The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, September 28, 1876, Image 4

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Monachal* Mint*.
it blackberry juice add one ponml of
white sugar, one tsblesmxvnful of chives,
one of allspice, one of oinnamon, ami
one of nutmeg. Boil all t*ig ther tlfteen
minute*, bottle while hot, c*irk, and seal.
This is useful in bow <>l complaints.
OHAPX MARMIUHS. —IhviI the grapes
till very soft, th* n strain them through
a sieve ; to every pound of pulp ob
tained use a pound of sugar. Boil these
together slowly for twenty minute*,
stirring constantly. When cool dip out
into small glaaacs, and ooacr w-ith (nipej.
Keep in a dry, dark and cool place.
QOTNOR JELLY.— SIice the quince*
without either paring or coring. I*lll
them into a preserving kettle and just
cover with water ; put over the tire ami
boil until soft. Remove from the stove
and strain off the liquor. To every gal
lon allow four pounds of white sugar,
and boil very fast until it becomes a stiff
TOMATO CATsrr.—Gut the tomatoes
iu slices, lay them iu the kettle, sprinkle
salt upon tliem, boil three quarter* of
au hour, and strain through a sieve ; to
six quarts of juice add two quart* of
vinegar, one ounce of cinnamon, one of
chives, oue of nutmeg, ami half an ounce
of cayenne pepper, ground; then boil
fifteen minute*.
TOOTH POWDER. —Prepared chalk is
the basis of most of the looth powder*
in use. "lhis is mixed with pulverised
myrrh and orris powder. Pulverised
charcoal as a deutnflce is condemned by
all who know what is good for the
tootli. Fre*(iient brushing is the safest
method of cleansing the teeth. The
best tooth powders should be used only
rtK CnrsT.— Mix a little lard with
flour and water until a stiff dough is
made ; then roll out, spread on a little
lard, sprinkle ou a little flour, fold over
double ; repeat tins rolling ont two or
three times, handling as lightlv as possi
ble, and keeping the layers of ahorteu
ing as nearly horisontal a* may he; in
this way a very flaky and tender pie
crust may be made with bat very little
GRADE PBBOXTX Pick ont the knotty
and wormy grapes, take the rest, a few
at a time, in a coarse sieve, working
them aronud with the hand until the
seeds are loosened, when they will drop
through, leaving the skin and pulp in
the sieve. Drain the juice off the seeds,
and to every pound of skin, pulp ami
juice allow half a pound of sugar. Put
all into a preserving kettle and cook
slowly for three quarters of an hour.
When done put hot into jars, cover with
paper au*.l seal up.
two pounds of soap in three gallons of
hot water, add one tablep>inful of tur
pentine and three of liquid ammonia;
stir the mixture well, put the clothe* to
be washed into it, cover as closely a*
invisible, and let them soak for three
lours. Then wring them from the mix
ture, reheat it, add half a teaspoonful of
turpentine and a tablespoon ful of
ammonia, pat iu more clothe*, and soak
as before. Wl'h the clothes as they
are taken from the mixture in warm
snds, riuse, and hang to drv. The dirt
will come out with very litlio rubbing.
This process doe* not In the lea-t injure
t v e texture of the goods washed.
F>ra NMH.
The extensive apple orchard of Mr.
Wilson, near Toledo, Ohio, noted for
the excellence of its frnit, is almost en-
tirvly t it nipt from injury by worms, the
, owner attributing this exemption solely
to hi* keeping a large drove of hogs iL
th" t reha'd during the -nmmer, and
suppieirt ..ting it with & drove of sheep
turned i:. for e J >y or s i at a time, oaee
or twice .v w k. when there is more
wormy fruit falling ih-iu the begs can
qui k y consume.
While at work near a wheat ti Id, my
atteubou u.i- call-sl to the fact that
some of the wheat had been picket! from
the beads in certain parts cf the field.
As my neighbor seemed to think that
the mischief was dQDe by the yellow
birds, I procured a gun aud killed one
of the supposed offenders. Although
interrupb-d while taking his breakfast,
we found in his stomach only three
grains of wheat, and by actual count
330 weevil.
When I find a forked tree that is like
ly to spit, I look for a small limb on each
fork, and clean them of leaves and
lateral bra no bee for most of their length.
I then earefnllv bring them together
and wind them ronod each other from
one main branch to the other. In twelve
months they will have united, and in
two years the ends can be cut off. The
brace will grow as fast as any other part
of the tree, and is perfect security from
splitting. I have them now of all sizes,
and I scarcely ever knew one to fail to
All coarse weeds may be removed by
dropping into the heart of each oil of
vitriol. It should be applied with a
stick notched round for an inch or two
at the end the better to hold the liquid,
one dip of which will hold enough to
kill three or more plants, one drop be
ing sufficient if the acid be good ; the
vitriol hisses in burning np the weeds.
The sticks should not be pointed, the
bottle having a wire round it for con
venience of carrying. It ia of course
needful to intrust the vitriol and its use
to a careful person.
By the erection of bird houses wrens,
martins and bluebirds, wholly insec
tiverous birds, will occupy the premises
and tend to keep away robins, catbirdi
and cherry birds, which are aa destruc
tive to small fruit as to insects. There
is another class of birds that live iu a
great measure on the insects that destroy
those we wish to get rid of—such as the*
crow and blackbird, and for that reason
should be discouraged. Our most use
ful and beneficial bird is the wren,which
lives principally on millers, which pro
duce worms that destroy our fruit and
the foliage of our trees. " The next most
useful is the bluebird ; next the ground
birds and chipping birds. If these were
plenty our fruit would be leas injured,
apd the expense of bugging lessened.
Orchard nod Norn ry.
PEACHES.—(lather for market liefore
they begiu to soften, as oDe soft peach
will spoil a basket or crate. See that
they are carefully assorted, and handled
as little as possible.
PEARS. —Never shake the fruit from
the trees, but hand pick alwavs. All
pears are better when rip'-ned off of the
tree. A little practice will enable one to
pick at just the right time, so that they
will be in eating condition soon after
they reach the consumer. New half
barrels, lined with white paper, are the
best packages for choice selected pears.
APPLES.—ASo*t, and market only
the good ones; poor apples will pay best
in the form of vinegar.
BUDDING may still be done, as recom
mended last mouth. Label each sort
inferior fruit is gathered and made into
cider, before it has a chance to decay,
rejecting all that is partially decayed.
SEEDS —(hither stones of peaches and
plnms for raising stocks, aud preserve in
boxes of solid, where they will be kept
cool. Collect seeds of all trees which
it is desirable to propagate, as fast as
they ripen, aud sow those sorts at once
which will not keep, and preserve the
rest in a cool place until spring.
PLANTING. —All 'and intended for fall
planting should be plowed and harrowed
aud put into proper couditiou for setting
ont tre s if possih'e, give a good dress
ing of ashes or ground bone. Stake
out the tiiouud ready for planting later
in the full. In northern localities it is
better to plow the land, and ailow it to
ramaiu until spring; purchase the trees
this fall, aud lieel them in, to be ready
for setting in spring.
DRYING - Make ample provisions for
dryimr the surplus fruits of all kinds; it
io likel? ti nt only the best fruit will
bring ion (lucrative prices this season.
HEED HKDS of fruit and ornamental
trees must be weeded often, else the
tenacious fall weeds will roiider the work
almost impossible without looting out
the young trees with the weeds. —Agri
A Remarkable Divorce Suit.
An Action which promise* to lw> A
noteworthy one Among the numerouA
divorce caws before the court* of New
York city, WAS Immglit up in supremo
court, ctiaml>ors, on nit application for
the aub*titiition of attorney* for the
plaintiff. The suit wa K<gun by Julia
8. YaiiJcvcldc Against Victor Autoine
Yaudriil lt>, The history of the partic*
to the case as narrated bv the plaintiff is
NoiuewltHt prcnliu 1 111 its UAtiire. She is
A Jewess ami the ilefemhmt is A Woman
Catholic. They were ununed at Paris,
France, ahout sixteen years ago. ller
mother objected most strenuously to the
marriage on acoouut of the diflereuoe in
religious belief between the two, ami
told licr that the Mosaic curse woul.l
surely follow her ill case she tavauie
YandevelJe's wife. She was infatuated
with the man, however, ami refused to
folhiw her mother's ai*li* m the mat
tor. The parti* s were aooordiugly mar
rush After living together for four or
five y*ars IU Paris lie ran away from her
ami came to the United State. She wo*
left wilh tlirxv chihlreti, who are still
living, the youngest being now alsuit
teu years of age. After remaining about
seven years her husband returned to her,
ragged and sluioles* ami m a destitute
plight generally. She took hiiu m and
cared for htm, providing him with
clothing, etc. lie remained with her
for a short time tlior**after ami suddenly
departed again, taking his three etui
dren with him. The loss of her off
spring, added to her other sorrows,
pro veil too much of a load for the striek
eu mother to la<ar. She luvame de
range*! iu uiiudami *i* committed to an
insane asylum in Franc*', where she re
maiued about tbWvu months. Aft. r her
release ah*' was appointed by the French
goverumcut as a (m*umtre*s. She then
tiogan u oontwpou deuce with the French
consul t*> discover the wherealHuits of
her husband and children. She was
dually informed that he was living in
Sow York in open and notorious diaro
gard of his marriage rows, ami that the
elnldren Inul I sen placed in etuirge ol
an asylum under the preteuae that tin ir
mother wa dead. V(xiu Receipt of this
information he set sail f*ir the United
States and ari ived iu May last, when alio
(■eguu proceeding* for an alatohtU* di
vorce from her liusl>and ou the gr*>uml
of adultery. She had only 2,000 francs
with her when she landed, and support
ed herself part of the time by seliiug
chocolate at the Philadelphia Expedi
tion. Her ease was heard 1 adore a
refer***, who reported iu her favor ou
July 18. Her husband has gone to Bel
gium. He put in no answer or defense
U> her suit, but his counsel moved to
have the report of the referee set aside,
in order to enable him to make answer
to his wife's charges.
