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raxn.KtrßTX Editer.
Centre Hall, Ta., July 30. 1874.
TERMS.—I' 2 per yrir, IN a, fro nee, 2,50
When not paid in adrawer.
Advertisement* 'AVwr/.m for three in
er Hons, and for 6 and t'J snout*# Uv
ml contract. __
Another LytUvUhamUrrs Schrnitv
We have just been informed that
letters have boeu sent out to leading
democrats, with the name ol the editor
of this paper to them, stating that wo
area candidate for Assembly. All
such letters are base forgeries, aud
were gotten up by and in tki interest
of a candidate and clique who a|H>lo
gixed for aud defended the Lvtie-
Chambers forgery. The* object is to
mislead democrats into votiug instruc
tions for the editor of this |>apcr tor
Assembly, so as to cut up the vote ot
other candidates and thus aid one on
this side who generally drills with a
clique at Bellefoute : aud '2nd, to uiak
us appear in the light of a secret,
scheming candidate, and thus draw
upou us the eutuity of the other can
didates now iu the field. Every one
can easily discern where such things
originate aud in whose behalf the tor
gory is worked. We have written uo
such letter or letters whatever, nor
authorized any one to do so. Due ol
these forged letters was sent to our
friend Col. Riahel, of Gregg. and we
understand to a number of others.
The best evidence of this letter oe
ing a forgery is, that it is legible,
whereas if it were written by os, t 01.
Rishcl could scarce make head nor
tail out of it The Col. has promised
to send it to us, and, will publish the
forged epistle next week.
The democracy of the entire stata
are calling upou oar district to elect
Mr. Wallace to the senate, where lie
has beeu the able democratic leader
for a number of years. His presence
there at this time is all the more im
portant, in view of the legislation
needed to conformity with the new-
Constitution. No mau in the state is
so well-fitted for the place as Mr.
Wallace, his experience, ripe states
manship, known integrity, and dis
gust for riugs, have ceutered npou
him the eyes of every honest democrat
and republican in Pennsylvania aud
hence they hope for his return to the
senate by the honest aud upright
voters of the district composed of the
counties of Centre, Clearfield and
Clinton. Mr. Wallace, in his entire
career as a senator has devoted all bis
talents and energies to the enactment
of wholesome laws, and for the good
of the people. He never cast a vote
or supported a measure that had about
it the odor of corruption. He always
battled and defeated such schemes,
thus taking the same stand in favor of
right in the senate as Mr. Orvis did
iu the House. For this the people of
our state call upon the district to elect
Wni. A. Wallace to the senate.
Clearfield county will pronounce
for bini at her delegate elections.
Clinton county will instruct her
delegates for.Mr. Wallace.
Will Centre listen to the demands
of the people and follow the good ex
ample of the sister counties of the
district ?
Democrats of Centre, cau you do a
nobler act than cast your instructions
for Mr. Wallace? If you vote for
instructions for Senator, on the day of
the delegate election, will you remem
ber that duty to your party, and to
the state, demands that you rote to
instruct for Wro. A. Wallace for Sen
ator ? *
We see from the Jour
nal, the democratic organ of Union
county, that the democracy of that
county will not present a candidate
for congress, and that the leading
democrats in Union county couceed
the nomination to Mackey. An effort
had been made to get out a candidate
there, by suggesting the name of
Judge Walls, but the judge had too
good sense to be led into such a
scheme. An effort was also made to
get out a candidate in Elk, and a
"prominent editor of Centre county"
wrote a letter to Mr. Hall, of Elk,
advising him to be a candidate, hut
Mr. Hall aud the democrats up there
know that the nomination right-fully
belongs to Col. Mackey, and hence
Elk county could not be led into a
schismatic scheme agaiiißt the choice
of the people of the district, L. A.
Ibe Elk Co. Gazette publishes an
able article in favor of Col. Mackcy,
for Congress. It is seldom the people
of a district are so earnest in desiring
the nomination of any gentlemen, as
in the case of Mr. Mackev. ilis
splendid run a few years ago *ho wed
who he was: We will copy the arti
cle of the Gazette in our next.
That staunch old democratic organ
the Erie Observer calls upon the de
mocracy of this district to elect Mr.
Wallace to the senate. This is the
voice of the unanimous democracy of
the State. We trust Centre county
will know her duty to herself, the
State and to one of her noblest sous.
The New York Sun draws a lesson
from Beecher's downfall by which
those who worship preachers may all
profit. The Sun thinks people are too
prone to forget that their spiritual
advisors are human, with sueh propen
sities as all flesh is heir to. It isouly
the office that should be revered and
not the weak, erring man who fills it.
Godey's Lady's Book for August
has been issued. It will he found full
of interest for the ladies. It contaius
a fine steel plate illustration of a lot
of youngsteis caught in a summer
shower. ' Address Louis A. Godev,
♦Subscribe for the Reporter.
Protest Against Uollilinp All
The disposition of llellefonte |1 iti
cians to gobble up all the oflicw, meet*
with disfavor outside of our county
well its in it. The Clinton 1 >omoerat, j
speaking for the gallant democracy ol
that county protests against this greed, j
We oopv from the Clinton Democrat
Clinton will present the name 1. A
Mackcv, Esq. for Congiess, ami the
evidences that the presentation ol Ins:
name will he received with enlhusia*
tic favor in most of the counties ot tlie j
district are accumulating Our article
of the Oth instant has been general!)
copied, and bns met with no opposition
save front the llellefonte Watchman,
which precedes the article with the
following paragraph
"At the request of soutu of Mr
Mackcv's friends in Cliutou county,
we publish the following fruit the-1
Clinton Democrat of the IHh inst.
