent
I ispujviicans and convict all the party
1 leaders or' participation in very gross
wrong doing',
j The truth in the maycj ptonahly is
! that a* the anti-Have* men have so vain
|ly endeavored to move the President
from L,4 course, and a* they have tw-eu
made despetata bf 111* eann reistance
I to their will thev ars BOW playing the r
last card by an attempt to trtghu-o
with a bugatxro alciit a wrii >! om-nr by
a threat to aupiMiri Mr. Blair's movement.
There has leen a giant deal ot ivuiaiilta
| lion about thia matter for sun*
and it ia known that u prominent repub
lican Senator suggested amw lime ago
that one way to get Mr. iiaye* out, and
jicrhaps on the whole the timet judicious
for the republicana, would be to wait
until 1879, when the democrats in all
probability will have a majority in lath
houses, and then persuade thrui toli.ive
Tilden and Hendricks sworn in, receive
Mr.'TiLj,3j3'j} message and other Execu
tive couiniunh-auopj!, send to huu all
bills and other official dcsllu.Sol, ift:
rigorously isolate Mr. Hayes. I'lifortu-j
nately for the succesa of this plan, it dues
not strike the democrats so favorably
as it doe* some of the republicans.
The President will scarcely back down
before all these threats. It is reported
Uial he says he iscarrying out the pledge
ot the pag'y made in theC'incini.j i plat
form ; ha is aojvy ;q many republican
Senators do not W ISH tocAny opt these
pledges, but he does not behavo K)u
these-Senator* will l>e able to break up
the republican party on the petty ques
tion of spoil* and patronage on whict
they are getting up a tight. He reinanu
tranquil and readily admit* that tlx
iaiuii. has the countitutionai right to re
je't h>a nou.iUtipn.i, but Senator* havt
no right to attempt U dictate notnina
lions to bim. Tins ia understood U) h<
his position, and he believes the pnoplt
are with iiim and ail! not sympalhut
with Senators who make trouble in tlx
country and try to lireak down the par
ty on a mere question of a few otliees.
Henry Ward Beecher's new house on'
the Mu'ison ( enr peek*vilie, is describ
ed by the World as an imposing strut-'
tare, with three stories of galdjw. v.eran-'
(las and how windows. The vestibule isi
done in raised velvet,and finished tu oil'
i paint. The stairraise is of polished'
i c herry, Kastlake design, as is also the;
wood work; gold, silver, crimson and
i velvet nre associated in the wall and
cpjling decorations. Mr. Beecher's own |
ttftUi 1143 n ceiling of blue and dovej
color, i n the basement is a large bil
liard-room. well furnish#*} w ''h material j
for the gentleman's game. }u this ele
gant mansion the preacher who gntsj
s2u.(jf<o, and the lecturer who adds $lO,-!
<IOO more a year, w ill pass hie remaining
days, while Tilton and lady, it is said
will go to F.urope.
Very few, perhaps, of our readers are
strangers to the popular dry good* eMl>.
lishment ofMtrswbridge A Clothier, l'hil
adeiphis. but only lh<>e who have visited
their -tote wilhin the pa-t few weeks can
form any idea of the immense assortment
now on exhibition, of those unique French
novelties in dres* textures, which of late
have become so fashionable.
Koriesiog the great demand for those!
good*, a member of the firm visited thai
manufacturing cents** id France and per ,
tonally selected the choicest styles, rqany |'
<| which are confined 10 themselvu* mnJ
ate shown nowhere else In this country.
The cheaper fabrics, this firm now. as|
heretofore. are distributing to their eu-|
turners at the same price per yard s the;
country merchant pays for the identical
goods by the case. j,
Kvery department of tho house i- con j
ducted on the principle of delivering
goods to the people at one •mail uniform
pr< fit ahoVßiOstol prod
We would remind our lads readers win'
•a.-.aot spare the time to vi-il higt h .no
ilarket in person. W avail them
elvv* ul this hrtwti oripmui systtta of
' "shopping f .y mall," which gives the most
distant coTMtinier as ncarlv as |>o-ible all
the sdvaittfig.'s of the Philadelphia resi
-1 dent.
\\ Alt I 111 I'KII'A ISATInV
Tl.c ItrilUdl Elect to ho Kept Out ol
i the Hlns-k FVa if Poaaifilo.
