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    THE Cl.xniY. RETOHTm
TIIUF.SDAY A I'D ft. 1877^
,vff-TKRM*.- t'iv fr year, *Men paid in
aif*?t v ; $2..1U -rktn wof Pit id n nrfwwce.
(jr Armr/if-rSffirfaprr linrf-r fArc* 'w
'■rrtio-f. isi seewr*ner I in* fr every *nk
stqunf insertion. .trfver (uemmf* Ay
yea: ot a hhrr it iGseownt.
'"irtWW. WRETINft?
CKK**r Hsu I -rvi*, FX v I O o( O F , mrsl,
• VI ri rmwriaj l die O.M I *IW llall.
j ffert M P Hsaaav. A."
atn Foat teiM,Nc. SK, r \ M
JU inti! etealns on> nt'"-(pt > - tu!t oto. lam
t*i<l Fellows HIU _ _ ™ . w \i
O. I Hnu:m it.Seol. J. X. fUßn*, •
Pw.vir'se dislnXo, a*, r < t ti. •' *'
Hall. < enter llU >n Uie St no Uj n.-i or bawe ™
uio*a at t P. M snj averx trv "".' eif,
Ki.oae MseUr. <1 w
tidcrxignod offers tbe no re-room, kn<wn
as Herlacher s Old aland, at ketttro llall.
torrent. The stand is a desirabio one In
kll'ianwta Pwitarim tw he hnd hw
time after April li, by tpp y to -M
llxb'Rt Kt.i .t RKt Oeotrc Half.
llasaenplug. at Spt inglM'He. * gnin- j
fn<r a large custom by selling choice i
at low prices, wh'cb is drawing custom
from fi to IP reill< around,
!> 0 Bower is selling M* *t™ k ,vld,
a-4 stock at auction, at Laurel ton, end it
Is reported intend*going to Akron, 0.
- issue of 1 St week, we noted
the s isp-oiion of the look Ilarec Nat.
Hick A ! opatch next day had the fol
lowing cheering ir.telligcncc: The *-
-f th M Bml National bank
is onlv tentrorary. The directors, e.tcr a
nuvting and eTa-iittßtion ot the aifstrs of
the hank, tsy they will reopen the doors
to morrow, and they expect to be able to
pay all the demands of depositors in a uw
Scclucr A Co., keep the largest stuck
of groceries of any firm in Centre coun
The Lawisburg Grand Army Re
public Excursion to Spring Mills, is \
for ftth, and will be a basket pio-nic. Th/
Harvest llotne pio-nic, near Lewi; burg,
comes off on loth—one week after.
The Mci k family of Pin* Grove—to
well known as rooaHlts -will hold a com
cert in the M. K- Church In this place, on
Friday, 10. The party consists of
Prof. Meek and three accomplished
daughters. Admittance23c., children un
der 12 years ICeti. Lovtrt of vocal music
should nottniss this opportunity for a rare
treat Owe half of proceeds go to the
——Drugs, medicines, chemicals, toilet
articles, always fresh and pure at F. P.
Green's in the Bush-hou 5 o block, the old
est druggist in U ; s county.
The fine new room of Newman, at
Bellefunle, a the centre of attraction now.
AU admire his new quarters and pro
nouacethem the best in towu. then it is
quite a show to look at the var ety ot
ready-made Clothing, for men and boys
and astonishing to ai. that he sells them so
low. If you need any Clothing, always
sec Newman's, before making a pur-,
The Republican says, during tho
thunder storm on Thursday last, twenty,
theep belonging to lienry McKwen, of
liuhlcrsburg, hud sought shelter under a
t roe in the pasture where they were. The
lightning struck tne tree and killed seven
teen of the sheep instantly.
Col. P. Bennor Wiison, of Belle- J
fonte, now commands tho oth Regiment,
N. G. 11c is a favorite with the "boys."
The wheat crop of England for the
year it not an average one.
The turn-table intended for Spring
Mills, station, was destroyed by the recent
mob at Pittsburg. It waa aboard the cars
that were destroyed 1 there.
M*,i. Fisher has had the old und
well-known Farmer*' Mills refitted with
new machinery throughout, and after a
three week's shut JOWL, started up again
iu splendid order, doing some of the best
and iuot rapid work iu tho valley. The
Major is inclined to keep pace with tho
age of improvement and is making pre
ps, rations to meet the uew demands upon
trade that will arise Irom the completion
of our railroad into the valiey, and will
give especial attention to the grain busi
ness, and enlarge otherwise to meet the
-wants of farmers in grain, Hour, plaster,
and general merchandise.
TL best roasted coffee and finest
flavor of all, and the richest eheeae at
S chler'f, in the Bushhouse block.
FINE GROVE MILLS Aug. lGth, 1877.
Bailor of toe Reporter.—Scmo of our
farmers hare got their oats in, others will
finish this week if the weather is favorable
the crop is exceedingly good.
It had been announced that a meeting
would be held in the Lutheran church on
last evening for the purpose of organizing
a Young Men's Christian Association. The
meeting took place, and about forty-two
signed the Constitution ; they organized
by electing Dr. Goorgo Woods as Presi
dent, and C. S. Daniey, Secretary, the
meeting was conducted by Dr. Caidren
and Rev. 11. Linn.
Notwithstanding the expenso and labor
that Mr. Lytle has been at, to protect bi.-
property by his stone wall and picket
fence, the cattle made a raid on h:s corn,
which compelled Lira to add to the hcighth
and strength of his picket fence, all other
business moving off as usual. C. L. S.
The exportation of fresh beef and mut
ton and live stock to Kcgland is a great
and grcwing industry, and in time mutt
tell en the profits of American farmers.
The total valuation of the exports of meat
—llfat is, beef in quarters and mutUm in
carcasses—during 1870 was $1,866,191,
against $4,962,065 fur the same class of ex
ports in lfc77. But to this year's consign
ments must be added 5,050 head of live
sheep, valued at $50,000, and G,210 head of
cattle, valued at 5197.G00, shipped to Lon
don, Liverpool, Glasgow, Hull and Bristol-
This brings the export valuation for 1877
up to $5,585,075. The live stock now be
ing shipped can bo held for a market bet
ter than the fresh beef duriDg the aummer
months, as the latter has to be sold prompt
ly on arrival. In addition to these farm
products, the exportation of butter and
cheese is very largo and growing.
"We are sorry to learn that our friend
Jas. Van Ormer, of Millbeim, was so un
fortunate as to break his leg at the knee,
about two weeks ago, at Now Brighton,
Beaver county. He got his foot fast be
tween a rail aud tie at a railroad crossing
which was the cause of the accident.
