The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, September 23, 1875, Image 4

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Uurailnwa and Aaawari.
Hai.t for Whrxt.—H. C. A., Ten
Uomee, asks: *'Oan salt be put upon
wheat land without injury to the wheat f
1 have a good deal on haud, which I
would like hi apply to my land, if it is
of any value as n fertiliser."
Reply.—Salt is frequently of gTeat
benefit to the wheat crop. It helps to
stiffen the straw and to give a bright,
clear grain. The quantity usually ap
plied is two to three bushels per'aoro,
sown early in the spring. If sown in
the fall it will lie dissolved and washed
beyond reach of the roots by the winter
rains at the time when the growth of the
crop is sus|>eiidcd, and no advantage can
Iv gamed from its use. Salt has very
much the same effect as lime tijxin the
soil, lint must be used in very much
smaller quantities on account of the
chlorine contained in it. Chlorine, as
well aa soda, is injurious to vegetation
when used in excess.
Utr for Wintrh FKKIV—T. M.,
New York, asks : "Can rye ln profit
ably grown in cornfields for fall and win
ter pastures ? If so, when should it lie
sown, how much seed is required per
acre, and what is the best way of cover
ing the seed f"
Reply.—Rye can be very profitably
>wn for fall and early spring feed
upon a corn stubble. As noon aa the
corn is cut and shocked the ground
should be *>w;-. with two and a half or
three bushels cf rys, and the field work
ed with a common cultivator so as to
cover the seed thoroughly, but not too
deeply. The Iwvst way is to go across tlie
corn rows, by which the drills, if auy
li iw Iwen plowed up, are leveled. The
corn should be cut as soon aa it in glased,
so as to porrait the aeed to be sown early.
If the season is favorable the rye wdl
give good jiasturago before the wiuter,
but not through the winter in this lati
tnde. Where the winter ia open, and
some growth is made, it will make good
waiter jiasturage. It may lie (matured
down earlr ia the tpriug, and then plow
ed under lor the oat crop.
Catarrh is Cattur.—C. R., Basket,
N. Y., writes: " Some two mouths ago
I noticed a cough in my young cattle
and it is getting worse. It is spreading
to my old cows. 1 never saw anything of
the kind before. They discharge at the
nose and eyes. What can Ido for
them f Some of my neigh tier's cattle
are troubled in tho same way i"
Reply. —From tho very incomplete
-mtemcnt of the symptoms exhibited by
these cattle it is difficult to say with cer
tainty what ails them. Discharge from
the nose and cough are symptoms of
several complaints to which cattle are
subject. If there are no other promi
nent symptoms than thoae it is probable
that the disease is simply catarrh, which
has been caused or aggravated by the
late unfavorable weather. If in addi
tion to the above symptoms there is
s inio fever, which may be known by the
dryness of the skin of tho muxilo be
tween tho mouth and nostrils and scanty
discharge from tho uoae, tho following
should t>e given morning and night until
the mnfitre becomes moist, tic : Sul
phate of potash, two ounces; water,
one pint. Tliis should be administered
by moan- of a horn ora long-necked bot
tle p'mvd liotwocn the jaws whete there
are no teeth. The horn ia bv far the
safest instrument, as the bottle may lie
broken and pieces of glass swallowed.
One half must lie given to each year
ling. and a quarter to a calf. Lukewarm
bran-water, or ltuseed meal tea should be
given, with a tea-spoonful of ginger
stirreil in it, every eTeuing, and the am
mala should be kept dry and not ex
j\osed to the rain. If the nostrils are
w i-hevl with weak vinegar and water it
will be useful. Common pine-tar given
in doses of one tablespoonful twice a
day has beeu found useful in catarrh,
combined with good nursing.—„V.
11 in I far the Hou.rhold.
B Aiinr UURS. —^Preserve them the same
a> currants; or they may be preserved
in molasses, lhck them from the stems,
and put them into a jng or jar with mo
lasses to cover them. The acid soon de
stroys all taste of molasses. The small
winter or frost grape may be done in the
same manner.
lil issorn from the end and take off the
st- ms; finish as directed for strawberries
or currants.
gooseberries when fully ripe, and for
each quart, take a quarter of a pound of
sugar and a gill of water, boil together
until quite a syrup, then put in the fruit
and continue to boil gently for fifteen
minutes; then put them into small stone
jars: when cold cover them close; keep
them for making tarts or pies.
Presß tli* juice from the currants and
strain it; to every pint pnt a pound of
fiue white sugar, mix them together un
til the sugar is dissolved, then pnt it in
jars, seal them and expose them to a hot
sun for two or three days.
To DRY PU RS. —Split ripe plums,
take the stones from them and lay them
oa plates or sieves to dry in a warm oven
or hot sun; take them in at sunset and
d > not pnt them out again until the sun
will be upon them; turn them that they
may be done evenly; when perfectly dry,
pack them In jars or boxes, lined with
paper, or keep them in bags; hang them
in an airy place.
To PMKNVS PEARS. —Take small.
rich, fair fruit, as soon as the pips are
black, set them over the firs in a kettle,
with water to cover them; Ist them aim
rner until they will yield to the pressure
of the finger, then with a skimmer take
them into cold water, pare them neatly,
l-sring on a little of the stem, and the
blossom end; pierce them at the blos
som end to the core, then make a syrup
of a pound of sugar for each pound of
fruit; when it is boiling hot pour it over
the pears, and let it stand until the next
day; then drain it off, make it boiling
hot and again poor it over; after a day
or two put the fruit in thesyrup over thie
fire, and boil gently until it is clear, then
take it into the jars or spread it on dishes,
boil the syrup thick, then put it and the
fruit in jars.
RMkrrlit .r*pr.
Whether it be for the table or for
wine, do not pick the grajie before it is
f illy ripe. Every/grape will oolor be
fore ripe ; some jlp several weeks before,
but when thoroughly ripe the stem turns
browu and thrive Is somewhat. In the
finest qualities the sweetness aud aroma
of the grape juice aro fully developed
only in the perfectly matured grape, and
we cunsidft the late ripening varieties as
far sunprior, especially for wine, to the
early kinds, hilt of oourse only in such
localities where late grapes will mature.
This uoble fruit does not ripen, like
some other fruit, after being gathered.
Always gather tfaegnmes in fair weather,
and waif till the dew has dried off before
commencing in the morning. Cut off
the clusters with a knife or shears and
<-lip out the nuripe or diseased berries,
if any, taking care, however, that the
bloom skull not be rubbed off, nor any
of the berries broken, if they are to be
sent to market or to be kept into winter.
For packiDg grapes for market shallow
boxes, holding from three to ton pounds,
and especially manufactured for the pur
pose in all the principal grape regions,
costing nbont one oent per pound, are
used. In packiDg, the ton is first nailed
on and a sheet of thin white paper put
in ; the vacant planes left are nlled with
] 'arts of bunches, so that all the space is
occupied, and the whole box packed as
closely aud as full as possible, without
jamming. Another sheet of paper is
now laid on. and the bottom nailed
down. By this means, when the boxes
are opened only avsq bunches are found
at the top. •• I' ''' ! '
A Cowardly Fellow.
A young man in Muncie, Ind., was es
corting a young "woman to his home in a
carriage the other day, when ho came to
a bridge that had been overflowed by a
freshet. ' He firow his horse into the
water; but when, the carriage was threat
ened with submersion, and the horsea
1 n'gan making an effect to get away, he
cut tho traces, sprang upon the animal's
bock and oet oat for the shore, leaving
his companion ia the middle of the
-tream. The torrent overturned the car
riage, and tho girl was drowned.
Tfcr Knllnrr* of |BIB • TkMf ( Hid
—A i nmporUon.
*' Watchman, what of the night f" in
the qniMitinn uppermost in the mind* of
the people, though not askis! iu those
Scripturid word*. ft* nearly two y<>arw
they have been waiting and doping for
letter timee, ami the iUMi|HH<tM fall
and crash of great hanking and mcrcan
tile honaea tliia summer OHM** an ami
out community to turn for guidance to
thorn who are supposed to watch the
tnrua and fluctuations of Imaineaa that
is to say, the operators in the groat eon
tore of ooiumoioe. The answer by those
oracles has boon quite different since
the failure of Duncan, Sherman Jfc Co.,
and the failurea which followed, from
that given after the failure of Jsv 0<oko
A 00., not quite two year* ago. The
fact that there iant present no panic nor
any approach to a jvunc maybe accepted
as a proof that the ahrewd observant
who am in a position to lay their fingers
ou the financial pulse find a different
order of symptoms. It is not difficult
to ace the difference nor to tract l the n
\\e will mention first a difference
founded on the calendar, of no great
importance in itself, but leading bv an
easy stop to the fundamental expiana
tion. The failnrts of Duncan. Sher
man A Co , the Itauk of California,
Ahrrns A Co., etc., have <xvurr<<d iu the
aummer months, or Uie slackest seaaou
of the year, whereas the failure of Jay
t\>oke A 00. t.sik place in the bu-daet,
when the autumnal movement iff the
crops had fully set iu and the w hole cur
rouoy of the country was in active use.
