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The Centre Reporter.
- tf>. lUJtTt ...EDITOR
CBXTRK HALL, PH., July 20, 187f>.
TERMS. —s2per year, odronce, 2,50
ie'ira si of paid in (lArancr.
"AV vtrlinr for thrrr\n-
Rertums, d/or Anna 12 mo ntk* hy ;>< -
l cowfraef.
-OR rßistnKvr :
SAMUEL J. TILDES, of New York.
Grant has boon ordering the In-st mem
bers of ltia rnbinrt out—among then*
Jewell, Rristow, Taft, Ac., the men who
have been prosecuting the revenue
thieves. Tho Cincinnati platform en
dorses GranUa administration, And llayca
endorses the platform. Now where ate
the honest people to look for lveform ex
cept in the election of the great Reform
or. Samuel J. Tihlen ?
llaycs in hi* letter of acceptance pre
tends to he in favor of honest men in
ofl'tee, ami accepts a platform which en
dorses Grant's administration. Now as
Grant is making Brislow and the few
other honest men in otiieo walk out for
interfering with and prosecuting the
whiskey ring and revenue thieves, and
retains tho plunderers of the Babcock-
Cameron school, it is evident that Have*
has only put out acateh-vote profession,
How comes it that tho honest republi
can office holders are giving Hayes only
a lukewarm support, while Morton, Cam
oron. Boss Shepherd and all that tribe
of plundering politician* are loud for
Hayes. There is sotue significance in
all this.
Another Molly Maguire, Thomas Mutt
ley, the murderer of Sanger, ha* been
convicted at Potlsvillc. Mr. Gowen in
hisspeech made the following allusion
to Mollie Magtiireisun:
Mr. Gowen said that there need be no
fear of any of the leaders of this organi
sation escaping; that, with but two or
three exceptions, the principals in cverv
Mollie murder committed since April,
1874, were now in prison, and that those
at large were only permitted to roam un
til it should be determined that the übi
quitous agents of Mr. Pinkerton should
pounce upon them ; that the book of the
discoveries made by McParlen was but
a little way opened. He said that Mol
lie Maguireisra had it* origin in Ireland
before the Rebellion of 17U8. when the
great conspiracy formed by the Kibbon
Men against the land owners was enter
ed into ; that the name Mollie Maguire
hat! been given to these men because of
ten, in the perpetration of outrages, they
had disguised themselves in women's
clothes ; that how and when it was re
vived in this locality he could not tell,
nor whether the Ancient Order of Hi
bernians all over the country was guilty
of the same practices, but no voice had
been raised from outside of the coal re
gion repudiating or denying the fiicts al
leged here against the A. O. 11. The
speaker went on to show how, by terror
ism. the Mollies had forced their way
into politics and become a power ; that
two bounty Commissioners belonging to
that order, who had been convicted of
crime, were pardoned by Governor
Hartranft, and that one of the County
Commissioners now in office wasa body
master ia the organization."
The only issue in this campaign is
whether there shall be a continuation
of Grantism by the election of Hayes,
or Reform in the administration of the
government by the election of the great
reformer and ring-smasher, Samuel J.
Several "crooked whiskey" fellows
were sentenced to fines and imprison
ment. at Milwaukee, on Monday, bv
Judge Dyer.
So says the Lewisburg Chronicle, a
Gnint-llayes organ, and it might add
that Grant has removed Dyer and all
other officers who assisted in prosecu
ting the whisky thieves, and that Hayes
endorses Grant's doings.
Bill Kemble is the Hayes Executive
Committeeman for Pennsylvania. This
is the Kemble who wrote the famous
"addition, division and silence" letter,
introducing the defaulting Evans to
'"my Dear Titian." And yet Hayes is
for Reform (?).
For every honest man that Grant re
moves from office he pardons an impris
oned revenue thief to make up the loss,
and Hayes' platform endorses the ad
The Pun bury and Lewistown railroad
is not yet over its troubles, and the re
cent prospect for having cars run again
has already vanished. The Lewistown
Gazette seys about it that the lease
agreed upon by the committee of the
bondholders of tlie S. A L. Railroad and
Pennsylvania, has not been ratified, and
consequently the road is not yet in oper
ation. So far as we can understand the
matters the-difficulty arises from the
principal bondholders placing an undue
value on what ought to constitute the
capital of the company. On Saturday
and Monday a quantity of ties were
brought np on the road.
Well now that's handsome. Georgia
is so well pleased with Tilden and Hen
dricks that she promises to roll up only
one hundred thousand majority for the
The lA* wistow n Gazette is done crys
ing over the defeat of Blaine ; its next
big bawl will be in November on the re
ceipt of marching orders for Salt river,
when we will aend 'em some "ingens" as
a etrengthener for the voyage.
Grant has very modestly given his
ired a hist. The Times savs it must
bring the blush of shame to the cheek
of every American to read that the
President of the United States has pro
moted his own son, Second Lieutenant
Fred. I). Grant, to be first lieutenant in
the regular army, over the heads of thir
ty-two second lieutenants who ranked
him and twelve who graduated with
him and have since distinguished them
selves in the field. Grant docs not
trouble himself enough to give reasons
for what he does in these days of his
waning power, and no man can assign
any excuse for this latest and grossest
instance of nepotism. What may hap-
Sn between now and tbe fourth of
arch, who shall dare to say ?
The Illinois Democrats are rejoicing at
the accession to the workers for Til Jen
and Hendricks of 3lr. Wm. H. Herndon,
for twentyfive years the law partner
and bosom friend of Abraham Lincoln.
At a ratification meeting held at Hpring
held, 111., on the Bth inst., Mr. Herndon
declared that he wasforTildenand Hen
dricks and Reform, and should labor
from now until November next on the
stump, through the press and through
every conservative channel by which
thought could reach thought for their
election. His speech was received with
great applause.
Robert, oldest son of President Lin
coln has also declared in favor of Tilden
and Reform.
Bristow undertook to expel the
thieves from the Treasury Department
and Jewell tried to drive "out tne high
way robbers from the Post Office De
£artment. Now where ure they ? They
ave been reduced to the rauksand sent
to Kentucky and Connecticut in dis-
S-ace. Hayes is in perfect accord with
rant in these acts.
JEM ELI. sTI Vs 11f V.
Another mcmltor had to stop out of
the Grant cabinet, because be was
friendly to Rii-fow who prosecuted the
whisky ring. Post-Maator-Gencral Jew
ell had to walk the plank for tlu* hon
est sin, the thing occurred quite unex
pectedly according to a Washington <b w
spatch of 11, which says :
Governor Jewell said, in cottveiwjition
this evening, the first intimation he had
that his resignation would be a<tcplcd
was yesterday afternoon, when he visit
ed the Executive Mansion on h:i-ine -.
I'he Governor's response >\.i- that he
would, of course, respect the President s
wishes, and accordingly, en his return
to the Post Ollice IVpartment. he wrote
his letter of resignation, neatly in thce
.v, 1 herebv tender tuy resignation
of the office ofVwtinaster * ienernl.
Your obedient servant.
To the President. M \t:*itxt i JKW I 11
Governor Jewell asked no question ot
the President, and is. therefore', not
aware of the reasons for tlio request. .uJ
the ntcmlH'rs of the Cabinet also a
they are alike ignorant of the motives
thai controlled the President. It is n
sertod, however, in-ontocircles that
addition to political consideration- tin
President w is intlueneod by tteveui i
Jewell's avowed fneinlliness to Mi
lhistow. Members of Congre-- g-,-r c
ally, when the report reached them that
Governor Jewell had resigned, did it t
readily credit it The subsequent '..out
tualion of Mr. Tvner in his place, how
ever, removed ail d übt and .va-iem I
extended inquiry as to the cause of tin
resignation but"even the most intimate
friends of the President asserted that
they were unable to furnish a reply
With the departure of Jewell there is
nothing precious left in the cabinet and
the rings are feeling easier.
(Pram the Wliliannpor'. Bulletin, r. ' In
lican 1
As he facts concerning the murder f
General Putter and early ;; kief l.i, brave
follower*, by the blooJthirttv hi uv. conn
to be better unJcntood, the indignation
of the country increases. I'he terrib'e
conviction forces itscil upon the mmd . at
hit horrible butchery is directly charge*,
ble upon Grant himself. It w ill bo r
membewd that when the expedition s
--plauncd last qiring Custer to have the
command, but be was sudden.y ordered to
Washington to testify in the Belknap ate.
