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    THE OKNTi;'.; RErOtVTr:*
THURSDAY Al'G 20. 1874.
Our friend* will oblige bv sending us
items <>t local now* in their locality, give
ii- the facts only, and we w ill put them in
sha|\ al*o notices ot death* and marri
aßc*. .
Any one sending us the mimes of siv n. u
subscribers, with the cash, will be entitled
to receive the UKROHTKH one year free.
The KKPORIRR being read by neatly
everybody on this side of the county,
where it has a larger circulation than any
two papers, will be found the best medium
for advertising business, sales, Ac. Ac.
Prof. Coyle, who come* highly re
commended. will hold a concert ot \ocai
music, in this place, on Monday eve, 24.
The Lutheran S. S.. of Rellefinte
picnicked on Nittany mountain, above
this place, one day last week.
—Rev. A. A. Kerlin occasionally sup
plies the pulpit of the Lewislown Lulh
church, the par tor of which, Rev Brown,
is ill.
S. 1). Musscr, ot this place, and Mr
Jacob KunUl, of Belletonte, have pur
chased the hardware store of M Maniga!
A Brown, at Millheim.
After the 3d of September it will be
too late to register. Voters should r
member that the law has been changed
since last year.
The Lewislown Gazette of last week
looked as though it had been shot through
rv crab-apple orchard before it reached us
—it was so badly torn,
--It will be glad news for our people to
learn that some of our liberal and public
spirited citisons tals of erecting an Acad
emy building in this town. There is no
better point in the county for such an in
—Ore ot the best quality is known to
exist close to Centre Hall, and when the
railroad opens for trade, these Knd* will
become valuable.
We under?tar.d parties are negolia
ing for the purchase of the top of N iitany
Mountain with a view of preparing it for a
summer resort We think it will pay—it
affords one of the grandest landscape view >
in the country.
Parties are talking of erecting an
observatory upon Nittany Mountain A
fine idea. A structure of 50 or 75 feet
might be erected at a small cost, arid thus
much enlarge the unexcelled and beauti->
ful view from the mountain above Centre
Mr. David Witmet, uiicmnd daugh
ter, of Juda. Wis., are paying a visit to
their old friends and former home in Cen
tre county.
The 2nd week of court, August
term, has been postponed, far want of a
judge. v
Up—Jacob From s new two story •
shop, on the hill. Mr. From will also I
erect a new dwelling. Rev. Miller will
erect two bouses this fall, and Mr. E:rs '
a large shop.
Any one wishing to purchase a neat i
and coxy home, read the advertisement
of Lot Evans in another column.
umn, it will be seen that J. II ReifsnyJer,
Esq.. declines the nomination for Co. Sur- ■
veyor. He is a Justice of the Peace, and j
we suppose considers this more profitable j
than the former.
Messrs. Shoop A Van Pelt intend ad- j
ding a pair of capping burs to their ma
chine shops, for chopping grain. The
burs will be run by thoir steam engine, and
will prove quite a convenience to the peo
of this vicinity needing feed. '>
\y A match game of base ball was play- *
**eion last Saturday between the Centre*''
Hall club, and the studerts of the
Normal school, which resulted in a victory
for the Centre Hall boys, the score stood
Sfc?* 25. '
—Five or six new houses are to b
r bttilt again shortly, in this place, besides a
large Methodist church—thus does our)
town keep on improving steadily. Land;
adjoining town sells at SSOO to SIOOO per j
acre, and town-lots at from s2jo to SSOO j
per lot. We think our landholders are :
asking too high for their ground, such '
prices keep down the growth of the place,'
and at cheaper rates and quicker sales j
much wore profit would be had. Men of
ordinary means who come here to pur-!
chase are often driven away by the ex-!
\travagant prices asked for lots.
We bad a heavy thunder-gust pass
over us on last Wednesday afternoon,
bringing a good soaking rain, mucb need
ed. The lightning struck a chestnut tree,
opposite Mr. Ostuan's residence, ntar this
place, shattering it to the roots. Mr
Ossman and Kmc other persons were
standing under-the'.oversbot of the barn,!
and witnessed the cutting down of the tree
by the bolt. A stroke of lightning went
down the rod of the barn where they were
standing, a few moments before the tree
was struck, stunning M r. Ossrnan and the •
other* some a hat
Hall has ten times more dogs
j than are needed to guard the town or eat j
up its garbage. The creatures are annoy. i
ante night and day, and breed three-1
fourths of the fleas that keep you kicking j
by day and scratching by night. Dogs are :
useful in their places, on a .'arm for in- i
stance, or in shops and store* where a'
watch is needed but when nearly every ;
family quarters one knd some as many as
three in a town they are not only a useless
expense, but an intolerable nuisance.
They frighten borscs.harm other and more
useful animals upon the street, which have
a better right there than curs, anil often
rob cellars and outhouses. We wish the
bologna sausage man woulil come this
wuy once, there is an abundance of the
principal ingredient used in his trade. r
Gingherich living on John Hoy's farm
about two miles below town had bit leg
broken and mangled on Friday 7, by a
threshing machine. The unfortunate
young man, who is about fifteen years of
age, caught his clothing in the revolving
shaft of the large separator, which whirled
him around with frightlu! speed. The
space between the shaft and the barn floor
was such that every time the shaft made
an evolution, he struck the floor with ter
rible force. The machine was fortunately
stopped in time to save his life but his legs
were badly crushed a id the bone broken
above the knee of one leg. He also re
ceived serious bruises about the head and
body.— Republican.
Letters have arrived informing rela
tives in this place of the death of Mrs.
Hardman Philips, wife of the founder of
Philipsburg, at Gwernvale, Berkenshire,
England, on the 20th of July, aged 87
years. Mrs. Philips spent a great portion
of her married life here, coming a bride to
the home of her husband in the new world
in 1821, and remaining here until 1846.
She was always beloved for her traits of
character, prominent among which was
beuevolence. Mr. Edward Lloyd, one of
the oxccutors of the will of Hardman
Philips w ill sail for England immediately
tl settle the estate. l'hilip.ibiirtj Journal.
The Reporter husthe folio wing items
r from the eastern end :
Mr. Abs. Musser, of Haines township,
threshed 25 bushels fiom 260 sheaves of
"velvet chaff"" wheat.
The committee appointed to assess dam
ages on the road from Millheim to the
Forks, met on Wednesday, 13, and made
the following awards :
J. Meyer, $1(0.00
John Xersielter, 100 00
John Dutweiler. 250.00
H trriet Bracht, 75 00
The barn of Andrew Confer, in Confer
Valley, Gregg twp., was struck by light
tting on Wednesday afternoon. 12. One
horse, and the entire crop of grain and
hay, together with farming implements,
Ac., were consumed. No insurance.
Weal her warm nl dnytllM, nighl*
The corn-crop in th county will
not be an trrri(t one.
John Gr ve I building a NEW IIHUIP
on h■ tarm formerly Hutchinson's in
Poller twp
Blackberries are plenty- ami selling
at li via per qimrt. Huckleberries M-II at
tt and 7 Ct*. per quart.
- The liru-lnalley Hand will hold a
concert, in this place, on Friday availing
This hand discourses good music,
- Hotter twp. Trachea' examination,
at Centre Hall, Tuesday Sept. 8.
The "Excelsior" Society, of the Nor
in at Institute, wilfgivr a public entertain
mrnt of music and paper-reading an Wad
nodav ere , ">c
Mr Frederick Moyer, of l'ann
Hal', measured sonic of hit oala and found
it to he 5 feel, S{ inches long Mr. Moyer
is not only a goed farmer, but a first class
coach maker
- The Flunigrovv pic lie ai largely
attended on Saturday, and the occasion
was a pleasant ana. Addresses were de
livered by Revs. Crittenden, tiroh and
Galbraith, which ate said to have been
earr interesting.
