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    %. ■ II IMI I I—————— I 111 I ■■
I Ceatre Reporter.
<JKNTRK HAM,, IV, Aug. 3, 1876.
7KRMS.—s'2per year, in eidratice, 2,50
tc i< wot paid in advance.
Adrertiaemrnt* I(\' verline for three t
tartion*, etnd for 6 and 12 month* hy .lye
i eontraet.
Ron rr.KsiouNT:
SAMUEL J. TILDF.N, of New York.
TITOS. A. HF.NPRH'KS, of Indiana
During the last governor's election in
this state, it was charged and not denied
that llartranfl had bargained with that
notorious gang of murderer*, the Mollic
Magttires. for the vote of the organi ra
tion. The Mollies wore to vote for
llartranfl in return for which some of
the lenders whose., crimes lodged them
in prison wore to bo pardoned. That
some of these terrors of the coal region*
were pardoned by llartranft has since
become matter of history. But if a re
cent despatch from lVttarillc is correct,
wo are to have another revelation in
this regard. The despatch says :
One of the Mollies imprisoned hen
made a confession to the authorities on
Saturday. It is sup}>oeed that Michael
Lawler Is the "squeeler," and that he
has given a full ami detailed account of
tho bargain niado last fall bv which the
entire Mollie vote of this and Carbon
county were secured for Governor llart
ranfl.* 1-awler and Jack Kehoe were
the ambassadors of the Mollies to Hc.r
risbnrg, and if Lawler has told all he
knows about it there will be A story told
which will make every decent dtiaen of
this Commonwealth blusli.
What act of reform has been accom
plished by the Grant administration?
Not one. All attempted reforms have
been choked and even the attempt to
break up tho whiskey riug and revenue
thieves has been interfered with an*l the
convicted ones arc now being pardoned.
The laws have been disregarded, cen
tralization aimed at, and the government
has been run for the benefit of specula
tors and to serve private interests.
Hayes endorses the administration. The
election of Hayes will mean a continua
tion of Grantism, with Grant's pets in
the offices, for Xack Chandler and Cam
eron are running the party machine
And now wo defy the Bellefonte Re
publican to copy article* from the Re
porter, on Tilden, which are inconsis
tent with each other. Our references
to Tilden long before the St. Louis con
vention are in accord with what we now
have to say of the democratic nominee
for president.
Gov. Haves endorses Grant. Grant's
relatives were legion and he put them
all in office. Haves' relatives are also
many, won't he follow Grant and put
them all into office too ?
Hayes says he is in favor of one term,
yet he is serving his third term as gov
ernor of Ohio. Consistency, Ac.
Here is the situation to a dot. One
term of Hayes would just make the
third term of Grant ism.
As Hayes endorses Grant's adminis
tration we suppose he also endorses his
promises and the manner of his fulfill
ing them. Four years ago Grant prom
ised civil service reform just as Hayes
now does, and didn't reform worth a
It is said that thunder storms turn
milk sour. There will be a big thunder
gust, November 7, which will turn the
whole radical party sour, and make 'em
feel too Ilasey to know who struck Billy
To secure the right to vote in Penn
sylvania, all persons must he assessed
two months before the election and
have paid a Ptate or county tax (either
will do) within two years. In case the
tax is paid this year, it must be a month
before the election.
Foreign born cititens wishing to vote
next November must take out their nat
uralization papers a month before the
election. They must also be assessed
two months previous to the day of vot
ing, and must have paid a tax as above.
The election will Le held on Tuesday,
the 7th day of November.
Monday, September 4, is the last day
for being assessed.
Thursday, October 5, is the last day for
securing naturalization papers.
Thursday, October o, is the last day
on which taxes can be paid in legal time
to vote.
The above dates should be carefully
remembered and acted on by all voters.
Hayes has gained a vote. Phillip
Weimar, a convicted whiskey ringster,
who was sentenced to eight months' im
prisonment in the countv jail, and has
served seven months of his sentence, on
20th olt., received a despatch from Col.
Goodwin, his attorney, who went to
"Washington for that purpose, saying
that he had secured a full pardon for
him, which will arrive this week.
Hayes will endorse that part of Grant's
administration too.
The difference between the "reform
er" Hayes and the reformer Tilden is
just here :
Governor Hayes signed, the bill in
creasing the fees and emoluments of
Ohio officials 15,000,000 per annum in
the aggregate. Governor Tilden has de
creased the taxation of Sew York more
than $5,000,000. This tells the whole
Now which one is the sham reform
Read the democratic rules on next
page. These rules govern our delegate
elections and the county convention.
Every active democrat should under*
Btand them fully. Rule 5, on Instruc
tions, needs close attention, as it is mis
understood by many, and instructions
considered binding for the candidate
having the most votes, whereas the rule
requires that a majority of those partici
pating must have voted "instructions"
on the office for which instructions are
claimed. All votes on instructions com
ing short of this are not binding upon
Next Saturday the democratic delegate
elections will be beld and on Tuesday
following the county convention. The
delegate election is the important thing,
there the people can make themselves
heard and have their sentiments carried
into convention. If good men are to be
placed in nomination, the work must be
done at the primary elections. It is a
poor principle to neglect this important
duty and then grumble at the work of
the county convention when its nomi
nees are not just what each one desir
Attend the delegate meeting then on
Saturday; elect your beat men to repre
sent your townships,—men who know
the wishes of the people and who will
act in accordance with the same. Keep
the traders and tricksters at home, for
these always sell out to the highest bid
ders—one of the evils of politics and
which is found to trouble all parties.
Turn out on Saturday, democrats of
Centre, and do your duty at the prima
Kopupor in doing mow to traduce,
malign nnil caricature Governor Tilden,
and to tvlittle the groat work lac has
done for reform, than I larpei'a \\ eeklv.
.411 thin it ia doing in the face of the fol
lowing indorsement oftlovcrnor lildcu
on August 2s, 1875. It then said
"All good citizens are indebted to
Governor Tilden for calling tho attention
of the 1 .egndaturv and of the State to the
canal frauds, for recommending tlio in
quiry, and for instructing the Attorney
(iencral to bring suit, which he has
done. Those who say that the Gover
nor's action is a mere jiolilical trick, anil
that ho moaus nothing, evidently forget
that they are speaking of tho man who.
when he once look hold of the Tweed
prosecution, joined in pushing it relent
lessly to the end."
This give* ithe true measure of the
Reform' spirit of the hiliou* Rnsiow
men who tried and failed to bully
themselves into the control ofthv ir |>ar
Jero 1 land son, negro Congressman
from Alabama, is reported to have said
in a recent speech to hi*constituents,re
ferring to the probability that the Pen
erats will carry Mississippi "If they do.
it "is certain the Cnileo States Senate
"will not count the vote. I have talked
with "the Senators and knew what 1 -my.
Here is the announcement of a bold
conspiracy to defeat the will ofthe peo
ple. This is an open threat of revolution
We demand that Haralson, w ho has IWH U
#v-atevl in preference to a lYimwratu
candidate, snail give an account of t head
words, and name the Senators whohavt
pledgetl themselves to this infamy
They are until to be intrusted witii tin
counting of the ballot*, and should la
impeached. Who are they
"Theelection of Tilden would put tl-.e
whole tiovemment into the bands ofthe
partv which now controls the House ol
Representatives."—AiLmy I ■<>> ■.: dour-
To which the World replica: M bat a
terrible thing would It ' llu- par
ty which now controls tho House of Rep
rv--cntalives has broken up thestealing
of a Cabinet officer. It ha- let the light
in upon tho frauds, corruption and pee
illations that have been dniiumg the
life-blooil of the nation. It has reduced
by several millions the appropriation
for the expense* of the tioverument,
and taken the tirst stej>s towarvlsecono
my in the expenditures. The party
that doe* this will not bo objectionable
to a people who are groaning under
| heavy taxation and expenditures out of
all proportion to tho times.
