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    Farm, Garden and HanaohaML
Wot## of the r#na.
Tlie Maine Stock Breeders' Aaaocia
lion haa been formed, Enoch Knights,
of Portland, Secretary.
Mr. Soovil is authority for the state
ment that "of the 6,000 grasses 135
grow naturally iu Central New York. '"
The five factories in Sweden oon
■nmed last year 514,506 CWt. of lieeta
and produced 62,197 cwt. of unrefined
Two cents per quart for fceiling pigs
is the value placed upon skim milk bv
a member of the New Hampshire Board
of Agriculture.
A Japanese author assert# that hens
led on dry hemp seed will Uy all win
ter, aud that if pounded charcoal is
given with their f.Kid the flesh will be
come " beautifully white and rich."
Ramor having reached them of "a
corner in coffee," or of the formation
of a ring to keep np the prioe of tins
article, the luemliew of one Missouri
Grange resolved to dispense with that
luxury until it can be bought at a fair
cost; those of another place the limit
at 25 cents per pound, and a thiol de
cide to do without coffee altogether for
the space of 90 days.
A correspondent of Afoorr'* Pwal,
who for a quarter of a century has heeu
a close observer of tlio utility and
durability of patent rooting, ia obliged
to say that he " never yet saw one that
was good for anything."
The trespass laws of Illiaot# arc very
stringent FrvH{ncnl ntvlicca sr# pouted,
and some owner* of large farms employ
men to ride about the premises for the
purpose of seeing that " sportsmen *'
do not eome u{v>n the ground a, snd
witlt dog and gun disturb their herds
or harm the crops.
Pope Pius has removed the interdict
against Catholics joining secret socie
ties to the extent of permitting them
to beivmo members of tlie Orvler of the
Patrons of Husbandry, " provided theT
find nothing therein conflicting with
their conscience, or the creed of the
Mention is made of s New Hampshire
man who keeps 800 fowls, all healthy
and good layer*. He scatters them
over his farm— which ia 400 scree in ex
tent—in flocks of 23 to 50, providing
for each a cheap house 9x13 feet.
Their broad range ia tbe secret of his
Fletcher Carr, of the Elrnira Farmers'
Club, alluded at a late meeting to one
field which had borne buckwheat 30
years daring the past quarter century,
and gave nearly 25 bushels to the acre
drilled, while other fields, quite as fer
tile, gave not more than 12 broadcast.
Mr. William Smith, of Detroit, Mich.,
has raised s pig cross, of Essex snd
Suffolk, which at seven and three-quar
ter months dressed 402 pounds, the
best weight on record.
In the five chief Massachusetts hos
pitals for the insane, in 1873, 10.39 per
cent, of the inmates were farmers. In
the Essex County Insane Receptacle
the proportion was 26 per cent, great
est of any, politics being probably the
inducing cause.
For lice on sheep feed a teaapoonfnl
of sulphur to each animal say twice a
week, and the lias will disappear.
Lucent or alfalfa seed can be obtain
ed of any seedsman at from 50 to 60
cents per pound. It requires fifteen
pounds to seed an acre.
An exoeilent way to preserve fence
poets is to char the ground end by
burning it—thus carbonizing it. Other
modes have been given, but they "are
not available for publication here just
now. If any of our readers know a
more efficient way they will doubtless
contribute it.
UtMsssa et Caws.
A cow doctor of our acquaintance,
says the N. Y. .S'u/i, who has had an ex
perience of nearly forty years, savs :
" Early spring is my hsrveet, and I get
li't'e time to rest either night or dav."
We asked him why, and he replied :
" Want of plenty of nutritions food and
shelter from cold give me nine-tenths of
my practice." If cows were furnished
with plenty of good food and warm sta
bles in winter, the cow doctor wonld
have little to do in the spring. As a
proof of this assertion we have only to
notice how quickly diseases disappear
after the grass starts, snd the animals
are turned out to pasture. Horn-ail,
hollow-tail, and many similar imaginary
diseases so much talked about during
the latter part of winter or early spring
sre mainly the result of constipation,
caused by feeding exclusively dry,
coarse food, and exposure to cold
storms. Reverse the order of treatment
and these diseases would disappear
from the farmers' stables in winter aa
quickly as they do from bis pastures in
summer. Catarrh, inflammation on the
lungs, and similar diseases, all have
their origin in exposure to cold or wet.
Mange is brought on by half-starving
in winter and keeping the anitnl ln
filthy, ill-ventilated aUblea. It becomes
contagious, and frequently spreads
among healthy animals. Ointment,
composed mainly of sulphur, is the
most effectual remedy. Lice, of course
show neglect, aa no Withy, well fed!
snd well-housed animal is ever troubled
with these parasites. Grubs in the
back or skin are the larva- of the gad
fly, the eggs being deposited the pre
vtous season, while the animal waa out
in pasture. When found, they should
be removed by merely puncturing the
skin with a sharp-pointed knife, and
then a slight squeeze will throw them
Disease! Fellow Kipoaare.
Cows that are in milk, that have been
milked late, are peculiarly sensitive to
cold, and tbey are frequently injured
by being exposed to storms. By get
ting wet and becoming chilled pulmon
ary complaints and other diseases are
induced, and thns the farmer has a sick
animal on his hands which is s sonree
of trouble and anxiety, and not nnfre
quently a total loss. Many of the
troubles that come npon the cows at
the period of calving, may be trmoed
directly to exposure during the winter;
and therefore on thia account alone wiii
it pay the farmer to shelter bis stock on
the approach of storms, either of wind
or snow, or rain. Daring those days in
winter that sre sunny and warm, there
ma/ be no objection to allowing stock
to run at large in the yard a greater
portion of the day; but iaifie extreme
cold weather three-quarters of an hour
in the morning and the same length of
time in the afternoon, to slack their
thirst at the trough, will give them all
the exercise needed. The remaining
portion of the time they will be better
in a warm, well ventilated stable, where
they can quietly remunerate, without
fear of being hooked or driven about
by master cows.
T® Remove Asia.
The following is a very simple means
of removing ants, particularly when
they are fonnd in houses : Cook aqnan
titj of prunes, making a strong deooc
turn ; pour the juice into a vessel, and
pJnco it where the acta are ; the insects
attracted by the juice, fall into the vea
sel and are drowned ; repeat the opera
tion until all are removed. When trees
are attacked by ants, use the same
remedy ; put vessels containing the
juice of the prune at the foot of the
trees and the best results are obtained.
To prevent the heat from souring the
juice whose odor attracts the anU keen
the vessels in the shade or set them out
after sunset.
THE FRUIT^BOP.— In an address at
Trenton before the fruit-growers of
New Jersey, Mr. Quinn gives the straw
berry crop of that State at two millions
of quarts, which, at fifteen cents per
quart, would be worth 8800,000. Of
blackberries, raspberries and grapes
there are about the same. Thus the
cultivation of this delicious fruit, which
has brought into use thousands of acres
of otherwise unemployed swampy lands,
gives New Jersey the credit of raising
half the entire cranberry crop of the
United Sttaes.
No man is alwayTWrorg ; a clock that
does not run at all is right every
twelve hours.
Tketr Frfallarttlra ami Their •• tarh
Wap ""Mntir Moel Kuwgeetlve lltnle.
Mr*. Plunkott in a )>a|>er, " Home
Farm-house# and Some Mistaken War*
of Living in Tliarn," roa.l before the
Maaaachunotta Board of, aaya
the obnoxious house# of the f.r men of
the State and their work art* an inheri
tance- kind of pilgrim fathcrisnt,
evidently, which it t# difficult to dc
acribe faithfully without seeming to bo
drawing oarioaturea. In the find place,
these httuaee wore built before samtarv
engineering waa thought of, and witli
an especial eye to " hatnlinc#* " of some
sort: built, for instance, at the foot of
a hill for shelter, under a lug willow
i tree for shade, or close to the liarna for
, couvenieuce. Everybody has noticed
how toweriug red barn# are put in the
beat position in many farmyard#, uear
to the water supply, while the little tin
painted house i# stuck any where— too
near the baraa often, Mr#, Plunkett
aayg, for safety. ruder a willow, too,
j mean# in tha water, and in the shade
any way saeana out of the sun ; while
j at tlie bottom of a hill ts aid to moan ia
I the drainage of the kill. Tumi a mighty
! delnaiou of the average farmer is a
house all on one floor, "long, sprawl
ing, and mud-turtle shaped." This
may he tvioture*qne, but it ia an
, economical and sanitary failure. You
oau't hate a cellar uuder the whole
mud-turtle, and where there ta no cel
lar the floors are terribly cold, the
foundations get loosened by frost, and
the unoellared portion of the house be
couca an aggregation of " lean Ui's "
leaning avcrv way. Mr*. Plunkett'a
{taper deals especially with the mis
taken ways and misfortunes of farmer*
wives who, in Massachusetts, have al
ways been a kind of goddesses in
poetry and romance, This is the chap
ter devoted to feather beds.
Another widespread source of dis
comfort end tll-h*slth, though happily
growing ift< by force of circumstances,
is the uae of feather beds. Throe are
often preciotis family heirlooms, and
they had an excuse for being while yet
stores and furnace* were unheard of,
hut are uoue the lean injurious for all
that. A ooarse sacking, filled with in
expeuaivo straw, forms the "under
bed ; on this is laid a huge bag filled
with thirtv or Shirty-fire pounds of
feathers. The farmer with liia blood
, at almost boiling heat, after a day's
haying, lies down on this cheap and
unpatented vapor bath and perapirator
ana trie* to sleep. Is it any wonder
that be toaaea and groans ; that he
finds his garments " wringing wet "
and himself nearly exhausted; that
he rises with the " first streak of light"
from pure miaery ? The poor wife,
who, rery likely, in addition to all bis
discomforts, has suckled an infant all
sight finds herself more dead than a'iv*
in the morning, and looks forward with
justifiable shrinking to the tasks of the
day as she finds " the baby all broken
out with prickly heat " and fretful ac
cordingly. No wonder she calls this
world a " rale of tears " and considers
life a thoroughly puzxliug problem.
Had the bedroom been on the second
floor tho air would have been sweet and
inviting, and the bed should hsve been
formed by placing the feather heir
loom under a mattress is good hair one
won hi cost sls and last a lifetime).
The baby also should have been pro
vided with a well mattrroscd crib.