While there he told the truth concerning
the thieve* thet have fattened ü P e
White house and ctl" the sold'cr* in the
field. Having given his test; amy he re
paired to the presidential niansi a to
pay his respect* to the executive. * wa*
customary before leaving. Grant,!•> *ev
er, was in one of his sullen mood-, and al
ter keapmg him iu waiting a., day then
refused to see him. CuU-r was anxious
to join his command and he started for the
west. At Chicago be was overtaken by
an order front the President directing bis
arrest. After a short detention he *-'
permitted to proceed to bis headquarters,
but was shorn of his command and only ,
allowed to accompany it in the position ot ;
a subordinate. After his glorious career,!
and all he had done to uphold the dag ofi
his country—the hard service and priva
lions he had ondured on the plains light
ing tho hostile savages—one can readily
imagine how he must have smarted utnii-r
his disgrace—a Ji-gracc wrongfully im
posed upon him by bLs superior, because
he had dared to tell the truth about the
gang of thicvcsthat bur g around the Pres.
The Indian cxpedetioa proved a failure
because Custer had no voice iu its direc
tion. His ripe experience in the wi'.J* of
Indian warfare was not sought—he was
only directed to perform certain duties
with his regiment. Ordered to proceed in
a certain direction he encountered a strong
body of Indians and ho charged upon
them like a thunderbolt. 11c was over
whelmed, but he died with his face to the
foe. Doubtless the dashing hero thought
he coufd wash away the stigma that had
been cast upon him by the undignified and
cruel hearted President, by gaining a vic
tory that would crown his brow with fresh
laurels. "But," in the language of Sheri
dan, "instead of fame he won acoffin.''The
spot where he died shows the evidence of
tho terrible conflict. There with hi
brothers, relatives, and a few chosen offi
cers, tho Spartan band fought liko tigi rs
died like heroes. There in that lonely
spot the Custer family was wiped out of
existence, and not a man of his ill-f .te<l
command is left to tell the bloody talo of
how be died. Nothing is known of the
frightful conflict, only their riddled and
mutilated bodies were found huddled to
gether where they fell. But, enough of
the sickening story. Tho terrible respon
sibility of Custer's death rests upon Grant,
who seems determined to close his admin
istration in a cloud of disgrace. From all
directions the terrible charge is bur'cJ at
him by an indignant press and a more in
dignant people .- '"Behold, President
Grant, your hands are dripping in the
blood of George A. Custer !"
In closing this sickening story of the
butchery of one ot the bravest men that
ever lived, tho following memento of the
gallant officer will be real with interest
at the present time. It is his farewell ad
dress to his division at the clo-c of the
war :
UxaoqcAßTKKs Titian CAVALRT DI
April 9, lboj.—Soldiers of the Third Cav
alry Division : With profound gratitude
toward the GoJ of battles, by whose Lie.-
sings our enemies have been humbled and
our arms rendered triumphant, vour com
manding general avails himself of this, hi,
first opportunity, to express to you his nd
miration of the heroic manner in which
you havo passed through the serii s of but
tles which to-day resulted in the surrender
of the enemy's entire army.
The record established by your indomi
table courage is unparalleled in theannal,
of war. Your prowess has won for you
even the respect and admiration of y our
enemies. During tho past six month,, id
though in most instances confronted hy
superior numbers, you have captured
from the enemy, in open battle, one bun
drcd and eleven pieces of field artillery,
sixty-five battle flags, and upwards .! tc-ii
thousand prisoners of war. including •-•-
en general officers. Within the pa-t ten
days, and included in the above, you have
captured forty six pieces of field artillery
and thirty seven battle flag*. You have
never lost a gun, never lost a color, and
have never been defeated ; and notwith
standing the numerous engagement., in
which you have borne a prominent part,
including those ineiuorabfo battle, of to-
Shenandoah, you have captured every
piece of artillery which the enemy lui
dared to open upon you. The near ap
proach of peace renders it improbable that
you will again be called upon to undergo
the fatigues of a toilsome march or the ex
posurc of the battle-field ; but should the
assistanco of keen blades, wielded by your
sturdy arms, be required to hasten" the
coming of that glorious pcacn for which
we have been so long contending, the gen
eral commanding is proudly confident
that, in the future a, in tbc*pat, every
demand will meet with a hearty and wil
ling response.
Let us hope that our work is done, und
that, blessed with tho comforts of peace,
wc may be permitted to onjoy tho pleas
ures of home and friends. For our com
rades who have fallen let us cherish n
grateful remembrance. To the wounded,
and to those who languish in southern
prisons, let our heartfelt sympathies bo
And now, speaking of myself alone,
when _lhe war is ended and the tank of the
historian begins, wberf those deeds of dur
ing, which have rendered the name and
fame of the Third Cavalry Division im
perishable, and inscribed upon tho bright
pages of our country's history. I only ask
that my name inay be written a, the com
mander of the Third Cavalry Division.
Brevet Minor-General Commanding.
Official—L. W. Bamhart, Captain and
Arsistant Adjutant General.
Yes, and his name will live forever in
the hearts of his countrymen, while the
man who disgraced him will be execrated
by all.
When Postmaster Jewell rejected
straw bidders, he disturbed the home
nest of corruption and brought down
the displeasure of Grant who waited a
convenient opnortunity to kick him
down stairs, lias neuralgia and whi.-ky
destroyed the man's bead altogether ? |
Says the World li >• rutin i hue ill (
the dav to declare that Mi II vi n •
an office holder*'candidal' li i-three 1
■ month-- and a half since (1 R ; nhliear.
- Convention met at ra>' . and h. w
the se*ond and avovv-l eh'-n-e of the of
llre-hohlei•• there, lie vv - tt-- lit t j
' choice of the otliee h> !■'' iin the t'ln
state foment ion I'"li I nil I n .
. ,video holder. atnl lie Atrial < i the v-. •• |
from Pennsylvania vvhhh nia h '
llnves the In I -h ice • ft <• uni
1 Convention. Half the t ; ts:en
' mittt'e which vvi ivlfi i-.i > ai- 1
' pressing his claims and uuplorii : tin 1
delegates not to vote f. i Mlaiin . \\%n
• olliee-holdi i Ihe lii i dai r • •-> n !
hii li Mr. Ha)e- has show n<
' to the real piiiteiple. of the h'epnbh i.
' party, baa bat ii in his effort t. • keep tlo
othi'--holders' campai u ut "fth.-I;ami
of that ar\-h otlhv holth i, / .-h t'h.ui 1
dler. He ha- foiled II" m*d t
i take in trying li e hi.oiis .in I the i i
ganizntionol the Republican party, it?
p ngn equip.; •" an I ' ' -Ir.iv I -!
I are all in offlc. Mr. I lay.- w. in t j
i uoiniUttt'd but by tin ri u-i'Hi h- •n
-l not be elected without them. Nor can, j
they be put into new hai i I
i anybody imagine that Mi t handle! will
iij'lisn. ssjilsoflukewarmi di*' l tv>• 1!* i
Have official eakt - and .d • no . it
the market because one matt de< re*
his intention of I tiv in r it the 1.1 •' nil
no longer ' Nt a bit ■ i Mi Ii • '
had his part to say, and id t, and Mi
t 'handler ha- hi- mit to .■>, tsi< Ivv i.<
it, or eighty thousand < fficc-l It
know the rea* •••! vvhy
Bin* unxioos enquiries were rveeut-|
lv made about Kied tirant, vvh • vv. -
tiered sounstiuie .go t join the .ov
stoue expedition. I' v..- fe. el :!
l'rinee luqwrial had 1 '■ hi* v dp. -he
would certainly push to ih.* front when
danger threatened hut we feel, iu com
uiott with the Ann riean people, .i
--ne of relief that h luta 1" a . >al' ;
The why, i- explained in the N. \ . Sun.
What I ctvvei n inv -'
teesand old Sitting Bull, Lieut.i 1. 1 ied. i
Grant is having a hard tinw of it. When
the real E-tate l'ool t'onuuilu" vvasg't
ting fairly nnder way iu its inv -. g -
tious, ami jti-l a- the force id public
opinion had compelled l're-ideiit tirant
to rMBOve B.ds •' k foom his punt in the
White House, t I. I're i, : : rv.i- n Is -t
known to the I're-nUiit, w..- - ■ ; K ly
■ ordered to .-ill the \ el! > tie. 11 <
i left in such haste that he was unitblc to
, settle up the affairs of the banking hu: <
, which the enterprising young uffi i and
a nephew ofSenatoi sheruian had < .. b
lislud in Wti-hiugton. Nothing ft thet
was hearvl aUat tho young man fir a
' long time, and lie was popularly supp
• ed to be assisting Gen. Terry us the work \
of chastiiing the savage- \Vhen,there
fore, the news of the recent ong! .'einent.-
in Montana came, there wa- a I deal
'of anxiety about hi* fate, an i tlie 1 .>;
' casualties were eagerly -canned in t!
