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Centre Hall, Pa, Th'rsd. Jan. 31. '7B.
SP*T*RMa.— s'2 per year. when paid is*
Stance ; $2.50 when not aid\n advance.
Advertisement* Wet* per 7 ms* for three in -
srrfion*. mf b cents per l,ne for "'"{ 'it
sequent insertion. Advertisement* y tHe
voir at a Moral discount. .....
outside the ecunty re
usit h.< 10 of*, amount of one
apt, instead of'Xkts a* formerly s ehen paid
ran aiirays tell V>f their' £
counts stand at the Reverter ofice H m
sulung tar tables on tW P'r'S'.. '-'J"
labis reads "John Roe 1 jan .. •
tUt John is indebted *
the Ist of January. 1876, and that it is
time he was raying the printer.
O.wvat n u.i
• ran SsMrdajr•vratagte She V !
J M 111- I.IUSS. *•. " r u en
f>i.r roar t-irma. K. **. '■ V u,.
M.t.Usi renin* no or bpf.we esc.l IU"
CM, yellows Hall. . • , . n *Ml* i. W M
, Hssuoms. Seel. <>■ A .. ..
Tmvar** (taiwov,!•". * 'lf.Ven cll
H!l. Centre Hsll on the "" "n*i*
IM-Wiiir. M saJ.lOl7 <* Z *
Klw-ne Msslvr. _ __ I-
Sale, large fkrm stock ef K. M.
Shuey. near Fillmore. 6 Feb.
A little covering of shew on Sunday
Aaionsburg wilUhava a granu musi
cal conveniien next week.
Some of the exchange* received at
this office look as if printed with a poor
quality of apple butter.
. The Mifflin county grand jury re
commend* an addition of tan feet to tba
rear of their court-house.
Beecher's lecture, al Bellafonte, Jul
net qu#e pay expense*. Those who heard
it were pleased
lawrer at the Bellefonte bar. has returned
from the West and located at Lock 11a- .
The election for borough and town
ship officer* take* place on the third Tues
day of February, 19th day-
Thi* i* to give notice that all citizens
troubled with Cough or Cold should at
once procure a bottle of Dr. Bull * Cough
Syrup. Price "25 cents.
A post-office ha* been established at
Coburn .ration, ,F.rk*< and Mr. Grening
er has been appointed postmaster.
A correspondent write* us asking on
which tide we are, Rusia or Turkey. We
are for Ru*eia, a* might he known from
the headway it has made. We always
were for putting down Turkey, whether
on Thanksgiving, ChrUtma* or other fe*-
tive occasion*,
Ma!lory *till live*, notwithstanding
swindler Wilson wanted to make him out
dead to the amount of S2B 50. B. M, Ma
gee, Esq . write* ua. Jan. 22, "I hayethi*
day received a letter from my old friend
Wm J. Mallory. referred to in last week *
Reporter.' Said letter i* dated George
town, Grant county. New Mexico, Jan. 1,
1878. where Mr. Mallery retide* and i*
living and well.
ThnUellefonte Republican second*
the Reporter'* suggestion that the new
penitentiary he located in Centre coua
Thanks to Newman for Chicago pa
per*. N. B—Newman went to Chicago
for his bride. May he and hi* forever be
We have received the "Time* Al
manac'' for 1878. It is handsomely getten
up, and useful for reference. Beside* an
iwering every purpose of an almanac it
contains valuable election tables, .aw*,
rate* of pottage, national, state and county
officers, and much other information.
Newman's stock of winter Clothing
has now been reduced down to about cost
as he intend* to sell it off to make reom
for the spring trade. Go soon if you want
a bargaia, in any thing that men or beys
wear !rom hat down to boot*. Go and by
when you have a chance to get clothing at
cost and lay thnsn back for next winter
it will pay.
There i* no better remedy for a
ctugh or affections of the throat and
lungs, asthma, croup, and the earlier
stages cf consumotion than F. P. Green
Compound Syrup of Tar, Honey, ard
B'ood-root. Ask at your stores for it, or
send to Green's at Bellefonte. It is a truly
valaabla remedy.
The ttore of Mr. Beyer, at Aarons
burg. was purchased by Frank and Henry
Philips, and not by Philips A Meyer, as
we were erroneously informed. Frank
Philips has consequently moved to As
ronsburg and will not go to "my Mary
Ex-Sheriff Musser intend* erecting
a commodious warehouse at Miliheiro, on
the same lot with hii fine residence. The
lower story of the new building will be let
for store purpose* and the upper story
will be arranged for an Odd Fellows b*..
as there will soon be a lodge organized
there. The Sheriff has a nack for im
proveroent£and i the kind of men *uch
towns want.
coil of constructing a horse-car road from
Coburr, to Millheim. at SIB,OOO complete
with rolling stock, we calculated the die*
tance as 2i miles, We are assured by citi
zens of Millheim that the distance is bare
ly 21 miles. This would lessen the entire
cost to about $16,000.
But an improvement would be, if tbe ex
pense was not too great, tohavea sroaii en
gine, which would be a little more in keep
ing with the spirit of tbe age, and make
Millheim a genuine reilroed point, al
though a little off from the main line.
This wouid be a convenience to travel in
the valley. But it remains for our.neigh
bors at Millheim to count the cost and sat
isfy themselves about the returns such n
expenditure would bring, as some of them
have already contributed liberally towards
grading the road into tbe valley.
Handsome Pictures Free.— The
publisher! of Leisures Hours, a mammoth
16 page literary and family peper, full of
choice stories, sketches, poetry, etc., writ
ten by the ablest writers, desiring that
every one should see their paper; will take
three months' subscriptions, commencing
with tbe papers containing tbe opening
chapters of a splendid story entitled
"Holden "With the Cords," by the author
ot • ohiloh," "My Winter in Cuba," etc ,
for the small sum of fifteen cents (or post
age stamps;, and will send each subscriber
free a pair of elegant 6*B cbromos, syitn
bio tor framing and adorning any home.
Tbey wili return tbe money to any ono
not satisfied that they get twice iU valuo.
$1,600 in prizes is given free to agents.
Milineim win apply for a borough
charter before a great while ; the limits
would likely embrace a portion of Texas
and the orick mill locality, with Spring
bank and the Forks for suburbs. This
would give Millheim some 700 of popula
tion and ranking fourth as a boro., viz:
Bellefonte, Pbilipsburg, Milesburg, Mill
heim. The advantages would be in regu
lation of her own schools, goed side-walks
and streets clean.