While it shows that Mr. Maoko tua\
be exceedingly popular, worthy and j
well qualified for the position, it d. <-
not iu any way prove that Clinton
county is eutitled, as a matter of right,
to the nomination. Centre count)
will present a man just as well quah
tied, as worthy aud as popular at Mr
Marker in the person ot 11.-n. C. 1\
Alexander, and as Centre county lots
not had a Democratic nominee ft
Congress iuoo it has Ihwu conmctol
with Cliutou in a Cougres-.u4l dis
triel— some thirty or forty years il !
will ak in all earnestness that its
claims ami candidate he recoguized by
tho balance of the district, and that
the uouiluatiop l>e a<*orded unani
tuouslv to Mr. Alesande.
The Watchman says "it dew* m>l
prove that Cliuton county is entitled,
us a matter of right, to the imiuina*
tiou," and then proceeds to press Mr.
Alexauder. Clinton does not seek to
place herself above her sister counties
of the district, ami meets them on an
(-quality ; but cue of the comities has
got to get the rumination, ami Cliutou
thinks that there are very „"H>d rea
sons whv it should come to her, and
why it should be given to Mr. Mack
ey, and those masons have mtt with
:roog iufornial approval in a major!
' tv of the counties of the district.
sio far as Centre county is concern
ed, we claim that Cliuton's claim is
j the strongest by far, and will he so
' pressed. There are three district can
didates to elect this tall —Congress-
; man, Judge, and Senator. Centre
asks and is conceded the Judgeship, she
claims the Congressman, and is put
ting iu for the {senator. This looks
like "going the whole hog." Cliuton
denies the right of Centre to gobble
up all that's on the table. She calls
for the Congressional slice for the rest
of the district, and asks that she he
given it for the first term, aud pre
sents au acceptable gentleman for the
nomination. The request is reasona
ble, and we have strong belief that it
j will be muted.
The Elk Democrat of last week
comes up finely to the sup|R>rl of Mr.
Mackey, and publishes another article
| in his support, from which we extract
i the following:
We urge the nomination of Mr.
; Mackey, as the Democratic Congres
isional nominee, and for these reasons,
'and others, which we shall present
| hereafter:
His life has beeu one of rectitude,
and we need houesty.
His management of important ft
■ uaneial trusts has displayed a thorough
! practical and theoretical knowledge of
1 the intricacies of bauking and the
laws governing finance.
As a lawyer he is noted for his
forensic abilitv.
As a counsellor he is known as a
| sagacious man, and a man of probity
1 and forethought.
Should he be nominated he will
gather about the ticket a host of
friends who will add strength to the
party and lend encouragement to its
! principles.
It is in such a time as this that we
Deed men to represent the people —not
a clique—but the whole people, and
we know that Mr. Mackey is not the
one to assume a duty he will not dis
j charge with fidelity. Let the people
| consider these facts, and let them,
through their delegates, act upon them
, in convention, and our word for it,
j tbev will has* iu the House of Rep
resentatives a man who will honor
them as they shall have honored him.
All over the State the political pot
is beginning to simmer and iu a short
time will be boiling. In n few coun
ties nominations have already been
made, but most of the local tickets
will not be iu the field until near the
close of next month. Then both par
ties will aiso hold their State Conven
tions and an exciting campaign will
The Democrats are most hopeful
and confidently expect to carry the
State. Only the most gross blunder
ing can prevent the complete triumph
of the party opposed to extravagance
uud corruption in the administration
of public affairs. The people seem at
last to have had their eyes opened to
the necessity of transferring political
power to other hands than those who
now hold the reins of government.,
That the change may be thorough |
and complete in 1876, they find j
it imperatively necessary to com
mence the work of reform at ouce. To
this end the Democratic press is urg
ing the most careful seiectiou of can
didates, not only those for State offi
cers, but also for all local positions of
honor or trust. Indeed, this is the
only way that success can be assured
Hiid wherever this good advice is dis
regarded and weak, incapable, dis
honest, untrustworthy selections are
made, defeat and disaster will be sure
to follow. We are glad to see our
party press thus boldly pointing out
the course that will lead to success
and as fearlessly remonstrating against
nominations "not fit to he made."
No one should be permitted to go on
a ticket that will weaken it. The
success of the party is far above the
special claims of any aspirant to par
ty favor. Personal considerations
should alio in all cases be cast aside
and the strongest and best men only
put forward to carry tha party's ban
ner. This done in every county,
Pennsylvania will be redeemed from
Radical misrule and the good old
times of ecouomy, honesty and good
government soon restored. — Perry
County Democrat.
Advices from India represent that there
are fears that the cbolora lias broken out
among the fifty thousand pilgrims assem
bled in l'ooree for the Juggernaut festival.
The floods in the North have subsided,
{southern districts are still without rain,
or the little that has fallen in some sec
tions has done po good.
From fifty to one hundred ArapabOA?
were killed by the attack of Company B,
Second cavalry, on their encampment at
pojvder river on July 4. Two soldiers
were killed, 140 Indian horses captured
and many Arapahoe women and children
were killed accidentally. This is the
worst punishment the Indian* ever re
Paris, July --- President Mao
Malum, in the resmmso t>> the deputa
j lion of members of the Assembly who
j waited upon him today, said he was
I not summoned to power ui order to
j rcolors either the Monarchy ui Em
pire. His acts proved that he would
not participate in such enterprises
The Saw which created the Seplenate
.-till !c-s imposed upon him the rank
of constituting a dtfinite Republic.
I'eriei • 101 l offered bim n thing, hull
bv isolating hint from the t'on-iiva
| lives, bv whoso ai<l he wished to gov
ern, ami would deprive bim of much.
