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    Fgrta, Dartle and Ho^bold.
twj|v lfir.
B. fcouth Kmriton, Vt,
vmmiiji((ail,* lo the Vantmtrt f\mnrr
the foltawiou • * —•
I hsfr~Tteiae during ,tkf TTiir 1878,
ter. VltjiA fcwnmcurMifiol ol the year
I hud nine oowJMmt bought
three rttete in' the spring. . I diil not
have the rfcftk <$ 1 wejv* until the first of
June,! Tsje prfltei agues# tlie sixyottng
est ofOlleta ate sij vest*. Tjrnade in the
mon *f poitane of butter,
and nse the mdk of ao cow for
ten time. 1 bough* a farrow
tjtljflßddle of October, making
tlurtomi for the rest of the year, and
call ifi t-u hvtrago ttrelre during the
year. 1 SCi j;
in the family 1% pound*.
Wsides*4jjrh|v -pound* bought. ttoM
2.450 pdfirau fr 51,152.02, averaging
about 47 .vt*i per pound, delivered in
Bos ton .JjTn® summer butter sold 1u the
tub ftftm to 10 cents per |vmnd ; the
rest of the year in lump ifcr sixty cents,
sent to Bucket fetch week. The uieai
fed to Ult| powa during the year cost
* 197 - w \ 1
Tho s|am milk *. M to uabres and
hogs. I sold "® 90 worthif e.dves, pigs,
and pork.feid saved SOOpbnnds of p-rk
for family uge. Ten dollar* worth of
graiu wa* f<d to the hogs. I killed one
calf wfertti {■& Cost of sending butter
to market, freight aud express, fctkk 1
use tlio patent Jevett milk pans, and
pt with them for anything
I ever Aw fbr butter making; would
dread hack to small pan-. I con
sider tiifta as hhoi-saving as tho mow
ing machine. Tlie temperature is easily
regulated 'in hot wealhrr, aud iu cold
the milk is all warmed alike, as it atauds
the They will improve both
tlie quantity and qualrty. 1 think 110
goovl dairvnian would ou wiling to give
them Op after Irving tUeiu.
My e rws are nil breOH*. a mixture of
nstiveg IV-vons, Durham*. and Jerseys.
It took Rf a ponnd of butter in June,
'22 potg-.ds.of milk ; Hie last of summer
about tf I uow make a pound of but
ter from.-At lyonnds -if milk, mid skim iu
36 to '3 lionrs after strainiug. hly ac
count fcg the year stands a* follows ;
* tfrw'fKv.
80M 2 Oefiv of hmisrfw .81 14a
rsi m Jstoiy tefitte. at 85c. US 10
Bokl i-aUSetl** hud pttk.. 130 ®
l\wk f.iH <d NVStba at 7c.. „ stl> 9P
Killed c4s*r*f*tk ft* 1,877 I?
1 5
Coal of tn*al to®w* .... ft)
t\wj of ml ted tu*ri 10 ft*
FmsUt a>4 e\prestos feoUar. *OO SCT 00
.* ni.tinu
Le iving si> per cow to |iay for
work, hay, ami pasture. Now, ku ns
hear from the farmers and k%>w what
each ofhnr ad doi|g. -As dairymen can
not front home very often, we
must imSL through the papers,
.He a lea I Hint*.
row tub Sic*.—To one teacup
of orefgn take four roiled or grated
crackers, one teaspoonfnk- of white
sugar, t!e white of one egg Iwatea to a
froth, wijk teaspoomfal of jelly wf any
kind. i
Anccutei. fob Bi-bnw. - Srdt nham rec
emmt-ndf the aoplication of alcohol to
bnrns, pecialty for children, whos*
immediate rebef is desirable. "Pie ,
alcohol ahould bo applied for one or
two hours constantly, as the pain re
turns when dry. In case of large bam
care mnßt b- taken lest tha alcoholic
vapors etepefy the child.
Wmx Han'w—Take oQ of rosemary, 1
one part; oil ai cwet almonds, one
part; saturated solntion of borax, two i
parts ; nil by volume. To every half
pint add oca fluid drachm of tincture
of canftandes and a few drops of
ammonia solntion. Shake. Apply two
or three times a week. This is a capital
emulsion and usually answers remark
ably well; *t any rate, those who have
tried it say so.
RE* OB a DEL v.— Dr. Gardne
suggests that voting children should be
fed on the milk of a farrow cow, since
it h is not been deprived of itg essential
ingredients to nourish the year's calf.
"If any ®e quest ions the c fleet of
double attempt at nutrition, let j>im
compare the milk, in ordinary use with
that of Y--farrow cow. The latter is
small in ijaantity, thick, redundant in
cream of a very high flavor. This is
the milk destined to strengthen the
bones and invigorate the body."
Cms ros: CAXAKRH.—According to
Hamilton, the' aevenest catarrhal .ld
can be redkiTeii in about ten loon bv
a mixture al carbolic acid, W drops";
tincture of iodine and ciiloroipnn each
7j drops. A few drops of the mixture
should be heated over a spirit-lamp, in
a test tube, the mouth of whigb should
be applied to the nostrils as soon as
volatilization is effected. Thaaperation
should ha repeated in about two min
utes, when, after the patienfc-Wneezas a
number ~of times, the trmibiesomo
symptanaivrapidly disappear.
Olthtrd imd S Brier)',
If not yet cut, attend to cutting eions
at once, as it will not Jo to mt alter the
bads kave start* J. Preserve in sand
or sawdust until needed.
Plafit root grafts in narsery rows as
soon as the ground will allow.
Seeds©! fruit and ornamental tnfes
should be sown as soon as the ground is
iD good condition. Peach-stones, nuts,
etc., which were buried in boxes in the
open pnettod fall should be planted ,
at once before they ootntnenct> to prow.
Do not conaraenoe grafting until the
buds swell If hft Until too late the
bark slipf So readily that there is dan
ger of injttrihg tbtt tree by peeling.
In teee planting, do not attempt to da
it haftil*;, one tree ted well is
worth a <fczeu poofly set, Take pains
to break all lumpa which come in oon
t&ct with the roots, and, besides, make
the hole large enough to allow the roots j
to lie straight in their natural posh 1
tions v "
1 need looking after, as
eternalijnimice m the price of bedjliy
trees waffjSgg] fruit. Wash the trunks
and larger limbs wilh he or soft soap-J
suds if not already done ; thiif, if done
with a stiff the old hark Las
been sawpfcTbff, will d*strr most of
the eggs of ituiectt. Lookout for-the
rings of tenticaterplllurs' eggs on the
enas of the twigs: they can bo easily
seen and destroyed now.
At I It r Cak.
Three Cups of sifted iiottr, one and a
half of sugar, ona of sweet milk, one
egg, two tablespoons of butter, two of
cream tartar, oho teaspoon of soda, and
one of ranilla, almond or lemon essence.
Beat the butter and sugar to a cream,
add the milk with the soda dissolved ia
it, and |he egjjy-weli beaten—and the
Mix with this, very gradually,
the flour, putting the cream tartar in
the last <ftipfnl£and bake in a quick
oven. ■Bifrysj delirious oake for jelly,
chocolate jiid coeoumit layers. If the
latter is j#flp|e4>griite a largo coooannt,
add the bastelija-hitaMof one egg and a
coffee top Mine sugar. Spread be
tween jpe IkgjdM' the upper oue,
This will ®ke thre#layer% and a plate
of small oQap j^aide.
' Ferldler*.
There wae afqiscmeion in the Farm
ers' Clnb on tne stfbject of the tree
poddiegß who yre fboding the country
with rfbrthles#*trees at an enormous'
price. Several members stated the ex
perience of their neighbors in buying
them, and it was generally agreed"that
such foolish people deserve to be swin
dled. One gentleman said the custom"
of these men was tq,go to well known
j;uraerif uad buy -fne trees, which
A tfUgMioigf to iown
butter, eggs, p ototoe*, -fidßitrv, or even
com#Bdtil# his out
goes "3BA*E is BO mope pwlerable and
ing tof#lßK" : s <vcil suhpa-jßid having
t!;infcWk*r--tI ( , witfcrfhe ■ tation of
paynigf|or them special crops
Tlet®pyg are wmkfo&JlMfpyning a
Katfonlff"A*s(sctßt!cm of zaarbl^-^layezs."
! Dean Swift's reeij-o for courtship was a* fol
1 Iowa:
Two or three drara, and two or three civeetr.
Two Or tliree lialli\ or (wji or Uin-e treats.
Two or three serenades, given as a lute,
Two or three oaths how much they endure.
Two or three niessagea eeni hi one day,
Two ot three time* le.t oflt front tlie piar.
Two or three ti.-keU for two cr three times.
Two or three love letters writ all in rhymes,
Two or three ui.wilhe koeptnj; strtot lo tliviv- rule*
ran never fall mat mi: a couple hf find*.
Tim events whioli form the subje.S
of the following sketch occurml during
a aojonra of Ufte ntontha with a aur
veving party in One of the wildest dis
tricts of Canada. We were occupied
in tracing the cottruo of a hitherto tin
explomi river, which unfolded b> ua a
I succession of acettic etl.s-ts, atteh aa
wtHtld have delighted an artist runt
loet, and which they only could de
It would lc difficult to convey to the
reader who luui not biv.utackeil cut iu
the <Vvx)ds, tlie luxury of those evouiuga
around the camp-tire.
After a deal of story-telling, we all
turner! iu for the oighlA-thnt ia, we
rolled ourselves iu our blankets, and
'ell asleep with our feet towarvl the
The atoriea told upon the evening I
have in my tuind had all been about j
wvl vert, aotuo of w lneb rapiunotts orea- j
turea were said to l>e then ui our ueigh- j
ia>rhci>d. Owing, jH-riiaps, to my
imagination lierrtng been excited by 1
these tales, I had a terrible nightmare, j
I dreamed that wolwa were pursuing
me; I knew they were gaining on roe;'
1 could bear thuir howls gr.-wing tnort
and more diatiuet. Tiwire ta a point of
ag-vnv at which all droauts must have J
an em!—l awoke with a terrible start. {
and fonnd myself bathed in a oold <
sweat, and a prey to a souse of terror
for which I eenld not account. Instead
of the oheerfni blare which 1 had seen j
ore I 101 l asleep, all was now cold and
dark. The fire had sunk to a heap of ,
red etabem. I could not distinguish
one of my sleeping contj-wutious. (food
heavens! cau I le aitll slumbering ? '
Tliery, again, if the long, low, wailing ;
howl which 1 heard eo distinctly in my j
1 srt u;> erect, and listen. What is
Ihst sound— a rustling nweug the brush
u-nod—souse of the psrty stirring? No.
all are ailent *• the gmw, I am the
only one awake in the camp. Once
again 1 Surely I am mistaken. I
thought the fire was nearer to me, jnat
in front J end so it is. What, then, eau
bo those two glimmering lights a few
yards off* Now they aw muring ! I
awake the nearest sleeper— an Ameri
can named Silas Wood. The man starts
to his feet, rnbs his <>ys. " Wliat is
t?" ** Look there. Silas." He looks,
and as qutek as lightning, seizes a burn
ing fgot, and hurls it with all his force
and TUI unerring aim. The gleaming
lights disappear with a rustle of the
brushwood- a sharp short bark close at
hand, and then in a minute or two,
lha long low wail in the distance is
Silas then stirred and raked the burn
mg embers, aud throwing on an im
mense heap of dry brush, in a second
, the Egypt .an darfcnea* is dr.-polled, by a
bright flune which lea [is up six feet ;
into the air and briuga the sleeping
■' it gun a and the nearest trees into fall!