An idea of the grain business at the
two railroad stations in this valley can be
formed by the amount shipped up to 25, by
one firm. Smith & Co., since their ware
house at Coburn has been opened, some
21 months ago, and who inform us they
shipped 19 car loads from Coburn and 13
from fjjprinjj MlU'i t n tiro®- Q®
they took in at Coburn, 1130 bushels
wheat, on 17th 1700 bushels, on 18th 1300
and on 19th 700 bushels- Their warehouse
is very conveniently arranged for unload
ing from wagons, weighing, and loading
cars, and the amount of business is better
than they anticipated.
Thete are several other parties that ship
grain at Coburn, hut we have* not their
A million trade dollars have*.bet-a sent
East at a three per cent, profit. •
Jl An old resid inter of llaino*. Mr.
John Meyer. formerly of Pine (."reek
Mill*, died at Aarensburg, Monday morn
ing. of erysipelas. Ho was a much re
spected citir.on and a continent member
of the Kef. Church.
—Perry Rnrick write* u from Mis
euri: Thi* 1* the country for the poor
man; land can be bought from $1 26 to
sl6 and $26 per acre for the bent. Store
good* i IV per cent, cheaper than in Cen
tre county, hput i* $1 ill; corn 80 to
S6; pork 8: beef 4; caw* sl6 to s''6; horses
SA) to SUX); heep sl2l sS,6fl; wages on n
farm $7 to $lO per month; per day 600 to
76c ; wood $1,26 per cord.
tin Sunday night !**t the tore o'
Jack eon A Cnlder, and the dwelling of j
John H. NciJigh, || State College, wore!
destroyed by fire. The store it a total lots
Some of the furniture was aaved from Mr j
Neidigh's house. The f.'o originated in I
the store and was not discovered until the
flame* burst though the roof Mr Nei-f
digh has SOOO insurance on house and j
JlWon furniture in tha Company at Ccn
tro Hall.
Crenir.ger, at Coburu station, -■tiers
to sell goods at about coat. He has an en
tirely r.ew stock, and will give you baT
gain*. See his advertisement.
The Tenn's Valley Institute will '
commence its next teim, Ap. 16. I'rof. J
Fortney, the principal, is in every re*p. t
qualified to give youug men and ladies '
thorough Instruction in all the academic
branches, and flt them tor college As a 1
teacher he occupies fr n! rank, -ire card.
-—Luther Kmerick, late of this p ace,
has taken charge of the Hosterman smith
shv-p in Haines. Our readers dawn there
will find him a capital workman and
worthy young man.
——A Scioplicou entertainment will b>
held in the Centr* Xlall school house, on
Saturday evening. Feb 2 The entertain
ment will consist of Yoiemite Valley
View* ; View* in the Holy Land and the
East ; Scripture View* ; Philadelphia and
Washington Views; Egypt, the Land of
Ruin* ; Waihington'* Dream :a*. Valley
Forge, etc., etc, Admission 15 cent*.
Children under|l'd, 10 cent*.
Trial List—Second Week.
K F Clow u*o of vs Derby Coal Co et
* L W Munson v* J H Morrison.
Wm Band* Kin v Giliiland & lloov
ilarper Bro* v J V Thorn** A Co.
Samuel McWilliam* ts 11 H Mother*-
baugh. _ . ,
J Z Long v* H Mernman et *l.
Wm Campbell A Sons v K McCor
mick et a).
J A Crvder v B W Hoover.
Sarah From v John Ardell.
Daniel Durst vs Adam krunirtne.
James Gate* use of vs C H kaphart.
Ives. Murphv A Grove v* AC Uinton.
T R vjuick el al v A C lLnton.
Jacob Mdtiawa et al v* J W Rhone.
Wm Biown vs Michael Meyers.
Commonwealth of Penna v* Doily
Swires et al.
Adam-Krep* v* J G A M Pnoker
Tho* K. Henderson v* John H McMona-
I'szaru* Moyer vs Funk A Weber
D S Dupree ACo u*e of v Silas Blow-
Jame* Hanna v* Jacob Banker et a!.
John P Dehaat use of vs H H Lucas.
M L Leiuel vs J H MeCormick.
Job Williams vs Tho- M Way A Son.
John S Gray et ux vs L A Shearer.
Jas C Williams use of v-Jacob Mock.
D J McCann ▼ Wm H Jonas et al.
First National Bank of Lock Haven vs
If F Troxel.
B Spotts v* J J A A Pifer.
S Silknitter use of vs 11 W Moover.
Jurors '2nd Week.
Pbilipsburg—E Recder. J A Lukent.
Potter-J G S.nkey, Wm Stiver.
Poun—Jacob Dutweiler, W P Ceter
; man.
Bgnner—J Ecklv. S D Swartz.
Spring—Morri* Furey, John Null.
Howard—Jacob Holler. W Doughen
bach _ „
Bi-llefonte —F Smith. G F Brew, G3l
! Swartz. . „ _
Fatten—John Chamber*. U H Stine.
Snowshce—C t Chee*eman, J J Potter,
U Witherite.
Collect- —J G Irwin.
Gregg—D Runkle, E Fetterhoff.
li.iggt—T Harvey, S Charles.
Burnside —S Fisher.
Marion—J H M'Cauly.
Mitesburg—T Giawford.
Liberty—S Licgle, J W Toner.
Haines—M Fiedler.
Harris—A Hess.
Taylor—D Ganoe.
Ferguson—H C Campbell.
"Houston—S Naxon.
Sechlers have just opened a new
supply of groceries. If you want fresh
teas, sugars, coffee, syrup, fruits, confec
tioneri'-s, crackers, dry beef, ham, cheese,
beans, soap, spices, best pure vinegar,
York state apple*, dried peaches of the
very best, canned fruit all kind* of the
choicest, and * thousand of other good
useful, wholesome, pure, and cheap arti
jcle*. Secbier* is the piece to go to for
A GOOD OFTKR—A pair of handsome
6xß chromo* is offered as a gift to every
one that will send fifteen cenU (poitage
stamps taken) for a three month*' sub
scription to Leisure Hours, a mammoth 16
page (64 column) family paper, filled with
the choicest literature, stories, poetry,
etc , by the ablest writer*. The piper*
ent will contain the opening chapter* of
* chraming story entitled "Holden with
the Cords," by the author of "Sbllob,'
"My Winter in Cuba, - ' etc. To induce
every one to send for tbi* short subscrip
tion—which is offered at half price—the
publishers, J. L. Pattoa A Co., 102 Wil.
)itm Street. New York, offer free the pair
of cbromo*—which are excellent picture*
and worthy to adern any bom*. Money
will be returned to any one not satiified
that they do not get twice iu value. $!,
500 in prizes is given free to agents.
Weather clear but cold tbi* week,
Penn's Valley Institute.