Washington, July 24. "Belknap
should not bo convicted, because he i
uo guiltier than Urant." That was the
gist of Judge Black's pleading before the
highest tribunal in the land to-day. i:*
argument on the question of jurisdiction
ww* spk-ious appeal to the humanity
of those benalors who voted that the
tieuato has no iurisdietiou ; that they
would be slultitying their own cou
scienees to now find a verdict according
to the law as laid down by the majority
of the judges. "It would be a crime a
great." he told them,"a* for a judge who
m a capital ease believed the Court had
no jurisdiction, and still voted the pris
oner's life away." But tho real plead
ing of his long and able argument was to
the effect that Belknap was but the out
growth of a system, and since authom
were not impeached this follower in oth
ers footsteps ought not to be. The pay
ments ofthe money were admitted, but
the declaration made strongly that there
was no evidence that it was given in ac
cordance with a previous corrupt under
standing. while their own witness
Marsh, testified that it was simplv a gift
It sounded strangely to hear the (earned
advocate declare openly in the Senate
Chamber thai a i abinet officer of the
United States paid a private debt of
gratitude owed by his dead wife to an
other woman by giving that other wo
man's husband'a lucrative Government
position, and then declare that the tone
of public morality to-day would uot con
demn the taking as a girt of large sum
of money, paid in regular installments
by the private citizen so favored, and
yet Mr. Black did assert that Belknap
gave Marsh the Fort Sill tradership out
of the very natural desire of his heart to
reward Mrs. Marsh for some kind atten
tions paid to the deceased Mrs. Belknap,
and he did assert that the present tone
of public morality could not condemn
such gift-taking. The point that Bel
knap is not guiltier than Grant evident
ly was not relished by the Radical Sen
ators, and such remarks as "That is
strange argument" fell from the litis of
some of them, the main effort of Judge
Black in this connection was to prove
that Belknap had no previous corrupt
understanding with Marsh and always
took the gifts without answering ques
tions. Its weakness as an arcunient lies
in the fact which Jenks alluded to, and
Lord will doubtless elaborate, that there
is in evidence a letter which proves that
Belknap and Marsh did have an under
standing about the Fort Sill tradership
a long month l>efore the alleged lime
when Mrs. Marsh tended Mrs Belknap
through a fit ofsickness, and thus earn
ed the debt of gratitude which Belknap
thought it right to pay by giving her
husband a fat post tradership. It vvsis
evident, however, all through Black's
argument, as it has been from the be
ginning, that Belknap's counsel base
their main hope of his escape on secur
ing more than a third of the Senators to
retrain from voting "guilty," on the
ground that they have no jurisdiction to
vote either guilty or not guilty. Mana
ger Lapham was not well enough to
speak to-day, and his place was filled by
Manager Jenks, who, though he sr*>ke
at short notice, reviewed tho evidence
very ably. Matt Carpenter is exjiected
to begin a long speech to-morrow at
noon, and if lie gets through in time.
Manager Lord will follow at once with
the cJosing argument. Belknap and his
counsel appear very confident of his
non-conviction. By Wednesday we
shall be waiting for the Verdict.
♦ - ■
latrge quantities of lumber are being
shipped irom Michigan to Liverpool.
Luring the late storm in lowa a young
lady was lifted tlfty feet in the air and
carried six hundred feet over a grove of
trees and had one arm broken. This
was ungallant in the Storm King.
The Bessemer steel producers through
out the country are still doing well,
while other detriments of the steel
trade have no serious reason to com
plain, if viewed in comparison with oth
er branches of iron matters.
Fort Lincoln is full of sorrowing and
suffering widows and orphans since the
death of Custer's officers and soldiers.
It can no longer shelter them and pov
erty stares them in the face, though
small pensions w ill come slowly to their
partial relief.
An English patent has been taken out
for improvements in envelopes so as to
secure the inviolability of letters. The
feature of novelty is the rendering adhe
sive that part of the envelope upon
which the address is written, so that it
can not be opened by the aid of heat or
steam without effacing the address.
Neither Bristow, Jewell, nor I'ratt has
received a certitieatc of good character
from Grant on retirement. It is only
the Delanos, Tom Murphy*, Col faxes
and Belknaps who receive this kind of
Sioux, when on tho war-path, black
their faces from the eyes down, the fore
head being colored a bright red. When
in mourning and when very eager to
avenge the death of friends and relations
they cut their huir short and daub their
faces with white earth. Their feats of
horsemanship are wonderful. They
consider the greatest act of valor to he
the striking of their enemy with some
hand instrument when alive, and
whether alive or dead, it is the first one
that strikes the fallen foe that "counts
the coup," and not the one that shoots
him. 1 hey do not always scalp. Their
object in scalping is to furnish a proof of
their deed and give them to their women
to dance over. They always attack in a
sweeping circling line, eagle-like, give a
volley, pass on circle and return on a
different angle. When they kill one of
their enemy there is always a rush to
get the first crack at him so as to "count
the coup," and then some Indian who
was disappointed in getting a cut at the
victim while alive scalps him. The
Sioux always camp with tepes (lodges;
in a circle, making, as it were, a stockade,
and when ou dangerous ground they
picket their ponies in the center. —Cor.
St, Louis Globe,
11 11 AT no IS IT Ml I.V '
Hon. K. U. Uowen, in his gr at speech
lie for< tho jury in the Munlc-v u e, at
I'ottsville, II > d the follow in lanpua •
"1 have seen this organisation wield a
isilitioal powor in the slate whieh It .
controlled the election i a great com
monwealth . 1 have received the int. i
mation of meeUugs hetw ien tne-ftlu
highest ottlee ra of the- state, ami the
chief of tho rottrdei'i-. at winch lai.e
stuna of money wore paid t> -<•, ure the
votes of this infernal :tvn>i i.itioii to turn
tho title of a > tate t -lection. i iod know
never In the world was there a revela
tion as deep ami as damning as that
now laid t | em to the people ol the coin
monwealth foi the tirsi tune.
"Tlu-n we could say to I'at t \>ni >, c. in
tuissionvr ofthis count) The time hu
ceased when a govern, r of this state
dare ti> pardon a Mollv Maguiro ; you
have had your last j id. si."
What does this mean ' 1• it true thai
Jack Kehoo, the hadei ofthe M, l!v Ma
glliie.a rta'eiv id about ft ,UH' flom Si >
ijuav, ami several others in the order
-inns ranging from ? ait upward i>> in
j tluenee their votes against Judge IVredi
JlnglMtfldl? Why did HOT Hartrai
paitlon the Mollv \l. guire - ouutii—i>-n
--i-r ofSchuylkiU county '' Was that part
of contract™ Vi ' ( l i ' is- - d.
Hi:l ks i! * nrrrxsi:.
ivi -n-i: > i villi .> in., vi -i vit mi* i
ftoilATL* \KC As l I It 1"1 .