Letter to the German tinperor.
The following is the full text of the
President's reply to tue emperor of
Germauy's letter of congratulation ou
the occasion of the ceuteuarv of Ameri
can independence:
Ulps*te* S. Grant, Ihresirirnt of the I 'ni
teil Statm of America, to William
J., Emperor of Germany, Kitty of
Prussia, tte. :
tin HAT AMD GOOD FRIEND : Your let
tar of Juno 9, in which you were plea ed
t> ofler your cordial oougratulatious
upon the occasion of the centennial an
niversary which we have recently cele
brated, was placed iu my hands on the
fourth of July, and its contents were
perused with unfeigned satisfaction.
Such expressions of sympathy for the
past progress of this country and of
good wishes for its future welfare as are
contained iu that communication are
the more gratifying lie cause they pro
ceed from the head of a great empir*
with which this repubhc during the
whole century of its existence has main
tained relations of peace and friendship
winch have been eonspicuou- alike it.
prosperity and in adversity, and have
become continually ttrmir with the in
creasing progress an t prosperity of liotli
countries. It is my sincere desire ihat
this mutual cordiality and this prosper
ity, which have been the lot of ihe two
countries during the tirst century of our
independence, may lie vouchsafed to
them during the century which is to
Wishing yon a long reign of health and
happiness, 1 pray God that He may have
yuu in His safe and holy ko* ping.
U. 8. GRANT.
A lNychologiral Phenomenon.
A carious psychological phenomenon
has been reported by a medical ni-*u in
Bordeaux, France. A woman, Felida
8., has for sixteen years be* n undergo
ing an alteration of memory, which has
all the appearance of a doubling of life.
There is amnesia, or loss of memory,
with regard to periods of variable dura
tion, which have gradually been enlarg
ing. The memory, passing over these
second state*, connects together all the
periods of the normal state, so that Fe
lida has, as it were, two existence*—the
oi e ordinary, composed of all the peri
od* of the two states—that is, the whole
life, 'ihe forgetfulness is complete ami
absolute, but refers only to what has
happened during the second condition;
it affects neither anterior notions nor
general ideas. Besides amnesia, Felida
manifests, in the periods of attack of
the malady, changes in character and
sentiment*. The alteration of memory
and accompany ing phenomena have for
cause (the author says) a diminution in
the quantity of blood conveyed to the
part of the brain, still unknown, where
memory is localized. The momentary
contraction of vessels, wnich is the in
strument of this' diminution, is caused
by the state of hysteria.
A Lion Story.
A story is told of a lion which was
brought from India, and which, on the
passage, grew very fond of a sailor who
had charge of him. His name was Nero.
On being shut up in a cage in London
he grew sulky, aDd wus very fierce when
any one came near him, so that it was
dangerons even for his keeper to ap
proach him. One day, a few weeks ufu r
Nero had been shut np in his new
prison, a jmrty of sailors visited the me
nagerie, and were warned by the keeper
not to go near the lion, who, every now
and then, growled savagely at those who
were looking at him. All at onoe one of
, these sailors ran up to the cage, and,
thrusting in his hand, cried out: "What,
' old shipmate! don't you know me r
What cheer, old Nero, my lad ?" The
lion instantly left ofT feeding and growl
ing, sprung up to the bars of the <-age,
and pnt out his nose between them.
Jack patted him on the head, and the
lion robbed bis bsnd with his whiskers
like a cat, showing evident signs of
pleasure. "Ah I" said Jack, turning to
the keeper and sjjectators, who stixKl
frightened and in astonishment, " Nero
and I wore once shipmates, and you see
he isn't like some folks; he don't forgot
an old friend."
No Occupation—A Wrave Mistake.
We recently read a sad letter from an
| ambitions yonng man. He had Ix-eu
unfortunate, iu some resjieots; hut life
lay before him, and ho was ambitious;
ho experienced, however, it double mis
fortune, in this world in which there is
so much to do, from not knowing how
to do anything. "My father," he
wrote, "did not think it worth while
for me to learn any trade or business."
He had been thrown on his own re
; sources, and although now a man in
stature and yeai 8, ho was a mere infant
in his capacity to earn a living.
How awkward ! What a misfortune !
, Yet snob cases frequently come under
our observation; and they lead ns to
look upon the culpability as very great
of any parent who brings up a son with*
j out having him practically and tlior
i oughly instructed in some way of earu
-1 ing at. honest living.
Every man should have some profes
| sion r trade; should know how to do
| something, then, whether he steadfastly
; pursues it or not, he at least has an oc
! cupation to which, in an emergency, he
may resort for the support of himself
and others who may be dependent upon
A practical knownothing is greatly to
l>e pitied in this practical world.— lAA- I
ger. I
IVlmt I* ll Ihal ITlum -Tli* Krwrilt
In our Own llnttiU.
The following rttolo, from a Chicago
I taper, applies t> olhei !*< alii, a than the
West : People ar always very Willing to
look at a distance foi the cause * f the
troubles that atllict thcin, and arc tardy
willing t*> acknowledge that they are
theuiM'lve t* blaiuc. The fact must b*
acknowledged bv all who will mv. *ti
gal* the matt*>rtiiat tlie iswt of living tu
this country waa hardly cv.r !•** ttian
at tile present tune. l\*>r jieoplo can
live very cheaply if they wish to, but
they ur*' not so uicliucd. They acquired
v*ry extravagant tuitions about living
during tin' flush time* of the war, a Inch
they arc unwilling to give up. Instead
of adapting themselves to the changed
condition of alitor*, they grumble about
the bard tunes and the exceeding difll
ciilty of gaining a bv* Idiots). By a
livelihood they mean living as pet-sons
of large means .in, or us they them
selves lived during a short season of till
natural financial prv>H|>eiity. lWeiit
living means |H>rUuht>une and sirloins,
chickens, game, ami most of the nrti
clcs that arc claused as luxuries iu other
oouutries, ami which were *o regarded
Ivy themselves tiff**'ii or tweuty y.ars
ago, Respectable clothing embraces
silk lists, satin bonnets, gariueuts ma 'e
of silk and br.aalclolh, l'reiu-h calf and
j<ateiit leather land* ami sh.ssi. It also
inclii'les kill glove*, laifs an*l ornaments
of various kinds ami descriptions.
Every man is expected ti carry a gold
watch, ami every woman to wear s* v*ral
pieces of jewelry
The great trouble ahout the inwt of
living lies iu the circumstance that
scarcely any ou*' is willing to uckuowl
e*ige by hi* dress or manner *'f living
that he is {KHir. This is not the case iu
foreign countries that are noted for their
thrilt, a* England, France ami tier
manv, for example*. in the former
country, it is aai.l that live sixths of all
who travel by rail ride in other than
flrst class carriage*. Hallway manager*
iu tin* country state that there is abso
lutely mi demand for inferior cars unless
to accommodate recently arrived f*>r
eigucrs. No one wishes to rule for
pleasure or on busiues* otherwise than
tlrst-clas*. In our theater* ami other
places of amusement the low priced
seats are vacant or only ooeilDltsl by
iieraotia who have sunk below pride. In
A'mh'ti and Paris they are occupied by
(venous quit*' as respectable as thos*
who occupy boxen, Our butchers corn
plain that there are no customers who
wish to buy inferior cuts of meat. They
are lookiug for a breed of cattle that
furnish nothing but sirloin t-f.aks ami
choice roasting piece*. As a rule, our
bakeries furnish but one grade of btcad,
while similar establishments iu gr*-ut
European cities furnish half a dozen
kinds, suited to the means of different
classes of customers.
It is foolish to talk of the EX|H-uaive
nese of food when flour oau le obtained
for $3 per luirrci, potatoes for 8 1.23, fish
for $-4.50; when beans sell for fifty cents
per bushel, butter for twenty cents j>er
pound, rice for six cents, cheese for
eight, and sugar for ten. The truth is.
more than hall the expense for fond
Cornea from little luxuries that are of
hardly any value in sustaining life. In
foreign countries this ex|>eu e is saved
altogether, or only indulged in on par
ticular occasions. We live in the great
est corn growing section of the world,
though the grain is scarcely used at all
as an artic.e of food. We are snle of a
lake full of excellent fish, which are rare
iv eaten by our people. The prairies
are full of hugs, only the hams of which
are eaten here, though the inferior por
tions of the animals are regarded aa ex
cellent food across the water. In truth,
we find little use for any part of spring
lambs except the hindquarters People
who are above eating the UH:ita furnish
ed l>v our d 'nit itv animals, the tl • r
ami uial furnished by our ordinary
wheat anil o >r!-,aud the cured fish taken
from our lake, are not in a situation to
complain of the expense of a sufficient
supply of food.
As to materials for clothing, they
were rarely ever so cheap .-* now, if we
except the one article of n ather. Print
can be bought for from six to eight cents
per yard, cambrics for -ix cents,
ginghau.-. ten C ats, delaines, sut<en
cents. The trouble is, tii< making of
the dress cnta three or four tin . . a>
much as the material, und that urt-s
making has passed into the hands of
profession ills. The sewing machine
that w..- t> remove a gnat portion of
the burdens of woman's exi-teu.v has
addd to tfieiu by creatu g a demand for
ruffies antl flounces that were uimi t tin
kiiowu only a few years ago. The cause
of the present trouble nlw-ut getting a
living is to b" found in 'very n u's
honsehoid, and not at a Peo
ple can live cheaply ami ilres- com
fortably for a v< rv small sum of m .m y
if they will only set themselves alnrni
it. The wages tor a day's hit sir, even
at the reduced ralo pai l in many kinds
of business, purcha ■ as much of all
kinds of n-eful >utich s as they ever did.
