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    The Centra Reporter.
CkvTrk Ham , Pb . April 1. IM>
And now the Mollis Maguire crop in
Pennsylvania has been harvested.
Already, last week, counterfeits on
ih* new dollar wrre out. Who aaya
America is not a great country ?
The elate senate passed • act n.low
ing females to become member* of the
bar In this commonwealth. They all
know how toeonrt anyway.
Wm. P. Wilaon'a republican atatscom
mittee resolved to bold the neat state
contention at Harriabuif. May t.Y Uow
easy it will be for the Cameron's to
pocket the concern.
The democrats of Klk county pted a
reaoite not allowing candidate* to go
around electioneering or ask vote- t
makea nomination— nothing more than
to announce their names in the demo
era tic pipers.
Howe, tmeblue republican U.S. Sen
ator from Wisconsin, let loose his big
speech against Hayes He sort o'think-
Hayes is a failnre, that he went back on
the republi-wn party, anil that if Pack
ard is not governor of Louisiana then
Haves is not president of the I. S. Ihe
president thinks it is not worthwhile to
have any one reply to Howe. The ques
tion would be, has Hayes a friend in the
Senate on the republican side, to whom
he could apply for a reply. All know
why Jack didn't eat his supper.
Mr. Blair's resolutions to investigate
the title of the Prraident have been
passed by the Maryland House of lV.e
gates Blair thinks the resolutions will
pass the Senate and receive the Gover
nor's signature. The Attorney General
will then have to file a bill in the I. >■
What on ewrth will prevent Judge
Mayer from being re-elected, when eve
ry lawyer, at every bar and nearly aft
the people of every party in the district
are in his favor—and signing their
names to it too ?
Dullard was an embexxler and ad
journed from the legislature after hav
ing a very short session. In this res
pect he is one better than the legisla
ture. it is also etnbeiiling public funds
but it will not adjourn.
The markets in breadstutfs are already
stimulated by the warlike news from
Europe. On Friday in New York a
brisk demand prevailed for flour, whe2t
and corn. Flour went up sharply, in
most instances 10 to 25 cents per barrel,
and sales are reported to the unusually
large aggregate of about 44,000 barrels.
Wheat advanced 3 and 4 cents.
The New York senate has passed a
Iree pipe line bill. In our state legisla
ture the railroad companies managed to
oil 100 many of the members and de
feated a free pipe line bill. The rail
roads wish to keep a monopoly of the oil
carrying trade and a free pipe line
would interfere and make the price of
oil cheaper.
The Penn'a RR. had another stormy
time Tuesday, 26. at their stockholders
meeting and election.
The stockholders manifested a deeper
interest in the subject of the funding
scheme than they did in the election for
directors, but as regards the latter there
was quite an active contest carried on,
and much scratching was done. The
polls opened at 10 a. m. and closed at 6
p. m. The ticket nominated by the
stockholders' committee was as follows
Thomas A. Scott, Josiah Bac.n, Wistar
Morris, John M. Keuuedy, Samuel M.
Felton, Alexander Biddle. N. Parker
Shortridge. and Henry D. Welsh. This
ticket, termed "the regular." was success
ful. The highest one on the ticket had
voted for him 479.276 shares, and the
lowest 420,049 shares. Thomas Potter
who submitted the minority report on
the funding scheme, received votes rep
resenting 66,652 shares, and A. J. Der
byshire, who was a director last year
and whose name was taken off the ticket
by the stockholders' committee was
complimented with votes representing
The funding plan was approved, the
vote standing thus: For the adoption of
the resolution on the creation of trust,
recommended in the majority report of
the committee, 375,299 shares; for the
adoption of the resolution on the crea
tion of the trust, as recommended in the
minority report of the committee, 105,-
885 shares. The largest number of
shares ever voted at any previous elec
tion of the company was 284,000. Last
year only 125,000 shares were voted.
Now since Tom Scott has had it his
own way, if he will see to it that bis
company completes the Pennsvalley
road, oar people will call him blessed.
If not then there may be some expres
sions in the opposite direction.
The majority report embodied the fol
lowing resolution .•
Rttolctd, That the creation of a trust
having for its object the purchase from
time to time of the bonds and shares ol
other companies which are guarantee!
by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
and also of the bonded debt of the
Pennsylvania Company, be, and it is
hereby approved ; and that the incom
ing Board of Directors be, and they are
hereby instructed and authorized to take
sacb action, under the advice of counsel
as nay, in their judgment, be lawful,
n jessary, and best adapted to create
* /ch trust, and to accomplish the objects
>sr which it is designed.
The trust plan, says the Post, proposes
setting aside two per cent, per annum on
the capital stock for the purchase of the
bonds and {shares of other companies
which are guaranteed by the Pennsyl
vania Railroad. This will amount an
nually to 11,377,404. x To put the "trust
plan"in another f<3rm, the shareholders
agree to loan the Company one dollar
per share of their dividends annually,
at four per cent, interest, for the purpose
of purchasing through a trust the liabili
ties of the Company. If these securities
can be purchased at fifteen per cent, be
low par, the fund, supposing the securi
ties to yield it seven per cent., will be
increased 184,000,000 in a period of thir
ty years, at a cost, to the shareholders of
136,000,000, for which they would hold
scrip, bearing four per cent interest,
payable out of the trust fund. The cap
ital represented by the guarantees of
the railroad company amounts, accord
ing to the last annual report to $180,516,-
These are the attractive figures of the
supporters of "the plan,'' but on the
other hand its opponents, held it em
bodied the germ of mammoth stock
speculations for the benefit of a favored
few and without profit to the sharehold
ers. Be this as it may the plan is to be
tried. ginwrf - •
rL —-The hangman's tree was in full
bloom last weck r notwithstanding the fros
ty atmbtylfere.
TITF PFori.r N t VR rirr <\ RF.
There are many evils that the dear
people are subject to at the hands of
their public servants the men in high
places more than we could well elm ai
de in one of the long column of the
Reporter. All sigh for reform . ;dlugn 1
that great wrongs, plundering'- and li
berie* are committed, and that ra- • !;-
tiea shouldeoase just here and t. w. I'ut
that is all. Saying a thing and n : do
ing it effect* nothing. The peo| loh.ivo
the remedy in their hand- at the p. not party spirit carry you beyond
the bouuda of rea.-oii and lea 1 > > to
support a man when you know h; n to
he a rascal and a knave. In your >wn
business affairs you don't do tl. thci
why not also when it comes to public
* flairs? Are there superfluous ofllcc-.
salaries too high, taxescollecteil and the
,trope of sweat squandered by the un
principled uian in place, then remedy it
at the ballot bov. Point the finger •
-corn at the unfaithful public -ervaiit.
or if his malfeasance deserve- it give
him a little ride on a rail as the ip
-lieaf in his plume of not r:c:y, and tin
liejHirter's word for it, thing- wil. c
better,and publicsvrviiuts will t.. -ec.m
ihat they do only the will of tlo.r 'mi
ier. You can ne\er 410 a thing -o '
fectually as when you set about t u
We need reform. There arc t > many
abuses. Corruption has bei mcclir ni
with the oily tongued \ litieian an
-toiling place hunter. The people mu
fix upon their man instead of 'he t •
fixing the people. That i-the r-t-.cj
Hi reform.
Continual crying for reform, ami t
voting rascals iuto responsible 1 ace- i
an error of the masses which : i-. •
•orrected ami better governmt t w...
rn x/>F.R is I'Rixrix• .
