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T.lUtt DAY MAY 4, IP7.
, -icir-lv evenlna In Ih* l>,'*t fell-"" "•<>
.1 vt ~:i.i.ii.-m>. Naet U.I Han sir. S
*•* it i .'ST t.X" at:. > ■ a M_* ntesls ;
|| ..,.|-j cv-nlna.on or after w*,-tl full moon In
sd<l I Vtt 'wa Hall ._ v
i ! Us at a- am. Se,*t V tt Min.ii s.
|'.M<asnN,i*.r.'t It. meet* on S \\'*V} K> * f
t m -on,*n .1. afro, ...tall wee", at PisirMslt
V M t' S of Csntro "all. meets In Uj* haaoment
o- til, 1 ,nhor-n oharet- . a. t -llows , .7
Ml . . m.n.fcvl ami Silt t vtitna of a.!> ui. M.-
\ s„ Nits'- Paswa Mrrusojst an,t .Wst I"
;,,.„0 - Krata*sa M. vrtN-.- r.„ Ml. I , la, *
ti. .1 ~l re-nth-toi*ln*r, t rt.tAT.
The new M. V. church w ill be ded
ie .tcd (hi divine pormis-on' to the wor
-l.ip 1 Almighty Hod, on Sunday, May 7
Serx ic.sto commence at iialt past ten o
clock, a ni. liev. d. Curns. of Alto na
Will preach the dedicatory sermon. Rev.
.1 \V Leekie, Rev. NY. Gwynnnnd other
ministers will Ve present.
J. lUen Rurrcll. formerly of Aa
ron-burg, and the second school superin
tendent of this county, is pastor of St.
Matthew's I.uth. church. Btooklvn.
The Snyder county railroad, it
said, will ft-' >"ti' operation again sotue
time in May.
Think of it! ifTO pairs of pant* cut
by or.o i an. in one day, by the new uia*
, ice used at Wanamaker -t Brown's, fth
n ,1 Market, Philadelphia
The bill which has been pasted by
the I- ~is' tore authoi iaing the err,'.ion > *
w ate ; . ought at suitable place- ,rt th>
pubi c li'i Jfavs, does not apply to eoun
t,- 1 \i ft le?s than t\tA> inhab tar.t-
O 'c-equently Centre .* : a walerit.ft
tr, iiftb county.
• Hoffer & Kline i- farmer head-iuar
tcrs tor storc-ftffods. Tho largest, be?t
n' .1 cheap-?f stock ot g '-I- in ;!vc . .utv.
Jki ything you want alwajra on hand,
k > ..- a'- R 1 Rat*-
tlextdoor to Dcfehner's gun .-hop. Kmc
cue article- at l->v. p: ~,s. Mr 1. . -
k\i the only druggist in the - unt\ who
i- aVrwduato in pharmacy.
V-The Nursery, Ibr May. is at hat i
and full of entertainment for tho little
folks. . Published in l n.
"Rio parties who u-re tried las.
we, t at, Bollcfonte for robbing Taylor s
store ah Lcmor.t and Hoffer oc Kline*
store a" Relief r.t.\ were found guilty ar-. ':
sentenced by Judge Orvi-as follow- ' -
cob Durst 7 years, Honelly 6 year- an—
Peters - year- in penitentiary. Durst
pic ul guilty in the robbing of Iloffer *
store, Y.-ung Thompson, of the Seven
mountains, who also had a hand in these
robberies, turned states evidence.
Y.i _--g M Kinney, who stole a watch
f i 1,. - uncle in the Loop, got two years
in th • penitentiary.
Court, 2nd week, opened on Mon- j
d. • Judge Miyer presiding. The ease ;
. f i'. F. llerlachcr Geo. Durst
].weli Meyer and J hn From for con- j
spiraey, was taken up and postponed to j
Augu-t term.
The grand jury, we understand, last j
week, recommended the building ofaA>,
feet addition to the rear of theeourt-hou*e. ;
This .ddifion to supply a sitting room f r
ladies having business at court, and an j
additional chamber for holding court at ;
tho satne time while court is being held in
the main room—or to permit of two
c urts being held at the same time.
—Firmer'*, two of the celebrated
J:,.ks n's wagons, new, can be bought
very low, at T. A. H . k s A Br©., hard
ware store. Bclltf'-n!e.
W>. Wolf i now in Philadelphia,
to lay in a stock e-f spring good*. Hold up,
until his r.ow goods arrives if you wish to
g.-t the newest styles, best goods and at
the h west prices.
Sn. w -quails on Sunday, followed
by a h< avy freeze in the night, and rather
Cc>oi ait day Monday.
Mr. M'Aliister, widow of II N.
M Allister, died at Ilarrisburg, on last
Friday. Her burial took place at Belle
k .tea Monday.
There will be a '•Children's Meet
ii g" In the M. E. church, on next Sun
day, at "k:Ai p in. The different Sab
bu'.h schools of this place are invited
to be present. This meeting, no doubt,
w.ll be interesting to both old and young,
as ministers from a distance, and ethers,
wi.l address tho children. C- me.
On Monday morning tbo mill dan-,
of Mr. Fieming, in the Loop, bad a cov
i ring of ice. Pretty tough for May day.
The Complete Washer takes like
li t cakes wherever exhibited. It is be
yond doubt tbo best, cheapest, and sim
ple.-: machine out. Just see it work tw >
minutes and you are satisfied. Works
easy, weighs only 11 pounds, and costs on
ly $•". No humbug at ail—but a thing of
real merit. John 11. Miller, of Centre
Ila.l, is proprietor of tbi- county, for ll 1-
liule jcwelL
-—ln Union county they complain of
the pike,—the Mifflinburg Telegraph
says Complaint is again made against
the Turnpike Company for their neglect
to keep their road in proper repair, an 1
this time ye are as-ured the matter will be
brought to a conclusion, and if the c m-
I any shall continue to exact tolls the ) - <>-
j Is shall have the benefit pf a good road.
Seribner"s Monthly for May is out
in all its elegance and excellence. Read
ing mutter and illustrations as good ai
u-uaL It is truly a periodical worth tak
ing and preserving. ft a year Scribmr
& Co., N. Y.
Twenty froggics wont to school
Down beside a rushy pool :
Twenty little coats of green,
Twenty vest? all white and clean.
"We must be in time," said they :
"Firs', we study, then wsl play ;
That is how to keep the rule
When we froggics go to school.'
Master llulifrog, grave and steri ,
Called the elates in their lurn ;
Taught them how to nobly strive,
Likewise bo* to leap and dive ;
From his seat upon the log.
Showed them how to ,ny "Ker-chog !
Al-=o how to dodge a blow
From the sticks which bad boys throw.
Twenty froggics grew up fast;
Bullfrogs they became at last;
Not one dunce among the lot.
Not one lesson they forgot;
Polished in a high degree.
As each froggie ought to be ;
Now they sit on other logs.
Teaching other little frog*. — Sursti
'jodad aqt qflnoaqt peidrjeog qmoiM;:
•itspi avau 'tflQ sp (JMg poetf-fiST
Ladies of Centre Hall and vicinity,
wishing to employ nn experienced manltia
maker at reasonable rates, by the week,
should apply to Miss Alice R. Bollinger,-
whose address at present is Potters Mills.
