The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, August 31, 1876, Image 3

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    Til ( NTIM-: {V.rUKTi:it.
lit U Usj)A V Al 0. :'l, ISTC.
< ■ in. I l-'txor. N. W.V 1 || >< V li
IV. , - ..r . Mif.iri- I'l l|:. (ill ' -Hon* 11*11
,1 (1 (M>, NM I II 1* S**K*V. 1. II
Oir- mil lIUIHII. Nt. HI, Tf \ M.. !***!•
M. ■' rventne, n e aflcr o:<oh lull ixi-eR l n
Odd I S '.-11.11. _ ~
c , 1- .1 (■;, S. V 11 r. 11 M
Vn ' (-<;*• • I' of H, mool on SiWnlM at
lot '• '* ' i'lo; . !' f.lll mom.*l thslr 11*11.
J.J. Ahm \
V M (' X "*1 * nlr 11*11, nio*. in tin KssMaeat
of th. l,n imn chnreh, MMKMn lvo..*.
Mk ii .1 .n.l.ili I i o.orin otos. I. monn
\ .... 1 I'. (Vt M.I V I*l .111'' ' r lll'l*.*
CV. 11l - si -MIUIN. -.llltkW'""
in i Hi- li.utn-,' live KriJns
-. ••,, . , N , XX l Kill*'
1 rovnt -n? ?M*cr<l*rj\
Out Yiends w ill oblige by sending us
1: ... , !.(. .1 :\*S in tl oir locality, tjivo
, -• , ..,'y n" 1 w-1- wll put them in
sh-ip, . Vise noiioe- of deaths and mnvri
' ".\ii v oi'.c MBdlßft ■ the n.rucs of five
w i r- , V. ,h till* ■ ■ . will ho
. -si;; i i . ro. i i\. tho Kkportkr oneyear
i' Ui .oKiKr. hi ."!i road by nearly
t Virv y. ,jj ~n tie .-mp of tho county,
\Vt e t 1 ■ I*rg." circulation than
a: v \x ■ I'.-.' r-, w '1 bo found tho ho-!
..... foridnrtUaitbMiuw, iilm,lM>
sVe, - ..
•■- S. tho Ki r. -t s l- re-id
io . . Centre . 'inly, should re
, yoar'y. for tv-Mge which
w \ ho-e . ih .s reduce - tho postage
i ~ th sum ; id by them for
' ' 0 Irviu . oem od the so*t of
,; ' . d. od, 1- court this week.
110 *.. (. n ) ret v ere-; table looking!
elate s-sdo ol hi* Honor, Judge Gov is, and
will undoubtedly till the position sati-!ae
buy 1 - groceries where he can get the
pure-: and tost. Go to Sqchltrt, in the
l.ush ' m-e block.
for a j id from f • ea-t end of that town,
south, to intcr-eet at or near Swartx's saw
mill w hll ■ •os ro . 5 from Millhe m to
tho Forks.
They jog men of the Loop, deter
mine; n-1 to be behind other localities
have organised a brass band and we are
infom < d are in po--e--i n of their instru
men: already. We expect good blow
i:' . . out tl in, as there is undoubted y
good material there for a band.
Newman, tl e great clo.hing man of.
r>e'.h : :.. - • : w r path, and has is
sued his proclamation Lot tho enemy
1 V-W v\ N. we .-. w ill 1 ;he death of hgh
prl. -- llead his httwr.
A ; t. working in a crowd one
dark g:.t, relieved one man of a xveli
filled envelope that he thought might
p.- e- valuable papers. When
he c : e i ' examine 1; he found it to bo a
"Pom tie Paper Fashion.''
$7. o.OG) in the raiiroada of the 1 aited
State that do not jay a dollar of income
to . <>!..• rs : : stock and bonds. We J
have about |)W in the L. OL AS. C. rail
road, a:. J th is sa crumb of comfort to us j
- MWI stockholders. Weil, just
t# v. o , ipwUd llut we'll be satisfied soon
a- ... .....r tho lc oemotive's whistle echo
I Rgh our valley. Jfotto be disappoint
ed ::: cur ixpeclat r.s, is some sutis
fac*. It shows clear judgment, you
T! ■ Spri town Sabbath School I
• .. . | '.. u Festival ot. Friday evening and
< y aft rn -n and Sept. s
ar.d '. to which all are invited Ail kinds
of r< fr- hment will he had. Proceeds for
the purchase of a church bell.
T' m- -t unconcerned B.efl about
an important matter, are the present pres
idential candidal s—they don't care if
Scolder & Co., do sell the best canned
.'rui . 'lees tecs, sugars, or other rroce
ries. oj.'v so they gain the white house.
Lier - great grocery is a matter then
. '. to the white house with them. ;
r Last ek's Kepubl aa announced
the i- owing republican names as candi-l
s rA - mbly : George X. Boal, of;
Pot; P. T. Alus-er of Aaronsburg: j
\V McFarhiW, of Harris; George Zeig-,
. Pkil pabvrc; 8. OL 31' Curdy cfj
l*e and John LL F-.ot of Fcnn. Quite;
a .-t. . ar I the best we can advise is. to 1
form a local leg-lature, and go through
the motions, us tho nearest thing to a •
r or which aor.e of them will reach. 1
Mr. James Waugh, of Logan's Gap I
in G regg township, tell-us he has fourteen'
staiks of oats from a single grain of seed, j
Seven of these bare heads mea'uring from
10 to IT inches id length. The heads of the ■
even sprouts are only a few inches '
in I This Mft large y ic'd from a sir.-1 "
g'e "Who can report better?
J. G. Kurtz, Milton, fcai been grant- j
ei a patent for an elevator. i
A grand pie fie will be held in the j
gr- vc at Gordon's ui til near Gee la furnace " v
on 2nd Sept. Three Sabbath schools anil ,
t r ■ Grai pes together with the Kebers- ' j
bug bi.rd x.ill be present. Addres-es to
the ck 1? in the forenoon and to the .
grangers in the afternoon, also a tubracc (
at 3 o'clock on the miildain.
George Bearly 1 is - !J his fr.rm in
Ni'.f.y valley to James Gramly at 5125 ,
per acre.
The pleftsanfc-t around l.cre ,
ju:t now is that of our pood i.atured neigh- j
Lor, "Judge" Odenkirk, lately Uncle ]
George Ode .kirk. If Uncle George should |
get on the bench—and he'd not look bad
there—and there wto> a railroad suit on •
tri.i , we'd rather r. tbe the railroad com- ,
C art wr.- largely attended this week
—particularly from Centio Hall. Judge
Orvl ] re.-i lei with associates Irvin and
D 'pp. Our neighbor J. Henry Keller was of the grand jury. The first
ta::en up waa C. P. Jleriachcr against
George Durst for conspiracy. Tuc-day
forenoon was occupied with the esamina
ti. ii <•! witnesses lor the pr -ecution when
it was i. certained thai Cloyd Martz am!
J . n From important wi.r.* -ses, had pur
j }ly absented thetnsclvef, which put n
stop to further proooedings; the jury was
discharged, and the caae will go ov„r to
next term,
competitors in order to injure rne have cir
culated I'al and slanderous reports, and
that I was only going to stay a few weeks
and then lc-Vi. I stamp n.i such a- erlion
vile blunders and falsehoods. I came to
Bellefonte to make it my home and to sell
t the community cloihingand everything
in lay line and at such i<>w prices as to de
fy competition. I will therefore hereafter
as well as now sell you goods lower than
the lowest. Quick sales and small profits
jurtd .liiigs to all is my motto. 1
will sell y u a good \\ inter suit for SO.OO
a good white shirt linen bosom at 76 el
and everything else ju-t as low in propor
tion. lie sure and call on me when in
town and atisfy yourself that what I say
is the plain truth.