Moj, Fisber, at l'ann Hall, has re
ceived an entire car load of Ohio stone
ware'crock* and pans ot all aiaes, and as
he has fought so Jarge a lot he will ha en
abled to sell it cheaper than elsewhere m
thi\*tate. The Ohio stone ware is the beat
made in this country, and the best and
cheapest for all purpose*. Read the adver
Mr. S. L Stiver delivered bis lecture
on Washington Irving, in this place, on
Friday evening. There was a full house
and good attention. The lecture was an
ut. resting one and altogether a real lite
-ary treat, and will bear a repetition be
fore C ur -. v intelligent Irving s
name and literary fame w ill ever live in
history'and belle* leltres, s * one of the shin
ing contributors in tLo departments
We think our young friend Stivir did full
justice to his favorite subject, and his lec
tur:- leaves no gap for ilicr students to
make improvements upon, when delinia
ting the birth, life and literary achieve
ments ot the great American author.
Cot RT. N OTlOU. —Jurors, \VUnease*
summoned, and all others interested, are ,
hereby notified that there will t>e no Sec- ;
ond Week Court, in August Term. 1874.
and such need not appear. By order of ;
Court. B. F. Suarrfß, Sheriff.
Belleionte, N. Ward— H V SliUrr
do S "—Joseph Fox.
do W. "-O Meek.
M ilesburg—Ja* F M eavcr
Howard—John W Gardner,
l'hilipsburg- C A Faulkner.
Uniouville--Jobn Bing
Beamer twp— A Y Wagner.
Boggs—Wm Marks
S Burnside—Bernard Ve.fich ffi-r.
Curtin—lictiry Fheil.
Ferguson- \\ 11 Fry.
Gregg—J BHecknian.
Us:nti -4elin C Stover.
, llslt'woen—J H Griffir..
llarri*—John Merer
Howard—Samuel B Leathers.
Huston— H G Cronister.
Liberty—Jno. A Stover.
Marion—George Hey.
Mile*-Harvev, Koruisn
Fatten- I* E Sellers.
Fenn—D A Musser.
Fatter —George Stiver.
Rush—G M GaflVy
Snow Shoe —J H Holt.
Spring—John H Barnhart.
Taylor—Samuel Weaver.
Union —G L Feter*
Walker—John Divcns.
Worth—Owen M'Cann.
J. II lIOIiRIStIN, Chair man
For He Reporter
> Lindauion Wingard and two of hi*'
brothers while out for hucklebcrrie* the
other day, came across a family of raltla- j
snakes, that lodged under a large flat rock.
Judging from the rattling. Lindatnon says
sKere must have been about a doaen under
rock. They succeeded in killing three,
oTio having 12 rattle*, while the others had
only six apiece.
The Millheim Hardware Store is about
changing hands again Messrs. M'Mani
ga] fc Brown have sold eut to Me*r.
Musser A Kunkei The inventory of the
slock will take place this week, after which
the new firm will commerce to operate for
Some gentleman from below some place
had been through h>re last week with
watermelons, but the wise men of Mill-
Vim thought, while they had good health
they would try to enjoy it. And the con
sequence was they did not invest very
Changed—'.be members of Jt'angelical
association of Centre circuit bare conclud
ed to hold their camp meeting in the grove
of Gephart'* heirs, instead of .Swartz's
grove. The reason this change was made
is to prevent these traveling confectioners
from intruding.
W. L. Musser, proprietor ot the second
national hotel in Millheim, is remodeling
bis house to a great extent, so as to be en
abled to accommodate hi* many cuitomer*
to m better advantage.
Millheim has three churches, two schools,
three sabbath schools, nine stores, three
grist mi!!*, four black-smith shops, four
saddler shop*, two cabinet maker shops,
two wagon shops, three tniior shops, two
tinware shops, three shoemaker shops, one
printing office, one clock A watch maker
shop, one barber shop, ono banking house,
two foundries, one millinery shop, and
two hotels. A town of the sire of Mill
heim with asmtny business establishments
beside* the other institutions it contains, it
hard to find
La*t week a jury passed over the road
leading from Mtllheim to the fork* of
I'er.ns Creek; their object being to ap
praise the amount of damage. Some are
well satisfied while others are not so well
Charley Smith the little notion peddler
was through here one day last week fa
voring the merchants by selling them
goods as cheap as can be bought in the
Of late some peculiar bug made its ap
pen ranee at the corn It eaU the silk,
consequently destroying the ear.
10 8. C.
Foi the Reporter.
Candidate* shaking hands, all knocked
in the head.
Radical Township convention we hear is
Rife Insurance is the gossip of the day.
Lovers rendezvous-a pine stump up
Water in town one half of the time.
Daniel Stmyer is adding an addition to
hi* Wag >n shop.
Jiseph K. Weaber ha* just fini*hed
putting down a flagstone pavement before
his property.
Our Coal miners are busy sinking a
shaft in the vicinity efGrara ley's saw mill.
Signs are said to bo good. We wish once
more success to the enterprise.
Thanks to an All-wise I'rovidenco fer
plenty of rain since harvest. Things look
refreshed in general. Wonder how an ap
plication ef water would make our pave
ments leok at the lower end oftown. Don't
be stingy neighbors when it rains nearly
every other day.
Returned—Messrs. E, Burkhart and H
Frank who left usuboutayear ago in some
what u conspicous manner. Sorry to
learn that none accumulated a fortune as
yet. May they live to learn the value of
Ttie new school house at Madisonburg
will soon be completed. These two rooms
in connection with a Town Hall on the
second story, will make quite an improve,
meat to the ancient village.
BE* Mok.
The weather in some paits of the South
has been excessively hot, and the number
of sunstrokes has increased accordingly.
Tliul llmilutiott
\Ye had intended giving reason* lor tin
pa**ge of the atili-Modoc resolution by
our late On Convention, hut a rorrospoml
eat saves us the trouble ill the following
MR KL'RTX: JV<ir Sir: The lb lie
fonte organ seetn* very much eieilod, and
goes off into high dudgeon over a resolu
tion pasted bv our County t %iiiventlon.
To say the least, tw remarks are ill timed
and uncalled fur. Since this outburst of
indignation I have read and ro road this
resolution tryi 'g to find out what peculiar
virtue l embodied in It I lint should so
arouse our *lf-o instituleil oracle. 1 can
find nothing either undemocratic, indeli
cate or improper It authoises our con
ferees "u use all fair and honorable means
to secure the nominations of tho District
candidate* named hy this Convention
Is that any thing eisd tlian sound Demo
craey * l* it not in meeerd with the spirit
ofour organisation * It further authorises
them "not to meet with or recognise any
eontcrees etcept these elected hy or under
the authority of the regular Democratic
County Convention* of the counties com
peting the tavern) district*." Surely there
can be nothing improper in this We
certainly do not want them to meet with
conferees cheseii by a republican, or any
ether irregular county convention. Ours
was a regular Democratic Convention, and
we don't want auy of our sister counties
to force their candidate* upon us unless
they do it by means of a similar conveit
lion We want them distinctly to under
stand that if they intend to make their
men the nominees of the party In tho dis
trict they mutt do it fairly and squarely,
openly and abpve board, by using uone
but "fair and honorable meant," and by
sending no conferee* sava those elected by
rryutai Democratic Conventions
A necessity for such a revolution un
doubtedly existed. As the Democrats of
tho County are aware, a grave dissension
occurred in the rank* of our party in
Clearfield county last fall, whereby a por
tion of tho party becamo alienated from
lbs regular organisation, held an irregu
lar Convention of their own. nominated an
irregular ticket, >up|H>rtcd and elected it
by the aid of iriegular Democratic (i, *. \
republicani \otes. Tho republicans nom
inated no ticket of their own but cast their |
solid vote for the bolters, hoping to gain
I :n the end by the breach which would thus
jbe made in our ranks This difficulty
I arose eul of the abuses of the Crawford
| County system ot making nominations.