It is the difference between failurvst
wheu money is a drug and when there
is a dearth. The panic of Septeuil>er,
IST3, spread through the country like
wildfire, l>eoau*e the whole business
community liad Utsal of more money
than it could get and feared that it
could uot meet its maturing engage
merits. The present situation is totally
different. The Iwuks an l (nil iff money
which can find no employment —a con
elusive proof that ens 1 its are uot ex
(wonled and stretched to their utmost
tension, as they were when the storm
struck in 1873. Daring the panic men
of solid wealth found it next to ioq>oaM
ble to obtaiu money ou the last securi
ties ; but then* is uo ground for such a
fear now, when theto am stacks of cur
rency in the banks ready to be lent at
low rates on any ordinary security. It
is this accumulation of money in the
banks and the condition of business of
which it is a symptom which make men
at the chief financial centers so easy iu
view of the great collapses of the pmeeut
summer. It is certain that credits are
Dot expanded ; tiiat there are few speeu
lative enterprises ou foot; that the sup
ply of mouev will mom than equal the
demand during the heavy business of
moving the crops; iu short, that the
ship is not in danger from having ou too
much sail, but that her poles are too
lare to catch wind enough to keep her
iu good motion. It in only the rot ton
hulks that founder in a dead calm. If
tlie recent failures hail beeu deferred
until the height of the approaching busi
ness season they migiit have canstvl
some disturl<anee and appmhenaion.
As it is they leave general confidence in
about tlie same state that it was, with
perhaps a diminished prospect of its
growing sanguine.
It will not l>e surprising if there
should be a few mort 1 sporadic features
from easily explained causes. Them are
firms that barely squeerod through the
pauic of 1873, witli assets and connec
tions sufficient for recuperation if gen
eral business had revived within a year
or two. But it lias not revived, and the
means of extrication have not been
earned. Moreover, there Invs been a
steady and progressive decline of values
during the past two years which has con
stantly reduced the security which weak
or embarrassed houses could give for
loans. Many who came out of the panic
with property equal or nearly equal to
their debts find their debts undi
minished, and their property so depre
ciated by the shrinkage of values that it
is no longer sufficient to secure their
creditors. If the shrinkage goes on and
business does not revive they will, of
course, have to fail. This lowering of
values results from general cauf--s,
whose operation is uot confined to this
country, but |*va<U over the world,
although felt with more intensity hem,
partly as a fruit of tlie pauic and partly
,as a consequence of our bloated and
fluctuating currency. The ebb of gen
eral prices is str >ugly marked bv the
trade returns of Great Britain. The re
port of the English Board of Trade for
July presents the decline in a striking
Light. A comparison is made between
the imports and exports of the first
seven months of 1875 with the imports
i and exports of the first seven months of
the two preceding rarm, showing that
while them has been a decline in their
money value there has l>een an increase
in the quantities of goods exported and
imported. A larger exchange of com
modities, with decreased money totals,
proves a falling off in prices, and a
steady decrease of values is unfavorable
to the profits of trade, notwithstanding
the increase of quantities. One of the
moot intelligent of the Loudon journals,
in commenting on the recent tvonrd of
trade returns, says : The true inference
to be drawn from the returns is that we
are passing through a period of low
values, winch are affecting to a very
great extent the apparent importance
both of our import and our export trade.
A period of low values ought to stimu
late the foreign demand for our goods.
It ought, therefore, to be followed—first,
by au increase in oar exports, and then ,
by a rise in prices. Whether the time is
ret npe for snch a result cannot, per
; haps, be determined now. Prices may
possibly fall even lower Ixffore the tide
begins to turn ; but the ebb is gradually
losing its force, and the slackening of
the ebb is the first symptom of the ap
proach of the flood.—AVtr York Herabl.
1 Physician Drops Us Diary.
A pocket diary picked up in a St.
Louis street would seem to indicate
from the following choice extracts that
the owner was a medical man :
Kase 2:30, Mary an Perkins, ISisucs,
washwoman ; sickness in her lied. Fisik
sum blue pils a Boaperifik ; aged 52.
Ped me one dollar, I knarter bogus.
Mind get good kuarter and make her
tak more Amk.
Kase 234. Turnmus Kink, Bixues,
'Kirishman, lives with Faddy Maloney,
whnt keeps a dray—sickness, digg in the
ribs and ton black eys. Fisik hi drink
my inixturet twice a day, of sasqierily
bere ami jell op, ami fiali be, asifedity to
make it taste fisiky. Bobbed his face
with kart greoe itmnent, aged 30 years
of age. Drinked the mixture and
wouldn't pay me bckouse it tasted nasty,
but the mixtur'll work his innards, I
Rase 232, Old Misses Boggn. Ain't
got no busines, but plenty of money.
Siknee all a humbug. <hv her sum of
my celebrated " Dipseflorikon," which
she scd drank like could tee—wieh it
was, too. Must put aoinethiuk in to
mak her feel sik and bad. The old wo
man has got the roks.
A Compliment.
As a woman was stepping off a Detroit
street car the other day the horses start
ed up just at the right instant to throw
her down. Bhc fell heavily on the cob
blestones, but scrambled up with a
smile on her face. A jortiy old chap,
who had witnessed the accident, stepjied
up to the lady, held out his hand for a
shake and remarked:
" Gimme your liand ! I've seen mil
lions of women fall down just that way,
and you are the only one in the whole
lot who eouid rub her elbow and smile
at the same time !"
Harmony In Colors.
She had been Ashing for tront very
long and patiently without catching
any, when her husband espied hor, and
asked lier what sort of flies she used?
"0," she answered, "some nice ones
that I bought in Paris on purpose."
" But," exclaimed the bnabaud, pulling
out her line and looking at the flies—
" but these flies will never catch tront.
Who ever heard of anybody Ashing for
trout with flies of thisoolor l" "Why,"
replied tho wife, " they are all right—
they match my dress, you seel" And
so, it seems, they did.
Tho I'hTKlcUn.
Thdfollowinff i* from |M*p*r on "Thi
CAUMW of Tvphoiil IVr.T in MWHWIHI
j>ul>li*ho,lin Uwnv'tul mimml n
j>ort of lln> Stato l>.wr<l of lionltli of Mim
A young Imtoliiir, ladsis'ii twenty and
thirty vears of age, wh ulUiwl witli
typhoid fi<wr. Ho win* a twchelor, mid
*KVupixl i gisxl aiesl I'hunilirr lighted
hv two windows mid having an open tiro
Tho fovor wiim mild, with daily febrile
cerebration, hot shin, thirst, slight diar
rhon and rose spots, with no violont
symptoms. There was 110 indication for
drug*. Ho whm Imtliixl two or three
tiiuoa n duv with tepid water, and wan
allowed wutor freely, hut or not. a>\xrd
tug to lua taste. no covering of hta
Issli *iw regulated l>v hia aonaat ion. A
slight wihhl tilt', ilist enough to lliaiiro
ventilation, m kept iii tho fireplace,
and olio of tho wnnlowa was rained a
Aa aoott na hia family, who lived in
tho country, heard of hi* illness, two of
Utom, u tuaiilou aunt and a water, catuo
to tho city to take euro of him. They
reached tho hollao olio ufterihsiu Jllal
after luy visit. My |>atiout was, aa do
sorilxsl alaivo, comfortably aick, with a
I'lllae alaitlt eighty, atld Without doll
rinm. Thov were frightened to find
tlioir relative, wrho waaaiek with typhoid
foVor, ai> poorly eared for. t iunled by
their thorv of tho proper treatmout of
foror, they proceeded, without inform
ing mo, to reform matters.
They pinned a blanket over each win
dow, ao aa to exclude the light, ami
closed the open window ; they cloned the
ohituuoy with a firelsiard ami a t up an
air Light atove, in whieh they made a
fire. In order to make him aweat ho was
packed in blankoLa ami hot herb tea was
given liim.
When 1 called the next day 1 found
hia room dark and tilled with hot foul
atmosphere. The odor wua of that of
fensive sort that siek chambers are ta>
often cliarged with. Hut tho gnat
change was in the sick man, whom 1 had
left so coinfortuhlo the lay before. He
was wrapped in blankets, liis skin was
dry, his lips cracked, his eve wild, his
pulse I'iO, ami he was so restless ami Je
lirioua tliat it wua all his attemlants could
do to keep him til l*xl.
His aunt said alio came to nurse her
uephew, ami liad found him with open
windows, exposed to uoise and currents
of air, drinking cold wider freely as lie
chose, and taking uo medicine. These
evils she endeavored to remedy, but
in spit,' of all her efforts he hiul rapidly
grown worse.
The physician states his conversation
' with the aunt ami his refusal to continue
in charge unless everything wa- restored
as it liad been on her arrival. Tho win-
Idows were opened, the stove was re
moved, a fire made in the chimney ami
the blankets were taken from the patient.
He giies on to say :
1 gave the wok man a tumbler of wa
ter, which he drank as if he wore quench
ing an internal tire. All this they Ixire
in silence, but wlu u 1 ,idled for a huge
tub, and made preparation for a Imth,
they remonstrated, and declared a
cold l>ath would kill him. Remon
strances, however, were unavailing, and
my patient got a cool effusion by potu -
iug water all over him. He was then
. put to bed, tightly covered, and soon
went to sleep. By night his condition
had gruntly improved, and the next day,
twentv-faur hours later, his fever as
sunus) its previous mild type, his pulse
was about eighty and his head tolerably
clear. He made a satisfactory convales
The case just related is a fair specimeu
of a common malpractioe, occurring
every day, but escaping notice la-cause
tlie effects of carbonic acid j<ois.>ui:ig
are not brought out in bold relief.
