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. Editor.
Centre Hall, Pa., Sept. 16, 1875.
7 ERMS.—I'2 prr yr<tr, n a./tvtsrr, 2,fio
♦cscn nif pnui in mitanet.
Advertisements XV oerlina for tfirrr m
tertions, xtad for 0 and 12 *h<t tih* *.v spr
at contrart.
Democratic Ticket.
Schuylkill county.
Staff TSrasnrrr,
Bradford county.
Treasurer —D. A. MUSTER.
JVofAonofary-AARON W I LEI A MS.
Kcvuter-\V. E. BtTRCH FIELD,
ii reorder —W M. A. TO BI AS.
t\>niint'##tonrrd—H. A. .MINOLL,
t kroner —DR • J OS. ADA MS.
Audi tore —JOS. GILLILAN P.
This gentleman is the nominee of tin
domocracy for governor. If then- i an
honest, pure and upright man iu the x'Li
Keystone state, Mr. IVrahing i* thai
man. His private life, his five year.- re
cord in the state fogislatnre, his puritx
as a judge, furnish the uiixhvubled evi
xtence of what we here allege of the dem
ocratic standanl bearer in this cam
The writer of this enjoy- a personal
aoquaintancc with Mr. lYrshing, having,
served with the distinguished gentle
man in the lower house of our stale leg
islature, and we can vouch for it—and
the record will bear us out —that he nev
er east a vote for a single job or a cor
rupt measure. His voice was ever on the
side of right and his vote without ex
ception against hills which wets- *r. ag
and detrimental to the interests xf thx
commonwealth and pregnant with
wrong against any class or portion of its
citizens. Mr. Pershing was the leader
on the democratic side of the house
during histive years honorable service in
that body,—and a safer and clearer
headed legislator was not in either
branch. His integrity and incorrupti
ble nature gained him the respect and
esteem of men of all parties, and the
distinction he won on this account, just
ly made him the idol of all who obtserv
ed his course as a member, covering the
period of ISfil to 1865 when he repre
sented the county of Cambria in the
lower house.
Mr. Pershing's integrity and ability
were such that the people of a distant
anxl the largest county of the state —
Schuylkill—by their spontaneous and
united action chose him as their lVx-*i
dent Judge, and his faithful administra
tion of justice in that turbulent and law
less section has been so eminently satisfac
tory, that the peopletff the entire state
have learned to honor anil esteem the
man. His last notable actioii upon the
bench was the recent sentence of the
three corrupt commissioners of that
county—two democrats and one rvpub
liran —for misapplying the funds of the
county in the building of a bam for the
poor house, of which we gave the par
tix-ulara iu a previous issue of the Repor
Here, then, democrats aiul republi
' cans—honest men—is a man who de
serves your suffrages. Tried, Mr. Per
shing has been found true and faithful.
We are proud of him as our standard
l>earer. He has been an hogor to the
slate. He will make an upright execu
tive, who will not permit corruption to
raise its leprous hands so long as lie oc
cupies the chair honored by Francis It.
We know Cyrus L. Pershing, and defy
any one to successfully contradict what
we say of him. or point to a single act of
the man's life that is a discredit to him.
His record x-an be seen —his words and
votes are there—his administration of
justice is yet fresh in the memory of all,
these all stamp him as the man for Un
people. Let the people be true to them
selves by voting for Cyrus L. Pershing
for governor in November.
In another column will be fottml the
j,rx>ceedings of the democratic state coii
.ention, held at Erie, last week. Har
mony and good feeling prevailed and
the convention dixj its work well. The
body was composed of the l*-? material
in the democratic party and but one
spirit actuated the delegates—the nomi
nation of men for governor and state
treasurer of known honesty, integrity
and purity of character, whom evert- cit
izen, who has the good of the common
wealth at heart, can vote for. And that
is the character of the men placed in
nomination. All eyes were turned to
Erie with the hope that the conven
tion would present men whose election
to the highest ami most important of
fices in the state would be a guarantee
that ring rule and plundering should
cease, and that the state might be placed
in honest hands. This hope was not in
vain. It was John P Hartranft who
assisted in putting through the mon
strous Evans swindle, by which the state
was robbed of over three hundred thou
sand dollars, anxl the plunder divided
among the ring. Hartranft is up for re
election, and every honest tax-payer
should remember this big steal when lu
votes in November. Democrats, it is
now time to organize" thorooghly. Wx
must have a change of adiuinistration
at Ilarrisbtirg. The Cameron ring has
held power too long already ; its corrupt
practices are notorious ; the jxeojile sigh
for a change ; the democratix: nominees
for governor anxl state treasurer are good
and true men, and they can le elected
by an overwhelming majority if every
democrat does liis duty.
The radicals in their platform pro
claim against giving away more of tlie
public domain to corporations. Too late
now ; that party, since it has been in
jKiwer, has donated to thxjse corporations
all they have of lands, running up to
several hundred million acres, and now
there is precious little left. The portion
thus given away free gratis, was the very
cream of our public domain, and settlers
now must pay them a big price if they
wish to have an acre of it to btiihl a hut
upon for their families. This plank in
the Hartranft platform is a piece of the
most impudent bypocriev to draw the
xvool over the eyes of honest voters. 11
was radical Congresses that voted away
our public lanxls, and a radical president
signed the bills.
The delegates representing this coun
ty in the Erie convention, were Col. Jas.
F. Weaver and Maj. Harry Forster —the
latter substituted by Hon. J.G. Meyer.
The Erie convention was harmonious,
and the desire a>f all was to nominate
good men. We arc pl*a-e<! —every
lody is pleased, and the peoplnof Penn
sylvania have an opportunity of voting
for two gentlemen jof spotless eharae
tvr —Pershing ud Piolett.
The '.to l's IVrshing and l'iolett
mean Purity and Prosperity for Penn
sylvan.a. Littler a man like Mr. Per
shing for governor, there is no chance
i for corruption, and with honest l'iolett to
j take good care of the money of the state,
there will be more prosperous days for
] the tax-payor.
Pill Mann filched {CUi.oon out of tin
state treasury for the lal*r <>t a
few short months in examining iut>> tin
affairs of foreign insurance <N>uipann
doing business in this state. Ilurtr.inli
jxermitteil this rixbberx Now Mann o
the principal Hartranft stump spi-akei
Is that strange?
Hartranft was Auditor general an*
could hax e stopped the Kvan- mi nolle
by which the state lost flUat.iHKk It w.i
his duty to interfere hut he belong,
to the ringthat dix id. .1 the
therefore he |>crmitted the -xx .udle to g.
through. ,
The Philadelphia Telegraph.a ixjuib
lix'au organ, -peak- thus . f N|r Per
siting :
Judge IVrshing is a tuan who com
mauds the sincere re-just and entirx
twnfi.lenee of the whole cxuniuttirity. Hi
i- no |Hhteiau, in the ordinary accepts
tion of the term, hut a eitiwn if l.r.x
public spirit, xx ho has alwax smauifi -n>
in whatever p.-ition he ta- e
earnest a:<• ;H ' im hi
whole duty with Ml <x, Rgh tot
genera*welfare. A man . i x-on* - . nt!x
high aims, x>f liberal culture, and tit..ik
ed ability, he xx..-. iin.jin :i :...blv r .
ln-st choice xith i- I the ~x. . x
I .x- noil .nation ->t - t excellent .. inc. 1
a< Pershing. for govern, r, ha- l<u il>
frightened llartranfl and the Lamei u
ring. Ami well it may. Tli. jH.-ph
will go for Pershing Tin y L .Xi
h.ui a true ami (aitli: il sx-rvMU a i
x:' the px-ojih l'l.-. u, tma---u n.- >
a'!- and what is best >fal!, upi. iht .
The excellent uouiinatioiis c.t I
Pershing ami Piolett have froreu tin !
hopes of Hartranft and the ri .* hex
'he hopes of a th. xx.
Ex-Judge Morri-, Tilt.ui's xa-uii . 1,
busy preparing his jxajH-rs for the-ecuml
trial in the case against Bcecher. Mi
Peurso.i. another xf Tilton's counsel
stated this tuxxrniug that the action xx.,.- ,
a bona fide one and that the x-aso xxa- .
