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    i 3 Centre Reporter.
OttXTHK Ham.. IV, l><*. 6 \\*■> i
lvlwln H. Filler, a Philadelphia '•;>
rhaut.U mentioned as a .amtiduw
the npnbll<A wHlw , '" n i,,r t' ,x "
There 1* a doctor Filler In Philadel
phia who cheated u* out of • * or,h " f
advertising, if the repttbl irate* will n-n
--tut* him for governor. " W,U tt
gratification to n, as we would like aii
opportunity to "go for him.
When the fraudulent Vice lVeeident
Wheeler gave the nwting vote, in fhvor
of seating Kellogg, an iotereating diarna
aion ensued, on the power of the \ ice
Pranident to give a casting vote on a
question involving the right of a Sena
tor to a scat. The lVmocmla generally
held he had no uch power, and Mr
Kalon of C\)nuecticnt, pledged hinis* !'.
if a Senator was seated by W
vote, to move to declare his seat vacant
in 1579, when there will be uo dispute
as to who controls the Senate.
Let Senator Katon be as good as his
word, and have {Kello£oii*ted if his
seat is to be given him on the easting
vote of the Vice Piaaident if it be found
he had no right to vote upon a matter of
that kind.
rhiUdelphia had a grand cat ahow
last week. Tha raport says among the
cats on exhibition are apecimens with
two, three and aix leg*, alao double
headed caU, matched quarteta, quintets
and sextets, prodigiee and monatroaities.
Augola, Caffre, caracal and i karagsn cats
tad less and earleee cats, blue-eye*l cat*
and cats with one blue and oue brown
eye, und cats with vsrious numbers of
iocs and of all colors. The competition
is principally as to weight snd iige. the
largest weighing from fourteen to thirty
pounds. The ages of some run op. to
twenty, and there are animals two yards
Many of our exchanges express sur
prise that congress has been in session
over oue month already, aud Butler has
not yet been heard once. M e suspect
Ben is too busy scouring spoons just
Tltc democrats of this state now have
all ihe state officers, excepting governor
and intend to capture that too next fail.
Bund from under, rads, bayonets t o
hunger in use to carry states for jvw.
i "ple will iH>w have their choice.
t'htiadelphia having had a natiotiul
>.: -hew last week, and staut have a
b.ny snow. We think tha prise lor be
ing 'tie biggest baby in the land can
easily be taken by Conover ol Florid-. 1 .
Pithy aud lacetioua mhe Pitt-tmrg lYa-t
on the Sharon Imaineas. It sav* U.e
Nevada Senator is vexed at tlie M vedo
nian cry of his fellow Radical* ai M"„-i.-
ltigtou, ud tlm*i. en . if there is any
mora of it, to re gn hi* seat. This i*
tiie erst time since 1776 that the threat
ened re-ignatiou of an officeholder has
frightened any one, but every Republi
can Senator whose hair is not already
white began lo turn at the very thought
of Sharon's resignation, and a ikemoorat
from the sage brush and alkali plains ap
pearing in his place. Sharon will be
disturbed no more. He will not have
to bide himself,and sadly sing; "Ophir
a lodge in some va*t wilderness."
Mr. Hcyes has appointed Mr. Fitx
simmons, an out-and-out Democrat, aa
Marshal for Georgia, and the appoint
ment was confirmed by the senate —all
the democrats, with Matthews, Patter
son and Conover, voting in favor. There
was much itt mess by the republican
senators ay alnst Hayes, in executive ses
sion, and Coukiing succeeded in putting
a block in the way of Hayes' apponit
menta for New York. Matthews ia a
friend of the administration, therefore
voted for Fitxsimmons, while Patterson
and Conover are oppoeed to Hayes and
voted for Fitxsimmons because they
thought the appointment of a democrat
would damage Hayes.
The South Carolina legislative inves
tigating committee on the Patterson
bribery charges, has submitted a report
which gives an epitome of the testimony
taken before the committee, including
that of abont forty ex-members of the
legislature, white and colored republi
cans, whose evidence concurs in the
statement that Patterson's election was
secured through bribery. About twenty
testified that they were bribed either
personally by Patterson or by his agent,
Wortbington, receiving amounts rang
ing from one hnndrad and fifty dollars.
About twenty more testified that offers
of bribes were made to them and refus
ed. Elliott, the colored ex-member of
•-ingress, who was Patterson's most for
midable opponent, was offered $15,000t0
withdraw from the contest, which here
fused. The offer was made by J. B.
Dennis in the name of Pattenon. Major
>f .run It. Delaney, colored, was present
;. 1 corroborated Elliott's Statement.
Governor Moses afterwards appointed J.
B. Dennis jury commissioner to dr.-.*
iur- for the protection of Patterson
v. hr lit was indicted in 1873 for pro
curing bia election by bribery, and the
arraeyement was success/ally lomnlet
There must HAVE been H bloody WT-P
in the Pittsburg Evening Telegraph
ofii■■•i the t-sue of 30 ult., which reach
•"i this office, wu spangled with bloody
T-ri-. The Evenit g Telegraph is a go(>
paper all through. Hpii.-y, toijr an
f'lll of interest. We put it down as oi,t
of our favorites.
The fall of Kara is attributed to ;•
Turkish Pasha who with 200 men passed
over to the Russian camp and gave valu
able information about weak points and
waspiaid for his treachery.
Grant has sent home a large bo- of
presents received in variou parts of
Europe, lie is the ever preseut taker.
Hard times are shutting up many
liquor saloons in the cities. So we bave
it now what hard times are good for.
Victor Hugo refused to receive a visit
from Grant because he hob-nobbed with
the Paris monarchists.
The Pope is still in a precarious situa
tion, and his death is looked for soon.
If the Pope pops over won't it be all
over with the Pope?
The lawers of Wilkesbarre have or
ganized a walking club. If many of our
lawyers would walk to parts unknown,
it wonld be better for society.
Richmond had a slight snow Uil en
the morning of the 29 —the first of thej
Sing Sing prison for the first time re
ports its earnings from convict labor
above its expenses.
Lewistown, rumor Las it, M ia have!
extensive car shops.
