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rite Centre Reporter.
Crstrk Hall, Pa., March 28 1878.
The democratic state contention
meat* at Pittabnry. Mat 2-.
Contractors are to boein at oner a S:W2,
IXW State Insane Asylum for the souths**-
tarn district of Pannayltania.
J. Read & Co., wholesale hatter*, ol
New York, impended. Liabilitiaa, $200,-
J. II M*rks, * New York commission
merchant,failed. Liabilities, SIIO,OrO.
Cech. William, a London railraad stock
broker, failed, Liabilities $1,000,000.
W. N. Sturgis, of Chicaao, is bankrupt
Liabilities $116,000. Asaals talueless.
Several straet fight* occurrvJ in Toronto
night of 19. and twonty-flve persons were
The Cleveland Non-Explosive Lamp
Company's building burned. Loss $22-s
--000. Insurance 1(0,00®.
Mr. Spang has introduced a bill in the
state legislature against the cremation
of bodies. Spang can rest assured if he
is not burnt here he wilt be in the next
We direct attention to the Pm.'.i. Tiwrs
advertisement. The Daily Tours is
among the best and spiciest daiies. and
the RVeWy stands No. L
The Huntingdon county democracy
instructed for J. Simpson Africa, for
Sec'y of Internal Affairs, Right good,
Germany—Hello, there. Johnny Pull,
what you crying for?
J. Bull—Why that ugly Buss Bear
eat all the Turkey and didn't give ne
none—Ml punch him for it—dem 'em—
if I ketch em in the alley.
The supreme court of Louisiana ha
rendered a decision which releases re
turning board Anderson from prison,
and Hayew, the fraudulent is much pleas
ed thereat. No doubt members of the
supreme court were part and parcel of
the crew that bargained away the hon
est vote of Louisiana and gave it to
Ilayes. The crime was committed.
Hayes seated, but the rebound of tb.
infamy has shattered the republic*!
partr and leaves Hayes without a friend.
Next old Wells will be brought to triab
and he will be found guilty too. Wheth
er his punishment can be stayed b v a
supreme court, we'll see.
A negro preacher down in Richmone
Re*. Jasper, has proven from the Bibb
to the satisfaction of his flock and hi
own self, that the world ia flat like
Johnny cake and not round, that th
son moves around the earth and not the
earth around the sun, otherw'se all tin
water of the seas would be spilled out
over the land. Rev. Johnny-cake Jas
per thinks philosophers and astrono
mers are all wrong, and that in spite ot
them the world is flat and 1/stands still.
When he got through with his sermon
he took a vote, and all who believed
that he was right were told to hold up
their hands, and all tne hands of his
sable hearers went up, and he proved
his flat ideas unanimously. Jasper
cited Job—and now its the two J's, and
who is going to withstand them ? We
fear Jasper has started up a new ques
tion that will knock the he'll question
off the course and out of the New York
pulpits, which will then have to preach
on the pancake or orange form of mother
earth—Jasper and Job on one side and
Cameron's d—n library fellers on the
The ffrrald says: Relations between
England and Russia are so strained at
the present moment as to be somewhat
more than critical. They are at the ex
treme point of tension consistent with
the preservation of peace, and in the ex
aggerated susceptibilities of the moment
a rupture may result any day apparent
ly as a consequence of events that at
other times would be regarded as trivial
For two years now these government*
have played at cross purposes with one
another, and England has certainly no
occasion to congratulate herself on the
results Her diplomacy through all
the difficult and delicate negotiation*
that have followed one another so close
ly, has been always at fault. From the
rejection of the Berlin memorandum in
May, 1876, down to the sending of the
fleet into the Sea of Marmora, every act
was a blunder Eng-
land's preparation seems to indicate a
decision to fight, and it it apparently in
terpreted that way in Russia; for the de
mand that her fleet shall be withdrawn
from the Sea of Marmora is only pre
sented now as a ground for Russian ac
tion. England will refuse to withdraw,
and thereupon the Russians will occupy
Constantinople. If the English occupy
the other aide of the strait, with the in
tention to ultimately create there a new
Gibraltar, they will find that a game at
which two can play, and that Russia s
not Spain.
Secretary Sherman is fast becoming
notorious Jjr being on all sides of every
thing. Some years ago be was for paper
money to pay the bonds, and this winter
the opposite and opposed to the silver
bill. Since the passage of the latter he
has become ailverish again, and pre
dicts it wiil prove all right.
The Cincinnati Enquirer's special in
giving the views of various Senators, of
the hard monev type, says :
"There's nothing extraordinary in it,"
■aid the incorrigible Eaton, "there never
was a question that Sherman has not
been upon all sides of."
Bayard told Nevada Jones an anecdote
of the late Thaddeus Stevens. When
questioned why he insisted so resolute
ly that there should be thirteen articles
of impeachment against Andrew John
son, Stevens repliet}: "I only want an
odd number, so as to get JohnSherman's
vote. He will be sure to vote for six
and against six; but if we have thirteen
we shall catch him on the odd one,
On 23. Mr. Montgomery Blair report
ed favorably in the Maryland leglisla
tnre, from the committee on the judicia
ry, ofwhi -h he Isthairman, his resolu
tions authorizing and directing the at
torney general of that state to sue out a
bill to test in the supreme court of the
United States Mr. Hayes' title to the of
fice of President. The resolutions were
read a first time in the house.
Henry Miller, who had been sentenced
to the penitentiary for five years, broke
• from tbe Union county jail a few days ago.
Tbe Journal thus describes the meaner of
bis escape: "He unlocked the hobblea ,
broke a foot from an iron bed in his cell,
aad with this succeeded in prying off the
lock from the iron door of hi* cell. He
heated the foot in the stove of bis cell and
by thia means burned tbe heavy wooden
door so he cold make a hole large,
enough to creep oat. .Next be dug a hole
under the wooden door leading from the
prison and crept thrwsgh this hole, and
loosened thJT Ifeor. tie then broke the
i. lacdhofthe outside iron door. Raising a
window he broke tbe grating £wm tbe
outside of it afdwai free. ' -
TOP KXOTCOtiE non .v.