Mi.-s Bollinger will render satisfaction t"
all needing her services, having had th
best opportunities in gaining perfection at
her trade. 3t.
LARD WANTED.-The highest
market price will be paid in Cash, for lard
during the next two weeks, at the Cah
Store of J. Spigelniyer, Centre Hall. 2t
J. S. MILLER, Fashionable Tailor, Aa
ron-hurg. Shop few d*urs west ct Dr
Master's 4may tf
James Hill, Commission merchant
for the purchase and sale of Grain, Flour,
Feed, Baled Hay, Butter, Eggs, Cheese.
Lard, Potatoes, Apples, etc. Consignments
Solicited. Office and Warehouse, 2u7
North Main street, I'ittston, Pa. 20ap 4t.
sending their subscrip
tion to this ollicc, can seo on the address
on each paper, whether credit has been
given—that answers same us a receipt.
FLEAS of Centre County, subpir
na in Divorce No, 58, January
Term, 1870.
]Cmmu Kearns, by lier next friend, &e..
John Keains. •
The undersiglied haying been appointed
Commissioner to tuke testimony in the
above stated ease will meet the parties iu
teresied on Saturday, the til!ml day o!
May, A. D., 187b, at 2o'clock, p. m.. in hi.-
odiee at Beilefonte. W. F. RKBEK,
I - (!. \\ Run . .c, Mp Rutfa
lo Run, w :<• i'<-hl*r> i■* i ii i .'i on
Mon.'ev . In • f' • '•
The organ gi ii -Yr in# ■ 'ii will •••
be in bin.-'- >tn, Th Itali in luirp nnl !\J
(lie have b< on .around.
K, v W T W\! of Helirfonte,
has accepted Iho pr< aid, ncy of \\ ilson I*. -
male Colligo, nt Dhainb-r-burg, and will
enter upon his duties n- kmii *i< ho can
cioso h:> affair* with hi- pi • > ! t i i-i--i
ftioiiio of the h >;tr<i w .ill in tlii? town
iii oil repairing. thviii - , pei.-ihle
for any ICtidtMl that tuny happen through j
-ueh neglect.
lluihloi needing hardware w ill f.iul
J. O. Do.n.nget i tho plaoo to dent ami
save nt mu'v
A mco-ingel tho railroad directors
was held at Philadelphia, on Tuc-day of
la.-t Week. Mr Duncan int in. u- that it
was ono of tho no-tut factory meeting*
Vet held, and he f, ,mu.-h <-• , .-ursjjt d
for the pKJ.-peets ,-f the *. oa.l -ho w >rk
-<n Paddy mountain t> not to I - ..httmion
ed, as reported, hut i- to be pushed ripht
ahead to completion.
Harper's o - M y lia
; heen received and clo-e-i tho fifty*-ce >nd
voiunte ef lh> ) i-.ih.r periodical. l*h*
l.unil-er ~ nUim .*, v. r- [all ,1 : . .
on So,ithc st t' -ado I', lee* tel a:*.
Wheel while M 1. ; e -
H't excellent paper hi MsJ, \ Ire, ai d
Ite'oocc.s Harding 1> >v in her -■ -co: d
put of "Phda.tcij . (Hi -gi :
til® people anti manner* at the opening - :
It. *. i.iti t. An ill -> I- ,i. (Ie
K . tt? "Daniel iVr.-itda" is git. n The
- I•- inc. : a -***...'
of aii rial -torv fJi by Mr-. Di i ,
R,Cnlk, entitlad "Tuc Lttntra) Bwah
an . Id-fa-'.ionc-l I. \ St.• t -
—-Fecli' jj n .llesl upon to -ercttado hii
ami, ;• H' tting so that ho could - ;uev.-
* t, vv d-h.ul no.? ■ i.;t if it, 1.0 posted
h mself under her win 1 >\v one night and
began plaintively howling, "Ob, wl i-per
what lh< u fee'e-t : >:it> poked her head
out of the window at the third lino an J
said, "Oh, it's you, is it I thought it
I '- oats. And you want Uio to whisper
what I feejt-t, hey ' Well, I feelest tired,
; that-what. It. en working a hard run
ining sewing machine all day. Clot me a
•Light-Running l> :... stic' and th u I'll
knew you mean business."
81 \ 6IOT|
| A correspondent speaking of this new
j -umuu-r resort, say* .*
Wo have simply to further, that wv
J hel i-TCt-i-s Grave appreciate* its destine
■ aid i- bravely preparing to meet it. It i
prejected on a ?ca!r of enlarged expecta
tatii-n. Every public improvement ne- : -
arv to a delightful, suti.-fving summer
r< i ti> be provided. Already water
work*, with a system of stre*t pipes, arv
nearly c tuple!--!, to furnish the hctols
and cottages with e\ar and Co-1 spring
water A horse-car railroad connect* with
Cape Island City and tho world beyond
The po-t-offie#, expre.-s, and telegraph are ;
here. Bath b. uss, with arrangements
for lot a:.d < Id fr.-h . 1 sal; wmer baths
.re amply provided. Hard, wide, solid
drives girt the city. tire, nhoni— are al
ready tilled with choice plant* and flowers
to beautify the avenue-. Day and Sun- '
day-school* for the children, necessary .
-hops and store*, and ali conveniences and
appliance* f.-r n rr-tlul tummer -ojournt*
by the se:.--ido will be ■; .dily s .ppitcd. !
Tue grain looks very promising.
Fishermen are daily trying their hick.
Don't say Grant to me.—Republican.
Our "select ' school does very well.
.Some Of OUr neighbors have p'ar.ud.
sugar maples a! ng the front of their lots.
We hope that in any i. re will follow their I
wise example.
The Lutherar - have purchase d the half f
the brick church belonging to the Reform
ed sect, and mean to take it down and
erect a new building. By all appearance
tho Reformed eongrogati -n tncan* to
build also pretty shortly.
C. Stover and S. CVnJo have o-inmc:.. -J
work on their dwelling hous •*. I>.
Brutngarf* br: k <. Ttice isju-t at fin
ished. "Work i- pretty bri.-k tpr r.t,
yet a great many are ut of employ.
Our neighbors in K reamer villi- make
things go quite lively. E-L Wei rick has
nearly completed hi* he-use, an 1 >. Hack
man put up a very hat ds-•.• stable, while
James Frank hs* added quit ! an exten
sive suwuuer house to his resid. -, and
John Wate gave hi? uea : -w coat f
weatherboards. Wo learn that • veial
i ther 1., u-es are to go up during the sum
John B real or 1- abiut j tii: g up a new
dwelling hou-e, -lx'2& fe- :-t -to ie* high
Geo. K. It. Il'iyer mean- to put up a 1 .nk
barn UiLyear. lliar M. a.
The following lint* were written on the
death of Mr .J. G. Meyer, yUt OD,
J. Calv in Mcy r.
Oh, dear mother, t! ou l ast left us,
Left us never to return ;
Ob, how lonely and how cheerless
Arc the homes since thou art gone ;
Ye-, we -adiy miss thee, moth- r.
Moments j .i-s so slowly by ;
Anxiously we wait the morrow,
For a glance of thy bright eye.