The New YorkSnn uyi the qnwtlon
raited ly Mr. Thurtuan yesterday a to
the constitutional right of the Vi*m-
Presideut, ua presiding orth--r oi the sen
ate t>throw the vote to the > use
of A tie on the >wearing In of . Senator
it • t Mitti. teni importance <i li-delfnita*
!v nettled So far n the letter tl
ConMiiiition goes, hit right t> Vote when
the Senate it equally divided • * no'-
limited, unlett tin* provision that en 1
House of Countess shall he the juil.- 1
'he election*, let n rtt, A ltd hth .-ti
.. it ,>W| mender- to ,0..-u <" ■'
, ' Mnc vet Ml 1' * •
. i'le i e : ', u ipi.tsl in.Hvdettt -a Mtr 1
In. * \.■ - I'res dent I" h
Vi'le le. 'e<i At hltplllilt >■' the UAtl
wetity-M-vi'tt \cars iv l> ' ''"
"Hit n mcim-i t ■ tl. i.
weight ~f Mr. f Itntio
the Vie l'rt-snh it b>* tt
power, A Sitte n>„> to ii f i
right to equal r* | ,r -i.ratio. '•* .• >
itirhniir utt the tlovr of the Sen.,' to
the single Vote of a nun ** It" i* not
member of that Ihhlv ;the disupproi it c
Senators Are powerless t,i prevent th,
wrong; And George Mwett Attd Luther
Martin were in the right when the*
criticised the ofti.w* of Vice-President ,
the time of its creation as an encrrai I
mem tt|Hn the now era of the Senate h
would Itean aotortniutehusuie-> toh.i*
the easting vote utilised—or abused ->
this way bv a Icgallv elected \ io>'Prod
dent, but the matter Iwootne* tnneh more
terimiA when the chair of the Senate it
usurped by the accident of a fraud.
Almanacs f„r ISTB-Partnei., llou-e
keeper,. Comic and wilier almanac at
only ' CU each, Welch's, Behefontr.
The notorious South Carolina raacaU
who ruled thestate like a set of robbers
with nothing but plunder iu view and
kept themselves in oftice by keeping
down the people through the aid of
Grant's federal soldiers, have si length—
a batch of them—been tried and cou
rioted for their high-bauded Crimea,
and with the following result:
Columbia, S. C„ November 26 —Judge
Townsend's court reconvened this morn
ing. After the judgment of his honor
■y rendered upon the motion of arrest
of judgment, made by counsel for Emails
and t'ardoso about ten days ago. which
judgment was averse to the tuoiiou, sen
tences were passed as follows.-
Francis L. Cardoso, ex-treasurer oi
South Carolina, for conspiracy to defraud
the state, two years imprisonment in jail
ami $4,000 tine, ami one year's imprison
ment added if the tine is not paid at the
expiration of two years.
Smalls, memlwr of congress, for ac
cepting a bribe of So,OOU while member
of the state senate, three years at hard
lahor in the penitentiary.
L. Cans Carpenter, formerly proprie
tor of the Columbus Ihtilv I'nton, f"t
foigerv in raising the amount for pu| •
tisbing the law in two years in
jail ami a fine of SI,OOO.
Appeal* hill be made in all Ho
Smalls has been out on bail and a ni
• ion was made to continue the hail in i •
which has not lw-cu d*cid< .
I'ending the decision as to lusil he re
mains in custody of the jailor t .rd
remains in jail, w here tin Ii;.- b • : *
-HW weeks, but application or t >
!en made by hlluui' -el. No < '• • (
hoi Car,wiiU-r ha.s been n. *
ll'ir ( , > it-, • r H
rj C Wt h"*. H" ie !•
Tin: <tßAScr;:\
i';ie Grangers are holdin.- : r i convetiiion or grange • •
(i. The rejar;- or : "
a very pr<>ii>:siiig grow n '
rapid pfogretw of loriuer \ i r- i
-is Slate- wen- repteM n'o ! ■ ne ; •
I'he aUitistii-* wiluusiti *l show pa
1677 the new •ranges <-*-al !n •>( i;
ered 16} against SS4 in IsTo 7 •
I 'resident in his add res- slated hi- I e! •
hat the turutlenkip W"ld 'Vrystalltr
i' sbniit iDnufl memlwrs, iepi-seitti-"
2-10,000 to :5M).lO0 families. In Ohio, In
•liana und Pennsylvania the order i.
'epreoented us strong, active and pro
pressing; in sixteen other Mates its pr<e
l>erity is undoubted; in eleven it haslo
gronnd, and in the remaining State- t
is practically dead. The largest intra
itership reported waa in 1873 win n it
reached 761,263. fulliug off hi IW> t
>88.525. The membership for 1877 is
not reported.
An immerse iock of P-cket Bt*ok* at
prices ranging from 5c up, at \Velcb'
The Charleston Courier, of a late date,
publishes some curious statistics in re
gard to the comparative mor alitv of the
whites and blacks in South Carolina In
the city of Charlestnu there ia a remark
able equality in point of numbers be
tween the whites and blacks. There are
25,982 whites anil 20,587 colored. The
health statistics of the city show that the
total number of deaths for this year,
from June 1 to November 5, wus 1,481,0f
which 1,029 were colored and only 452
whites. The News and Courier saya that
the cause of this great disparity lie*
deeper than want of food, comfort or
proper medical attendance. In proof of
this it cites the comparative mortality of
the two races in the city hospital, where
there is an absolute equality of treat
ment in every respect, and where two
negroes die to one white man. From
these facts the inference is pretty strong
that under the most favorable circum
stances the colored population must
eventually go to the wall in this coun
try. They do not seem to have the vital
force to compete with the white races
in the latitude of the United States.
A great variety of Toiler SeU and Vases,
at We ch'r, Belletonte.
Tyrone Forges have resumed work
again with prospect of going all win
A big knock down in rents in Tyrone.
All the better for the poor these hard
isproeptd for an extension of
the Bedford division of the Peiin's Kit.
to Cumberland citv.
About the funniest thing out is to he ir
nur Republican brethren bleating plait •
lively thtr unless something i done
[>. d. q. the President will hi; leit wiih
he Senate, as well ** the Hon i. under
be control of the opposition. Inn-much
the Republican leaders of the S-u
iftve been pigeon-biding its noniiii.t
ions and opposing hi- policy,and *i dug
all that lay in their |>.vcr to hamper
him. it couldn't tnnke things any worse
•or him to have the eo.Ke Deairicrstlc,
even if he w< r*noi uerel of l.iir treat
ment wherever he merits it.