Progre-s of Education.
The following exhibit, prepared from
the refKirt of the commissioner of educa
tion for the year 1875, illustrates, in n
clear ami forcible maimer, what has
been accomplished iu the iut> rest of ed
ucation in the last one hundred years in
the United "States, and of the present
wants and requirements of the people,
and of pressing necessity now weighing
upon us to wisely legislate and thus se
cure the benefit of free schools to onr
whole country:
In 1777 there were but nine colleges
in the United States; now there are 400
oolleges an-1 universities, with f>7,hH'J
students, aud 3,700 professors and finch
era. Then little or nothing was done
for the education of women; now there
are 209 female seminaries, with 23,445
students, and 2,285 teachers. At that
time professional schools were unknown;
now there are 322 professional schools,
with 23,280 students, and 2.490 teachers.
Then there were tio normal schools; now
there are 124, with 34,4*15 student*, aud
966 teachers. Then there were no com
mercial colleges; now there are 127
with 25,892 students, and 557 teachers.
The secondary and preparatory schools
were almost unknown then; now there
are 1,192, with 109,393 pupils, and 6,103
t -sobers. The school population of that
day is unknown, but at present it is
more than 13,000,000, and the school en
rollment now amounts to 8,000,000.
The total income of the schools at pros
ont is 882,000,000; expenditures, $75,-
000,000; value of properly, 8165,000,000.
These figures are very eloquent na show .
ing what has been accomplished, but
the following utract from the report is
quite as eloquent iu showing that much
y> t remains to be done before the whole
field of education is fully occupied and
developed. The nutnlasr of illiterates by
the census of 1870 above the age of ten
years was, in round numbers, 5,500,000,
Of these, more than 2,000,000 w re
adults; upward of 2,000,000 more fr m
fifteen to twenty-one years of age, and
1,000,000 were bet wis n ten and fifteen
years old. Of the nnuils-r lietween fif
teen aud twenty-one years it is estimat
ed that one half have passed the opjM.r
tnnity for education, and since it i-i well
understood that a large projwrtion of
the children in this country leave the
schools perhaps at an average age of ten
and twelve years, the conclusion is irre
sistible that tens of thousands of those
who are rejarrtod as illiterate persons
between ten and fifteen years of g>- will
forever remain 80. Of the 930,000 illit
ernte persons between flftceu and twen
ty ouo years of ago who have passed
their opportunity for instruction, 137,-
000 are iu the Northern States, 15,000 iu
the Pacific, and 778,000 in the Southern.
The Eastern Campaign.
There never was a campaign, says the
New York Herald, more disgraceful
than that of Servia against Turkey, un
less it be the campaign f Turkey against
Servia. We have been told r -peatedly
that the subjects of Prince Milan were
in the habit of wounding themselves to
escape going into battle, und now we are
informed that they shot their Itussian
officers for compelling them to fight for
their country, their race and their re
li. ni. The butcheries of the Turks are
at icious, but the abject- coward c.) of
he Bervpuis is inexplicable.
Ilarvcal Homo.
Into the harvest fields today
Hinging 1 went
The flelda where oiu-e I met the May,
AU flower and ooent,
And there rich autumn, waiui ami sweet,
W. ul laughii g through llie wheal
In glat content.
Ikrtlr hamlv were full f grass and gialu,
liolh feel kept time
Tosoure low uiuitmtriug refrain,
M.>me hrnalhlng oliluie,
That blow thicugh golden eara and leaves
1 he promise of Hie full ri|>o aheavea
lu quaint old rhyme
■' This lathe happv halveat lime
Then cut the coin and press llie wine .
(lather the aheavea, and load (he wain,
Aud bring llie ' harvest hotuo again."
And I ge glad as glad could be
To meet her their ,
" till, queen!'' I oaid, "give lib to mo
Mv bar v eel fair
Mi splendid lover, strong and Hue
\V liooc wltching eyes of lender blue
My heaj( ensnare.
" The golden corn, the ruby wine.
Is not Ihe twist ,
A richer ' harvest homo ' la unite,
A sweeter ijUtal.
(live bie luy lover ' Inhia ktaa
I have a rounded world of l-llse
Keep all the rest
•' No, wir!" mud Dr. Htoun, omphalic
till} .*' ii widows. l'vo an uucouqut-r iivi-rwiou to theai.aiiit have followed
oKI \\Yller'* ml v too to Ha nil vol oiuoe luy
rarllest boyhood, ami most carefully be
vvitrtnl of 'am. If avt-r I marry, tha lirnla
muat Iro a youug K lr h **> young, tu fact,
that i can tra almost ntiro iio otia nan
twj quila euro of anvthlUK whara a
woman in ixraoeruod--that 1 am liar llrwt
luiit outj Don't aorow UJI your fav in
that outragaouH manner, Vaytia; you
look an though you wart- going to hava a
tit. L*ugh ami hava liuuo with it, and
than lit v etol> talking mmm-nna, for 1
havau't tha alightaet hlau of marrying,
or falling in iova, or anything of tin
No old Iwtdhalivr ever han," aaid
I'ay no. "But 1 aav, Doc, if I were
you, I'd have a mat fittla card danghng
from a button bola bouijuat, with tiia in
acriptiou, 'No Widows, for, 'poubouor,
you rs cxm-tly tha wort of ohaj- a wi 11-to
do, pretty, 81l*v-ptlbla Vldow would l
njKKinn OU. llaudaoma, clavt-r, and j Un!
turuad forty "
"Stuff:" growhnt the doctor. " What
a foi I you are, l'uyna!" And than,
glauiMig from tho otliiw- wiudow, ha con
:..,ual, av las friend, *ith a minchK-voua
twinkle in hi* eyari, waa alwrut making
soma furthar reiwarka: "And do ba
vilont for a few moment--, if such a thing
Ira povetbla, for hare comae young l'htl
lips* n urea maid, au-l in a hurry, too,
u liiah i* imui- thing ramarkabla for thai
iwually aaey going ami amuiautly gan
taal young l>arr-ou. Wall, mv girl, 'as
aha entered tha office, " what's tha mat
tar ?"
"Oh, doctor," *h gae|Mvl, " lathy'e
tlH>k very nick, and w 'r awful scared,
and ht-t mother'a away, and wou't be
home till night."
" Wouldn't be much good if she vran,"
muttered the doctor; "a young bit of a
thing, looking like a Ivtby berwlf."
One of the kind a man might bo al
moat sure had never loved another—
hev. Stone!" asked I'ayue.
hut Stone vouchsafed htm no reply.
"Who's with the child now I" ho in
quired of the frightem-d girl.
" The seamstrt M, air. Wo'*e Mot
fur hut grandmamma, litit we're afraid
she's a way from home too, 'cause Mr*,
l'hil.ip- acaro-'ly every goee shoppui'
without h r."
"Well, run uhea.i; I'll b<-thero in a
moment " struggling llito lit* OV< re at.
" AIIII, Payne, take care of the office.
I won't belong. There'*a u< w Ixnik on
surgery to amuse yourself with until 1
come back. Capital article where the
leaf ta turned down—a man blown al
most into piccte—but tiud it for your
"Thank you," mij I'ay no; " bat if
it's ail the same t<> you, old telluw, 1
prefer something not quite * * umu
When Dr. Htm.i- orrivi-d at th- dwell
iug of tli" Pliillipm, thi nur mi.utid in
formed hint, as she opened tin* d.*ir
that '• th- Imlit had taken a turn f i
the better, dear lamb, and had bt-ci
aleepiu' peacefully for tin- lat ten mm
lit* s."
"I'll tnk< . look at the little fellow,'
aaiil th" doctor, springing lightly up t)u
stairs and gently opening th- i> >r l
The baby lay in its crib (ant asleep,
and by its aide, holding one tiny hand,
Mt a very pretty woman, who, at the
first glance, thi doctor decidedt lo about
twenty at the next, about twenty five.
Her golden hair was knotted with artistic
careli+etjeas at the Imok of her small,
shapely bead, a few pretty tendril like
curls escaping to li like little sunbcama
on her low broa<i brow. Her eyes wen
large, soft, bright, dark brown, and
sliudod by long silky lashes, llcr nose,
slightly "tip-tilted," as Tennyson ha
it, lent an archness to her face, which
otherwise, with such eyes and no ( erf set
a month and chin, would have la-en
" faultily faultless Her dress of some
lUHI*TISS gray stuff, with a bright blue
ribbon at the throat nud soft lace ruffles
at the wrists, clang close to a Imautiful
form ; and the hand that held the Itaby's
was small, snowy white, and daintily
ahuped. All of which did the doctor
take in in three quick glances, after the
manner of his kind.
"A seamstress?—a princess!" was
the judgment he pronounced mentally
as he drew off his gloves, and, with un
usual urbanity, proceeded to make some
professional inquiries alsmt the child.
The seamstress answered in a wonder
fully pleasant voice and in a remarkably
well bred aud self-possessed manner.
" Ilaby seems to be all right now," said
she; "but I think yon hail better wait
n little while, doctor, for fear the spasm*
might return."
The doctor seated himself, not at nil
unwillingly, it must be confessed, and
while the baby still slumbered entered
into converse with his beantifnl com
panion. In a few moments he found
himself turning over the ]oav<>* of a
Browning which he had taken from a
small table by her side, and then, in an
other few moments, giving her, to his
great surprise, his opinion of that
writer ami his works.