The farmer himself would have found
that the sir circulating about him, as it
would when raised np above but tnp-
Birted bv an elastic mattress, cooled
s blood, and he would have falleu
into that refreshing sleep which is real
rest. The baby being cool would have
been mostly spared the eruption, and
the mother having received the full
benefit of the mysterious cordial that
nature pours through our veins while
, sleeping, would have risen s rested and
renewed being. Feather beds are
answerable for much of the ' debility '
among farmers' wives.
After paying her respects to " beds
as cold morgue slabs," Mrs. Plunkett
sajs of the wife's work:
" Another error of modern farm life
La that the wife tries to do too much
i herself. This is one of the indirect re
sults of labor-saving machinery. In
| former days some needy girl was given
a home and ' brought up,' often thor
oughly initiated into the arts and mys
teries of the highest housekeeping in
consideration of her services. Having
t begun to supply hands and feet by ma
chinery, the housewives of our day
carry it too far. To be sure, the hu
man aid is a creature of thought and
feeling, of passions and impulses;
while the machine causes neither
anxiety nor annoyance, and so the wife
overtaxes herself rather than be bothered
with a girL"
Plain Liaen Salts.
Dark gray undressed linen suits will
be worn again in the nunnier, say* a
New York fashion journal, also* the
deep Napoleon blue linen*. Piping of
: blue linen is the prettiest trimming
for gray linens; black trimmings ia too
i serene a contrast with gray ; bnff linen
look* *' common" when " piped with
! blue, but is pretty with brown edges ;
, bine linen look* t>eat piped with white ;
gray linen also looks well with brown
pipings, and with shaded bone but
tons. The sensible and stylish design
I for these is a very simple polonaise and
abort walking skirt. Any of the pat
terns of long loose-belted polonaise*
giren la>t summer can be nsed again,
though the preference is giren to those
with the French bark and single-breast
ed front buttoned only a short distance
below the waist; • pleated ruff finishes
the neck, and tfowre are no pockets.
The ruff show's an inner lining of blue,
and the merest pfping fold appears be
low the facing all around the garment;
the button-moulds cowed with blue
linen are no longer fist and large, bat
j are thick, bulging outward in tho mid
dle, and the hiti of a dime. There are
no darts in (runt of the polonaiae but
the long half seam before described ;
the fullness It drawn far back by the
j simple drapery, which is formed try two
i loops wet low flown on the side "seam
and passed over the buttons that define
the waist: when the garment ia to be
washed, there are unbuttoned, and the
skirt is perfectly straight, and there
fore easily ironed. The front breadth
of the walking skirt is trimmed with
five lengthwise bias bands piped with
blue, and reaching from belt to foot
A deep Spanish fiounce of three straight
breadths of linen begin* at the first side
seams, and trim* all the breadths bnt
the first. Theaa bias folds trim this
fiounce, and extend up the front part
of it beeide-Gie lengthwise tablier
bands. Bnch suit* cost sl4 m the fur
nishing stores. Similar suite are made
of bine linen, with whit* linen piping
There is no combination of letters in
the English language which excites
more pleasing and interesting associ
ation* in the mind of man than the
word " wife." It presents to the mind's
eye a cheerful companion, a disinter
ested adviser, a nurse in sickness, a
comfort in misfortune, and an ever
affectionate partner. It oonjnres np tho
image of a lovely, confiding woman,who
cheerfully undertakes to contribute to
your hsppiness, to partake with you
the cup, whether of weal or woe, whieh
destiny may offer. The word " wife "
is synonymous wfth the greatest earthly
blessing; and we pity the unfortunate
wight who is compelled, by fate's
severe decree, to trudge along through
life's dull pilgrim* ge without one.
A Fight with a Bear.
A letter from Oshkoak, Wis., relates
the following : "A terrible fight with
a she-bear took place near Lake Poy
gan by a man named Madden. Mir.
Madden heard a noise and opened the
doer. The bear sprang in, and for two
hours the man and the bear fought in
d **yy oombat. Madden's wife and
children .mounted a ladder through a
, ~ "J* 0 Ihe garret, and there were
obliged to watch the combat. Mad
den s face, arms, aud body were horri
bly torn and mutilated, by the olaws of
the animal, and, when nearly dead, as
sistance arrived, and the beer also tack
led them. One other man also was in
jured, and the bear was finally driven
oL Madden will probably recover,
though he is terribly mangled."
Mr*. Tanlba 8ohw*lll dl*>l NMnUy t tb#
Sow York Awiulil* Reams. 81 • >oW)—liil
by h*r ixtni cliihlrvtt, w-nt to to* AimmU)
H'KUhx to attend * l>*h, and anil# talking to
MM frtatul* full dead. Win * .VI JP*I old
While sees* mru www repairing Mi U
well *1 IVvter Village. t(itwlo, tl>* iwrto gav*
way. letting Die eaith fell mkl burying three
lueii two broth*!* uSBMd lU'k Mut I titan
nanu-.t WtlllMnm All U> men re <Uad before
ttiey wete motinl .... Fernanda W*l lu
trndinwd * 101 llu Ui* I'. 8. lions# which we* I
rrfmioil to tbe Way* an.l Mean* rommtllee. to
regulate tbe eerrke tit Ui* ooUoctiuu of customs
at 11| lb* ,h#po#ilion of Ilia rtuea. penalities an.l
foifeititle# incurred uikier llie la*# relating to
.' It r*|eah all prevision* of law nmler
hich moietlee or pertpilsiU** of wliat*ier
name or nature, or C>IUUUU<I> ou dlsbur*#-
utenta bate leeii |ij to or natuinl by col
lector*. natal officer*. enrteyote. ttr otbvr
nrtVcar* mii) employ##* eonn*ot*it with the <vJ
lector'* department ui the tartoua jk-rt* of tbe
lulled Male# . an.l providea that ail flue# awl
penalties an.t forfeiture# and tiie ptoeeeiW of
all condemnations paid to and mooned or re
covered by such officer* alialt le |<ai>l uilo tlie
Treasury of the United Stale# .. A. T
Stawart baa tial tbe |i.e far board at hi#
Grand Union Hotel. Saratoga, at threedullaia a
day fur tbe cowing #ea*ou. t'f oourwe tbe
landlord# of tbe other hotel* will be eomi>*ll#d
to adopt tbe MUM tMiff
Two employee* of HnbMMte * t'irvu*. wblia
loading cage* on board a barg# at itia foot of
Fifth street, CWoinuaU, fell tulo the rtvwr and
were drowned ... lufoftna) information baa
reached official .jtiartcra al Waabtugtoulbat lb*
agept# of a Furopean monarchy sr* now among
the iuurgnts in Cuba ettb a flew uf giving
lliatn such ant that they may oveiooute lb*
Spamxii authorities an.t eeiahhah tu that Island
a different Government, bat wilti mouarvhkwl
fsaluiea. Tba uatmiialliy of the agent# ia
wilbhabL There I* no way of verifying the
above report, although It ta bebev*.! lu ofthial
.Irvlea... J..iui M.-laagiihu, of Boarboro,
He-, aged twenty years, committed auk-kte hy
tying down st the edge of s pond and holding
his bead uuder a alar, ii* bad lately evhiUud
of deraugement .... Tba t'arltat force
litat waa before Oeroua baa retired, the main
otpal auibonuea having paid litem 100,000 reaia
on condition that tbev vrootd deaut from
biockadmg the city Tba U. it Suprwme
t'ourt held lu the oaae of Tlte I'titled Slate#
agwmat Kraucis i. Harret., that the duwharg#
of a teukrapt under tbe bankrupt act did not
diaobarge turn from bis uidebfcdneea to the
United State* . .Tbe U.S. House t'ttmnulieeou
tbe J ttibctary enbalanually sgreed upon a bill to
provide for lite distribution of tbe Geneva
award. The distribution is proposed tube
made bv a United State* court, to bo de*tgnMe>l
by tbe I'resident of the Untied Slate# The
remainder of tbe tail does not malertaliy differ
from that of General Duller'* wtuch passed Uie
House tu Felmisry. 1*73, hot waa not acte.l on
by tbe Senate It hae been ascertained thai
K H Mag til. an tnaorance agent in Han Fran
neco, is a defaulter, the amount of Uie de
falcamai is represented u> be gSO.Otk).
C. 8 Secretary Htrhardsou hu *
uegotiaikxi for the ex.-bauga at half a million
new tire per oettt. bouja for so equal amount
of Hi per cent, Ave-twwntv botula, par fur per.
adjaaUUft interest lo the lime of exchange on
each, and allowing only one-quarter of one
per cetiL commieeton. This la one of the
largest sales of the new bonds which has yet
heso made The t htuaman arrested on
suspicion of having tieen implicated in the
murder of Iternaiein. at fortune, was proven
beyond all dooM to have committed the deed,
unaided and alone. While the o(beers were
endeavoring to take the prisoner to llrtgham
City fur safe keeping, the eiuaeua rn uuus
took bun from the Marshal down lo the railroad
bridge, one mile east of the town, and hanged
htm from the tree tie work The lieichstag.
of Berlin, by a majority of TO, has voted ui
favor of the compromise amendments to the
Army UH. In the root-re of the debate (ten.
von Mvliko said: "In consequence of the
shoots of revenge, it >u necessary te keep
the hand on the esrord. Pi-armament would
mean war." The Secretary of the 0. 8.
Treasury, reports that the whole amount of
bonds refunded into 5 per cents, la #311.i1&-
150. The coat thereof lias been *1.440.792.
By the term* of the agreement with the parties
contracting for the t-van they were to pay a.l
expenses and to receive for their com|-enaalion
the one-half of one per cent, allowed by law.
Tpon setUement with said parties all expenses
incurred by the Government were first deducted
and the ba'aoca only J *4-1 them. The refmuls
on account of the loan of Hi*. *ll 955.000.and
the moneys received from the Geneva award
915,500,0uS —were no* mad* through any con
tracting parties, and therefore no commissions
thereon were allowe-1 Gen. Bank s son,
Joseph, wae assaulted and left Mtiawlmi n a
Boston street by some roughs the other night
for trying to help some girls they were insult
The U\ami>4ii p with th hod* of
Dr. Livingatooe oil board, srrirad at South
•mpton, England. The remain, were diM>m
barked. ware formally received by the Man*,
and aaoorted to the railway etati.m. During
the pajwage of the procemton minute gnna
were fired and the betla of the city to ; led.