"Eureka" is the xentiment of countleu
sufferers who find tho balm of relief, and
the fountain of health and strength in Ay
er's Sarsaparilla. It is tho most potent of
all the alternatives to purify the system
and cleanse the blood. It possesses invig
orating qualities, so that it stimulates the
faded vitalities and purges out the cor
ruptions which mingle with the blood,
promoting derangement and decay. We
aro by many intelligent physicians
that this medicine cures beyond all others
of its kind, and wo can fortify this state
ment by our own experience.—Alhol
(Mass.) Flag.
—F. P. Green's drugs and medicines
always render satisfaction. His own home
remedies are the most reliable of any put
up, for the diseases they are intended for.
Time has proven this.
lleisler's Marble Works, at Bellc
fonte, turn out the finest monuments and
tombstones this side of Philadelphia—
their work is faultless and-cliargesare very
We print envelopes as low as $1 per
thousand. Send us your envelopes. We
print letter beads, and statements a<> low
as per 1000, when persons find the
paper. This is lower than you can get it
done for in the city,
FOB SALIC,— a new Golden Tongue
Organ, warranted. Will bo sold very
ioluqui. i ttuii white. If.
MvAhcr* will grow weary a id -Igb
wtet il.e iespuuaibililf ,b*t baby placra
upon til em, but they Have tbe h gh privi
lege or shaping a character for uacftiinsM.
The exorcise of patience and th# pi-at* a*
lion of Baby's health by proper use of
Dr. Bull's ltahy Syrup will give thank
great present comfort and prospective hap
piness. "6 cent; per bottle.
The Jersey Shore Herald say* it
co-t Senator Tonic f t.V> to recover hi*
horse .ad catch th> thief. The latter in
dividual, who wm shot through tlie left
lung, is in a serious condition, and his ts
covery is dee ned somewhat doublftil,
General D. K. Jackmsn, ones a promi
nent citLta of Lock listen, died st bis
r, m >r. -e. roar Bath, New Hampshire, on
Tuesday, lie was a pwomber of the Its use |
ft->m Clinton cot nty in dS-'-S. *ndt ; an
active part in the construction of the Phil j
adalpliit and Krio railroud. He ren Mrodj
fr>m L ck Haven to Th'ladelphia, about I
18C0, and i ibseipiontly went back t> reside '
at His native tla iiinNew Hawpsh : ro. j
The tibnst dollar tta* in the fat,
greea, h; tck and Japtiti, tbs best sugaii, I
*i:d bet brands canned t.- ,it i. the mar
ket, at St-hlers. kl.o drisd fruit* and
fortigr. iruit* at lowest pnccv.
There are mauj kind- of uiarhit j
varying in j.uii'.y anl I rauty You can
get ths f.uost and most costly as well as
tbe commoner aitlcle by ordering fu -u
li.isl.r s Boll.lent. Marble -cork*.
——A votuau worked mx in. itths in an
Ev-i 8.-toti shipyard, in men's oiothes,
before she was dots* tod. She drank wl i -
ky :.nd stuokod like a litiie utan, say i thd
Now York Sun. And wlun a man, dis
guised in peUiotats goes to work among a
lot of women, there's a bowi raised about
it. Is this "jestice Well, if it ain't jus
tice, just let every -ua.i and woman get by purchasing their groceries of
Neeuler A Co., whore you got 'em frvsb,
pure and and cheap, no matter how you
are dressed.
—Thorn arc a coup)* sot* of tare a
[hog* running at large in this town, which
have boon an annoyance to our citieeus all
<u*nmer and done a great deal of harm to
gardens and yards. They have broken
through our barn and stable doors, jump
ed our fence* and entered through lh*
doors of our dwelling when necessarily
open, and caused us a great deal of in
jury. We are informed that Mr. Vau
I'eh's garden has been entirely ruined by
them, also thai of Mr. lirisbin, and hear
complaints 'rom other citixons. We hate
done eyery thing reasonable to keep these
hogs from entering our premises, hut in
vain. Wo have now resolved upou a new
course. It after this cotico any of these
hogs are found upon cur premises, we will
keep them there and turn ibevat over to
the justice as estrays, and prsaenl a bid for
damages done during this summer, this
we will do without regnrd as to whose
hogs they are. We have not abused
these brutes, as they are net to blame, but
we will go for the owners. Hogs have no
right t*> be M large thus—the law is strict
We btve exercised all reasonable patience
in the matter, and auy ono finding such
upon his premises should report them io
the J. P , and claim damages. No other
will stop tbi; annoyance. y
%C —The uew station house at Spriirg
Mills is under roof.
The turnpike east of the Fort is very
ugly driving just cow. There are a mill
ion of loose stones upon it and exposed by
the recant rains. Fix it up.
This week regular trains will com-1
tuence running on our road to and from {
Spring Mills.
The Penn'i Valley Banking Co., lias
ordered a Hall's safe, weighing 3bdG lbs.
Siinicoe, Out, August 6.—The pcor
house on tho industrial farm of the county
of Norfolk, a mile from town, was discov
ered in flames at eleven o'clock last night.
The building was of wood and waa quickly
reduced t > ashes. Notwithstanding the
exertions of the few people who reached
the burning bui!din, soventeen human
beings were burned to deatb. Four men
were badly burned all being from the
neighboring township. The cause of the
>firo is unknown.
* Keokuk, Is., August 3.—An entire
family, consisting of Lewis Spencer and
bis fear children, two boys and two girls,
living in Clark County, Mo., weremurdei
ed last night. Tho crime was no doubt
committed for money, as Spencer had in
his possession STU)U belonging to the
township, of which he s trustee. Tbo
weapons used wore an axo and pitchfork.
No trace of the murderers has been dis
Kentucky politicians report that a news
paper conducted entirely by colored men
and supporting the Democratic candidates
for the legislature, has been rocently es
tablished at Lexington, it is violently
opposed to the Republican paity in that
Senator Patterson of South Carolina,
w ho is now in Washington, denies that he
has engaged M. C. Butler and Gen. Garry
to defend him in Ibo suit which, is is ex
pected, will be brought against him for
allegid bribery in procuring bis election
to the United Stales Senate.
Black bass may be taken any time with
rod, hook and line.
Wild ducks may be Killed any time.
Wood and summer ducks may be killed
any time from Oct. Ist to Jan. lt. Twen
ty-five dollars penalty for catching wild
duck with net.
