The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, September 14, 1876, Image 2

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    - I I. A 11-1.1 - K.IL ' ■
Tk Centre Exporter.
I ■. UR HAI.T.. IV, SEPT. 14. 1S71.
7 ERMS. — p*r yf" T , * ••truscr, "J,60
l x.<n notpaid in advance.
Adrertvse'nent* 20.* per li'ie for three if.-
f .-tion*, <' forQand 12 months i.v
el contra et.
- ,i . ■
SAMUEL J. TILDF.N, of New York.
THOS. A. HENnßlUKS,^|i^iUan
.1 VMKS F. WEAVER. Milwburg,
.lOHN M VKNS "\Y*lker
JOHN RISUKL, of Prong.
To secure the right to vote in Venn-
BvU-Hnia. all persons must \H> assessed
two mouths before the election and
hive paid * State or county tax (either
w.ll do) within two yeam. In eaae the
li v is paid this year, it must bo a month
to.Yore the election.
Foreign born citizens wishing to rote
next November must take out their
nralisation paper* A month before the
election. They must also be assessed
two months previous to the day of vot
ing, and must have paid a tax as above.
The election will ue held on Tuesday,
the 7th day of November.
Wed'sty, September t>, is the last day
for being assessed.
Thursday. October is the law day Pr
Bo curing naturalisation papers.
Thursday. October 6, is the last day
on which taxes can be paid in legal time
to rote. ... , „
The above dates should be carefully
remembered and acted on by all voters.
Arkansas hold her election last week
and it passed off quietly, but her 50,000
democratic majority roars terribly in the
ears of the Haves-Grantitcs. Arkansas
fired her big gun, now let democrats fad.
in line and make it roar from this sec
Gov.Tilden, in two years ofhis admin
istration in New York reduced the taxes
one half—brought them down from 15
million dollars to near 7 millions, and
besides broke up the ring of stato rob
bers, had them prosecuted and jaded.
There's your man for President if you
want Reform. Have* was governor o;
Ohio three terms and in all that time did
nothing that his party has yet been able
to boast of. Whilo we do not charge
him with having liaraed the state, yet
it can not be shown that he benefited
Now choose between the two. These
are facts.
It appears now that it was Hayes who
swore to a false iacome return in order
to escape paying an income-tax thereon.
Gold watches were falsely returned, his
carriages ditto, and last he made no
mention at all of $50,000 made over to
him in a will by a relative ! Well tLi
sounds nicely, reader, dees it not? anil
yet you are asked to elect this man
Hayes to the presidency ! How many
republicans are there in Centre county
claiming to be honest men who can en
dorse Hayes after learning of this revela
tion. Haves' oath is on record. Kb
neighbors know what vaiuable carriages
and gold watches he had, and at how
beggarly a price he swore to them in his
return, and then there is the will afore
said also on record that shows that he
made no mention of the fifty thousand
dollars bequeathed him, and thus dodg
ed the tax thereon. Cameron. Grant,
Babcock and Chandler knew their mar.
when they fixed on Hayes. In another
column of the Reporter we copy a more
full detail of this false income retarn.
Col. NefT, of Centre Hill avers that the
election of Tilden will be the greatest
calamity that ever befel this country.
Glad we know it so soon, can all pack
our trunks and get out before the [4 o r
March when honest Samuel is to Ire
sworn in. The Colonel had best Ipack
his too and get from under, because
something w ill happen sure, and there
may be "ah 1 of a time."
Let there be a thorough organization
of the democrats in every township. We
tan and must carry Centre with an old
fashioned Jackson majority. Tilden is
u second old Hickory and will make
short work with the public plunderers if
elected president. Organize, democrats
The temperance convention nomina
ted for president, Gen. Green Clay
Smith, and for vice president Gideon
J. Stewart. Wrn. 11. Blair is on the elec
toral ticket for this district.
An important decision of interest to
all who reside in cities, towns or villages
was recently made in the Lebanon coun
ty courts, by Judge Henderson. A man
was indicted for an assault and battery
on a neighbor because he claimed the
fruit on the branches of the tree over
spreading prosecutor's lots. Judge Hen
derson said that every owner of land is
the owner of it upward as far as he de
sires to make claim of it. This being the
law, the prosecutor bad the right to the
fruit on the branches extending over his I
lot. He might even have sawed thern |
oil'. This decision is important at this
particular time and is generally misun
derstood by the people.
The Harrisburg Patriot says that
"Mosby is at his old trick of dressing up
his guerillas in the Federal uniform.
The other day he used the extraordina
ry influence he possesses with Grant to
secure the appointment of one of his
gang, named Grisworld, to un SI,BOO
clerkship in the treasury Department."
A number of Union soldiers have recent
ly been discharged to reduce the force,
and Mosby slips one of his warriors in a
vacant place. There's a text for Wheeler
and what will Forney say ?
Charles Francis Adams, nominated on
Tuesday for Governor by the Bay Htate
Democracy, has accepted. No stronger
or purer candidates could have been se
If the Bellefonte Republican has any
hopes of piloting its county ticket
through the mud it will wako up badly
• fooled on the morning after the election.
The people will vote for Weaver and AN
cxander instead of M'Farlane and Zeig
ler, and for Frank and Divens instead cf
the republican nominees for associate
judges. Don't dupe your readers and your
candidates with false hopes, Mr. Repub
A dispatch from Madrid says that Wil
liam M. Tweed has been arrested at
Vigo in Spain. Tweed was traveling un
der the name of Secor. Both parties are
lodged in the fortress at Vigo.
A dispatch from New York, 8, says: :
Nobodv here believes the story that j
Tweed'has been captured in Spain. He
could not be legally arrested there for
the offense for which he was imprisoned
bore His intimate friends say that he 1
.remained hidden in this city for five (
montiis after his disappearance and then i
went to Brussels, where he has since re- J
A later dispatch thinks it is Tweed. .
As a sample of the unblushing preva
rication of facts in which the N< w \ <ok
Timoa Is at present dealing, we would
like t< call our readers attention to tl e
garbled publication of the Ictti r sent to
Mr. Samuel J. Tilden by Mr. Horaot
Greeley. In the campaign edition iswt
<kl Inst month the follow ing|)>itioii of
the letter was published JiHiv
ro Samuel J. Tilden. Chairman Demo
cratic State Uommittec
Sis: You and I arc growing old. We
came here young from the country, ami
have lived and struggled side by side
'or nearly forty years. We have jiarti. i
.vated ardently in many political strng
rles, always on different aides. * "
The original in place of the ,-t.n con
tained the follow ig
You were the pupil and protege of
Van Huren and Silas Wright ; 1 a do
oiploand follower of Henry flay. But
this 1 will say for you. that 1 am confi
dent you have never sought to enrich
yourself by politics or at the eipeuso :
the public -that whatever of wealth you
may have acquired or enjoyed was earn
ed in your profession as a lawyer, and
that your instincts and your influence,
partisanship apart, have generally been
felt on the side of economy in public ex
penditure and uprightness in the c lid;: !
of public affair-.
This waa of course, too much p nose to
bo bestowed upon the iVnuwratie can
didate, but the editor of that pari.-in
sheet did not hesitate to print s. no few
words of fault-finding in the lain . j r
lion of the letter, which the Ist ■ cntt 1
aage of the Tribune had indulged in.
What n Democratic House of Repre
sentatives Hits Saved to th • Peo
Tilt arPROMU ATt N Hit !AM"t V T l"
nomnin AXD amr .\r or fcgm CTIO
Eleven of the twelve appropriation
bills have been passed or agreed up* n
in conference, which is equivalent a:
. this stage of the session to being pas-od
The bill yet uupasscd is theeonsu.arand
diplomatic. The auiua appropriated by
each of the eleven bills and the t■ t
the twelfth bill as it passed the hou-i
ar set forth in the following table :
i Reduction
Amount from
Appropriated. ] ust Year
Army. $25,967,11>7 f ljMd,k>2
Naw. 12,740,365 4,260,t
West Point. 290,065 74.G.5
• Post office. 6.WJ7.WS 2,4'jV07
: Pensions. 29,533,500
i River and Harbor. 5,t00,1kt0 1,04.4,51.
Fortifications. Slo.tM)
Sundry Civil. 10,307.9(A> i',2-'.144
• Deficienciea. sia.r.'J T-m "
t Legislative, etc. 14,500,0ut 4,4 >■
j Indians. 4,000,000 1,800," '>s
Consular and Diplo
matic. 912,747 4a"<2,-3-
Total. $116,422,902 131,716,165
The tenth and eleventh items in the
I .shore column, vis the legiaUtive and
i the Indian, appropriations, are t timat
. Ed and given in round numbers.
The bills are agreed upou, but altera
• lions in the conference committsaa Lavc
s reiiuivil the totals and will necessitate a
> I couple of immense sums in ar:titnieti<'.
I which the clerks of the committets art
j yet without time to go at. The estimate
s J are based upon estimates in turn of the
1 of those alterations. As the
j house started out with a determination
L . to cut down the appropriations for tl i
year s4ti,ooo,lot. tlie above results will
' show how successful ha IH OM the ef
- fort.