Washington, July 1> The taking t
INUMH in the i. elkinl)' trial WM
tlmslud to day and the argument- will
begin to morrow. A- w-i> i xpccted tin
testimony ofthe witness I vans added
almost nothing of material importance
to the m-f. lie was disposed to be
evasive and had forgotten almost cvt I V
thing that etum-el wanted to know At
the request of Belknap's e outi-el three
speeches will l< Allow od u either sid,
and at the instance of Mutt tkirpenter
unlimitid tune. Neverthelv.--. Man.._-i
Lord believes the oi-o, s > lar the
managers are concerned, will bo finish
ed this week. The order of shaking
has been arranged as follows: Judge
Blair will open for the defense, Judge
luiph.iin will follow forthCounsel;theii
lllack, Lynde, t'arpenlcraud l.ord in tho
order named. It is pretty certain that
Relknap's counsel will make no denial
of the receipts of the moneys frotn
Marsh. outside from the question of
jurisdiction, which will be argued at
length, a very curious lino of defen-i
will bo developed bv Judge ltlaek. who
has prepared himself for a great effort. j
lie will take the position that the
moneys were a gift, taking Marsh - stale
uient to prove that fact. Without claim
ing that a government officer is instilled
in receiving such gifts, he will clc.iut,
that Belknap is simply the outgrowth ol
a system, that in accepting gifts from a
man whom he favored, he simply did
' what hi* (upgrior, his a.-sociates, tlu
men with whom he was i n terms <>f
intimacy and his predecessors have been
doing '' ' vt 'ars; that he simply copied
! the numerous exampu-s ii ! ' '-cine
, as they did and never dreaming he un
doing wrong. From this he will go on
to claim that it has never been held in
, the history of the world, except in the
! case of Christ, who mediated between
s the human and the divine, that it i
, right that one man of a class should be
I picked out to suffer for a class ; therefore
it is not right that Belknap should be so
singled out. It is exjH-eted that the
, speech will be one of Black's best. The
managers know what its tenor is to be,
and profess to be ready for it. The work
of arguing tho question of jurisdiction
for the managers will fall upon Judge
Lvnde, and his argument will he very
strong on that point. He will claim,
first, that when the Senate decided hy a
majority v te that it had jurisdiction, it
was sitting aa a collection of judges de
ciding u law point, and that there is no
instance w here the majority of the judge#
could not decide a point of law. Furtlier
that on the tiuai point that the Senators
w ill be acting as jurors, with no more
right to put an interpretation on the law
than an ordinary juror, and with no
other duty than to vote guilty or not
guilty on the evidence. The manager*
will ih n show that in tho making of
treaties, when a two-thirds vote is re
united. the Senate lias always ht Id that
the two-thirds rule applied only to tin
tinal vote. Nest, that the same thing is
true of amendments to the Constitution
and the managers will produce the Sen
ate rule, which expressly declares this
in both cases. Fifth, that the Senate
rule directing that a two-thirds vote may
be decided by a majority vote clearly
means that tho two-thirds rule is con lin
ed to the final vote. Many Senators are
expressing a desire to talk on the ques
tion, and the trial is a!mo-t certain to
run into next week.— H'orid, Special.
An organisation has been effected, un
der the charter of the Pennsylvania
Transportation company, for the purpose
of laying a line of pipe from the oil re
gion to the seaboard to have terminal
points both at Baltimore and Philadel
phia It is intended to lay a single line
of four-inch pipe, capable of transmitting
live thousand barrels of oil |>er day, .t
--an exj>eriinental Ihe pro
jectors of this enterprise are gentlemen
of large experience in the transportation
ofoii by pipes, and have a capital of*!.-
700,000 subscribed with which to c< m
meuce their operations. The Pennsyl
vania Transportation company has a
very liberal charter under twhich the
line may be built through thisstate with
out additional legislation. It is calcula
ted that a barrel of oil can he taken at
the receiving tank* where it is stored as
produced from the wells, and landed in
Philadelphia at a cost not to exceed half
a cent per gallon, or twenty cents j>er
barrel. If the scheme proves practica
ble, and there seems to be no reason to
doubt it, the saving in the cost of
transportation will amount to millions
of dollars in the course of a single year's
business. At the outset there is no
doubt both producers and transporters
would profit largely by the sudden
cheapening of the means ofgetting their
great commodity to market, in the end
it would doubtless result in still further
reducing the price of oil in the markets
of the world, thus benefiting its consu
mers, who are now numbered in every
civilized or trading community under
the sun.
The grasshoppers are nguin causing
great damage in the northwest, particu
larly in Minnesota.
General Crook is waiting at the mouth
of Tongue river for the arrival of Gener
al Merritt and the Fifth Cavalry.
Three hundred Cuban insurgents en
tered and tired Santa Clara, Cuba, last
week, but were repulsed by Spanish
Reports from nearly two hundred
points in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan ami
Illinois show that the wheat crop is
nearly up to the average.
The Russians arc much disconcerted
by the defeat of the Montenegrins, and
will probably rise in case of a Turkish
invasion off-ervia.
San Francisco, July 24.—A dispatch
from Eureka, says : About nine o clock
last night, a cloud burst on Diamonds
range of Mountains, thirteen miles east
of here, which resulted in the death of
thirteen Chinese (wood-choppers; and
probably a large number of Italians,
camped in a canyon getting out timber.
Without a moment's warning, the col
umn of water eight feet high rushed up
on them drowning all but one China
man. Italians were camped a short dis
tance above and as no trace can lie found,
it is feared that all perished.
For many yean we have made two med
icines united for the ailment- of a vast clam
of sufferers. Thousands of cures have
been made by tbem, and in fact, the word
failure could never bo coupled with tbem.
I!ut within the last two years counterfeit*
of our medjeines have sprung up, danger
out in their close imitation of ourtrado
mark. To secure the people wo have
placed upon each genuine box ol llollo
way's l'ills and llollowuy's Ointment the
fac smilie of the signature ol our Agent,
Mr. Jog. llaydock. To counterfeit this
is a felony. \\'e shall relentlessly pursue
any one who imitates this with the utmost
vigor of the luw. We most earnestly beg
that the groat mass of the American
people wili aid us in our efforts to protect
their health, and help us in our task of
bringing these most unprincipled men to
tho bar of justice. Uniformly refuse to
purchase Medicines purporting to bo ours
unless Mr. Jos. llaydock's signature is ut
taclied to each Box of Bills or But ofOint
ment and the end will soou be reached.
The public's obedient servants,
Ml \ h c. I
iMIMRIWM VlxToM) .1' t.< i VCRS MKM
l it) '( Mexico, Jvily l(i (n lu lal Al-
Uorte, w till It Ik muulti'i itig t*H :
lltell, ilrfr.itl'tl oil the I Mil lliat tin* lev
uluH'inis:-. I indent* in aittl ILniuiulei
with l,.'i>o turn at Font In, on lln< mil road
mar (h i?i lw. It wan a complete ami de
*ive \ t v. One hundred revolution- ,
i-IHWi r killed ll.rii.Ulder liilli.-w.-ll i
i |>n- . ill i with |.<M foll 'W. m. All then
-iitilli iv, it 111 unit it>u HI til 177 mtili-- u-n
captured. The force* of Hernandez hav- <
iiu* l'i iii rt- .iii , ,!. tin n very iinjHir !'
(nut Mow to thr revolution. tiovt'rn > > '
nuMit troojiH rtoon uiiitul Julapu • it the
12th in*t to n. I'otinio Dins i* reported ,
at Cuxacn,
Mi-ii in I't 11 (.iiAi-ii. The Boston <
It .it rh r punt!- the following statement
V low night* > l'nf. liril waa in i-oni- j
muni, ©lion with u operatoi iu 1
Vi ii \ki k .viiil fonuiM'ut-t-ii oxperiiucut- '
tug with one of hi© invention* i^rtnln-
I! to the trullMllii-'-ioil of IllllMial ,
kouutl*. 11© ituitlo h m> of Inn phmteti© |
rg u nii.l play ■ I thr tunc of 'Ameri. a,'
nul u*ked the operator in Now York
w hat to- hraril, '1 In ur the ttlll© of I
"America, ' rvplid NVw York, 'give us 1
mother.' I'lof. liril thru plated ' \uhl
1-Ullg >yuo.' 'What do you hear now
'I hear th© tune of ' Auld 1 .ung Hyue,"
with the full chord*, distinct!*/ replied
N. w Villi I'lina the uMouncHni; tli-
Coveiy has hren tuaile that u nail ran
May upon musical instrument* in New
Voik, New ttliuiis,ur London,or Pun.',
and ht heard dintiuetly in Huston! itj
thfaidM) I odone, w hj etui not dlitinguiil •,
ed performer* cxecntr- thr most artistii '
aim hrautiful music in Paris, and a til
audience wwiulili* in Music hall, frontonl
to listen ? Prof. HeU'a other improve- i
nient, vix, thelran.-mis-iou ofthe huiuan
voice, hns heconie ho far perferted that ;
(h i son* have c< in versed over one thou*
uud mill s of wiru with perfect ease, al
though as \et the vocal souuds are in",
loud enough to be heard by more than
one tu two pit-.- ns. Hut if the huiuaitj
voice can n>>\v In- © nt over the w ire ami
so distinctly that when two or three!'
known partus are telegraphing the of each can l>e recognised, u e may i
soon have distinguished men deli vernigj
spercligs in Washington, New York or
la'iidon, and audience* m-M-inhled in
Music bailor Faueuil hall to listrji.''