The regular County Committee r*coguix
id this fact, and at the earliest Opportunity
they vailed a Convention to revise the
rule* of the party, and to take whatever'
step* were necessary to restore harmony
and unity. The old rules were discarded,
the Crawford County system abandoned,
and the party returned to the Convention
system, adopting a set of rules similar to
those now in use in our own county. But
it was too late to prevent the struggle from
being carried to the poll* HoweTer, eve
ry one supposed that the difficulty was at
an end, until quite recently when un out'
su/e intiumce was brought to bear upon
the leaders of this bolting faction, com
monly known as the "Modoc*,"' and they
■gain appeared uton the war-path. Cer
tain individual* became vary ambitious to 1
sit in high places, and as they were aware
they could not reach them fairly, they I
concluded to call into play their inventive :
and scheming laculties A correo|K>ndence 1
was opened with Dr. Potter and Col. Gilli- 1
land, the chief* of the "Modocs, and sev
eral meetings wrreheidin Bellefonte where
these worthies, and a few of our own politi- '
cians were present. What was done, or 1
bow it was dune, 1 am not presumed to 1
kuow. Yet this mucb is certain that from 1
this time forward the "Modoc*' began la '
make active preparation* to continue their !
war in Clearfield. 1 have, however, good 1
reasons for saying that alplan was/agreed '
upon substantially as follows.- The Mo- 1
doc* were to go home, arouse their brave*. 1
hold a County Convention and send cop- 1
fereea to all our conferee meetings, the
other conspirators guaranteed that they
would so that the Modoc
conferees would be admitted into the va
rious conference*. But their well laid
tchcnies have been signally frustrated at
every ueint. The Modoc* have received
littlo or ne encouragement in Clearfield,
because their follower* say the bone of
contention hat been removed. The other
porti -n of the agieoiueul has also fa. of
success. Thty. first attempted to coerce
Clinton into their plans, but that failing,
they bt ran to beseech them to "iel them
down easy" but all to no purpose. In our
own County they have been equally UII-
Successful ; not only that but tbey hare
received a puitlfa rebuke at the hand* of
•ur Ccunty Convention. This i* whet
grinds, and cause* all this stir in Koine.
These, Mr. Ejiter, are the f/cls in the
case, and they in themselves constitute the
answer to the question "What va* it fi 7 '
In view of these fact* can you, can any
Democrat, find anything improper in
"thiwo resolutions : ' Suppose tuch a figh;
ex is ed in our county and it was carried
before a District conference would we not
think it eminently proper if uch a resolu
tion were passed by our sister counties,
especially if th* disproportion in numbers
was so marked a* in this case, about 4UO
Modocs to 30>t) regular Democrat*? But
the No. of Modocs is now greatly decreas
ed and the/ c-l.ititij',o a mere handful.
But this noble action of our Convention
will diminish their band still mora, and
soon there will be none left but tho chief*
and their allies, who in a few weeks will
be placed on thuir reservations, and be
come the quiet and peaceable aborigine*
which they should be. Had these facts
been made public bwfofc otjr County Con
vention, the action of thai bo>jy r uiafit
have been different; but 1 am inclined to
think that the resolution would have pass
ed ss unanimously as it did. *
SSillkeim, August 15. 1974
J. H. MoKIIMV, Ks-q , Chairman l>rmo
eratie CS/unfy Committee.
Dear Sir: —I noticed in the papers that 1
received the nomination for County Sur
veyor, and it really surprised me when 1
•aw it, a* it wat entirely without my knowl
edge or content, being abrent front home'
at the time; I am torry to fay that I could
not serve if elected, and therefore decline
being a candidate. Ain much obliged to
the dem>cracy for the honor boatowed up
•n ute.
Yours Respectfully,
J. 11. RmraxrMCK.
For the Rcparter.
Grangers, be on your guard ! Crafty
politician* are on your tra'l, striving to
insinuate themselves into your good grace*
by empty compliments to prominent men
of your order, gnd by representing thorn
selves as your candidate*. They are
friends of yours, only so far as they can
use you to further their own schemes;
those being accomplished, your interests
will be disregarded and your order ridi
culed. These men are politicians hy pro
fission and tlicy will use you as long as
they can, and that being no longer posi
hie they will abuse you, (For further
light on this point inquire of Col. W. W.
Rrown.) Openly those men profess to be
your best friends ; secretly they are your
worst enemies. Openly they flatter your
orgpnigttliup, praise its laudable aim. and
predict for it t distinguished future;
secretly they ridicule your order, mopk
your ceremonies, and arc doing all in their
power to insure your speedy downfall.
Don't allow yourselves to he cajoled by
these tricksters. * Suffer them not to de
grade your society to thuir own lew level
of honor and morality. Snub them, and
teach them that your organization was not
formed to be captured by them or fbpir
cunning devices. They cannot benefit,
while they may, and in all probability
will, injure you. Dy turning n cold shoul
der to nil such miscreants you will aid in
purifying our politics, und strengthen
yourselves. Noy AljtUNUgB.
Ninety Eiv* 11 ninlrc.l Hariri* uf
(HI with other I'liipcrtv |le*tiov*
Pittsburg, Aiigu t I'.f The Stand ird
Oil Works and National Itefinery. on Al
leghany river, in the Kighteetith .ml
was burned to night At ito'cl.H'k f M
lightning stni. k an ail tank caiilaliniig
!l I*4l barrels o| oil, selling il on file
' About three hours Hl\erwsii|* the ta: k
overflowed, and the burning oil commit
llicstoil Willi ||tbe buildings and tanks
in the vicinity The Are new covers a
• pace of an acre ami a half tin
amount ol oil destroyed is iitno thou
sand Ave hundred barrels.
All ilia buildings on the premises val
ued st fl2 l** l are destroyed, also 12,1**1
empty barrels. The men on the premises
escaped with difficulty No lives were
tost as tar as known The telal loss is es
timated at s4o,l**l |,i s,ai.i**i on which
there Is insurant eot about s'„*).(**'
At It o clock to-night the Are was un
der control, and the other refineries ad
ioining are considered out of danger. A
tank at the Fairview Oil Works, on the
other side of the river, was also Struck bv
lightning, and H,l**. barrels of oil burned,
on which there is no insurance
Pittsburg, Aug 14 A dispatch dated
dated M t'oy > slutian, Ohio, oil the
(.'lev viand road, says Oollyer and Edwards
with a gang ot rougiis, landed and went
back in the country" about two miles.
The ring was staked out and tiie fighting
commenced about half-past two o
On the first round t'olljer fought Ed
wards Jowri to the ropes On the second
round belting was one hundred to sitty on
Edwards. The first knock down and first
bloa.l on Edwards tin the third round
Edwards hit Sammy a fearful blow square
in the face, staggering him to his k lives,
and coveriag his face With blood
On the fourth round Edwards brought
Collyer down with a frarfal blow Cull-
yer't face \>u a terrible ij{li t On the
I fifth round Collycr got in a slight lap and
then another pretty hard one. It > a
tiard round for both the combatant* On
the tilth round "there wn* a • limb and
Colyer went under. Both were to she
grass On the seventh round there was a
;clinch and a fall, with Kd wards upper
mtt. but un Ale to use hi* ad vantage. On
the eighth found Collycr responded !•
ly, Edwardi smiling
Oa the ninth round Collyer got one in
on Kdwards, he bit him .it the pit of the
ttouiach, and thri w him On the tenth
round |t.'ollyer got *r>und by a njuare
knock down. On the eleventh round af
ler a few exchanges the cry of foul wa
rased It was claimed that Kdwards
had something in hia I.aril t'ol!>er re
fused to fight. The fight was claiitied for
Kwards but the retferro decided to with
hold hi* decision lor seeeral day* The
fight occurred at a place called M ill t'reek
l'a , near line Island.
Five IVrfoua Killni.
St. Alban*. August IS. -The night ft
pre** train, which left Boston last evening
fjr Montreal via. the South -astern Rail
road, vis wrecked this tuorniag a few
miles mirth of Richford, Venn *nt
A bridge over the north braneh of the
VI isi*.juier river had been carrie I aav
by a very heavy rain !a*t night and through
the neglect o! section man the train wa
net signalled The locomotive wa prccip
itated into the Stream The express car
ran over the engine to the other ;de and
the baggage and amoking car* were tele
scoped by the fourth car and both now lie
on top of the engine. The fifth and tilth
car*, first cla**, and a l'ulsmati car were
not damaged Five person* were killed
gnd fifteen injured
Trenton. N J . Augutl li —A collision
occurred on'the Pennsylvania Railroad,
• iateen mile* aouth ot ihtt city, at 7 o -
clock this a. m An excursion train from
Morris town. was proceeding to Lng
Rranch, and when neat Cromwell's Sta
tion a misplaced switch caused it to dash
, lion ■ misplaced switch caused it t dash
t hi on a tiding into * stationary Mil train,
f complete'/ demolishing t.j |ii.iili;ir
coaches and three coal cart. Two pattcn
, gers on the excursion train err killed
r outright a third maaglcd o badly that ho
. died abortly after the accident, and a
, number injured, aotiie of them seriously.