I nay, to hi* f rent surprise, for the
doctor was really a why, reserved man,
and not at all given to talkiug poetry to
pretty women; but thi* woman wan *o
AH he went on, waxing eloquent, it
suddenly struck him that u needle
woman would not be familiar with these
poems, and he paused, to have her, to
liis greater surprise, take up the sub
ject, and deliver a criticism far better
aud cl.ivi rer than his own.
Fro -J Browning and that more re
splendent gonitis, his wife, to Tennyson,
Dickens, Thackeray, iui<l at lust (Jeorge
Eliot, of whnru tho seamstress spoke
with a deeper crimson on her cheeks
and a brighter light in her gloriona
brown eyoa. "Silas Manier," ah said,
"is the loveliest " By this time the
doctor bad become ao interested in
w itching the play of the prettily curved
lips and the Imwitching dimplea that
came and wont with every smile, hrs
cess- | to hear what the entnuaiaatic
speaker was Haying; aud when ahe. Walk
ing ut him atraight in the face, naked :
" Don't you agree with me, doctor I"
he was obliged to atammer : " 1 beg a
thonaand pardona, but what was your
laat remark {"
"It is I who should Ixtg pardon,"
said the pretty seamstress, with a
chiirming little grimace. "How thought
less 1 have been ! Of course yon have
patients waiting for you. IJow could I
go on so ?" The doctor wished she'd
go on forever. " But pray don't stay
another minute; only tell mo what to do
if baby is taken sick again, aud if I find
I can't manage him, I'll send for you
immediately. I hope, however, to be
able to get along without you."
The doctor hoped she wouldn't—in
ternally, of rtoflrse- and then he suid:
"I assure jou, ins.Dm, I have still an
hour ut your service." Oh, wicked Dr,
Hlonn! and old Mr*. A|x>n groaning
with rhauiuatiani and x|-ctiiig you by
it|>|Miintuiaiit thin bloniMwl inonn-nt! "1
aliiill bo only Ino happy fo wtay Imaau,
1 think it iinoan ary I nhoiild ratiiain.
Tin wo childish <wmi|rlrtint* aio, an p-r
tiapH you urn not awaia of, often vary
ilitlignroUN." Ami again, oh, wicked
Dr. Slotia I for you km vv you aio quite
Mil a nothing uarioiM l - Ilia ninth I with
liabv t l'lowi-iilio (or youiiw-lf, doctor.
It in yoiiuho hava cmignt u " daugi-r
oti.w " iiialudy. In npita of yoiiraueoiH
ami le-offn all your tun long ut Ilia tender
pur nlotl 111 Hplte of yolir alllpliutlo dee
itout ioii not inoretliuuan hour ugo you
have fallen in love, ami nlio isn't vno-l
i-llbv-u, and alia |v a naaiunlroan.
" A prtnooKH," tin rt-|reuh-il to himself
again, ami than tin said, aloud: " 1 will,
at leant, remain lllltll tha haby'n grand
uiauiiua iiirivon."
"Oli, if that in all that dataiua you,
go at olioe," said tha fair one with tha
golden ha-ka, a IUIHOIIIOVOUH niinli
dam-ing over bar lovely hps and ill liar
big brown ayes. "She is hela,
" lleraf" repouteil the iliK'tor.
" Where I"
"Why, ilnln't iiursa tell you f I'm
lathy'* grandmamma, ami dotihgly fond
-if uiy gramlson tisr." Then out burnt
the ULL iriast little lnilgh, that wan hushed
in a moment, for fear of waking the
steeping child, for the doctor's fiu-a Was
a eoiuiowl study. A doxou different i i
press tons went mingled there, as ha re
meuiberevl that the girl wife, Mrs. l'htl
lips, had oli on *pokeu to him of her
sweet mamma a widow, am! a widow
for the second time. But who could
have dreamed of sueli a widow such a
mam ma such u grandmamma i Soanvrly
kuoailig what he di-l, he bo ted himself
fr.nn the nanu, forgetting all alsiut the
-111 notions he was to leave, ami hastened
into the street.
"DIKHI heavens, how prejMXitaroUH !"
he exclaimed, as WMIU as he revsivetc-d
his senses ; " and how beautiful !"
Aud jtivt six luoutlis from that day
l'uyna was shouting at the top of his
vol.* In the doctor'* ofthve : "llu! ha!
ha ' Be a groomsman f Of course 1 will,
old fnllov! But when 1 think of the
youug girl who never loved another,
transformed into a double widow ha !
haj ha ! and a grandmother in the
Irargaiu -ho ! ho ! ho!"
"If you don't shut your mouth,
I'ayue," said the doctor, seriously,
"you'll have a terrible cold oli your
luugs, and 1 won't auswar for the oonse
flow "Wild Bill" was Captured.
A correspondent of the Chirwgo Tri
Uuiw s.iys : 1 tirst saw Wild Bill in lMtiT,
at Hays City, Ksu., a town which, at
that time, for general roughness had no
parallel ou tha plains. SituaU-d within
a mih- of Fort Hays—headquarter-- of
I tilted Slated troops -ttild being lu tha
heart of tha buffalo couutry, it lirew to
g- mr huuters, traj-|H-rs, in- -uts, and
ot' r Western characters. In the ca
I -it -ity of city marshal at this |>ouil Bill
t; -ut a part of two years, and vvss tha
mainstay ami dependence of tha fev
law abiding citizens of tha t-lao-. A
somewhat Indictroo* incident occurred
while he was ho.ding tha office of mar
It will l-c remetu!" rrsl —at least by
many who eiijoytxl th--m how jK.pular
exeflisiou partian t*. tar buffalo country
were at that time; as liays t'lty wv H
{Hiiut from which the huflid . w.-u- easily
ae v wible, ma'iy of them came luere
At such times it was customary for Un
people of the town to gather at the
depot UJHJII tha arrival of tha train, to
vu w tha wealth ami fasbl->u of tha Kant,
as well av enjoy tha laughabla incidents
Uiat invariably arose. I'jxru one ooca
si-iu of thiv kin 1. among other sight
seers was Wild Bill; his peculiar dr--*v
tine form, oruamrntej with Iwit and
n volvera—and long, waving hair, mad
hint the octiter of attraction of a crowd
of eager pi ple who surrounded hiiu
I'rcs,ntly fashionably dreewed young
lady an Ohio girl -with a pretty face,
and thai ought t<>rapture anybody,
ascertained thut thi handsome pr t
age waa no he* a man that. Wil.t 11. 1
lb hi 111 am lus destruction, ahe made In r
w.iy Uj where lie sUkhl, and discharged
ht-r wia|Kius, alKint aa follow* "Amy u
Wild 1111 l the //fir/f-r'k Monthly
ntaiut ? " The MknuiLtvl v-cit Iwrbfnl
ly replied : "I believe 1 atu." The
Ml* -lilt v us eves scnvi-Vi .1 hitu com) 1
coutiv from head to foot, ulule tin ir
owner laughingly ' aid : "Are you?
Why, n.v ; ipt told ire to c >ra< • tit h> re
and marry some grout man like you "
riio 1 IT- ot waa vroudcrfut, and for once
lit his lite the mall who h.. 1 faced d- nth
a.must ti'in s .vithout uumlx-r, a: J who
could \ nil into the muxxle >f a "Colt's
army " 11 the hands of a murderous *•
sal inn t without a quiver. was thoroughly
fright* . ' 1. and, t*s>, by the harmless
weapons ,f a pretty wunun. Pistol*.
were of no use tu such an engagement,
and tat. sl away ami "blush unseen"
~as uu|s>s-ibli. Ho, completely van
quish" I, he stood lik the rurs! youth
at his lir-t " sparking," v nuiy trying to
hide lus feet and hum la, until, tired of
ipientn>uiug a viciiui too overcome to
answ< r, she lumndsil away to tell of lier
capture, and ) erliaps flml other "sons
of the Ismler " to conquer.
Paving iiin Poll Tat
A lliirlington man wnn olwktvcl whit
tling a pine stick with hu air of contour
ml iillsncm ami n aattatiovt amilc playing
around the corner of Inn mouth, "iiaiut
at work to-day, eh i" queried a (iwaNiiig
achiuaintauoc. "No," waa the reply.
" Made a tlay'a wages, to-day, though,
all tho name." "Why, how's that i
How much did you make f" " Made two
dollara aud n half, clear gain," renpond
sd the whittler, the quiet smile dct.pcn
ing and giving vent to a chuckle.
" Wish 'ooiild do as well every d ty."
" Ilow'd yon make two dollars ar I a
half and not do anything t" "I'.aay
'nougb. Pai<l my |k>ll tax." "Paid
your poll lax f llow did you make two
dollars and a half paying your poll tax I"
" Easy 'nough, 1 tell you. If I hadn't
paid it pr> tty soou it would have cost
m. fifty cents more, wouldn't it?"
" Yes, of course it would. Hut yon had
to |ay two dollnra. How did you make
that i'' "Oh," aaul the whittler, brush
ing the shavings from his clothes, " I
Ixirrowisl the two dollars."
International Medical Congress
The National Temperance Society,
William E. Dodge, president, tele
graphed the following memorial to the
International Medical Congress iu ses
sion at I'hilndelphia :
The National Temperance Hoeioty
senda greeting, and respectfully invites
from your distinguished bixiy a public
declaration to the effect that alcohol
should lie classed with other jsiwerful
drugs; that when prescribed medi
cinally it should be with conscientious
caution and a sense of grave resjMinei
bility ; that it is m no sense food to the
human systt m ; that its improper use is
productive of a large amount of physical
disease, tending to deteriorate the
human roee ; and that you recommend,
as representatives of enlightened science,
to your several nationalities total absti
nence from uleholic 1 leverages. In be
half of the board of mauagers.
Idbcrtj of Speerh In Itussla.
Dnschuiups, the comedian, viaited Ht.