" Silas, what does it all mean ?" 1
. .isked.
"It means, squire," replied the
American, speaking with his usual de
i liberate drawl—" wolves I"
M Wofwi !" I re-echoed. "Then those
two gleaming lights that I took for
glow-worms were—"
" A wolf's eyes, squire; and I guess j
his friends warn't fur off. awaitin'
kinder anxions to bear tell of their
scout. Hark 1 if tha darned things s
un't agroania' and lamenti/i" over their j
disappointment, as sure as niv name's.
( Silas Wood."
Once more tha long low howl, inex
| pressiblr sad and fearful, was heard at
, a greater distance- Now that I knew
what it implied, it made the blood cur
die rn my gains.
"I shall never forget a wolf's hpwl," I
' I exclaimed ; "I heard that accursed
1 onud in my dream as plainly as I hear
it now. But are we Boi in danger?" 1
| and I began mechanically to pile up I
more wood on the biasing fire.
"No fears now, sqnirt\" replied the
i Yankee coolly; "the cowardly crittero
daren't come near a fire like that. Be
' sides I reckon the feller I scared so
! with that 'ere burning chip has told
:em it's no go by this titue. They're
I as cunning as humans, is them critters.
I Ay be off, and a gooy rid;lance to ye,
j ye howling varmints !" he added, as
j the low wail was once more heard dying '
, away in the distance
Notwithstanding the assurance that
j the wolves were retreating,l took great
j pleasure in seeing the fire biasing np
brightly, for I knew that in that COD
[ sisted our protection. " I suppose we
i have had a narrow escape t" I said to j
Imy companion, who, besides myself t
i was the only one awake in the camp,
r " I reckon 1 've Seen a narrower, !
| then," replied he. " Why that 'ere
-knlkin' roont have give warn- ;
:ng to the rest of the pack as long as a ,
| single red ember remained. Tue crit-)
ters is dreedfnl of fared of fire."
. " Well," I rejoined, "I am not at all
sorry I gwoke when I did. But as we're
thgonlftwo ayake, suppose yon tell
me this narrow escape yon allude to—
that is, if you doaft/eel sleepy."
" Me, squire ? jPkin't sleepy, not a
nktesel. 1 eouldnrf Weep a wink, if I
tried. X feel too toiler happy like to
have cotched that darn<*l sneakia' scout
I sich a lick tiftd lbs Yankee laughed,
quite tickled at the, recollection. "I j
guess l;e had it right slick atween the i
eyes. BTielt itbv the bark
he gave. Well"' fofcire, it'll give me
considerable sStibLkctioa to narrate inv
sdventure with critters, I,
gueys, squire, it lie a matter of tea year
itgone that DpffirofTNat jun had a raisin' i
away dbyn to SKoekviile, in Varmount,
whore I was reared.
" Well, I guess it were pretty big
barn that Deacon Nathan was agoiu' to
raise, and Hi we had a considerable
sight of t>oya, and a regular spree; and
When it came to draw towards night*
the deacon he says to me ; ' Silas,' says
he, ' I <l (i ul kinder feel easy leavin*
this bore Iweu uijprotertod during the
dark wntohea of the night. 'Die heart
of man is desperately wicked, and
there's some loafers in the village, and
there's no end to boards and shingles
lying about, and so, Silas, what will
you take to stop&*rc all night ?
44 Deacon," swjw J, "what will you
'♦Well, you s<Hf the deacon was close
where money vfvt concerned ; so he
put* on a 'ong face, and screwed hs
lips together, and says very slow,
'Would a dollar, Silas, lie about—'
" Deacon," say* I, " 'taint worth my
while to stop for that; but if you make
it four, I don't mind if I do.
{4 Well, we chaffered and chaffered
for a considerable spell, and at lost we
'concluded to strike a bargain for two
dollfcra and a pint of-rum. The boys
was a pretty welF a'moat cleared out,
when Dave Bhunyeor comes to me and
says, 'Silas, gays Jxe, ' be it true you're
a goto' to stop here all night ?'
VI reckon I max agoin' to do nothin"
•lse," I says. -
" 4 Take a faoUs advice,' says Dave,
* and do notion' of the sort.'
- " What for ?" says L
"*• 4 'Cause,' says he, 4 there's several
refused ; and the deacon knowed yon
to be a kinder desperate chap, oi he
Wouldn't have axed you.'
i 44 Why man alive," Bays I, "whar's
the danger to come from ?"
Why,'says Dave,'ain't you aheerd
there's been wolves seen in the neigh
borhood ? Didn't the deacon tell you
as how he lost two sheep only the night
afore last ? Ton darsn t make a fire,
| cause of the ahayings; and the barn
ain't boarded up.!
• "Dave," saya I, "dont you think to
pull the wool over my eyes that fash
ion, and then have it to say yon circum
vented Silas Wood. I reckon I can
read you as easy as a book. You'd like
to;arn tbem two dollars yourself. Well,
now, I'll {ell yen what 111 do with you.
Two's company; if yon like to step
with me, yon're welcome; and 1 don t
care if 1 abaro the brass into the bar-
--" Sjyys Pave: '1 wouldn't atop a
night in thin here barn as it is, not for
a tlve-h uud red-foliar bill. Uetnember.
Sdua, I'vo warutvl you aa * friend and
awav he went..
" Well, squire, 1 warn t goin' to let
| Dave 1 care tne, Vanse I kMowed he was
' aweet n a gal calle.l ltini I'arkuia, tliat
, \ 1 were ketPin' eotnpany with, and
: would have Weu csmatderable rejoiivnl
; to have it to tell how I hud funked;
j and as 1 hadn't lieerd tell of wolves in
, Ihotu parts, 1 lost thought he sanl that
byway of banter.
1 tlie barn. It was all boarded up on
, three side*, nud partly ou the fourth ;
[ only there was a gap left for the door,
big enough to let 111 a wagon-load of
, : hay. It vvaa'ut oold, bein' a fine night
, in the Indian summer. So I kept a
I strolhn' up aud down, taViu' a l.xik out
now and agin, t. see if there was any-
Kwlv lurkiu' about with an eye to tho
, t Iwvards and shinnies, but there waru't a
t soul sttrrin' tnt tnyaelf. Kvery now
, and agin, I'd mix myself a little grog.
till the rum was all gone, aud then 1
I tieguii to feel most everlatm' sleepy ;
, 1 ao 1 thought I'd jest lay tlowu awhile
I ott a tug pile of shavings there was tu
, one corner of the baru. Weil, squire,
, I dropped off, as you may suppose ; and
I guess it were along t wnat Dave
Shtmyaer said I get to dreamtn' atout
! wolves, till at last, blame me if I didn't
dream then* was one in the barn huntni'
1 about jest like a dog, sutfiin' here and
there, till at last he came to tlie pile of
shavings where 1 was.
" Well, squire, I can't call to mind
! I how I woke exactly, but the fust thiug
I remember 1 was aittin' right np ou
| the pile of ahaviugs, tryin" t.> make out
aa veil as 1 could in the dark if there
! wna anything iu the baru Or not. It
was alamt a minute before I could <-e
; dearly; but at last 1 heard a slight
rustle, aud thought 1 raw aomethiu'
move. Thinks 1, that"* Dave Hhttnyser,
or some of the boys, iMme back to
frighten me. They shan't have it to
' crow over me. So I sing*org, 'lathat
yon, Dave?" There was uo answer, but
I heard a tusflin' and a putter jest like
, I a dog's paws, and I could see the erit
. tor, whatever it was, crawlin' towards
i tlie gap in the boards. Then it atop
i pvd, and kinder turned its head, and 1
' eotched sight of two twiukliu' lights,
j and, thinks I, it's a stray dog; when
the critter give a spring out of the barn,
, and sot tip a howl.
"Squire, 1 shouldn't have l*u soared
I with one wolf, but that howl was an
swered from the woods, maybe a qtiur
' ter of a mile off, by another, which I
knowed could only have come from a
pack of not less than fifty huugry
j Leasts. Well, squire, I was awful
scared, and that's a fact; but I guess
;f I'd a lost my presents* of mind, it
would hs' beeu ail up with mo iu about
j five minutes. I kt|oel I hadn't amo
' meut to lose, 'cause I heered the howl
i cotuin' nearer au.l nearer; and the yelp,
, yelp, of the senUuel wolf outside call
ing them to their prey ' My first ulea
was to set fire to the shavings. I out
' with my flint ami s'.eel, but the spank
wouldn't light, nud not one of the shsv
| togs would coteb. The howls kept
! comin' uigher ami nig her. Tio-n I be
gan to think I was gone. There was an
i axe in the baru. lutt what oonhl 1 do
| agin fifty wolves ? aud in the dark,
where they con'.dn't see my eyes to
daunt them.
" I clenched it, licwever, and deter
mined to sell my life dearly, when all
! to oncet, just when I'd given up all
hope, 1 felt something touch sgiu my
head—it was s roi>e as had ben fast to
one of the rafters. 1 guesa, squire, if
J that 'ere rope had lien a loot shorter.
(I'd nqt be*-n here now tcllra* this story'
The way I went np that rope, hand
over hand, was a caution. And I'd
1 barely swung myself on tbo rafter, and
began lash in' myself to tlie Warn with
the rope, when, squire tt makes my
' blood run cold to tell of it—the barn '
was alive with wolTes, yetpin', lenpin',
aud fallin' over each other. I could
: hear them routin' among the shavings ;
and in a minute they had litem all
spretl over the barn fioor. Then they
began to munle tu the earth and
scratch np the monhl with their paw*.
" At las' one of 'em scented me, and
told the others with a yelp. Then, of'
I all the yelts I ever heard I—squire, I
I most swooned sway ; atul if I hadn't
| lashed myself to the rafter, I'd ha' fell
' right down among 'em. 4 >h, such a
yell I never hi-erd afore, nnd hope I'll
never hear agin! Though 1 knotted tbey
couldn't get at me, it was drepdful to
he there alone in the dead of tho night,
with a pack of hungry wolves lickiu'
■ their slaverin' jaws, and thirstin' for
my blood. They ran round and round
! the bam, and leaped on to each other's
, backs, and sprang into the air ; but it
I was no use; and at last I began to get
kinder easy, and I looked down on the
bowlin" vsrminta, and bantered them.
Squire, vou'd ha' thought they under
stood a feller. Every time I hollered
and shook my fist at them, tbey yell s!
and jumped loader than ever. Kor all
this, 1 warn't sorry when it begun to
grow a little lighter ; and about half an
I our before dawn they begin to aeo it
was no use ; so they give roe one long,
t lood farewell howl afore they went, j
Bnt, squire, the most curious part of
; the atorv has got to come. H me time
, afore they went, it had growed so light
; I on Id see 'em quite plain ; nnd en
ugly Set of btiasts they was, and no mis- '
take. Well, I noticed one wolf separate
himself from the pack, ami trying to
dink away. He had hi* tail between
his legs, jest like a dog when he's
beuten, and bad a cowed hxtk, as if be
were ashamed and afeared like. All at
oneet, he made a spring out of the barn,
but the rest of tlie pack was after him
• like ligbtnin'.
j ••Squire," concluded the Yankee,
laying his hand impressively ou my J
sleeve, " yon may believe it of not, jest
as you please ; but beyond some hide
anil hairs, they didn't liave a piece of
that 'ere wolf a* big as ray hand. lie
j was the scout as give the signal to the
; others, and they devoured him out of
I hunger aud revenge, 'eauso they
I couldn't get me."