Xx*. -fit ou the calendar, anil will l-e
reached about the thirxl Momiay of tln
present month. ,
the Democratic nominee fx>r gx>vertu>r i
was born February 3, 1*75, at N
town, Westworelaiid county. His jsi- !
rents possessed but liuiitexl means, and
his educational opportunitix -were con- I
fined to the meagre common school- ..t '
that day, until he became x>ld enough t.
earn money to educate himself. By lus
own industry a. a clerk and teacher, hx
sustained himself at Jefferson College,
where he graduated with the highest
honors in IM>. The follow ing year he
I entered the office of Judge Bhix-k at
Somerset to study law. and was admitted
to the lar in LSSO, when he returned t<>
Johnstown, where his family had re*
tnoved. and commenced the practice of 1
his profession. He soon became suxve—-
ful at the bar, atixi in isoti was nomina
ted as the Democratic candidate fx>r
Congress agnin-t Col. John U. Kdie.
The district was Hejutbh.-an by over 2,-
um, but he reduced the majority to 2M
In ISAS he was apiin uominaled, but
went down with the tide that >wx j>t hi
pirtvotuof power that year, and Mr.
Blair defeated him by s.'-nie nl
thx>ugh he let! his ticket. In lNd hx- j
was elected to the legislature, an.l xx.i
re-elected in Im-J. is<;j, ami lv."
He served during the whole jwrioxl <
the war and made a most p.tri ti rx
cord,always giving u cordial and ixn -
entious support to the government. In
1569 lie was nominated by tin- Demo
cratic State Convention f>r Snprx-n-
Judge, but w.i- defeatc-1 J Igx
Packer, the nominee for Itovx-rn-ir. In
<>etober. IST'i, he was electee! I'resi.len'
Judge ofs, hnylkill county by tln- sj-on
taneous action of the people, without re
gard to j>arty. and his fai.hful a 'n.ini--
tra tion of justice in that L.wle-- re_i •.
lias attracted tlie ..ttention <>f the j pi
of the Stat' 1 to his faithful attribute - ..
citizen and a judge. He is a gentleman
of must spotl. life, auxl his integrity i
beyond the a--.mlls of even the n. -t
tnaiiciotis. He xvill certainly be a very
formidable competit.r for General ll..rt
ranft, an I enlist the positix*e reform ele
ment of the State very larrely in hi- -
The .Republicans of Clinton county
nominated the following ticket: r-.iin
ue! Christ, Esq., for dtate Sx-nat -r, with
power to select his own conferee*. >lu-r
--iff, Ellis Myers ; County Treasurer, L. W
Dunn ; Commissioner*, Nathan Sterner
and W". A. White; District Attorney,
W. C. Ilollohun ; Auditors, J. W, Hutch
inson and 0. S. llouti. Samuel Cliri-t
was elected chairman of the county x'oin
uiittee, J. G. B. Kiusloe as Representa
tive delegate to the State Convention,
E. P. M •Cormick as Senatorial delegate
to the National Convention, H. 'J'. Har
vey, as Senatorial delegate to the State
Convention, with power pj select their
own conferees.
Westervelt, on trial in Philadelphia
for his connection with the abduction of
Charlie Itoss, is getting gradually en
meshed in a web of circumstantial testi
mony that lie can hardly break away
from. The evidence of the detectives
convicts them of such blundering fa
cilitated the escaja- of the criminals
whom tlicy were seeking for.
Victor Entile Piolett is of French ex
traction, ami was born in Wysox, Brad- '
ford county, in ISI2. His education, was
obtained at the ordinary schools of that
! section of the state, fifty years ago. It 1
was solid ami practical, ami fitted bin. 1
for the occupation he chose for lite—that '
of a farmer. Being a good speaker ami '
I early gaining the respect and coufidem '
of the democrats of Jlradford county, he '
was electexl to the legislature in 1810, 1
and again in 1847. During the last ses- '
sion John C. Knox and himself led the '
democrats against the opposition with '
fearlessness and ability. -Still continu- '
ing iu the democratic party, Mr. Piolett 1
was nominated hy that organization and
the Grangers for congress in l-SW, ami
beaten by Air. Mercur by J,'*" majors- :
ty. In IW>B lie was renominated for the
same place, and against the same gentle
man. This time he ran the majority in '
the district down to 311. In 1572, being
the third time put upon the track, he 1
failed to secure an election, as in the '
other cases. The district is one of the
strongest republican portions of the
state. When the war broke out between
Mexico and the United States in 18-pi,
Mr. Piolett was appointed paymaster, 1
which place he held till the close of the
struggle. He is now engaged in farm
ing ami stock raising in his native coun
ty. He occupies a leading jxisition iu
the Granger organization of his stale,
and is looked upon as ong of the solid
Alien of northern Pennsylvania, 1
We are not oftlu>M\saxs the Morning
Patriot, whxv would pursue a niggunllx
policy xx i 111 regard to the siilhih- of pub
lic functionaries or the apprxipraitiou of
mxxtiex tx> cuahle tin in to livo Llx- entlx
in-1 x\nufortahlv, Nxxr are xx utimiml
t'nl of the fact tluit fri -jtiontlx dc-igning
lemagxtgnx's attempt t-> plax u|s>ii tin
-iinplx- and frugal tastes of the imhistri
il x'la—x-s !-\ tlx-, liiitilillg n-iost xx bat
ttu x style tin-e\-es-ive saltirix - xxf | id
lie official-. Put I hx're i- fx-asou iu all
thing- ami tlu-rt' is or i>tiglit to l>, a u a
- -liable limit to tin* pax ami |>i-ix|ii| .iii -
• t public -xiv ant- Nix. tli.u- IthottM
Is-no |H-njuisites at all. foi umb i that
heaxl max W -uiinnctl up pix tlx nitii' all
tin* x \trax agam-t al-11-x - ami tln-tt xx In, I.
attaxh l<x a sy-ti-in-if p.iitl -ia!x- n-i xix-x
1 air ami ju-t salaries should l-e • ai-1 to
all xxllo hold |Wlblix-ofiitV, ami tllx-l t I It*-
matter oftht irxMui|>xHi-ati<>iisli uLlei .!
t'hex sllxUlhl Is- xtbligx-d to live |I|HI|
-it It tivt-.l all -xxam t -"ami u ■ otli. iap
propria!ion of the public inoiu .x ssh- uLI
< in.-xL for tin u U'in lit, \\,- have
Irx'eh letl to this tram of thought l-x an
examination of the axvxmutix on tile u.
the Au.lilorGeneral's office fin the re
irui-hing --lilii- I utixe in
l.s. J uilxl l't>r retitu.g ami retarin-luag
ix- -auii'ill t >?4. Iu tin- gonei I appi
• t istioit bill I t 1873 there xxa- m.-ertxa
th foil -wing its ui; ' For t-irni -hitig tin
L\t. ulixe Mansion, T'-.xsG, oi -t uio h
tl.x-reol .--in x Iwbm- xiry, llix-liill- i i
iie -ante t•be .. . ted by tlu> Auu i
ed :
ls.'i yard* AMuiii -tx-r curj. t j.-l .'.st
Brussels " l'H o<>
:il* " Plaid I.ttiett 134 Kl
Vu. ...I.t |Uxl f. I iiu j f I.' -,-. I r d-. in. ts etc.
1 living nirjK-t-. freight, •* li t 23
' utfnV.tdc. u
!0 yards heavy xlrot- fr.oge ",s,i j
225yard*double intcrl . is 77>
—i " satin lining 4SUi
As " fancv broxiule liorxlx r 3tU 5"!
bl " "gimp 414b
making long curtain.- " - •
lutubrcxpiimt 85 on
-S yurvl- citron figured 1-rxwndc b>2 bb
-s " all.-ilk tstrti head fringe .>.13 '•
2*T " xhnible iiiterhniiig i3 |b
:ui " satin lining 57 rib
tSi " faiu'y brxH-.iile U-rtL-r 43s ,'si i
Alj " '■ gimp " IS 311
ti making long curtains t'3 on
t " drajxeries 45 t*i
24 all llk ta—el- l'.'2 Ob
12 " fuux-y IxH-p- bit Ui
lbyM-fancy eorxl for'piuuo mxer 'im
10 " lining 3 7ai
I making piano cover 12 3u
1 uiexlallion satin graml jianox --v
--er 17 '-t
75 var-l- (amy satin '.'3 75
so " xlrab satin 100 00
Making -l| fxr 2 l> >/x 11 t hair- nil
1 piano stiwil. sot*',
W'a-lung lace eurtin- 37 •'*'
Labor 35 im j
Mistvllaneous t-xj-ens- 3S It
Total 843154 4
Deduction made to bring bill
' within appropriation 211 Sb
ft. 142 L-
AxMbill for carjH-t* 1.887 So
The amount appropriated and
ex|Hnded fti.ctai- #b.U*l bb
In the general appropriation bill for
!-71, in cur- another item of $5,510 07, f--r
x xjieu-e- incurred by the sujM riiiteml
ent of Public Buildings ami Gr> un-ls,
which expenses, according to the A'.ali
tor general's report for 1574, were "f -r
repairs to the Fxeentive Mansion." in
thx' same appropriation bill we find an
other item "f $4.1 U5.35 r "axlxlituiual
exjH-n-x- in refit ing Executive mansion
per hill.- rendered." The Audit->r G-i:-
t r.d'- rx-js-rt for ls7i .<!-•> show- that the
S .ite Treasurer jeiid f4,4'.s3jt' f--r rx titing
Executive m-.n-ion, being u deficit iu
- run r ajtproj riatioll JerAx t of May 11.
