The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, October 08, 1874, Image 3

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    i iiE o\- x nir: UfcUtfit,': i 't\
TnruspAv OCT. s. is;-j
<: i ft k-mls will oblige bv -> ' <l'"R"
it.m- <1 loohl news in their Wality. K' Nl
xi- ;l<o tacts only, iind xx o will rnt th< >" f n
sliijv', also notirca ot death* nni ntarn-
UK**"- r ■
\nx. :• x • ding <:• the ratio;* •' MX "
Mr. M ithers. with the cash, will he entillx
to receive the KKIMIII KU >ne ) '■!' Inc.
The KKIVU .KH being road by reali->
(• .n this side of the exjuntx.
win ro it lis* a largx-r circulation than any
two pap< rn, will be found the best mo.llUm
for ...ivt rti>in ; : buainea*, IWi "*■
15 11, :ii . N. Ward 11 Y St it act
,i,, S " Ji>-i'pli box.
do W. " > Meek,
v, nw| J** V Ww
llownr.l Mn W Gardner
Philip-burg C A Faulkner.
Unioaville dobn Sing.
Her.nor Ivvp A A Wlgnw.
lh'gK* -Wm Mull.-
Burnsido Bernard \ oidciiolb :
Ourtin llenrv I'tioil.
Fergu*x>n W H Fiy.
ijmn,.- John i Stover.
Holfnioon .1 11 Griffin,
llarri- John Me\ or.
M. ward Samuel ft U rtkm
Huston 11 G Cronitter.
Liberty J no. V St'v.r.
Mat ion tl.or^olloy.
Miles llnrvcx Kotntan.
Fatten- I' K Seller*
Penn —D A Mus-or.
Voitei .10-. tl, Gitiiland .
Uush —G M 'Gaffey
Snow Shoe ' 11 liolt.
Spring John 11 Biirnhurt.
'. xvhxr —Samuel W caver
1 nior. ti 1. l'ete:-
Walker—John Pix.:i-
Worth—Owen M vV
J. II MORRISON. t'Hiii-•• .n
I!AriFICA l itis MKKTINti
A grat.x! ra ifi. atioti ; meeting ot I
IVmocra.y Ot c. :t' x- urty, w>:: ! .
in the Court 11 use, in lselle ". nte. on
TttfsUny Evenibj;. Oct., 20. !>. !.
at which lion I*. A Mackey. H t M m
A. Wali.ue and tieu. McCand— v. U! to speak. 11, tt. J*'liti J.'itta
Icm. crati. eatixlulatx f, r 1. cutennt li-v
err: r, is alsx* i xjex'l ,1. at.,! t*cr!iai - - M il
iam 11. Wiite. lIM N .M IfOwl J
TurnOut, Dcni, crals !
Lit us have ar, us : g end lime. The Bx i e
fonte Band wo. turni-'u tor tin
occasion By order o!
Jx li\ 11. Xlx-KKI- X.
ttfce.Vmoi* (Yanfy (bm.
We had a pretty sharp fr,-t x n last
M nuav rooming.
Rain en T i x -day and \\ i . tti -iny.
Very unfavx.rab'x' for the fair.
to agitate the "ou x-fthc Tutcn l'cpub
Pn t.-s r Mi Vct* a d H cirich, of
He: r-burg, p:. :x -r -ancturo a pep v,s
it li e xUber day.
The Banking Ilx-usx- x.f Me--rs. Mc
t• .Jc l'xrks, ot l'hii.j -burg. Centre Co .
I'a . c!i-sv I it* direr- ott Monday xf '*st
week. AYx- have iisirncil nothing as t - the
t-i!t: lof .ts inabt'itiva.
The people's choice is the -atx-st
choice—Orvi-. Mackey ar.d XV aßacv.
Yx te for J. Nx vxiiti llall, the hot.est
a id upright How ~rd township farmer for
cc-uKiiissi, ner.
\Yc have nccivid ti.e Worth Co.
Tiroes, published at Grant C.ty, Mo, un
xli : to xv propric, r-. K. S. Gtirver Alh
F. Meyer, late of Ctntre ila'l, an.! gtad
uatcs . f the llej.x-rter ofiice The T.tnes
has improved in tone and appearance, and
we kt.x w ti.e.-e y. ur.g men wilt make c
live la)<ri ut f it. They are p s-secsed
of the taler t ami industry to do it. The
T ,s is democratic in politic-. ;.nd we
w,- Elia- and Frank abundant succc-s in
their oxvn v<--e". May tlu winds ever be
On Sunday kTth ult., while the
I xiti eran -ynod *s> in -, s-i,in a: Aaron
burg, in the afternoon while the audience
ro in was densely erx.u ded by people al
ter, ling children*' meting, a loud cra-h
w:i- he: r 1 by the -exlon. Mr. Confer, who
was . i the basement and immediately left,
bu: it xx a- wot no'i.xwl by the auiience
above, tiixi not alarm them. Alter the
n;. x'.ing u::s ii- -ed it xxas f. und that the
flc-r had given way so that the door lead
ing to the basement could not be closed.
We have r.ccivid the first No. o
Th ■ Republic, the r.xu rnxiica! daily which
mule it* appearance in New York, on
Monday. The size i f the Republic i- the
same a* the World and much like it in
appearance. It is to be a Grant orgsin.and
is published by the "New Y<>rk Republi
can Niu-j-spir Ais.wihtion," at If f<r
a-.: um. The cdrninistratt.'ii having no
o-gun ir. tie city .f New York, which
xv. u!d stand by it through thick and thin,
the Republic has been e-'.ablt-bed to sup
ply this want.
Every body get* tooled when they
pur. inse groceries, ike., at Burnsixlx s xk
Thomas, because they sell cheaper than
expected. You inav search ninety-three
counties and no where dx> they tell for
cash at little above ciot ily. ns do ISurn
aiitv, dc Thomas.
One of the noit important publication*
that has ever appeared from the pre-', is
volume to be issued at Harrisburg. by the
lOtli of October, containing the Election
Laws of Pennsylvania and the New Con
stitution, with an analytical index ; the
former digested and arranged with ly.-tes
and judicial decisions under authority of a
resolution of the Legislature, by Frarci'
Jordan, late Secretary-ol the Common
wealth. Such a work fills a *gap the
legal iibrnrie- of the State, while it afford
a source of information which ever y citi
zen curt control, and which can be placed
at tbe service of every election officer w her
on djty. Ono of the prolific souree* of
fraud at elections has been due to tbe Inch
of proper information for these whose du
ty it is to conduct them ; an evil which can
be largely abate d by a general circulation
o. this volume With the new Constitu
tion under the same cover,, the work as a
book of reference for the business men, the
legal profession, and tire people generally,
cannot be over-estimated hi value. In ad
dition to ail the legislation ol last ses-ion
on tbe -object of elections, the volume wii.
contain forms of all the blanks u.-cd by
election officers and assessors, revised ami
corrected by legal authority. It is pub
lished by Benjamin Singerly, HarriM.urg
Price, by mail, post paid .• In paper cov
er, $1.10; muslin, $1.35; law sheep,
Sales of Fartr s advertised in Kcpor
Nalo farm, Potter, Oct. 22.
M'Minn farm, Potter, Oct. 9.
Durst farm. Potter, Oct. 15.
Kerr farm, Potter, Oct. IC.
£vuns farm, Potter, private sale.
The Keller farm and Foster farm, near
Centre Hall, Oct 29.
owing one, two or more
years on the Reporter, will oblige by r<
mining all or part. Our paiw-r-inun, hands
and creditors look to us lor Cash.
INAL SUPPORTER offeredto tie sub
lie, witii t lie full assurance of the ir.osti ini
ncnt physicians and surgeons in the pro
fession fhHt they would supersede all mcta
o! other Instruments in use. for the relief
and cuie of Hernia. Prolapsus Utf ri, and
Kit 'Abdominal Weaknesses. The great
number of radical cures they have effect
eg. Judy jntify the confident predietioi
made, nd lias demonstrated the fact thai
filature can be surely cured without suffer
iu_; or annoyance, and without the dung ;
incuring Spinal Disease or Paralysi-.
o.c ii paused by the severe pre-surc-
Atetal Trusses and Supporters. ZELLEI:
ASoN, Druggists, Bcllefonte, Sole Agents.
i- or : . J.* I rn i.
