The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, August 02, 1877, Image 1

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    Summer'* (harm*.
Bat terenps, clover, snd fosthiry thistle,
Bntrei fUea, bees. and locn*ts that whistle.
Heliotrope#, ro#e*. and monimir-jj'nriea.- -
These are but snatehen of summer's stories.
Pitwrt* that are blushing to ninnies sweeping.
Taiht'lit* and shadow*, and lily-hud* shaping.
Noon# that are brooding o'er night* that are
tender, —.
Th* are but snatches of summer's splendor.
Waterfall*, river*, and WATCH that are sighing,
Murmur* of sea-shell* on wet leaches tyfug,
WMapen of pine-trees breeze* are bringing,—
These ate but snatches of summer'# singing.
Robins and bluebirds, and swallows * n ''
Twitter*, am! song*, and raptures
Attar of all the whole rear'* sweetness
This is what make* the summer seoinpleteiieas
Tired Mothers.
BY *KS * ITKUT satra.
A little ellow loan* npin your knee,
Vonr tired knee, that ha* so nnicb to bear ;
A chili!'* dear eve* are loeikmg lovingly
Prom underneath a thatcli of tang hit l-.air.
Perhaps you do not heed 'he velvet timch
Of ivarui, moist fingers folding your* ao
tight ;
You do not prise this blowing over much.
You almost are too Ured to pray to-night.
Bat it i ble*si-dne** 1 A year ago
I did not see it a* I do to-day—
We are *o dull and tliaukhws ; and too slow
To catch tlie aniiotune till it slip* away.
And now it aeiin* wurjiassiug strange to ms
fl.-.t. while 1 bore Uie badge of mothcrhivod,
1 did not kisa more oft, aud tenderly,
The little child that brought me iwilv goovl.
Aud if. swna night when yon .t dowu to rvl.
You mis* this c!t*>w from your uivd knee,
Tiiis restless curling head from off your bres*t
This loping tongue that chattel* coo*taully
If from your own the dimpled hands had
And ne'er would nestle in your (vatms again;
If the white fe*: luto their g.ave had tripped,
1 could not blame you for your heart ache
then !
1 wonder *o that mothers ever fret
At Uttle children clinging to their gown ;
Or tl at the fiH>t|irints when the days are wet.
Are ever bitch enough to make vlicru frown.
If ! could find a little muddy boot.
Or cap or y.vj*.i h on my cha>aher door ;
If I oomd ka*s a rosy, resth-s. foot.
And heat its patter in my houio -two morw:
H I ceitsld mend a broken cart tiwhr,
To-morrow make a kite, to reach the skj--
Ti.cre i* no woman in God a wi-rld -vukl way
she wa* more bhsalnUy content than I.
But ah the daiuty pillow neat my own
Is never rumpled be a shintug head :
My mcing birdhng from its nest i* tk w a .
The little boy 1 used to ki< is dead '
An Afternoon's Economy.
I'm sure I've always ajnvfluxl wo
ontv, iun.l practici-vi it Um, for the mutter
of that I bought a set of uiujuliou oulj
v sUTilav ou puriH-c tliut I uughl sicirc
tlic Freach cliuia ; and luaUvkl of taking
that j< weJeti ainmtiff-binl at two huu
ilreil dollars that U mptixi tue so tuuch
when I was iu Now York, 1 weok with
out it, and tvK>k a womlerfiilly taught
anmkr.ig-bird at half the prirv. I'iu ao
- irry the (wmr little tliutg died! I do
iiavo the strangest luck ! Ami tin u 1
never give my servants presents of
money, but always of my iiaif-woru
e! dies, ao they look about as ting*4l dp.
My silk Jrvsaes, hv the way, wear a great
deal longer than other people's stufl
ones ; .> that if they oewt nun e m khe t>e
ginuing, tiiey art) cheaper in the et*l. I
always hffve tiiefu turned Iff Kitty, and
made over wi h somethhig liaudsowe—
velvet, you kuow, to eke out. or lace t>)
! • the era, Acs ; aud although Rex says
they're like the So tch lairvl's hose, of
which there wan none of tlmorigiual left,
on i that it would Ik- a great deal better if
there wasn't si nee the umkiug-over cos'.a
more tiiaii Another whole silk would do,
and all that sort of nonsense, still r--
!naiu the fact that there is an eiqnifute
tire**, as goi.l im new, which costs
nobody a penny; and he can put
that in hi* pipe and ainoke it!
And there's the velvet and lace,
besides, to trim another dress by
iaid-bye, of course—although lace does
fray out and catch ao. Only the other
nigut, running up t> Mr*. Oleasou's cot
tage ou the cliff, I just tlrrew my shawl
over my ht ml—that lovely Chautilly of
Grandma Mursdeu's—ami the wind nlew
it against tlie sweet-brier, and the sweet
brier waved one way and I ran the other,
aud I suppose it will cost me fortv dol
lars to have it meuded, if there is u lace
maker in the city who can meddle with
that stitch. Howevea that's neither
here nor there. I say I approve of econ
omy—at least I do if lie want* me to ; at
least I used to do so—and Rev says I
don't even kuow how to spell the word,
and that when I go shopping, 1 say to
the sidesman, " IY.-ar me, how cheap!
can't you take a little more ?"
It wasn't, you know, as if we were in
any want that we would have this talk
ids -ut economy ; for between the money
that dear papa left and all that Grand
ma Marsden has given me, and the in
come entailed on Rex, we are able to do
pretty much as we please, within,
ami allow ourselves some one great ex
travagance every year. We took* it lust
year iu a foot of wood. A foot of wood ?
I'll tell you all about it But, as T was
saying. Rex approves of economy whoth-.
tr Ido or not; he thinks he tiies; he
says that's the way papa ami Ormnhna
Mnraden ma*le stul kept; and once lie
said that to go on as we were going
would make a prince comu to the* end of
hiapume. Aiui I said, " How do ws go?"
" Ad libitum," said he.
" And how would yon have us pi, I
" AH if there wore a day after to-iftor
row," he returued. a.
"I'm sure, Rninald I'.irka, I don't
know what yott mean. As if there were
a day after to-morrow ! Of conrsg there
is, unless the world comes to unread."
"I don't umai that. I with
some thought for the future."
" Oh, if you only m-nn foresight, I ,
have day after to-morrow's dinner ord> r-
Cii to-day—-white soup, salmou, lol'sU-r
cutlets aud sweet-breads, roast chieken
and tongue, peas and |>otatouH, ami rata-'
tin pudding and strawberry envint—And
T should think that yu forasight enough
for siiy body."
" Dinner enough. A dinner like that
for two! Well, after we've picked a
little of it, what becomes of the rest?"
" Becomes of the rest? How doyni
suppose I kuow ?"
" You ought to know."
" Whv, it goes into the kitchen."
"Ami tlnn?" '
" Reginald Parks! what on earth lias
come over you ? Do you snp|)ose fam 1
going round spying through the kitchen
to s*e if the servunm eat too mnfli|"
" No, I don't suppose you are. That's
just what I say. But I suppose you
should." . ' ;
" Hurry into tlx) kitchen and say:
'Save this,'and 'Don't touch that'—all
dressed for dinner, too! That's just your .
idea of economy. Rex i Take one of my
beautiful toilettes into that steamy,
greasy place where a dinner hss jn-t
been concocted, keep, pethnps, the breast
of a bird and lose a breadth of silk ! You
put me in mind of old Tom at his cider
barrel, 'saving at the spile and spilling
at the bung.'"
"Very inelegant., my dear, I moan
nothing of the sort. If I were a house
keeper, I should go in in the morning"—
. "My morning toilettes are just as
"Oh, hang your toilettes! I should
go in in tlie morning and take my inven
tory and my measures together. And if
the servants knew yon were coming daily
to perform that act of Buperiutenddiico,
it would make the difference of a couple
of dinners a week to u."
" I'd rather take in sewing. I shouldn't
<lnre to look them in the face. The idea
of grudging my servants "
"Olt, Clara, you're perfectly hopeless!"
then Bex wound up, And at that I cried,
and of oourse then he had to console mc;
and it ** a great deal nicer than if we
Hain't quamdeJi
FRET). KUItTZ, Kditor mid l'mpHHor.
" I'm sure I want to cconomine," I
said. " 1 wear silk*, hut Kitty muki *
them; and 1 think they're cheapest in
j the lolig-ruu, and one feels so much ill u v
; comfortable. Aud then you always used
j to like to see me in *.tk
"And so 1 do uow. Of ixuirac I vlo.
1 It isn't tiuit I would ileprivc you of s
single tritle, Clara, my darling, tor any
thing iu all the world; notlung s* togisvl
' for you. It's only- only - YY'hy, you
: never scrutinise an ikxxmut."
i " I ileal with honest jxiiple, I'd be
1 ;i*h.!inn\i tiv "
" Well, the ooUMapielioe i* that you
don't even know the prin • ; unit! -u,
and tlie tnvleouieu whaok i ii any prin
they eh * so. Now what if w< s' tild
Uwe our meonie by any hoeus-| .w;; '
such things have happened. What
should we do?"
"Do? Why, do what other j*iple
do. Everybody aeeni* to get uloug.
Crrxlitors allow you s>metiung, don't
they —so itiueh a day ?" And then Rex
burst out m a great laugh, ai.d cried;
"You are certainly iiiAun. hie, you
lovely little it hot !" Aud w w. re •sT : r
a drive, uud that was the cut if t. it
Every once in a while Reginald u o
to have one of th*e tl;h id evxaioiny.
His mother would say to me, when !■
iiuue over; ' * Aixpnesoe in it; agree with
ium; do your bat to meet hi* wi.- 'ies,
when the tit is ou; he'll .■ * ngct all he
wants of it. " And so he did.