* Awaiting an early call,
! remain yours, J. N EWMAN. jr.
New Eagle Clothing Hall Sands Build
ing, Alleghany Bt. Bellefonte
3RICX FOE SALE —First class brick
will bo kept on hand for sale at Zerbe's
Centre Hall brick yards. These brick are
offered so low that it w ill pay persons at a
distance to come here for them.
Intondir.g to continue in the manufac
ture of brick they will be kept constantly
on hand, and fair inducements offered to
purchasers. _ _
17 aug If. I). W. ZEKBE.
Ohio Stoneware, all shapes and siz
es, wholesale to merchants, and at retail,
atSechlei's in the Bush houso block.
From the many flattering testimonials
wc Lave read, paying tribute to the Beatty
Piano, and Beatty's Golden Tongue Or
gans, we are constrained to recommend
them to any persons contemplating pur
chasing an instrument of either descrip
tion Address the manufacturer and pro
prietor, Daniel F Beatty, Washington, N
J., for any infurmotion respecting the
same. See advertisement. lrn
< We have tried Bower's Mead at
* Zeller's Drug Store and it is just as good as
they say it is—just the thing for a warm
cooling and delightlul. It.
S. MILLER, Fashionable Tailor, Aa-
Shop few doors west ot Dr.
's dm ay tf
Hrt. —if mwiHtii im—IITFI
Flu 1 ero:> u failure.
llu< kloliorrie* in great abundance.
\p)de ear. hardly be given away.
Farmers are busy sowing their grain.
'• The Camp meeting fever is abating.
Work on the Lutheran chureli was re
>n and aw ifl progress is made. Tlr
"■ building is to be under roof this fall,
i We learn that Ikivid Voder is suffer
' ing Vi rv turn li from a wound lie receiv
ed by some accident a few months ago
,• He had Ins le : - broken and it is doubt tu
' i whether lie will ever have the light us<
j I of it.
1 Jonathan Kuhl, who was thought dy
inn seven.l tniu , is getting along slowly
p is thought that his skull was fVaetum
tr r.- seriously than w hat was nt tirst ap
A few day*ago, white Philip Grande)
, was engaged with his team oil a piece o
, new ground : so happened that t tie wag
on got control .if the horses and roller
dtiw n a steep bank smashing it consider
, ablv. Philip managed to save hitnsel:
- anil team which was more of a tnirach
- than sleight of hand.
List Saturday evening while Jaroi was driving thrvwigh town, hit
• horv t >k fright, and a minute after
ward- lie had him on Ihiniel IhiblmV
pale toneo, with Ivth shafts broken of!
and dash of wagon butted out. No one
. wa- seiiou-iv hurt, but Mr. P. mourn?
for or > of the maple Irvi s that was bro
i ken cff.
Hy the way it affords us much pleas
" tire to learn of at least one more whe
loves to be ei.lled "New Mor" of iMursc
.we will not disown the "child" but wish
: ho would be so kind and not forget the
ir.('r' after our '-obriijuet" when he
writes again.
Some j < rs n stole a pair of shoulders
and 1 .mi from Messrs Jerome and John
Meyer. Tin course of its whereabouts
is pretty well susjoctcd, hence uiuni.
Urn Mok Sit.
( | For the Heporlcr.
L.i ni: k KntTow Ueivrveh
. micruwe! geb-t un rucht c wenig noch
in der ilte ll -tory. wirst du Cnno dai un
der a'te K. ni'sehe Kepublik e mo! 80 Men
rer w .re. die >' lard gsev.l hen mit ihrein
Patri. -. • . Jut:inient o is mit una drri
- eh a Pertaun-h.p. SiiUe mir net ru
jamnie, - > - die Union verlora. Just wie
wir lirat'.t leit ware, so sin mcr now
Hax ( Wheeler leit. Yoropaar Johr
£urik war > mer nooh 8S : in iler seit sin
abr "> weggexoge, 2 sin do.l un eauer is
| —tie rnachts un e wenig >tottcre< -so ■ •ge-gt*-gegange, e>r treibt nau c
Fuhr in anndre Camp, wie er Jo aus
u-aeh. kc -e m r re-illy net snge. Dreis
••h mi-, mer bleivc, net wenieher, werda sn. r meaner 1 is uni . be--er. \Vir
hen Menner unner tins, die sin Number
One*. Do it c mol der John l>rcitu, der
Jaek Sneckeeior, dor Bill Harbarossa, der
Gost Er- bci*. dor Sam. Makity, aueh der
alto Ur.kol Enrlioh, do George Uhrerwin
kt r un do alto Sam. Spotto kenno mor
r. ch brr.ucl.e. Ver # weil aurik hen mor
c Club mortinig iusammo gorufo un just:
. wu mor dm varo ans Butachore r.u gohne,!
::ien urs die Messer gfohlt, un mcr hon.
; even net mohr.or ausgricht krickt a's dassl
aier r.iit emme commeno Dischruesscr on
-lemokratisch Condidat fir Assembly xuri
Noth hen abischlochte kenno. Fir der
gre-se Job aw or hats con.mittrlfir*
gr.s Butehormc.-soran do Simon Camer
t"ri g-chrie v.' in seiner Answer hehst aw
or, er hot ko Messer von dor Line, awer
-ei Sohn dor Don in NYashingtoo kenn uns
miteniger sort Buttchermeaser sude, wir
' macbte an ihn shreiwe XVasihn selwert
nngch, so halt or von Je.- Messer line r.ur
kline Artikcl. sio seie awer proof. Yor
v. oil :.:rik hot er ens provirt an era
klagschrifl vogome rostroaiter un dit
M s orhet des ltabier radical in der mil
von er.anor gsehni'.te. \Vego sellem grot*
BuUchrrme- or is now too Committee an
Jo D g-ehriewee worre, un ich Jaut gor
no:, dass er uns alleweg satisfoit. Es giDt
anyhow en verdollto Job, so grose Gedier
wie deTilden un Hendricks abzuschlachte
j awer wir verlasse uns uf do Don un sei
i Sltssseritssortment.
Fir dosmol will ich;-:.i Brief close un
noch dor Convention niokner screiwo. !
Dei Freind,
ITke Philadelphia Times makes a very
offer.: vo point against tho brandisbers of
the fr- uthern bloody.cirt jith the terrible
i story of thu "31olIy Mag-ires ' in the
i Pennsylvania Coal Regions, which has re
cently been revealed in all tho length and
breadth nnd height and depth of its itnit-
I ing wickedness by a citizen of Ponnsylva
uia, the lion. Franklin B. Gowen, in a i.,
•pi e.-h delivered by him at the trial for oi
murder of i member of that association. u
The p. made by the Times is well worth t ' v
making, for if a lo.ul conflict in somolij
Southern Slate between black men ar.djtl
whi. men is to justify the suspension of: w
kcal sclf-gnvemuient in that State by the ;
Fctk ral power, much moro ought local
self g ivernment to be suspended in I'enn jti
sylvan la by the Federal power when it isiti
I r " ed, a* Mr. Gowen biu proyed that in p
at least one county ot that great elate anor-i tl
gauizat! n ft unded upon murder as a
mean? .•!' tt rrorism "has for twenty years
hung like a pall over the people," an ©r-jti
gai.izaft.'ii actually powerful enough to
put its members stained with innocent i
blond into political offices of trust and int- '
portance, and to make red-handed assass
:r,s "high constables, chiefs of police and
"candidates for seats on the judicial bench c
"itself. t
But there are other aspects also in which f
this extraordinary apocalypse, of crime j
deservi - to be brought more folly to the ]
attention of the country. Considered i
-imply a.a dark romance of real life, en
acted almost at our very doors, the tale is (
of the most thrilling interest and of the
most momentous significance.