Merchant, closed their stores and flaga were
placed at half-maat... A .hocking expiaainn
oemmed in a coal mine at Dukinfleld, near
Aahton-l'nder-Lvne. lancaehkre A large num
ber of muter, were killed and injured, many of
the latter being terribly burned Fifty-three
todiee have been recovered. Theee are be
lieved to have been all that were killed One
hundred men. who were left in the mine alive
after the accident were aafeiy readied. The
explosion wa. canard by the nee of naked
''Rbt. A duel waa fought at Toulroe. near
flay Bt. I.onia, Mineieeippi, lietween Wallace
Wood and A. J. Bachemnn The weapon, were
dueling piatole. and the distance twelve paotw.
Barlieauu was ebot through tlia thigh at the
firat fire 5 Wooil waa nnbnrt. The entire party,
all of whom are from Sew Orleans, were
•treated by the Miaeiaeippj authorities Tli#
party includes several newspaper reporters....
A tornado panned over and through Xanhville
from Waet to East, doing an Immenae amount
of damage It struck the city at tit* fair
grounds, passing diagonally through the city
and out by the fruvemity and Mount Olivet
Cemetery Its width aeetna to hava teeu
about a quarter of a mile. Many poor
families are rendered homeless. II i. feared
there has been aeriou. damage to property and
lose of life along its track.
(ftteeu Mary's Time.
Martial law was proclaimed tbrongh
Cornwall and Devonshire, and the gi*>-
bet did it* business freely, although in
the latter country care waa taken to dis
tinguish the really guilty. Iu Cornwall,
if we may believe the legends of the
next generation, Bir Anthony Kingston,
who went as provost-marshal, waa not
so scrupulous. A story waa told of a
miller who had been ont with Arundel,
and expecting inquiry, had persuaded
a servant to take his place and
name. "Are you the miller?'*
said Kingston, riding one day
to his door. If yon please, yea, was
the unsuspecting answer, "Up with
him," said the provost-marshal, '• he is
a busy knave; nang bim up." In vain
the poor man called out then that lie
waa no miller, bat an innocent servant.
"Thou art a false knave, then," said
Sir Anthony, "to be in two tales—
therefore, hang him 1" And be was
hanged incontinently. The mayor of
Bodmin had been among the first to
move ; his name was joined to Arnn
del's in the rebels' artioles, hut his
friends had interceded for him, and he
had hoped for pardon. Kingston vis
ited Bodmin in his progress, and sent
the mayor notioe that he would dine
with htm. He had a man to hang, too,
he said, and a stout gallows must be
ready. The dinner waa dulv eaten, and
the gallows prepared. '"flunk yon,"
said Kingston, as they stood looking at
it; " think you it is strong enough ?"
" Yea, sir,"quoth the mayor, "it ia."
" Well, then," said Anthony, "get you
up, for it is for you." The mayor,
greatly abashed, exclaimed and protest
ed. "Sir," said Kingston, "there is
no remedy ; ye have been a busy rebel,
and this is appointed for your reward."
And so, without respite or stay, the
mayor was hanged.— J. A. Frond.*-..
A San Francisco clergyman says that
nine-tenths of the persons whom he
has married were over thirty-four years
ol age.
l.onU (irriM* Kk|>lltilN| llow III*
( uiMilaifvllrii
lemiaa (iertua, whose death wit* duly
eerlillod to Ihcaatiafaction of the Health
Hoard, but wltoae diaiutorreil coffin was
found to oontntn only uineteen bricks,
was arrested in New York. The clue
which led the officer* to Iter wae a let
tor found among Or, I'ling paper*.
They soled on the cine, hoping rather
to ascertain facte about her than to
effect her arrest, but the jicrann who
answered their knock was lamia*
llertna. Hho took their information
that she was their prisoner laughingly,
and acaxued to rrgurd the whole con
spiracy aa a good joke, iu which she
waa a spectator. Hlie said that had they
called an hour later they would not have
found her. She had rend the atones iu
the newapapern aud waa very much
ainuaed at them.
IniuiHit attired herself for the street
in the aaiue mourning habiliments
which figured in the ttliotogrwph found
iu IHiug'a pocket. Hlie waa taken into
the member*' room of the i'Mroltve'a
office, and queatioued about the mani
fold phases of the conspiracy which waa
detnguod to defraud an luaurance ckrm
jtany out of 810,000. Hhe jieraiated in
i regarding tire affair a* a lame joke, re
plied readily, seeming to wish to con
ceal nothing, aud laughed joyously
whenever she thought ahc marie a tell
ing point. Hhe says that lUtug had not
Ut her mto the secret that the con
spiracy wo* to obtain the maurautve on
her life. On the contrary, he told her
that she was to pentonute another girl,
on wboe life he held apolicr of t*i,ooo.
lie wae to marry her when they got the
money. When Ur. Kurt* attended
her she waa shamming, Hhe simulated
cuuvulsiou* by holding soap in her
mouth and contorting 'her limb*. It
imposed completely oti the physician,
who prescribed aui went away. "He
must lie very green to be fooled ao
easily," she said, laughingly.
Aa to the funeral preparations, she
says that the undertaker, rinck entered
first, while she waa expecting the per
son* iu the hoaae to call to aee the
corpse. She lay on the bed with a
sheet drawn up to her chin, her face
painted white and aa death like aa pos
sible. Fiuck brought the coffin in, and
tbe bricks were put into it by him aud
Dr. I'ltng. To deceive her, she sup
pose*, the name was iuacribed on the
plate " Louisa Oreunct." Hhe was
not put iu the roffiu at all. The morn
ing of the funeral she was not well, and
l>r. I'liug asked one of his patient* to
go as chief mourner ; ao she was de
nied the satisfaction of riding to her
own funeral.
The acuaalion caused by her arrest
hail hardly subsided before a wagon
containing the exhumed coffin arrived
at the Central Police office. The dirt
taiued-boi attracted a throng that
speedily filled the hills and office*.
Police Commissioners, the repreeenta
tivea of the itiauraoce company, and aa
many casual visitors aa the apartment
could hold were admitted into the rear
room of the detective office. Ixmiaa
Germs and Finch were brought in. It
waa the first intimation to the under
taker that every thread of the conspira
cy waa discovered, and when he aaw
Louisa Germa his whole frame awayed
aa though he would fall.
•' Have you ever seen that coffin be
fore ?" iuijuirod CapL Irving of Lou
"I know it well" ahe replied.
" Who screwed Uie lu! down ?"
" That is Ute man," said she, point
ing toward Ftnck.
*' Who put the bricks iu f"
" I>r. I liug. While I waa pretend
ing to he sick he brought the bricks in
two or three at a time. Madame Marie
Mrs. Ulingi wrapped them in paper.
When they were ready to fill the coffiu
Dr. I'ling carried them, one or two at
a time, from under the bed in the back
Finck denied the truth of the story
at first, and persisted in saying that he
screwed the coffin lid dot n upon a hu
man body, alive or dead. He waa taken
back to hia cell, and there he weakened
and ooufeaacd that he wa* a party to
tha conspiracy and was to received $2.10
when the money was obtained from the
insuraneo comjmuv. He prepared the
laths with which the bricka were fast
ened in the coffin and screwed them in.
It bad Ireeu iutrndrd to keep Uliog
ignorant of the arrct of Louia* Germ*
until they could (x> brought face to face
in court. Her Ir in the morning he waa
taken into the tietactirwi' office, and he
wrote two letter*, one to hia couuael and
another to a friend, aaking him to go
to ItiO Kldndge atreet and tell hiaaiater
• wife) that he wo* arreatcd and to bring
him some dean linen. Aa the atory of
Louisa Genua and the confeaaiou of
Kinck teemed to ooeer every point of
the conaturacT, it waa deemed unneces
sary to keeplum longer in ignorance,
and he waa confronted with the girl.
Ixmiaa, a* aoon aa he entered the room,
started toward him, Haying, " Meine
lteber Uling" (My lore I'ltng). The
detectirea restrained her.
Uling was calm, but it required all
t)ia fortitude to maintain his stolidity.
Asked if ahe knew him, she merely an
swered "Yes," The prisoner* were re
turned to their cells. Louiaa'a gaiety
foraook ber aa the key was turned upon
her. She burst into tears, and seemed
to realize that there waa something
more than a joke in the conspiracy.
She upbraided herself with having in
jured Uling, whom she naid the lored,
and whose promise to marry ber ahe re
garded as still binding.
The prisoners were to have !een ar
raigned at the tombs for examination,
but the testimony of the woman who
attended the funeral was deemed of
sufficient importance to hare the case
postponed until she can lie subpo>naed.
Uling maintains silence still aa far as
any detailed confea lion ia concerned.
He merely aaya, " Yon hare the coffin
and the woman, now what are you going
to do about it I" Technically, their
offense is only the misdemeanor of a
conspiracy to defraud. Aa none of
Uling'a oath* or affidavits were taken
before a judicial officer, they cannot be
made to constitnte perjury. Htill it ia
a commentary on the administration of
the laws relating to proofs of death that
the word of a man calling himself I>r.
Uling, and whose name ia not in the
Medical Register, should havo sufficed
to obtain a burial permit.
Adtirr lo Wouten.
Never lend yonr money to any man
without the moat ample security. Do
not he tempted by offers of high inter
eat or large protlta to invest in business
enterprieea of which yon know nothing.
If yon do, ten to one yon will be cheat
ed—especially if the tempter ia a rela
tive who onght naturally to protect yon.
Put vonr money into public aecnritiea,
or the saving* banks, and be content
with fair interest and—safety. Take no
man's word in matters of money, but
take instead the advice of disinterested
parties, and demand always the sound
est securities. Men are not governed
in bnsiueas matters by friendship or
relationship, but by their own interests.
WATKnrnoor Areas* mn Boom
In order to prevent rain water from
passing throngh Ixyots dnring cold
weather, they should be treated as fol
lows: Take a ponnd ol the liest fresh
tallow or hard mutton snet and melt it
in an earthenware dish with half apound
of bees-wax and abont half an ounce of
rosin, and apply the compound to the
leather (while warm, but not too hot)
The soles as well as the uppers should
be soaked with this preparation. The
wax tends to render the leather more
durable and pliable, becanse it is an ex
cellent antiseptic. There is no better
leather unguent than this.
WNEAT BREAD.— Grata one-half dozen
potatoes ; jam, and add one quart of
water ; one cup of hop yeast at night,
and in the morning when light, add
three tablespoonfuls of sugar, and flour
to form a dough. Let rise ; when light
put in tins ; let rife again, and bake
one-half hour.