You know our little piixv ori t!u-
Nangiuog bea h ? Well, it i lovely
that we determined to make it our p. r
nuurent home, iuid go t.> the city .uiii n
, hotel for two or three of the w >rl wi
ter montlis, bat give up the city house
ami have only one establishment. Gen
eral Durceau's is at the head *ii tlie clitf,
; and he li\e* there all th' year rouud,a>>ii
Mrs. Gleasoti's directly luljoiuiuc, tu. i
we are down lie!, w on toe 1.-mg neseli,
where I don't,kuow how u.auy ship-. lia\
' come ashore, and no ttud • t tl >tt- ..'u m l
, jet<am, as R-'X i*ull it. Spare e m
ashore; liales; Iwdt'i - hoiiliug Ut! is,
, vlrift-wiaal holt ground to powder; once
I picktxi up a sailor's cap, ami oner, lt
you Iwlieve, a cradle with a little baby iu
it,sound asleep,ami rocking o sw er-ily on
the warex—l did so want to keep t; but,
,of ooarw a mother had to turn up, res
cued, too, on the other side of General
Durceau's cliff. Well, )>ne afteniiJbn
Ilex aud I were walking on the Ikvng
Iwik'li, making believe li*>k fer the
tjuieksund. It was after dinner-tiia*
we lnul exjxeted Colouel M Man us, but
'he hadn't come—and of course 1 was
' nicely dressed. I always do dress for
Rex, but I had taken unusual pains to
day, for Rex had some business reasons
■for desiring to make :ui uuo uur.only
i good impression ou the colonel. The
. colonel was securing a charter for some
tremendous undertaking—tunneling (.' >-
, topaxi or the Atlantic, or aumething of
the sort, sure to make the everlasting
fortune of all included, and Bex wished
to lie included; and the colonel *a* io
irascible, and MI importiut and potni*'tn
and haughty, that we wanted lit* ilnslil
liave the best of everything; .-o in 1
alxwuoe a magnificent dinner was spoiled,
and my superb toilet 1 - I l;ii never
worn my (Ureaa la-fore, either; it WOK just
the loveliest shade of royal purple, a
melted amethyst, and it wa* deadened
' and half eovereil with block luce, my
L**t and dearest, tine as a cobweb. Ui
j course it was no drees for beach-wolJthiir.
i" Let us have a five puuut -' stroll,"
said Rex. " Perhaps U) old Ul ike went
to the Other #*aDon; I'll send Term ee
round;" and I hail ju*t thrown On my
scarf, and gsthert*d rnv dm* up out of
harm's way—the beach couldn't hurt mv
gold cable-chain, nor my pink corals,
iiorn of the sea itself—and ha i ru# after
hifh We ha<ln't taken ten st.*j>s In-fore
1 found that Die fit wu* on, ami th it he
had it Inal. The fact was, that cbnifor
table a# we wen*. R * h:ul become d -
■ cont) ntcil among -.*.*! r ; ' , .c 1 ■.)■-
nursing the idea tliat he should like to
be a millionaire; aiui there were some
excellent schemes aud ch.inecs for iiipi
tal that he knew alsqit, jftul it vt xe.l him
to think be jiod no capital to spare; a i i
he dwelt on it and dwelt on it. It sn mod
to him so ignoble to be living on his
grand ather's entailed estate, and to la*
making nothing of his own, ami a-- we
spent every penny every year,lie decided
that the <no way to get any capital wa*
to save some,ami that I was the one to
save it, and if he could only force tue
into a la-ginning, the thing would Is*
done lv natural momentum. But tliere
oiffild he change the spot* oil tii**
"Sec here," said lie, that aftennsm,
as we walked; "look at thai. Enough
wood to last in tin* round thrown;
on th s shore, and nobody j>ieking uji a
stick of it J"
"It's nothing bnt chips," said 1.
"Chily?" hai'l he. "Let me tell
yon, chips make as good a blaze as heart
can wish. We could bum D: •• ■ i*.*lr*;
in every grate wo have ; and some of
them sire goodly pieces."
"And go without 'mr Ijeautiful sea
coal fire!"
" Our s*a-<y>:il costs u - thirty dollars
a ton, and tla-se c])i|w cost nothing. I
snpposc if tliey .lid cost thirty dollars a
ton, shipA would be chnrtereil to bring
Diem fn*u tho emls of th" earth. As it
is, Terence aonld I** gathering them
when he lias nothing else to do. And ON
for lieanty, Clara, I should 1 ik* to
any one compare the liesnty of an) <*>al
with tiiat of a drift-wood bla/.e, rolling
all manner of splcudid alkaline-'lyel
flashes of color up the chimney !"
" Oh, miiii I, "if iron tfiink it
will be nice to have Iwkets of these
poverty-ftrickan clops standing round
tiiefeisirnis, risking no oid"of a .Inst and
hWer 1 , th** fire f<*l every two minnto*, or
else all out, and the little sjiurks snap
ping everywhere, you'd bettor try it.
There's no excuse for a wood fire iifry-'
way, unless it's of whole logs, with a
tremendous core of red heat, in a huge
chimney big enough to warm a Ciistle."
" But they'll certainly burn in the
kitchen stoves."
" I'd like to hear yon asking Nora to
hum tliem instend of her Lu-kawmina
and Franklin. They'd have time to do
mitliing else in tlie liit<*li< n but feed tlie
fire. 'Tisn't even in the right shape for
kindlings there."
"Clara, I believe you dilain tlie koH
ideaof economizing anywhere."
" I dou't see any economy in ih If it
were necessary, it would twi" a very *lis
ngrecable necessity. But if we can't
itff.ird to buy our coal, we liaJ better
shut up the Louse, and dismiss the ser
vants, and live in a tent, ami lmra our
chips outside it, under Die bake kettle."
"Very practical. I'm glad to see
that you know what a hake kettle i#."
" Well, did you marry me for a cook ?"
" What a little fraud you'd have been
if I had ! Come, don't lie silly. 1 didn't
marry you to be rained by careless waste
and extravagance."
"Oh ! oh ! oh !"
"What do you call it, then ? Here
are cords of drift-wood thrown up with
almost every other tide, and instead of
harvesting it, we lrt it wiisli away with
the next, ami yon laugh at me ami g< t.
angry and call me names if I propose to
save some of it."
"Call yon names J"
"Yes, yon do. You think it's mean
and sordid."
" I never said so, anyway. That's
your guilty conscience. Oh, pshaw J
I think it's silly and very impractical."
" Well, I don't care what von think !
Here's the beach covered with this light
wood, and I'm goiug to call the servants
and have it gathered before dark."
" Y>'ii • n't; f.>r Trivitee in waiting
with tin !• at tlu< other station for
the rv loi .1 toil gave litDe Jim
leave to ,- ! is giwidtnothrr's, oiul it's
Hn.iu. ! ut, atul Kitty lunst
Is ni . to wait i'ii tuhle; uiiil fci
. then - ' ' nt Xout, and she's busy,
mill it iM> i :• work,mill she'd refine ti>
do it, ■ ■, n • i make v*u o ign,
mill I - I a sal Co k.
•' F|Vk 't# to V t HJMlli two
lu-oplt ' .fill }'* ("mailed lvot.
•• I! ' t waiting OU two ,i'o|i|e.
1 They'll i eute of the ground*, the
liormv, ■" i M i.-E, ami eiokiiig kit IHUU
jnutv in l. hill. for us.
•'"Woit, then, if Dale's nobody el*u,
I'll Hi. -It," he • i, le in rutelv -
" I'll i • < ! '
•* \ 1 *it li.iivu here ati.l am- h iw
I long it will I* before voit're tired it.''
'■ > • vvt' iw.lll" he exol.tiiued,
MVHgi . "I uj u o>e it wouhl 1 rrak
votir I (nek tipone* f these chip*."
•I Oh, - ,i . : i i imu, cried
1, i V Ml did tight
just • ten 'if v. ,i want your
v, ' *. I . t . I 1 I .in pick Up
m.•,v . l d,
e l • 1..1U to ki W Kit any
h in v. v -'ii dillu't know
i;it , ltd up e.r i.ret and pinned
•x Im il*h wo I iliilu't have
allot',- ,u a ■••ut nie • ,an that long gold
o?u' \* i . Um d uwM bead thai wa
used t eliniro no, hut 1 qudtr lit m;
k%i I ti* >• a klg't ib my -i rf it wan my
out r* * idereo antl gold it *lia mantle t
mill I iin iiiid >• •! rht Or stick end Uiat
*♦ ,k :d ! !■d them up ?! e beach, mi !
I'el W..n to- gt em tipmid twfi ro
1 knew it t: . was ia' >ok of tin m.tUi 1 1
w ,* delerui'U'M (bat : iv staid, should be
* big .- i. .mil ; ' iu' v lie stopped
aiid a aojvd !■ e d">t < tT Ids hands and
locked mo and laugl d
•• Wh • !o ' :i i at. 1' with your
p.'.* v.h .t d •" . I tie.
"Set 'i:e 16 i". n 1 run away ly the
light of it," at.i i I.