Fish can not be taken from any set net,
fish basket, pound net, gill net, or any
thing in the nature of stones in any waters
of the state, except tidal waters, with gill
nets, whoso meshes are under three incnes
i under a penalty of $25.
Tbore shall be no fishing or hunting on
Sunday, under a penalty of $25-
Grouse, partridge or pheasant may be
kihed from Oct. 1 to Jan. 1.
Hare una rabbit; may be killed from Oct.
15 to D c. 15.
Plover may be killed from August 15 to
January 1.
(Juaif may be killed frem October 25 to
December 15.
Squirrels may be killed from July 1 to
January 1.
Speckled trout may ke killed from April
1 to August 15.
Why is a four-quart measure like a
lady's. side-saddle?— Because it just
holds a gallon.
Why is the first chicken in a brood
like the foremast of a ship ?—Because
it comes just before the main hatch.
Why is paper money more valua
ble than gold?—VVbeu you put it in
your pocket you double it, and when
you take it out you find it still in
Wheu Apollo dipped the god Pan
into the sea, what did he come out ?
A dripping-pan.
Why is a mnn looking for the
philosopher's "stoue like Neptune?—
Because he is a seeking (seasking)
what never was.
What is the difference between
Noah's ark aud an archbishop? —One
was a high ark aud the other is a hier
arch (higher ark 1.
Why is a novel-writer the most pe
culiar of animals ? —Because his tail
comes out of his head.
A nuouncenieii t.
Wo are authorized to announce tho
name of David F. Fortney, of Bellefonti,
for the office of District Attorney, uubjet v
to the decision of the Democratic county
Wo are authorized to announce J. M -
Keichline, Esq., of Bellelonte, at a candi
didate for District Attorney. Subject to
the decision of the Democratic county
For the U<*iortnr.
Ma. —vr 11 i< k that I
might bo permitted t<> And entrance into
! your worthy piptr for a few linos concern
ing .State College, I hae thought it might
perhaps prove to be both interesting •"J
• means of making our College belter
known to th younger rlaaa of your readers
especially, should 1, bainp villtrtHiislid
with the College myself, endeavor to give
a brief sketch of it* bstory, concerning
deportment. of the advantage- afforded tv>
the industrious student not excluding it*
o callow disadvantage* necessarily cow*
r. acted with any institution, of similar
character. At ih> g< u rat principle! of
the College arc wall kit wn, lat it iiitttci
vo >uv that tney ara et far a possible ad
hered to perhaps not at atrictly m.ght
bo expected, but evidently sr. a'. pains arc
taken by the ether rs aud instructors oflbt
institution, to make Ike students' stay at
tlir Collage lo|h and csrts.nly
i very valuable a- a meant tor obtaining a
| good education.
j The auvanug,-* afforded for it classical
and tctentilo eJuoathm, are similar in
cb.irsctai to ottmr inat'lullona.
history I would
dakaa from the year l&it' It baa worked
its way through difficulties- bom*' thua
often checked on lu onward C urae, until
it no* bo Ida a c rail liable pesithu among
our many institution*. But let I may be
considered a a writing this merely a an
advertisement, I will avert I*' 1"
any thing luriber oi'th!•? character concora*
lug it and will Uka up the throe ditforvnl
topics of which 1 wiab to a peak oaptcially,
which are aa follows :
First. The Military Instruction.
Second. Detail.
Third, The Chrisliau Influence exerted,
'lhu two lernier have proven valuable to
the student, but ne* erthvle..* have, I think,
boeu tbe chief cause in diminishing o ,lr
\ Aa regard* the drat 1 w ouldaay it i* vast
ly important and for sev.-rsl ransom which
1 will cite :
First, The knowledge of Military In
struction thua imparted.
Tho instruction we receive in this do-
pertinent Is not only theoretical but al-o 1
practical. We, during our eollego course (
receive instruction in tactics, thus learning t
the manual of arms, in short all the
movements required to make a competent (
soldier, from the test books, and then this' (
instruct ion is put into practice on the drill
ground, it is undoubtedly advantageousj
to be thoroughly acquainted with all the t
movements requisite to make n good sol- J
dier, should uny emergency require such
knowledge. We ere thus freed from the f
necessity of being drilled a
timo before prepared for active duty 1
The second re*.-on I wish to give is one (
of vast importance : t
The exercise it affords the student. Io
all our colleges a large percentage of the (
students aro industrious, diligent scholars, j
They have eotno thoro with the determin- J
Vion of becoming, if possible, brilliant
lehulars. All who speak from (
can tell you that in ore path, and ona
alone, lie* the secret of this success; and
that is. ia the path ot duty; what tksy may {
■consider their duty involves anotherqucs
uon, yet one thing is certain : If a stu*, j
lent desires to become a scholar, one
worthy of the name, he can only becom# t
such by applyirg hiu.n l' diligently to his
studies. Now, there aro .scholars in all
Collages—State College no*, excepted— j
who, unless compelled to take exercise
would fail to take that amount sufficient
to uphold their constitutions ; whe would
apply themselves too diligently, neglecting
to take exercise so requisite to the student, ( ■
and perhaps end their College course, as
is frequently the case, with a constitution <
broken down through hard study, and
through failing to pay the attention to
their health, so r.cceisary. We are com- 1
polled to drill five hours per week, and
this exercise, though compulsory, has pro- j
ven in 'has* respect* to be very beneficial,
as many can testify. Concerning the sec
ond topic I would say, the Detail it
as pleasant urd beneficial to the student
as is possible forthe Faculty to make it.
The Faculty comply with tho wl*b--eof the
student as far as is convenient a*id properj'
fcr both parties. Through their efforts
the time alloted for detail each week has
for sometime part boon diminished from
ten to six hours per week.
Tho last notice of which I wish ;
to speak is : The Christian Influence ex-'
erted at the College. There ia in existence,
at the College a Young Men's Christian
Association, which hat proven in the past
to be very beneficial to the better class of;
students a* well asexerur.g a beneficial in
fluence on that class of itudcnt* most fre
quently disposed to bo unruly and boister
ous in their manners.
This it an essential part in the students'
education, and tho College that affords
such advantages ia certainly worthy of the J
patronage and good will of our cilixem. j
Our College, as I understand, previous to
the last few year*, has had a comparative- j
ly bad name. Whether these accusations,
were just orjnot, 1 cannot say, but one as-j
serlion I can make, and that is, it has a.
good name now ; and if not bcld in the
minds of your readers as such it is ev
idently worthy of such an opinion. The
Christian Influence exerted at the College
in various ways has beon tho means of
causing many to become christians, and
has proven invaluable to many others.