The Army Worm in Worcester.
The Worcester (Mim.) Oatetir say s :
We have announced the appearance of
i the "army worm " in several towns in
the southerly portion of the county, iui.l
have information of his appearance m
this city : Mr. William T. Merrifield m
-1 fonas us that h< haa noticed for some
I ten ilays past a fading aud disappear
ance of grass iu one of his fields at the
corner of Highland and West streets,
and that ho found, yesterday, tliat it
was being ravaged by this new j>est.
The held has been in gra-vs for the past
twenty five years, and last autumn was
plowed and mssjed down with common
grasses. It was d ols tit June JO,
yielding about two and a half tons to the
acre, and when the wt rras la gan their
ravages liad a second cut of atauit one
and a half tons to the acre, which is
uearly all destroyed. On discovering
the pnnenee of the worms he at once set
men at work to protect the adjoiuing
fields, which he did by turning two fur
rows, abont a yard apart, toward the
fields to be prot<vtod, the worms being
unable to crawl up the farrow of loose
earth. The second farrow proved un
necessary, as noue of the worms pass* si
the ffrst barrier. Tliey soon gathered
to the depth of an inch or more in the
bed of the furrow, whore they were
trampled to death by his men. They
were crossing West street to the fit his
on the east KUIO, some of them climbing
over a board fence five feet high which
obstructed their onward march. The
worm is the larva of a nicht li ving moth,
and while more or leas of them are seen
every year, they ap(>ear in prodigious
numlien* at uncertain intervals. Their
past ravages iii New England have Ixs-n
reoirdisl in 1743, 1770, 1790, IMI7 and
I*6l. The worm, at various stages of
its growth, is from one to two inches in
length, and about as large as the com
mon tree caterpillar. Its color is gray
with longitudinal stri|>es of rxl and yel
low. The method employed by Sir.
Merrifield to prevent their extended
ravages, is said by those -who have had
experience to be the best, although
crushing them with a roller has been
found efficacious on tiard, smooth fields.
Hogs and fowls are also deacrilied as ac
tive agents for their extermination.
They are repulsive in aspect and offen
sive in smell, and it is to be hoped that
their appearance may be restricted to a
small portion of the fields hereabouts.
We are also informed that the worms
hare made their apj>earanc at the city
Thoughts for Saturday Night.
Self-trust is the essence of heroism
Jealousy dislikes the world to know it.
We read the book of experience onlv
backward, and find it punctuated an God
Had we not faults of our own, wo
should take h-as pleasure in olwerving
those of others.
Every man has in himself a continent
of undiscovered character. Happy is
he who acts the Columbus to his own
Everything that tends to emancipate
us from external restraint without adding
to onr own power of aelf government is
Many rs>rsons are judged harshly by
the world lM'cause they allow no eye bnt
Ood's to see into the inner sanctuaries
of their hearts.
The capacity of sorrow belongs to our
grandeur; and the loftiest of our race
are those who have laid th" profoundest
grief, because they liave had the pro
foundest sympathies.
It is difficult to conceive anything
more beautiful than the reply given by
one in affliction when he was asked how
he bore it so well, "It lightens the
stroke," said he, to draw near to him
who handles the rod."
The harp holds in its wires the possi
bilities of noblest chords; yet, if they
be not struck, they must hang dull and
useless. So the mind is vested with a
hundred powers, that must Is? smitten
by a heavy hand to prove themselves
the offspring of a divinity.
It ia not great battles alone that build
the world's history, nor great poems
alone that make the generations grow.
There is a still, small rain from haven
that has more to do with the blessedness
of nature and of human nature, than
the mightiest earthquake or the loveliest
A Keutncky court lately sent a man
for two years to the penitentiary for
murder, and a second culprit for four
years to the same place for stealing hogs.
A Storj of Hat*.
A IMIHIN (lifdli II'HI nvlnbrtty lnu it ro
|>ttU< for IHMlllltltV Mill nlllVWilllCnn, winch
every A'urkshiieuiati gleefully appreoi
UIOM. Ilia limine being iiifeated with
nttH, it certain mt catcher w wnt for,
who, having done Inn IIUUIIWIH, nought
IIIN employer to make known the fact itiiil
for hut recompense, for which t hurt!
bargain hu*l, its iintnd, been driven. Ho
hint it bag over hut Nhonl<h<rN containing
iltt* result of hiit labor. The iwlrliritr
chanced to lie in th> drawing room,
where ht<tu*uig hia von*-, the sturdy rat
catcher nought loin ami ION pay.
" You've left no rnt Inland t" sternly
t-skeil the employer, alowly taking out
hia purse.
" Noa, air," answered the mt catcher
Niirlilv, for he ilnl iiut oonnnler the pay
htvcral or even fair, ami wa, eonae
qtlolilly, not too amicably inclined.
" Ami what are you going to l with
all thoae rata in yottr bag f"
" Wool, aw tnttn mak' a livin". Ilia
kitoww, cny hto, mut itw m-Un 'cm," re
plic.i the man, momlily.
" .Si-ll Ihciu ivlio*il tlit l oilier, quick
I\, the light of u brtUmnt new nlc trra
■liutiug hin ivuntcuiuiivi.
•* Soil my ratn ' What right have you
to mill my proiwify, nir ? 1 agroeil to
pay yon to catch my rati ; I ili<l not aav
you were to have my rata when they
wore caught. Now look here, my man,
I'll pay you at OUOO; but, tint, how
much are you going to allow me for my
The nit catcher's patience won ex
haunted . he atnate from the door toward
Mr. - —. ; and, in abrupt reply to that
able manager'a auxioun inquiry, he Hint
detily, with an angry oath, threw the lmg
ujnil the earpet'n velvet pile, and catch
ing up Uie lower end of it, with one
violent nhakc aattcriHl the nitn JH-ll mell
one over the other at hin employer'*
feel, crying, in the midnt of the mpieak
ing, Hcratcliing, and ncniiutiling of the
frigtitelKHt luttmaln which euaued: " Natl,
then, tak' the blowcd owd ritn and twint
them rnaud tluH' iii-ck !"
A Sailor's Revenge.
The BrIuNUOT Hotlmmou liu-kmau
arrival at Brooklyn, N. Y., from Neil
vitas, Cuba, with the (lewd, Joliu
Evans, iu iruuH. The complaint against
Evans, as narrated by (.'apt. F. I'. Hhep
aril atul lus mates, is sulMttuiitiaUv its
billows: Tlte Mhoonfr multid from Now
York tilsiut two mouths u(,m with a cargo
of hay. Hor crow consisted of eight
inou. Evans was callwd iijhiu to do
certain duties in common with the rest
of the crow, aad in accordance with the
custom on all vessel*. Ho grumbled a
great ileal, and frequently disobeyed
orders, but wan not punished. While
the veeael was iu Neuvitas, Kvalis at
tempted to assume an authority for
which he was subsequently repriunuided
by the captain. On tliis invasion Evans
retorted with abusive language and the
captain ejected luui by force from the
cabin. Evans walked away muttering lo
himself, and after dark he took a kero
sene lamp oud went into the hold, in
tending, ua he told the mate, to set the
vessel on tire. He changed his mind,
however, and planned to destroy the
provisions and water bv mixing coal oil
with them, that when the vessel went lo
mi the crew might starve. He also de
stroyed all the lanterns, etc., so that
no signals oouhl be made at night.
Having done this he told the captain
that he was going to see the American
consul, and left the vessel. When the
vessel was about to soil the cap! in
ordered the crew to make a thorough
insptviion of everything on loord, and
the work of Evans was discovered,
(.'apt. Shepard reported the facts to the
American consul, and Evans, who had
fled, was discovered and arrested. After
on examination, the consul ordered the
prisoner to be brought to New York.
I'iie prisoner, who has liecome much
emanated through forty two days' close
coutincuieiit, was delivered to L ulled
States marshal and locked tip to await
Thf Fatality Among ('liildrvu.
(Vimpeteut physicians declare that half
Ute deaths of children under five year*
are due to "active or passive criminality,
lgnonuioe or carelessness." In a pa|wr
iu the August number of the Journal of
OtaUtrlc*, Dr. Dawson gives it as his
opinion that the guslro intestinal dis
eases from which children die in such
large uumbera at this season an< due en
tirely to a vicious system f overfeeding.
On the other side, wo must Cite the
opinion of the agents of the children's
aid society to the effect that the want of
prvjs>r nourishment is at the root of a
great deal of the excessive infant mortal
ity of the season. It may Is* jKisailile to
reconcile l>oth authorities by rememlier
ing that badly-selected food is as likely
to produce the elhvts of starvation on a
child'* system as no food at all. The
whole question of infant mortality in
summer avm* to turn upon the effects
of a close and heated atmosphere on the
assimilating power of the infant diges
tion. So competent an observer as Dr.
Dawson must be believed when he says
tlint : "If ever there was an absnrd fal
lacy fastened ujmn the jxrpulor mind, it
is, in my opinion, this bugtenr of 'teoth
ing sickness.' I have never seen such a
cose myself." But the question is not
*<> much why so many infants are taken
Hick and die just at the teething period
with gnstro-iiitestmal disorders, as wliy
s< alarming a proportion of such deaths
take place in summer. We should !*•
just as near the truth to say that the h ut
kills as that "faulty alimentation" is
chargeable with these deaths. The
problem is a somewhat complex one, in
which tbo effects of lent constitute the
main element, and the possibility of re
moving children Iwyonu the reach of the
fatal influence of overheated air consti
tutes the chief promise of relief.— Act#*
York Timrs.