A man named Button died recently
in Southern Berkshire, Mass., and
when the sexton started out with pick
and shovel, somebody saked him what
he was going to do. " Qoing to mnko
■a Buttonhole," wo* the not very grave
\ 1.11 Id rOSURKNM.
rarimiitrr. of Wla., Introduced resolution*
•stllii* forth ll:at lha |tepie of Cuba have da
dared lliMuanlvßa ft ib au.l iui|e|>andßiil of
N|*lti liana established a government fur
llimiselte* and alstllahod negro slavery. ktid 1
fur Itiorß tliati AY,* Years ham successfully
t natalo.l all lbs alTurla of fltielti to radtuv Iboitt
to attlinitaaltiit and tr establish thn ootid 11 ton of
negro slavery Ut that island, and that Uto war
IwlßMu h|.aoi and Cutis baa tmen and la nuw conducted ltb a degree of barliaiily
sbo -aniH lo all Clirißleitdoni. and there la no pn|>ect that Spain Bill aver l-o I
able lor* selaldiah dominion over lite ttsttpl*
of ('aba. and Ilia! It haa len tun lbs duly of
lite lulled Ntalaa lo rsoogui** t'tilia aa mis of
Ibe mdo|ianiteiil nations of iba eatlb. and Ibal
lite l ulled Mates all! obsetve slnct ueiiiiahly
lielßeau Uta i-otilendlng pet lice during tile
fttribar |nitaeeullun of tba war. and will ateuril
Ui each of Ibein lieUtgsrnnl rights and a<|Oßl
|ttvtlegea and adt solaces in all |Hirla aud
l>la>'es ailhltt Ibe f titled Ktalaa.
Mr Kdtuuiida, of Vl . from Uta J udictarv
i utulttlUee leporlet Unfavorably uu Iba bill
for lbs labsf of purchasers of sold for
dltect la>M in Iba Insult.. tluliaf) Hlalaa
Mr (laytuu, front ibsCotnnullso an Military
Affstta. rs|iuited a lull lo siptallAo lbs lamultra
of aoldlsrw, wbo served Iu tbe lata war. Placed
on Iba calendar. 'Plie Ult provltlne tbal Urate
•ball lie paid lo every bouolably tUaeluuged
tuut-<> sutulaatonavl ofti.-er, pllvala aohitsr,
miiaitiau, arufl>-er, aud aagoner, tuehidrug
tlnias borne on ibe rolls as a la. ue, abo asrmd
Iba Culled Statea in Ibo war of Ibe rebrlUou,
lbs tiiu of eight and one third dollars |wr
month for all nia uun of aervlee betweon
April II IWU. and Mav IMCtS or in cars of
volunteers, up to tl.s lime of tbe otualer .ml of
(be volunteer organisation to wbk-b be be
longed. in .-see of lire death of auy such per
sou Ute paYtaonl la to be made to bra widoa
and children Aut ImunUee heretofore ta
mtte.l from tbe l ulled Mates, vf any Mot*,
are lo be dedu. le.l from tbe allowance hereby
•ulburiAwl. No bouttuee shall be il4 lo sub
stitutes, or lo pciwuiis diaubaigod aa minors.
No attorney shall be allowed, on pain of Hive
aud imprteoumeut. lo receive m re than #lO
for iitavccuung any claim under Ibe foregoing
Hie .Senate proceedcsl tu lire coualderbtloti
uf the Ult lo au Itorua the issue ufa aupplt of
BTDra (0 (he authoriuea of the Stale of No
tiraska. Mr. Ituckuigbais. of t'oun., aultmiUed
sit Muetidnißiit |trovldiitg (hat a auppiy of artus
should also t>e Issued Ut the litdlaiia (o protect
Ihemeelvre from the raids of aetUers. The
amendment waa Oually wltlrdraaru. and anothsr
■ If. red. provului* that the Male of Nebraska
should furnish lite Kedaral On.eminent with
I'<vl aud aum.-leut leoirds that (he artus should
trot he uwd for auy other purpose than that
named tu the bill, " protection agaUiat LuOlan
The House I*ll fur the relief of persona
auflenug by the overflow to the "'--t il[ [ I
nver wae rw|s>rted Ut the tteusie aud paseed.
with en smen.hneot twov tding that the act shell
eiiure uu hepl I, lSrt.
Wheat the Ixrulavilla aud Portland Ceual
lull waa dlacnaeed II waa airowu that the C. H.
(ioverumeiit held 9.9M5 out of tbe lO.OuO shares
in the canal
Mr. llair, of N . V.. nwra] lo tusks (lit ('■
Sreaatuaal jirniit-r tu ofli.wr of the I'ulMal
U!t, Unload of. a* Utlf *ll eitloer of UIC
fienalc. Aiio|<lotl
Mr. Holniui, of luj , Rkittf t rwduc* tire
item of ti> l'rwulrai a itWr, in lire *|iy4o(jrt*'
lion UU, from #SO flu) to SJS,UUO. lie argued
that the u-rror uf mluM* last aesatuu. US
rinding the President's aalarv, aa onniUMi
lulkMiaL Hale, of )la, llmlcr. uf Mass.. and
other* Oft-ssed the amendment. ThS diarua
aion resulted In a twrantial sinmnler. in which
Out. of S Y., and Butler and t>awes, of Mass.,
ton* (-art,
Mr. Puratan. of Kin., moved n strike cml
the |icovtao which forhbta the puUiraUuß of
the laws In newspapers after March. ißik He
ad orated his amendment as |re renting the
aluhtion of a sutetdr of f6O up 10 iiewsnspers.
He believed in party newspapers : hut he had
uo respect fur so-called "independent" papers
which were "neither fish, flvwh nor fowl, nor
even good red herring. lie also protested
again** tlie repeal of the flanking privilege,
winch had heeu one of the greatest acta i f lu
jnetn-e ever |rpetraud on the iwople living
outside of large rtuea lhumail of Mum ,
ad n mated the meeeure. and other members
look part lu It, and the motion to strike out Uie
l<rovMion. which aMwopriatea ♦60.000 for the
publication of the laws, was rejected
Mr Moray, of U., lulrodnced a jotntreeolu
ti.m for the furnishing of rations, forage and I
clothing to the people suffering from the itmn
.lu u from the overflow of the Mimtamppl
and its uibutanea. He a*ut to the clerk's desk
and had reed etlrwrta from correepondeoce i
detailing the frightful condition of tiling* along
the Mississippi and Araaneaa nigra lis said
that the present inundation was greater than
any that had happened since I*l7, and the
people never were more destitute In reply to
Mr. li. Y. Hoar, he gave the number of i-et.jle
needing aid at from 10,000 to 15.000 Mr. Cox.
of N V remarked that the propoallian was
ratlier eilraorditiary. Ihr Government
as well he called upon to furnish aid to the tO,-
000 starving people in New York city. After
aotna further diacusetou the joint resolution j
was referred to the Committee on Military
Affair* with leave to report at any time
An Item appropriating #40,000 for pontage
ataro]w for the State lieiiartmeut reopened the
subject of franking. Mr Butler. of Mass.,
prop wed toap)Cv>pf isle only #I,(XM fug furnieh
tng pstage atamps. at the coat of manufacture, '
while Mr. (iarfleid aptwalixl to the commuter
either lo rewU-rw the franking privilege ofwiily
and spiarely or else take tlie exactly oppaute
course and let the PaaS-Ofiea liepartmetit sell I
■u stamps lo all corner, at liiwtr face value.
Mr i obnra. of lndiaiia from the Commutes
on Military Affair*, reputed a lull rut owwnng
tlie i*reeldriil to direct Uie issue of food and
disused aimy clothing for the rahef of the
euffecerw by the overflow of the Lower Missis
aippi Hiver.
Mr. A >er.ll rejorted a resolution increasing j
the acofie of the inveatigaUon |we Hourly or
dered into Indian contracts far HF7S and iff7t, i
and directing a thorough Investigation of ail j
W.a frauds or irregularities connected with Uie '
administration of Indian affairs fur those years.
Mr. Oox. of Sew York, introduced the follow
ing resolution, winch was thereupon, with a
■ ■•iter from Mr. Thar low Weed, referred to the |
oatmltlce on Foreign Affairs ; itrwWred,
By Uia Senate and House of llcpreeentaUves.
in Con grass asaemhlcd, that the thanks of
Oenee are eminently due and are hereby
tendered to fhr l.smbtoa Ixwraine. commander
of the British frigate Siohe, for hie humane
and generous interposition at Santiago de
Oul a. In protecting the lives of the survivors
of Uie Virglniu* etpediUoa. The American
leupli recogtitae with admiration and gratitude
hl< prom in and em|b*ttc admonition. and so
1 >ng as heroism in defease of humanity ta
deemed eorthv of honor, the name of the ,
gallant ofllorr should t>e cherished.
Mr. Hialhtnl. of Ohio, introduced a bill to
(It lha cuatpetwaLaa of tho I'rretdenl of t!>*
I'nitel Stale* al $35,000 )*r annum.
Iljr Mr. Startarathei. of Conn. I,*vytng a
tax of one-twentieth of "t* i<*r emit, on lim
bale of stork*, laonde. c *KI and iltr bullion
pn>mi#*ory nolo* and other asrnrilisa,
lit Mr. fleck, of Ky.—lncrsaslhg the lax on
the -lrrtilaUon of national bank* from ooc
ttrrlftii to one quarter per rent, per tnooln.
Mr. Poland, of Vt., offered regulation* for
llie recognition of Cuban independence, being
Ihe hoc a* sera recently introduced into the
Senate by Senator Carpenter. llefeire<l t# the
Committee on Foreign Affaire.
Mr. Kelley, of Pa , moved to *nepetid the
rtilea, and make the MU appropriating 13,000.-
000 for the centennial celebration the apodal
order for the sth of May next. Passed by a
rote of 1M to 66.
Mr. Poland off*red a re*olntlon reciting e
conflict of authority between the United State-
Court* and the Territorial f'onrt* of Utah. and
that the enforcement of the la m ha* been
delayed and olwtructed, and dirertlng lit*
Judiciary Committee to report a liill for Uie
legal J iri*dn-tion of the court# and officer* in
Utah. Adopted.
Mr. Hitrlbnt, of HI., -nbmitt-d * report on
the hill to charter a donlde I rack freiht rail
way com pan* from Udewatei on the Atlanlic to
Council bluff* on the Miononri river. *n<l to
limit the rate* of freight thereon. The report
red lee the *arion* feature* of th* existing
railroad y*tem. and aaya that the company
proposing to bnild this great freight null owl
will accept the low rale* of freight agreed
upon by the committee - 15 cent* a hneltel lo
Chicago, 1(1 cent- to St. Lonis, Ac. The coo
pan* aeke the Oo*eminent to guarantee it- 5
|ier ceuX bond* it the rate of $311,000 a mile ;
and while the committee ia not In favor of rail
road -uheidiee, it think* pmperthat theouhject
ehould he fairly submitted to the consideration
of the American people. It therefore report*
a hill without snv recommendation. Ordered
to be recommitted and printed.