Serious Charges Agsuist Tilton.
t New York, August 15. —ll i ilatcd in
- the Brooklyn Kagle that tlii* icrvant sir!
- business wi ! l wear another complexion,
, when the itorjr of the girl, now in pusses
, aion of jhe Plymouth Church Invesliga
| tirg C iptnillM ii inxje public- Jhe alle
. gallon II that Tilton, n<>T Beocher, a<
. interested in her removal trom Brooklyn.
It aeetna from bar itatcment now leaking
, out ha wax an adopted child in tho Tilton
, household, taken when an infant, and
t aiway* treated ■< a member of the family.
During the aboenre of Mrs. Tilton, thi*
adopted daughter left the houat, and on
, 5Jr. Ti'ton a return related to hrccur-
I ancea leading to that act. elic said that
, Tilton had attempted to debirurh her. He
I forced hia way into her bed-room aevcr .
tiinea during hit wife'a abaenca. The girl
J alarmed the houaehold and eacaped hia
, lotheaonie embraces. She finally left the
• home, and afterward told Tilton'* wifa
' whql had happened. Afterward, while
j theatory crept out, lira Tilton yat aent
by Mr Tilton to more than one houie to
| deny it, and finally finding it did not die
easily, the girl was induced by Mr. and
: M r. Tilton to ign a statement denying
.: what were called wickgd stories ae' on foot
|againat Mr. Tiiton After thia relraclien
| wai ottamod, Tilton had the girl aent we. I
. to achool, and Franci* D. Moulton paid
| her tuition and board bill*. Thia i the
. girl'a own atory, aa alio has told it to the
. Coinmitle, to her achool teacher and Mr.
| Shearman.
, The Argua aUtca that Frank Moulton
, will ipeak ; that he will do ai (Jen. liutlcr
. adviced him, "come in lait."
Tiltoii's Version of the Servant Girl
A reporter has had brief talk with Mr
Tilton. He denied that bo bad received
any money fro.n Mr. Beecher, and if Mr.
Mouilon bnd received tliu amount stated it
devolved upon liini to account for it.
Shortly after Mrs. Tilton'* confession of
of Mr. Beeher's criminality, tbo servant
who was then living with Mr. Tilton,
became of tbo fact front having
overheard the conversations which had
passed between them, and she began to
wl ispcr it to her friends in Brooklyn.
As soon as this stale of thing* was discov
ered it was determined upon te send the
girl out of Brooklyn, n a protection 16
Beecher. She was sent to a hoarding
school, and Beecher paid the expense*
through] Moulton. This, might hav*
amounted to .some two thousand dollar*.
Several gentlemen contributed to the sup
port of the Golden Age, and Beet her, ho
-aid, might hnyo been among the number,
bqt Moulton coult) not isocount for that.
l'aris, Aug., 11.—Intense dismay ha*
been created among the French govern
ment offlcials here, and the city is wild
with excitement over the neiys received
i here this merriing, pf the escape of M M f"
jjluil Jiuzine from the military prison op
the Jlaiid ofSaintp Marguerite. Jj'o par :
ticulars of thp espapp (ptvp yet boon re
ceived, but the information is considered
reliable. was sejitppcpd in Decem
ber lust to 2p yeafs imprisopinftnt, fqj- trea
mj , *
A Putt SliM fill V Nil HCII an i Si n-
I'glMli. Messrs, Frank, line sk . Hior
t liantssin >rd slreel, Philadelphia, had a
pleasant surpii'M Thirty-three yeirsago
ill! V kop I store ill New 'tlUlc t'ldun
county, alld before iimvicg lo |lu* cilt
lliev ws ro ssibbed ot go.nls lot'ie amount
nl JUKI, l.asl w es-k a loan camn Inl. lln ir
store, rent ascertaining thai tliey woe the
saniii gc ll' leim n Iftss I kept st re In New
Itfi ! n, ilitonned It > in that he w.i- fcadv
lopas Die slll ihcv ill lass v| in liu- toh
bery, togellier willi the interest upon the
same, wli till would amount to IF***' Mr.
Ft aii k Was astonished at the man's trank-
Hi ss, but was told him if he would gise
him the SIRI without interest, they would
call it s.juare, whu h he pal I ov cr and da
psrtcd, leaving tho proprietors to tuniui
ate u|M>n the singular phases of humanity.
Whs was lie, is an interesting nuery
now 7
Tim hoy fouud at Heuiiiiigtoli, \ t , sup
pesi-d to bo Cbariie Boss, turns out to be
an adopted child, whose name is Charlie
Gross, and whom his adopted parent* are
try ing to learn to tall himself Augustus
Haliiillsili. Tlielu Was u gleam ot hope In
this story ; but it i- gene
* A little daughter of James Harnett,
of Meuallrii township, Fayette county,
w a* found bnnging hlelcss to a window in
Hugh Johnson s residence on the 221 ult.
The child attempted to climb out uf the
window, w hon the stick that kepi It hoist
ed was knocked out, -i-ut the sash fill upon
her neck, biraking it, pinnii.g her body
fast until found several hours afterwaids
by members of the family The little girt
was ug.d about ten years. There were no
grown persons at the bouse at the time.
1 he mother lias bccolue insane over the
result of the accident la o children have
been drowned and one smothered tor the
same family. (Jrrriitkurif /fryiiWi,- in
Sia men recently caught l,t**l pounds of
trout in one day iroin a Montana stream
A day school for corn icls has b i n es
tablished ill the Massachusetts Male Pris
"1 ntuautied by the los. of her husband"
is the new style of indicating a widow's
Five bushels of grapes upon a single
vine make glad the heart of its owner in
Mrs IL-sti-r Authors of Pennsylvania is
112 years old one of the oldest liv ing au
This is called Ministers I.iap Year be >
cause the Vacaliou mouth, August, has
five Sunday s.
John Smith, a hermit in Krv tng. Mass ,
has made an engagi menl lo lecture m vl
Chicago beats the world in other mat- j
tars than fires. for i'. has a delinquent la*- '
list of (4 pages.
There is a fnati in Lawrence, Mass .who
Can shoulder a pievi of water-pipe weigh- j
MS pounds
Ida Truiell, aged only 14 years, com- I
milted svioaie at Kichlandtowr;, Pa., a tew
days ago, by lakii g strychnine.
fhineas Battle, v h-> Committed suicide!'
at Orange, Uv , gave luiOi t tlje I'ni
vrrsallst church of that town
De aware County, Pcnn , has a vener
able Cat 22 years old, and a sheep over -
whose wool '.il winters t.ava pa-sed.
A lady at Princeton, laws, was recently
stoug en tin- lie. k t'V a honey- bee, and I
died front the wound In 2U minute
An newspaper mates its death
reports iiioti interesting by | übltthitig *'a
tick list" si vera! daya in advance.
Koberl Bbackeil, who bad bi ■ n loan ied j
only una day, dr. Wind hiiuself at Bolti ■
dere. 111 il had i cell engaged to an
other lady
The smelting trlo at Truckn , Neva
da, are running day and night and turn
ing out 4.UP to T.'Ul pounds of bu" .ot.
every 24 hour*
There is a man in Dubuque who it so
afraid of hydrophobia that he keeps his j
hat full of memoranda how to proceed in
cse he i biUoii
A Sliako of the >po.ios a'. Payette,
Mo , 74 fret long, lately wound about the
leg. af Mr. Tbomas Preston, hut Anally
fell beneath his conquering arm
During a hurricane in Kansas, a county
treasurer became so terrified that he ac
knoW lodged a defalcation u! S!,&QO. Af
ter the wind had subsided he deniad it.
- E!ev en horses were st.den ti.-m one!
pasture, in Blair county, on Monday 1
Due tin ml red Metinonitc familiey
Irnm Ku*ia |>ar*cil llirtti){li lleriiiion
tlieir way liilhcr.