is 74. The cost, therefore, of refiling ami
refurnishing Ru- F.xecutivt Man-ion for
the ye I s ""3 ami 1574,l 5 74, was f 1-5,M3.27.
v conaidenble portion of thMexpe
dilutes was made uudvr thedirc ti -n -f
tlie late of I'ill !-<• 1".
ing" ondGmunds vxli- fib i his voucii
en for the same ir. tl- proper dej t#
incut. We are informed, however, the!
some of th- -e vouchers ii..-i|>j-x
fr- ni the Auditor Oeniraltjntßceln f--rc
j General Temple tt k jx>-se--ion. Their
mysterious disapjcaranee h-.-d- t-> the
-u.-j-icb-n that at a i ;ti u of i'.-
alleged x-xp'-nditures fur refiling the I x
ecutive mansion may have Wen made
f-r soni * other purj-ose than tin im
pr -vcment or adorntm nt <-f thx gulier
nabirial residenx - . tif x ar -■ this • us
picion may not he m-U rr-untied,
the executive xlepartnient mti-t - i. -• c
>ne liorr. or thcothx rof its dilcn.a. l!
mu.-t either i-oifx to a-i extravagant
outlay of the public money in refiling
ami furni-hing the lixemtive inaii
ion, or it must admit that oth
er exjienst * which it -l- x - not hoose to
-livulge are covx rexl l-x the jmyuients
from the treasury here notcil. 5Ve de
air- to-1--no injusticj to Gov. Hurt ran ft,
nor to any one connecte-1 with hi- a-l
mi ii i-t rat ion, but we are ct-notraincd t
say that either the Executive uiuiision
has W-sime an expensive luxury orsome
b-Miv has charged bills to its account
which could not stand the test of an ail-l
it oil their <-w u merit*.
JEFF. IA VIS .11 7///; EA //-'.
St. Louis, ScptemWr S.—Jefferson
Davia delivered au niliiress at the agri
cultural fair at De Soto, Mo., to-day.
There wax a large crowd pic-ont. Mr.
Davis was w<*!l received, but no notable
demonstration was made on the occa
Mr. Davis o|tened his apcecli by ex
pressing much pleasure in meeting the
jK-ople of a section of tlie country xxilh
which he was well acquainted many
years ago, ami felt rt-joice-l at its growth
and its prosperity. He came, ca-ne,
he aai-l, not to -lis- uss the <|uestious
which vex the mind ami disturb the
harmony which prevails among the peo
ple. If there are any who still entertain
feelings of niali- eor cherish bitterness
on account of the past, let us, withdraw
from such. He declared that whatever
migbt'be tlie machinations of politi
cian*, whatever the views of p-oli- y ami
designs of State-craft might desire l>-
consummate iu regard to the future, Un
people -if the great Mi—issijipi valley an
one ami mustalways retu.iinoiie people,
in interest, in destiny ami in social
form and material progress. N'- man.
no course of policy, no deep designs of
ambitious men could everdissever them.
In all the future tliey xvotil 1 surely
stand tugether, The great rivi-r bound
them together by tie- stronger than any
that politi :s conl-1 ever invent, ..mi
from tliesour-'e to tiie in tutli; the !-•■-
jde who dwell iu the valley must i
united. He then spoke at considerable
lengtij uj-on the vast agriculttira! re
courecs of the -> mnfry, and tin futuiv
development of comtucrce of the .Mi -
sissipt-i valley ami its great ndvaulagxs,
and its imporUiin-e to the nation, lie
predicte-i t lint lite time would soon e-um
when fleets of Iron hat-wmil-l float
doxvn the mighty Mi. is i:-; i, hearing a
cotnaieree greater than th.tloflhc whole
World. But aiittle while ago, in view of
the vast possibilities of thi.s great valley,
hu jtdVxtv'dted the building of a unjvetm-
Tv which slmuM nerve to confer tin J
highest cilucutioii ii|Htn (he 'img men'
of the valh x Tito great population t
which iii i-l s i.'ii 111 in ililn i ich re
I gum wii! Km. I ot xx ill he I ml, according,
(>• the-t;.lu ■xxlm h they mux maintain j
ill moiitiil culture. Mi Duvin aUo nigcl
the• uthevtity of dirvet tratio xxuh I n
rope, ami itv-crtoil that ape, ie rcatimp
lion xx .is itnprueti *;thle until our px|uirtr<
e\eeexl Olir illl|>ort lie also .I."dared
that t'oncrisw ha<l no .intlioiiix to tie
| t Lire specie pUXlll.lit- -lioil.l I . |. aim
o.rt nxertnin xlato, ami hi the present
. condition of the country mote currency
[ is .I loc (t. lit It Mian's spit. hxx as
tictpicully a p'axnletl.
K in i:.
Ih in >cr.itt • Stfx'.e I'utiveiiti <n.
Krte, s vptimher a. Th Opera Item. ,
w- lit l.eittt ly tie, u ill) flag- !ol
•illltit'g f.'.ail tin t tillt'll Stale CHlllrr '
Mi. igan, to ox i the liart.oi Tlic.'e wetvj
'no ! la t K tilt i ... U 10. Ii xxeit
!; ' 'tl Xkilli |x-l*t>'i> Th private
\. ere ii.- orx v .| tin lath, a net) the | ir
po l.tx ext luaU elv . rcupicl by ddcgalc-
Vt sw> txfe t.'elts It, Jolni M.l r, Chair
. el t I (he 11. i tile Sl tte X .inlliUt.
he Conv 'ill.ox to ttrti. i At this
nit I -tago Wat lllltat \. illi prumiiiviit |
it# and reproMntativM of the'
|*i ,
!• • xti I x St eieU.i c* an. iliu'til,
'tl r une, i lit. I. -.lowing |n r
* " :i I X' X S. ei-el x : I C
t ' . > !' 1' \ SI all, <ii 11.
v ' W IVG „ ~ .X
llnxaii -, I. i; KrowKl. h M I. an- y an.ll
Julio > A tvt. .1
l:.o eh. on.a . '.attal that the br*t buri
'•■ si , iut r xx;.- the pp. intuitu, tof i.
It'll; pc x , \ ela.t Ilia'
Mi . M j. McOrnth ot Pti
x 'U! .y.
'■! .
ii x. J; u. . t Lehigh.
Ihe Seeriiai.. mile i ;h. r a ...ut'i
.Ut xj,i : a I:. ej a, follow* .'
Jawe* Kllii, I.Ci
I John D. Sliita. tV
( On in <,• Air. :• i, ■ t.i • -u .i
I M I.lis XX ■ 111,.J all ami; ,S MI . ex- j
I - ri ito l . hail i.x t. ~fs. ; , M
j Oral.l 1 |x, XI xvlxi:. I, tixitxl it blurt
add res .
A i.x .alt i xxax Mtitxpleti, tel. rrnig all
r> - til ..ii. loth, i.uuii'.lco xxil tut rem!'
nig, or debate, thu. rutting off di*cu--xoti
oil l .tl I X S..iu!|.X||.