"The evil that men do lives after tlietn." ,
Out of the tyranny and injustice inflicted i
u;-i -i Ireland in the worst periods of Eng
lish rule over that unhappy island, grew
up the secret association of the Irish ILib
bonmen, formed to intimidulo the agents
arid bailiff* of non- resident land holders,
and the constabulary called in to aid then,
in collecting the rents of the land, and out
of this association, again, grew up in the
Pennsylvania coal regions the dark con
spiracy of the Pennsylvania "Molly Ma
guircs," bent on obtaining control by ter
rorism and violence of all the interests ot
the region in which it was established. It
is startling now to know how great a suc
cess—ana for how long a time—this nefa
rious conspiracy attained. "Let us look,"
said Mr. Gowen, addressing a jury in
Schuylkill County, only six weeks ago,
while yet the Jubilee of the American Cen
tennial was celebrating—"let us look to
" society in this county as it was tbroi
" months ago, when men retired to their
" homes atß or 9 o'clock in the evening,
" and no one ventured beyond the prc
" cincts of his own door ; when every man
" engaged in any enterprise of magnitude,
"or connected with industrial pursuits,
" left his heme in the morning with his
" hand upon bis pistol, unknowing whetb
■' er be would again return alivo ; when
" the vijry foundations of society were be
" ing overturned ; when the administra
" tion of justice, which should always be
" regarded with reverence, had almost
" sunk into contempt ; when men doubled
" whether it was in the power of organi/-
" ed society to protect their lives and to
" secure their property."
And this was said, remember, not ol
Muinain the Peloponnesus, nor of the land
of the Thugs, nor of Sicily, cursed with
the atrocious mafia, but of the common
wealth founded by William Penn, and of
the earliest historical seat of American in
dependence and American nationality!
That the picture is in no respect over
charged, appears only too plainly fxom th
simple recital of the facts in the particular
case of murder which the author of the
picture wa- then pressing to a conviction,
in the presenco of a court-rooin filled, at
hi knew and M lUe i lidge kaew ad u lh
ijury know, with menbe: "f the very
tociation ho wa- saili: g. Ih. • t ts can
jnot b bettor stated than in Mr Gowen -
low ii norv.-u* language
'* I "On tho ll of September. If,o, Thomas
Sanger, a young English ho-a miner, it
es man between thirty am! fort. y. r ofng<.
ic'who, so far a wo know, ninv not havo had
an enemy in the world, 101 l his heii-e m
r-'the morning to go to his daily woil. Ii
\-. thercis anything which ihoulu to MCon
„ .led to a mcnibor of a free yoverr nißnt, if
uj there is any right which the linmblo-l mail
in this country should |IOM*U il i- 1 1 0 i ght
1 to labor for the support. . h. - lamily w
out hindrance or molo.tati 1 'ion 'i-n cue,
f" Going forward and OBWRfd in the psrfi r
>*• ntaneo of hi* duty, in.l the pr u' m ot
tl his daily work, tins man wa- .on.:
p- hv one of nil armed t i' : u , i
Ho was shi>t in the arm II - tttrUl dto ru-i
iy around a house in the m ' oh. .a:
he was there eeiifr. nted t v another . !
these miser, aits who had l .n n so t t ' in
"i tercept him lie again t n ■I a' ! -turn-
Me.l uron the ground . and then, when tti
T ~ foremost of this band of m- came up
to him, as he lay upon the ground, he .lu
lc charged his revolver into him, *: it.
turned him, as he lay upon hi- face, ce:
l' upon his back, so that he could expe-e
is deadly part for his aim. and then, with
r- calm deliberali o , selet tml a vi'.at p ta I
> shot him a* he lay p: trate up • i the
;) ground. His wile, ft m w ill he ha ! ut
parted, hearing his cries, i nhed out
°, reached her husband only in time to In -.r
'"j his last faltering accent! "k:, ba
wi rah, for 1 am dying.
What must have tot I ths COIf •
oji-omiuunity in which sufli a crime tin
'cl.-euld be thus driiberat y, . . ar.l
'''openly committed ' And w a", credit ifid
0 respect d-'C- not the man d-erve who
| finding himself in *uch a c nmuu ty, a i ,
•r kr ow ing well that his >n p -it ii and
n jconnsctions marked h : m . .it t r 'die
; e >%! watchfulnessth. . - !■> wh.
j crimes like this were plann. i and . x--> .it
cd to terrify it ii t > suhn o-ion, c -1. • 1
j resolutely set liims. : at v
their authors and to put a -top l- tl mf. .
;ever '
u | This Mr. Gowen .lid illy, silently.
[, with an unfaltering j-wr, ■ . gu. led by.a
. cool and unwavering into g> : ll.nv
. he achieved his great object, by what a
„ judicious selection alike . : h - no thods
.and of his inMrumcnU, our Jim,:- f :: 1 •
. 'at all adequately to re. ite Su:".ce it that
o 'the work ho set himself t do has be i
v done. Suffice it that att.r carrying ! -
r ,life literally in h's ha: J- for year-, a? 1
n j follow ing up the dreadful secrets of the
4{organisation he was with th- e.igh
. endle-s mases ot cunning and in the
'ot incessant perils, he found hims if as the
.(prosecutor of the ass .--ins.: poor IS. u-
Sancer able to stand at last calmly uj. .n
, his place and to address the crowded u;di
r ence of the court room in th. so m nori.Mo
r words, looking fearlessly, a, he ;•. 1.0, .n
r to tha glowing faces which glared
r upon him on every side :
"To-day I give you notice that there -
no part of this county that is not a tie as
. the aisle in which 1 stand here n iv. Is
. there a man in this audience, lc king at j
, me now, and hearing me denounce this as
jsociatioo, who longs to point his p.-: -. at
I'meT I toll him that ho has as good a
,j chance hero as he will ever hare ag .n. 1 _
(tell him that it is just as safe t ■ day to
,|murder in the temple of justice a* it is in ,
. the secret ravine- . : the n: un'.a.n-, i :
, within the silent shade.w. of the w. 1
j tell him tha: human life i- -ai'o. 1 toll him
that the members of bis - ci. ty, w un .
desire to convict, all, save one or two, are
, either safely lodged within the wall- of
your prison or aro fugitives from justice
t "but almost within tho gra-p Of thfl I -
tive- who arc upon their h■ • I*. I P • i. m
that if there is another uiuru r in thi
countv, committed by.this ••
evcrv one of the 6iX) ineml rs t .er
iu this county, or out ot it, who , nnives
1 at it. will be guiity of murder in tho firs',
'.degree, and can bo hanged by the Deck
! until ho is dead not by vig inee i mmit
r taea, but according to the .-oiemn f-rm- of
justice, after being .lefende 1 by ablo and
experienced counsel; and I t--11 Lim that
' if there is another murder in this c unty
' Uv this society there will b • an in-juisition
' for blood with which nothing that has been
1 1 known in the annals o! criminal . pi-; ru
jdauca can compare."
The event justified th:> imply magnifi
cent assertion of the victory of Law, de
fended and maintained by a civil her • wh >
- dared t> do his duty. The particular mur
derer before him left the dock convicted
! and made ready for tho lialter.
f! The confederates of that murderer, men
? high in local authority some of them, de
• succeed in tho open Court, and by name,
know to-dav and tremble uf the knowledge
* that the avenger of blood is up 'n th.r
1 track. Tha pall which hung over tho com
- muaity has been rent asunder, and when
; the historian of our times sets down with
" averted face tha shame and evil of th day
Ie will record, too, with a redeeming throb J i
if pride and hope for human nature, the 1
inshaken faith of this true and high-heart
•d citizen in the eternal principles of social j
irder the unfaltering and intelligent devo
.ion with which he fought the battle of
.huso principles, ar.d the nob..' vi ry
vbich has crowned his efforts and rewarti
?d his endurance.
