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THURSDAY KKB 2fi., 18T4.
l)ur friends will oblige by sending us
items ot local news In their locality, giy
u* the facts only, and we will put them in
shape, also notices of deaths and marri-
Any one sending us the names ofti* new
subscribers, with the cash, will be entitled
to receive the tUronric* on a year free
Tlie Itvronvan being mad by nenily
everybody on this side of the county,
where It has a larger circulation than any
two paper*, will be found the best nielnini
for advertising business, salee. Ac. Ac
Some follow stole corn from the crib
of the editor. May the Ijord bless him
with cornU) stiough on his toes that ha
need not trouble the core In our crib
The revival in the Methodist church,
in this place, is still going on. and has
resulted in quite a number of conversions.
/"Rev. Leek if, assisted by Rev. Gslbraith,
j from Indians, csnduct the services.
Messrs. Krumbine fit Grossman hsvs
bought out lha furniture establishment of
J. O. I>eininger, in this place, and will
carry on the business at the old stand, and
have put down the prices of
See their advertisement /j
•—Mr. Henry Witner sho'snd us a
large hen-egg the other day, measuring
7 by t 1-8 inches in circumference.
—The grangers, we are informed,
have adopted a resolution that no one who
is not actually engaged in farming as his
occupation, can be admitted as a member
This is a pretty broad hint that members
of that class had better withdraw, as not
being wanted any longer. Will such
take the hint ?
—James Kttinger, a son of widow Kt '
linger, of Aaror.sburg, whilst at play, in
the barn, on last Monday evening, fell
from the loft and broke his arm.
Snow again on last Wednesday
—lf you want five dollar* worth of in
formation and entertainment, go and hear
Jaines Duncan's lecture, at Spiing Mills,
*n Saturday evsning, 28th.
—List of officer* elected in Heine*
iwp.llth Judge, A Dutweiler—ln
spectors, Cbas Bower—Jonath Krape.—
School Directors, |John C Stover. Jacob
Vonada, J T Oobssrw.—Bpervieor, Sam- I
Book, ' Jacob Bower, jr.— Constable, Jacob 1
Ketnor.—Townclerk. Ross Bell.- Justice. '
JJ JT Mingle.— Assessor Jacob Hcsterman
—Assistant Assessors, Henry Fiedler, 1
Mich eel Bower '
. List of officers elected in Pcnn, 17th
inst t Supervisors —Frank Bowersex, \N
R Welsev—lnspectors, B O Deiainger,
D E tientsel.—Shoot Directors,J Gentr.el,
Em Kersteter. — Assessor A Zerby.—As
sistant Assessors, John Smith, A Alexan
der.—Auditor, Jacob KepharC—Constable
Sarn'l OUOL— Judge, D L Zerby.
1 want to be a granger.
And with tbe granger's stand.
Hayseed upon my forehead.
And a plow within my hand.
Saw LicumsLA*.- A new license law
has been, or is about to be, introduced in
to the Legislature The first section re
peals all eaLtlng Local Option laws; the
second places a uniform license fee
•hrossgnout the (Mate, in three classes
' Set 1 , the second *l5O, and the third
S3OO. u v e fourth section repeals all eating
house licea.^*
ytWho folio u lli * r ** H,rl 4,1 lLe
Centre Hall Grammar school for the
month ending Feb., Pupils in
attendance S5. Percent o/ attendance I
The following were present ••> roH j
call:—Flora Bitner, Liaxie Arcey, Allie
Hoffcr. Cora and Agnes Hurray, Allen
Erhard. Willie KurU and Willie Kich
ard. P- J- LEITZMX, Teacher.^
Last Saturday evening a week ego,
as Mr. Anthony Deabler, was on his way
from Lock Haven to his home in Brush
VatL-y, he was attacked by three men and
robbed of twenty dollars. One of the par
ty presented a revolver and told him to
deliver his money, and Deahler searched
lue his revolver, when the second one
caught him by the throat, and then the
three men robbeu him, and not being con
test with Uus. they knocked bitn sense
lass, and was fouad in about an hour af
terward, by some teamsters, who were on
the road across the mountain. The rob
bery was committed on the Brush and
T turnpike, near what is knowu as
Fett'ru' Mill- — Register. /
The following are the officers o: the
Bennertwp. Grange, which was organoid
lAh last.