A II a ion xx ;x- u.lopt ■ 1 c.xi ling xipori del
egalion* from vttrioux oixtriei. n< report Hit
naiiiex ot numbers en varum* com mit lee*,
atld Stale ConilU lice
II Xx a* ixrxit rod, xxller .mo dxscuvvti-n,
ini committee# of one from each Senator
ial district be appoint, d on credentials,,
permanent organisation and reo!uli. :.s
t Villillllttee i II i* Solution*.
ih. t tutn.l'-t e .1. it. . ,t.o! - xx. . U'i
tiouneed a- follow. Waali. It tjuigly,
t * eo. >1 Lri.iias, Fdwrnti Tiernan, luae
I 'll XVix; Mtl.r .ili, l.x'.la> * i.. .-
i -rs, ti- XV Alef . ary. 11 It A ten,
John It 111 .l, (i.sxfge It a., A 1. Ale
cona, Janiex Boyd. Henry ShsffWr, Geo
NaU'iiaii. l.ewu ll.t a, Win 11 u.loo,
II l". Si aX'ely, John A Jeii't, Juarph
iltmphiil, Wtix V.. Mat. n, lltudi'tk It
Wright, It A tireenaxaall, KJxxurd llt-n
--s, I 1$ ltr.icLy. Walter Mi. rs -J,
h It 11 a xx-ley (xeorge W Ityan, J -eph
IKetoxre, Thtixa* J Foster, F. \V llughex,
John A. Ma gee, Ji,lt llraiin. K. Bruce
Pel. liken, S. K Pe.x'.e, F I' 1 lerf.ey, W
Hartley, Kennedy 1.. lllt d, Jaiucs M,
liutl.y, Israel Painter, Wiii 11 Pmnter,
Jai*xL j; ,r, Samuel Alx Kx W I*.
Lup'o n. I:, i' s .aycr, John A Harsh,
Win It. .'unlap. Kd. I (iarvui, A It
Iwt ilaher, I* W. H itehins..n, >l. N At
i ten.
Tl.i :.• r. : unite .n | erm>.nxnl xr
ganinat on a; d . .ntetled s. .tt e*re alx.x
, aiin. jiici d.
Iha Convention nt xi.r.. adj..urn
1 until lour P AJ.
Tax l liX'el lion s en'.b t |x t.ler at
I v
!] : . 11. i>. li. 11 .. • n l'x t.l
( .o.i lxli.ll.
1 Air. Mil* . from the Commitl. •• on Per
a! nl i'r/ tii'.aiti. ii, it j- r;. !U> n. 11. u
ii V.'r , I.
Air. Wright tin rt..l : - the xtxge
. takir-a the chair ymt •! Ix- At; Li
f .
, I'd ! C*'XVx i:t'. - ;al .'jtßliaiiy 6.
Ati.itx -a -if th- iVrtuni.-t Chttirtnati.
ft ii ■ xi t tht f , i lit ; . I return
to yx u my *iiu. rc thank* for the honor
j y u l.avo C'xeifeirml t>n inc. Although 1
j ..axe frequently i ecu called on in my own
i Slate-, and on one occasion by the IJ. tiio-'
i cracy f the nation t 1 pi ide over lh< I
") ch iherat u*, still, under existing ciri uttj
• j * , I feel d ably honors dhy my • tu
..Lien. It i tux at..bit. in tv u the (Jov
t . the S.Hli - ..:.J iia'.iwn paced
bm Axv .re il jai.iu.eey belong- Tuat
t :. oii.pii-b. d, my mission, so far m M;IV
I contief:: wit', i Mil leal it flu in igennccrn
. >d. will be to 'cd I want nothing mora,]
a i a., i.un .n probability, I 11. nix I
• ' ill lix-. : • (A;.plan* • Hi:', gn
lb ix.. ti. I i n'l xxan'. t xnppi ir aiiixxng yon
sr. iigurvhead. 1 haven few opim
ion* i my own I deir.- to exprt ii"l in
ilio spirit . : dictation, i.ut o fiicnd t"
■ frittnl
Win II exiit-iiioring grnx o quest ons, tin
• ruling feature that should govern the C-n j
vent ion nhoulu bo h <1 o* irc to harmonixe
■ ail ninUert in xiexx of the great end we
have before us. A- to the candidates, 1
. liaxc no choice atuong the several gentle
men named. Give mo a good man, "f un
exceptionable character and correct prim
eiplxo n.l 1 will he satisfl d. Having this
object in view, let ii * act in a spirit of con.
cc--ion. Let the question bo, not which
one of the lie n -Hnll be nominated, but j
xvliali I will be content to
heartily -up| .rt any ot the distinguishtd
gentlemen named- Thu fact stand* out in
hold relief that there has been no comhi
na'.i n hert to free either worthy or un
worthy candidates on tho Coiiventi -n.
That is cncouri'giiig. Then let our eyes be
liked on tho purpose ami that the prosp.'r
ity and glory ot the country anil the main
ti'tinncoof the Constitution and the promo
tion of the greatest gooxl t-> the greatest
mini her of the human family. ®
There tdiould be no diflercnce* of opin- 1
ion either on the subject of tho platform to! 1
be adopted, but • -ii this point 1 have a lewj
words of ndv iw, not in the spirit of dicta
lion by any means. It Ini* been the mis
sion of the Democratic party since I cum*
munoed voting, in xv "xitno f trty years ago.
t ' make an J maintain gold and silver to
the <"oi>i:ti:f inid currency otllieconiitry j 1
laxud and cot.tin ted applause). That I no.
It. .'ii it* uiosion, and, gentlciiien, let us all
litre that ohjeot us tho ultiiiiute olid i.- Do not hasten il, so that it will lead
to tin- dxxtruction of tin- inter. <t til' the '
country Lot us liuvo rc-umptlon, not re
sumption bx killing or destroying loud j We must never do the country
tin. great wrong of forcing ii great princi
ple .tx itb f .ra it is ready lor it. It we.
- übl p.i* n'foluti >n- to r.'tunio to nmr
row, tli. party vv uld die and the eoiintix
Willi ii -Ii iiM an attempt bu ma f. to ot.
force sueb n p 'h-v ; hut what vv,> nit. . !•
i-this, vv • mu ! .. x p gold am; lix ; in
view as ton (•!■ ml by day an 1 the piilai .•!
ii.e Ly night, t guide our p litical nath
way We must go ixlieini oil tilut idea, in 1 1
1 believe this f nvi'iition will Im pre| an- I
to a.lop' sonielhiiio tike it. ll i. tho. uui
versa I feeling t . day. The itepublii mi
Mel', t'onvx liti 1 In.oil a ileclai .ilioll on
lii is nliji .I, li.t' I ii.t if 1n..1 t. t'.invi.
litxi i nl'their | .'ly In* ill ill l'lllbiiig xi
tt iii .x lia I-.•,■ ili it. .1 tin n utlcrino'i . I
v. ill iix-v.a ..grei'lioi xx iil you, iny t..ilo.v'
duuioiiut- agree, to abulidon gold and -ii I
1 ver and greenbacks u* the permit-'
* gent currency of thq country, but xvc until
I accept thrin iiiili. wo can bring tl • aoi n
try hack to the constitutional currency
This campaign, let me ay, must ha i it
lit .1 xxn bv our candidates an.l the people
'. rt MS | rit I i aggression Me are to de
mand t■ f tlio Hi-publican I't'iy who has
rob It ol out State T i na-ury " Me aio |o
.all t lie in to axHrnunt for tampering with
I the cu 11 em v, thereby pi .Mincing hunk nipt -
ey ami ruin
M'e xt if \x iIxT to know xx tit has hecouir
1 ot lite tin . null ikan •nt l llltt Hlttlr
IT* |P II I \ J IH-I 4I |II< U IM 11* < T TU III
I*. utisWv ll. lit i Utl (llllkt |'i| ii I*U
Jf rl'S4i vt I \ ( .\p|i';itHM I \\ ' 111 II |tlac<
•ill I Knixiti tf III t >III uui ini of ti
|Hir' mull • I itittl jti( |iiiitl
\\• vi i I cany the country [ljooit,
go I'll I Me tllMlgi l 1.0 el. t 11, > s 1011..
ft.. 111 th . :,\ t . it., day x'l election, M <
.tin II Hot I x eti gixu |l|. til tlists* to |xt.|lel
til d I'kpl.ul, 111 X Olixdusion, gl'lltll lot 11.
let lite Mix that 1 kltoxx xxr ale f.ght alo
'that I believe we shall win Thumb ring
, cheers Irotn nil parts o' thx house.)
Alb) oi v ice Presidents, (xi*||iri*is|
■me troiu xai'h St*nattxrial District, will
Sec it'Uiirs, and k .iiilaiuiixg the Srcielarit
nj p. iiitrd hy (tie Stale t'oiuuiiUee a* clerk
an 1 (e.l, t>, xx , i . oi and approved hy iht ]
If oiv. ttlion
Mr 11x> <It. - I l.airoi tli ol the t'.xllilliil
'.x'x' xx lit - xlutiollx. staleti the Coiiilliilte.
oi l i.ot X .-I bet It able to agree mi n rrp.ut
Kvt'llilly; Sk l til.