; Consequently the Ministers would de
clare ui his name that lie rejected the
project. In < nelu-ion, he expro-cd
the opinion that the pioclaiinaiioli of
the Republic might disturb order and
pease, hut if the law# he asked for
i were voted the aepleoate w. old he
l come a government calculated to in
i spire confidence and respect "t law
It i> understood the government to
morrow will demand ot the Assembly
the adoption of the laws reform! toby
the I'n-nhnt, vi* : The constitutional
bill ilrawn up by the eotniuittee ot
Thirty, together with the three addi
tional measuit# prop, al by the Miti
inter* of the Interior to that commit
tee ott the lOilt rust.
Title Under Tax Sales.
Mauch Chunk, Peun.. July -1
Few cases have keen tried in the state
j which l.a.c ejjeited tuore interest
' j among capitalist# than that of t cirri -
i bull sgt. I'ardie et ah, recently decid
ed in favor of the defendaut*. An
adverse decision would have paved
the way for endless suits, and lands
millions would eventually j a->
. from hand# now holding them to oth
■ er claimants. The suit wa brought
about two \ cars ago by O. 11. Wheel
1 j er, e#q, of this place, iu behalf of
' James Turnbull, claimant to 4,000
1 1 acres of coal lattd in Luzerne I'ouuty,
*' as heir of Jaiues Turubull, deceased,
i The land iu dispute was in the ji -
• session of the Turnbull family years
I before coal was known to exist there.
■ James Turnbull, .! ..n- d was the
> last of the family in whom the tide
rested. Unconscious of its value, or
ccreless of his trust, he neglected to
• maintain it if.e* !i#>m tax, and it was
• sold at treasurer's sale no ....t-ais of
' taxes, and finally fell into the hands
of il.o Pardee* aud other large capi
- talisU in this country. James Turn
> bull died about forty years ago, iu
■' Philadelphia. He left a divorced
• wife an 1 one son The latter went to
s sea some vears alter fits lather's death.
1 In 1852, the lands iu question having
; become of great value, the mother of
6 voung Turnbull determined to make
' an effort to substantiate his claitucs t,
f I the title for the tract. She consulted
O. H. Wheeler, t-q., of this place,
and he believed that the claim could
"| bg made good. Effort was made t<
1 recall yowng Turnbull, but uo trace
iof hint could be fouuJ fop twenty
I vears. when he was found in Mailt
lan, Mexico, ami summoned to the
s i United Stutca. He had been living a
I I life of adventur? during his absence,
(having been shipwtcrL.J several
• 1 times, uearly murdered by Meaicaus,
•'and robbed of tho accumulations ol
. years. He was a forty niner iu Ual
1 1 ifornia, and bad made a comfortable
| fortune iu the gold mines in tw j years
. He arrived iu Philadelphia in 1!*72,
and the proceedings of the ejectment
of the parties in jwjssession of the laup
' were baguu in eniucst. The case
! came up la#: r*ujni:ier ( but was post
; j poncd, and a final lu-ar'.ng was begun
last mouth, with the result stated.
• Th till* tif fill. ifef. i.ifsiits under the
deeds given at the treasurer's sale wai
j held to be perfect. The costs, law
yers' fics. Ac,, in this cae will amount
' to tnatiy thousand dolia.j.
San Fraucisco, July 25. —A dis
patch from Eureka, Monday, aavs
that a terrible water-spout bunted in
the mountains yesterday aud jwept
i through the town, killing twenty jnr
s ins ami causing great destruction ol
property. Another dispatch from
| Elko, says the water-spout crossed (he
t Ceutral Pacific Mail road track be
tween Ilumbolt, Weils.nnd Tonano,
washing out the track. A western
bound emigrant train hw wrecked,
i aud five passengers Killed.
A dispatch from Eureka, Nevada,
j gives the particulars of the storm ves
| terday. it had been raining with
j great violence from early In the morn
ing until noon, when a cloud burst ou
. a lofty range of mountains to the cast
ward. ami a vast volume of water
rushed dowo the cannon where the
I town is located. The eastern part of
! the town was flooded in ten minutes
! by a fearful rush of water, which was
! constantly increasing iu violence,
I depth and impetuosity. The people
'in that portion of the place were
j hemmed in, and every moment houses
were torn from their foundation, and
swept away with their occupants.
Ropes were procured and a line form
<d. Brave men then protected, dash
ed into the torrent and saved many
lives. Only a few woman and chil*
dren were lost. The body of one Miss
Bray, was recovered. Rodger Bohin
etta, reporter of the Sentinal, is
atnoug the drowned. The dentinal
office was swept away. The bodies
are being brought to the Court House
as fast as recovered. Three China
men were lost; thirty houses were
swept away, and all that part of the
town in which were situated dance
houses and other places of amusement,
are gone. The flood lasted only half
an hour. The totul loss of life is not
vet known,hut is believed it will reach
twenty five or thirty. The weather is
still threatening.
On Tuesday afternoon Mies Kate
Dunkelberger, Miss Olivia Eckbert
and Miss Florence Carey, went over
to the river, iu the vicinity of Nigger
Islund, for the purpose of bathing.
Miss Dunkelberger went into the wa
ter first and alone, nnd waded in up to
her ucck. This we learn she did
against the protest of the other girls,
who refused to follow. There was
considerable of a rise in the river.
She either got cramp, or in her gyra
tions iu the water got into n place too
deep to touch bottom, and went under
and was drowned before assistance
could he got. Mhe was found soon
after but a short distance below the!
place where she disappeared, ami uu
inquest was held ou her body. Hci
remains were interred on Wednesday
afternoon. Khe was a daughter of!
