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Tin* Massachusetts State Board of Ag
riculture discussed tin* subject, and in
its discussion Mr. Harris, of New York,
naiil it iuu*t bo admitted, as a rule, that
ho true office of tlie pig was to use and
economise food which would otherwise
IK* mated or sold at a profit, but still
farm era ooul.l sometime* better afford
to food corn or wheat to well bred pigs
than to 01l it at the market nrico. lie
did not know any more profitable branch
of farming than raising pigs and selling
them at four months for from $7 to $8 a
head. Ho was certain that pigs could
bo raised that would dress more than
fifty pound* at four month* old, and by
studying the wants of the market and
paying mono attention to quality, we
should he able to hold our own against
the West. The aim should be to pro
duce choice moat and rich manure. Mr.
Hanis said he had endeavored to find
out how much pork there was in a pound
of corn, and lie Iml found that two
)M>nnds of corn would prvxhuv a little
more than one pound of increase, lib
eral foiling while the pig was growing
would not only be more economical but
tlioy svulil got more rather than less
uieut. One hundred pound* of corn,
over and above the amount required to
sustain the vital functions, was capable
of prodtn ing sixty-one pound* of d reused
pork. Science had produced a pig
nearly perfect in form, with a small pro
portrou of Kmc ami offal, and what was
now wanted was a pig with strong digwi
live apparatus The pig must hare a
gvxxl appetite in older to make cork, and
•mould be kept warm, dry and happy iu
his pen, with no disposition to run alx*ut
and slick his nose into other people's
business. The roetlees native pig re
quired twenty-two pounds of ivru a week
to keep him alive, while the ouiet ami
meditative Essex pig only needed tliir
tx*n pounds; and he K>lieved a pig could
he bred tliat would do even better than
that. In feeding pig*, the first object
slw uld bo to induce the cost of running
the machine. If pigs were kepi in a
damp, wet, or dirty pen, more food
required to keep up the heat of the Kxlv.
Regular feeding was important, becauM
irregularity in this respect induced rest
lessnees and indigestion. If two pounds
of corn, over and above the amount re
quired to sustain the vital functions was
capable of producing a pound of dressed
pork, farmers should understand that
•■very extra two pounds of corn required
to keep up the heat iu oold, dump pe us.
was in actual loaa, uot of two pounds of
corn, but of one pound of dreaaed pork.
On the subject of pig-manure. Mi. liar
ris said he estimated that he got 41J
coats' worth of manure a week from a
pig whose fiKvl cost htm 371 coats. He
presented tallies showing the value of
the manure obtained from feeding vari
ous kinds of grain and roots. Fig ma
nure was very liable to be waited, there
was so much urine connected with it.
and great mre should be taken to absorb
the liquid, which was a very powerful
11 hm—Brmtraa and DrlllrU.
Dr. E. M. Pendleton, Professor of
Agriculture iu the Georgia State College
of Agriculture, has made some exjx-ri
menU in sowing wheat broadcast, and in
drills, the results being largely in favor
of the latter system. In the tirst place
less than half the quantity of seed is
required per acre, if sown in drills, than
broadcast, this being no small item saved
where a large area of land is cultivated.
The yield reported is nearly fifty per
cent, ia favor of drilling, besides, for
every bushel of wheat obtained from
broadcast sowing, one hundred and
thirty-seven pound* of straw were pro
Juoed, and from the drilled only ninety
nine pounds. From this showing it
would appear that a man in raising
thirty bushels of wheat per acre in drills,
gets a half ton less straw than by the
broadcast system; consequently drilled
wheat is the least exhaustive of fertility
in proportion to the amount of grain {
In the experiments referred to, it was
further shown that culture of the grow
ing crop produced decidedly beneficial
results. After the crop was well started
in spring, a subsoil plow was run between
each two rows, breaking up the earth,
but throwing none against the plants.
If stirring the soil about corn in sum
mer is beneficial, we can see no good
reason why it should not be for the
young wheat plant. Whether the in
crease in yield and nuality of grain will
be sufficient to pay the extra cost of cul
ture remains to be determined by a
series of experiments extending thrwugh
several years. One or two failures or
successes are not to be taken as conclu
sive iu demonstrating the value or
worthiesuneas of such systems of cul
Farm Mate*.
Sawdust is had for floors of the hen
nery. Fowls are likely to pick it up and
fill their crops with it, and it is bad for
them. A clean earth floor is far better.
Even a plank floor is betts .
No one lias yet discovered tfmt parts
green, applied to potato Tines to kill the
Colorado potato beetle, poisons the
tuber. On the contrary, careful experi
ments mode to determine the fact prove
that it does not.
If vou want to increase the wood
.growth tlie coming season prune any
time before the sap starts, only vou are
not advised to choose a day "when the
wood is frozen. If the object is to se
cure fruit the following season, prune in
June, which will check the growth of
wood and develop fruit buds.
Millet sliould not be sown with oats.
It should be sown separately and law—
say last of May to 10th or 15th of Jnne
—on clean weft-pulverized land and cut
(if for forage) when in bloom and cured
hke oth"r grasses. It is an annual plant
and the sowing must be repeated each
The Xbdssippi Hirer.
The report of the board of officers ap
pointed under fjje act of Congress of
June 23, 1974, in reference to the im-
Sovement of navigation at the mouth of
o Mississippi river has been made.
The persons appointed to this service
were three officers of the Engineer corps
of the United States army, Lieutenant
Colonel-i Wright and Alexander and
Major C unstock; one officer of the Coast
Hurvey, Professor Henry Mitchell; and
three engineers from civil life, Mewrs.
T. E. Sickles, W. Milnor Roberts and
H. I). Whitoomb. This lxiard visited ia
Europe and Africa the various points at
which engineering science has triumphed
over difficulties similar to those found in
the case before them. They visited the
mouths of the Rhone, the" Vistula and
the Danube, and examined the works of
the Suez canal, and in the light of the
knowledge thus acquired made the sur
veys in Louisiana. They have now ter
minated tneir labors by tho presentation
of a report of that admirable class which
gives all tho necessary facts of a great
case in a few pages, and bases a postive
recommendation on the facts shown to
It is deemed feasible to accomplish in
the Mississippi all that is necessary in
cither one of two ways—by cutting a
canal from a given point in the course
of the river through the land to deep
water, or by such construction of jetties
or long piers at the month of one of the
channels now open as will keep the cur
rent of the river sufficiently close to
dredge out the stream and prevent de
posit, or at all events deposit within a
depth where it could do liarm. Of the
board of Seveu persons six favor the
latter plan, one only—Lieutenant Colonel
Wright—being in favor of a canal. In
addition to the various reasons giving in
full in the report why the committee be
lieve the imjirovement of the south pass
far preferable to the construction of a
canal, the important element of cost is
uiso in its favor, To construct and main
tain the canal would cost 811,514,200,
and .the works at fhe south pass would
eost for construction and maintenance
An lllinoia man, who wants to do
good; thus writes to a Chicago agent of
the Kansas grasshopper sufferers : "Mr.
Ludlow, Sir: I understand you are an
agent for Kansas sufferers, and as i am not
duing anything at present, i think it
would be a good thing to go from one
town to another and collect money for
the Sufferer* wiak I would like to do. I
would expect ana pay for it,"
to thrlr hn|tua lllillng
Place mi \ le
\A illiani ltafferlv, who was arrets,l in
Binghamton, N. V , by Piukerton's de
tootives for complicity in the Carbon
dale lhuik robbery of January 14, lias
given an account of the way in which he
ami his confederate* tried to conceal the
money satisfactorily to all tlie jvarties,
which shows thai they found thut a
more difiicult matter than the stealing of
it. tliev obtained thev put in
an old Kig. ami Kfforo they could obtain
any more thev were frightened away,
l'hey left by the luick door and, handing
the money to a confixlende on the out
side, two of them went around the block
and came along by the bank and joimsl
the crowd then assembled there. I'lie
other rx>blier,a mnu mum d iVcker, went
aoivis* the river. Ratfei tv and his com
rade joinod in the search for the rob
K<ra, ami weie vorv enthusiastic, doing
more than any others in putting the
searchers on the wrong track and bring
ing about the arrest of the two suspected
persons, who were subsequently re
The e*mfxleratc who tmk the of
, money humhxl to linn at the rear of the
! bank tiid it in tu: ash heap book of hi*
| house. It had been there but a few
! hours when the man who hid it was
seix,-d with the fear that the house
i would be searched. He eonsult<xl with
j his exmipsuiiona, ami was ndvistxl Ui re
! move the treasure 11 a safer pl*i. lb
then dug up the lg ami avwUxl it iu a
| snow bank in the rvar of another house
m an out of the way part of the city.
Becoming nervous again, owing to an
. appjvheiisiou tlie hiding place of
' the inonev might K tram ,I up by the
: tracks ui the MIOW, another change was
uiade the same day. l'lie mouev was
i tnuisfemx! from the snow IxuiL and
I uidilen iu a bundle iff lath lying m the
yard of a sawmill. It rested there until
1 about midnight. when ita gtulty guardian,
'Junking that the Lath might K- **>ld the
next day, arose fr>m lsd and hastened
to find another ami safer phux to avrrtt
j it. After considerable ouiwidoration
i about the matter the Ixag of money was
! hung beneath the scut of the uueasv
roblicr's water closet. The next day, in
wandering almut the str\x-t.s iff Carbon
dale, heeverheard two men 111 the Har
risou Hon -> say that the plmx- might K
seatrchtxl. This frightened hiui again,
as he tx>uld uot get it out of Ins mind
that the place to K< searched was his.
He again took counsel with some of In*
comivanivins in the crime, and it was de
oided to take the money to the saloon of
another confederate named Bond. It
was there thrown in under the liar
At this place the ntonev was counted
for the first time. There was in the
beg go, SOO, mostly in five-dollar bills.
The last hiding place living finally de
cided unsuitable, the bog w is given to
Raffertv to take care of. He had no
house of his own anil carried the money
on his j>er-- m for some tune; finally tak
ing it to a store, of the owner of which
he refuses to give the uame, he took up I
a Kind in the tlxvr and pimxxl it there. !