It was a long time ago not within the
recollection of any reader of the Repor
ter—that wearing hair in top kneta was
rnn into extremes and excited as much
ridicule as hoop-skirts, waterfalls,stand
up-collars and cheap jewelry did in our
day. A minister ol the gospel thought
the top-knot fashion iireligious, and an
nounced that he would preach against it
and from a text direct to the point. He
announced as his text the words, "Top
knot come down," which was the lattci
clause of the verse in the New Testament
which reads, "And let hiin that is on the
house fop not come rf< ti. And with this
as his basis he went for the eaer-.egiou*
top-knots like a savage for a scalp. Rut
the top-knot that needs to Re scalped
now is that of high salaries. Nearly all
the other little top-knots, such as age*.
f'Hnl, Ac., have ootuo down, but there is
one so hardened to the sca.p of our pub
lic servants that it seems to be proof
against all clamor. In fact while nearly
all things else are coining down the top
knot of high salaries seems to he getting
bigger in defiance of the public will. 1 hi
salaries of congressmen, o' state !*.•;-
latora,of president, of governor*, and a
public officials were raised during the
war, and some after it ctose i wl.e
high prices still reigned, hut as tliet*
has been a general -.wiping of high pro es
within the last three years, lei the pe<>
pie demand sueh legislation as will re
store salaries to ante helium rate . 1 <
pay received by one half of our ptiblh
•ervants is not hall earned, and i- sala
ries were rut down 50 l>er cent, any
number of competent men, and men o.
good character,can bo fonud, who wilt
gladlv till the places and discharge their
duties faithfully, and in many m-tance.-
far better than some of the stub- ai d
nabobs and fops who revel in luxury
on big pay received as office holders,
with scarce an average of two hours duty
to perform in a day. In times like these
when general ami state government -
counties and municipalities and indi
viduals are heavily ill dt V>t, with h.p.-
t .xe, business pri'-trated, the very fir.
piace to practice economy would he to
cut down high salaries and abolish su
purfluous offices. Instead of this we find
high salaries at the top still, and danger
of them getting even higher, let the
cry go ont from every tax-payer, "lop
knot comedown."
Look at our state legislature it has
sit since January and done nothing at
all, and thteatens now to sit 50 days be
yond the usual time, at $lO per day for
each nienilier, or at a total expense of
>2500 per day. Will the people stand it
t'hev should not: with a voice like
thunder they shouid cry, t'nfaiil ful ser
vants go home!
One half of our public expenditures
would Jo to carry on public affairs as
well and successfully its they now are,
ifsalaries were cut down auJ one half of
the offices abolished.
Washington, March 19. —lhe house
tudieiarv committee authorized its chair
man, Mr. Knott, to prepare and report
to the house the bill repealing the bank
rupt law, to take effect, as to involunta
ry proceedings, immediately after it*
•assage. and as to voluntary proceeding?-
from and after July 1,19.9.
Washington, March 20.— The attacks
which have been made on the Adminis
tration by Senators Blaine, Sargen- and
Chaffee, on account of the policy which
aas been pursued by the Secretary of the
Interior towards the tinl>er depredators
•n the public lands, promise to hike the
form of a more general warfare on the
Administration at an early day. The
anti-Administration Republican Sena
tors have no faith whatever 111 the half
professions which have lately roadbed
ihem from the Kxecutive Mansion that
the President is now more than anxious
to continue on good terms with the Re
publican .Senators and members. Ap
pointments and removals of officials,
they sav. continue to be made in their
respective States without consultation
with them, and in cases of radical
hanges protests even go unheeded. Mr.
Foster. ofOhio, who has been credited
as the President's own representative on
ibe floor of the House, has abandoned
ny intention of making a defense of
the first year of the Administration, lie
finds but little to approve and much to
•ondemn.and evidently feels that what
oieed of praise might be said had better
remain unsaid. In the Senate Mr.
Howe, however, has paved the way for
an onslaught on the Administration. He
offered a resolution this morning calling
on the President for information as to
whether Whitaker, the judge who tried
Anderson, of the Louisiana Returning
Board, was a defaulter to the Covern
ment or not, and if so. why he had
never been prosecuted. Ihe NN isconstn
Senator said he sbopld call up ibis resn
ution next week and take the opportu
nity to reply to the charge made against
mm at home that he had beyi lukewarm
10 his support of the Administration,
and to show what excuse he had for his
conduct. Mr. Conkling has prepared a
speech assailing the President and will
deliver it on Howe's resolution. Other
Senators also promise to define their
fiosition. In the mean time several of
the nominations which have lately been
submitted to the Senate will be rejected
notably those of Reynolds for First
~r and Smith for paymaster in the
In an interview of Secretary Sherman
with the senate committee ol Uuau- e on
iVednesday he expressed Uiecouvictnui
hat the resumption act should not be
repealed, believing that the country
■ould resume on the first day of Janua
ry next. The statement ol the condi
lon of the treasury shows that the total
amouiit of gold com and gold bullion on
band is 1125.088,755. After deducting
all liabilities the total amount of gold
and silver coin and bullion available lor
redemption is $i I,< 75,860. lhe volume
of I'nited States notes has oeen reduced
to $348,618,024 against $382,000,000 at the
time of the passage of the resumption
act The secretary estimates that there
are now $320,000,000 of legal tenders in
circulation, deducting those that had
been lost or destroyed. This amount
with the national bank notes makes the
total paper money circulation $M3,000,-
000. To repeat tlie general result of the
preparations for resumption, the premi
um on gold has been practically abolish
e<l. Tbe amount of legal tenders and
national bank notes baa been reduced.
The fractional currency lias been paid
off, and tbe balance of trade baa been
favorable to this country to tbe amount
$160,000,000 a year, bringing back gold
and silver and bonds.
As to the silver bill tbe secretary
thinks it has bad some adverse and
some favorable effects on tbe question
of resumption. It has stopped the re
funding of the bonds and tbe accumula
tion of coin in tbe treasury. On the
Other hand, tbe silver bill has satisfied a
strong public demand for bimetallic
money. The secretary thinks that by
the passage of tbe silver bill resumption
can be maintained more easily upon a
double standard than uponasingle stan
dard. The bonds that have been return
ed from Europe have been readily ub
sorbed. Recent returns in New \ork
show the amount of bonds absorbed in
this country is at least a million and a
quarter a day. This shows the confi
dence of the people in the securities of
the country and their absorption will at
tend to check the scare in Europe, ibe
secretary would not accumulate more
than $5,000,000 a month of both metals,
and all sales beyond that should be an
pliod for refunding sir per cent, bonds.
He would be willing to begin resump
tion with |i£o 000,000 of coin on hand
and let tbe banks look out for
3fot long ago a man and his wife wei\l
to Kaasas to settle. To enable them to
pre-empt to quarter sections of land they
were divorced; each pre-empted a claim
1 and as soon as their claims were made
[good they were remarried, thus obtain
ing 320 acres of land.