Thou art gone, yes, ne forever,
To the realms of endle-s joy.
To the land where hearts ne'er sever,
Where there's bliss without aiioy.
Thy sweet counsel r.c i r shall vani-h
From the mind -of tb - you loved;
N < "er shall thol's of tbee be b.ini-hed,
Not on earth nor heaven above ;
No more words of consolation
Will be i-*ueil from thy lips ;
1 iiou hast filled thy • arthly mi-sion,
Tb' Lord has called the • home to rest.
But our parting is but transient,
For tin- world is fraught with pain ;
Soon we'll join thee and the ransomed.
Where we'll never part again ;
Thou no more art with us numbered,
Far above thy '"! did go :
"Feaei'ftil he thy silent umber 4,
Peaceful in ll < grave so low. ' —Clio
Hearts were filled with true delight;
Rut our dearest earthly treasure
Ha been taken from our sight;
Then farewell our darling mother.
Arid WT we shall come to die,
May we, father, si-ters, brothers,
All unite beyond tho sky. Cno.
Appropriate music bus been composed'
to the above words by her son. Win. T
Meyer, which in due tiun will bo publish
el with tbi mclhcr's phoiogiaph entitle*
- 1 - - ♦ ♦ ■—~~
Wiiliam-p. rt, Pa , April 'At. —About
ten o'clock la-t night an icendiary fire war
started in the heart of the lumber district
and in <>r.o of tho most dangerous locali
ties. The flame steadily itlcr.ii'd. The
flames shot up rapidly and at 11 o'clock
it had developed sufficiently to show that
a serious conflagration was threatened.
By 12 o'clock the whole city wn- illumin
ated and the light WHS seen at Milton,
twenty-five miles distant. Mayor •Stark
weather, after n hurried consultation will
the chief and foreman of the fire depart
ment, at once decided to u?k assistant'
front abroad and he immediately tele
graphed to Lock Haven, Munbury and
W atsontowD.
The lute-t estimates place the total h'-s
at about $125,000. The principal loser
are Herdic & Muynard, §50.000; insured
for $31,500. Ranstead Se Fiyiin, $35,00<
insured for $20,500. Thotna> Tozicr, 5-12,-
iJOO ; insured for $7,000. Hubbard Ac Man
bey §3,000 ; insured tor $5,000. L. liul
den, of Klmira, s&*), fully covered by in
surance. _ There is also a 10.-t of about
SIO,OOO in damaged railroad tracks be
longing to IbeCuUkwiua railroad and tin
lumber yard.
At two o'clock the Lock Haven engine
company arrived and at once hurried t<
the scene, but were too late to tender an,>
assistance, m> at that hour tho fire had
spent its strength and was under control.
At about the same time the "Watsontowi
and sunbury fire companies arrived. Ii
is estimated that 'J.000,000 to 10,000,000 tcci
of pine lumber wero burned.
Little Rook. April 21.—0f the six met
hung at Foil Smith lOfduy, one was u ful
blood negro, three full blood Choctaws
ouo full blood Chctokce and one whip
wau. I Ley were all uvuuaced at the lati
torntof li t I* a i <1 i—tatof I i nut I'ourt
to; t :> \\ - 111 tii ili-trict of Arknn - on
tho third ot r-' pt nl k r lat. Nx -lh,r
woto hit; it snino limo -inoo Tin - -iv
worn e\< i 'oil on tin- -nine soniJoM
Aar i AN 1 n tne::> was ooi \ • tod
of tho tuiir lor ot an old man name.l liar
in-, front NohfH-hn. who wtraveling to
!'lV\a with hi- lilllo *on in September
last. Tllfl i" n, aflor witnessing fho murder
>f hi- t .th. r, pYml for ntorcy, hut tho
m*gr. kilh i hit h> 1,0 >li>-ghim through
tho ! rain i W , ar \\ iohit t *n
in 1 linn territory Tho mutiloror
tin *, ot t■ t ■! r\ ition of tho \\ i. hi
In 1 n,l nt . an,l 101.l tho savages what ho
!iml Jono, ti. i. ,1 t .in koHio of tho spoil*,
1, ■ \ li\: ift boon possessed ot a
good Wagon a 1 t, im, a lot of good-, pro
vi- . n-. A. , Inr In- atrocious lo .1 up
palled i Von Iho India: --, and instead ol
accepting ii. ot! r. thov rot orted tho facts
at Koit Sit) ami oau>or Iho arrosl of tho
murderer. 110 was taken to the scene of
In- foul deeds, having ju, , loust v t, 1,1 the
Indians wl ore ho had killed the old man
and his -on, and bv Ibis mean- their bod
i, were ,1.-cover, ,1 NVH-on was of mo
urn < h,'.. , i i . ve of \ irtflnia and of
considerablet b genre. He served five
\ ,r- in th Unite i State- army.
I- mi Scaly, i,|red about tw,iit\ tie
fMn and Gibson Inhlanuhbia, both Choc
ih„ , w, ', convict, 1 of t!>e *amo crime,
th ii ,*t mi i!d Plioclaw I.allied
Pinilt'V, till ll: ,inll doctor Mild llli, a
colored woman. Thta w.a- near St-me
wa inthet'li Nalt il, about four
> ,*ar> ago. Ti c murderer* called at the
t ictuo- h , . eteiiittg to atMS ail
mg; t, and during the mght,
tii on -|,it tho oil man'- head
■pen with an n\>. while Scaly beat the
woman to d nth with an old gun barrel
u -*d to I. , p the door lit the cabin shut.
I "\!'i 1 ION or rilK OUDPS
THKift'llHtH rTH K W his r
t j . April'.t '1 he Inter-Dc,-.n of
n.u: i • i ibli-he- ropo, from
iwohi,; *i 1 p nt in Illinois, Itidiat ;i,
Mis and l',* iplrtt t, tlwilln
bulk of the winter wheat is grown, show
ing their, . .it c.ndilion of the growing
crop* tf winter wh, at and fruit. Illinois
pr, mis, a ;in ;\ vv c, til", in the w heat
tcacd . - prove tt failure, hut by far
the majority of the reports are encourag*
, i; ... Peach • w. re injured by the cold
ali varieties -.null fiuit lv>.>k well and
, pr.-m so abundant yield. Miel gait
j *d P-nn-ylvauia report excellent pro
pec.- .'.-r au kinds of crop- , Michigan
' expect* ap' nt i! y 1.1 . f everything. In
Indiana the winter and pring proved uu
favorat-le : >r winter wheat and peaches,
Out apple- and small fruit generally np
', i>- ar to be thriving.
I'll K t; A KRISON t>F MCSIC St' li-
llagu-a, Aj r.l '. I Tho garrison of Nie
-ic n.ado a -> . :i l.i Jay last to procure
provision* from l'o -jika but was repuls
.d. It i- -.a. cd that N ICsiC 1- reduced to
extremities, the garrison and inhabitant*
subsisting < 11. i.orse- introduced from
Montenegro during the night.
Altoona l'u., April '.*> —Ernest Plack,
aged --voi n years was murdered l#rc
hmt night, ilia body was found this
morning in a st-i e quarry on the out
skirts of the city. Hi- watch and money
had been taken. He was shot in the side.