The recent order of Secretary Cameron
to control the southern ballots by means
of bayonets has brought its devilish fruit;-
j sooner than expected. In another col
umn of the Reporter will bo found on
account of the terrible riot at Charleston
' the effect of which in Washington is
' thus given by the Times special of 7:
The colored riots in South tkrolina have
created grave alarm among the Republi
can leaders here to-day, and to-night
there have been various
i and a general discussion of the unexpect
ed piiase the color issue has taken u:i
--i Jer reckless leaders in Charleston. Vari
f ous dispatches have gone to the leaders
in South Carolina, and especially U>
; Governor Chamberlain, earnestly iueist
; ing that the negroes must be letter con
? trolled, or the North will revolt at tLe
Grant-Cameron policy adopted to carry
tlie election, and they have also been
! implored by telegraph to get out a prompt
statement from somebody denying that
• tho negroes wantonly attacked a pcacea
f ble body of their own race, for no other
reason than that they chose to be for the
Conservative ticket. The gravity of the
' case is heightened by the general disor
derly spirit that is steadily cropping out
and growing among the more ignorant
. and idle negroes, since the publication
( of Secretary Cameron's military order
, relative to the South. The political
leaders of the negroes have all given the
same interpretation to Cameron's order,
i just as was intended by Grant and Cam- i
1 eron themselves, and that is, that the
army is intended to protect the negroes
in anything they shall see fit to do in
the name of the party. Senator Patter
son publicly declared in this city before
, the Cameron order was issued: ' We've
got to raise h —II somehow with the nig
gers and get tho troops down there, or
the d—d rebels will carry the election in
spite of us," and it was in obedience to
this spirit, more honestly than elegantly
expressed by Patterson, that the Came
ron order was issued. The'negroes, es
pecially in such sections us Charleston,
where they are in an overwhelming
majority, now believe that the army is j
behind them and that they can do any-1
thing to carry the election, and they are j
only too ready to indulge in the largest
The Lewisburg Chronicle radical savs:
Hon. L. A. Mackey will he the nominee
of the Democratic party for Congress
man of this district. To the naked eye,
there is no hopo visible of electing a Re
publican; and it is but fair to say that
Mr. Mackey w ill be as acceptable to his
Republican constituents as any Demo
crat in his district. His record during
the term just expired is very good.
Since the exposure of Hayes' false re
turn of taxable property to the Sandusky
assessor, the western newspapers are
discussing the question of his probable
withdrawal from the presidential race.
In the course of some remarks on this
subject one of them says it is un open
question whether the national commit
tee shall fill the vacancy or whether the
Cincinnati convention will reassemble
[ for that purpose. All the republicans
are agreed that tho revelations of Hayes'
dishonesty compel his retirement from
the ticket. He will go to mcctOrtb. As
the most formidable opponent of Hayes
in the convention, it is thought that the ]
place will be tendered to Blaine. <
The Maine election was held on Mou- |
day. The reports give the radicals J5,- c
000 majority, which is not holding their c
own, and it will likely si miner down to
4 2,000 on correct returns. Good enough, ti
Vermont, too, failed to couie up to her
old radical majorities, "
Kll.l'A TRIOR -S' tOXFESSD .Y. <
".A lltOOm MIIKT i AMI'AIIiN Willi VloX- \
XV." I
I Indianapolis Sentinel. Aug. 22.]
Gn vcstcnliii Gin Kilp.itii. k .t | i>-
ent itinoi.itinK the in tin .rmitir
inti n >;s of Morton, lEm .V t ■ . !<■
in the leading in of tin- Inunl 11-'ti l.
a letter addi > .-•*> I t<> Gov i not 1 laves. <w
Ohio, in which kdpiti - k furnish. .
Governor Have- with what 1 >• tern,
"reliable Information" oi (1 o . ..nditiou
of the canvas in till- 11 . \Y<- 1.1 o
give our readers tlx text ..ftlein-ral Kd
Patrick's monriifulxtory, addit;,: that d
geiniita-iie-s i- incoiite- able, and it wtl
be in tain that (he Republican pre > tuny
M ek to deny it.
Ga IM> Jloiui. \
1\" l iNAtMiis, Atigust 21 1 -7i> I
lb vt: Su. t have now Itni- hed a tour
of six counties in Indiana, aid tcclin
that any reliable informst; n loan tin
-tate will interest ymi, 1 write.
In tho first place the cain.r ■ is w.'i
Mmlu.'tetl, the js pie are elitlui- i.istic
and deb rnmied, and the . ' 1 \\ ar -j .til
tltoreniglilv areusid, and if it were n><:
for one thing we could rest certain .!
victory in Ik-tolH-r. l'l.ere i- ..i Indt
pendent party in this >iatr, coiitin. d, it
is true, Jo u few eeuntios, but formidable
and it will ih-feat General Harrison.
There but .-no >\.i\ to on r. aine tin
lllOl eUiciit. The leader ■ of the 1 inl -
pendentsare-p >or, tu--dy HI .1 in drbt.
They iiiu-l be lectun .l U>; documents be
plare-d in their bauds that they may be
convinced v>f their folly.
a Bloonv .- ata ivi-aH N -v it ll iti'sn
ASt) t.M'l AN \t- sal ! 1 llVvSiTilt X
l il. A IKO a MOMV, ASP Wk AU.
Tie Nati-'tial t'oai ittee has done
nothing for lntliana. Alone they are
lighting this battle, and bravely; but un
l.-ss tl o National t iiuiiiU-e wak. - up
Biul does its duty to > oil, to the part - an 1
the country, defeat i-- certain in Oct
In.\> rin nil mv life felt so certain
th; t 1 -\adoing iny duty as m tins . n
te-st, and my desire for siKve-s. my d-. i
sir, is my only excuse for wriib
Your friend, J.KU .ii. ..
To U. B. flay. -J Govern. ve.
The letter which we publish elscw here
in the Sentinel this inerntng Iron •< i: |
, • ! J. Kilpatrick, the distitigui ae ! R>
I publican orator MBl i at by the Republi
an National A .ininilt.-o to ti.:- <
from New Y> rk. Gov.a nor 11 y.-,ti .
, Republican valid, lab- !• ir the I're- '. n-j
1 ey, is a document so citaracterisiic, a ■
six clearly ilexel p- the ro'.U-nne-.-i oi tb
i Kepublicnn party, that its piiblnatien ••
. the world ta dveiued a p'aun dutv tl
C no patriotic citizen should shrink trout.
u It develops several fa. ts disgr.nvful in
k the extitun uiliail ador- i th. , any,
Viovemor Hayes included.
1 General Kiljiatrick'.- letter o>\.r
nor Hayes show a that the Radical j.n ,
r in th - State is already defeated, and the
-' eff-rt is to be to defraud the
1 will of lire Jc p!o by i rrupt in.-m .
It shows the e-tiln.kU -vb.ah toe
7 green I ack men are h-!d by the ti. paiai
" .an party,"|v>or Igtnkrupt s. t," that can
7 b bought with money and changed by
1 I\tog iL-j,.ibiie.i!! di cuments
4 "It shi .V- that iejA.ii-.or Have . the ,
sp tie--, incorruptible statesman, a .
7 ! is the candidate oftb Republican party.
.an beappr uiched in it fainiliar w a> -a it
corrupt prop..-it ions.
ii [Hunt's Mercht :.ts' Mag..z!m
Tiie repntati n- of our citizens aret
property of the Mate. And when a< h:.r
l " after lias stiKt.l the test of three so r.
I years, everv individual lux- a per>n:il
; l interest in it, rvacluug far beyond th.
■ passing (tolilical excileuienla of the .lav.
4 With deep rt gre-t, tlierefore, <-ue -< -
' j growing di-jHJshion. even araoiig s •• it
'j uf oar more conservative new-i aj. i-, t
e accept an.l give currency to defan ..I: i
" of character, simply ljei-aus.- theperson -
' ! 7 attacked hap; >.-n *■ be candidates for a
. high office. The form of the charges
seem to be .- >meth:ng like tlii—") .
iworo falsely in lSi.>2, or "Y'ou stole i.
1yj.5." "Now prove voa did not, or stand
~. convioted of perjury or theft ." This i
• rather a summary int-de of changing t h
burden of proof, and putting u man on
n ! the defensive. It may require we. x
t ! for hiin to lt>k up or rev-all the fa.'u
lS which influenced his ac's -> long •
'*■ | but, In tho meantime, a- slander trav
1- fast, the ciiar-aes made c h. Iby t'. ••
D I press of the whole land, and the wrong
| | done can never te wij odout. If pub.: (
!1 opinion permits tliis, wo sh.iil : tb
5 j very few honest in a willing to nil ,v
. I their names to be pi. od before the pe >-
e pie for otr.xu.
I As an instance of tlieevil we coiaj !
" of. take the charge, which we are- allt-.i
! i ipon to U!i"ve, that <■ >vern> r Jiay. -
-1 during the war, stole s4eo loft with ,'. i
. by an executed aoldinr. The Ml M-1
j -umed are 1) that such n man was xe i
"I rated; 2 that lie was.seen givo the j
-I S4OO to Gov. Hayes; ; that GOT. H. htm I
s I not accounted for it. >f our-. , there
! fore, Govern'" r Hayes is a thief. Rathe
' a startling conclusion to a man who luu
• earned, by a life free from reproach, i.