London. April • The military situa
', lion is beginning to ati set attention. The
- Ser\ ii>C< ipa: "ii of tlu!gai,s as far as
' Plevna la believed to be Intended to cor
-1 er the ltu*i*n lino of communication and
J relievo the lt.P- un t-oops, whli-ll will he
concentrated south i t tho Balkan,
At llie suite lime, there ate indicatis>ii
I that the ({.its an tr. ops lately a! Sofia and
. rmrtl of tdrianopte a:-- moving toaaids
tin- southeast, pertiaps because it is con
sidered advisable t Strengthen aemuch as
possible the m> oftho (Irand l'uke N tcb
ola>, or it ma, both* intention to abandon
the lines of land communication, and rely
c almost evcl isive'V for the conveyance of
' resrivesatn! supplies un ntarine transport
over the Black sob in consequence ol the
attitu-le of the Roumanians Front the
„ latter point of vb w it ty be nturl to
r Inter that the Bo tiahs wilt do everything
-•possible to keep the British fieet out of the
I Hack sea, though it is not belie, ed here
that even the occupation of tie northern
's!.re of tie, urut by the Hussiat s
r wou'd prevent Admiral Hornby from
. forcing a passage Some Uussian dtv itiolis
, are now echeloned on tbe road to Kuvuk
" dere, aiul a totai force of about 80.0UU
troops co lies'ted within easy striking d
tac.ce Between lhee and lluyukdere
, there are some Turkish brigades which
-jCOtilJ probably holtf thsl place till assist
i |anco arrived if energetically employed
■"land loyally commanded in cooperation
with the Hritish, but they must in time I e
overwhelmed, fr the Hu,iant, even al
, lowing for all deductions,should still itua
k ser at !ett To UW Combatants ill front of
Constantinople. On the peninsula of (Jul
' lipoli or the neighboring .....u.'nol in
' fr l t . p .sition "f ttoiilair, there are
prot.-ibly about oO tAki Huaaians. senile at
mica an A on the lines of cotntnunica
i there may be scattered some est (AW
■ro I'll# war '(Bee at St Petersburg is
s at-d t> be disMslitfi J wi'.b the condition
o: t •• muster rolls, and is making strong
• t-x r i >• - to hurr, up the reserves
The Timrt lias a special dispatch from
■ >1 Petersburg, saying : "An Inspired ar
te "• in I tic Journal At v.- /V.'rrsAary says,
I .he eoiiv - lion that Kuglatid s demands
I re llie- rttpalib'.O wifh the interests of K.lS
d I -ta and Kuropa wi.l find firm support in
••|ilie public opinion of this empire. Not
w ths.anditig this decided language ail
' hop# of a peaceful a.dull >n is not yet
|( iahand P.ed "
a A Berlin special to the I'all .V-t.'f
'' i>.-# g. savs i "(iarmanr is again busily
| mediating t>e'.ween Austria and Ku<> s
<1 ah a view to ndjustitg tbe difference*
e Berlin. April o (trie of the mmorjour
t- rials of this city t"-dav publlslled an ritra
-• edition stating that preparations are uiak
i_ 1 1 ig for mobilning the <• rinan army, and
also containing other alarming statement*.
ir ' In the iierman parliament the minister of
i , war declared the statr inents were a*** •
:utiy M ntr„ M
r * 1 Calcutta, Aprtl A—ln consequence of
" the Kuropcan political crisis the Indian
'v government It considering certain precau
•e tior.nry measure*.
ic Constat,tinople, April 5. The British
c- ironctad, Pevaslation, has arrived in the
l( . (iulf of l.ii d No Ri< re ironclads are ea
n peeled in the .e* of Marmora hut the flact
|,'in Kesikay w ill be strengtheneal
At the last interview betwe-n tt.a t . la.,
.'and firapd (tua* A" ti<'ia, the toruiar re.
. Iterated lus protest against slit attempt I"
1 embark liutsun troops al Zutudadere
p " The Turks at M istake and Buvukdere are
t constructing an entreenhad camp. They
i# l av# received artillery and a quantity of
a munitions
j#. R.V|I. HiaAD Cnxnt
c At) Oil Tram Ktina Into n Cnal
S • V|a
Slatington, I's , April 5.- Train N I' 1
I leaving Mauch Chunk about ten minutri
after four, reached thii p!ae* diacovering
! tpa# tr-ero ya* a hot jou'oal, ar-d ttcppcj
c to cm! it nH. While Waiting, engine No.
I- 15), drawing forty oil tmk* and four
v lreigbt cari, that left Mauch Chunk about
° ten minutet later, came tpecding alor.g at
e the rat# i ftw enty milei an 10-ur, and ran
t , into th .*; oj tr*U". J5. 'he Jar which
u . threw fcvcra' cart fr tn the tra k. etplud
n oJ the engine, broke the briige, which u
e a lota! wreck, an] precitfttaled tome fif
u teen oil tank* in Trout crook. The •> I
II tank* caught fire and illuminated the
,J neighborhood for mile around, and bad
l.'il *'-* i—•% Jh; crejenre of min<J of F 1
r- win Connor, who tuggetted that tho cart
d of the rear portion ol the train be un->u
• v pled and by main force bn puthei back,
Uhe whole town would have been destroy
„nd Twenty cart were puthed back, and,
i-'lb, cird blowing from th# town, prevent
it ed any greater dan-f. The machine
u -hop and foundry if Brown A W. liamt it
" a lota! l*-. estimated tt JK)QQO. with no
r inturance A poriion of the engine, by
y th- • [> i'-i't). t bb-wn through the roof
l_ of a hou-e occupiud by Jacob Hummel.
• * tuati-d ah. ul lOU yard* from tha explo
i, -ion. striking near the bed occupied by
Hummel and wile. Fortunately nobody
w*hurt. Sevnta! building* were that
„ tered and giatiet broken. Portions of the
! and cat were thrown over U0
I yard*
> S'atington. Pa., April 5. —The nam** of
p the killed and burnad at the ditatler this
L mmning *re a* follows Wm. Shoemak-
I e-. ki led ; Daniel K'-ber, Kd ward Seibert,
• Oi-o. 1 vet, Jno. Kehner, Aaron Snyder,
-| WU. <oldbery, Jno Kohr
i bach. David Hugbet, Samuel Marshall
; and Authur *V illianit. burneil and wound
ed . Four or ft vo of tb- injured are not ex
pected to recover Two other oil tank*
I; have exploded. The Mauch Chunk fire
department are working hard to tave prop
erly Many stream* of water are pouring
"j on the fire and houtet. Great excitement
1 prevails here.