Indians who have returned to thtij
Cheyenne Agency say the Sioux chfrfa.
counsel peace.
• ♦- ♦
rti-rs i* no "flic© in tli© county that IS -
quires so IUIKII gao l setts©, ami at riser a
judgment to HI), well am! ratUfactary, a,
thai of Judge, whether it be a Judge li-nrn
©d in the law or one not learned in the 1
law. 1 ii© as*<(cit© jlUtlco have poatn
ami u-.itia* t pi-rfonn m - a. law J.,Jg-|
cs If (bey hav© a uiiiut, and rente, ai d
judgment we ran expeit that thev wilt us©
it in the pelfunuaneo oftiieir uiS. al du
ties. Tbo A.-or.ate Judge* th <uid aUut
im" f " r mrcs nnd intsgrity . f char
aeter, without these qualification* tiiey l e
©otiis ths mere tool* of men.
We have tho plsioUf© of t mohditlg
for lh. < dies Daniel /. Kilns, ©;q .i f
lisllsfonti- a man wi. • ha the good sen*©,
judgment and ability to make an excel
lent Judge, lit ilo puwriKl ths stabil
ity and brubilv of character necessary to
oiuke >uch a Judge as w.-u'd lend honor
loth© bench and bo a credit to lbs county.
Mr Khns is the choice of the democrat*
on thh udo i-l the counlv. and wo hope
that the drmocsaU of Pwiiitirllry will
come to the convention prepared to give
Mr. hi line to us as the candidate fr.-m tin.
-id© with a good sir- tig lnxii possessing all
the quaiitii at;- lis fruln vour side
En. Kiroaixa - Itatfurdsiue plcaiure
• lav t - the people of that
Jn- N. Van Orui-r ! o c :."-nt. Ito he a
candidate for a-srinbly. \an ha* been
one of the IIVC-t and luot actiro deni-w
crata of thv lower end list* well posted
in county and stale affairs, aid will make
an able re pre-1 ntativo- be * ill always vote
on the squall- side uf the people and never
be found on l oth side* of any question
Instruct f.-r YanUrmer next Saturday and
you will favor an a. live, working, and d©
' serving deiitocmt. IIAI a ca.
Fur the Jteporter.
MR EDITOR.-II . well enough me
• times to examine the records of those who
are seeking a nomination at the hand* • I
the I*en.->cratlc party hefurti the nomina
tions are mxJr. !us-h an examination be
ing thorough ly and intelligently tnd t
wilt save a defeat at the I i lis and d : .(j rar ,
t > the | arty. I propose to c*- -m i ne t, r jrjty
' the record for lhe ecd Ua* brief ea th
i nun of \\ Alexander a mi-robci
of t'-,. Lrgis'afurc, and now seeking i
renomination at liio hands cf the Demo
cratic party.
To begin. Mr. Alexander was elected r
, member, to Ho lower House, on Tueeday
■ the 111 day of February AI) I?CV llewa
sw.-rn in i n Friday ths* 26. of February
' (possibly a day or two earlier but 1 think
not '.he 1.-'gishtiure adj irned on the 1>
, day of March A D, tHTfi, take cut three
. Sabbath-, that conio in betwern these dif
ferent dale*, nnd we have just aevetsteen
I. Working day* for which Alexan
der rocclv -d llie sum ofor flf y-oight
dollars and eighty-two cents per day.
In the Lcgi-lativo record of March 17,
I H 7-'i, the House having under considera
tion the bill "entitled an net fixing the
salaries of the J udgns of the several Courts
of the C minonwixlth Mr. Alexander in
reply to Mr. Mitchell of Tioga, w ho spoke
in favor of the bill, said "I take the
"position that the j "Ople of Pennsyl
vania do not want the salaries of the
"Judges rni-ed at this particular time, we
as tl.o representatives uf the people are
"not sent here for the purpose of raising
"tho salaries of thsse officer*. They ex
"poct ln-lter things at our hand, and I tell
"you that when our manufacturing inler
"-ils are suffering, when our agricultural
"interests are d"pres-ed, when our labor
"ing tuwn arc dem ind ing employment, it
"is no time fur us to be advancing tho sal
"ariesof all the officers of the Comrnon
"wealth And I tell you Mr. Speaker,
"that if wo go into measure* of this kind
"many of us at least will never he sent
"bnck to the Halls again."
Utiles I have misread the signs of the
times, tho people have fully determined
never to send bark to "those Halls" a
member who will take S7B 82 per day for
his services. The times were Just ns dull,
manufacturing interests were suffering
just as much, agricultural interests were
just as much depressad on the 18th of
March when Mr. Alexander look tho
©lf per day, as they were on tho 17th of
March when he mado hi* only speech tak
en from thoold editorials of the Watch
man. We have no fault to find with Mr-
Alexnnder for his opposition to the bill
raising the Judges salary, but iu all de
cency he should havu been consistent with
himself, tuid honest to his constituency.
To ED. or KUI'ORTKK.— AIIow a space
in your paper in regard to Assembly. To
make a good representation, a man should
ho sober and strictly honest ; ho should
havo a clear, strong intellect, opinions of
liis own and bo üblo to express them ;
firmness of character, tact, ability, moral
thought nnd courage. This kind of a man
the people of Centre county have in John
F. Krobs of Ferguson lw p. Mr. Krebs is
a working nnd lending church member of
Pino (irovc. In him tho people will find n
man with n good intellect, sound judg
ment, integrity and stability of character ;
a cool clear thinker with opinions of his
own and tho capacity and energy to stand
by and defend them. 11s is never found
acting on both sides of the saino question
-Tho people will find him on tho right
*ido of every question. Mr. Krebs bus
been u life long democrat, belongs to n
Democratic family of us old standing as
the party itself. Ho hns never turned to
the right or left but always did well his
duty in tli© past in the party lines and if
nomination nnd election fell upon him he
would discharge his officiul duties with
honor to the party.