The Thluum goes for the golden casket
business in a manner which nty he n
caution to Raportcr readers. It mvs;
Formerly it was Truro Tackages. Now 1
it is Caskets. Mas Iho reader tecetved a
circular inviting hini to invest in the
Royal Goldetf t aekot. and promising If
lie will hut send $1 to at , thai he
-halt reactive hy return mail, "bright
jewls of the "mine." exquisite!) carved
.wtucos, monarchical siguei rings, he - in
pins of minted gold, level) ickcta,
superb studs, and pendants lit lor the
cam of the t'vpriaii ipieeu There is
-oiiiething not a little beguiling ahont
that word "Casket." It is so niUch piet
ticrtlurn plant "I'ack.ige." It must he
la.-cinaltug enough to hilk people out l
.heir common sense, especially when
they are told that it is i . he ,t nioiceeo
casket stuffed full of gems and gold, and
with its value vouched for hy lnet'hris
trait Messenger. It is a tact, we believe
that those w ho receive the Hoyal Golden
tus Wet, vn pa-fehoar,t box four inches
by three, ami one inch deep! usually
howl to heaven with rage ami disap
pointment. Brass and glass are not wel
come when one is expecting gold and
Everybody has heard of cheap jewel
r\, hut the Jewelry iit thetiolden Casket
t cheaper than ear net tacks or Ixiutd
nail- a dreary and dreadful parody
of the genuine Article so worthless a
lot of rubbish that ordinary cheap jew
elry would appear costly by couijaui
son, and Atllcburo metal like the real
mineral of Ophir. Somebody who has
received a quantity of the stuff for $1
has consulted expert*about its value. V
gross of the *'l me Kami Ring" could I <•
nought tor $4. The "Beautiful Seal
King" was worth just about tw.> cents,
and uo more. The exquisite "Engrav
ed Sleeve Buttons" tuuv be taught by
itic cargo at $1 50 per gross. The "Spiral
Engraved Studs" "bits of crooked wite
-oldervJ to oval bita of thiu brass" are
dear at $1 per gross. The "Grand Roman
Neck Chant" and the "Locket set with
Cameo" are worth nothing at all; and
the'Tirand Collar Button" i- hut "a dis
mal piece of brass." To .-urn up The
entire contents of the Royal Golden
Casket, for which the too confiding
buyer pays SI, are worth just thirty-two
cent.- to buy, and nothing at all either to
sell or to wear No man or woman with
a particle of self-res ject could u-e any
of the articles In way of personal de
coration. It would make a handsome
woman homely. It would make a home
ly woman hideous. It would make a
hideous woman—but we say no more
IH-nuer, who painted the ugliest of the
sex in the ugliest way, could not halt
done justice to the subject.
TUL Jo It .1 (ißA\<i H I
I'L.t Lhl>.
Chicago Pi-patch b'
Fver since the
present legislature
l>ee a most (wr-isti f hi
waged between the
and the tanning or *>.
ihe propose*! repeal ' '
1 .ranger railroad law,
ed n lew years ago uno.
given to the Oranger mown,. ■
law ha- been considered u gr.ul i.„tu
ship on the part of railroad 11 .n, wtiu
have held it to work detrimentally to
their interests in the matter of local and
through tariffs, by the provisions ot
which they have contended that it has
been impossible for them to do busioeas
011 a paying basis. A bill was. there
fore, introduced into the lower house
shortly after the Legislature convened,
repeating the railroad tariff law , and a
few days ago it passed. This bill came
to the State Nenate late last night and
went through without amendment—
yeas, 29: nays, 20.
From the New Y< rk Ind.
It is reported, and we doubt not cor
rectly, that tieiieral Anderson .s a„..iu a
prominent candidate for Collector of the
Portof New Orleans. Central Anderson
was a prominent agent in the fraud
which made Haves President. His guilt
has been fully established be lore a judi
cial tribunal, and at the -ante time, on*
purely technical ground, he has been set
at liberty by an appellate court, and
thus be is in no immediate danger of the
penitentiary. Mr. Hayes could not
make a more fitting appointment. An
derson, like Hayes himself, i- guilty;
Anderson, like Hayes bimseif, is at
large , Hayes is in office, why should not
Anderson be in office also ?
The following is the au'.i-treatii.g bill
now before the legislature of this state
"An Act declaring it to be a misde
meanor punishable by fine and impris
onment, to purchase, at public drinking
places, intoxica'ing drinks for any other
person than himself. Nee. I. lie it en
acted, Ac., that hereafter it shall bo un
lawful for any person or persons in this
Commonwealth to purchase or pay fur
drink or drinks of intoxicating liquor
for any other person or persons, at any
bar or public drinking house or place
within tms Commonwealth, either at
the request of such other person or per
sons, or gratuitously, 111 the manner
known as treating.' And any person or
persons violating the provisions of this
act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor,
and upon conviction, shall be punished
by a tine not exceeding ten dollars, or
imprisonment not exceeding one month
or both, or either at the discretion of the
covery that will prove of interest to an
' tiquariee has been made in Johnston
Township, Providence County, K. I. The
' exact locality is about 100 yards north
* of the Killingly Pike, on the Big Elm
| Farm. Mr. H. N. Angel 1, of Provident
while engaged in quarrying *h •
r place above indicated, found
[ bed between two slate led.
feet underground. Cr;i< I* • j nlvi •
[ ized stone were removed without
suspicion that it w it hi >d
ancient mine. \ -i : ...
soapstone rink wi- i . i>.• i :I tl ■
was so i-uriou-lv •. i
notice of the workmen, •• •
luce being covered wi !. .
projections. This was a i H \
the aborigines had carted :.<
dishes and utensils. The aid:, i ■
out away the stone from a •II o. t i
tion till that was left as.i projet ten., and
then cut under the projection until it
was detached, after which the block
thus obtained was hollowed out, and
became a dish or bowl. The work had
been done with knives and hammers ol j
stone, the slate furnishing a sharp edge
to cut, chisel and scoop out the soap
stone. One of the two stone hammers
found weighs nearly 100 pounds, and
was hollowed in the middle, probably so
as to be bound with thongs to a liaudle.
Already 150 cuttings for bowls that
never were finished, have been counted
in the soapstone. The ledge itself had
been cut down by the aboriginal work
men, in this manufacture, several feet
below the original level. Large num
bers of Btone hammers and axes have
been found by the explorers. The rock
is soft, and some copper, silver, talc
and asbestos arc associated with the
A man has nearly talked himself to
death in Kern County, California. A
loquacious loafer known as Murphue of
fered to wager SSO that he could keep
on talking for twenty-four consecutive
hours, without interruption, and with
no other stimulant than Delano whiskey
which was to be furnished in unstinted
quantity at the loser's expense. The
wager was taken by another loafer, and
the orator, mounting the stump, began a
harangue on the subject of Kearney and
tin# sons of toil. The start was made at
8:30 a. in. By 10:30 p. m. the demijohn
hud gone down cellar three times to
ca'ch breath, with no visible decreusc in
Murphue's stock of words. At 2:30 the
next morning Kearney had been dis
posed of, together with the contents of
another demijohn. An argument in
favor of tbe Chinese was then taken up
Murphue's articulation at 7 a. in. be
came rather husky and tbe thread of his
argument rather difficult to follow, but
lie kept at it. One bet of S7O was offered
and accepted that he would not holdout
as he bad swallowed, during the time of
delivery, four gallonsof whiskey. When
time was at last called, and the wager
declared fairly won, Murpbues' powers
of endurance were exhausted, lie fell
from his cramped position on the chair
rolled over under the billiard table,
a Spongy mass of flesh and whiskey; but
strange to say, his *ipj in this comatose
condition still moved 1
lion. J. Clancy Jones died at Read
ing 21, olficurt. disease.