M Farlanc and Zieglcr is the "strong
leam" of the republicans that th.v oxj ct
to jerk them out of the mud. Ti.e'll have
to do heavier pulling tlx n berctofon
this county even to come up t > a ph. .
The radical- of New Y< rk bt n..n.i- ■,
natcil Gen. K. I*. Morgan for governor.
Commisiioners Office,
Bellefonte, Aug l l '-, lh"0.
Sealed proposals will be r.'"cived at thi
office until Saturday the lfith day of Sep
tember, at 111 o'clock, J'. in. of said dnv. ,
for the ■asimrr w ItoMvori of ab it*!
raents for a bridge acrot - Penn- Urn-k. to j
he built near Karstctter s Saw Mill nt tlx
L. C. AS. C. Railroad. Plans and | ci
fications can bo seen at tbis othce.
By order of the Board.
aug24t d Clerk to Commissioners.
Letters of Admini-trn' oi.
on th estate of W. W. Love, late .f Pot
ter twp., dcc'a, have been grunted to Jam
laive and O. M. Boal, residing in saiil
township, to whom all tier.-ons indebted
to said estate are requested to make pay
ment and those having claims >r demand
will make known the same without delay.
'24 aug Gt G. M BOAL.
heretofore existing between th
undersigned, doing busine - at ' •' tr< -
Hall has been mut'ially dissolved. The
books of tho firm will I found at the old
-land in the hands <>f John ('. Miller,
where all knowing themselves indebted
will please call for settlement.
NOTICE.—The store heretofore earr'. d
•>n by the above firm will bo continued at
the old stand, in all its branches by the
tndcrsigncd. JOHN C. MILLER,
on the line of the Lwisburg, Centre A
Spruce Creek Railroad.
A Valuable Farm
containing 110 acres, more i r less. There
is also Ton acres of valuable Timber,
which the purchaser could have if desired.
The farm is well fenced nnd well watered.
Cedar creek running through tho place.
The buildings on tho placo consist of a
Two-Story Stone Ilouee,
I spring-house, barn and all other ncce.-sary
outbuildings. There is on the place a
Nice Lot of Fine Fruit Trees.
Near tho place are several nianufacto
rics, and shops of all kindsconvcnient It
' is expected that the lepol will be located on
I lands adjoining.
For particulars, address
' 17 aug tf. Boalshurg.
i Henry Reinhart.
Coffins of all styles made on shortest no
' tic?. Undi riaking strictly attended to.
'I U-iargig ruftsuhttble. 17 aug y,
1 ;
si A Sttngßiniry BiHlt -tho ittrki
lv. j AloiijgtL.' WhoK' I-inc.
Belgrade, August 21. Tho Turks y< •
1 i terday tiia.b tlit. o de-pcrate attacks eti
| the Servian | itioli* nl Alex Mitt, , and
i son .- of the S. t \ i:i b it'.a'en* "10-t more
1 j than quarter of ih. ir tr.-iißth Several
' also lost 1 ,v ly. bet I ai 1 to tl o
| cim-s fire of the artillery Irom entrench-
I mer.t* General T.'hei i ayefl', who com
i del the Servians iu per in, succeed, d
' in repulsing the Turk* on each occasion,
j The Turk* renew. 1 the attack early this
| morning and were • pulsed ul.u g the
i w l ob'line nnd fell b..ek two kilometre-.
Goin' al Ti 1 .yell'is under-toed to hnvo
j decided n the ev. lit of defeat to fall back
{on D. ~ . i l l - . ... the .V , • ..x a 11.
I er. h also been form . I a, the rhird line
!of defenc. ll'ti. ueral T. hernayeff is nrc
i teet of i 'h l! ■' l rv inlt tl ii.l al M ir
vatoyieh i> row advni.irg G.iura'
Tchem n !l ir . ip 11- i • I'rtnoe Milan a
follows Dip af .ir- are not progressing
i badlv Tho Turks hate evacuated the lii o
of the Timok but still ovupy Snrtseh
i'lli: SIOLX WA It.
Tho Imliitit liei'U ml Heavy los
es eti iJotlx Siiles.
St Fail!, An. : ' 1> -p-'.ehe- -t re
eeivrd fr -m the . iiunaiuling . ill.-or al
standi: gli k• o Indian- Sitting
1 Bull camp rep' rt a terrible battle be
te. :i him ti i Terry an I t'r •!. - forces.
The Indians wer. i - !a' .1 bsx. (t
--tered. Terr) and I'ro, b.ox ever, are r(—
ported having (Uitainel quite :- heavy
ioj-er us the In lians
l'bi ulrlplna, August Flour ex
| I* I t To M till lauiil) • iat \\ 1 eat. am
ber 1 lb 1 al "i> do white wc-tern 1 Corn
mix- i if' •: w a; G.ts. we-tern
mixed I'.'i a 4 > I'etroleum, rt-tine.l 21i.
Chicago. kugust'JS Flour comnien to
choice i t'-Vo ■a' g It" lan. yo - •<*
b(ci \\ heat October '.cj seller September
V-l C'-rn sell, r August >1 - r > ptern
ber t'i oats -Her >. pt. di seller October ;
0| Rye .'<7 Barb v Her August 77.
Milk R Makke:-, i rr rtt l weekly by
D. Shelmire,
Clover Seed 5- U> to
He. f s>n to s7,tO per UO lbs.
C irn toe t •
Rye ' >e to 70
lb N va S, l'la-ter $> , ;gr. tnd
$U> per ton.
\\ lute Wheat j-1 •to *1 ;U>.
Red " SI do to* I 1
Barley 70. to 7.V
Timothy to oO
I'laster in Stone $7 7o to i-
Salt 1 40 to ! 80.
i >ati 32e to 35c.
Potatoes '-',5- to :.oe.
White LS heat 51 20 Red 120 77
Coin art ., '.. Cats ■ Barl.-y
70 Cl> ,'crsee.l • P. tatoes H'
I.ard per poun.t 8 Pork per poundOO
Butte r'A. Eggs'- "> Plaster pc rt on
sll Tallow h BaconlO Ham 15
Lard p * pound 8 cents... Uu- k * heat
66cts. F.our per barrel retail 7,(h...
Nova *- "tia plaster sll Cayuga
plaster s'.',so per 2000 lbs. Shelled corn 45
to 50
I Will h M xt' •• 11<> public sale, Sept.
next, tho foE oving described property, nt
the late residence of John Kmmert, d-a .1,
situate in Harris t wnsbip, Centre C.-unlj ,
one FARM, c ntaimng -ne hundred an-i
thirty three a-res more or l-'S*. bounded
ty land- of H. Kv. ;hart, de. -l, Janus
Glenn, McFarb-r.. Dr. Hen i.-rso d
and others. Th--farm is well watered, a
never failing -treain -if water running
through the farm and within thirty yards ot
the torn, alt R wed o( neverfatltng wp,
ter Rt th" 1 i.e. with t ; I pump in it
The improx- in-'iits ere u !*rg" FKAME
lItIUSK, txx.. stories high, alm-'-t l;exx ; n
frame l ank barn, forty five by eighty fer t
an . all otl err.< ee--arv out buildings.
This is one *f the toat prodocinc fitnu in
this section f>r all kinds- f grain : it is all
lmiclr.c land. A larg- 1 ORt HARD <.
choic* fruit on the premigaa.
F-ir particu ar* :. ;uire of XVm WerU
.n the farm. A!*o one M ..-e anU let
Sitnate.l in BoaHburg, Centre . - , tho
house Is two itories high, with kitchen et
ta- h- I to it, a:. l a l necessary outbuild
ings also a good stab'-*, a never tailing
well of water with g-ant pump. Th- lot -
well set with fruit tr-- - of best quality.