- good name. Vet if newspaper trial i. o
c be indulged in and accepted duriujl the
.. excitemenU of a political cinva-s, tl ...
seems to be no AA. y toav id -u ha 1->!•:•
II warfare, better suited to the Mouc ■!:
4 tricts than the intelligent, tulturfd
,t communities where the slanders origi
, na'.c.
But our main design in referring to
' this subject was to speak of Governor
e Tiiden's ii. xjnic tax for D C, which in
0 some quarters ha-- la me a very ii.* i-r
, m est ing and> s . t>'<- ...
! necessarily feel a pride in Governor I it
' den's reputation. No man hu- stoi d
t higher, and de.-ervedly .-o. Were AM
-1 not in the midst of an unusual jKilitical
excitement, cMjch xiliarge could not N
repeated without being indignantly re
' jwlled bv every man of chara. u . in our
e midst. Vet now we see the slander a-,
sumed in- proved, a;.d boldly stated by
newspapers and sp akers every whore,
although the J". els show that there
L ' never woo a more baseless charge
s made.
j What are tho facts? It fircm* iL*i ...
December, DO.J, tiovi rnor 'Tilden, 1 ;
ulj the rest of us. made a return unci, r
■ oatli of Lis income for the year Iso 2.
. That return showvj that he received in
. Iv,;.', subject to taxation uu.Uir the law,•
r little over seven thousand dollars. In a
suit now iKsnding on behalf of the St
1 Louis, Alton A Tcrre Haute Railroad,
i the Governor swore that he re-< eived in
r 1802 twenty thousand dtdlars for srrvio s
which were "commenced prior to the
year is"!t. and were rendered from timo
• to time during a jH-rindnf three years."
, These arc the • imple facts, and the whole
, I of them, and on them the charge is made
of jejiiry, assuming or jumping over en
-1 tire ly tlie one fuitiic; pretiiise lor a eon
■ elusion —and that is alii tiiii under Hie
• law, tho twenty thousand dollars recoiv
> ed from the railroad should be included
in the return. Assuming, we say th. t
this twenty thousand dollars should be
included, while lire instructionsof Intei
• nal Revenue J ewis, is-u
--' ed at that time, slate clearly and pu*.-
tivelv that it sholud not ho included.
For tho benefit of those who may have
' forgotten tbcao jiistructions, we insert
the following exliacl takpu from them,
as published in our Hunt's Blurebant
i Magazine, for August, lNid, page 139:
'"A merchant's return of income should
cover the busiiieoi of 1 -72, excluding
previous years. Uncollected accounts
must be estimated. Physicians and law
yers should include actual receipts for
services rendered jn IWJ2. together with ]
an estimate on unrealized o; contingent
income due to that year."
Here we have it positively stated that ;
the "actual receipts tor services render
ed in D 02," "cyrilittliiw pntfiooi years, :
vi itii an estimate of uncollected ac- i
counts" or "unrealized income" froiu the '
business or services of 18<2, are the itt-m.-
to be included. This name idea was en
forced j n tho Commissioner's subsequent
instructions of that year, and more m i
utely to revenue collectors. In fact, tin-
Commixioner made this so clear that no
one had a doubt as to the meaning; so all
of us in preparing our re-turns of income
from our business, included \\ hat wo
had earned, and not what we had collect
ed in iso 2; and if Mr. Tilden poijured 'i
himself in making returns in that way,
every honest man in the country did the
same. Our t;ty newspapers concnrreii I
in this view, as may by seen from their N
I remarks published at that time in furth
er explanation <>f what the('ononis*.on
er said.
Now turning to this s29,t>iio item we
find the answer stales that it v,.is receiv
ed iu 18.-2, bui for services which were
"touuuvaceU prior to the year i bo 9, and
were '•rendered fnm till)( tn tili.o tlur '
ins n period or thrro "yeni*." In other I
xv,r,l*. nv tiling to tbia Hiulomonl, no
pmtion of the anmiiiit wan turned in
i SiiJ, but sill ot it itnt ing t lu< thrt'. x inr;,
ls.Y, Is and Is**:l ( Mild miylhiitg l„
■ h itrcr, tlu'ii fore, limn flint tin* amount I
in qui'htion u not in tin itwltid, d? \tul
vol hi' tin.l nnoof mil lu .( in xv <| a per
ml rs ioi. ti|.on the,
tacit-, uti I bob]!\ ht.itiii , thut tinv. Tib
• l-n in i tiilty 01 | H ijury !
II m innny men of i M iblinbi % l n put;,
ion aro tin ;o in our i i,-t wli.t would '
ioml iv he willing l<> ti.biuit tlinn i hn* !
. r.ui.liilati I t fotu tin- people, if put
ill' opinion i > to p i by without protrM
mb i e, toi'Lit* iel ,'u., 'j'| i* j(
<(oi -tion not of party mien • but of tin q
nonttl inieti .• n't of x-'.ts but of .
♦ +• ♦ '
Miftliutown, Sept. I. 'lb, ib iuoeriiti, ,
•on ft wet ■ ot tiio I'llirt\ tlrt MUiatorit.t I
li tii-I. cotttpoMd of lb# cottnliMof M, - 1
:tin, Juniata atul iVrry, met b to to ilay !
•<> make nomination for state monitor. 1
•uiiiuta named In. David Crawford,;!
i'lnv DUDSti 11. A. Orria. and Mifflin
iaiiH-,1 J. It v i'!ln>iiniii. Thirty ballot -
•*>! ■• taki n w ;tl.<nu ant , hot,t in tin* |
hint tii t ballot the t itite of H. A.Oti -
was w ilhdr.iW li, the IVrr\ delegate.', tie-> i
tig thru Volt- f, In Draw!, ft], rill' 1
>., :nin..t: >n m a aftei w ~r>: in -le unaii.- '
n in. rhedlotrirt usually gives ibocti!
•00 democratic tnajoritv.
I! iw ami h of that yen.r win -h'
I '.•*•> 1 hepherd ts for t, nt of Ida build
ing, il.h * i\e ,-outuhute to old ZaehV
•amp.i'gn fund ? It will prove a eostlv
•••i-'rit i !■> the law It s- Mieb gander,
i hewd! leant next Winter to his t . t
us '• ■> he 'lit - out of the reach tf t! -
II fflse a Blaine did.
11 I i:; ILi t. - to ilesti \
the ig.intit ring* w itielt exist in Wash
ington, low i it that hi s coupled with
a man who has opposed all ellorts to >
bn ,k ring ; in New- York,
[i torn t: . b, 1. it I'oat of Sept, 1 } ,
Isn't .1 a l a:herMiy i., lite fie I that white i
•eort s of nepubliiatiK in Maamuh use Its
have i■•>!: e -til f.,r ltbht , not asig\ j
noteworthy ecco—l tn bai been nnde top
the Ilay, Franks?
.\v>( a•. egle 11, ah i aLte v > -te las bei U
i'.t-. in the town ot \ i rg-nu*. Verimntl
luring the last lets tears, t>u Tues
day. howevt i, 7. were found in the
ho v
We w ! the lb , n< r until ttf er
( the . tints, l!rit(lt'f,|
,is the names, and help the cause of re
' form.
| A CAIIH l> Vill* AM EKK'AN
| lor mart) . ear, w, tmfe maid two in -J.
• t offerer- 1 l.ou-a:. -, f ett ■ hat •
■. a tail a- liy T : a: i i-. o ! tl. vou
•V.ilur, uSij o v tt ,• coupb il with tf, i;
l>ui within tb .ot two \. ant conn', it •.:>
of, ur utejioiit, have > ; :ung up, dang, r- '
>j. th r eloi-,' imitation ot ou-tr*itwr
murk To ,e. .rd h u , .opb wo htv.
placed ■ each get.-., i„b v o! 1|„ i>-
■U, - 1". - i It v. t. • OititUli'ltl t! ■
Mr Jo the • I , >water:' I •o,
W ■
.. . . .
j !*• ,ple w ill „. i u in out • tTorts to prot
their hi ,!th, anJ help u in our ta,k of
! bringing th,**,' most unt-rincinhil men U
j the l ar of justice I'iidoruity refun- l,
pttreha* i. d. ' tir|i. tin.* t • h„ > ..-
i ...tii Mr. J, *. ibivd. I. ig..
I '.set tl I' •' hll v. . I'l.i- . l'ol ofll it-
I until an-) the i J will i-ui be reached.
Il'.'. j {,..aiie $ i i, ;.t • • rvanu
!.\ til VUOK OK I'KltjrHY
AC! AIN ST <i'> V. HAY K"'.
' 1", r:y Seven lii i it, IK ■ iara NV ith-
Leltl From lax A.-M.-sars.
j ttth- are but word#, !;d words hut .' '
' loa f,cbio iHi pic men l to lund.
; Tule*i . >ei U :..t r • i billotflog
ajipeart in the Toll io Sunday lb-u; era'. .