Master, Richard Conley. Esq ; Over
seer, Joseph W Marshall j lecturer, J P
s bert; Steward, David Loferj
s .' -d, Uriah Stover; Chaplain. George
"> ,**" vch ; Treasurer, Robt. Hender
iTn Zreu V UunU >" O * U
Hughes; Pomona. *•"- T
Jane W Shivery ; Lad/**"^" 1
Mi.ribs Henderson.
A Grange was also organic™ ,n -P r ' r 'B
twp , with the following officer* :
Master, P M Weaver ; Overseer", j"-
iam T Tibbens ; Lecturer, P S
Steward, J S Mueser; AssisUnt Steward,
Josepn Ross; Chaplain, David K Hoover,
Treasurer, W J Dale; fiUereta-y, C Dale,
Jr. ; Gate Keeper, Henry Smith ; Ceres.
Mary M.Dale; Pomona. JMS C Roth
rock; Flora, Kate M Dale; Lady Assis
tant Steward, M artba J Bsuiabatt.
Mr. P. F. Keller near Centre Hall
hau the fingers of his left hand smashed!
by accidentally getting mntaet
-wbh a pair ef cojjtb♦cK'
Our amiable friend Mr. C. Z. HoflTer
has been trying to cultivate the musical
u .'ent of old Virginia during a recent visit
to tha * *t*te. that is right, Christ, go in,
may you' enter upon the same field of ac
tion when TO" "*> th#t ' ute - ,nd
may your' effurt b * crowned with
One of the Medisonburg schools is
now held in the hotel, isd the other in a
vacant store room, but that is no sign that
the scholars and teacher should contract
habits of intemperance or become mer
John Ploughman once said: *1 never
knew a good horse which had not aoiue
odd habit or other, and I never yet saw
minister worth Us wit, who had not some
crochet or oddity. Now, these are the bits
of cheese that cavillers smell cut and nib
ble'at; this man is too slow, and another
i too fast ; tha first is too flowery, and the
tseeond >* too dull. Dear me, it all God s
e*slAAf*' were judged in this way, we
v ould WjUgfVf tlove's neck for being too
•" shoottiefobbM frr eating spider',
Ume ' -rows ten iwiopng tiftiT na
killthe c BOt Miijc. When a
the hens for ,*4 dog ji.e cajp oon find
man want* to b. • rate auv hav*
a stick, and at tbi. -imt IM best minister
something to say ag*
in England.',
. „ „ - . u "ring Mill*,
Sale of O. P. Karick, 8s
March 17, farm stock and bouaebo March
Henry Breon'ssale, Harris twp., -
' Jacob Dingos' sale, of farm stock,
Centre Hall, March 'it.
Sir John M. Miller's sale of person
al property, at Spring Mills, M Brc h/21.
Sale of personal property of John
Love, dee'd, Potter twp , March 6
Sale of real estate or Nicli. Uecner,
M George Jordan's .ale, Potter twp. farm
stccA. March 24. u rc
Sale ef personal property of M -
Johanna Kurt*, at Aaronsburg, Saturday,
bJLebold. lUrch dth. •dum—
which FIFTY SIX CTS- per Buthel in
JWM? *""" **"' b sr TBKONS
I Jas Duncan, a native of Aareiu
bnrg. and who has traveled all over the
world, will lecture in hc Presbyterian
church, nt Serine Milh, on Saturday even
ing, nest, '2Bth. inn favored our office
With :i visit on Tueedty, end entertained
in about one hour with what he had seen
nnd gone through, in eight years of travel
over the world. In order to ascertain
whether ho had really traveled tome. w
questioned him upon ( copies, and coun
tries, and tribe*, and seas, and mot n'aitis,
and found lie knew and had soon all wo
ashed him about, and a vast deal more
We could listen to hi* talk one whole
week, so full of interest it it. Ho wat in
Africa, India, Arabia, the Cannibal and
other islands, and innumerable other pla
cet, wat ahipwrecked, and twice told into
slavery. We have nodoubt but whet his
lectures are a rich treat, well worth the ad
mission. The newspapers of Lewitburg,
Williaiuaport, Lock Haven, and other
towns, where he has lectured, speak highly
of Mr. Duncan't lecture*, ami at Jamea it
a native of this valley, let hit old acquein- i
tance* turn out to hear him, they will be '
amply repaid by hi* interesting lecture.