A Japanese Beauty Described.
A face of classiest ucsuty, according
to Jspaneae notions, combined with
great modesty of expression, black hair
tnrned up and ornamented with long
gold pins aud scarlet crape flowers, an
outer role of the most costly silk, em
broidered in gold and confined at the
waist by a scarf, upon which the high
est female art has been expended in
ornament, and tied in a large bow be
hind, the ends flowing over a long train
formed by seven or eight silk petti
coats, each longer and richer than the
other. Blie must be accomplished in
mnsio, embroidery, singing, and, above
all, in skillfully improvising verses for
the delectation of her future lord. Duty,
a bundle of keys, weekly account*, and
good housewifery, are all very well.
They are expected —the Japanese gen
tleman requires all that; but he wishes
—nay, insists upon the marriage-yoke
being entwined with roses aud padded
with the softest silk. It must not chafe ;
if it does, off he goes to his club, or,
what ia nearly as had, his tea-house.
The law allows him to do ao, and is he
not lord of the land ?
Temperance has been triumphant in
Lockport, New York, formerly a profit
able locality for rum sellers. The peo
ple have not only stopped drinking, but
voted that there shall be no more licen
ses. The New York Editorial Associa
tion meets at Lockport this season.
A Word In Nmumm.
Health ia b blessing, which compara
tively few cujoy iu all ita fullness.
Tlmac* endowed by nature with mbuat
frame* atitl vigtmm* ootuitituticinb
nli.mill be urcful nut to trifle with thorn.
When we eutair the season of iieriodio
fevers, the InorOPbO'l heat of the ami
develops M miasm* whiub pervades the
air. The evil ia inextinguishable ; our
iluty to guard against it la imperative !
Poriuuately fur thoae whoee lot ia oaat
in low luomhy iliatricU or new ulnar
iugs, nature jirovidc* a cure and pre
ventive. DA. WaI.KBMB ('AMAtIBbI a
Vinkuam Itrmtwftarw endowed with rare
prophy lactic or diaeae-preventing pow
er*. and aa " an ouuoe of prevention ia
worth a ponud of cure, ' ahould be
taken in the full vigor of health, eo aa
to fortify the ayatein againat the aaeault
of auiutuer dlanaae, and tbua aeeure by
llit ir life givi ig, at l engthening, restora
tive, aud autiaeptio virtue*, a defense
againat wtmarspheric poison.—(Inn.
Strange llurc.
Tuaome districts of India it ta Uie
custom to hold what ia known a* a
devil's dance, when strings are passed
through the flesh of young men en
I mill side* of the body. The dancer*
sometimes die from their injuries.
There ia a resemblance between this
custom and that of Ute Hiout Indiana,
who at intervals have feasts and dance*,
iu which voung men who aspire to be
warrior* have strings of buffalo hide
passed through the flesh on both sides
ft the breast, the riida of the strings
being attached to a cross pole, or to
buffalo skulls. The would-be braves
must dance without food or drink un
til the flesh gives way and they are
liberated from torture. The two cus
tom* may have had the same origin.
Those who like to see a ragged toe
and dirty atcK-klus will not eare to bay Hii.vkb
I*l rrten Khues liui those who would rather
bave a Deal Hilver Tip ahould Insist that their
shoe dealer should always keep them. (Com.
Many ]>cr*oua suffer with oiok head
ache and nervous headache, usually Induced by
oosttveiieaat tndlgweUoo, Ac. Kuch perauua
sill hud relief if not cure, by keeinug the
bowels open wllh email dJsea of farrotu'
i'erjurtrr f'UU. (Com.
Mr. Arebey McKutaick, of lloekdalu,
I'a., in writing to lr. WisUart, saye . "My
sou was pronounced incurable With ouosump-
Uou, hut hearing of your Hue Tree Tar Cor
dial, we puicliansd three bottles, and he
cumuienued using it, and from that day to this
,he lias been getting welk" [Cut*
W UTUtrf,
Four to sit batiks of l>r. Pierce . Golden
Medloal ftlecovery are warranted to cure Rail
It brum or Tetter and the worst kind of Ptmplea
Oil the face. Two to four hoUlee are a arranted
I) clear the system of Boils, t artmnrle* and
More. Pour to ait. Imttias are warranted to
cure the worst kind of Kryaipaiaa and Blotches
i among the hair. HI *to ten lotUe# are warrant
ed to cure Banning of the Lars and Corrupt or
Ituuuiug I'learn. Light to ten hoUlee are war
ranted to cur* Scrnf tilou# Korea and Swelling*
l w to six bottle* are warranted to cars Liter
A woxiucx to itiaari >
Taxxrowx. lMdawar* tV> . O , March SO. 187 J.
To lr. II V. I'tui x •
Your Inseovery needs only a fair trial and it
will do all ran recommetid it lo do and more
too. When I was fifteen 1 caught cold and far
twenty-eight year, f have been a perfect wrack
of disease, and all Uie medicines and doctors'
Ull* have run up at lima* to tern and three
hundred dollar*, and never any better, hut
worse, when 1 gave up all hope last soring of
living the summer through I received t..e of
your Account Books and mid my husband after
reading it that it was too late to trv further. hut
he aaid li was never too Isle. lis want and
i bought two lotUae. and I found that it waa
j helping me very much Rince I*4l I waa
Moulded with Catarrh and Sore Throst and waa
almost en I irely deaf In one ear and my voice
wae as dull aa could be. There waa constant
' j>aiu in my bead. Now my head is aa sound aa
a dollar, tay voaoe is clear, and I hav# used tan
bottles of roar Iheoovarr. It bse cured me of
Catarrh, Hoc* Thrust, Heart iHaeaaa. Spina
| Affection and Torpid Lrw. My Liver waa
very tail. My skm wa* rough. When 1 put
my hand on my body it was like ftah scales.
Now it is as smooth and soft as a child's in
conclusion I will aay I have baaa well for three
i month*. I am a wonder to myself and friends
I his is but an Unjerfact t element. half baa not
I-con told. Yours with respect,
limn Lnw.
Have you inflammatory sore throat,
(Stiff joints, or lameness tram any cauaa what
ever ? Have you rheumatic or other pain* in
any natt of the body ? If so, use Mam'a
I Anor/ywe lisdxoi.'. internally and externally.
" RllTttlkti UtCTTKR." Cslier ares B ssse
lit. Jshs Usrr. nlgirsui Twuriiaa
massur tiisis tor rotes tsi rianspiis
llllblißKA or-TK* LOOK CALK AMD
tvem ae otksr seess tkee ksving stmu ta Us
saowa-s vunrrai COMFITS
will West -Of worms wit bowl tafary to ths shtM,
** rsrhtUj WHITK. se< firs* frees *ll nolonag
( a* othar injuria** lagrwdlauta aaaaii? usi a
wons pr*p* ralloe*.
CCftTia a BBOWK, rrcprt#tor*.
Ho aI a HIM airoot. How Tora
Batd b /iiMfuo and (HowmoM. and daalara m
m*da woo of ftUTirin (*v i Boa.
1 thirty vkaki' axraaiKHia ur
AS OLD Hl'lUltC.
waa wmanowa bootmivb ararr ra nu
raaacairrioH or mo or uo owot Ham nr
oiwoo aa* Harooo la th* CUM llalM, and haa
boon aoo* tor thirty roaro Wtia tortt failing aatoly
aa* oaocwM million# of aoUtfi u< children
rrooo tho too Mo luteal of MO wook oM to lb# Malt
II correct* Mfliy of Iko iioawk, ratio too oiaf
oollc, raynlat** tka kowalo. aa* yt rao root, kaallk
ul ooatoil to toolkor aa* chit*. Wo kaflora It to
ka tho 800 l and Borcoi Boaaody la Iha world la all
oaooaof DYSBRTEB* aa* Maßßßdl* IB CHIL
DBKR, whothor ti or toad (ma T-evbrn* or (Tom
aay othar oaaoa. Fall dirartloeo tor aaia* win to
1 company a*ch bottle Bona Sonalaa nalaaa lha
fao-oiatdaofCCßTl** rtUUI la m tic oataida
hot.n av tu Botirrraa Ontiti'
HOUSEHOLD *'*f *• *•••# t
PANACEA 70 FfOOno oa Bar la*
AND fro,B **••*>•, Bonraleta,
FAMILY r ™"' ' tho Umbo or float.
ach, Biliono Colic, Pais la tho
LINIMENT, book, bowol* ar *l*o, wa troal*
___ toy TWa Horroacno rtitru
**n Famiit Littant la of al
HOUSEHOLD nthara lha raotody you want
PANACEA loloraal and aataraal a aa.
tl hot rsrod tka aboaa rota -
FAMTI Y plAlnU ta Ikomaaa*! of oaaoo
' Thara la ao attolaka abaci it.
( LINIMENT. Tr y It Sold by all DrayytH*.
The Maiketa.
avw mas.
B—t OaMl*—ftltb# to Extra BnOedna .11 e .isy
First quaittj 11 sa .131#
H-coart quality !< v,
Ordinary thtn Oattl*... .ti'i .My
Inferior or lowfwtgrad*
Mitch Oowa n.j Bft.ars
Bags IJre JB%* XT
Dr#ead JPI **• Al'.