A I)ee|H>rfldo Who Had ('onuuitlml
Fight Murders.
Homo, Ga , March |il.—Tbli rapid llltle
city was p seked on Friday with il larg
est crowd thnt rtr gathered within it*
limit. The occasion that brought it to
gether w* Ihi' execution of Augustus
Johnson. which hnxjutl taken place It it
roughly animated that twenty thousand
people wore in the city at one o'clock on
Augustus Johnson is about twenty-six
year* ol age. By hit own confession lie t
the slay or of eight pertont, all of whotu hr
killed in violation of law, with one possi
ble exception, lie wt hung yesterday
for the murder ol l*aiiiel AllorJ, colored,
being the drtt white man ever hung in:
Georgia for the murder of a nagro John
ten t rolatlvos claimed that he wat intane,
and indeed a verdict ol insanity a> once
returned againtt hint by a jury, lie wa
confined In the State Lunatic As.v.uni.
from winch he eacaped.
The Crime and Art est.
The testimony ahowt that on the morn
ing ol the murder he wat riding through
the country, lie wat'in unutuaily line
tpirilt, a> several witnesses who aid him
just before the murder tettified At .engtli
he reached the ferry, and found the boat
on the oppotlto side He dismounted from
hit horse and called to the ferryman, Dan
iel Alford, to bring the boat over A num
ber of negro school children mid one or
two white men were standing near Ititn on
the batiks of the river. At (p command
the negro ferryman left a companion with
whom he was talking, and started ! the
boat. Johnson ordered hiui to "hurry
up." The negro replied. "If you want
the boat any thicker than I'm going to
bring it over, you had better come and
fetch it yourself. ' Johnson made seme
reply and took hold of his gun. Tbe fer
ryman cried. "Don't fool with me with
that gun. He then turned to looae tin
boat, when his companion called to him to
look out. lie turned and discovered that
Johnson was leveling Ins gun at h.m. De
fore he could say or do anything the gut;'
was tired, and he fell into the bolt Ui of
tfie in at mortally wounded. Hi*compan
ion, it wa- thought at tirst, was wound
ed or killed, as he dropped at the report'
ol Uu gun It was discovered afterward
I -i '.iu w only through excitement
i- .its >n had d, ne the shooting, he
i ii uiil<-d his horn- and rude off,!
> i ling or caring to see whether
i- ire lets!. He look no paint 1
'..ui-e lor hit crime. Meeting
lab- i> -hurt'y afterward, he
■ 1 1 he thought hu gull would,
tcr li e river, adding. "If it
i c killed • ingger, for 1 tboi one
crry awhile ago." lie pro
i" one w. uid dare to arrt-ti
i.. iflc irt were all afraid of biai.
ii . -ecjuently took hit time in making
i it *rrai getuents to leave the county for
I t la- One day. shortly after tbe mur
der a big log rolling was in progress, tbe
"sheriff being in attendance, when J> hn- n
quietly walked into the crowd lie was
heavi'y armed, Sineofhi* Iriendt beg
ged him to go away, adding that he would
certainly be arretted. He de, lined te'
leave, adding that any man that attempt
c J to arrant lam was "looking tor certain
j death. '1 he Sheriff, however, tummon j
;od the crowd at a } -r, and surrounding
I John-oii, demanded his surrender. See
ing that he could hope f r nothing in a
content with such odds, Johnson surren
rile Day Before the Huugiug'
Johnson was stripped from head to foot
and hit body searched carefully. A small
kmfo made of steal from the bottom oi a
shoe was found in tb lining of bis draw
ers. Ho was very anxious lor the means
•f MUlttiag suicide. He < ursed*hi- wife
and sister yesterday in bit cell for crying,
and drove them out. He entertained his
friends ail the by luimicaing the
s Atlanta Sheriff and telling racy juke*. lie
I t lept quietly, having drank a good dea .
| l'netls spent the noramg with bim, and
when ordered to go U> the scaffold he re
| fu-ed to leave his cell unlets taey gave him
' morphine, lining fooled with quinine, he
went out smoking a cigar, joked all the
way with the Sheriff, and smiled and nud
dSd at lite bystanders. Beaching the
scaffold, he refused to g • up till he had •
drink of whiskey. While taking it a street
evangclu'.approached him, and asked h.m
| about his soul. The priest ordered the
evangelist off, saying Johnson had chosen
him at bis adviser. The evangelist point
ed solemnly to a big card, on which was
painted .- "The blood of Jesus cleanses
all sins," and taid, "Mr. Johnson, thtt it
the time,' and withdrew. He went up the
With a Drunken Swagger,
■Smoking a cigar. After looking at the
crowd be atked that tbo box bo lilted
from the coffin to ho could too it. Ho
said, "That coffin it pretty good." Then
he aske.i tor more whitkty. Being rofut*
ed, he atked tor the Judge that tenlenced
bitu, and told biiu hit latt request was for
one more drink. The Judgo contented
Tne priett handed him holy water; he
la-led ii wuh an oath threw it under the
i i said iie thought it *>< gin.
I' wh in a debant way, and
I. killing of lour men. lie
A ; fliis crowd look like
n a. 1 witn somebody
* ■ , ii u own i uko too Jong."
•L u t! - •justiuent of the noote,
r illy i i rated if they would
, I. t iliui lie it Hituseif.
i ii cross in bit band wliile he
e-tiori. When bo was tied
' . r it. and died with it in hit
lie made no profession of religion,
in requested that the black cap thould
'• ibe put on. When he saw the drop
was only five feet ha iniitteil that the rope
shuuid bo lengthened, and it was made
rev en feet. He asked the doctor if that
would break his nack. He was very much
afraid of strangulation. The drop fell at
a quarter to two, and he died in seventeen
minutes of strangulation. In his confes
sion Johnson said he knew ho had friends
in the crowd prepared to rescue him, but
said it was no ute try it. Several alleged
confessions werepcddleduboutlhogrounds I
after the hanging. The crowd numbered
16,000 pcoplo, and excursion trains were
run from all quarters. There were few
disturbances. Johnson asked to be hung
at balf-rast eleven. He wuuted to get to
the next world by dinner-time, as he had f
eaten a light breakfast.
A Clergyman Ilanged in tbe I'reaence
of 7,000 Witueaaes.
Nashville, March 18.— Fully seven thou
sand peep]* witnessed tbo execution of
Brown Coble, tho negro preacher, at Win
cheater, for tbo murder of another colored
man named Gardner, of whom Coblo was,
jealous. Kev. Lovelt visited Coble in jail,
and played for him. Coble seemed con
cerned, but on Lovett's leaving ho began
to doride tbo BhenfT and other officers.