The owner of the store hml nothing
further to do with the matter, lhifferty
says. To this arrangement the sharers
iu the booty were opposed, as it would
be impossible to g> t it in they were
obliged to leave town suddenly. The
money was therefore taken from the
sU>re and placed some distance in the
entrance to a cool niiue, in a crevice. Hen
it lay fi<r a dav or twi>, when Rafferty
went to sax* if it waa all safe, and found
that the rats had carried off aK>ut two
hundred dollars, and mutilated quite a
munlier of billa. This was an alarming
discovery; so it was rtxxdved, iu order
that the responsibility of the charge i
might be divided, to share the money
among the gang and have an end to the :
matter. So tlie division was male, and '
unfortunately an outside man, who acted
as watcher, etc., was not given any
share of the plunder. This unwise act
on the part of the gang was the main j
thing leading to their detection. The
alighted man took some friends into his
confidence, and they at once commenced
a svst-*in of blackmail on the parties who
had the money. Tin* vigilant detectives
accidentally got bold of one of these
dixcouteuUxl individuals and punqied
sufficient information out of him to war
rant him in his subsequent action.
Rafferty, Decker, Bond and McGovern I
were arrested, as already stated, by tele
graph, and are uow awa.tmg trial
Of the stolen funds $5,500 have l*>n
recovered. Of this Kuffcrty hail S9OO
hidden in a barn.
What they Wear.
The novelty for scarf sashes and over
skirts of evening dresses, says a fashion
journal, is wliit" n-1 covered so closely
with silver spangle* that the net-work is
concealed an a surface of silver is pre
sented. It i also need for transparent
sleeves of silk drosses.
Very full ruches for the ueck are now
preferred, a# scant ones look poor. The
newest muslin niches are laid in triple
box-phut* that are cat dowu in the ceii
ter to show all the lase on the edge in
row upon row-. This ousts $1.75 A yard.
Crepe liase p Lai tings for the neck lime
wider pladings (rimilarlj made for the
sleeves. These are tirst crimped, then
box-plaited, and two rows of different
widths are sowed together and bound by
soft lutestring ribbon Other nicies
are hemmed, and merely sole plaited ;
two rows of different depths are then
used to show the hems. The slightest
airv mfth-s have a scallop on each phut,
and this scallop is finished with u tiny
pearl edging. Organdy rufth-s are cut
bias in order to give tliem n fuller i ff.-ct,
on dare also scalloped and finished with
a pearl edge trimming.
The newest Collar, th-s are of Mecliliu
lace, frilled and miffed very high around
the neck, fasU nod iK'hiiul with a pink
rose and long utreamers of blue, rose, or
block velvet ribbon, ami trimmed in
front with a long jaliot of waves of lace
that extend to the ward, and have pink
roses and ribbon loops in the waves.
These are pretty, becoming, and stylish,
M the caprice is for trimming the neck
as high OH possible, even in the ball
room. Valenciennes colluretb-a of this
kind cost from. 0.50 to gdO.
Dressy littles Marie Antoinette collars
are made with plaited tulle standing
around the neck, roft biai folds of tn'h*
laid on the breast, anil an edge of bine
Chiua crape pipi g and plaiting fas
tened in front by r. pink rose and blue
gr<s grain bow; pn $5.50.
For light mourning dresses cut with
heart-shaped neck is a box-pi&iting of
tulle, witfi block vevet loops Iwtweon
each plait, and a littlo transferred stir
is on each velvet plait; price $7.50. The
same collarettes are made with Sevres
blue or pale pink ribbon.
The Tost of fioreriiment.
Governor Tilden, of New York, states
that "in the decade beginning July 1,
1875, the people of the United States
will have paid in taxes 87,000,000,000 —
three-fifths for the use of the Federal
government and two-fifths for the State
ami municipal governments." The
mm is nearly one-half the total assessed
wealth of the country (8!4,000,000,i00)
in 1870. The yearly average is $700,-
000,(100, equal to five per cent, on the
whole taxable valuation. It appears
then that our total taxes are five percent,
a year on our assessed wealth, and that
in every twenty years a sum equal to all
the assessed wealth of the country iscon
sumed in the coot of governing it. The
figures are certainly startling, and an ex
change very truly says there cannot l>e
a considerable substantial growth iu
wealth in a land where live per cent, of
the wealth is annually consumed in taxes;
there may be transfers of property from
one class to another; a few may grow
rapidly richer, while the masses grow
poorer ;":but a general prosperity is impos
sible. At..x rate of five per cent, main
tained for ten years exhibits a condition
in which government devonrs all the
substance of the people every two de
cades, and makes them as thorough vas
sals ao were the liegemen of a feudal
baron of the middle ages. And its
effect extends far lieyond this. It dis
courages attachment to and cultivation
of the soil, heightens the fierce struggle
for life, and provokes a resort to those
rapacious enterprises that promise ex
orbitant and unfair profits.
If yon want to make a drum stick set
it on the head of a tar barrel.
VrconitiKKlatioiik for Y'Ultor* to tlm ( on
Director General Gasliom, in his let
tor to the Centennial Committee, savw
It is estimated that from t'l.lHHi to 10,000
won resident oomnie-•loners, exhibitor*
ami employe ■ will o-quiro lodging for a
period of seven months m I'luladeltihia
during tlie exhibition, and that there
will lie an average of "JO,POO visitors in
the city daily, for whom comfortable,
cheap and convenient quarter* must be
iiromlml. What ability the existing
hotels in this city have for acconuno
dating so great a number I am not ud
\ istxl, but as so much of the miooesa of
the exluhitiou will diqs'inl oil the iu
dmvmoiits that may be olb red to the
public in this ts-half leanuot toourgent
!\ call the attention of the coiniUlttcea
and citizen* of Philadelphia to the im
portance of cotiddering this subject
without delay, with the view of organ
icing a system of hotel accommodation*
that will lie mi (hotel it for all reasonable
demands. Tin' official announcement
that ample provision under proper regu
lations lias Uvu made will greatly in
crease interest ill the exhibitlou at home
and abroad. Transportation will K* re
quired for from 40,ikH> to 00,000 pernoti*
l dally to tend from the |u k. and on ex
Iraoidinarv otX*>uHiii double tlnxtc iium
i Krs may have to be provided. \t the
: I'arts eilutntiou iu 1307 there was an
average of 70,000 diui admissions, and
on one occasion the number reached
173,933. It is reasonabletoc"timatc tliat
j the daily attendance at Fturniomit Park
will lie at least W.IHM. It should bo r<-
UientK'rcd al•>.■ that this multitude must
bo trarnqxirtcd by private ami public
conveyances, lietweeii the hours of eight
\. xi. ami twelve xi., uml return between
I five ami eight r. u. The qm-stion of
j tnuis|x>rtatioii for such great numlvers
then fore liecoinoa as difiicult as it is
i seutial. The atteminms' will largely de
1 |x*lld on facilities that w.U In- offered for
the comfort ami convenience of visiters.
! Hence the importance of a satisfactory
solutii>n of tlie question. Iu the con
sideration if this question should be uv
| eluded the oouditiou of the appnvieln-s
1 to the jvark froiu different sections of the
! city, ami also tlie tariff iff rates for our
ri.iges, hacks, cls, omaibitsi s, ami
. other public eonvcyanres, which should
K registered by hiw to prevcut iuipo-i
lion, tt is apparent tliat these qites
tious, although u*cal in their character,
.ire of great interest to the gouoral puK
i lie, ami are really the most • *-< i.ttal ele
ments to the success of the exhibition.
Iu the proper prov siou for their regula
i uon is involved tlie reputation of tlie
, city and the good will of the public
I toward the enterprise. The accoiimt
datum of visitor* without tlie exhibits-n
i groiutd iKs not properly eou within
the duties iff the national commission.
| The commission vrril, however, secure,
as far as poaaible, favorable trans|s>rui
j Uon faculties for exhibitors and visitors
, to the city, but the spix-ral arrangements
for their entertainment while iu the city
should K- made by the citizens of I'hilii
A XlaifsoU W later.
Thirty l>elow zero.
The windows are ittrtainol ltli rime.
IridM iH'Utl Imiu bntni and nuis
tachws. <
Horses trut in a coat of silver mail.
If you have ear*, prepare to shed tin m
The cold of the List week, has leen • x
trams. This is the "cohl w.s-k "of the
Minnesota winter, but in no recent *in i
lar {*nod has the ili|> of the thermoini
tor averaged quite s<> low. Thur*.lay,
Fri.lav aiitl Siitimluy nu'lita were re
markably severe, an 1 tllosC who slept
with an ojs'u window at the foot of the
bed sacrificed comfort to ventilation.
They csoajved the Soy Ila of asphyxia aud
skirted near the C'liarylMts of cougcnla
tion. And when they r*se at last tin v
found the mercury hovering in the vi
cinity of minus tlurtv degree*. During
these days the air lias been !nd> u with
moisture, and the utmospherical pheno
mena hare been striking and beautiful.
Satnr>luy was a specimen day. At two
o'clock til-- sua glowed suddenly in a
solid Isuik of cloud, and, during tins
muson of moodim >s, tw-> mock sin. ,
nearly as Large and brilliant as the r< id
siui, appeared in the sky to the nghtand
left, some twenty degns-H di-tant and
horizontal with it, and those were -us
pendt-d in a brilliant liah, which en
circled the sun, the hum <n cutting oiT
the lower edge. Sh rtly ufter, there
burst tlirough the clouds, twenty de
gr-es further off. another halo, contain
ing, however, no duplicate SUIIS. These
lial •* gradually brightened until they
took on all the tints ..f ins, and there
were twin " nunlK'wa" painted in na
ture'a most delicate touch. And, above
them all. nearly in the zenith, glowed
the corona, the segment of an inverted
bow, )>ainbsl with gorgeous dyes from
r>sl to purjde. resting on the outer halo,
and exceedingly brilliant at the point "f
taugency. This waa brighter than the
other bows, and lasted longer, but it was
tickle—fading, then dishing up in a
splendid arc, coming ami going, like the
lamlient light of the aurora. Finally,
the sun declined, the fog lifted, and the
iris, parhelia and corona melted away.
This cold, dry weather is favorable to
electrical fun. In houses that are w< 11
heated, especially in tli< **> heated by
furnaces, it is easy for participant* in
the fun to give one another shocks, by
the electricitv generated by aim pie
aim filing, in sins;., over n thick caqst.
A youngster given to " cutting up " can
get considerable fun out of this, and
sparks that are Ixtth visible and audible
can Ix- sent from the knuckle or thigor
end to the nose of the iterson who is
being ojierated on. If that nose hap
pens to t>e, from any reason, particularly
lurid, the effect is greatly heightened.
On the whole, n Minnesota winter has
its compensations.— Minnrtotn Muil.
A l-egal Wag.
Judson T. Mills, of South Carolina,
was judge of a district court in North
ern Texas, fond of a joke, but was very
decided in the discharge of his duty.