• fear that his name m ght be found nj
i them. This state of -usjien-e war*--1
, iseved, however, b- the gratifying m
, telligence that t <>l uie! 1 red via* ati
with his pajci in Washington, and ii;.i'.
j the death Of several of his . llant e..i„-
1 rades in the field had given !:am th
' 1 er stop in prom •: n. Rut th. inv- li
. gating ui.mittie- are at v\ k, . .
we may senm e*p. : t 'u-ar of the l'i . - j
l ident's heir being order, d upon uiiv.
duty again, which must be di-agu <
ton young gentleman who .- - f:. ! f:
M adorning society in Washingt-.n Rut
honors carry iwi .::is'.hiiilie- with tin :..
- and l.ieut.-i'ol. f'r. d Ciniat l v
,- pect to escape his share of ti ul-l. - and.'
r vexations.
Jt strikes the Wori.l that "with th
'' Bepubiiuui j.U'fi rni iud r-:: g tiru-.i
L " aduiinistratiou, the tiepu! .;..ui mndl
- date making up li - letter fa> "eptnc
by extracts out of tiranl'.- me—ace-, ami
„ Zachariah (.'handing. ; si., u.t
managing the CMBVMt and dictating I .d -
mot ai-jH-'intmentrr t> further it,tho hyp
ocrites'who are endeavoring to -.1 up
• Hayes as the champ:-n fTI form vv..;
s have a hard time of it.
D '•' • •
s John t ollina, a talented 1. ml p.ek
n pocket, to kan a live part in th. M y
and Satikev meetings, and after t!;e de
parture of the evangelists I • came a • p
e uiar singer and exhorter. Hi-piety was
it not questioned by h-< f-'llow worker.-,
J and his friends among the ti.icv -1
j | not cxpo-e him. 1 hu- he was enable !
.. to pick p- .kit- with gri at fa. .hty. a
, taking the watches ami j ok- f
1 men and women while pray ing at their
'* side*, of while explaining : > them the
way of salvation, t ntmu; <1 su.c -.
( perhaps, made him careless, for, while
. taking jart in the exerci-es ut the lay
ing of a corner stone for a church in l'\-
' bridge, he was caught stealing a watch
I from a women who was sharing a hymn
>" book trith him during the sing;: /He
i m united, and then a number
J bcries were traced to htm.
t ♦ •
j Philadelphia Irquircr. Thohst of l'r, --
. I ident tirant's t'abuo't • an -i • gl
.( long li-t. There is nine other so large, the
. nearart approach to it Icing that of Pr, i
t dsnt llarrio'ii • turha'.ent a.hii: . tr.u . ,
. but President Gr-' ria d riot x: re
II for several month-, and in duo coarse it is
j to be expected that he will c > nriderahly
. add to hi* lit of Cabinet • ffii-i-r.a
t Thcro have he-a two SccrcUri- -o. -tele,
c E. 11- Wa.-iil ... .1 11:... . i' t
latter being tho oldest (...Lis.el tHi r rt
c taining his plac
t There have teen five Secretaries • f the
0 Trca'ury, viz: A. T. St wart : : t'.rm
j ed). Gio. S. Boutwcll, William A. Rich
. ardson. Ilei.j.mur. 11. Brilti w and I, tV.
e Morrill.
There have L.s .. ! rSi.r." it i* f War.
. viz J iin A. Kawlir.-. Wilf ani \V. IKb j
, knap, Alfonso Taft, and d. Donald Gama-1
• ron.
Of Secretariat it llw Sir)
1 been two viz \.l pi - -.11. >.
• M. Itobe ai.
Of Secretarii - <>t the Intetior li> i •
, been three, viz : J:.. b l>. Cox. (". .unbui
. Delano and Za< I arinh •' r.dier. if we
r include Dtlano'e "*on Jolin* t!..-e will he
, There have been thr<l\ .mri.t ' .-Gen
i eral viz: John A. J. Cre. v--'l. Marrimll
Jewell and J. N. Tyner.
There havcb-en fivo All irio y -Genera' ,
I viz; K. Roekvti o 1 Hoar, A. T. Akernru:,
Landaulet illiai. . I.dvvard> l'ierrj ;!,
| and Alfonso Taft.
That is to lay, Pri -i'l. iit Grant .'. ~1.1,1
i twenty four t'lvbini t M ir, itin uv
' | rive of either Bale. ■. or .Mr. Delano's
. "son John."
I Ihe list is sMiu-„liftt a 1 r.g one. The
summary dismissal from place <-f wi e,
honest, energet icand iirf.d an officer as
Postmaster-General Jevn-11 is .!. ;i , c
quires sound reasons for it* justification.
♦ ♦ ♦
Saratoga, July !". The consultation ho
twecn Governor TiMcn, G >ver. >r li n
dricks and tho committee appoint 1 to n -
tify them of their nomination, ha end* d.
Governor Hendricks left latt night fir In
diana, and is ti ro'ciru lu re again, with
with Mrs. Hendricks, in nl. ut t< :i day-.
Governor Tilden left tin- m ining .or i
Albany. Tho consultation resultc I in n
perfect agreement between the two i .mi- 1
Bees, and a full understanding in refer
ence to tho lotters of acceptance The* to- '
ries of a failure to Como t> an agreement
have no foundation whatever, nor is then
now any doubt about Governor Uendrick
accepting. The stntem -nts made by tlie
latter to his friends after the consultation i
closed leave no doubt on that point
Governor Tilde', letter of acceptance
will not be given to the publtagfor at I
least ten days, if it i • for two we< k. Suf- >
tlcient has transpired in reference to the <
talk over the points to indicate that it will 1
he a strong letter one that will give lone -.
and vigor to the canvass. Reform will lie t
one of its strong features, and at the same }
time there will in- no uncertain utterance, i
in reference to the financial quc-liori. The „
Indiana democrats who wero here with v
Mr. Hendricks declare that thero has been t
a complete revolution in sentiment in that i
state since the adjournment of the St. Lou. t
is convention, and that they now believe, h
from tho development*, that Mr. Tildeii i
will jjroie to h -tronger than his party in p
that stale. In that statement (i„v. Hen- u
dricks is r polled to have coincided, ti
Prominent <1 mi erat- are heie fimu dill', i • u
ent sections of ihe .-tale, some ofi whom
were; bt. Louis opjojing Mr. y
1 tioiiutiution, nnd tin \ nil ii p it an cullm-l
• sitt'ttt t r the t .kit seldom witnc .ed,
I 'thi. si .pi mllv ll .iu. i throughout
!ini.rl •> r. itoiilicrn nn d west j
.MiLROY t ! Li URA Tl!
i Ihe lint llili \w. i ■ lien d in by j
tlio rtti-htg f |ioU -, tiling ol lIIIch
Mu ;t ■> c'i lock t' i't iv. !i v litii Mil
>■., Oiith i fuitinutml of <','ipt. W. ? I'll
'.!, nboitt 50,,. - rt . mod in Itm
on tho gti en ut the li. I!, ib pot, where
■' '' '
j left til.., under command of > .ft: IL d
IM. NtH.uli. :t. i,mill .-I Ib.t ,-,!
lopcl to the ill be., olid tow It mi.l tlitm
. i
j I'l. diytt tiAH cbtti. il, vt'bcit the grttini
i-v the \1 ,t -. i rjict l'.ii.d,ttiid follow*
i. d h\ tin Itidt pendent < 'rdci ot Odd
! ( : a- n-pi,,, tUt i t - t , i.tec Hall, Mc
\ W . I -
• . ■
t'hi na; „ a hucc ti .- ut vv ith four w liitt
hi nd-. -tlicly dc*il, ill W llich
.din w bite, \\ itli ct h of pold, roprt
: . I
lit ot the x-pii onUtiVc* of the!
!i. t:
| street-. under atvhci and mammotli'
. :
, .lutil th. ) Ic.uhcd i'llOlllpMOn'n tiiove.l
, when- hundrwd- ..ft.. p!e bad. dlt.adv
I'l.'.f. w. ( Met lonahcu dearly and
dinitnrtlv r.-iid the Ik. laialion of lade-:
pctuleniv. Ihrt Mtlruy \ Hiili-ts tlien
11c.nicri lap- ■> of uiiini. i iititlcd "Now
and Uorwer."