The third terra of thi* ACADKMIG
SCHOOL will commence on the third Mon
day (13) April, and continue ten week*
Tuition per term, from $5 to sß—half in
advance. Board from $2 50 to $3 per
week. No deduction on account of ab
sence, unlets in caseof protracted sickness
Location deairable. The patronage of
the public i* respectfully solicited.
8m G. W. FORTSET, Centre Hall, Pa
Mr. Grenoble and Mr. S. Leilze! havo
their new homes nearly finished. Jack
Van Valzah is home on a viait and looks
well. Gen. Buchanan it well enough to
go about in the house. Jno. D. Long has
gold 250 tons coal this winter. So rnucb
for advertising. Mr. Krumpeine keeps
doing a brisk trade in grain and coal.
Next Sat. eve Rev.tßouie will commence
a protracted meeting in the M. E. church.
Thore wai quite a fui at tho depot on Fri
day last, arising from a drover who bought
beef from a boy and claimed tha hide
along, which tho boy resisted, as he only
told tho beef dressed. Tho drover then
deducted the price of tho hide from the
meat, which caused a flare-up Farmers
who take beef to market should look out
fortiicks. Two car-loads pork and heel
shipped on Friday- X
Desperate Condition of the Imprison'
ed Officials.
New Orleans, La,, Jan. 27, 1878.
The excitement in the Returning Board
case has somewhat abated. Your corres
pondent to-day hud a long interview with
Anderson, Kenner and Cassanave in tho
parish prison. Thoy are 'still reticent.
Anderson stated, however, the reason tbey
hid in the Custom House was to gain time;
that on the present Jury in the Supreme
Criminal Ceurt is not a single colored
man ; that the jury was drawn to convict
them, end their only object was to gain
He intimated pretty bitterly that the ef
fect of their treatment by tha administre-1
tion might lead to something unexpected
though ho refused to say what. In con
versation with prison officials, however,
the trio have expressed themselves to the
a fleet if lli ay are deserted by those lh*y
place in power they will make disclosure
exceeding unpleasant. The two colored
men arh downhearted, Tbeynay there is
no In pe for them with a packed jury and
lat cry one arrayed against litem Ander
son, though dispirited at times, grows
fierce and hitter.
Search has been made everywhere to
day lor Wells, but without efleet. It i*
believed that lie started on Saturday torj
Washington, and that the Custem House
resistance was for the purpose of giving,
him time to roach Washington ; that when
there he will go to the President and urge
their dospotate condition, and show Sim
that uiile-s he does something they will be
lost, ti he refuses, then a disclosure wiil
i be made of the whole traud on condition
. the prosecution is stopped.
What l.c'tiiiiio Republican* Say.
! I.eadi" r ropu'ilicans hero say they can
! see no way in w hieh llaves could help the
f Hoard except by open violation of law,
which he vlaro not do. and that, therefore,
the chancel ier his exposure are now neat
a', hand.
The Liverpool Courier.
"1 went on Saturday," write* a I'aris
correspondent, "to a horse flesh dinner
given bv a M. Ducroii, \ nterinnry-in
Chief to tho Ktal Major of Pari*. It was'
prepared hy an ordinary cook, the host
wishing his guest* to know that the food
placed before theui owed none of its pala
table virtues to extraordinary culinary
science Everything except tha sweets at
dessert were of Chevaliu# extraction, i
thought tho soup better than bouillion
made from beof. The bouilli wa* very
toothsome ; 'Cheval a la mode' was also
excellent ; but the erowning dish was
roast lili t, which w as very tender and suc
uleuU There was no flavor or odor that
in tho remotest way reminded one of the
The weak point of the feast wi the sal
ad. which aas dressed with oil taken
from horte*' feet. M. Dueroi* is an en
thusiast, and dreams of nothing le*s than
cheapening meat, and rendering the lives tolerable by getting people to
become hippopophagiU- If the ultimate
fate of the horse wa to be ent to the
butcher shamble* instead ut the s.augbteri
house, cabmen..he opine*, would be more
merciful to the beasu they drive, and the
poor would be able to tall back from dear
beef and mutton upon cheaper and more
nutritive meal. Since bippopohagy
been introauced here, more than 13,000
hor.-es annually, have fallen into tho slew
pan* and soup pou of the French capital.
It appear*, indeed, that the supply i*
scarcely equal to the demand.
On sitting down 1 felt, 1 confess, some
what nervous. It eccurred to me that
sundryfehevaiiae disea*es were propagat
ed by inoculation. M. Ducroix. who sus
pected my misgivings, informed me that
the inspection of horseflesh for the flesh ,
market i more clojetbnn that of beet, j
The living animal ha* to pa** a veterinary
•urgeon. and when it i reduced to the
condition of butcher'* meat it it f*in sub
jected to a tnicroecopie examination.
Some member* of the Society for the Pro
tection of Animal* have invited M. Du
croix to London to make arrangement*
with them for a horseflesh banquet at the
Chrytial Palace, prepared by a French
The failure of Howard, Snelling A Co., *
coal dealer* of Boston, Mass., was for a
$ 176,000, of which SIBO COO is owed in Phil
adelphia. Tne firm claim nominal asietsi,
sufficient to cover their indebtedness.
The Star Chemical Work*, of Chicago,*
have suspended, Limbiliti**— preferred,i *
one thousand and fifty dollars, secured.
one thousand eight hundred and forty
five dollars; unsecured, ten thousand eight
hundred and thirty-two dollars. Asset*, *
nine thou*and dollar*.
. c
, 1
Office of the F. M. F. In*. Company of ji
Centre County, Pa. b
Centre Hall, Jan. 14. 18T8.-In compli- ~
ance with the provisions of their charter ,
the Twentieth Annua! Statement ofL
the tranaction of the Company is here- „
with presented :
Bill* receivable being
premium note* duo j
and pavableby mem
bers for insurance !i
the past year. S '??!*. i
| Paid on same. 3 ( 2,46jl
i Leaving duo op premi ■
urn notes taken the —— '
I past year. I'J,oG6 o£> '
To which add cash in | (
the treasury. 170 40 J
Making the total avail
able assets of the ■ \
past year, 10,736 01 1
Compensation of di- l
rqctor*. 12815 ,
Salary of Secretary. 100 00 ,
Treasurer. 60 00 I
Printing, rent, po*Uge
and stationery. 89 00
Letter press. 6 00 i 1
Election board. 5 0)
Chas Warner on barn.lßß 00
Henry Krebs on thre*h
er. 30 00
State Iniurnncc lax. 20 00
Expense* instituting
suit against J Durst 625 677 90
Total accruing asset*
and funds of the
Company the past
year after deducting ,
expenses. 19,008 CI |
To which add note* of
1873. '4, '5 and 0. 118.930 40
Minus notes expired
and cancelled, cash •
premium*, and tax
u f7B. 0,680 53
Total available awel*
of the Company thi*
dav. 1131,808 48
, Risks and insur
ances taken the
past year. 241,609 36
Same reported for
1 previous years. 1,836,448 88
Making the risks
of the Company
r thjs day. 1,678,108 24 j
Due the Company I
from agent*. 646 96
At an election held the lame day the:
following named member* were elected
directors f<r the ensuing year: J. W.!
i Krurnreine, J. W. Campbell, llonrv Kel
ler, jet Baker, Fred Kurtz, John Kisbel,
Maj. J. B, Fisher, 8 J. Herring, Amos
1 Alexander,.!. H. Musser. Ham'l Gramly
' and J K Hosterman. Whereupon the
i board organized and elected the following
. officer* :
President— Henry Keller.