Appointment* of the Central Penn
sylvania Center*;,,;® r.f the Methodist
Episcopal Church, held In Lewliburg, Pa.
March 27-April 1, 1878
Altoona District.
| S. C. SWALLOW. Preiiding Elder.
Altoona 1 t Church—B B Hamlin,
do hth do —M K Kotler.
j do Ches'nT AT —T Sherlock.
Holiday burg—J A Demoyer.
I iu"ins*ille—j M jJlarko.
Manintburg—Win tiwynn, J Wofl ' jr.
Villlinib<ir| —H II Wbutn.
I Logan Valley— Uea Guyer.
Tyrone— Kll Y"cum.
| l'oft Matilda - J W liaughawout
M ilehurg and Uninnville—J B Shaver.
I Howard—J It Akers, one to be suppl'd.
I I'i'iin'i Valley— W H Whitney.
Bellefonle—A I> Yooum.
' Pl|e>aant (lap—J F. Craig.
1 Half *|o£jn—L W l|ou*e.
j Pine Grove—Hugh Lin:;.
Warrior'* Mark l*nac Heckman.
Birmingham—A W Decker.
Philipsburg H C I'ardoe.
j Grabamlon—J F Brown.
| Osceola and Houtaville—J A Wood
| cock.
Clearfield—J 8 McMurray.
t'learfleld Mission—W II Dill,
Woodland K P Campbell
(ilefrJMd Circuit—W S WiHon.
Curweftsvilj*—Geo Jjcidy.
Lumber City—Purnign A Jam*.
New Washington—O B Ague.
Glen Hope— W W Dunmirc.
Snow Shoe—l Kdward*.
Cone re** 11 ill— .1 K King.
J H W. Daan, Professor in Pennsylva
nia College, member of Bellefonle Quar- '
terlv Coiilerencu. I
W rn. farnshaw Chaplain of ilia Nn j
tiolial Aivlum fur Disabled Soldier*, at ■
Dayton, Ohio j Member of Warrior'* 1
Mark Quarterly Conference.
.1 K. 11 ykei and A J. Cook, Misslonu- •
ry to Kiu Kiang, China. I
'* * (
Trial Liet for 3rd Monday of April, '
(1/jili day) of April, 18J8. i
it. F Clow ua of ?, Derby Coal CJu. oI j
Pa. eta I j
Jacob Z Long v* H A Merriman, et al, i
J H Duck's Aduir*. v D. M. Wag- j
ner (
llenrv Stevens va Jno. F Fowler A Co. j
Jo* W Folmer v Wni. Ake.y. j s
.Ineoh Ki-asner \ brain Stewuit- !j
A. M L'iiil-ey v* ITenry Miller
Schmidt & Friday v* F. M Hall.
\ Buin vs Iac Miller. ! |
W. 11. 11. W..A. k'suttct-ji
And \\ lint \\ ill be the Probable
('tuti* Out
I i Nr* York A.Ysinay l\>>l has heca I
investigating tli> phonograph what It can
■ln now, mi. l what ll may it" 111 the future
It •■>. the moat common mistake regard ,
111* the invention | a itmt electricity has
anything t.i do with It, <ii tlmt the ma
chin is < n.ily ~r in any way complicated
In its working. Then follows the ptaln<-t
•splaiialion we have vet asm Savt the
On a table near the centre of the icon
a the In phot graph, which can
he brirlt drsl l ilu-d a. follows A 110 l
low cylinder >! lira.-, about nine inches
long ai l tiva inches in diameter, is placed
horis mtall; in 11 ry much the same way
thai a piece of wood or metnl is placed he
' ween the Chuck* of a lutlie to he turned ,
a brass rod f una through the centra of the t
cylinder, and a', the end of this rod s> a
little i tank Which enable, one to turn the
cylinder around at any rate of speed de
sired the rod to which this handle is filed
has a screw thread cut on us surface, so
that when |ha cylinder is turned it shifts
slowly to una side in such away that it a
pencil is tie]d in a stationary position
against lh* cylinder while it is turning it
would trce a Una like the thread ot a
screw. Instead of Using a pencil a dimin
utive drum with only one tympanum the
lower eiie is used ; firmly attached to the
under side of this lower tympanum is a
small steel point like thn point of a needle
\\ hen the bolt on of this drum is li.ade to
vibrate from any cause a touch, or even
the vibration of the air—this steel point
will vibrate with it, and in this simple fact
is the whole iscni of tho phonograph A
thin thes-s rcommon Un foil, such as i,
used to wrap tobacco in, is (dared around
the brass cylinder which is sot in niottor,
the li'.tle drum is now -lsrrd so that ills
point of the needle just touches the tin foil.