There is no clue to the murderer.
t aiouga. 111., April ; ■ Adi.-pa'.eh jt.-t
-tv. .xv,! by G ra! >heridan fr m Gen
■ ral Crook .-> th- Indian.- ..t Red CI. ud en tho verge of starvation, owing to
negl.-et in forwarding -upplies ; that un
■ ess immediate step? are t..ken to supply
them they will all leave the reservation,
and fear- are enti tained, considering
th- ir pr. - nt t -mj. r, tl :.t t l - r-y will make
a raid on the whites.
A little- rn.-ro a month frorn the
time of met it - g f the Republican Nat. -n
--al Convention Hud* the most pr -minent
candidate* of the party before that Con
vention under invest,gation by committees
- f Congres* To-uay the r< -olution . f Mr.
Tali' x t ' inxCstiga: - the L ni. rt l'aeilit
scaudal, with which Mr. Blaine's name
has been connected, w ill likely be adopt
er!. Ihochargv :-.g .inst Mr. Morton that
ho ust-vi Government money to run the
Republic .n State Gov. rnmcnt of Indiana,
arv to be 1. k -,i into by Mr- Gl.-v, r's
committee this week. Secretary Bri-t -w
ba- been for several day* defending him
self b> fore th"C--nimitl. - oa Expenditure
in tl. Tnv-ury 1> ; .rtnient in the Mary
Sfvrr.t: tii.-i . -v .; Exvn Mr i
ling feels bin.self, ngerieved tC count t--ti
mony 1 :<r the 1! >u-e Commit! • .:i
I reign At?-:r- I. ti matter fti e Em
ma .Min,- :t! >, ;nd I,.is asked t> b-'
j beard, (i .1 rr rII iye ,of Ohio, las not
be- rt J- u pr. : < rit en ugh n-y-t a
acandi h.te to excite the ire and rivalry o|
i the lead :.g Rep ibl. utis wbo are engaged
in the Ki!k--nny controversy of killing
each other off in tho Cincinnati race, la
th. lat.g • f the N w York W-ri-l
'l.o Demi rats at Wi.-kiugl n are main a j rfecllv benevolent neutrality
j Philadelphia, April 1> —At the mi t
ing of the <•••:.:, nnial commissi- rs t>•
right it was deciJed to close the buildings
,on Sunday, hut the ground will b" open
j on that day free of charge.
I Tho population of Ire!and!cerca.rd 11,-
'. n h" v >ng the total of about five
million three hundred thousand.
Here is an arti< : o for housekeepers:
1 no >eienti: •- American n-s'-.-ts that a little
-cap lather mixed with the starch will
prevent the f! it-ir n from sticking to lin
•n, and gives the gloss so conspicuously
absent in the bome-Uundricd article. Eas
ily tried.
(Quebec, April le Ad vices from Gispe
stat j there 1.-, great distress on the coast.
1 he supply • f Hour and hay will give out
unle.-s navig ition opens early, ll is feur
• ! man v will die of hunger. One woman
died at Pierce Inst week from starvation.
St. Louis, April 28. Quite a serious riot
occurred at Leaven worth Knnsa*, yester
-1 .v. betwi • ii a!" dv ol striking miners
nii'i S"ine negr<>< whom the owners of
the mine int<-nbd P set to work, ri-toU,
knives, rocks, brickbats, clubs, etc., were
us'-d, and one loads anil bones were
broken, but no fat.,l casualties are report"
A siik dress was worn at a party at
1> 'Wnington whii h was 150 years old.
!r.\ new Golden Tongue Organ, one
of the finest toned instruments made, for
sale at this office. Also a Kynder organ,
good as new. Either of the-u instruments
offered at a bargain.
Tho \\ i Jc nrd of Health de
nies report- uubiished that typhoid fever,
tlii• ■t r.>:, it<- , prevail thero in at *pk>
demic form
li- 1 A.:. ; C'.T i• r Wallace, of Penn
sylvania, is dangerously ill.
The infant Emperor of China at )-t ud
vis es Was sick with small-pox.
A resolution is to bu offerred in the
11 u-o of Representatives next Tuesday
provid ng for an investigation of tlio Un
iui Pacific and Little Rock nml Fort
Smith Railroad bond transaction, with
which Mr. Blaine's name has been con
nected .
Tho | * de-lnuns, i ('Leary and ,S< him 11,
will begin, at Sail Francisco, on May 15.
i five hundred mile walk for two ihou-itnd
dollar* n ride.
There'* . cry in Boston of "Rah for
BrUtuw.and Honesty." Bri.tov? we know
-ays the lit. Louis K< publican, but who's
Honesty ?
Massachusetts Republican* aro so hap
py since their Convention that the Boston
Post is apprehensive they'll "bust'' before
the Cini iniiutti Convention.
The St. Louis Times gives the pith of
Senator Jones' late speech thus:
Senator Jones has silver to sell,
A ud Senator Jones
Don't make any bom s
Of telling the country to buy,
At figure* remarkably high,
The silver that Senator Jones has to
C#a?jin&d & ifrujte
of all kinds and of the best quality,
a Is)
Foreign Fruits, Green & Dried ut
vvlilvj A Wv
j rlimdiw iiihjeci t<> licentw with!
llio > otitily 11 Centre, l.>r the year Is. 1
Ilyllrfonte Horn.
XV XV XVcUler it s:
John Power* II .1
It Memom A Co ...II 1
G*o \v Downing, Billlirdi if
S.ctihr ,V Co I' 1'
K P Groon It
.1 U A C r X log oi.l. r I • It
K t' Kichttrd It
A BCoi t'
Shurih.lgt* ,V Co 11 I'
I -mo G ujtifc i the inter t"
It K Bortloy II
II 1' Tltmir# • I 1
John lirnclit.ill l-i v
I. Grahnm V Son I t i
V limitti 11 .
John II 1 I .1
Hotter A Klino . It' VH
I' XI \\' uglier \ S <n In
K Jo*oph a Itro I'd I t
s .v. Al. oh 10 VfO
Monte uiorv A Co ... It T
.1 Zcllor A Son 1 1 10
XX in McCicMniut 1 I
It X" Stiteor It d
K P Hlair II d
Mnrp. r A II Ihot* lo g\>
Mr, It I• Viwger 11 7
I'll, odoro !)e.,cuiu;r . ... IT >1
I. It lUnki-t H .1
Jain. - XX o!h 11 d
SA It row A Son M I"
Xlr N R I>aro H T
'XI Itunklc It ii
! l.i on ACo lo tvV
J XV Cook It 10
II <> Holt or. Milliard, 60
I il Snd* It T
r v Hick* A Bro •
S \ Hornngtori II T
■I t. Itunklo II d.
I M M lit id o Ii .1
Kdwnrd Brow n II d
C Strickland 11 d
V Su-maii 11 .1
1* C Chi :i,tnait It il
BOHtAr it d
X s.-tu ~ -.V >, n 11 .1
GJ Blackford IT d.
S. - ■ i oi ,V A ker* IT ii
V .1 Croii-o IT .!
J A J llarri* II 16 7
Hoggs twp.
C Curtin A Co ! ■ 10
J J Lucas 11 7
Al. < \>y Jfe 1 1 10
C Kauj V.