1 Vize President—B. J. Herring.
Secretary—D. F Lm".
o Treasurer—Henry Witmer,
D. F. LOOK, Hxnry,
' at Sec y. Vice Pre* 1 !.
In great abundance, at
Coburn Station,
A full line of general merchandise care
fully selected, and embracing all manner
Dress Goods,
Carpets, Oil cloths.
Groceries, Glassware,
Tinwaro, (Jueensware,
Fish, &c„ Ac.
of all kinds.
Hats and Caps
For men, boys and children.
Ladies apd Gentlemen
daft and ho convinced that this is the
cheapest place to buy gooda in thia sec
PRODUCE received in exchange for
Remember the place—at
jan 31 y Coburn.
, would respectfully announce to the l
citizen* ot Penns Valley that he has per
manently located in Centre Hali where he
is prepared to do all kinds of Dental work.
All work warranted or no money asked.
Prices low to uit the times. 31 jan. y,
Reading. January "£i- .1 neob and John
( lluntxingcr, late prcile>iil and cathioi of
the Miner*' trut company, of l'nttavllle,
wrri> thi* morning '• tiiocd each to two
I year#' solitary coitini'mnl and a fin* of
JfnO al*o to rofum! t Thomas Ream* th*
prosecutor. with co*t*.
Tho tubjoot of circular irviicladt !>•
I lately received con# dcrable attention in
Knglaml, it having been found, after re
peated rtprim<' t* in smooth and rough
water, that tho i iicu'ar modal required no
mora power to propel it than tho other.
For the purpu*" ofj propultlon hydraulic
machinery I proposed, DIM suction pit
ami water jet to be in a line with each
other, by which iwc it i* **iunat*d, a
• peed of twe've knot* nn hour may he ob
tained without any difficulty. The ma
chinery for maeoeuvrng a ve*el of thii
#ort posse#*** the peculiarity of having on
each ide of the auction pipe and of tha de
livery pipe or water-jrt, tw<> other pipei,
curved at their outer end* in oppuiite di
rection#, and llireugli the#* the water can
he taken in anil given nut' intead of be
ing receive.! and delivered through the
straight pipe* !lv th • nean# the v*-*el
may be made to revolve in any directien,
and the ev*ral gun*-- placed at frequent
interval* round the ve-#e!—be brought to
hear, each in it* turn, on the itint spot.
The method of steering may be described
briefly at follow# A centrifugal pumpor
turbine i* made to revolve by mean* of a
rack and pinion, the thafl carrying the
pinion having at the other end a similar
irrangcnient driving another rack, which
igain i connected with a revolving pilot
ioue. Whenever the pilot house turns,
he turbine H!*O move*, and the water jet
* consequently similarly influenced in it*
! Thesteam hammer recently completed
Jat Creueot it the largest and moil power
ful instrument of the kir.d in the world.
The hammer in the workthopt of llerr
Krupp, at Kttcn, wrighs 60 tone, and de
scends through a maximum spa.-e of three
metret . but the hammer of the Creusot en
gine weighing between 76 and HI) tont,
has a course of flro metres. Special ap
paratus hat alto been provided tor the
transport and keeping in petition of block*
of>tee! weighing from KM to 121) ton*,
which can be forged by the new hammer,
and four iteam crane* are are arranged
round tbia latter, three of them capable of
lifting and revolving with a weight of 10U
[tons and one abla to carry 1W tens. Each
crane, alto, U provided with special ma
chinery for cauting the weight lifted by it
to rotate about its own axit.
A thief, on Saturday, stole Hon. Samuel
J. Tihlen's overcoat, with a tailor's bill in
one of the pockets.
On the 17. by Bev. J. O Shoemaker,
Mr James Ccitsell, of Spring Mills to
Mitt Sadia C. Bonn, of Uaines twp.
At the residence of Mr Ja* Henna, in
Gregg twp., on 23d. Franklin llsrshber
ger. aged 2D years, 8 months and 18 Jays.
llis remains ware followed to the grave
on Saturday by a large concourse of
mourning relatives and friends. He loaves
a wile and one child to mourn his loas.
Though young in years ha had given bis
heart to the Lord, and diod a happy death>
leaving a full a*urance that he was going
where there is no parting and sorrow isj
not known. i*. j
On 22, in Madisonburg. of dropsy, John
Gutter, after an illnets <>f four weeks, aged
61 year*. ID months and 21 dava.
I The thank# of the famly ara heraby ex
tended to the frienJ* and neighbor! for'
their ruany kird attentions an J assistance
before and at the funeral of the deceased. I
He departed from earth to be with Christ'
which it far belter. Remember for your
consolation that he it not dead, but only
begins to live—-gone on before to enjoy a
mansion in that beautiful land ef rest j
Then why should you mourn ? Ka'.her re
joice. net that yon have lost your father,
but that you hive lime an! opportunity'
left you to make your calling and election,
sure; that when you bid adieu to earth
[youmay be enabled to clasp glad bands,
with loved ones inside tbegale.
A N" HUH Bom.
On 1 Jin., at Anna. 111, Abraham
■ Horner, formerly of Woodward, aged 4f
On the 17th bit, near M'Alew'# Fort,
Huntingdon county. Pa, Mrs. Sallie
Kleisher, formerly of Centre county Pa .
aged 67 years, 10 months, and 2 days. ,
To have bad such a wife, such a mother,
it sufflcient honor for any family With
out an enemy and generous to a fault. Bbej
was worthy of the love of all. To express
i her attachment to the church of our Be-;
deemer would be in the language of l>r.