The siii(iie*i movement of the tympanum
of the drum will make the needle serai, h
the solace of the tits sheet as the cylinder 1
moves talking into the open end of 'he
drum gives the tympanum this needed vi
bration. Suppose that a sentence eight or
leu words long i, spoken into the little
drum, ai d the line which the i.cvJts
make* on the tin ht-rt it exnuoaeJ, tl .*,
line i i#en i . > u ii.auo up • f liny JdUl
wlu.l, ihp |iniot it tho i.idle mad a,
where t! pitch of the voice mt high the ,
vit fBl - oftli* drum-kin . r tympanum ,
were vary radii), and th dolt very clo (
together where the wat de-jp, the |
Joti were farther apart. \Yhr* the auufid :
a< Very loud. tt,u vitrelm** of the tyrn- j|
paltnu. wr very energetic, and the point!
w <1 puhi-d far in, and made very deep in-!'
dentations. it. now, the needle point it
placed at the beg* unit;n of tt. it dotted line,
and held on the line while the cylinder!
turut, exactly the tame kiml of vibration* j
ail! bo imparted to the drum by the a**-1
die *tf ibu luarulate>n* at lhe|
uteu< luil<aried : the needle when the In
lentatiorit acre made. If the indentation* '
are very close together the vibration! of
the drym-tkin will be very rapid, and the
note heard will be c 'rwtpondmfly high,
and under contrary coid i.nt the notp.
w .11 he c .rrctpoi.dingly low
A< voiding lu Toi.e u/ the
I * <•< *r*ph i. it# pment vlala of perfec
lion it that of a per# b talking in a loud
voice i'i an adjoining room ar.'.h the doot
| clo-rd Any > 111! d. no matter what, i>
faithfully reproduced. Laughing, whit;,
[ling coughing, t.nging. and , tAi**y
speaking. Th ir.Tar,t\o( t u yet in its in
,ati y. *• i wbiyt rtiaj by the miprovement*
i which w ill tpeedtly and probably follow
it it impotiible l • tav. Mr. Eiiam hat al
ready turcerded in tnakirg the phono
era; h sufficiently delicate to record and
reproduce the w ird* of a speaker. H-hi' g
in an ordinary way, fo;;r fetl f* the in
,tuto*n; Ibe p w<r with wliich the *ound
| can be reproduced dependt entirely on the
species of tounding boa'd which it uted.
and on thi* point more decided retultt will
r. • doubt oon be obtained At pret.-nt in
a large room full o! perwint there it na
difficulty in hearing tbe word* d-timily
I f-oin all partt of the room. The amount
;of talking can te recorded on a *mall
I I ece of tin fell U marvellous. Mr. Kdi.on
ha* tuccceded in putting forty eight thou*
t-nd word* on a alert of tin foil about t-r.
in-he* aguare. So lar. thin c -pper theeu
nave bee.-t fo ind to Wort, mot*, *ali*leiori
iy ana It 1* probable that diamond point*
will ultimately be uted. Mr. Kditon it
| confident that he will to <r. ba able to re
produce the slightest whiipcr a* well a*
, the tcrcreh ola tteam whittle.
| A U*,i Breed Indian iit Bogota 1 St t
Ycara Old.
At a recant meeting of physicians in rlo
got*, Dr. Luitilvititiidv! read a paper of
j unu*ual internal. It wat an account of a
, Visit he bad paid to one Miguel Solit, a
I half breed farmer living in ttie foot hi lit of
I the Sierra Mo-ill* The remarkable thing
about Miguel if that he givct blmtelf out
at ISO years old, "more or lew,'' and all
hit neighbor* believe it it a good dew!more
rather than lent. Uray-headed men told
the Doctor that tlfey remembered Miguel,
at a reputed centenarian when they were
boyt; alio that the name of M iguel Soli*,
colored farmer, appeared in a list, itiil pre
•erved, of the contributors to the building
fynd of s Krgncitcan monastery near San
Sebastian. which wa* founded in lil'J. and'
that the preaent Abbott it positive it i* the
taiua man. The Doctor found the old fel
low at work in hit orchard-parchment
tkinned, robu't, hit tnow-white bair twit
ted turban fathi.>n around bit head, and
hit eye* to bright that the Doctor felt un
comtortable when they were turned upon
him. tjuettioned at to hit hab'U, Miguel.
|o!c] tho Doctor that the tec ret of living a
century or two was very titnple— merely
never gelling drunk and never over-feed- j
ing. "I eat only nce a day—a big hearty
meal, which it often take* me half an hour
to get through with ; but. you tee, it it not
poutble in a half an hour to eat more than
youcandigeit in tho next twenty four.' 1 ]
lie went on to tav that he hadn't made up;
bit mind about meat, but did not eat much
of it; he failed on the first and middle
day* of each month, eating nothing, but |
drinking all tho water he could twallow : j
he a', way* let cooked food cool before tail-!
ing it ; tbnl wat why hit teeth were a*i (
sound a 180 year* ago. It wat hardly |
Decenary to add thai all the Indians of t
the neighborhood firmly believed that old! i
Miguel ha* *old his tout to the devil, j j
N'OTICK IS H Kit KB Y given that th.
following named oereon* have
Iliad their petition* for liceue in the other
of the Clerk of the Court of General Quar
ter Se*lnn of the Peace, In and for Cen
tre county, and lhnt application will he
made at the nugl Scion of raid Court u
grunt the *ame :
Fred. Smith, Bellefonle Born. Saloon.
llou*eal A Teller, do Tavern.
It Jj. Gumming*, do do
Dan'l (}armap, do do
Auguitu* Kroin, do do
Kdward Brown, do do
P. D. M'Oollum, de do
Jacob Mauassa*. do Saloon
H C Yeager, do do
A Benin, do Wholesale.