•• So, I wold,I; . -id he. "It W< uhl
iH- .• *. . 'tcr '• I M Yoßr lllls
briud ind tß!,'.-'no ' \nd Ho We did—
fill :* W. i■ i , i r ■ vb-slv to •■* <MI our
Long tmarili, • vs" toad ltex, "I
don't want vo 11 > I'm just g ing
to th. *U the v.- J ■ \ to show Tr
--• ■ rii- ■ tn a spare boor,
mid v.' hi i no
**o" . I tl.-t ; if' o l fun,** said 1 ;
ftn.l at it we vi. r:t an, , sell try in" to
outdo the other; now gathering the dry
splinti" now growing gr> edv and trying
to fet. h iu some l> < *t:ck llvmtiag at
little bight, mi l reae! ■ ; out ftir it, I
ante to l'vse :> y hahtnee mid plunge iu
over sb.w * mid e "l am and ruu—my
beautiful new Fi.-llell lva ta that I hud
pi id twenty 'a •f r 'he last time I
was in town, iu.i tju y itwUnH even do
for Kitty now! Dut v .iter, we wen
having an yal tae.e, and had forgotten
all iilnrnt old (' e.ei M',
" If yon knew h >w ,t made y,,n h*'!:,
you'd take uclt >-\. *e • v rvduv," liet
stopped long e: ugh to get breath uud
say. "Tour •'.< are like two ml
n-.-es" .
And of c c I didn't nt tlint ;
r.ffd a pay h . h or i! wno. ,AJ! at once
1 felt wet t i . ;it .ati I 1 ki 1, and
there wis the si f my dn -* that 1
had piiiu-.-it up itdiy all ■! wn and
drab'il)*!,?id *' '■■■■ t"fit w -t through
with tiu" drippo • of tin i:*t wf**:l I had
save*l, nnd the pti - "Ob, I've l<st
the pin!" 1 cX'.*!:UIBIHI—" uiy beautiful
, Song di ui. iml-boa le. i pin !"
•• Ym rare! WeU, duißt it t m Al
and 1 R " It would Is- idle
to loo! f r t i a tbi* aond and sliiugle—
a needle ~i h-ym w, and a lark liay
•now, t >, i>r ■- • itly. It's gone U> keen
ooinpn - ) w th I. v cuff button."
"Gii, Rv' One of your wonderful
cuff but* I cried, standing still
with my r *■' ph y were nntiqnes —
one of t )• . thin t' y * ,;<l, when
h , , at I! m, that Cellini
hod of d. ■ .a?>h • t' .i U tlnoii
when hit:? up the a:.<- ' d about
the vi: -ii sof C'.w >< a in;aitely
cut jft And Jllst thee, a* I w is ex
elaimii '. a v. o •<• ne running up behind
me and n . • 1 my feet up like two
ninejii!!* ■ I f* 11 face down, ami the
WIHSI n•; . urns struck my neck a-*' of
earvisl <• 'r• • *. uul they ti<'w a liuti
ilml v '!<•• ; at 1 the next iimtaut
there w a um lin my care, and
I felt ti '., i g away from under
in* ;nd i! *rad me just in time ami
pii' 1 • . .iv ne up th** nan 1, and
tin *i !•- s ji.-lt *f the leacli torn
down a . * ,*, i no- r-mils with it
"•'I •> of a m'ab bmed lrencli
d; by tl * " vi*,'" said U*x,
!. . I ■' :'■! be crying.
. *' .' . | . i .liking!" I ;
er;. . Ii cjtc . ' < I was—iu
the * o. ' i i i ba<l always
*i the Long
beocb, ■ !• i never believed
:n beeu .-e * • -.ilW-t Had it. I'll be
sncki .l 'u i a ifio*c* t t!' T f hricked.
" H tib: ;• • pull i•: a* uudftrricatli!
Board**-um *k -aie f •! - p!anlf GL.
?. i' R v ! YVlint a lion o death ! I'm
■/iritig! i. goo.l bye, dr.ri hp" i And
the hist I new I ■rv !*i :: tint OH bis
face era win' r t*war i sue •*• r t.le aatid.
And "i'e;i I opeijii ! i v *") is again, I
. wni it: <. • b -u, v.; hlt •< bisngjiig
d f-t .■ ; lv ••• * !:e f*,! • f if, Ulil trie
de -i >i ji-tttiiiga :KH>*l 1 ;'tween my teeth.
a- '■ all :be . ,ij in t ! *e liotiffe liuriiir.g.
Y i.l i I *I . en dy should linve
iattpli ! N '?" ii J i •*! just within
t(. *, ■ < ; ih di- in in holding
-;■*.■■ * . ! ami tinery
thai -ie woul ' able h> lliake
over for horself,
•• S . .• ' •• * • -kaip iu next
: lay, " i i i • •:;?! wintnff ax |
,ll* i* • tli* Y t. •• mouther wan
t!it v-11 e*.; ' • MC- him."
Wind c t n ? aid L
" T ■ %yi;i I '■ nil to fetch an'j
* tnlsw. i>."
"()'*, t'.i* •' if. I i'ii I Tlnsu lio'b ;
"A r ' !!.'•*• te toknn, whin
he f**i 1 iere w > ■ iv .owl to rewive
him, fh>* d *h. * ■>, 'ltoa cinder
as I tow 1 i ii • .a- ■.• rlookcl like,
be lare- i; • - tlowu, ni' v 'twos Tod I
should i hln a). " \ftiH mul at
imat, in* n u intie am' - And Nora
turned owav, h.*r nv ;• her njiroU and '
hr JIOII* u t • ...r. JUit the sarcasm
*i!i!*.' Iter 'oil -da eu'.io b .ek ]>res- '
• "Y J dot ■it P sunt she—
-1 ; ever -ere *ii v.. *. v ants the least
iri.ipei't fi-r i "1 was that scared
win-u iwe a• 'f lwiugiu' ye in, n
111:.,}' i i mil .. in- •• hile 0* the Imek
of .tu* lmii' , hi' 1 lorgot intir jly the ;
ii* s'ge f, i :• >!*.*!: I J'.'ft, the divil
liy n vi-y with !"
" M*s.ftge
"J, t that. , 'ive Mr. Parks hia i
can., nnd ;fy t t C*>b>uel M'Muiiua—
bad eisH to the Tike* of him!—hud no
time to travel n litiudi r miles twice f" j
When I was well and about again, we
wi ro out on tie* J. nig beach another
twil.• lit, but tu! ng c;.cel!i'iit euro of our
fftejK„rn 1 koepifli quite on this side of
the two great jui •* of drift-Wtaxl tfuit
lulorii'*,! i;,
"How muea wikk! do you suppose
there it i - these piles, Rex?" I asked.
"ITou'i know. Maybe a foot."
"Ah 1 lb -v abaurd—aud the piles
half ft-s i.-i as iam I"
"OU, in it . tiy more. An eighth of a
coril ii- i f tii * t large. ♦
"And bow much is wood a cord?" I
persisted, wjtji aggravating iicrtiuucity,
"On, ennie now, Clara, I kuow what
you are driving at. Eight or nine < 1-
lara ami he swore a littlo umler ln
breath, I thought.
" You'd better I" aoid I. " There's a
• dullar'H wetih of wood tlieri t llXe to
crtitmixe my iu* iitnt*, vmi know let'h
i e w imt it * -it ii-* , one ilianioud-lu'itilctl
pin, one Carinl eond ueeklni-e, one
amethyst silk )lre-n, one Drumo-i* Wn
overdii tine pan .*/ I'leneli boot*, one
India mantle, one pneelr i and antique
intagho, one dri Hiiit, one pair >f
Paris p;iu*r, dictor'a and druggiat'w
ImHi. f*< r coutru, one/lift of"
" And the whole i t it." cried lb<x, " a
tl t! .', .t b • ifellc, i mere fr.ietiou. it
e -it in the elianeo iu M'Manna'great en
tcrprine, tiiai i jiiHt iui euro to win ie> the
sun is t< um* to-morrow. A deuced
dear foot of wood ! Gl-tru, 1 never mean
to preach or practice one j ■! or tittle of
eiHiiiomy again. \V< may at uae, but
we'll Uever eoouomixe !"
" Tliwt'a a dear Iwiy ! Now let's burn
it ; we piled it up to burn, you know."
Aud 1 had iii teluil hi> I itch iufe, and
was numoig to the p.tei, Ri \ following.
"There it goes I" aanl I, at l.*ut, MlU
fortably n-treutiug. They "ro fmuiral
pvrei. We'll throw *■ tliem all our
" And our desire t be UlilllitaUreii."
" And our quarreling,"
" Aud our fear of coming to fir® jwior
Aud t.-- the great ruay sheets of cnu'k
ling the went wallowing up the ibtik
purple i toe lute twihght, and uiuking
the hum i •:,* pi-irent U fi te it, uny
laxly up in GineraiDun uu'a window a,
lookug UOWU, 'light ||\. iCetl two
. nay >•*: ng to*plv, u *.: tiu-ir -irnw
o* .tewcli other in • liglo, wlo fill
that they wore .i-.j-u*g 11 <\** o>o*.
iti life aud tli' s' iii bi'la.— r'f
lift uf.
Gil IH e|, 1..
U laUMneetillv* of tin lUnthll Av
cn-ty, of B i.idi 1). t rqui ais.u reod
~ } r ou tins si'.lijocL
Att. nli v.,.,* ,1 r>vt. t t> • 11 ..c o'
thetoi'gue iudyiie;-i . A •leepiyiissiired
t. !;_u Ken ; :eie t little ; v 'e-mo* * thin
white fur iv.iu|sa<sii • i luinut dot*,
wan gencrbliy found along w th pa i im
mediately after fnil. l'an afu-r a longer
interval w:e> ucrairupanicd by a pole,
ti ibby tongue, with r.ddiali ti* ami
i-eiitcr. The treatiueut of dylie|iiia i\/i.
hinted of two' juirtn, t!iat f !,i and
that of ilrtiL'n. The intt. r was the pi in
cip.d p:u't with pati.-ntn applying for
gratuitous re! ef. The pain or *nrring ly afti-r fust w..i uiqaliy ir
lii-vtal by alkuites ; win Tea* a. ate were
indicated win re Hutfeniig w . * no' ex
jH*rieiieed until an lionr or two after the
i-ommeiKvnient of the digwtive act,
per the relief of the iiiiuxia ami iii'k-
UCKS reiuahiiug aft*r the ls>woU were
thoroughly cleans) d, nothing was no
effectual a* luairlv dn'li d-w of iis-ca
cnanitu wine. Nui vimiiea wim 'in
valuable remedy. I'a.n might lie but
the protest of the stomach iqyonst nut
overload, or IM* the result of deficient
toue from genend nervous rxlamxtiou.