A Newspaper Man.
He had Needy clothe* on when he ap
tieared liefore the Detroit police court,
lie had a hungry lcok, He had an anx
ious air and an empty wallet.
" Young man, wlio are yon, and how
came you to falter by too wayside f"
asked the court.
He Raid he was a reporter looking for
a situation. Ho liud boon looking for a
place for mnntliß aud months, but all
applications wore ansnecreafnl. All tin
situation* soouiod taken up, and lie had
thought some of tnrning his attention to
driving omnibus.
" Would yon toll n lie ?" asked the
" No, sir."
" Would vou exaggerate I"
" No, air.
" Would yott pervert or deceive ?"
" No, Bir."
• 1 Thou I am convinced that you aro
not a journalist." added his honor.
" Yon are Route fraud, traveling around
on • cheek,' and I'll put you to work.
The sentence i* three months."
" It'a pretty haril, sir, for an inno
cent man to lie Bent np," protested the
" I never heard of but one such
case, and I never believed that," wan the
reply,as he wa waived into the corridor.
Romantic Incident at Sea.
A romantic incident occurred on the
last trip of the steamer Rotterdam, from
Rotterdam to New York. Among the
cabin paaflcngera were a Mr. Van Seller
aud .\lina Maria R-utor, who were en
gaged to lie married. To give the event
an air of romance, they had decided to
have the ceremony performed on board
the ship in mid-ocean. On the nv ning
preceding the day fixed for the wedding,
it transpired that the young lady was
the young man'a half eider. It appeared
from explanation* given to the passon
gera, that Van Seller left hi* home in
Amsterdam when only ten yeais old,
shipping as a cabin boy on board a ves
sel bound for the West Indies, lie re
visited hi* nntive place after a lapse of
five years, hut finding that hi* father
hail died during the interval, and that
his mother had married again he shipped
once more and did not ret urn until about
two months ago, when he was unable to
find any trace of kin mother. During u
visit to Rotterdam he met Miss Renter,
and an attachment st once sprang np lie
tween them, which resulted in an en
gagement. In talking aboat their early
days they accidentally discovered their
relationship to each other.
An Kra In lll** Making
M. tie la llaatie'a invention ntnrka a
ilintiuet era ill the hintory of one of
our uiont important iiuluatrie*. Never
<1 tiritiK tbe hitory of gloan manufacture,
which eitellda over aotne H.Wkt yearn,
hta any radical change lioeii effected in
tta character. The gla*s blowers of
Egypt, who iiraetioed their art below
the oxodua of the clohlreii of lantal. tunl
representation a of whom have boon found
011 moioimentN tut ancient tut that event,
produced a similar glun to that of our
own tiniea. This has been proved bv an
examination of glan ornamenta which
have Iteen dtnoovered in tombs aa an
cient a the days of Moaea It liaa tveeu
proved, too, by a large bead of glaas,
found at Thelvea, upou which wa* in
scribed the name of a monarch who lived
I,foul yearn H. t'., and which glass wan
of the name apecitlc gravity a our own
crown glann. It in true l'lttiy meutioun
that a ooinlnuatioii waa deviaed in the
reign of Tlla-rniH winch produced a ffeii
ble glass, but both tlie inventor and ap
paratus were deetroyed. Hi order, it la
naid, to prevent the value tif copper, eil
ver ami gold from becoming depreciated.
There ia, however, no evideuoa whatever
that thin wan the iottgheuing proocs* of
do U Itaalie, uor doea the record lu any
way detract from the merit* of that gen
tlelDali on the inventor of an important
economic pr<Ht-aa. The fact reinaina
that the worhl han now given to it for
the tirst time, in a practical form, an 111
vent lon by which the brittlenem of glann
in HUperocdcd by an attribute of theunait
valuable nature toughneaa. It ia by no
Uicitlin miprolialilc that the old adage,
"an brittle an glass," will aoou lie su
pernedrd by u uew one, "an tough an
glann." _
CIKII Impudenre.
A geutleuiau in Cleveland, Ohio, hart
the misfortune to lose hia only child re
ocntly, and not many dayn after tlie
notice of its death apjmared in the local
papers he recieived by mail from I'hila
de'phia a roll containing a curd with the
name, age, and date of tleath of his child
printed tu the center, and having in the
upper port of the card an oval space, and
in the lower jHirt a couple of obituary
verses. Acoompauyiug the <-ard was the
following impertiuent circular:
The recipient of tins will recognise at
once a memorial to a dear deparUnl,
something that in years to come will lie
looked upon with a gentle reminder of
tlie happy days prior to the call of Hun
who rul. s all "things. It cannot lie ex
]looted that the inclosed can lc dtstrib
11b d gratis, therefore the price is placed
at fifty ceuts. Inclosed please find all
envelope to ourmbtreas; fold the amount
in a piece of t>aper, mention the name,
and mail it Should you wish more than
oue copy, ph-ane inclose twenty five
cents for each additional one, giving the
name tuid date of death of the deceased
and we will forward by mail. If yon
should not have a photograph of the de
censed, hair or flowers can tie inserted in
the oval with very good result. To in
sert u photograph cut out the blank
space inside the oval, and fasten the
photograph on the back of the memo
rial, so Unit the picture shall appear ex
actly in the center of the oval. Should
you not desire to return khe card, please
return to us, but before doing so, please
take in consideration our exjieuae of
time in getting up the form, mab rial,
uiailing, etc.
Robbed While Thej Slept.
The following account of a singular
robbery is taken from the Savannah
i (la.) Adrrrtiurr : A bold and success
ful robbery was committed by which
eleven countrymen were relieved of all
their money. After disposing of their
produce at the market, they put up their
carts and wagons in the wagon yard,
intending to start for their horaoa early
in the morning. They were granted
the privilege of the use of the bosemeut
room of the house and the buck piazia
as a sleeping place, and having their
own quilts, retired to rat. Early m
the morning one of them awoke and
miss<<d his wallet containing over Sl**',
but thinking that it bu I somehow slipped
out of liia pocket on the floor, mode
diligent search. Failing to find it, he
aroused his com|>aiiion* and told of hi*
loss, saying In- had l>eeu robbed. They
in turn investigated tlieir own jwicketa,
and the alarming fact was disclosed that
the whole party hod tiecu made the vic
tims of this hold thief or thieves. The
aggregate loss was over S4OO. No clue
could 1m obtained. It is HUppoeed that
chloroform was used. In the case of
tw<> of theiu, the ]>ock< ts of their (ants
were neatly cut out and their pocket
book* taken. Evidently it was the work
of some one having exjienence in the
business, as it was certainly very re
markable that out of the whole eleven
thus rubled, uot one should have ItMfi
awakened during the operation.
I'ollteness in (ireat Men.
Politeness is always the mark of good
brivsling, and some of the greatest men
have lieen noted for their courtesy.
Many of them liave owed the popularity
that "was a recognition of their grwatnesa,
in no small measure to their considera
tion of others. The following is related
of the bite Edward Everett : Many
yearn ago, the errand boy employed by
a publishing house in a great city was
sent to procure from Edward Everett
the proof sheets of a book which he had
lieen examining. The boy entered the
vast library, lined from floor to ceiling
with IHHiks, in fear and trembling ; he
stood in awe of the famous man, and
dreaded to meet hiiu. But Mr. Everett,
turning from the desk where he was
writing, received the boy with reassur
ing courtesy, Iwule lurasit down, chatted
kindly as he looked for the proof sheets,
aud naked : ".Shall I nut a paper round
them for yon I" as politely a* if his visi
tor were the President. The Isiy de
ported in a verv comfortable frame of
mind. He limi lieen raised in his own
esteem by Mr. Everett's kindness, and
has never forgotten the lesson it taught
Mings of Insect".
The buzzing and humming sounds
produced by winged insect* are not, as
might lie supposed, vocal sounds. They
result from sonorous undulations im
parted to the air by the flapping of
their wings. This may le rendered evi
dent by observing that th" noise always
ceases when the insect alights 011 any
object. The si rone lias been ingeuious
ly applied for the purpose of ascertain
ing the rate at which the wings of such
creatures flap. The instrument lieing
brought into unison with the sound pro
duocd by ttie insect, indicates, as in the
case of any other musical sound, the
rate of vibration. In this way it has
been ascertained that the wings of a gnat
flap at the rate of 15,000 times per see
ond. The pitch of the note produced
by this insect in the net of flying is,
therefore, more than two octaves above
the highest note of n seven-octave piano
What it Cost.
A woman on a steamlssit shooting the
Lachine rapids, lately fainted away and
fell into it tab of raspberries. The ex
pen so to her husband is Oius summed
up by n sympathizing correspondent:
E lward paid for the raspberries nt tea
rents a quart, $5.10 ; the dress was r
new one and cost jnst an even SIOO ; a
pair of striped balhriggan hose. $1 50 ; a
lac i handkerchief, embroidered cupid iu
one corner, was valued nt $•!; sundry
other things, audi as one pair Ave but
ton hi 1 gloves, one light brown chignon,
one very long bustle, etc., counted up
s*2o more. All these things were ruined
eoinplt tcly, so that the exact cost of
Kate's faint was $13*2.60.