Dwigt.t, "1 love thy Zion, Lord, the house
of thine abode." She has run the race set
before her faithfully, patiently and dili
gently, and gone to wear the spotless robe
and the unfading crown. Occasion im
proved bv a sermon, by the writer based
on John 14.2, last clause A. A Kxmum.
On2lst, in l'enn twp. Miss Nancy Kri
der, aged 70 year* and II menlhs.
On 24, at the residence of John Grove,
Mrs. Stover re.let of Michael Stover, aged
46 years.
In Penn township. at the residence of
th<> subscriber. on Thursday, March 14th,
1878 : 4 Horft. 8 Cowi, 2 sprinjrinjc Haif- ]
ars, Unlock Bulla, V bead young Cattle,
1 brood Sow, Pigs, 2 broad wheel farm '
Wagons, 1 two-boras Wagon, 1 truck <
Wagon, 1 Buggy. I new Bobsled, t truck ,
Sled, new Champion Koapar. witb all the
attachments to it, 1 double Hollar, Thrash- 1
ling Machine, fanning Mil), 1 corn fodder 1
(cutter, 1 Lewisburg Drill, 1 hay Hake, 1
j circular wood Saw, 28 in. in diameter, V ,
hay Hopes, pulleys and fork, Corn sera- 1
per. Cernplenier. Cultivator, Harrows,
I Plows, Hay by the ton. horse-gears, sad-;
die, tilth and sixth chains, etc., 2 setts
( hty Ladders, 1 sausage cutter, 1 new cop- j
i per kettle, one iron kettle, 2 bureaus, 8 la- j
| olea, 1 desk, lounge, bedsteads, chairs,
carpets, tubs, Jkc. Sale to commence at 1'
;o'clock, a. m. Jon* than II aktkk. |
| A. 11 AKTKR,
Auctioneer. 81jan!
At lh e residence of the:
{undersigned at Logan's (lap. 2 miles;
north ot Farmer's Mills, on Thursday,j
I January 24. 1878 : Two Mares, one heavy |
with foal, two Cows, one Heifer, 3 I'igs,
113 head Sheep, 2 liorse wagon, 1 spring.
Wagon, Sled, Hay rake. Wind null, 2
j horse Cultivator, Corrplantcr, Cornscra
per, 1 single Cultivator. Plow, Harrow,
Crupper Gears, singlo Harness, Saddle
Collars, Bridles, and other articles too nu
merous to mention Salo to oommonce
at 1 o'clock. J. Neir, auct,
lTjan WM. T.MAYS.
Mhcre to bound How to Co
W cal!
2.0(10.000 acres of land for sale cheap in,
the garden of the West. For circular-,
maps of Kansas, full information as to best.
Hnilroads to travel on. Tickets, Freight
Kates, etc., apply or write to
; A gent Atchlnson, Topeka A Santa Fe KK.
20dec Hm Bellefonte, Pa.
Valuable Farm
The undemigne.l offers for tale hit farm
in l'olter township, Centre county, one
mile eait of Centre Hull, known t the
Robort Pennington furrn,
Containing 146 ACRES,
in good alitto of cultivation, no hill* but
gnnlly rolling, moat all lifUKStopd land,
übout 126 Ac-res clouted, balance wood
land near the- building*. Upon the farm
are a large BANK BARN,
Frame House, Nearly New,
of modern style, llog.pen, Smoke houiet
etc., Two Apple Orchards on the farm,
water piped into the houe-yard and into
barn yard. Tho farm is well fenced, and
one mile from blacksmith shops stores,
churches- The term* will be made,easy.
Bounded on east by lands of late Sam'l
iluston, south by lands of lute Win. Kel
ler, west by Keller and Bible, and north
by Bible and Huston. Also ninety-six
acres of mountain land. .
Addrftss or apply to
Lew is town,
2dec3in Mifflin county, ra-
Wo have a very largo and oomplcto a lock of Hardware, tha Inrgaat that wa* ever boforo offered by eny firm to the people of tkU county,'andjara|*cllieg el th|yery low*
oat possible rata*
Iron, Steel untl Nails, Locks, Glass and Putty.
l'ure Wlilte Loads and Liliterd OH , Turpentine* and VarnUhee. all whlcb wa warrant to give aatUfarlion. Our Pur* Load will co aa much aurfac *• any in the market
and cannot b* eicelled for whitanoaa. KKAD V M 1 X Kl> I'AINT put up in any quantity to *uil people, from one-pound cans to one gallon can*, all ready for uae. These
paint# wo w arrant to h* mixed with pur* load and oil, and ar* Ire* from all adulteration.
MECHANICS' TOOLS We pav *pacial attention to this branch, and keap a full line of Hawa, Chisel* Hammer* and Bailey'* Iron Planet: ll<>r*e nail* ofall klndt, Trace
Chain*. Ham.-., Kte Fl' LI, L! NF. OF ADDI.KKY OK ALL DKSCKI PTI >NS COACH WOOD WoKK -Hpoka*. F*'.lo* Patant Wheel* of the moat improved pat
ent# : Mrs P.tta' Improved Flat Iron#, cheap, convenient and durable -polished and nickel-plated. Johnston! Prepared Jtaieomine; put up in 0-pound peclagos; easily
put on, and oheaper than paper Wi nave afl color*. USS*
S T O V E S.
We have the only K*ver*ible, Top-plate Cooking Moves in tha market Tha Keyitona, hus<ju. banna and Juniata, which we warrant to be the%e*t baker* and the he**
i est stoves In the inert #t, we will sell el the very lowest price and giv# written guarantee#. A'so all kind* of Range* and other stove*. COME ANDsEK OUR KKYHTONF
COOK HTOV K;IT LB YIIK HAN DSOMRBT IN THR WORLD. " tersiove*. wmt *xu vvn jlkibtuw* _
I The Lord-Hick* marriage perscnts
. a question in the pathology of the
' human mind, namely, whether a mini
1 who has reached the ripe old age of
eighty year* and an experienced
1 widow of forty-eight may not love
with all the fervor of a bachelor of
' twenty five and a tender maid ofeigk
' teen. It i* not in order for any man
to apeak to thi* question until he turns
his eightieth year. Aa for the gentler
sex, they are privileged, and may talk
whenever they will.
" M r*. Shunk, widow of the Isle *iGov
ernor Francis It. Shunk wa* pr#eiit at
Governor HurtranfV* reception on Thurs
day night lat. Mr.S. it upward* of K>
year* of age
—w — - ■
A boy of fifteen and a girl *f fourteen
were married, with the approval of their
parents, in ltuiteliville, Ky Then they
were tent off to seperate school* for three
years. $
Five mere Reading rioter* have been
Four lilinois failure*. Saturday, showed
Labilities amounting to $ 100,Utt).