Consumption of Smoke.
The assertion, so often made, that, in
order to avoid or diminish smoke, in
case of burning wood or other formß of
carbon, it is sufficient to cause an inti
mate admixture of the gases the mo
ment they quit the lire, even without
introducing a fresh volume of air, is
familiar to all, and some of the forms
in which this principle is now applied
appear, it is said, to nnswer the purpose
very satisfactorily.
In one of those arrangements, two
fireplaces are built side by side, rnDning
parallel, and separated by a wall ; the
fires in these two arc fed alternately,
and, the currents of gas being directed
one against the other at the back of the
furnace*, the strnta are thus broken up
and mixed, so as greatly to diminish
the amount of smoke, as compared with
that where no such plan is provided.
Another application for the same pur
pose consiste in introducing a little air,
in a finely divided state, behind the
bridge of thefnrna3o; this air supplies
the requisite oxygen at the moment
when tne combustible gnses are still
sufficiently heated for them to become
ignited—the admixture, according to
this plan, being readily effected, tlu"ch
with some losa of combustible matte.
In addition to the above, is the sim
ple process of introducing a jet of
steam over the surface of the fire ; the
steam does not exert any chemical ac
tion, but operates mechanically by mix
ing gases, and thus diminishing the
■ amount of smoke.
WfiH.v WATEH is WICKED. There
must be a crusade agninst water,
which, like its inebriating liquid rival,
is terribly baneful when too plentiful.
An excess of moisture in the ground ia
always pernicious to human health, its
miasmatic exhalation through the air
making the latter a slow poison to the
system breathing it and a predisposi
tion to every kind of disease. At this
time of the year, especially, all moist
recesses and stagnant water about a
oonntry home should be drained, if the
family would know a healthy summer.
A viuel wan fought near Montgomery Station,
MIM, between Atiettde# Itlanvenue and T. 11.
PbtUilia, with double barrel aliOt gun#, l.>a.le.t
will a amall hall, at forty imi-en lllenveiute
wk# killed kt the th#t fire, I . nig shot llirottgh
tliehraill, I'litlltpe waa not hurt . Edward
Clarrn, a ret ire. 1 liieivhsnt uf Sew Oileane,
waa timrvleievl and the lanly waa lliruwu Into
! the Sew Ha>ln . , . hi the case of Tusolliy
Topping, tiled for minder of lit# wife and foul
children, at WoudaLvk, Can , the Jury, after
su stevig-s of three Jiuiirw, returned a yeplM
|of vrilful murder tleurge Itroen ha* lo
celved a challenge from tYmltei to row a tiio
nnle lace at Toronto on the J'.'lli uf June for
#I,OOO aatde. Anothei tuatch ha* I-eel l vr
iwngtHl twlween ltrowuand I tUluii, of .*>l. John
m llahfat liar t or, *. aire tunc In J one .. 'Jdie
,-oii.Uuoii uf the etarvtng luhshltaiite uf India
i* ear.l lo tw> impruvtug, the B|nu.g crop#,evoepl
,u one district, having ynddoit well.
KYvouegroee nut of a pally of ton, who Were
cruetuug Uie river from Portsmouth to V<il.4k
1 IN a small boat, were di .WIKHI |.y the sinking of
lite Ivoal A settlement ha# been t>'Ua| Jele.l
lelween the S.ull rin Pacific Lallruad Coin pain
and tlie estate of Jay Cooks A Co., Whoiwh)
the a>lv siioes marie Ivy (lie latter to the former
are diectraigwd by the acceplanoe of the vMlU
pany'e firot mortgage t>ond> and oiher aocurt
' tIM. rtilp oetlleJUt'irl loaves Ure I sliruad ooui
pauy Willi only a nominal fiisvliiig del.l lo ho
1 provided for . Capt li ting of tlie -JetecUve
1 force of New Yoik and a - pi ad of lit* men ar
rested the following named Havana lottery
biivker* : Joan It. Marlinci, Ferdinand fir-
I citrro, Mason White, llenry lUw*, and P. C.
I Jvevlui. It la believed that tlie auUioriUe* will
try to break up (he lottery bosineee in New
York, and will arrest the Kentucky lottery
, agents if they attempt to sell .. .At the
annual meeting of the I'tica Dairymen's Hoard
of Trade, Mr. Ldwanl J W i.'ksQtr, of the l.'Uc*
/fcr vijd. wa# elected Pi eavldcnt. Tho trade uf
, the board amounted last year to Ij.t6ri,aco
' poutbl* of cheeae. valued al # 1,4-J&,'Jlifi
ihe Slate . ttuiio of Connecticut Jut elected
are UoVerioW, Chalk-" 11. lngetooll, Lieu
teiiant (iovetuor, Ueuige pt. hill; Iroasurvr,
M K Sawyer . Secretary i f State \V. 0. Way
morel i.oiitp'.roller A li thavdn, lr.
(,'trder the a'.l"|iicee uf the I'titled Older of
American Carprutet#, a u.a-.~ urw-ting of the
trale woe held in Srw York, to ofpso a return
to the teu-hour system sought to le eufvwvt)d
hv their employer*, lu-eolutlotro were adopted
to the rfTecl that any attempt > u Uie part of the
emj I>Vero under the rvii.',tug laws and the
present condition of the artisan das-re to force
theru lark to their former coi.dil.on wouid he
reeaateil by eveiy houorat-le uiriiu ... .An tu
vertijrau. il li.lo the alTa.i* of the National
Hank of llrightoii. Mam- . resulted tu the dis
covery that fu .de of the itistitoUuu have l>een
urrsappropnatoi by one at lire officials to the
stVeut of from f iii.uW lo fliki.MJU. lire sum
drawn frvta the tank is uiidsrotood to have
tieeu Ujwkl tu the purchase of real estate in
lirlghton. YVatertrwn, ai d Sewuiwit, and hka
been tua.Sc gied by li e surrender uf the
property to the batik . . Provisional Prtwmletil [
OvMiAaiei. claiming that the Samua liar Com- -
pony is deirmjueut Ui tie due*, revokes the con- '
trod and annul* (he lease, thus breaking up i
the company ... .The K. 8. Trtaeury I'oparl- I
tnetrt lias ilecrJed that colored glasa for .hurvh '
wtudow* shall be .laasi ha.l as sheet glass al
thtrty-five per crui.. of as " aanclcs
d glass, at forty per cent , wlrrch lias
been lire ram heretofore charged .... Arch- j
t uvhop Tache assert* Uut an amnesty was prum
t*od to linn* lhel by the (ioverumetrl ut Caira :
d* A Kef turns J E; scopal (Inireh ho# I
been urgoruzed at the Falls of Schuylkill, PA
During a trapeze performance recently at
Mortimer's Yarn tree Theatre Philadelphia,
Madame Leola fell a di-'.ance of twentv feel
and wo* eiiou!y injured- Sire Bubs.-pucntly i
rrajipeared and offered to continue Uie |r- j
1.*, hut the audience objected, and alie :
withdrew The Isrtidwn I'iMt denies Uie
report thai Mr. I>toraeli la to marry the iKvwager ,
C'KUitese ot Chesterfield Tlie otorkhakkirß |
of tho Fustem liarlruait met in lkwton, and ,
voted to ratify the taotio of tho hotvda of Uve ;
eurperaU tu to the amouut of CW 000 and
friUvieol heretofore made under authority of
it* director*, and also the further
-alio by its director* of it* tioml* lo an aidt
uoiul amount not n ceding £too (*i, ard
bendk to he made payable wuhui a lime not
fieewvling twenty year* fn-m lh<.r .late, wiUi
u.!ee*i al an per cent. |*r annum, jayatde
ssmv-ar.nuaUy The Dtalnct Ailoruev of
yneeti* comity. N. Y., has been to Maaearhu
netta to (Hiuwult the tnncn.or of Ural State In i
regard to obtaining the ei vd#uee of Oreen and
hi* cuttipatii.m, confined there in the Stale
I noon, wlvo have confeo*ed to Ur* murder uf
(irotum. Uie I-rttle Neck shoemaker, and who .
tm;ilrcete Donohue. who 1* ur tho vjiiecn*
ivunty Jail, aa an accomplice. Tire Oovemor J
refnwevl U> penult them logo out of Uie custody
uf (he Massachusetts auUronlies, and as a coo
sei|uen.-e, Ikmohue may l<e dr- l.arge.l J
A tire broke out tu a three-story bnck liotiee In
hranatille. Ind.. while the inmates were aaieep.
Mrs. lbSlier. a widow, and her eon I-oms, aged
13 years, were mothered. t barley Bother,
aged 11 years, jumped from the third story,
and escaped with a severe cut on Uia hip. A
man also Jnni|ied from the third story and wae
ui i hurt. The bodies of Mrs. Mother and bet
eon were recovered after tlie tlaiune had been
subdued George Wilkes., of tho irir of
tho J*itoo-/, was arrested recenllv. and taken to
the I'ielrtct .Vttoniey office in llrooklyn. on a
Imncb warrant taaueU on an irnlicUuenl charging
turn "with maltcioualy libeling Mr. John K
t'liatnberiin. Mr. \Vtike, ivaa to give
MHO bail <o appear Imfore the t'ourt of
Genera] Be.lrm* of hUtge county. Tlie bail
wae furcndiad. aixl Mr. W'Ukee relunicl lo New
Ah iiidlctmer.t hat t-een fontnl by the Grand
Jury of I'olk county againat Isaac Brand, es-
Ilepuly fitate Treasurer ef lowa, fog emlmzi'Je
mei lof the ftttide of the Hlale to the amount
of 810.001). It ie Dot believed that the money
can lie recovered, ae it a|>pearn Uial there is
romo defect in hla botv. A burglar iu
Metnjihie, Tenn.. wae shot deail by a police
man. The burglar wae in the art of robbing
a store ... An Informal tuccling of the ihrsw--
totw of the Kaet lUver Bridge Company wae
held, at which they aeked that New York should
pey one-half of the cost of completing the
bruigd, which, U ie eatimatod, can be done fur
85.000.000. Tlie "New York delegates expressed
tlumiselyee ae wilting to pay one-third of the
cost, the same ae heretofore, and Implied, but
did not express*, a refusal to paT mere.... A
now line of e'.eamure I uia been established im
tween Liverpool and Oalveetoo At a exhibition in MlddJctoti, Wi*., a kerosene
lamp evplialed. and the audience of lliree hun
dred persons ma<le a rush (or the door. After
all the men" hail got beyond tho reach of
danger, two courageous women entered tlie
building and smothered out the (ire with ovcr-
citato niut carpets. Forty js-rsotis were injured
in tho pania
Tho British OoTernment will defray tho ex
penses of I)r. Livingstone's funeral, which is to
tko ) lftce at Westminster Ablsiy ...... The
sovereignty of the Fiji Island has been form
ally tendered to Great Britain Mr. Gaorgn
McKniisio, the New York agent, sais the
Kuro|, which was lost, was one of the finest
vessels owned by the company. Originally a
side-wheeler, she was converted into a pro
peller last year, and considerably lengthened,
at Newcastle-on-Tyne. Her length was 43f>
feel, her breadth of bcaru it tout; ebc regis-
torcd 4,000 tons, and cost $1.200,000 A
special dispatch from Calcutta reports that live
bundled natives have died from disease and
starvation in Hatcoul. The mortality from
tho famine ,ia sensibly abated by tho relief
measures of the Government.... In Naloin,
Mass., Mrs. Mary 0. Leach, a nurse attending
upon a sick lady in Margin street, was burned
to death by the explosion of a kerosene lamp
Two fulling boats worn capsized off
Kenosha, Wis. Four men were alsiard of oacli.