■ AVe give below the worn rclurn* of
I (iov. ilnyc# to the 'r of Prer.iiit for
i Use y,r!> IbT-i-TA 70, f hi* property fr
| taxa'.ioo, 1- led by I .coif, obtains ! by
I our report r front the ri-c Jtd* in the county
j offio i f Saudu-ky v- ut.ty
Iveturi.s for I V/ 1
| Stalemest ofgeni .-al proj : ty, mon >y.
credit.'. ■te . • abject : • tant. : in fan*
I du*kv counlv for ■ nr t*7l. .•!,,*
1 I ■ K u. Hun and I late i by i*. b
' liaym.
Hor-f-i—l. v:. it •: :.t • I>t
t'sUle- '.*, valued at.—.... >->J
l'leatute cartiages, v.agona, '.c, —
2, valued at 77-
Household furnitura of av*
cry kind; gold and allrar nkto,
I chuia w0... j volryg,- ds, farn.•
i ing ut, nriis. graio, wood, rgro
j cultural producU oft very kt .1,
I Illtnhe-r.C al, wi>< clone. s!< m>*
| boat,, canal boats, or share* in
' jiicli bosu. ind othor articles ~,f
tin foregoing or aula, ■•{Ut nt item*
ofthUnatantant 1.000
Total value vf fir : • vcr, tti m 1,1 m!
Goid and >!'. very u'.clk I, mi!;. 1
at 200
Piano-forti Koaal
Value e) nl. t.. BS ... ; i
or on Jep > it, ? .'■/• -1 to ,1
mar. j, with banks or other#. h*/
Taint•nfen I nto R<mm
Itonri* aiid iliK'lo 1
Dogs (number tnu.%l bo #worn to,
valuo niu.'l bo stilted, but need
nut ho sworn I > —I
Total value, all item.. v-r™
'i lio .State of Ohio, Sandusky ("Ut.'A : .
lb 17. It aye ... .-1 uI y aflinu that t the
host of iny knowlcdgo beiiof I have
11-t,*d or exhibited to tiio u ail li.e
personal |,roperty. money credit*, >v r
and above my indebted!!,' , investment'
in bond... stock-, joint # >,'k e-uitpanie* or
otiiorwi" in my posse.-Mon or undur u v
control a: ,-wneror bolder, or as husbatci,
parent, gnu,..;, trustee, ,-xccutor. ad
tnit:istrab>r, r.'ieiv-i, a>ts,ut.!ißf officer,
ageiii, attorney rt: <t on tf.„ day i
ceding the 1 Monday of April, laTh
which aro subject to taxation under the
law-of this state. Su >rn to and #ub*er, >-
. !1 cf r nieth; 22d day ■ t Aj,ril, lh7l
lb 15. llatm,
JOHN hit a, r.
Ileturitt! Fur istb.
11,-r - s.\iilued nt ? "
Cow.s, 2, valuesl at
Shea)., J, valued at
I'le '.sure carnage-. * vaiued nt 2-k'
Value of household good- i u.'ery
k;mJ. gold and silver, plate, • lit -
nawaro, jiwelry, b< -•k*. farming
u'c-otih. gram. Wool, agneultu
rui producU uf every kind, lum
ber, coal, wood, atone,
hoat.s. i boat-, or •hare*, in
iuchboaU. and all other article*
of personal property not includ
ed hi any of tho foregoing or
•übiicquent items of this •inte
rnal! t. 'Y"V|
Total vlu -,'tho first seven item*.
Gold and silver ts>u,liC , S valu d
ut "Mo|
Pianoforte# A one,
Value of moneys in possession, or
on deposit subject to draft on de
mand witti banks or others :.t)
Value* ui*ere lit ete None
Dogs (number tiiu.t h> -vorn to,
valu ■ must be slated but I,ecu
Dot be sworn to), 3 \alutd at 2o'
i *•.)•! ..... su, I'.s, j
[Here lolbaty* uf ' 'rpial oath of lb 11
Kt'luitts For 1870.
Mutemonl of personal jiroporly, money |
credits, etc., subjeet to taxation in f-at.di. • j
y county for IM7'"> belonging to 11 1!. j
Hayes. y
Uor*s, valued at t-J'.tl
Cattle, 2, valui .1 in . 7 S
Sheep, 1, valu, ,1 ut t! !
h valued at 2* I
Pleasure carriages, wagons, ete.... ■!'>) \
\ a!ue of household goods nnd lur
niturooi every l.itid, gold and V
nlver plate,china waru, jowelry,
book*, farming utensils, grain,
wool, apriculturul jiroducls of
every kind, lumber, coal wood, w
stone, steambouU, canal boat.-, f,i
or sliartv in tuch Lout*, and ull j„
other artii lej ofpersonal proper
ty not included in tho foregoing
or )übsei|Uont ileitis ol this stale- *
'nent 4,WW' w
Total value of first seven items,.. 6,'Jtrj .i
Gold and silvi r vvatehes, 3, vulved
at 200 l "
Piano fortes None ('
Monthly avernge valuo of nil c j
gonds and merchandise owned
or held by inn during tho year
or purl thereof ending the day H'
preceding the 2nd M•mday of ! li
April, 187t, value of all moneys
ill r c ion ol .'i deposit sub
ject to ilralt on with ' "
banks or otltci* t jQg (A
A a lit of credits, etc Nolo,
!> a# (number must ho iwnrn to.
valuo >ttnot he stated hut need
not he sworn to) 2 It •
1 1,lal value of ail item*. fk,71111
ill-re follow tho I „al oath of It. H
Hayes. J
lu publi'hittg Citpii s of sworn return* of
. mri r 11kvos, ot hi* propcit.v for tma
uon, , imiinonthig upon disereiMtniici,
tin lot. • and irtegu irilics in l.u atKlo
i, !.t under ~*lli, wo intend to ki-ip with
it.' record HI ,1 fact- as can bo shown by
- ti! ret: ugihlo proof, as W ill 1,,, seen ly
cl"i ' •• to tii, return >■! G i iluj, for
C.I Her, suri.i d money*, credits, bonk
•It, I . 1 ,i g Oils, ,V C , $1.(1*1.
• 1 Sbr-i liircbard, wh® bequeath
~1 H 11. Utiles fu.iy 4-,* i issi personal
) ■ 11V Whs it .milled to probate J anuaiy
lr . *, and a- Gov. J lay, , was the wxccu-
I- • W ill., ut bo 1,1 I— t,, nine possess, -1 ol
all llo' |>l |,, lly devised to lum by Will Bl
,111' ftir,-hard returned bis personal
I >'| t.l, ,'icl isiiu ol moneys, Ilodits,
not , I . k 11, . unts. etc., Bl P'J to th,
in < r \ )i t'. I••, 11 ,-i io>r lie .i s
Hit,; tinv in.< all llivehard returned, fcdd,<i
l what lie , wlied previously return, ,1 t<>
tl > rol taxation A i ril, 1h74 ail los
l -r.- ual properly not itu lulled in the si,v•
11, to n cnunu-ralcd item*. fl.O" Wa
ll i, perjur* T
lu M ,t. fi, lb, I. ptet - u ! inakilig b
ii lur li to the n• -r, H 11. llbi,i heei
; and not,against J I' An
■ 1 i l- r j t.ti int-i i,t at - \|, r i nt .pa
-Id - at nually, duo in lt7S. also ncaiilst
i iwiu \ HI. Horn, Mortartv, Win H Ate
•w* ni.d .* .1 and Kill ,belli Hale,
..'.tiia to 4 ■ '•:o, all tiring sis p>r
,-nt iiiU'.-sL He did riot list this sU,7bl
; Usui it allhougli bo bait held notes)
•no • 11*7-1 pf'v tout t>> making las raturr.
11 but y, ,i lb It llaycs roturiiej goid
w i'. ti, S'HO, tn 1H74. and in lK7.'r and IHN'
raturneu t * rgn watonn*. Including on* re
turn "i In lOT 4. at 900 \S as tkit perjury 1
;i If Hayes did not return a piano in any
me ot tho tfjiee years, although lie htil
-o oi his parlor all the time, and it is the]
• east of h;s admiring neighbors tiu,t the
•nt . w in!, pal. or i ,ut 4Kb . Wat this
1 r m 1! 1 II vvs i-luri.-ii in lisii
ind 1 -Tn thri-r h,,r ■, j'JX', w!ien Ins
• kii,iis tiini be islusi one ~t bis
,r- - at -.'US 1 Ml Itlnl ( erjury ? K
I b Hayes rcturn-d in lc7„ f, or catiiag, ,
• ri. wh<nitv, .1 - w -11 known to many t
ib- i.>i i rem,oil ttint he paid Mr.