Thiol A liabb U
lieu tier twp,
I. 11:1*1 •
K vV J IK iter
BurnsiJe top.
G K lit uk - N
l'hilipsburg boro.
John 11 .iwortli II 77
Geo \1 ■ .slit —. II >!.
l> Ay.r. II d<
Campbell Brothers .11 l' l l
St rouse, I.chtuan A; Co II 7 1
Slr. Usi', l.i'lunat. A: co 11 >1
\V L liarpor _ H d.
M G Book 11 at
11 AI port -.... H <Ki
lro 11 Z< -jjler 11l 'A l '.
C ( llir'uir er I I 10 7
11 Hays 11 77
iiS Fi igle II do
\V II MiCali- la!:.! II .! ■
M;-. J Flacle 11 <!.•
B M Muster . II do
J S Isr.iv 1 I do
Ke--lerA Co H 1 7
K Hunk 11 77
lioon A: lr\ in 11 do
T.I Myers II d-
J C. \Vijjiuan 11 do
M I'ondo -11 do
Muo.on A Son 10 A> 7.
Ho or, Harris Aco 12 Hi..
S Miller U 10 7
Tlt SwiUer 11 77
S K Flock 11 d
HobertAHport 11 do
THSwit.'.or 11 do
lVrk? A l'arker II do
Mrs C Duross .11 do
Oscar AJsm* 11 d<<
llowurd boro.
II Weber ACo - ...11 10 7
S1" Kline 11 77
K Co. A II u
[Voxel As v .t< H do
James Mfhlty 11 do
1! 15 Grove 11 do
II Mora M do
l-uca* A Bro -...11 do
John Dichl - -11 do
WII Nell .11 do
Sainl Bricklcr .. .11 do
Liberty twp.
J J Koon* .... 11 d.<
J A Co 18 10 7o
Curtis) twp.
\Vtn Sine r II 770
Half Moor. twp.
U S Grey Jk Co.. 1.1 10 77.
Jll Grilln ...II 7 7<">
\V S Gray A Co „11 do
James L 'vo A Son_ —.. II d"
Fatton twp.
Mstti-rn A Hro 11 do
G\Y iturnbergcr 11 do
Spring twp.
H J B.rncs „...l t d >
<i lists A*. 7
, J 1* Mann —..— 1 1 10 7
Miles twp.
• Icker Jt Kmcrick - !■' l<i 7
S Frank A: Son 11 •) >
W F Beilev, ugt 11 d ■
.1 W S oek ACo n d ►
.1 NY School 11 7 7.'
A Stover It -7 < twp.
Tiioa liar} or II 77'
'Th'* Yv .ck 11 d..
IG BSpig Injei A Bro li 107- !
Young, Wilson Jk llichl 18 <: >
M M Mn r 11 do
, II F Phillips 12 11
l'enn twp.
i W K Alexander _M Its 7
i Sno.-', Smith A - < >ll do
.1 NY Snook A Co- —...1 t d.<
G NV St ivcr 2"> 7
(!•• > t'lri. '•) II 7 V
K C Campbell II do
J.ihn 1 Foot 11 do
l> Krtle ....11 do
J F Chambers II do
Jacob Ki>cnhuth... 11 do
l'otter twp.
W J Thompson At Uro 1! 10 76
Wm Wolf. 12 13 2V,
.1 G Glasgo 11 7 75
1. 11 McKntire 11 do
It A Lsrrimcr. II •! •
Strom & Swir;r. ..11 do
Jcromo Spigclmyer.... 11 d >
.) ilb . Moan 11 d> j
J<> Deiningcr ...11 do
Miller Je Sun .11 do
Hatris twp.
1) Ho & son 13 10 75
Sll StOTtr - 14 770
.1 .1 Price „ 14 do
J T SltiMi 14 do
Ge>> II J.'i< k„ 14 do
Cl* W Fischer 14 do
College twp.
P F Taylor 11 776
Murray llrothors 12 I' 2* '
Jackson & ("alder 13 10 75!
L M Huer. 11 7 7'">|
.1 din Noldish 11 do |
.1 W Stuart 11 <1 o
Ferguson twp.
.1 C Campbell At Co .- 13 1076
James HuniapA Co 13 do
(1 It McWillinmsA Co 13 do
J K Smith Jr 14 776
M G Gray -..14 do
Thos Bollinger 14 do
Milcsburg boro.
I. FWr t/lcr 14 776
John 11 ibhlrr 14 do
Mi'Clain Cook II do
T K I.ymao 14 do
Cll Kir - & Bro II do
Isaac ilaupt 11 do
M G Ityinan 14 do
Snotv Shoo.
Wolf, Potter &Co 12 13 25
Herbert Williams 14 775
May A Lobe 12 13 26
F h Hilda ACo II 776
W H Crisstuan 14 do
llarvey Witberight 14 do
Rush twp.
John NulUlt 11 15 76
Win J Jackson II do
WR Miller 14 775
K M Sturdovnnt 11 do
Taylor twp.
John Cotionhavcr ft 25 75
John T Fouler ACo 14 776
Worth Iwp.
I V Gray 13 10 76
Hoover & Roecc 13 do
J G Jones 14 776
Huston twp.
John I Thompson 14 776
J F Williams 14 do
Levi Womur 14 do
.1 O Hoover 14 do
Daniel Irvin 14 do 1
Unionvillo horo.
A J tic T E (Irist 11 16 76
Leathers & Buck 13 10 76
s A Martin 14 778
Lll IJulliurst 14 do
Marion twp.
Holmes A Wilson 13 10 74
H Yearick & son 13 do
Wll Miller 14 776
Walker twp.
H Brown * 13 10 76
8 U Go' dhart 14 776
■David 80L 14 do
Grejg twp.
J B Fisher 12 13 26
RII Duncan 14 7 76|
Isra I Grenoble 11 do
a ig (0
Uuwanl twp.
It (' Iji-ailii'n It < T
|; An on 11 mi'.l I ii. I I ii! tho Commit
* inner* i ill.'i lli ilrfuiiti'i the UHh day
.i XI, IV, A 1 , is. 6, ami tax* hereby , •
•ii iiiiul be |>aitl on <■' befnr* the 131 th
lof J one Vnuiiui attend if you loil ng-
K r i-v r.l.
k'Tapr Apprainer.
illi i \TIIOLt(3 CHI R( ii
j/, l'iiilutbio Policy of llio Sue •'•t of
■ 'ins I X .
Home, Ajiill 7.1), Furtlu r liiforiu iii'in
. ■ liii* 1< on obtained ii jii Ctiliß the rin ut
■ conference In twvon tho n pieM-ntatives
„ uf HUllit? uf 11.0 I'Ul'li mill hi'it"Mil
• inlltn iiln l uitMiil'i i of tlu' ' acred T ol*
~ lege, with the view of amvrtitlniiig tho
~t> hoot mentis of ending tlio conflicts be
:!• tween the t htm h and various ntntcs. It
To ii;>iH'arh uiluhioii was tnadu t>> tho
oVimshlbility. in tho event of u vacancy oe-
Ljcurriug in tin Holy See, uf tho clecti 'lt
a jnf a l'ojte favorable t ■ a conciliatory
7'. Ipolii'y. The Cardinal* replied by point*
ing t<> tho continued excellence of the
> Pope's health, ami tho coiihi jticnt im
| probability of a speedy v., an In. i-'
',' i elusion, stated that tho rot-poili vo gov :
rrilllH'Uia Would hi" . IHVilKtil lull
>iilering tho iiutviimil uiiauiuuty of the
■ Catholic Chut. h, tin future I'-'pr vvouhl
.' in no u is.- alti r tho pri-M Ut policy.
it ...