A KKM UV ttii.K ROOM.-— ln W right'* I
History of Terry county, page Vio'-V t*
mentioned a remarkable room a* follow*
"Thi* is a room in the house now occu
pied by Francis Gibson, Rq , Spring twp.,
Terry county, Ta., in which occurred the
birth* ot John B. Gibson, Chiel Justice of
the Supreme Court, of Tennty 1 vsnia,
tieorge Uibtou, Commissary of the Cniled
States, Dr. John Uernheisel, the Mormon
who first represented the Mormons its Con*
Cre*. Hon. John Biglrr, Governor of Cal
ifornia, from !802 to ISa\ and Hon. Win
Bigler, Governor ot Tenusyluania. from
IS.U to IS,V>, still living in Clearfield, Ta. '
Is there any other room in the State that
can mak> a claim to fbrnithiag the birth
place of so many prominent persons * —
.Vru- W<MHjulii Timet
Seme of the Ohio ladies are mixing their
temperance hymns instead of singing them
straight "Bring forth the royal detui
join," is an example.
Cincinnati, February IS. —The
Graugeat Xeuia to day passed a rosc
luliou indorsing the wotueu's tem
perance movement aud pledging its
For the Reporter.
1 have been waiting for some time to
give tome account of our Harris twp. Far
mers' Club. We have been unfortunate
in eur Friday evening meetings, this
month—no meetings on account of raiu and
darkness every time. During December
we got along tolerably well—had favora
ble weather and a good attendance. Rut
as Friday is called "uuluckey day" and so
is the night, and this accouuU for the
changing of our club meeting to Saturday
after-noon. Mel at Oak Hall school house
on after-noon of 21 inst. Subject of dis
cussion—Feeding and taking care of stock
over winter. We would be glad to havo
any of our friends of the Potter twp. Farm
ers' Club attend when convenient. I wish
to correct a mistake, which I am told came
from PoHer twp.—not a serious one, how ev
er—nothing more than that our Harris twp.
Club was turning into a Grange. We
would be pleased to bear from a member
of your Grange through your valuble pa
per—of its success and the advantages of
such an organisation, Ac. If being a
Granger be a good and paying investment,
why not go to work in all the townships
and organise ? We have an earnast desire
to make our Club what it ought to be. It
is en up-hill business always at first out
.-tart, but it will not do to give it up—try
again, and if clubs w ill net lake, let us
have something belter. I tbink Harris
twp. will not be fir behind in tbe good
work, J. do hope that all wfeel interest
ed in our organisation, and wish it to br
come a success, will give us their counie- ,
stance A MKMDIR.
For the Reporter
A rert*i n jroung man who wu veiling
at Cant, a {Jail, a few days ago, falling
madly io lore wiih one of Centre Hall's
angelic spirits, gives vent to his feelings in
the following manner : "My friend I take
this platent moment to lot you no that we
come o?er the mountain safe. But when
we were going threw the second tole gate,
we came very near running threw another
crew. Wouldn't there been a smash up.
You may no how I felt from that home.
But now I will bring my letter to a close.
Plose tcome over >nd visit our school."'
The foregoing ere the content', r trbatim
/■t literatim-
f tine f the feaubfir* on the other side
of the mountain, received rym qua of the
patrons of his school, the following note:
"Eye don't want my aon to study any
thing but Reading and Writing and Keth
mat ek this winter." He is evidently one
of tba men who signed the petition to
abolish tba Superintcndency.
W'e l:s'l the extreme pleasure of
meeting "Brevities'' ftc other eve, ha
looks as pleasant as ever after bis see
struggle jfith "Amor.*' A
Jog Wiivtic/ 1
HULKS yon Cuuacu Ooaa*.— MM tua
adopu? *f the new constitution for the
governmental thesUte we recommend some
rules below, ft> dlffr#nt classes of church
goers :
Youxo GKNTLIMKS, (If there be any
mora of that commodity)
Ist Never chew your tooth-picks in tha
presence of the looks so
much like pretending you were boarding
at a first-class hotel.