Moore, a u i-*fi.. tut> r• I that city, *
r th-us arid !.;, 1 a I'U'tiW that c. -I 4-.'Ml
Wa*that p-rjury Htirty three thoMnnnl
•\ - i hu: ir. I were left tn his hand* in he
-j.., -' m '.I •. of Mord ltiroliaid,
•!,. h G \ Ha ve- hns not rc<|tiir-d to pay
i r tor throe > ,-ars, and uji„n wbuk i.e
, :>..i io en rol f-r la y-aiand be did j
>t return a ringle dollar ol this Money.
t.niti-ib At least b only r'turn-j
,J 4" ) ill hand in 1-7'',. Was this i>eijU'|
r\ In or i t to make tins matter plain,|
:h*t there , tn b no ,).i-stion about it, w
tr ;u t:.s wo!. , • ISirehar l itatoos of.
, st • w :.-i;.| the I.TUtiwas given a-.J
: Ist im uitl b, uoalb l to en h.
1 ■ an 1 1 ijn-ath i aclr of my tiioc• *,
Maty Ifir, ! ufd. of ! at '.tsvjile, and t'liar
lott 1' wUt ■! K yria, tl -nnof96 " M
•i ll 1 g;r ni d t ju-atl. to Sarah Jane
(, F: • ... Hit, 1 1 bio. the sum of Jfi,
• *i 1 give and bequeath each ot tin*
:, hi . h nn■: M A nnd F. A I*. .11.
v.v. , I s ... Fate y. Kn.iiy, and Kuthcr
n:U the :ti* of fi' '•• ouch. 1 gi*c and
!, ;i r.t' I- 'a.'ti of ihu is eiilldran ol
Vu-tin J5 T> • r, dae'd late of Freemotit.
41.. ;'i.u ■ 1 *iv e and b, ■) .- Mb P. t'bar'.e
ft. i.-..! ' t 'ii • brother, Austin ltireb
rd • f Ve-iu- ut, the sum of s_'*# |er an
!ur.; . his iialurut life. It is my wili
and 1 hereby direct that rny Mtnettlotf
d 'hall Ml b. 1. I.U 10 {.ay r.ny *f th
i. :m, ■ y giv eti and t , i*alhcd by
, i ibis willu til tii-expiration of three year.
, r toy ~ 1,• ,h it interest (hall he j aid
■ln .. tw >,-ars after my decease.
It will i-e ohaorred that in tho oath
■ win.,. IJ 15. Ilay is subs, r,bi-d k* t wop
; :!. e he list, J alt properly wbieii uy iuu b>.
! was required to r-turn at owner or holder
: a* bnsbai. 1, parent, guardian, tr .-t-'c
' v- u: r, adiniiiistrater, nr, ivcr,account
, g ,-i'.f ,r, •■■■/' nt, ait. racy < r factor. II-
I at . we bai,- i, rn n>n the
,d! !"V i 1 1-y Bit hard in hi* potiextion
it - and mad,! no r-turn to any
• ri. >tt of ft :y r pen-na! property for
ila*'-; Ma.: ; perjury 7
■Jbei-j . '.'isliii I. mad i I hat he * -
j debt- t • lb : UUI-Ullt which were df
.. !-;l, for be , uld Uot didm I debt* fiwni
~y ,t , w h. l ' h* l.<- ,| in exrru'
,'.ve c aparity. It W r. -t his money. Hr
;in j y h <1 {• "i ion of i! a> ei-cu'. ,r an i
'• .::d by IhW tj return it f>r taxation.
H -id : '■ d* :. ! '• •*' n a ' l V ! ,' t
that be roturnad all that *s# mm... .
: *.a. ; • n-t. Our rt p. r!-r ca'efully search
cd ret rds in (he -Utce u| auditor, rcjofd
, ,r nnd probate judge, ami nsCi rtaii.e! tin. I
r no return a# mad- by Governor Have,
.lor hit CMltcalOT. Tho fact that (iov
Hare* V • :Vod into po**e#k>n _l*rg<
• an. .M < I pen na! prop rtT of bsrJii
Birch;ird. c,misling b-u#chohl g,->ds, * al
ua! !<! paintings, plate, walci ev etc., t-le
all of which by law wa* taxable, and did
; ;.;t it • r Ist ,tien nt more than Hi'
tentii f its v*iuc, and uiu b-i'. relnrr: it !
; .. in I*7' either a ex-tutor or aUld# own
properly which undoubtedly it wa*. ia toe
ear :•> admit -fan • rcape frern the eliarg,
■! , \ ndiilg punnd of tax, In a'.tcu ut
ing t • •xp xin tho failure of Governor
b Hi. , i to return money for the payment, <
'lbewu#*t| in tho W II for taxation, it *n. n,
di bt L. e!i.:..e.i that lie bad Hot rCadi'c '■
money for ttie sale i f the property It ij
' ail t>,be paid llti* year, an 1f he ha# n, '■
all '.hi money to pay over b" usidoubte l!y
rea i. - ! s-'iie of it or has faded t" < xecufc
ibo v> I Two yesr* and a half elap*cd
•,r; ! tm r,sj> irf f„ pr-bale judge, a requir
i \ iiw ius been ma ;,i either by Uutli
.lr 1 n Hu, or hi# co-executor ir Ji
ealing {he p ,ymi t l r.i.y (lie hequrtl#,
> that th- pre- tmplion i* tL,.t ar.
;}: yet paid
N>• < Mic lift.- !'• m Hurl, but l'rcoj
Shtiulii be Suit at Once.
alosr '. L 'lii.-iana. Sept. 1. Freab ex
citemenl ; nuts up !*4t nigkt in c BM
, .-net of ii-p.-rt: (bat the ucgr-e. wore
arming in tl. northern p-rli nof th- j,ar
ish, ui.d w ore coining to burn the town
Al ut s-venly five negrcc*. tnouMuJ ar.d
-•I foot, were found al Captain lidiop'#
place, wliere u parley ensued. The ne
gr ,# irfuxcd to dixarm, H'id said they
would 4'orae hack with livu hundred men.
Captain T 1 " hold, with fifteen men, block
■ i-d the r-ad with tr'- Tho I.CWs 1
rapid!/, an i (he white*armed from
ifci lloorhoo i {i.itni.,. .1.7 ".t to I
ithe -ceuo ol the trouble. Th* exeltcttinij
a :.s intense, but no disturbance ol nnj!
kind occurred. The whites included aoiiivl
f the I-> 1 men of the section, and tbeyj
acted with great forbearance. One of the
,rti. d negr.,r. -aid they were told to arm
.j ti shurill'ol tho parish, w iio i u nngr, j
..1 >.:ji t.i SL nrou und burn the town.
Ii the .then: portior. ot the {,
whe'o houses were bred into, leading,
• iii/.ctis report nil quiut home demoo#tra
tions, they sa\ , were made last night, but
nothing serious happened. Tho situation
• decidedly critical, but lutding citizen#
-our* i eJu g with {irudenco und moder- j
Clmirn-n— JOHN HOI'FER, IkHefonte.
North VY.vrd-J W Grphsrl,
J* uth Ward- John .Mi Kcchitue "
M'est Ward J. C. llarpci
Ifouar l Borough Bnls-r \t ber.
Mdishurg ' Wm. A. K-rliu.
riillij.fbiirg Iti i ;; B 'h K1 Munson.
Unionvillo " ti. A. Martin, J?lem !
Bonner Twp -Dr. \Y. I*. 1! tlt rock, Bel!o-|
115,iggs—Edward Johnson, Mile*l,ttrg. ;
."■'riifidc—ls Alulholland, FinoGlcn. i
' College Taylor, Lemont.
.Cu-dii'-John McUb,sky, I!"ward. J
' Kergus-.ii j '' r ' ''nci 15 G ltrett. I'ino
j Grove.
i* i rgtisoii New " Sol Gate*, Rock
. 'rej-g John Coldrcn, Spring Mills.
Haiti, H A Mingle. Auroi sburg.
'Hair,. IJ Meyer, Jr., Linden Hall.
Httll Moon J ii Griffin. Half Moon.
Huston A,lain Kr<-h.-, Martini
Howard- .>ls Leathers, Mt. Engle.
Liberty Av II Gardner, Blanohud.
Mario:; Wm Lamb, Walker.
■IIn Itu ban K reamer, Woir* Store,
I'att ir.- Wm 15i'd,'BuffaloHun
IN,tier— NVin 11 Mingle, Centre llall,
I'enn DA Musser, Millhcim. 'i
15u*h—T J Dunk'e, Sandv 15i,lge. ,
Snow Shoe t'.vj. Austin Hinton, M, than- i
Sprii g *.! ( Laurimer, Pleasant <ap,
: a.v lor - Mm Cnlderw nod, I'ort Matilda
Uni oi M'm M Sboll, Fleming.
Wiill.i r Ambrose Mc.Mullon, IluhliT— •
liurg. I
Worlli Aaron llcese, Port Alntilda.
1 hoColotsul llronae Hlatun of Victory
vliich stands in thell'urk, nt Lowell, bo- }
ore tho tomb of the first soldiers that fell I
ii tho revolution, is a lasting and beautiful I
, ihuto of art. H Is/one of tho first object* J
ought ly strangers visiting oursister city, j
chich indeed many visit purposely to see I
his elegant object of high art. It wai ob- '
ainod from tho King of iiavurin by I)r. J.