The Pope * condition li* wor*e. He
kept kit bed Saturday, and did not'par
take of any nourishment.
Spring Mills Market.
White Whaat. 1 30.
Ked " 1 *>•
Rye. 60c.
Corn, ears, par bu. new, .45c
Oats, 26c.
Buckwheat, 75c.
Clovertoed, $4 26 to $o 00.
Chop, per Von, 123. A).
Flatter, ground per ton, SIO,OO
l'oteteee, 30c. per butb.
Flour, per bbl, $7-
Butter, 18c.
Tallow, 7c.
11 a tr. • lie.
Shoulders he.
Bidet Be
Kagt. 2c.
K*ICW Pf' doa , 16c.
Coal, Egg, per ton, $1.60.
" Stove, 1 60.
• Chestnut, 4-25.
" Pea, 8-00.
Bt-t*ro*T* _ Msixxt*. —
by Shortltdge A Co.
Flour per barrel, wholesale, $b M&.
•• retail. #71)0.
White wheel. 1 30
Red " 130
Rye. 55.
Corn, thelled, 45
Corn, cob. <O.
Gate, 28 t 20.
Barley, rve weight, 55.
Clovereerd $4 60 per 44 poundt.
Potatoes relail, 40
S owe Scotia plaster, ground, 10 U>.
Cayuga " #3OU.
Potatoes, .40.
Onions, .60c
Butter, per ib., .'flc.
Bacon, aidea. lftc.
" shoulders, 10c.
" Hams, 14c.
Tallow. 70.
Hags. 3c.
Tbs *!> nn rnrs to Tory-lS IJto Pjaj sftis.
|lN4k. *.•• euaasc*. i wwrtU >•'* , l'**UHt.
XM,s*4ail RUtMs roafUuU wa PW—J Owm
- <*r. (•aalas •! aisnaO. Wm * a*".
nu> • li r- lru*swt esU M '•) *"
lar m hes k> HairtsV UI. a Uw. !■••*
PbtUdslpbl* U a i*
Buy the
"Laurel Wreath"
!(Single or DOUBLE HEATERS.)
These stoves have TWO ROWS of
lights, shaking and dumping grate, ar
ranged to clean out the clinkers. No
danger from gas, no parts to burn
out, ao a* to let gas into tba upper
room. Wo make THREE SIZES of
Single and TWO SIZES of Doable
Heaters of these justly popular
Cooking Stoves,
Double Oven Range ; or (A4
Single Oven Range.
They are the beet in the market, have
SIX BOILER HOLES, shaking and
dumping grate, A PPL Y THE HE A T
ONCE. The oven is large and square:
the doors tin-lined. The PLATES
ARE HEA VY, unlike the light plates
of city stoves — COM PA R E THEM.
We make a No. 8 and Ao. 9 of both
these ranges.
All these stove# are WARRANT
ED, and you can get repairs from
the Manufactory in one day.
For Kale by # I
J. A. REESMAN, Centre Hall.
J. B. FISHER, Pentt Hall.
SNOOK. SMITH A CO., Millheim.
0. R. SPIGELMYER, Woodward,
Manufactured by the
MTg Co.
We hlso manufacture the Celebra
Rollers, etc. 29nov
For The Fall And Winter Trade.
Bargians Greater Than Ever!
.Ladies and Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Of every description. DRESB GOODS, in greet variety. LADILS
COATS, finest end largest assortment ever brought to Bellefoote.
Remember we do builaeMon the ONE PRICE PLAN, and therefore in*
sure our prices u the lowest
H. HERMAN, Manager.
Dexter Spring
4,000 Set Sold last two years.
The Dexter Spring u a child of
neceeaity. Three or four generations i
had been jerked almoat te death or had :
their apinee twisted into permanent <
curvature by the oontinoua jerks of the I
Eliptic Spring, or latterly had their
necks broken by the side throw of the.
Concord. '
For tbeae reaaona the people de
manded a Spring on which they could
ride with ease and which would at the!
tame time be atrong and substantial.
HtaßY aaoc*aanorr. t. . aaroaard
President. Cashier.'
(Late Milliken, Hoover A Co.)
Receive Depoaita, |
Aud Allow Intereat, L
Discount Notes,
Buy and Sell
Government Securities, Gold A
aplOOßtf Coupon*. ,
BXICK FOX SiXX—First class brick
will be kept on hand for stle by J. O.
l)*iois|sr st lirbs'i Centre Hsli
brick yards. These brick arei
offered so low that it will pay persons at a
distance to come here for them
Intending to continue in the mnnufne
lure of brick will be kept conitaslly
on band, end fair inducements offered to
17 mug if. H I IKRBK
Xlncoln Butler Powder, makes but*
ter swsel andhard, and quicker to churn
Try it—for sale at W Wolf's atoie
Letters testamentary on the estate of
Jacob Sparr, late of Harris tewnship, de
ceased. having been granted to the under-l
signed, all persons indebted to said estate
ate required to make immediate payment,,
and those having claims against tba satnej
to present them, duly authenticated by
law for settlement
20dec6t Executors.
*nu, tha HIM. Chart** *. M*r. Praaldant of
Lb# court gli 'uuain Flm, I" ll> Wtb J wilcUl Dla-
Lrlfll coaataUa* of the ooaatlaaof Caalra. I Uatou and
I'laartUl.l, and th* llouarkbl. rauk. aadltb*
ttnaorabl* John tl*#n*. AaaocUiad J4|alß Oae W*
uottnt*. lit nil* luanl tbalr l.r*v*M, hsettag TW-P*
U.l* of Jan A II .trtM
J.n > *U.'M"lb. t<> JwTdSr o'ajln IST*,
ami n oooLlno* two waaks.
Nulla* la tharafor* barab* Sloan to tha Oaroaar. Jo*,
tie** of th* P**o*. Aldarman and > onatabla* of th*
aalil count; of Oantra, that lhjr b* tb*a aad th*r* In
tbaif proper oaraoo*. at It o'clock In tha foranaao of
aald daj. aI Lb thatr raoarda, Inqulaltloaa, aaamlna
Uona. and tb*lr own rasaambrancat, to do th*** thins*
wbloh to thatr ofßo* appertain* to b* dan*, and thoaa
who ara b*and In raaoanlaanraa to proaacut* aaalnat
th* prtaoaar* that ara or ahall h* tn th* Jail of Oantr*
count*. b* than and thar* to proaacnt* aaalnat thaw
a| nh*ll bt jdlt.