In some i*a.M>* each nioul w.w foiicwei by
duirrinea ; and for tln~e r-.n attention
was ilirnated to Kmger'a plan of unnuto
dooos of tin* liquor hy.lrargyn i*relilor
!i. In s}*aking of diet. Dr. K.uqultur*
-'U ptiiuttil out tit at tlie re are llirt*
forma of dvapvpain : 1. The dt -ja'p -ia of
tin ids, is* , t in call oil, where tlie st' iiuach
MH'iiis intolerant of all forma <4 thud ; .
i. The dtgewti vw derailgmiiellt following
iutcmpsnuiee m Uie in *tt r *f animal
! ; ami Til * dyajw-; :• e uineet'il
witii iiMluh.-eiiee iu tea, >r otlug warm
.nut weak infusioiia of tonuin.
1 tterh Uirkles* Betting.
Sji .iking of New York br ki i ai.d
.some of tiieir petmharitica and tjiieer do
ing*, a corn** j undent *ya : M. at of t!ie
young men among them (and it i* aauui-'
.Ailing how fi w old lllU'j* Ui'Xe ii .to have
a paaiiim for athletic sports. They are
fond of Inmting, rnnuing, jniuplog an i
the various Other out- h*or ex e'iee*, aiui
several Of the atldetie cluliw of the city
have more lirok<-ra and l ank clerks
among their numbers tlian t!iey have of
any otiier ela-s. Tin* brok'T* hud a Iswit
race on Harbuu river the other day t! .it
furnished plenty of ainn*.- m< ::t lor all
who witueHMal it. When the I'tcliiuige
ehis,* 1, nt thn o'clock, tin y - , ..rt*d for
ilarleia in large niuu'eeri, ik:*'g music
ill the air a* they proceeded. I'iio ro
was a good one, but not Ix'tter than
mauv others; bnt the feature of it that
made th* whole affair e\ '"PC, Tiul was
the* tembie f i e b**tleri.
Po*il soiling was not allowed, bnt the ,
linaneiiil backing of the rival crews was
absolutely fearful to Dimk "f. "I'll go
a million on wldtc n<l bhu , ' reared one
broker. " Trn millirttiH on n I!" yelhsl
u.other. "Tliree milli 'in on white!"
ImwlediWthird. " Five millions on rmi!
" Who'll tiike t* n million* on whUo [
" Twenty millii <i?s our .1' ' "1' fty ruil
li.>ns on wliite !" '* A iiuiuiri i milh 'U'!
'• Five hundred "lillion*- !" "A thousand
millions!" "Five tli ui::iiul iniCion* !"
There woh euongh money Ik-, on tlmt .
ran* t* }>av e'V t'i national debt of the i
world. Tli y are lively !>■ 'own, tlien*
broken!, bik' i'ihm! fei', ♦< Nowoe*i ;
then Pffiv go riito norsense pretty exten
sively, jilt fo fun, b tvi *i mve.r catch
one of tii'-m ase* p wli*a tli 'n* :• any
basinesH t • lo done, and 1 "• ri*c ii"vr
biuxn a ra"e <>f t. Ie charity to upjo ii t*
then, in vain.
Killed bj tlie.Miiiif of J H<.
A distressing ovsut 't->*urrMl *t Ly-l
ncy recently, ;u.l was i! .< snbj<rt of n .
••oroner's inquiry > the f "Howing day,
viz., the death of Henry ljnrkli i,
a retired fanner, from the sting of H I *•*.
It Appeared from the evidenee given
(store Mr. M. !•*. Carter, divisional eor
iner, that at ihint five o'clock Mr.
Larklintu was in IUM H m'agnrdi n, and on
pausing in front efthobtsiiiu•,.received
a sting upon the temple. Tut* old gen
tleman at once returned t J t!••• house,
nn<l asked a young limn named Loyd to
fetch tin* hi no hug, which wan <loue, and
tlie lijui<l blue was applied. Loyd like
wise, at the request of Mr. Lnrkhni.i,
took iiu egg from his pocket which ho I
had gathered froni mu st. Upon silting
down in the yard. Mr. Lnkhani had ,
fainted, and was bathed with vinegar
and water. This, however, proved a
|iowerlciW restorative, death superven
ing within i quarter of <tu hour after the
sting. Dr. Oifnhtct-t was called at the
inquiry, and stated that ho hud been
sent for, but dcccawd died before hecotthl
reach the lionse. Ho laid since ex- i
amined the U>dy, ami found a wound
upon the right temple intlicted by a lee.
This it was which caused death. U|a>n
this testimony the jury returned their
I/uuloii Thieves' (Juick Work.
London deserves the palm for having
the most daring thieves on record. A
man went to sec a house to rent in a
street near Prury La no. He left the ;
home standing nt tho door and returned
in five minutes. The horse and buggy
were there still, but everything else was
gone. Tlio thieves of the vicinity hud
stolen the gig-lamps, tho apron, Die rug,
the cushion and the whip; they had
filched the very blinkers, head-stall, liel- >
lyband and k>cking-strnp off the pony ;
and however that exemplary animal had
consented to remain unharnessed be
tween the shafts might be considered as
next door to a miracle. Captions people
might object because homo and all were
not stolen, but such unfair criticism is
disarmed when it is remembered that
only five minutes' time was given to
make way with the property.
C A T Cltl'l 1,1. AIW.
line Tksit.nsil IXiti rrai liiml. Ultra Tksi
Vrrd Ylarr Vumrroin Till* trsr Iks*
I sasl.
A number of eibceit* w ho have gardetiM
state thaieuterpillura are more niiuieroiut
this y ear thou usual, and that tliey de
vour the leaves of viutw, shiuhlci v aud
trei i. In souie of the garden* tlie outer
piiiar* are searelicst for under tin*
leaves of grape-vim-s and various kinds
of vi-getstton every .lav, and large num
ber* are caught and kilhd.
Diflercut spcotes seleot different Luuos
of day for fetwling; some eat at all l!*>ur,
some iu tlie morning and evouiug, aud
oilier* only at night. A ktiowhwlge of
(lies, lialilts i*of great mivantage for the
easy destruction of many pests of the
gaixion. When attempts arc tmuto to
catch tlie caterpillar* some roll l'i<-m
--t.Tit i into a nug uud remain as if demt,
the hairy Hill's leiM'Ulhliug little loxige
hogs; others fall instantly n> tiu* grouud
ami try to escape by rspi-1 lligiit, and
some attempt to defend themselves by
various motions of the body.
Some sJsH'ie* herd h'getln r iu great
numbers, constructing their silken hnbi
t.itinus in eoinmou; oilier* live solitary,
extMutoil to liglit and air, or protected in
rolled leaves or silki it sheaths; other*
burrow in the gtouud, or conceal them
])•- in tin* stem* of plait an I tin*
I ulpy substance* of leave*, lire pro
•H- uouory " oatuipiilar*, wlrce t.:-y quit
tliei; n< st, go in a regular uroi e.-sioi., a
••ingle eute, pillar ti*>l aud t 1 en t! wi iu
-ingle tile,* i two, ihiecatn: tour ..ho .it.
The lino li op bet n the lumu*
tluu t'*, iisod oj one i* nex-*- Iffj'i*ul
that uf MmrtJu* iu the r *w, Tcv foim
tini* ranks. inarei. .aid halt w.tll the
pj si on uf cddie:-.. Auotlter -lawn**,
V iiiioou in pine forest* illid living t('-
.!. ~ Walk ill proee**lo|, ill eii.glo tile,
of'en very long, tt head of eiu-li in c* >u
. ~*t w tli th t*:' of tiie o*l- in a ivniioc.
(Yiterpillari vary greatly in iurtu and
*]**e. 't he body Is in Solas cases
suioith, i'lothi-ra hairy, ami even spiny,
\Y her< the middle portion uf til** b*dy is
unprovided with feet the enterpiilai
Hilopt* tile lUvhod or liK-iwii luntmer of
Walking. These species u|v callixl span
ner*, lo.!]x*n, surveyor* ami geometer*.
Siaiiv, when in n state <f re|*M*, fix
themselves by liio hind leg* only, and
project in a rigid condition from
brane!*i. Ia the Northern SiaU-s there
are shoot I,<H*G different kin.l* of butter
tie i and inotii*. As each female lav*
from 2iW to 500 egg**, tliose *|**ci',
from a single female each on an average
pnsbiiH* in a year 900,000 cnU'rjiillar*.
Iu France aud Belgium the law* require
the jwitple to kill the caterpillar*iu their
•<! chardffwad gwrdeu* under the janalty
of u fine.
The rapidity of the growth of cater
pillars i* truly astonishing. There t* no
mi uud at uil ootupsrahle to it f< . \orari
ty, for some sjweies will in twenty-four
hours more than double their own
weight. The silk worm, during the
tinrty day* in winch it attains its full
size, euti 50,000 times it* weight uf
M"*t cat. rjtiiiar 5 ftsl on vegetable
substance*, roots, buds, seed* fuel evu
•In* w<s*l uf plant*. When they are very
Uitmen it* srareely any plant escape*
tln-irtt.K*k. Butterflies ilej>iit their
>*gg* on the parts of Uie plants which
will furnish an easily occeasible supply
of fiK*i to she caterpillar wiien it i*
hatched. The.r egg* are found giiUxl to
fruiti ami flower* that are to produce
fruit*, !H*IW !S*N tlie very jietal*, so that
the young And themselves surroinnhd
iy an immediate supply.