Itheep. M *
OnMon— MlddHuy lT,a .IS
Flour—Ultra W#*lera *.30 a f at
State Extra SAn a<M
Wheal—Bl Weutern 1 f A a l .M
Ho. IBprtn* M a I.CI
By*. a I 11
Barley-Malt I.SO also
Oal*—Mixed Wiwtern so a .M
lV>ra—Mixed Western. .S3 a .17
Ilay, per ton IS.OO **
Rtraw, per ton. 10.(10 aUtrf,
Hop# "73' JA-40--'• . * * It
Pork—Me It on *IS *7
hard I) a .13
Petroleum -Orude 7a-7 s Hefiaed IS
Hotter—Mate S3 * s7
Ohio, Fine .31 a 91
" T*Uow 33 • .si
Weatern 0rdinary.......... .30 * a
PenuT!T*nla flu* S3 * sg
Oknn mate Factory 10 .1*
" a trimmed fit a MU
Ohio 10 • ,15 >,
Rgya—tMi# ISM* .IS
BmfOatU*. t M a tDO
Sheep. *.37l*t 7.75
lioK* —IJ** 5.25 • *.35
Flour 11.75 • S.OO
Wheat—Ho. ISprtny IS* • Lt7
Oorn S3 a .S3
Oat* M asa
By* lOS a loa
Barley 10 • 1.50
hard 1 'Ha .11
Wheel 1.45 * 1.00
Hye—Plate 1 10 a 1 11
Corn—Mlxad .57 a .57
Barley—flat* 1.75 • lj*l
Oala—Htat* .*1 • S3
Floor 7.50 a 515
Wheat—Weatern Re*. I.M a I 70
Oorn—Yellow „ .so a .00
Mixed. SI * 81
Petroleum- t'r ad# 1] i# lie find .15 >*
Olovsr Seed ~ aSO #10.50
Timothy 3 5JMt1.76
Ooltun—Low Middling I6\a .16
Flour—Exir* *.OO * 6.50
Wheat 1.50 a 1.57
Oorn SX .55X
<tot.. „ .. .. _ 52 a 58
Vl" a week. Agents wanted. Rnslne** Iryttl-
CO I laaie. A. Broom hall, Musrailna, lowr.
A |>|>lrton's Illustrated
Bdltad by hao lurur and Cut A. Dana. To
ha computed In 1* volumes ; pri finely Illustrated.
Plra volume* now ready Issued Bl Monthly. Soli
by Bnbtertpth-n only Send fur Specimen payer
D. APPI.KTOR A CO.. Tub tshsrs,
MS and 6U lirt auway, Hew Toik.
T£jnw A NTED. wa
MMU, W oU • iHIiM) Life IVmiMf, 4MfM
M tXUI IB ••! IMIIIM Of 1811 lUll IB Vrklrk II
IB il now represented II UI a inertly aauteel
roai*at>p, returns in bi|>lub preaneas M ila
■uswbare every y#*f, w< m Hi wfnuHan huD.
fiirulebei II.MII IMBIWM Bl 188 |BM| BBißtW*
ales All uf It# I ..Hides BBS turn lerfwtakl* lin
>belr flint after • Iklfl |<bi Umiil H'Bkl*
•mnwHlllMll BBtB Willi M I able WSR ißllf IB
II . arrmowß V rraa*.ai I bbibi ii„ Mib.
or i.i J W Intuia Om Win Bi>|.t. (larioiißii
Maw llrllsl•>, I'saa.,
Tk trail a tajr. uiasnlßctHrs IBs Baal Baahal la IB*
ava-ket mbb a trmm kaaß<. Bat lan au4 a|ilial. eoa
elells* I Ika Olflerevl bladi • elle* tur Also Ban
nlarlurafß ul ißa Palebrale* Arsertoae Barry
llaabat ant OrsAa. Varßaaa aal flanl Haaßata.
tliap But ta ul All aiaaa, at prtcaa to tall tba
limaa la. I loi frina Ult
Wasts* laaiaAiatalr -Ml parsons ta p'.yere
taemeelee t„ nit lucrative snelUosa A*4r#ae
J I' ABB a all MIT, Bapt Tal, lleeelaa*. o
l|'H r<B ! BtM.X .üßaliptutt as* tba Blbta aa
1 kr tap Ik. l.lfßt of IBa HlßaVaaatß CaraMrw,"
l J. W liana. A bl.. autßur ul fkraala Bt>*llek
Orae.twsr, Aa. Prlne Aa .ta . aaal by aaati, pall,
i'.iiaaa tb< Am But. Kswarb. Wayaa On.. B T
t aa lalar aaA Alaaaaac will ba
•sails* witaeat rkarya ts all
Pbt aba apply
llu>tl tar a Ist I<• re art of munis* love of aaul aar.
rr lug aim an.l a kan j<hi yUaaa-lto* Uj ba baud
some urea tut huadredaof .llMtaea, alao many
Bata secrete, art a, araUniaa jaoetey D>Abta|
motlxaW, Ac. I*oca ooly Aft e*Bla
STKrHKAI 4c ( , rubllabrr*,
< bltafs, lit.
ISjtVBJOT * Saw Mvia ■■ T
OLB* t I AT" M a \ IB
mil KMtKAC.
fait (Ibo belter tßss a
d.aiß<w4 1 Tfrjt> .#t //
bBuuIS bavs St.*.
rßtl* taa bbs a k "l| -'
t<- 1BI Bttarßßß SB 1
telfl or ftft tola BBS \WJr
utr/j >V w'u VA * *"
atrßet Hollo., Vi
f.tfteral StßrwMst to Start g
u\ uibik a Nrci.trt'iiKv.
The afth sAttlos Bltkta tkraa yasra t Jsat re
rattsS It la lße tsoal cssylstß s* railaßla wsrk
la srtat , t or Hyot aufcatastial'v betrsS, p laa
• A atalrseaav taaa wtiß ntasplata aat of 1M
taaSirlßsa It 111 Buub at.a out ass Ito sap tut
vf tba rsttsS Ststsa sua CssaSa on rsastpA afpT
* B— tt aseea twtoa Its oval IB every (sailly
•Hi Htt!flr#n rrh tear
AAStaaa It HIC A TAMCL, lease
Ssißtr I'kat maey, lift Grssß *•„ Baw forb Bsat
••KbUabsa ua MBA. Sen* /ar Arevvgwa ear
A nvßsrisaßsi imi victr.teoto r.iow
* iLLA CO, a ratk Bos, Bew Uaty
Pamft J.c<,r . •ustaißlß* l.ausf Wsssa
4H'B. ana ot mriaa abswia* Met f aStrwaWalss
AteKMb fftltno bubM teak,
urt AUurTt'fto of
Kit Carson
ftm fce (wßsr t BtaaeH Tkeesly ma as* anisiii i m
r. yrru T*A rrek scut r
Ut'tUL #t Bw.Nlmd.a4 |Tii #4 i —pin , f ik*
Itbdten u- . U.l AM ft* CST. m MM if KmOmm ed n
x Wjm, AM
m Wtltf la •- -itfNN
Wa.t Caraoa'a Oapulcste.
TBSte te .eS'ty UM D.Wut C Nm kT*t
"IBS'I (SB. lees astSarWa* teswteray Itbesler.eewm
h te ssellaa •'* t 5R...5..1 -k.osa isllaa ~s !.
S. aa eernee e Bay. Ilieisele. sm.s. est Bse Isl eysn.saae
ABama le STIb.eiUI. * SClß.MarwM.<eas
iw • moSmrm itovt Amm Ar* totter, tocMM
tor totter (I|b tto? rifi mum
ttoai khjr otto# t w ■ fk.ti tlkadu ant o*%m
•iiitthw ptulito.
TiaM a toliltaat til vary itgta, gill k K— Xa
ta* laker rsasowa via *o poll**** ara aaw*.
*rw a swat a4 claaa- asm mcuU ***4 in* la
IV*,ai.tinae Mk it. partor wlUwwt
Stvt acr Sa*t ati sw ■ ix iron big of n
meviaa fwvaiiwra or
■aa m Stgagnsabia trati or atroog self
millskai prwparwe tor a *4, but ar* rktual aa4
karmlt vt
Ar# pat p in wast la aark ko* ar* il
•tfla aatf i* a terra A m aUcka. 1 ttwfc Is lit
BKIVW mavcalcat ft" (1 la legal tor aay Hot
••f etkr I Uo, WM |, „
toUiak aav*4.
Ar* k* rk*ap**t peltth ta Ik* aurfcwt. Woaaaa om
boa at ta rant* will >t *k a* aiack rarfkow ar S
caats' wvrtk at lb* U pell • bit
bvrprt l*krn lb* tlow wuk *gv*ral o
ar*l pr*raiar at tb* (J p lb* b*t of Ik* ol*
nii*a*H>* to* w I • tov* pollckr*
•tUoa, la ca-mpstt-
■avCaraaa or Coaroar of roar *tor*k**p*r. ti
k* kg • tk*t*. or will prwrar* Ikrai to? vea. if tot
*wa4 a* c*>* dollar pswr ■****. aa* lb* aam* a
Cr i.Miiit apr*M *taur>n, sad t wtU w*t ye*
bosrl aad iwi leg of Sartigtt'r a lac blag aad
rwarl Btawißg. fro* of retl
CttfSM or Coaroar c** b* bad of all Wkoiaaal*
Onufi aad Dl*rg ta lb* Cot I*4 SlaM*. aad I*
tail Dialer* wit] Sad tb*a tb* Bioat prnaubl*.
from tb* fad ikat lky ar* tbg fb*i**t aalliag
articl* f xh* toad la tb* atrkti.
113 Worth Front Btrast, Philadelphia
143 Chambers ttreet. Mew Tork
43 Broad Street. Sorter,
For SrarrtpMv*
Me* to th*
Elastic Tress ft,
\ W BS3 Breed are f,
** lerh.
Bee* what leaking Oranyr *ay of th* book .
T. A Tuoxrwx, . Lwurw of lb* K-ttenal
(IfMli. •ni: *• Th.r* i, a tr**t lu>i .•
Irl >rmauon -"Beaming '• <>r*r Thl yoa ha**
Birr IB yoßf ll< • fA, (irwn at JMcnvmref IB ah
aflmi ruble manner Th# work 1* oppcirtan*. aa*
airin an #Xlbiitb> fuiatiiw
Cut A. B Ixmur. Muter at tka lowa Stat*
Oranga, writ** •' I ha** r*r*i*#* par **rr •*-
reliant t**h; mm mark pl**#-d with IX Xaay
Ihaahi to# lh# copy Mat a>. I *n It bight*."
11. It. Kttoll. Vi . Muter of th* Prac'a Slat*
Oraa*#. writeri. "I r*lar* to >oa my *lae*r*
thaaka tor th# (A# ft,#**# BnwwW I
ha** p#rn#*4 It with mark tat*r**t. Ilia !*••*
• lor#* with • OnUru Vraia' S.r ***ry Pat ra**
family, and thoal* b* ta th* hoar-boll nf **#ry
Patron la th# tan* I can cheerfully ■ #,< mmea*
toad tor ap-cimes pae#a aa* rlrralara ceatals
!•( t#rm, to Airaet* an* man* win rndnri-ar.ti
from l*a*in* Orange##. A**rw##. RATION L PCB-
LlSßlNrhilalUphta. Pa
Colorado for iiiali and Ms.