In the-'.ate Senate Mr. Jones, of 1
adelphia, made a strenuous effort to 1 it
a resolution through for the printing el
the thousand copies of the report of tin
Centennial managers. The work con
sists of two large boutul lolume* an I
the number asked for would 1 -
cost f50,000. Kach Senator and rnembei
of the House has been furni-hed with 1
copy to induce them to give an ordei
such as jwas proposed by Scna'.oi
This is nothing else but an effort t>
plunder in printing ne half the d -u
menta put out are not worth a f.irth .t .
to the public, and most of them ne*.
read. The state could save thou- .mis
lollars if less ofthis trash called publn
documents, were printed.
The great Michigander. tie 'let
ting f handler, who didn't let >••:* any oi
his blood during the late war. and win
led the republican forces in the M
presidential campaign. now ,'c-; er
atelv bent on kicking Hayes out of th.
way and bringing Grant back for a ra •
in ISSO. According to a Washington
special Senator Oglesbv is down on th*
list of implacable Radicals to th
mud gun at the Administration, if n*
.an get up his speech in time. The plan
I of the siege was arranged one night at j
meeting of the implacables drilled b)
Zach Chandler. Chairman of the Na
tional Republican Executive I'omn; ttc
who comes from his home in Michigan
ostensibly to visit his daughter and .- n
in-law Hale, of Maine, but really nn>v
hitherwards by a determination to fcav*
Grant accepted for IS.SO, as the only
hope in dire extremity. The plan of th*
great Michigander includes running! ji
grcssional elections next fall on a i
of entire separation from the Hayes Ad
Attorney General Lear has beei
caught in a "bad box" hv the investiga
tion of the fl'.', ooo fee paid M:t ntuii A
Ol instead. In addition t- th;- fee, h
got 15,000 This he kept to huu If til
brought out by the investigation. 1 Leu
he claimed he had a fight to live p t
cent, under a law which gives to the at
torney collecting a debt due the c m
monwealth after sixty days, tivi p* r
cent, on the amount collected Rut in
this case the attorneys collecting wen
oimonton & Olmstead. They were j -i.o
ten per cent. How, then, could the At
torney General claim live per cent
more? Again, if he had a right to it
why didn't he take the ful.
amount of five per cent, on <sl9,(Xh
amounting to $9,500, instead of ss,(hX)'
l'he failure to do so forces the s i-piciot.
tnathe knew he wasn't entitled t<> it
a_d that this ssol<o was the Attorney
General's "little divvy" in the transac
tion. The fact that this ofli er's eon
doct will bear a construction so low a
this is disgraceful to him, to say the
least. With an ordinary fair set of men
in power, he would be forced to trial on
it. Rut party spirit is so strong with tin
majority in the legislature, and party
morality so low. that he will be screen
ed and protected rather than pushed
and punished. Rut before the bar of
pnblic opinion the verdict will be. "gone
to meet Bullard and < iainea."
The Pittsburg Post remarks that the
way the Legislature is wasting time is
shown by the fact the Kenate has ad
journed for two weeks. This, too, at u
time when every energy should be dc
voted to closing up business for a final
adjournment. It is probable the ses
sion will last until about the 20tli of
May. The Senate's adjournment wa -to
help along this scheme for (-"sin extra
pay to members;a grab that will aggre
gate, in the increased salaries of mem
bers and officers alone, not less than a
hundred and fifty thousand dollar-. This
Legislature has sounded loser depths
than any of its predecessors. It is Came
ron all over, and Mackey dominate- it
like an old-time overseer his - piad of
field hands. The extension of the fu
sion is a pure, deliberate, out-and-out
ANtw Wall Map or Pi -s a.
We bavo received from J. H- Butler A
Co., Philadelphia, publisher*, u i >py
theirnew Map of Pennsylvania, i/. • I*<
feet, which it the rnot complete map of
thi* state ever published, and should
be placed in every school room urn! lo
found in every place of business us well ns
in the family. It isbeautifully colored by
counlies, and contain* every i'u.t Utile in
the State, by the latest authoriti<—cor
rectly locates the rivers, mountains, rail
roads and canals, and it complete in every
particular. It is printed on One paper, se
curely mounted on strong muslin and on
rollers, and will be furnished at the low
price of $6.00, net.
This map is just such a publication as
we have long wished for, and has fea
tures new to any other heretofore put out.
Call at the Reporter office and examine
Eagle Pass, Texas, March 10.—One of
the guides in the employ of the military
at Fort Clark, Texas, went over to the
town of Uttragosa, Mexico, which i about'
thirty-live miles in the interior, and
there finding some Indians in the town on
a spree, Jojped in with them, and, after
taking a nuiuber of drinks, and loafing
about the town unt.i after dark, he (tho
guide) succeeded in getting of the In
dians out alone, threw his lasso aiou..<J J.:?
neck, and put spurs to his horse, dragging
Mr. Loo the lasso. After getting some
distance, and out of danger, he then strap
ped the dead body on a pony, and brought
it to Fort Clark, a distance of over lifty
miles. The guide, when asked why he did
so, said he was determined to bring in one 1
dead Indian.
1 nrn ri xctr /
We print on the third page <•! to da\ *
issue ;in interesting account t tin
workings of the Moiiett liquor law in
Virginia, It will be seen thin it hit
ft.'O.oiM vc.irlv tax from the ; hull lei
the producingcln-vs and lay nit upon
men who u-ualtv -Hp through lit.- with
out taxation Ihe author- of the law
claim that it practically solve- the tern
pcr.mce question. Strange its it in.i\
-I'cm, the liquor seller profe—<•- him-el
ovei ,<>ved with it. f.u he i.i 1 the pri 1
flns drinks und gets mote than the t.i
from his customers.
Pit* law taxes each nh h' id. -
. ants, and each glo— ot ale, bcci ot 1 • 1
ter half .1 cent. V -oe> itic license to -cl
1- Ul-0 requite), the lav •* 1 octc.
ihrongli the use of 11 hell register, slim
Ur to lite one u-> .1 11; some >U "'ir ■ m •
ir-. The penalty for a wilful ' *bire t
regi-tor 1- unprisonuicut not let-- thai
one month an.l not more than twelve
Officials who make faUe returns can b.
.cut to the pciuteutiarv for not le—thai
.lienor more than three years. 1h
iilthorities say that the law is fairly en
-•reed, and claim that it will save \ 11
41111a fhun bankruptcy
Ihe Moflett law went through th.
Virginia legislature after a hot tight. I
aas made an in the election
Its opponent- wore completely over
drown, and did not return ottottgl
members to call the aye- tiud tines ot
4 111.lion tor Its repeal. Ills no longei
, . experiment, but a -luve— and .- ac
c|.te.i as the -cttled policy of the vat.
in dealing With tbtf exci-e question. Ii
n-r Mat. -, ah..' if is receiving mud
itieutiou. the Louisiana Senate pa—ec
.lie measure before its adjourmeiit, an.
■ t is 11 'W before the l.egi-lattttc- o
tViui-y ivauta, I a .l, Kentucky. New
\ ork and Mary latul. Chicago ami tin
iunali arc both aroused on the subject
4ttd anxious for the "bell putt. '. f'i
■ 1: pi*.-es 4 f mumctpal revenue. At liar
ishitrgon Tuesday, the t'ouimittce ot
Way- and Means of the 11 .use, report,
jvorubly ott' an act to provide l > r .4 tai
>n the -ale of liquor-,'" by the bell
punch -y stem ot registration. If thii
..4vv din's (lot pas- at this sc-sion, it 1
ikely it will a', the next, and may l
Sim' lit re, as it iii.l .n \ iiginia an i- . <
at the l ho importance t thesub
eet warrants as in giving the annexe
abstract of the law prop -ed 1 1 th.