An Eagle re|x'rtvr aaknl F. Herman
.•lieok'-r, tiie well known entomologist,
wl.y coUxpillare are more numerous tin*
.year than usual, and he r< plied ti at it
rim a difficutt matter to give a latisfuc
lory reason. Why it i* that there are a
great nuuiy of tli<*sc imwvte some year*
and O'lnjianitively U v other year* line
a* \ t not been ascertained by entomolo
giito, excepting Home vears more
< gg* may la* laid by the lepiiioptcra, and
the egg* and inn-eta may betti-r tva|ie
Uieir numerous enetniea. In Enghuid
,i c-rtaiu kind of caterpillar apjutred iu
very large mnnliers one year, and during
the ensuing eight rear* not a single enter
pillar of this ijHyiea w:i* wen iu all Eng-
I rnd. —Etadittff Eayte.
Tiie efficacy of hlood-iirinking for oou
sumutivc, nervous and dyapeptio ni
valni* i* being freshly heralded to the
public by a St, Louis paper, A visit to
tlie suburb of Butchertown " revealed
:• DM rejHirter thai during the year a
considerable number of person*, mainly
eotisumptiveH, frequent the sluuubh** h)
irtake of this remedy, and several
; jifoiiiinciit physiciauH of th)' city certify
-heir belief in its beneficialfleets. At
one time five or t patients were hiking
' tlii* Htr.iiigi* medicine at oueof the larger
daughter houses, and it issaid that utter
lie Jirrt nausea and ircrsion wa re over
:c, ~n their daaire lor the nourialununt
vaa intense. I; it Die initiation c v< iy
1 hard, lir - ut t>' a nervoae . THOU
!' ing slocking OIK-, which na- to la* '
tepm.teil tpiit- qft"U ere it Income* '
ui iiiliar. The sen are dragged in by a
windlass, k* • , ked iu Die haul ,iud th *n
'* stuck. ' As the cnrvnit of life floml* ,
from the ga*h, flu' cttpa or veasel* ari'
held t! receive it, ami it i* drank in
fautly, with all the warmth of healthy
vital action uji-n it. tu t!ii* wav alone
u o tn! r - go*l, iuid a* may bo mi.lily
•imagined it require* some exercise of
nen'es to indulge in the <qiermtion. 'Die
taste for blood when once acquired, how
ever, <li** entirely away with the nausea
which atteiids it* flr*t use. Tt i sweet
ui taste, resembling fresh milk, and the j
patient desire* it quite as much a* a
I strong, healthy person would a good j
meal when htmgTy. It i* for from Iwing j
unpalatable, ami a moderate fondness
for it ia acquired iu a comparatively
short time. One physician find* that it
is not uooessary to subject his patient*
to the repulsive surroundings of the
slaughter-house, but places the freshlv
drawit Ivlood in n Rteant-wnrnied bottle
and then iu a can filled with hot water,
i*oiivcyiug it as quickly a* possible to
Die drinker. He has effected a number
of cures by Hits means, and is in the |
opinion that when consumption is treat
ed in this manner its progress can be
arrested unless the disease has made
most serious inrmwls upon the lungs. It
hus also b<>en found most efficacious in
cases of wasting of nervous fiber,atrophy
and morns iii nil. Another clas* of patient*
gain strength from inhalation and ab
sorption of the peculiar particles which
ids mud in the atmosphere of the slaugh
ter-house. This peculiar and impalpuhle
process is undoubtedly the ni<..:>s by
whicli bntdiera noqniro snoli exceptional
health and wonderful strength. These
patients merely sit in the apartment for
an hour or two at a time iu the morning
and afternoon.
The BepDis of Degradation.
A little girl six years old was found
lying on a stoop in Sullivnu street, New-
York. When they took Iter to the sta
tion-house it WOK discovered that she hod
been turned from her homo aud was
almost starved to death. A few* minutes
later a hopelessly intoxicated woman was
brought into the station. Slie was the
mother of tlie little one, but so drunk
that she could not recognize her own
child. A policeman was dispatched to
the resilience of the uiifortuuate*, where
the father was found insensible from in
toxication, uud with another child, only
a little over two year# of age, half starved
I to ilcuth like her siator,
Haw * 11**4 al lltl*MMilif* I.M bt • Nrw
\ alb l,awrr, t*rfiUrd.
, Away back in IHSO or IMSI A young
man named frwm uitule hi* uppeuruun
ill the old eitv of the angels. It* An
geles, Cid. lie wai full of oaths, and
waa ooisaiijiauied by fifteen or sixteen
young bliuies like himself. One of his
virtues wu fruukueos. Ha annoniiee.l
that lie and his follower* were en ruute
to Mexico, and tlint their errand was to
roh. Don Iteiuto Wilson wa* a; that
time in husitios* in L m Angeles, lie
witnessed the Oiivent of this lawless band
with eoinfldurable disquiet, an he hod a
large *t<*'k of good* iu shire, and won
not entirely r<wigued to its hsus. Irwui,
tin- leader of the baud, however, sought
lus acquaintance. The brigand proved
to be a young lawyer, of a good New
York family, aud a very a<*oomplish< d
and fascinating fellow wiUixl. lie told
t lull He into that he uexl not be alarmed,
that he lUteUiled to reserve hi* lawluas
operation* for Die Mexican people, olid
OU these term* hi* lutimocv' could Hot
well IM* reject**!. At Du* time the turning
excitement hod called must if Die L>*
Augrleiios uway, ami the polished and
handsome Irwin had everything hia own
Irwiu b- i in* iv.afxierah-* o l neluded,
nfh*r M<u.e weeku, that the ttiiie had aim**
f<*r Uieir departure on their marauding
exprnlition. On iheir paaaog to Bau
Deruiudiuo the m* >la of Lttgt :ittraet
• I tiieir attention. The) covetsd a unm*
Ist of hi fine horse*, oral suminaniy
appropriated iheiu. Tin* act aa* des
tunxl to cut short what . tghi lmve
proved tu lm a long uid jir uqwrou*
Ctr<i*r of crime. Ltlgo wain a:i tertde
in r-> mrces. The 1 iieguin** or (Jaliuilla
tril*! ul Indian* were at that time pretty
i.i incMua al ut Han Hernardina. They
w e.r approached by Lugo, wlto propoaed
to tneiu that they liiotild lie ui ainbu*n
for Die robber* ua tliey ivale through the
S..u Tim t<" '-uiiyun. Tl.< Indimi* con
sent. J.
Tiie lad day of the baud s etav in Hm
lternardinoh ul *riired. They ceh*l>nit<*d
it bv an orgie of unexampled abandon
during the night. With brain stujs-tivl
with aguardiente, Uicy foihd to pay lie*l
to Die duiky idmngiues who were scat-
U*r<>l around Die town.
The advent urera' road lay along what
is now of the most charming region*
of southern California, tdigiad a* it iaby
the pooch trres aud orange groves of Die
Van Lenvens and other pro*i**rtus pro
imetora. Out through where old Sou
Bernardino stand* they made their war,
striking Die San Timoteu canyon,through
which now lanh the trains of the Soutu
eru Ihtcific. Without a thought of earth
ly ill they ruh\ under the guidance of
an Indian. They soon reached a narrow
|*rtiou of Die roadway, overgrown with
chnpjtani!, vagi* hruili and cactus. Many
a brain was throbbing in the cavalcade
with memories of the orgies of Die night
before. Twenty shots rang out on the
mr from tin- rifle* of the Indiana who
w*re am bin* hetL Tlie few who etacajied
instant death were aeronlrd short shnft.
The ktnfe or the rlubbed rifle did Die
IVarl* of Thong lit.
There l* hope in extravagance; there
i i* none in routine.
Tin* blast that blows loudest is noon
Each succeeding ihiy u Die scholar of
that which preceded.
Assurance never failed to get admis
sion into the house# of Die gn-at.
Envy, muong other ingredients, lias a
mixture of justice iu it. We are more
iingry at mideservoi than deterred good
A pavaQdnste and jevcngefn! hanper
render# a man unlit for advice, deprives
j him of hi* reason, and r>>l>* him uf all
Dint is great an.i noble in hia nature.
Affliction ran withstand very severe
storms of rigor, but not a )>olar frost of
downright iudiffereuoe. Love will sub
sist on wonderfully little hope, but ncfl
altogether without it.
N 'tilingcan W more unfounded than,
! the notion tlint a love of reading, or of
science, or of any kind of knowioilgc unfit*
a iu.ui for hia doily occupation, or makes
I him diaoanteokvi with it.
A man diseased in laaly can have little
joy of las wealth, be it ever so much. A
golden crown cannot cure the iHvadnchc,
nor a velvet alipjwr give cose to tlie gout, ;
' nor a purple rope drive awuy a burning 1
IK more prudent for your children j
than jH'rliaps you have been for vrxirself. '
When tliey, too. are parenta, thev will
: imitAte von, and each of yon will have
prepare *i happy generntur, who will ]
tnuisniit, together with your memory ,
the wurahip of your wisdom.
A Brave Yonitg Dither.