Ivtifsia lnsitati- let rv txffnije Sj'kin ;
Im t-aiiM- aiitli actions will strengthen j
the cause •>{ Republicanism in Eu
Five persona were killed bv the!
railroad accident mar Richfnrd, on
A general improyemrUl in the New I
Koglitnii corn crop is rcporied during ,
the ntonlli of July,
THE BEST TIME.— The wonderful
feat of Goldsmith Maid on the Buffs
lo track on Fiiday, in trotting a mile
in two minute* and fifteen and a half
seconds fully establish a her claim to
the title of IJueeti of the Turf. This
is probably the fastest time ever made
by any trotter, M it certainly is the
•astest time ever recorded. Two years
auo, when this mare made some very
fast time on a Western track, tlio
veracity of the judges was at first
ijuestioned, us uo one believed she was
able to perform such a feat. The
matter was discussed for weeks iu all
the sporting journals. \ delegation
was sent to measure the track and as
certain whether it was a full mite, and
to take the statements of witnesses, to
ascertain whether the mare kept to
the track during the race. The nueo
lion was never settled, hut Friday's
performance is evidence more than
sufficient to clear away all doubts.
The splendid ft-at was witness-d, it is
said, by about 2(1,000 |ect tors.
.1 Hoirjblf and I'nprovoktd Murder.
Augusta, Aug., 15.—C'apt. A. F.
liullkr, i* local agent on the South
Carolina Railroad, was shot this ev
ening uiuler the following circum
stances: lie was accompanied by hie
wife on a street car. In getting off
the car an intoxicated negro was sit
ting oil the step obstructing the pas
sage. Butler pushed the negro with
his hand, telling hint to get up Ga
briel and Michael Mulier, both ne
groes, were together, one sitting on
the steps and the other on the plat
form. Michael pushed Mrs. Butler
back as she was in the act of t>eing
assisted out and Gabriel pu'led out a
pistol and shot Capt. Butler, the bail
penetrating .his brain. The negroes
were captured. Gabriel was slightly
wounded in the face when arrested.
Death ok Captain Blti.kk
Augusta, Aug. 16. —Captain But
ler, who was shot by a negro, died last
The Muudkrek Lynched.
The citizens were so exasperated ut
the unprovoked murder that several
j hundred of thepi armed themselves
end matched to the jail, where the
Muriel brothers were confined, took
both of them out, antj carried them to
the parade groutiijg. A ju r V was im
pmyispd whet) l) °th Qabfiel and Mike
I Murrcll asserted flteif inpoeenpp. Af
ter three h"MIV inyestigHliutl.ou tiworn
testimony qf eye witnesses of •-
tier, Gabriel
- ..... tnur
. od takeu buck to jail
and Mike shot.
Ni'* Yrk, August I" Kluur le-s
llli V'lll'l 11l NVIIr.HI less lilltr
nint |. wr N. 2 $1 24 M I VI; N'il
Milwaukee >1 ;IO(ii I HI No I spring $127
I>l 2" Kv- quid at >*.'•!s I(M I' .111 n
■ltiiil. I'riitT, lr. ilolrii;, N\ •••lorn oils -d
hi MHi4- high Mu..l himl yi'llnw VN
wll'uh.'tc, wlii- W.ot.rn üb(AWk-. Oat*
In it y Kinl m ilmilii l.iw. r, fccw rnlt-xl
l.'ififc6'A'; new wli lieUi liny
•llmlv al 7(h per hundred Eggs steady
Hi 17M74r Pork lu avini at $2 tA
1.m.1 Hi m. rni 11 11- Ilk' Hotter Armor at
II (•(, aur
Chicago, \ux li at 17 Flour dull but un
r hall anil Wheat dull but rlili( stead-
Iff, No I spring *1 <>7tu 1 OJI, No V $1 ir.'l
hkl. sept *1 02i<* I UCIJ; i lase.l nl $ I ll'.'t Mil*
• r September, No 3 *iHi (.'urn dull and
declined. No 2 mixed ntpuHoli closed at
lit- spot, 1144 c bid *!!*r A wgusl ti||r bid
seller September. Oats dull and lower,
No 3711' spot or seller Auxust, So| bid
sellrr September; rejected !iA<4fi|c Hyp
hi fair demand and iiiirltirliiif firm No I
MA Kit I At; ES
tin I .tilt, by Kev J It Miller, at the
residence ol the bride s lather, Mr Altin
St.inll Bin) Mia. Mary K Wiitfird, both
ol fuller iup
tin '.3rd, July, Mr Ilnvid (I (tower, of
Inunction, (formerly of Anroiitburg.) and
Miss fierce, of Hattly tap.
tin the tub ult., in Sugar Valley, Clinton
t'i unty, of t "on sumption, Mr. Elizabeth
wile ol Samuel llratii, aged 111 yearn, "
iiiuiilba and '•*.< daya
iln 11 Auk . '• NVadaw .rib, tlhiu. Mr
Michael liarptti r, son ot liarp
aler, of Centre Hall aged about 47 ) u*r
Fine Homestead fur Sale.
A llouc A Lot about JA< re> of good
Cultivated lalid situate in Gregg twp,
near Tre*tler'a Saft mill, in George* Val i
ley u offered at private mile. Tfto public'
r. ;td• run along |we aide, ol the lot. i
1 hereon nr*j • r< i lod tln.i story lIOI'SE,
> I A It I.E. silt I J*, alid olbur Outbuildings. j
A splendid oKCJiAltll of the bentapplea,)
chcrriua, pears, |>eaebe>, and pluilia, on:
the preinin. and nevur failing water near,
the door. Clone to ibe bounv a line gar
den and a beautiful yard in frenl. Ainoj
running water near the bourn- For fur J
thrr particulars apply to LoTT EVANS
A u * 'At 2m
Tha undersigned Would respectfully an
nouued lo the citigens of Gregg anu ad
joining townships, and the public ganrr
ailv that lie has just rooeivod i.'/A! GAL
LONS, No. 1 Ohio Stone-Ware, consist
ing of Milk Crocks and Pans. Apple
butter crocks from Ito n Gallons. Also
sioaejugs, from ] to t> gallons, stone jars,
Ac 1 lie reputation of the obio Stone-
Ware is universally acknowledged—
"None better ever made. Nudangaruf
tno g aaing coming oA like earthenware.,
Il li much superior I . uarthvuvtaro in eve
ry respect. Ail kinds uf country produce
taken in exchange lor Stone-Ware andi
nierchandiM for which the highest mar-el
price will be allowed
aug'.4)*2in Pcnn Hall, Fa 1
I H I A L I.laT fur August Term, A. D. '74 :
First week commencing on the fourth!
Monday (24tb)of Aug
J Smith, use of, vs K K Nelson. No 2,
Aug term t)7
\S F Kdson vs Henry Smith, No 170, Nov
J aims M.Kinnev vs K Blowers, No 142 I
Aug T, !72
Duri A Httiiacbcr v J Harris et al. !Noj
308, Jan T. UN
K 1' Satlarhrld Vs A Mullen A Co, NoJt3'.-
Aur T. IHT-t.
1 M Wagner vs John S For.ter, NoilOU.
Apr T. 1H73
S It Wyland vs Wm Lc.hly, N".. 00, Augi
T. 1H73
J Si, ult IvsPalt It Co, No "Af' Aug T.!
Ih7u. •' j
"aim vs Samt, So 2t*. Aug T. 1i73.
M M Glaukhlin *; at vs Wm Crassmire
aI. No 34. Nov T. jH7B
--Gainer ue of v. John 11. iss, No li\
Nov T. IH7B
John H Morrison vs Pa Kit Co. No lib
Nov T. 73
Sam I Charles vs same. No I3t Aug T
Jli H..litnr< vs Archibald Moore 17tf I
AugT. IC7A
Llsl'uF '.HAND JI'HORN (or August
Term, IK4.
llcllcfont, ss Lvov, K F Rankin, J
S mmerville, Wm Gaibraith
l'atlcn—Wm Head
Milc(b„rg J It Ijabh. 1 H Proudfout
Knggs Chaa Adatiis, Wm Curtin
Poller -John M Coy, H S Wolf
Ferguson- Saml <.■*, J Shadman
Snow shoe P Yoger.