A Sad Sight.
The Rocky Mountain .%> makes
this comparison : Onr people shudder
with cold chills when they rend in the
papers that Mifnllie Russell, or Mary
Brown, or Lizzie Greer, has been shoved
into a cell for drnnkanness, or vagrancy,
or both ; but Kansas City furnishes a
seene tieside which this sort of punish
ment is higli civilizstion und refinement.
Nine old women, condemned as vagrants,
are daily taken out to break stone in the
streets, while n guard stands over them,
with pistol and onue to koop them
steadily at work.
llMt ml Istsrssx la llsavs as* ttint
Hlgnor I'lptro Vatnl, an Italianartial ranlitant
in llila oouutry, committed suicide at City
Island, near New York, under aiitgnlar etr
cuuiatauce*. and from lusipltoabl* tfiotivea.
Wlillo t selling sonic versos from Uieliagady of
l'liaodra, at a clambake, and Juat aa he had
altered theanrda 'Hind who )adKth all things,
will alao Judge Ihia act of mlua." ha ainlitnnly
placed a platol to hia head and Idea hia hralna
out, to the horror of Uie aaaanilded guests,
alio at Aral thought It aaa part of the lioUUoua
U agedy, but ante eoiivlnoad of Uie true nature
of alf aint Ujiou lifting the hody from the
ground A a|ivoil dispatch ftotu Ihvrlui
say* liiat after the recent p|x>iiiUu<iit of
Mahutoud Pacha aa grand vialor of Turkey
tliela la leas hope than ever of Uie tiiaurgenta
in lining to terms .. . Advloea fruut llayU alata
that ae<enleeu foltueeiaof (leneial Canal, alio
are noa tinder the protocU'jn of the United
Males minister. Mr llaeeetl, aere cundetuned
to death on the iweiily-niulh of July, and
it aaa alatnd that the government oonletu
plated a forcible entry into trie American Ml
otitale to take the lefugeoa into cuaUnly, tliey
haviug been condemned aa uurderera and
anaeaaina by Uie Uayttau Tribunal A
Herman mlnlateria) order baa been issued de
claring that the bishop of I'aderbom haa for
feited hie righla to citireiialilp by Ilia departure
without leave fioiu the city In which he was
" interned."... A alight aback of eai th.juako
was tell alltl Thomas, Meal lndlee ... The
aaeuciellt n fur the teform and cudlD sUuu of
the law of iiatioue aaa formally o|>rtied at
Hague. lielegates from the United Hiatus
were present .The ai-trelarr of the (leaauiy
haa laaued calla fur Uie redemption of tIS.UOII,-
(■OO of five-twenty honda of InOt, of which
*I,OOO UXi are on account of Uie eluklug fund
The puwl-ofheo deparUneiit haa c hang oil
UlO oolor of Uie lao-oeiit stamp fruut brown to
red. The seven, twelve end twenty-four-caul
>laiii|B will he wtUidraau The Atalaiatrw
won Uie four-oared laee over the lleavarwycka,
at Troy, lu eight minutes and thirty-four arid
uuo-quarter aeoouila. C-ourtuey won the single
ecuh over HUey, of Htaleo Island, in nine
minutes and forty-el 1 seconds. In the pair
oar I'utuu (Springs won over lleaverwycka and
Nepluuea Ur eight mmules and fifty and one
half seconds.
Heavy lalna in the llsrosch district, India,
will UooeaaitaU Lho rnplaiiLUig of s huge part
of the ooUaKi crop there .. The California
election teeulted in a victory for the 1OBK>-
erai* By a collision of t£e two English
irouclads Iron Puke and Vanguard lu the chan
nel. the latter was sunk. No lives were loeL
Tbe anniversary of the surrender of Keden
was olwerved UiroughoutOermany as a holiday
and day of general rejoicing .... InformaUou
haa been ravened from the Stale of (oiomlsa
to the effect thai articles of peaco have been
signed by (ieuaral livlgado, cvonimauder of the
national forces uf the tloloaiUau governmeiit,
and (ieueral Sauto iKsntugo Vila, nsnmaiidiiig
tbe insurgents. This re-ealabliahea {xvaoe in
the republic, atid leaves lbs naltonal authority
uiiquastioaed i'ai.ama advises are that the
repuollc of Ecuador has been declared in a
slate uf aiege, and the governor clothed with
tlie extraordinary faculties provided for by the
(volitical code of the country. The governor
ajipeala to the chiefs, othoers and soldiers to
assist htm lu maintaining ordar and aus taming
pereouai security, i'mstdenl Moreno waa as
aaaaniaied in the corridor of the public treas
ury, lit Uie afternoon, aa previously reported.
tVvrdey Harris, chief of the negn-cs arrested in
tieurgla fur attempted msurieclton, has been, found uot guilty, and discharged
One Itehm, the taller uf the Planters' National
haiik of Louisville, Ky , re|vurted to the police three men b>k htm from his bed to the
bank and made him iqi-u the vault, from
which they look #I<X),OUO and then chlciruform
ed and eta! '-ed lam. llehm wis afterwards
chargs.l with the n l-bery aud conf esse. 1. show
ing where he had hid the 1 100.000 ..A train
ou the M'aCkUl (N. T I valley road went
through a rotten bridge near Goaheu, while
having on board an immense crowd from
camp meeting, and twenty five people were
more ur leas injured, hut none killed octnght-
Six marlcror* sere executed at Port Smith.
Ailiiite. at cue time. James H. Moore,
white, one of tli* unfortunate men. shot a
■hen!! • oftioer who was parvmtig him for
hotwe stealing. 1 >amri H. Kvant, white, mur
dered • man lost November. Ham. \V Tooy.
a .(iiarter black Chwrokea, luar jered a young
txuu for #3ou. Wm. J. WhllUngtau, white,
mnrderrd * man in the < Inokiuaaw nan on,
while u.tlainel wiUi drink. ) dmood fampbeli,
colored, killed a man and woman. The other
waa Hm< ker Manku.or. a f u 11 -Wooded Chero
kee .. llehm. the hank tahor of Ixmtsvdie,
who rot bed the bonk and then eoofeseed, has
beeii held in (M.UiO bolt Ills popart; hoe
been attached by the tank, under a charge of
ombeiolitig #20.000 Hie Loudon We
gruf-l, nn Uki pnspwW are favorable for lt>e
hop bariest. bleb ban already commenced.
Damage done by mold and vermin 1* below the
average .The London Timrn, in its finan
cial column, nri: "It is known that we aboil
bave to im|>ort on unusually large quantity of
wheat, arid it is equally certain that all the
malting lorley sill bave U> come from abroad.**
... Owing to a nun-fall of woven and a half
inches within • few dsn gieat damage te
announced in the central provinces of Japan,
far ma being flood od, bona** and bndgee de
molished. arid upward* of t2.000.000 In pro
duce destroyed. There a ere also a great many
live* kiet Tho Chinaee troops refneo to
follow the al-irKines into the heart of the
island of Formosa, and have revolted by regi
ment*. The eetagee reinaui master of tlie
eituauoti. and the Chinese military ojieraU-m*
have I won au*|udod .... Goldsmith Maid
trotted a mile iu two minute* and fourteen
and a half eecnuda at Hartford. Goon., in an
effort to beat her own liue of two minutee aud
fourteen seconds Heavy raitia washed
away ahutmenta on the Chicago and North
wesiern railroad, near New Jefferson. lowa,
and a cattle train went through tlie bridgo at
Uiat place. Twelve cars were smashed. and
marly all the cattle killed. There were uo
men eenotialy injured.. The Boston and
Charleston steamship oom|>any, organize 1 in
1572 Willi a capital or #IOO,OOO. ha* eunk it*
entire capital, and ho* additional habilitiee to
the amotint of #125 000. The steamers have
been withdrawn.
Tha defalcation of Holston, lata jiresldent of
tha Dank of California. will amount te between
$9,000,000 and $1,000,000. and an overleane of
nlnck ha* liseii discovered. It ui not suppoeed
that thi* will in any way prejudice tha ar
rangetiiruta now being mods to rehabilitate
the bank Gen. Sherman contemplates
a revised edition of hi* Memoir*, and ha*
written to acme officer*, whom he mtsreure
eeuri 4 in the flrat editiou premising to correct
some of the errors in a second Frederick
Heitr.. a lahoter in Ilodeker * brewery. Tort
Jervis, X. Y., while scalding t>eer kegs fell
backward into a vat. lie managed to crawl
out l>efore aa*i*lauce arrived, twit wan ecaKlod
to eiich an extent that the llesh peeled from
the bono* .... The ittimigrwut steamer Ool
lingw(K<d arrived at Auckland, Australasia,
from London with fever on board. Twenty
immigrants (lied on the pa-sage, and fifty
more were removed to the hospital on her
anival The great strike a: Oldham. Eng.,
l* cn ted. The terme of the nperativee have
been accepted.... The British eonenl lies
arrived at Mostar from Herzegovina. He wit
nessed horrible cruelties. |>erpetrated by the
insurgents, who in one instance roa-led ohil
dren alive. Tho Insurrection is put down.
Oaly raids by the Servians and Montenegrin*
Uks place, and these ore exaggerated tenfold.