It substantially that, aftei
January 1, IS7'J, alt dealer- in -piritiiuu
vnious, and uiait liquors, except -uch a
are here.uafter exivptcd, shall pay at.ii
>f one cent on each drink of alcuholit
•r viaoaa 1., i. r- . r My •dmlxtan
I ere f. and a tax of one-half cent up >t
each drink of malt ii pa. r - '!>! ■ r drutil
in the premi-es of any one licensed t>
-ell at retail, said t.i\-;> be paid lat
he county treasury, livery person or
firm engaged in the of liijuora at re
tail shall have attached to the counter
>ver which saiddi qu ->ra are sold one reg
fiter marked alcoholic li|iiors. ami one
marked mall liquor*. Saul designation
>hall be marked on the face of -ai-1 reg •
iter> in letters not le-- than one inch
.n length. Each bell in mu! regislrr
-hall be struck by means ol meciiauism
. r that purpose, ami f- r each drink
- >lvl at each ir<>ke of-aid i e'.l shall reg
s'.crcd on a dial on m.J i-g.s'.cr llu
..itubt-r 1 dan*.- - id. Saul reg.-tei ,
-had have statu).ed on it i:i legible lrt-|
fts. ' ■mumnweallh oflVun-y ivania,' j
and .i-so tlie i -at--f arm ■-1 the Slati.,
ine registers shall l>e lurtn-ht i by th- .
-tale to the county treasurers - i differ-j
eut counties. Each perx-n pr curing -1
ocensc to sell liqu< r at retail siiall < '•■!
.ain fr- ui sa.d v • unity treasurer the re-,
pusite nunrt'cr of regi-ters which sh.v.j
>e furnished at > -t, and attach tin
-me to the counter on the premises
a here the liquor i- to t es -hl, the same
• be attached under the supervision ol
:f:e collector of taxes in the resjw tar
counties, ward, or city where mud per
ns proposing to do business may re-'
-ide. it lien registers are once fixed l-y
said collector of taxes thev shall not I -
removed for any pur|>o*- whatever, nn-j
.. -- it be to save lliem from destruction
i-y fire, mob. or otherwise, except ty
-aid tax collectors who shall hav-- su
pervision of aii the register. \\ hen
-ucli retailer iliaconliuuea business tbr
registers must be returned to the coutiiy
treasury, who ahaii relun-i the first
t >urctuuc money therefor, and the cotiii
.y treasurer sl.a.J a.- > give a receipt A r
uiourv so refunded. It sfiaii be the duty
oi ail persons having a register on ihc.r
premises to properly register the sale ol
all drinks iu presence of purchaser*
there :. If spiritueus liquor is s->id tu
.arger quantities than by the drink, th*
. rank oi the register must be revi iveU
-•as to register four drinks sold; for
ca o | lut ot mail 1. j.ior sold, the regis
iir must Le made to mark two drinks
- -id. Mich taxi - as may become due
-hall t>e paid on the first day of each
uioulli or whenever called upon by the
tax collector.
We presume this is a copy of the \ ir
ginia law. l'he law isstlent as to wheth
er tfie revenue shall go t- the Ma!* r
the county ; and in this respect, should
me Lili pass, we would tike to see if
amended, that the "hell punch" rove
iiues shall be put into the illy treasury
bstimaling the saloons in Pillsbuigii at
- H>, and crediting them with an aver #
ou.-inessol ten dollars a day, we hav<
fs.OMO dally us the amount expended fur
spirituous and mall beverages. This
wuuid probably represent 24,UU0 drinks
ol wine or spirits ami ivO.OUO of beer or
ale. < arried out for three hiiudre*ldays
ill a year, at the rate specified in the bill
irorn the House Committed of Way saud
Means, and we would have a revenue ol
nearly two hundred thousand dollars
annually in I'illshurgh from this source.
I'tio rates in tins bill, however, are uu
equai. The Virginia scale is a half cent
on tnalt liquors. the same as proposed
here, but on wine <>r spirits it i- two and
a half cents, while in the bill j -ending at
llarnsburg it is ouly one cent, lb is
stiould be made two cents,toaccoid with
the eternal fitne.-s of things, and this
would increase the revenue 172,000,
making the whole amount over $250,000
If the tax is to go to the Slate or coun
ty. very little interest will be felt in the
enactment of the law; Lut if it g-x-s ti
the < ity Treasury we sec a certain and
speedy way of relief from our financial
embarrassments, by a tax tlint will crip
ple no industry or business, but will be
levied on a luxury, not as an article ol
manufacture or merchandise, but on its
consumption. To say the least the ques-i
tion is one well worthy of careful inve -
ligation.— J'itU(/urq Tuft.
A i'l/z/.u: IX SCJEXCE.
The discovery of tho satellites of Mars,
, by Professor Asaph Hull, of the Wash- j
t J
. ington Naval Observatory, was one that
11 had an important hearing on the scien-|
i titic theory known as the Nebular Hypo-,
thesis. It was found that the innerj
-utellite revolves about the planet in MI
shorter time than IS occupied in a revo
lution of the planet on its axes. Marc I
, revolves once in about twenty-four
hours, while the innersatellite complete.-!
f j its revolution in a fraction over seven
] j hours, .s.j nil observer stationed iijjoii
the surface of the planet would see one!
i moon apparently rise like the earth's
* moon in the east and set in the west.
' | while the other moon—the inner ,
' j satellite—would rise in the west and set',
in the east. But according to the Neb-j
. ular Hypothesis, all satellites derive ,
. their motion from their primaries when
thrown ofF from the latter. Their veloci- 1
ty ought, therefore, to be nogreaterthan
' their primaries, but rather less. The
' Nebular Hypothesis supplies nothing tol
account for this motion of the inner .
, satellite of Mars, and tin less other causes l
<-n be found to explain it, that hypo-!
thesis cannot stund.
The force of this objection lin- been j *
' felt by scientific men, and ivnumber of''
conjectural explanations of the anomaly ! i
have been proposed. It is well known (
' that in the case of planets having an ,
ellipsoid orbit the radii are shortened '
f by any resistance met, and that thus 1
. itieir velocity is increased. In order to 1
account for the propagation of the waves I
of light through the interstellar spaces. i|
• physicists have assumed these spaces tol,
be tilled with an ' invisible ether." 11J
has been suggested that this ether might *
offer sufficient resistance to account for
these changes of velocity. This theory 11
was broached previously to the discove- li
ry of the satellites, to account for some t
observed aberrations in the motion of „
Kncke's comet. But it is replied to this
that VP know to° little of this lumini
ferous ether—La very existence being' 1 ;
hypothetical—to draw any .afp ponclu- j'
sions about its effects on the
moving through it.—Moreover, the acH M
celeration in the velocity of Encke's „
j comet is not uniform, but greater inji,
' some of its periodic revolutions than in n
M a lutp mooting of llio Washington I
Philosophical Soctoly, I'mfeiu- M. II
I Ksoliltle |it>-oitf.l a theory w hichconn ■-
ninth nearer to a eolutioii ot iho l!l
otilt\ A# repnitetl by tho Tribune, In
culled itUPntlon I interstellar mallet
the cxlotciuo of w Itifh i not conpict u
rat. hut nt-ll known -hooting *t>tr or
aerolite*. The eft'eot of the impinging
of these aerolite upon a planet would
l>o, aomrding to him, thrrr-fulil 1 trM
h\ rinking the lutellitc ami inm-uning
itn r.tpnhii of revolution initio manner
.ilu'.itii explained l\\ ma kmc it revolve
in a Mll. ill orbit secondly, by Milking
tho prtuunv, linn intTeiu>ing it* nnu"
ami lis aliiai lion of tho natcUite ; thiid-
Iv, by inere:t--tiig tin' IIIIIWI <>( iho prima
rv. ami ihorobx con-timing it* niigtmtl
voioiily through iho taking up of this
inrto uM ,1 atbbliou to it* macs flow*
cvet Michl may ho tho annual average
effect than produced, any assignable
hliuunutiou ot ru.liua ami tncrram- of ve* i* atlaiuahlo in a aiilihient nnmhi-r
l v oars, ami il may bo l oiilolont v att
Mown aa a matter of po.-utive .-Cience
knowledge that it those eaintea low in
one ration continue to operate aa effi
ciently if in the paat, tin l inner IliOoli of
\tara baa ainip'y reached a condition
urhich all planet* and satellite* aie deo>
lined uluuiately t.i reach and the time
wilt come when our moon will ti*e in
the wcM ami act in the east. There i*
reason to believe that cau-ca will
not i iittinue to o|H*iate iiidcllitllelv
without diminuli- n,aa mauy|ifitol moat
• f the aerolite* belong I© the aolar ay**
teui, ami inuat at no distant day be ex
hausted. I'he theory would also aceouut
:ir tin* irregular accelerations in the
UKitiou of 1 m ke'a t nut, as it would
probably> through almw. is of these
icrolih i iu sine of its revolutions, ami
meet very few in others.