Here the regular program mo wan in
; tt-rrttplcil by tiic i !iiiiiit!i i> on prv-n-!
dcr nnnouiicing to the lhvaidenl that
lint ■ i tt.:- m waiting for .11. I lie oti-i
•die pt n Wll> in..relied to a table
three hunlr. ! and twenty f. d in length
j About three thou-and people fared!
iSnnijitinnti.Jy.fot the table w.i a|.ieadj
.with tho lii In t talc of KladCtaJllilirUi' j
{fertile i, pit pared by the willing'
After all hml done justice to the rich'
' dinner. Dr.U.l. Dower read "Waahing
• nS Lure well X.idic Aftr singing
; the "AtittiV. r-ary Jubilee," Dr. -.ttituc!
Mall IV of Mill y, . :ic i f the culiUililtfr
a|-[> inti d to prej.iire the -ainc, read a
, ley, f- in w!. *h we make the" foil* wing'
- c \tract
-1 it tlie early -ettlement of i'enn*>ylva-•
! uia einigrati :i f.dh wed the -tr. tin*, the'
can .< mid t* kh- rK Iwing the oulyi
mode !\ Which h ut>eb>4d gi'.Js, Wo-I
i men, children and j ro\ -ton* c-lid in!
in oi'-l. Many mjoattj-ra located along
j tb> Jui.ikt und tin* Urper stream- en-j
tciiug llito it, :i- high up as tlie mouth
~.f the ..Utllaa crcwk Fokely V
{town (now law ihtitt ni, w iiere Arthur
Hue at an .ud hi- - u- Robert and Ar
. tliur lutd a Hading |-at, and 1.-ugbt
laud from tho chief IV-kcty, whom be
. i Thi Kiuw | \.... j ii riw Iti
name fn ui a dirtiuguiai.ed chief of the
'-L iwuct . .v. ! .uilltu. or Rndtak- •
who hi* i....,.i- to tliU and
tl.ctu Thl -ring va'dev it the roulli, dis
■ aeo'iui!!..-. Tin latter i- n w known
- ■ - . 1 -■
' . Ki-.f. juilln- was k: wit r. a friend of
' | the whin . and i: w..-- jihably owing to
■ j L-cpin, who was also then friendly, that
• 1 the i-aiiv jr • t- :- wi re not molested
by the Indiana Hut few depredations
■ I were c- inmitted by them ill the valley.
liubt lie Sitt, a little - o of Alexander
j McNitt, s> year* old. was taken prisoner
- : aml carried to Canada, but on tho con
> |. iu .on of the war waa restored t" hi
■ | family ; and probably .it Hie name timt
- j thecal-.n of Matliias Ruble wr.s rt-coii
-1 aoiteretl liy a of Indiana, but by
. exhibiting vjuaker gun* at iua jort-htlia
and giving iioixy (ourmauiU a* if to
> j jttad of >oldicr-, ho frightened them.-lT
1 ! It is not know ti timt any actual murder
• 'CCUTU I in tiii* Ydllt V.
f I Then* U> no doubt that Judge Drown
i and his brother, J-tai - R*.J, were iu
. 1 Kiahacoquillaa valley ;.s early a* 17r>".
■' tlcmcnt, and pr hably other* noon after
• j wttrvls, but from the known law-abiding
1 ! character of Jtt J,:. Drown it is not vorv
■- hn Table that be cMnmenoed ■ | mow
nent -cttlement 1 cf :e the title to tlie
-; land was acquired fr m the Indian* in
j 17.'4. Mr-. Jatnca Hi ol accompanied
her husband and was the first white wo
i man in the valley. They encamped uti
. i der a large sycamore tree, near the junc
r • turn of tlie branchi - of the ktshacoquil
last creek, until they built si house or
r ' l abin, when Mr. Drown returned to
*iCumberland valley, married hi* wife,
; and brought her t the valley, and i.e
- ' and his brother Rccd settled on oppo
, | cite li<k -of the < :c k. at Lecd-ville and
. j Drowtie Mills.
i Among tho Jits' to i utcr the Last U.ud,
| oUher witii or soon aftfifi Judge Blown,
• were the McNitt brothers, Mcxandcr.
" wit c n w.c taken prisoner bv the In
-! Diana, R A-'.., John and Wm. . *Mathi:i>
i Ruble. 1 Sw.ird Hat. -, lleury and Mat-j
t ' thew Tayl rand Thomaa aud Alexan-I
: der Drown, and afit r tliciu the -terrett*.'
"It -1. KcFarlane, D. Ckuneron, W. Thomp
•son,.l. K vie, S. Mi'.likcu, Jas. S., J.t
--; Net lore, N. McManigal, tf. Mitcht
i others. Tlie warrants I r McNitts* land
I arc dated in 17an ! rntn hof it i still
; in Id by their descendants.
, The fii -t jiermnncut settler in the West
Und of the valb-v Wits James Alexander,
i wiio came in iT.Vi and settled near
w here his grandson. James Alexander.
| now resides. • a a a
Robtrt Uampheil came in tiio year
I 17'-4, and his dt -cendants still own and
(occupy tini Jaml i>n which ho settled.!
1 , About the same time, or soon after,ctamt
, the Creswell'-, Jos. Harlelt, J. Merning
H. Wilson, J. t ulberLaon, >amucl Will- '
an 1 other- win-e nanu s aro now for
gotten. Un -c wen- the pioneer setllcn
jofl he to -t end oft ho valley, so as
w< have been able to ascertain.
The early ; • pulation of tlie valley w .
homogeneous ; the lir.-t m tilers, with
few ex.iptjons, were all of what were
e.ds ! - <tc!i-Iri-li,and nearly till i'rt
byterian-. l licflt t .hurchesorgani/ed '
! were tlie l ast an 1 W<-st Ki-hacoijuillas;
I l'rcsbyterian, and tin y were for many t
years the only j I.M of religious wor-j
ship in the valley. The natm s of near-1
ly all the original settlers wliowa re then |
living were to be found attached to tlie
iir-t i all to a I'rt byt< rian minister, Rev.l
James Johnston, in March, 1752. This!
document is -till iu existence and iu the
posse-.-ion of some of tho descc ndent-ufi
one of the original signers.
After the band had playedoue oftlicir,
favorite aire, Rev. L. F. Smith, orator of
the day, was introduced, and in his truly |
eloquent manner delivered an able mf
In th> c v. nit.g, at a!"tit 1 o'clock the
playing of the hand and the tiring of
Cannon salutes announced tho fact that
the tire wmk • would he displayed. Ami'
las! >.f all st large balloon of difteront
colors gracefully rose ut> higher and!
higher, and was followed by nil eyes tin-1
'til it disappeared in dim vista.
Titus ended one of the grandest days
ever witm--cd in Milroy.
— #i # I I I wi
For'iiiiitiy \ . ar- we liavo matin two nn !• •
icinto suited for tho ailment* of ii \ net chi
ef sutfercrs. Thousand* of cures hnvi
bean made by tliein, ntnl in fact, the word
fniltire i oti Id never he coupled with tliein
Hut within the hot two year* count, rfuit- i
..I our inedjcines have sprung up, danger- ,
otts in their ch -e iiiiitation of ourtrMilc
titttrk. lo securo the people we have
placed upon each genuine bm ot Hollo
wtij s I ill* and Hollowny's Oinluieiit the !
tae etiii ho of tho sigtiuturo ol our Ag. ut.
Mr. Jo 11 ay dock. ')',, counterfeit thi- "
is a felony. Wo shall rideiiUe-ly purtui '
any one who imitate* this with the utmost f
vigor of tho law . Wo most earnestly be .-
liiii t the iiiujjS <l tho A murium, '
people will uid u ill our effort* to pr. te, t -r
their heiilth, and help to in ~u r t ; ,.| ~|
bringing thc-e most unprineipled men p, v
the bar of justice. Uniformly rift,.,. t„ I' 1
pt.rc-h:.-,- .Medicines purporting to he our-1
unless Mr. Jos. Ilnvd.u k'n signature i_ ut
tacln-d t ■ ea -It D..\ ~i |'i||s o, l'.q „l t tint
tnctil nit I the end will soon bo rem h< .1. ~
The public's obedient servant- tl
l ot the lb potior. '
IMB I \ \ I lt> OBTAIN TDK A^-
'I I'etii \ I, fi-7 lie* ill (I till*'
wl t G"d liii mi ii u* and done for u*>
ii ill if igeiiee, add I• • your faith vir-
I'.no, and t<' Virtue knowledge, and to
I to ii h dga temjseram u. and to :nn; iwif uriri
I- ■' :• in • . liinl to p.itltlicii godll icsa, and
i . iltim • I art tin rlj kindinsi, and t<>
< .itiit-i ly kpltilv* * tiarit.v.