Tiie Queen of England luw • oofvnw
the All**rt ine lid of the second claes ou
'Acting Hnb-lieutouant Yithur James
Arrhitai -I Montcromcric, R. N.. of her
majesty's ship lmn.ortalito fit the
morning of the Sth of April, tlie humor
tnli;r iM-iug* under plain sail, making
foil; iml a half knot*, the lookout r -
i* ito.l n man overloard, who proved t>
!• Thomas Hocken. Mr. Montgomerie,
' who was on the bridge, on hearing tbc
cry, jutnjH-d after him. He made for
Hocken, aaking if he could swim, U
whicli llra'kcu answered: "Yea. *ir,''
but he did not seem to Ive moving vigor
ously. Mr. Montgomerie thcu got hold
|of him, hauled him on hi# buck, and
towed him to where he, Montgomerie.
supposed the life buoy would lie, but
j Hcing no relief Jie told Hocken to keep
j himself nth ctt while he took hi* clothes
! off. Wliilc be waa iu Die act of doing ao,
Hocken, evidently sinking, caught hold
of him by the leg#, and dragged him
down a considerable depth. Mr. Mont
gomerie, however, succeeded iu getting
clear and swam to the surface, bringing
the drowning man with him. Hocken
ws* now insensible, aud too groat a
weight to supjvort any longer ; aud find
ing that liis ouly chance of saving him
self wus to leave Hocken, Mr. Mont
gomerie relneantly gave up the hope of
saving him and struck out for the ship.
In the meantime tho aliip's course waa
I stopped, and two boat* were lowered, by
one of which Mr. Moutgomeric was
jiirkixl up. Had not Mr. Montgoraorie
been a powerful swimmer, he would
have had little chance for life.
The Butcher ami the Widow.
In tho court of common pleas, Dublin,
a butcher named Knowle# sued Mrs.
Caroline Verselioyle, now Mulligan, for
breach of promise of marriage. They
met on a steamer bound from Liverpool
to Dublin. Hhe was the mistress of a
flue residence —Roebuck Hall—and the
mother of three children. The
plaintiff i* a widower with one child.
Boon after their first meeting they be-i
oomo engaged to bo married. As they
were of different religions there wa*
ililllculty al Hint their being married in
Dublin, and they went to Liverpool, j
where they had to remain fourteen day*
I "'fore the registrar would marry them,
the expense* of their stnv, S-toO, being
paid by Mr. Kmovies. In the mean
time the lotiy'H friends induced her to
break off the match and return to Dub
lin, where be subsequently married a
dealer in periodicals. After twenty j
minutes' deliberation the jury gave tho
plaintiff 81,000.
TKKMB: s£.oo a Yoar, in Advi moo.
.yirr To Mrs JmuM *k Map* a Mass
war T••.
Ou the itage route Itetweeo Ellenville
and Summit villi*, X. Y., la a huig, stoep
hill known a* Uudd'a If ill. A* the triage
containing Mrs. Jane llollingawortii and
two annul children, William Brum and
Jsme* Low, the driver, had just begun
DID d< scent of the hill one day recently,
the pole *lij>|M*d through the neck-yoke
and the stage ran heavily against the
none* heul*. They at • moe started at a
furious tat* down the hill. The driver
dropjasl the rein* and jumped from the
itvge to Die roailiid*. Brum, who uecu
' pied tbk seat with Low, sprang oat at
the buiue time. Mr% liolliugswortli and
tier two children occupied the rear seat
iu the stage, an I there waa uo possible
way for her tu eissue from it, if she bud
thought it wise Iti Jo ao. Beotng lugwelf
and children left to their fate by the
men, ho detcrtuimxl to make a desperate
effort to save tlrair live#, if possible; al
though, with Uie team pluufiug madly
down the strep declivity, without re
straint or gui<lanue of a driver, and the
ouacii i *uymg froiu aide to aide threaten
ing luiaueutarily to Is* capsized d**wn th
h'gh I auk yu the lawn side, the citaisoes
; r <e|ie from death aeetned iliia in
deod. Mr*. Hoilmgaworth <*Lmbtred
over luu throe hlgh-l*u*ked # I>C
tv eeu ii r and Dm? driver's box, tint quiet
ing i r children, who were screaming
iu terror, with the H**ur.iiic< that olie
wool! i. re them. Reaching Die driver'#
Seat :h< WOH oompellcd to climb oV r Ui
board to tfce tongue of the com h,
imtw the two fronti<- li ■**, to gmu
IMMMiiuo of Die rein*, which had apjwr
eriDy is *u flung o**er the home*' hack*
hv t' e ternr-Htrirken drive?. Mr. H.
TJlni .u, of Middle! vn, wbowat driving
up th * hill, saw the stage Uatn dashing
over toward liim, jurt as Mrs. HolMag*-
worth hod in*ur* 1 the line# and wa*
elimb jj; back to tlie driver's *-wt. Tall
man aj * she was as pale a# h-ath, but
| dutch tl the lines firndy a* Die stage
' Joshed by bis wagon. ll say* fee ex
poctcii t) see the ooach hurlad mer tilt
hank ai Die turn in tiu rood hciow, bat
the c i.ageous woman by moat miracu
ioui in ugDi suixwedwd in pulling the
hurv.ti close along the base of the hill on '
the upper KMle ami rounded Die curve in
, safety. Tall man and other* who had
*itii<"-md the thrilling scene, hurra !
after Du* flying stage. They came in
sight of it, and saw the horses palled
skillfully against tiie hill br Mr*. Hoi
Ihiraw.vrth, until Die fury oi their career
was broken, aud then were adroitly
turned off at a level place m Die rood
aud brought up against a fenoe, where,
after several iueffeiiaal plunges to free
themselves fretu the obstacle, tfeey came
!to a atamlstilL When Die iu**n come up
the brave woman wa* still holding the
lines, bnt wa* uneonaeions. Where the
lines had been wrapjted about her hands .
they hod almost buried themselves be
neath the flvsli, and blood streamed from
the ugly gaahc# thev made- The einl
•lren were tiU crouching in terror in one
corner of the conch, locked in each
others arm*. There wn* not a scratch j
on the horaea. not a break iu the har
ness. nor the slightest injury done to the
ooaob. Mr*. Hollingsworth waa at once
taken Uf tiie nearest house lusl given the
liest of care. Hhe soon r<-covered, and in
nu hour or ao had the strength and
nerve to nroeeed ou her journey in the
some omen and behind the same lire-sea '
wit ii wliicb site had liad so tembie an
experience. Sb e says b never ejtpootod
to nee her childnre again when i she left
Uiem to attempt the mm vol rf the h am.
lfrr bravery and prowess mode her a
heroine, and the crowd that hod been
drawn to the scene gave Iter Duee hearty
cheers when Die stage finally drove on
wiDi her ami her children. Mr*. Hoilmga
worth iff about thirty year# old, and of a'
alight frame.
A Trre'* Remarkable Yayage.
The Cincinnati 7?wr prints a com
munication which res-Is; On the fanp
- owned by James M. Jones, about two
mile# nortu of Tremont, Clarke county,
Ohio, there stool a tree ou Die north
!uk of a very rapid stream coiled
■ Storuos creek. By Die constant washing
aw*y of the soil under the tree, it was
caused to ban over Die water so that it
was deemed necessary to cut a portion of
the top off about eighteen fact from tbe
roots, and by so doing, it partially re
sumed it* natural erect puaiDou. The
top that wn* sevens! from tho trunk wa*
dragged immediately around the curve
where the tree stood, for the purpose of
i protection to the bank of noiL During
: the freshet* of this spring and winter
I ttierc was a quantity of drift gathrreyl at
that jK-.i't suffieient to turn the current
of th** sirestn a little way from the tree.
Next i that remarkable onat of June
! 21, last. When all this valley wa*
fimxlcd, th * tree wa* dislisure-i and
i! *s'.* ' down the *tmim about .Mtht vards,
crespi' i tl e many obotoclea tliat lay
I along i* source, siich as lirge tree# and
Jogs, uud lauding al>out tlTfeeu yard*
fram tue main e.UTcnt of the stream,
upon a luink of soil wliicli appears to
have Ik en left for this {MtgxM, a* on
• iUier s de Diore i- mkliing tail gruvtl *
audi- sod fox mauyyards. Thorie who saw
this lotd!v tree fl*.itngdawii stream, my "
that it kept an c -eet jsithr.i gb litig
sniooihly during ite voyog. lown This
tree m o" the blue a*h nmcic*. mess-'re*
at Did not* over seven fi>et iirnund, ami
is atemt eighteen feet long to -where Die
top wit cut off. The trunk i* l* unDfullv
supplied with bronciiee with an utnunal
uuifoi iity. The foliage is fl mriihing
Iwuiilfoljy, and slioxni no lign* of wiUi
oring. Around Die lw* of the tree is a
quantity of aod, which give* protection i
to the r *ots, all of which floated down j
in it - stnral jxiition, and lsud' d on
this little elevated spot of -oil. .At Un
edge of the grecu sod, gravel aud wsud
were washed np, eanpletely covering j
the oipsid* roots, and forming a beauti
ful littb* moond. At this jdaoe it is
alxitit six feet from tlie level of the crook,
and along Die public read, which makes
it a ceuteref attraction iu all this ivunty. ;
llow Anaconda* are Captured.
The anscotula in Die Zoological Gar
dens, London, which lias luwti consid
ered quite ft re*i>ectftble sr.ake, turns out
to be a comparatively small creature of
it* kind. Henry J. Cooke, of Caracas,
Venezuela, in a letter to Frank Buck
land, states that iu the small rivers
which flow into tlie Orinoco there are
large numbers of anaconda* much larger
than the one the society ho*, and that in
n large pond near triend's house ill
Matnriu lives in shy retirement one that
is thirty-six feet long aud a yard in
diameter. The managers of Die Gardens
have offered $2,500 for the capture aud
delivery in England of this serpent. It
requires an expert fisherman to catch
these creatures alive. In Africa a live
dog is used as bait, and after Die dog
has been bolted, the boa coils up and
takes a nap, and then Die fisherman
stuffs him into a bag. A big pocket
will be required for the gentleman in
Die Maturiu pond.