If tins theory is accepted by men of
-croncv as giving .i aatisfaelory i-xplari.t
--ti i . f the otisfivcd phenomena, the
Nebular 11 y: -the-i- may yet stand. 1 <>r
a long tune after Newton's theory of
gravitation was promulgated, and even
after it had been generally accepted,
there wo-re alteration* in the planetary
m stem which were supp led to be ir
reconcilable with it. Ifnt further ami
more careful investigation showed that
these observations could all IK- account
ed for. Ihe end of the present investi
gation may be similar; ami a di-every
that was at tir*t supi-osed to lie totally
UH-otisisient the Nebular Hyp- the
-I- may in the eml give it strong con
tiiuiation. -1 Ixatiiiuer and Chronicle.
'First Aiiuivel.-*rv of Mr. Wunaifisk
er's Grain! 1 Was It Sac
ieosful the First Year? Is it
to lie Continued ? Ktc.
To tho i üblic gst.* rally m.d tho rvi
lent- of i* > la*ir:ph:a particularly tha
twelf.h of March marks the t.rsl anutter
-ary <•( the opening of the dry R ■. ,U *<->■-
Ito.-.t i f the Grand 1 >•!• t.
It -coins a £llil)g lime to present ->ur
j best respects to a. -of l!n -c wis havt b* ;>
•• 1 in the new undertaking.
Mali) persons have nr.-ijirevl the en
terprise an experiment, and n an) ai re
express and tnan:i.-t a warm interest In
< <p 1 I'll ad* !•' a a •-'.>
tuent the like which N * w Y< ra hat had
lor a otig urn* 1 here'ore tl seems prop
r to ay that the buiin>-i dene at the
111 rand D* Id d *ring the )• ar just •' '•*]
, uily confirms our expet uttohs. and settles
. the.- tuple:- sat. fa oo *.f it a writer
. i doubts *>f its . The fa* t pr ft
.Ibeyond question, that never hrfore in one
I year were ao many good- retailed in I'hil
I . lr'|*lira by *•!.*' hou-' 1'•-. in It.■ tai
1 0l the tiiue*. and with an imperfect, un
if ied arid hurried organ nation, encouracet
us to believe that, with the experience
, .J* had. the coming year will tnd u do
• ir.g lar better vervlie f r our cuvtoruera
- than *r( | vaalbie n the |<a-l ; andthii. we
I are sure, w dl add t > the successful running
. of an establishment that we never bchev
. Ed l'hliatlel|*!i>a to ■ small to hare.
.1 Our great faith in the future <>f Phil*
idelpb a made it very easy to make our
, *a a .rg. < tie, :.d t 1 cfo iv. tar,
no reaion vti, r.ordt* we expect there wili
' j be. to be disappointed.
We lab--r t increase ti.e imp nance * :
nth city, to aJd to it employment, anil
- increase the i snvenirnce ■. ! .hop;; g I
. tho r17.H0 ol her residents, and the HO,*
i .J more whi-ehouies are in the out ).ng
, .owns and village*, to vrhotu Philadelphia
t -aglit to be an attractive resort The!! at
' mg population that made our streets so
ilvelv and our stores so busy during IMTri
' may become permanent b* <HI enterprise
' and joint action f I'liila te ;i .a business
' men.
I No city ill the I i.ion has so large a body
r of trained, industrious an t worth) Work
•i.en and workwomen a* I'hsladalpbia and
c ihrir idleness r on consequent removal to
j ther < ilie* can be averted •• 1 y hv enter
r prise* that wii! give work and bring p,-o.
Ile to the City. Thce, while benefiting
the city at large, wnl also benefit those
who judiciously invest their capital
f KcJerriiig to the Uraiid l>epoi, wohav*
■■ Jure g tl.*- lat three month*, made it .itiy
c changes for the belter.
At first it was impossible to decide I. w
•- best to locate certain classes of goods, and,
. necessarily, changes had to be made. I he
r present arrangement ol the various stock*
is now- regarded * pr habty pcrmanrt.
t.sods o! a kindred character have been
loi alcd near together.
Belter assortment of gods have been
blamed a* wo bare grown t understand
Mtl-.e people's wants.
Ii None but polite, patient and patr.stak
' j ing clerk* have been retained, and the
r|wnl*> has been IUUI h improved
sj Till system of t*..ecling th" cash and
, delivering parcels lias alto been greatly
r | nprov* J, so tl at in no large store in any
ity can customers be safely served m*ire
"'quickly. It it always important to buyer
'j at well as seller to provide against mi*
J lakes, it pos-ible, though it may require
• two uunidet longer.
e The principle* of the business are not in
■ any way modifided. We propose to sell
- ever) tiling throughout the house uniform
t y cheap, so that articles that are well
J known, and new article- that all persons
j may not be judges of, will be alike cheap
We propose to sell at quite low prices,
in order to sell large quantities, which
'* will serve us just as well, and serve our
customers better.
We adhere to our purpose to satisfy the
' people, and, therefore, lako back any ar
-0 licit* if returned in proper condition with
in reasonable time, and pay over wbatev
• or we received for it. Thi> rule includes
e dress patterns, ribbons, velvots and dress
es, unless the latter arc altered under spe
j cial instruction*.
, The t< ik of goods at the Grand Depot
; is intended to include the tines', as well as
' the lower qualities ol goods, anil it is curi
-1 *>us t > note the difficulty who his some
-1 times in convincing people that qualities
- are sometimes up to the highest standard
when tba prices are. from various reasons,
• ' -o much lower than have been common
i Anything we have not on hand may be
ordered at tho counters, and it w ill be pro-
cured ft tnon a- electricity ntid steam
power can bring it here.
Knelt department of the house will be in
the band* of skillful and watchful persona,
and must improve from day to day under
tlx* system inaugurated.
Thu Grand Depot ia an inexpensive
building, located in thu very benrtof tho
city, and admirably adapted to the busi
ness conducted in it. Tho expense of lur
rying on business is always smaller where
llio largest "inutility of goods is distribu
ted The economy thus attained iaan im
portant! "n-id" ration in tlieso time-. Il\
the rat id turning of goods into Cash, even
though with small profits, new and fresh
stock can always he off- red to our patrons.