The reason, Mr. Editor, which lies urg
cd me to at least make the attempt to
write these few lino about State" College,
has arisen through no other motive save
that of duty to our College, to avert, if
possible from tbo minds of some of your
readers, the prejudicial opinion which I
know occupies the minds of soma at least
which I have ascertained through their
own expressions.
If I have succeeded* through this hort
latter in forming in the minds of any a
somewhat better opinion of our Collage
lem satisfied and shall be happy to fur
nish any information desired, as far as I
am able, to any who may wish.
W. K. F.
Detpernte Fight Between TwojFool
iah Young Kentuckiann —Both
[From the Frankfort Yeoman.l
Daniel Brown, who was a local for the
Shelby Sentinel, two weoki ago burles
qued a younger brother of Byron "i ounl,
who bad a light with a young lVrry
both boys being under 16 years of age.
Saturday evening last John Yount, the
boy, met Mr. Brown at Cooper's, and.
taking him aside, asked him something
in regard to the article in the Sontinel.
Brown not making tho matter satisfactory,
John Yount expressed bis boyish indigna
tion. Brown slapped Johnny over and
walked off. John reported the affair to
bis elder brolhor, Byron, who espoused
bis quarrel, and during the evening heand
Brown pysed some high words. Each
knowing the other's disposition well, they
parted and prepared themselves lor the
next meeting. Brown borrowed a little
four shot pistol from his friend, Joseph
Edwards, and Yount, after seeking in
i vain for a weapon, took a pistol from bis
[ private drawer.
Thus prepared, the two walked toward
each other and met at tho railroad, one on
one rail and the other on the opposite rail.
In this position Brown asked Yount when
he was ready; Yount roplied, "Now," and
both fired simultaneously Into each other,
only fire feet apart. Yount's ball entered
Brown's right breast. Brown's ball enter
ed the lower part of Yount's abdomen,
and ranged downward into the leg. Brown
continued to fire, and emptied his four
barrels, eno ball, entoring Taunt's wrist,
another entering his right aide. Fount's
pistol refused to revolve, and while under,
lire be apnt oa Lie thumb ©ad *Midevor<d
I© wrench (lit* cylinder ©round , tut fall*
it K bv eloi oil wlib Itroun, and tlr\i*
puUttdeil and pummelled # ti other with
titeirplatola until tlii-.r w.tre patted, tl.y
a>;a.n f".n i, 'gather, and fought until hot!
I fell from exhaustion. When taken apart
j Brown's grip was still upon V-uni't arm,
which bad to Im loosened by fiUedi for©-
lug open the handa.
Hotli partlea war© laid upon tin* plat
form, a altoi t distance from atch, and five
doctor* auir.monetl; 1 utno reliof e->uld b©!
itfl'-<rdtJ It roan While lying thui, j
Vmint, It ta at. id, a worn at Mrown, and
lt d to him, if ha could ©illy reach h m hi
w> it Id a-)ti put hiat out of the Way ilrowr.
died at • o ©look Sunday morning, mid
wa at I'ioaaurevidtt tjtiitetery on
Sunda* Vount ltr.R©rrd until Sunday
©antr|r when k©, too, died after tutfarlng
groat pain. Hrown wit* a yra iuateof Rtui*
nanre Otdlrga, wm a member of tba
Obriatta tbttrg Baptiat Church, and a br
loved and rri'r -tod In hi* recti©© Yo it I
Wa* th J at'ti of (irtorgo Yount, a wal!-lo it©
and h |h!e reapoenHt farmer of Stiell'y
rin: MATOK S i.u'i-: S WBD
Scrantou, T* , Aug I—A largarnMting
jf arurkicgmeii tt held her, th.a uiorn
tti. at which inceudiary reaolulioua aura
pa-a©d, and a mob organised for th© pur
p©;o of reinpelling men empieytj in the
rolli tg mill*, Mail furitu. a attd jompatiy
It. pi to iju't work. I'll© mut> ataiuil
artutd wiiu alicka. aionet and pietola, de
terutlßad upon atopptng o**ry branch of
labor ©ut.ii the city. They vLiled the
I*, and 1 machine ihopa firal and oompetl
ti the men to -yuu work, whipping a coup
le ©i men 1> way of rocroatton while their
de.oa.ida t, ere beittg coutplieti with. They
to -I viaited the roiltug mill*, blaal fur
tiaiet, blacksmith abopt, At ~ and their
rank* wore everywhere a welled by tiw
aci raatoi a till they numbered fully t,i>4>;
and th y then atari© I through the princi
pal atreet* of the city, met th* Mayor,
'Mr. MoC'une, and made tn uasauit upon
hia, ttriking him lit the mouth with a
atone, ia the jaw with a club, and on the
jt-at'k of the head with a hammer, and
would hitye killed him if >t bad not bean
for Father Dunn, a Catholic | rit at, who
came to the rescue. Arrived at the cor
cer of Washington \od Lackawanna av
enue*, a vigilant committee of forty men,
armed with reptatirg rifie*, marching
down Lackawanna avenue, ware hooted,
yailed at and subjected to a shower of
siouea, clubs, Ac The Vtgtlantw* turned
and tired three volleva. Three mn were
killed, two mortally wounded ami a large
number severely wounded. The fir©
we* returned by the mob. Five Vigilante*
were wounded. Alt buames* placet arc (
closed, and the city i> patrolled by four i
hundred spe ul policemen in addition to
the regular police. Fire at this hounmid
oight) is raging at one of the principal col- ,
lierles, and mure intendiar >mt are tg- i
peeled to follow. Two thousand troops
ar momentarily npecltd.and hot cvorkl
is cipctded to-morrow.
Atl places of business are clc><el by or-j
der of th- Mayor, and cltiaeus are joining,
the volunteers in Urge numbers.
'i'bo streets are being cleared by the '
Mayor (wbo i. slill active in spite of hitttt
juries) asaisted by the police and volun
teer*. Largo crowds are atiand ng the
wakes of tba men shot to-day.
Tho Moosio U©t©l, about four miles from
here, was burned down to-nigbt. Furth
er trouble is feared.
Thrilling Sceuci tt Wilkesbarre.
j Wilkesbarre, Pa, August 1. —A crowd
ot 6,000 er 7.UKO pwplo a*semb!d at the
Lehigh Valley depot to see the roei! train
como in at '2 4o o'clock this afterueon.