Harris—Jas Kini|>->n. Midi Hess
Spring S Ly aiis. Jao Kocky
I iiioß Jacob Hoover
llaines W II Stover
Howard Jacob Holier
Miles- .'aniei K. rnmti
Worth—Kiias Turner.
week August Term IK4.
liellrfonle James Furv, John BoflVr.U
Patlon—John Mu.ser
Pcnn Michael K -.rsJttte,- Jacob Ker
siejlcr, Joliatii, Il llaruian, A
Stover, D A Musor, Ad Hoaterman
iienner A1 Swart/.
Snow Shoe It Mile-, A Campbell
Liberty \V H Gardner. I' Holier
Harris Satnl Wssmn, Win Moklc, II
Howard boro- Henry (Dora
Haines John Limb'rt, K Deshlcr, Al-
M uuer
llalfmoon < S (iray, A Bartholmew,
J ( Fuller
l'hilipsburg Jacob Teat.
Hogg*- -J{ It I'oarman.
Potter—A llregg. (eo Kocb, li Bol
linger. Cyru* Durst, John Kmerick
Walker—Jno Miller, jr
Kiuli J C Alliwirt
. Milraburg T Mile*, Itoilicu
Spring Alexander Miller, II Neil, JB 1
Howard- Mich Confer
• regg— F F Jaaieaon
Taylor— D Henderson
Mile* Joseph trramley, John Hubler
Ferguaan—John Shiftier
(TATRi: H iIX. Pi.
Would mart mpmMll inform the cit
sen* vicinity, that he ha* started a
new Boot and Shop Shpji, and would be
thankful for u share of the public patron
age. Boots and Shoes made to order and
according to style, and warrants his work
Mo eijual any made elsewhere. All kind*
of repairing done, and charge* reasonable
(live him a call. feb 18 ly
1)11. S (. till>.
Dentist, MUlßolni.
Offer* his professional service* to the
public. He i* prepared to perform all
operations in the dental profession.
H,. u now fully prepared to extract
teefh abiolutrly withcutpmin. myH-73-tf.
nF FOBTNKY, Attorney at Law,
• llollefonte, I'M. Office oyer Key
onldjs bank. may 14 fit
■AI. J. MI It I! I'lT,Fit
Nearly opposito Spongier'* hotel.
Cut. Hail where he is at nil times, prepared
to make all kinds of men and boy's cloth
ing. according to the latest styles and at
reasonable charges.
Wharves ths Ilea. Ctuoiet A Uurt, rrssl-lont ol
lbs . .urt lit t ..aoe-a l*tsss. la IbsXStli Judit-isl Ills
frtcf. o na iallnr of III* r> unties of ( >utr*. ( tinton. and
Clesrhfltl, •fil Ih# llotmtsMf W Uv snd the
HftOOfttiU Henry iM'lb Aswa Uts .lu lgrs, m
i?ount},h*lr|tsiufHl lltvlr mm ppt, Utiu| rial* Ibr
4th day f .1 miliary . A I . t*.4. nc directed fo bold
tug a tNturt >f Oy#r and I rrmlner antt General ,1.11 Be
Ihnri and V/uart-rr Hoaalotia of the IVao* In Hsllvfoot#
fr tUNoiil| of (>nln. ami to rotntuenre nn the 411
Monday of Ag . ont. Grtitg tha 14th day of Apr 1974,
and to continue tvo wwk
If otlca li harahy given Ut iha t Torongr, J of
IW, A Idnrwan and < df ta a* IA count jof
t>ntr*. that thai Uo lhn and Ibara In their |>np#r
leriMiiii, at 10 o cliwi In tha firv*noon of aald day, with
tbalr rtH-tirda. Inqulalllona, • lamination* and tbalr onu
ratttcmltranoaa. to do (HUM thliiga nhlrti to thalr ofllce
a|tartalna t bp dona, and thoaa who art txnind In ra
oognltanrsHi lo pr.HMtcutr agaluat tba i rUonort thai ara
or ahallha In tba )atl ofi'antra ponnfr, In than and
thara to proanuul# against thain a* shall lr juat.
t• Ivan undar my hand, at Hallafonta. tha 4th day of
.tan Inthayaar of our lord. 1974, and In Iha nlnaty
fourth jrnar of tha lmi*imidnnc* of tha l*ntusd SUtp*
U- a- MfAFIfH Kharlff
J AS. M M ANl T S, Attorney ut Law,
Bellefonlc, promptly attends to a) ,
business entrusted to him. jui2,'f>Bl
offers his services to the citizens of Mifflin
Centre and adjoining counties, in
Sign ami OriiaitH'italal
Uak. W-'- • •
ut, Maple, Asli,
1a nun and Fancy l'uperhanging. Or
ders respectfully solicited.
All tine work dune for other painteri,
nov. 6 If.
iVlnte iVboat $1 80 Ked 12b -.Bye
hi Cut nHO ....Hats hi. .....Barley Hi'
70 (Jlo/orared 4.6*1 Potatoes 141
Hard par pound H Pork per poui.u:a
1 Butter 20 . Egg* I i )<
f 4lb Tallow H II 10 Han. lb
l.ard pef p >und H cents. Buefc • heat
j thi eta F our per barrel retail! bo
wholenale 7.20 t< 7,f"
' While wheat .Ha -I Wllrat 12b . 11) '
ill ...Corn AO .....Oat* HA ..Barley ml ..
Cloveraeed 4,00 Timothy teed, n0t).......
' Bacon 7c .....Han tb ... Ituttei 3* .. Kgg.
Jl flaaler btl
( lii*#lit ut C<*l plr Ton
- Coal per Ton b0 Kgg t'oal jo-r Ton |
| |ii AO . Uilliehuriier'n {..-al per Ton St bp
. Will be ottered at fublie Sale, on the (
premises, in fotter twp.. *n THUHS-i,
' DA V, September lith, 1M74
The folloWUiK real estate. belonging to
the Estate ot feter Durst, dee d . Consist-1|
tla if of a Valuable farm of lit AC It ES, | j
more ui less, nituata 1 mile from Poller* ,|
Mills. Thereon erected a TWO HT'HtY i ■
' and other outbuildings, with two |(uo<] (
1 orchards and all kinds uf the beat trull on j
the premises, and n good spring of never |
f falling water iiswr the bouse. Also,
'' Eighty AcnatirXinibtrlintl,
situate in Poller twp . 2 miles from fuller* (
Mills Sale to commence at I•• clock, p
in Terms will b i made known on day ol t
• i
J*allN KlrillKL.
| Aug 6. Kite utors, I
Lime ! Lime !
inn? ut the best nualiiy, alwava on
hand, at tba itilii near f entru Hall.
CikulttiE KOCH.
iito\. NilDi a M
1 have on band a large assortment ol
will be sold at the lowest market price.
jullti-3ui Milroy, Pa.
; A HMJ N JsTKA'i • 'I; > N
TV Letters of admilllstralioll on the Es
tate of Daniel Shuc). late of Oak Halt,
dee d have been granted to the undersign
led and nil pui*ons knowing themselves
indebted to said estate are requested to
make immediate payment, and those hav
ing legal claims against the same will pre
sent (hem duly authenticated by law.
ijullhiH A dm' r
ptr Jqsl pabltohad, s *w sdltlua of Pf t otaav
•ell I UMasM Kstsi *• iss roil leal ear* KllSwl
aeluis. firs * w .reasons , lualssl M iUiwa
lu.uluqlan IWsaiaal l.mui lisrotaaci. M*„lol sad
hijiaU ls<uiii]. lu|wliaii u Hutu*s. >k ,
.1. i oa.mi itoa irturo s*4 Pis*, ludaco<ll.|
*1! oiJuia-t,, o as oaaaol asirassaaaca. 4.
g*f- Prxa. ta a mM >unk>i. "al* all caaU
Tu* i *l-t.ratv4 aat bur. la Ifau slaustls fcooas
<l*atl> dw.u*ir*la. Irusa a Uilrtt -*ar* fatrsssSal
I 'stllO, l',sl tl aputulul —i. —..k-x>. ut aaif aba*.
iua* la f adl. A* fM *VO.-ul Uw SO|.rMH UMulls
unil us lit* sieilrsis* •( lb* Sail* I—tat
is* ul a —l* ut .as* al ua<* siib*4*. iwu, ao4 af
, IkIUU, lif a-SM *1 wblrli smi tsisns. a* aslUt
* hal tu cussdiUua wo* I*. nut* cos* biausll cb*a*>l*.
f K-'tUlf aa4 radii all*
[g- Tat* Lootn abuald b* ut Us* lis ad* of ***r>
juitlli and *s*r* nts la lb* lossd.
iwai uud*r ** l la a |>laUt *iiufu. I* oat oddiaas
t-usi laid, ua iscsip af at coal* ut l*u sua iltai*
Addroos Uw Patiushar*,
(HAS J o KLINK A co. ,
147 lUaada**. N*a York . I'cal OOca Hus MS.