These considerations, together with our
unbending purpose to make the bouse al
ways worthy of tho coo lid en ce asked for
it, justify us in commending the Grand
liepot to the fair consideration of the buy
er* of this great city and those who iivo
adjacent thereto.
Those who only conic to sco are assured
of a cordial welcome.
Josn Wanamakk*.
Grand Depot, Tbirteonth St.
Next to the New City Hall.
/*/.itadrlfihia Inquirer, Mar. 9.
Heading, l'a., March IV. —At about 8
j'clock last night five masked men enter-
I the house <it Thomas Logan, a retired
lartner, aged 70 years, and living near
L'ampbelLtown, about twenty miles from
.his city His sister firi-t heard them in
lie rear of the house, and ttiey
open the door'sliu fled to her room,
fwo of the burglars followod Iter, and,
jointing pistols at her head, told her to
dt down and make no alarm. She fainted
with fright. The other three went to -Mr.
Logan's room, u;.d bot)n<} and gagged
liin. One ol the robbers stood guard over
iim with pistols, while theothers searched
he house. They found about s4oo in
-old and silver, and threatened to kill the
dd man if ho did not reveal where the
est of his money wns concealed, lio re
used, and they then threatened to burn
lis private papers. When they found that
le would not tell them where his money
vns, they burned about $4,000 in notes, I
Mortgages, Jjc , in his presence, taunting i
iim by saying, "IJaddy, don't it burn ' t
lice?" The thieves then stole two horses, I
nd left for parts unknown. i
Till ti A 1.1.1 ) WH.
Execution of Heater, 'fully nlid Mi
in Illeotuilnirp,
lll.iotnsLurg, Mnrcli i 11-t.-r. Tull.v 1
ami M>Hugh, tho thr< Moll. Mitguir
ji-ctiviclrd of tho murder ot AU-kttinlut
lie . were executed in |hi pn n vititl at
tevea ininuto after 11 o'clock titi morn
lug. N either ot (he men Hindu n pllhle
Th# gallowt u*<d lot the (ii fiiiuH urn
(nought from .Mnueh Chunk, where It
had previously done aerviea ill lliu nnu-l
Hut. ot the M ho iat that p o In t *lllll
- II wa* eti i teO in tie priioli yard la i
full View from the windows of the cell* of
the condemned men.
Holer lenvi a ifea'id lour >i:u g liter*,
two unuiarriud. ah*obile!y no pro
viaioti for their future, lie was p -e-ed
ot aomo property at the time I-I hi* arrest,
hut it ha- been .i . vered with liahilllitt
forcoun*e| fe •- and the printing ol the
evidence in hi* rne that il ha* breh swat-'
low ed up Nominally he leave* a home in
M vunt Carnel, where I e u- 1 to be tft a I
• olio.tar. U| ern- r and ch. . I direi tor,
and another iu 1, cu-l Cap, where he
formerly kept a hotel, lie wa* .'•! yrs
old. wn> born in it milium, Ireland,
and catne to thi* country in lM" lie
weigh* '.'.Si pound*, l.a-t i ght all hi*
daughters were with him, weeping arid
bewailing hi* fate, but he remained calm.
1 •day hi* w a-- and > .nge>t la gliter
have been in hi* Cell much of the time,
and alien thej departs t they teemed
overwhelmed with grief. Jle #*erre3 h■ *
inn •eenca to the i*-t
I'at Tally wa* born in t 1 e county Ca
ran, Ireland. i IT year* old, and caaie to
thu < o'ltry iu lbtkl. lie tuurried a wid
ow I * sin- J M'CNlUoUgll who li.. I t.vr ehll
dr n, and lte aayt he wa* "a gjo J man"
l" her, ai d ' laved the i Ulldrelr li<- they
was hi* oan." If* little step ton, tour
year* old, *!ept with loni >n Saturday,
night, and hi* parting with him to day)
wa* very affecting.
l'eter Meliugh wa* a native t Donegal,
Ireland, lie wa* tingle, and hi* only
near relation iu thi* country was a broth
er who i* in Tela* A i nisin here paid
Umi occasional vi*it.
The condemned men were attended to
the (eaffoid by Father* Schulutter, Mc
tioyern and Koch. Tt e latter it the
Sh amok in pne.t who etit Hettrr to the
penitent ary five year* ag . lie attended
by special rr.jjest of the Hester*. It it
•aid that three years ag he told Heater
that he had letter * oifem hi* crime-, i
make hi* peace with th-d. and then be
hanged before he tinned any more.
After the execution th.- bodic* of M> -
Hugh and Tuily were takioi to Wilkes
barre for Interment, and that of Hester h
Locutftiap. where it vv I be waked to
night. after which it will probably be
1 burled at Shamoktn.
| Blooimburg wa* crowded with people
trom a distance, many hundred* being mi
t . 1 l .eg ! t.* -v . iient
ti.'i ary inna*ure f the authorities g d
order prevailed throughout
tiorUcUakoff replie* to England that
ltu>ia n u*t retain a vrt i wer over any
action of the C.-t.gres* Thi* kills the
C >unt At 'ra *v ha* inforn ci Sir Hen
ry Xlliott that Austria w. uld remain nru
tru u the event <>f an Ar.g liui'itn sir
The German C -vernment i* much di
appointed at the failure of lie C<ngr< ■*.
j but think* negotiation* therefor tnay he
I sue.-, ■•fully renewed
Bucharest papers attack the stipulation*
in the treaty f -*:> S;. ;'ai that Ih.uls
shall tuaif.lain communication* through
K uiuania two years.
The B**arabian t)te*tin stat.d* thu*:
K i**ia agreed th*t it should he brought
hrf re the C'ongre* ai. i dec; led by it. de
t 'aring herself ready to keep the Dhrudja
if the Power* an e*-
Uuia i* ijuite ready U> make c nli i. ra
hie modification*, if il t an be shown the)
are for the general g.xsd, and that iht
' Powers w I e ter e t ongre-* wtb a de
' j ®re of arriving at a cjeirnt>! rettlrmenl,
at'd net to (imply un 1 > what has been
Pritsce Bismarck's late-t attempt at me
dia! on between Knj, and a-•! llu-- •I a<
lb is far been unmrcesnful. His |-r- | -al
•a* that Itti*ia ha i indicate t. ' -re
hand the point* in the treaty which she
agrees should bedi*cu-e.l at theUongret*
Ku-iia has not yet repi dto th t proi
I : at.
The British reserve*, t be called out,
number hut Itt.U*.) men.
A dupatch from St Petersburg sy> the
1 altitude of England, If pcrevered in, will
, inevitakly'lead in war.
It i* thought thatsSnfv cl Pasha will re
•jiiest England to withdraw her fleet, a
lluatiaand Turkey are no* allies.
It if untrue that U .r-h Andrassy in
formed Elliott that Austria would remain
neutral in tho event of an Anglo- HUM ian
; war.
British troopa In Jamaica and war ma
, teria! are being get in readint s for trans
-1 port to England. White troop* are in
It is expected that iho fleet in Turkish
waters will *oon ho reinforced. There is
increased activity at Portsmouth and oth
i or dock-yards.
The Ttmrs, in iU leading article, ays
Russia has adopted an utterly indefensible
: attitude, and unle--she withdraw* it may
1 he necessary for us to be prepared to fully
a-sert our right*.