1 tilraa andar ill hand, at Ballafonta, th* tat da* of
Jan, tn tha rnnr of our Lord. 1871. and In tha Ml
JfuiWiSr. j
We print envelopes at low at $1 per
thousand. Send us your \V
print letter heads, and staff meets t l°w
at $1.26 per 10QO, wk<*9 persons tnd the
paper. TbU'ft lower than you can get it
done for in the city.
For meeting tbisdemand by supply
SPRING which is so rapidly super
ceeding the old styles the Dexter
Spriog Co. have no apology to offer
ibut rather feel that tbey owe the Driv
ing Fraternity ao apology for not
having produced it sooner.
3jao2ot Near Pittsburgh
Chat. H. Held. [•
Llwck, WnlrhmnkerAiewelei
Millbeim, Centre Co., Pa. |,
At klaAs•( clocks. Watabas sad Jawait/ ef tks
slost st/las. ss also tba Maraa'lUa Paiaat < aiaadai
:tasks. >W'Ud with a aaasplata Indas at tha awll
ad da/ at the Biaatb sad wk as lu laaa, tkbk U
rarraalad as a psrlwl Ua* kaapar
i lacks. Walabat sad Jawalry rapalrad aa chart aa
laa cad ccffcc lad. ____________
Dentist, Mlllheim.
Ogess hi# pfafeaelaealeerrlces la the habile. Hals
■raparad la parfarai all aparauoas la laa daatal pra
ll# is aaw fall/ Ptapared ta citraal taath abaolail/
all beat pais Bill TStt
Coal and Lumber.
if now fully prepared to furnish all
kinds of Coal and Lumber, upon short
notice. His coal are kept under
roof, amtare from the
nil of which are sold at the very
Yard near Depot. 20dec 3m
In Bank Building, Centre Hall.
Would respectfully au&OHae to the citi
aons of this vtaifity that he hat taken l
rooms in above building where he is pre-!
pared to til, kinds of work belonging
to hip line, for men and hoys, and accord
ing to latest styles. Ooodt told by tam- 1
pie. Having had nine years experience
he guarsntee* til work to render perfect!
satisfaction, and solicits a share of the
public patronage. Odecy
Grain Warehouse
& Coal Yard.
New Warehouse now reedy for the-i
reception of grain, and the
Highest Cash Price Paid
Highest Cash Price Paid
for til klnda of
Grain and Seed.
Grain nnd Seed.
C O A L;
Chestnut, Small Stove, Lump, Pet,
tod Lime burner* Coal always on
hand at LOWEBT PRICES. Also
Ground Plaster Salt.
Hides! Hides!
Bring your hides and receive the beet
market price in cash for them.
6 dec. 8 m.
(Sucee**er to J. K Miller £ Sou.)
Dealer In Pure Drug* and Medicine*.
Dye fluff*, and
For medicinal purpose*.
The best brand* of
always in ttoek.
Prescription* carefully Compounded.
Jas. Harris <sr Co.
P A I N T S,
Graham & Son areoffering extra induce
menu to
We have tbc Isrcesl and cheapen stock of
in Bellefoote and are determined to sell at
tuch price* a* will suit the pockeu of ev
ery one. Now is to buy your fisll
and winter stock You can get a rood sol
id Leather Bullonstrhoe for Ladies, from
$2 00 to HfiO.
Ladies' coarse shoes, $1 25
Men*' cosr*e boots, 1W
Children*' school shoe*, 1 00
Mens' wool lined rum boots, 8.00
" " " Buckle overshoes, 150
" " " Concrees gaiters, I.W
" Alashas, 109]
* all rum overshoes, .Hi
Women*' all rucn overshoe*, .40
Misses' all rutn overshoes, .85'
Mens' lumberman's rums, solid heel extra:
heavy, 1 35
Let it be distinctly understood that
these are all first-class Rubber
Goods. 20maytf
Furniture Rooms!
I manufacture til kinds of Ftlrnilure for
Chamber*. Dining Rooma, Librtriei and
If you want Furniture of any kind, don't
buy until you aee my stock.
In -all ita branches. I keep in atock all
the latest and roost improved Coffins
and Caskets, and have every faoiW
ity for properly conducting
this branch of my business.
I have a patent Corpse
Preserver, in which
bodies can be
preserved for aconsiderable length of tirn,S>'
jull9 tf W. R. CAMP. |
BKLLtroKTt, pa.
Us been recentlv thoroughly renovated
and repaired, and under the management
of the New Proprietor. Mr. F. D. Mc>
COLLUM, formerly of Pittsburg, it first
. class in all its appointments
.'Are offered to those in attendance at court
.land others remaining in town for a few
.Idays at a time.
.1 The largest and most superbly Designed
, Hotel in Central Pennsylvania,
t J All modern conveniences. Go try the
ilßush bouse. .
Y 19ap F. D. McCOLLUM, Proprietor.
Tyrugsi drugsn • p
XJ 8. T. Hhngert, imalng • 1 -
Drug *t.r on A!!c|hu t !.*■•
ifonte, no*l door to tb# l.rd ■•*- <i v ri • f
Hick* A Uro .ku stockad #j i. <i it ont
with oil tho moot popular
| ARTICLES, Ac.. Ac.. Ac. ;
Patent Medicines, Alcohol, pom Wines
•nd Liquor* (or medical purposes only.
Physician's proscriptions carefully cßia
•ounded and order* answered with care
nd dispatch. Parmnrs and Physicians
from the country will Bod our slock of
Medicines complete, warranted genuine
•nd oftbe bast .quality.
Thi* Htor* will remain under the dlrec*
ion of tho accompli/bed druggist and
.•barmeolst heretofore connected with it,
Mr. 11. M lierrington, and wa reepectfbl
r solicit the cuatom of our friends and
ha old patrons of thastora.
I#aptf 8. T. BHUGKKT.
Forks House!
The Porks BOOM, at Coburn station, is
new and commodious, and is kept in i>ast
manner. Bed and board second to none
n the county. Stabling for 10 horses.
A* a Niamtr raaort it will be found all
that could he dmired, right in the baart of
> good fishing and buoung ground* and
•urroundod by lb# must romantic rcanery.
Ino* y
liL&i <& ftJtktr,
Would muat roapactfully inform tha cl|
sens of this vicinity, that ha has started a
new Boot and Shoe Shop, and would be
thankful for n share of the public patroa
age. Boots and Shoas mad* to order and
according to style, and warrant* hi* a ork
to equal any made a 1 sew her*. All kin J*
of repairing dona, and charges reasonable
Ofve him a call. feblß ly
TOHN F. FOITER, Attorney-at"
M*r*aae**.e <>... •*• Saawt. woi <u of
ta* east* >,,. n*ll*r*aSa. * ilSiail
assrva ji-uart
ley te matum.m pae—. Ua —U IUiMI. las
GIVEN AWAY, Ta et-ety raa4*r at MO* ra
wauteulhrnMM* A,nu mesa*. lUn>
... j. a bureau
Nervous Debility.