Coble's wife wm present at the jail, and
seemed in the beat of humor. Ureal troub
le wu experienced in selecting a place for
the gallows on account of opposition of
residents. The spot finally selected was a
quarter of a mile from Winchester, in a
bottom on tho bank of Jtlk river. From
sunrise crowds began pouring in, and by
noon the place of execution presented the
appearance of an immense camp. The sa
loons in town all remained open, and to
ward noon drunkenness became very
The Sheriff gave Coble the full extent of
time. The condemned man arrived at the
scaffold alt! P. M., and mounted the steps
with a firm tread. When naked if he had
anything to say he made a brief speech,
reiterating what he hud said in his state
ment before ho left
lie protected lib innocence, and Ueclur
od that the witnesses lied. He was ready
to die, and would go to Heaven, At 2.60,
the Sheriff adjusted tho black cap, out the
rope ami the drop fell. The rope was too |
long, Cohle's feet touching the ground.
l|o fell about four leet, sufficient to break '
his neck. The Sheriff pulled up the rope
and tied it I igher. tk ills one *hrug of the
shoulders all Was (iter with Coble. He
w:i pronounced deed in seven minute*
and cut down in twanfy-flve. Coble'
seeiucd lo have no friends. Kvary body
:considered him guilty His speech from
I the scaffold caused no emotion whatever.
A Monster I>i*pui>ed of.
Con ord, N 11,, Mitrcll 10. Joseph I.a
J Cage, alias Joseph l'arish, was executed!
| in the State Prison to-day for the murder
<f Jasic A l.aiiginaid, aged seventeen
I years, at Pembroke, on October 8, 1K76
j l.a Page confessed the murder of Mist
Langmgld, and Mitt Hail, a school teach-j
er. at St Albans, in lf>7-t
A Triple Murderer Hanged.
Columbia, 8- C., March 16.- The friends
and family of Hubert McEvoy, the mur
derer who was executed to-day, made
strenuous etl> rts last week to have the
sentence commuted to imprisonment for
life Governor Hampton, however, refus
ing to grant the commutation prayed for,
McKvoy on Saturday, and for the first
time, confessed to having participated in
at least tdo other brutal murders besides
that for which he it now under sentence of
death. A second effort was made yester
day to obtain a respite, in order to induce
hint lo rnaku a full confession. The Gov.
eruor, however, refused to grant this alto,
and he was, therefore, executed to-day
in private, in accordance with the law just
passed by the present Legislature.
Co u leaned to Four Murders.
Atlanta, Oa , March 16.—Gas Johnson,
the murderer of the negro ferryman Al
fred, was hanged a! House to-day A tre
mendous crowd was present. Johnson
contested to four murders 11
Two Regularly Filled Torpedo Ship*
of The Russians in the U<>*pho*
rus Carrying fcvx lorpedo
London. March 111 —A special dispatch J
to the Times freni Vienna say* f "Accord
ing to the treaty of San Stefano the evac
uation of European Turkey, except Bul
garia must bo completed three days after
definitive peace, and a portion of the
Russian troop* may embark on the Black
Sea and tbe Sea of Marmora.
"It is doubtless on the strength oi these
condition* that the Humana are now be
finning to Inarch ihrir troops for ship
in- tit in the neighborhood of Constantino
t>le At tkuy may brgiu operations at
oner, Kuinu has .i.surod herself the right,
or at any rale tbr possibility, of having a
portion of br iroopt alwayt around Con
•lantinople until the final settlement it
Lond- n, March 21.—A ditpatch from
Vienna says ail the powers except France
:>j it England wdemend for a submit
tion of the whole treaty to the congress.
In the hou<e of commons this afternoon,
*ir Staff rd Northcote staled that there
were now thirteen vessels in the ilritisb
fleet near Constantinople.
The iron cladt pasted through the ttrails
under a protest from the Turkish govern
inert, but the government *aw no reason
agt -nl keeping Iheshipt in their present
The Morning Post prints a second eii
tioa. ct * taming the following ditpatch :
•'Pera March 21.—The Hussiant have
in the It -tphorus two regularly fitted lor
' pedo ships < arryicg six lerpedo boats."
London, March 21 —ln the housa of' to-night the Earl of Derby replying
to a long and ditcurtive sp- ecb of L' rd
S'.rathc-den. on re-tern affairs, said for ob
Vi us reasont tbe fleet should not bs sent
into the Black Sea at the present moment.
He protested against the repetition of un
founded statements relative to distensions
in the cabinet The government bad not
asked that Greece should enter the con
grota on lha same tooting as the great
powers, but limply that the theuld be
represented as a mean* of making her
voice and claims heard. The government
had never proposed that Iluatia should
submit the peace conditions to derisions
by the majority of tbe congress. Tbey
aiked that all of the articles should be sub
mitted lor discussion end disrutsion only,
that being the only possible manner of
deciding which oflbem affected Eur.>pean This was the solsuquestion now
at issue He was not prepared to say what
answer Kussia would giT*. but be thought
the demand ofthegovarnmenl was reason
able and moderate and unlets it was com
plied with there would be very little use
for tbe corigrej* to meet at all.
• Only two Pertoua out of a Crew o
r Four Hundred Known To Have
Been Bve<l.
J London. March 24.—The British navs
training-ship Eurydice, with 400 men or
. hoard, hat capsixed on tbe south coast 01
! the Isle of Wight.
The Kurydtce caprixrd off Dunnese
head at 4:30 o'clock this afternoon in s
sudden squall. One boy and a seaman
w-re ssved.
The Admiral, on receiving news ol ths
disaster, immediately despatched s steam
er to the scene of the wreck
The Latest Information,
The KuryHice was under full sail when
she was overtaken by a snow-storm, ac
companied by heavy squalls. The sun
•hone again brilliantly shortly afterwards
but nothing was then visible except a few
boxes floating down the Channel. The
survivors say they saw the ship suck
dwn many as she sank.
. ♦ ♦
The Evangelical appointments for
the Wiiliamsport district are :
M. J. Caret hers, P. E.
Lock Haven—J. J. Lohr.
DuUoistown—A. W. Maxwell.
Jersey Shore—Jacob Boas and G. H.
Nittany Valley—R. Young and J. C.
Sugar Valley—l). P. Kline.
Brush Valley—J. Kreamcr.
Centre—C. F. Drininger and J. D.
Lycoming—J. 0. M. Swengle.
Wiiliamsport Circuit—D. W. Miller.
Wiiliamsport (Bennett street)- W. K.
Detweilor. *
Mileshurg—J. M. King.
Liberty—N. Young and J. A. Hertz.
Canton—A. Slaplcton.
Centre Ilall— \Y II Stover.
Newberry—P. W Group.
Danville—J. H- Peters.
Seneca Falls—U. F. Swengle.
ktovk STORC FOR BAi.K.—Located at
Spring Mills, Centre county, Pa., the ter
minus ol the Lewitburg. Centre and
Spruce Creek railroad. Is now a very
good stand, and will be one of tbe best
in tbe State this year and In the future.