Chun. Dunkelberger. and was about
eighteen years of uge. — Belinsgrovi 1
Times. * •
Til ton has filed a rejoinder iu which
he says that the Beecher lawyers dis
tort his evidence, and that he means
to prove other crimes and confessions
thereof by Beecher. He deplores the
publication v f tjje scandal and sug
gests an appeal to the cjurtu
witnesses can he sent for and compell
ed to testify. He says lie will surely
make Beecbcr "step down and out,''i
Mr. Tiitw submitted, on 21st, the fol
lowing rttli<minl before the Plymouth
fit 11 roll committee :
'i iltoii'* Swotu Statement
Whereat, The Ho*. Hetirv Ward |
Heecher It n ii>kt>KHtl th appointment of
n committee ruiiiiiling of mi members of
Ills church and Society to inquire and n>-
port uj-oit alleged aspersion* upon tin
character by Theodore Tillon, ami
\\ hrrra-. Mr- K ! i.' aI ■ e 111 K TitlM
rinxily tin- wile - J Mi Tillon lm> open
I) di-irrtnl h-r homo hi ordor to oo Oper
ate Willi Heecher ill a > Oh-pira. i to •<•!-
throw ilio credibility and good repute
lior Into husband as iiinlinlid oilmen,
l imn lore, Tliondon Tiiton, being thus
*u liori/od nltd r quire. I. nnd by n pub
lished demand inndo upon hi in by Krv
Henry Ward Ib-oobor, ninl being now utid
In r- .ilb-r relumed by the u*l of Mrs I'll
ton from further r>p. nubility for conceal
inent of lbo truth*! itching I.or relations
with Hrwhi'i,
riiorrfore, iheodoip 11hereby sets
forth under n solemn oalh| the following
In> t nlid U -tin.- Ny
Fir-! I lint, oiijtlie second -•! October,
l.vd, kl I'lyuioutb t'burob, Itrooklvn, u
marriage between Theodore Tillon mid
Kit.-ibc'.ll K Ru hards Wu* performed by
the lie*. Helm Ward llceehet wbieb
marriage thirteen Veals arti-rWnI.L Was
dishonored and violatcd*jby£thi _clergy•
man throtigh criminal se.iu. lion -f this
wife and mother as|hereinafler*set forth
Second Hist tor a 'period of about fif
teen years, extending both before and ni
ter lias marriage, and intimate friendship
listed between Theodore Tiltoii and the
lie*. Henry Ward lieeehor, which friend
ship was ceiuenttdjto such a degree that
in corneijuenoe thereot the subsequent dis
honoring by lleeeher of bis friend s wife
; >vis :i crime o! uncommon wrongfulness
jaud perfidy.
1 trird I'hal ahn.C.'tituc years ag • the
| Ib'i llenry \V ard Rc-cher began aud
j thereafter > • nliliued a friendship wab
Mr- Kii a belli U. i'llton foi wln to is
(live de't •* ht.J extreme religious srti-i
--! i.lty he v-ftvll expressed to tier !' island
! -trong admiration, visiting her from time
to lime for years until the year 1870, wlin
f--r reasons bereiuafler stated, be ceased
such \ is its, during period t#y many
tokens and atfcxlion be wen (he aficcliut.s
ste luv of Mrs. Triton whereby, after >
! ong moral resistance by her, and alter re- j
pealed assaults by him upon bet mind
with overmastering arguments accom
plished the posses si n of her person, inaiti
„• -.i th her thencef.-rwmrd during the j
I period hetci.after -listed iho relation call
ed criminal intercourse, ibis relation being
egarJcJ by her during that pern. J as not j
I criminal or morally wrong, such having (
been the power of hi; argument* as a '
clergyman to satisfy his religious scruples |
I against such violation of *.:tue and hull-J
Hired (.'bargee,
fourth That, on the evening of Ucto
ber JO. IBnB. or thereabout, Mrs fc laabelh j
It. Tiiton held an interview itli(tbs lti\
Henry Ward Ueecber at i..s rcs.Jci.. g, she j
being then in a tender state of mind ow ing
t the recent loath and bnriai of .a jyourg
child, ar. 1 during tin- interview, an act of
■ initial c mniercn took place between
' '.his past and th's Jar.-hotter, the motive
on her part being, as hcrr-int-clo,.- t->'ej
not regarded by her at the time criminal
or wr >ng, winch act was followed by a
similar act of criminality bctw.eii these
iiiuie j ~,-s at Tilt- n residence during a
pa-U v isit pans h, lie. to her on a
,subsequent Saturday evening, followed
.i Iso by other similar act* on various occa- j
sions from the autumn of IBLB la the ;
spring of 1870. the places being the two
| r..;i..,s aforesaid and esei asionally oth
er places to which 1.e.-I ll.tor SS-, ,Id invite
and 1 1, Jii.panv her, .r at which he would j
meet hr by previous appointment.
These act* of wrong bring on her part
from ant to last, n >t want. a or conscious
ly wicked butfthrough u b 1 r.dirg of her
moral psrccpti occasioned by tne po- J
erful ir.fiueiice exerted on her mind at that
time to this end by the Rev. Henry Ward
Beechar as her trusted rcligi 'Us perccj tar
an J guide.
Frcqueul i'ddurisl Visit* Made
Fifth—That pastoral visits maue Ly the '
Rev. Henry Ward Heecher to Mr Tilt n
durir.g the year IbCB bc-antc so frequent
as to excite comment, being in marked i
contrast with bis know n hab.i ut making
, fey pastoral calls on bis parishioners,
which frequency in Mrs. Tilton's case is
shown in letters written lu i,c. tic band !
during his absence in the \VcL These l
• letters, giving evider.v e that during a peri
od ot five or six weeks, twelve different;
pastoral calif on Mis. Tillon were mado
'oy Urn Rep. Henry Ward Heecher which
calls n-Ui.i*oiy infrequent on
Tilton's return to bis borne.