Mr A Poeil Ab \atidor ra .-xl'ifn thro
pound- ot potatoes from two pound* ot
.... xl ll i anew kind callrd "Hi 'wnells
1' mity Mr A'• virilcr p' i.ted hi-p>-
, tat' , - late t : i the dry pell kept them
ii l-tiok t on- d< inbly, nevortboles 11 . y ie'd
was good.
. Mr. Noah Stover, aa .lor wall to do
1 .jiiurr HI Penn, planted ono potato lad
spring and from that *oed tai-.d lb rtv
-1 nme |>oir J* 11 sV,;r .. tha ' Pi erlos*, be
, - . mp, : t on in that kind.
Seme of.-ur would t>e "pi*eareen" ai<
oxer .i \toils find out bow the pie-hie
turned out. i'luy are bee tilling to think
that the.r sale of the h u.-e ha- got the
tine night m-t week a |ir!\ of
datoa for the penitentiary-, torn down a
. e I o . : : . . ; |ii Mr,
All s .V .■Voider Hid nattered them
oxer the a'.'.y- th.:. by giving Mr. A a
good opportunity to gather them together
the next morning. Such subject* should
be trat.vl up, arre-tid and hung to the
• o-arest Itee in the eountr.x
t'n S.'.ar.lay evetiitu had a -1irl tad
perfoi m iner in our tow n. S>u , ui. .i'i tm- ]
pudenl, Kiciiftt -ealnwag* appeared to
some extent . the r shirt tail, at a ex .-tain
plaee in ,ur town. Sueh men have no
more g.-ed MT.*C than at J olh, r d,g, nnd
under no i ircumstnnc, - should bo to'era
to.ltostop :u a x , inity inhabited by an
en'ijthtCßed people Atewll w .h .it or
der .s like a hous without a r of, Seiah
S; ee K t*. Campbell'* new mil! - m
oj . ration, s, me x il. >•! I > - i..0 e x IMU ;
ll sev. ral t tues ..t luglit ai d I ied them-
S.'.xesto a |Krt. 11 of it- eofltefl'.s. It i>
not a hit stran<> • uher, tor t xerv one t
awaio that Air Yatt l>rm,-r t io - first
cIM fiour
Tb. Unties! Ureathi:; h. . ti.c.r i : .r
--t, 1 te., < ting 1 M . .11l .. . ■•'. Si.l . .ith
11, x M r A : .jr.-,: i at:
preached n his Usual style, which i> gosal.
10 s C
.The ab-x ■ should have • p| > fed last
* x s but W-* ret", xed to late. I'M
I heard an ..n ay f r other day, that
very siav bad its dog, has almost ex ery
. iv in Milli.eim, and a majority ot lhem
haxe tw ..r an awful large oue. It is dif - >et no- te get along . n the side
x.alks on a. count of the worthies- ours.
Aoeor.l ng to the present state of affair- !
!• i tight l • have our railroad finished by
all mean*. The i. . glit on a Miiul! pack
age .in Philadelphia to MtfSinburg
au ,.. .'■ I to SlVvn cents and from Mifflin
tui-g to M illn ;i by -!a<o it c. forty
cent#. U Ibis not an outrage? and almost
too hard to boar, out we have to take it.
M.--rs. AN. K Gas- .J. F C imhcr
and Abo Gurtti wo re out on a hinting ex
our.-: -.', on last Monday a. week ago. and
brought home twenty throe pigeon*, six
squirrel* ani one rod f. \ Or. Tuesday
following they brought homo twenty-five
pigeons and tw u squirrels. if any party
can beat this et u> hear from them.
lty request of Dr. Driblet the Millheim
Cornet Band paid him a visit one night last
week. The Dr. having visitors from u
distance desired U give them a rare treat,
and being a good judge f music hlllinlf.
he invited our band to t. nio and discourse
in their usual good style. Our boys did
:.ot !y, v, : sequeiil y the genial .Id ilocl, r
supplied tlnta with an abundanee of good
things, eoti-.-'.ii.g of all the delicacies im
aginable. The table was groaning under
the w< ight of cake- Ac, to which -as before
-aid the members oi the b.nJ wire invi
ted, ar.d after they left it. the groaning was ;
in a different direction. They also com- j
p'.ed w t an ue-: from Mr. Frederick
QdhtnM : • waxj tad favor him with,
some of their excellent tun. -
\V L Mu--era: JJW Sn i. put Joan
a splendid ero-si; g acro-s the street from j
\V 1. M .--er, t> >Jr .- building.
This i- a capital :d\ and shouhi l<j imita
1- it not awtui how they fooled Tommy
Frank, our enterprising tailor, who husked
souse corn last week and in the eve -et the
shock (fodder . n the heaps. The next
morning Tommy bitched up, drove to the
tit Id to fetch his crn, but (he corn was no
more How v. i.derfu! is a T- uitny.
At prt • r.t there ,s a gran i i 1 great r< -
viral going on in the I B. Cliuri iat this
place. .Mi icim Rev Kbb rly the • tir- 1
ir.g and persevering man di-penses
the word, and stir erinten is the meeting.
One i.ight last we. % Mr. I'riah Ileif.r.y
der's duck' left and ;...••• then ho ha- not
seen them. It is supposed that some one
seduced the in 10 rt. C.
llnw an Age-1 Hermit Spend# hi#
Life—Living 1"; n Kuril and Wild
Dir.gtnan - F.-rry, IV, r>cpl< mbcr £J
In t- e wUdenMH eight miles Mfttwrt of:
Diugman's Ferry, l'ike county, Pa . un- i
derncntb u huge rock in a small cave, six '
by eight feat, has lived for upwards of ;
thirty years a human being i.amcd Austin
SbclJi ti. He burr, in Wales, and em
igrated to this country about the year IHW.
When be land I in New York be bad u
small sum <-f money, u ith which be came
afoot to l'ike county and purchased a sin- j
gh acre of v, lid uncultivated, scrub-oak
iai.d, situated in Lehman township, amid a
dense and di.-tual forest, several miica from
any habitation.
At the western end of tbi- small strip ol
U?id i*a smalt care only a!> ut six by < ight
feet In tbi* cave, without any alteratiot s '
or improvements, tbi* i.i rrnit has f-o mora
than thirty years made his h me.
The hermit .• nearly seventy years of
age. • Hi* face has not bean shaven for for
ty years The side* of his face, and chin,
and neck are covered with eosrts gray
hair, while his beard i- several feet in
length, and white --now. H-- wear* the
-ame suit of clothe# hi- iv. re twenty years
a K' J . which are to badly rent as to render it
n- ees-.ity to fasten lh<-ni together by
mi an# of hickory withes. He never w .rks,
and unles* obliged to go to the nearest
store for ainiiidtion, never lfaves tight ut
his cave.
llis mode of living i# peculiar. Hit diet
cousitt- principally of berries and fruit
during their season, while in the winter he
sun-.tlt on various of uiid game
liit education ua- not neglected during
boy l.< od, for he :* well read ni.d ri-uiarkv
biy inteligenl lie s a firm believer nre
ligion, and devote* rn<t of his lime read
trig the Itible and other si ere. l works. ll<-
is deaf, ami iia- bci n * lor several years,
rendering it necessary to cotnmuntent*-
with hiui by means of writing. He has
the faculty of charming birds, many ol
which iie has secured in thi> way mid rear
He ha- never u-ed a 1 imp nor candle in
his cji'e. Hi- |> d i composed of straw
scattered upon a solid rock. Sheldon en
joys bis peculiar mode of living, and savs
he expects to n ake this his final resting
plui c.
The Indiana Fa.) Democrat i i Sept< m
ber 24th, says.;
The pi ach crop of this county is unusu
ally large this year. In some parts of tin
county peaches arc selling for l. cents ) oi
bushel. The ruling price hero is from P.J
to fiO rents per bushel. There i- a glut in
the market.*'
A jealous Philudelpbiaii named Tozier.
last Monday, shot his wife twice in tin*
head, and himself once. Both died al
most immediately.