2nd. When driving to church, never
pass through the isles with your long whip*
at shoulder-arms, it tickles naughty urch
ins and makes anglers thiuk of trout-fish
ing. thus diverting their atleutioo froin
' fishers of nec"
Don t join use church door bregade, at!
the cioae of services, military tactics are
onlv needed am the frontiers now.
You no M IME— Don'I keep throwing
your eyes to see the bonnets, ribbons,
shawls, dresses and trails, you will miss
tha te*t and sermon, and if ever yau bo
coma mothers, there'll k c danger of your
having cross-eyed children
Paraa—Make your boys sit in the same
pews withyourselve*, His worth half docag
coi stables in keeping order.
MAMAS- Don't Uke your babies to
church, they are the original family or
gani, whose music is not suited for church
Mixtsvaaa-A dull sermon of 26 min
utes has one msfit—kwilf-
2nd. A good sermon 0! 30 ih'mo tea, lias
two merits—gocd and short —this fills tha
requisite on an average.
Japanese Peas—2oo Bushels to the
Farmers and Gardners Read this.
Agents wanted to sell the Jupauese
These pvfce have recently been brought
to this country from Bn jf, P r ove to
be the finest Pea known fur tublu use or
for stock.—They grow In the/oymofa
bit*-, front fit 5 feet high, and do not re
quire asking. Tbey yield from one
quart to * a#jlon of pea* cr A
-umpie package, ).ljftt will prouUC# from
5 to 10 buahela of pea*, yitb circuliri giv
i ing Uftf) to Agents, and full rfiwtion* as
•*r the UMre ana manner of planting, will
. wbt. postpaid, to any one desiring to
bo * Agent, uu receipt of 60 cents. Ad
drosY ■*' K GbitfKPT. L'eveland, Tenn.
dr<M l Ww*wJo- o ,
We have 1
the past season
n'.i. cd ib-y tTubl.
fiTuisu r.v.:'t 28#
A. J. WHITE Trustee Brao.?.* o.
A K BLUNT, P. M. Cleveland,
I have cultivated the Japanese Pea the
past year, and raised theiu at the rate o!
2(W bushels to the su-ra. The bloom ex-
P., **< r
iCUfeUod; Jflfl 23,
, The (treat Scientific Kuigm* of thr
Ajje Solved—The Aulo|ny of the
i Siamese Twins Devalopca the Fact
I that Heath Would Have Resulted
( to Each had They lUen Severed
I in Life.
1 (From the lMiiladrl|diia /Vrss, Feb 17 ]
The examination of the remains ©f
Chang ami Kit*, which ban been proceed
| ing very quietly in this city at the College
of Physic! ne, hut been hei etofore confined
to taking casts of the different impor
tant and curieut foriuatiunt of ear lout
parti of the bodiea, photographing the re
tuaitit, and daily injection* of chronide of
tine, to prevent the bodtet Irom dvcompo- i
Ve lord ay the long looked for and anx
loutl v -awaited
Auto|*y Commenced.
Ihe dreaded tcalpel was first used en
the connecting band between the two
brothers The abdominal cavilla* were
entered for the purpose of examining the'
viscera Thi* in vet ligation wat attended
wuh uioat gratifying tuccett, and the phy
sician* ware rewarded in their effort* in
finding that the lungs, heart, pancreas, !i
er, spleen, and ailiutcntary|canal werejri
cellently developed in each, and that all
the part* above named resembled ihoto of
ordinary mortal*.