Siith Thst previous to the aforesaid
criminal intimacy one of the reasons
w hich hi re. Tiiton alleged for her encour
agement of such eireptiona! attention j
iron. tUe Rev. llenry Ward lteecher was
the fact that she bad inm h distressed
with ruin"r.- sgair,st*l)is moral purity, and
w ished to convince him she o uid receive
his kindtii ss and yet
){r.iat Hi* SolicilntioD*
nnd that she could ipspire in liim by lu r
purity and fidelity an increased respect
tor the s haste dignity of womanhood.
Previous to the autumn of 18C8 slic main
tained, with Christian firmness towards
her pastor this position of resistance, al
ways refusing bis amorous pleas which
! were strong and oft repeated, and in a let
ter to her husbund tinted February ,'!rd.
!to, the wrote as follows.- To love is
praiseworthy, but to abuse the gift is sin,
Here lam strong. No demonstrations or
fascinations could cause me to yield tnv
The First Suspicion.
Seventh—That the first suspicion which
crossed the mind of Theodore Tiiton that
tlif Rev. Henry Ward lioechcr was abus
ing or might abuse the affection and rev
erence which Mrs. Tiltoti bore towards her
pastor was an improper caress given by
Becehor to Mrs. Tilton by • • • • •
which seated by her side on the floor of his
/brary overlooking engravings. Tilton,
a few hours afterwards asked of his wife
an explanation of her permission of such
' liberty, whereat hc at first denied the tact
but then confessed it and said she hnd
spoken chidingly to Bcechor concerning
jit. On another occasion, Tilton, after
I leaving bis house in early morning re
! turned lo i'r in the forenoon, and on going
to his bed ciiumhur sound the d°Pf locked,
and when, on knocking, tiio door was
opentdby Mrs. Tilton, Beccher wus soeii
within apparently much confused and ex
hibiting a flushed face Mrs. Tilton after
wards made a plausible explanation, which
from the confidence reposed in her by her
husband was by him Jeemrd satisfactory.
highlit—Thi}t in the spring of 1870, oil
Tilton's return from a winter's absence,
lie noticed in his wife such evidences oi
absorption of her mind in Beccher that in
a short time an estrangement look place
between her husband and herself, in con
-•i,nance "f which she went into the coun
try'earlier than usual for her summer so
jnurn. After an nbsence of several weeks
she voluntarily returned to her homo in
Brooklyn on the evening of July 3, 1870,
when, then and there, within a few hours
after hor arrival, and after exacting from
her husband
A Solemn Promise
that he would do the Rev. Henry Ward
Beecher no harm, nor communicate to him
what she was about to say, she made a cir
cumstantial confession to her husband of
the criminal facts hereinbefore stated, ar
guments and reasonings with her to over
come her long-maintained scruples against
yielding to his dt 'iros, and declaring that
she had committed uo wrong la her hu>-
I band or'bcr marriage vow. He gavo a quo
tation in support of tbi*Xopinion tbal her
pn toi had repealodly de> Intel that the
wit- spoilt and chaste, which she believ
ed lurself to be She further stated that
lier sexual commerce with him bad never
proceeded from low or vulgar thoughts,
either on her part or hi*, but always from
puie affection and high religious love
She slated furthermore that Mr licet her
habitually characterised lhait intimacy by
the term
"Neat lliiillig,'
ami be would sutler pain and sorrow if bis it secret were ever Uiade known.
She said that tier mind wasofteu burdened
by (lie deceit nei t ssaiy for her to practice
in ordet to prevent dl.c.iv. ry and that her
. .1 -• i< ix c I n i many lime- iinpi lied her to
throw oil his burden of enforced falsehood
by making a full confession to her hus
band, so that she would no lunger he lit
lltg before hint a yerpiloal lie. In parti
• is In r. she said that she had heeli on the
point >l luuhiug this confession a tew
months previously during her severe ill-
Dcss w lien she feared she lulgbt tile. Site
ath i tiled alo that lire, her lies assured hci
repeatedly that he loved her belter than
he hud ever loved any other wtsiua.i, and
she fell justified btforetiod in her intima
cy with him (i the necessary deceit
whicli accompanied n and ut which the
frequently suffered in her mind.
Ninth Thai after the above littuit-d coli
lessioil bv Mrs Elisabeth K. Tiiton she
returned to the country to await such ac
tion h) het husband as he might see fit to
take, wbvieupoll, after many considera
tions, the chief of which was thul she had
llt'l Voluntarily goUe atlray hut had been
artfully misled through religious ri vei
tin e f.-r Kev llenry Ward Heecher as her
spiritual guttle, together, also, Irom a de
sire to protect Per family from op-n shame,
Tillon condoned the wrong and tie ad
dr -s*d to 1■ is wile such letters of atJe, Iron,
tenderness and ropct t m be lell woulJ
rest, re her wounded spirit and which did
t>arl ally produce that result
rvhtb 1 hat, in December, IS7O, differ
rhecs linn. l>elw in n Theodoic Tiltoa and
Henry t*. Ifowt-n, which welo augmented
by the Rev licity Ward Heecher ami
Mis He. .In r, in consequence whereof and
at tli> Wi.h of Mrs Kli/tbelh 1". Tillon
espressed ill writing in a |i*|>er put into
the hands of Francis 1> Moullon, with a
v iew to procure
A Kariunuiou; Intel View
Xctweeti I .itoi: and Heecher Such an in-
Jterview wa> arranged a id carried out by
| MuuUon at i>i; it., n residence on Clinton
-.trrct, Heecher and Tiiton meeting and
speaking then and there for the first time
*im o Mr- I ilton st onfessit.n of six
( months before The paper in Mr. Moul
i ton s f siids w- a -lateijin.t f.y Mrs TlJ
u>n of the substanc# of the lunfession
| which she had befere made and of her
I w .sh and prayer for reconciliation and
I peace between her pastor and her bus
j Land This paper, furnished to Heecher
I the first knowledge w hnh he bad *v yet
. received that Mrs. Tiiton had made such
a confession At this interview between and TiltoUs parmisston was sought
jby to x.-niuH will. Mrs. Tiiton on
that same evening This permission being
granted, lteecher departed front Mr Moul-
ton s house, and in about half an hour re
turned thither, expressing his remorse and
shame, and declaring lhat his life and
work see tiled brought to a sudden end.