If the people of Centre county, and es
pecially of l'eiins Valley want a represen
tative nt {Hurrishurg tho next two years
who will look well to their interests, in all
things they will not fuil to nominate John ,
F. Krepi, on tho Bth of August.
F. I the Repot (iti .
T" enm lude wo want to say a fw more
wot.h about pi-oflt* from money Invi-stsd. j
\\ " hav© socii that land coats but lit j
lie, building, eall be ©reeled very elu up
rg© < rops of grain raised and that profits'
■ on* ik mi© large There I* still anth
<i ore© ft i.i which th© farmer derives n
prelk h
Nm. l< !,llt* <1 the slat© i> a splandit! <>
loci, raising tegiun aluuwf bounult-is re- tl
g ii> co\4-red with th© litici gra-ae* ll n
we c. u 4 avail ourselves of them herclhry ll
would be a i rluiui to u* Thev pasture ©
on the prairie sovon iitonlb* and it is th© p
puuou of many thai when tain© grass i>
ultivalod the.v ■ an pasture sight month*. Ii
In audition to this, corn is plenty. Tho d
mil Ainiiig lour months will c >l compari* h
,i i vr 1 > little t feud stuck. The greater p
(■ail of th© tim© they can run in th© corn'o
-talk- th©c.l of putting up hey 1* not
'iiyi-i $2.60 per ton Thsr© is no difficulty ■*i
in srlling stuck Now, consider that, with I
lit© lliciuas© ot stock, and cost of keeping, ! I
thi-i will not < t ■ v©r 4cU, per lb They (i
cult 1 shi|ipcJ lo Chic ago at half a cent 111
lor Iti A( oi average Tor western rattle jil
i, l'Jsi lb* I willleateit for your read- a
or. t,i estimate the profit w bich canned fall j fi
short of 80 per cent ll
Th© grain market i* low mus and yei a
w Inn w © ©sllniat© the cost of the land, and 1 "
ih© amount raised on ©nch aero th©|irofiu Ii
from grain abut© ur© good How üb>'Ul I
.•cietj There are placn in Nebraskb fi
wher© men take th© law in lh©ir own la
bauds, but thus© ur© exception* end not 111
th© rule, and the tun© i* not far distant i w
when th© civil luw w ill b respected ther© #■
by all as I'ln-uliers ticnrrally the citi
/©is ar© law ibiding People there mindlei
their own businrs* which is more than si
can be said ot quit© n number in the older o
I-tatxa In Lincoln there are quite • num. xi
I l of churches slid -ui :al, intelligent pro- V
1 [do Me good > H-.< ly a* 111 many of out \
ties and towns bore. W r find man) H
|. at to .( ©hrisliaiis at work there n* we d<4 v
Mot,- Wu find places in Illinois, lowa a
'.oul N'chrs- a. where religion is at a low g
: i Uh, so do we here. g
1 would say this, ho Wo* > r, that in nixiiy ©
.parts of the west si iritualsiu, raliulialUm, v
I iiivt-rsalixiu and lufidtdity prevail* to a. b
greater extent than here. ii
Many fear lb© storm and grasshopper w
"scare' and jl'jecl to going W© aw no n
slgna > f hopper* and liav© heard of UxIUC I
I since out return it<
As lor storm* w© ere as liable lo hare a
, ilo-iii here l'
F, r instance, tin- storm at 1., ii..wn y
'two years ago Of court© lh.-y liav© p
storms in the West far mure damaging a
ha© kx-r© slid yet th* people live and a
jpft sl-cr Row much capital i* necessary I
fro go these.
V man ought i. have from two lo three J
th. u-.iloj dollars to situate hltuseif Cuu.- *
ibrtably at once but many have gone 1
Ithere w tk frum I iOU to eiuw and are do .
j ing wuli. They bought on tho ten years It
cia-dil system, and w ill very soon bo oulL
of debt. j!
For laborer* who do nt wiah to buy nil J
• once there is plenty to do. To thoae whop
w n good faibi* here, l-t me bgaiu say, ji
he content, unless you have quite tnuw- <
h. rof , a>'e and wish lo give each a farm. I
i i-t th© latter i use take firreley's advice. j<
"Go \VeL" j'
And i w frier.J-, 1 aui not done writing <
b it th© west but will cea* for the pre#-.1
eiiL I ha* en< t written under any excite-p
uent nor hav.- 1 any personal interest ip ■
-.he matter. What I have said bx>ltave| !
jto be Igxtsor ! should not have written-
Iu reply t tb© question, "where would!
• >ou si tile if you wer© going weal," the-
American Agriculturalist answers: "In!
"ihe South P'a'.te Valley," wbieb is an
'.endorsement of tny senUmenls through-j
!" reply to the question which has fra-i
qux-ntly bets asked, "Are yuu goingt
: west. I would S*y. 1 ©xpeel to go a*
i toon a* 1 think my work it done here, and!
; I feel it tny duty to leave my charge 1
' w ant the direction of llim to whutu 1 be-.
'i Part of our family export to go In Oc- j
l. ber to settle near Lincoln. A) aoou asj
duty (>oinU in that dirccliou 1 shall not
hesitate. Ido toH wish to run away from |
9 jduty. Junah tried to gel away from bit!
. duty to preach to and his!
subJecU but was thrown overboard.
Yours. A A Kxkux. 1
• ♦ • - -
I For the Reporter.
"j lluena Yisln, lib. July 'JX
Dear i-ir 1 luutt tell you a little about
J this vicipiVy. Wo havo bad a vary wet
• sunnier thus far, we l ava had sonvj great
fio.'ds 1 think they were brothers to
II 1 Uld ( entre. ncvcrihelswa the " ...
and nights ore very hot, on Id •' ,7/
ii -meter stood urf fc i 10 o'©' i 4 ,cT, ,1
0 the right kind Of wenihar ; f r) " ;i c ' h -
the) s i- Uesiloytd , „ '
> " fo"
ti ©next crop for them wilt be
c . Thus far the corn crops are very
g i-l m.d oats ar© also go.-,1. Potato bugs
loft f r th© centennial. The Potato crop
■c promises a lair one. Fruit is promising
y pretty fair but in speaking ol varieties
it will be but a "fise-biu' along tide of
1 id l'enn# valley. Wo had a centennial
f,!:: Freeport on th* -ilh, mvriadt were as
a i-embled ; the sight was glorious to behold,
the day wa- a nice one for the occasion,
but that night there was a centennial
1 flood.
a The west it a very nice country, a great
v place for pleasure, but not for Christianity,
that it not mentioned here Sabbath it
' niosl the greatest day for some, fishing
parlies, picnics, and playing croquet
ki Since I have been her© 1 saw the largest
j! 1 parties of thoie kinds. It don't suit my
ta-te. 1 much sooner prefer going to
church, but there are few churehei in this
t- eountry except in large town* I think
r , Peansviiley will take the ie*4 in chris
, lii.iuly for it I# far abend of other placet.
This country it for riches in the pocket,
• but not in In© heart Yours,
W. L. Botxx.
Milford, Pa., July 24 —A four-year old
e son of one Riley, living on the old Mil-j
e ford and Oswego turnpike, in Blooming
. (<rove township, this county, came Intoj
( the hou-e on Saturday last, carrying a rat-,
tlesnnke. He had one hand clasped'
- tightly about its neck, and the other above'
it- ratlh The mother of the rhild was I
. terrified, and screamed to ih© boy io throw
th© snake on the floor, which ha did. It
"jcoiled up in a second, and filled the roorj
! with the din of its rattle*. Mrs Rilwy
. seized a broom and soon dispatched the
I serp. Nt Her littlo boy cried oyer the
death of h s venomous plaything, and said
- there were more where he gut that, and he
: would go after another one.
Mrs. Riley summoned her husband from
an adjoining field. H© asked tbo child to
!how biin where he got tho snake. He led
. the way into th© scrub oaks about a quar
jjter of a mile frum tho road, to a small
t ledgo of rock, in which iheru were many
fissures. There, basking in the tun, the
i farmer saw doxena of rattlesnakes- He
cj took hit child in his arm and hurried
j! away from the spot. Procuring the a
!sit©iu e of a hired inun, tho two. armed
1 with flails, returned Loth© den They at
rpacked tbo serpent*, threshing right and
; loft. For five minutes the contest waged,
the noise made by rattles of the snakes be
' I ing almost deafuning. Riley and his man
' killed twenty-one of the roptilos, and
f| niHiiy escaped into the fissures in the rock.
1 Riley's little boy bad wandered alone to
tl.i* dangerous place, and had captured
the diaki- and taken it home. It was two
• feel nnd a half long and had seven rattles.
[Froui the Shenandoah (I'a.) Herald]
At first mass Sunday morning, in the
Church of the llul.v infancy, South Beth,
lehem. the pastor, Rev. M. C. McEnroe,
paid his compliment* to the members of
i the South Bethlehem division, Ancient
Order of Hibernians, or Molly Maguirct.
' He sntd that recently one Sunday some of
I the order went to the furnace at Free-
I mansburg, took whisky with them, made
drunk the workmen there, and then en
deavored to induce them to join the ac
; cursed order. He named these men. T©©
I reverend gentleman reviewed tho
of tho order, nnd tho same was not excess
ively llnltenng. He said the very eonsti
-1 tution of tho order wa* a fraud. Ii d„.
■ mandril that mnmbers must be, irishmen
( nnd Catholics, must comni* jn © once a
year, and bo honest, respec'.ablo citizens
I'hen naming halt a dox/ ltl 0 f the men
prominent in the order here ho asked,
\N holhnt litis been hers, for (he past ton
years has ©on ——, n'.id so and so com
"June ?, Ho scarce , y ~n w how thev
claimed to bo catholi c. "Are they honest
and reputable .' (lo the shop* and stores
throughout the bo'. OU gh Br ,d l o©." Fath
er McEnroe dw o . 101 l thembjoctat length;
gave the Mollie, to iiriderstarid that there
could bu no (>e a l -© i no half-way measures
no comproin ,a e ; tlial he meant to follow
them, that r.|| irue irishmen would sup
port him. r„nd that, for one, ho was not
're ! ®'' l - p *1 ronxlt'U Mutile Maguircs.
ihe denunciation was a* vehement as it
was unexpected, and it has mollified the
Molliea considerably.