Thomas Fannin Smith was a practicing
lawyer at the Itar, and having shame
fully misstated tho law in Ills address to
the jury, turned to the court, and asked
the judge to charge the jury accord
ingly. The judge was indignant, and
replied :
" I)i-a the counsel take tho court to
lie a fool <"
Smith was not abashed by this reproof,
but instantly responded :
" I trust your honor will not insist on
an nnswer to that question, I*B I might,
in answering it truly, lw considered
guiltv of contempt of court.
" i'inc the counsel 810, Mr. Clarke,"
said th<> judge.
Smith immediately pai l the money,
and remarked, "It was 810 tnoro than
the court could show."
" Fine the counsel 850," saul the
The fine was entered by the clerk, and
Smith, not being able to rwjxmd in that
sum, eat down.
The next morning, on th > opening of
court, Smith roae, uud, with much defer
ence >f manner, liegan :
" May it please your honor, the clerk
took that little joke of yours yesterday
about the 850 as serions, as I perceive
from the rending of the minutes. Will
your honor be pleased to inform him of
his error, and have it erased ! '
The cooI UCHS of the request, and the
implied apology, pleased the judge, and
he remitted the fine.
Weight and Height of Americans.
According to a recent work of Mr. TJ.
A. Gould, actuary to the United .States
commission, in which some very inter
esting figures relative to soldiers in the
last war are given, it appears that the
American nation, instead of being de
generated anil inferior to the European
race in point of physical perfection, is
far the reverse. The figures adduced
show that " the tallest men were from
Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin; the
next tallest, New England, New York,
Now Jersey; and the shortest from Scot
land, England, Germany." In weight,
the men of Kentucky and Tennessee
were the heaviest, uveraging 150 pounds;
England, Scotland, France, Belgium, all
between 138 aud 139 pounds. The ratio
of weight to stature gave in pounds to
the incn: Ohio and Western States, 2.-
185; New England, 2.121; England and
Scotland, 2.118; Germany, 2.108.
tleui. at Interest fr.u. Hume and Afirand.
The United Kla'es fienste passed a bill grant
Ui( a site I•> the lVabody Hdnwl in Florida
V man woitb ♦!#0,000 C'Olimttctl suicide in
Jrrsei Fitv tbrougk (ear . f poverty I'hr
tloveiuor of New York signed tbe bill for mole
effectual punishment of peculation lu office.
The captain *ud thirteen of the crew of
| the abaiidtiued ship Hydurv Dactes. from Kan
I'iaiHii- i fur I.lvrr|Ka>l, who wuiw luiasing.
I have arrive.! a! Vslenlia All the ship * ihuii
i pany aic now safe \\ II Green, au el.l
cit ,1 en of Hampton, an.! one of the dficrt .a.if
the Fail llavcn Jtank, .lusl aftei five.lays ill
Ursa. His Wife Waa s.t overcome that alio .lie!
the wrvt da>. and her lirother, who had ba.tu
hung w .lit her, died the .lav folhtwing. the
first two died of pneuui. ma, ai d the last of
heart disease .Tlie city of Albany, N Y*.,
has dlatrlbutrd a thousand tei s of coal to Its
|>uor during the wuitel James MoMal.oti
!.a|s'.l from the dome" of the capilol at Mash
lugU>tt, falling a distance of 1W fret and being
dashc.l to pie. ca.
Three irea clada and 3,500 trvmiw have left
S|taiu toi IHI a.A negro was a limll.vl to
the rec.aid class of 1 cvs u. the high at h.-sl at
New Orleans. Twenty out of tweuly ;wo in tlie
. lass left the school Imtuollately. Their MM
no ilmtuibanc.' llie Ald.rmcu nf New
York have asko.l the Legislature to auth-trute
them tu take up ad tec woodeu and eoncn-tc
pavements in tke city slid rojtave the Bbrecls
with stone ..Five German iron-clad, have
gene to Spaa, to look alter ms'.teiw there.
Gcimany i. very alixioxs to have a haa 1 la the
Sjrtiueh troubles SUaikey, the eecajsKl
murderer, is in Havana, an.l can Is) sera at any
time associating with S|iu*U officers and
tiatiohe llie dent of Uie city of New York
has tie* ll ascertained to be al-oi.t F 135 buff,ooo,
with some UlUwljllete ! tlaiUia lu addition
Ituller. of Ylareachuretl*. bas taken ui ban.!
the Moslem Fniou Tele taph t'om|>any and
the New York As* xvlatcd l're-ts It WM
tluough lien. Mtoue, UoWf of llie Egyptian
amiy'and a furnd of Geu. .Shemian *. that the
Khedive prenoutod the jewels to tieii. hhct
inan a daughter.
The Jersey t ity tjUrlicg F'.uh ohallenge any
club lu New Yoik or Nw Jersey to ) lay for
eight barrels of dour slid eight tcni of coal,
the w .aiiitig club to bave the distribution of
the dour and coat amon the jx rof Uie plac.
H herein they hve Ike lloojwr colore.!
was ltai . e.l at Augusta, ti*., ftgthe murder t-f
Hovvaid Sat'.erwhlte, colored, lu December,
1*73. The lianguig WM |<rivate in llo Jail
yard, with only a few spoc'atorw. llie con
.le:uae.l man met hie fate with great ralimie-*.
Slid seemed to suffer little | i-n l.cun
Admiral I'harles H. Hell, I ultod Ktatee navy,
ihevl al his residence in Now Hiux,s. k, N. J .
sgod rcvenly-eovcu viais The I tilted
Stales House committee oil foreign affairs
voted to ret IU one-half of the Ja|ianeea lU
demt.ii v fund, aiaountiug to ♦I.tUO.cOO, to the
Jijvaneee gov r-rutuetit a: ! I" use the other half
a* a fund for the ntucaUoii of Jajiaaree and
Atuei.can youths as Interpreters in the diplo
matic service T< third, of the e.zy of
Pot t-M-Frttire h Iwen bunted to tlie gr un l.
and ats-ut 600 or 700 families rendered h.une
leea. Ihe tire frum the exjilosiou of
at aiTel of kerosene oil. The uew lleput
lisan Henator fr. tu M.nueeota, K J li. Mc-
Miiieii, i fifty years of age. lie WM chief,
yuabee of Uie supreme court of Mmneeuta.
Advi.. . fi.vtu r< • ort U at a fleet < f
tnen-of-wa: hare I -mbardrcl anl raj4urevl
l'orl Momkar )ue off the CM*, COM*, cf At new.
The engagement IMl.*l five kours Kcventena
of the gams u wire killed, and fifty wvauiuled.
Two slave shi| were cat :-.irc.l. with llitee
hundred slave* on board . . Hie Lehigh ai. 1
Faatou railway company of Pennsylvania
j-etttnui the Mawhtiaetts I eguilalure to guar
antee f5,01W,000 of Ue fuwt mortgage bond* on
condition that it will carry alt coal dent.tie I for
Massachusetts at a rate of not over F, cents
jet ten jwr tnile In a Sew Y'ork shanty
two tttrn dratik a qttait > f wlnaky, and then one
of lliem mur lei. J the otlier lu a uwvt brutal
insurer, by Iwabng hts braiua out with a chair.
.. ..John Michel ha* i*aud an aid re to
the elect-vr of Tipjverary county Ireland, pre
-cntuig himself again a* a candidate for Parlia
ment l'helja Ulwe.ll, a lab er iu New
York, surrendered himself to llie line and
cnnfe-e,l to having killed, a. he claunel, in
self-defense, a stranger sttj-'aveed to l*> fr m
Is.rwlon, Canada Au exphmon in the
Safety Fuse Works, at lte>lruth, (Virnwal!
Fngland, ransel the death of five girls.
Four humlrev! and five Indians were ktT>e.l and
ti" wore captured by Fiuteil Ktatea troojsi in
1.473 The heirs of the American ciUzetw
caj ttire ! it| the Y'lrgmris a: 1 killed arc to
receive f3,PW for each tuan killed . .Jjlv, xo!
Sjanglcr. who wa. one of the jerwous sen
tenced to the Dry Tertuga* for jiarti gating in
the assassination eonsptracy which reeulteil in
the death of President Innculn in |t4R5, diol at
tlxe residence of Dr. Hamuel A. 51 odd, near
lirrantown, in I bar lee county, Yld.
About one thousand laborers have left Eng
land for Can ala Tlie Democrats of the
Second I'ongreeeional district of for necticxit
uotnmated Judge Jaiu.-s Pbelpe, of l'ssi-x. fur
CVmgresa In tlie thud district Judge Isi
fayelto K. I'..stcr waa uomiuated by tlie IVmo
crate Tlie Witnesses called for the pruee
cutioii in the Tl'.tun-Hce-dier case were Tilfin,
Yfr. tu-.d Sirs. Moultou. Mrs. TYltoa'a brother
lticharday, and Kate Gary. After their evi
dence WM given the proaectitioti rested ....
lly an accident to a party of " coMtcra" in
Men.leu, t'ouii., YVil io Michcn, aged sixt .n
year*, waa killed, an.l a minilcr of young men
and girl, were seriously injure.!. Tho psriy.
which numbered thirteen per*, ns. were sli.lin •
mi a '• double ripper.".... The execution of
F.niest Ortwein. the murvlorcr of the llamiu !t
family, t •!. | lace at I'ittsl rgli. Pa. The
cum" f-T which lirtwriii suffered death was
committed on Ihe wight of April 39 last, near
Homestead, a village on tho Pittsburgh. Y'tr
gtma ami t'harlostuu ntdmad. His victims
were John Hamurtt. a well-to-do farmer, his
wife Agnss. two daughb rs named Ida and
Fumta. an I a bound hoy named Itol-ert Hmffli.
Y eoutlioi -if author!tv has arisen b. tween
tlic Slate con* table* and United Stal< s luar
elialn in lUwle Islan i. over the sei/uro of
liquor* Hie United State* Judiciary cora
ni.ttcc reputed unfavorably a* t the obliga
tion to continue the Pacific Mai! Mtbtudy, and
the Senate voted to retain the clause 111 the
Appropriation bill which rc]>ea!s it V bill
wan introduced in tho New Jersey legislature
for tlm appointment of a State commissioner
to take measure* against tho spread of cattle
disease The United States Hnuae defeated
the Tax aud Tariff bill, and. 011 uiotinu of Mr.
liawee, pawed a onbitituto taxing whisky to l>e
■ua>|e hereafter ninety cents a gallon, increas
ing the tax 011 tobacco from twenty to twenty
four cents a |>ouiid, on cigais from 7 j to £f>
a thousand, and 011 cigarettes from fifty to
seventy-five per cent. The increase of twenty
five per cent, ou the present duty on sugar and
molasses, and tl. er Htoration of the ten |>cr
rent, duty on w<x lenn, steel, and iron, aie re
tained as in the'eommittee'a bill.