Approaching the band, the lower por
tion of the enaiform cartilage, or breast
bene, in each join* by d>>ubiing or bend
ing out, making almost a long union with a'
distinct joint at the central point of union,
on which the bodies hinge freely. Thi*
joint i* somewhat similar to, but not *o
complicated at at the elbow. Tbe baud ai
the smaller part baa a circumference of
nine inches, and when Uie link was stretch
ed, and the twins were stood as far apart
as possible, there wat a space of eight
inches intervening. Yesterday the skin of
each body was cut through posteriorly,
and thrown back from the baud and ad
. scent structures, exposing superficial and
deep fascia or fatly tissues in the rectus
muscle of each. The great question of)
whether they cauld have been separated
in lite was
Settled iti the Negative,
by various abdominal sections which war*
made. Tba peritoneum or uietnbrannut
lining of the belly in each was found to en
ter tbe band, and four pouches er cuts
ie sae overlapped each other at tbe centre
of the band. The moat marked feature
here was the presence ot two uch pouches
from the body of the larger brother,
Chang, the upper one shorter lhantho low
er, but each lapping ene from above and
the other from below the single pouch of
Eng. An aluioat exact idea of the ar
raugeuient of theec cuts-Jc sac may be ob
tained by holding tbe drat joint of the fore
linger between the thum and linger of the
other hand. The
Astounding and Curious Fact
waa developed that a liue passing down!
the centre of the band would sever all
three of these prolongations, and open the
perilonital cavity of each Us er. If the
knife had beeh used in life, death would
have therefore most probably, if net ne-'
cessarily, resulted.
The examination yesterday and lart
night also showed that there was a portal!
or liner circulation through the heart, as?
was seen from the passage of (he injecting i
matter used in embalming. Tbe abdom
inal organs lie in close contact with these
pouches, but are not continuous unto
To-day mutt important investigations
will take place by making deep tedium
into the band with the view of ascertain
ing the umbilical oonnediout, bearing on
physieloigcal manifeautiont in the foetal
life of beings.
A Foreign Office despatch leaves no
longer any ruoiu for doubt of the death ot
Dr. Livingstone, this hero oi science, so
heroically discovered two years ago by
your held countryman, Mr. Stanley.
The newt comes direct fauiu Lieutenant
Cameron, whose Livingstone Relief Ex
pedition has been nobly prosecuting iu
tesrch for the great traveller only to meet
with the news of his death.
Livingstone bad returned to the scenes
of his first discoveries. Whether he had
actually traced or disproved the connec
tion of the great obaia of southern lakes
with the vast lakes on the equator we shall
know when Lieutenant Cameron comes
It is oct vol kaowa how far Livingstone
had succeeded in putting what be regard
ed as the finishing truifc (9 his labors. If.
as seems not improbable, be wa# on bis
way home, he may actually have bad jjrith
him the crowning discorery, and died
with the Nile secret in bis hand. It will
be remembered that after Mr. Stanley
found him at Ujiji, at the end of 1871, Dr.
Livingatono and the adventurous Ameri
can correspondent made a j >urney to the
, northern end of Tanganyika, and
found that lh Biu l ** river gowed into,
and not out of, the said Xbii 4V"
covery seemed to prove that the lake sys
tem which be had asplored and described
was not a part of the fountain-beads of the
mysterious river.
But whether Livingstone died after hav
ing completed his task or not, his fame is
by no means dependent on completing the
discovery of tba Nile's sources. Thej
world owes to him most of the information
which has caused the great blanks in tb l
maps of Central Africa to be filled. When
be went out to labor as a missionary l
among the Kcchuunas in 1840, the region
north of his field of action and south of
the Equator was unknown. He has added
over a million square miles to our geo
graphical knowledge, and has opened the
j dark contre of Africa to the light of knowl
edge and civilisation. JJe may be just'y
I called one of the greatest benefactors of
J£6 YPT-
Invasion by the Sultan of Darfour.
London, February lb.—A diipatch froni|
Khartoum, dated February 14th, ays :
Tlic h)Ufl of Darfour invaded Egyptian
territory wear Rhrel (ratal and captured
a number of slave*. l"te Egyptian ((over
nor, rteebia, gave battle. The fighting
lasted lit hours, and resulted In the dis
pering of the Sultan'* army, which wa*
ten thousand strong, capturing four gun*
and the killing of Vetir and many chief-.
Wuiugum, *f<;bqary JS.—The war
department baa advice* (rW T'f M M ,Bt
Lieut. Col- Ruvll, with a commend con r
tilting of CV* I), and (J., lOtb cavalry,
and fifteen Tanka scout*, struck a small
camp of Comanche* >n a double moun
tain fork on the 6th inst., and killed ten
Indians and captured all their stock, con
sisting of sixty-four horses.