If.uitmi. i d to t Imhii amines* ufsome
Wliell tin I hue obtullmd wha!
ti" I • •'I tl •i nv. , Ol While they
.Mi in .li. in a stale of nature,'
tin-. it:, i God. ami cry earnestly tn!
■t n.i .i hi t nfleru Utils tliey get I
it 111..r work n done The Scriptures'
i, ywliere r■ |>r* . i.t -truing at.J labor'
> '• to Hi duration Almost
.'■'ll l i- ""id tn tho New Toslainentj
•hi ' wntehltig, running, wrestling, press i
. i • ui'l. crying to Go.l Jay altd nigltl, i
is suol to ciu iiltnm.. Hut tin te nru tiiany
1 i- •-! Religion, who have aduiiteil -
I tt itigi- anti-set t'turnl notion of liav-i
I g ti I tin* befoto tin y nil eonvetted, *o '
to hale an i-v time . f it afterwards, 1
in sloth and indolence. Tho only way of
; .u ;t.g our i leetn nis by our conver
ts i ! ; c •■lily way to know our eon
i t il* by >itr loving God , the only
n i to know that id loiu God I* by flic
.it uul ctli t 1-, s c . by ohedlencO ; the
! t•I ' • :ih 11111, tl.o lullcr tiio teitlllto
t i ' our on it cunt teiicc to our intcgnty,
nnd of our < >i spirit with the spirit ot
i. i : nit own -pint ..f (Jod,
that ii o, i. horn again For as many a*
at. 11l the -pint of God, they are' the
• tut G d lor yo have not receivod the
-I tit . ' I tolugii ugain to fear; but ye
have ! ecu. I ll • spoil of adoption,
> 111 i '• i no civ, Ahba, lather The S|itr
i, it: it l iirith witness with our spirit
II l - 't.:i tin ltildr. ti of (iod ; but this
mi. : h ■ tight with dilligctii •• , and thus
t: hi. uiii- -nru to tis, in our concicticrs,
whtib Win inUis-d suio before 111 the
oti ! furp se Of God.
1 I'horc niu-t be diliigencc in the culli
iat nof the christian virtues. I'liocbrit
tia- gt aeos part of the chrtsliati spirit) are
•II ! t!-eeptkbits culture religion i* the
lt.ii ii-nli ol culture. No man ha* any
tti r.-.igion than ho intend* to have,
l.i 1 •■ t ■ i • i irtaiieo of dilligenca ikeop
it." at it I There i" a beauty tumoral con
si-toiicv, re inhling tho symmetry of a
wi .i ptoporii nod building, but consitlen
n h aoq nred and obtained by
.i .•■tti i ultivaltug every toirl of the i haracter The circle virtue*
must hi- euiupleto without ehsrtns and ob
jmto - and to the attainm. tit of thi*
n.d there iu us. he cloio application to cul
tun- irh u character, we do not often
witi.e-s nothing ((efficient, nothing re
ut, in!-.! ict this is tho model character
• f vlti lii: V. For making all due allow
e. I did. rcuco of con*ftiutional teui
(• t, there enn be no incompatibili
ty 10-twi o the i irtuc* of the christian lite.
1 ry ,ri bran eh oof the same root, and.
I ticq nourish'* one, coinmu-j
- it* virtui to all. Hi-nco there it not
g... .1 res. on why there should be grealj
■i s' and boldness*. •te , and no humility I
and ti iokno-> Therefore m cry part u!
ti > ihristian • haracter should Lo assidu-j
ui • • lutivated, that those may appear s.|
i. lu'.ituji | to|. nun in your virtue. Giv-
j itig all diliigcnce, etc., t. e., tarnesttic**, j
':. ;ivity energy, etc Add to your faith;
virtue, etc.
M i'eter say.
1 A.ld to ym.r faith (faith tn Christ,
virtue, t(i. ngth, courage, without whn h
. tiri*t:ait .an stand up for good works
li it rl.tu.ii i> grealiy needed by all
hris'.iai.s while they live . and will u of
t ' •■ ! use to iheiu when dying. There
e Paul -:iy. (Juit you like men, be
t- .• i r ti id
J s.r'.u- knowledge, jirudrnco to
.* true'-sn by which faith will
i •vurnge directed and pre
-v> It in •!• generating into rashness.
i ki.ou..dgi temperance. 1. Ab
-of sit : g drink as a beverage.
. M !oration in d.-iring and u*issg lue
'gi Itf■:gt of natural life, 1. e , meat,
!**-- - . sl'-cp. recreations, etc An
linordinate dull* after these thing* is in
; v. -I. Nt w ill. asi earns >t desire after God
EivlChi i. Tl.ote who tako mom than is
l-.o ftb. > tiung-. tanr t render to God
r.or nsatl what it due them,
I 1 • t; :n; rat eo patics. v. A calm
totisj'i-r which bcarscv lis without murmur
ng at J friAfulness, springing from sub
tti. ;, si to tfaedivino will.
>. To paltriica godlino-* true piety, the :t- .to r< -train us from sin, and the
os <• f tioJ to constrain us lo duty.
>• To i, ilirtM* brotherly kindnt-s*—
love to (ho bretbern. fcltoar rhruliant, to
ristut a such, luarlrtg the image of
7 i b: >tl rI.V kit:u!ii-- l hatily —love
to, the wi. de rn. Even ten
a' .l I ■ . Math. L 41, ChlUl
.*s - L.-si your i iieniio*.
X\ asjdeodi-lc uicatenation of excel
lent virtu< • AS ' ;.t a inagniflcent golden
chares rca.hing back Us faith, which -us to C'brwt. and to loye tho
f faith, uniting u* to G. ! who bssistelf is
L vc. in • -der to the proper cultivation,
r- and development of these gifts of
i- 11- v Spirit in tins soul of tho c hristian
,:!.i-re must be, all diligence.
Iditignncn lo reading the w r.i of (oJ, in
| 1., the even s >f 11. ;ig. >n. prayer, re'.ig-
I. i onvertntion, etc.
{ 2 Diiigi rsce i highly ni-edful t-> rapid
growth atol progres* in hollue** He who
•*. uid ti r.-itimn a dwarf, a mere pigmy
;! ■ e-1 v. : by era: it at last must be
i Dtltg. :ice 1. Rcressary to an accuiun
lat . n .-f virtues and graces We should
not be sallsfiod with one virtue, or one
I class . I virtues, hut add . no alter another
til! we | -i .* them all, 1.11 we attain to
li • "t..:nr. of nun and women in t'hrist
A- 1 5:..-ii wci-M 'gel full . ? the image
fC! r>t, ur a- iran.o of salvalioti will
bo c. Main.
1 f The advantagi of diligence inJicate
Is imp .rtanco.
1 AI undonce. f good works,
lor if these thing, bein you, and abound
tiny uiako you that ye shall neither be
b .rrcn nor unfruitful in the knowledge of Lor 1 Jeu* Christ,
i Stability in grate.
If ye do these tilings, ye shall never fall
sin The power of God will koep
ly. u, with tha concurrence of your own
careftil and eontinucd endoavor* through;
I faith ur to salvation,
_I) A itrninip-hant entrance into giory.
F. r in i-ntrnm >■ !: all lc ministered un-:
to y : at • iant'v into the everlasting
.tt g.lou. > ! our L-<rd and &avi r Jesus
Chr.-t. Well may Peter say. Make your
■ailing nnd election sure The assurance
•I salvat. in required all diligenre.
By J. C. M.
A . enturv now is past and gone,
Gone* o • r tho ocean of time ;
A'ears and days have hurriedly flown, !
And no or are brought to mine.
Thy ii ertiful hand has guided u* on,
< •*) 11 the summit of Fame,
And e re another day shall dawn,
Gur liberty we will proclaim.
Victory, gloricui.vletory, is ours,
The foe in shame ha* retired.
And the proud banner on yonder tower 1
Dei .arc- the f. e ha* expired.
Hard v. crc the trials they had to bear.'
Hut brave the men who boru them ;
For oft they Were tempted to despair,
But always they overcame them.
But these tiavs of suflVrit.g have long,
since faded.
And than!:* he to God on high.
Where once the battle and fray bad
I- wealth which wo cannot deny.
As lng aa the planets tlu-ir course run,'
And the sun shed his lieht o'er the'
So long may ho heard from every
Words of prai o for this inorcy unfurl
ed. .