IS Jalj
Bkixefoxte, PA.
J li. HITVS. Prop'r.
lias tint clasc accotnmtxltioD; cLarg
er rcibiM (* B r. tf.
By virtne of sun Jry writs of/fcri/acia*,
lemri /ucius. tm.i rrwfifiuai f/p.Kus, is
sued out of the Court of Common Plea* ui
t'eiilrc county, Pa, and |n me direpjstd.
there will be exposed to public '*lr at tbf
Court H"t! ih IpillisfuAlc. on Monday.
21th day of August,the follow ing dercrib
ed Teal estate lo wit;
AH defendant* right In and to the follow
described lots uf ground Situate in the
It-'ro of Ballafottte, beginning at the south
•side of Logan street, at a tsoinl V4(> feel
east ol corner of Tbo's Lanaregan, thence
east, along said street. t- the corner ol lot
of liurntnle'* heirs, 2M>ft to an alley,
thence by north side of taid aHey. to a
point, 2luA cast > f thfi tine uf Thomas
Land i ius • iut, tkan.e by lot late of Jno.
M> AI Hater's .state, 2U3f. to L oigsn st. to
the p!a< oof beginning, bring lot No 18A,
in the tieneral Plan or Plot of said Boio'
of Brllefonte.
All that lot of ground, on Bishop street,
said Bo ro' described a* luliews ■ Begin
ning at tho putnei of lot No IQU thence
along Bishop *1 ;V*fl ihence along other
portion of lot J6'J, AJPfI to Logan st 33A to
.rner of lot No lAO thence along said lot
AKlft to place uf beginning, the nmr be
ing llie south wj-stern portion <>r iart ol
lot IM in the General Plan or Plol of said
borough. Seiaed taken in execution and
u> He Mild as the property of B. V. Black
as Garnishee of A. Heistand Giala-
All the right, title and interest of de
fendant in a certain tract or lot of ground
• iiuaU' in Union twp.. Centre county,
bounded on the south by the old plank
road, oti the *ol by David Underwood,
on the north by land of Sam'l Brugat and
otners, and on the cast by lot ot l.'Tiruuan
Buck, et al, t'lhlainiiig about lo acre*,
more or list. Theroon erec ted a two sto
ry frame dwelling house, good stable and
other outbuildings. Seised, taken in ex
eution and to be sold as ibe pr|>erty ot
John T. Conley.
All that t ertait) lrvt wf laud iluale in
Taylor tup.. Ocutre 00., bounded ran the
north by laud of William Marry man. on
the eaal by land of William McCoy, on
the "U!h by* land of John M Monigir and
on the waat by land of John Fink, con
taining 40 arret, more or lo*, there* n
erected a log houae. and log stable. Sen
<<d, taken in elocution, and to be aold aa
the property of Benjamin Walk.
All that building located on a let or
piece of ground fituaic in spring twp.. and
which i* known at Hu*h'a addition, and
numbered in taid addition a* loU No 75.
70 A 77, the said houte being on lot No
76, hounded on the north by Valentine at.,
on tbasoulh by land of Reuben Valentine'*
heira, oatt by Walnut at, on the west by
land of 1) li Buth. Said building it a
two atory frame building about 30ft front
and 'JO foot deep. Seised, taken in execu
tion, and to be aold aa the property of
Jonathan Searfauaa, ct. ux,
All the right, title and inlcreat of de
fendant in and to a certain lot er piece ol
ground situate in the Boro' of Unionville,
Centre co., hcunded on tag south eait by
lot of Klixa Barton, south we*: by street,
northwi *t by lot of Presbyterian Parson
age. and northeast by an alley, containing
} of an acre, more or less, thereon erected
a two atory frame dwelling house, stable
and other outbuilding* Seised, taken in
execution and to be aold aa the property
of J. A. Winters.
All that certain lot of gruund situate in
Bogg* two.. Centre county, l>ound.-d and
described as follows to wit : Beginning
at a white oak, thence by Kobt Holt, 61 .
weal lIC per to a post, thence by land ol
Henry T. Kyman, south 67? ea*t, 4S per.
to a post, thence by 'land of llarnabaa
Shope, north 28", eaat 104 perches to the
place of beginning. Seised, taken in exe
cution, and to bo aold a* the property of
Christian Shope, et ux.
All that messuage tenement or lot ot
around situate in the horo' ot Bcllcfontc,
•ituate on (lie corner of Hitop and Alle
gheny sU., 00ft in breadth of front on
Bishop *l, and extending back along Al
legheny si, southward 300 ft to an alley
being lot No 90, in the General l'lan or
Plot of said Bom' thereon tricted a large
stone hotel building, stable and olhet out
buildings. Seije j, taken in execution and
to be sold as the property of J. B. Butts.
All that building located on a lot ol
ground situate in Snow Shoe twp . bound
ed on the north by land of J no. C. Uxxle,
east, south, and west, by land of the Sn..w
Shoe Land Association, it being n two
story plank frame lt*Atl\ in sixe
will-2 rcfiim down aad 8 room- up stairs
Sailed, taken in execution, and to be sold
as tie properly of John Sarvy.
i All those seven lots of ground situate in
the town of Aaronsburg, Centre co., and
known as lot* No £25,23(1, & 227, bounded
on the north by north (, uu Urn south by
Blackberry c'lpy, w--*t by lot No 224,
east hy Chestnut st, also lots No 254 256*
260, & 267, Bounded north bv Duncan
st, south by north st, woit by Union alley
erst by chestnut st, numb, red according
to tbo general plan of said town. Alio all
that certain messuage and tenement situate
in the county a format J, bounded as fol
lows : Ucgioutng at a rock oak, thence by
vacant land, south 29° IS 86 perches to a
stone, thence bv land of Win. Sawyer
survey, N. 61°, Kl2 porches tp u stone 8
! M°So"K P im n " 'h° nC V*
NJO h 100 porphes tq §tuuip, N \y
86per f Vite ft 1?, a
dircytioq of the arurusftij - •
vej. ftvncj aW •- or , ur .
01 ' warrant line, south,
.-ot perches to the place of be
ginning, containing 107 acres, 140 porches,
more or less, with the appurtenances.
Seized, taken in execution and to bo sold
as the property of W I'. Fullmer, et ux.
All defendants interest ia gU that cor
Mia lot of grotutf liutto in VaiwrUi
Iloro" niimWrMl In the ground plan or
plot of (aid Bom. >■ N>-bounded north
• y turnpike road w t, by lot of Win
Kit-bard*, hbv b i Cliritiwh HttcW. Kby
lot of J n.. I" OaUtoiiu, routalniag |o| an
m ti'. mora r l, llirfoiH <■ rmlnl * two
ItifJ I mil* dwelling kiitf'f, liable and
•4brr oiiibuilding*, anollu r tract o.'l a inl
tiiUnlr tti .aid li|i , Ivr *': J •" <'• * *•/
land <•( (•. N b lan lof Outturn,
\V by Sai.d ..f II ,rr\ Uu .rr, a.< lon llie
•••nil. bv land "I lint heir- -ti li o itufi'f,
deed, containing about li 3 acrm fr . r,
I***', thereon ernicd a '.'-li*rjr frame dwell.
ing bullae, batik barn and otliar ou< bund
ing! Neifci-d, taken In execution and to
be aulil at the firofiert y of W. 11. .Smith.