Ait unusually large number of mar
iue disasters have (akin place lately
on the Australian coast, including s< v
eral first-class iron clippers.
Moses, of South ('nt oliiiH, has calhd
for troops lie trouble in that State
is b tween the two vviugs of the Radi
cal party.
Hint! litxi l* (iray Mct k s Opiiiiu
of tlio lion Yb rti \ Wnllncp
The Miction <>( Ron Wm A Wiltw
. ! PU i.itlobl to pre-ide over the dettberii
•lis of the Set ate this winter, is a twos
I on-nut iiidt.'ati II of a healty politie i
eitttnent Mr AVallaeo i- xxell known
iiot.uilx through in this state but. through
out the whole count r X us one ot the leiidlt|
mind-of the day, to d a a gentleman o
inro.-vnj t'filtifif-; i!v ao/
He lis- ! •n a -0 ator for nearly
-ix enl x.tiis, and during all lhi time I
liu- o.ttl'. nandi l the re-i'o, t ol rlen lit
tulleresi p.dittoa! enemies Ilia holdues.
tut, lie, to l skill as a debater, hax ■
placed nun m tho liuM rank ••! Connor!
-am, - Stalo-nien, tin*! lie -tan,ls to .tax
lb.. I, ad. ro. his paity in this Common
Wealth 111- emini.ce, lw\ has heel
achieved. < 'Aieo-u r. ix.f trtflrry
1,,t , i, fniiiiii a, drpfridcif, Aon.o-aAo
nid yc JUs raf '■ has been the
oarvxr , t bis x-wn torlune, and the up
bui'xler of hi* >n g.Htd mine Talent,
energy, anxl a tireless ailvox-aex xif tin
prim .pb sol truth and Jutue lat" inaxb
tutu what be I- tin- "rising.-t man
tt.rx-ughout th • broad xlomaut ft tlx 1 Key
tvM.C SlliU'
With Senator WallaCa 111 tlie Speaker >
x hair the deltb>ratioti> of the n-uate ean
not tail I • be marked by the tii.wl dighifix-xl
um Courtaou* and gontlonwnlji
lii.oxetr, he will be ure to exax-t the sain,
eotuiux't from hi* brother Seualor* in thetr
ofti, ial inlerx ur-e with one another.
Henoo we max * V px*. to tea a bigbtom.l
ipirit provwiling in the Pcnnaylvaaia Son
.to tht* xx II t. r, uuiuarrx-xi l-y xlisgusling
and ... fixing p isonallttx-s x>r vulgar
(ith IST I )
1 is - a Vorv x rreot opinion ol M.
\\ ..' aoe
\\ x t iii x: that >j.,ilx' a numliet of xrnr
Democratic exchanges are mentioning the
....o x-t llo.n II A \\ a. xx 0 as a oattdi
da'..-:. r liovertixT in isl'd. It • a good
slgu. Ii shows that they are dx-sirou* id
having i, good candidate to tupporl, an
. rifil ~nt xdli. ir to llil the position, an able,
tearless, dec.dxsd man to lilt the gubvrtia
lorial chair of >ur o tmtn.u.wealth, li
show* that they would give "hotmr to
W . iui hom ris due, wi>u'.J rccoguiac
ihi- active, xxorkii g, earnest men ot our
partv, at .1 ch. 0.-o u- stnt.dard beaters,
those who have stood by its principle*, by
its x tgKtt . *llOll. tn storms and defeat, as
we ias in sux-ci-ss and victory. There t 111
x t.lire Cx'Uimonwe ilth no man who
woit .1 t: is. a better executive x tttcx-r than
\\ :.t A Wallaci-, none u. re deserving
than hr, w hi' have stood by our party
:g i nUi dx I. t iii.n, dly , none bat
tlx'xt tor it- success nu re earnestly and vig
orously than he, and ttxi name that it
would give us in :x* plea-urn to plaee at
the must head of tho Watchman as our
.-andixlale lor ti " crnor than his , but. lis
ug in at. county, being a new
neighbor, and fvcln £ that we know where
rf we apeak, xx - are liic to state that we
lo • love Mr. Wixi.ace of xx.,l be a
andtdate Ix r kubcrnatorial ho: or*, ."sec
\\ atebrnan of Feb. Khh I S TI.
If He! Wu; A. Wallace w. so well
fitted till the i. ighe.-t tfii efn the gift 11
the people of the slate in IrTl, why is he
1 nam w a:', er three years more experience,
much ir.ore qualified to represent the Utth
Senatorial d slricl in the Stale Senate.
Will those it ho object read the above opin
ion# and then answer the question lairly
and honestly * But uil later t
With the adjournment of the Legisla
ture. the Senatorial term of NN in. A. Wal
lace of Clearfield ivpired Mr Wallace
has been a member of the Senate for twelve
year-, and one of thv . stunt s-.t/rsf V-t
--iifoi sin the body, lie has in la.l been a
'luce; tor the gri uter portion of the lime,
and in hi- retirement the state will lose
ou, of her tost men. On th* last day ol
the - --.on of the Senate, Mr. Wallace
made the foltow u.g dig:. ified and appropri
ate little speech. >u- Dcmociatic NN atch
uan of May '£i, 1 5*74
1: is true ii.a! in the reliiemcnl of Mr
Wa .iaci- ! in the Senate - f the State the
ablest man in that body, without excep
■ t:on, wa lost to the Cists. But the people
>f this district knowing fuii well the ability,
, spotles, integrity, purity of character,
' carnc-tnes.-i of purpose, and the ui.selfish
that Mr. Walla, e brought t > the #cr
i vice - I the state determined that he should
continue in her service, and no small man
-i. uld bo all. w .1 a ae in his stea l
IV. -i th< lieHtfon': Rrpuiliffin ]
The publisher of this paper served in the
it... n aimy luring tin* Rebellion for a
: period of Mime y.-ar* and two months- He
'wis a m nil .r. f C -uipaiiy "E. uthN.w
Hampshire, wl.irh formed a part of the
Second Army fori . III* Captain was K
!' G Camming* and in- regian-mal coin man
dor was Col. t'r >-- lie has an honorable
discharge which is • pen for inspection at
Jus office. 11. followed the fortunes ol
h.< regiment and >rps to the end. and had
:he honor of smelling powder and using
hi- mu-k.-t in the following engagements
d Run Run, both tli • Fredericks
burg battle-. Fair iijo, Malvern Hill,
- ven day, before Richmond, Gettysburg.
White Oak*. Amittnm, and a number o!
j cngugemeriU of lesser note.
Be- ides, the body of the editor of the
Republican is all fuii of bullets, and he
. in dispose himself any d*y as a solid lump
• f lead ut If cents per pound to any shot
factory in the c unlry, and no doubt he'li
be used ■ !■><■ day fur killing crows, snipes,
Set I | ;o be Knocked Down.
The radical county convention met
again on ia-t Tuesday. The body was not
j lull, .v number of delegate* being absent
They pronounced in favor of.Nf Anally, for
I Judge, 'fbu county ticket which they set
up to be knocked down, i* as follows .
Assembly John Bon /.--r, of l'utter.
i Commissioner—John T. ltos*, of Harris
I)ist Attorney J G Love.
Survev r J.-sepn Devling, of llello
Andrew J Swaru, Win. M'Farlancnnd
John, were on thu board for As
• -embiy. The convention did not nominate
two .-a' di late- f r As-embly, they consid
i ered John llooxer :i heavy enough load to
carry, and quit there
Boohoooooohooohooxer, i* the liiiuie uf
the "coming innn. '
Some of tha most influential republicans
in Po'.tir township will not vote for John
The radicals tho ig'il they would play
sharp by postponing their Co. Convention
Their work last Tuesday would wear out
half dozen grindstone- before coming near
the cutting point. They actually put in
the field the weakest ticket that could havt
been framed. We could have nominated
better material fur them ut their August
session. They spoiled their egg by over
I'. r- iii i'.ly, wi' have nothing g>iin-l the
gentlemen upon tin* radical county ticket.