King out ye bells and let America's
He- und with lofty prnise.
May every one who hrcalh inhale*,
lit- voice to heaven rni*c.
From lull lop and from shore to shore
lit* glut ion* name pronounce,
The suit of oppression rie* no more, 1
And slavery we denounce.
Ne'er let those lip* of yours bo mute, ,
As long iik breath be given.
Beware the nwful throne repute,
And bury you in oblivion.
Until the heaven* pus.- away
Be faithful to your God, '
Until tho night shut* out the day,
lie guided by hi* rod.
[From tho Methodist ]
We are among there who beljeve that;
President Grant ought to explain to this',
fhristiuti nation, why he ha* pardoned '
•even guugcr* convicted of using their of- j
Icial power* lo uid in defrauding the rev- j
tnuooftlie United State*. We expressed, j
wo woeke i|o, a fur that tho whiskey {
nen would soon ho hack in power. The J
• itr.loning ot seven office holders, convict- J
•d by jurir* of defrauding the revenue, J
ook* very badly to u* ; and there are in- *
mixtion* Unit tlie rest of Mr lirinlow's .
ail-bird* will toon be given free wing*. )'
Die least prejudiced observer* will in- ■'
•olnnlarily think of the charge, that cam- * J
uiign tunu* camo in 1H72 from tho Wilis
y Ring, ami ask hard questions.
Hotel .-uid hoarding-houao keepers can d
iow attach the wages of their boarders for j
licit hoard bills under a law passud at tho ti
Ml (fission of tlx) Logidglurei HI
1 ilk. Mtuet uilkh 11,>1.1 lli* hi HIlivKH,
The publishers <if bidtncr'# Monthly
propose *• (heir special contribution 111
"the glories of the Centennial year,' the
i publication of the inut In-autiful number
' of* popular ninHttjr.lne ever i*ued in (ha
1 world The ambition i* u laudable one,
the pr(imio is made In Rood imth, and the
' power to (Vtlflll the protlftse will hardly be
doubtudby |b.)o Who have watched the!
I hut. ry iu .1 | rogto <>f the Ncribner mag
' aaiiHa.
Tlti* special titiinber of Set timer's
Monthly, which will bo entitled "The
.#ld*umim-r tioinlay Number," will com-
I priae one hundred nnd i*ty pug. *, con
, tributcd by the noot eminent writer*;
i anion* 111 two nrc liryant, Ntnddard, "11.
Ijll." Mdliey l.auier, Itrel llarle, K. I.
• 1 1 ah Co) Waring, dohn Burroughs, 'J
II Aldrick, t'clia Thaller, Tourgueneff,
' the Russian novelist, (Jail llumiltou, lien-
II ry'Samea, .lr . m d other* only lot* tlilin*'
'gulshcd. The illustrations will bo profune
in number, and pm tally notable as pei -
mien* the designer's, cngiavcr't and prin-i
let • art* AII ttint culture and akill, de-'
I vvlopod by a fruitful e(parlance, oando to
mate thi* number of the magu/ine at-!
{tractive, will be done. The edition will
tie in, Hit copies The content* of the Mi.l-j
•uiniiier llollntay number ol Ncribner will
to- light, a* midsummer reading generally
>hhi d be, but soma of tlie Contribution*
will ho extraordinary. Mr. llrvant'* po
1 em ol una bundled and sixty line*, pro.
dm cd ut his advance d age, will Inirly dis-
Mite the claim to eminence with onie of
Ins earlier and best known poem*. Ntod
dard'a "llospe* t'lviiuii* is the longest.!
luoit ambitious, and best poem in* has l
written fur many year*. Mrs Burnett be
gtn* her serial, "That l.a* <•' Lowrie's, '
and Itret llarte end* "tiabrio! Conroy. j
"llide-and-srk town," bv "11. 11. is a
notable sketch, with lavish wealth of illus
tration, and Ml** bridge* makes her Hrst'
appearance a* an illustrator in Mr. Bur
roughs characteristic article on birds |
The Midsummer Hullidav Number ol
Senbiier's Monthly will lie issued about|
the ISnh of July, and cannot tail to attract
very wide attention, not only from out,
own people, tut from our Intelligent visit
ot from the otlit r side of the water. Deal- j
rts should send iii llioir order* at once.
Sl'Kl UN hit A CO ,
748 Broadway, New Vurk. j
Twentyaeven Live* Lout.
Houghton, Mich , July 10. Last Kut
day morning the propeller Ht flair, C*pl.
Hubert UhynoM, truiii Ruluib, left Onl.-n
--aguti fur this port having on boald eigh
teen passrngcrs and a erow of fourteen
p.r*oii When oil' Fourteen Mile point,
and five mile* from land, a lire wat dis
c. vered in thejvesct 1 and immediately thi-i
boat was enveloped in smoke and dames
Owing to tht; rapidity with wbieh the
llainc* spread, but oti4 boat wai launched j
'All the passengers succeeded in putting;
,I life preservers Oil, whuli a rush was made!
, I for the yawi which was swatupoj six or,
, *even time*. All but one of the passon-j
' gers perished, together with ten of the
j! crow.
; N-w York, July ll.—The deathsyester
i day fiom sunstroke exceeded in number
f those of any previous day for oo year*, ex
cept July 'J, 1H72, when *H were reported.
The peculiarity ol yesterday death record
, was that every r*e of sunstroke reported
at ihopotice office, with one or two excep
-1 tuns tertuinaUwl fatally, t'p to three p.
( IU . yesterday tbo Health Board had isu
ed burial permit*, ail unu*ual large
, number hr any one day, while the pro
portion of infants who died was alarmtng
, ly on tbo increase. The regular weekly
I report of the Bureau of vita! .statistic* on
„ 1) will show the true number of death*
from kutiilroko tester.lay, which is believ*
. jed, by official* at the Health office, to be
. .nearly *Jt.
. Baltimore, .luly 11.—Yesterday there
. were 27 case* of*untroke, 14 fatal.
i. ■ —..
The Lungs
Thi* distressing and dangers: ut com
plaint and it* premonitory symptoms, neg
lected cOUgh, night swoalk. horsenest,
f W acting flath fever- permanently cured by
r "Ifr. Swayne'# Compound Syrup i f Wild
Cherry '
HKt i.Xt'HITIS - A prcmonitor of I'ul
' monary Consumption, i* characterized by
catarrh, or inflauiaUoo of the mucus mem
brane of the air passages, with cough and
° expectoration, short breath, hoarseness,
paint In the chest. For all Bronchial af
>' faction*, sorejthroat, los* of vo.ce, cough*,
Or. Ha it) ih>*ss
, Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry
it a sovereign reined v.
j Hcuiorrago, or Spitting of Blood, may
„! proceed from the larynx, tracbia, bron
, chia or lung*, and arise* from various
causes, a* undue physical exertion, pie
;ibora, or fullness f the ve*el, weak
. ■ lutigt, overstraining of tbo voice, suppress
r ed uvacualion, obstruction of the spleen or
~ liver, Ac.
I)r. SwayutM*Compound Syrup ol
H lid Cherry
" strikes at the root of disease by purifying
V the blood, restoring the liver and kidneys
' to healthy action, invigorating the ncr
\ out *ytern.
The only standard remedy fur heuiur
rnge. bronchial and a'l pulmonary com
*' plaints. Consumplivot, or those predis
r j-osi J to weak iungt, should not failtou-e
° this great vegetable remedy.
1 lu marvelou* power, not only o\ i r con
* *u nipt ion, but over every chronic disease
" w her-' a gradual alterative action is r.c< J
ed t nder it* use the cougli is loosened,
r the night sweat* dinunUhed, the pain sub
tides, the pulse return* to iu natural stand
ard, the stomach it improved in it* power
L - to digest and a*situiiate the food, and eve
e ry organ has a purer and better quality of
I bloa tupulied to it, out of which rccrea
live and plastic material it made.
Prepared onlv bv
i, 21 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia.
1 Sold bv all Prominent l>ruggit.
Positively curisl by the u*e stf
Homo Tcatimooy.
I was sorely afflicted with one of the
mo*t distressing of all disease* Pruritus or
Prurigo, or more commonly known w-
Itching Pile*. The itching at time* was
almost intolerable, increased by teratch
ing, and not unfreauenily become sore. 1
bought a box of "Swayne * Ointment;
its ue gave quirk relief, and in n short
time made a perfect cure, I can now
sleep undisturbed, and 1 would advise all
whu are suffering with this distressing
j complaint to procure ".Swayne'* Oint
ment'' at once . 1 had trid prescription*
almost innumerable, without llnding any
permanent relief. JOB. W. CHKIST,
(Firm ( f Ho.del .V Christ,)
ll -et and Shoe House, lilt North Second
St, Philadelphia.