Al- >t w a< r - al-d 1 p- rch- -•! exe. 1-
lent land .t a', r• ar tin •. ;i -i. H' : rni
,.l church is Boalsburg within I*o
square, of above house.
JOSIAII NKFF, Execut'r of J. Eri
mert, dee'd.
N. B. —At- v jo ; r'.y can bo b!;. *! t
as a xvhoie -r it. part at prt.alc or publi.
sale •' ' -"t
/"< 1 *i n i
leutennial store.
At Potters Mills.
ha- u-t r< turn 1 fr >m Philadelphia with
a|vv U select' 1 ft ark of
Cheap Goods,
whii'il..' !Ti'r< CHEAP KOR CASH oi
country Pi'duce, also a largo stock of
Bhoo<, Gaiters a< low as $1.25 per pair,
and ail other good- in proportion. Dry
(i od.-, II i• rv. Linens, Embroideries.
White (■ oils, Laces Noli' ns and FAN-'
CY GOODS, trictly Crt-clni goods b<- j
l >w tho usual pric f . H . lirocrry Do-;'
partnient consists of tho
Cheapest and licst Quality of Groce
| lYnn- Valley. Sugars Teas C"ffeo,
Svrup-, Spice-. Canm-d Fruit-, Ciackir*.
CI. • . and Dri' l Fruit- cte. (juecn--
w are. Hardware W...1 and Widow wan 1
and ')i!ci"th-<>i every description. Hat-. I
• ii|<-. Drugs, (hi and Paints, al-o Cigar . j
Tobacco una Confectioneries. All kite!
of produce taken in exchange for goods
also highest price paid.
Also —Ladies will find a full line '
of millinery goods, comprising the
late : styles.
I thank tl u people "f Penn* Valley fur
their liberal patronage. 18 my < m
Eurnilure Rooms 1 a hki mkim:,
respei tfully inform* the citizens of Centr
county, that lie lias bough t out the old
stnndof.l.O Deiningcr, and ha- reduce/
the prices. They have constantly on lmnl
ami make l<> order
TAIILES. Jcc., &r.
Their stock of ready-made Furniture it
large and warranted of good workmanship
and is all made under their own immed -
ate supervision, and is offered at rates
cheaper than elsewhere.
Call and sec our (lock before pun liming
elsewhere. 20 fab. ly
SOU r.THI.VU FOR 11,1..
lteing an axiom acknowledged by all.
tlmt the rash system, (or pay an you go,'
is the most pleasant and safest,—as an in
: conlive to moro fully establish that sys
' tnii,—tin) undersigned therefore offer t<
the public a Premium offiOct*. in (a oils,
on bills to tho amount of SS.(X), and M i ts
premium on all bills increased to the
amount ol $5.00. etc. (viz. on a bill to tin
amount of SIO.OO. we will pay SI.(XJ pre
initnn, in goods, for Cash or Produce.
which we offer at
for Cash.
We thank our patrons for past patron
age and all who will avail themselves ol
. the inducement presented.
Sraoiiit & Swartz,
j i Xijluu Hut. ChurchvUle.
Holt Htm I M A SACK O ll' i t i
0 \itt A N I'i ol'l.i. in 111 l. I I It KS
I.imi.i ii, Augu-tV-'! X I" iul <!<• i-nU*
from tli" Bin I at . *t <•.>ri< pendent <>f tli
Dai'y N <w, wlio ' ' in' I- 1 •!XI r. ihu v
lor in hit t'ur of Inv r-tignt|o y Mi
' Baring'* report of i*ty vlttngoi burn*-.
' tout 1:!, UK) pervoti* killed Ivy tin Turk-- ii
" Bulgaria doe* not include the outrage
com 'liitod in tlio tli tiii i north of the lint
' I,nn, nor in to liim.-iot ol htiphin.
Forty riling- were burned north ol thi
lUtl,hi , an I -evoi.ty >hi ' . Mi <h iy
lor Inn not t ompleted hit invert gallon
hut li ortimati ■ tho number ol t! olt ilh .
Htaijtyllnul ;i I ill the district "I I'hit
ilpl .>|.oti alone.
i Tie regular tr. op uioro ci ; ' thai
tin llt.hi I'. >tlk- Nod 'Uhtt! in i
crc* were committed with tho aanctii no
' the author it mr. Outrage* continue to
our. The gov Tiior of l'hilippopoli* want
. ,t u \ t 1)111- 1 til' Mil ' . 11l It I! '
M Schuyler think* there i iminedint
danger ol additional nicre. Ho ail
Miggol to hit government the lollowinj
m a?urc? :
The h*i gmg •! fur leader i i then
atro. iti. t, tho diMtriiung of tho Xlui i!
iiiaii-and theii bu .1 ng ofihu burnt villa
' at government expense A- the i
iio amres eai.i ot tie left to the aulhoritie
Mr. S huv lor *lt prop • a foreig i c ui
mitaion to tee that thit be executed.
V. Vn'onsl irg, liatIiat week, Mr* S vcr
a .!e ! M Fun ' or
' \t Aarontbuig. "ii -• . i fIS
. Philip*, aged everal year*.
In 11utii■ * !t on A .vi-t, Mar;
aife.'f Uavut llornor, ugt 1 "I ,> ar ,
uiontht, and 7 da> -
At Aron>burg, on tit, t'other ie, v% i ; >v
jofC-l Jacob E. Stover, aged hi ymrsi
| month*, and tl day*.
On W> July, near Farmer'* XIUS §<•
it'll lera infantum, Artuur Franklin, *Ol
f XVm. 11. A Xlnry V Smith, ag-J om
. Jay le * than 7 month*.
!j A t'AUG.
To *tl x*!.. arr iafferfiv tti the trr*>i* .1 i tut is
-trltv-tis of )onth. lieri "iiakbeM, <*li) tie. i t*
|jf IMtlli aM.ii I ttd • ItvilW tli*l Kilt <f)
I !• ut chat#** I ht great teUnulj Mae dir. tere l '
i a intMionai') lu K. utii Atuerii a Ketni a arif
1 ruiriiit> I" tin Kr* T lutitAJl, Matt • *. I*
s. s m \ i e ' ■
It . & ,i. Harris!
;V/ c£lir;i£ WALL,
Wolf's Old Stand.
Magnificent So Ik of Spring . :ul :ti;
titer Goods.
OnbWvitbl Lo v; PriCD I
Having jurt returne i :*r..ui the Hart. and
bought l panic price*, 1 am now prepared
t' re:i cheaper than evv r I'etorc. X|j etovh
eoruirt* in part . f
Kl*llill-11l ROOTS,
SANDALS, tc., Ac.
Ladies' and Gents' Endcrwear a -pec
A l.Aitc.K -TOCK or
jconstantly on hand. I-ook at the fi f r
(iood Casfimcre Suilt, slo.t
' (iuod Ourimere ('on'*, s..ot
Customers will find the -tock com
plot*, and a call i a!l that i r. ,uin
, to assure you that this is the be
; place in ti ) valley to buy y ur 1-
S lit'mrmbrr, ire h rrr Init MU pfidC fit
. ' vcryonc.
v . Wm. Woi.r.
EXTRAORDINARY Inducements to Cash Buyers.
i i
We wish to say to the people of Reims Yiillev. that we
have just opened and are now ottering full lines of all
that we deal in at such prices that even defy com
ment, or competition.
OUR CLOTHING DEI'ART.MKNT is full of Bur- DootS and SllOeS.
ottina, at from Five dollars for :t lull Sutl of Men's Cloth
ing up to llit liui st Ready Made goods in (own. Ladies' Shoes al 1 dollar per pair. Misses' Shoes a
To cents per pair. Mcu's l'iuw Shoes ut Sl. 2d. Men'
(Brogans ut $1.25. 11l the
At such prices as will astonish you, Calicoes ai deem.- Wo have Ladies' Hose at 5 cents. Ladies' Hose at 10c
Musiiii ut 0, 7 and 8 cents. Dress goods in all tin Men's Hose at 5 cents. Ladies' handkerchiefs at 5c
newest styles from 10 cents per yard up to the best Kid Gloves at 50 cents. Clark's O. N. T., Cotton. Gc
grades of Silk. jund all other goods in proportion.