Later, in the same evening, Tiiton, on re
turning to his house, found hi> wife weep
ing and 111 grca; di.T.'s,;, faying that what
she bad meant for peace had only given
pain ami anguish ; that Be.cLcr bad just
called on her doc'.aring thai she Lad slain
.i.i, ind ih: he watsiil prolitiy
; Utor# at ui uiilcbf
would give him a written paper for his
| protection W'hercup n, she said ho dic
tated to her, and s!.<- . .pied tn her own
j hand w riling
A Suitable l'ujier
| for him to use to clear himself before a
| coui cil of mintstcrs. Mrs Tiiton, Laving
kept no copy of this paper, her husband
( asked her l>' make a distinct statement in
writing of her design and meaning in giv-
I ing it. w hereupon she w rote as follow ;
A IsHter jrotu Mr*. Tiiton.
December >), ISTt I Midnight.
J/y /'eor //us—l desire tx leave
with you, before going to bed. a statement
J '.hat 11. nrv Ward lteecher railed upon me
i this eve; ing and asked me if 1 would de
fend bim against ar.,' a . „-:itiu:i in a
I council of ministers, and I replied solemn
ly that I would in case the accuser was any
; other person than toy husband lie,
, llenry Ward Heecher dictated a letter
which 1 copied as my own to be used by
'h on as against any other accuser except
|my husPanU. This ' Iter was designed to
vindicate XI r. lleecber against all other
j persons save only yoursvlf. I was ready
fa give him this letter, because he said
with pain that my letter in your hands
addressed to Is:til dated Dec. "J".' had -truck
I hint .{cad, an I ended his usefulness. You
Mt.d 1 pledged to <lo our hi.i.Oi,vo d pub
ilicily. (Sod g-snt a ipeeJy end to all fur
ther anxieties Affectionately,
On the next day, namely, llmnber SI,
IS7O, Mouiton, on being informed by Til
ton of the above named transaction by
Beethcr, called on liiut ' Ucochcrt at bit
residence, and told him that tl.c reioncili
ation so suddenly made was impossible, by
Bcechcr't nefarious act in procuring a let
ter which Mrs. Til ton had thus been im
properly persuaded to make falsely.
Heccber promptly, threugii Ueultoc, rc
turned the letter to Tilten, with an ex
pression of shame and sorrow for having
procured it in the manner he did.
Text of the Letter.
The letter was as follows:
December 30, ls7o.
Wearied uith unpurtiipity and weakened
by slekness, 1 gave a loiter implicating my
friend, Ilcnry Ward Ueechor, under as
surances that that would remove all ditll
culties between me and my husband. That
letter I now revoke. 1 was persuaded to
it. almost forced, when I was in a weaken
ed state of mind. I regret it, and recall
all its statements.
(bigi id) K. K Tit. TON.
1 desire to say explicitly, Mr. JJocchor
has never offered any improper solicitation,
hut has always treated mo in a manner be
coming a Chriition and a gentleman.
(Signed) K. R.TILTON.
At the time of Beecher's returning the
nbove document to Tilton through M ul
ten, Becclier requeued Mouilon to call at
his residence in Columbia street on the
next day. which ho did on the evening of
January 1, 1871 A long Interview then
ensued in which Beecher expressed to
Moulton great contrition and remorso for
ids proyiops crin inality with Mrs. Tilton,
taking l.> hium-lf thapie for hayjng luis
used his sacrud office as a (.lergyman to
corrupt her mind, expressing a determina
tion to kill himsell In ease of exposure,
and begging Moulton to take a pen and
receive from bis (Beecher'*) lips an apolo
gy to be conveyed to Tilton in the hope
that such appeal would secure Tilton's
Iteeoher'a Apology.
The apology which Beecher dictated to
Moulton was as fellows; "In trust with
F. I) M oulton. My dear friend Moulton
1 ask through you, Theodore Tilton's for
giveness, and I humble myself before him
as |d > before my God. He would have
been u better man in my circumstance*
than I have been. I call ask nothing ex
cept that be will remember all tho other
breasts that would ache. 1 will not plead
for myself. J oven wish that J were dead,
but other* mutt live to suffer, i will die
before any one but myself shall be incul
pated. All my thought* are running out
towaid my friend and toward the poor
child lying there and praying with her
folded hands. She is guiltless, sinned
against, hearing the transgression of an
oilier Her forgiveness 1 have. I humbly
prav to God to put it into the heart of her
husband to forgive me. 1 have trusted
this to Moulton in confidence.
(Signed) H. W. BEECHER.
In the above document, the last sentancr
and signature nie in the handwriting ol
the Rev llenry Ward llei-cher
More loiter*.
Eleventh That Mr*. Tiiton wrvto tb
following h iter to a friend
No, 1,1 Lie iligttone Street, I
llrooklyii, January It, IH7I j
l>m r I rifnd A cruel conspiracy has
been forme 1 agulnst my husband in which
my llixthei and \|i Heeelu-r have haeu
i liii f m tm. • • • •
Your* truly,
El l/ x|ixt u H TILTOM,
lwelllb lhat, in the following month,
M..niton, wishing to hiiul Tilt, n and
Bcei her by mutual exprt sstans of good
spirit i liciled from ilium the follow ing cor
r. pondeiice.