Swnyno'* All-healing Ointment is also
a specific for Tetter, Itch, Suit Kheuni,
, Seaid Head. Brjrilpnlaa, Bukif'i hth,
Blotches, all Scaly, Crusty, Cutaneous
Eruptions. Perfectly sale and harmless
oven on the mot tender infant. Price,
oO cent*. Sent hy mail to any add re- - on
' receipt of price.
Hold by all Reading Hrugglsls.
"t'repared only by
Dr. Swayne die Son,
Sole Proprietor* and Manufacturers
Celebrated all over the world for it- rc
! -mirkable cure* of Scrofbln. Mercurial and
SyphilitipCompl*inU, and in case* where
Syphilitic virus ol the parent, onuses a de
velopinent of Svphillis or Sciofula in tin .
chilli, nothing has ever proved so effectual ]
in comnletely eradicating every vestige of'
these dangerous complaints, nnd nil di
tenses arising from
Impurity of The Mood.
Describe symptoms in all eotnmuniea
! tions, and address letters to Dr. Swayne
j A Son. Philadelphia. No Charge for ad
j vipe. .Sent by express to any address.
LONDON A Scientific
HAIR COLOR Preparation
of Raro
RESTORER: i Ingredieuts.
BfrC ultivate your hair"#® 1
London Glossy, Luxu- Hair Kestorer (
London Hair Hestorer (
London riant Hair i* one Hair Kostorcr (
London Hair Kestorer
London of the greatest ltnir Restorer
London Hair Ue.-torer
London of all personnl Hair Kestorer
London Hnir Restorer *
London Charms. Hair Restorer
All that art can accomplish in beautify
ing, strengthening, thickening and adorn
ing the hair is efleeted by using "London
llnir Color Restorer." It stimulates and;*
force* a growth ; it gray restores its natu
ral color and renders it silky uial beauti
ful : cures dandruff; keeps the toalp clean
cool mid healthy. Price 75 cents. All •
druggists and dealers sell it.
Principal depot for the United .State-, •
at) North Sixth street, above Vino, Phil
kdti'pi'iit v
--WW-.— ew .'•^aflWuaewHHaMaaaa
Crr rjnTTT'Krri
_ f,..i j? JL JLI. I. l\l vlr
i. !n*!(e t !r.'ftMl Attsr.tlon and Careful Scrufin; el
"IA/ 1 1 r\ !> T Tr:-* lnaana i 4 MMtrilfflH Lew-
V\ \J (*| l rice..... ——.
GTI vc* crpenx* of collection* and
lokM-s liolu taut n-bU
W 1 rpßitCimniiU* pi*.(cct* Die bojrer who
I may pot ha a judge of goods
Ufl. lut-irr. *. ■ y wb I v., I ■ t
'' *■' ■ XXTe n!y on Imm'-nae aalea and am tat
. , , Vl Pit. I wtUi a very small percent
!■/* I .If nor B -t* at |r4 > . • i - f j. ... 17.
ft li.iiueiiMe fptantMHt mil at tlie ,
t prio— te ftiab TTUeesytohuynf ux.irinneafl amUeatad
\JLTR xaannt.. turn V '• 1 -'kc one grulng fav°n U,.l
W every we *- ti. " v "te-i >e *dbe.
11/ . -j. i, : ; t J "vti'kT l: ITO and drtete are d-mc away
*V ( 1 J I ft- -). Jyl. ly (;.fUoiirl*rtlUi
_ out having n> ash lor tt
111K J lit a tl. iH ■!! I) | til: It. "
1 J • •"- )' 1 /"itlttioverxpesirbar.eapUalandfficft-
YJ tUsa ea use lor the people's beaett
!■: !■ v. ring prices
llfE ( .t <' •> it it: l. -..iy .. _
\*7 IE fill <■*■', m n-orl ved by imS from all
UfK i :apl y trie's-- w tic -i tn f . I""'•* ,J ' 'lie t iuicl tsialea. Write
every Jt ; rUoii.l ' . - - IT "
WE gtvcmtls • • 1 1 . r VJf'Ta iiJtlfl..frtk run tn Imrtagof
of I*turn the t... , Pi ' A child xuay tmy as cheaply
InaddtU ato our lamcnM . k -.f ti ady Ma.te f tothlnr, we have a Magnllkcsat Ltn#
i.f Vleii * and 15... • f umixbiiig stilrti (of our own asks) and tuderweer, all at U*fi
Very how est Mew.
Rurucre autl Sliijipcrt of the celehratfrl
Dealer* iu tho very of
[\NTDU VU,TE ( 44AL i
Tb only ti. *in Getili* Omuly wlioaeli the
from the olj Baltimore mines Also
of A -Unas it* tV il dryly Imu-"d exprt fly for houscus .at thfi lowest price*
I They pay the higlu--i price* in cash or grain that the Eastern mark eta will albri.
Ih .gLI or wiii be *.di on comil.i. * i n when desired, arid full price* guaranteed. In*
formation coac. rningnic grain trade will be furnished at all time*, to farmer
' with pleasure, free of charge.
which i* alwayt dd at lov. prit , and warranted to be as good a fertiliser a* an
other piaster.
oyntit ADD 7 Am
IT rrulns at! llw virtues c( tkr 1 gbt Runsung "DOMESTIC," induXag the Automatic
* Tension, h. S *s nnd i. the t*t tn IT—
(f-I'les.r 11 ii.c our PA I fc.Nl HAKUfcNPD CONICAL Pt AklNtiS oa both the Macfcuac
and Sum)
thii nrn and .J.I iilr*., mwked "it ;ih brsn i nc Mschinrry an.! Tools at our aa acn wotfct.
In the teiy . ity e ( Ntaik. Nc* li ncy, tux- viwa u a standaid of -\Jt A'llA NIC At KXCKL
-I.KNCF-. Minimum cf Fit. ii. n. Masimuia L>urabiliiy, aad raitf- vf wotk, arret fcmtutiß
reached la the Scuuig Machine ucrtd.
Mf invite the attention of all. eipccially those having high mechanical akiU or
valioo. N li.—AU Mdwhtbct iuily waiiißicd.
Now "Voi-ls tt*x*l Chicnjpo.
——Wo would i -ti em it an < special fa
vor if every friend of the Reporter w uid
send us the name of at Ica-t one subscriber,
; with the Cash—for three months. 60cent*;
| six months §I,OO, and one year Read
ier, won't you try nnd do us thi- liltlo fu
jvor, and will repay you by improving the
Reporter. Send us the natttcs of six new
subscribers, with tho Cash, and we will
"end you tho Reporter one year free.
The best table Hinl bar, und excellent
stabling for horse*. Also a fine resort for
summer boarders. Huss to depot, and
daily stages to Centre count*. Charges
reasonable. GEO. BItEGN', l'rop'r.
No (i IlroekcrhofT Row,lU'Hefonlc,Fa
Dcalcrsin Bin;*. 4 liciiiiciiis
Perfltwery, I'aiict (ioihl* AC.
Furo Wino* uud Liquors for medicr
miFVUSS Hiww JkVpt. ÜB>4' 31,75, ,
McClain's Block, Directly Opp. Bush
Bellofoiite, Pa.
11. UKItMAY A CO., Prop'rw.
Dry Goods,
IK'low the Usual Pi-Ices. '
W, J ; £ J - HARRIS.
A ,I,"?°<-'K*RNOFF ROW.
A new nt:rm.n!W Hardware Store
u ut lh * undersigned in
llrockrrhor. a*w bqlluing-whe'e (hoy
" t, i r f pa •" **. kind* of Building
and House Furnishing BiriknN, Iron
Hteel Nail*.
In *?**£. , wh, ol In Champion
Ctotbee W ringer, SI ill *•, Circular mid
Hand Snw, Tennon Haws- Webb Saw*,
lon ( roam Frcecers, llalh Tub*. Cloth)
Hack*, • fkiil assortment *>t Glass and
Mirror J'lato of all tit**, pwfciiw Frame#,
\\ hsclharruw*. l*mpt, Co*' Oil Lamps,
2?™n'. Bpnltsa, allooa *°d Buna.