They iirc gu< <1 enough citizen*, but can't
command the rotes to get elected.
The Discovery of Francis Joseph
Land —Polar Kxploratiou* Declar
ed Useless.
Ciiristiaua, Norway, Augint 30.—An
other link bus been termed in the chain of
discovery which is evidently to unite the
now unknown regions of the Arctic Ocean
to the civilized world, and this time the
fingers are of the Austrian nation. The
discovery which they have tnado will ren
der their names famous in the now hut | ar
tially unrolled record of Arctic discovery.
1 have just had a long arid interesting con
versation with ('aptuin Payer, the leader
of the expedition. You have already
heard the story of the expedition as given
hy the men themselves. It is a wonderful
story. Circumstances which they could
not control guided these men to the dis
covery of what may prove to be the long
sought Arctic continent. It is certain that
they have discovered a new land and one
of great extent. After Count WiU-see's
departure the steamer was headed north
west. accoiding to tlio original plan of the
expedition. Jtut the ice was forming fa*t,
and they soon found themselves complete
ly enfolded in the drifts. To i.a\ igatewas
an impossibility. Fourteen long months
this steamer and tho.-c men were imprison
| e.| il tllO Illlgl.l t lb 1 • ll d Il!I I, ■
with them in their never-ceasing motion
Then in December 1801, land hove in -iglil
The lie tt 111 tt It le-Ii tliev were it.uiling wit
i brotigl't to 11 standstill by the land Tin
parly disembarked, nml with sleds tin.
dog* Jotmiied the island The land wic
eomposnl of doloniiln foiina'ion, seper
ated by lingo glaciers The dolomite np
pealed ill ionic place, .- a coiiip*. I lino
• l-, e, ami in others 111 huge ciy-ln mr
graiitilaleii r'i k ola cloudy color. Hut
little vegetation "f any kind was noticed
and with the exception of few Ar. li. Id .1
no animal life un observed the party
11 at erd 1 rllitt ar.l to latilude * ' dig . and
tlii-n turned lb. ir sbi|t. From tbe | oini
gained llie land v'(tended to the lioilh and
wet as tar a> the eye could reach 'llie
dis. everers named llie land "Frail- .
seph Land '
Tlie great ifucttion now lo he sell i d I-
M list Is tills t irtl.i'is Josefil* Land wliudi
(',i|,tiui Payer has d .1.1. ,1 ('.ir geo
graphers to re are undecided, suite hold
nig lltis til 1- it lOiitineiit by itself, and olh
Irs it ' a pari ot Ksterii (11 e.-nland
This taller tin ry is stoutly niainlained by
the followers of Petreiiialin, who alwav
I inailitained that the nbitipl and moUlllaili
otis coast of K -I (ireeiilaml lends away t
the northeast slightly beyond Scon-shy -
farthest point north of Spiumtbergon Tb.
absence of animal life is important ill set
tling this ifii.slion, for Hats lells us thai
the whole region aretilid the shores ol
Snrllh's Sound "teems with animal lite
and .1 . good hunter could fe-d twenty
mouths. ' The sen abounds ill w alius
seal, nrow hale, ai.d white ulial, llie lain!
111 reindeer, fines, eider-duck, ssild geese
sin pe. and gull, id various do- -riplion
and lli-t 1. e Is the roaming ground of t . ~rs
Francis Joseph Land set ins to have none
of these, but litis luCt may' be e y p!a iued bv
the ptesenen ol Csilder currents thai) in
Smith s J- und, and the failure of the ri■
plorers to find animal life in their brief
journey is not conclusive of il#,
non iv stance. No limit hat as yet bet ,
discovered to the ix.sUnce ot animal lif
wilhin the Arctic CirF. nml a failure to
discover il immediately 01 this in * legion
should be regarded as absolute proof iif it
abseOv e.
No U|M ti I'olai Sc.i.
L 'lid.ui, September 'JI 1 I.I) meinbem
oi the Auvt in I'" .r Es| idi|i' .'i J.
tlint exploration* in the direction of tin
N '.-th Pole nr.- | J - ■ ' a \
result, and that tue repoti of the egi*tati'
of an open Polar Sea are untrue
The 1a- w iri.-w a I'tye J)cui"i rat,
-pinking of Mr. Mackey, ur tiotititiei
for ciitigri-H*, nay* :
We have heretofore \pr. -c-il . nr
■ilniirnti iu of Mr. Maiki v charur
ter, ntnl hence it giv. - lis unfeiotuii
pleasure to extin.t to hint our up
port, lie i> a rnau wh c heart
emphatically witli the people. Pur*
ing the twenty-hve we have
knowu him, hu lot* earntii iiitn.-it u
com pi tenet; hut wealtii ha* nt mailt
him protnl. lie i- the -atne eaiulitl,!
-traight ft watii, liotit >t, .. iah!e tnatii
lie HK before. lii Mtupalhit-* art
Willi the m*.i*.-e. ami hence lite ma*-' -
wlto know him iiuvu !H tit tore, 4tien
he ran for ofHce, (on c I i I 'tlorea*
and once for Mayor of tin city, given
him u most gratifying and il.ilteriug
eupjHirt. I liis fact i.- the best pussi
ble te.vtituour of hi* exalted per* mai l
In Mr. Mackey the Detnocra;}'
have a true rcprci-utalivt*. ■: the type
of the rlden wliool. It! rtunaicly
ti i few *uch men ure in t'oiigrt --
now a da*-, and it is high time that
the hoiii -t voters of tin land m < t > it
that m lie of them be nut heri af
Of Mr. Mackey'* clni tiou there nan
scarcely be a doubt. If there i mn
virtue in tiri seining a gmdand iticor-j
ruptibl* **ttizcii as a candidate, hi
maj iri; Mit to be 5,000.
Kiiowio, Mr. Ma 'key's per-m t
merit* and pupularitv a- thev do. iv
doubt that (he Kepublieaiis wid find
a man w.King to run againvt him, but
it they should, let us fellow lh tn iral-.
only work tbe harder t > roll up a
rotibing vote for our can ii iate.
• ♦ •
Lamltin. ijeplonther Jh. —The Mark
Lane Kxpr>, in its review ufllicci";
propect., says: The recent rain,- have
materially l*enefitted the r it ero; ■
There has been too niui-h rain, bow
ever, l'-r late potatoes, which have
shown eornnn iiecment < f disease, and
this wiil CBUfc a greater demand upon
lower desriptions of grain and prevent
their futiher depression, (irusn pu
sessos verdure of sjiring wliicli will
help grows rs to carry their slock
through the winter, notwithstanding
the deficiency in the Lay and straw
crop*. The wheat trade iltowrs neither
encouraging nor discouraging features
prices in France are a shilling lower,
but elsewhere on the continent they
are unchanged, except at ()de*n,
where prices aie firmer, in the hope
that a fine quality crop will eventually
secure better prices.
___ i
[ From the Nation, /'/.]
■ i
We know of no rare of armed resist
ance to an established Government in .
modern times in which the insurgents
had more plainly the right on their
side. We know of no mark of juwtifi
ability iu a revolutionary movement,
except one, which the Louisiana
movement did not possess.
The existing Government bail its
origin in fraud ami violence, the ques
tion of it* validity bad been pasted on
bv a competent and impartial tribunal
and decided in the negative. The
evil* it inflicted on the community
were, if indefinitely protracted into''
crahlr; and that they would he i tide fit'
nilelv protract, d tb ro was fair letisou
for believing. Appeals for red res
ftom the outside had elicited neither
sympathy nor response. Had tlicj
same state of facts arisen in Ixriid.ui.
or Paris, or New York, or Boston.!
there is no candid and impartial per
son, no lover of order and progress, at
the North who would make usoof.
any argument against a resort to fom
except the improbability of success
Unfortunely for the Louisiana people,
they cannot succeed.