• Aver, to whom Is is mnjosty wus ospe- ~
iaily gracious in acknowledgment of what 1
ii- remedies are reputed to have dona for •'
Ii- - i;!!'t ring sick. It was ilohuted by tin
loctor to the City of Lowell as a pernm c ,
!ti( and -peaking emblem of tho victories d
o l> ol .Science and Arms. —Hiiger.-town
Md.) Press.
Nr<v York, September 6th,
I colli',i you are aware, long before
(Iris, lhat Govurnor Seymour bus di, lined
llie iiouiiiialion ten Irred bim froiu Sara
log a fha C-n Ventibll Km initio,l, and
it* ait ion, which una entirely in good
Initli, ha# aiiow n ilidiapulably tl at the
lb lurK-ratic parly i in • arlie-l In lla onpo.
ailion i dUliotii'sty in put>!h office Sey.
liiour wa* un limbiclly Hie man to
arlioni the eyas "f all were turned, to lend
the light in this alato The party ha "fl'ur
ed him the nomination, ancliir, i„d hi* m*.
• planceof i| He ha re luted. Met Ihc
whole J,r.ei ■ ding, , led.table ait it O to nil
> unmet I, will not ell-it the tun , -i -i
lh„ patty in this State.
It uveri natural f r (lie Hepubli-am !
'ry and leak- political , apilal out of Gov.
Seymour a decltnaiion. They will find,
i-iwevur, that in this they are mistaken.
Die Deui'H'rae) unit A# wa>
rfmarkod y larday, wln n tin matter wa,
i lul eet of rofivcr*iion, whatever may
( laid about it, |>ut the motl unfavorable;
.'onstruetion u|h,ll it that you doe*
nit in any manner, make tin late g-rern '
ii on l ol the country a wit 1 • t'er than it
#• M'e llhTe Hill the *H)O UtU- to Cgli!
"• The Republican party rtlll !aii,lr :
he *il,-nt and coiii|ilneent witneof ini 1
niil dirgrat eful proceeding* ftiat wer<
omioiueu by the i uler* of a nation. The
t dmi> uiiairaltoii ull #itnd> t oniicled of
qr .liaud and corruption. The Demo
cratic jiallv tii I tland* the only | arty
Ir-m whom any relit-(from grievous taia
lion hat ht I'll uhtttilied. iii,Jcri itill re
'iiaint Ibe mart wlo> purified Ibe Gov
eminent of the Slate, liio Gov*rm,r w(;o,
' tut'Ct ,-l illy done tt hat lie t oultl to iigbl-n
ibe burden* of the people over Win,at r,f i
fait - be wat rsilal lo pretidt
Ihu pe tple hitv aevn TiSJr* at w il|
up,Hi n 1 we, d Isit;g and a Cans! Ring
and they intend that ho shall try hi# hand
upon the Wl.Uky Kir g the Navy King, I
lb - Indian King, and all tho other ritigr '
jibst inle.-t the Capital of the country ;
l'l ry tiavo *eeri lira:', doing uli in hir
power tr, keep in office the men wiio had!
been c ,I.titled t>f criminal conduct, or
b tvt' laid theiu.,lv< > open ton rut-picem ,
' tu h conduct, and expelling from tbr'
-erv ice every uu< uho bat fbown any ,gj>'
,f dlapprova! at the Corrupt practical
which hay ii obtained in Admiciitral vr :
circl, . Thry knew that tho election c
(lirsiii • continuance of Graotitm, |
unil tL*t the election of Tilden meant th,
ii tt oppo*ition to every tpet ie#
of corruption.
ify Ibe xvttem which iixs b-tn cair.t-'
.. . p. the (tovernm nt dur ::g Grant t ai
-1 iiunilratiou, ll , , unlry ha* in every way ,
Ibt en injured. Ibe pe ,ple Lavo been lax
i-d inordinately, aliuoit beyond thair p.-w
ie t of Atiduraiico, and the proceeds tu del j
jst'd diverted from the purposes and lo: i
Iwhich they w-r,, coll—u-d The rt lit
nterce of the country is nearly ruined, lb
cnrryu.g trade noing alm.wi eutitelv in
I ti.e . ndt of foreigner* Tho South i,
1,-vt-:,d,itu by u military power which
w r. *'.• in to extend its oppressive,i
■,blighting influence over tfce whole iand
!• it to tu> expected that any nation wu.l
-quietly submit to thl* condition cf thin* .'
I when ihgy have it ia their power t- appt # j
it] a remedy f We know that if we make
. JTsiden our Fresident, be will uproot a;l|.
tiie cautc* whencelke*eevil* proceed, end!
1 Hint '.he evil# will < c#e lo cxUt. Th.
:i the purp,. for which we are itrugglii!*
to*. and i othjiig can divert ut ironi i'..
- 'I hi salvation of the country depend* upon
( the result of In, rltclios. The iieputd.-
, ar.t mav flaunt the bloody shirt, but wbi e
. t.;e people can wuvc ihtir niiUioaiof emp
ty jtorkcu, no reti will be lad The la.-
ter arc math uore powerful icgotnivt* U
ecu n than the i rmcr, and thote wLc
• have made (hem to light while their u*
: have got to heavy, wiii not bo longer per>-d to t rrv on tneir* pro
-t di' gt, but the Reformer Tilden will it
•• .uviud to take tn hand lha ihingt thati
they have uiiriiiauagcd.
Tlie Lungs
Thi* dUtresnhg nr.d dangercu* coin-!
pit inland it* premonitory symptom*, ucv-j
u ..-ctcj CoUgb. night ;uU, hor*ena#, j
' WK*ti:;g fl, ■ u fever—permanent.y v urcdl y j
e Dr. Swaync Compound Syrup of \\ iiU
, Cherry
HRGNCIIITIs A j rem i.itor of Pel
r tuotiary Goi:tuut{,lion, i* characterized l y
catarrh, or inflamatlon of the mucu* mot..
i raiio of the air passage*, with cough ar.d
expect- ralioii, khort breath, hoarmiov,
, ;!.. if. It. cbytt, For all Bronchial af
l.ctli . turrY:;, ... Jo*, i.i *, ._c, <. ~g! . .
Ir. Shu) it#'*#*
CoinjMiUiid Syrup or Wild Cheriy
;> a Kivereign remedv
1- llemorrage, or Spilling of Bl „>d, may •
. proceed fr-tn the larynx, trachia, bro,-j
d chia or rung*, find arise* from various,
• -BUMS, a* un lue p! ytical cxcilton, pK
'• •*. r fulinnts of the tcucli, weak!
• ;!iiha., ot ! tho voir.- *unpret4-
,1 -vacuili m.wt-lruct'ob of tb* t(-t •••„ r
'• hvi-r, Ctc.
Dr. Swaytut's Compound Syrup t#f
Wild Cherry
t strike* al the root of di*eae ly {'Urifyii g
, t .e bio- 1, rcitoriSig the liver and kidue. t
: j healthy a tier invigorating the cer
'■ vous *)slom.'
Th only standard remedy h>r hemor
rag -, biviicbial and ail pulmonary CLI.i I
,1 j iatnux. ConrumpUvtw, or thoe pred,,-
. ,os ,1 t weak lungs, rhould not Cfcii to u-c,
this great vegetable remedy.
Its mtrvclou* power, not only ox ,-r cj, -
sumption, but oxer every chronic dis a r
wher- a gradual alterative at lion is nee,-
td i nder it* use the cough is loosened, ,
the night ,xi eat. diujintabiw, the pain sub-1
s.Jcs, the puUefeturn* to iu natuial ttond
urd the stomach is improved is its bower
to digest and assimilate tho food, ana evo
. v organ baa a i-urcr and beUcr quality < f ,
h-'H'd sujmiiod to it, out of which recrei. -
live and plastic mater ml it made.
l're)MirHd only bv
• lid North Sixth Street, Fbiiaaelphla-
Sold tr all Prominent Druggists.
P--itivelv cured by the u#e of
Ilbmc Testimony.
I was soroly afflicted with or.o of th 1 *
most distressing of nll disease* Pruritus or
1 Prurigo, or more commonly known •-
Itching Piles. Tho itching at times xva
*lino*i intolerable, increased by scratch 1
ing and not unfrequently become *ore. i <J
bought a bv. of "rishyae'. Ointment
its ue gave quick relief, and in a short u
timo made a perfect cure. 1 can no*. •
tiasp undisturbed, and I would advise all
who are suffering with this distressing
| complaint to procure "Rwayne'a Dint
j men;" nt once . 1 bad tried prescriptions
almost innumerable, without finding any
! permanent relief. JOS. W. CHRIST,
(Firm of Koedel A Gbri#l,)
B'lol and t*hoe IIo e 8(4 North Second
Su, Philadelphia.
Swayne'a All-healing Ointment is also
:i specific for Totter, Itch, Snlt Rheum,
| Scald Heat'. Erysipelas, Barber'* Itch,
! Blotchw, r.ll Scaly, (Jru.ty, Cutaneous
j Eruption*. Perfectly afe and liarznle#-
•nen on the Im #t tender infant Price,
| .jU < • nt*. fcent by mail to any address on
rocuint ot linuti.
Sold by all Leading Druggist*.