The Repullifan conferred the Mif
fragc on the negroes, <t > ~-c<l
'.e power of l IN* J*T.n'H I:I (Viugiean.
They created the carpet-lug Sens lore,
x:.:l prepared Instrument* for itnir
own destruction. And dnro g the p.-st
sixteen years they have accumulated a
line armory of precedents, the e lyes of
which we ho|e to try no the inventors
durihg the next sixteen.
"Election enclire" is a new came at
cards, played with the ordinary euchre
pa k, to which ia added a new card
marked "Aliunde Joe " The game is fif
teen tiointn up, with the < huticesofeight
to seven against ita being u the pack af
ter the deal.
The Cincinnati Enquirer,say: "Sharon
at first thought of coming, at it was so
announced, but he telegraphed, under
date of Thursday, from San Francisco, in
a private dispatch to George C. Gorti m.
clerk of theseuwtc, as follows; 'I have
3,000 tons of silver wafting for the silver
bill, to pass, and am engineering move
ment In Opbir stock. .Senate ran go to
b—?' Hence it would be useless to wd
for him."
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Mr. George VV. English, of
Milroy, aged about 70 years, who has
been suffering for the past yetriEfir two
from iheumatism, went home frdm the
Sunday School Convention ou .Satur
day, 24, and tooif Pneumonia, suffer
ing intensely uutil T<yigdpv morning, |
when death relieved hioi.
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Atttihtw o.avkv, inr; n .ncrxttrn ani>
promt 4**ll UAKka IMTAKKATtgU RKVK-
I \TloN*,
\,o Y"tk N*en VI IV abler
mania •" uutic * t iveatigatioii into the
ii . .da it > Tweed ring was resumed to
ti l(i' J Harvey was I tie first
wi: in tt, and lent Med that he iio done
a lane imouiil oi work fur the city, lw
ing > pi at ten i 11 il dcci ir i or
t j n i>e ng : *..•••( il In i* r received
,. 0.-ieV h .i' ■ * with h lie old
retm.. be replied tha I ie tw *er did,
n't <1 111 I (il, lint Celt' • ate" I * on
Ins contract.-. Thd wrtnesa stated that
~ !, •, ... |i pet
, „ m Uka .1 I ' dim . ■ I
. i vi,. i . i p. • 'teg"
.* 7h
,i "Id htm ihai
|., .e I:.had t ' l' dlVldeit ulllollg
'lie per-. t, namely, Tw et. t'oliin 111.
MiMMirV. ti.ikex Hall ai d llligh Stliltil
the wnn,did work for I tie city from
Jauuar* 186*. to the tiimmer of IS7*.
lie de|A",ned in laaok the WarrunlA •
encl for the work done for the city to
he aiiioiiiii of #t,177,413 7t; of thi
mini the williett r, ,elved fH'h ,iUH
The real value if the work done wt
mil* The w norm, did work on
.irtvate hon-ia Iwlonging to Mailer
Ivowh. Tweel, * onuollv and others, for
winch the city paid. The wirnewa *►
building <* house lor iVuiuollv on the
corner of One hutidred'aud thirtieth
■.tree! and Filth avenue
Ii was a large, apleudnl double hollar
w :il, a handeoiue eoacii bousM in the rear
F'-rthe work he did on thm house the
eii v paid $247,40®, of which he received
f UM.072, the tmlauee going to ihe ring in
The real value of the work done on
Connolly'a house waa lietweeii $50,000
and $60,000. The house was not com
pleted when the w ttness had to leave the
city. The witness said he did a large
amount of work for private partie| for
which the city paid—for Tweed, about
SOO,OOO worth; lliigli Smith, $20,000
wortli; I'onunlly inn hia house and Ma
tile on Park avenue), $.18,000.
He also did work ou Ihe houses of
Connolly's children. Mm. Fithian, Mrs.
Huti'hitigsand Townaeud Connolly. On
iiutehitigs' house, in Thirty-eighth
,!reel, he did work which Mr Hutch
nigs said her father would pav for. He
nad billa against the city whicli Connolly
aas holding I wick from paymeut. Con
nolly told him to receipt his hill for
work done on Mm. lltit- lungs' house,
ind gave htm his individual oheck on
■he Central hank, telling him to bring
•to-k the money received for the
tie went to the hank, got the check
cashed, put the money in invelopea and
took it back and gave it to Woodward,
• ho gave it to Connolly, witness receiv
ing nothing for work done ou Mr*
Hutching*' house, but he was compen
sated in the general way afterwards, on
, .-ontracts for work for the city.
Witness also did work for John Foi,
for which the city paid; h-r Andrew J
tlUkely and Hunk Smith, |*diie con.-
iiiaaioiier* Witness got no benefit fr>,u>
>•* mouev drawn fraudulently out of tin*
;rv ire.isurv It went to others, and he
•..* ! to iMitio'y woli the fraudulent ar
• to.'.-n.o. ' a- to get aa right
*** ' he a e - *k lor ovet
.- • <* ' r. i.,en, el - of the 'ward of
, .1 u. nut d.a**n fraudti'eniiy
.ui the e v I ■. " - r iuh-xilsliv <•!
i ' 1 .. Iv las *. tnil
r ■ \l I'or-o give
• sf> - Vi; 1., c . t Is. istatioii til
187® GckbttoOy U ' I hia th-.i ;.-.,* In-iils*
• * s vrfV iv ti ivc, Mod ;tia< it
would uat litem Fi.tkaMkil.that vear.
Toaiomuo. c * .• n !j ;t. t n .|l Ut
>rr*>w. a i.e.. U■. i 'to. 1 • get - ll.ind
•is ri'ti. Miurt mil la |h ~1 u;. -is th
l • 'ST.. T.itc!
. , \\. pi. .
lU* tfGji t l.\ Itli. SH\ Jlt:
Oo.sovki; a>o oc vaito vug rtttai
llKM l-l T KZXUioI, AIJE.VP.