Their situation i* absolutely with
out precedent. They are now in the
clutches of a tyrant who, w hile he op
presses with a strong hand, preserves
order and equality and security. They
are the victims of a hand of wretched
thieves, who could not themselves
hold the government for a single hour
who can fulfill no duty of government,
but who are kept in their places by
overwhelming force from without We
can recall no parallel to the situation
except the support given by the Aus
trian* to the petty princes of Italy
before 185 SI, hut it is at) insult to tlx
Grand Duke of Tuscany, or Parma
and Modeun, or even King Boitihn, to
compare him to Kellogg, and we are
bound to say that wo dp no} believe
that iu seventy years of odious tyran
ny and interference in Italy, the Aus
trian troops ever marched on so bad
and despicable an errand as that on
which the army and navy of the
1 United States were set in mot on lust
■ week.
Ilculul' io l'l> llldlll ll
New Yoik >i*l PI v in-• ii t!■
Chunk wua l> i dy I' wiih|no
pit* <lti* i vetting I" ulilnin n sijrht (',
.in I In in Mr. Ik <liti Ai i hili i k
'there wa no tiitnliii|{ loom, 'iilnr in
tin- rkiiri'li HI nml Indies
,1.11 inqnmllt out flrirmj; lln
'.•! vit'* in u laiiilin- roitililkin.
Al 7,yil Mi llnclu i i .nut' on (In
pint lot HI, mnl *ll* Kitivnl ttuli n
>[ollll ol 11 |'|iltt iim Hi' (jUVii nul tin
Iiv mil, " I'lll u<" (ioil liiiiu wlioin nil
liiosino;- tl iw, w liicli wu* atiiijj l,\
I lie* toinjirjiUlioii Willi \ igur a lid
it'tt I.
Ml. lilt-fill'l llll'll .111 I I'd II llllt'l
I'iiivi i, 111 wliii'li In' lliaiiki-il (ioil |. 1
tin* on llif twenty seventh
11.nit. 1.111 i>l lu* jmnlomli 11.
hoped thai ninth good would m t rue
II out hi* labor* during th* ctiimnj*
season, Mini returned thank* to Ciod
10l all hi> iii"ih*h!tv.nii.
Alter the congregation had sung
uiothei n\inn Mi. Hii-fht-r, rising 1
hi* Ift l, -ant he ttou 1(1 iniii li
I.lllit 1 have met his liteiiil* 11* I.MIJI all
tlic en.l of hia wuitliuti, but he it a* |
tuxioua that Iho old cUatutuui 1
I'l idny night piuyrr met liugs shouhi
1,1 ho departed Ir. in. 1 lay wer
nit t together # oi ao many year* be
fore, at the coiniiieoueint til ot whwl
might he considered n in w year, to
. ill* eel ,1 to llii 111 at 1V en t * the afire 11 ■I o,
thiist's kiiigduiu on earth. When
trouhle* earried u* away under our
leu* that we bad no strength to beui
in,l uinier waves td sun ,w,.whcu our!
strength failed, (I d'* strength h.gaii.
When ai.rruws wet ell longer to to
loleiuUil and men euiui In tile ellti ulj
their endurance, then in it* pletit lud j
tin) al.tilitlaut'e tame the everlasting
rt sent e mid j ,\ver of lb# Almighty.
I hen men looktd back with ainu/■
me lit to think that th'ii e ur.tge evt 1 _
.uiiii Wht-n ■flictuxi 11 trouble
•vertakes a man be shouhi not hold
low n l.i held s a jit Coi.t-r 111 iiniui. '
It was |..r u to litl up ourselves liom
tlif \ i-ible int . the invisible and
j though tin tc might !• trouble* low
Mown, (i 1 wn* tin c'ouJa. lie
Ilpldc Mil UpjM tl to the } 'Ot.jt OUII |J
till 1 congregation In gt'O" lit llgi'leous
in-■> it!>• i tin spirit of truth, aud aay
to theft;*.* VtS, "I shall Hot ciUWble lit
the lut, but ha!i rise itii-ittble ly
the | <>wtr <>l tiiv' bi as I of t-j'l 1 *', J
i-k i.i l vn;r I 'lilnii iut *)'ttlputln
out the units or tt bh ed hope Hint
S II ft' I :i s* in J WillV, 1. i Hi* W'l Ilk t
• ift th :o up, and t tvclhcu; : i Cl.n.i
ll<- n luilrtl \irv remotely to the dia
-upline the church bail gone through!
which he thought was on Is a kind <■!
'grindstone to *himt"n |hi r v. .*;|„.ti*'
<>f spiritual s;,ri.iii 1., i ill rtiuaiiniri
fir (he year, ami lie thought the>
should hi* till RliilUa'.rd by a apirit "I
love, j..y and peace ill (< tl. Thi- had
iifti lli'ir Mini ating purpose tot
twenty noh vt.ti,nud ilu-v would
Cotuw out of titi* Irihtilali ■ ■ for tin
otli-ir punHji* th*U 'b* g'on oft
U 4
. From thi' It .>;■ u I'.ot ltrtwrl 1
Tin* General then ih*cu--nl ibt
finatuial problem, and wlnf, !;v was
h' idu g pwylug tl <tr h. ■■<*!
di*t'i, a ep ■*• i w i low i red bv menu*
of a ntntig through tin scuttle of tip
r Kit and hung Ist a j< ;ir< in mi l
air A giggle he tid from tin
audit ti ' , a*i iit ui A--uitn i tin-pro
portion* of a rist. liie General tti',l
to r ttljtit'e b ;t , icviial tttiiftinter
rilpicd. lie tat v' at llr-t to u!iervc
tin* objt'i-iiofiahle aitic <- of table uh
(ii II Butler finally placed ln eve
U(MIII it, atid gainl fiotn right to icft
wi.lmut a w.o I. Hi- again alltiupttd
to proceed, but only again t" be inter
ruptol. Finally lie lI<K k hi* banker
chief and straightened bimaelf nnd
•aid: "Will, I should Hunk tbat t,
about a- go.l an nrgutmnl < I ean
be ojip'tel t* The •pun wiggled '
in tiie air and tbe In in raj c mtiuued:
"There must be Mitnt upf*oitin
thi* t I*II " n.:iugbu-r atttf npplsti-
WHAT is J 111: KKAMI.N
There have lai-u and are gr.iv. and
p.. til'iii* Iruuhle* in North Carolina,
South Carolina, l londa, Mis-t-ippi,
Arkausa*, and Louisiaua, Statra un
der tin rule of the llepublican par
On the other baud, Texas nnd
i arc perfectly quiet and order
ly. ['here is no trouble and no dun*
ger of trouble in eilht r one o! them.
Relatively, ton. tlnv ate pi--perous
and fiee Irom di bt. l he.*e two Stale*
are under the rule of the Democratic
or Conservative pat I v.
Can any one tell us the rnt.-ou for
this great contrast? Why is it that
there is such an extraordinary difler*
once lieiwt-en tin se Kepttbl:ran and
tlu-M! 1 iemucralic Slate*f
Montgomery, September 2*. —One
faction of ibc republican party hcM n
meeting at W iiaon'a station, atnl tlx
other taction tried to break the mei-l
ing tip. While \V. (i Cox, a negro,
wa. speaking, iherc were ctieg of
"('ml iiitu down!' a tush fur the stand
a pistol shot, am! one of the assailing
purtv, a negro, fell dead. The mob
then tiied to lynch Cox, but Wilson,
a white man, got hint in bis store,
bolted the door, and after a strong tin 1 ntob were persuaded to let
the law take its course. Cox was then
taken to jail
The conference between the Me-
F.nerv and Kellogg pat Ins in New
Orleans lias resulted in an arrange
intent whereby an advisory board, con
sisting of two Conservative*. Iwo He
publicans, am) one Independent R<
publican, is constituted, and i- en
trusted with tho management and
revision of registration for the coming
election. Kellogg promise* to appoint
1 1 two Democrat# <>n the Returning
'! Board, which will then consist of three
Republican* ami two Dem u-rat*
(,'liarl. s OV oiiioi has written a let
ter to the New York Herald taking
issue with Hon. Reverdy •lohnsoii as
lo the finality of the President's re
cognition of the Kellogg government.
Mr. O CoMMf says, "liidienlmil COB
siatency in official opinion or action if
not to be maintained at the expense
of rectitude and justice."