A 11 rm in Boston liavo lately received
soma remarkably largo and heavy sides of
sc lo leather. Two of themweighod fever
ally 112 pounds and 106 (munds, and
measured noarly eleven feet in length, and
tho thickness of llic-m range from five
iciglit* to ono inch. They weroniado from
Ihti tkiiu id CwlculU hullxlouk.
WHIbKY lil Nti Mm KkTN
Klutord NYiUon llrforc tlm House
Commit!re. Something About the
Oiigiuftl "Sylph." Grant nnd Bub
Wmhlngteii, July JS|, Tlx House com
mille© on the whisky trials in Hi, Luuit
held protracted session to dav extending
over five ur six hours. From the fact that
the uluiuti scores© was observed, the com
mittee sitting Willi clustd doors. It may be
inferred thai ths proceodings were regard
ed as of great importance It has trans
pired, bow ever, that *ll it amounted to
was the reeital by Mr. Illuford Wilson (the
late Solicitor of the Treasury), in great
detail, uf Ins knowledge in regard to (the
late whisky prosecutions in the West, and
particularly hi regard to the connections
ut (set.era! Itabcock with them He relat
ed with great minuteness various conver
sations which ho had with Ueiivral Horace
Porter, Mr Itristow, Attorney (ieneral
l'ierrepont, and finally with President
(Sraiit himself on the subjeut. It seems
that a letter of Ins to the prosecuting officer
In St. Loui*, inciting him to the greatest
activity in bringing to justice cvoryb->dy,
from the lowest to the highest, engaged in
the conspiracy, was obtained by Itabcock
and falsified tij lists ipointing ths- letter*
"W II," so as to make it intimate hi* be
lief ii: tho participation of the White
H,.u oln his conspiracy- This letter ibu*
falsified, was shown u> liritiow, Pierrcpont
and also to the President, and although
the press copy of It iu Wilson's letter book
was pi odium! lo prove the forgery, he
seems to base been unable to shield him
self from Hi© charge of having employed!
spies es . o against the l'rusidaiit. Wilson |
saut that there U** no lack of i o-operation
Oil tho part of the President in the whisky
casus generally until li.bcot k U>cauie in
vulvtsd, when a eoolnc-s between the
While House and tho Treasury Depart
ment arose. He also leslitieti that iu a con
versation with (itinera I llorac. Porter soon
alter the discovery that the "Sylph" tele
gram was in Itabcock'* handwriting, Porter
gave an explanation of the dispatch to the
rit.-ct that it related to th umvemruts of
certain parties going tn St L- ut* on bnjge
i utility, asi J the if ntur aroe
in thly m n y j There wo* a certain woman
with whorn the President had bm-a inti
[mate, and who had given blm much
trouble. Bibcock and McUonald being
!*'*i xi' U ' Osiuagloii one day, saw her,
and M i-j St.*.eld rei -guiting her, exclaimed
lull© is Sylph.' Bttbeot-k said: "Do
you know that Wuuiai.> ' McDonald re
'ii is know br wry weii." "
said lia) cos It. I wish you would get her
away from here; she is a-.noymg th.
I res dent. Ciruiuly," McDonald
that u easyj I can ©., nag,. |,er " Ai t d he
. e'u. i° ' er "' 1 Kylph became a sort of
standing I„ e between Baboock and Mr
"d they often addresaed each
other and signed their CommnuuaUoos in
that way. NVhen Charged with having set
Is pins on the Provident, Wilson, in self-de
fense told the Provident af hit luspicdonsof
Hnhcuck. and teiated the explanation o(
;pn given by Porter. Tne President
indignantly denied the story, brushed it
away with a contemptuous gesture, and
proceeded with his remarks on the subject
o! the frauds, laying that he beltevcd Bat.-1
jeoek innocent, but that if guilty, he was'
the most guiily w retch tu the country, and
.that no punishment could be too severe fur
|hiw. \> iia*iv Usuied that when he first
I heat d lh*s sl-ry frum Porter he believed il be false, and he suit believed so. lie
will be further examined to morrow.
During a thunder storm on llsursday
evening lost, the barn of A. 0- llutchi
pon, in Wiiriwututk i*P-. Hunuugdon
j county, kk struck by lightning and
i Lucned Us tbu ground, with iu entire Cx*
! '.©nu. ttuluditig this year's crop,
'.he iast load of which had just bet-n haul
<4 in, -w bushels of wheat in granary, two
burse*, machine, wagon* and tanning tus
ideiucnu, Rose about $4,11*1; no inas
' ance.
The Lupg S ,
Bls' iiu l! '' t ' M ' 11 ' 4n< * datigcrx u* com
il'', ' • 'tx premonitory symptom*, neg
"'*hl ***Ui. borseneo*.
'l* o ®' , " fever— permanently cur-dby
t. awayne's Cooipound Svrupof Wild
, n©rry."
i nior, ury Consumption, is ebaraxtcrizioi by
u* alarrb, or inflamalion of the mucus wsem
, j bran© of lb© air passages, with cougb and
. cx|iecl"rtn>n, short brealb, liuxrsamss
, pains in the chest. For all Bronchial af
fections, sorujlhroat, loss of voice, coughs,
llr. Sim) na-'si
r( ti tu pound Svrupof Wild Cherr>
it a sovereign remedy
Hemorrage, or Hpiiung of Blood, may
• pr cced from the larynx, trachia, bron
' chia or lungs, and arisss* from various
t causes, as undue physical exertion, plc
) thorw, or fulln©** of tho ve-sels, weak
' lung*, overstraining of the voice, tunprcas
' ed evacuation, obairuction of the aiilecn or
' liver, d*c.
Dr. (Swayne'd Compound Sjrup of
strikes at the root of disease by purifying
I the blood, restoring the liver ae d kidneys
, to healthy action, invigorating the ner
i vuus system.
. | The only standard remedy for hemor
rsge, bronchial and alt pulmonary com
t plaint*. Consumptives, or those nredis
• (toted lo weak lungs, should not fail to use
■ this great vegetable remedy.
t lis marvelous power, ssot only over coi.-
. sumption, but over every chronic disease
where a gradual alterative a*lion is need
ed I 'micr ita use the cough it loo*ene<',
. the r.ight sweats diminished, the (sain sul
sides, the pulse returns lo its nalutal stand
ard, the lUvmarh it improvt-d in its power
to digest and assimilate the food, and eve
. ry organ has a purer and better quality of
'. blood xupnlied to it, out of which recrea
tive and plnslic material it made.
I Prepared only by
|j -13 North fMxih Nlroet, Philadelphia.
' Sold by all Prominent Druggitis.
' i Positively cured bv the us© of
Homo Teatimony.
I I was sorely afflicted with one of the
- most distressing of all diseases Pruritus or
Prurigo, or inure commonly known at
i Itching IM©#. The itching al times was
- almost intolerable, increased by scratch-
I ing, and not unfrequcnlly become sore. 1
• bought a box of "Nwayne's Ointment
' it* use gnvo quick relict, and in a short
time made a perfect cure. 1 can now
1 sleep undisturbed, and 1 would advise all
> who aro suffering with this distressing
I complaint to procure "Swayno's Oint
ment" at one* . I had triod prescription#
I almost innumerable, without finding any
permanent relief. JOS. W. CHRIST,
(Firm ot Ruedel A Christ.)
Boot and Shoe House, 344 North Second
Kt., Philadelphia.