Washington, Noveuila-r 28 lnune li
iiely after the rr.oiiug of the journal Mr.
M'.iiileigh. chairman of the committer
on privileges and elettioiis, moved to
pr Mfci to the oiuaitleratiuu of the reso
luMoi. re(M*rted liv I tint coiondllee for
the admission of Mr. Kellogg as senator
from Louisiana,
Mr. Thurman (lihioj objected, and
read the eighth rule, whith provides
lhal uo hill, report of a coiunuttre or
other subject uoon the caletider shall be
priM-eeded with in tne morning hour
unless by unanimous consent. A lengthy
diM-tiHsion in regard to the rules ensued,
which was participated in by Messrs.
Kduiunda, Thurman, Wadleigb, Wallace
and others.
Finally, Mr. Wheeler decided that the
auhjjsvt was a question of the highest
privilege, and cuuM b considered in the
uiornmg hour, objec-
Mr. Thnrman appealed from the deci
sion of Mr. Wheeler, and the yeas and
nays being called the decision was sus
tained— yeas 29, nay* 28—Mr. Patterson
voting with the democrats in the nega
tive, and Mr. Couover voting with the
rvimblicaiis in the n (Urinative.
Mr. Davt* (ill-) did not vote when hi*
name was called
The question then being, will the sen
ate proceed to the consideration of the
resolution reported by the committee on
Knvilcges and elections declaring Mr.
-elloag entitled to the seat as senator
from Louisiana,the vote resulted—yeas
29, nays 29.
Mr. Wheeler voted in the affirmative,
and the resolution was taken up.
Mr. Conover voted with the republic
cans in the affirmative, Mr. Patterson
and Mr. ihtvis (III.) with the democrats
in the negative.
Mr. Thurmau then moved to amend
the resolution by striking out all after
ihe word "Resolved," und insert "that
M. C. Butler he now sworn in a* senator
from Hoatli Carolina."
Mr. Edmunds said ho did not want
time used iiiiuei-easarily, and therefore
We suggested that a vole het.ikettnn the
admission of Mr Kellogg on Fiiday next
si I o'clock p. in., and on the admission
lof Mr. Butler on Sstnrdav neat, at 1
oVl. k [L.nyl'er on ile democratic
.-V' it i w a let ided to take up the
Kellogg i, si.i len.'hv delude
apr uc up ;e: .v e. M-u* -. W'ailleigh,
i , I fianla i 1 ml M'Milibn. all
we (ft fthe ima Wee . Mivilegn
and elect--. -is,as the • ta'• of the care
i.f M* Ko'.tir, 'lt -i dc- i ••>! in 11>> -n
' (re I • o' 'or tt.i term e ling
Mrreh 4. IH7!: > 'i • fntH raii <; inhere
denyiox thai his m- might have 1 en
reported before !:•' I'tne, and the te
pnblnaij tn* inhera 'laan. ;g it
would'fan—Tamil .or- id* r■ i;• -i bad
' I i i >•,- but f in
i-'ii ; '•K rd v by toe coiiiinucn*
BCK- Km ■ ' tie • to
It • • • i !.■'■< amend-
1 ui.ed. year
. •V! "i o I J..' III) ami
yteisoi, v *in* wiili.,.. ,o in,, ruts in
•oe affirmative, >.it*> (Vnmvei voting
with t ! e republic to- in i|, iisgntive.
Mr. Wheeler gave the deriding vote,
and lie- i„t* d I in ailieii<lliiclit lost.
Mr ThurmH't arose to a point of or
der, pd • hslleiNoil the rigtit of Mr.
Wheeler to vole op this r, as the
question waao-.e ..(fi-ting the ofgatiizu
tion ofth?senate. ami it wn- not u ques
tion where the provision of the eoiistitn-
IKIII that the Vice President had the
deciding vote, in case of a tie, appli
A debate ensued, after which Mr
Tbunnati w itlnlrew his challenge of the
right of Mr Wheeler to vote.
Mr. tiarfl-hury (Del.) then submitted
an aim- (Intent to recommit the Kellogg
Spofford case to the committee oil privi
legea and electi-.pM. w lib instructions to
t.ikc testimony as to the various char
Meaara. Saulshury and Mill addressed
the senate in siipisirt oftliiaamenduteut.
Pending the discuasioii the senate ad
journed until twelve o'clock to utoriow
Velvet Photograph frame- of every
stvlc and ver> cheap, at Welch'*. 8.-lle
Washington, November 20. —There
j promises to be quite a spirited tim -. in
the House over the item estimated for
loy lho Treasury Department of four
thousand odd dollars for the payment of
Ilio expense* of the Prcaidential com-'
mission lilih vleltrd l.ouirinna Inat
spring. Thla nmmint wn orlpnallv in
the Deficiency bill, bill the tommltler
on Appropriation* of tl* House to-da\ |
decided U) strike it Oot The•oly noeei
il- warrant of law for tine expenditure {
Mao (Ihind to !>• under (lie herd of the
Secret Sen l>-e fiiiol, hut the committee
doubled if the President had any au
thority to provide for the payment from
liiat •uurie, ami they were more > learly
of the opinion that tVutgreas should not
authnriav any payment The commie
*noi was a political one not authorised
hy law, Ha conclusion* a ere not binding
in In a, and they in no sense represent
ed anything but the i'reaident'a views,
oul ailed merely to hint lu an adviaorv
< a pacify.
S.-h h.| *<>kt -for Sckak >f ev*ry,
irml", a'. W leu's Hook store, Oellefunte
George Wallere woe elected Sheriff of
Hutler county last year, arid took pou*c*-;
•iuii of the office alter Ukiug the oath'
te luting tlial he had ward no money for j
corrupt j urjioeee in obtaining hie elec
tion. lie wa* hiibhcqueiitly arraigned
for having used money and vndating the
t'tiiialiioiion and aweering fabely. The
Sheriff* counacl demurred ; but ihe Ku
prenie Court liar* reversed the court he
low, ousted the Sheriff from hie office
itid he n> henceforth ineligible tuany of
ffce of profit or trust in tbe Stale. Al
ihough Mr. Walter* waaa l>eniocrat, and
in that much ha* our yuip.ithy, we can
not help nay lug he waa nerve 1 right, il
guilty. Let tha law be faithfully MP
-tiled in alt reapecta and upon all sub
ject*, and there will be little need
of more legislation in thin country.