It call no longer he disguised thai
the Republican leaders have settled
upon the policy, as a fixol thing,of
fomenting discord ami bloodshed in
the South in order to kop alive the
dying embers of sectional prejudice,
nnd thus prolong their official life. Ii
is a very heartless policy, but the only
thing left them. Will the people lon
ger sustain such despicable WPfJt H
NOTICE. —I have nnplled to the Stir
veyor General for thirty acre* im
proved lnnd situate in the Township ol
Harris, adjoining binds of Jonathan Trsss
ler on the K i*t, lands in warrantee name
of Jeremiah San key on the Smith, old
surveys on the we-t, and lands of Daniel
Byley and others on the north.
ll • - -
M A Ii Ii I A(1 LIS
I, I 111 v.'ml nil .Mr John 1' I." ' and M It*
I.nurn A rnr-y. hoth of Centre Hull
In I Inn l.i\ Oct, |,| 1871. I,v Kev ('
' Mi.itiiiiUl.', si llluilii.ii, Mr Win 11 Krwp
* 1• I < 1011. 1 ml, formerly of Centre t'o. I'a,
1 In Mi.. Mary K 11iritl timti, of Walls Co,
, lint May I.e 11 i'n slid joy attend them.
lin the 4th ot Oei. 1874, l.y Ho* C II
He iter, itt I lit* It-formed fiarsotißKa in
Vurohsl.tiig, Mr 'II.. in-it f rank tin Ucnsel,
i" Mn Knima Snydi-f Loth of Centre to.
1 l'
On tin. iSHb iin 1 n( T> ler-v ille, Clinton
j en by He* \\ M |.anilis, Mr Emanuel
liierly, to MiaaJane Miller, nil ..f Sugar ,
On tlm 1:1 th liial, Mr Win Outrun, of
Blair rountv. 1.. Ml., \in.i. C LaUi k, of
I I' i' IK tl at'll toWllshlp, (lila i utility.
IHi tin. llf 1 iiiatnfit Ml llie reaiilenee of
lb. 1.ri.1.. a lather ill Sell, I'a. by
I'u't 1', Mr (1 M Korfiicy, ..f I'uie
Urot n Mills, and M t* E. igter, of S. litis
! jroy o.
On September ; at (ho residence of (he
in Ile t I'sn i.ta liy Hi v I, S t'roi.i Mr J
1. alvin M.-atir ..f licllcfnMte, arid Miss
l.'iiiri (, Han.hart, daughter .-I 1' W
llarnhart, of Hoggs township
Do September VI. at C1.1..11V1 IH, by lies
1.1 \ It Hughes. Mr Daniel Jt Norri*. of
i I'.'lUiOlt to Miaa fjuilii Huinh-re, r ..f
- ......... * * 1, in
I lllollVsilt-, |"a
Co !•i J inst, in Aarnnaburg. Catharine
I old.--ha, daughter of Henj Franklin an*
t .iristlna Phillips, aged '.'if days,
Al t routs ill, 1, Clearfield eounty, ot,
Nunita \ evening, Sept ja7i, ~f ty
-1 old li ver, Josephine Margaret, y ..ungost
laugi.ler o| Hev Cliarh • F Hoff,,,', ,r, ng, ,J
• years, 7 months and -Jy d ß ys
f • r I tie Hep .I ter.
( " o-Mnher, daughter of Balser and
\.1" Weber o| Uovtard P. , t , „ j
* life .'i, Saturday evening -j; j
| IHE .evenleelilh y lu r uf her age. S||" died
"I Uphold fever, alf or # ftort lllue.a
j .>urliig Iter kirkiu'W ho t i-ilurr,i mucli
j pli) ai. al suffering which she bore with
great pa'.ler.. e. During her short life here
• was uli bumble loll, .wen, f Jesus, which
gate, 11, her dying ho Ur . an assured'
| i'"pe af gaining the r.-st that rcmainetb fori
se .bat love all J Serve tsod. Till, funer-'
o ■ rt - wer- tondu, hs M.s.r. 1
and kroaa.on M'U'lay aacrntson. j
I . -1* li, slh-r which tlm liumerona COIR.
pany that had gathered to pay the last
tribute of rasped to her. followed her re
matt!, to the cemetery east of Howard
where now they repose to await thn r;..,.'|
■ng 1 tl,I Lord Carrtu >aasM kind eomJ
... sw BMnltoi,*.(edaughter and *j#ter
•*'.<* . personally endowed aid,
ir.e,-., . .trot,a intellect, a wn„, loving
Heart, great energy ami strength of will
•• ' -1 keen Urt Bll .j iI)M ,'ril| w |.r Ali
.kmwl ... toyi-(i i.. , *l.l death 1.1
j iBl| fc .1 l_> 1.1 | | -r , 1. r .,tl tt . r ,
t.r. *i.4 liarcHy ie ,ur C ly laimo).
1 i . Kf'-Bl ttotiiU. rof I friend
wi.Kt.i will in vor forg.-t the mans
- I i.'.ur. tin ) t'o,d ui her froeiety.
i. o*tr aiiltn* kviu|Miit,v. fur
•" am. . I Hey af lelt broken t.e.rii d, but
to .' .bout ! be ■ OlUflirted With tbe rutuo.
• ..f know II,K tl,Bt ('.riie t.od.r
I'l'ojil tho angeU reaping ber ble t .d re.
"'• 1 A Katusp,
t l A J.t A Hl.fc KAItM KtR HALE'
J H!: be eitK..rd at tublie aale am]
■d to till! blgbtett bidder, mi tin- liredlt-
TUt'ltsDAY. tKTOMEH k*.#, 1^74,
VI. XI, .ate tbe |,r..|.< rty of \V illi.m Kid
' . a.' l, Utoatw! p ijm I-wuvbij.,
" \ maty, about out tnite eat of
irto lln'l, eubtainii'i
: d twenty i giil prrcbin and allowance, II . reeled large tro-lurv brick
e. large bank barn and all other nec
"*r\ out building*, ab >ut one hundred
ml liny nirr t Scaml r* t{ j t4
n on hard, containing hlu-ut tbri-e acre*.
.. ! with ixerllri I ap|.! and otber fruit
. A >)>lemJid pring of water near
lioiiK, w ith eicellet.t >(> ring bouae. two
■ •tun,, at the hou> and one at the barn.
\\ i I i'ihi be o!d at au.e t one ami place
I'd i atf inlie from Centre Hall, i -iilwiuihf
bout tweitrc acre* Terut* made known
n day of tat. F'-r further iiarticutart
xiuira of J 'tin II K . . ' at l . , •..
• It ibo prrttlDM
Divio W Kititn, Wvi Kki.i ca. Jr.
I* F K KI ten f' Kr.i t u
ii .arJian of W K FO-fKl'.
\Uo at Up Mine wad place 1 wiil
■*-' at public Mil* my valuable farm, ca-
Ui'io g 1 ITi ai re- *d)itilt ( tbe above
fl.-'fl pretni". \ further d> tcription
of the frm i* unnreeotrv, at it i* we:l
known throughout the vallrv
In pt.rnianee of an order of the tlrphab'-
I'outt of Mrttm lounty, the uoderaigned
will off' r tl public *a!e, on the premoe*,
w . THURSDAY. . 'Jff, 1*74
•ituate in r.-lter townthip. I '• ntre county,
. Ijoining land* "1 Jacob Wagner, John
L"ve. and other*, conttimng
160 Acrct und 56 IVrche#
and a .u-nuiK-, tiou'.ly ele*r<-ii and under
r lilt i* at ion, .-n uhiih are l-rerti-d a good
: ..*• I. FB \M K HOUSE. BANK
It A KN, CI D."i I* TKESS. and other im
provement* There are IwoOn hatJ* on
111- premUe*. one a young one of rhoice
fruit, aio! water i- piped to both hou*eand
burn. Al*o, *
:tuvtx in -:ii1 I'iillor township, adjoining
lands of John Frye. W. \\ , Lore and
ntlii r>. containing 1" ACRES
TKRMS One-third of ihiputvliiM n<-
nry on confirmation of nlo; one-third in
one \r*r, end the balance in two year
with intorrd, end to bo secured by bond*
nnd mortgage on tho premise* Sale to
commence ; 1 o'clock i> m. of •eu) dev.