A Severe Engagement
Havana, February 17.—A heavy en
gagement lias taken place in the central
department, of which Havana journal*
givo tie fallowing account: Gen Uascones,
with 3.00U men ai.f fityf of " rti " er J
attacked the main force of insurgent* pear
Naravjo. The latter wore 6,00) Itrong un
dor Marquis Santa Lucia, Cuban cotnman
dey-j#>'bief. The lattle lasted seven
houri &0.4 ill the success for Gen
Basconc?. The Spfijlnr,4* Iflit fifty killed
a4 one hundred am) four wounded The
rebels tmit o prisoney*. T)/,?"" lo '• not '
given. The ineurgapU in (be ventral de
partment arc setting fire U, ftrHl hoyeev in
alt directions Gen. Burrlel has salted Tor
|1 he Emperor of Austria has left St. Pe
£etpb#rg for Moscow.
Th# Bangkok (Slant) Advertiser of N
vei lr 111 gives an account of the re. <-i
I c
second coronation ol the King of Stan
ll* ai orl|inlly rriu4 on the decrai
j ofhis father, hut hauiK then vary jroun
he could not undertake the IUI* charge
the Government until ha became of gi
] which was in September last I'riortoth
0 ( ceremony Hit Majesty had to divrsl him
J. *lf ol all (hoar of royalty lor a ierti
~, number of days and to oilU tale tn the loin
K | |U a* a Buddhist pi lost,
r . The Advertiser *ay* of the corouatioi
u ceremonies
p. About Ave a. ni the Siamese noble* am
oOU-ial* began to assemble wtlhin the i-a 1
~ ace wall*, and before sit a. tu. the cere
monies began. A temporary throne wa
l _ erected in the Totig Pra-ong, on whicl
111* Majesty was seated ('onsetrated wa
ter in a golden howl wa* presented to hiiu
with which he wet his head, aud a thuwci
' bath thoroughly drenched hi* person
Water was poured upon lit* Majesty by ■
* Buddhist priest, and some ot the relatives
I of the King completed the bathing cere
' monies. All the water used wa* supposed
to posses* tome special virtue, aud had
n beou brought from different place*. Al
ter having arrayed himself in reral ap
parel, Hi* Majesty ascended the octagonal
. throne, when the sword and sceptre and
other insignia of sovereign power were de
livered to him, aud froui that moment he
was the supreme ruler ot Statu.
The Calcutta Overland Mall announce*
that Mine. Arabella Geddard gave the
first concert at Madr* recently.
The Japan Mail says
The Government has taken very dect
, siv# steps te slop the rabbit mania which
j set in some mouths ago, and has imposed
taxes upon the keepers ot the animal*
which haa made them regret their pur
| chases.
j. The Japan Mail also publishes a transla
tion of a recent edict regulating the native
newspaper press, from whiji it appears
I that—
In case they have no bad tendency, the;
r following subjects are admissible in news
paper column* Kitraurdiuary natural
occurrence*, fire*, war, price*, produce, :
trade, birth*, death*nd marriages, official
notification*, literature, manufacture*.
1 amusement*, clothing, land and house*,
translations of foreign writing*, miscella
neous foreign news, and other unimportant;
(public matter*. NJ newspaper may be
established without official authorisation.
It is prohibited to attack the constitution
of the Government, to di*cus* the laws, or
to cast obstacle* in the way of the work
ing of national institutions by the persi*
tent advocacy of foreign ideas. It is for-
I' bidden to append uncalled-for reinarkt te '
the laws. Ac , which are published in the 1
.papers. Moral teachings must not be in-j
trodured in such away a* to injure and '
obstruct the Government. It is forbidden
to disturb or demoralize the uiiud* of the 1
jpeeple. It is forbidden to denounce man '
I for crimes on the faith of groundless ru- <
; mors. Editors must not take it upon 1
ihtmtelt es to publish remarks upon offi- 1
cials during their term of office, or their 1
iofficial conduct, or even anything, how
• ver trilling, which is connected with for
eign intercourse. All error* which may,'
have been made must be rectified. The '
editor is responsible for giving explana
i lions in regard to any matter upon which '*
lit may be necessary to question hiin.