NUTRITION IN CORN.— Analysis gives
the nutritive value of corn to be com
pared with that of oats, as seventy is
to sixty. An average of several ta
bles takes the value of a given quan
tity of •►at* to represent 100, while the
vulue of the same quantity of corn
would be ninety-five. For feeding to
young and growing animals, com is
less suited than oats, and the differ
ence between the value is greater.
d.Mri IIUtW> •( ifcr lli nr Mho l(r.
tlHr* (row ikr Turk* aW * UM'"
rhMIM fro— lata Ikr UaMaratM* wUb
It u nomctiiuo* *id i'j r lation to hi
dividual* that the woyTd h* Imow
its greatest mii. It, e.igl' f s Jigm aa
safely be av|tre.i. in p*wfct .* <4 Htege
irambera, that t "hrou nd ni <l*ie* not
know Ita most ateraoMlittfrk jmmtr.
'll ie uauio of Moateaegro ui.iii ti • last
two year* wan, perhaps, J<, to
tin- Ltirolwau public than t *■' of Yf ri
eo( and little more than d it of Ran
Mnrroo. And ynf it woti'-f letig ere fhi*
have risen to orM-wiile tana had there
Iwea a Hoott to tell the uarv**la i# ita
history or a liyroi to sjvend and ba spout
on it* iielialf. lor wont <4 the vatm
tfttrr it low remained in th route, u
--glorums condition *1 Agatuniuion's pre
daoeaanrs. I h©pc that an iJjlerori ter
beiwoea Moutooegru and Uie. world lraa
at length Ucn fvupd in ti> p uura <t
my friend M>. lwnfiTi t ari 1 irladly
accept the in nor <tt L tviiig t>- .n ipvited
to supply k one limitary to In (*4b L>
attmu|ittng it 1 am aiuoabkof t.m
l anuofc— tliat it )a .raiioeaibk* to art out
the plsiu facta of ilit h 'story of M <nte-
JjeMv (wTenif>?r iu it! '..** l eUv
ot:e buigurt WhWI !>eg '.tug i th*
j mind of aay chukt kteuuie -mut eriy
ail are strange to the - • NnHaik;
•u .-iaggt-r**' . or"4 fab;
Tlie vast cyekmeqf '* i -m* Mißqwsal,
' tli* itk st . etnitlkWe I*r- -he orld' h
ever seen, terna? iVhsm t!. -arrftw sea
from A v.a in the hmrtawnti, eeetnry,
rand* rapid advaaoe* * <■+'. war ' ami l-laet
<*L by it* -'lOfißteiTd th*=
forttiJ f ttMrisa th- •iiW'teirt ■'
which were then ant" t* the ef%<-
!ieel, Italy aibe being gxecptetL of all'
Ear pa. 1 *lall h<m .!•*.: dtfh Hi
Hrtba ■ It isa-nough U< *av that
Bulgaria r a kt an . Ih f
nia. Herzcpcvirila, AlliofiU gnvJualU
gave way.
Among t*rt an ilr
flourikhiug |!j>aipy <4 Z-U. It b-A
its n*i:u from, lira t/*aua thnti
southward fr st: fb- mou'itaiu citadel
toward tlie lake of ticntari. It cotapras 4
the territory know a* M<ratcte or
Tseraagora, together nith the Seaward
frontier, at which * wgyawUv sad an
worthjr k*Uu*y h1 u<t tl.eii tlepnvcj it,
' and wiUi flie rVh an ! fair ritfatekHP
i cling toe irregular out* • • <4 the inlee
pitabl<* mountain. latad 1 after laud had
givm aay; but Zeta vi rtnnd Arm
under the lise-uld fatwily. At lost, in
1478, Scutari was taken u tl*e aouth,
and In 148 M' tlie ttaeabu* of tlie still
lirave )<piilatii<n M 11->rzegovitM or the
north submitted to the (HtenranA. Ivan
TchenuMvriteh, the Montenegrin lienv -tt
tlie day, hard pmaiml at id! side*, ap
j plied Jo tlie Venetian:* for the aid L- bad "
sften given, and he was n*fn*v!._ There- .
] he, raid Ma }vwqte with hnn, Unit- '
' tad, iu 1(84. the natcsiy tracts iu wlucb
Uiey I tad I tasked Jig aoute m.vou j
y*airs, and aoug!*i, on tTra ruck* and .
.-uuntst the precipice*, surety fw tlra two
gifts, bv faf the hv*t |>ree ; i .usd< raau- ,
kind—tbeir fmkh and thntr freedom, Xp |
tlieui, as to Ihe potiisks <4 Bulg. via utd
the Bopciau ftegs, it was up •*. i... par- ;
chase by anformity a deba- a* tmixk
Before theiu, ;** hbftwts othtrr, lay tlie
frirt'ida itlu mativoi <4
dc.telt. *hrot*y or tin Koran. They wet
tuA Io die. 4 or they bad a wo*k W4".
To tee Korou or u> slay ory fg%
femd a life <>l cold, v\tx. liitr j,'ai. aiul
petpwul p*'ril. Such i* their "Magna '
Charta: and, without iwpnwel.t o*hv.
st u*. as fur as i know, tie A>let in the
world. v
To become a oenVr for hie uiugntain ,
home Iran had built a
CStrinje, and deelarvd W jflnr •te be tlie
tartroixdi*** Zeta. Wtiat it must of all
mmarkabi ' ui tite whole traxvctinn ia
thrt he carriod wdli Uira inti theMJla a
pr.nting_prv**. This wan If* Htftib'
;*ettv }iruteipalitT; they wen wvt wmwt
<xl in war and fliiiw for T r )iyc*.
.Again, it area only seven yiat;- fb r tlie
i .wriiest volume bad ir4*s! by I
(laxten in the rich and mrtro- j
; poli* of Engin'id, and wli i'ler t wiu-uo
printing pre it. 'Oxf rt or tu Catn-
Wri.lge or in Edinburgh. It was only
Hixtcer yewrw after the hrrt prudurg
prose had estsblqhcJ 1458' ,u
Rtimc, the capital of Ci.i -t. nloin; oefly
twenty-eight year* after the irance
114561 of the - arlioßt printed book, tlie •
lirat l*rn of the gtYnt
Then and there the* voted umip> |
raoiuilr tlieir ftmdaihental i*w, fhnt in
time <k war ftgamat the Turk nb *on of *
Twruagora onuld quit the field without
the nrier of hi* ehief; that * runaway
should be forever diagra*.-**! and te'i
lahoil from Ids people; tiiat lif aliytb Ibv )
ilreemsl iu woraau'e clothe* ;u:" pre
sent* *1 with a distaff; an i Hid tl.- *wth<ui.
strikfug bun wth vlicir 1 atf*. vo-' tld
hunt the eowardawax frera H.eatuictiuari
<4 fr*,te'-'!.—F* tMarim a: iftti
j Luti ten fteewefi r> hrwe|
All EwperarN rvrUlfy.'
Mk USai-cimjjTJcrruil, a 1m vMnnf
juet piw-V.'-o m I*u<ion, wil thr ■ •!)-
t 'IIMOB Of Loll:. eowWiiji.
11 we* a 0e Sea l'"* lmli .B ISi'i o**
se to the s
ixY-naim: M c inoi*i< jU> lioutifo and
Madam Fortoal. wife of tne t mister of
public iuafamctinW. - reached Cue of the
aoat* together. Ma.lame Fr -at, 'has
tared by thai jeaJrmsrv of the fortunate
hdj which wa# general at o>stt rudely
rebuked Mademoiselle de MoaLj. lir
attempting to take pwcmkutr of her,
The young InMv dn MideftrltU i
dignity before this *!trut. Veritl 'when
.die entered 41m eitpp*r-ro> >ia thepalhr
and trouble ia her face at, ono* attcuMed
the notice of the cnfjwf. if a , ;*; hor
place at his table. Iy great,
aasiety he for ana "pesiied kohpni frer
dLuoi f . m-V Whath&d habpetiii,** Wn*#
ia the matter"* JPriv, let! Aie." The
marked and aytupfciliehc attaiajwuf ikfhe
euijeror drew tu! eyi s upou the lady,
who became covered with confusion. " 1
implore you, aire, to b -ivo me," she an
swmwd everybody is Juokjag&t as,"
Troubled aud perpluxeu, the .'afpbit# l
took the earliest opportunity ofiwwvw
tug his inquiry. " 1 lueiKt upon know
iug. Wluit is it?" "It is tin*, sirv,"-
the lady uow answered haughtily, the
blood mantling her cheek, ' 4 l jhfive been
iusnlted to-uight, and 1 will Lot expose
myself to a second insult" "Tti-nwr
row," said the emperor, iu a iow.kiad
voice, "nobody will dare to iiusufi Jo it
again." Returned home. Madam de
Montijo aud lior slaughter, their Spanish
blood thoroughly zonae,l, made busty
preparations to leave Paris tor Jftiy. (.hi
the marrow morning, however, the
mother received u letter frsyt the em
peror, iu which he formally asked the
hand of Mademoiselle Eugenid ,!>■ Mon
tijo in marriage ; aud the ladies within ti
few ilavs removed from their'npartuhuh;
to the Elysee, which was assigned to the
emperor's betrothed. Within a lutyitli
Mademoiselle de Montijo a! ou the
throne of the Tnileries beshjc Napoleon
111 as the Empress Bhgenie.
A Kissing Cure.
At the Thornwell Orphanage a boy
gets twenty-five demerits for kissing a
girl. Here wo " apply the of the
dog to euro the bite."" When a boy
kisses a girl, twelve very ugly bovs Rtaud
in a row ou the roitrum iu the chapel,
and the offender a required, U> kfss them
all, and kiss then. well. I'iie girl also, if
she is willing to bo kissed by the boy, > 8
required to kiss a dozen ugly girls. This
ceremony draws a full houee, oad has
never failed to ruse.