It* advantage* tor Contempt*### aa* Atthmat
Ire. Pull particular* given Ire*
A*4r##t, A. B PATTBRSOK,
Fori Collin*. Color**".
THE Agents Make 8180 At
o**r par month, *#lll ay oar a*w
B COT SUM, tor., new Map ef 3RW
VIIIIK BTATK. 5M* tor tl
Cataloya# an* a*# oar aw **t#r*.
v rr k n. ttRtnoMAK.
Tbl SB#', lav *>r#f. ! T
Charles Sumner.
at** I'ricc,
•ml po.l aid no receipt of lk pttrf. ayvnts
wanton in at ery ctly sad ia.
Addrese * LKK A SKEVABP. Sot'on.
liahwd. AGENTS WANTED—Io whom
the 1 .antral Commissions will be paid.
For full pnrtlculara, address Ik* Pibliahsra.
No. 66 North 4th Streat Philadelphia, Pa.
erXAUo Publish are of Standard RaUloaa War km,
A *NTS WANTKD lo tell oar Jastly salebratsd
A i lu-lra Ml Ladles' wtar. Indlepensab" and
b..lntel* nareeeaiy. iU.OUO MM,It
MOVrill. V, They t-omhwl and sails
far lion. Ml KKM tI.K (A* l>ll \% ITH
fit I' THEN, Sampl. senion rawltl •
94.(Ml KKKK. bond fir lllottratad circu
lar I V I'K.ILS BCHHKB CO.. SO Cham bars St. BT.
6BBfSiifL r Ki£ssffil'h'
And. Its Oure.
Carbolated Cod Liver Oil
I* a telrntlflc combination of two wetl-knowa modi
ilnra. 1U theory 1* Brat tt> arrest the dorar, the*
mild an the lyitcm. Physician* Ssd th#doctrine oor
reel. The really starUlns cure* performed by will
son's Oil are proof. _ .. . _
OmtoUc Ar lit portKrefv mS Damp. It la the
most powerful antiseptic In the known world. Kn
trrlny Into the circulation. It at onoe granplea with
corruption, and decay ceases. It purifies the source*
lixt Uxrr OU It Aulwe'i tut amitamt In relstln
ajr.te T -"Trr** T**
-u.d by the best DrastW* mwUNr
r ir. wxnxwon,
U 4su ttrwt. New xsef
n AAKT ■•''M' WuK<tr UMMM rwOl I
Teas and Coffees.
at woouoaui nutm
InerNHd Facil i tie* to Clab Organixera
M<t for Mow Mm M.
r O *w SA4a. M ■ rw 1o AT.
<Ej3> f lor encT®
TIM loot wnlw4 Ml •/ A*
it. WiniUi a WttaM,
■4 Om A lionow. leu*Wai m
•a 80. 660.
It w a,
A frwrf mf Ita ChM WWW
I. km -I Utt I I.IIIIKM K. afcMA i *• AM I
ttrmhrm liu Miw/al|> *f Uigk fl lia.
X* CM OV /. r atarMa. Ua mm Aa. A
w< m 4 fmr—mrd, ar >• tly awA IV*-
' tttup'l Html.
•m n < *>< I. *: t. I mui. tUM a.
( M M aaA IU *t. it*.
Afrit, itT4. firm,—, Mm—.
ut ■y i
T Thee tovia* tiiw Ike keel • atiefmetum to
Ike Marr Ufme4 fur axxf rntt> a>4 it fto M/
tlktrf if Hn It M-' Jiaiillt •' mml • amia
torn. ;?fv fe t>OMK*Tir A M CO firm T*rA_
Rufkiai Ukt II to UWntoft.
kg* tit tuut tor Mam la Uett.kf Sr. 1 B
toltM ••> lltrMt Hu
nt Mill htlliiuti Co . ll* Baal Mill lltnC B T.
4 OK*TI WuM tot (bit ha.taw bank. II
il taarrtttt ikt llttalitiital lirtfiuwitf
a Woataa- urtftoa t fcrradf -tor raara Uta wtto f
a Haraua l*r>t>at * a* all ttet to lafato
ttaea atitol af rlarMtac Pull of tbrfllia* am
taaturar aau.-f.-oi •-.< pat hail, araaaa I lb* uaal
toaatoaUaa ton! iilmL hirlftll of tba tolkatnt
anf of Uafl .-a Moranat, awa aof tataiaa; Lata aaf
ieaaw ta rub A- Bar Umlm. allttat RilT
ruut PTBLUSIBO 00.. Banter*. Taw*.
A finWßn ™ ' l ' "WI "*• aali.e# II La
A l*f ll I X * BBS" PATBBT SBOOM.tbaa aaf
/iULlil 1D < :tor arUato. Oaa kg* al aaft
Uifli/l tt)t Mmaaataafaf by fat Aprwto
VMTlit MM over I ou.oi# batutaa aaiaf itoa.
ni.~J.ra ftw. rf.HOO 400 torontons tit .B- T.
Soda Fountains
|H, •••. |tl* SIM.
Shi? pad laMlr tor Da*.
Maaaianttra* by J. W. CHAPXAB
4 Co., Matttooa, lan. .
tm- Hand for a Oalaloma.
W A Tla AOKITS wait to* ta toara and
I t* A _ aaaabry to a*U TBA, or gar a* alab
■ "™Bor*artor tb >araat faa Coupaoy
•a Aatartan. la>portora' artaaa aa* lafaaaaiaato
Haaf tor rirtaur. Affrew.
BOBBBT WELL* l Vttit B. B T. M) Boa. IB*
uyuylSaa* torto win aaf raaaw af lotbara art
rr tr ■ p.-.ipaif a Plua OHifii, Ta* aorta
u/yr l : loiirarttooi to chat | a aar.
L I I'll— * Oa„ 1* Baatb U it. PtotoZVa.
AI 111 l I*® B*i BI*B, U oaiy tew moo*
□ I LIU Utah BtiUrb Ir.lif Martoaa tnt ta
-7 raa.W A'fraw JOBbCOB. SLaBK
f Co . Baatoa. Mao*, b. HwbwHH
\ at -to at hat air to a aar* varraau* Bo cam
tal rtquira* Pall aarttralr.r aaf a raiaabto
attoplr aaat IVa* A.I. i nr. ant trt rata'a tutaap.
A- P. TOT BO at ntll at WrU a. T
■ wr W An litrb CtoB
■to llttordrß
by U mild. tmd- ■
11 tiff iim|wnl**.io whlrfe ■
V J the dluaw lirldal
V V a—i' 1 arbra Ihr itrirm kuM
11 I i l**a |til la pertoatß
J/ ontor with Dorlorß
Wr \ I'lrrrfa (iMca|
Mdlral Dlorot rrj, wtirh ttmiklM
he lakh Mrnntiy to enrrret Meal nfM
ft *ra, vtitrk irt alwsj-t at tootl. ataoH
to art (itortOcAUr. U|W* Ibt dtoeaaadH
piali ot the no o *:rl It* ckaabrftH
catarrh Rfiurdv -'Kml-l 1* appi ml rltkH
Br. ricrrr-'a N::aal Dour lf, lib B
Bfctrk actlk inr rat l carried UN
gadperfertlii |.tlict to fill put* of !*•>■
M|tt ud rh=Bt Itrra ta a hfch Mm and ■
nlorrt exttt. an-1 fmt which dlw-harpwH
procw-U r-i upv-e-ofnl t-tl!il. r nt|
of Irrjaml t-"rrlv l lUrt Iha I>ru|>rlrVorH
o3er> fiftOO Coward for a eat* ofH
-fWrf in JJer t" or t \jtorrh trbleh he B
eannotrtrre. The two mndirtnei with■
inotrumme for $ ■j, tpr all drnpptoi*. j
Wilb Ito ct' rtoai rHatt*. Bt|tilrtat trrattf
altitf raaoarraa. ikxk arowia*. hntiM aaf
baalib adraatofrt' Otttnl u< nroat Utoar
tloa im frrr Affraaa A. H PA rrßßAtta, Port
Oolli.t Calara**.
VIII br irai frrr by wall to aar our tralltf tbaU
aAfrrii ta Tit ktoafaar. Baa, iwk.
niT T1 n W**T m rtLwt
I V Ik tin:* nurr
I I It acts." s Traaiw OS tbs
\ Cassas. History, Care sod
w B % rnnsiM S FtlDk hS
mushst *t r Kki HTsmv
I a a Vruiiti.arttohna
I II |*w Tark Sana laKXwnl
' JkAgPer Day guaranteed••
*9 fffOwoG Auger
kN Y |sSn a t*s ssaraai or tan parsons wlkk
1 I Id >. eiU taasnjws MaailM Ctner
nvr Itiit iMlruUHi h. v 10 est rtrk,poet pa*4
Unt loss JMt, (%., m South ms at.. rails..**
(itir WICK Oit (WwiH<M|Ut east
Caa'f Salary, na4 aitmt *•!■( it aad will
gag It Apply saw. 8 W— mm S Co.. Msrtse. O
Worfe for Even body Coot Wagaa Prrtss
asaf Eapiovsaat Men sad wrate truud.
rail par ti calsis £rw
Aid teas. W. A. HKkDKRStW S CO
eisvrlsnS O, "V 1 1 . Icslt a-.
Rata, v. he, Aats, Bed-btes, Moms, Ba.
i.r.inii.rrtuiaoa, n.rLeais Jur*e.
Iron in the Blood
#TH* PEsrvna
STBTP VttaDpra
and Errtebaa tba
Mood. Tones up tbs
frwHaMtifS •
WrsAra-duwu. (WW
Ktanaw GaerttMa
IVOJST IVbihtv,lis
mors. Dvxprpala. *
TbmsMt hern
twee rfcangtd by tbs
taw of this mainly
from mU. aSckf e, mwlurro, ts
1 Strang, healthy. and htopr tars sad womm; and
' tavxMs fsaaot 1 waasMr bmltala togtrs It s tris'
Oivtim —lie sar* you gvt lbs right aitlrta. Pi
that -Prnirlaa fa-rap" U blown la the rlass.
PwapUsefrssL Sradlwoaa. PKTU W.fpit K
* SONS. rroprtoSun, Bunion, Uw. for mis kg
15,000 Sold in 60 Bays.
ABEHTB w:mno strife
B** Wary Clamwsf Ames, a a-ranpstas
®eat aaa-a tbs thelmt as a aulant, " Wc
! fneaaaes tbsew." it w as# nm, wwawss ,m
twd asfCi eat, n*t**lty sssrfiestag 4Mb (sad tbiasi As .