Oue was seen lashed to one of the lioats. Tlie
others were drowned ... George Howson, a
fireman on tlie Kvansville and Cairo Itailroad,
fell from a train, the train passing over his
Issly, cutting it in two at tho waist and sever
ing both legs and one arm Another mur
der and suicide occurred at Ban Francisco. A
man named Macy shot another named Cald
well through the head, and then shot himself
iu the region of the heart, and cannot survivo.
The cause of the act ia not known..,., John
It. McLeon, proprietor of the Cincinnati En
quirer, was again sent to Jail for refusing to
answer a question as to who fnrniahed its in
formation on which to ground an alleged libel
lous article published in the Enquirer.
The experiment of raising the ostrich
will be made in Florida.
Tlio Senate ('uninilttne on I'enalou* re|iortnl
iinfavoial'lv on the riMoliiUoti from III" Mill
nroota I.ry;ililaltire aaking an uiveollb'au.m Uilu
the tT*n of the I'mioiiHl oftleer. I alilr.S
Tlie lloiloti t'ill for llie limioH-lliiii of <lt*blir*-
ment* of a|<|iru|ilaliutia luiula lijf otlnci* of Itin
aitoy e |'.-r t.
I'iie lloiioe (>lll amendatory uf tho act fur on
rolling ami ll'ieiiolug olilpa or t*<oln to l>o
epiploved 111 the o-wting llxle ami tlniieltva
foi i. h -nltlii|{ tho muno u jouxuMt
Mi Moituu, uf tmt , hitt'MhuHxl a hill pro
tulhiK tiiat |*Mtai;e upon ilia-niueulo pimUei
hy authortty of fbiugreoa, ur t>v eillioi ll..n*n
theleof, nhall not I".pill" lo ho pl"p*l<t I .lit
may ho left to IK> pant BV poiooiia re. el ting
theiu. Itrfnrti.S lo itio Ceiumittre on I'oot
i lflh-e ami ('.ml Itoa.l*.
Mr. Authoujr, from tlio I'liubug Committee,
lepuit I hock (lie iurttl<Hal of il(alu ompluv
lug printer* at Waolilnanui 1 C .In irfnem-o
In Ilia itianagouiont of tiio Uuvoinmoiit prlhllug
ortioe. with a lull to further logtilalo the puhllc
printing, wliti-h pruvhton I .tat tlio iVuigleexional
printer aliall hb*a the oik iluito In the luoot
oULUiundeal manuei on ini*ii( with ita|*>i
pf if. Titian.'e aiel tlie prtcoo paid fur Mola .liall
U(j| oaeeo<l ihunr paid In llalliuioto, I'lillatel-
I'hlA, or Sew York, ami out In.ruing Sum •>
h*r work dolio by privato cmlrac-l nlvtm It
may lie to tho tirnt Ultnerto of the (iulem
mcut. I'laeo.t on the eotorelar.
Sb K itt, of pa,, from the I'omnutteo on
Claim*. iopoHe.l unfavural'ly on the luomorlal
of tho Mei.'auUto huiiuance Company of Sow
York, to !*t louubutoed for tyMll Iu greutr
lia.-ke luniiiml in that t-oiiipaiiv and loot at oa
Y|i Can >ou tor, of YVto., iu oalliui; up tlio
lj>Ul*iaua ('ill, oald lie WAS IU SOW 111 loan* laot
■May when tliete woo p'lrat oli'itciueul their,
ami in a putitie ep<H-h lie iiledgoit liimoolf to
tlie iHHipfe (hat If lliov would atop VI ilrlu o and
ut-ni!t lo the K. llugg tlovrrumnit he would
do what lie could to pinreut their oaoe Iu Cum
greno. They lia.i krj thru pa I ' o toll
ho.-l, and lie prop. w,| to koop In*. Mr. Mur
tou iu reply rani olio uf the chief diatui hiug
elrlUi lit* 111 l.ouiiana al plrerl.t "A* tliu fA. (
that tlio hill MA* peietjiig (n the Senate Ho
lieiloto'l A groAt luajorilY uf tho |>eople uf
Louisiana ac puer. Ed Ui the Kellogg tiotrpru-
*l ho territorial lAilnunl hill u road a third
tlliio and paeoLvl tear, Ml ; nave, 18.
.-Venn..i 1 lohughuyoeu. (>f S J from tho
t'uaimiltee on JudlelAry, irpuiovt l*.-k the
Civil Light* hill lutr>lu.e.l OU the lire I day of
the oroeion by tho late ftena'or IMituner. with
an amrn.lmout, and recommendation of the
niajoilty of the committee lliat 11 he panood Ac
anielulcHl. I'laccl on tho calendar
Mr. Ming >tu of Mitiu., cailod up tho bill to
cnaUe tho Mounonite* of LtiaaiA lo offocl a crtlleim nt ell tlio public land* . f
the I mied MIOII* Mr. Kerry, of Conn . raid
ho iunl received InfottuaUon UlAt Lhrwo MeJl
lioiUleO dcrlred IO leave Rueu on be Hint of
the Luoaiait (iovernment re|mrinj; tlicm to
1 -ei f tm military duly, ai d thai in Lhi* c .tuury
they r vpeeled to ho nomptod from uclr oer
;.f. Ho woo not witling that as* oucti l-*ly
Of people *lioilld collie hole under the protoc
lUu of i.ur law*, rrttle wiiliiu our termor/,
ai.d he creoipto-d ffuxn MBilribtiliiig th*ir alioie
(O the . .Uintoll drfeiire. lit lit* brllef, if an
ainrndmrul he inrei'.od Ui tho hill Icvpurii'g
Uieiu to hecetßo citi/eiia of the I'lilted Mater
not .aieof them would oetllo hero
Tlie ll 'Uoe bill amendatory uf the at-ta to
plot ale a national curicncy and to oo'.ahlioh
fire I at k.l.ji, waa referred to the Committee on
The Ull reported ly Mr. Woodford, of S X.,
to prevent < rti er* of the I'nitcal Mates from
receiving any money heyuml their filed aalanee,
oae iIIKVUMVI, Mr. Woodfurvl evplaUili.g and
bh riUni; the toll, and Meeora I'awra aud
Rutler i Ma** i opjawmg ll a* uut tuifi.-jenii*
etilured. In the ccttire uf the drlgt'.e Mr,
| Morn am of S Y who tnul tnUudu.xbl tlie hill
i .-ng.ii ally, aaid Uut un the morning he hod
tune ou at i ivernmeril uflleer had | rrwi .1 h.m
--: oelf un the flour, and in a ve.'v evcifed manner
| apjwuachod Usui, oayiiig, "Thi* Ult will rtun
;W" it take* away the carriage which I ttoe.anti
It lr imiMvaaihle fur e l< get a! wig without it."
lie Mud Una* very hard un lum, espectally un
hia wife, aud he *aw no Iu her riding
j when he did uut want the carnage He ■ Mr.
Met nam i told him a* he un( I. id the Ueiiae.
. that In* (rarty cvnhi nut afford longer to cany
! live wivee of public ufij-iaia.
1 in tlie dtaeuaeiou uf (he fiiiaivce ijueatiuii,
Mr. butler, ot Maaeachuoetta, uiged tire
; i>a**sge of lire Her.ate bill, and intimated I.l*
.< f III*; -. .r l':r lent would '. velu a ball
| which would legalize hi* own acUun. Mr.
h*U >• f Cwuu , aoknd Mr ibiller whether
• he bad icvd"r*U* vl htm to aav that the l're-i
! dent wotikl nut veto the ttenate tall IY.o
S;-eaker rUUerrupuugl .* an imjTo|>r
j Ljueelrou never to he dtocueoeaL Mr. Kelitiga
That I* precisely why 1 a*h the (pieem-iv.
ne speaker lire Chair did not olieorve the
gentleman from Marwaehuoeite use the phrai-e
jor be would hkre etuppnl him ll t* an IB
j vaiuu of the drgmty an.l r.rrht* of the lion**
' of Lcpreeenlativee to allude to the (Hiwibihly
of the l're*. lent vetoing a tail After further
I dlecuawiou in the oame vein the M.rttee began
to vote. The firwt vote waa on Mr. lluUer'a
mutton to ray on tire table the raoUou to ite.ii
aider the * Uv pv-alpomiig live House tail, and
;l waa defeated by the casting v.vie of the
Speaker amid great etcrlement Tlie vole aa#
announced a* yea# lafi. ua' ljc. where upon
the Hpeaker voted So Ihe variuu* amet.d
meiil# . ffer*d to the Mil w <-re def<ruted Mr
li.etv m ivml t ' otnke out Die eighth ecctloa of
tin-Mil winch provide# fur the monthly iwotie
uf two mtlliul.* uf g.-id note# aa a euhatitnte
for Utat am. unt of legal tender irotee, to lav
."Aivoeit I and deeUuyed and nut nssencd.
: Agreed to.
Mr. fm'ktr, of Pi., dulnuin of the !Vt-
Office OomtnitiM nv'Trxi in u*tsiid lbs rale*.
tn4 pin the Mil for (he free of
|4*r ltweeu and Uw fi tnwt*
mission of iic*■ |.y mul within the
cvnitity of their publication. Tlie motion *u
agrvt to. and the UtU was |awr>l tcu. 178;
Dave. 11. The toll of U Mil I* as folios*
lliat from and after Um passage (if thw act
the folio a ins mail matter r-hali t- ill. a p.! to
pas* fire In tho mill Viral. iww|ispeie
j-cnmhrsl*. ami miinirllira rwliimrillj infer
rhvignl ll*wii|mUl<)Miri. and ual < needing
sixteen ounces tu weight, to U cuuliiol to a
•ingle copy of rath publication . sewitod, imw-
I*l-rra, on* oopv to oach actual ralnrnlwr la
nding or receiving lb> tuune ait bin Uta roiuilT
whet a (he NUtir la published. bill camera shall
not be required to diliilote such papwt iuiicm
|~'.agr la paid tt]ani thrfn at Uir naual ntee
Tlie Senate currency bill wan taken up In the
Hotiar and after rUe>-u*ab<n (lie bill pasrel by a
vote of 1 iff to I*l Tlio Mil K"> b! the I'rcoi
dent for hla signature. and If passed fixe* (he
maximum amount of ("tilted Slain note* tu
circulation at f tort fwn.orto.