The strikers were out In (dree. A consta
ble and United Stales detective standing
on the platform nest to tho ©ngino were
•toned. Master Mechanic DruiuLaller
was running the engine and the strikersj
stoned him until ho bed In get off, and as
he did *<>, he was struck in tb© face with a.
stone The strikers chcereJ, meunted the
1 engine and cut it loose and rtn it to £ugar;
Notch. John Keithler. tie consublc, wa*
sei&cd by the mob anJ roughly handled.
They were going to duck him in the cnnal
end would have killed hint but for the in
terference of friends. Ho Is now in tb
station house for protection. The mob
followed him through tho streets, hooling
|and yelling. A large number of passen
jf>c-s aro compelled to lie over here. The
strikers bavo the engine taken from the
1 train and nro running it up and down tho
! road biowtng the whistle ar.d cheering.
The miners ar.d railroad men are coales
cing and trouble is feared
At Plymouth tho strikers blockaded the
railroad and cut the telegraph wire*.
At llasleton the railroad depot was fired
hut being discovered ©arly the flro was as-
Scranton, August 3.—Thtre bays been
no riotous demonstrations in this city and
it ia hoped that the worst has pasiad. The
■ feeling among the working class©* over th#
■ affray of Wednesday is intense, and
- tbrvaU aro freely indulged in against tb*
members of the posse. The funerals of
' ibe man who were killed in lb* riot look
* place this afternoon. There was a large
' demonstration but no disturbance. Tbe
* minors manifest no dtsiro L> return to
f work, and some man on their way to th*
'j Delaware, Lackawanna and Western ear
shop* war* threatened etnd returned to
! their homea. Kvery induatry of any con
isequence in the valley is now idle, with
'lno signs ol an early resumption.
What Sample Tea is.
Q Kvory Cargo of Tea. on arriving in O
this country, is Sampled by the lm-
porter te Ilia extent of from 1,000 to jf-
Sjh.OOQ pounds, which lees, being out
C of the original packages, boeoma uso*
.a- |es to tho lmpotter after the Cargo,
w is sold. We contract for those Teas
t at cost of Importation, (including**
a- "Sample Packages,") which tre tbeu Z
thoroughly classified and packed by '
F our Ncw I ork llous* OU it TEAS j;
be AT 40c and 60c A POUND.
.. o
i; Equal in every respect thoso re*tr
-j tailed elsewhere for double
the Moucy. £
•£ At a saving of three profits to the
"g * Consumer •*
- s
K No. 131 Water st.. ?
New York.
Wn guarantee Every package.
Oaug tf
Bv virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias, is
sued out of the Court of Common Pleas of
Centre county and to ma directed, there
will be exposed to public sale on the prem
ises in Snow Shoe township, on Tuesday,
August 21, 1877, at one o'clock, p. m., the
following described real estate of the de
fendant, to wit:
All that certain messuage tenement and
tract of land situate in the township of
Snow Shoe, county of Centre, mud state of
l'cnn'a. Bounded and described as fol
lows, vix: Beginning at post nenr tho
turnpike, thence couth 2" west. 266 perch
es to stones, thence north 8b J , west fW
perches to stones, thence north 2°, east 278
perches to post, thence south 80". east to
place of beginning, containing 161 acres,
3j parrbo*, nest measure be the tame,
more or less. Thereon erected a steam
saw mill, 6 frame dwelling houses and
other outbuildings, being th same prop
erty described in the Deed, recorder! iu
Book "K."page 82, in the office for Re
cording Deods in Centre county ; except
ing and reserving out of said described
property nil that strip or piece of land sit
uate in snow Shoe township, on the south
fork of Boecb Creek, bounded and describ
ed as follows : Beginning at a post on
edge of Mill I)atu of Wesley il. Holmes,
thence north 22°, east 8 porckea to stones,
thence north 61°, west 66 perches to a
pott, thence south 37°, west 8 perches to a
whito pine, ihenoesouth 48°, east2B perch
es to a Fine stuuip, thence south 72°, east
31 purr he* to the place of beginning, con
taining 3 seres and Sft pcrchsi, bs the
s-unc more or less, together with all the
buiidings and improvements erected upon
the said 2 acres and 80 perches. Seised,
taken in execution, and to be sold as the
property of W. M. Holmes.
July 80,1877. L. W.|MITNHON.
I #
Wr* hav * very large and complete atetk of Hardware, tin Urgent itint wtsovi r bifore oil.irr J ly any firm to Llio people of this taunty, ami are'selling at tba vary w
| ul possible ratus
Iron, Steel anil Nails, Cocks, Glass and Putly,
I'm n Whil, i.oaj. aml lit ilia ml OH , Turiu-iitircii im! VrtM>M, all *l.icl> ma marraut la *i*e aallalaalloil. Our Pura I-oad will ufar aa mm-lt rurlara aa an, la tb. mail i|
I mid rannat ba etcelled for wliium©#*. lIhAD Y MI \BD PAINT put up In any quantity to toil people, from inn-pound cant p. one gallon nana, all ready lor un>. The*©
©sluts wr warrant to he intsud with pure load and ell, and an< tree from all a In ll-ration.
XI!?:! ASICS TOOLS Wo I*v s|i© ul slteiitioii to this bisnth. Bird a *Vill llr.r of Saw* Chisel*. Hammer. and Halley's Iron Plan** ; Horse naita ofall ktndi.Trac
Chains, Jtanie*, Klc PULL LIN KOF BADDLRKY OP ALL lIKSi Jtl ITIONS. (XIA-'H WOOD WORK, Hpokes, Felloes. Patent Wheel, of the mnet improved p;
aiit ta ; ili. l'-Hi* Improved FLI limns, chnaii, convenient and durable— putished and aleket-plaled. Johnston's Prepared KsUomine ; put up in 0 pound packages; •**>'
[p it on, and cheaper Utan paper. WsUevesli ceiors.
S T O V E S.
We itav 13 the only Reversible, Top-pint© Co©king Steves in tlta isisrsot. Tba Kryatona, Susquehanna and Juniata, which we warrant to ba tba beat baker* and the y •
.••I ativra in tba mark ©i, wr wilt tut! at thn *t rr |ow-at pric# and r<t a r.t.eii guarantee#. Alao all ktnda of J' any o* and other at© rat. COMK ANDHPJt OUR K is. YHTON
UKLLtroaTB lUkatTa.- June 1?
by Sbortlldgo A C©.
Klour per barrel, wholeta!©. f li).
retail, f ll00.
White wheat. 1 I*l.
Kei " 1 fill.
ltye. W.