Sam'l II Kune, Liberty twp. Tavern
llenrv Hnbb. \V alker twp. do
Jno, 11. Odenkirk, Potter twp. do
•lonathnn Kreatner, l'enn twp. do
It V. Shaffer, Howard born, do
John Spangler, Poller twp. do
W. N. Musser, Penn twp. do
Gotlelb Haag, Spring twp. do
Hubert l,nyd, Philipsburg boro. do
Martin Leltsel, rotter twp. do
Alois Kohlbecker, liogg* twp, do
C. A. Faulkner, Philips burg boro, do
John Kainrdale, Jo do
Jeffrey Have*. Buh twp., do
David 11. ltuhl. Snow Shoe, Saloon
Ja*. Pa** mo re, Phllipaburg Tavern. !
Geo. A Keller, Hush twp. do
Henry L. Stel'of, do Saloon
Shad rack Sterty, Ferguson twp. Tavern.
Jackson K Kouh, Mile* twp. Tavern
March 26. 1878. Clerk
ha*. Brown, BelUelonto burn, whole-ale.
Ptrtcr Wetwr, ■Pbili|itninj ,s Swßwn.
SH'uit old 53rick^ui£dwia
-in s(ul<ifl<'iWua ivnete
6VJ C // and 12}4 I
(jktttamm'rt t /%
to earn a (jcod ruime
nut kind ON LV
Real 6-994CWtAwg
tA kfuA iynr
and running cirr 1
Jiiii if HI I- kind oj wfotiiw^
lAni Tilen andly
w.r? eaK
CM? WB mi
Hardware! Hardware!! Hardware !!!
Bellefonte, I'enn'a.
Hgvt junt r\ reived and placed on Exhibilioa and Bale, al ibeir Rlorea no lean
Fifty-Three Varieties and Styles of Cook and Parlor Stoves,
•Single and Double Heaters, Portable Ranger, Ae., embracing all the latent
improvements, ucwr-t make*, styles and novelties in the market, combining
all the desirable iiuaiitiea, such as beauty, durability, convenience and ®oono>
my. They have ineoolv Portable Kaugee that will bake in BOTH OVKNfi
for eale .a the county. ENTIRELY NEW.
Every Slove WARRANTED in every particular.
LOWEST PRICE and Mtitfaclion guaranteed.
Our slock of
Hardware, Tinware. Oils, Pure Leads,
ami PAINTS cannot be excelled for Tariety, quality and cheapness.
EVERYBODY IS REQUESTED TO CALL whether wishing to pur
chase or not.
Special Bargains for Cash Buyers! WILSON A McFARLANE, Humes' Block, Bellefonte.
l Although Starving, they Carry Meat
given them to their Starving
> Master.
From the Omaha llerald.
The raoent ttorm upon the plaint wat,
perhaps, the tnotl sutere aver know n. On
lha m<-rau,g of the alovso, two freighter*.
' Mr Jsttie* McDermott and companion,
• lar:ed fr m Camp Kobinsou tor Sidney
with their team* They toon were lost
a-d became separated, and on l#t Satur
day Mr M> D-rmoll wat fonnd under the
following circumstances •• tiehad wander
ed for twelve day*, accommpamed by two
' dog*, w I'.boul fu,d of any kind, exposed
to the iturm day and right, peeping with
* out shelter or covering on the cold
ground, and had wasted away to a mere
tkelelon. To add la hit suffering*, one
day he taw near hitu tome cow boya, but
wat too weak U call loud enough loatfrart
their attention, and like a tbipwrecked
teaman who ee* a tall approach, but be-
I fur* it c imtt within hailing dittancaheart
>nr again and disappears. tig taw thctn
pat* from bini On lntl Saturday thete
tame row boy* hrard a faint barking or
yelping like that of degt, and, following
the sound, they cam* to them. Tbe dog*
, were alto ieduced to tkeleiont,and scarce
ly had tlrength l-> tland, being in the lntl
tiaget of tlarvaiion. Tba cow boy* threw
tnem tome meat, but instead f eating it
themtelvee, they picked it up in their
mouthi, got on their trembling limb*, and
tried to carry it to their matter. And thut
he wat found. The fact that the dog* ee-J
fused to eat lha meat given them, aU
though they ware dying of atarvation, but
attempted t* carry it to their famishing
matter, it testified le by men of uniqi'i
j peacbable veracity.
Mr McDermott was carried to Sidney,
where he i* under tha care of the Pott
Surgeon, with fair protpeclt of recovering
although badly froxrn, while the dog*
have been cared for at a camp near where,
they were found. McDermott in bit weak
•tate talk* contanl!y of hi* dog*, and beg*
for them to be brought to hit bedtide.
which with will be gratified toon. Many
thing* connected with the great norm will
doubtless long he remembered, and the>
stone* told around many a ran p fire; but
we predict that the one longest remem
bered and oftene*t repeated will be the
tory of the two dog*, who, when dying
with hunger, and the food In th--ir mouth*
refuted to eat. but tried to carry it to their
iiUtrving master.
Embracing iu>( awia'l authentic account*
if every nation of ancient and modern
imr. and including a hutorv of the ri
ind fall of the tireek and Roman Empires)
h*rowth of ihe nations of modern Ku j
ope. the middle agea. tbe crusade*. the
eudal system. the reformation, the dis
covery and ettlement,of tho New World,
etc., etc. , ,
It contains fiT'2 fine historical engra*ing k|
and I'JW large double column pages. and
la the moil complete lliaiory of the World
ever published. It aella at eight. .Send
for specimen page* and extra terma t.