Mr. Woodford, of X. V , from the Committee
on i irll Sen uia Reform. reported a bill to pro
vide for a cnmmiaakio hnwrgMlw the coatema
ee-i-e. Referred to Ui# Com ml (tee of lite
Whine. IliHe for the reorganisation of the
rteaenrT Department a eta presented.
ilir bill knoati ae the House ( tirrenev tall
wae taken tip, ami ineeel by a Tote of las to
11<>. Several amendment* to (be bill *w
offered but rejected, ami Uie bill passed ae
originally jwoeeiitnL The etatne of tlie 11 nance
question now i* that while the lloiiee hillliae
to await the action of tlie Senate, which may or
may not le favorable, or may t>o delayed tn
dediitlely. the senate 1411, which liar pmeed Ibe
llotiee. goea directly to tho President for hie
Mr. Bundy. of Ohio, from the Committe* on
Mileage, rejwrtcd a IsH to abotieh mileage to
meml>ere of < "ongrcas. and provhluig Uia! they
shall l>e paid their aeftial trwvehng expenses to
and from Washington once each ee—<inn. He
demanded llic previous question, which wee not
seconded 8# to 71. Mr. Maynard. of Tenn .
moved to recommit. Mr. Young, of (ia.
moved to table. Rejected 04 to 169 Mr.
Ilnndy again moved the previous qiMtinti, and
It was seconded. Tiie motion to recommit was
rejected, and the bill was then |sscd yeas,
ltiti: naTe. 4'..
Interviewing n Chinaman.
We naked him if he didn't want some
advertising done. He h topped work
long enough to nay thnt he charged a
dollar a tlo?,on, without ironing. We
explained that it wasn't washing we
wanted, but advertising. We told him
how much his business wonld be in
creased, how he'd be richer than tho
King of tho Sandwich Islands in six
months if he'd only ndvortisc. This
seemed to be clear to him, and his faco
brightened tip as ho said : " Itnsinoss
belly slow ; nobody got no money." We
ealtnly took out a paper at that. We
carefully explained to him all about fif
teen cents a line—one of these things
clear serous here every time the paper
was printed. The people, we told him,
would read this and then come to him
for washing. lie took a deep interest
iu the whole story, and paid marked at
tention to onr few remarks.
" Yon see, Mr. Ilong Leo," we said,
thinking he wits getting along first-rate
in English, " this is a paper—this here"
(putting a finger on it). "When peo
ple read they rush off frantically and
buy of everybody whose name they see
in the paper. Do yon understand ?"
lie said he did, ami wanted to know
how many pieces we had—whether they
wore big or little. We felt discouraged.
Wo lind worked hard for half an hour
already, and he nil tho timo thinking
that wo were talking about washing !
With an imprecation on the whole race
wo wont over the whole story again,
even going so far an to figure out to him
how many papers wo printed and how
many wo expected to ptint. He was all
attent ion as before, but when wo stopped
for breath he spirted water on a batch
of clothes through his teeth, and then
said, as coolly ns a mummy, that if we
brought tho clothes on Monday ho
would have them done Wednesday.
A little girl, playing in a field near
Westminster, Ma AH., wan attueked by A
savage bull. Her brother, aged 15,
eliral)ed over the fence, and bravely
fought the bull with a stick. " Run,
sissy ! run quickly !" shouted the boy,
and she saved herself by obeying. The
boy, however, was gored so terribly
that very likely he will die of the hurt.
Urate Hoy.
l)no ily rroentlj In HauramoiiU, *
tnttn aiipotrrml in tlicntrnot m-iih a pistol
in hin liniul. Ilt> (MiinUxl thu mimical
every in sly ho nii't, uul pulled tbo trig
ger, I'tit tlio m|m ircmed to ho hutl, and
would not explode, Oeeniriouitlly ho
out 011 a frotili cap, |Mikotl tho coil of tho
barrel into hia month, and triotl to
muko tho thing go off. H caught a
little girl, and made several offorta to
explode tho charge rloe# to |ir I lend.
The people ran into their bouse* and
locked the door*, until a shrewd boy re
lie veil them of the eccentric chap and
hia piatol. " Tell nic how far it is to
RacraoMuto, <>r I'll kill yon t" aaij the
maniac. " F.tght miles right straight
down thu railroatl track," replied The
laiy. Tlic lie waa rffta'tual, and the
maniac jogged out of town, putting
freah cap* on hi* piato), and aiming at
hia crazy hciul.
I>it. Wiun TuiEii vjKiorn KTThicra
from hrabo and root*, without benefit,
lie noticed, however, that Alcohol, that
htuie of thu hutuau riuttt, an* UMHI in
tlieir preiiaratioii, and he dt twriaiuad to
eictudo the puieou entirely from hut
own practice, no that the aui of making
men •Irutiknrdd, while pretending to
cure tlicm, ahotild never lie at hia aoor.
Tlic Aluiiglity blea*e<l hia eipcrimoutdi,
anil in the VINKOAM lirmout ho haa pro
duceal a pure, heaith-reaturmg agent,
which hanibhea dtaeaau iu every form,
re-invigorate* the ayntr-m, and rcitorea
strength to the fcrhiobt bufferer. There
ia no part of lifc'a citadel where the
eimmy out maktt a hKlgiueut, that th
VIMMUAII lirrreitb will not find him, and
put liim to tie rout. ~lmpurity of
I'tcHxt ia the parent of diaeaae; the
liver, the atomach, the iuuga, the
urrvea, every Vital organ lb a flee ted
primarily, front Una cause, aud in thia
direction tlie VIMKOAH iirrriota acta with
magical intlueiice. Com.
JitrooPT WOMK. The 27th of March
waa the attuiveraary of the bloodteat
tragedy in American hiatory. On that
day. thirty-eight years ago, Col Jawea
\V. Fannin and four huudied and fortv
tive men were shot to death by the
MciicHH under Frca in the imrt at
Goliad, Texan. A week before, Fannin
and hia force, U-ing surrounded by the
t-uemy and at tiie nusrev of thear artil
lery, surrendered mil were taken to
Goliad. Major Word, whom Fannin
ha*l sent with one hundred men to eaoort
aoinc lri*li familiea, was albo captured
and the Americana wera nnwaacml to
pcther on a Sunday utorniug.
FAT TO LIVIL—F. F. Smttir A- CO'a.
i'rtuhni 11 H hartl. manufactured *1 Hi* lioM Mill*, ltrwkl)ii, X. V.. will be
t tlxl Iho cu all *.wlr"i*)o, delusoua uil
x> ... luirxj luml j* o. tu~al4. fvaU 1> ail giv
<'e:u. hj is, *u t Mlo health aixl tuui <ls.
Ikw* *ripuve j mi JiltS* *cjA Frtr. (Com.
Farmer* aui! atock niwr* ha to fre
quently lI.UI ttr Ibtl llirj litre seen very good
ifoulu frum gi vtug Moriiiitn't t!ar<tiry tW
i /*utpw- to cow* tin! ntuo l*|..i* and
tflor they drop thalr young, The powder* (ml
tUrm lu g.axl condition, and give ihrtn etrengtb
. So cate an J provije for the enabling*. 0or.
We have often woademl whatLer
share la a (wranu 111 the country who Jot* not
Wiiow anil appreciate the value of /<Aa*"a'
.4a<>-fynr Lmnnntl an a family uwebcijie Is la
a lapsed k> tunet all purpose*. asxl ia the lout
palu dwtMjfr that can tie sued —Com.
Anna 8. (lutaingcr, of Honeedale,
i'a. ttriuai the fdloa-Mig: "After raftering
fat nearly two team trunk neuralgia tn the
lorui (itutig up lata the throat, law and
hea<l 1 wa- onf-rely cured and reatorait to
health lij uemgl'r. L W C ttwLart a line
Tree Tar ConliaL"—Ouaa-
Among the fine arte not lost ia the
art of children mating hole* in trie toaa of
lonta and ehoee. Time taken about Sou Jay*.
■HI IA KB TlfS are an etoollent remedy, never
kir >m tu fail. OHM.
Vi'uiTkk a liit aoi fur the l.inga.- Com.
Whcre HOOI It Come From!
I'tnU and quart* of filthy catarrhal dis
chargee. Whore doaa It ah eodie from! The tuem'irane, iliußß the ihamhera of Ilia
I ti.xt, and It* hula glnuli, are dieeaaod. ao that
that draw from the blood it* liquid. and l
voaure to tli* air change# it uita corrujitnxi.
Thra life-liquid to to build up the at eletu, hat
H is ritrarSed and the eyateu la wrakened by
1 lli* lorn. To cur*, gain fleeli and eUWttgth by
mug lv. Marco's OoMett Medical IHeoovery.
which alao arte utawi three gland*,
nwrrwuug t!wm. apt lying l>r Naga a Catarrh
Remedy with Lr. i'leme a Swtl liooeba. the
only tue( bed of reaching the upper cantata
a hef* th* dlechargo accumulate* and comae
foutn or Twvm-t YUM' Htwium fcuo.
Monitor OncMb Pariah. la. Sep. 15. 1871.
n V. I irai is. M. I. s
Sometime al ot tart June "I oe mmanced the
tie* >4 vow medlcnan. sod they bar* entirely
cored me of < alarrhof twenty y<ara standing.
ISonpectfnlly, Ma*. 0. F. Patujra.
■u. wistaiiowa •ootsiko armrr ta ma
raou airrsoa or *a* of ta* mi r*ma>* rtpv
etan* and tuim tt. ta* t*tie* Itatr*. aea aa*
baanuaadfot thirty rear* wtth aavar failla* safety
ant ia<r*i bv milHoa* of marker* and *klitre*,
from ta* IW*We 1 .fans ef oh* week old tc Ike adult
It ccrreel■ wililf of the tUuaarh, ral'.eva* win*
colic, rear* la lee Ike bowala, aa* r-eea reel kulU
Hi maktS u aollier aal efeiU. tk'a haliev* It to
k* tk* Beat ai>4 Bursal Rrtnefly In world tn all
oaar* of DlMKfatt aad til*aatlOta lh CIIIL
DRRS. whether tt *ri*o* froa Telitlif or from
any other eaae* Fall airacHiana for el*f will ao
(HMM .T eac 0 belli*. Fob* Omnia* aataea ta*
far-.tltul* of Of arid a rEEtthi 1* oa U* outatd*
knU> av it.t. •#*!!■ tw* hn'lri*
Di. Mn Wnv. i*lrn!bliiriii
Friaiuaaav lUia** *'i Colda and ronetnaiiUoa
HOUSEHOLD ">* win v*a niiri
PANACEA To 1U ywicai anlfailng
from Bkaumatlam. kauraltfta.
FAMII Y 4 "raaipa ' tb*limb* or i*t.
acl, Billoaa Oolta, Pain is lb*
LINIMLNT. back, bowel* or alda. w* weald
eif Tiva Birinci* raaaca*
khv run t Liiuait ia af al
HOUSEHOLD othara tk* remedy you want
PANACEA ler internal and calarnal aa*.
'ft kaa cored Ska above com-
_ plalata In tkooaanda of oaaai.
t AMIIii There lc no mtatak# abent It.
LINIMENT. Try It. Bold by all nrngtftela
ciiihoiiKA urracn iam>h i-ai.k abu
from no otkar can*# than haln worm* to tk*
t.RowF'B Tanwirroa oonrrni
wdldeetroy arnrm* wilbont Infury to th* call*,
being perfectly VrntTß. and free from all coloring
or otkar tnjartowa logradianu nanallr naad In
worm preraraii™*-
CCRTIS d BROWX. Frcprtator*.
Rn. Id lb Fulton Rlr**t,!r*w Tork.
.Halif 1 v Prnagiefe and Chcu*, and dcrflei •l
Jfifti- me tvf Twauvy Fira CaFT* a But.
The flu beta.
Www coaa.