Peteraburg onoo to play an engagement.
Do arrived in midwiuter. " liolv
Mom a!" he ejaculated, "but it is oold. 1 '
Five minutea later he was before a mag
istrate. " Wliat have I done? Of what
crime am I accused 1" " Yon have been
guilty of aeditioun utterances." " Bcdi- j
tioua litteraueeaf" "Ay! Did yon
not, a few minutea since, advance the
proposition that here, in the capital of
hia imperial majesty, it was freezing
cold?" " 1 did, and it is. I have chil- '
blaiiia, even." " Prisoner, do not make
matters worse. This time I will over
look your offense, but do not re pi '
Understand for the future that it < < nt
colli—that it has no business to be coin |
in Russia." Thereafter, though the Ne
va was frozen solid, Doschamps did not
fail to parade the streets in nnukecn
pantaloons. When ho returned to i
France, after narratiug this incident, he
tulde 1 : "I played dominoes si c years
in our cife at St Petersburg with a set j
that hadn't any double sis, audi never
dared to ask for the missing domino." I
Inlrrrallua llrwa Iruui llnaur nl \brunil.
The 2,'fUO persons tendered liotnoleeo hy the
HI. Hyacliitho lire suffered aeverely from the
cold night* .The llepuhlleau convention In
Moeooi liuoi 'to iftti'lnitialed th>v tire an 1 the
reiuiiiider of llio pi I sent Ml at > ftn-ei • by *•*
• lanialiou The ph. Hot in luaiota n|Kin a speedy
return lo ojiecie payments, nolle for a linn
tmgli reform of the civil oervice, and com
■Hondo fot approval llie oervlcee of tleu. (Irani
111 the late war, 111 the legislation on finance,
and lu dealing Willi Hie uieaeurea of (he
late 1 >OIUIHII aIto lloiioe llaiug lo an ou(
Ineak in (no wee tern pail of Africa, U.ree
IlilUoh guulioat* ascended the N lger and
puiiUlitHl the iiaUvea hy hurolii|| several vll
lags* The tuhablUnta rooletoil and a number
of Liigllahlueu were Wouudeil A terrible
oloitu paoeod over leaveowurt Cily end
ixiunly, Kansas, damaging house ciopo, etc ,
to the extent of #60,1010 The ltepuhlicane
of Verluout elected Hi I entire Mlale ticket hy
a largo majority lty the eiplualou of
dfloeu |riuuda of ullro-glyootuie on a a.ow at
Hie Hell (late iNew Yolk) excavation. Hiree
mo woic blown to alouio and nine more or
ieeo Mounded it lo thought that Hie man
hail Ihe explosive in charge ropped It on
the deck.... Tho llrol heal* of the prufoa
oional paii-oai-*! race at I'hiladelphia wore
wou hi (iroeu and Tiiouia* f llie powerful
Thorn. crew, ovor two others tf Hie naiue
new, in HI Uj , and hy the Union crew of
Faulkner and llegaii, over Jueh and Ull Ward,
the fouiouo oaromeu, limn, lo 11 In the
oeculid heal tol oiugle sculls, 111 ah y, uf lit
Johno, N. 11, heat Kill* Ward in Hi (*>j, and
llanluu, of Turmito, heat Tiolote.l. of New
York, and Luther, uf I'illetmrgh, luil 16 j.
AN accident (MI (be Kansas (lily and NiirUtem
railroad caused (be deatb of (wo inet. and two
otilldren Twelve others were in ured
A hrouxe alaiue of latfaytlle, pieaenled to
New York t>y Franchiuan. and erected lu Union
square, was unvaried ailh great oereinouy
The Una! ooulesl al I'hlladeiphla between the
Ttieiuee and llaiifar crews fur the supremacy
in Lhe four ikied race, leau.led lu a victory
fur lhe 1 names ciew ou aooouut of Halifax
fouliug Ibem. II anion, ut Toronto, ra-1 i y beat
llraley, of Ml J boo, lb Ibe single scull ooli
te*! . time. HI CJ Jbe pan oared final heal
waa wou by Faulkner and llegau, ut Huston
over <lisen aud Tbum& uf Ibe J bameeorew
...The Oreeuback party nominated a Hlate
ticket in Missouri ('barlea t rai.cia A-tam*
was notumalod fur gover: r by acclamation
v the Mae*acl.'tacli Itcinucracy. Tbe pisi
form indorsee the *L I.ouia cuuvenUon , de lhe |aymenl in coin uf (bo debt repre
aeulcvt by It sal U-ndrr nolea held by the people
at a|uiily Willi (be bonded debt held by
ca| llali-la . obarges U.o Hepublicu. par ty of
luoa|iacuy, as illoatraled by eleven y<ara ex
perience . grairoe the last House fur lis *u<V
ceaeful effort*, in apile uf opposition, to re
duce ll.e ripen sea uf the gov ectuileul to ab
e. uooiU'n basis . re j ui Ibe reviving
v- n. \-r and pr-v>erlly which baa followed
th< raaturaUobi t liemoctallo cuulroi of orb one
Hi Ibe Koulbern< , lays at tbe door uf
llepublioau mai ad tniuieU alt-Mi tbe present
|>t (ra lot. of Imtualrics . demands tbe re
duetloa ( f eipeneoa tu tbe Hlsie and county
also*, and Ibe aladlahloenl uf all ainncurea ,
de, lores tbo rapil inrmaae > f public taxation
and mdebledueaa. am! In v.Us all raUaeua to
J.jiu wub tbe |>any in Hie endeavor to ngbt
ibe wiunga ... lUcbard I Hubbard wa*
nominated for govamor ty ibe l>emocraUof
CounecUouL Ibe platform indorsee (be ar
il II of tbe Ml- I.oUa c. nvenUou , charges llial
U.e 11* publican party baa become arrogant, and vjrrujK from tla long conUnoation
in power, and notwithstanding its pretensions
lu ret. rtu. opfMwicg ttir economic and re
trenclimeiil policy of the Democratic llouae .
ibanka tl.c House f r retrenchment to lbe
idk'l I of |3" 000,000; J emui. 1* lbs I none but
faithful men shall be intrusted sub public
duUn* that llio military absii be subordinate
to lb* cm: authority, that the federal govern
ment has no au. jor.IT to send a*t o * aimy
luto a stale to niteifeie .' . J affair*,
eicwp. e . , 1t,..4 under provision* of tbe
• ' ' 4*l t . ! hal lbe recent order of tbe
lYre.b lit pa.. . 1 loops under I'iuted HtaHe
luaislta - aU 'iv! lbe polls in tbe Houtb I* an
on a.e a ui' a • ibat a federal aJmtui*Ua-
U". .1.-ii|i k to 1 < 1 mluate Us poeer, may do
|i .<•! ~>. the sovaren-nty of the ban. I
by the u*r of liie aaor J demand* a *|*edy
return u< ie. io pay 3,1 n: by lbs tu ei sptedy
and practlrabie method.
Tlis prir* flgbl twlaeeu Tom Alien and foe
(>.* aae I in Ke- lu^ki. a 1. allbot: b
(las* received lbe m el put,ishm< 111, be wse
glvru the figbt by lbs referee, who decidr.l
lh*l A 00 e'.ruck s foul blow. The fight *a*
broken tip by a militia rampant after seven
round*, b it the rough* noted ten mile* fur
iht-r oo and fought tbirtct- 1 more round*.
Allen en fleet biool and knock down. Ou
lbe ie 1 n of Uie (tarty to!. a whole
train of Ihe bruiser* aa captured, Inc'udmy
Allen, who wil. ptobably e sent to yaU.
Anotherlia.u load, with Ottaa, oecapid . ..
A in >'■> of col ired me: attacked a (arty of
other colon* 1 m-n luib* stree'sof Cbarhatua,
8. V for aftiiuitng with an O|>po*lug j- lineal
(taity. and a number of men were lnjurej
H Iv tvlnle- won to tbe a*, lalaur,- of their
Colored filands and the fl,(tit became g< iieral,
a•• itiiiujs Ine proportnna of a not i '4* tola
worn finely ti. d. and many |>er-uu* were aeri
ouiy lujired—moat of lb era being wbties.
Die color 1-1 mob prevailcxt and bad posee*-kn
of the suerta of tlie city for hours, destroy
ing mncb pri.periy A band of eight armed
de(s radix* atilirvxl the bank at Norlhtieid,
Mum., In Ihe d*y ume and, present ng pistol*,
demanded that llie oaabicr open lbe vault.
On ha r< fusing be wa* abut death They then
turned to the assistant raahn r, l>ul be did not
know the c imbiiiauon. and they let him off
Willi a pialoJ hall in the shoulder. liy this
tune tin- citizen* were arouse,!, and ou the
rubber* a'.umpUng to escape killed two of
Uiera ant wounded a third.... Ihinng a
l>ohttcaJ not at HUttty Hollow, N. V., eleven
1 erwotia weie *onou*ly injured by pi*tul shot*
and stoue* ... OuidsmiUi Maid won the
Springfield (Ma**.) free-to-all race iti AlHj,>?4 and 2 iff, with <t.duie, Judge fulier-
Uui and fo lowing 111 the order
named The national (lag presented to
the ciuceii* of Atlanta, Oa, by lbe citizen* of
Cloveland and Cincinnati, waa nufurlcd in
that city nuh considerable ceremony
Congri'naioual nominations: New Votk, twenty
third district, Scott 1/orJ,l>em . twenty-fourlli,
Wui. H. IJ.kor, Hop , I'ciiUnvlvaniA eigbl
seutb, Ibad. M. Mali,>ll, ltep., aud W. 8
Sit i.gtt, Dora.