Itruoklyn, February 7, IH7I.
My Jhai h'rttnd lu several conversa
(ions with you, jou have asked about luy '
feelings towards Hecehcr, and yest-rday
you said the time bad come when you
wouM like to tcccive fiifiii me an expres
sion , r this kind .1. writing 1 say, there
fur very cheerfully, that notwithstanding
the great suffering wbieb be lias caused
Elisabeth and myself, K hear him no ma
lice, shall do him no wrong, shall discoun
tenance every prejn t bv whomsoever pro
posed for any e i posure of h.s secret to (be
public, and if 1 I now myself at all, shall
endeavor lu hci towards Mr. lleecber as I
would have bim iii similar circumstances
•o t l-'Ward me. 1 ought to add that your
own good of!l, s in this ease have led me
to a higher moral feeling than 1 might
otherwise have reached
Ever yours affectionately,
Tuxotioax TILTO*
TO Frank Moultun.
On ll.e mine day Heecher wrote to Muul- :
ton the following
I .-bruarv 7. Ih7f j
t/y ikii/* t i tfnd .Ucu/fuN;—l am glad
to send you a hook, Ac • • *
Many, many fi it-mis has Hod raised up to!
me, but to no cue of theiu has he ever giv
en the opportunity and the wisdom te serve
me as you have Vuu have also proved
1 he.(dure s friends and Elisabeth t Docs
iid look down front heaven on three un
happier creatures that mure need a friet d
than thes- ' is it net an intimation ol
Hod's intent < f mercy to ail that each one
of these hat in you a tried and proved
friend ' Hut only in you arc we thus uni
led Would to li d, wbo orders alt hearts,
that by Ins kind mediation Theodore, Kit
hi-lti and 1 could be made friends again.
Tlieodore wait have the hardest task in
socti a case, but has be not proved himself
. arable of (he noble,t (Lings ' 1 Wonder
if knows how generously he La
carrtel himself toward me Of course I
can never speak to her again without her
permission Ido not knots lhat even then
it would be West- • • • •
Ur M utton, on the unit day, asked
Tillon if he would permit Hee. h.-r to ad
dr.- a letter hi Mr*. Tiiton, and Tiilwiire
phed in the affirmative, whereupon Heech
er w r-de us fuilow*
Another Letter to Ml*. Tiltou bv
Mr. Reeclier.
February 7. 1871.
t/ /'■ ■ M't. Til tun • When 1 saw
you last, I did not expeC. ever to are you
again or to be alive many days. (Sod was
kinder to me than were iny own thoughts
The frivnd whom <> d has sent to iui—
M> ulum, lias proved above all friends that
1 ever had, able and w tiling fa bui|> me in
this terrible emergency of nr lifa His
hand it was tkat tied un the storm that
was ready t<> bur-1 oti arbeads. Ysu have
no friend, Theodore excepted, who has it
in bis power t serve you s<> vitally and
who will do it with such delicacy and bun.
.-r. It does my tore heart good to see in
Moullon an unfrmged respect and honor
for you It w.-uld khl me if 1 thought
otherwise He wilt be as true a friend to
your honor and happiness as a brother
could be to a sister. 1 n hint we have a conJ
toon ground. You and 1 may ineet in
hint. Th* pst Is ended, but ts there no
future, n>> wiser, h.gher, holier future Y
May not this friend stand as a priest '.a the
new santtuary of rrcxt.cillialion and me
diate and bless Theodore and my mostun
hagpy elf Do not let uty earnestness
fail ol it* end. You beiteve in my judg
ment 1 have t'Ul myself wholly and glad
ly in Moullon s bands and there 1 must
meet vou This 1 sent with Theodore's
consent, hut he has nl read it. Will you
return to me by his own hand- lam vary
earnest in this wish for all ear fakes, as
such a letter ought not to be subject bo
> set: a chance o! mis. arriage.
Your Unhappy Friend,
11. W- Bssuixt,
Thirteenth That ab- .'.a year after Mrs.
Tilton's confession, her mini remained in
a fjie ! opinion that her criminal relation*
with lire tier bad hot been morally wrong,
so strong had he impressed her te the con
trary. but at length a change took place in'
her < s-r ru tions on this subject ws noted in
the following letter addressed bv her te
her husband:
letter of Mr*. Tiiton to her Hus
Sen.ufAXix, June I*7l
.My l*tar TK' t To-day, through the
ministry of Catherine Haunt a character
of fiction, my eyes have been opened far
the first time in my experience, so that 1
see clearly my sin It wax when I knew
that I was love 1 to suffer it to grew to a
passien. A virtuous woman should check
instantly an absorbing love, but it appear
ru to me iii such a false light that the love
I felt and received could harm no one, n*t
even you 1 have believed unfalteringly
until four o'clock this afternoon, when the
heavenly \ision dawned upon me. 1 sre
now as never bef. re the wrong 1 have done
you. and hasten immediately to ask your
pardon with a penitence so sincere thai
henceforth, if reason remains, you may
trust me implicitly. t;h, my dear Theo
dore, though your opiutons are not restfu
or congenial to my soul, vet my own integ
rity and purity are sacred and liolj things
to rue. U'ess (iod with me fr Catherine
(suant f.-r all sure leadings ef an all wise
and loving Providence Yes new 1 feel
quite prepared to renew mpr manage vow
with you te keep il as the f*avior requireth
whe loxkcth at the eyo and heart. Nevct
bafore could 1 ray this. When you yearni
toward me with true feelings, be assured
of the tried, purified and restored love of
Another Letter of Mr*. Tiiton to Iter
M r. Tiiton fullowtd tbeabove letter wjib
these :
July *. 1871.