Corn, shelled, fit).
Corn, cob, 60.
Oats, 36.
Barley, rye weight, fiii.
Coversaed $6 i>ei ivg pounds.
Potatoes -©tail, 1 26
Nva Mcotia plaster, ground, 10 >*!.
Cayuga H 00.
" Letters of ndninistration on the esUte
of Jacob Meyer, late of Potter twp. dee d,
having been granted to thn undorstgnnd,
all p©r©ns knowing lb©mselve* to be In
debtedU'sail decedent are ron ti*te<i to
make immediate payment, and persons
having claims against th© ©state will pre
sent tin ni authenticated for s.'Ulotnelil.
OKOKIiK ftKlll Slt,
aug 2 Adm'rs.
The lanyard of Jacob Moyer, dc
cease*i, will fie carried on at the old stand
as he:cto!o:u.
KKUIHTtH'S NOTK K. -The follow
lug account* have l*oi< examined
and pa*ed by we ana remain hied of rec
ord in tbi* office for the inspection of heir*,
legatee*,crwdiU>rand all other* in any way
interested, and will bo presented to lha
Orphan* Court of Centra County, on 1 '
Wed! eUay, the 29th d%y of August, IH?7,
for confirmation and allowance :
I. The flr>t and partial account of Josiah
Neff, Kxocutor ol Ac , of John Kuitnerl,
late of Harri* townblp. deceased. <
2 The tc<und partial account of John
Kiibel, Kiecutorof dtc., of i'eler Dur*t,
late ef rotter townihip, dereated.
a The first and final account of Jeremi
ab Ever and John (J. Wane, admuiislra- ,
lor*, of Ac., of Henry Wailo, late ef Half
Moon township d cead.
4. Tbe tlnai account of John B. Heam, i
guardian of William C. Keee. minor |
child of Ma>gare'. Ileeae, laic of Oregg
lowiuhip, deceeied.
5 Tbe Una! account of B. J. Miller. ad
ministrator of 4c., or Theodore Miller,
late of How aid Borough, d<- esej
C. The fir*t and final account of Tlioma*
B. MeJßlroj, admlnletrator of etc., ofllnn
nah Benic'ter, late of Potter townihip,
* 7 Tbe account ol Daniel execu
tor of Ac.. of Sarah ZeigUr, late of Oregg
towntbip. deceased
8 The fifth account of Julia- Neff, ex
ecutor of di'. of John Heff, lata of I'otter
lownthip, deceaicd
9. The accounlof Noah i*caver, admin
istrator do !• mu* non of Ac., o( Henry
ilea*, late of Heine* town.hip. deccaeed.
10. Tbe account of Noah Weaver, ad
tnini*tralor of Ac., of Micbaal Weaver, 1
lata of Ilaioe* township, d.cea*ed.
11. The account of Daniel Koush and D
C. Will, executor* of Ac . >f Peter Kline
falter. Sr . late ef Mile* townihip, decea*
ed. as f'.d by Daniel Rouah.
12. The account of Daniel Koush, tru-
Ujo appointed by tbe Orphan'* Court of
C. ntre County 1-' *"H the real c*ute of Pe
te- Klinefelter, Sr.. lata cf Mile* townihip.
deceased. , „
13. The first and final account of Ma
;ry Toner, executrix of Ac., of Henry
Tlanhbargcr, l*te of Potter townihip, de
leeaied. . . „
, 11 The account of Daniel Oroya. ad
, luimiirat ir of Ac., of John Hanoi, lato of
Banner townihip, deceased
16 The account of Ji*eph V Marshall,
guardian of Jane C and M*lia K M|fy.
J minor children of John and Sarah C. Duf
fy. late of Banner tswnablp. deceased.
IC. Tbe account of Joeph W. Marshall,
trustee of Sarah C. Duffy, (now Snyder)
under the will of June C. Kuox. docaascd.
17. Tha flrwt and partial account of John
Wilson, executor of Ac., of Vmcient Ste
vens, late of Hallmoon townihip, docea*-
18. Tha account of Albert Owen, admin
istrator of Ac., of Hicbard Alhertoo, iale
of Philiriburf. deceacd.
19. The account of P. W UarnUart,
guardian of Lemuel C. McClelland, one
of the bcirt of Klixabelh McClelland, late
of Snow Shoe township, deceased
"JH. Th- account of Jhn Hishel. Ks.}.,
guardian of Daniel Kerr, Jr., a minor
child of Daniel Kerr, Sr., lato of Potter
township, deceased.
21. Th.- account of Jatnc* 11. Hanain,
executor of Ac , of L. I). Waason a* ad
ministrator of Ac., of George K. W asion,
lati- ol College Piwh.hip deceased.
2 aug Register.
Lands For Sale#
060,000 ACRES in
Southwest Missouri.
' First-das* Htock farm*, excellent Agri
' cultural Lands, and tba best Tobacco re
, gion in the Weit. Short Winters, no
. grasshoppom. orderly .society good mar
kets and a healthy country. Low Price*
1 Long Credit 1 _ .
Free transportation from St. Lou i* w
' the land* fumiibed purchaser*, rorfurth*
er information, address A I. DKA>.
Land t'on.niissiotier St Lui* A >an
Kranciaco lty. Co. N. W.cor. Fifth and
Walnut street*, St. Loub, Mo. -*u l
baa iust received a
to hi* largo stock always on band,
A number of Bedroom suite* —walnut and
painted suite*.
2aug Bm.
rytUOS! DRUGS 1 1 DRUGS 111
1/ S. T. Shugert, having purchased the
Drug store on Allegheny street. Belle
fonto, next door to the herdwarn Store of
Hicks A Hro., has stocked and tilled it out
with all the most popular
• - —• ••• •a
j ARTICLES, Ac,, Ac.. Ac. j
Patent Modicinos, Alcohol, pure Wines
and Liquors for medical purposes only
Physician's prescription* carefully com
pounded and orders answered with care
and dispatch. Farmers and Physician*
from the country will find our tock of
Medicines complete, warranted genuine
and of the bet quality.
This Store will remain under tho direct
tion of the accomplished druggist and
pharmacist heretofore connected with it,
Mr- H. M. Uerringtop, and we respectful*
ly solicit the custom of our friends and
tne old patronr of tbo store.
l'Juptf 6. T, SHUGERT.
SPUING, - -' - - - - 1877.
Selection Unsurpassed! Stock Large.