Prepared only by
Dr. Hwajne A Sou,
,inn and Manufacturer*
N'oJ" i rum—. .
6FF.4 txirs PANACEA
Celebrated all over the world for iU re
u.arkablo euros of Scrofula, Af crcurial an,
Nypbil itic Com plain la, and in case* when
Syphilitic virus ot the parent, cause* a do
voloPiiient of Svphillit ur Mctofula in tin
child, nothing lis*ever proved sueffoctua'
in compleloly eradicating every x-ostige o'
these tlanporou* conipiainU,' and all di-
Icttscs arising from
Impurity of The Blood.
Describe symptom* in all coinmunica
tions, and address letter* to Dr. Swaxm
A: Son, Philadelphia. No Charge for ad-
Sent by cxi-ress to any address.
LONDON A Scientific
HAIR COLOR j Preparation
of llare
Rl'kS rOUEK: ! IngredicnU.
,W>*Cultivalc your hair-Uav ;
London Glossy, Luxu- Hair Restorei ,
Lontlou Hair Regtorur
London riant Hair is one Hair Restoror ,
London Hair Kextorei '
London of tho greatest Hair Restorer '
London Hair Ke storoi I
London of ull personal Hair Restoror I
Loii,lon Hair Restorer |
London Charms. llair Restorer (
All thnt art can accomplish in beautify- ,
in<-, strengthening, thickening and adorn
iner the hair is effected by using "London '
Hair Color Restorer." It stitiiulales and <
forces a growth ;it gray restores its natu- I
ral color and renders it silky nnd beauti- i
fill ; cures dandrul! - ; keeps the scalp clean
1001 and healthy Price 76 cents. All
Iropgicis and dealur* sell it. |
I'rim inai depot for tho United State*
North Sixth street, above Vino, Phil
kdvlphla, ' ,
--'BBssst ■■ *niii ■ iii i |wm nai
WANArTAK ;•: R : bfowns OAK HALL,
In > t latkt* * 4 i uliit MR nil n srrt Birsfuf ICIIIIIU >1
W 1 I 1 A!<K Mm irttn, J DMllr flu !**•
• N/ , . ii- .■ .
W J / ' T.vr 'Tpenxe (,f M.nßcUoci and
x J ■iiuut )*ul
lirSiv*a#o4<L • A ... ~
V* T j int. w J-I' '(nil tti |rti{fr vh
i uty i .1 U> a pj-y rtf x" "OC*...
\k/* Mat J - • " 1 ■ ■
V * *' 1 ' ' YA,' ' • 7 *-n (• ■ ■** rsltwond am r&t-
Y> i„< jmm a xci/ small Lwrcaut
\Af> i' r < i ■ ' ! I, r t ■ ._ .....TT,
• f lUilffiPßffli qlfoffint ; . 'fJ i _
TT O, -rtnltryrf ns, *tnr of! arw trMlod
~, , ... 1 #—* •, no i>o x-tuog (kiots Itia*
VV i HsdtbUdT# KbMt. Z
tin. •( 'i ■ TATntVl'TXQen'l ' )-Moraaway
V f ~ * ; IJ !>r m.ttx-rxttodj K <tt*..u,lKtwiU4-
ill I . - < ' .'i.stlH .1 , - ,
ill £ j .< a th -i -u —— -
* ' i '}' •' i I /■%' . •-;! *nd (acfl-
I ,n< * C/ lUrt *■, i ru. pw>i :• sbcncflt
fa Ik, i yrtenc ,
WK .! " , • C > - < f u....U'ttsry ■
' '\l i , :re-1 )c mod from *n
uri v>
V> tit-, 'ri - ~ ... -•;
WK*: it t • i er KT 01 *'" V• f r- rmi tn bwvlagaf
tnvturnuu.,, " f i *y bu j a* t hwytly
<x a i!ian
lnad''.:ii ni r1- . , m Jg*. .a C3< *,*>• wis* fUfblCrra L*an
of Uifi'ii' sl> •I ; 1.1*7 ' 1 -I*. S: In* ~f tro.' t,a iia,ll ttaj Vitderwt*/, all at Usn
Y ery L>: 11, ,
Harncrv and f the celebrated
Dca'ct* iu the very best giade* of
The uuly d il. r Su Centiv Couutr who sell the
W li L K K Si li A Ri Ri E Ci Oi A! L
fruiu the uli Baltimore mine*. Also
of Ait brat it Coal drylx ht use,! exjr-s#H for house tie. at the lowest price*
I) E J LE 11 S I.V *V.
! They pi.v i:.. .g ioi pri< n , x-h . r grain that lb Kxrtcri, market# will afford.
Bought or will te Id on . ruteir-.or. when desired, and full price* guaranteed. In*
f Mitt ion cot.,*- : i, ti grain trsie ail! be farnilled at all times, ta fartn-r
--with p!e#urc, free of charge.
Whi h ; a!xta; -. 'd :'. low j-ric <, ni. 1 wa-rantc ■' to 1• a* rood a fertiliser a* an
other pla.trt. * a * ' T
Of/lC ZA ill) IAJSO
——We would ir.Veatu it i.r. < >j<ecikl fa
vor if every friin i of lUe lie; >.rUr w.>ulii
rend u the name of lend o
with ilia Ci h—f r three rru>:.ih#. SOcenU;
tlx njor.thi (1.00, one ytsr S j Head
er, won't ywi try and d u tli little tm
vor, end will repay you by improving the
K<n>ort< r. tend u the na:., - of nx B*
übcriber. with Ike Cask, ar.ii we will
tend you th Ki |orter one year free.
Tbe bet table and bar. excellent
flabli.ig lor
lummcr boarder. Hu> to depot, ard
daily .tugc. to C i*tro r. Ck.* r *e*
reasonable. GEO. BREUN, Prap'r
No C roc k e rfi ou' jiow. Le iio to jte.Pa
Dealer* in ?>rug*, rhcznicftlf*
Perftimery, Fnnej (ioedit Vr.
Pure Wine* and Liquor, for medics
uurnoa*. alwav* kai-t m.v 91
tFor Scrofula, ami all
sipcJae, Hose or St. An
thony's Fm\ Eruptions
ami Eruptive diseases
of theskiu, Ulcerations
of the Liver, Stomach,
Kidnrv, Lungs, Pim
ples, "Pustules, Boils,'
Blotches, Turn Ore. Tet
ter, Suit Klicuui, Scald
xicaa, iMugworm, Ulcers, bur*,
Rheumatism, N< uralgia, Pain in tlio
Bonos. Side and Head. Ft male Weak
ness, Sterility, Leucorrhtea, arising
from internal ulecratioti, and uterine
Svnhililic ami Mercurial dis
eases, Dropsy, Dyspepsia,
tlon, General' Debility, anil for Puri
fying the BIOIN].
* This Sarsaparilla is a combination of
vegetable alteratives—Stillingiu,Man
drake,Yellow I)oek—with the lodides
of Potassium ami Iron, and is the
most efficacious medicine yet known
for the diseases it is intended to cure.
Its ingredients are so skilfully
combined that the full alterative
effect of each is assured, and while
it is so mild as to be harmless even
to children, it is still so effectual as
Jo purge, out from the system those
impurities ami corruptions which
develop into loathsome disease.
The reputation it enjoys is derived
from its cures, and tins confidence
which prominent physicians all over
tlio country rejiose in It proves their
experience of its usefulness.
Certificates attesting its virtues
have accumulated, and are con
stantly being received, and as many
of these eases arc publicly known,
they furnish convincing evidence of
the superiority of this Sarsaparilla
over every other alterative meuicinc.
So generally is its superiority to any
other medicine known that wo need
do no more than to assure the public
that the best qualities it has ever
possessed arc strictly maintained.
rnEPAitEo it y
Dr. J. C. AYER Sl CO., Lowell, Mass..
Practical unit Analytical C'hcmist.
MoCi.tii '.- Il'ock, Directly Opp. Ru.h
I iioue,
t I
BellpfoDto, Pa.
11. IIKK.K l\ A CO., I'rop'rH.
Dry Goods,
Below the Usual Pricos.
NTI3 tf
Centennial Store.
At Potters Mills.
luujutt returned from Philadelphia witb
a large and,well .elected stock of
Cheap Goods,
which ho offer. CHEAP FOR CASH or
country Produce, also a large stock ©f
Shoe., Oaiter#a low a. $1.25 per pair,
Aods in proportion. Dry
anu a., v.-.. .
Good., Linens, Embroideries,
White Goods, Lace., Notions and PAN*
CY GOODSjjfrictly first-class goods bo*
low the usual prices. Hi. Grocery De
partment consists of tho
Cheapest and Best Quality of Groce
n Penns Valley. Sugar*, Teas, Coffees,
Syrups, Spices. Canned Fruit#, Ciacker*,
Chcejse. and Dried Fruits etc ; Queens
ware, .Hardware Wood and Willowware
tnd Oilcloths ot evorv* description. Hat#,
caps,' Drugs. Oil and Paints, also Cigars, ;
Tobacco and Oonfcctionories. All kind, i
of produce taken in exchange for goods, !
also highest price paid.