Tho tin-shop alone will and does pay well,
as there are nene nearer than Millheim
and Centre llali, both about 0 miles eff.
We can convince any parlies wishing to
buy that it Is a good business point. Will
sell store room and contents nt first cost.
Our reason for selling is that one of us ex
pects to be away a greater part of this
summer in the water and sieam gover
nor business. in which we have lately be
come largely interested, and our business
in the Bellefonte store roquiringour whole
attention. This is a good chance for any
one desiring this lino of business. For
particulars, inquire of the below mention
ed firm at their place ol business in Belle
i'eute. TuoiiAa A. liic&a A Bku,
Sliat ofd
£ 6
AM u-fuAe
(M c /
Wfrmmwet %
tc earn a gee a tui/me
Iny nuikino. 0N LV
i& ifu* v^iar
ninniiw over"
Hiii' tfiaf- kind, oj wfctdina
Hxaf Ttlen andl)mj6 tnau -
ffime w9 rj
c<jg W*B me.
Hardware! Hardware!! Hardware !!!
Bellefonte, I'enn'a.
Have just received and placed oo Exhibition aud Sale, at their Start* no Itm
Fifty-Three Varieties and Styles of Cook and Parlor Stoves,
Single and Double Heaters, Portable Range*, Ac., embracing all the latest
improvement*, newest makes, styles and novelties in the market, combining
all the desirable qualities, such as beauty, durability,convenience nr.d eeono
my. They have tneooly Portable Ranges that will bake in BOTH OVENB
for naie in the county. ENTIRELY NEW,
Every Stove WARRANTED in every particular.
LOWEST PRICE and satisfaction guaranteed.
Our stock of
Hardware, Tinware, Oils, Pure Leads,
and PA 1 NTS cannot be excelled for variety, quality and cheapness.
EVERYBODY IS REQUESTED TO CALL whether wishing to pur*
chase or not. *•
Special Bargains for Cash Buyers W1 I>O.N A McFARI.ANH, Hume 1 Block, BfllliEonte.
Emilia-..,* u . ami aUlliCUl.i n- • s
of every nali-n of ancient and modern
limes, and including a history of the ritr
and fall of the Greek and Unman Empires
the'grewtb . f tho*nti-,nt of inoaarn Eu
rope- the midd'e ages the crusade*, the
feudal system, the reformation, the dit
r-overy and settlement.of the New World,
etc . etc.
It contains 672 fine historical engravings
and 1280 large double column pages, and
is the most complete Uis'.ory of the World
ever published It sell* at sight. Send
for specimen "page* and extra terms P>
Agent*, and see wdiy it sells faster than
any other book. Address.
NATIOBAI I'rßLtaiiixo Co., PbilgJel
phis. Fa. 24 mar. 41
Crajon-palnllnK.— Grtyour I'ho
tograpk* h'.nlargrd —The undersigned it
prepared lo enlarge alt Photographs, in
which the feature* are plain, especially tbe
eye* In sending picture* alwayt mention l
Ibo Olor of Kyes and Hair. Price. 91 forj
one person, and 7ft eta. each ior all takenj
from the same photograph thereafter.
Handsome frames furnished at thefol-j
lowing prices. Bxlo Oval. .76 .90 and 1.20
Square. .76 1.00 end 1 25. In ordering,
mention the kind (oval or square), also the
price of frame you want. If aot inconven
ient, person* are expected to come tortbeir
pictures, being notified when finished. Por
further particular* address.
CHAft. W DERSTISE CVwfrr Halt, Fa
John***'* I .taiamt vtll preveel
lbl *<] lil HUwli cr dim •*
• In lfi bfomittnt IbftlviU ttt tmmmf Hm mm I
Ir++ bf ml) Dua l d*U/ * momt I'mtnMo b
tfeftfi curb L 1 JOKUItoM A IV. Hwtfw
MtlM. U MftA
Letters of administration on lha estate
•<f John B. Royer. of potter twp. dec'd,
hiving boon granted la tbe undersigned,
all persons knowning themselves U> be in*
debled to Mid decedent are requested to
make immediate payment, and perron*
having claim* against the ertata will pre*
rent them authenticated for aettlement.
tl febfit Adm'r.
Letter* of administration on the estate
of Nancy Kreider, ol Pcnn twp, dec d.
having been granted to the undersigned,
all persons knowing themselves to be in*
i debted to raid decedent are requested to
make immediate payment, and persons
having claitnr arainrt the ertata will pre*
rent them authenticated for sctdement
'JlfeMw Wolf. Store.
(< HA II AM & SON.
Graham St Son sreoffering txtrainduce
ments to
We have the largest and cheapest slock of
in Bellefonte and are determined to sell at
such prices as will suit the pocket* of ov- 1
ery one Now is the.tirae to buy your fall 1
and winter stock You can get a good sol*
id Leather Button iShoe for Ladies, from
$2 00 to 2 80.
Ladies' coarse shoes, f 1 25
Mens' ooarte fxiots. 2 6(1
Child rent' achool shoes, 1 00
Mem' wool lined gum boots, 8,00
" " " Buckle overshoes, 1.60
" " " Congress gaiters, 1 60,
" •' " A lash as, 1.00 '
" all gum overshoe*. .U) 1
VVomens' all gum overshoes, .40
Misses' all gum overshoes, .gfc
Mens' lumbermen's gums, solid heel extra
heavy, 1 86 •
Let it be distinctly understood that a
thcue are all first-class Rubber
Goods. 20tnaytf
WM.P WILSON, Attorney-at-Law'
Bollefonto Pa Office in Mrs. Ben- 1
o ft Building. BdietonUi Be. '<
Special Notice*
t *UI mil .Fiw Uw KCI*. Ser * suwaie Ve*ubia
Hal. ism ul rem.* Tsa. KgXl Xl-fca riJfPUO
was HtotrS* laarlwa sWaaksaaafl. etaas aaS Wan
1 Iwi ,U la* praSwciwe a laawilaai eswwt*
kalt aw a bald baaS m— mh fsmr, ASSvsas. la
sav Ssa* Baa VaaJall S Os. B Aam BS .
To Consumptives.
Tba edaertleer. ta>l>( Saw paßasaaat I. aaraS of
lha. SraaS Ini a.i ocana*<HS fcj a .ia*la n.sSj
bs aaslea. Sa am. koaw* to kia f.llaa aag.a.. is,
maaa <4 cara To ail *ha Saatra m. ha will —mi a
i.-opycfUw 1 raarnsiUaa aaad. ifswa at ahaer**tih
tba SiraMtowa f<wprannc aaS aalee Uieeam. wtoci
ISO *UItaS aaaral'ara far Ciasawytlaa. Aeshm.
BnarhHh, I.