O! My Dear Hutbatui: May vou nev
er need the dicipline of being misled bv a
s.Kid5 .Kid woman a* Iby a good man N*e
ate. I would morn greatly if my life
was to be made known to father. His
head would be b 'wed indeed to the grave !
No dalu. J/o not think thaj my ill health
is on account of my sin and iD discovery
My sins and life record I have carried to)
my Savior. Ne! my prostratien it owing
lo'the suffering 1 have caused you.
Letter of Mrs. Woodhull.
Fourteenth That, about enc year after
Mrs. Tilton's confession and about half a
year alter Hrccher's i onfitinalion of the
►aiur. Mrs V (' Wo.'dhulJ, then a total
slinuger to Tilton save that lie had been
presented ty her in a company of friends a
few Jays previous, wrote to the World on
Monday, May +2, 1871, the following state
ment, namely :
1 know of a man, a public teacher ol
eminence, who lives in coocubincy with
the wile of another public teacher of al
most equal eminence. All three concur in
denouncing the offenses against morality.
1 shull make it my business to analyse
some of these lives
(Signed) V. C. Woobill'LL.
Nxw YOKK, May 'JO, 1871.
(In the day of the publication ot the
above card in the World, Tilton received
t'rem Mrs. Wondhuil a request local! en
imperative business at her office, and on
going thither a copy of the above card was
put Dito )ii- hAi.d* by Mrs Woodhull, who
said that "The parlies VcT'iffed to therein
were Kev. Henry Ward lieccher and the
wife of Theodore Tilton."
Following the announcement, Mrs.
Woodhull detailed to Til ton with a vehe
ment speech, the wicked and injurious
ste ry which she published in the year fol
lowing. Meanwhile, Tilton, desiring to
guard against sny temptation to Mrs
Woodhull to publish a grossly distorted
version which she gave to Tilton, and
which she afterwards attributed to hint, he
seught by many personal services and
kindly attention*. To influence her to
such u good will tow ards himself and funi
ily as would remove ad disposition or de
sire in her to afflict lii.n with such a publi
cation. Tilton'* efforts and nssociatian
with Mrs. Woodhull ceased in April, 18/2,
and six month* afterwards, namely, No
Veinbcr 2, 187- she published the scandal
which he had labored to suppress.
Slatcmcntof Mrs. Tilton.
Denial of Mr. Tiltou's Charges.
Brooklyu, July 23.—T0 reply in detail
to the twenty-two articles 'of airaignment
I shall not attempt at present, yet if called
upon to testify oil each and all of them, 1
SIIHII not hesitate to do so.
Suffice it for my purpose now that I re
(Continued on 3rd page.)
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HOUSE FURNITURE from the com
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til A M llKit SETS, I'A It LOR SETS,
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Rrescriptiuus carefully Compounded.
The hut nijf taken poatc*-|
• ion of the above oublithment, retpecl- j
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It ice
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of every de*cri|ition and quality ; Whips,
and in fact everything to compute a firt
elass establishment, his now offer* at prices
which will suit the time*
JACOB DINGKfi, Centre Hell
Sliortlidge & Co..
Bellefonte Lime Quarries,
I The only Manufacturers of Lime, burnt
exclusively with wood, in Central
Anthracite Coal,
White Lime,
Du Pool's Powder,
Sporting and Blasting Powder on
Fuse for Bleating,
Fire Brick,
Ground Fire Clay,
t jaftdG 73
Office acd yard near South end of tbe
I Bald Eagle Valley Railroad Depot. Belle
fonte. Pa. haIATS
• at the
Price* Lesc than at any Other Shoe
Store in Centre County.
Call and See Us !
No. 5, Bush's Arcade, Beliefunte.
July 19tf
Wood ring & Co.,
lAt the Groeery Store on Allegheny
Street. Rcllefoate, Pa., opposite II offer
Bro's inform the public generally, that
* thev have now and keep at all times ona
- of tne best and largest stocks of Groceries,
1 such at
' TEA,
Ac., Ae,, Ac.,
consisting of canned peaches, cherries,
omatoes, plums, green com, dried apples,
peaches, cherries Ac.
In brief they have everything usually
kept in a first class Grocery Store. Call in
ladies and gentlemen. Our prices are
Jaasonablc. We aim tc please. oct9tl
Stoves! Fire! Stov's!
At Andy Rcestuau's, Outre Hall, are
latest and best stoves out, be has just
received a large lot of
Cook Stoves, the Pioneer Cook,
tbc Eclipse Cook,
the Reliance C-ook.
PARLORS—The Radiant Light, self-fee
der, Gas Burner, National Egg,
Jewell, Ac.
h*.He sell* stores as LOW as anywhere
in Mifflin or Centre co. " ./w
All kinds of repairing done, lie has
always on hand
Fruit Cans, of all Si*es,
All work warranted and charge* reason
able. A share of the public patronage so
licited. AND. RERSMAJT,
2*ep7oy Coutrc Hall
Gift <fc Flory's
New Shoe Store !
They have now opened, and will constant
ly keep on hand, a splendid stock of new
men, women and children, from the best
manufactories in the country, and now of
fered at the .
Lowest Prices.
BOOTS and SHOES made to order, upon
short notice. They invite the people o,
this vicinity to give them a call, as they
will strive to merit a share of their pat
ronage. myiOtf
Bellefonte, Centre co.. Pa. ap6Btl
Fish, Cheese and Provisions,
144 North Delaware Avenue.
137 North Water Street,