01VS 413 A CALL WH254 /QU 00i/l£ TO ToWtJ"Sl2j2iai2Jl TM2 PLAfii
S. it A LOEB.
(SaMcnon to WILSON" .V HICKS,)
will si ll HARDWARE. STOVES, Saddlery, Coach-makers' rial, Build
er.-. Hardware, of ail kinds, I 'a in Is, Oils, &c. Nails, Iron and Glass a s|>e
t Hie LOWEST CASH I'RICKS. Childreus* Carriages, Shovel Flows,
CiiHing Roves, Or. W have (lu: host COOK STOVES and RANGES in
lite MarkO.and warrant (hem (o he good. We keep till repairs for same,
atiti will seil lower liiaii elsewhere. Anyone in this county, building, or
•dealing in (his line of goods, will pay (Item (o come and see us.
10 j
, Pa.
..1, .ii i ii,, i
"* >isigned it now prepared to tell Itrick a
ni> kiln* a'. Centre Hall to -nil purchiwer:
ut reu-'Oiable rales, alo to < jrii.h or con
tract ltrickwurk. S. S. FAltNKit
loJINI VLEXANIii t, At. 1>
P f '
I'll v - ii-iati and Sargt-i.n,
It. jpectlully oflert his ptofettional ter
X ■ '* to the eUiiei.v ut lYtiiie Hull anv
-v. it\ ConmltHtu'ii iii l.nglith or tier
i un. Ha- a lull line of instrument* foi
W . Xlract. ig teeth, Utilce and residence li
ti the Lutk. parsonage. 27fcbtl
i.f I y Ng i£ tf 8 i! ♦? tf C
mifiTtF F f f P f
to To the Working Clatt XX'e can furiiitli
u e'hilo)mrhl wUhh }"U <*u make rry U igc
_ >, lu > .. mulo mlltiotit IteiUK <**.> lrvm
c. i Wight lfci.l KliU>d iO !) lU Ml- 1
lUll|> l" take Mlll>a% liUwr* lull I lt < i utrui.lai Kct
I* LIE pabtUall-il u lite ' u.lrJ Mm!<
r - 4 chJOAUAM , I f ct tun U&1)
; I'd )C*| 1 lie iicvtd 1 dct olMl |o nUklctct i* ut
It fcr; nlttH lc-fl with hid I culcuuul fr*> Tli#
io lit| I luU'illtlli hi l*hllndolykl* lM lull| llUslffeUtd
* lit tltflMll I MJIM II I i.c Wliiilo t>r<',de tccl
fmaj UtlclMl lu UiclT ( Jhlj)'i I cUtoilU Isti lilit E.lm>,
. rltgMl MlitoO
. itjtMi ilitdi it# prnuluiu | trUrt u pio*cnU>u fiw u>
ll .1 • ' 1 iri..rlt,! lthio t
n • I - iiutttlit vlth AUiiltrlMij cf IhM lltl(*l<
ft .* I uU .i>t*l* Mtc l-j . lu Ahi UIM
ill f.r , ur M*tt< • rwflH M#rt>l. I r Tut • Lut* lb plyei
iUti l't tul o ft till liUUcli wsA uf eu!( flhcO m<o rttnll; ult
ti" .1 <1 e<r)#u#l llidfr UUo buitiOM (hit llf |#j
Ilk IhMt Ml • rvnMtl \lr l aid lU*U> igrt.l* h.. ale
.sh'.'.g a I tgh at A da) aud upssrili No I*
t i.r it. , t drla) lUiUeiuUi U voU ttolking lo
glir 11, MMIUCMM M lli*l fkcUil lot Vita* iTHdUrU,
- and 1< p ol t apn, i*!.i' Si Wt ent frwi I.
•it • ap|-l) .a • II U<lk) 1 udlfit Itoo to
.i•* ■ ... Ik l*lr lo etiganc Iti ,inti add lam' hattlt f,
• at l it > >t M.t 1 dMughlcn tokic lov Hi) 1 •<el u!
a# cIltM. Addlio*.
23 ]n dm I'uriiMid, Mmio#.
It %.\ IvlN'S
I) v ii SI or e,
VRK S 11 AN I) ( II E A I'.
Apr "if
ttr.-uT iiocxiiaorri J. d.iiomimv
l're#ident, C'nishier.
I.utc Milliken, ll< irri Co.)
\.nd Allow intere.-!,
Dis ouut Nile ,
liuy ar J Sell.
lii vi rniuinl Secut itics.Gold A
mtudsif Cnupor.n
1 /TInUMIHOB Housyj
Bollefont*. PA.
, ISAAC MILLS KPi pridtor. I
T.i * aau'taiuj-* 11i'Ufrc H'.ni. i -r*l, )> "?vc of
'0 | . AMthlv ' 1 Jitod jbui* Is I t e I •• u I*- Lm* the
• * thirl It u j4m -AM *r> Ci ritml iitrl])
•ht ir' irj ..ttchUt - II c , -s.l g'U U. N"
w.i* U) be *! to nuit It a j*l. want fc-oJ afpr*
i - ; # !*• 1"t x i - .. liMrdlt a if ho
. t'f w k. M A hl* rhtrgi v. '.J ! c loin !
i* I
D. JOHNBO N .( 8 0 N S.
ThliVfil i> en htrtel uluilelfltbe huuneiportlnt
f el MU, :M Inecft t • Ufbl) f:uv*l4. r#t-*4ttl4*i
u<d lOfttbUeil CtC 1( WIU t# Ih nlttt • ! the |r- . 'id
r# I Rittr il u |IrMMMTst ||-:ut f r lIMM# U :t.M| fM
* i i lhem Mtlh Iht ii |m1: : ; *.t • A 'l* CMirlagr la r*.
*lo He dSM L Mhtl ihe l-r#t ieM in lo#r* MX# roaacci
i ed Mllklbe llodtn. anil
\\" S V XVILSON, X . ■ .'.-Law,
15 : e.t !'i <: i!iM- I? n
tier * It'.iiiding. Itelletoi.te l'a.
I <. I Nt . l'olTEl:, Atturiu-y-at
'' ta" . 1r- I, , I .i- al
iVUuU -1 ffirm l Una* badtti Usii * fo*
Gl dIM Up Ml 1 lAlc n fc.• w lr.l# Ir*dt
VA. iHScc to the dlAuoitd, ikhlU mgSm of
Ud luvul LvttaMc. lUllcfofeUi ucUQ W !
JOHN BRE( umi.i,,
i - t New It. rii Sprirg -trccl
It. IU ! *.t .
H i- >.n hand n .p'endu? n s. rtaicr.t o
'• UOl Sh II ItN I I I ill. from the con.
m net to the mo tc'.egant.
Cll X M ItK K s KT>, l'A KLOK r-KTS,
„V. out. h.iTTiti.'-M.* II AI It MAT
3 Tl'.KSshS,
and anything wanted ir. the line of hii
hu-invn- homemude and city w rk. Al
0 i, Til uiklo* .pet iulily a:.d keep* oi
hand, the largc.t and flneH .lock of
'ii !• Id at re:, oahlo rate*, whole?*
•t nr. i retui'. Give him a i nil befen pur
M . hai>ing eUewhere. fcbG*ly
nr. "F< > I'.TN i. Y, Attorn** at Lei
Ilellefonte. Pa Ofllee over Hey
| nlili hank. may Ifi'-'
Panic Prices,
ii. %. r.Aititi*!i:it.
jut the old Centre Hill stand,
r ! J u.t openiiig a Slock of
- A large variety of
Ladies Dress Goods
Great Bargain- in
Muslins and Calicoes.