• ♦ •
Baskets of every d**ciiptiua, at Welch's
Washington, December I A vote upon
ilu- main question to admit Kellogg t
called at 2 o'clock this morning, and re
suited—v e. SO; nay*. Hi—both Conover
and l'attlersvn voting in (be affirmative
Mr. Thurman, after the announcement ol
the vote on this question, moved that M.
C. Butler be sworn in 'as a Senator from
S<>ulh Carolina lie said if there was to
be no debate he would waive hit light to
clot" the argument Messrs. Conkiing and
KJmunJs both agreed t > an immediate
call of the vote, and it was o ordered, re
suiting yew*, 20; nays, 2H. Seneior llavis
r-'ted lug lively upon the first proposition
and although present at the second vote
d.J not vote ut all. Senator Dorsey then
moved that Kellogg be sworn in, end P>l
teraon made a similar motion ia behalf o
Butler. Both motion* were agreed to
without debate.
The admission of Senators Kellogg and
Butler will be followed next week by the
admission of Senator elect Bust's, of L">u
isiana The laltvr's case was reported to
the Senate to-day by tbe Committee on
Election* by a vote >f 6 t < 3. two Republi
ans including the Chairman, being in
lie sffiimelive, nd as there is no doubt
whalt-vrr that be will be sworn its without
I-'at 1 he Senate at the regular session
•I tins C< ugr*-si therefore will contain a
lull | nlulii-n i fall of the State* for
I •- thai time aim v the F. rt)-second Con
i'attrrmu's IDmarkable Specb.
The Washington sties ia! of the Tuoes
. of 1' itlei soli's .pre. li on Saturday ;
Th- crowd in the gallcrie* gave a pre
i i . ai v rustle and settles! down to listen,
i ail l .• Senators laid aside their reed
• s r1 lrtter-wnltfig U> listen to a re
ittarkabie #>esh. I'atlerson began by en
s-efl II that S|< tins' aicepteble to the
it-ouhheans, and one tbey berdly dared
t i b pe for, which Was that be should vote
lor Kolloge. If this part of bta speswh'
pleased K lutunds and Conkling their'
pleasure was soon neutralised, for the re
.sh itrant Senator neat turned on thoe
.-eniU-iueii, end by word, vole*and gesture,
g.vo them such a drubbing as tbey never
had before. EverySody uas surprised at
Patterson t power, ilia voice is good and
his earnestness quite took possession of
the galleries, while the substance of bis rw- 1
marks w* not only pointed but tbe point*
Were well placed and strong, lie chose
the most contemptuous words in alluding
to Edmunds and Conkling, and they, who
are noted lor their sneering, may now
knott' how j; is themselves lie turned the
attention ot every uian, woman ana rbild
in that vast assembly toward the two men
and pointed bis long finger directly in
their facet. Ho showed hi* disgust and
hatred as much by the tone of bis voice as
by bit words and gesture*. The sreaker
toon turned from Conkhng and Edmunds
to speak of the contestant Butler, whem be
extolled in high termt
An Attack On The I'rcaideuf.
lie referred to the Chamberlain govern*
ment an J iu overthrow, sr. 4 aio to the
negro nut* and murder*. Hi* effort at
tained real power when be spoke of the
•ntried and unpunished murderer*. "Who
nold* bark the arm of justice from these
murderer* 7' and then he repeated tho
question in a voice like a storm. Here he
p*u*rd a moment, and then in a very ij>-
urrssivc lone hi* body shaking with an
ger, he answered b;s own question "That
man in the White House." The scene
here an* very dramatic and the; greatest
interest wa depicted on every face. He'
attacked the President furiously and made,
some good hits at Krarls and Scbura, and
subsequently he said that the tuusty ban
ner of the Confederate* bad boen carefully j
unrolled and the key was found to lockj
the Post Office Department against Koulb- j
ern Republicans. He ridiculed Ibe Presi
dent* declared intention of invigorating
and restoring the Whig party, and said
Mr. Hayes would be the champion resur
rectionist if he could ever put together the
dry bones and ashes of that organisation,
and, a* f- r the other class referred to by
the President. Mr. Patterson said the re*
ii_ I'U portion ol tho South worship God
and Democracy Hi* speech contained
some i>*ib", and it wa's overwrought in
pi <c-*. Housed the name of the Deity
w' h mut too great familiarity, and swung
his *rm> more than was necessary to give
f 'ret- and meaning to his words, but, take
i.'ie speech all in all, it was rather remark*
b < It i not too much to say that John
f -11 mis to-night much bettor
ti ma Republican associates than over
-r*'. and li<* hs shown more ability and
IM.WIT man it was thought he p-it.e sed
I - attack on the President was the first
i• n n>* in tlie Senate, end it probably
c •. lio-il more itcpiiblickns than it offend-i
Seieatific American.
I liir.y-Tliird Year.
1 he Most Popular Scientific Pa
per in the World.
AOE WEEKLY 52 fit Mill: KM A
The Scientific American!* a KlrHcUiaMkl)f nrws
paper i>l aijuwa }m(m, printed la ih ml beautiful
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mprMtnUng ln Inventions and lb* most rt*
• ut # In tbf ArU and bclM, IbcMlu
Mechanic sand nglnesrlog. Mr*m Knginr, ring. lUil
oar. Miutof. Civil. Use and liydranlo KtflMfrtßr
Mill work. Iron, Htvel and lletai work Oiivralitiy and
Urmical Proceaaoe KlMtrlfllj, light. Ilrat Sound
• rc apology. I'Lotographjr. Fruiting. ,Niw Machinery,
New rtK fiwi, New Recipes. Improve man's pertain
tog to Trstlle industry, Weaving. Dyeing. Coloring,
N'#w IndualrUl Products, Annual, Vegetable. and
Minvrii Mm v and Interesting Facta In Agrtcul
line. hurUmltura, lha home, ITmIUi, Medical I'uif
Sik-UI SrlfDco, .Natural history, Geology, Aatrou
orny, He.