Oaaf OatUa—Frtmr to Ritra t'nllorkek .Ifv.a Jiff
F:r*tquality..... .11*,* .lli
..econd quality. ll 4 .ll.q
Ordtnarj tMn OatUc... .13 a .10>
Inferior or lo*elgra.t# .? a .11
Milch Oow# *>-00 i.nCS
ling*—live •'**
Bleep '!V* M
Cotton—Mi ldltug J' h* lib
Flour —Etlra Weatern W® ® dno
hue-Eitra *** a TO
Wheat—Red Wcetorn '•'<> * I.TU
No. 3 Spring ' M • I.M
Rye " - I.IC a 1 1
llarley—Matt >•
Oata— Mlsed a .t)f
Corn- Mi Iml Wcetorn W • .VI
Hay, per ton 17.00 aJd.OO
Hi raw, per ton 10.00 alf.oo
HOP* "73b akito- ■, . n a .18 ;
t*nrk—Meaa MIS al* *7
prtr 'rnim—Crude Kefluad 1*
Potter—Stale a ,M
Ohio, Fine .'I a .Si
" Ye! low 31 4 .31
Western ordinary 30 a .3*
Pennsylvania 5ue.......... .3* a ,S*
Chcrnc HUI-Factory .10 a
" Hi Inn ml. .('* a 0*
Ohio 10 a .1#
Kea# I ftt k' >l3
BeefOattl* * I *.*o
hheep 7 Ml
lloga— •OH
Flour ••'• * ®•" ,,
Wtnml—No. 2Hprlug 1.3*
Corn 77 a .33
| .******•*•**% M O .63
By*..". IM 'IK
Barley 17* a 1J
Lard. 00ha .13
Wheat - '•* 1 98
Rye—Btate 1 04>y I 1 03
Oorn-MUed *i a IMS
Barley—r>tet*.. 1.73 •).(*)
OaU—Stoto *0 a 00
run uxirnu
Flour 7.f0 a *23
Wheat—Weeteru Bed l.*o o 1.05
Corn—Yellow 3d a .*3
Mlted HI a .81
Petroleum—Crude ll>g tu-flned .IB %
Clover Bcixl 8.80 all."0
Timothy 271 a2 71
Cotton—Low Middling lha .I*M
Hour—Kxtra. .on a 8.30
Wheat 1.80 a I.B*
Corn 1 N
* >***........ . . „........ .05 a .86
ill dill a weak. Air'u wanted'evarywher*. Ctrl
C7'U d lautple*frar. P. A. Ei.u, Charlotte,Ntch
■imTntiT or
Charles Sumner.
•la* 44i.H1. I'M.#, OI.IMI.
Sent peali-atd "<v I'olfi nt lb* eric*. Afakta
wsulsS In trf rtlr •< town.
A44r*ll I. If. 4 MUfIKII Uni'M
The BKBT AND OHMAPBfT aewr Ihib.
lUlied. A(ltiNT WANTKD So whom
ilto Ui'nwt c..iiittinaioua will be pald.
ITur full particular*, oddrsas tk* PbtUh*ra
. liAiLEY k wiffAinr, o
Ho. 66 North <tk Btr*t. PWhelatpHU. Pi.
V twain mas *n<i wa *i*. U U*O r now
i ft. 4 CO <1 Paik ■•, It* Verk, f > thlr
I'omyhut / n> /..*•' i>ai* * mioewk
(>*•! *, anil estimate* nlI *4.,*< sli'k
irtma a* n* aw took,
no Au jo*arcaaa or
Kit Carson
Ifm I*". 'toft k*hiHMit, ton>; •>• **4 vi-ssasuv
w .< oawt ( ..M iii'ntra TKirrt*. at r Ui
'.t'll'A ... m. mm**. iiwi •4 Iks
law CU 4U.OH "Ml *• l| -*'#>•• #U*S
14' '*!< .. ~."iiv.M"l- •*.*** UwUmOCWJa A*
1 .Ml* Hut" t. i.MWU.
lU*4 Caraua'a
BUM*> I 111 I |M uO*WlU.lU>*fri.WOtHtl*ll
llif mU itk ft* laiin| frow K
M W Mdi if a Aft?. IdM.at4t-M>..aiwki.''Mli'a:l^t"'aAl|
' ij -i ll B'4UU U > a JOt> y I a>uti .1-s*l J
/ I fl |lup'"i't mi* taking (<li* *"t
al Ask- ear COM pi it MI SKI*
' IMIMtI." TO ml| ll.mbli tolled
oi>ll< a>* Burks' julvuu '4 a> U
r.j.u.l 4o o. oar liven wnb kswtog aaefcUvs*,
Lltffctata* E.-d or Inturaaca. Tl>-n*** nllssu
uhiiiin o* lifluuuhU Band fu ainlui and
lei int.
Manufaciut) tAßvuin at Bt'*t, N't"* I*-'!.
egjAWwao, ft.
ltll Mrviitf If I lot* ft tt flu heat •ihrjMlMllt
lAr 11*1. I* f.v4 /or t*n<i r*a4*v ud U fit* Wal .'/
.n Irn oti* V lAsvr <• no "iri/wuaf*. " o> y **r
loMM. a t ,jy luJUJHKI TIC Fit CO Kro r->~
full doacrifUna
Jyg till 1 Flrculna a*nd u. Ho
Truss Co,
\ VMBir m I*3 Brn*dwi|r,
load what lonnln#llru#ro or lb* buofc
li. 1> laiui*. t*<| . Moot <i td tbo Ponu'o SUM
Oi*u|. vnn** , ,r t foiurn lo ou ml II'MO
ibo' kf fcir tbo Hit) */ IM flriaff KuwofM 1
bjnr*ptu*rd It wttb murk mtoraai. Ilia Uidoad
•loioo o ilk ' (J io€ i>l*l> f.r tfrii Pat oa'a
f*ac)r,ai>d #bi-utJ ba lb lb* fc uib. II uf etorp
I'afioß til tie load. Iran .kooifullr i.i*aoud
CuL A. 0. latuui, Maater at th lowa Rial*
Graf*, wrllo* '* I lio rocaiood roar vara *-
nUoi.t knob; • woib ploaaod ltb 1L Man) t'M tk. <i>r mil <M I (iriao II kiftli "
ud lor y*a< • and ciieeSara rantala
tr.f Irai to Ad*ut* olid in any '• r*dra*MHHM
Ilia bUlnf brkaatl* Addrrta.MATliikAL ft-'B
I'll "I'll I V riiwrkyalPMwkliauw
t All I It 'i*. nr takt.-i adoantatr* ot
lb* fr*#l doaaaad lul tbi* U il.ry vl tAoGiaiig*
gotrmrul, to lour uaialiavl* wcrbiua lb* tiV
J oat me. nwfdail i fntal afeywlrnral awrajw
f*r* l) out b* *>|. >r *ya a*4 Ibal lb* bbvb
).m Pa* 1* ind'.raod b) tbo laadlt> o'bi.for*
Zinc Collar Pads
Have Been Used Since ian. Ist. 1871.
A rulE.lor.t fuarabio* 4 ib#i aaoful'aoo Thy
arc •iihiM in prr**i < chaana and lo rt.r* bay
. nkM'f UAbl-bu HEI K <■* HOKM h . r Ml 1.1 8
I Prit*d bu*rl;*v| *ir b b.woJ #lo a
line Gil PAtt tbat ir*nia ikalna
lb. aork. ana a LBAI-biban eol.Uab SWKAT
l ati to yrotacl lb* abouUta In m SaUt. All ol
nb.rb at* t- r til* bf barnaot Bsab*)* IbruafblMll
tbe I btlrd Mat#* and ■ aeada
Mat.u:acttn*d by
zrar rotttK PIOTO.,
Harhaaaa, MM.
fb* t*y loalnlrd Ml •/ Mhd
! **|'.! lif bioaof W!a*.ai Aw Saoa.
oad Gi.oor I HaJar •' rn;oio*. lat joa* •••*
if Aw/ly darnlrd by rb*
Ay r a 111 n (b*r| */ lb* CiilrW Aad of
la Sa.i <4 lb* I I OKKM K. oto.a *!. ha
Arvkaa tbo Mnwyaly of if If A IVtrod.
la Mho O SI. T OUH-Mm t>*m hno lark
■ ard and /orvnari. or to rtgbl and lofV
A*>l (haijmt lll.
tola wa < ua ttyn bptnat Tun eo !
1,1 It* aad lirttJJA
Ago-M, iff*. tt. .■**, If wo*.
lntr*ld Pop** la Una rr.aatry W' ft*# lb* larf
r.i and twit (bnw.. ***f r*w wttb a Papor t
ritry tubunkr' or fay Iht lar(r>i i. nou
alt r. br aarnti Avatt.d la ttrl) town and
lyaMy. M*< r iDottatH en ink r aad a* m pi*
r* py 11 Pay.) (fro* b> avoat* ooioi •
PEOPI.K'* JBObllll.*.
til *antm M.. Phlla.. Fa.
Colorado for Invalids and Tonrisls.
Its sdvwuiM a renswmrtlves sad Ailkmat
tea. Bell uai oculars gi *sn free
Addteea. a. B raTrgaaos.
Port Collits, Colorado.
Ill) r r dap rvm mission or • IO a werk tslsrr
|i.l tirsnsri. Ws egss it and will stai 11 Apply
in n (I. Wrbbrrgte., Mntoc n
i|AA t MOM II 1(> lldtli
1 VIIIII usim miVKKB XllMlttl* arvr
Iml 1111 I*o WA'Hiftg, the only low prlcwd
u I "JII leek antra ft* Sin* Marftlae era*
*• #v vested. A<Urn JOHXftOK. CLABK
! * l>l " * ""**■ M *ss 11- Tiny. st liiislnrtt. p>
The Ileal Tel Ins rnlril.
Ycr imstsor ci kuaioess tor
peers and unsurpassed fur gen
eral Jot Printing
Over N'.fino |r fee.
M**ufg itjrer *.<! De*!rr i
trrtf dMcr*pltOl| of
•Idts K*tiersl sort I I'd Kssre
laml Ms., Ilosi-m.
a.if.,l B i Vtargofl.k (Murray M..K*w York
! Kntsy. Howell* bu-iwie. *l7 Msrksi It . Philadet
, sin ft 1' Bounds. 17? Muntoe at , Chicago, bend
I rut! CaislognS.
Profitable Employment
i Werk (or Evsrybodr Good Wages. Perms
nrr.t VieplsTmeni Mm and Women wwntrd.
. Pull particulars free
Address, M" A HrXPintftUMt (W.
Clewl.nd or (. beasts. Me.
Will t* •> 1 fr* hr mnil on* tebdint th#tr
kMr#M !l H-t \rw TPI
THE Agents Make 8150 8k
Over per month, telling car new
_____ uti'*, nrn'ROi (imo.
B EST MO*. ftr.< ss*w Map ssf SKW
VOH K wTftTIC. ftnd f>r Wl
Catalogs- and s**our eswegera.
upw X- r ntitfUMAK.
T El * Barclay ftirest, B T
With ss. he* AIIAB* PKAU *H<T PvlreOrts ,SSk
y-wir Htorksser for n Jowl P HKBHY d CO.
New York. JuHNftO*. ItontoWA* A 00.. Phils.
inOOi.P.on t do*. ft Mo. pml pid. Jdos i sample
!#e. Muni knit Airvnts r vtryu krrt On tills Jftc.
F K mitd. kssiynr. Mat—.