111. t ;■ mll Ix. 11l ot tile t' til lis llee 01,
I *li 11 xlt'ti Seal ? re) ofte-h
Mr Kill* IM.xX x'd to pro, eetl 111 lioilltll tU
i lii.llili.le for Governor II" oppo-. x!
•x X'. I Lie I lU l.ittee xo. Ixx XXX .1 "'tis
, T'o ' miir said be wetiid nt eiiterlaiii a
i. '.OX i t r a hat ol in li e bhs* lite tli the
I uii'.U t on Hr*oinliotis.
Mr Spcer hope ! ihingx won: i be Joiie
ol . and m ixra. r.
i ..ex ( hair II shall be.
Mr. -peer oppose.! noiiiinatit)g x undo
i x *in the absence of titty delegate*.
.it K it t-k| lain. tl he .1. I not wi-h any
hi e in ill Ibe alxselxee o{ the Cotuu ll
j Ixe I i . rioill subluilted Mil ItiVitatiolij
ot the Hoard of Traue ol Krie for an est or
-. m on ih* lake itv-motrow m xrning.
Mr f nine, ol I'liiin.ieliim.i, olfera a
• • ■ ' • a xif ng the inx ita!nut and . •
f tliMl hx mr', <• rou. le.x ll;a de
. -pi,, o •. erring . the fact iUat it i uic
Irefii all oi gait..* :i;. in of xxhieit toy-', ris
We • 11 pi. 1, .. Oil lit fav. itoi etsgx. Ig
j It.
Mr Ai el. of Krie hoped I . nie.'nt •!>
idMt t rpl ll.e invr.allon. c. unng froie
c-iiixeu* wiih.'Ut xiikiiurtiixn of partv, aioi
t al tile loeii.bers, invigorated by the lake'
hre, /e, would return and jM-rforui theii|
tx.lifs 111 tut ha manner ax to enable them
ledeclare with l'errv, "we have met the
■ iieiuy an 1 ihey n'e ours
1 Ite l itM Hallo!) w a accepted by a large
I !.o laxfti dition llieu adjourned until
It ifi; A M :-m >rr ... Tht hall d iru.g
itie ev enit g wa- densely crowded, but the,
uiu,ul g,.,.,| hum- r and g.t.>d order pre !
v aiiel
Lnr, Septeuibe J. Mr Hughe*, Chair-. ot liu t'o:umiuee on R.'solutions. pre-'
sealed the CooiniiUee report as follow- j
Tite IMattiirm.
Hiiolxe.l, Tl;at we hereby declare our
unfaltering dcvoti.xu t. the fundamental of Democratic government a
eßunctaleil by Thomas Jefferson 111 Ills first
.naugural address, to wit.- " Equal and
. xact Justice to all men of whatsoever stat"
• r persuasion, religious or political , lb.
-uppor: of the S.ate governments in all
their right- as the lil.tsl coinpetelit aduiiti
isiiat -I for t,„r domestic Volutins, and
jl . -urrst xulwalk against tnli Kepubii
can tendencies, the Supremacy of the civil
...ver the military authority, ccoi. tiny in
the publi tvp.ns.-s that later may he
lightly hurtliHitd Tiie holiest payment
<f Mtr just debts and the sacred (ireserx a
t n of the public tailli, fi r-.l tin tf re 1-'
g Ireedom of the pr.... freedom uf per
s oi under the protection of tin- g-cat xxrit
of fiat', its -fpux af-d trial by jx.lo s iinpar
tsally select<d
Ihe I *r --lit lltjt c- .i < ii.vigtii t.
llii iv i lie*i I'aitv.
'J I 1 nl tin- tx i K'-tpre .I ib prcs-. an !
•ufter :.g wh ch affoct v. ry busine-- and
i liiph yiii!: t thai is tajxabic of
. übl tii> ignorance, in tfieiency *tuf
wick. Jncas ot the leaders ..f the party
ill- 'l'xd the S;„;, ■ ! N..:: u f,.r ,
period f years, and calls for !> vir imtue
i.ntix aid permanent rem the
and disgraced,
lis i.i a! ]!x;rn\ i. :i . t n.l, , : J.
Ttiai the uii ;uo nixiitipticatikin of
t üblic efllcers, an<l the in vrdinatc Increase
11. . iri. . xti i .. .imn. ;... .f tiic .
f; j I e many ™. w; ch Had tea! rule
l i.x ft rc.d up ,n tin country, and fav ring
an - •>. .in t.i admu.istr.xl u ot the Ftd
t .at :.•.5l .le •vcrnuieisU, -o that the
people nay I . a px lily a possible, ic
lo'vcl f; in the burden* uf taxation with
which they arc now seriously opprrs-vd.
M' call up. ii our Federal und Slate K p
r si ntativ cs to strive, by nil proper in 'dns.
1. reduce tin in Imlli to the vciy lowest
ptacl x-abttx numb r a d ainoulil.
fiiv State Treasury,
lib. Tl at the conduct of tl u present
Ma"..- Treasurer in tlie mnnagei'.ent of the
t'oninmnweaTl.'sflf antes, in ln m-gh cling
t - lute the moneys in tho Sinking
Fni.,l in payment uf the public debt as
ri idly us required by*law ; his non-ac
. ounling lor ilia inluiest received hy him
I on the people's money deposited with the
several hanks and banking irstitutiea.'
throughout the State, an J hi. insolent rc-,
fu-al l" submit the archives of the Treas
ury Department to a legally constituted
com mil tec of tin House of Ih-prescntative*,
appointed t x inv x'stigafe the, is < ause
for grave suspicion, and is deserving of
I the severest condemnation al the hand* of
n outraged nr.d already over-taxed .poo
i pic. •
luvcsiigaltun into its (Jouilitioo
..tin That thp condition of our State
Treasury dx inai.d the liiosl .curdling and
thorough invasligalion, ami wo call upon
Hit- eo in in l tli'O apfMiintcd hy the House *> T
IT pr. - iitativcs to inv't sligute thu slate of j
the same, t<> revolutely pursue the duty j
I which ha. been confided lo it.
What is lst<|Uuel of I lie Noinineim.
litli. That the nominees of thi* conven
tion are hereby pbdged lo apply all mon
eys in lliu Sinking Fund a* required by
laxv in the reduction of tho public ih'bt,!
ami thereby save the iuiorcst on tlio aauixi
t . the amount m reduced, and that money*
.I i - the I' xiiiinonwl'.tlih from corporations!
ii ,d i-idix itlual- shall bo promptly collud
ed and paid into the Treasury, and not in
i II it v manner, directly or indirectly, lo em
ploy puhLic oi uit-y ■ for.thuir own proli.or
I pui poses.
Tilt; KlllUlioiill J'llHllx.
Tilt. That the contraction ol thu money
currency an I circulating me liuui hereto
f.xie in;.ib' hy the Keputilicnn party, iti.rt
the furthct' contraction prop otl by it with
a xiexv t . for. xl resumption of specie pay
m-at has already br.night disaster to the
j l,ii-mo-s of the x uulry and threaten gen-
I era I bankruptcy, and whillt wu Ckpr-ly
. II iiici.tlx- the piiucxpiis that a sound cur-j
fiicy should be gold ami -ilver, or rc '
cxonal' c therein, we are oppoiod to eitli-l
, attraction or an inflation uf tho prcs
i IPCIII' . , a id would leave the restore
i ii "I ix gal t.unlets to par in gold, to bo!
. .. .ghi about by promoting the industries,
.; the people, and iiut by destroying
I limn.
full Li-o.'il retr.lem Ittslei l of Mil
in,mil Hank Cutreiioy.