'1 h* inoat valuable practical papers, hi omtavnt wr|.;
t*m la all departments of Meteor#, Will b found In
U> Seleutlbc American . (be whole preaentod In pup.
u.'ar language. free Imm technical terms, tlluatrated
ellh •Bfrlili>Ki, and so arranged aa to Interest and
inform all claeke* of readers old and young- Tbe Mcl
entitle American la proMoUv* At knowledge and Prog
reaa In evevy community where U dlrcblafea It should
bate a place }u story Vapitly, Reading Kmiu. I.lbra
ry, college or School 'latins, Riper year, which
Include# prepayment of poetage. JJlgpougt to clubs
•nd u.nU. mnU COPUM fin >nU- Ho4 l. *u
itunilt bjt tratUl order U MIJHN t Co.,
i':il> r>. 87 P.rh How, How York
T) A HP 'I*^TMJ 'I In connection with tbe
JT JtX X JUJM X Cl* Scientific American.
Messrs nnn m CO. are Solicitors Of American and
Foreign Patents, ami bare the largest eaUbllabrurnt in
the world, talents are obtained on the lest terms.
Model*of New Inventions and Kfcttohs* aamlmed,
ard sdrlco free. A special notice la utade In the .Sci
entific American of all Inventions l'attented through
this Agency, with tbe name and residence of the rat*
m.teo. public attention Is thua directed to the merits
of ths tisw patent, and sales or Introduction* oft#n .{-
fee ted.
Any person who baa made a new discovery or tnven*
thn, ascertain, free of charge, whet'jrr a patent ran
pronably l> obtained, by writing to the utuhuslgnsd.,
Address for the paper, or concerning patents.
ML' N N v CO 37 Pm'k Row New York.i
ttrm&cb Office, cur. F * 7th Stroots, wathmglou, D. C.
A Hcrrnon by the Kov. ('l.ntincy
Ciilf* ut the New.lcruealcm.
If* took C7ih unci 7l*t •**-• of th*
lltHh I'.alti. a. bit teal ; "llf..r* I m
• ftlbled 1 went at! my ; but now have 1
kept thy word It igood f.if inn that 1
tin** bean afflicted that 1 might l**rn thy
"Hrro," ht mid, "li * ad companion
of *ll buiiimii being*. It follow* u* al
ways 'I hn *troiig i alitiul conquer l| ; til*
• will reiiliot a* rap* |i , wealth I* powerless
• gainti it, end it attack* alike the *hr*wd
and ll.e tlu*gl*h Kur * tune perhaps
e at* fre Itoin torrow only to l**i it*
pangs later. Man impatiently **li*, 'Why
>loe* thn Lord permit <>rrow to ndlict the
•on* of men V lie ha* ullen an**red the
|qu**Uon, but the n*w*r hai not generally
| Hum u inlet stood because It I* not the one
w* want. There Uan error Into which we
•re apt to fall. Th* Lord doe* hot **nd
•orr<>w on u. li* permit* It to afflict u*,
but he (end* nothing but blessing*. He
give* u* faculties by mean* ol which We
Ileal Joy. Whan we iuLu*e tbete tame
lai ultle* tbey become mean* of pain. Lot
I ut take the paieulai edriuwn* a* an etam
ipl* A child newly born cauie* a Joy to
it* patent* which can scarcely be excelled,
white the torrow ceutad by the lo*t of th*
if laid it a* great. The tame it true of ail
jour farutile*. It it irutrthal It I* said in
1 ihe bctipiuret thai tha Lord tend* tuffer Tbi* i* only Inageneral itiiie. Uod
giro* a power to enjoy, which may be
Icome a uiean* of pain. When a child
hum* lU hand in the Dta Uod doe* not
I -end the pain. The child tuflert brcau*
of * natural law. Let u* never accuse
Uod, then, of making u* tutfer. It woulu
I be impossible to make ui capable ofpbyti
cat pleasure without making ue capable ol
I o*in al*o. tl i* the tame with lha ipirltua
I nature of man. Buffering comet a* a nat
I oral consequence ol em. But Uod it vers
! merciful, and ute* suffering to make the
•inner repent; the pain vanithet, and
I ;her teuiain* behind enly torrow for bit
• in, which protect* him in the future.
In a complicated piece of machinery ev
ere wheel must do tba work which it It ap
pointed to do and no more, and inutl keep
the ctat l potition la which it it placed
Likewt**, to here harmony in inan, avert
faculty mutt do it* own latk, and mu*
not strive for a aupremacy which doe* not
' belong to it. Generally, the physical ca
turo i* conttanily endeavoring to get con
Urol of the man. and If it tucceed*. luffer
ing i* inevitable. A few month* ago 1
•aw in lha gardee of a friend a magnifi
cent clutter of ro*e. Ue kold me that the
year previous the roe were tickly, and
that he had been advLed to cut tbem al
lod hi order to improve the buth At fiitt
be hesitated. fearing to ruia the plant
But at ia*t he did a* lie bad been advued
I Th* result wa* that tb rote* were moir
be utiiul than before. And. after thi* be
I began to cumulate to me of the hard timet,
' pay ing no etuntn n to lhalewon taught by
ulierorat. In order to have the *r-ie.-
iiappiui*** *e mutt go through luffering.
' At the leave* and the branch*-* of the rot
i tsuth flourished at the aipente of th* flow
{m. to our body tomeltme* got* the hettei
••I our tpirii Then the epirit grow* tickly.