Vital ikiw Bfralf, a >ut oktwKf
'aaltaa. w o or <wm' Of naN mi Maul
l>wnw*. liulaaifiUM Or r net 4nta
■eoa Uta u tl*ir< wn* bf
Humphrey's Homeopathic Specific
No. 28.
It tmmm mm ami tnlmnb. u.. aratmm, Staealf tU
haalla* Ilimtll a. uapartM nal* ami mmmty
_ ta drala aaA U>* r.un ut.
Baaa asaS leaa** nan aiu. partact aaatmy (Ansa
attSa Sold U daaW. Hrwa. *1 Jmym *iaU rial
Of e*J H> fKUft at h*m vial* and *I M atal af
wider. Saat ti* aaU aa raeau* mi prtca LAtrmmm
Maayhmr* Ha*>a. t iatt.i< Medietas • -nepaaj. Im
FaHeaal. Xaa Yari. Mmmr.r.
| A lWMOT*lwlaaatfaaitf MIMd la UhmUm Ml*
Oi iss-titsrinfecrrsi^:
I Mjratifes Out •• hn.
;Mk- MSpsrwaafe la f*v ■ iott*. Taaalul
la ami rroOT hoaa a*w mlartm Taa aaa am yvar
'•tatauwHika awl, or safe Iw wia Masai*.
liowbMttlai to Mr tfea Maw Tn afed U
' >uiai traa AMmot at aacw II Tllty A < .
!Vnl*fed. PanUad, Mala* M fer
Harness, Saddles, ALC.
I Tba aluwt liWaal la awl ika paw*'- r
I lawal <ar loaaar pnoaa. iWi 'JaU* aalk Ifea atui.
ttaeofiba pafeUc to htownnS at
mamtdlandtl tfeaoid woad Uiatpail OTpaaMM for
i ifea l-ot't- aaal Ifea ilaaaa. ife.Umfettad aaast awial
j aad MWMa aaaariini'Bi at Waddla* Ilnaaaa < u :U i.
Wrtdtoa. at aaatj laai iplaa sad s*al*t#; TMOT ao4
Ila lata kTU OT hw|, I in- a ana alaaa aMfeak
maul, ka an aCanal >n<a "fcicfe will sail **■■"
I JlUOfe QUO fed COTaa Hall
I tfea larva*. >i|rtiW feast
IU I>i 1111 CawOr pofeltoaltoa la Ifea worid. la aoa
Uaa feaaaaaa a aaanaaOTii aaaai Tfea aaaoal akiui
' " ™ at art alaaa traa la aaSscrlban. Tfea actaa is h
; low dui alee* eeetiood, aaW nine. Owaaeaal r
r porta aaakla* uaat lit* la a aasal. A todj aaast .
l..rutaAuu arm fefe •abatrlWr, la taa days A!:
• aaa mailt waatf fan Taa am Asaota *H *var
i :ra la Ifea aaaiaaaa. at aal i *aai aaara tana 1 *
' V""" 1 ana#^ rtaa few' anar ataWt, Taa M
lama fraa. lasiat is! aapaaiiaa OauH fasa. If l • looClaUaaurS asad w|twall>aaal ansa. It
MSI astfew* Sa try Mn bwMaass. Ka ana wfea at
aaaat tali, w mala wM pa#■ Hlfeg "Tfea PSapl'
. fawtnlllalaa last j
First-claw accommodation for guest*
i Bast stabling tor bones. (Stages arrive
and depart srsry day for all points.
' " a T^TT*f U "- BilbNew. as Hill I Willi S
fi.aa U CollacUoaa, aad OtpfeaM Oswrt wnaWsa.
Mas ha caaaaitod Ms (mtsu safe Kaattafe twEa IS
I I'smaa'a ferlHtafe mftt U If
JL. SPAXGLER, Attorney at Law
s Consultation* in English and Gar
man. Office in Font's new bailding.
W~M7P~WILSOX, AttorTicvsalvLaw,
Belief ante Pa. Office in klrs. Bea
r's Building. Ballsinnw Pa
est: Discount Motes; Buy and
Seii GoTemment Securities,
Gold and Coupons.
Wm. Wox.r t • WM. B. Mivari,
Pras't. Carbier
We will sell during these hard times
Aad All Otbar Mrlaa Is Ifea aasw pnsmtloa. Utaisdia
Ursad. Sqtura and I'srfeU-all mam mad Brat claaa
told duwl to tfea perfla at f aru.r, or*, oa No sassts
so eaeastiaakiea. as tOTuiu. Tfease Itaaaa aad,
ooa of Ifea feeaai dupUr. al tfea CmimslSl a
and ww amiaoMfe lanawnfed la IW
H UwnUris looorporated Msaefeeierlae Co.
—Mom Msssfarlun <>oa of tfea Isrgast >n d to aal la
tfea world. Tfea laum waiau Malfesafeok'a w
latent ifeaptai tWamtma* Sr.l, tfea sraaleat In
proraimaol Is ifea fetslois of Wlsao aasAia* Tfea 1>
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3 distinct vs. ni'thly roses, winter flow
8 " Bogonina, "
8 " Carnation Pinks "
8 " Chinese Cbrysanthemus.
8 " Zonal Gerantumt, w. t
8 M Double "
8 " Ivy Leaved, *'
Heliotropes, "
B " Abutilons, "
2 " Double Crnmelina, "
4 ' l Aaaleas, "
4 *' Lobster Cactus, "
B u Hottvardifes.
B " Slevias A Eupntoriums,
B '* Fuchsias. w. f.
4 " Double Violets, "
1 " PoinsetU, Scarlet and
White, w. f.
4 " Plumbago,
8 " Perns, forWardinn ease
4 Palms,
6 *• Mosses. "
A " Maraiitas,
5 " Hyacinth Bulbs.
W assorted Tulips, Bulbs.
60 " Crocus, "
2 " Jacobean Lily, Bulbs.
12 " Ozalia
4 Lily oftbe Valley.
B New Pearl Tuberose.
S of any of the SI collection for $2
t. .. 3
1 " " •' 4
9 • •• 5
12 ,l " " 6
14 -
Or the wholo collection of 288 Bulbi
and Plants sent by express on receipt
of 816 00, to which either of our Bookr
Gardening for Profit, Practical Flo"
culture, or Gardening lor Pleasure
(value SI 60 each), will be added
Dwripti ve Catalogue free
Seedsmen and Flerists,
35Cortland Street, New York.
20aet T.