Protestantism will hereafter l> permuted
a'd protected in S|iain Clip notorious
Km ma mine has been sold for $144 194.34, nu
de! a slier iff s sale, to eatiafr a judgment
Sitting Hail lias made further effort a to have
the liritiah Indiana joiu him A i<aity of
fifteen Indiana attack .1 euiie win o men in
the black Itilie killing two of Until nauicd
(1 anen and K >arn. ins miners fought the
savages and imcooeded in kit bug or Wounding
ten of them.... The Vermont < lection re
united in a Hep lohcau majority oi J 1,537 in
a total vole of 05,443. I tie 1(< j.ubhuai.a sv
curod 305 membem f the Uouse and the
Democrats thiriy-oi.o lis steaiuer Ai
-1 urator. from New Uileana for Liverpool, wae
sunk by an iceberg. The crew wae rescued
by a pawi g vessel. The low will ante -it to
|350,00J Congressional uomiualtonK .
New link, twentieth district, John 11. Klarin,
It-p . Ilaiy land, llrst, I>au.el M. Huury.Uem.;
New Vork, third, A. W. Teunty, An ericau Al
liance , New Jersey, Ural district, Clement H.
Hinuiukaou, Hep Charles Kighmey was
hanged at Caiiaudoiguß, N. ¥., for tho tuurdor
of Ui orgo Oraud . Ho dust easily. On l!u<
nc Jld ho made a apeeeh, saying that lio was
la led to llio di-til hy Mrs. Ciuiilall and a
una named Wobstor Four Indian* ie
hanged together ar Fort Smith fir inuilui
committed in Indian TernUuy An
fuel an tlis hostile Indiana cooie into tho
agencies Itioy arn disarmed and placed under
guard to a i ait orders frow headijuarura aa to
their disposiuon.
Mr. Gladstone addressed a very hrge meet
ing in England iu denunciation of the Bul
garian horrors, aud tho moral support Eng
land gives Turkey At the raising of a
Hayt<a ami Winder pole, at I.ancaater, Ohio,
a guy rope broke and the polo fell, killing
three won and wounding several The Han
Domingo re volution null oolite.nee One
of tho spans of tho rai'road bridge at Lnudou,
Tonu , over tho Tennessee river, was blown
down by (ho went. It was 180 toot in lougth.
.... Newark, N. J , destroyed over two thou
taml doge during the past * minuet' Tiio
noted Win. M. i wood, of Now York, haa been
arreted In Vino, M|*in Homo lime since Die
authorlUoa learned of hie txiiin in Cube end
undo arrangement* for hie capture, hut Tweed
re lofotmtil of it eiul departed for Hpoto Ink
aailll.g Vin'. Tuk Hpai.lah author ttr a hava
1)1—11 II)) lookout for hiintvii ultii n, Mid
toll f iiini of Ilia idimi! et the |jrt named
Iho l.i.ixn fugitive wa* applnhended Willi
li.s lua • Hoveling couipi-tiloii and lodgrit lit
(I •• fin In m. The Aiuetloau minister hew ap
|.iHii for hie tHi million The I'raMdetil
hu loaned k proclamation declaring ihe
llawkltkii treaty rollfleil and lu effect from
Hue time on. The ootivea of Florida talatid.
In Hie H mth l'. ifto, all kod the ship Dancing
Wave, ai.d kih< <1 Uie enUie crew. Willi one ex
ception. 'J'hu ehip Laura l.iud run aground
oil another of (he oauic lalauila and the liaUvea
killed and o'e Ihe entire crew .. (xmgrea
eumal uouiiiialntna ; M oeoachuoetfa, fiftu d.a
trlcl, N. I*. Uanka, llep.. Now York. Aral, llev.
U J Iteeva, Trolnhlli'iulal , J'oi.noylvania,
eight. -ulh, tle-rgo (■ Waller, Hep... .Twenty
uf tho utu|iuroiy structures ou Kim avenue,
oppoelle the Main I lluh.Uoli building, Phila
delphia, were deatruyed hy lire, at a iuea of
nearly #100.0(10 I hey occupied the eutire
apace helweeu I' r raiiaoouUi.entai hotel and
.he 11 *aa hunae, and wire mainly occupied aa
eating hoot ha and uf cheap eutci-telu
lueui. The excitement among the visitors at
the Kxbibllluit wo* Intenae, and fully allljr
ihouaand crowded thai aide of the park In
wltueae Hie cunttagraliuu.
Ouotilbullulia are I ring taiaed in the dif
ferent large cities fur the yellow fever euffer
era at Havannah, (ia .. The Hluui Indian
war la practically ended for Una aeaeou, aa Ihe
liooje are preparing In go lulu winter quar
ters ...Ihe <ni mania dour mil la, at Fred
ericksburg, Va., weie i.ileiiy deal toyed hy the.
l.uea, #60,000 tuauraJice, #HO 000 Cotton
cropa from the Mouth Atlantic HteUs aie
allghily unfavorahle A numher of the
■ Ifooje have (wen ahot fur cowardice.
The varioua Mielee of Centra) Amu.. a
are augmenting their annlee and preparing
fur action A riot occurred In Luna, Peru,
on account uf the |-.| uiace dlaliking the min
lelerial The mot waa tired on hy
ihe military, and aeveral weie killed and a
number wounded. ... All the Cheyenne Indian
agency buildiuga, ticepl three, have teen
ewept away hy a flood Ihe papers and re
oorda were also loot During Auguei the
various mini* coined 17.16H, 300, of which
#2,H1,700 wae silver coin ...... A conflagra
liou at Jamiaiowu N. Y . deatruyed the large
furullure ra abhet.iue. la of four different
lirma, and aleo a tub and pall faiclor).... Hon.
Mei.ltn Connor waa u-elected governor of
Maine hy a He-publican majurliy of twelve
thousand. The Hepuhiicana aleo claim the
all Congressional delegates .. .The boiler
of the l.Ltie Tucket mill, al he
Ctuase, W.e.. explode 1, and rtuntd the build
ing and machinery. One man was killed and
a number wounded, lose. |3U.(J(NI . ..Kllian
Allen, Ihe famous trolling hot re, died un the
Kansas clock farm . A small force uf
Ulilted Mater- soldiers baa taken charge of the
Meiican town of New l.aredu, to protect the
propeily of the American and foreign atb
.on* from plunder ty deeperedom, the au
thoriUca belt g unal le to do au. 1 hia la in ac
cordanee with au arrangement w.lh the Meal
can commander.
1.4011'.- Wlisoler lim organized su cj-edi
tion* fur Uio < ipi -sUutiof California, Narad*.
Nt and Colorado, and lby are al
ready n> work .. Tlic-manager* of lbe prin
cipal Western railroads have organised a
" pool." and announce tbe.r dcn-rniiLanuu to
carry fieigbt for Kaateru road* at the same
rale inpv offer In tueic .an;, and no 1tw....
lbo governor of Minnesota Las increased lbe
reward for Ujo apprehension of lire Norlbfleld
bank robber a In ♦ 1 (100 per beed and lbe bank
offerer* (M additional. The robber* were ao
pressed tv lbe pursuer* at one lime Ibat tbeyr
were forced tu abandon Uie.r boraea .... An
eipres* train on lbe lUuriil* road ran off tbe
track nar <ireeri*bot<t. N C . and waa thrown
doan su embankment thirty feel. Injuring
ib.rleen persona ... Aa a fnsgbl Ir .11 waa
paaaiug a passenger Uaiu - - u,, wit*
direction on tbe IVnnay irama raiffied, al
Torre* ia l *, two ouwa were caught bolae-t.
lbe Irama and threw tbcu bulb from iba
track, severely tnjurlug four men lbe
thirty-fourth cell fur lbe redemption of fitr*-
twenly bolide of ltvCsi May and November, to
tbe amount of #)0 IKk).000. baa been uwued.
.. Congressional nomliiauoua New lurk,
aevctitaewlb district, Martin I. Towneend,
lie) ftuffaio diett.ex, K O. bpaulditig, Hap.;
Mat) and. bfib, ¥.. J. iiankle. l*m Tbe
mat day* international sbo.ung at Crecd
ra •,t near New Vork. waa for abort range
matches. K. J. liabbelh. of the Pn-vidi-noe
v li 1 association, won lbe two bundle J-j. aids
31 atcb making furty-flvw point* oat of a pos
sible fifty. There wore one hundred and
eighty *3l oonUwlaiila. Tbe six hundred-yards
match drew i-nt one hundred and fifty-ulna
riflemen, and waa won by 11. 8. Jewell, of tbe
American team riser*#, wbe made leu iraigbl
bo] *-eyea, counting the fub aoore of fifty—an
event which niter befoie occurred in Una
country, and has born npialed but one* In
Kuglaud. Mr Ilallard. of the Amcnoan re
serve, took ats\md pnzeori a ecure of firtj-
A lilanrc at Miintciiegro.
An Knglish la ly lias been looking
aUnit Montenegro, and her reports are
not flatb ring to the insurgents. Her
sympathies an- with them aud against
the Turks, but the pictures she draws of
the people ai d their savage manuers are
not fascinating. They are heroic, no
ionbt, and full of [patriotism, but one
.4 ■ hardly call them inton-sting, or care
t> lave them for intimate associates.
She found the women in Montenegro in
an utterly degraded condition, only two
of them able to rend aud write. These
were the wivi s of the prince aud of the
president of the Senate, and even they
have to do the household cooking ami
to wait at the table. The women in
general do all the liard work in the tlelds
as well as in the bouse, aud the men
touch none of the burdens even with
their lingers. She saw women stagger
ing under heavy loads while the men
walked beside them without thought of
pity or of help. The Montenegrin war
rior was evidently "a fancy article that
ought not to be expected to do anything
save tight in war aud saunter about in
his splendor in time of peace." The
women, though |H*or and half starved,
have a great love for finery. They go
alioiit in rags, but keep their eajwi cover
ed with silver chains aud wins. Some
of them have ornaments that a dncheas
might envy.