Agenta, and eo why it eel It faater than
any other book. Addreaa.
Natiokat. I'fßLiaHiso Co.. Phllaicl
phia, f*a. 24 mar. 4U
C' r j - oii•pa lit 11 n Rf'Vf you r I'ho
togfajth* Enlarged —The undersigned ia
prepared to en arge all Photograph*. in
which the featureaaro plain, especially the ,
•yiw |n sending picturea alwaya mention
Ihe Color of Kyea and Hair. Trice, SI for
one peraon, and T4 eta. aaoh lor all taken f
from tho aame photograph thereafter.
Handaome Frames furniahed at the fol.
lowing pricoa . KxlU Oval. .76 .00 and l.yu.
Square, .76 100 and 1 '25. lit ordering,,
nention the kind (oval or quare), alao the
,:rioe of frame you want. If not inconven. '
ent, peraonaare expected to come fortheir
ncturea, being notified when finiahed. For
'urther particular* addreaa.
. CHAS. W PERSTINE, Centre Hall . /'a. i
Dentist, Mlllheim.
Offcri hl prafeaaUinalacrvlaaatn tha public, lie u
rcparu.l i u perform all uperatloua to the denial pro*
••aaiou. i
U MOW folly praparad to extract teeth abaolutly
rllhout pain. mya ?3t f
Qcan make moaey faater at work for na than at any
thing tha. Capital not required; wa will atart 1
you. per day at home mada by tha lnduatn- .
>ua Men. woxoau bya and fflrla wa~ntud rvarir
whereto work fpr Of Now U tb# tlipa. Coatljr <
tvror it vw. kd-iivn TkVf 4 ijg.
Specit! Notices
I UI BUI . Kras It* rsatps fa* a astl* V Mintu
Mslwiaai >UtraMo T*a, t Kll tlii PIHPUtS
lud Rhivho. U*'l*t it*HI*MH. riw w# basalt
■Jm luatcacUoa* fa* watiulw a iufl**t ale*lt
( bau oa a t*i# bat# or ma faca. I rtcli tm la -
ow**IO, ataakf Has Vaedalf a O*. at Aaa at ,
To Consumptives.
' 1 Tba i4mtaw. ba-taa tm mataitfit rare* at
ibal dras* fan 11. < lawamptiaa. b* a auayt* iwtt).
li anilma u taata tuowa la bla f:Wa Mfnm lb*
r a.* aaa of rata. To aj. aba fwn M. ba will aaf a
,oil) of tba taaactu-Ua* aaa*. ftaa at chacg* eub
. lb e.facttaa* ta* riapartaa as* aatsg lbaw. abtab
lb** aUi Baa tan tin tar < 'uasaatpUaa. AaLbma.
HraifilUa Ac
, t'artia* ai* .lag tb* I r****iUae alll )Iwm aAeram,
K. A. WILaO \, It* Paau bt, Wlllkamabara, XT
am! taiwaol laaMtaf lasartaal ta paraala uf
" lam ba**. dltraal aruatt* ta*|gwt Tba aaatia ea
I aatliMfwbiu rarnac) a* Oaba Vaa Da.f A
i 1 (* Aaa bk. N T
-i A ■ £*i\ AdKRTS a**tba mar wab WW
, I atjVF l ru, v li "t farfau aAW. Raw art!
'■Tea in,! , a:ral4 Haaip la* aasl fraa la alt. tttra
r a M i-lItUICST a R lit )"*!%*• It. Raa Tort
A OKRTI.KMAR aba *aSa**aior faarstvam Rar
t ft'* ItablllX) Tramalar* l>aca).aa4 all lb* aflarta
, of raclfcfal indtarrataoa. a4l ta* lb* aata of aaSanaa
i fra* Is all aba ssad 11. Ita raclea as 4
. riraiua tar satia* it# aiawb asatf abtrt b# am
r*r*4. *t.mi wiahta* b> an tl b* lb* ad**rtWer < *
, il-ri.nca <aa As ae bt adiiiaaaiag U prHaal aaal
; iuIlK B tKrPRN OCaJai'iA, R* Vort
at )*a lac
- Candy Manufactory 4 Bakery.
; Mr. Albert Kauth,
At the
is now making tnc very best *
in Rel'efonia.
C*odis and Confections.
ll* alto manufacturea all kinds of can
dies, and dealers can purchase of him a*
low at in the city. Candiea of ail kinds al
ways on hand, together with Orange*,
Lemon*. Fig. Date*, N'uta, Syrup*, Jel
ilint and avary thing good.
An Excel If ot njtrr agioon also at
tached to the Bakery. Call and aac
S. T. Shugert, having purchased the
Drug ttore on Allegheny street, Belle
fontf, next door to the hardware Store of
Hicks A Bro., hat slocked and filled it out
with all the motl popular
i i 1
| ARTICLES. Ac.. Ac.. Ac j
Patent Medicine*. Alcohol, pur* Win**
and Liquor* for medical purpes** only.
Physician'* prescription* carefully com
pounded and order* answered with care
and dispatch. Farmer* and Pbyairian*
•wan the country will find our *tock of
Sfcdioines complete, warranted genuine
and of the best quality.