The Time* print a Pera dispatch dated
March saying "Although the Turk
ish policy may a short lime ago have been
philo-English, just now it i* philo-Ru-ian.
The Kuians have acquited over the -ul
tnn arid hi* adviseri what in Turkey is
the slrongoit kind of influence, direct and
personal influence. Sonic military men
of high rank, a* Osman and Keouf P.a-ha
have become more Russian than English.
Turkish and Ituasian soldiers fraternize,
the latter g-'ing about Constantinople in
uniform freely without evoking any ani
mosity such as usually exist* between the
invader and invaded. If war come* Eng
land must contemplate the possibility of
having to light Turkey and Russia. At
the best, she would get from Turkey one
sided neutrality of little or no tub.-tanUal
The sky over Russia and England i*
pertcntlou* of war, and both countries are
preparing, and any day may chronicle n
England Assumes tho Aggressive.
London, March ;W -It i* reported Hint
il i the intention >f England to sei/o and
occupv a portion of Asiatii 1 urkey, and
also that sll* intends to throw a large
forco of troop* into Egypt It i nut deU
nitely determined yet who 1* to succeed
Lord Derby.
Canada's First Contingent.
* Montreal, March 30.—Tho greatest ex
citement prsvail* here over the news of
war between England and Bu-sia being
imminent. Canada's flr*l contingent of
men will bo ten thousand. Two thousand
have already been enrolled in this city.i
The wheat and provision market* have
advanced and the local money market ha*
stiffened. A return wa* moved for in the
House of Common* yesterday of all cflt
curs arid men who have intimated their
willingness to take active service in be
half of ttie in >thcr country.
Tho Philadelphia (or rather Camden
murder, referred to in tho telegraph for
several days pa-t, is one of tho most deliber
ate and treacherous of recent occurrence.
John Armstrong was the murdered man,
tho crime having been committed in a
lonely street on the night of January 22;
h<- was brained with n hatchet or hammer.
The principal in tho criuio was his j
nOSB partner a* a mustc publisher, Benja-
Stmt <M 53rick $ luMiriq :
in Kittidei'fjfutt ufteAe
Mi l a "<*
to earn tt (icccf tutme
Uy liuikino. ON LV
ih \SvLI i^uir
S'ulf' and mnnt tia civr * ;
yiifi iftaf- kind oj wiofdinq
Ihnf Jllen and /jer/j tncu
Com mi
Hardware! Hardware!! Hardware!!!
Kellelbnte, i'eiin'a.
Have jut received and placed on Exhibition and Sale, at their Storaa no lev
Fifty-Three Varieties and Styles of Cook and Parlor Stoves,
-uugle and Double Heaters, Portable Pjingee, Ac., embracing ail the lateet
improvements, newest makes, styles and novelties in the market, combining
all the desirable Qualities, such as beauty, durability,convenience and econo
my. Tbev have the only Portable Range* that will bake in BOTH 0\ ENB
for wele in the county. ENTIRELY NEW,
Every Stove WARRANTED iu every particular.
LOWEST PRICE and satisfaction guaranteed.
Our stock of
Hardware, Tinware, Oils, Pure Leads,
and PAIN' rs cannot be excelled for variety, quality and cheapneet.
EVERYBODY IS REQUESTED TO CALL whether wishing to purs
chase or not.
Special Bargains for Cash Buyers !
l jjul tt WILSON A McKARLANE. Hume*' Block, Beilefonte.
uiin Hur.ter, who hsd eflWled insurance*'
in h. favnr t.n Armstrong * life, sggrogst-!
I tng f '.W 000 Hunter hired a worthies^
" sr.d diMipslrd man in hi tmploy, natnad
• Grsiism to do the crime, with the pri.mi**
• f s'<*i The pa-r enticed Arm*trong to a
b-rsely s'.rctt, when Graham felled hlnij
: with a hammer and Hunter finished the
J .Iced with a hatchet Th# discovery of the I
*"iii .ir*nee policies caused Hunter arrest
• a week after the crime Tho police la*t
t- Tuesday arretted Graham having vagut,
" i tuspicton* be knew acmethir.g oftheaffair.j
In the police ofllce, when clo*e proao.l,
' with juetior*. he made a clean breart of
the whole affair, ii.d told the story of how
• Hunter had tempted him to murder, and;
' how, jointly, they had made way with!
e Armstrong. Hunter i described a* a
•"- .ber, r. ipec'able man of wealth It
-hould be said he attempted to throw the
i rime on an innocent person. In tho an
na!* of murder* it i* hard to And uch a
IO.i! dcpravitraif in live a* that which ledj
Hur.ter I - conpirn against a friend tiai-,
11, j-ly to anticipate a payment of life in*ur-|
at ce money, with (iromoditation and yet
.. w itl out malice to plot to throw the crime
on an innocent man ; to take an active!
and bloody part in the act of murder, and.
finally to appear at the bedside of the un*
conscious victim and *urreptitiouly tear;
open the wound*, thu* iniuring and ha*-,
tening hi death.
Boiton, March 28 Detective* arrested
in Stoneham yetterday Mr*. Thirbe At
h ktnson, *ged leventy-eight, who, it i* al
> leged, murdered Miss Annie Jonet, he
•Ilunatic iiter, aged e*enty-ix, on Moo-:
day last, at Andover, Ma**., and then fledj
, ' from the town.
Vj New York, April 1. Madamo Restellj
committed suicide by cutting her throat;
] with a carving knife She wa* found lying'
'' in the bath tub which was filled with wa-j
- ler. Madame Retell left a fortune eli-j
II mated at from $1,000,000 to $1,600,000.
II Embracing lUtt and authentic account*
of every nation of ancient and modern
times, and including a history of the ri*c
and fall of tho Greek and Roman Empire*
1 ihe'growth ofthe nation* of modern Eu
- rope, tho middle ages, the crusade*, the
feudal system, the reformation, the di
covery and settlumentjof tho Now World,
, etc., etc. ... i
1 It contains 672 fine historical engraving* 1
i and 1260 largo double column pages, and '
J is the moit complete History ofthe World 1
Lever published. It sell* at tight. Send 1
for specimen .page* and oxtra terms toM
Agent*, and aoo why il sell* falter tbanlj
!nny other book. Addres*. f"
" phia, Pa- 24 mar. 4L j^
' t fjrapti.i Enlarged —The under.igned is j
prepared to enlarge all Photograph*, in '
which the feature* are plain, especially the j
'eye* In sending pictures always mention 1
; the Color of Eves and llair. Price, 61 for -
i one person, and 7# cU each for all taken
1 from the same photograph thereafter. ; |
i Handsome Frame* turnisbed at the fob _
, low ing prices. bxlOOval. .10 .90 and 1.20.
I Square, .76 1.00 and I 26. In ordering, „
mention the kind (oval or square), also the |
i rice of frame you want. Ifnot inconven- (,
i-nt, person* are expected to come fortheir tl
. pictures, being notified when finished. For j
further particular* addres*.
CHAS. W DERSTIHE. Ventre Halt, I'm. t
John*on'* Anodrne l-lntmnt will poaltlveljr*nt
llu- trrtll-l* • tl*M*. and *• P'lUtl, cut* DIM €*•
... Inien. Infonusilon that U1 *#*• an IIVM aaot
ir* l-r mall Ion'i (I*l*7 * asonl Pravantloa la
1...1iar than uur*. IS. JOUNSON 4 Co.. Uanor.