Spain panl Kngland as an indemnity for the
Virgiuiu* outrage on Itritifli subject* £3OO
sterling for each white, ami £3OO Stirling for
each Mark man miudcred The bill* ad
mitting Colorado ami New Mexico a* htaUn
passed the t'mtoil States R> nato The
Conservative ami Republican partienof Loiiisia
ana havo agreed on a compromise which, it la
hoped, will nettle matters in the State The
tall manufacturers in Saginaw Valley, Mich.,
are forming a combination to send annually
one hundred tlionnand barrrdn of nalt into the
Hyracuse tnaiket to undersell the maiiiifacturtrs
there, in retaliation for a similar coume pur
rued by the Syracuse companies Governor
Hartranft inrued a warrant for the execution
on Wednesday, the 2ttli day < f March next, of
Joneph Itronn, convicted in Schuylkill county
on the 15th of November, 1K73, of the murder
of Daniel M. Kramncr and Auuetta bin wife
and nentencod December 27, 1x7:1, to bo
hanged Wintormute. who allot (len. Me
f'ook in Colorado, ha* neenred the $20,000 bail
required by the mipremo court, and in din
cliargcd from jail lane McClure, aged
thirty-five, eaeaped from the Providence Luna
tie Arylnm. The next morning her terribly
mangle 1 remains were found at the crowning of
the Now York Central and llndnoii river rad
A traveling salesman, whilo in n lonely
place near Napoleon, Ohio, wies waylaid
by two men who demanded hia money.
He had two wallets—one of his own con
taining six dollars, and one belonging to
his employer with over a thousand in it.
He handed over the former and the rob
bers went off fooled.
Mr Howe, of Wiseutisln, called up his mo
tion to reconsider tho vote ly Mhich the hill l
grald s site lor the IViibody school tli b'. Au
gunttiie, l-'la., Hnspacscd.
Mr HoUlMelt, Ol Menes.-hunrtts SSld ll" WS
opp. nr t to the bill An It now stood. l iv sUSO It
n, luilcl colmo-l cklldleU from the s. ho -I.
The motion to t ..n-ldnr HM sgieot to
iea, 81 . nays. llooM., GUhert,
1 .enis. Miuili. "f Vermont, Sargent, rthrrtuau,
Hp ague and Tipton voting with the Dumocjata
sgninsl the reconsideration.
Tit,, losi.hituiu to sdliut M:. Plltchlun k, of
iHiinsiaiia t" a Meet IU the Sella to Mas laid oil
the table bye vote at : to -'J llfleen li|rtibll
cans Voting miUi tho lloni's iats t.i effc. I the
ttbjrvl. Tins action pis. Hcalli kdl* the rents
lution. nnit is liHiko.l UIKUI SS s greet victory by
the oppments ot the President.
I he Koitato consltlored the linhati Appmptia
ti ii bilL The atiteii.lmeuttf the Hritate eutn
■uittee nu appropltsti.n n lUi-reMiljg the
SUlitullt to sulswst and talc ft-1 tin Ypat hit
tirhaiiv iii A'Uttiia fit in . itM.OMM * Wo'*•,
and for those in N< "lexleo from f 10U.O0O to
♦ lid, ot*l, MM A greed on
I' lrtng tlie diccussitiu Mr. Hhertuan, of Okie,
said thene Indians should be male I - work and
.-.111 tlieir living like (Ul.rr peo|4e ll.r pdlcy
. t giving tin in food and clothing would not i
Mr Wind,nu. of Mlllllc.-t da. salt! the ei|tensc
ttf feci II): ihe might be gleet, hut tho
exi-ensr , f fighting them Mas gl alrr.
1 he amendment aiilhonaiug the peyuiont t f
♦ lhd.tvd from the money in tlie tr. Mtiry be
huigtllg to Uie incliUllttlo Indians, tv-r lnlld OU
tin- n uth fork of the < auactau river,
thrown . ut by the Ooiuimttee.
Ihe Senate agreol to the ameiitlmem appro,
pnaung ♦ i i*m to lwpiitlale such claim* tut the
ltouud Yalhy Indian t.wertauoit t nhftuula M
are valid by virtue ufa prs-etlipUoti or htMue
a rad enti v .
I'll. Clolt lil.als i f Me-Cis. Angus t'amcr.ui
of Wise itsin, and Jttscph I'*. Mt'D.uial.l of
Indiana, t> represent tiiose Htsto for six yeaiw
f I villi Msrvlt 4 lS7i>, Vicro read and placed on
I'he following lulls were Ihen real llie third
tiuie ant passed: I'he Indian Apjirop' art ton,
tho Ylihtat i Academy and the Petialou Apjuo
White the Poat-ofllce Ai |ir<v)wtation lull MM
Uiulet dlacris- si, Mr. thurmaii iiffciv*! aii
anientiru.lit which e agiocvt |o, ptuviditig the I vyv-.' uul li.x\*r I shall lie camel
In the mails fine of pottage, which UM still
further ainnitle.l by p.-. v .J:ug that all pildlt
d.Mnuucnta ah esily pnnlrd by either House of
"ongreea msv ]■ through tlir mails free,
upui the flank ■<( any mrmi er uf t tUigrtma,
until 1 Hjcrni! or 1, iti73i
Au aun udmelil rriiintsuug the fraiiklug
privilege ae It f. :meH* existed, MM voted
tlitwii bv VCM tii 'JA naya.
llie following b.lls ttce parse! For tlie re
pul -nt.n it 11. I I ' fin to
itf ml the rcjkjrt of Mayor ttuwclt. aisl to |uinl
3 id n. .e * 't-ivw uf the men. i.n un.o. oti
till 'b alii • f Prof S. 1 It Morse
Au atnemhnetil to the Military VonJcruy bill,
ptovi.bng that hereafter oiie-lialf the liomlu r
' a. ' t S, - .H.■! . ■-1 1; la' -■ '
Mr. Morton m d 'iirrttiig the t|.loslloii states
that oui theory of g ieminent MM not Uitelitl
ell keep a standing aimy. t lur thooiy wan t i
be prr|ait,i for war ly having a large numt-er
. f |r, ;erlv edu.aled olh.-terw, and llie pe-ij le
Could 1-e lelied upui to make up the aruiy .
Tlie Heiiate resumed the coi,si l-rauon .>f the
I'ust-oflice A; pfopriat.-ii: bill, tbe rpirsiliou !*--
mg to strike out the clause u. the Mouse t ill
r* Iteahcg the a -I which anihciixcd the coulrs.*t
Willi the Pamfic Mail t'.uu|ieiiy
I'he Sfliste ref eel to strike out the claust
bv a vote ot 'Jti t" 11.
'llie lull MM then |ie*red.
The Uo-.tse lull regulating the Guarteiniss
tei'e detsoUn-nt MM |UM!.
Ihe Army Appro)nation bill MM passciL
Mr. Wind "lu of Milllieetita. pietseiited a
|teiit.on it:i i.c-1 bv 4*,H*v3 farmers .tf tl.e Nortli
wc-t. siking f.rl .i miprvvrm.'ld of the Fox
ami WisconsUl nvers.
Ihe 11 use t .ii admitting P. lurado M B
State in the I'm ui was dirc"Meil at length,
and erentuallv al .pted by a v.uecf 43 to 13,
a.'ter the follow mg amen Uncut* had been
aidcsl One paving to lbs Mile live Jier cel.L
>.f the amount received from arncult.-ral pih
hc lands Mibt by the Fluted States government
s ittsr.J-.ent to its aduilvsti II M a Hlate. instead
of prior and su',ts<M;sent, as Ut* section origi
nally s lex id mat Ihe sx-llcli sk<<uld nap; Iv
to any laiida disp-ed of under the bomeetead
act, .-r to any lao l set a;art for public .iseta .
Ut*'. it shall not affect tnmu.g lands . that the
fifty N\*(|- -. of land tu le reserved for pubic
bml tings should I v selected w;tdi Uie lYesl
dc-nt s a|itwuv al.
'the 1 .ii I , ainnt N. t M< Xtc M a Hlale SM
tak. it up and afto; adding the • ame atneiid
mcn'a as the < ' *ta 1 i hill roocivcl. MM jtaec-d
by a vote of 31 to 11.
The House m < uitantee of th. YVhole oot.-
ItlJrJel Uie Tariff It.ll.
Mr. Puirchard. nf lilin us said lie had no ob
jection tuner the lax n tea and cuffer 1 nun
rosed, M tl was c|ually distril ned. and every
d diar t .s.'lert. 1 into the lieas'iry. lie
also del not . hjer I u> the tncreserd lax on
whoky and to: acvxi. and tabulated lliat it
would yirld ♦> ,tk '.fitw. 11. did, however, .d>
jycttu tb rwt :• , 'auf the ten j-er ceut. .<i
certain manufacturvid got via, ainl argti.rl that
it wutiid .iisturb all live :merest* of the cuunU y
while it Would Oiilr prvclii. >J (44J.
Mr. Hanning. • f Ohio, . cpee.', the bill, and
j xrtK-ularly the proposed increased tax on
whisky', which ! e 11. u, St Would have Ihu tf
feet if mcressi .- etn-iggn: g and ilhc:t tlistill-
Uig, slid scV robice the rev.- ue. He slated
that tbe revsutte was giraler when the tax was
7u cents s gaii. it than when it WM t'i.t* 1 .
Mr. I h:W*!tden. f N. w Yo:-k, connderrtl llie
tall erroneous, an.l cliaractmrcl the fifth aee
(nwi re a tioM ai.d glar.i g frau i. hko tl.c "had
stst :• busUM x-.
i!r. t'ox, of New Y'ork. i:i hia speech in
oppcwi;! on to : ir b 11, state 1 that the )ie<tide of
U t- country ha 1 paid tV.OOO.OOU.OOvi ui taxes ut
the pM". two veaiw. which amounte.l to alseit
ti-. e ).r cent, per annum < u our whole taxable
valuat:'O. He .inn el Gov. llidcri. of New
York, as his a ttmirity for saying that every
tw :.:y y cars there is aee >ed for tan a a sum
e.|'.il I i the ...tile a-e- scl wealth Of the
In lvtl spirits were taxed twentv cents per
gallon, and tlie rec.-jj,:* en ♦'.'v 431,000; and
when a year later Ui lax was increased to fl So
the rc-ij-t* fell off to jhl.On-l.isp). In ]
the lax wxa raised to It J.'KI, and the mce:pt
ran up to m l in l~i7, ui.der the
SAME tax, dmppe L to ♦2*.NOo.'oo. AMI LU 1 SI.H
vrent down V< ♦ 1.1,41 J.fJO. Then the folly of
a high taxation WM seen an.l the tax i.-luced
to fifty ceuls, and that yrar toe roccipta were
.1 >uMed. am unling to r-il,dOii. In I*7o
the same tax gave i V* ',<io. but a run to
seventy route in 1-71 gave but J.>".(**>.(<*>.