and before it can recover the body mu*-
I i-e chastened by affliction. Thi* Unoency
iof our physical nature to growth i* it.,
jcau* of our woe*. All our ideal, all oui
energies are devoted to worldly pursuit* ,
but the Lord know* that wa have a apint
which it bettar than lha body, aad ha trie
to develop il Hence a conflict Wataek
■ tier wealth and power and tba bappinees
. uflhli ilia, and Uod trie* to *bow ut lb
way to aWalton. We turn our faca* n
.one direction, while all Lb# current! ut
spiritual life flow In another. The suffer
mg wbich thtt conflict cautrt to didereni
pertont beceu*# their different naiuret
ilk* the ruoU of dibcfent tree*, hava holds
upon the earth differing In strength Bur
iow u a warning to ut. Bo long a* a mat
•.rep* the commandment* ha it happy,
lb- physical and the spiritual nature* *>■
• like in thia respect When we lak* cars
,of ur body w* sutler no phy*icl pain
•nd ask kiiett, though it be but a head-
Bdbe. >ho• * ua that there i* totneLblny
wlsch rnu*l be atiendad to. A* paii
.bi as the pretence of di*ea*d in the body,
so it sorrow a *enliael placed to warn us
thai we have gone astray. Sorrow act
• !*u at a restraint and keep* ut from *in
mug again. In society, criminal* are plac
ed in pcneichUaric* u> prevent ttirm fron
repealing their crime. Conscience per
form* a iiuiilar service for the spiritual
man, and by sorrow, which ia the rtmrcn
, branco of the pain, prevents u front com-
I uniting the eatu# tin. Borrow being* u
near to Odd We hul* know how much
are owe to even the small care* and wor
rieaof our dally hfa. If w* met wi.h
oona of these, would w* aver raitd o.r
thought* to a higher aiiatencaT Thaw
are common affliction*, but there are tarn
bla one* which break'upon u* like thun
der from a clear iky, or which we •*
• towly gathering about ut, black and
threatening. k our hope# are bla*lad.
your property it destroyed, your baalth it
broken or parbap* death bai Ukan fron
you your vary heart of heart* and you are
left bereaved aad desolate And lb hat
come upon you withoulany apparent faun
of your own Th* lasaon taught hare is
that no trust should be put in *uch thing*,
but that you should turn to the rock of
• ge* and put your trust in him forever
Uod took the** thing* from you simply for
the purpose of giving you something be', let
in their place, lie U more ready to giv
than ye are to atk. In tichang* for th*
gold of thi* world you will have im
periahahle richer. Better friend* will r*
place thoae whom you hava !ot. Youi
child that wa* Uken from vou to-day wil
hava angel* f*r hi* companions, and wil>
ba uugl.t by them, and to morrow you
will receive him . again. Thi* teems
to be an eaty lewon Co learn, but it i* vat)
hard to part with anything one prise*
I'arenu will cling to the vacant chair ana
rcfue to look beyoud where they can e
that ihair child i* not loet, but only ukan.
from them fur a while. Uod it full of
compauion for the afflicted, lie keep*
near ut with intuit* patience and heal*
our baartt when wa will let him. Al lb*
proper lime ha make* ut tee thai our af
fliction* were meant to keep ut from stray
ing from home. In th* end be reatoree us
more than he look, until finally we tay.
'lt it good for me that 1 wit afflicted.'
May thi* be the end of our affliction."
TBE woai..
Since the change in r* propnetorsbli
(which took place May I, 1876) "Tbs
World ha* become the brightest sprigbtli*
est, most scholarly and popular journal in
I the metropolis." "It is entertaining
interesting, bright, decent, fair end truth
ful." It aoee wrong willingly to no man,
no creed, no interest and no party. Ii
treat* all subject* of importance earnestly
and with respect It seeks to make itselt
an agreeable companion, as wall as a
faithful guide and teacher. The World
regard* the recent victories of the party
with which it by preference acU not **
mere partisan triumphs gained by partisan
contrivances, but a* the unmisukable ex
pression of a deep and genuine popular de
mand for new methods in government, foi
a thorough purification of the public ser*
vice and for a rectification of lb# aim* ol
•ur party organisations. Wherever and
whenever the Democratic party proves
itself loyal to this popular demand THE
WORLD will resolutely uphold it;
wherever and whenever it falls short of or
attempts to counteract this popular de
mand TIIK WORLD will as resolutely
oppose and denounce it. In a word, TH fc
WORLD believes tbo Democratic party
to nist for the good of the public service.
It does not believe the public service P
• xist for the good of the Democratic par
contains all the news of the week, present
ed in a concise and attractive manner ; the
best of the many excellent letters sent by
able correspondents from all part* of the
world ; bright and entertaining editorials
on all matters of interest to the public.
! Short sloriss and stories continuod from
week to week, written expressly lor The
World by lha best authors
Full reports of all lbs principal market*
of the United States and foreign countries;
a grange department. Ac., <*c
It is in every essential a piper for the
D D. T. Moore, E*<j.. the founder end
for many years the editor of
Moore'* Rural New*York*r.
will hereafter edit the Farmers' Pageof
No paper in the country will have a
better F A KM KRS DE P A ftTM KNTtban
The Orange Department will also beun*
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j writ
Scribner's Monthly For 1877
Without racalling the excellence ef tb
e I past, the publish era of ScHbaer* Monthly
annouocH'or the year to coma, the follow
ing papers :
j The Picturesque Side of American Perm
, Life.—This subject will be treated is e ee
rie* of seperale papers engaged from wri-
I tor* wbo sued in the front rank among
Americans, both in qualities of style and in
h keen insight of nature. Mr. R. K. Rob
* intoa, autber ot a delightful paper oo
J " Fox-Hunting in New England" ia the
January number, will represent the seme
section ia this series John Burroughs,
whose paper* on similar topics bar* been a
highly prised and popular feature of
Scribner will write of Farm Life in New
York Maurice Thompson, the poet nat
uralist, will describe the characteristics of
Wariern farming, of which but little has
been written. It is expected that the il
lustration of this series will he of a reined
and typioal character, commensurate with
I the subject matter. It is thought that no
paper or eerie* of paper* y-t issued in
Scribner will so folly realise the con-tent
desire of the magazine to keep out of the
ruts, and, both io text and illustrations, to
- obtain quality, and to print fresh, strong
and delicate work from original sources.
"Boxr,"— by Edward Kggleston (auth
or of "The Hooeier Schoolmaster," Ac.).
This new novel will d whiles* be the moe
important Amer. serial of the *e*r. The
first number was published ia November.
Those who have raad it io manuscript de
clare Boxy to be much the most unking
and remarkable story this sutber has ever
written. It is illustrated by one of the
younger American painter*—Mr Walter
Sblrliw; President of ""The American Art
American Sporu.—Some of tba most
novel and entertaining of these papers ar
yet to appear, the seen** of which will h*
in the West, the Middle Slates, lb tt South,
New England and Canada.