The |K>puletiouof Queen* county, N. Y.,
la #S,ISA, against 7S,sf7 in lA7O A duel
was fought between Major Edwards, of the
St. I.out* Tini*, and Col. Foster, of the
Journal, over en article in the 7Ymse. One
shot was exchanged without damage, when
(lie difficulty was settled Harden * gov
ernment surveying party was attacked by
Indians in western Colorado, but succeeded in
escaping with the lnae of their Instruments
and baggage.
Cept. Webb hoe again swam across the Eng
lish channel from Dover to Calais He was
twenty-one and three-quiuter houra Iu the
water without any covering or buoyant aid....
Canadian lumber dealer* ttqiort a continued
dullness in the lumber trade, not only in
Ottawa, but iu the wholo of Canada aud the
eastern States. Ke|>orte from Nova Scotia sod
New Brunswick say that many mills will be
stopped for tho season ... .Teraone engaged
iu giving a burlueque serenade at Elgin, Cana
da, were fired at from a house on Saturday
night. Four of tlirm were wounded, one
T#tall_v During a barbecue at Clinton,
Miss , a white mau attempted to drink whisky
i-otilrary to th* rulss of tb* ground*, when
* n*gro praraiiliel him. A qoairsl was ta
•lanUjr lK'i--. and many pistol ahol* Iliad hjr
frlaiida of both jartin*. Tliras while man
worn killed end many wouudsd. two mortally.
Ten negtosa wata killed and aa many wonndad,
aoma fatally. Two of Ilia whlta man who war*
killed ware horribly inuUlated, lhatr beada ba
lug beaten to atoms with fmies rails .... Oov.
Tallut, of Maaeaohuaalla. daellnaa a renomina
te >ll .. Tiltmi'a woolen null, at I'avandtah,
Vh, waa bnrttad, with a loaa of #170,000
Count Klolrberg, the prima mover in Uie affair,
haa given up Uia proposed |Slgrimage to
lourdae and no tlennane will oouae-inenUy
take part tu It ...Kuaala la convinced of
Vakooh a hneUlity, and ratrthutlva maaaaraa
agaluat Khokaud are probable A diaaaae
similar to the old eptsoultr has broken oat
snioag liie cauls near Avon, N Y forty
have died within two weeka.
The endeavor to ahlp juacliaa to Kurop#
proved unaucceaafol. The | leach aa kr|H In
perfai t order until the eeooud of September,
lbs loe supply waa aahauated on the twrnty
uinUi of August. The •(earner arrlvtd Hap
tetuler 7th . .... Twenty Ihonsatid pciaona
wars preaeiit at Ilia liockvllle (lad.) soldier*'
reunion. The Wegous end bur see oovered
foil j eeree, euj were |wlil close tq* cbes
• ere made hy U*u gherman, (Senator Morton,
and Henry H. ....lite olty of lbeton
advrrliaee for a thirty-year pold loan of #l.-
oOu.COO, el five per cent, for the purjiuee of In
creaeiug the city's water supply .. Sir A. T.
(ialt haa writteu a public letter ou the affair*
of the (kuiaitien lloiulnluu. Ui which ha says
he looks with aiarm ou the rapidly increasing
liabilities of the USIUMi, uhjecla to the building
of the I'acific railway for yeara to come, and la
oppiated to either ahaolute frae Inula or too
much protection. lie will uuheeitailugly,
however, advoaaie differential duuea agaiual
Uia bulled litetaa, and the parwuit of a rotalia
lory system with that country .....fifteen
thousand animals are affected hy the foot and
mouth dlaeaee in l'uraatshira, frig land.
A dispatch from Constantinople aaja that
01 del has again been completely aatebhahad
in Huauia and alm-et restored in Herxcauvuia
Tbe Itiiaeiaiia stormed and took a forti
fied puaiUou held by thirty thousand of Uia
Khokand rebels, and succeeded In driving
them nine miles with greet slaughter
A destructive disease, the sjoqitoms of which
are similar to those of the epuouty among
horses, haa broken oat among cattle gracing in
the vMainly of Buffalo, N. I. A noml-er have
died, and many are affected by the epidemic.
A I'alm* of Nllcnw.
Away up on tlie bill tluU overlook*
Naph*. Htrunla tbe t artbuniaii tnouaaU-ry
of H an Martiu< 1. Tbe monk* wbo once
inhabited the glorioua paleoe— fnr it 1*
nothing loaa—were men of noble birth
and rant fortune. The church n now
one of the 111 oat uiagiuflocnt in Italy.
Agate, jmqx-r, lapia iazuh, ametliyat,
Kgyptiau granite and fooail wood, ' to
gether with lnarblna of every tint, are ao
tdended in ni<arnica that line the whole
edifice, and the carvings are *0 rich and
graceful, that the interiors of some of
the cha|*els sea-in like Kdeti bower* trail*- !
fixed by a tnirarle and fro&uu into stone.
And in this apot lived a brotln-rliood
who uaine from the first circles of wveicty,
and buried themselves in this gorgeous
touib, for it Was little else. The monks
took a vow of per|vett:al silence, lived
ajiart, ate apart, and met only for the
unsocial hours of prayer, when each was
wrapped in hit own meditation, and no
one uttered a syllable. Each one of the
little cells where they slept had a small
wiudow or closet communicating willi
one of tlie corridors, and in thin cloaet
was plaocd the frugal meal, which wa*
then taken into the cell and euleti in
solitude. Every quarter of an hour a
In*ll struck to remind the listeners that
they were ao much nearer their death.
In tlie gardens the railings are ornament
ed with marble skulls, and the only
sound* which uaed to disturb this splen
did solitude were the tread of sandaled
feet, tlie rustle of long, white rolves, or
the clang of the bell that told off their
solemn livra, in Ivrief moments, and yet
might have seemed long to them. These
monks, like most others in Italy, have
l>wii driven from their retreat, "and all
their treasures confiscated by Victor
Item* of experience.
A oorrepondent says : It don't i*y
to r<-*vt thin wheel tin*. There in great
economy WMwxkuig the felloe* of business
wagon wheel* with raw liuaeed oil ; it
will preserve the wood and mth> the ne
cessity of frequently tire netting, on
operation to lie avoided. When you liny
a new fork or hoe, good farming re
quire* that yon oil the handle, ll ooets
but a trifle, and yoar tool look* (.letter
and will wi-ar longer. Good liorneaa
k<*]it aoft with neatidoot oil in a credit
to the owner and a comfort to the ani
mal that wears it, A aoft harness ia
stronger than a dry, liard one. It is
elastic and bend* without break nig.
Horse stalls are usually made too nar
row. A tired horse needs room to tnrn
over and stretch his liml* : fatal injuries
come from confining spirited horses in
short, narrow stalls. A friend had the
I teat one of a valuable span kicked by a
strange horse in a short stall, which
broke a leg. A pair of handsome West
ern horses were brought to take the place
of the bsys, and one of them in one
year knocked down a hip. perhaps bv a
narrow stall, and is now of trifling value.
I/oru*t* in Syria.
Ihi yon hear that strange noise like a
rnstlnig in the air, aud the shouts of the
people ? and do yoti s>-e how darknem
come* on f Ihi cot lie fright* ned. it is a
flight of locusts coming. In ten minute*
they will be here. Down thev fall like
a hail storm. It is very unpleasant to
lie covered with them ; they will not
bite us, but they will strip every garden
in an hoar. If vou do not mind s few
nestling in your lutir and hat, and ran
ning atsuit your throat, you may watch
that tree covered with blossom; it i*
already alive with locust*, and yon will
see them strip branch after branch, as if
somebody was using a knife. Poor peo
ple ! no wonder thev shout. These
dreadful insect* will destroy all their
crops, produce a kind of famine by
raining tboprioo of provisions, and often
in the hot season announce cholera.
Dobbins' Electric Soup, (made by
Cragiti * Go., Philadelphia, INt-llwirg
perfectly pure, rrqaires less than com
mon soap. Hence it# economy is ap
parent. Ask your grocer to get it. •
Rood News from Washington City.
Dwabtwkkt or Stat*. (
tVAsntsuToß, Aug 231. IS7S. i
Wilsox Hbwirh Macbir* Conrajix. Oieland,
tihlo :
Tl.ere have Iwcn received at this depar-nert
a wxtixi akh wrtowA awardoi to Wiisor zw
tso Macum* CoMrARX, as an exhibitor a ijia
Universal Exposition, held al Vienna in 1 "73.
I will Thank you to inform me what dispow>
tioo vou desire to have mod* of them. The
department will deliver them to such agwnt aa
you may or U< Adams Express Com
pany, addressed a* you may indicate, upon the
return to the d<qitmrut of the inclosed r-
OMpt, duly signed. When tlie same are dtliv
ered in rillier way, the responsibility of the
department will terminate.