Also—Ladies will hud a fall line j
of millinery goods, comprising the 1
, latest styles.
I thank tho people of Peons Valley tor
tboir liberal patronage. lb my Urn
Henry Reinhart.
j Colli!], of all style* uiude on shortest no
tice. Undertaking strietiy attended to.
I Charges fVMdiUiblVi t'
From Ju F. Regan, Arm Regan A
Carter, publisher* Daily and Weekly Tri
bune, Jefferson City, Mo., after receiving
a f7W instrument, *aya :
"Piano roach.l ui in good condition. I
;am well pleated with it It j* all you ran.
resent it to be."
From K. It Bald ridge, Bennington For,
nacc. Pa., after receiving a 1700 piano
| "Beatty" received th Inal., all O. K .
nnd eniwei fully op to yonr representation,
and exceed* our expectation*. While I
l r, r 'iP r< ** lo • Judff* •" the matter,
j *ri. IJ. ffooe, and pronounce* it of very
[sweet lone ; end ft very much pleated with
Rett i nducement* ever offered. Money
refunded upon return of Piano end freight
charge* paid by me (D. F. Beatty) both
' *> "I untatiaiactory, after a lout trial of
j live day*. Piano* warranted for en year*.
Agent* wanted. Bend Tor catalogue. Ad
die**. D. F. BEATTY,
Washington, New Jersey,
Hardware Store.
A new, complete Hardware Store ha*
been opened by the undertigned in Cen
tre Mali where ho I* prepared to *eil ail
kind* of Building and House Furnishing
Hardware, Saii*. Ac.
Circular and lland Saw*, Tennn Saw*,
Webb Sew*. Clothea Kaclti, a full aatori
ment of tihu* anJ Mirror Plate Picture
Frernea, Spoke*. Felloe*, and Hub*, table
Cutlery, Shove!*, Spade* and Fork*,
Lock*, Hinge*. Hcrow*, Sash Spring*.
Hone-Shoe*, Kail*, Norway Rod*. Oil.,
Tea Belt*, Carpenter Tool*, rabit, Yarn
it he*.
Picture* framed In tho finest *ty!e.
Anything not on hand, ordered upon
shortest notice.
.sir Remember, all nod* offered cheap
' f*r than e'tewhe'e
Simon Haines,
Manufacturer of
Wagon*. dkc.
I Of every deecription ; running gear for
> all kind* of vekiciea, made to order, and in
fir*t cleat manner. Being a practical me
chanic i w.mid WARRANT ALL
WOKK to give aali*faeUon. Repairing
ii promptly attended to at the lowest rate*.
Coffins of all style*
made on skortcl notice. The butineu
lof undertaking attended to in aH
! branches. Respectfully solicit* a there
pubiie patronage. 9 *pt y
•;W r . A. CURRY,
I Btti & vShtifi folaHr*
Would mo*t reepectfttlly inform thecit
I rent of this vicinity, that be ha* darted a
new B"ot and Shoe Shop, and would be
thankful for a .hare of ibe public patron
age. Boot* ar.d Shot* made to oruer „nd
( according to ttyie, and warrant* hi* work
1 tlo equal any made eleawhere. All kind*
of repairing dona, and charge* reatoi.a do-
Give him a call. feb 18 ly
Grand, Square and Upright.
Prom Geo, E. Letcher, Arm of Wm H.
Leteher A Bro., Banker*, Fayette, Ohio.
"W. received the piano and think it a
very £nc<toned one out here. Waited a
thort time to give it a good test. If you
i with a word in favor of it we will cheer
, fully give it."
James H. Brown, Esq.. Edwardiville,
HI.. *ay* :
' The Betty Piano received give ectira
| tali*faction." Agent* wanted. Send for
catalogue. Adore**. D. F. BEATTY.
Waibinrten. New Jersey.
; Mark These Facts !
IIOUJIWAkTi Ol\T.*i 1..\ f.
Bad Bad Breasts, Sore* and Ul
: All deecription of *or are remediable
1 by tba proper and dilligent uee of thi* in
(, estimable preparation. To attempt to core
. bad leg* by plastering the edge* of the
wound together I* a folly ; for tbould the
ikin unite, a boggy diseased condition re
main* underneath to break out with un
fold fury in a few day*. The only ration*
, al end successful treatment, a* indicated
by nature, i* to reduce the inflammation
jin and about the wound and to soothe the
neighboring part* by rubbing in plenty cf
the Ointment a* salt is forced into meat.
This will cause the malignant bum on to
be drained off from Ibc hard, swollen, and
discolored part* round about the wound,
•ore, or ulcor. and when these humor* are
removed, the wound* themselves will eooa
heal ; warm broad and water poultice* ap
plied over the affected pan*, after tho
Ointment ha* been well rubbed in, will
soothe and soften the tame and greatly ax
? si*t the cure. There i* a description of ul
jcer, tore end swelling, which teed not ta
, named here, at endasl upon the toilie* of
youth, and tor which this Ointment is ur
gently recommended a* a sovereign rem
edy. In curing such poisonous sores it
never fails to restore the system to a
healthy slate if the Fills be taken accord
ing to the printed ir.itrutt.uru.
Diplblherta, Ulcerated Bore Threat,
> and Scarlet and other Fevers.
Any of the above diseases may be cured
by well rubbing the Ointment three timet
a day into the chest, throat, and neck of
3 the patient; it will toon penetrate, and
Sve immediate relief Medicine taken by
Be mouth mutt operate upon tne whole
;jr*teta ere its influence tan be felt in any
local part, whereas the OittUuecl will do
. its work at once. Whoever tries the un
gueut in the above manner for the di
sease* named, or any similar disorders af
tooling the chest and throat, will find
themselves relieved as by a charm. All
. sufferers from these complaint* should en
velope the throat al bedtime in a large
bread and water poultice, after the Oint
; mcnt has been well rubbed in; it will
greatly assist the cure of the throat and
(Che* I, To allay the fever and lessen the
insSammation, eight or ten Pills should be
taken airht and morning. The Ointment
will produce perspiration, th<* grand es
sentia! in all cases of fevers, sore throat*.
. or where there might be an oppression of
the cbesl, either from asihma or oiler
Piles, Fistulas, Stricture.
The above class of complaint* will bp re
moved by nightly fomenting the parts with
warm water, and then by most effectually
rubbing in the Oinluient. Persons suffer
ing from these direful complaints should
lose not a moment in arreeting their pro
gress. It should be understood that it is
not sufficient merely to smear the Oint
ment on the affected parts, but it must be
well rubbed in for a considerable time two
or three times a day. that it may be taken
into the system, whence it will remove
any bidden sore or wound as effectually
a* though palpable to the eye. There
againjbread and water poultice*, after the
rubbing in of the Ointment, will do great
service. This is the only sure treatment
for females, cases of cancer in the stom
ach, or where there may be a general bear
ing down.
Indiscretion* of Youth ; —Sore* and
Blotches, as also swellings, can, with
certainty, be radically cured if the Oint
ment be used freely, and the Pills taken
night und morning, as recommended in
the printed instructions. When treated
other way liey only dry up in one
pUpe' to brpfk OUtl? i
this pintment prill remoyo tho bumo*
from tho system, und leavo tho patient a
vigorous and healthy being. It will re*
quire time with the use of the Pills to in
jure a lasting euro.
Although tho sboTf complaint* differ width in thel*
origin end nature, /el they *ll require local trsttinest.
Mafcj of the worst esse*, of ruth disease*, will yield In
a comparative!* abort ;>ace of time when uiU OlDt
'.sent fe dllia-ntly rubbed into the hurt* affected, ereu
after erery other meaoa hare failed. In all
maladies the t'tlla should be taken according to the
printed direction* accuiupaaj lug each box.
Both the Ointment and Pills should be
used in the following case* .-
Bad l.vgt, Corn* {Buft;, I Scald*,
usd Bra*Ms, I'shfler*,' Sore Nipple*.
Bum*. lluulunt. Contracted an d St. re Thutets,
Bite of Mo*ebC" SUB Joints. ikin IBsoasee.
toes and Sand- Elephauuasla, 'Scurvy,
Kile*. Vistula*, Uout, isoreltead*,
Oovo-til, Utaniiutsr Swell-.Tmruora,
I'l, it*:,. Tool, base, ;lng, I'Lom,
Chlmfatht, pile*. : Wound*.
CUrpcd.Hawl*, KhMLosiiua, '£*•
CAUTION I—None are gehmoe pnigej
the signature of J. llAynocg. a* agent jfor
the United States, turrbund* e*ch box of
Pills and Ointment. A handsome reward
will hb given to 9P.y one rendering such
information as may to the detection
of any party or piirtig* CQUQU'riiaiiiiig t|i„
medicines or vending the same, M
them to be spurious.
*, Sold at the manufactory
HOLLOWAY & Co., New York, and by alfl
respectable Druggist* and Dealer* in M-.-dM
icine throughout the civilized world,
boxes at 25 cents, 62 cents and $1 each.
tffdr-There i* considerable saving
taking the larger siges
2. B.—Directions for ihp guidanpafl
patients in every disorder are uffixedß
tach box, ft jm7. • o iM