Mains. IS march t -
Dentist, Millhelm. i
public. H t t
I |traprod lo perform >ll opflrtlloM In tho dent*) prt*
Hn i now fully prepared to aitrACt tooth abaolotly 1
writhoat palu. my 73tf
"ITTM. P. WILSON, Attornev-at-Law*
TV Beilefonte Pa Office in Mr*. Ben* *
r'* Building, ITnllwfonttt Pa.
(Toan maka uioner (aatar at work tor aa than at an*- (
thing nine. Capital not reuutrad. wa will atart
I you 112 pfr day ot homo made bjr tho induotrt- '
J oua Man. woman, taija and (tlrla wantad evarjr jH
a hen, to work for ua Now U tha lima. Coallfitj auUtcima fro*. Addr***Txft* 00. AtupiaU. k
Mains. "C mar, j Iu
Special Notices
I I will mall ' rroona* rwlf. fas aiaswl* VswUtM
IWlta lhal -U1 erw.. Taw, rUCKIJU rilSklS
>•4 111. 11l M Wsa.iae lis* sale swei. rUas aai Snail
tal alaa iwoUwcMaet IwstsSsilss a lasarSaa* eswwva
<>f hsir oa s teil S*4 or —will ISM, SSiliaaa. la
■ !<taatri aiaasi* Baa VtsSsU S (la. IS Aea as .
jSt T _
To Consumptives.
Tka o<S*rtaw. brl boo** piPtaaaaafl. aatwS af
' (.at draod d!..■ t ouaasidiaa a* a riafi. rawi dr.
isaattnasto ail* Saoaw lo ha foliua-aofaran 1M
MSSSI of rata To allot* daslrs Is. ha will aawd a
joop* of ta liwrtson aaad. ftaa of chare* Uswflh
ih. for |<sHU aad *tlt| Ihtoses. shlth
Ilia} oUI Sad a aura l or* for < oaaawpUaa. lata..
, llrooahlUa. So
I'.rUaa ot.hina tha praacnaUaa wili piaaaa aSllraaa,
h. A WILMI- JNI-saafu Wll.awdail V Y
~ rKaXhralUtKTTKai-fltWO causa laawaimaa
sad Awaaomoal rawobtaad Important la paroata aad
la*, liars Sr dlffaroci arUaUa Saateaa Tho aaUr* each
aaal fra* It SS *la ramatf ar aSampa Vaa OaU I
| * a X Asa Si.. S V
AEW fl/\ IUVVTS mtSl* par aaak Will
V*) I stl vl f"* iwfsn We. !fr* arc
claa. Joai patoatod ham a loa aaal froo la alt Addras
V. k dIIIIIKSTKR :it Vallo* St.. Slav Tark
AUBSfTI.RMAN who aaSarad far soars flaw Mar.
ros* IkrfclUlr Trcwatar* t'.aaj.aod all tha affaaia
t rnathful ladtarvotkoa. will far Lha as ha of aatartaa
basaaa lis. aaad fro* lo all whs aaad It. Ih* raciwa aad
l-uwcUoa far maklat tha aswpla rvwad. mhkch ho waa
curad SalHsaasiaiW snSi bj lha ad.artiaor'a
ril-irtwia oaa doaa bs addi awla. la fwrfoct raal-
JOHk I. OODtV. 0 Cadaf H. Vs* Tsrt
| Wjaa*wa,_
Candy Manufactory & Bakery.
Mr. Albert kautb,
At tbe
it DOW making the verv beet
tin Bellefonte.
Cwodiee end Confection*.
lie also manufactures all kinds of can
dies, and dealers can purchase of him as
low a* in the city. Candies of aU kinds al
ways on hand, together with Oranges.
Lemons. Figs, Dales. Nuta, Syrups, Jel
lies end everything good.
An Excellent neater aaloon also at
tached to the Bakery. Call and see
IJ S. T. Shugert. having purchased the
Drug store on Allegheny street. Belle
fonte, next door to the hardware Store of
Hicks & Bro., has stocked and tilled it out
with all tbe moat popular
j ARTICLES. Ac.. Ac.. Ac. j
Patent Medicines, Alcohol, pure Wine*
anil Liquors (or medical purpeses only.
Physician's prescriptions carefully com
pounded and orders answered with care
and dispatch. Farmers and Physicians
JjLi. i the country will find our stock of
a* .1 unes complete, warranted genaiae
and of the boat quality.
This Store wili remain under the direc
tion of the accomplished druggist and
nharmacist heretofore connected with it,
Mr. 11. M Herringlon, and we respectful
ly solicit tbe custom of our friend* and
the old patrons of the store.
TIT M. P M M ANUS. Attorney at-law
vY buiiuionte, ra. Office with Jas
MrManus. Esq. BYiHf
BRICX FOR I ALE.—First class brick
will be kept on hand for sale by J. O.
Deininger at Zorbe's Centre Hall
brick yards. These brick are
offered so low that It will pay persons at a
distance lo como here for them
Intending lo continue in the manufac
ture of brick they will be kept constantly
on hand, and fair inducements offered to
17 aug if. H. E. ZKRRE
DF. FORTNEY Attorney at Law
Bellefonte, Pa. Office over Rev*
n.-Ids hank ISmay'^j
LTsPAN-GLER. Attorney at Law
* Consultations in English and Gor
man. Office in Furst's new building.
ft 1 TP| r I Vbuolnosa jou can ■>■*<• ID. OS to
K |-i I **> car dar mado bs oay marks, af
■ Eli kv I alihrr aas. fiakt la Ikolr saa laaall.
i/Uky A tta*. PartlonWrs sad sampla* worth
OS fra*. liaprovs roar spar* Una
*t this baslaasa. Aildrm Stlnaan 0 Co. Portlaad, Ms
38 mar, j
W i* tn' rv*l.* - - << . gi i..-r
theuisiiii. •* " *• ) >-i Ho*!**,... We
print letter*l>, and statements a* lw
as $1.26 per 1000, when persons find the
paper. This is lower than you coo get ft'
ache for in the City,
New Sforc Room
Fall and Winter
Great Abundance
mm. Wows
\ew Bank Building.
A Pull Lino of GENERAL
MERCHANDISE, carefully atlec
td, and embracing all manner of
Furnishing Goods
FulMio* of
Hats and Caps
For Men, Boya and Children.
Call aod be Coavinoed that this ia ibe
Cheapest place to buy goods in this
PRODUCE received in exchange
for goods.
Remetndrr the place—in the New
Bank Building, opposite the Old
Stoves! Stoves!
fc k n i - St v<
A full line of Tinware.
Hardware for all, Coach makers and
Mechanics included,
At the New Store of
) Gseptf THOa A. HICKS A BRO.
tentre Halt, Pa.
Business stand upstairs in the building
formerly occupied by the Centre Repor
Will furnish gentlemen with clothing,
made to order, ot the best material that
can be bought in Philadelphia or New
York. Long experience in the*
at Bsllefonts enables him to turn out first
eiaas work in all respeeta. 6dec3 if
In Bsnk Building, Centre Hall.
• Would respectfully announe to the citi
-1 sens ot this vicinity that be has taken
k rooms in above building wbere ha is pre
* pared to do all kinds of work belonging
' to his line, for men and beys, and accord
ing to latest stylet. Good* sold by sam
ple Having had nine years experience
he guarantors all work to render perfect
. satisfaction, and solicits a share of the
J public patronage Adecy
President. Cashier.
j (Late Millikee. Hoover A Co.)
Receive Deposits,
' Aod Allow lotereat,
i Discount Notes,
, Buy nod Sell
{Government Securities, Gold A
spKMStf Coupon*.