Thi* Store will remain under the dir#c
lion of the accomplished dru(fiit and
pharmacist heretofore connected with it,
,^ r ' Harrington, and we r*ep*ctfbl
iy solicit lb* cuftom of our friend* and
in* old patrons of the store.
l*Ptr 8. T. SHUGKKT
WM. P. WILSON, Attornev-at-Law
Hellefonle Pa Offlca la sir*. Bea
r's Building. Bellefnote Pa.
BRICK FOR SALE —First class brick
will be kept on hand for sala by J. O.
Deininger at Zerba's Centre Ilall
brictc yard*. These brick are
'flared so low thst it will pay persons at a
iistanco to ootno here for them.
Intending to continue in lb* tnanufac
ure of brick they will bo kept constantly
>n band, and fair inducement* offered to
Tauglf. H. K. ZKRBK
DF. FORTNKT Attorney at Law
Bcllefonte. Pa. Office over Rev
told* hank. Idmay'ftp
JL. SPANGLKR, Attornay at Law
• Consultations in English and Gap.
nun. Office ip Kuril's naw building,
1"1 IT' Or I lhwstae** iau aaa h|i la. it le
|< If I for liar mull b *r woahnr of
111 JI 1 I etibsr ssi. rlsht In Ibstr ova lowll
I " M-AKJ A 11 Particulars sad aaamtaa worth
e fros lapnn roar aearo ttasa
it this bsalnsaa. Addraaa hilasna 1 Co, Portland. Ma 1
S* mar, f
We print envelope* as low as SI per
houaand. Send u* your envelopes. We
>rint letter heads, sr.d statements es low.
is 51,26 per 1000, wben person* find the,
taper. This is lower tbauFbu can It
Iob fbr ta lk* crttf,
New Store Room
Fall and Winter
Great Abund&noe
Ae w Ban h Jiu ildi tig.
A Fuli Line of GENERAL
MERCIi AN DISK, carefully selec
ted, and embracing all manner of
Furnishing Goods
! or
Full line of
Hats and Caps
For Men, Boys and Children.
' Call and be Convinced that this is the
Cheapest place to buy gooda in thb
I section.
| PRODUCE received in exchange
i for gooda.
Kememdrr the place—in the New
ißank Building, opposite the Old
Stoves! Stoves!
At ■ • kind* of Stover
A full line of Tinware.
Hardware for all, Coachmakera and
Mechanics included,
At the New Store of
Centre Hall, Pa.
Buainasa stand upstairs ia tbe building
formerly occupied by tbe Centra Rapor
Will furnish gentlemen with clothing,
made to order, ot the beat material that
can be bought in Philadelphia or Xaw
York. Long experience in tba baainaaa
at Bellafonte anahlaa him to turn out flrst
claaa work in all respects. OdecJ tf
In Bank Budding, Contra Hall.
Would respectfully announe to the cili
sent of thia vicinity that he haa taken
roomi in above building where ha ia pre
pared to do all kinda of work belonging
to bia line, for men and beys. and accord
ing to iatoat atylea Gooda told by sam
ple. Having bad nine years experience
ba guarantee* all work to render perfect
satisfaction. and aolicita a tiara of tha
public patronage &dwy
HasET naoca sailor r I.l>. sucoaav
President. Cathie r.
(Lata Uillikea, Hoover A Co )
Receive Dejxaiu,
And Allow lotereat,
Discount Notes,
Buy and Sell
Government Securities, Gold A
laplOWtf Coupon*
Wr are now soiling
New Pianos = 8125
bak as* alt ststaa luMttt Ora4. Kgaart aa4
r ertekt. all aaa tad tLrtctU artl claw. a* tta lowest
, at >ul ehetaaate (actan prWae, 4 tract AT Um ear !
r tasor L jUitli, aa eeUilsai. as dtecoanu I
New Patent Duplex Overstrung Scale, '
wfcirfc It wttkowt MWn ik. graataat fm—si i
UTUU" ~w • Na Vuar. pradacta* u> Waal ta
I laalAli a pewer. rlrkaeas tad Saprkof laa*. olia>
Wla ins staa UM quill* aatar Man XUIMI. Oar
t l-rtcEt. an Us iaooi La AwaHre l uaa ooat oa
™l, Deal fait ta arise lac tlloalraaae oaS Oncrtpt. I
In Calalagat Willi fna.
No. 21 Kail Fifteenth Street,
21feb aev m New York }
Hardware Store.
A new. complete Hardwire Store bat
been opened by the undersigned in Cen
tre Hall, where he i> prepared to aell all!
kind* ol Building and Uoum Furnishing
Hardware. Nails. Ac.
Circular and Hand Saws, Tennoo Saws.!
Webb Saw*. Clothe* Hacks, a full assort -j
mantof Glass and Mirror Plata Picture
Frames, Spokes, Felio.-s, and Hubs, tabic
Cutlerj, Shovels, Spades and Forks.!
Locks, Hinges, Screws. Sash Springs. 1
Horse-Shoes. Nails, Norway Hods. Oils.
Taa Belli, Carpenter Tools, Paint, Varo
Pictures framed in the finest style.
Anything not on hand, ordered tiDor.
shortest notice.
Remember, all goods offered cheap-,
er than elsewhere.