* Ready-mule ('!.(thing
Warranted to Suit.
i His Ckthi and Casviiners,
Caut b excelled,
' His Crocery Department.
Artonisln > every one in a-tortment and low
' Syrup. Sugar, T. , Coflee. Canned fruits,
.j Domestic and Foreign Fruit*, Cheea*,
and every other article belong.
>! ing lo the Grocery Dcpart
l , m e ii t.
Farmer*, Mechanie* and
look lo your rntere-t tine dollar aved i>
u dollar in ;.ocket. Then call and sec at
what a.tonuhingly low prices
-""-f No trouble to tlu.w Good*.
AUo the choicett FAMILY FLOCK al*
'way* on hand. Apr. 15, y.
| ii ixit v it 00/. i: it.
MwiuUciam of god Dgglei m
,11 A It N ESS,
Li pairing of all kind* executed at
short notice. '£* jun Cm. !
-I "■mSShoMi.'
l.E< hIX E DEPOSITS, and allowlnterj l
Oft; Dbeowt N. tr- , Buy and
Gold and Coupons.
PxtkullorrtK, WM. B. Mikolx,
• j Cathier.
| H—dqaart#it for BooU and Shoea!
JOH\ POM lilts.
; BOOT it SIIO E M A K ER' 1
diploma ~ )
Awarded to John Power* for the j
•t ;ne llftuli xhibited at Cen* ;
tr i lunty T air for tho year le*s. J
; j/U TI u fjTirf on i,
Oppo-ite It ur h House,
lie keeps constantly ou hand a full
i line of
H O <> T H A \ 1> h II > K S.
He i* jut opening ihe large?*, iim k of
i Spring (ioodt ■ ver brought to ttdlefonte.
£ J J £ £ >J 0£ :
for ladies, kept eomtantty on hand.
_ leHil* and Shoe* for nun and women, of
|ll *tyio, (jualJiy and price*, from ihe 1
,'i 1 costly to tho cheapest, conslantly
kept <•.' hand.
either in quality or prices. Call and
examiue hi* new stock of Spring and
Summer Goods, and you will find ill
nd vantage. Aprl'l 1 v.
' ALXXAM.eiI C. M. Bowxae.
+ m. 1 r mgt-U.Il(!lrl< .In Fl rlililla>H ii '
enrn KC I cdlertad.*. nd Or%h*Xi* I <mrl PfkOtrr
Ma* Lc ,.'iau'.l-Ml in i.enufl *t4 t Htco |
• Lx.n.linj, M|> '4 1?
Excelsior Cement
j To# aii4fß#d #•• —nt*
rMtiU-I <*f M V4All| •; u* kiiu#, b*y hot
1 fwL Mliia. It) Mgtagjiap TkU fmiti( has slragd)
Jj. Ui4S lij-i. IDc I. A A >
,hK snd lu lw t> L'Wtd I M|Llj MUsfst Uify nil
, I" • BM-slnsro uswwl. Mnd MM oatisi U- any no*
u.mxja'mc tut#vf for U# La i *<#rn. >V fc u. r I'tj#*#, c<
mhmtovm pr;*oMr a *vkm! .jnalu, , < t rxtiwj f la drgtr*
•.r thi* la-meat Dmm Mlrv#4j lerr. f#t std,
iwld*. sad randrrad tb utttxMrf ssllsfsrßnt) l*rnscnia,!
vasaMtrucUn# t ll--,tia. U|rt# U*l*-r him*.
A. . Will *<• it 1., (belt Ml*rtM#. I*. b*Mr this tlx
t-F.l tod Mko Ihst b**srrgau Ujm mxl4< U> M* re>i>:v
I -iiifcxit it A*ma*bi?ra. P*
0£ s. i. i.l's,
UonlUt, Mlllheim.
I tif m t|i | „n |.* t, t!„ tHiblle He U
!rrTe~l I*. perform *ll .-tionlli.ti, in the <lrnU] ere
r . If# |M nt-u fully f rrpMrrd to #str*ct trctb MSu*lut#b
j>tlu>l_|Mla. n->* ... f
, \\ T I REBER, Attorner-at Law.
' • hwa*atMal wgtvMtoaUbaWamiaa
inidH I > hi* i re la i 1. or i'enirr-oeaatj. Of
tpjhocwlthn K lirlni-j
BAR IKON 2} cts. per lb.
$5.00 per Keg.
NAILS. ns good as the best at $3 00'
per Keg.
LOCKS 38cts each.
I I'
Lev. itloun, mar 3(1 y.
The Bellefonte p-iblic and the people ofi
thee entry generally will be pieased tol
know that the old and well established J
late the property of Jatnet C. Wilhamr,
| on Allegheny street, next door to Hicks'
hardware emporium, has been re
opened for business and i* be
ing rapidly re-stocked and
tilted out with the bent and most popular
and everything usually kept in a £r*t-clas*|
Drug More
ly eoiii|ot!itdcd nl nil liotin*
of the dav or night, and particular and!
prompt attention given to the wanu of
farmers and others
who live in the country. .Store never
ijclosod to those who want medicines oil
anything tn the drug line.
; The undersigned hopes, by strict attention
to business, to merit and receive the pub
lic tatonage.
6 t>n ly- Agent-1
.PAINTER, Siri, |
offers his services to the citiietw of
• Centre county in
IIOUMO, SIGN autl Ornamental
i Striping, orcanjenling and gilding,
I lasn and hancy Paper hanging. Orders
respectfully solicited. Terms reasonable.
20 apr tf.
1, .till locate st Ptn* liter* Mills sod is BPS jirc
t>srd to tr**l to th. homr, of |tottoU *1 s '.wlsuer
suit t.-ndwratt* dwsrwd orrt. lo his Uao, In U*w bwwt
rasnnor. of l.osc qu*Ut> so.l st roMousbl* rstss 1b
—-rtlon of no* dratures rasdc a sftsislc, Tooth •
tcsctod Without |tolU XI ,40 7,
Harness. Saddles. &c
- The nndrrantuvi. deUrrnt twd to teel tLr popuUi
•cmnnri for inr#. tt<irci!uUj v*U th* nttea
j: I a of KM public lo hU iUKk of
i w uIt.TT-t sl the old stand. l>e*lr* in refill, f
lh |—.| l snd Ida lime., th loom*) sad most WW
and eon. dote usorlnimt of KsdiflM, liaroeu. Collars
lirtdloa. of rterj drwrrlpUto sad .juslll, . W hIM, so.
- la fa. l e..nthins to cooi|>!ot a Oral ciaaa trial Inh
meot, ho uuo o9er> st iwtrws • huh sill soil Utstlmm
J AtOH Utxcibh c'sntrs MalL
Chas. H. Held,
( lock. IValrhmakerd Jetrelc)
Millhcim, Centre Co., I'a.
U kind* ff clock*. WaldiM and Jewelry of th
wijlMt. M aim. th* MaranriU* Fntwal fnlemie
i Dark*, pniviile.l with a cuuipjmt* lod* ui tho moni.
and Uy t.f thf month *nl wo. k on |u face which 1
•urrtnUsl M iwrlwt tUn* kcoper.
Clock*. \Vau.hw* *odJwlrY r. alr#d on abort n.
{ M*p<i WrinUat
Manhood : How Lost, Hov
Restored 1
.!.! CBbUshed. s n.w ml r, of r>r Colter**!!'