And now we extend n eordial'iovttatioß to our friend*, patron* ad*tlt public
generally. We will Bay tltii, Gome! if we do not h©w you
aud if we cannot prove that it ia to your interest to patronize u, then
don't buy ; but corui* and satisfy yourself.
Wo have opeuod n full line of
Clothing, " Carpets,
Roots & Shoes, Groceries,
and in iacl every thing ami anything ejiibrtued in tho above line.
We will heat everything in price* and aaaortment, and our pail, we trust,
will bo a nt guarantee to otir patrou of fair .nd bnneet treatmenL
We have crtublished aed will maintain our reputation. The large trade we
do euithles u* to get freeh goods daily, which ia a great advantage to our pa
trons iu ali linos, un i uaort especially iu Groceries. Call, and it will prove
to rout interest.
H. HERMAN. Manager.
Bengal Plaids, 121 c per yd.
Star Milla, 15c
Alpaca*, 75, 50, 45, 25c
Clark'* O. N. T. Thread, 75c per do*.
Men's Shirting, 124. 15,20 c per yd.
Bleached Muslin, 6L 16c
Unbleached, 5 to 10c **
Sugar, 10,11, 1 2c per !b.
Best White, 124 c
Mackerel, Lake Herring and white
CASH, or Couutry Produce.
or Sfltfli • 1
S Bfyfpßftfflgß <
K ,i
■ r ■;. - pT ■■-.
I **•■ * * liP^lM K ' J
Music and Sewing Machine Store.
ft ATT at Ibe Now Store tod mm ihe largest stock A variety of Fianos. Or-
Villj I j xan* and Sawing machines in thu |>art of the state.
'• NT. JOHN-J.m*Moiil.
" liiVIN Hilli vertical Unhl.
" XKW AHERIfiX-l'ar |S.
" SIX.FK #.t<>.
" wfi i> m
A first-class machinist always on hand to repair Sewing Machine*. Work insured.
Sacond-hand Machines at from 6 to 20 dollar* each. Parte, Attachment*, Needle*.
Needle Case*. Four-wheolcd Castors, and Oil, for all Machine*.
Also Sheet Music. Piano Stoola and Covers. Sewing Machine Needle* for any
Machine—soc per dor.on.
XjL tsrnara at-l-ew. BMlefosts. HpastsUOantloa U Oalfactiaa*, sail Orphans' Court oraettca.
Ma/ ba ooasolld la Utrsaaa sad KnjLsti OlKaa la
(.ansae's halldlac. av U tf.
DP. FORTNKY, Attorney at Law
Bellefonte. Fa. Office over Rey
nold* bask. may 14'> V
• Cotton Lope, 15, 22 and 28c "
jCalkuea, 6, 7, 8 and 9c "
Lancaster Ginghams, 10c
Beet Cotton Carpet Chaio2se "
Bed Ticking, 14, 20, 25, 38c per yd.
jSpUI and double Zephyr
- Black and White, 18c per oa.
. All other oolora, MDc M
Germantown Wool, 124 c M
A large stock of Linseed Oil,
. White Lead, (Lewis'), Putty, etc,
{on hand. Bold by rperial contract.
' Fish very low. TERMS positively
t lA><wfcwy. :
BRICK FOR —First class brick
will be kept on band for sale by J. O.
Dciningcr at Zorhe's Centra Hal)
brick yards. These brick anj
offered so low that it will pay persons at a
distance to como bore for them.
Intending to continue in the inanufac
[tare of brick they will be kept constantly
ion bond, and fair inducements offered t >
| purchasers.
Uaugtf. H. G. ZKKBK
(Suecaaeer to J~K~ Miller A Son )
Dnalcrin Pum Drugs and Medicine*
Dye atutfk, and Druggist's sundries,
For medicinal purpose*
Tba beet brands of
always in stack.
Prescriptions carefully Compounded
Jas. Harris Co
P A INT 8,
Kin king Creek Mills.
TLU old, aixl well-known Ortct-mtil. in
rotter tuwnsbip, ia now *uperintead©d
Mr. D. M Oowaga. one of tbe beet -i
Crienced miller. is> Centra) Porta, wb
s render*-1 the u tin ©at atitfc:..
*berv— be has Lear, ©nd ntiOer-iaii.'
(tLe milling buainer* H©i
lutner work *©•*• .t fr mi b.nkibe Cr©.-k
i Mill*, to give saLaieetivj, -t -jc. -n -I
istiu v- I *'*V- If W. at good trend
Mr. Cowher f 'r.-ia'. i*r.
Iff. I©* r© J to r\ fitr>. IT H tw© * m© |
j mill wn j-iB.
1 li<j jaekeep#"*, (Hve Mr. Orwntr ■
*nd Mtiafy yoarselvo* of the greet an; j
'•rity of the i©*tr innu>*rtur<l ©y ,•..
24mar 3m.
- ' i j
Ilavirg J weird, in a manner n.u
••mridential. a positive cure fur Cun-un*' <
uon and all Lung L-un j-'ritt*. I l*t n < j
duty to make known in a practical mat.t
* T furnuhing a tamp.* b**Ul. Ir>©
charge. u all auferera, mr only bp.
remuneration being that the mHin©,
perform ail 1 claim for it. The u>g>.-
eat* are of the choicest herbal pr ©t
and perfectly safe ; will b* a©tit fr-e •
Address at -nee. Dr. O. Phelps dm*.
tJrsud Street, Jersey City, N. J.. •>© ..
he bad of J. K. Miller A 2>on, Drucg
OnueHaH. Pa. j.
Henry Reinliart
Offir* -if all *ty lea made on hort. 11 -
'he. Uadertakuig strictly attended u
Charge* reeaooehle IT u •
Nervous Debility.
VMsi Wsskasnsr t*f ,sl—. s vast iiSite < 1
'rr "** i .t* r inhf* i?i i rrrr' tr,"— w * "st** 4
©" u. IW, u slwsr, cant Lf \
Humphrey's Homeopwlhic Bpecifie!
No. 28.
U IMS* ■■ sag mitwsui Um q*wn. dlaMls Itu
t—lse* liy Hint,. ian4>Mtssovnfia SS4 m||.
r-wvm '*• Sena sd M)a>MUM t£s smms ass
a— •!!• IWI oil* iwHscS sue SB IS— I
** l*u.a h lUn rrMM.fl.aSfM atsM rtsl ■!
u as.* en iMcts • ,isU see t:. ■.< ■ ■
a~.tW —U mm r—•#* ml pitmm ASlm,
ttMse**—' Hwiuiltk Ms* Mas C—ess*. Mi
rsttmi St, Use Tet Ilea, y.