Idivryny'a Mrlalllc
Combine an cbgsnl Msnisl otne
jßr/A 1 Twg> insnl. wiin ir i scl Ihrnmwriir
Tprj | H and pesfsci bsmmelef; lell yon
Hkui I i£M When 11 will storm . r< iM l*(
KMiLIN end cold, ftrnt pi*|>std m any sd
■fgl..oc■#wi| H dress, uwew rscclptof P. n. order
FJt t'*ftrVß| or rsglslered ls(i*r. h-r gf I*l.
fa 'lml n/l At.VAN b. bOYKJOY, Msnuthe-
JlSulmsk Wsshi gum
'ww isf j"> flo Svrske*psra.
AMY Isstidlng us lh.< address often pscftej* with
"11 ' srtll rec, o *./ re* a h*snilfnl Chremc
flair l*nd 1.-strnctions h w te trlch.nosl psia
Ulill | iVs .1 ic' 1s ( ,Id ftouth "1 * It, 1 *
* .OIkftTANT KMPMIk Ml AT. At horns
Lg male or buiftl*. f ■ s we kwairentsit *•• ranl
ts lien ui red Poll paitteulsrs and e es.nsbld
ssmple sent i.e. Adder... wiihcl r.luvu ilsisy.
A 1' YOl'Kil. fft> nnh Bt.. W I laseshuvgh N. Y.
uree nil Hum or. from the wwi Hcrof
lila to a common lllolch or I ImplC*
I'imil two u> six bottle. *ro tiArrnnioil to
cure Mill llhetlM orTcltrr, Pimple"
on rice, Moll", Erysipelas and
|,tvcr Complaint. Mix t" twelve bot
tled, WArrante<! t<> "ire kcrotald*!
ftti el ling* and Ms re a and all Nkliiand
Hlood bleeaetft. *„ woudcrlul
Perioral proj>ertie ltwlH cure th meet
severe recent or lingering i otigh IB half
the time requlreil br any eUier medicino
and 1. perfectly Miie. loosening cough, tooth
ing lrrltdtlon, and relieving Korene... ftold
hv all Dninllla H- * * Elt-Hf M. D.,
World** Dlnpciifturj. Huflalo, X. 7.
Dunham & Sons, Manufacturers,
Warerooms, 18 bit l*th Strati,
[EatabUshed 183 d.} NtW YEMt.
Sm&fbr lUuftraioi Circular am* Prio* Lilt.
u——— -
1 U .*< Mr hl* fsafisat ►• J
;\ .mpila.e ik. A levnt •r and Faparteßimd
• W.-mau- wnflan <■* KtrmA/ Mr fear. M wllhot
t .>l* .11 Fr<-phet - <l
iintu, ir|Ml mil ilkiUlni rollrlUnlliki M
raM urea,ham- rone u4 patha'tr
fax I mini! boob aslant. IVrlratt rfUa Anthoease
and -f I'M) a Mutnnai, man "-<> ""•••
heanat t Utah,#4 Fnr eir.nlare, sddrsea HART-
Fo*l> H'hl ItHIIIO OQ., IwUbrt,tana.
A fiPMTR r;fcTA7r?wffl*v.:;
XIM llil 1O > ther uMr. U * at mad#
17 I"4 r.~! I acta tl.fv.iemßi.dvd by A" Ayrtwd
I-., f ana wwar tOO.OOO famillsa aataf tbvm.
IV-ilart/iti rLfcOO A rO..Cirltoadl ft . * T.
Soda Fountains
o, SSO, STS *
Shipped Ra*4| for Una.
Manilla- 'ur-1 by J. W. CUAI'MAS
1 Co,. Mibiaot, fro.
IW H|.l for at ai*ki*HV._*|
aaaaana m TKA AUhT aat.ia* >a lava Bad
I b n maur'u .all TKA, t Rat up club
I Aaa n • I.flrll .f tha laißaat Ta* c m pan y
■ u Amnio*. iwi">rta,a' a luduramauis
to Aftn'i. Kan4 Mi < lit olar. Address,
I Itoi r-KT WKM*,d v. ear at., H. f. r i.Be*. US. ,
AUKJkTI WASTE,!' to rail ourlastly ralebraCad
A'lirtna fo I.ata* wear fi.tiaaaneebl* and
at< twtrlr cevesaaiy Iti.uoo aOI.O
Milk I H1.7 - Tkr Jfirt Miiaaiit nn4 aatta
fa. 11.11. HO* UO V% ITH
IM I TIIKN. eauipia aaa on raaatpt <4
t't.KU I H kKi u.a f.i IHatirurf nut- >
far. J Kltl.K WBBKR 1'0.,S i ham bar a *l.. 11.
VKT.A, W tliMiP- j
(km. Bensonr
ta. Aaron*. i4
I every affectum of
i ik yner.v, uswaa
|*i d • aaer, ara
ajaaaiflr aad tan
tfiawettr cured by
theuaauf tto. Wto
tilt latAaJf <
W I L 4. illlf,
Wbtrb does not dry ;> A mh Kd Mara lra cause
Lhtod, but 1.-aftu 1t riranfca the lutfi and afiaya
Rrttot ai.ntataanamloa>aa— rtUniwp "
bra timely rreort to UAa atnmlard rwnedy. at la
trfvrod br bdmlrnda < f Uwttm-fUteie It Lea raoaftrad.
Tbaaaaklaala rvr-l -/ AaUa *• u .
irnt VT. *t 'W I. A AO*a. l aoranKOKß,oa
toai. ILaaa. Roid tf daalan jniaMflj.
15,000 Sold in 60 Days.
B lr Hani Ciammtr Antit,
ifh," taaadara, ami armraa. Mai 4a
~ tofa, ato, af DM Oai mal. aa a vtla anM " Wo
man span them." < 4a iwi, vrtalM. aad
Mfk* u- •-*. wcAonffy VUi. ffto4 U Uf %mr
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MR I'III ■ li iMli <ltor IHA ffC i— MM Uni
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Aitof IIIMMWK t if I rwy tout Wv to Im Mm tor Ml
tM> Hindi, a. I*AI4 M fHfUtAKt • MUJfc •
Mi to %fl4 iKWfcoKUi. •>-!• K'fi MIA MtoM
A. lA. WullAllUful * Co, toMTUtoC Cf,
Cui*e tho Worst Pain.*
M VKCltf
Ami tuMfi tvs Asm. nam
Kecd any cne Suffer with "tin.
Badny'i Ktmij Ealief to ann far atary rui
n Ai ni nirr AID it
that tnttantly Mt a tba Btnt a*'-rat-'.artrf pair*.
a!laj laidaauaiiut.a. and raria I' i.pauaaa, *k(b
<v ofrkr Lanra Kn aiarfc Kartacr t>(kar ptooda
m urpaaa. If una ifflicatlua.
is MX us E TO TWXXTT Htjrms.
p" irai'ri k w ;■ Iml nr re rarfattnd tk pats tha
KIITLMATir. Baa-rtddrs. 1- kraa. Crtpptnd. Bar-
ua. Kc-uratßU, OI picauatrA *ll* dtoaa*. Biaf
ißfiamtttos of the KUntrt,
lsfitmatiaß of ttsc SloAtar,
lafiAßUliea of tha Bawrto,
CmiMH of the Lonrt
Sore Throat. DUhealt r n _
PalptUtion of the Heart,
Hyiteria. Croup, DijAherto,
KocnOriA, Btooußittook
Coll Chilto, Ape Chffii.
Tkaapp: auu 4 Uir REATIT BELIEF tr Ika iart
m pin* kn tk< pun or dlßcallf ruin out a>
•ar4 aaan aad --aatoit
Tf.i dmpa ta kalf a taaiklar f arafar wTO la o
raw tainvtra run Ci ainpa. Opaawa. Boar Bl- imach,
Baartkars Btcfe tlwda-kr. Piarrkca.. DTMnirri.
0-lir, W.nd In ll. Boarrto, and all Jirlaraa! faloa
t tiTrJSr'i akr-n!i alaayt ran j a kottll BAD
VATI BBADT liuxr arltfcu.ia A faw drupe
In aratdf will prrarntOKkbraani paiaa frcm rlasl
rf water. II la belter than Frarrc* Biandp or BiV
w:4 aa a *t tantouU
rSVES ash AOim mrad Me Oft* rente. Thret
M not a Tcnrdtni acprnt In Ikia world ikat w '.lt rart
faeerand Ac* *. and allatker Hatortoae. Billeto*
Baailrt Typhoid, TetJ--, and rtber Feeera .aidad
ky RAPWAT s 1*11.1.0, •< d!<k aa UIITATI
Sarsaparillian EBSBIYMI
Eaj jcade the nt aetxmlahin* Cera*: o
ao raptd r ro the clißapoy thaßody nndrnroaa, tie in uance of thto tmiy U osder
(el Wtrfidne. that
Every Day an Increaoe in Flesh and
Weight it Seen and Felt
Tho Q real Blood Purifier
Brerr drrp . f tka BAMAFAIULUAX BKSOIX
VKJCT ermr . at<a tbr "eh the Dk-d. Karat,
1 I'rton, aae mkrr Oat la aad fulcra <dMia rrateai tka
rtenr of 1 * t it icpama ih* aat.a of the body
n itß aewa<-1 < ad inaieitat BcioTula. OrphilUi,
i Ct-naur p:> . i t>route I>ya|"pa.a, Olaadnlar dta
eaara. I In a tn the tkmai. Honth. Tuamra, S-tdea
In tka utao a >l< bar paiia of the ayatem. Bora
Kyra, Btrnrti a ie-h*i fa frrua Ih. E:a. and
Ike wo rat ( "a . f Kkia ~a - ~r. Bmpttrua. Feeer
Bnrae. Boal- It -a, Bin M or. Salt Rheum. Bryatp
Maa. Arm-, p.ii.t Bpota, V iin| tn lor Fleah. To
m.-ro. Cancel* t-i 'ha tvaank,Bed all weaß*ninand
patnfnl dta lieu--a. Siekt Bweata, Loaa of Kperna
aad atlwaai-a-t the lira piin-nple, ara within tka
raraviva raa. f*h a >t-drrn Ckemtatry. and a tow
dare' ua- .111 p.-eye to aay perar-a naiaß tt fur
ntber ct thcif ,na of dtaaaee Ita potaut power W
rare tkrra
V tka pattr- t, Jetty bec-mtn* red a red ky M
waalea and o • i aitton that la eonUnna— l
t'eaaine. an a .n aireaime thcaa a euiAal
repalre tfce ai with new lhalerta.' .nana froai
healthyhl m t tkta the BABSAF . dtU.lA*wlU
and daea aeetin--w rare ta eertali (Or when onca
this rrnn-r < mmeaeaa us wn.a c?f paitfleatlow,
B id *u.oeeda tn dunlniahln-- i"r
tepaira will be ri.|-td. an . rery day the paUawt
a lit teal hlma f erowi. setter and atn-nper, tha
red etarati her . appauta lmproTtnp, Bad
fleah and wetirht o*mg.
Kit t-nly den ' .-iß*Ai-AK!iJ.t4* lnmnnn
eel all known _e tiat anta in tha enrsof Chroan
lr. Ker, fntiia i amttuionah. aad Bkta dtlaasea,
hat II ta the only t attiaa curs for
Kidney and Bladder Complaint*.