Iho AJvi i-ati f enpiul j luishuu a
' ill ltliuih Island dn lure that if iuurdei>
continue ah fit .jui iit as they have Ik*i ii
, of late, they will petition the h gi.-laturi
' at its next-c- ion to revive the death
) penalty.
At. .I'gruui from the Defence As*eri
i lion ol Harbadoe* reiterate* nil the prevl
-1 on* report* of the condition of affair* on
. that hland, aml declare' that in ton-o nnx-'
iety till prevail*.
• ♦ •
At tho residence <<f the br.d. •'* parent*.
• ill lirllt iolite, on \\ edlli *day, April -I , b>
lov G. W. Miller, Xlr. Jaik MoClmlmi!
I to M , Km in a Wagner. I >th . f Be!).- 1
, I ton to.
31 .liR K IS, I
N. w X r, A| il 7.3). XX I,eat. No, 'd
Chie&go Spring t 736-1 gi# XX (.cat, No. -
Milwaukee, 1 73) i. i g ltye Slate og . '. : 6
Corn western mixed fi.'J < J ' On•*, wr
lern mixed IT ( , 17 !t"ei- 1 i lt>| Kgg*
I life 16J Sugar fair to good refining 71 (■', K
Petroleum, retincd Ehfatt.
Chicago. April.' XX bent. June I <*. _
• oiler May ;( . i r June I7>i. Hi t I
■3l u> IT Oata i llerMay.g'i , . r Apr "
■ ii, ltyo *cller April l*t.
Philadelphia, April *.•. 1 air . \ '£*■
.1 T.'i High grade* T nil., X go XX bra', niri
ber 1 Ml' t, 1 ogj, do tklup 1 Corn white]
'*> r<v >i yellow 01 (• : Oat* whit,- t.' ■
.*• Petri Iriiiii rt t. ! 1 11 c.'uJt S' l . Ij
Whuly 1 IT'.
31n k v M .inxi i .
1). Sholmire,
Clover Scf.l ixi t •
Micf #' i ■ sT.ixj i rliOl'..'.
Corn 16c t.i 6n-.
Bye ' Ac lo TO
6otl Nov. Sc tia Pi**! r J - grouoil.
slll t.'ii.
XX Lite XV heat $1 "JX t $1 0.
Bed " >1 'St to $1 iiU.
llarlcy 70c to TS.
Tunothy-#2 to 2 CO- .
Plotter in Stone $T TSto s"■
>slt 1 TO to I 30.
l 't. 3c to iuc.
P tatoc* g*K- to . IH-.
VX" hue XV heat $1 W Bed l'.V . By . 7*. 1
Coi n<• ir- I ' 1 i t. - '• ltir!i i "
TO Clorerseed Potatoes .< i
Lard per pound 8 Pork per poundOi
Butter 73) Egg-1 i Plaster perto:
sl4 Tallow 8 llaci :10 Ham 16 I
Lard per p i; 1 8 cent* Buckahesi
66 cU. Flour per barrel retail 7,(*> j
Nova Scotia pln*ler sll fit). Cayug*!
pla-tcr fit) per 73*.U lh*. Shelltd corn T
to 60 _______________
Lor ill a rci s Tobacco s.
XX'c ate ngrnts in Centre Conuly!
fur the m!c of L "i'lardV c Icl'tnlctli
Tobaec. 1 nro known and tifevl
iu every county in the 1 nit d State*.:
A trial w 11 convince .my one of
their cxc lleuce. Sccnler & Cn.
Cheese. Cheese.
Sfchler A Co.
EXTRAORDINARY Inducements to (Jasli Buyers.
r~ i
We wish to say to the people of Penns Yallev ? that we
have just opened and are now offering full lines of all
goods that we deal in at such prices that even defy com
ment, or competition.
gams, at irom rive dollars for a full huil of Men s< loth
mg i to the finest Ready Made goods in town. Ladies' Shoes at 1 dollar per pair. Mists' Show at
To cents per pair. Men's Plow Shoes at $1.25. Men's
Rrogaus at §1.25. In the
At such prices as will astonish you, Calicoes at 5 cents Wc have Ladies' Hose at 5 cents. Ladies' Hose at 10c.
Muslin at (>, 4 aLtl <s cents. l)rcss in all the Men's Hose at 5 cents. Ladies' handkerchiefs at 5c
newest styles from 10 cents per yard up to the best Kid Gloves at 50 cents. Clark's O.N. T., Cotton. 6c,
grades of Silk. and all other goods in proportion.
GiJV£ U3 ;\C;\LL TOD CojV)£ ?DVo\n)--- r S)£MZWB£tt e frl£PLAC£
(Succtaworo to WILSON & HICKS,)
will sell lIAUUXVAUK. STOVKS, Satltllct v, ( nacli-iiiakcis' Material, Build
ers Hardware, of all kinds, t'aiiils, Oils, &c. Nails, Iron and (!a<*s a spe
cial! v. at the LOWEST CASH IMUCKS. Cltildrens* Carriages, Shovel Plows,
('tilling Boxes, elc. XVe have, (he lies! COOK STOVES and RANGES in
the Market, ami warrant them to he good. We keep all repairs for same,
and will sell lower than elsewhere. Anvone in this county, building, or
dealing in (his line of goods, will pay (hem to come and see us.
Bcllcfonle. Pa.
"Oon't Buy
UK ATI NO BTOVK, unnl y.>n katri up
atnioed llju
•vsSr -j
w leti w
ISest & Handsomest
all nmt see them at the Store of
J. 4. HEKHN %sf,
Ccsthe HALK, PA
IcClain'a Block, l>iret-llr opp. Buli
Bellofonte, Pa.
I. liEKtIA.X il CO., I*ro|'rr*.
Dry Grooils,
Hciow the liual l'riccs.
N 1131 • i
iflVrs bin ecmees to the citizens of j
Centre county in
Mgti ami Orna.ueutal
Slripi) (f, ornamenting and gilding,
CUKsTN t'T, Etc.
Plain and Fancy F*j c- hanging. Order*,
respectfully solicited Tcn re asonable.
AO apr tf.
J Th.' above cut repres.-nt* the Complete
{Wash.r. fitted to a tuh with the tub cut
joulloshoar how it it fastened for use.
i'lllNKS Alt K IN I SK.
The Complete IVaahfr will
un-li a C arpel or itt il 4)itili or
a Fine I.arc Curtain or l ollur.
Warranted For Five Years.
Price Only SO.OO.
Centre Hall.
Pr pricier f r Centre cotitily. 71) apr tf
r* Prodnve. Produce,
'Every kind ol produce ukm iu c-x
chuuge for Fine, Fresh Family t iro
eerioa at Fechlcr & Co.
Panic Prices.