Out of-lXwr Paper*,—by John Bur
roughs, author of "Wake Robin," Ac.,
will contain not only articles on Birds, but
on "Tramping," "Camping Out," and
kindred topics. Mr. Borough's paper*
will begin in the January number, the
first being entitled "Birdsand Birds," and
illustrated by Fedilia Bridge*.
Architecture of Birds.—Dr. Thome* M.
Brewer will contribute four exquisitely
1 illustrated articles on bird's neet-, which
every lover of nature will delight in. Dr.
Brewer hat propably the tin est collection
of bird's eggs in the world to draw upon
for the illustration of these papers.
The Saddle-Horse —Col. George 1.
Waring, with whose excellent worx of va
rious sorts our readers are fetnilier, contri
butes two illustrated article* on lh< horse.
He treat* specially of saddle-horses and
their use for pleasure and for vport
including road-riding, fox bunting and
racing. The nature ei lb* knglith thor
oughbred and that of hit Eastern rrogeni
tor (the Arabian) are fully considered in
relation to these use*.
Saxe Holm New stories by this ppu
lar Writer will be given in ea ly
numbers of Scribner, beginning wi b "'Joe
Hale's Red Stockings, to appear in Jenu
ary. This "novelette" chronicle* an epi
sode of iht late war for the Unioa.
"His Inheritance."—By Adeline Traf
well . be * n n lb® Midiummeu
Holiday nurahar, will be continued near
ly through the year. It will be found to
be of increasing interest to the very end.
"A Knight of Fortune"—Hjaliua-
Hjorth Boyesen'tnew novel—will be be
?un in Scribner at the conclusion cf "His
nberitance. It will reveal a phase of
American society, undreamed of bv most
of our readers, and will be certain to in
crease the reputation of tbe writsr as a
master of English and of bis art.
Tbe Editorial Department* will contin
ue to employ tbe ablest pen* in America,
and will include the present admirable
summary of English publications. Re
sides the special articles above enumera
ted, tbe msgaxino will contain Poems.
Sketches, Essay*, Reviews and shorter
Stones of the highest character. A large
practical reduction in price is made by an
increase In tbe number of pages.
The Illustration* of the Magax ne, in
variety and excellence of design and in
typogtapblcal execution, wilt continue to
be in advance of those of any other popu
lar magazine at boue or abroad.
Subscription price, $4 00 a year, payable
in advance to us or to any bo<ft sel er.
No club rates or other discounts to sub
scribers. Tbe Magszine is worth all it
and its circulation is increa*i"g in a
jcoi.s.aut and steady ratio from year ti
{year. SCRIBNER A CO, '
743 Broadway, Ntw York,
"Farmers' Mills/'
Off.™ tha HIGHEST market price,
ia CASH, 00 delivery, for
Corn, Rye,
Oats, etc.,
At tbo above well-known Mill.
Ground Plnater and
Salt alwaya on band at the loweet
rates. 20*eptf
"4 a
hat tba good*. Largaat atock I
Prices Lower than
And now extend* a cordial favitation to
bit friend*, patron*, and public general*
>r. a
Alao a Complete Assortment of *
Ready Made Clothing for men and
boy*. Suite ax low ae to be bad in the
Imported and Domestic
Full linea of
For Ladies, Grata, Boy*, Miaeea and
Hosiery, Gloves. Boot* and Sboee,
And the moat complete assortment of
in Central Pennty Wan ia. and prtaee tbat
wiUcotnpel you in eelf oefeccc to buy of
j but. Alao Ftab, Halt. etc. Itfoe
Cloth & Cassimere,
which I am prepared to have made
up io suits at Remarkably Low Fig*
cheaper than can be bought
iiarket Street.
18oct6 LEWISBURG, Pa.
By calling at the new and exten
sive bakery establishment of
(Successor to J. H. Sands,)
Opposite the Iron Front on Allegheny
street whore bo furnishes mrr dor
Froob Brood.
Cokoo of oil kind*.
Pies, etc., etc., *
Con die*,
Anything and everything belonging to
tbo businest. Having bad year* of expo*
rionce in the business, bo flatter* himself
(bat he can guarantee satisfaction to all '
wbo may favor bits with their patronage.
RECEIVE DEPOSITS, and allovlater
eet; Discount Notes; Buy end
Sell Government Securities,
Gold and Coupon*.
Pres't. Cashier
No 6 BrockVrhoff Row,Be)lefonte,Pa
Dealers fa* Dragi, Cfeemlcalu
Perlhaery, Fancy Good a Ac.
Pure Wines and Liquor* for mad ice
purpose. alwavs kept asav tl. 72
painter, iafea,
oilcra hi* eervict* to the citlfieo* of
Centre countv io
Haane, Mgn and Ornamental
Striping, ornamenting and gilding.
o. • „ CHESTNUT, Etc.
Plain and Fancy Paper banging. Orders
respectfully solicited. Terms reasonable.
JO apr tf.
Hardware Store.
A new, complete Hardware Store ha *
been opened by the undersigned in Cen
ire Hell,, where he is prepared to sell al
kinds of Building ana House Furnishing
Hardware, Nailv&c.
Circular and Hand Saw*, Tennon Saw*,
Webb Saws, Clothes Racks, a full assort
ment of Glass and Mirror Plate Picture
Krmes, Spokes, Felloes, end Hubs, table
Cutlery, Shovels, Spade* and Forks,
Locks, Hinges, Screws, Sash Springs,
Horse-Shoes, Nails, Norway Rods, Oil#,
Tea Bells, Carpenter Tools, Paint, Varn
Pictures framed in the finest style.
Anything not on hand, ordered upon
shortest notice.
m*Remember, all oods offered cheap*
*an elsewhere
Furniture Rooms!
respectfully inform* the cituens of Centra
county, tbat he has bough t out the old
'land of J. O. Deiniager, and has reduced
the prices. They have constantly Of hand
and make to order
TABLES. &c., Ac.
Their stock of ready-made Furniture is
'arge and warranted of good workmanship
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ate supervision, and is offered at rates
cheaper than elsewhere.
Call and see our stock before purchasing
elsewhere. 26 feb. ly.
T ■. Si'ANGLKR Aiiorntn t Law
*t , ''insiOati.> in Kngiiklt <„t Uer
mu . Utß'' u ' • w l'ii .i.uag,