W*. P. iCMANCS, Attorney at-)**
Buiietunie, Pa. Offlt a with Ja
McManut. omj. toiu •
/T| atomm. to ratotr oaraad Itom Ur hw
U / / /i* tmu to to dura ■.■lh to mmr
Ujr M Ih. to*laptomt itol . fara
toh thwnS li |n tot IMt taaamSawt:
toi>ulmt4*>wn alchv T Ht **. ff"~-'
Uto. to Mm th. * M* rat arar. oto..
It cmtoatolua* to Vf th. hwMaato- Ttm. *d t*
' MI Ito lUimi t mm H H.ltott * (•
AtfUaMk PotUmS. SM|
Manhood: How Lost, How
JM ptoßh4. to. Mltlm <af Or. Calrartotii'..
(MtonM I'mv m tit radto.l rat* urtOmat m- ■ •
o*ol toNwwwtotonltomw Smiul fwtw, 1. • J
•■urt .toito.l, laptomct. MaM.I t iKiralll Ito'ltotto to MtoTt'to*
■toi,-w|ilto.* 4 Hto. to*m#3
ui4l*k>. or <•*! tiinnitow. *•
Itoft, duKtoittato* into MM* rrar."
pratoto.. Itol to toit ,• .
suf to rtolralto m*4 mUmi to. I.a*|ra' >' ■
latoitol Mtdtrto. to tto tp,liwm nt IM l\. -
imtoitu* ml ■ toad*s( ram .t imp'.t. ■>.,
.ad .Cmttoi h torn*. M vhtok tow* n. ■
mMtor wtot hu milk* m to, imi mra htoto.ll,. ..4 nltoh.
T h Ito tax* alicull to to to* imj>4* pf torj
to 4 ...ri w.a la Ito toad
toil ,■'. ...I, to . ptol* ,am,p. la .a, -4lr~
aa* Mto. aa raatopt qui nua aa to* prat raa. •
aah 41 Amm a, Ma* Varfc ■ ra t'hti Km. it*
t' C.ta*Urtoa,ar
Frin . . frui 60t- to $.)
NILLIS* 0. H M. H.lHiKk. V, I
Patent method f< r m<>winf and .Ut.
Hy or Straw, without extra •
larincr. AgU. finlhed ana int.,.-
' tol by JJellla" proce.t-.uit ell bird-
Uedai Nwartl*t>o all our R. odt *xhi. <•.
al the Caiitennial. lntonvhUon ftoe
A J. h'lU.!* A Co., PiU*burg.. '
IS July lm
sal tht,
L nfj t'MMMT
A volume of thriltioir ihtm U I
eminent hittorian L. P. BROCK E .
(cribins the Rutmunc and Turku :
political, and raiicmu* hittory am'
tmn : their home life, varied CUM.
peculiaritias, the cauias of the rr.
ium at (take— Chrinian again V >
. dan—the mighty internal* of otb * •
involved j Biograpluna of the li
StaUMinan and Ueneraia: Ail K.i .
f lualratad. The book inillioni neeo
\Vanted inauntly, 3,000 agetitt on ,•
liberal term* Andrew
HUBBARD BROS., Publitber*. ?3S s
oin St. Phlla. * ISjoM
. Centre Hall to Spruce Creek
Leave* Centre Hell in the morning am
k return* in the evening. The pronrm -
1 ha* put flrct clats team* and com b- -
li thi* line, giving pe*d and comfort ~
1, tenger*. CHARLKS MAYKA
PpmriM ■
J Harness, Saddles, Ac
~i Th ÜBd.ralKMd, detonuinnl ta iseat *h, w
■ Idemand lorlowar priow, iv.j.srifaUy ~ (to.
' I UU of to. public h> hlaaltok ot
oa* offered t toaot* ctowl Drat*nrO .1
(toapaepla and lha Waaa, the laraaat and mat r.
|*a '■■w'Wi mnlaial of todjfiaa, Haraaaa. Oo'tor,
I Srtdlra, of even daacriptioe aod qaaUt*; Whit*, ft
'la fact ararytola* to oompirtea ffntf elmtrato ,)•
weal, ha a aw offer* at price* ablcfc th An-
■in*,- Uii> >*clu# sal* til Bclkfo&ie
KiWin C. Burts'
ii.Jh- \IKD BHOEB,
8 H'iii , JB, tbe
iri in tki
WVOAMAU * ftlT4lL.lilXM It
| *-tf Skins,
Ml Kiuda of Cosine Wo* IbdeTo
w m.ri h9P StrMl, BJSLLI *>*T*. **•
***> FUSosfoS IfcSo
mMMMsfA4Mkosi^r--. MM *sf ijteee ***■ - -* ' y^"'
mZvdzlssokb ruse oe.
■wyJm So, Ktrocdwey. y. y.
JL SHA(iLKR. Attorney *t Lsw
• CottiuuwiM is Ktiflub tod Gsr.
OSes is Furat'i ssw tMiUdisc.
O h#i*fcjr *i?
O -u. that ib Uoka Ulosrm* to ti.<*
u"T r fL*V , * 4 1? f * il! rwuis
• .• ku|i ti a* run JLuitssbsek, ucU)
> i i*#ii, vkr til hmowimg tkwn
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£<* Kvl<i-l ? Emir* Cost $66
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THIS standani article is com
|>ounril with the greatest care.
it* effects are as wonderful sou
as -atisfactoiy aa ever.
It rcetoras gray at faded hair to
its youthful color.
It remove* all eruptions. Itching
and dandruff. It gives the head a
coolin-. soothing sensation of great
comfort, and the scalp by its use
becomes white and clean.
liy iu utuic properties it restores
tnc capillary glands to their normal
vigor, preventing baldness,• and
making the hair fc row thick and
da a dressing, ao|Mng has been
iv.iqo so effectual prjteiiabia.
A. A, Haves, M.'t)., State A
av?r.of Massachusetts, says, w The
coiistiUicuU are pure, and carefully
for excellent .quality; and
I consider it the Best Pkkfabatiok
(y iW intended purposes.'*
Price, One Dollar.
I? AolrlTighftm'D Dy©
"i This elegant preparation may be
relied on to change the color of the
beard from gray or any other un
dtih'rable shade, to Brown or black,
v tUacretkWk It is easily applied,
bung in one preparation, and quiek
.. and effectually produces a per
• -* merit color* which will neither
r..l> nor Wash off.
J.-:afactured by R. P. HALL & CO.,
• . tj *s m S**Bu h MllttlM