Mr. Niblack. of Indiana ha 1 thought for
years that tlie tariff shotild 1-e toviiuxl; but
opp-iMxl tins bill now. M h c uiid not see Uie
M 1 ■' it.••!carnal taxatru. at this tnue.
Sir Heck, of Kentucky, thought thai addi
tional revenue WM required, but argued against
Ihe luerraec-■! lav on li:ky an.) toliaoco. and
di imuiiccd the wholn bill M a failure.
Mr. YYanl, of Illinois, thought the increase
of tax on whisky would lie au injury to legiti
mate d !!•"*. maetnucli Mit woukl euctiurage
illicit distilling.
Mr. Garfield want. ! to tax whisky c ghty-five
cents jcr gallon.
The House bs>k up the bill for tlie improve
ment of the month of the V! is*, set j -pi r.ver.
'llie lull authorn iie James R. tails, of Kb.
Isnns. and his M*. later. U> c instruct such jet
bra and other r.unlharv works M to create an 1
maintain a wide ewd deep channel between the
southwest pars i f the Mississippi river and tlir
Gulf of Mexico. Tiny arc to icccivr ♦N.OH),.
000 for constructing such works and obtaining
a depth of thirty fret in the channel, and
9150.000 a yrar during twenty years whiie such
tie pill lit liiaiulailir 1.
After considerable discussion as lo wlietlier
the work ought to I o done by army en.-nieers
or private individuals, sn amendment by Mr.
Tliompeon. of IViiiisylvaiiia, was adopted,
striking <>l that ortion < f the bill which di
rect* the Secretary of Yiar to cor*l met tho
work 111 cans of liie default of ('aid. l'.a-ls.
The hill win then luuwed without a division.
While the Tend hill wae under oinsider*!ino.
Mr. Huberts, of New York, from the commuter
011 way* and mean*, moved to amend section
three, which relate* to stamp* 011 matches, by
making the repeal lake effect on the Ist of
M.y. Also re. puring the Secretary of tho
TreiNiiry l<i ledeom the stamp* an hand un
used. Itoth ameodmrnts were agreed 10.
Mr. Wank of Illinois, raovod to strike out
the third section, ami sent up to he rea<l acom
munication from maniifac'ureni of matches. In
favor of maintaining tho stamp-tax on matches,
a* being a protictiou against foreii.n miuiufac
turers. Ho saul that no one felt the burden
of the tax ; that it yielded f l.fino.tKlO in three
months, and that it wa* wrong to strike it out.
The motion wa* sgreed to. and tax remains.
The lb o*c after cmisidt rablo disctiHsiou
paused a bill which provides that every p< rson
who 111 tho line of duty in military or naval ser
vice of the United Slate* nlial! have loot a limb
er Muataiund Ihklilv inluriea depriving him of
the use of any of in* hmb* *lial! receive once
every live rear* an artificial litnb or an a|<pii
alien to support and atreligthan hi* disahled
limb, under *uch regulation* a* tlio niirgcon
gcneral of the army may ]iro*cnho ; that *uch
artificial linili or appliance shall !*> funii*hrd
llltough tho medi'lvl depal tuiriit of the aimv I
and that the pcinxl of live year* *hall l hold
to commonce with the filing of the first applica
tion after the till dn of June 111 the tear I*7o,
snd that every per 11 entitled under the laws
of th<- United Slate* to a (tension on account of
a leg or arm which in wholly disabled ami can
not be rendered serviceable by any mechanical
appliance shall he entitled to receive the same
pension a* if siud leg or nrm had tern ampu
tated at or altovo the knee or elbow. It also
provide* that nil law* prohibiting tho pavmout
of |>enaioimto the * >!dior of tin- revolutionary
war an I the war of I*l2, and to then widow*.
011 account of tin tr disloyally, i>e and the same
arc hereby ropenlrd.
The House went into Cemtmttee of the
W'bole en the Army Appropriation bill, which
col's for t27,701,5nii.
(in motion of Mr. Randall, of Pennsylvania,
an amendment wan inserted forbi.Ming pay
ment for any patent lor tlui preservation of
cloth fr.'in moths or mil.lew.
Tho bill was then passed,
tin motion of Mr. .Myers, of Pennsylvania, a
bill was passed which .oaken it the duty of
L'uitod Htates Consuls at Chinese and Japanese
ports to ascertain wlicttier imuiigrantn liave
entered into agreements for ►or vice in this
country for lewd or improper purposes ; and in
such casoa to refuso the rcquicito permit or
The iliver and Harbor Appropriation bill
was passed. It calls for #0,000,000.
The Renate bill providing for a commission
to obtais statistic* on the ajcsliolic trade, with
amen.lwetit* extending the term to t*n tears,
providing that all the conimieaioiiera ahull not
I>n ad vocal <<• of prohibitory ItiUltilaß or lots,
aletitintico, mi l that no salary or expensive
shall be allowed. iias rejected. Ihiring Ilia dis
,-u ns* it transpired tlmi the tcmjiorßiire jie<-
I In were anxious Inhere something done I <jr
• illli in, en 1 weru willing to pay ell the fl
| somes tin ineehi .
Onin'ioii'f Mi Albright, of l'eimsvlvama,
e hill wen |<MPKI| reorganising Ilia yuerler
lileelei i" ite| aituiclit,
1 Inn ih'|<ertiiienl In tn consist of one Quarter
■ tinnier Ih in ml. mill the rank, |>ev, and envois
insula i>f e bilgadnu general . four assistant
.piarteiiuaslorn gmtiaU nilh Urn lank, |*v,
mill rlii ilillln uln of n Colonel nf cavairv . right
deputy <piaitrruitetei> gsusrala, Milh the lank,
|<e> eml emolument* nf lieutenant-cululial of
hi el II fiMiiieati quartermasters Midi renk,
pay, eml emolument* nf major of cavalry. ami
dm n< n assistant *|Uarteiuiasteis, Mill: rauk. •
1m . ami emolument* nf <n| lain nf cavalry. It
slxi etmhnliea the grade of military lorckee|ier
en BO li en the {iteei it ItiClllllbcola icaeo to O0- I
cupv diet nosiuon.
'i'lie J mid 1:11 Hen again under consideration
in tbe lluttn • < •iiiuniteo at die Win lie.
Mr. Fort, of 1 lit lit r<n, inuied t • siriko nut the
audi Section, which provides that the increase
of tltiUen *1 all Hut apply In good* on •hi|iboert]
bnuud to Uio I lilted Htelen mi FrWutrjf 10,
1*73, nor to g<sU on deposit tu warehouses or
| tit<i.stores nl the ileta of the passage of the
•Tt. llejecteil.
Mr 1 inhen m nml en additional section pro
v tiling that nothing in lh act of February H,
leal i tlir lull la lei iff art I, ehali be construed
itii j *ming any duty mi lulling eludin hereto
fnre admitted free uf duty, nor to require die
Une ola nlaui|> on (be payment of money in the
flu ingn hank |*es txvnks Adqited
M lie k. of Kentucky, offered an aiuond
meut to the effort that uhen ink goode nuntain
I Meni in , cent, uf <>me other tuateiial, the
dnlv hhn'i be ten jier cent. Ilejrcted.
Mr, llathnru, of Sew York, offered an
aiuemtmeut to hi imported mineral Mater.
Mr. !. >Hgbridge, of lowa, offered nu mtti
t.oual Mxlioi, lUlpnoog no loeotue In of three
ier (Mill on nil lie ,uio Imtnohii tt,llUo nod
fIu, ISM, and live |s-r cot. on nil IIICIHUCM •&-
eat | if 910,001.
Ml. Ikillrr, of Meehna'h'ieetle, offered no
aiuambticiil prov r.hog that tax oil
cU., nbnll bo |Oil by Oolp.trnilonn. Ado) lot.
Mr. biougliridge • nmeodaieot, ne il,u
nmended, Man ndoptcd lit toed.
A j IOI xvl ne H hr tioti, tniuig ten ten renin
an t txiffee t*o Ihlih |wr pound, Mae loved
M. Young, of (■< igm. tu or 1(o ntuend llie
II into tm ee. tlo# I v ir>|uinog all Collect-in hi
Stales and lrrntor to t>e cit,*con of elicit
s*ni< sor 1 eritiorieh. Adopted.
A auction Mae adopted MUI II INI
of oue-{c!illi of rsie jcr ceoL oil all hair a of
olocka. louila gold nod adier CmU and bul
buii, an ! oilier aecuritiea.
A motion to abolihb the atamp tax oti checks
M as rejected.
Amiil much eXCitrmeut Mr. flanea moved to
atukn u.t the rnai tuxg clause, winch MM car-
Hot by a vote of 110 In Jt.
T. e , mmitteo men n-e and rejnsted the
action to the House.
An ui nuc * In! atuuipt MM made to renffn
nnt the ball to the Win and Means . -uiuiinee,
Mllh liistrtictloiia to rej.rlil ha. k Willi eor-tlisiM
;m]aUig the luixmie tax and taxing whisky
eighty i cute )*>* gallon.
I'he House then proceeded to vote bv yean
and uavM Oil Mnlung out the ena ting clause,
at I It eas not acre, 1 t. - yeas, 1116 . naya, IStl.
Ti.e House lheretlp>u weut into ■ isiimiuee
id tile whole and resumed the couaideranoti of
the lull.
iin mot. ti i f Mr. llama, of Yirguua, a ese-
Uw:i was aifilsd aii irutg manufacturers to use
h. r.ce and lugrodrmite, fres of duty.
M t 'i-. U make the duty on ale two dollars
■ustead of out* jisr barrel, tuakunr the j<clal
tax on retail lnptor dealer* fifty instead of
twenty-firs dollar* and striking out tho duty
on sugar were rsjss-ted.