\ lminietrikt< r of Win Nelo. late of
Armagh twp., Mifflin countv, dec'd.
Oct 1.
I) I' SA LK Pursuant to en order
I of tba Orphan'* Court oil ONMN coun
ty. th" undersigned wi I offer t public
.itlo on the premiere in l'uller twp., on
Friday, October 9. 1874. the following
described reel elaie. leteof W m M Minn,
dec'.l. to wit: A VALUABLE FARM,
•iluste in Potter twp., two mile* west of
Potters Mill*, bounded on the north l>v,
lend of Joste ltoyir and Win. Hoe I, on
thece.t by lend* of Philips end Ulassgow,
ai.d John Meyer, on the South by lends 1
..f Win. Fernt r end John Mesrlnger, on
the sol by lend* of Robert Lee, contain
ing 111! At'RKS more or less. 85 acres
. leered and in a good state of cultivation,
and a considerable portion of the farm en-1
closed with a new po*t-fcnce. The im
provements are a two story <1 welling houiu,
! Link-barn. wash-house, stuuke-house, wa-j
goti-shed and other outbuilding-; u never
'tiling well with pomp in it near the
kitchen door. AUo good tenant house,
stable and other outbuildings near the
mailt dwelling house; two good orchards,
hearing fruit of the be-t quality. Also a
tract of TI M BKRLANI). situate inid
township, containing 15 acres of g -. d tim
ber within one mile of the farm. Prisons
desiring to view the premises will pleasi
call on either of the undersigned, r.-sidmg
within a shott distance c.l Uo farm Sale
to commence at ' o'clock p. in Condi
tions tu ole known on Jav of sale bv
24 sep. td. Administrator*.
JOIIN Kit UC II HI 1.1.,
in bis elegant Now Rooms, Spring *treet,
Ha* on hand a splcr.d.d assortment ol
HOUSE fllKHltliltn from the com
monest to tax most elegant.
and anything wanted In the lint! of hi*
buainxss —hoinemadn nml city work A!
so, has made a speciality nnd keeps on
hand, the largest nnd finest stock oi
Good* told HI reasonable rates, wholesale
and detail. Give him a cull before pur
chasing elsewhere. feb6-ly
White iVheat $1 IS lied 110..,.1ty>
86 ....Col nHA ....tlau W Barley 80 . I
* 70 Clo .craned 4,60 Potatoes 001
Lard |ier |iotind M l'urk per pound IHJ
• Itulll'r "SI Kgg I't Blaster perlun
, 416 Tallow 8 Bacon Hi Ham 16
hard tier pound 8 cents Buckwheat
06 eta ...Flour per barrel retail",oo..
Nova Scot la plaster sl4 t'< 16. Cayuga
plaster $0,60 per 'JOOO lbs.
\ \ 1,1 A III.K It KA I, KVIATK
M ill he offered at I'uhlic Sale, on tin
prioniaea. in poller Up., on Til I" HSU A V,
•I el "her lulli 1874
Tile following real estate, belonging In
(ho Estate "f I'eter Uursl. dee'iL, cor|.
sitting of a valuable farm "I 118 ACttKS,
noire or leas, situate 1 mile from I'otlera
Mills Tiler lion ere,ted a TVVII BTOHV
mid oilier outbuilding-, with two good
orchards and alt binds of the heat fruit on
the premises and a good spring of never
tailing water near the bouse Also,
Mighty Acrea of TimberlnnJ,
situate in I*niter twp , V miles from Pol
(era Mills. Sale lo commence al J o'clock,
p in. Terms will he made known on day
of sale.
til sep td. Kiwulor*.
|it ptotutiiisc of an order of the Or - Court ot Centre County, the uuder
signed will offer at public sale, on the s, on Friday, October lb. 1874. a
situate iii Potter twp , 7!) miles West ot
Potters Mills . known as the farm of Rev
Daniel Kerr, dee'd, containing about
lloiii.dyd "e lb'' f-u-t b* lands of Win.
i Ilishrf, on tli sutitb ami west by |mbli<
ond, imrtli by lands ul Mr Miaduw and
J'dlll Kfi'iter Thereon creeled H gcuKl
BAKN. and first class outbuildings, good
fruit of all kinds, and a never tailing
spring of water near the bouse.
TKHM-s One-third of the purchase
money on • .nfirtnaiiui. ~ f nie, the
lance in two 1 wu*' annual payments, to he
s.-t by bund and mortgage on the
premises with interest Sale to com
mence at 1 o'clock, p. tti.
I 'i' t I Administrator
I" i,
rtinners, (■ rangers
Everybody !
for tbe fall and winter trade received.
Our loi-k of nady-made Clothing i
Uige, and fir>t cla>s in every r**|iecl.
VESTS at price* lower than ever.
King William, Mellon, Beaver and oth
er Overeat* A fine iturk of LaUwl Style
Tbe very bent Men* and Boy* heavy
II'MIII. Ladie, Mieo and Children*
A full line of Cent'* KurnLhing (i.wij*.
Everything liwdwt to Coul|itrle a Gen
t'emsu • wardrobe, via—Clove*. IJalf
ll".*, CruvaO, utiderclolhmg Ai-
At the Clothing Store. Mdroy. I'lean
favor u* with a call and examine good*
and price*. Rctpectful'y,
Oct 161. Z. I*. H. KIMEL
The underigncd beg* leave to inform
hi* patron* and the public generally thai
he i n w prepared to make COFFINS
and r p. clfully ioiu il* a hare of their
■ atrot.age Fum-rwl* attended with a neat
3 ept tin. Churchritla.
ST(INK W AKsTu.v K W ARE ' !
The under*igned would reipedlully an
nounce to thec iliErn* of Oregg mud ad*
joining lnwn*hipt, and the public gener
al!* thai he lie* jut rei-eived S.JJtU OAL
LONS. No t Ohm Stone NVare, con*i*t
. usg of Milk Crin k* and Pan*. Afiple
. boiler crock* front Ito b Cation*. A 100
*tne jug*, 1 lob gallon*, Unt> jar*.
A. Die reputation of the Ohio Sfone-
Ware I* universally acknowledged--
"None better ever made Nodnngerof
the g.axing coming off like earthenware.
It i* much niiperior li earthen ware in eve
ry re* poet. Ad kind* of country produce
'.akin in exchange tor Stone-Ware and
mere hand toe for which the higheal market
' price wi II be allowed.
jaug'AK im Penn Hall, Pa
Fine Homestead for Sale.
A Itiiu*'- Jk Iol—about .1 Acre* of g**od
Cultivated land eiluatc in tiregg tw|.,
nrmr Trea*ler * Saw mill, in (irorgfi* Val
ley. i* offered at private ale. Two pubtii
r.'ad* run along two side* uf tbe lot.
Tberi "ii *r- em te-l a two *t'<rv HOUSE,
STABLE. SHOP, and other outbuilding*.
A splendid ORCHARD of the be*t apple*,
cbe-rrve*. t ear*. peai*bnr, and p'utii*. on
the preiniae*. and never failing water near
thr door. Clo*e to the bouse a fine gar
den and a beautiful yard in front. Also
running water near the home For fur
ther parti, ular* apply to L<>TT EVANS.
Aug *JI) I'm
Mlllheim. Pa.,
Thry have just returned from the Eastern
Cities, where they hivc purclm-i-d it well
selected tK-k of
Plasterer* and Masons,
Saddlers, Shoemakers,
Housekeepers, nnd in fact,
Wecsll particular attention |u >, One a
-nrtmetit ol Pi. tore Frames and Moulding,
i pry cliMp
An! Cut tain Fixtures of every kind.
iittonli..!' I- railed to our -t<-k of Strokes,
Hubs, Felloe-. Slmftus Pole- and Buggy
Wheels. *ll of No. 1 quality and .oiling ve
ry cheap. Our stock i* large, and on
--•Unity being renewed, and we are selling
wholesale and retail—lit very low price*.