•Thanks from the Depths of the Heart,"
WIUJSOTO*. Lorain Go , O , Aug. 34. LS*4.
lr. E. V Pierce, buffalo. N. I.:
/tror Sir -Your medicines—Golden Medical
Discovery. Dr. Ssge's Catsrib ltemedy—have
proved of h greatest rervioe to me. Hi*
monUis ago no one thought that 1 con id prwai
blv live long I bail r complication of ill-eases
snrofnl <. n.s .dealing it-elf in arnptieLß and
great biutrli* s < n my head that mads such
eorv" fliai 1 c uld noi liave my ban oombed
wit out causing me much suffenug ; also
cans ug swoden glau la. leuella enlarged, en
• g'd or •• thick neck." aud large and no mer
lins IrC i also suffi red from a terrible
chronic catarrh, and in fact I was so diseased
that life was a harden to me. I had tried many
dooto a with no benefit. 1 final y proc red
one-half dossil bottles of yonr Uolden Medical
Discovery and one dnxru Sage's Catarrh
It-medy and commenced their use. At Urat I
was badly discouraged, bn( after taking four
Isdtles of Ihe > iaeovsry 1 began to
and when I hail taken the remaining 1 was
well. In addition t<- the use of Discovery 1
applied a solution of lodi o to |pe goiter or
thick neoV, as you advise iu pamphlet wrap
ping. and i' euurely disappeared. Y'our Dis
covery is certainly the most wonderful blood
medicine ever Invented. 1 thank God and
you, front the depths of my heart, for the
great got d it has done me.
Very gratefully, Mrs. L. CMarrrv.
Must medicines which are advertised ta
I I pur flora and llvor mediciuoa contain
or • r mercury, in some form, or potaoxium
and i i lino variously combined. All of these
agents have atrcng tendency to break do n
tlie b md corpuscles, and debilitate and other
wise permanently injure the human system,
anil should therefore be discarded. I>r.
Pierce'a Golden Medical Discovery, on the
o'her hand, being composed of the fluid ex
ttscis of native plants, barks and roots, will in
no . ae prcduo' injury, ita effects being
strei gtliemug and curative only. Btr*a]>arille.
which uaed to enjoy quite a repntatn n aa
a blood pnrirter, is a remedy of thirty year*
ago, and mav well give place, as it is doing, to
tho inoro positive and valuable vegetable al
teratives wluc'i our later mrdiciual niveatiga
tton and di-o ivory haa brought to light. In
aciefula or king's ev:l, white swellings, ulcers,
eryaip -l.ia awed* I neck, goiier. scrofulous iu
fl*iuni-i'i ins, li d ite t infl immation mercurial
alTectioua, old miiea, eruptions of the akin
an l r-TH eyes. a-> lit all other blood diseases,
Dr Pn roe's Goklc i Medical Discovery haa
sl.nwii |IH groat roinedial oowe's. curing tbo
msi ii -11 aea <1 intno tbl ottos, bold by
allMealere iu medicines. *
At cmr req nrait Ortffin A Go., of i'hil-
Bdelpbiß, IV. have promiaed to aend
any of our readera, grittia (on reonipt of
flftren oenta to pay piNiUgn,) a nunple
of Dobbins' Rleotrie Hosp to try. Betid
at "coat, *
Pi a on the facto, tongb akin,
I A.Io, Aiul,*iiin MI4 *ll enia
AfKocft.." .roil, tia akin toad* *f. and
aiuiwilli. l> Ui* n* of J can* aa TAMHOAI Ti-at
BU4* L, (ima anil, 11** art! A 00., New Vurk, la
tba only kind thai eao ba railed on, ** LUer*
are many UnitaUona, nuute from oumiuuti tar,
wiilali are aortlilaa* -- Oom.
We would not rooomuieud Uio fr. •
qtienl or emnUnl uae of any medlolne. It ia
iin|H>rUlit lo take even a fu.l article Juili
oiooaty. I'armiHn' t'uryaitvr f'Ult are aafa.
protupi and reliable ** a l*i*Ue or oslkarUu*
Itaae Itall ia undoubtedly good exar
oi*e anil i-apll*! amuaeinciil. but ll often ooca
aloli* liU"|ed eye*, broken rklli* and bllalelfd
bai.da. W a can tell you that in all such etrnrm,
if Johnmm't A wlyiyr /.uiihu ii/ la raaortad 10,
II wJI reduce llie aWelltu* and atop the |.*Jn *
Th' ruiuarkable curoa . ffactnd by
Vegeune bave induoad pbyslaiana and
a|> >U.ei*Me*, 1,., m kuow, Lo preaenbe and
uae It In their own falitlbna *
Martyia to nalt rheum, rrjoioe ! The
|>eral*leiil re ct OIAJIB aHi X.CNOM HoaC will
t are you. L'*e n inalcaii of me grreay oiul aud aatrinK'Ut wuilia* witb wblcb you
bane berefotore .nuulalod (be iI.WM*. It l*
Olaali''. aafe and apoedy. 1 'epol, Ctl<letiton .
No. ? MiaUi i.nue, N a V k
liurtab for (lie bl.ek* ai.d It,* browns pr< *
duoed by Hlli'a Hair ilji- •
HAKE AND Hrua— " Taßbleaa cure"
for ferer and axur. Neut by mail for #1.0(1.
|A It (.'at, Hiau uW, tiro,kirn, NY. *
I Bwlrr Ke*rß Vrr'. Hufl par M Wuana'*
! Rrl| biMkUtn i*iM><*.|lipßf iWu o Kk*i>
I Uni hUtiU,|t(i |i*f in ttymt l\*i "U
lailaa. .bwip b| bd H BaJuNfftltJi, IHI •>kaf, Dti
the ItrkeU.
ii* iou.
iMiail*. Dial*limßiUliica4 '.aig a II
i Oou-inet. Oimd Tiutta ~... H #
: Hiirß Ooa . ... '0 0 *4* On
Uuf* L ■ iH wit
bnaaf i'k
i IMF .... '•* A IB
J 1-wnla l| 4,1
I IJuCUHt-MlUdliua L%(| 11%
Klmr-Ititrt Wiatrru...... I K m t H
mat* katra § W nil
I WBcaa— Had * aatare 1/T 1 p
No. 1 Mprti-a I IT MB 1 •.<>
j 8jn—W.r...... • Bu
| liar lay—Mala ... W fI V
| liarMy-Malt rtf a I
1 Oata—Mixed Waeteru....... . IT WW **
j Core—LSued Wraierv. :t A fyij
IU), per rat. * t)
| tn, i*rwt.., ............. <B *;
| H ,p* MB- J Alt . W. 11l 4
li-Ma IT .1 nil M
U'd u%# It
I Ki*a- Mw.le.-al, Ba. I, new ... !• u
" No. t. new I IJ a I B
Dry Ood. per cat 0 (Mi Hi
Herrtra, Boaiad, per he*. .. *• a, 00
| Nnitna-Orafc. .. HHA I teeanat, af
Wool—Oalllcraia Fliao* if # a*
Tai*. II IT
Asacraltaa ** Id # il
llattrr—BUl* la id St
*ei*r*Ulrjr II d II
W astern Yellow . * a)
Wietara Ordlaary II s IT
: ONeeee—Suie Kacfary OS # I.a
m*t elimmd Of • of
WaMero OS • II
Ka—uuu ii a at
Ks>i> 40 • S
* .mi So. I Bprtna I it l la
Oort-M red f # M
Br* -.a n
; beef OaUie—Esirk at ft i*%
•*UKOF <M% t*
H-jf—Draaaed.. ... 'A # it
Klour—Pwi'i*) !**!,'• Kr'.rr t A3 a'd
! Vkml-IM Waaiert I li # I In
Kr*....,. r a at
Oore—LVliow. AS at ft
Muod .... u 4 H
j <>* l* -Mixed ii 0 t
j t-tro...aj -Crud* . l 0!t Inanrd. >•
ttrmnn, k*b*.
! Href lei lie—Poor to OBatc* i TA T mi*
"Me® IN • • (t
Lakb* aex hi a
\E\t llaa.r.B. I airUpcr. HandlfV.forN
Ii J. Alfd 1. N*a*lt'a IKIM,. ceosae. IU
IT MM **' ' :sr • •
lull" ''M r- woe riai d,. at ■> Opal Ml e,
I miii • .. 1., rirati. AU'i D .****a. low* l : >*t o.
|S.)' ITIT KKp. li**< iw Tet m#
i~ . .1 One* U Ll* AOO.I t' lilot P *aa.N T
PreWiweris I'laaaai i aura raearwa* as* auipiofen .
liifiwl. lean w*i ted M N loriij. Brt*. I*
wi 1 i I * '■* Kiapk rreeet fe *U I'lueaio A Noweli
1 tf KelteadOa .lit Kara** *1 ,N V
$55 to $77 KTrL^rKY.A^£2^
•>l|i W**A **l*r, Mean r*ad lo atk A loib Mod
j *• t f .l*ri. 'or elrcolari E M Hedle, I iadl*n*p'.ld
fflHB *rNT"MN. Tarf, KMMI Sport*. AaO
j A . C*H am. I—r year .ape. trac* rip) fna
U J KiiNTEK ACO . Pah*.. |lWuri*r Nt . N*e York
100.000 ACRES ; •.V-r-v'-r.-
GB". H WRIGHT. kfi*e*potM. Mlea ;
••T IkaiMuiy u kgestA J.H.UI f ftuNk KtffTOk.
I i eboald *ll aaderriend IB* A Ilea i:s>*rr.