Ah, thfcmnNry. mttfo
With myfterie*. Udajif• : 4
Who can knuaOt
rngMtW poet,
guf pfteM m pwiit.
ThU terrible pwmol*
Of ail that ha* been, nun ami htetorv ;
(if all tUt ahalt Ws *o*zo* aiMtj-n'l-hm? ,
Thin living pert, pkawl ftrtHritjr;
Tina vu, and la, and *h*U beao—
We f~W an hat cm*.
A loan
Oel niUrtk, W* Uiroaa.
AJweol , I
. " —ft tL Uewter, is AcrflVart* Megtuau.
■ ** r 5
* - Ittai or latemt.
Men whoae bnahiwat drive* them to
the wall—Billqxrttak, "t
Tm waa AM introduced in 1000, auil
sold at aixty oeuta a pound.
An Knglinb aehooimirtrt , naul
King hw died at TnaLrnJi? o Well* nt
* the age of 101 years.
1 j Arfhery is mid to l>o coming fat©
finMou, and ytmng ladfoe ore all in a
quiver at the proapee* of bean* being
( abundant.
■ After* boy is tir.d out hoeing poiafof *
noiMng seem* to Mrt hi® IO*MV t It •
[ '■ dig over a few ftqmun ml* of prt*ii
, • award in aeamh of lait.
t< *J ant aatooialwd. wy dear Toung
; lady, at your amdiwisulit; yon make toe
dart." "Well, !*** wanting
i J yon V> atari for it:*- lidft hour. '*
1 j .. There ia luutt UievprvtUmft 'ut the
' . destruction that follow* toe wrw nf a
1 ; man'a big fre when be pet* it through a
hole in the bed quilt, end ia auddruly
attacked by the H Khluiftns.
die*. Mr. Put**, of timet dmrrh,
. 1 New York, never rooeieoa lea* tic n HUM
ma mamapu fee. Id ws. President
rfThferV wedding thirty Ttr agr> that
made (trace cfctooii taAmnMfe.
The 'potato flel'l at Mnf\<im, in O-r
--, many, oo which thh Colored" booth
j tuadc ita ipprftxatitsc. !wt* 1* en vero.
aiC purdkum ' uu-Uu* & d nabob
die kumin 'if indewuifyi* / tia
, ingpnetoK.
LA piiyahsun wb wiled to vit aim!*.
After a /Qttnujui In* eat! ' r Mote
■ j week*, sdas an*—bid her. ft*m t at it
w sjkt beit hwwnt tor him • <om>
'a fw* hi- :u*> twt **OU, rna'MA"
leyfiait the Inetoe mnorwatUy, * i he*#
i .wtMbrt patient t#w iieyiiborieii•, eud
thu* I <* kill two husia wJtho* • •ioem!"
J The all the Stat*:*ln the
. Uc M, wlm li* U• fft ladej. ..... m
-I'iaU *. i tian- in r j* •d
--.w Hcvcml dar* in fUUtetnloa, will
.. vmi Sow Jotft ei*y tuui Bueton. where
• tkfj -vel lc the gn-nda .4 the ity au.
tuoritit*. Thi* *■( ing p*./j> od
'. fur laat year, bit o add not be u- dnc
Fdty-ti.ree emuobea k. \< w i- r\ mt
leaded with fS Sdfh'lOU iu njurfgage*
AM tMaidw Hew* are Aonbtieie iebh
otherwiae menn d. Tr> Pn >rvjnu.
' t'dal j* rn,W ; the B
000; Pr :<etant I^weope!.
Roman Catbolie, $229,Q0; Rsf. •,
r212,000; Met!, ' list, f7,(mu; La
theran. $45,00©.
They atraated a vagrant', rejw< wmfing
biiiueu aeblind, atSewbnryi' -t, MM*.,
who }.ruvhl to be ia li; ray quite a
capitalit, for in bia pocM* were found
$*,W3 in ataall bagr. The money was
. iu gold, paper and ailear. end none of it
vm OatuKlma cumsury ; naowr, thi*
poeuaioes tramp bid a i*iek4fl of
mbrer *puoua, one tan. a;.-a f J .
raiment. Jotm Miller lie gave a* L.
name, llbnoia a* hi* buthpis, <, and be
u rerred that he had been blind four
rears. ■
k lallfeniia braia ling.
< The (.Tain king f the Parilic, if not of
the United Stater*, is laaac Tthhnihi.
Ife i* * gaunt, awkward, plaia-lookiiir
t Ai*a of idaahing gait, and on.- wbceo
'fom btwemaboreal! other* in Urn atmrt.
He i* nearty seven feet in height ai.d i
flKiut. liftv-rfre veers <if I ■ • ~l*l
uad hiiipping of gndn and produee Jrom
Califocwa to, foreign porta. For n arty
• twenty yoajwnu h* been in tlte bnat
ntwk. Year after year he km paid hun
ited* and handmts ■ -f of d<4-
iacAfor wheat. He baa acnoally thi} -
. pad of the wheat croji of
GaUfomiato England. Hi* bu;n* .-* ia
c->sdn.ted on the moat eoloMml scale.
.Several times he hs* met with rewnmea,
oat he baa quickly got npo;. hin frot
ngarn. A few wuaka ego. owing to the
financial, deprr asioi; and atrinccncv in
the money market, he went MMr. Hi*
daluiitus were taw miiiion* of del are.
. With the adraac* iu lie has been
able ti compreatße tellti n:s rruditors *t
:weaty-flve <wnt* on the dollar, and ha..
no far reeoveaed from bit temponuy em
iwiwimwt as to bp. able to reaamw
msUaca. He is a mac of gre~t bari
uem capacity and sagacity. In .it cta
jsmdous oiieration* he controls the
ircight mawiu4 mid gives employment b>
an iitasense fleet of ships.
John Smith.
1 Disguised the name may aometuaea
be, but it if ffiii gSflkmonaat nann
I tii rough oat all lyjuntnet. It
.does waoetmies offset .a apelimg Hxve
Uic common, mi.l, as bmyth,
Hnivthe, or De Siiiytin. Ttaleo in Eag-
asanme# a Lain gm*c t fr-m ft r
rum\, aad h.rtxuw Ferrter itui Fcrrar-.
'one af the.nhhle nmne* of England,-
me*:uate alab wit* a tragedy u f nol>l
'.u :te eliiuactcr or cause* . u** . In
r lerntany W' Ivc *Se Sduln.i , : :u in'v
<he Falu4, Fabrit-it. or Pal b. js; in
PraiMe the Le PVbres or Leflrtiemrft
AitbutjgU 'aoat of the Emwf n ngu
ag* adliwe i.jre ci t> old IV en.
of m<*, tSv.i hi I* :tn wc h.\v von. .• sis
Aur ttwAjr ti ,fol 'meaSkr.tthur,,aid a
imvetcleii iu Italy (i ; nwwui Si tti. The
Spaniard's vcraion of John Stun : i out M
, Hontlmai the D*ru4gSß sviop*. 1. a
• Hans Schmutl; th. Fiench>dtei• t int. •
Tt'iu. Smeet*, the ftnasiaiw P-ugitsn :r
into Jouloff Smitto "*ki. V<*hn 5-rait.,
goes into the t*a trad* with C. inn, ami
then he bexumv Jab- n Sehtoimit.
Among llilli i lainl irrhtlß'lil Sr n-
Hon; among tlw Tnsmroraa 1. is Sou*
khnittia; in lv.oi F hnnftia
veiski; among Welsu we re fol:
the; talk of Jilioki Schii'iJll; iu Mexieo
iie'ts written drorrt .as Jotttiifi Bmi ri,
among the elewnoal raina f ti-ve. he
aaumee lon taiuibtoc; ill Turk' v be ii
alaost lost ight of a Ti* L< f.
i i,,,| 1 -
A Itattle in the MMter.
Jerry L. aergau and John McCutcbem.
levee laKir. rs, had a dispute at the foot
of Washington aveuuS, Louis, and
determined that the only fair way of
tbng it was to light it out. Fearful of
lmu% mb-rferoi witii by tliujx>lu-*% they
N*l>pted tap novel pl*u of j. j iring t
the riker us pWe for buttle. Tliev
tnuled out till bt>tafl"Mp to t* ■ ir waists,
and tlieh went to-poau.Uug may t eu.h
other, to the great euterUitau.-n? of the
crowd that gathered on the bpat. Finallv
they clincUed, nud in a twiiiklinr, I tii
went nnder. They were a stubborn,
deeper tc pair, and each seCmed deter
nfineil C> drown the other if possible.
They Foundered under water for <piite a
time, uud tßt>re can be little doubt that
both .would have been drowned hint not
the spectators interfered and taken them
out. Neither had any wind to spare
when they got to shore, and the ri;;ht
was a draw.
How the I'iar Travels.
The Emperor Alexander; jfrayeln in a
carriage constructed especially for J
accommodation. This car, thirty-six f. t
ill length, is a moving palace; tliero is u
parlor, a bedroom ana a
furnished v illi rare lnagnilimu", ami t
it is adapted a system of wheels which
enable* it to pass upon any rail" >y in
Europe, whatever be the jgnigo.
imperial train is preceded By* pilot loco
m .tive ( on which is the director : i
line. Thirty minutes behind follows a
second train, with engineers. and work
wen provided with everything neet ssry
to repair the road in case of aeci cur.
Twenty minutes after this am the c< nci ;t -
oontaining the imperial suite, and lastly,
at another interval of half an hoar, com v*
the escort of 800 Mmict*.