Mr. liawes U,errU|H>i addrt-wsed the House
• >*j the necessity of ]ruv cling for the deficit Ui
the trwMitrj, and sj- ke of the lmtMrtbility of
frammg any rt venae lall that would satirfy all
sn lious and all mterrsts He rsferrsd b tbe
1!-. n,c tax as a tax which WM the most lust
and po per tu tlicry, but a* on* which lisd
|,rovrl ol jscti.mabie m ail cuunlnc* wbtre a
sa* mod. because it was protuiiUvs of |<erjury
an 1 ib-m nxl.ration. He therefore offered s* s
rittetitute uf tlie lull one laxuig w Ineky, to t
mode hereafter i ittetr cents jax gallotg toliac
<M ai.J sugar m in the amended hill, and re
storing Uis un p. r event, uu tho manufactured
The enlsiitnte WM scree-1 to tw a vote of 131
to 111, and the hill ).aeacd by 153 yeas to 113
'lhv bill M jiMsed levies a tax of ninety cents
per galluu on all d.atiimd spilt* hereafter to
I e jiruducwd. incrva-cw Lhe tax uu tobacco
from twenty to twenty-four cents j*r |vound ;
increase* the duty on cigar# from 8 to f>er
11. -tieatid. aii 1 on cigarette* from ti.Co to
♦ 2.73 . at- ..* fie* the at atrmrnl of tea
*r! I. a* here! /fore allowed try section t.'s(i3 ;
that the increase | cut sled I y this bill shall not
affe t any good# sliipjx .l i>rer,u:is to Fehcnary
10 1475, ii 'rou any good# In warehouse after
time of ] aosage.
Oalv one 1 >eiu >crat v ted f IT the hill . and
about forty liepubhcaua a, - it
Tbe I'otnto UivGHf,
AnttontiOr mcnt h.v; ftln-ndr Iv-cn tnal'
of tbo acWtion of I*rof. lhxrr, of
St-u-i tirg, l>v the Kuvul Aprioultiiral
S s-ictT of England to make a aerie* of
Hit •stiffHtiona it<* ■ the life liistorv of the
potato fttfigrus, tor tlie punmae ol tilling
up a oerioiii hlauk in our kuowrtedge of
tlie development of t' i* destructive ob
iect. This peitUematt, in carrvinp out
hi* inr • digntjuns, hft lately dtweovered
tha! the disease j* not vmjvagst--.1 l>y de
fi.-Pive Inbfti, and that althongh the
tnycv'littiu wrxn ihstinctly uj trv-nt iu the
NtrUha of plants nu-osJ ihri* tly from dis
eiis,.,| tulw-r, y< t tliat u<-tUi-r gonniia or
gy-nns were evolved. He also expmwnd
the hojve that he litis at last discovered
tho re ting jvlitees of tlie onwjvorert, or
the active primnrr germs of the fungus.
This i* the s]MvciaJ poiut ttpou which fur
ther information is needed, and many
suggest the proper moans of preventing
tho continuance of the disease in any
given locality, hv wrarning agriculttirista
ngainst pluuting their potatoes in a iqwit
where they must, at some time, iuevit
ahlv be drwtroyed.
A Mnrular Cow Case.
While (leorg< AiMt'i o<>w was graving
on the lino between the town of Man
chester funl th city of PitorMD, N. J.,
(loirgi" Spittel, the Pat'-nmn }x>nnd
kiH'pet, took her to the potuid. Addjr
mi<-<1 a Justice of the Peace for
injuria don > to tho our and for dcten
tion, but l>t the suit. On an apix-n! it
wiis Ixforo tin- Common l'loas 1 loncli.
Counsel fur Addv contended that the
valuable part of the cow was her hind
quarters, aud as tlrnt was beyond the
l*aterscn city limit, hi* client wax en
titled to a judgment. Tlte court * auvely
airreod with counsel, but said that the
decision of the case might turn uj*>n the
exact length of the cow. Counsel for
plaintiff insisted, then, that she should
be measured to the Mid of her tail. The
court directed that she should not !*
measured l>eyond the haunches, and de
ferred decision until the meaaurcmeut
shall have been made.
War banco iu a Hospital
Oonsi lentble excitement was occasion
ed at the United Siab n marine hospital,
nt Louisville, the other day, by the mid
don delirious freak of a Modoc Indian,
more than six feet tall, and of jxiworful
frania, who is an inmate of the fever
ward. The fellow jumped from his bed,
soiled a poker. and I vegan executing one
of the war llano's of his trile in the mid
dle of tue hall. It i* said that the num
ber of other patients who instantly
found strength enough to rush out of
doors, vnnlt from windows, clear stair
ways anil the like, surprised even those
who were most familiar with the records
of the institution.
A New One. —A now rcligKm* btliei
is gaining prrnuud in Oliio. Its atlliorents
aro Ktornalista. Thoy lioltl that
a soul is immortal, and tliat it oconpir*
a Httooosnion of bodtos on rnrtli, Iwith of
nion anil animals, ami when tlisaiulxHliod
by (loath it hovors iu tho air until by
soiuo subtle process of matorialiaatiou
it forma or outers n now infantile botlv,
the character <>f that tiody whothor of
hog, dog or man—doponding upon the
manner of lib- whieh tho dotvasod jmr
non from whom tho soul conn*, lias led.
Vinegar IliHcrs.
l>r. .1. Walker, a regular praetioiu g
physician of California, lis* conferred u
iincclcini boon upon mankind, by the
introduction of a " Hitters" eompound
od from herbs exelnsively, which may be
truly said to bo superseding all others,
and is becoming a liitter dose indeed for
the charlatans iuul quacks, on account of
its immense sivlc and universal popular
ity. Not only are these Vinegar Hitters,
as he calls them, an invaluable tonic and
alterative, but. they are acknowledged as
a standard medicine, and the astonishing
rapidity with which they cure diseases
hitherto declared incurable, seems almost
incredible. After having been carefully
tested, they are kept on hand in thou
sands of households, and used for any
and every form of disease, many relying
upon them in preference to the most
celebrated physicians. They have be
come a recognized "family remedy,"and
properly so.— Com.
The ('oollr Trade,
Mr. Mynru, of I'enoajrWaitia, iniro
dutwd in the United Hutea flntwe a Wll
having nnjieoal reforanae to the coolin
trade. It pnrvidflE that when ititmigrauta
huvn entered into n rvmtmrt or agree
moot lor it tr rtu of aanrkw with tbe Uui
U<d Suitrn, either for lewd or ItUJMPOper
purpose*, mix-It immigration altall not Iwi
ileemml voluntary aim the United States
consul alndl not deliver llm re<|iiiml jmr
luit or certificate. It itntken it a jiettal
offanoe for American eitiwma to lw eu
gugnd iii elicit I rmlo It forbids the itxt
pollution of women for tlie tmqimrti of
i iiroNtittition ; iuvaluhdea ail ooutrwrta
in rnlution llu-reto ami makoa tlio iiajvr
tutiiui or the holding of women for aueh
purpose* n felony, puni*bbh iy flne
ami imprisonment. It uleo make* the
immigration of the following classes utt
luwfiil; Poriuma who are undergoing
aentenoe for felonioua crimes other tlian
jHiiiticul >r wln mm* nentei on haa lieen re
mitted on aeeount of their immigration,
and women imjmrtnd for the jiurjioeoa of
To lit KK lioaauKMEiMi.— When tlui
voice ia loat, ae u aoinettmea the oaae,
from the effect* of odd, a aituple,
pleaaaut remedy ia furuiahcd by lieaiiug
Up the white of one egg, addlUg to it the
jtnce of one lemon, and sweetening with
whit<- ntignr to the tuste. Take a tea
apcmufnl from time to time. It haa
lieen known fflectuaily to cure the ail
illctdittg front l.uug*, ( alarrb, llron
chilis, Consumption. A Wonderful
ft >. ut-Txa, S T., Jan. 13th, 11174.
It. V. l'leroe M. P.. liuffal->. S.
/leor Aii- I hail suffered from catarrh in an
aggrai atod form for alsmt twelve years and for
several yeans with Inuudiixl tremble. Tried
many do lots an t things with no lasting Isus
m In Mav. tm. Ixx-ooung nearly wrom out
with eircMsive erhtrinal labors on a paper in
\.-s York city, 1 MM allocked with bmuoblUe
m a severe fuiui. auffermg almost • total loan
of voice. 1 leturned hoiue here, but had heen
h->me (Milv two weeks when 1 MM snapletely
i.netrated with hwn>>rrhagr-s frm the lungs.
Laving four severe bleeding a pel Is within two
weeks and first three inside of nine dare. In
the Keyitrmber following. I improved sufficient
IT to lie able to be about, though in a very fee
ble stale. My bronchial trouble remained
and the catarrh was tenfold worse than before.
I'very effort for relief seemed fnuUesa. 1
seemed to be losing giound daily. 1 outiUnued
in Uiu fertile stale, raiaiue blood almost dally
uuUl about the first of March, 1*73, when 1
Warne wo ba! M to be entirely con fined to the
house. A friend suggeeind your remedies.
Hut 1 MM extremely skeptical that they sr.slid
do me good, as 1 bad hart all heart til*
and began to look main til medicines and doc
tors with d agust- liowever, 1 obtained one of
vo'ir circulera, and ree.l it cere fully, from
■ htclt 1 came to the coudiutton that you under
stmd btisinese at least. I finally otrtained
a quauUt* of Jr Wage s Catanh Knmedy, your
tioldeu Medical Discovery end Pellet* and
comuieoced their vigunais owe according to
direcuntta. To my eurpnee 1 eoon began to
iuipoie. The Dnanwy and Pellets in a
■hurt lime brought out a eevere erurHion,
which niutmued for several week* f felt
m veh letter, nu ajmetite imtavved, and 1
gamed in strength and fleeh. In three nuaiUie
eit-rv leslige ..f the catarrh Mas g. ne. the
hrtHirhitis had nearly dnmjipeare.l, hsd no
cough whatever, and 1 had entirely ceased to
raise tdood ; and. contrary to the exportation
of un friends. Ihe cure be. remaned jwrma
nent. 1 hav. had no more hemorrhages from
the lung*, and am enurelv free from catarrh,
from which 1 had suffered so much and so
long. 'Die debt of gratitude 1 owe for the
biseaing 1 have received al your hands knows
no bounds. 1 am Moiroughiy satisfied, from
my expenenoe. that your tnedictues wnll master
the *■ ret forms of .ahou* diseeeo catarrh,
M well M throat and lang diseases. 1 bar#
rooommcu led them to very many and shall
ever speak U. then praise.
Gratefully yourw.