PsrUa. •!.! 1.. IS. t-roorrn ilaa will plaaaa . Hitn,
IL A WlLhOlis peaa s .Vrutlambeee. * ¥
.aS Aanaaaai aatlaal t—aesaai ta uataats s, '
cmbar. Sllewl arIMU. Aagaa tu aur. part
Mas fvaa (alia aairtacy a* ssaaya Van DaM S
■ BA BS* f
rfca. :aei peseeses Stas la. leal la. ta stl Slim
W-H ell I LIEUT KB IIS Valvaa SC. Kaa Varl
ACBWTLBM AB wba aataeMl f.u eaan fem Bar- j
mw liability aU lb# aacu
of yaathral ladlareastaa. wig lar Iba aaba rt aatartaa
bwmaity aaaSfraa ta tllsS.tsalAiStwil|i aJ
pliii Waa ear a.Hsy Ibaaa.l. nait| wbtat ba was
cwead. Bagaswr. wwblagta tail by Tba a4sMlaasi
'■Hemmlsb by sSfnaliy ta ynSail nd-j
_ Si jaa Saas. J
Candy Manufactory & Bakery.
Mr. Albert kauih,
At Iks
it oow making tbe rrry beat
in Bellefonte.
Candle* and Confection*.
He also manufactures all kind* of can
dies. and dealers can purchase of bim as
low aa in the city. tAsndies of all kinds al
ways oo band, loyatbar with Oranges.
Lemons, Fig*. Dales, Nut*, Syrups, Jel
lies and everything good.
i* An Excellent oyster saloon alao at*
10 tached to the Bakery. Call and sac
~ 1/ 8. T. Shugert, having purchased the
Drug store on Allegheny street, Btile
j fonts, next door to the bsrdware Store ef
■ Hicks A Bru . hes slocked and illed it out
' with all Ike most popular
• I
j ARTICLES. Ac.. Ac.. Ac. {
Patent Medicines, Alcohol, pure Wipe#
I end Liquors for medical purposes only.
Physician's prescriptions csrebilly com*
pounded and orders answered with euro
land dispatch. Fanners end Physicians
[from the country will find our stock of
Medicines complete, warranted genuine
and of the best Quality.
This Store will remain under tke direc
tion of the accomplished druggist and
pharmacist heretofore connected with it,
Mr. 11. M Harrington, and wa respectful -
i ly solicit the custom of our friends and
the old patrons of the store.
( lPtf S. T. SHUOEKT.
WM. P MM ANUS. Attorney at-law
r>eiivionie. Pa. Office with Jas
j McManus. Esq. 28jultf
! ' lllck 0l tALA—First class brick
will be kept on hand for sale by J. O.
Drininger at Zerbe's Centre Hall
. brick yards. These brick are
offered so low tbet it will pay persons nt n
distance to come here for them.
Intending to continue in the manufac
ture of brick they will be kept condantly
on hand, and fair inducements offered to
17 aug if. H. K. ZKRBB
DP. FORTNEY Attorney at Law
Bellefonte, Pa. Office over Rev* bank. Umsy'(\j I
JL. SPANGLBR, Attorney at Law
• Consultations in Knglisb and Ger
man. Office in Furst's new building.
T) O ppboißss mmi Bggv in it to 1
K H V I MIS" <•* Mil b U| mk o
I 1 I 'I n I either es*. right to thslr i loaall
t'LfU A IIM Particular* sb* sample# worth
fit Bee. lasran rear apara tlmt
at thta tvaaiaas*. Addraas Rtluaau A Oopartlaad, Ma ;
3B mar. j I
We print envelopes as low as $1 per c
thousand. Send us your ewvelopee. We r
print Inter heads, and statements a* lw f
as $1,26 per 1000, when persons find tbe ,
psper. This is lower than you can fat it
duAatur if j
New Slore Room
Fall and Winter
Great Abundance
WW. WWfl
*\ew Bank Building.
A Full Line of GENERAL
MERCHANDIHE, carefully selec
ted, and embracing all manner of
Furnishing Goods
Full Jioe of
Hats and Caps
For Men, Boy. and Children.
Cell and be Convinced that tbi. it the
Cheapest place to boy good, in this
PRODUCE received in exchange
| for good*.
| Retuemdrr the place—in the New
ißank Building, oppoeite the Old
Stoves! Stoves!
Afu I line I * kinds of fit
A foil line of Tinware.
Hardware for all, Coacbmakers and
Mechanics included,
At the New Store of
6*eptf THOS. A. HICKfi A BRO.
merchant tailor.
Centre Hell, Pa.
Buiineu Hand upataira ia tba building
formerly occupied by the Centre Repor
Will furnish gentlemen witb cletbing,
made to order, oi the beet material that
can ba bought in Philadelphia or New
lojrk. Long experience ia tb* baaiaem
at Bellefont* enable* him to turn out first
elaaa work In all respect*. 6dec tf
In Bank Building, Centre Hell. 1
Would respectfully announe to ike cRI-'
tent of tbn vicinity that be ha* taken]
room* in abort building where he it pra-
I tared to do all kinda of work belonging I
to bit line, for men and boy*, and accord
ing to lateet ttylaa Good* told by taa
-810. Having had nine year* experience
* guarantee* all work to render perfect
•atiffaction, and aoliciu a there of the
public petrenege ftdeer
■kkbt aaocxxanorir. t. a. •■cgxet :
President. Cashier.!
(Late Millikee, Hoover A Co.)
Receive Deposits,
And Allow Interest, .
Discount Notes, <
Buy and Sell <
Government Securities, Gold A
i aplOMtf Ooupoaf.
We are now eelling
New Pianos lßl2s
MA CM* vai—!• faruw* *>*■—. 4kM u the pwt i
: *RRr * a* mhMmi as Staasuta.
rtaaa* cr sen, ratuiiiu
New Petent Duplex Overvtrung Scale,
•awe a ■*** mu<* Um imii aamawi
pel tato • W*aw Plaan piatana* U, wai M .
Malsfctae por rtckaßaa u4 d<*.lt>ol am
Uil Dortltllu -r*. (or lllrrliilil r*4 Owrt**- I
N I tlttane a*.M ftv*
21 feb aev a No. 66 Broadway, N. Y
Hardware Store.
A new, complete Hardware Store ha*
been opened by the undersigned in Cen
tre Hall, where he is prepared to sell all
kind* ol Building and House Furnishing
' Hardware. Nails, Ac.
I Circular and Hand Saws, Tennon Saws,
1 Webb Seers, Clothe* Racks, a full a**ort
rnntofGla*s and Mirror Plata Picture
; Frames, Spokes, Fello.*, and Hub*, table
Cutlery, Shovels, Spade* and Forks,
(Lock*. Hinge*. Screws, Sash Spring*,
1 Horse-Shoe*. Nail*, Norway Rod*, Oila,
Te* Balls, Carpenter Tools, Paint, Varn
Pictures foamed in the fioattstyle
Anything not on hand, ordered upon
shortest notice.