1 rnurr, u<) Womb steeases. OttTfl, Piabctcs,
p Wlr,lMonnnirfl'rtm
Blight's ptavaa Altmmtunrta. and la all nl'l
• hnf thriea-" buck-dual deposit*. or th* Wster
U thick, cloud v, mlvod with Ilk* ilia
wfclt# ('fan eg* or threads Ilk* * hit# tllk. or tkrt*
la a morbid, daik, bilioaa appearanc*. and white
bone-dust dep. n. avid when ik*r*laa pro king,
bwrntng aewaaiin * best parting water, and pain la
th c Small of tbr back and alnc| Ike Loin*.
Tumor of 12 Years' Growth Cured by
Radway's Resolvent
Perfect Pwiatiyc M Reflating Fills,
perfectly tasteh-as, eleganHy coaled with aweet
um. rnrge. regulate, purify. cleanae and atrrngt li
en. RAIIWAV S PII.LH, ft't the rure of ell dtaorders
.-f the Stomach, Liver, Board*. Kidney*. Bladder,
Nrri i-ua pile**.-*, Headache .Constipation, O ltlre
nni, Indigestion, Dyspepsia. Bllionaucaa, Bthcus,
Typhus and Typhoid Fevers. Inflammalion of the
Ito*r*la. Plica, and U Prrai-gerecwisof the Internal
Viscera- Warranted to effect a p. BitlT* cape. Pure-
Is Vegetable. containing no mercury, miueralt, oe
deleterious drugs.
Obacrra the hßowing symptoms rraultlng from
disordersof the Plgi-tlra Organs;
Conilipatlon, Inward l'lle*. Fullness of the Blood
In the Head. jßHdtty of Ihe Stomach. Xausen,
Heart-hum. liiagutt of Food, Fullness or Weight tn
the stomach. Sour FruotaHon# Sinking or Flutter.
Ins at the Pit of Hie Stomach, Swimming of the
llead, Harried and Difficult Breathing, Fluttering
at the Heart. Choking or SuSoeattng Sensations
when to a Lying Posture. Dttinie** of Vision. Dots
or Wcbe before Tbe Sighi. Fever and Dull Pain in
the Head, Deflctency of Perspiration, Yellowness ol
theSktnsnd Bye*. Pain tn the Side. Cheat, Ltmhs,
and sudden Flushes of Heat. Rurntng In the Flesh.
A few doses ofRAPWAVS riLl.n wtllfree tbosys
tern from all tbe above named diaordris.
Prios a* cents per Bos. Sold by Dra-jUt*.
RRAD w FALRR ARB TRrP " Send one letter
Stamp to RAPWAY A CO . Ko. W Warren St., X. Y.
Indocmattou worth thousands will be sent yon.
And. Its Cure.
Carbolated Cod Liver Oil
(s a scientific combination of two well-known mettt
itnea. It* theory la first to arreat the decay, the!
>utld no the system. Phyalclane tool tli# doctrine cor
reel. The really atartllng euro* performed by Will
aon'a Oil are proof.
tVi rbolic Acid ) imtlmlH arret** Decaf. It Is the
gioet powerful antiseptic l:i the known acrid. En
tering Into the circulation. It St once rrmnplea with
corruption, and decay cease*. It porlfio* the aourcdt
f'fxt Oil i* A'atur*'* be* ati*ant tn reslsttnt
H Jsfcs IUt Haw Vrf
f A T ITt lil4i>m
Dr. i. WAllusr's California 1 in
pfftr Blttrrg are a ptwly Viwetalhto
prßparation, maile chiefly frcm* the n*-
Uve herb* Cpoel on the lower Wife* <*
the Sierra Nevada mountains of Cailfor
nta, the mwtktnal propertlee of whicb
are extracted therefrom without the use
of Alcohol. The question U alina*
daily aaked, " What Is the caue of the
unparalleled MCCCM of YIXWJAB Brr-
TEjmf Our answer is, that they removw
the cause of diseiuu!, and tho putieut re ■
covers hie health. They are the
blood purifier ttnd a lifo-givhiff principle,
a perfect Renovator and Invtgoraior
of the system. Never before $2 "...
history <4 the world baa a inedkiaß beeja
oooHkitinded poßneeninf the rettteikslA
quklitiw. of VisaeAß liirraaß in hraluir the
aok of every dumese man ia toar to. Ttiey
an a ip>Ue PutßUive aa well as • Toato,
•ulieviug Confer Uon or Inflaxnmafii> ef
the Liver and Visceral Or*saa, in Btlwies
proppiiicH of Da. Wauw'l
ViawiAK Birrs** am Aperient. Pla£h"reU<>
Oeraiiaatiya. Nuiritioo*. l.e*stm, IHorrtic.
HmlßUvh, Coanierlrritant. Sodorino, Alteve
tive. and Anti Biliooa
R. H. MrMlttD * CO..
; >-i,fytau aad 'iwn Aft* Ban fTawdasa Ctftfnnua.
•ad out of Waaktaptua aad tAafßw- Sia- *_*■
aald By aU Oral'*|f f" 4 _
■ PHtoM
Orient Safety Lamps* or MHiliiM • ""'r
I||.| In aa. whkh *aaa kaHhar
lw.ak.l>A*wr flflad*. Arm m*~
aau ral.l and fkap. A*apt.4
-• all haurhald naw.f alas to
■tan., fa. lories, thkfthaa. •*.
iGlfi MAKE $lO A DAI
Bo 111 ma ttoM* Laey.
AdKaTti VtAKTBXI ta a .wry csnwty ta
thw dallof Slated. Add raa.
k* CTaonataara Baw *•*.
■nai T
M BHiim:'".ww.R r A, "W TtoWWtotp
WIRSfIH tur -fir c t dk'wat.
•<- and nut
BK9HHII. K-aadaf. ha"*-
|QBHBSIANNKTOMMNHJ| ***> ces to ww*.
~v n_
$25 aa.sausgrrc.ygL*a
|f, ) *< •} } V - v"V A ' - V * J ''' ''
u ttoe raluAble towk • ftve to eIL ** **<*+•
Ejri r4M shd ftR ; to ptMta , to' jtofttoree. ItoreOto® wjs
Tflijvep thdft ddrHr*toi> t M$ og—N-W.
I. *. Mrtt. fissAv *Mm k rAMetok
A | (Mill WaMad.-IM (Ma "all
".-IWto-daitad F totoi tmmptajWMy. *****
ifewVr. >. HMD. tiseitbwedt.are *—•
HO! FOR COLORADO! itagknoaa rllaaata, wiapmißnant l"tr.
MIMIC rrn.oti, aw-h paow.a. Beeaia f aed
haalih ad. an tap. a Ownarai a a aj^
Una pfwaa ftaa. Add rasa A B. FATTRBISAAS. "*
Oulhi a. Oohaa. [
Valktag Ukc It ta Ulrratarr.
I Appall wan tad fw Wnra la Hary. hr Pf B I
| Fix i. B.laed your torrthory, *a. AAdicaa Hnr
ray HIE t-n b,< akiag Co . IS Baal Stk Straat. B. T.
n Ann . r Madiral Wneeura Stall Barand he
Kill IK *-L SH fraa *r * aiawapu Addraaa
DUUIi Dm U.*APABT*. Ctaciwaau.ty-
U'U Y Krßd p eta with addraaae at 4 eafcar* aa
" nl rKwl* pew t paid a flu hnejn. Tat wort*
UrtV *'■ and t*sirt>rttn>a tn rlrur S* a ?•
BUI. pivaad.- -K nih da* 81. Fkiti la
Teas and Coffees.
Increased Facilities to Clmb Organizers.
Brad far Raw Frlra Ua*.
I r o a.** aaex. an* v.
Nature's Great Remedy
Q _ Q . I
JUlojLAel .5 I!
It ia On vital primJyto af tk l*haa Trau. abtdad
by a paculiar prncna m tha diMillatiiiu af tha car, by
which iaa htykol aacdiciaaJ prmwrttaa ara stantM.
Tar awn tain crude tiata has back nonaiiukd by
amiaant phraiciaaa of remry a. A<wf. It at ctrntoknlly
aßii'idte th. tflkwf far th. fallaarlnfl liaplnnnci
*. IT coaaa,— WW ky
ban by dbaolving tha jphlrcm aed a-mifny aanr, to
throw off tha unhealthy matter catMrna the Imtalaon.
la cases of ma/ad cowrtmrr I K II Wk prolooaa aad
rasdura leas huedaanoaae the life of ike aJWird auflerrr.
a. lis haaliag prindpla acto upaai the imtaled aur.
Sea of the ioafa, Arurfna.*ny U naoA iuwnf /tort,
lulieaiafl pain, end nhftmy A|dnniaan,nu.
j. IT rvunmanp cxetvn*B mi kL'-an. Poadim.
ly curlafl all humora. bom the commam nam at
enurnomoiheaevuiemcaneeafScroadu. Thoueuade
uI affidavit* eould be produced from those who havu
Ml the bcreflctol effect! of Flint Tata TA* OWWAL
ia the varioe* diaeaaea actaiug bom iMrvamsa os
rata aLoon.
It fie dtMfSr wjaa, <W raufaa au
"iSWS'iw.n-, or triad Dr. L Q. C Wis
hart'* remedtea reouirc oa reieionce* boa* a*, bat tha
kamca of thousand! cured by them can ha giroa to
say one who doubts our statement. Dr. L. Q. C.
Wnhnrt't Gran* Aaurraa Pith amd
Wsnn St-imn Dnora hava never ban eqanlied. the
■ale by alt Draflgi* o and Storekeeper*, and at
JVax SSff A', ,Im*d St. rtflafl*.
AODS^♦;.k i wnra
It is not a quack nostrnm.
The ingrodionte ure published
on each bottle of medicine. It
is need and recommended by
Physicians wherever it has
been introduced. It will
positively cure SCSOTVLA
inifarariotJA AtapcA, JtHEU~
COB'S I MJ'TIOB', and all dis
e&Bes aribirg from sn impure
condition of the blood. Bend
for ourBOSADALTS Almaxac, in
H which yon will find cfrtificp'tes
gkf 4 H f 1 " 0 ® 1 reliable nnd trußtwortli-
W m w| rhysicians. Ministers of ne
w ™ Gospel ar d othcra.
SLI Dr. B. Wilron Carr. cf B*:thioiw,
Bty* he lit* 11-1 it H In rrwr rf ftrrofnto
and other diaeaaea V u uti xntiaiao
l>r.T.C.PnrJi,c? A.,. -
BM-iiila it lo all per i, ,i*j
diaraaed Slood, anyt _
ariv J repartition 1- .
Bev. Dabney Ball, of
*L E. CciitrtvDce hotitb, ma 1 e I ts
1U ro much lull t fitted by He uae. t)ia|
h# cheerfully reccn r iDda it tunDhm
frh-r.da and a couaintact <r.
Craven A Clh, UrufKieta. rl C.ordonn
vUle, Va., *ay It lievM hd faikd to gi—*
Bam' 16. Vcfaddea, Mcrfreeahoro',
Tecceaaee, aaya It cured htm of Hheu>
malum when allcfee tolled.
will core Chills and Fcycr. Llser Complaint, Dye.
*• rr*ntee Jtniiepni.ii ill parlor to
all other Blood Purifier*, fiendfor Seeerlptlya
Circular or almanac. "
• S. Coamorce fit., Miatrt, JUL
Saaemhor to nth row Drunaltt tor koaasaua.