Hii< That lli* policy already initiated hy
'thu Kcpuh'.ic in |,ii ly, t.fabolishing the
■_ •.! 1.0. b r- a d giving the Nat'oiml hanks
power to furnish nfl the cuir-ncy, will
jineicuno tliu power of un ulreudy dangor-l
(Continued on next | agu-1
For the ltitpurtcr
An x'Vangelical pastor is a minister ot
.. t lirl.t and a sltiw*id of the mvsteries of
. (...,1 I here are two kinds of ministers ;
( suli B- t. k! sx-iid*. ll lid those who conn
ihx'iiltelve*. Ministers should not be UU
° dhlv et*med inir much preferred; yet
h Ihtiy should have dun liunur and deacrve
rcpact Worthy minister, hux,, been
cubed by God through the Holy (i 11...1
ai d the voice of the church. The lovr <.|
e G el constrain* them t. enter tho mill
. i!xy. I*, tut, xr in tlie iii ini-1 ry mii 1 remain
in it
I he • il jev t xl ihi* article may he prntll
ahl.v xiitcussed timler two divi*ion*
.• I Tin Miamiar imu Here de.
a •criptlon of the sm It'll t.ifl. tf will hu in
|* 'I fit
I lUn lirt uf u j{x |>)
it fi 11, iiliiinii ii Hi, , # ,.rvttl
i ilt puU'ti by bl t Olli 11)41x1 Mliil !!•
( v. St, d will! hi* authority, to preach the
a r.l administer th. x,urameiits and cse
nte the . ensures nf the church. I Cor.
- Iho ml-iistry is M divine institution
U 1 '" 11. M I'aul says Olirirt #ent
.e not ttt h.ipiise, but lo preach the gospel,
x!* -ai. I". |a Jest, -, ,| t, I'aul 1 how
. J tlx. . I . tlie p. p e and 111.- Gentile.,
t .xpi I tiieir exes, and t., turn thmn Iroin
Jifkm -s t-x light, and front the power ol
axi uix to G..d . that tliey may recti iv.
j, x ol sin*, and II iiitierilalicx
tm g theiu Itxal aio sain Hue.l,
J tl i a solemn tfi, o Ttiry rncelve
i xb mil charge Irom the mouth ol
G d
1 - tint at nu*e of sm *ll imp ol
I he Pastor - x si .• deli.*ll,lt ;
Hut an .1 might III! an angel's heart,
Ami Hi. "t a Savioui - hands
Ph x ,tch t -r -..i115, for x hieh the L rd
D ' heay lily bills forego;
Tor suu.s which must forever live
la raptures or in woe
fti • in in later I- God s luouth-p xcc to
lyi'.g niuix, ami dy ing man's to God. Such
1 xtii, e )• t,i lauily * • ieuin one, '2 Co r.
i • '-J.
i li is s respectahle oUce. They ar<
w ,ri.ii- xxith (...J ft- tow labour* in
1 ■ I'* harvest Imiaiatry should, and
ii. : t xis I,more,! by uto-t nun And
ii - lould . I ways be horn in mind that
re i- ti lilfx-rerioe hetwx-en the man and
; e ofliiu il ncu if we do not like the
. J, yet we should not Juspist- the ol
■ fice.
it U a reap wiiM* -Bh Tin- p.-..pi.
■ the p. -tor ciißige, iaiuiortal soul*.
No inuii Carrie* a gieti-r responsibility
i 1. rn be wh • w ch< -1 ,r , *uls, and he must
. . x, a.. .nut, H. b 13 IT.
II iut Tit on or lue Ntritm
! , my si- ics of God, 1 Cor. I. 1,
' 1 1 in* il X Scriplures Tlie great my*
■ : x-y nfg xJhness, I Tim 3. 10 Tlie my*
, ti'ry of the incarnation, ol regeneration, ot
i*. - i x'-g rt „.n, ttc
Tile isx'fsln Hit llaptism slid the
■ji- rd • -upp r. which are *ign* and aeait
; I means ot gi ace. and necessary Hi th"
.s '.bat Ch lias coininaudid theiu.
W. Why t
1 l imy nro above reaton ; riol c.intrary
it it, ("lit lib xX. it. M'e C.tOld Ml! "W noth
! I of Itie.o at tI, but t-xr tlivine Kexela
' lion
2. 1 tier are full ol Vx irdolii and love.
J.xhn 3. It. Utsd sxx loved the world, that
, lb-gave I is oil ly begotten Son. that wiio
s.'t'u r believclit . n iiiut should ut perish,
hut have everlasting lite
i The virtue of these mysteries can only I
be known by esperirMMw—through an np-!
jpr printing laitit.
l'!.x quaiuicalion of a minister of the
il- -ps-1 via. F'ailblulne**, which in
.. , .ie- . *
1 I'urity f purpose, mine, heart and
,lfo " - ,
'2. Sine riiy —a minister should first
preach h. serin ma to himself and then to
tlii people,
.1 Diiigence keep a: it. Tiiis is the
true iltuof di igt-iu'e A stothlul miaii-
U wfill In Ver make a faithful sti ward
i Impartiality tliviJe the w..rd rightly
ai d gix e p. saint and sinner their due por
u n The poor and the rich must each'
1 re.-rive justice- all aool tare at one tince
' ai d ruled at .uii- value in the i*orit s 11 six.
I'lle-e things are required of miuitlers ot ;
t e L rd Jesus Christ. Gil the utbar hand, j
it i* required of the member* of the church
I <! they g.xe them. 1 Their sympathy.
L 2 Their confidence. 3. Tuair encourage-;
; iio-nt 4 Tiieir support. Those whuofli ;
i tic in word and doctrine shouid be vig
.... usiy •upptxrix'l and also those who art-i
I in ou- oollt x,'e ami seminaries preparing
thenisc.vex for the sacred office. They/
, sh .T.I n-.t b,- starved, so they will be of no,
as ■ nf.. r G i.v have g 'ne through a cours ;
' of preecriboa study. J T
Akionsburg, l'a
/'. If>< /)( . er .Yrxrs
Ail'.-iti i : in p. on tiic I'tn.-n Pacific
Railroad. > t. Friday mgiit. a train wauiuat'
. ing .-lit from tin" station when a storm
' . inttt. hud, and in i n si r .fids thcc was
11, a '"ury of Its*ii and wind that toe en
! jil-eer deemed it best br slop the iocomo
'. >•■ ]". lis, " • xxerx- simp wt grew:
'i , utiks ot c many <1 ihrm three mud
! t ur incixo* HI "Iminelcr. and of alt ••
, squvrt s i, *. s, A-'. The first
;.t -ir-.i i: .4. x i * auhtd *.
. • i the Am g '.■ s-xerrly injured a !a-j
tx in ilic face, muhii.jj a deep tut. Fivej
liiinu'r* afU-raard there was noi a wuoie
light of giacs an the *< ut. -.Jeof the train
it .e I,- gth d il The window* in
e Tul rirnn iars were ot French salt
re. gh'h- -t an inch thir s and double '
i L.aii l r it- h 'lh tin. ktic**--s. and tore
tl.e i . '.;t;r into shrcda. Ttie wo Jen
>' utters, too, w. -c suiss!iel, ami many "it)
fi. . mirrors were broken. The 'deck I
, lights'Un the top ot the cars were also de
10 tsiiid. ih" dome ot the engine wa
..lid as if il lutti been pounde-i With a
ix y xi "ight, and the wood work tin the
- illi M ie. ; the tars was ploughed a- if
me i.t.e hud -truck il alt over with siid-L
• g hlow- fr. m a hammer During the,
• nlinuanee of tli Is-rriflc iuailladc. which
To led fully twenty minutes, the rxciic-j
un ;it and leaf em .ng the passenger* ran
very >-x tral ladies faiuled, and one
x. Mr- Kar'.e, wifeifihe auperinU'i d-i
'. ~f the M >Uii; . ii division of the road,
xx -nt int" spa-Ill*, from which she did not
n over f-*r - ver an h'-ur alts-r the cessation
.-I t a-t "in Several jxcrsons sitting on
tho south side of the iisrs were more or let-
II jured ah'XUt th • head and face
A-so'il i l o" slorin atiMliid a iiltle, the'
1 malting the cars was liulig up in trout
< <"f the window*, mid the* train moved
.til, the tin fled hailstone- proving an
" . .{."tele for stxme mile- Ai the nevt *ta-i
f 11 -n. stiipsrxfti. were prPvursal and fast ,
- vi i-i xvt r the windows the entire length ot
. r-c train. The cur* have lcen run into
MI op fur repair-, mid the damage will
' i* estimated, to several thou-i
' -and dollar*.
".I I'attnt Srrmon ItrgHlatar. Acandi-I
, ib ;e tor a vacant vicur.ig" in FTngland an
. n uiiccs an invention ot Ids own which
111 y prove to be useful. It is a peculiar
arrangement of the pulpit, with aclock l*.