Swnyno'a All-healing Ointment is also
a specific f->r Tetter, Itch, Salt Rheum,
1 Scald Head, Krysipolas, Barber's Itch,
Blotches, all Scaly, Crusty, Cutaneous
Eruption*. Perfoctly sale and harmless
oven on the most tender infant. Price,
7)0 cent*. Sent by mail to any address on
j rccoipt ol price.
Sold by all Leading Druggists.
Prepared only by
Dr. Swayne A Son,
Sole Proprietor* and Manufacturer*
Calebrated all over tho world for its re
markable cures of Scrofula, Mercurial and
Syphilitic Complaint*, and in cases where
Syphilitic virus of the parent, causes a de
ve'opment of Svpbillis or Sciofula in the
ehihl, nothing hasever proved ineffectual
in completely eradicating every vestige of
these dangerous complaints, and ■* 11 di
seases arising from
Impurity of Tho Blood.
Describo symptoms in all communica
tions, and address letter# to Dr. Swavne
A Son. Philadotphia. No Charge for ad
vice. Sent by express to any address.
LONDON A Scientific
HAIR COLOR j Preparation
of Rare
RESTORER; 1 Ingredients.
Cultivate your hair-to
London Oloss;?, Luxu- Hair Restorer
London Hair Restorer
London riant lt.air i* on# Hair Restorer
London Hair Restorer
London of tho greatest Hair Restorer
Loudon Hair Restorer
London of all personal Hair Restorer
London Hair Restorer
London Chat tnt. llair Restorer
AII that art can accomplish in beautify
ing, strengthening, thickening and adorn
ing the hair is effected by using "London
Hair Color Restorer." It stimulates and
forces a growth ; it gray restores its natu
ral color and rendora it silky and beauti
ful ; cures dniulrulf; keeps tno sculp clean
cool and healthy. Price "6 cents. AU
druggists and deuler* soil it.
Principal depot for tho United Slutos,
380 North, dixtu sDuvt, ttbcYO Vine, Phil
To which w* lasfta tha latamted Attentive and Carshil lonsdej ef v t
liava bm One ITtea for All QVT fvtea meant nf necsaalty the Tew* '
XAJK rveaiva cash iwyuseiit iivtn All. ... yvABII aaraaerpenaanf ©unaetJoaa and
_ \J lines Irotn bad
"11/ K give a Ouaimniae protecting All - "".. . _ .
W 'TiffE Guarantee pr-.tuda the bßyer who
■ ■■ 1 nu.y nt tm a judge of goods.
Wl Ueiuin Mutscy wbeu we cannot .
wu AU
____ . .. _u- —W Uflod Willi a very rinaU pwnoeaV
\\TH buy our goo-ts at ©.rat bands, in nsr# of nrolll ......
W luitticusa qiUkitUUus and at the . _ IJ *"
iowt petoaa for Cash- - v TDosorm buyer m.ainreea are treated |
WK aanufarture with ritmss caro . , , : frruw that
every ganaent wa eaU - am dsufd to other* ) ,
WK lu>)et every yard of geodt that fxirKTRTXO and debate are dona away' '
goes into our garinciiU „... YJ Ij- us, e> I r>! -U-! y gtrta our lsl wlth
■ out Laving to eek lor tl~
WK pvt a ticket en to. ry ranaci.t. 11 ■ i
ehowtug plainly lU.pmhiy and |-xP*laryeexpeflenee.eaptWaivdlhd|J
Tl/Jt cuti ir ev.-ry firm of unneeearery
aapsmu.tuii "117 E Ell orders recel red \y mall from all
WK employ f,r.t cloos workmen fa ln ttf eiato*. Wiltg
ersry dejoutmen t. - "*>!'■ " '1
WK give salUou-Uon t . every piuettaaor KT OT 4 l* rrirl * <* run In buying ed,
ur iwtisiii iu lisvi..; „1.„. us- A ehUd may buy as ct-eaply,
as a mat>— . ■ ■*
In addition to our Immense Block of Tloady-Kade UotMng, we have a Msgnlfieent Line
of Man's and Boy's KunUohlug Ouuda, PtUrtt tof cur own sake/ and Vwknrear, *3l M tt*
Very Uiweei mm*. 98
M A YsT..
Burners and Hliippem of the ce! elirtted
Solle font e
z II irr.L ILBJMiE. Z
Liealere in iF.e very Bei't rradeitof
The t> r ,|y dealers in Centre County who sell tue
NV Ii L T ,v Iv Si B A BRiECOi Ai L
frum the old Baltimore mine* Also
■ I of Antliraclie Coal dryly hou-cJ expressly for houfc use. at lb© lowert price*
' Tbcy pay the highest pri.. -in cx-h r grain that lb© Last, rn market* will afford,
; RYE,
I Bought or will be sold on commiasien when ile.'red, and full price* guamr.toed. Ins
formatiun concerning ihe grain trade will be furnished at all times, t* farmer
f with pleasure, free of charge.
which is always sold al low prices, and warranted lo be at good a fertiliser as aa
other plaster.
Of?lG£ AMD 7A3D
Jnear south end b.e. valley r.r. depot,
WBBmBBBm $- 1 M ' r W hS
11 m g
S ii
TT rvtslri* all it.©' Lih *" Mag "DOMESTIC," mduding ths Automatic
I*AitNr mSIDENED CONICAL BEARINGS on bull, ths Machlre
4nii ~. , -r-t.-d cut with brawl new Mathiners- and fouls *1 our own new weeks,
. .a. LT" Nr. brny hin f-ven u. . sUmUu! MECHANICAL EXCEL-
Uf D-robauy. and range cf never hsmuf-w
reached in the M.bine world.
1 W. invite the attention of all eepecially those high mechanical akill or
B ©enervation. N B.—All Maeb"* ful| y worramed.
1 Now York nutl dileiigjo.
We would esteem it an especial fa
- vor if every friend of tho Heporler would unmpane
P send us th© nnmo of nt least one subscriber, NEW 1 ORK
. with the Cash—for three months, 60 cents;
six months SI,OO, and one year sk'. Head
er, won't you try and do u* this little fa- w ___ __
) vor, and will repay you by improving the If 4 Xj ffU W r | I fl iT* IV
Iloporter. Send u* tho names of six new 13 J| 1. w V-' Ilu 1 VFA*
subscribers, with tho Cash, and wo will
tend you tho Reporter ono year free.
BREONS' HOTEL, j McClain's Block, Directly Opp. Buxli
MILROY, PA. House,
Tho best table nnd bar, and excellent
r stabling for horses. Aleo a fine resort for BellofoiltC, Pa.
r summer boarders. Buss to depot, and
r daily xtages to <> n , tr ?.w Charges If . |H|(Mt\ CO., Prop're,
* roß*onable. OKO. HRKON 1 roj r. w
Dry Goods,
No 6 Brockerhuff Row.Rellefonte.Pa CES, NOTIONS A FAN
ww . .WW M , , CY GOODS,
lK>ulerHiii IkrtißN. i liciuicalst
Perlnnicry, Fancy CiottdH Ac. STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS 000BK,
Puro Wines uud Liquurs for medicr BplOW tllQ LhUlil PflW
purpoiet lwf kept. uy 91,79, NoyUtf.
Anew nn4.complete Hardware Wwr
tro prwui to .eMail of Building
111 l W. ' Hardware, Iron
n. whwU lji aatu. Okamploa
(..lothe* \Vringer, llill Saw#, Circular and
•land Haw* Tennon Saw* Webb Saw*
lea Cream freason, Bath Tuba, Clothe*
Itack*, a full assortment of Glass and
Title of all sixee, Picture Frame*,
Wheelbarrow*, Lamp* Coal Oil Lamp*,
Boiling, Spoke*, Felloe*, and Hub*,
Plow*, Cultivator*, Corn Plow*, Plow
Point*, Shear Mold Board* and Cuttivt
tor Teeth, table Cutlery, Shovel*, Spade*
and Fork*, Lock*. Hinge*. Screw*. Saab
Spring*, flor*r*Shi'c, Nails, Norway
Jtodi, Oil*, Lard, Lubricating Coal,
Linseed, Tanner*, Anvil*, Vice*, Bellow*.