I lows, Cultivators, Corn F'* ,w, j_ Plow
Points. Nhear Mold Hoard* *nd Cullivi.
lor Teotb, table Cutlery. Hbo** I *. Bp*de
and Fork*. Lock*. Hinge., Nc">ws. Sash
Springs, Horse-8 hoc*. Nails, Norway
Rod., Oila, Lard, Lubrleal'** Coal,
Linseed, Tanner*, Anvil*, Vice*. BW.
Hrr.w IMaU*, Blacksmiths Tool*/ Factory
Bell*. Tea Boll*. Grindstones, Csrpentei
Tool* Fruit Jar* and Can*, Pai Dt - Oils
\ arm.he* received and for .ale a 1
tuna& J. A J HABRIB
Hardware Store.
A now, complete Hardware Nloro ha*
been opened by the undesigned in Cen
tre Hall, where be it prepared to sell all
kind* of Building end House Furnishing
Hardware, Nail*. Ac.
Circular and Jiand Snwi, Teuton Saw*
Webb Baws. Clothes Hack*, a full a.orV
merit of Glass and Mirror Plate Picture
Frame*. Spoke*. Felloe*, end Huh*, table
Cutlery, Shovels, Spade* and Fork*,
Lock*. Hinge* Scrow*. -Hath Spring*.
Nail*, Norway Rod*. Oil*,
Tea Bell*, Carpenter Tool*, Paint, Varn
Picture* framed in the finest style
Anything not on hand, ordered upon
shortest notice.
pir Remember, all nod* offered cheap
er than elsewhere
Simon Haines*
Manufacturer of
Httgonn, Ac,
Of every description ; running gear for
ali kind* of vehicle*, made to order, and in
fir.t class manner. Being a practical me
chanic. I would WARRANT ALL
WORK to give satisfaction. Repairing
promptly attended to at the to wet rate*.
Coffin* of all style*
made on shortest notice. The business
of undertaking attended to in all
branchee. Respectfully solicits a share
public patronage. sept y
Mark These Facts !
| Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Boietand Ul
Alt description of sores arc remediable
j by the proper and dilligent use of this in.
estimable preparation. To attempt to cure
ted legs by plastering the edges of the
' wound together 1* a folly * for should the
Ulrin unite, a boggy diseased condition re.
mams underneath to break oat with tcu
ifokl fury ih a few day# The only ration
.•' and -ucressful treatment, as indicated
f by nature, is to reduce the inflammation
i a and abut the wound and to soothe the
neighboring parts by rubbing in plenty <f
the Ointment a* salt is forced into meat.
This will cause the malignant humors to
!e drained eff from the hard, swollen, and
discolored part* round about tba wound,
'sore, or ulcer, and when these humors arc
• removed, the wounds themselves will eeon
IIMI ; warm bread and water poultice* ap
plied over the affected parts, after the
Ointment ha* been well robbed in, will
! soothe and soften the same and greatly as
sist the cure. There is a description oif ul.
.ccr, sore and swelling, which need not be
named here, attendant upon the ioliim of
i youth, and tor which this Ointment i* ur
* gently recommended a* a sovereign rem -
edy. In curing such poisonous sores it
never fail* to restore the system to a
healthy state if the Fills be taken accord
j ing to the printed instruction*.
Dipthtberim, Ulcerated Sore Thrust,
and Scarlet and other Fever*.
Any of the above direarM may be cured
Hy well rabbin* the Ointment three timer
day into the chert, throat, and neck of
the patient; it will rooa penetrate, and
jrivc immediate relief. Medicine taken by
the mouth tnurt operate upon the whole
ryrtem ere tu influence can be felt in any
i local part, whareat the Ointment will do
:U work at once. Whoever trier the un
gueut in the aboTe manner for the di
reatca n aired, or any rimilar duordcr* af
tecting the chert and throat, will find
themrelvet relieved at by a charm All
j' offer err from there complaint* rbou'd en
velope the throat at bedtime In a large
j bread and water poultice, after the Oint
ment bar been well rubbed in ; it will
greatly arrirt the cure of the throat na<*.
chert To allay the fever and learen the
inflammation, eight or tea Piilr rhow'.d be
taken night and morning. The Ointment
will produce porvpiration, the grand er
i-cntial in all care* of fevert, tore throat",
or * here there might be an oppression of
the chert, either from atlhma or other
Piles, Fistul*, Strictures,
j The above class of complaints will be re
: moved by nightly fomenting the parts uh
warm water, and then bj most effectuallv
rubbing in the Ointment. Persons sufft-r
--' ing from these direful complaint* should
lose not a moment in arresting their pro
gress. It should be understood that it is
I not sufficient merely to smear the Oint
ment on the affected parts, but it must be
well rubbed in for a considerable time two
jor three times a day, that it may be taken
into the syflora, whence it will remove
any hidden sore or wound as effectually
as though palpable to the eye. There
' again bread and water poultices, after the
j rubbing in of the Ointment, will do groat
'service. This is the only sifVo treatment
for females, cases of cancer in tie surai
ach, or where there may be a general bear
ing down.
Indiscretions of Youth ; —Sores and'
; Blotches, as also swellings, can, with
certainty, be radically cured if the Oint
ment be used freely, and the Pills taken
[night and morning, aa recommended in
j the printed instruction*. When treated
in any other way they only dry up in one
j place to break out in another; whereas
.this Ointment will remove the humor
from the system, and leave the patient a
rigorous and healthy being. It will re
quire time with the use of the Pills to in
jure a lasting cure.
AltlKwata MM itmr rotttpUiwu dtScr in thetr
.>rin utl n.lurr. ret tlwj nil r,-jnit.- luml tmt rt-. at
Mnnj uf th wont rtuMW, at awr ti .Wax-,. vtU irid ta
t*mp*imt trlr ttbotl ol Una when Hit. Oiwt
iront t> diltcwntir rubbed Into Mir parts agertrd. ctro
't.■ rrrn '"Mirr BMU ban fail,-I la all arrtoo*
>,aladtait*. Pills tluaM ba taken inMnluf to tb
rtnlod dltwrUoaa acecmpsu., tnc oach l>oi
Both the (liniment and Pills should bo
used in the following cases .•
tUd Wa. Cora, t Soft . ; Kald.
Had lira,.!*. t'aurora. ;Sorr Niacin.
Hurtu. Li... ...... Coatnwtrd and s.or 'rbruala,
I Rita of Moor tin- Sttf Jctalk. ti,n tlm-fMf,
Utm and band Klrpbanuaai*. iScwry.
Ktonlaa. flea v.r* lloada,
jtWhay. t.laoduUr Swell-Taatora,
! 155SK 100I 001 * a - i "■*• t K-rn,
MlbUtn. PUaa, Sana,
j t Sapped IJmkU, KbeataaUaau. Yt.
t AUTIUN !—None arc genuine unless
;tho signature of J. HAYPOCK. as agent for
the United Slates, surrounds each box of
l'ills and Ointment. A handsome reward
will be given to any one rendering such
information as may lead to the detection
of any party or parties counterfeiting the
medicines or vending the same, knowing
them to be spurious.
* a* Sold at the manufactory of Professor
HOLLOW A v & Co., New York, and bv all
respectable Druggists and Dealers in Med
icine throughout the civilized world, in
boxes at 26 cents, 02 cents nnd $1 each.
S&-There is considerable saving by
taking the larger sizes.
N. Ji.—Directions for the guidance of
patients in every disorder are affixed to
each box. 26 ma.v, eov.jr
Am UDITOK S NOTICE --lu the Or
phan's Court for the County of Cen
Estate of JACOB KEPLER, dee'd.
The Auditor appointed by the Court to
report advancements and make distribu
tion of the funds in the hands of John W.
Krumrine and 24. J. Kepler, administra
tors of said decedent, and also of the mon
ey arising from the real estate of said de
cedent allotted to J. M. Kepler, by pro
ceedings in the Orphau's Court, will meet
the purties interested, for the purpose of
his appointment, on Tuesdav, Aug. Ist,
A. D. 1876, at 10 o'clock A. M., at his of
fico in Bcllcfonte.
July IS. Auditor.
Special Meeting of the Stockhold
ers of the Lewisburg, Centre & Spruce
Creek Railroad Company will be held at
the office of the Company, No. 233 South
Fourth Street, Phila , on Tuesday, July
26th, 1876, at 1 o'clock, p. in., for the pur
pose of taking action upon a proposed
lease to the Penn'a K. R. C<.
By order of the Board.
13 jul 2t. JAS. K. M'CLUKE, Sec'y.
JAS. M'MAN US, Attorney at Law
Bellei'onte, promptly attends to at
tiMWIIWtWtW tv JniiVWt