Your obeilier.t servant,
W. Ucrtko, Acting Secretary.
Send for a free specimen copy of the
splendid manun uh double-sheet Kan Francisco
Wr.rKLt OKaamciA an able, spioy and fearlcee
paper. It always contains complete and re
lialile market, and stock reports ; also a
valuable agricultural department specially pre
pared by an experienced editor. Full of valu
able iti'oruielnm of the Pacific ooaat. It is
only f;l Ot) a rear, and twenty cente additional
for [wietape. in silvanoe. oY>m.
import ant to Travelers.
r - sons risiting New York or leaving by the
oars from Grand Central Depot, will eve an
noraroe and expente of carriage hire and liag-
K-ago exproeaago by atojit ing t Croud Uui< n
Hotel, opposite Grand Central Depot. Over
350 c-legautiv furnished rooms aud fitted up at
a o<*t of #300.000. European plan. Guests
can live more luxuriously for the money t Lie
Grand Union than st any other first -dace house
in New York. Hones and street cars V**
door.i to s!l ( a:tn iftl e city. Soc that tLe
hotel you enter ia The Grand Union Hotel.—
II is no wonder that invalids lose faith
in all s|teciflcs, when so many worthless medi
cines arc dvettied for the cure of various
dtsea-ee; but which, whtn tried, are found
wanting. Wo have yet to learn, however, of
the .first failure of Dr. VFiatrti * Hainan of
Wild Cherry to cure coughs, colds, and pul
monary disease. Fifty cents and one dollar
bottle, large bottles much the cheaper.-CV>m.
Th* m(*t Astonishing flirt of fthroota
j Harrh— w* erer btwd of to I bat of *m. dork.
Frankfort Milk Waldo Co.. Mlno ; tha faru
!u all—ted by Kir* TreU Upton Tr—L Mid
I M. A. Merrill, either of whom mlhl be nd
Ire—nt for particular*. Mr. Clerk was onrwd
| Ity Jofmmm't Aruitynt lAnitnrnt —Own.
Hon. Jonwpli Farnwnli moyor of I lock
land. Ma, Imm M. lira#*, b<| . lhui*<>r. Mid
Maseru I'opn Brae.. Merliih*. Me., lumber
merchant* fally indirrawd the .sV-rirkiN* Ow
airy (kmdtlum I'mrxUrt, Mid here y Iran Ui#
|irii|inetom liberty to use their name* In reoom
lueiKtliiK (ii em Com.
A IXlMllllMPTl VM OUHKO-Wbee Aeeik wee
nuurly e|ii tied tn* 4 eaeamytlea. eii rent!toe
lie vie# MM, eeetdeet tod to e dtoeeeety whereby Dr.
It. JiIM en red hie oelr eh lid etlh a ynyeieUee ef
'toeetoMM He m (tree rooty* free ee reeetet ft
■ in eteeri* to v> eati—eee Teare to not e el.yl*
hwMuoi J U—eaawlton that It due eel litoeteete
It I*hi Ineele, Irtlleitoe 4 tea Mereee. DNBeeR Or yea
MM, Sharp Pete* la the l.uuyt Reeaee et the
Mean rh. lii*. ia a, at the bone, end to eel toe .if Uee
Miieto Add .em < ll I>IK M S * IX) . MfllV Kaoe
; (Mraet. I'biUdelphie. t'e . el una mmmrmt ten payer. _
Til P. 4 1 MP. 4>P 4 INM| TIPTIUN.
The *ieet etrlee at title medletee h teat M rtpeee the
wetter tad It vet at Ike eietei, pailAee the
! Uluud. eed thue efedt I eere
Iveee. *'e like toeeti TOPIC. roe Tea i!cu or
lirtnnu, l*tiu*eri'o). Arc
The Trek prod* eat a health/ aettoe el the toneenh.
creel tup ee appetite. luraeto* ehfte, end r art— the
ffieel I ifitfllalt MMMI of
ncnkK k'e Pit-ie, r..e tee I'm or
Ukk < 'liruui. Kit .
Theee Ptlto ere eiteieUee. eed prudee* e heetohr
eeuue ef the 11 .er ellhuhl the toeet deeper. M they ere
liee tram eeheeei eed /et ewe eAeeeto— he wel ite*
1 * l>i Hhf ■ irHMti of Hun it vac
Theee reendtoe ue e nerleto rare let i -rnee eep' 111e
ee the Potee/ata More* nyeee the eeetoee eed pertO—
Uee U<erf The Mondial* Pill* eel eeee the Ueer.
. mete e heeiOo into end motor* til theeee at the
hue#, often e aeetei at OaeeeuepUee The let Weed
I mo mom teee eat] ataweeth to toe tl—eh. leak ee e
e.iad dtoeettoe. eed ee eh toe tea or— he hem yued
Ueed. erne lee e heelih^etmaleM—effaatotoy
teee eiplateed. will rare iiw, . *** at ' -neeetopttue *
tehee to Ueie aed the eee ef the u Treet pereeewwd
111 he beech to pradeeytaeeUy et hto prieetpel edtee.
murmmt at Mttlh eed Arab Mneu. PuiladeipUe, eeere
Mteller, when ell lotion fat edrtoa tenet be edeeeeeed
heheeak e teedtoieee tot eate ht ell I' liytili
The XorfcrU.
■n roht
Beef OetUe-pruee is tin* Ban—fey 1* W 111*
Oatantu* to Uood Trttbi OT A (kit
Mllrti Oowe td UI #OO M
11—* —Lire 01 to# 10)<
Dreesed lOR# ICR
iDmrp **# ito
UueSh MM* T*|
uanan-Middiibc us# ltto
near—Bit** Mooter* IT* # 0 10
Mtate Bxtra It # •00
Wheel—bed Wnatem 1 tl I U
Mo. 1 Mpruti I M • I M
By*—Mete. II • M
Mortar —totetc I Id 1 IX
Hurley Malt I 00 tft 1 00
(Me-Mixed to—vera I) ll tl
Oars—Mixed to:c OT # TTJx
Hey, per cwl SO # t 10
(traw, pew awl ....... M # II
Mope T6a. IhtM'JO—oc-'i id # 10
Park—Meet tM
Lard ISSW l\
Ptob-MeeOwwi sio 1. he* 10 <t #lO
Me. 1 new II M #l4 On
Dry Cod. per cwl IXO #OM
Mernae. Maelad, per box It # *1
Pedrc nait.-Crtdr- ......00 o*oatd. It
Wool—lla'iforuto IW k. W
TrxhA " X 40 00
A UK!raited " 0) # to
Batter >aie 00 i IT
W extern V t-. ae .. 10 # 30
toreteru Ordlnery...... . 10 # Id
f eiwylniiu Tie M f to
Ob* **—HUU /HtwT ue # 10)1
•• Shunned at 0 00
Weetert. 0* # lOM
■a -OMMe U • >4l
ww I on # l oe
Dye—toteta 00 # 00
Oorn- Mixed # tl
IterEet fttatc 1 ! # 1 10
due—fttet*..... ...... M # 00
now o oo # • oo
Wheel- No. ] pnag I ST # 1 SO
Uarn—Mixed OT 0T
OeM M # *H j
by* 1 10 #! 10 I
Moriey 1 10 # 1 10
Oo4*h Low Mtddl nc* It Sd US
fTowr— Extra 040 #0 00
Wheel— bed Wester* .101 A I 04
Rye 00 # M
Corn— T<-ltoW ... TO TO
Uhte—Mixed 00 W OT
petrutotua...,.. 00'.# 00 s
near—Pewneyteents Extr* ...... OOT #T 00
Wheet—Woeter* lied 1 ll # 1 00
Mix .. H # 00
Oora- Tee TO # TO
M ted a. TO # TO
Uhl*—Mixed OT d| '.X
Itoiweiit-Oad. . ..•>, to>'. IwOtwd. IIR
ptfWIWTI Keetfnd Mi. tin*e eed petraO
|k*| w n'O 3# te# h-w etv hat eeww ee feat
rTaußldi * mh.vrm Tim
MP il Pknwlo WllWilltlW
UUI. UM9 Ust tw m k
wmmmmmmmmm -liuu-i
laOßthlai l r pvwntKidy
Gable Screw Wire 853-f3fl
Monto and Mi.we. atocanl, dar HuWwwWS'l
elto. eaar end hen* UU feet dr> HvM SM JI
Beinr e Pell Itoacrtpthm of Ptlehet. 11* Habt). Ants
0 qui eg .lehelitteeu and t toetoeea. emmdinr to tha lire* I
Inm nna mwib mada It] tha Paleauna Kl|iionu
p tiwdiihiee It ea It at ilrht Need tut Ml en re In
tn Areata, aed eee why It telle feeler thee anj ntlot
Philadelphia. Pa.
I," I V lull "I T, Now Torh.
1 i*' 1 it i 11, eianqfacrana ef Hoi u> t„ iji
J It to KI.K V c.f ever? da*. ri;M*..n IV at., a to 1 .rwa.iet)
ehhe, aed to idfered at retail at trade prtocw to heat* oer
•orhetocr iwi Hiiia under xt | a.P tl eeder te adranor
"*etf ItoCll ll pnitler* Wat ami ne IVitdne free
A reel metll i aeto* bene ee f.irt aeele aa ta care hit
ena of Ue—e<Bi>llua In no ertmr etoeoe. after bet—
(free a* to dto b lb* eel eetohrmled pb rate teee, do
•tree to make tftrrs the ran (which pr■■■no* I I ■n■ f-|i'
la aw ratal to law adltcced wtt.n A) tec. 11 ■ i toe I 111
lte. < V,ib. I'olde. C\ioeawipt4oo, end all edertl MM of
lit* Tbmei and 1.-unec. ahd eUi tend Ih* Rectfto. free of
Chaiw*. to ell who deal re it, it lbee will forward tbetr
addtwa. to LtANIRL ADKK. SB UWt* Si.Mee Torh
t<i In t?n'<OSb— Sehtplet wiwth wi eewt
□ 10 9CM Omo SIIKMOM A l*> , PirOaid. Ma
A new IhrtllUM atorr by tha uthar of " AeueM the
World," haa jwat Iwro la the Hmlee II rehl)
tilekr. liet the wbnte Mrry bj eenrfir* Jkft rle for
that Uee, H ito* e ruay and newwpoper for 3 teoathe.
paatece free lit liuu Pro Co . Hoetan
•r IJAf mx 4 44tw#tMPfW !• tkr •rtcot. Bf
nmTfl . k-oi 3; rw•#.!• thw W.tfirtrr# Ma.-
rwk. ttd KyArrt* of lh Un 4 ml Ort RwiAf
4. Mt*. purl'V' bfp a# I! iwiii MIRUmoM IM
W|it tt trite mhmt ihw AuUtor MX. Wrd.