\\V H. Srß*i*a.
J*. O. Hoi 507. Hoctuthr, X.
orlsra. chronvc diseases of the cheat, head,
hv er, stomach, ludneys and blood, aches and
pains, nervous and (feueral debility, etc.,
qnickiv cured after drurs fail by wearing Volt*
tile—trie Helta and Hands. Y'aluable book free,
bv Volta llelt Co., Cun-muati. Ohio. —Cent
Pmamturr loan of hair, which is •>■
common nowadays, may be entirely |*evented
by the use of Jlur art ft r ocisiow. It IIM been
used ui Uiousruids t f cases licre the hair WM
ct-nuug out tn handfuls. and ha* never failed
to arrest its decay, and to promote a beaJUiy
and vigorous growth. It la at the same Unw
uunvaiod M a dressing for the hair. — CYrm.
No TIME TO BE LOOT. —In the incipient
stages of cousurapUou. th* first symiAums era
geecrallT a hacking cough, jauus ui tha chest,
difficulty cf breathing, or oppression of the
Ivuigs. Something should t* done at tvuee to
chock the cough, aiiav and heal tha imtatAl
parts. Allen's L.uig lt*l*sm will tweak op dia
ctstgh in an incredibly short time ; also prevent
, tlie formal.uu of trdwuclea. Wliera tubercles
are once formed, tbe dn-eaee is bard to curs.
For sale by all medicine dealer*. —Com.
We noticed in one of our exchangee
this week the statement of Iteacon John Hudg
kius, of K<mth Jefferson, Mr, whuee eon WM
cured of incipient consumfitiou bv tlie use of
JoAnsr -.'s ,t*fya< fitwirnent. We refer to this
at Una Utne as tenduig to eorroborata the state
ment we made last week tn relation to Una hol
me! .t as apphed to cousnmpuau. f'lrtrt.
If Congretw had employe*! as much
scientific skill in the arraugemeut of its " He
omslructum l'ohcy " at tl.e close, M the War
deiartrarut did in the beginning of the war, in
arranging for the manufacture of what was
cxiied 50.1 rwhat's Carahry t \mihinm /Vicdcr*.
for the use of the cavalry horses, no doubt the
Fiiioti would have been rt stored long age.—
The most unlianpy person in the world
is the dy|ntie. I.\orvt iung look* dark and
gloomy 1)0 feels "out of aorta " wab himself
Sil l everybody else. Ijfe is a burden to him.
tins etui all lw changed by taking Peru visa
Syrup ( a iwoUnute of tronY. Cases of 27 years'
standing uave leou cured by it. Own.
The .Markets,
srw Tost.
Beef (Tattle—Prims to Citr* llullorka O*V4 12 h
U intnim k> (lood Truua 07 (4 'tj|
MUrhfow* 40 00 (4100 01!
. Jin 07%0t Mil
l>n-swvt OS <4 OSS
sheep oSt* rS
: - ola t"St 07"
t'.utou—Middling lS* 1S
1 N>u: I Mrs U.-sssro t 70 4 4 N
State l.xtra 70 4 ( U
Wheat—Hod W.wtera 1 30 (4 1 24
No. 2 Spring 1 07 (ft 1 Of
live- Stale oo v 4 as
Uarley—State 1 14 <4 1 24
Itirley Malt 1 40 (4 1 40
Oste— \]|teil Weeteen . 70\* 71
(Vtrn—Mixed Western., siVt# s
Itnv, per rat 00 (4 90
Btraw, yar ant 44 4 74
BaM 7(, 9*v446-* M 4 II
IVrk-Mem 19 20 (419 97",
Urd IS", (4 13 1,
Ftsfa—Mackerel Xo. I. new IS no ,4lt 00
So. 2, new 10 00 ,410 40
I>rjr Cod, per rwt. I 00 <4 6(0
Iterrlns-. Sealed, per hex. 90 <4 94
Petroleum—'"rud* e,4#\ Refined. 14\
VMMkIMaMi Ibm 34 ( 94
leias '• 90 4 11
Australian " <4 2s. 4d.
Butter—State !W <4 to
Western IHUrv 24 (4 2s
Weatern Ye110w...... 24 wt 3t
Western Ordinary 70 <4 24
IVUIISJ Ivsnla Flue . 41 4 N
Cheese—MUts factory 16'; <4 16\
" Skimmed 04 <4 04
Western n <4 14
Eggs—State 94 96
Wheat 1 90 I 92
lire—.state 90 <4 90
Corn —Ml led 11 4 91
Barley—Slate 1 *1 <4 1 10
lists—Stale 63 <4 64
Flour too (4674
Wheat—No. 2 Spring 1 H6V4 > "
0l m— Mixed. 77 (4 7*
Otis 6* <4 M
live 94 (4 94
Barley I SO t# 1 40
Cotton—low Mlddlluga 16 <4 14",
F!..ur Fxtra 6 on (4 4 24
Wheal —tied Western 1 JO (4 1 30
Rye 1 f J (4 1 M
Om 7 ellow 40 4 so
lists —Muni 44 (4 06
: 1 . t<S4 W'l
Flour -Pennsylvania Extra 6 24 <4 4 00
Wheat—Western It it 119 4 1 *
Rye 94 (4 94
Corn — Yellow 7* 41 41
Mixed 79 <4 79
data— Mixed 64 (4 44
Petroleum—Crude. 10 (410", Refined, 13"%
a W W K R. OOCMUM, Mtitiiletown. TV!
All wars. tor ftrr ralainctl* of I'lwlowl l'rarh
AJUAJ Troo.. Nm.ll t rulM. at.- 1t..t1..m |.n. r
vi ISO Per l>v. W' pt. Afienta. WW*.
O't Sand t. r tow* Til* <il.oer, IS l.lbert Sl-.VY.
Iy |>|v II • A parka." of I h"lro Floirar Sooita.
4 |\ I |Pj * w!. h of Ih-I.tft Kloral Moali)
It. fun's I'umui'Oi l I r,'(••. rlclih Illustrated
All. lter., with stamp. Uro w Pas*. I annetuhnitl. Pa
oCCQS i ltost n Marled 1 rqrtMf Serth.
_ . . .Vyxvmci'a /Viae t'lovrr Srrds.
ltiOlltlblG "I. holes Varlstlsa Aaisrs. #l.
4 ft 1.1 mar. Kotiier'a llrimawtck, per
oa. ftOc. Per lb. #ll.
Cjoodn | I fur llliwl rated lala|..*ne rre-c. rr.
OCCQS . W. 11. SPOON ER. Beaton tfaaa.
i lONSTtNT K UPI.<Y.>IKNTJ-AI bom., Mala
V' or t'miub, 930 •mt vwnnM. No capital if
3uir#t(l Particular* Mtil rkluthls HiuplM went fw# Ad
fmi>. with6c rotum M-nmp. I'. K >w.WlUl>inbuifn.N.i.
oil s |>r. Terms to Aesnta free. Add'aa H. U Shep.
i? i ,ritl ('.• . Rouen. NewYork.Chloao or St. I—uls-
Ujurtl For Profrfttlonnl nnd Amateur
MBaKtoPI Frlntrr*. Horlrtlr#, Mnn-
MllißM ufheturrra, MrrchunU, and!hen it la
the BEST vrrr mvrntcd. IH.OOO la uf.
Tan aty laa, Prior# from $6.00 to $160.00
■ BEN J. Oe WOODS A CO. Manufn and
■■■■.tMilrn la all kiwla of Printing Material,
Scad sue tar Cataiagwc ) • Xadaral St. Baataa.
™- ll 1 HMB
\ W4-Nt*Ml Q%a.\CV M \l>WUfc pm/ty- '*/ A Frit™ -H. y/ *
fiaiSwHriiii.. .~~~H.~
Largest Accident insurance Co. ]
- TH*
Insurance Company,
or HARTroKu. tonv
Arrl CttUrlr* -rrlltra - 34<M>
Ufe Caltrlr. wrtllra -
I .li Aaori., . - - eS.SMMMIU
Sarrln la l"elU* tlaldrr-, I.OOOfCOO
I'BIS In Hrnrfll- lu Pallr, Holder.. K.OMO.HOO
1#- Wi*a 1-. Tun TwntSM IMVWI* Vo Will,
M-rtl.d Ua. .ar -MUr • U-I-. btoak*.
mU . MM bf Mill.
GROCERS 4 " a. 1
1 h-.-w, iwt'uoii ii KM nrT' •
01 HH II SK I St. ... \t \*T I'IiUHI.U, -,—i
to lb. tMI let U. i—rt-, auk .blfti I *1)1 . U-.I
•>• *■— —.l • acu.i.Kvr >lTin.i.", h.
..."•a >< to <Ai ixg Uj K.jtlra PuwA onu b- uuuto t r
111 -fie a (asMtluT VTbl fMI reali gmt |wuu4
wtetti f<Mi rm bij*tly uuks prtit WW* I<f Hi rhU ♦ htet
of rmtmitM It will, b-aerw, |mb oM i mm
,4 tf Ml BIT MAlt mum diiv(te IUWLsI
wad Iterwisn fo MsEikn shd < Si*u, If th* Ma MB tsf Um
• kVttsrtk totivei. x wtairb tiaa sdmriWemmt to *****
T ..lit of Ud, kfenn to iivti. m r,tb, r,ui
WW U tott" wt, U(wlw>l< b-pl Ir, fro
'at druflM. HMfnltM Attn..
11. tt., i'rk. ix l |.rat,i,
< b|. . 11l
k Tfll RKNT Ik Ibr U wit.
" Tte. 1" ' ll l.!> I Linnk MblKVa
ArW *r* \t ll N 111 At It I. V.rm mmmt.
W It- .•• KMt U. hU rWo,
e.%VK MII.R. Ri.t.a, Ir,
l/_ f \- DM u". Motor, ill to,t ~
f ICSBk\ 1 N " wopK "L it HUI:SI.
. I l\tiTr I I Vybw. liflUr Swi.r7Boh.
k\4*g WJJj II lU\ fill 111 t'ruioro 11.
rvNOWvA Tt.. l+4km trm oil u Lph nun
tfjIWVIJIW ; c knt .1 .• I , 1 IW.C W
, iaklfcS>Ti, <tMi. r. t.AST/. at 0..
I b~2===— -4 Ifa ftnw WoMnrYwb.