Remember —much money has been lost by
paying 100 much for Hardware Try
They buy f>r Ca-h and .*<>ll at Cash Price*
for less profit than any othut Hard *nre
Store in the County,
a®-Call ami see us. Satisfaction guar
an teed.
aug £7-y '7l
payers of Potter township urn ho re by null*
fled that tin* duplicate ot School-lay f,, r
the Drumt year is in the hands ot the un
dersigned. All such tax paid on or before
December Ist 1874, will have an abatement
of 5 per cent. Thirty days alter said date
there will by mi abatement, ami op all
w" tax remaining unpaid nl'tisf January
I, 1876, tli<>re will be addition ~| i |..-i
j cent to tho i\ttteMUt ou duplicate, a* pre.
[scribed by law.
S. M. Sw ARTZ,
110 Sept 8 111. Treas
Stages arrivo and depart daily j
WIT LllMil. Bulsh VaLSSTiTI
Burner* and Shipper* of the celebrated
r mmm'lmm. z
Dealer, in ihe eery best grade* of
The ouly dealers in Centre County who (he
wn I! L! K Ei SI B! Al II ft; E CI 01 Ai L
from lb. old Balilmoi. mine*. Alio
of Am in aril. Co. I dryly housed | ur bauM u*e. at tie lowest prices
II EJLE It S lA* Glt A / JV.
They p.y the behest priea. in rml, f uf fr-lB thfct tho K „ tfrn m „ htU wi „ Jfd
Bought or .ill be kohl on commission wh.n desired, .ml full prices guaranteed. In
forui.tfoa concerning the grain trad, will be furnished at .11 time.. U. ferm.rr,
with (demure, free of charge.
which i* .Iw.ys sold at low prices, and warranted to be a* rood a fertiliser as any
other plaster.
o/mt am vaan
17 "-I't ai" BELLFFOXTR. *.%.
Lime! Lime!
Li Hie ot the brt quality, alwa}'* oil
I Laud. HI the kiln near Centre Hail.
i iu>>. >4ilm si trreeL.
1 have on hand a large aaeortment of
will be aold at the niarkot price.
jullfl 3in Milroy, Pa
Next door to Wilson <i Hicks' Hard
ware store, Allegheny St.,
Jas. C. Williams.
(Successor u B. K. Rank in A Co.r~'
(or medicinal purpotaa.
A l*o, Choice
and all other article* uiually hepl in first
class Drug Store.
Keystone Store.
Go to
No. 6 Bush's Arcade, Bellefbnte, Pa. '
All kinds of country produce tak* ;
en. Best Bargains iu town to be -
had. nov'2otf
Manufacturers of
Sheetiron & Tin
Milllieira, Pa.
All kinds of Tinware, constantly on
hand and made to order.
Sheet iron Ware of cvory description,
always on hand.
Hooting in Tin and Sbeetiron done in
the most approved and satisfactory style.
Spouting done to order.
Their stock of Tin and Shoetiron Goods
i large and complete, and otfered at thi
Their establishment ha-i boon enlarged
and stocked completely throughout.
Satisfaction guitrlanteed, ar.d all jobs
promptly attended to. aprlC-y
a*, signed, an auditor appointed by the
Orphan's Court of Centre County, Pa. to
hear and pass upon the exceptions filed toi
the ndministration account of Win. P !
Uothrock. administrator of Samuel Wag
ner deceased, hereby gives notice that he
will attend to the duties of his appoint
ment on Tuesday the IHth d*v of October,
at I o clock A M., at his office ip Rekie
futile, where all persons intasaiiad, Qli v
attend if tlicy see proper,
C k T i rV V vnVl! „ C. M.Boi^T.
ti Bullofonts, Pa. Spe
cial Hltout'-.n given to Collections, and
Uri ' ..ins' Court practice. May ha oun
suited in German and English, U#c in
Garman's Building. Wjrtt'Tftf,
a eouipctoiit Teacher, hud coming well
recommended, is Wanted for the Centre
; Hall grammar school, , tl ( w j e WHS ,. V A
ply at once to
sl '' Director.
lSh?SxL W ape " 00 MondH J r Octobei
1 10 Sept. 3-t-. By order of the Board.
J D sncoarr J A.SKIYKI
joMSHorraa. erraa uotmn.
Banking Co.
And Allow Interest.
Discount Note
Buy and Set!
Government Securities. Gold and
.. Coupon*
Paras tlorrxa. Wa B. MIMILX,
Pre* t. Cashier
Chas. H. Held.
( laeli, Walrbwaiirr A Jeaeler
Mitlheira. Centre Co., pj.
Respectfully inform* hit frienos and tha
public in general, that ha ha* jutt opened
at hi* new establishment, above A Irian,
da*'"a store, and keep* constantly on hand,
•1. kind* ol Clock*, Watches and Jewelry
of the lalett *tjrlea. a* alao the Maranvilla
I alent Calender Clock*, provided with a
complete index of tha month and day of
tha month and weak on iu face, which ia
warranted a* a perfect lime keeper
W alchcs and Jewell? re
paired on abort notice and warranted.
lit*i Sample Ivootut in Town.
D. JOHNSTON A SONS. Proprietor*
Bellefonte, Penna.
J-reo BUM* to and from Ou Depot.
Excelsior Cement-
The undrr.'gned new manufacture* Ce
Creek Mill, in Haiae* twp. This cement
ha* already been Med in large Quantities
u|KMi lb CAS. C. ItR., and ii been
found highly satisfactory upon nil job*
where it ha* been u*ed, and it. equal to
purpose agoodqunlity of Cement u dent Thu Cement ha* already Wen
wide, end rendered tlic ut
most Mtwfhction. Person*. therefore con
•truoting CtUerut, laying Water Pipe*.
Ac., will fad it to their ad vantage to bewr
this in mind, and also that he warrant* the
article a* represented.
may .1 tf Aaronsburg. Pa
Jouy SPA sunn. Proprietor,
otage* arrive and depart daily; for al
p-unt*, north, south, east and mt.
■ h*T Bxocxxxßorr, 7. s mlfAsT,
President, Cashier.
(Late Milliken, Hoover A Co )
And Allow interest,
Discount Notes,
Boy and cell.
Government Seem lies.Goid d
•pw*f Coupon*.
Would most respectfully inform the cit
sens of this vicinity, that he ha* started a
new Boot and Shoe Shop, and would he
thankful for a share of the public patron
age. Boot* and Shoes made to oroer and
according to style, and warranu his work
jto equal any made elsewhere. All kinds
of repairing done, and chargs* reasonable.
Give him a call. feb ls ly
Dentist, Millheim.
nuhhe" m! F rofc * ion J services to the
public. He is prepared to perform all
mTti ,o r i the de tal profession.
tA? pre '* red t® extract
leeth aiso/ajf/y wjWysw. myh-73-tf.
T> ' at Law,
!M!. '• c ""~ O L",S6
Vn , Spangler's hotel.
h, V* * l all prepared
toniake all kinds of men and boy's cloth
ing. according to the latest styles and at
reasonable charges.
r T tS, Attorney at Law,
■ uo ° liivOi
the citi nsof Mifflin
■ *" in counties, in -as
"'alaßa" an< * or,lamenata '
Mahogony. &c ®* k ' Wtlnut ' Ma P le ' Ah
'' lH ' n hnd ,* , " nt 7 Paperhanglng. Or
dera rrspectfuUy solicited.
nov fi tf * Wark dcno forotll er painters.
•I UU r ji' Attorney-at-LaW.
.P rom PHy made and
wS i kUem,on K"en to those having
ki*U or property for sale. Will draw up
f&o Deeds, Mortgagee,
J . tluc in the diamond, north side of
the court house, Bcllefonte. oct2^'t>9tf.
' I L. SPANGLEK, Attorney-at-Law,
!?/ ~ „ Bellefonte, Pa. Office with
. . locum. Consultation in English
laiitl German. Collections promptly attend
*dto - febo-tf
r-iw,d Or. Fitter's Vegetable Rheums* -
fcrcnp. I [ruk, 1| sa lzLUllitle ears for Ksrra, K. -
M>MtimslSliiKuet i
_ - -A.OSBOUlUr.><rfaryJPfc*iEe,/'.'.r.
wldimmn fW Cwd br Hp and tHTI wtirfrany \V