.Screw I'lalee, Blacksmith* Tool*, Factor;
Boll*, Tea Bells, Grindstones, Carpentei
Tool*. Fruit Jar* and Can*, Paint, Oil*
Varnishes received and for sale at
un& Ot-tf. J A J. HARRIS.
Hardware Store.
A new, complete Hardware Store bat
been opened by the undersigned in Cen
tre lla'l, wbere be i* prepared to sell all
kind* of Building and House Furnishing
Hardware, Nails! Ac.
Circular and Hand Saws, Tennon Saws,
W>bb Haw*. Clothe* Rack*, a full assort
ment of Ola** and Mirror Plate Picture
brumes, Spoke*. Felloe*, and Hub*, table
Cutlery, rJSovela, Spades and Forks,
Lock*, Hinges, Screw*, Sash Springs.
Itur<"- Shoe*. Nail*. Norway Rod*, Oil*.
TV* Bell*, Carpenter Tool*. Paint, Varn
Pictures framed in the finest style.
Anything not on hand, ordered upon
shortest notice.
WW He member, all o#J offered cheap
er'the* elsewhere
Simon Haines,
Manufacturer of
H agotta, Ac.
Of every description ; running gear for
all kind* of vehicles, made to order, and in
first etas* manner. Being a practical me
chanic. I would WARRANT ALL
WORK to give satisfaction Repairing
; promptly attended to at the lowest rate*.
C'offio* of all style*
mode on shortest notice. The business
of undertaking attended to in all
branches. Respectfully solicits a share
public patronage. 11 sept y
Boct & iStokar,
Would most respectfully inform the cit
tens of this vicinity, that he has started a
new Boot and Shoe Shop, and would he
thankful for a share of the public patron
age. Boots and Shoe* mode to order and
according to style, and warrant* his work
(to equal any mad* elsewhere. All kinds
of repairing done, end charge* reasonable.
Give him a rail. fab 11 ly
Mark These Facts !
Bad Leg*, Bad Breasts, Sores and Ul
AU description of tore* are remediable
by the proper and dilligent use of this in-
I estimable preparation. To attempt to cure
bad leg* by plastering the edge* of the
* woynd together I* a folly ; for should the
•kin unite, a boggy diseased condition re
, main* underneath to break out with tea
fold fury in a few days The only ration
al and successful treatment, ss radicated
by nature, is lio reduce the ieliansbon
in and about the wound and to soothe the
neighboring part* by rubbing in plenty cf
the Ointment es salt is forced into meat.
Tbis will cause the malignant bumors to
be drained of from the bard, swollen, and
discolored parts round about tbe wound,
sore, or ulcer, and when these humors are
removed, the wounds themselves will soon
beal; warm bread and water poultices ap
plied over tbe affected parts, after the
Ointment ha* been wail rubbed in. will
9 soothe end soften the seme end greatly **-
it si*t the cure. There is e description of ul
r. cer, sore and swelling, which eved not b#
named here, attendant upon the follies of
youth, and tor which this Ointment is ur
gently recommended as a sovereign rem -
>dy. In curing such poisonous sores it
* never flails to restore the system to a
healthy state if the Pills be taken accord
ing to tbe printed instructions.
Diptbtheria, Ulcerated Bora Throat,
and Scarlet and other Fcvcra.
Any of tbe above diaease* may be cured
by well rubbing the Ointment three time*
a day into the cbest. throat, and neck of
the patient; it will toon penetrate, and
give immediate relief! Medicine taken by
the mouth must operate upon the whole
tyalem ere us influence can be felt in any
, local part, whereas the ointment will do
, iU work al once. Whoever tries the un
guent in the above manner for the di
-eases named, or any similar disorder* af
fecting the chest and throat, will find
j themselves relieved a* by a charm. All
.offerer* from these complaint* should en
velope tbe tbroet at bedtime ia a Urge
bread and water poultice, after the Oini*
meat bas been well rubbed in; it will
greatly assist the cure of tbe throat and
chest." To allay the fever and Iveeen the
inflammation, eight or ten Pill* should be
tiken night and morning. The Ointment
will produce perspiration, the grand es
sential ia all case* of fevers, sore throeu,
or where there might be an oppression of
tbe chest, cither from asthma or other
causes. '
Piles, Fistulas, Strictures.
The above class of complaints will be re
moved by nightly fomenting the parts with
warm water, ana then by most effectually
rubbing in the Ointment. Persons suffer
ing from these direful complaint* should
lots net a moment in arresting tbeir pro
gress. It should he understood that it is
not sufficient merely U> smear the Oint
ment on the affected parts, but it must be
well rubbed in for a considerable time two
or three times a day, that it may be taken
into the sy.tem, whence it will remove
any hidden sore or wound as effectually
as though palpable to tbe eye. There
again Im ad and water poultices, after tbe
rubbing in of tbe Ointment, will do greet
service. This is tbe only sure treatment
for females, case* of cancer in tbe stom
ach, or wbere there may be a general beat
ing down.
Indiscretions of Youth ; —Sores and
Blotches, as also swellings, can, with
certainly, be radically cured if the Oint
ment be used freely, and the Pills taken
night and morning, a* recommended in
the printed instructions. When treated
in any other way they only dry up in one
place to break out ia another ; whereas
this Ointment will remove the humor
from the system, and leave the pslu-nt a
vigorous and healthy being. It will re
quire time with tbe use of the Pills to in
-urc a lasting cure.
STirr join l it.
Allhoaeh lb* aber. oapUlsU dlS.r wld.lj to IMi
oriels and a*tar*. ret tbe# all twain local treatment.
Man J ul lbs w„rl raaea. a! wc* lSnm, will n*lt) m
a .burl .par* of list. whan till. OtaS
moot t* dillo-allj nibbed Into tbe porta atortcd. n
after -far, other mean. bars failed. la all serioas
maladloa Uio Plila should bo taken according to the
l-rtntod directions arcompeortn* each box.
Both the Ointment and Pills should be
used in the following cases .-
Bad Lees. Cocoa (Soft\ Scald*,
bad Rraaata, t'aacecm. Sora Rlpplse.
Murna. Bunion*. Contracted aa d Horn Throats.
Bit* of Mo-clic SUB .lulnU, skin Dtaaaaaa.
toe. and Sand- Elephantiasis, Scam.
Kites. Ktatclaa. Goat, Sara Head..
Oouo bar. Glandular Swell .Tumors,
35R££ UK-* '""SSa,
1 Wui'iTft ""sTriVo „'uT„. nta.
the signature of J. HAY DOCK, as agent for
the United States, surrounds each box of
~ Pills and Ointment. A handsome reward
will be given to any one rendering such
information as msy lead to tbe detection
of any party or parties counterfeiting tbe
medicines or vending tbe same, knowing
them to bo spurious.
I V Sold at the manufactory of Professor
I HOLLOW AY & Co., New York, and by all
'/ respectable Druggists and Dealers in Med
icine throughout the civilised world, in
boxes at 25 cents, 02 cents and f 1 each,
JK~There is considerable saving by
h taking the larger sixes.
N. R.—Directions for the guidance of
patients in every disorder are affixed to
each box. 25 may, e o w. y
TTTM. P. M'MAN US, Attorney at-law,
#- YY Bellefonte, Pa. Office with Jas.
McManus, esq. 23) u I tf
i-Si. There are over four thousand dol
lars in oufctanding dues on the Reporter,
v This is a heavy load, and we kindly ask
the reader to look at the figures upon his
address label and then aid to relieve us to
the amount due—send us at least a part.
A pope trif
if IS 1 ■ t t!- Ciumuiaiti. and
I IlLL ui^ a ™^
read.* of ttl paper whopari nMre.afllcWßltißler
prire tiapeuo .few tuMniaraWlna small dob
of .übe-rtbtr. to TUB luxst*#i> Wesest.
Head pour address on pedal card o ettealara,
terms, ate. HrodlthrwHhsaiSiaaweUspwWw