W't. rti his i ets ttj u. mu- at r
f? ikU- Ait-nU vmrjwtfTm to IMntM I'rof
1 jlu—oU. , '• f -oil kto at —■ o < - Horn
I , Uro l " 10, l,ro>*-l— lb- h-AT. -nil |imHU 11. foUla
•i -ort luniirw tm A to. lb- "U| no.-Ir ruarnf
0 Mulwb. ft I ImlM <tU of tit
toOalßHrat.*>k4 Vi lli, to t: l.ASi.tShh' b Jo A
1 n.i,—tooiAfu p.a A r1 < 1 1 r-iu.i s \
frj Tim Ato—tru Potroo u lb* tn—i I' lnikr <.r,u—
AO aid Porta f.iir IK.'r * >—r. Sjooimo tnr.
U, >J4i J >. KtRMO I'uUMwr, Ptodiaj Olito
Burnett's Cocoaine
Prevent- Uto ltair fraca PoilUij.
Burnett's Cocoaine
PiuMte* it- 11-oiihjr (iruwth.
Burnett's Cocoaine
U not Oreuj nr.* Stick j.
Burnett's Cocoaine
L*etet io Odor.
Burnett's Cocoaine
SnUliie* Uefrecturjr HUr.
Burnett's Cocoaine
SJUUI— tbe IrrltouU Soolj^Stin.
Burnett's Cocoaine
ASbnto the lUcbrol Laetre.
Burnett's Cocoaine
l not (uu Aleobolit Weak.
Burnett's Cocoaine
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Burnetts Cocoaine
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Burnett's Cocoaine
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Prepared only by
27 Central Street, Boston.
And Sold Everywhere.
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United States.
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far: arei rmty by A. B. WILHOR. t heauht, Ibalna
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Painless Opium Core!^
tPtrrdr of th# ptMttt dy #ttd ft>r T#r#r
.i Opian Eatlnv P. O. Box 471, LAIX)ETI, L.ND.
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IIKI IM,K At il., Hiliuo and Knouts* 8 Vail
Htrwet, Nsw York.
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xu&ranty ef falfDM# end fulhllmeat. bead money unler
or reentered letter to BKADLK A ADAMS. PB
--lfcfcers, IM WlUhun Street. New York.
Dr. J. W'alkfr'a California Vin
egar Hitters are a psnrty VeeeuO*
preparation, made chiefly from the Be
tire berbe found on tbe lover range* d
tbe Blerra Nevada moantalne of Cau&r
ma, tbo medicinal property of which
arc extracted ibnwoa without tbe oat
of Alcohol. Tbe qoeetloo te elmod,
daily aaked, " What U tbe eaaee of tbe
unparalleled eocoeee of VmOAM. Br*-
Ttast" Our anawer le, that they remove
tbe cause of diieaae, and tbe pebflat re
rover* hie health. They ere the graa
blood p>irifler aad a Ufc-giving prtMtpto
t perfect Reoovator and lar&ntot
it the eyatem. Never befcr# In tbe
liidmy of UM world IM e aaddee hew
umjieeilif pa—dec the *>>>haM*
qaauueiofT ISMAS Brrtwa te beebe|the
sick of every iiies** —m Is hdr te. they
am e vwUt Poiasuv* mmlm a' IM
roborloc Oeeweefcee er lalemeet."-. d
the liver and Tieoerel Cvpa*. In BUtow
""iSTmarttea cf D*. WAJLTOT
T I>B> A* btrrses era Ayarieat, DUgwan*.
Csnmaative, Kaotttoas, Uo*v tMarefe
(Sedative, CoaaWr-liill*il. anillMl. Aitera
hm M| | *1 HTIgM
Thou winds proclaim Vnr
SCAB BITTEBS tbe moot wonderful In
vifuraut that er er sustained the unking
No Person ran take these Hitters
according to direction*, and remain long
unweU, provided their booee are not de
stroyed by mineral poison or other
means, end vital organs wasted beyond
Billons. Remittent and Inter
mittent Ferers, wbieh e so preva
lent in tbe valleys of our great rivers
throughout tbe Lolled States, especially
those of tbe Mississippi, Obio, Missouri,
Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberland, Arkan
sas, Red, Colorado, Brazos, Kio Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Ro
anoke, James, and many others, with
their vast tributaries, throughout our
entire country daring the Summer and
Autumn, and remarkably so during sea
sons of unusual beat and dryness, are
invariably accompanied by externave de
rangements of the stomach and liver,
and other abdomiusl viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a pow
erful Influence upon these various or
gans, is essentially necessary. Them
is no cathartic for tbe purpose equal to
as they will speedily remove tbe dark
colored viscid matter with wbieh tbe
bowels are loaded, at the same time
stimulating the secretions of the liver,
and generally restoring the healthy
functions of tbe digestive organs
Fortify tbo body agafiist disease
by purifying all its fluids with VIXBGAB
BITTERS. NO epidemic can take bold
of a system thus fore armed.
Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Ilead
ache, rain in the Shoulders, Coughs.
Tightness of the Chest, Dizziness, Sour
Eructations of the Stomach, Bad Tasta
in the Mouth, Bilious Attacks, Palpita
tation of the Heart, Inflammation of tb
Lungs. I'ttio in the region of the Kid
neys. and a hundred other painftil symp
toms, are the offsprings of Dyspepsia.
One bottle will prove a better poarantee
of its merits than a lengthy advertise
Scrofula, or Kin?'* Eril. WhiTo
Swellings. Ulcers, Erytipela*, Swelled Neck,
Goitre, Scrofulous Jn&ucmelsoa*. Indolent
Inflammations, Mercurial Affections, Old
Sores, Eruptions of the Skin, Sore Eyes, etc.
In these. as in all other constitutional Dis
eases, Waleks's Visceoa* Btrrsas have
shown their greet curative powers in the
most obstinate and intractable cases.
For Inflammatory ami C hronic
Rheumatism, Gout. Bilious. Remit
tent and I ntennittont Fevers, I Hseaaes of
the Blood, Liver, KtUuev* and li.adder,
then* Bilier* have no eoual. bach l>iseam
ate caused by Vitiated Blood.
Mechan iral Diseiuses. - Persons en
gaged in I'ainU and Mineral*, such as
Plumber* Tjpe-setter* Gold beater* and
Miner* as th'cr adraneo in life, are subject
to parai.rsss "of the BoeroJ* To guard
against thi* take a do*e of WaLKKt's VIF
BO AS BITTKU ocracionallr.
For Sk'in IMWAM*S, Eruption*. Tet
ter. Salt-Rheum, Blotche*. Spots, Pirnpla*
l"U*tule* Boil* Cakbuuclrs, Kiiig-womss,
Scald-bead, Sore Eyes Krywpela* Itch,
Scurf* Discoloration <- of the Skin. Humors
and Diseases of the Skin of whatever najne
or nature, are literally dug up and earned
out of the tyatem in a short time by the use
of these Bitters.
Pin, Tape, and other Worms
larking in the srstem of so many thousand*,
are effectually destroyed and remoYed. No
system of medicine, no vermifuges, no an
thelminiuct will free the system from worms
like those Bitter*
For Female Complaints, in yuon
or aid. married or single, at the dawn of wo
manhood. or the turn of life, these Tonie
Bitters display so deckled an influence that
improvement Is soon perceptible.
Cleanse the Vitiated Hlood when
ever von find its impurities bursting through
the akin in Pimple* Eruptions, or Sores;
cleanse it when you find it obstructed and
sluggish in the veins: cleanse it when it if
foul; your feelings will tell vou when. Keep
the blood pure, aad the health of the system
will follow.
Druggist* and On. Agti, San Franc wen California
aad cot. of Washington and Charttti St*.. N. T.
*l.> JT all iVragglst* and Uralcra.
~S~Yi M. P Ko
MMOESTS W tJk I AD fcr one popular now bosk,
ml A! I laFolks
In Feathers and Fur,
II And Others in Neither,
gm'- OUTS THoRK * TV. lM || H
■ V History trsr IWH ap. Amnallannnn.
! ~ y )imism It Oamli, Bsaat'fally lilastmisd.
J.a u bli, tm piaal-U Aiaua,ill,S,taiil.
la* •#* ***T —• to-.1l Sw. Da .<*! Is. MS* Inilnalu
ad .llwwawd spsMsssa saw*. Oil TO AI.L. H*a I* U,
runs, OILMAN a co„ hm. Cm
Ma Stsr.kaass of a*H Uk City. lor CS
itM aift oI a Mormon Hirk trial la
idrao My Mr, St„ r. TVn story at a
tst cxfmnn loy boto ti "Antdrn g/h,"
<na MIO Map. Sc- of ths Mmwa as
IraroSr 01111 in tArm." Hr.fkt. Pur,
tioud. it ta ths Sr.o now book £>ul actnatly
Ik roof thine, for alb It is popular rrsnr
whrrr. with rrrrykody. snd ootorlU SB athrr book, Ursr Is
one. Minmrra tar Umt spool St." Eminent woman
codanr It Esarrtwdy rati lit and Sfrnti rr •uUtny
Iron 10 lo SO a diyl Math (Asanasrf now i |"r.* Wo
OUlUMoMtnig rru awn ,-r wuinca—is*
n will nail Oatßi f'rvotatkosr whoviUcanrai*. L_xrt.
phkta wftkJuU rrrtii-ulsr*. mottle. n-wl Jt-ra lo ad.
OM a. nrWaoTHiMTu a Co. Hartford. Lima.
MFLBksiioT-tiras. BETOLTKBS.
Of inrandcTcrykltul. Send stamp
IwCtulniut, Adti-ss Cn-nt tt> irro Coo
'o4 rbul Works. SllThtiL'Kti U. ra. ™
Waukesha Water
Corao Dropsy, Dyspepsia, D labels*. (kmsttpatioo.
Grsrel Jkirid'co. BrtaM'o 1X, 0r,,-. Semfula, Ftrror
Knroo, Psmal* Weakness, tu aU It* lorn* aU Diseases ot
ll Kldnsjs and Lunss.
Pmcs—Knmin. *l2; Knit do. •?; sans, .ax*. dtml
jehns and Ik.Ulos, so cU, pnr llon. parka*.* tuba.
Slonojr mull aeoompany th# order. Srnd stamp lor our
book ot 22 pages, (Iriu* description oI ths skua
C. C. OLIN & CO.,
Wnnkfwfcn* Wl.
llli-l II J slats Particular* sent fnia. Address
T WORTH a CO.. St laws ta. Mo.
For luU Iniormslloo MMIIUW w
for same, addroos Hi KD NKWI.MS MAtHINE
t'O.MPAN V at I Inn ford, t'onn.. ot oor Branch
Oflea In toodlne Ctttoa
-xjakX.Y'"" -if-"- ""
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