• gix e warning. When at the end ufa halt
hour the clock *">unJs an idprm, ami it the
, pr Mcher does not conclude within three
minutes, down conies the pul|iit, with the
parson and tin. re-t of tlie appendage*."
Spring (MMMIS,
At Potter's Mills.
I. 11. M'LXTIUG.
Dealer in
Domestic Dry Goods.
LactiO'S Dross Goods
of every ib-cription, embracing all tlx.
Nx w Style* in the market. Also,
ci.o rntsu. < .isimf/ins.
(. AKI'FTs <>//.( LOTUS, /mors,
sl/oi:s. onor/:uii:s ,t /'/lo V/s/o.X.s
x| .'Very Im ription. all of which will lie
-x.hl at very I"SNV rate- for CASH or its
equivalent Don't lorgel the place conn
ti. 1 -las it- anyhow, ify.xu don t buy. No
in uhlcx to -how goods.
('iiintry i'rtMlnee Tnken in Kst'ltange
fx; Giipds 6m ay Gin.
a "h*tjf I'irwar. and
,♦ . 3; v t Jai ss k farxlrr alixruld Uav®
, Cob
Fur llorM or Sto4m I uwer
CViM*Cut Miul CircuUr
Uon* rlftlv<l C*lrcuUrn and FfipO I4t "••nl
11 I.V AI VIIC II II it II fit ft tiring Co.
G Moi. 'IMN tKighihSt,, CINCINNATI. 0.,
M:iiiiiJ".i;lurers of Cniie Mailiinorj', Slciun
Kugiries, Shaker Thresher, Farm, 1
School, and Church Bulls, efc, '
Dc 10. y.
II URIMIKMRR a. c. Ml'mkr
Estahllbliod, 18 A3.
t BV
'I tie old, reliable place, where
' Moriuiuunts,
x and other marble
I work is made, in tho very best style, and
i upon reasonable terms.
, •*' Thankful fur /Mil favors, irt re
- s/iectiicly solicit the piitrowifje of tht
Shop*, East of Bridge, Mlllheiui, l'a.
Apr H y
Ho! for Snssman's!!
' Jit at iijM-iieil 111 In* new quarter* lit
lt;!i'* A remit*.
All kinds or
LaalWi Zht>b r JuiJl/jgs
Shoemakers roll utnl tc Si ,vi A A
fur tittup stock.
' i*e .I. t f. ________________
I'iie utiJer.igtieu ttaving •r, p-osua
-ion of Ibe above CstabiishttieUt, re-pecl
fully inform the public that the atue will
he carried on by them in all it. branches
a* heretofore.
I'tiey manufacture the CELr.lta.vl ED
ritt'E BLUE COUM'L.v.xi the
i best now mad<-
ry description, in short their Foundry it
Complete in oVery particular.
We wo aid call particular attention to
our EXCELsioH FLOW, acknowl
edged to be lac best Flow now in uc,
shifting in lire beam f"T two or three hor
We !-■. manufacture a new and improv
ER, which has been u-ed extensively in
I the northern and western Stales, and has
laken prosx-dence overall oilier*.
Wx arc pre|tar*<d b do all KINDSOF
CASTING fr.-m the largest U> the small
■ est, ami have fa ihlie- for doing all kinds
All k'nds of repairing done on short no
j lice
ijan'il-lv. Centre Hall.
BEM7 """"
No OTHER PIANO FORTH fas. attain.
,-d tlie xsine p'xgxularitr -tsv,Send stamp
if.xr Circular 11. F. BKATIY. M'a-hit;g
ton. New Jersey.
I. II % I MlitltlT.
.it h;- - -lahli- mcut at Centre Uail. keeps
oi hand, and tor a.e, at the m<*sl rente ita
lic rate*.
6c Spring Wagons,
l't. Ais AND FANCY,
in.! vehicle of < vers description mmle t'
xtder, an-i warranted to be made of the
) lvet seasoned material, and by the most
) skilled and competent workmen. Person*
wanting anything in his hue are requested
i'so call and cxe-nine :n work, they will
t:nd it not t.< t e excelled for durability i.nJ
jw.-ar. • may 3tf.
ml >ii it it aa ,
CENT U K 11 A L L, P A
\yill all" nd I.x aJuiinistcring Oaths, A""-
anowle Jgemcr.t of Deed-. -Vc, writing Ar
:i. le- .xf Vgrcement, Drr-ds, dec, mavlf
KNOM'N. s, r,*l t"nui f.xr Circu
lar. Ad'lre-t D. F* BHATTY. M'ash
ington. N. J.
.ncys at Liw. ll 'llofonie. Pa. Stu-cial
aUention given to Collections, ar.J Or.
| (xhfin*' C-'urt practice. May be consulted
|in German and HngiUh. Office in Gar*
man's Building. mv *JB'74-t.
I'HOITS AN D POUN DS. Liberal terms
lo dealer*
kicSsnd -tkmp for Circular Addra**
I> F 11 HATTY, Ma-hmgt i, X J.
Is *till locatfx.l at Pine tjrovc Mill* and
iv now prepared to travel to the homes ot
patient* at a distance and render any de
sired service in his line, In the beat man-!
ner, of be-t quality and al reasonable
rale*. Insertion ofn -w dentures made
specially. 7VWA extracted without pain,]
Celebrated Golden Tongue
aremnkcil by eminent mu-ioian- ami di*-j
lingiiishexl men of honor throughout the
World n the leading PARLOR ORGANS
now in use.
An oxcelont Organ for the Church, Hall.
Lodge, Sabbath school, as well a- the par-'
N. B. -Spcscigl rates in this eas., a* an
__ _
An offer ; Where we have no agents we,
will allow any one the ugi-iil's discount in
Order to have this wonderful musical pro-1
during instrument Introduced.
No other Parlor Organ hn- attained t.i
the same popularity.
srli>kl -MU4P bxr prioe list ami a list ot
toatiniutiittl*. Adxlre :
M'.x-iiingtori, M'urren Conntv. N .I
E. PERKS & SON, Proprs.
This well kruiut. hotel, situate in the
business mxrlion t.f the town, ha- been
thoroughly reuoyated, rx-paiuted anil fur
ni-hod now. It xxlll lietheniin uf tho|>ro
prix'tuis t niak. it i pleasmt Home fi.r
1 those whomay fnv.xr tlieni with their pat
ronage. A !rx"e carriage i- run t the lo
pot. anil the be-t stables in town nrecon
nected with tho ilouso 'Jthipr
DF FOIxTN K Y \!l uiiey ,t Law
• Bollofuiilo, PH. Officii over Key. I bank. may 14
IL. SPANULKR, Attorney-at-Law,
Itollcfonte, Fa. Office witli
Bush & YIM'UIII. Coiisiiltation in Engli.-h
and Gcruiiin. < 'ollectivins promptly altond
xid to. rolxfr-lf
ISICAL nuthixiitie.-throughout the world
la* fHE BUST. D. V. BEATTY, Fropri
utor, Washington, N.J.
I \>i?k rrv pano!
l>rj A 1 1 1 Thte •plendid i>
alio Korteeoß.o.nai
ievery improvemeiit in tone with power
-land great durability, and has received
jilt, unqualified etidorsenicnU of the high*
It Mueionl authorUlea (iff *u Marvellous
< IraorJuiary richneM ol Tone, having
Large riae. it Octave*, overstrung Bass,
full Iron Frame, French Grand action,
fit Desk, Carved Pedal, Solid Rosewood
'l', Ivory Ky Front, Capped
II. .Illinois, aGralfe Treble, Ac., Ac , Ac.
.gut bond over One Thousand
I' HI ml. Liberal discount P. the trade.
* '.Mils \\ uni.'d (male or lomale.)
tl finnd sump lor Circular. Addiess
t? 1 ' • Itivoiit.-r slid Proprietor, D \ NIKL F.
j UK A IT* IV ashing ton, New Jersey.
C. P E C K • 8
Coaoli i/iauuiactory *
. lie undersigned has upcn.'-d a new ea*
* tutni.l.aieut, at hi new shops, lor the
luanufitetuie of
' CarriageM,
& Spring Wagons,
hhaiuu* AMI* Slaps.
o! e . cry description .
Alt ti'liiiMi manufactured hy him
at warranted t i render salisfuctieri, and a*
f • .al t-i any work d<.n* elaewhere.
He uses none hut the host material,
.d eiupl .ys the most skillful workmen,
i they Gutter themselves that their
i • "keen not be eg. oiled for durability
land finish.