11. A. 1.1 it it i.m i:11.
at the old Centre Hill ttand.
Ju*t opening a Stock of
A large variety of
Ladiw Drets Goods
(Ire it Bargains in
< Muslins and Calicoes.
' Uc . Jy-iu .J C. thing
Warranted to Sull
Hi* Cloth* and Cat*!mere,
Caul ba-excelled
His Crocery Department,
Astuni.het every one in assortment and low
jisyrup, Sugar, T.-a, Cuff. •, Canned fruiu,
■ Domestic an.l 1 irt gn Fraiu, Cheese,
I, and every other article belong
ing to the Grocery Depart
E-fr* 1 armer*, llecbanict and Rxbort-rt
look to vuur interest One dollar saved if]
e d liar in pocket. Then call and tee at
jwbal a*(onihingly low prires.
"=ar-No trouble to sh-.w ti. oJ*."T?*g
Aio the . boic-it Family Ktxrn al- !
jway* on hand. Apr. 1&, y.
Miller & Son.
PI'RE AVl.\i: A.M> LlQlOllft,
for medicinal p.irpo*ot.
rrusjee &- Supporters in great variety.
Alio, choice
and all Other article* usually kept in a
tirtc7a-> Drug Store.
Prescription* carefully Compounded.
iWttf MILLER ft SON.
ILad uartcrt for Boots and Shoes!
Awarded lo Jubli P. wer* f..r the ,
l '<—t fine Bout* exhibited at
{tre County Fair for the rear K-7W |
el A j I U y A g To ;i 7
Oj)|)i*itc Bulb II iu*i>,
Powi r*' It ;ASh > s. Jr< . j, ia rj jei
and be*t ftocked cxtabh-hmcnt in Centre
He keep* cootUntly on hand a full
line of
It O (ITS 4 X I> K II O K s.
llei* hit opening the large*! itY of
Spring Goedi ever hr>> ight t ItcUef-t te.
f 3iJ £j}J 0 5
for ladie*. kept cuiis'.aatly on hand,
i It t* and Shut fur men and woruea. of
alt style*, quality and prices, from lh<
ni '-t i-ostly ti> the cheaj ■ *t, cur.-'.arjtly
. kept on hand.
' either in quality or price?. Call and
. examine his new struck of Spring and
Summer Goods, and you v, ill find it
. to your advantage. Apr2lly.
C. T XIXXAM.KK. C M. Mow xas.
1 \ .v* at-1 aw, Millufonto, Pa. Special
attention given to Colh-ction-, anJ Or
|i!.an' Court pr tier. May consulted
in German and Eiigluh. Otflco in Gar
finaan'* Bidding. my *Jb'T4-t<
A DM I S 1 TB ATOB S NuTil E -
/V Let
'• ■ of .ituilnUtratioti -n U>* mdoto ofPt
lerHtifller, late of P<itt< r twjr, having beer
rran'i J to the onderflgnrd. all person*
know ing the me cl v t indebted to id
decedent are to make Immediate
payment, and permn* having claim*
*et n*l the estate will proont thm au*
ibeiiUcatOil Dr settlement
ifTtpr 6b Adm'r.
The Bcllefonte public and tho people of
iho country generally will be rdea.ed U'
know that the old and well ealahluhed
l al the property of Jame* C. William*,
>u Allegheny *tre<-f, next door to Hick*'
hardware emporium, ha* been re
i j entd for bufine * and is be
ing rapidly re- locked and
s.lted out with the be*t and inort popular
and everything aiually kept in a fsn-l-daet
Drug Mure
!} cori{fmiidef! af til! liotirw
ui the day or nighL and particular and
prompt alter.!, sn given I J the wants of
tanner* and other*
*vho ;'if In tsse e untrr. Store never
>d V tOo*e who ui t medicine* or
%-i.vthiHK tn the drug line.
The ur.derigned hopes, by xirirt attention
Jo borineac, to merit at:J tew-ivc the pub
ic t at s.agc.
It. li HE&EUtGTOH,
6 aj't ly. Agent
kooxn. snm 4IT/, A CO.
Fish, Cheese and Provisions,
ITT North Delaware Avenue,
IJ7 North WaterStroet,
V. A.tto.vs*. ii Stu. J a-a wax
Dentist, Miiiheim.
elfer* hi* j.r ion:.l t rvice* to tho
public. II • prepared to perform all
operation* in th< dental profess on.
nig* llei* now fnito prepared to extrac
'ecth IIAMJI ,ih i.lpa.t. tr>yft-7A-tf ■
I T r T 1 i]
if yon mint to Mosey, buy your
' g d* of F. O. Fmsxwi'B, <
ALL GOODS are guarantee I to bt |
<>r the ukmm-y r runded. All or
*l. r filled promptsy, accowpanleJ by
th money.
15AR IRON 2* cts. i rr lb.
$6 (W per K < r-
WINDOW GLASS, xIO lo 10x14,
$2 fit) per B -x.
PETTY at 4 tt?.t rib.
*x 10 SASH, 12 Lights, '33 cts. per
BLIN DS and SHITTERS ? 1.60 to $1.76
per XV if"! t.
IT UK XX 111 TK LKA I) $lO 00 wKO lb*.
riiACE CHAINS, Straight or Twirled 7
a. $) 00.
IIAKMOXV i Kh i H. T. cts. p. ■ ib.
" ID >KS. 7> < u.
lIAY KAKK.S, !..>r'x
NAILS, r, good as the bo*t at $2.85
Cooking Stoves-—Complete,
Tliicht*. H Inche*. 91ncbo.
SIOOO. *l-0) to $&)0Q. 93500
yard, all Color*
25,000 pieces WAIL PAPERS A
from $! 0,1 to $1 50 per piero.
- -Come and Sea our ETOCI ■ '€s
Lexrielcwn, war .10 y. _____
make no eiigntrcnient* til you sr e our
Whk h in thrilling interest, sterling merit,
elegance and cheapness, has absolutely nt
equal. It is "The Thing for tho Ceulcn
nil period le '.c# on sight.
The North Amcri. sn Review says it U
"deserving of unqualified praise; we antic
ipate for il nn extensive popularity" ; the
Dubuque Times says "Just such a work as
thousands of the American l'tople will be
• tho Detroit Advertiser
all* it "prof, rablo to any yet published."
i Any active Man or Woman ol good ad
i dro-s insure 'urge profits and steady work
.irsvcai. For full particulars, address.
J B.FOBD & CO , Park Tince. New
I York. I Sap 1-2'..
Dealers in
Boots, Shoes and
Ladies', Misses' and Chil
dren's Fine Gaiters.
■All Kinds of Custom Work Made To
Harness Leather,
Sole Leather,
Cult* Skins
i And Shoo FiudiuiS always on Ihand.
i iiihou titreSf,
ipw U'
LEVI Til it It AY.
at bU erlabrLhmont at Omrire Ilall. keep
•n hand, and for sale, at tho most rcasona*
Ide rate*.
& Spring Wagons,
xnd vehicle, of every deteription made to
r<ler, and warranted to be made of th*
to*isoaooned material, and by the moat
♦killed and competent workmen. Bodies
for buggie* and xpring-wagon* Ac., of the
most wjprovi'd i.atteru* made to order,al*o
Gearing of all glad* moda to order. All
kind* of re Miring done promptly and at
Hw p"i?iblo rate*.