I . !•!>-..-I l-aaa, on th. ra.iunl run , without mr d
in. of >|.inia|..r! i ios or S.raißsl Witokana. Isro
j imtar, Keimosi I ...w, lir.j. i.ncj M.ntslsod fin
.si liioafuettr, Itnpadtacets to Msrrlsae. etc. U
. •asuiapiiou, snd tiu. luducodbr Mlf.indu
| tfonr* or oaf ratraiuauc*. etc,
I £"*'*•'? f "Bird eorelci*. uulj all tent.
Ihe celebrated author. In Una adtuirablw Kaas
a.lj demooa-rt. from s thirtj ,cars' succcsali
:.-actlea,fhst the ai.nulnxn.toe.iu.urfa ~| astf at.ui
uajr te ra1l all, cured without the dangerous uao <
internal medlim* or the arpltratloo of lh* kntf.
tailauu ont a mode of cur* al one. simple, certali
and rfln tual. by meant of which srery außerer t
matter what his condition may 10, a..t sure huuse
.leajily. tri r ale ly. and radically.
I'hla 1 endure ahould to. i u the hands of ersry yout
tnderery man to the land. '
>ent under seal. In st.lain enrelope. to ny addrea
'TdArnM'thsT'ubfl'ahei^ 10 * nl * or two post .Um.w
l's <1 Ana St., New Yurki Post OSee lioi.tif
'c. Tho midanigned has openod amvc
to tblishmont, at his new hopt, f o i tl
, tiianufactuio of
,c > Carriages,
&. Spring Wagon
Stations AND SLEDS,
of every description .
tf All vehicles manufactured bv hi
- are warranted to render satisfaction, and
oquat to any work done elsewhere.
He uses none but the best matcru
27 and employs tbe most skillful workmc
tlonce they flatter themselves that th<
and flnUl," 0 t ' XcolU ' d durabili
from . disUnce.promptly aHen
Come and examine my work befo
contracting elsewhere.
Ail kind* of Kejuumg do*, '
"" •*, hi
Have the exclusive ale ia Bellefonte
Edwin U. Hurts'
8 WIDTHS, the
B&Si OJjL33 J/J 1! S
Calf Skins,'
jAll Kimlx of CualotD Work Made To
Biahop Street, BELLEFONTE, P*.
pOmaytf. *
lor Organ*.
Factory Establitbed in 18 jG.
From the Prea*.
From G. D. White, Editor Hacketta*
toatn. N. J. Herald.
"The organ ha* a rich, deep and aoul
stirring tone ; could not atay in Ute hou*e
without it It help* wonderfully to drive
away the thought* ofb-rd time*."
The Lebanon Pa. Daily New*, saya :
"We are in receipt of one of those five
octave Parlor Organ*, manufactured by
D. F. Bcatty, Wafhingtort, N J. Thia
organ ia a fine, solid black walnut case,
ana in lone it cannot be aurpasaed by any
instrument of it* kind. '
From the Lowell Neb. Register.
"We received thi* week, direct from
the manufacturer, D. F. Beatty. Wash
ington, N. J., hi* justly celebrated organ,
I elegant in appeerance, and handsomely
| furnished unexcelled in richness and pow
jer of tone. We are more than pleased
j with it, and heartily recommend it to any
lone contemplating of purchasing an or-
K*r •
j Best offer given. Money refunded upon
I return of utgan and freight charges paid
by me iD. F. Beatlyj both ways tf unsat
isfactory. aft. r a test trial of five days.
<)rrsn warra:. d lor six year*.
Agenu wanted everywhere, male or fe
ma e, to canvass for this superior instru
ment. Address D. F. HKATTY.
Washington, New Jersey-
jat his e*ubli*hmcnt at Centre Hall, keep
|"n hand, and lor sale, at the most reasons
ble rates.
& Spring Wagons,
Puis AX I) _F ANCY *
I and vehicles of every description made to
lorder,I order, and warranted to be made of the
I best seasoned material, and by the most
Isk.Ued snd.competent workmen. Bodies
| for buggies and spring-wagons Ac., of the
I most mproved pattern* made to order.also
j Gearing of all kinds made to order- All
I kinds ot repairing done promptly and at
the lowest possible rate*.
Persons wanting anything in bis line are
i requested to call and examine his work,
! will find it not to be excelled for dur*.
I ability and wear. may Btf. *
,i Sandalwood
i P -•* • inach itmS; pnwrr ta murtw to a
I b*-*lth> .tat* th* tnuc. lurtubru.. < * lh* utwthra than
. *llh*r (AM* or IVwtiW It a*r*r aclnii
I I to rwrtala and pw*4r ta ua aetata. It I- * 'ipwr
, M-lnt< rterj tiUm rwaxxtf kntj caprala. car* ta ate
|ot rl*M day*. Xo otltor Madtcla* eta do thta.
lHtad.. Out At u t Soft t ti-tulu oontoiatac Oil
lof ftoad.lw.--Iw.dit tt 111 I true More* A.k tor elf
.alar, or acad Vo.XS A XT Woottor Slnwl. S. Y, tot ow*.
* Elegant styles, with valuable improve*
- menu. New and Beautiful Solo Stops.
Over one thousand Organists and Musi*
„ oian* indorse these organs and recommend
0 them as strictly first class in Tone, Me
chanism and durability. Warranted for
-ix years.
or I
-,| Moat Elegant aud Latest Improved*
h j
• I Have been awarded the Highest PremD
- iimt in competition with other* for siniplic*
ity, Durability, Promptness, and Fiane
>g I like action.
Pure, sweet, and evenly baUncod tone,
h , orchestral effects, and in-tantaneous ac
i-r cam which may be had to the reeds.
Send for Price List. Address,
,a Washington, New Jertey,
IV rn frum th* *Scto of Kcron mad Abua
Inwirir ltf Msabood rMtoiwd. la*
MARRIAGE ixdimunu to Hirmit rrmoved. Mew
ll', tu.thod of tnutmeat. N'w and mnarkabla rwmedSea.
,11 ltuok. .ad clruulu* Mat frew la .cwlod woTclope*. AS
01 dnwe I1OWA*1) AtWix-iiTtoK, 41- N Ninth St. Phaa
-I*l. dch'hto. Pa.—Aa InatltnUoa havin a hlh root**taw
for noaorahla ooadnot and luvfeaatoaal akiU. iS lal-y.
ul T L. SPANGLEE, Attorney-at-Law,
sl Bellefonte, Pa. Omce with
*Jj Bush & Yocum. Consultation in Engliak
iw and German. Collections promptly attead*
od to. febS-Sf
„ta Grand, Square and Upright
From Rufus Rn; J :r, of the firm of Sny*
der A Hendricks, Carriage Manulacturcrt,
of the city of Allentown, I'a :
rr "I must confess I hardly know how to
f m express rny gratification on receiving the
es Beatty Piano yc-u shipped me. It is at
, least all I could ask, wish or expect. Onm
of our most eminent musicians tried it ami
spoke in the most favorable terms, after
thoroughly testing it."
Best offer ever given. Money refunded
jc upon return of Piano and freight chargea
' paid by mo (D. F. Beatty) both ways if
unsatisfactory, after a test trial of fit#
day. Pianos warranted for six years.
Address, D. F. BEATTY,
lim v>3iiit v Washington. Now Jars#
' F M' MAN US, Attorney at-low"
, u i m v Bellefonte, Pa. Office with Jag.
en' M ''Manus. osq 2Bjul tf
Blfttchh v'e SuodiPd Cueoibr mod Graty* fo.'i
eupptr liuiniri.f) inn l<-w ity let,<: -i;, :l nj rofMlk
Miu>tjfW-ttjr uk tiCUif ojrrrmUr iucrtMH J.; *u>.. aod isiofMi
DAHOI, PVIMSMALL tliltors, and ;]>TudMfr
pecusLy. rv off lu ■ 1 *<- J when in town Vj th-: Ux UxLs lfii