Graham & Son are offering extra induoe
{ menu to
We hra the largest and cheapest (lock of
in BeUefonte and are determined to sell at
uch price* a will suit the pockets of ev
-017 woe N<>* '• the time to huv your fall
,snd winter 'took V u can *.-• .. 0 a sol
id Leather Button &i.v lot L*ii. . from
12.00 to 160. 1
Ladies' coarse shoes, g) 05
Mens' coarse hooU. 2 60
Children*' school shoes, . 100
Kens' wool lined gum booU. 3.00
" J' " Buckle overshoes, 1.60
' " Congress gaiters. 160
" ' " Alashas, 1.09
" all gum overshoes. no
j Women a' all gum overshoes, .40
Misses' all gum overshoes, [.<&
Mens' lumberman's gums, solid heel extra
T h ?*V' ... 185
Let it be distinctly understood that |
these are all SraUclaaa Rubber 1
1 Good*.
r y
Fashionable Dressmaker.
.fITTi" 1 ? Smith. dreaa tnaarr, Centre
, • u> nil atteniian u> her asm
plß kind;ala, eat..
zn ' i)im dr . M'Od*. Cut ling od
„!!!! . ..I" 11 i* °** r Oeiula
men ablrte, tuff, and collar* made to or
-liVl, " rrBl *d to fit 11.. al*o Ju.t *
/ i B,W itoek of Spring atjrlr*.
faehlon plate., pattern*, ,%r ".II ar>.|
1877 Fall—lß7/
i baa tho gooda. Lsrgeal Mock f
Prices Lower than
And now "Hand* . cordial invitation to
hi* friend*, patron*, and public geaersl-
Alao a Complete Aeaurtmem of
Ready Made Clothing for men and
boyt. Suit* at low aato be had io (he
Imported and Domestic
Full Ifnaa of
For Ladies, Genu, Boyr, Miaaea and
Children. •
Hosiery, Gloves. Boots and Shoo*,
And the mo*! conplets aatorlment of
n Central Pennsylvania. and pricoa-that
wtllcuinpal y.m in aalf dafaara to buy of
but. Alao Kiah, Halt. etc. 18oe
A full line of Howe Sewing Machines
jand Needles forall kinds of machines.
•J • would respectfully announcelo the
ciUMb* ot Penns Valley that h hu per
manently located in CVntre H.I, wbaeelie
tprp,..rrd to do all kind* of Dnitl work.
All work warranted or no money
, Prices low to auil the timo*. si U, g.
By eailing at the new and atten
tive bakery establishment of
(Successor to J. H. Sands.)
Opposite the Iron Front on Alleghany
•treet where ho fwrnishea a very day
Fresh Bread,
Cakea of all fciada.
Piea, etc.. etc.,
Bp ice*.
. FroiU.
I Anything and everything belonging to
the business. Having bad yaara of expe
rience in ifae business, be flatters bimaelf
that be can guarantee aatialaction to all
I who may favor him with tbeir patronage.
.ClotH & Cassimere,
which I em prepared to have made
up in suits at Remarkably Low Fig
cheaper than can be bought
Market Street.
18oct6m LEWIhBURG. Pa.
PAINTER, tf*™.
ofTera hia aenrices to the citizen* of
Centre connty m
Heuie, Mrn and Ornamental
ornamenting and gilding,
Plain and Fancy Paper hanging. Order.
reapecUuily solicited. Term* reasonable.
,'JU apr tf.
Furniture Rooms!
respectfully informs tbe citizen* of Centra
'county. that he hat bought out the old
sund et J. O. l>"iniager, and baa reducad
lha pikcea He has constantly oh hand
and makes t> order *
I TABLES. Ac . Ac.
| Hia stock of roady made Furnilase *
targe and warranted of good workman
ship, and ia all made under hia immediate
supervision, and is offtred at rales cheaper
than elsew hers.
CNII and see hit stock before purchasing
elsewhere. oj
LET! Mlßß.il',
• at bis establishment at Centre Hall, keep
; on band, and for snla, at the most reasona
ble rates
A Spring WagonS.
and vehicles of every description made to
order, and Warranted to be made of the
.•*"* on ed material, and by the moat
skilled and competent workmen. Bodies
for buggies and spring, wagons Ac., of th
most improved patterns made to order,
also Gearing of all kinds made to order.
All kinds of repairing done promptly and
at the lowest possible rates.
Person* wanting anything ia l is line are
requested to call and examine hit work,
Hfd it not to be excelled
1 ility and wear. may 3 tt
aSHIOXAWLE BskPIK xm> Hsitliiu
*R, in the old bank building. Guarantees
stisfaetion in all bis work, and asks the
i üblic patronage. Has bad long experi
ence in the city.
No. 6 Brockrrboff Row, Bellefonte
Dealer* in DrugaXtaeniieala.
Fcrftimery.FansjGoodii dc„
Pure Wines and Liquors for medical
■ purposes always kept. maytl 72
w. a. sh&? rb m,
Respectfully in forms the citixens of Cen
tre Hall and vicinity that ha has opened a
now .hop in the old Bank Building. New
work turned out according to style, and all
kinds of repairing neatly done, and on
short notice. Prices reduced and to suit
the times. 7 feb. Cm.
Forks House! .
The Forks House, at Coburn station, is
new and commodious, and is kept in best
manner. Bed and board second to none
in the county. Stabling for SOgborscs.
As a summer resort it will be f<<und all
that could be desired, right in the heart of
good fishing and bunting grounds, and
.-urrounded by the most romantic teeners.