Parson * wanting anything in hh line are
call and esaroine bis verb,
hey will llutl it not to be excelled (or dur
1>)lily aa i . x. _ may SH.
Chas H. Hold,
Clock, 41 ut< li mttkrr A Jrvrrlei
Millhcim, Centre Co., Pa.
alt kind* of Clock*, XVatche* and Jewelry
of the laU-n iyiet. a* al*o tbo Mnranvillw
I aleel Calender Clock*, provided with a
me oleic index of the month. at.<F day a,
-hemonth and week on it* face, wLith D
warranted a* at erfcct time-keeper.
XVatehc* and Jewelry re
paired on *b<M notice and warranted.
uxxar uooi'kEnuorr, j. i>. tuioaaT.
President, Cashier.
(Lat<- Milliken, Hoover A Co.)
And Allow intcrat,
Discount Notes,
RBT atJ oelL
CovcrnajeutScctt-iUfefibGuld &
it'lTChtf Coupon*.
P -■**-***• * Oftl*r pcaw r*iag lo a
Loatua atgO* l* aMk *• moaatoaae of I*W C. \ tkco
rtlh*rl t !U il ueevi at-*!tuw* *e Xaac*.
.* aawt *- 1 t|o la U* aeitaa ft I* <ac* aapmf
I>* ..ia. i>. i * eacwuxct oa-laianw OQ
of Nae.l.l* . 4 Via ,i 4.U IVraa how*. lUk lor cu
cmUr.mmmi l*E WeoMor Owaat. * .V, toe an
aprtt am
JeMignod t now prepared to el! Brick at
hi* kiln* at Centra Hall to suit purchaser*,
at reasonable ratoa, alio to fXrrr>*h or con-
Uract Dtick *ord. 8. S. FANN ER.
: oct y
No G Rrockeriiofl Row,BollefontoA'a
IK .tltrniu DrngK. 4 Itpuiieal*
Prrftimery, Fancy (iosd* Ac.
I' -re Wines and Liquor* for mqdler
purposes always kcpL may 31. *2.
t • |HJP*. Onl; IM |l>-aa. "If 1*
, !*j miars u| * T* ant wa4r Po will
l -*a* #s e*t U *, * I aft! am.l tax* Pox *! WW aaaA
<. fwuiw aiUpa' iwu ** U. tt X* •* a
se&ra, .* v. uike aal! foot u*.t Aiwilim (< a*aa
I<w rtrK S.OO U Oaiirei, mm Thorn
*a.t, -SB i. mnun* Sons™, .a* muMul
tixxaar raa il> < W*co o! a lileua.*,"' ami it |*e
<rU ati tell vnr trtoaC* ftw it la* funaa*
tore . a ntli* O'HitM |w*a • X. a*eT> a Aei*aaa
fcaad Ko * rrr\(* )eari*y. er <aiie- bti.l!)0. bat •
. .J* aui Mtr* cuaraaiaoO ba>4aoa. ,.poe. aillj, a>aa*-
'l. •t. -.!• Ja- . Ac- a** acul ai roax. 9* eraw.
; .-Bp u> *r.u tm K. MM tioa. aa* ~.-m> wlr*pbaa
'. sr*< wo**X ethaa.* M; .ear Hewweia
r* r.Xla U>ii. al iseoala aw* atli *h yaa
My u* a. a-. • A itliaw Krim B a 00, UtaadaXr.
-divt M tit y
K lUa, Aala. Sb '-'n :Ac ik-atoa. XUa>_ atao*
!*? haaaatl V(vs3a te is. (rri patmai* ft ."m ramrf
• as. U "I I'is. turn. >•* tsta* 1.
ICx'Xa,Cttiiass. i.lce* Was*. A< . A< as !• at Waif
I aw. n< Mil. iQWatal aril M A..Has
Kimi IT a .ut* )<** tivm uusuJi-eturar* ud
rill Jlanue. Ona *aß**. mi aaarilfur *! aba*
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eoaa XMntrrvralin.
XW t •jsa now* *tii*>*ilvowooA*tt baa tkaa aa*
' „ vea.i. rt.XMa. We .< u4 )>! assdoa aipcaaa
V■ *1 let Jee ac rjad. befera barta* Wo
oaal ac*&io***aadMro Se on*, r-rts*i ee#4e*.
I )„n ( Vti# f "e*a pe,:*i . *r\! >. 1 oae for all
yn ® V. Por*. Cicalas*, aa* Ula. Wo
'aa *--) d*a.-U *1 an in. a.- . all f.r a
snolo5 nolo BaaatCai K.c*<a. ILt.* :,,...iea. Net*.
T'l-n, \ svonar*. (la* to *art Oaw arMrlaa alt
• I *l. ?tra4 N •. i*4 *at ' nej Vea e*a *• A
ska. us, ACtmcl .e!e, I. It QRXUIVI?*
• U..S ! POL'.XBBAMC.nIirawOaM MA.lba*oW.
Mat.. _ dec. Haoa.
IL. FT ANti L.i-7K, Attorns y-at-Law.
Brlkfuntr, Pa. Office with
Buil; A Yocum. Cc xultation in English
*nd German. Collcctlon*pr npily attend*
• j to. • fi'Wktf
Coa ?^feftl a A tor y-
TLo undersigned has opened a ik w ei
tablishaieiit, at his new shops, foi the
manufacture of
<fc Spring Wagons,
Suuoufe as
Ptnx axd Fakct
ofevery description .
AU vehicles manufactured by him
are warranted to render satisfaction, and as
equal to any work done elsewhere.
Ho uo nVno but the belt material,
and employe tho most ekillfUi workmen.
lDncc they Hatter themselves that their
work ran not be excelled for durability
and finish.
Order- from a distance "promptly attend
ed to.
Come and examine my work before
contracting cleetrhcre.
All kiudsof Reparing done.
q k N tkkIIALL
Furniture Rooms.'
respectfully informs thcciUsens of Centr
eonnty, that he has bough t out the old
-land of J. O. Dciningcr, and has reduced
the prices. They have constantly ca hand
and mako to order
TABLES, Ac., Ac.
Their stock of ready-made Furnituro i
largo aud warranted of good workmanship
and is all mado under their own immed -
ato supervision, and is offered at rate*
cheaper than elsewhere.
Call and see our stock before purchasing
elsewhere. 2i fob, ly.
DF. F< ) RTNKY, Attorney at Law
r Bellefojte, I'a. Office over Key
on Id,'shank. may
h.V"£S t f cL I_GAVfcS LAUOM t
: tt, tru
, , f i Iho '■> ' c itl'. r- ol beat
• . ' ' ... n.vttea tl 1 übca
• front, effeel.
.. . • tU-ot spring **"••• baea
, :ai ;iag. anddlsu-ods in aper
, j < against the Inside of tha
,i, . t'lhe esrbtm aud scale vituout
rtto tube.
if r last longer, mm wot*
; ;:'.' nr .rfcct. Adopted and in oro
t" rule by ilwcis Scad for
• the rah I St:.!-.-,
t f, : € it-et, 3s" ow A" oris.
u . of ll : ;
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