We are now selling
iNew Pianos =8125
• Keck. sa4 sll slflas IsrMix GraeS. Kqesrs seS
* t'prlatl eU see seS MiwU) tisUlse. si Uc IsssS
IX eab sbslxsl. (sctscr pit' ss. dlnci I* lbs per.
sksssc lie Assets. ee cnssknisi. as IIMsuU.
Plans* forKSOu. cetelalas
1 New Patent Duplex Overstrung Scale,
•thick Is wHksel qassilsa Iks esstaw ospraseassat
ESF HI lets * Sdmn PIMS. padsclif the wast as-
Ssalahlas pawsr. ill kasat aee asp'hafSsaa.aae seas
laiaiag alas las qaaltw asss bstsrs sualaaA. Oar
rpctsfila srs lb* ftaast la Awarloa Pis DOS seat aa
trial Deal fall U arils tor IllaaUalsS sad OseartpS-
Ira i sulvv nisilsd frar.
No. 21 East Fifteenth Street,
21febsevm New York
: Hardware Store.
A new, complete Hardware Store has
been opened by the undersigned in Cen
i Ire Hall, where he is prepared to sell all
kinds ot Building and House Furnishing
Hardware. Nails. Ac.
, Circular and Hand Saws, Tennon Saws,
. Webb Sews. Clothe* Kecks, a full aseort
r mentofGlais and Mirror Plate Picture
t Frames, Spoke*. Felloes, and Hubs, table
Cutlery, Shovels, Spade* and Ferk*.
Locks, Hinges, Screws, Sash Springs,
Hor*e-Shoe->. Nails, Norway Rods, Oil*,
Tea Belli, Carpenter Toole, ra.nt, Varn
Fictures framed in the finest style.
Anything not on band, ordered upon
sborteat notice.
pCßemember, all goods offered cheap
er than elsewhere.
tra".v f*
taenia to T
We have the largeal and cheapest stock of
in Bellefontc and are determined to sell at
such price* a* will suit the pockets of ev
ery one. Now is the,time to buy your fall
and winter stuck. You can get a good sol
id Leather Button Shoe for Ladiee, from
$2.00 to 2.50.
Ladies' coarse shoes. #1 25
Mens* coaf?p hopis. 2 80
Children*' school shoes, 1 00
Mens' wool lined gum boots, 8.00
" " " Buckle overshoes, 1.60
" " " Congress gaiter*, 180
" " " Alashat, 100
" all gum overshoes. h0
Women*' all gum overshoes, -40
Misses' all gum overshoes, -36
.Mens' lumberman's gums, solid heel extra
h*evy, llti
Lei it be distipctly undarelood that
these are all Rubber
Goods. SOmaytf
I #
Fashionable Dressmaker.
, rCi Pwtfu)ly snnounrr*
i?W "* w PryDfr* EMabllshment in
\tr Ait y!/ u Mt| -
done Charge. nable. Hoping u>
merit the patronage of lh< people. ~j
1877—Fa11— 1877
; has the goods. Largest |ock f
Prices Lower than
And now extend* a cordial Invitation t„
his friends, patrons, and public general*
Also a Complete Agar rtmr-nt of
Ready Made Clothing for men and
boyt. Suite aa low as to be had in the
Imported and Domestic
Full lissi of
For Lftdica, Genu, Roy,, Mjawa and
Hosiery, Glovo, p„.„ t - and y;.,,,
cloth*? 41 ** CARPKTS AND OIL
And the most complete assortment of
N () T I O N S
n Central Pennsylvania. and price, that
wdloompel you fn self def, nee to buy ..f
hm . Also fish. Salt, f-tc. 18oc
A full line of Howe* 8- • iug Machine*
aod Needle* for all kinds ofmachines.
.1 c -*'***!<, DENTIST,
Us Would respnetfuiiy Announce to the
ciUxens t prom. Valley t.iat he bus per
manently located in Centre where hw
is Prepared to do all kinds of D,nul work.
All work warranted or no money askwd.
I rice* low to mit tbr tin ri. ;j i*D. ▼#
By calling at the new a-.,] r itec
sive bakery . f
(Successor to J. H. Band*,)
Opposite the Iron Front on Allegheny
street where be furnishes every day
Fresh Bread,
Cakes of all kind*.
I Pies. etc.. etc ,
f | Nut*.
* bruit*.
Anything aad nsrjib. g belonging to
| the business. Having had yaars of ripe
| rience in ibe buoner*. lr fatter* himself
jihat he can guarwnte* santlaction to all
(who may favor him with ilirir lairanstr.
*! OF
Clotli & Cabsimexe,
ij . OF
which I am prepared to have made
up in suits at Remarkably L w Fig*
' urea.
" cheaper than can be 1 >ught
-.j 4 Market t*ir- et.
!Boct6m LEWISBURG. Pa.
.offers bis aenricea to the citiivna of
U Outre count\ iu
U*ne, Mgu aud Oruamrnlal
I Maiming.., ornamentit.g atiu gild leg.
, OAK, W ALA t'T.
'L . CIIK<TM T. Etc.
4 Plain and lanrvPaper hanging Orders
a<re*pi<tfully solicited. Tmi, r. a f cnab!a.
r j2O apr tf.
fFurnilure Rooms!
: EZRA KRlfißlXi;
tj respectfully inform* the citizen* ot Centre
-county, that be has UucLi out the old
(stand ot J. O. Drininger, and L:. reduced
jthe price* He he* cor,-tant!y on hand
{and tnakre to order
TABLES. Ac., de
ll is stock af ready made Furniture is
large and warranted ©f good workman
ship, and is all made under his immediate
. j supervision, and is oflertd a: rates cheaper
..than elsewhere.
i! Call and see his slock before pure! sting
t elsewhere. feh -JG
• Ist hisestabllshroent at Cer ;re II::11, keep
•, on hsnd, and for sale, at the most rcatcna*
' ble rates.
,| Buggies,
& Spring WagonS
and vehie'e* of every dt*eripuon made to
order, and warranted to bo made of the
best seasoned material, and by tbr most
, skilled and competent workmen. Rodiee
A r buggies and spring- wagt at Ac., of the
n.ost improved paUr-rn* made to order,
i *o Gearing of all kinds n-ade to order.
AU kinds ot repairing done pr-.ii,p j and
at the lowest possible rates
Persons wanting atiytl.ii in hit line are
i 'juesied to caM ana < sac it > I i- work,
' ii will find it net to be < \ceih d for dur
ility and wear. may 8 tf
A. s. WASHINGTON, - 7" '
IK, in the old bank hu> >iit g Gun-antees
stisfaclion in all hi* work, and asks the
üblic patronage. Has had long experi
- nee in the city.
No. GBrocktrhoff Bow, Btl.'eionte
Dealeritin lrttgw,( hrmirala,
> Pfrftiuirrf.l'tiiu jboetla Ac,,
Pure Wines and Liquors for medical
purposes always kept. mayHl *2
W. B. SH & ?T(E i]\
r ' " •
Respectfully informille *;.!*•'* of Cer,.
tre Hall and viwiait,- that he has opened a
new ihop i the old Bank Building New
work turned out according tosty!u,and all
i kinds of repairing neatly done, and on
1 short notice. I'ricue reduced and to suit
' the time*. 7feb. (im.
Forks Mouse I
The Forks Houte, M A)oh.rn stalks, is
new and commadiuus, and is kept in best
mannrt. iieii and b >ard second to none
ia faeeounty. Stabling for 80 horse-.
A i rummer resort it will" be found
t!. .1 • "• 1 •i- "k. t
fcurrouadvu i i <* .1 •.,^
lnoy y