I tdaeaaeadCßnaM aaqtMe h u AI.CEN.H ar, *
w I * > A MONTH ! in* **p*eea* paid
1* 1 eirl for arlriern. lo peUlm wen tod
Addna. Moairoa koir. C„, tXaolenaU. Ohio.
C OkA * Meerß. limb Wanted. M Mat sail
VIA Jill In* *rltcda* I* • nw l>* **tap4* frw*
AI.RNTw UIITLD. f wwet* Hill Moeatad
iitmeeo* fur Nl- If **Bpla fay Brlljml natd.SQa
tXiinraiadißiaoU*. 37 N*MIB M NWW Yak
I ▲ imv IN £mb owaa la "wj aaaai
I ara OlrcoUt* fro* Kamida* 15 eu Kreptr*
j T ® ■ W Nuwwll, Ue . Silt Kro*dwr. N*w York
Ate WATCH pe, A Groat Kse**tl r> Anp*
71 * WalrA wa.r O^tt/r,. t Afmm '. liwltef tß*e
G,dd A-ldt.M A OM't-TK A (X) . Ifhloaae
S./ •\| I wiaiywhwra Dmmh bonotahlw and
UIL V V A M rlaa* I'l-tl oltaiarnu Ac
dnoi WORTH A isi . M Loan. M ,
A POTATO DlGliPtf. Tn* bwwt Mtaat. 1.100
Ataoa w. will dwdr.r **mpl* to roar K R llwpol
it' S OB rweeip' I If
KESYON BROS . O*rh >o.f'o. T*
me ■ r* f* \r r„.i.**i- nia
C. rvT \J n TIB wad. .n.i.u. i *>•**.,
II I*. AielErM iMrg M I. VK< C, WB T
THBBKBT I (K> rlFwmr M*d.tYoan V
MKN *ed l-ADIKS Adlnea, witk M*ai>. X
I ftIIKKMAN TKI.. 11>.. <' O
I /I ft U 111 ft if fee W*B< tb* hwal *e|ll* *ntd*
AlrLrlTS w- -TitTi*
mm t .1 htUDK A 00.. TOA llmAwu. K. T
!\VOK*W.,ISf*.i Cost ADDKKSN nB(
KOUKKN 41 >*'. 1.11 K OOkIPANY.
A * cot. IViainl! Md*!. *ed tMpleian Aw*rd*d
.or .km.h an n Cdnt€nniai bible.
1 HQO |lltttirii|nai. A(Mn lr re dreiUrn,
\. J. HOI* 'U \ .V to i KK II I .
\v i \ ri. h
"il J | lit J toktftn Tciiwphy. d BAjiTi
Ht.mih. Htirltid .cntinu Tblpf
, *f,kwf aud bw-bbi wfi. U>! OO|L*C in U H S o< •tjunu
; .4. r I K.I.S •• Ka I'll IV; \ gtilt. Hafldkio. N Y
DEri/ni VCD Iduj* (iiMt. 7-Kbot, Aoiteg
ntf Jl*f tn tiyMr, with Hi
mmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm tt.t.frO* 64 pp CUUoTl frw#.
•N;Ofttap <;•. rwlUfß# Hue B' l. Wtc Jfatw tafkUAt*
j fat AgesD I<ALI>WIN HM.II; Ntiaa St.. Ik Y
l)KN>s\|.Y AM I OII.IT IKY \ \tY >1 \
i X < hfirr, P+mm.. Kfpmi flaglaiiulim 1.1.
Tboroopb h'Btr'.u ti.n In i>rU nod Mlntan F ngir.mon tr-.g
th# Cl—lc# and Fnnltfth Mnuirh— >• r ikrcolai*
nppl j lo UoL. TUIUI HYATT. IVl. P U A
\ T <I K I tkaoMC m fxil color*, to nhow or vcrfc.
K ixnlntcd or can raa kl%i7Vq. from np 7 i*Lafcrm<kD ct
th IjfW- It— wtlfl lb# Neim Jn+rnml, ft ..HI n —mu
(UUZlpi* of cor w >rA nnd tmpcr tor— to —*uU. Etc . HI
01. la. r l.l'rilKU Mtli Yihtoto. Krto ooanty. Pn.
wfth Ibflr *f..lkt4T. PrwrwntH VKHTIOO DITIDKU.
j KktMkRH KvnToriimMi. wtttoHit impoitb ItoSrvxtb
I inn. < Vxuifo-tdnc nn<l Tra o-itlUinc p Tnaij.k'g'*
!hf k'sc K NTKAH\> iMnjnrt t, |toTrvmi *lch.
I c ■ ™rl 1-Urawi.V ..itiHf, RewbM. Motto. Colr. Mkd Tt—-
fMkEwwit fw4* mat witrvieß.wwlb $Wk. •# twwf.i Hbouot,
j A. It. HITFOKi>*S M>Sh. HtKTON . VASh. liurfbM IAIC*
111 414141 AHIkWTHIY-M.M HH
U.\ fUI f m Nek. or frMU* Kc novel
j IIM. c if lon.ry pitAaurn .wHichto io wwiry D c
I • A*| twrtvß gITM to •• nt . vnionldo wißi>W, wrh
| cnlulntuc. ayit frwf .n 1§ tnrnl oiid cold woicii *l.O M m K S Ki.rrt If.H. ll t>a) "Mrfel, Naw Yrk
A fllV Vour MM printd on
A i>\M Tilj I I. M) Tma-nrfU
I iirdkt cotiiAliilai a >r*tiß nlkcn bnl1 U> 11*• Ljfht ill
dcnltrito). 4®"l f . ccotn • $ park*. I OVUM,
!$ I. Kg A'ihfu enrd printer bu* AgtmU warlhl ;
ouUll |ir. (I—il i rlniEf, lahli lioa l. An.n 1. MAB
ii. LOVERS' M.g<-tl4- herd. Thtno: J
w.t,Arftal Hbd BB(S tnuiln| luitrumtul vwr inrmtfd IWcffl
c nmi— cwo to r%tried en fro— dtflarwat row——r—i thr
* et * wfibwvt leUTtion A child can uw it B>Agcnl'
\k ml-d • Ui* onlePH fbr it gvlll Ilk* kotfkto Ha—pi* twit
Mbl far |Or. k Jdrwaa. Fu—tor ACa WUlia—•torgk. R. T.
HI Kl l\. TON Vl. Kicnrh N nd H alUli
Pit b Yfar opens Sopt tti
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MEDICAL AOVICE •nd (Vhmnir I'fria.**. I'rnnerrl I
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means of preventing and curio*
Klicumalistn and Gout; aud aa an
HATH. "OijMiß'a Bubraua 3oak" i
incoDiiiarably the lx*t article ewer
offered to Iht American public.
Tlie COMIM.KXION ia not only freed
from I'IMPI.iu, liDoTcnaa,TAß, KBBC-
BiJta. and all other bletniabea by Ita
us-, but m-quirm a THAN# ABBRT
Uitougb the clarifying and >OOlllOOl
action of tbia WMOUMOHE BEAUTI
The contraction of obnoiloua dia
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m.KKP provided with tbia admirable
i'> trtAL or A ntuixa or Nalphnr
Hal ha. Dandruff ta removed, the
hair iclainad, and gray new retarded
by It
Mkdicai. MEN ADV.-.ATB rra uan
IHin. 25 ANN 50 CENTS r*K CAVK,
I'tcß Box, (> (J ABBA, i due. and f 1 20.
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44 HHPs Hair and Wkltkrr Dye,"
Black or Hrawa, M Centa
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Pattoi's iiericai People!
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; tar A NEW BOOK . 'JT*
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at Puriin.
America Illustrated:
oaaartM or
or WAMiiauToit.
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Addi*e**i Tit Maß i.'KAHK,
rabltaßM. a ■**■ la aa* tiannaar.
___ IIU Naiaamm. *aaTrafc.
North of Ireland
and Scotland.
State X,ine S ten mors
Belfast and Glasgow.
Nw aad llawii tl.iaia a.kHa quicA aaß SMB.
foriai- a *■ r**aa Ml lac Tb m!>.
C'aßta Pa*****. Uu to B'O. *ooat> V* IIIIBI*
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atrrratr al laam Males.
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All al*d aatt a* nlar a Mara or la*. Bat
aooa aa aut a* IM poop'a af tM I'aNad WUtM il
la Bar*, la iba aaa world. IB* dtaaaaa Baa baaaa
daoir.ll a>*d. •> aa. a Mapia. B**a Uq>al. ■* I*
MoaapoUxa n mlaanar lot aa cßaafc IM faitaar *-
IM tijf ura aaa •
Tarrant • Seluer Aperient,
la a prolactad aalaitoa of IM
Protoxide of Iron,
A a mm dtaorai-rr fc. amdlcjoa. wß'oß *>Ho l tßa raa
of diaaaoahf .a>rlto Ihaßtood alia lla MUI prlaolrla
Tbia • M taoral af IB* aaedarfal iriiMi af IB a
ware, la carla*
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f/ir- ft fMM eva aitrf
Hlntidrr. fraaaafe
(n.-.-ijr/nSMfa and
Bad State of the Blood,
Or MaoaiaiiM bf
For Dyspepsia. Us®
For Debility. Ua®
For D-opay, Uaa
For Neuralgia, Use •
For Chronic Diarrhea. Use
For L vei Complnrnt Ue
For Boils -lid Hvimoin Uso
For Chills aud Fever. Use
For Loss ol Appetite, Use
For Nervous Affections. Use
For Female Comolaiats, Use
For Diseases of the Kidneys, Use
For Diseases of the Bladder, Use
HRTIt W. FOWLE A- SON", Praprtatan,
88 Harrliaa Avrmir, Hoalns.
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