BP*Remember, all good* offered cheap
er than elsewhere.
Chis. H. Held,
Clerk, WalrkmakerAJewclei
Millheim. Centre Co., Pa.
A! kiae* *f data*, w.ubw sad Jntla si ih
as* d*7 •( ito BKMtk aa* OMA oa It* fas*. vfclsfe ta
•arraaiad aaa aarSart Ua>
Oloeka.WaiahaaaadJaaaln iaM aa aSaet aa
I Uaa aa* atmalal
Dentist, MUlhelm.
OeatSla>n*,—.iial aerate—to Ua ablte Ha te
*j*Hiila*aaa all aparallaa. la ska daatal **a-
HalaaawfaHrersearaesa aitraat taatt abaolaitr
llhsatesli. wrSTHI
ROSES - *•* k*atlhl
?55?*iT*2 lor ■*<"* °v*ria. *"
Tfc# iirltii t * Kir ont mr, not post
paid. l y wall. UB ntrcipl af £**
SEEDS M *'(**• *t
Uttikwa, (kclrm Flower
•*••••" 6Nii." wat poat
patd, by stall. B r,wip of fl 00.
The Garden.
terijr Miiutn., detttd to the culture of
Howe., tad Yecetehlw. II ie prlated oa
•a* took paper profueelr illustrated. ltd
contain. > .plrndM I'olored Plate of
I WEEN. IVIW TO MO a vv, eed at MM
Mrt V>M.
"FltafMly lllaalrateel rata*
f Hover* and Vafeuble Hl and
I ttbU for a 3 cent lUmp.
Mpeelal Prlee List to Markei Gar
dener* free.
Wholesale ( atalofae to daaleia, aa
applieaUon Add re**
BenJ. ▲. Elliott & 00.
114 larkel Rt.. nttk*nrh, Fa.
Oeaa make waaep faatar U work far a* Ikaa al aaj
tklaa ajaa. OapMal aot reqairad; we will Mart
rev fll per <Ur at bow* mad* Of the ladulrl
oo* voaea. bon aad fir I. wanted ..err
where to work for ae Row b the time. Cost!?
outfit aad tana* tree. Addree* Tacs * 00. Aof oata.
Male*. It mar.j
Letters of administration on the estate of
John K. Miller, late of Harris twp, dee d
having been granted to the undersigned,
all persons knowing themselves to he in
debted to said decedent are requested to
make immediate payment, and person*
having claim* against the estate will pre
sent them authenticated for settlement.
tttfeb Adu'r-
Fashionable Dressmaker.
Tba aderiigned respectfully announce.
Dressmakera RtMi#b?>t in
tb. kwi lti y oeeupled by John H. Mil
j JL ot family .awing neatly
reasonable. Hoping to
morlt tb patronage of the people of Cen
lr* H*Htd vicinity by turning oat neat
AND durable work. MM. HABVKT SMITH.
SOaapt tf.
ha. the good.. Largest itock I
Prices Lower than
And now axtend. a cordial invitation to
hi. friend., patron., and public general*
A 100 a Complete Amort norm of
Ready Made Clothing for men and
boy*. Suit* M low Mto be had in the
Imported and Domestic
Fall lino, of
[For Ladies, Genu, Ray*, Mia** god
j # Children. *
H ornery, OIOTM, BOOM god SHOW.
And the at complete assortment of
■ Ceatral Pennsylvania. and prices* that
A full line of Howe Hewing Machine*
aod Need|e for all kind, of roachi DM.
* eap*fally announce to ike
ciucena al Paan* Valley that b* ha. ner
ißaaaotlylocated in Centra Hali wbtra ha
a ras* u 4o * ] i kiod * ° f **d<
All work warranted or no money asked.
1 nee, low to suit the time.. *1 fan. y.
Get good bread.
By calling at the new and ex ten
bakery eatabuhment af
iSooeateor to J. H. Sard*,)
Opposite the Iron Front oa Allegheny
Fmh furaiake# •very day
Cake* of all kind*.
Piss, etc.. etc.,
. Fruit*.
Anything and every thine belecging to
the buainaat. Having bad yean of expe-
I mace >a the buune**. be fatten himeelf
that he can guarantee eatktactkm to all
who may favor bin with tbeir patronage.
Cloth Ac Cassimere,
which I am prepared to hare made
up ia suit* at RemarkabJv Low Fig
cheaper than can be bought
Market Street.
l8octm LEWISBURG. Pa
D. F. LU&E.
offer* hi* service* to the citicea* of
Caatre county ia
Hwame, Bin and Oraaaeatal
wriplaf. ornamenting ar.a gilding.
, • , „ CHESTNUT. Etc.
Plain and Fancy Paper banging. Orders
wwpectfully solicited. Term* reasonable.
enr tf.
Furniture Rooms!
. respectfully inform* the ciutens of Centre
county, thai he ha* bought out lb* old
, (tend o! J. O. D'iair.grr, mad ha* reduced
• the price*. He he* constantly on head
■ end makes te order .
TABLES. Ac., Ac.
Hi* stock of reedy made Furniture
lergttnd warranted of good workman*
• it iJI midt utdtr bit iniißfdiitt
- supervision, end it offered at rate* cheaper
I then el*where.
I OnU end *o* hie ttoek before purckaeing
j eleewhare. M £
: at bis establishment at Centre Hall,, keep
op hand, and for sale, at the mo*t r*oca
ble rata*.
, Carriages,
4k Spring Wagons
and vehicle* of every description mad* to
l order, and warranted to be wade of the
best tea toned material, and by the DM!
, skilled and competent workmen,
r for buggies and spring-wagons Ac., of the
I o*t improeed pattern* made to ord*r,
' *'*® ®** r ' n f f A) 1 kind* made to order.
1 All kind* of repairing done promptly and
at the lowott possible rate*.
Person* wanting anything in hi* line are
requested to call and examine hi* work,
*,7, not *° to* excelled far dur
• ability and wear. may 8 11
SIR. in tha old bank building. Guarantee*
satisfaction in all bis work, and ask* the
public patronage. Has had loag experi
enca in tha city.
No. 6 BrockerbofT Row, Beliefontg
Dealer* la Droga.C hemieala,
Pcrftamery, Fam yLooda Ac.,
Pure Wine* and Liquors for medical
purposes always kept. maySl 72
V7, 3. BHA? ?i 3 ,
Respectfully in forms the citizens of Cen
tre Hall and vicinity that he has opened a
new shop in the old Bank Building. New
work turned out according to style, and ail
hinds of repairing neatly done, and on
short notice. Prices reduced and te suit
the times. 7 fob. Om.
The Porks House, at Coburn station, is
new and commodious, and i* kept In best
manner. Bed and board second to none
|in th* county. Stabling for 80 horse*.
Asa summer resort it will be found all
that could be desired, right in the heart ol
ifoud fishing and bunting ground*, and
lEurrouaded by the moat romantic tct&ary.
laory .