ML ItApwWsr aimj kaaa. wuk sseeyhsdy, as 4 Aasmsf
tar sod uM, by itisaiaia. Om ipal iwa 444 irSan . '
aas tsvnmiv sssOasr lu annsd aa sad saat far att
tt ssswtla s* atlss imka. wdT i-s KM s£r 4
• fas law kssam. la kss as —■ ialm j lisill ; h Wa
aiair WsMaasali sw—My kassa. Ssw ta alas SSM la* as
M.sssaas. M MM mm* . 11 Si. a.. aaka May.
Sywst paillil Sa saw* laaraaatw. Ar cisasbsi mrm.
SSi SSk SfSapSld la-alsaaslsla s-d ssr tanas tsaass las HI
A u, wusrituitiro* a 10, b-nwa. cws.
Wttfc om* box ARABS BAO SHOT. Pries Beta , ask
Kur florakssa-sr forlu JonH S. BRsUT 4 04..
* Y "v* J lemtos. WO', tour AT 4 on.. rkOv
mrnwwA ij
r Nature's Great Remedy
It li tha vital prisctpfa of ths Pisa Tree, obtafawd
by s pscsllar process la tlas distillation of At tar, by
wbidk its highest ■tsdiidaal properties are realised.
Tsr ares is Its crude stats baa beau recommended by
eminent physicians of rsery ariasi. It is confidently
•Csrsd ts tbe aSictsd far tbs feUowiag aimpU rnaaow
. IT cos as.—net 4Y *+fme ok* wag*—
but by diaaoiviac the pblcyaa sad o-jjulimf mmtmr* ta
throw off ths unhealthy matter causing das Irritation,
la cases a t somttJ CONSOMPTIOM it both prolongs and
renders lam burdensome the lit* of the sffi icted suffowr.
a. lu bealinc prindpla sea upon tbs irritated sue.
mcs of the lungs, (**trmtmc u tack ditmad fmri,
raUaviag pain, and tmMutng in/tammatim.
Y IT roairm aire twncan tin a: QOA. Puattlini
fy curing all humors, from the common mand at
Bumot to tbs severest casts of Scrofula. Thousand*
af aOdavia could be produced bom thews who bsvu
Ml ths beneficial effecm of Pin Tasa Tan
b the various diseases sitting bom usrvama* m
A to "wgar mfsi tk* Jiftitan mw and rutrnm
AU who have known ae tried Dr. L Q. G Win
hart's remedies rsquin no inferences from OS, but tha
names of thousands cured by them can ha given M
any ana who doubts our statement. Dr. L. Q. C. j
Wlshart'i Great Atmniemm Dfigrpaia PUb mod j
Woau StrosA Daora have sever baas sqasllsd, fm
•ak by all Druggists aad Stnrubsspara, tied at
fir. l a a wmiiri otßot,
fTt, Ml jr. Iwsad BsTnkfUre,
Dr. J. Walker'* California Tin.
fßar Bitten w * purely Vegetable
[fri-jmratkm, tuuk chioflv from the na-
I tire barb* toenc on the lower range*
the Kterra Nevada mountain* of Callfor-
Ilia, the medicinal properties of which
are extracted therefrom without the oae
of Alcohol. The question Is alma*
daily asked. "What Is the cause of the
unparalleled success of VIANOAA BIT
TER* F" Our sntwer is, diet they rwnova
the cense of disease, sod the patient re
cor era bis health. They are the great
Mood portlier and a life-giring principle,
a perfect Beoorstor and Invigorator
of the eyetem. Nerer before
history of the world has s medietas been
sn-nring the remarkable
■ t J£L of ViwoTeßrSnrm. tebWta|tas
risk of every dleeeee msaie heir In. Jhf
ere s cwiUe panmtiva ee well ae s Trade.
the Ur vd Yiaoeral Organs, la BUfoas
The properties of Da. WAUMtfa
▼isaosa liiTTasii are Apsnaat, Insohornc,
Oaraunatire. Nutrition,.,
ftedstivs,Counter-irritant. Sudorific, Alteea
tire. and Aati-BBieea
Uaaterui i'iiou*andt proclaim Var
ans* BITTXKS the most wonderful ln
rigursut thai erer sustained the making
No Person ran take these Bitter*
according to directions. and remain iong
unwell, prorided their tooes are not de
stroyed by mineral potaon or other
means, and vital ergans wasted be rood
Hi lions Remit lent and later
mit ten I I ever*, which are so peers
lent in the ralieye of our great riven
throughout the United States, especttdJy
those of the MiaaMppi, Ohio, Missouri
Illinois, Tennessee, Cumberland. Arkan
sas. Bed. Colorado, btmsoa, Bio Grande,
Pearl, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah. Bo
aaoke, James, aud many others, with
their vast tributaries, throughout our
entire eoantry during the Summer and
Autumn, and remarkably so during sea
sons of unusual beat and dryness, are
Invariably accompanied by extensive de
rangements of the stomach and Uver,
and other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment, a purgative, exerting a pow
erful influence upon these various or
gans, is essentially necessary. There
is no cathartic for the purpose equal to
as they will speedily remove the dark
colored viscid matter with which the
bowels are loaded, at the same time
stimulating the secretions of the liver
and geoerally restoring the tieallhy
function* of the digestive organs.
Fortify the body attained din****
by purifying all its fluids with VncBOAK
BITTERS. No epidemic can take hold
of a system thus fore-armed.
I>)-KpMHiiA or ißdbmtlOß, Heto!.
Afbe. Pain In the Shoulder*, Coughs
Tightness of the Cheat, DixxiDew, Sour
Erurtatkms of the Stomach, Bad Table
in the Mouth, Bilious AUtocka, Pnlpita-
Utioo of the Heart, Inflanwnatioo of the
Lungs, Pain in the region of the Kid
neys, and a hundred other painful symp
toms, are the offsprings of Dyspepsia.
One bottle will prove a better guarantee
of iu merits than a lengthy rdrertise
Scroll*, or Kine's Evil, Wbit
6vllian. Ulcnn, Er.Trfp.4a*, 8w41d Neck.
Goitns. ScrofakxM
Inflammation*, Marcorial a. flection*. Old
Sore*, KrupUuiu <4 tbe Skin, Son Bfw. i—
la these, a* in all other euiutitntional D
EAAEA, wmni'l YIJCMAB Brmna BAR*
cbovn tkotr gnat comix • power* is tbe
most obolt;;at* ami intractable caaa*.
For Inflammatory and Chronic
Kbeuniatism, GoQt, Bilious, Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevers, Diseases of
the Itiuod, Liver, Eidaer* sad Bladder,
then* BiUeni have no nuanl. Bach Diseases
are cnunnff ay Viuatad Blood.
Mrrhanical Dhtcaaca.—Fanona un
used in Paints and Minerals, anch aa
Plumber*, Type-settem, Gold bsatsru. sad
Miner*, aa they advance in life, ara cobjert
to j*ralr*u of the Bowel*. To guard
against this, take a doss of WALKKB'S Vt*
aoAB Brrncas oncaiiiwily.
For Skin DinMSM, Eruption*, Tet
ter, Salt-Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Pimple*.
Pustule*, Bafit, Cartwadea, Riag-wortt*,
Scald-bead. Sore Bye*, Eros pels*. Itch,
Scurf*, DtecoloraUoos of the' Skin, Humor*
and Dn eases of the Skin of whatever name
or nature, ate literally dug up and carried
out of the srstetn in a short time by the use
of these Bitten.
Pin, Tape, ud other Worm*,
lurking ta the srstam of so many thousand-,
are effectually destroyed and removed. >'o
srntem if medicine, no vermifuge*, no an
thelminitke will free the ystetu fnan worm
like these Bitter*.
For Female Com plain IK in you*
*r oid. married or aingts. at the da wa of w<~
maaboud. or the turn of Ufa, these Ton 10
Bitten display so decided an influence thai
improvement ts soon percept ibJa.
beaituc the Vilisted Blood wheo
ever you bad it* immmtiee bunting through
the akin in PimpU*. Eruption*, or gone;
cleanse it when you find it ol attracted and
eluggieh in the reins; cleanse it when it is
foul, rour feeling* win tell ru wlien. Keep
the blond pur*, and the health of the mien
will follow.
it. H. Me DOS ILO * CO..
IlniKgtaa and Gen Acts-. San Ptwaebaru, Onit'oeniA
aad oar. af Wnsfctagvm and Charibaa Sa.. X. T.
Awls* Aw All W-,*•• ant IWalrrs
A| wmta WnmbAff.-Men or warns*. gMawasfe
orgetforysitsa Vtelsmtls waapsA/ras Writs
aa omea ba P. M. BBBP. Bmibsb SSrwsTfeur Torb
■■■■■■■■ Mulama Award
off Ay the Amerl
ta faatnam oorb
■ roar. A W. TTaomaa.
■ Ptstontos and (Uta'a.-
turwr Jur tan Ughbaas,
aad asust
■ ouasfnesab's Bustle -
Hi T%e Psaalard Eatta
that can ba worn
ktaoa lu aatt ovary style ,4 fiesta
It id not s quack Bertram.
The irgmlirnta Are published
on each bottle of medicine. It
hi Bsed and recommended by
Physicians wherever it hss
been introduced. It will
pocitiTeJly cure SCROFULA
it variout ttapi *, RHEU
CONSUMPTION, sud all dis
eeseff arising from an impure
condition of the blood. 6cnd
'rhich you will find certificates
from reliable and trustworthy
]finitere of inc
Doepel and others.
__Br. A. WBmm Cut. of Bsßtascew,
Mya ba has tastdlt la reaaa ff B. rofula
Ind oSbcr dtamaca t u.cch'atMao-
Jhr.T. Awbuou., .eotu.
ewtda H soffipar <e wiis
Uaaaard Blood, aayl ewe suoeupr ~i
lav praparaUoa b* jaa <" ar UMM.
lwr. Dabwcy BalLof use iiAtmmm
bTK Lcnfrrriace booth, taya ba hna
Mae aomnrb briar fitted by lis oao, that
M cbearfblly leocnrnrads it tonUhm
rim ds and 1 pilßnini.
Cni veR A Co, I>rtl E? lstr, St Oordonn-
M J never baa fatiod to*l—
stisf action.
lam'lo *cj*Mm,Mwrftaaaboro-,
ennroarw, "ted btm Of JUtaul
Bfttlam wbeii tllMko ■ilfnt
'iV^TofASLST 4 *"- "S^SSSSW:
Affffraaa CTMEHTI 4 oa.