All th it certain tract or lot of ground
-ipiate in Mutton Iwp.. Cantra county,
bounded on the 8 bv land of John
Vlatterri. K. bv land of John HUM,
tin the N and W. by lai d of iiuth A
lllancliard, imnlaing 'JO arraa, tnoraor la**,
I hereon erected a frame dwelling bouta
and oilier building* Naised, taken in
rieciiUon and to be *old a* the properly
Of w m Banner. 71
All (ha following two tracts or piece* of'
land situatein Milaa twp , described a*
fultuwi : The l.i beginning at a iWur
heap. in the run, (formerly at a spruce).
lhrn ™ along land of Ham'l Frank and oth
:• S '• • ,7; '£* porebe* to a poet or *lona
lhiii aH. 16 , K. 60 pert-he* alone JJ.
rmuil eatato to stona* on mountain
thence north K 22 port he* to aiunaa in
thugan thence N 16* W. ay uervha,
along Hannah Frank* land, to tlta place
of beginning, OuhUluing h acraa, 60 pert-b
--aa. mora ur loaa, llierpot, era. ted a house
:I[VTI7^ W rV "table and othm
outbuilding*. Tha .ootid tract brain-
V"W t jy-
: " Ui * |MW>I
(hence along land of Jno Iteyn.jiJ* jjm 6
"iT** V** * ld ra.
- * $ iltrtkn* Hi tha place of be
guiling ouoiWng Hi perches neat moa.
ore Halted, taban in execution and la b*
sold at tba property of John K Burd.
All thai certain tract or piece of land
jounded on tba north by land of ca.oua
i Gray and George Itebr, on tha ea.i p.
'"•fjTbompaor.. and on waat by land <H
auil b Gray, containing 60 acraa \fi perch,
noro or lea. aAclcd . Tw
.T y OUM '" m,!l Barn and othar Sailed uk en in Execution,
IK hit ** Proparty f DAVID J
B r UAKKKK,Hhriff. |
j Lamhh, belonging Ut ih undcrifii. I
•hil want ertray about X week* ro. T"ey <
i t* * u * m " k * ,ar i *• *" k * 1
• blMk-croM uf Uirun the tida. IVr.on. 1
knowing lU whereabout. of th. i
•ill be tuitably rewarded infuriua i
m T . JACOB RcJoL, t
<UJu 'r B|>n.. f Miila.
I?XKCUToRH SciTlC*.—Letter. ia- j
It Um.nUry B th. HIU( of j 4Cofc
•>i>ar.gier, lat. of Potior lp, doe'd. have .
ban granted to th. under, ignod who ra
quart .11 i-er.on indebted a*Ut. to .
wafc# immediate, and llio*. ha*.
ih K * lain*, to preaeni tbeui duly authenti
cated by law for aettlement.
* Kffroteiw.
Next door to Wilaon A Hick' Hard
ware store, Allegheny St.,
Jas. C. Williams*
(Hucoeaaor 108 P. ltaukin A Co.)
puaxwiMsa LIQUORS
Kir medicinal purpuMt.
AUo, Choice >
hijH 1| other article. utually hept in trt
CUM Drug Store.
Keystone Store.
Go to
H. yearick;& son,
No. 6 Bush's Arcade. Bellefonte, Pa.
All kinds of country produce tak
en. Beat Bargains in town to bet
bad. uov2otf
Manufacturers of
Sheetiron & Tin
Miliheim, Pa.
All kind, of Tinware, constantly on
hand and made to order.
Sheetiron Ware of every description,
always on hand.
: Rooting in Tin and Sheetiron done in
toe most approved and satisfactory style
Spouting done to order.
Their stock of Tin and Sheriiron Good*
IS large and complete, and offered at the
Their ettahlishnient ha* been enlarged
and stooked completely throughout.
SetMfectiuii guartanteed. and all jobs
promptly attended to. aprltj-y
1 GUN F. POTTER, Attorney -at. Law.
V Collections promptly made and
special attention given to thuso having
lands or property tor sale. Will draw up
and have gel,nuikUaiged Deeds, Mortgages.
*O. Gth.-e in the diamond, north side ol
the court house, Bellefonte. ocU&l'tWtf.
JOHN SPANOLEB, Proprietor.
Stages arrive an J depart daily, for ai
point*, north, outh, east vud weit.
bUTlli, Wood war J Pa
arrhre and depart daily
II KN BY i. L.
President, Cashier.
And .\llow interest.
L *a. .. U,I &11.
Cuvernw,wtt mm, Gold >.
krtMMf Coupon* |
t> 1 H " '
1 . .1 LKX ANI'KR. C, M- Bowt'j
ncysat-Law. Bollefonte, 7- a .
Iciat attention given to Collect ioaa, and
Orphan*' Court practice. May he oon
gulled in Herman and English. Office in
German's Building. Biyai '74-tf.
L. SPANQLER, Attornev-at-Law,
Belletonte, Pa. Office with
Eusb Ss Yocum. Consultation in English
i VoUwti<wpi^tiytM
' * 4
!■" H }ss¥woif&*" c *<k , AiW™
Ponnsvalley •
BanMng Co.
CKSTKR ball, pa
1 And Allow 10/crot,
bucount Jfold
Buy tftdSeU
Oovarni;cni beti.riliw, Gold ar-j
Prrxa Horrxg, W' M B .
fa * t ' Cashier
a., a C h 2i. H. Held,
< lo K, Wiiffhiitiaker A Jeweler
M illhfim. Centre Co., Pg.
Kaepoctfully Inform* hit friend* and tba
public in general, that he ha* ju*t opened
*t bit new ftUbli*hmni, above Alcxan
.1 r .' *¥*** ""d keep* <-<.i,Untly op band,
*l. kind* of Clock*, WaU be* and Jewelry
flba latest style* a* also the MarmnvilU
Patent Calender ( lock*, provided with a
•oinpU-u- index of tba month and day of
he month and weak on it* face, which i*
warranted a* a tierfeel time k< prr.
AA*Clocks, VValcbe. and Jewelry re
paired on abort notice arid warratilcd.
*ep If <lB |y
Beat Sample Hoc tux iu Towtc
0. JOHNSTON A SONS, Proprietor*
Bellefonte, Penna.
Hum to ami from tkt I)ryot.
Excelsior Cement-
The undersigned now manufo tare* Ce
UUALITY, at In* kiina, near Pino
Creek Mill*, in Haines twp Thi* < • rnent
ha* already tieen uod it> large quantities
upon tha L. C. A K. C. UK..nod ba. been
found highly satisfactory upon nil job*
where it ha* been urn), and a* equal to
any now matiufavturod far u* in CIH
TERNS, WATER or whatever
ptrp"ae a gimd quality of 0 oienl i* de*i
rftble Tab li Rinf!v boen
tested far and wide, and rendered the ut
mo*t .alufaction Peron., therafora con
ctructing Ci.teri,*, laying Water Pipes,
Ac . wilt Slid it to ilie'r advantage to beqr
thi*in mind, and also, tbnt be WMrrant* tha
article a* represented
may 21 if Aamn*burg, Pa.
A New Idea!
Sewing HacMne
50 Dollars!!
Boy the World-Renowned
Slmttle Sewing MpcWdg!
CfTh' Highest Premium was
awarded to it at
Ohio State Fair;
Northern Ohio Fair;
Amer. Institute, N. Y.I
Claelanati Exposition;
Indianapolis Exposition f
St. Lonb Fair;
LoaiMaaa State Fair;
■iaaiaaippi State Fair;
and Georgia State Fair;
had doing the largest and best
range of work. All other
Machines iu the Market
were Iu direct
ISf*For Hemming, Fell
ing, Stitch ing, Cording,
Binding,- Braiding,
Embroidering, Quilt
ing and Stitching fine
or heavy goods it is
Where we have no Agents
we will deliver a Machine
for the price named above,
at tho nearest Rail Road
Station of Purchasers.
Needles for all Sewing Ma
chines for Sale.
Old Machines taken in Exchange.
Send for Circulars, Price
"List, &c., and Copy of the
W llson Reflector, one of tho
best Periodicals of tho day,
dcrotcJ. to c'owing Ma
' u aea, Fashions, General
Novj and Miscellany.
Agents Wanted
Wilson Sewing Madiae Co.