#d tltd. .& —rh 6.HaWw #tj m. ibt ftm oa
Ia*.o m B#f at hMMarlf at it* g+mmta# hwwoor
Ud IMA- ll B Ratt. Afurj. WtvfioU of ft*w< Ux'ajm.
•Ad AO - mwAtt thil < fflo-y f iMfWA /' 11*—I S
'i'wßpr."t, atf , pmAnurtcw it "u ■ i mbtAA . .Voo# ro a roaiaf
Ito t.MI i l .lußtJ%ti.-TT m<4Mlt fioculHl Hi Funfo #t • coal
nf|Ußi Tt- \ 411 . pfAdrr Mftd rrrw lowoMk# pAfMtiA. ,
II tSiirft • 4W>At!t4 rKworw to tn !!!%• I'U . 'Mr
lAtoii. :w j 3M mo.ttr -4 rOmt* wfemo T a hr Afrtik.
fm- (W INSB-Mj tfcr Ooxlffl > I#ft rRAfkMA
StwcintMi isr, trif Tr-rto frtW tn n AffltM.
dor Taa f.t *\r. I>9 ®M Arm*
* n - • I 7,0 5 Thl Coetome whw the sdmirsttas —.
Smiths Instant Drsa) llevgtor. ! llf | t Lose of those Myhu that u Hire to JWRB2
f fleaee. especially ult n S|j>mpriate for any BdSu-'A.
m£ material, and rv-qntrrs tern food* to make than
oat . " ■• • *i any other suit of equal beauty. It Is one of the
vrator-s* ia v.. 1 radix rsslamet of oar city. The Moat My
"'**..T** r •*'? will Bad It ponmw Just the nee ret charm that
4 , nieSTlx im m improves hrr Have. While the Might or perlect
tsn-riwwiw form may feel they were never o adrsrtaecoadj
nt~e>cw *tUred. The waist la tha regular tsbller shape ;
"TWIT! !o .TVTf.' theoreraklrt ta draped to form a wide raffle each JIB
. fSSJut JJ Ms! aide of tha sash, which mar he of tha
ahtrmable Manner l> tow ell isroe, or Ribl-.n Requires 14 yardaof *7- Mi"'!
> fttlloeaa_e i ta. tnrt, foods for entire suit. No. of waist.
Ii r r-n , c£*a "*75 f 7 * 3 pattern, with cloth model, tleu. w
■- Om Orsatuaaattar. No. of oseraklrt. J774. patters, with
run. Mmm wa Matted. cloth model. B eta. No. of underMrirt, HMfl
Mailed 00 receiptor price.
OB the Pattema sad Clsth Models af the ENTIRE
SUIT will he t;IVEN PKEB as PREMII M loans arnsa
°** J * mps •" bwr " r,l °" '• ,k * J
Miiy"W of Faslion,"
FINE ARTS and POLITE Litdrtturs. A
Single Copies 25 Cents.
Seherriptlos Price. 53 a year, post-paid, Isrlodlag a
pretnlotnof Twe Dollars' worth of patterns ft* to aach
tfc send oar CERTIFICATE* f this amount
upon n-crira < r suturf ii'liou. (TWO of oar DItKMS
ELEVATOR* will be (Wen PLACE of Una
Dollar's worth Pauerna, If desired.. %-t jrMU
OF I 7 Aft 11 !<"," the very finest.
Smith's Illustrated Pattern Bazaar
every person who begin a with tak-
lug It, will NKVRR discontinue It One Dollar's worth of PaltiTusglvea to each sub
sa title 11 la published. acrtber free as premium
$4,500.00 in Gold Coin to Give Away!
We will give C 13.000.00 in GOLD I We will give #2,500.00 In GOLD
COIN to Off person* who a-nl u the largest ! COIN to 1 83 persons who semi us tbs largest
number of subscribers 10 our 44 World of number of subscribers to our 44 Ruur," at
Fashion,"at $3 each,before Marrh 5, 1876. $1 -I• each, before March I, 1878.
Aa follows t To the Getter-up of the As follows ITo the Gelterup of tha
I .art eat t'lah (tSIMMHI la bold Cols. Urirtl Clab 5300.00 Is bold Coin.
ltd largest rial. 400.00 la bald Csia. td Urgeat Club.... *OO.OO la Gold Calu.
3d largest Clsb ... 150.00 la bold Cols. 3d Unreal Clah ... 150.00 Is bold Cats.
4th largest 4'lab ... 110.00 la bold Cola. 4th Largaat Clab. .. 145.00 la bold Csla.
Ath largess Clab ... 140.00 la bold Cola. 6ih Largest Clsb 100.00 la bold Cola.
oth largest Clab ... 110.00 la bold Cols. th Largaat Clab 75.00 la bold Cola.
7th largest Clab 100.00 la bold Clla. 7th U ratest Clab ... 50.00 Is bold Cola.
Nth largest Clab . 74.00 Is bold Cola. Bth largest Clab. *5.00 Is bold Cols.
oth largest Clab 50.00 Is bold Cols. th Largest Clah .. *5.00 la bold Co a.
Ifllh Unrest (lab ... 55.00 la Gold Cola. 10th Urgest Clah .. 4.00 la Go dCo a.
I lib largest Clsb ... 55.00 la bold Csla. 11th Largest Clah... M.OO la Gold Cola,
and ro 01110 the 65t!t Large-t Club. and so 00 lo the 133 d largest Clab.
VOL get a premium for every subscriber yon send pa AND every subscriber gets a premium
BOTH of tboau Gold Coin Presents offers will be found at full length in the Septem
ber Number, besides tbc names and P. O. addresses of 103 persons to whom we have
Just paid 93,1 3ft.00 In Gold, according to onr previous oflrrs. /ion can write to one or
all of them, and they will tell you that wo do exactly as we promise.
VAlin DPCT w, f •• toseud your own subscription to either of our Magsslne*.
T IllJ K KK N I when vou will get the 8m number and your Certificates of Prvinlun -
1 WWH Uh sj 1 which' you ran show, and at oaca begin getting subscribers, or send
36 cents for one copy. Send Stamp for Fashion Catalogue.
P. O. Bex #OBS. 014 Broadway* Haw-York City.
\7 C/ Elastic Tpmssßo ,
No. H*x: Brohdwhii M. V. HIT.
I aed a—t by moil Oetl or aead far Utoewler. —d ho a*rod.
I m
firersr gisSe
Mat lib Ok Mr. eelda. UwewOaA
•—a "f We her. aoM aed weed
A m e -1 r flier Sw Peeie far teatral iwert
r:x in the
t /yfa h. lilt* A- (0., Or— ,
[ TtfXp , \ i • •-/ jfr ee W* e 10 In
' —r owe letelltee eed ballet e U to
■ iS&SwA a3E £rjSh
; UtirttJ stsr%szT^rsS
ITS lleeeaUt . iter Tui
$15.00 SHOT GUN.
It——OlMhreOetWMl i **!*
fn. IE O llßlD(iSA]l,TlUrhf Hi, ImtlS S
tlf Wirt 4U BL.Oailsßilt, O
A irtfl lto I.bin end )\1 I N-KOteet ArtleteJ
d4yj I'm, IJr'M
Bimety Art thee—lf iiwtl Per etrwetere ewwtx
lte Cfat. TMWV P> iMII
i ;OMKTiiiN SKwana!
We heae —feed einfW ell. *r *i ■■*. he— er
etot*. Whole at eetie nee h—d etee— far Ctl.lewee
. Addraee PtoA.-iTtfilTiok. Mew Bljf I 0. oCd*
! ryi.e^^t'bo^Wlh-
I eee they wurth r* ate. So— tft eielenlle— by Ittwe
a— mm tha U—e elexn* M— Chi iiwhi endh ted by
j the flteawve— eed twe line Chat— PAOetil— Oe
■ They mm all e#lee yeee* ef Ml Mo a— eee rw— l the
MMfrtßtfrtA La ams rtMb mmMni Uw ORpmmma. ll mmvlmb
.a* telfchu t*^ eeU t— ytoleuree. t—y^*eaA Per Hiet*^
Ie aooMenUai u'.Ttltr "Vddaeae P OfjuSoxl
Op . TOM Weehle#— A. S — re. Oleea
wimi - fd-.
ford Meet ere, eed e Pheee o4 Jwwetiy in—te raeAawe,
with eiowaei Pnee Kaiptbl tA eeet* 'Or— ley tree.
StoiDP A 4JO , TOUltooedear. hew Terk.
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