Order-from .. distance promptly attend
' "iu nt.u Miiaiir my work before
. Illra'tingelsewhera,
Ail kind* of liepariug dottr.
* '■ '<> 11 HATES It Hill Kb OUT
tiooda at Old Fsahiourd Fri(*.
At the Old Stand of
> old respectfully iitf..ra the World and
the rest of mankind, liiast ne ...*
ju; opened out and is atuur'
receiving a large t ,k c:
- oh be is offering at tsw fofy
market pri"e
illvV GOODS aou
,| I'rinu, Muslins, Opera Canton*, and Woh
r iannela Lsdiri llrr.i (>.jod* a such a*
i D'-lains. Alpacas, Poplins, Kmpreas Cloth,
■ .teens. Tntneis-, together with a full
ock of everything usually kept in the
D;h Good* line.
, vi ;ch he has determined to tell vety
-ap, consisting of
' lull aleak, part of Ladies and
ihi Id reus Xltrino Hose, Collars, Kid
. glore*, heft quality silk and Lisle thread!
'(. l.ves, If. — hi *. Nubias, Breakfast shawls, i
• A full assortment of
Men's Boy's and Children's
Ot the latest sty le and beet.
Heady made a choice selection of Men's;
and Boy's of the newwt style* and most!
serviceable materials.
7 |
Hardware Store.
A new, complete llarduate Store has
i i e. opened by the undersigned in Ces-
Ure lla.l. where he is nreparr-d to cell all
' 1. ir.ds of lluilditig and House v urnihing
II .rdware. Nails vke.
Circular am. Hand .Saw*. Tension Saws,
Vchh Saw*, Clothes Hacks, * full ttssort
of Gu- and Mirror P ale Picture
, . n rues, ,>j."kes. Felloes, and Hubs, table
. ■ utlery, Sborels, spades and Forks.
I,- ok-. Hinge*. Sere ms, Sash Spririgs.
!1 ;• Sl..' Nail*, Norway Rods. Ous.j
a Bells, < arpenter T "ds. Paint. Vsrti-j
Fictur. * fran.cj in the f.nHt style
Anything not en hand, ordered upon:
• - rt'-si notice
'AKh... tuber, all rwd. ..(fered cheap-'
*' r than (ilu'whrf
; a2V rs-tf
The GrniiEer Store!
Something New!
ring Mills has established a store to suit
'] the time*, and has a complete slock of
.toll. SALT,
lii short a lull line of
b ELVES, .
b. y.
\ new and .complete Ua.dware Store
1 . been opened l>y the undersigned in 1
1.. ckeiboffs new building—where they I
t.reparevi to sell all kinds of Building ;
. id House Furnishing Hardware, Iron, i
Steel Nails. (
Buggy wheels in *etl, Champion f
( olhes Wringer, Mill Srwv, Circular and
l;.,iid Saws. Tennun Saa*. WebhSaw*. j
1 e Cream Kreeaers, Bath Tubs. Clothes
K xka, a full assortment of Glass and
' Mitror Plate ol all siaes. Picture Frauie*,
vv heelbarrow*. Lamp*. Coal Oil Lamps, !
I tting, Stu.kes, Feiloes, and Hubs,
I 'WS, Cultivators. Corn Plows. Plow (
j I nit* Mold Hoards and CultivL
tr Teeth, table Cutlery, Shovels, Spades
I Forks. Locks. Hinges, Screws. Sash
v , ring*. Morse-Shoes. Nails, Norway
1 ■•ls, Oils, Lard, I.ubrjeating Coal.
I ei d. Tanners, Anvils, Vices, Bellows.
|S. ew Plates, Hlacksmitlu T<>oL, Factory
!' Us. Tea Belli, Uroulstones. Carpenter
p ols. Fruit Jni and Cans, Paint, Oili,
\ irntshes received and for sale at
■ • ■•. iu>-if J A.l HA R U IS.
1' ilc.ito take order*. D F. JIEATTY,
W ihiaginn. New Jewgjr.
ifnurr. j • ui: i kk
l-i ystonp I'utcrii A Works.
;no x, if ou i) on nnj sa,
j' 7 Wafer Street. caJKO First Arrwie,
iwith J. I!. Sherriff *1 Son, Works,
Uu Floor. lapr.y!
Dentikt, Millheim.
"ffi ii lii- nrofewional service* to the
public. He is prepared to perform all
<•; in! ioiis in the dental profession
lie is now fully prepared to extract
All without iiijff T3-tf.
B>EATTV 11 * x
.. hiaiiip lor lull itjforuiation.
Price oAat, Ac., Ac. D. F. BEATTY,
Washington, N J,
1 '•
1 ro* foreign a dohkmtc
ready made clothing
■OOTg a 811(1101,
i '''i bouio i( os*c>*_
audi* now |>n jnrtti to gccouiodalt U
r *"• ol<J *uatomer, and to VtJtolue ui
uew one* who may favor liiiu mi.
their patrun-ige. H feel, M J r ji, Mt ,
lag that he can jiit-att the mutt Ja*D ,
. ou Cm it Mtid ace.
r. b.—Air. buanmati alii) cgiiuum,
to deal it.
CLOV Kit and TIAIO'UIV M£Kot '
in ttit old room, wbr/e lie mav aiwn
h found. J*"
T®' L " "'fwk, o.i.ruiined to usee l
X. the |wpait' demand for Lower
Price* r*|.retfttii> call* the attention |
the public to bU et. * V of
6a i ULEItV,
i M JL o<rr , r, i "V u!d ,u,,d - Design.. i
Mporauljr fur Ik *pi* and the time*. the
l-rgctand rkd and complete a*.
MlftlOMit tf
Saddles, Collar*, Blidlr*.
of every dswcrpC and quality ; Whip,
r IM y 4O a Sest
ets#. eaubl , be bow offer* a t pri. e.
which will suit tr . timet
€. 'CCOH DlAGbtl.Ctiitir Hall
Stoves! Fire.'Stov's!
i At Audv Ileeetnau'a, Cetu* • *._\ r
1 lateat and bmt out, be ha. ju.i
. received a large lot of
: Cook btovea, the Pioneer Cook,
0 the EcJipae Cook,
.. ... the Reliance Cook.
PARLoRb— The Radiant Ugkt, *elf-fr
dr. Oat Burner, National >
if * LO W at any a her.
la M.fflin or Centre co
P ! FE a troiTisc
aSSiST ° f
a,, t DISHES, AC.
All work warranted and ch.rg,• rea.on
j *•"*• CwnHil
|in bit elegant New Kuwait. Spring street,
1 Belief.. tile.
Hal on hand a splendid MWitau-iit ut
: mofirst to U<? mo*t dpftisL
? i
t and anything want* d in the line of hi'
rj business—homemade and city Work. Ah
to, ha. nn.dc a speciality and keep* ot
. hand, the lr{it and flock of
; (io-nlt old at reasonable rate*, wbolesa
and retail. Give him a call I ef-re pur
' chasing elsewhere. febfLly
No 6 BrockerhoiFßow, Bellefnute.Ffc
Bcalerii In Urns*, ( briuicals
j Perfhmcrj, Funcy GotuU Ac.
Pure Wine* and Liquor* for nterftea
] purpose* always kept- may ill. 71.
Furniture Hooms!
1 respectfully Informs the citizen* of Centre
county, that he has bough t out the old
ttandof J. O. Dcininger. and has redueaA
the price*. They have conttantly on hand
and make to order
TABLES. Ac., Ac.
Hans Made Cbaiks Aiir> or 11am.
LTheir stock of ready-made Furaituro is
: argc and Marrantt-d ofgt>od workmanship
and is all made under their own iuitnedi.
ale supervision, and is offered at rates
cheaper than elsewhere.
Call and see our stock before purchasing
eUewhere. 26 feb. ly.
Gift & nory's
New Siioe Store !
They hare now opened, and will consianu
lv keep on hand, a splendid stock of us*
tnen, women and children, from tb best
manufactories in the country, and now of
fered at the
Lowest Prices.
BOOTS and SHOES made to order, upot*
short notice They invite the people o,
this vicinity to give them a call, a> they
will strive to merit a share oftbelr pat
ronage mvlOtf
Dealers in
Boots, Shoes and
Ladies', Misses' and Chil
dren's Fine Gaiters.
All Kinds of Custom Work Made To
IlnruesK Lett! Iter,
Sole l.entkee,
Fair Skius
And Shoo Findings always on hand.
„ Bishop Street,
flaw if BflUtfoatp, r,