The English papers published in Japan '
are a* a rule well printed and well sup- '
; plied with local new*. Prominent among *
these is the Japan Mail. The Siamese pa- *
per from which si have quoted is appar- 1
lently a new venture, but it ha* already I
competitors in the field. The East Indian <
papers do not seem up to the same mark 1
as those published in Yokohama and **
liong Keng, but, on the whole, journalism '
in the East seem* to be far more advanced 1
than is generally supposed.
New York, February A young wo- c
man of twenty-five and bar infant child *
; were found yesterday nearly froxen to ■
I death in a snowbank near the railway sta- 1
tion at White Plain*. Both were insensi- 1
ble. Stimulant* revived the mother, when i
the told • pitilul story of distress, hunger r
and suffering She is the daughter of a. t
'wealthy New York merchant, but married )
a coachman against her father's w ill, She t
started yeslsrday to walk from Mount 1
hi ico to New York, being entirely desti- (
lute, and would bare perished in the storm f
had not the litutly succor arrivvd The t
husband died some time ago. Her child (
will die from exposure. ,
ln order to increase the circulation ef
the REPORT IK. we make the following of
fer to our subscriber*: Any on* of our
subscriber* (can have the REPORTER for
tint year, for jI.TS by forwarding u* the
nam* of a new subscriber at the! satng
' price, and sending us the Cash in ad
vance for the two. This is a belter offer
than made by the paper* which give 5 and
10 cent Chromos a* premiums.
The House Committee In Congress or.
the Judiciary reported, on a petition for
the acknowledgment of Almighty
Slid (lie Christian religion in th* Constitu
tion," that.
|L : |>on examination oflba mesgreoeoeies
by the f#tk*r* of the republic in the ceu
v*ntion which framed the Constitution,
we find that the subject of this njemerial
gas most fully and carefully considered, j
and tliaf the Convention decided, after
grave delibsiatien to which the subject
was entitled, that in thiscounliy, thefoun
. dation of whose Government tb*y ?er*
laying, was to be the home of the oppress
ed of *ll nation* of the earth, whether
Christian or pagan, and full realisation of
th* dangers which the union between
church and slat* has imposed upon so
many nations of the Old World, with great
unaniinjty thgf it was inexpedient to put 1
anything into the CotistlUitlonJor frame ofj
Government which might be construed to
be a reference to any religious creeds or
doctrines; and wo further find that this
decision was accepted by our Chris Man.
fathers with suuh great unanimty that in,
the amendmends which were afterwards j
proposed in order te make th# Constitu-
lion more accei>table to the nation,
none baa ever been propoaed to the Stale*
by üboh taiia wie determination of the
father* ha. Lm gifeippted to be übnngedt
wherelore, your Committee report that 11
i* inexpedient to logialate upon the aubject
of the memorial, and aak that tliey bo ui
eliaracd from lb# further conaideration
The coraeapondent of the London Daily
Jl'twt oil ll|c <rW L'ourt write*, under date
of the iftith ult , that there i* much ickn '
among the troop* cuuipoalng the Ashen
tee expedition. Half of the hospital oorp*
i* prostrated. The disease, however, i
not of a deadly character.
London, Feb. 21.—The Times aay* a tel
egraphic despatch wua received at Cape
Cna*t Pestle on the 28 th of January from
the ajpodilionaiy tote*, aiinountjpa Metj
Cooroa-ale, the capital of A*hantoe, had
surrendered to Genera! Blr Garnet Woloa
le.v, and that the King and hi* family were
iyn>h|ngton, February 20.- The Senate
has at last pun op eg a vo*a uli tl)* dlff.- 1
question of bank note Inflation, and by a
majority of three adopted the instructions
of Mr. Merritnon, of North Carolina, to
the Finance Committee to bring in a bill
increasing the volume of the currency
s4j,tiiJUjUUo, or to proyidp that its limit
shall Le s4oo,C*r,l Cp. Tie 1 v >tiv 0
strength of the ii flationists and re.ump
tiojiisJj jyas twenty-eight to twenty-flye.
Chris'.. HoffVr and Wni. ,\tll Uft j
with their team*, last Turela.v, r route
1 for Virginia
| t K > ik William l.unalilo.
„ <>n the 3rd of thi* mouth King l.unalil
of the Sandwich Islands, died at hit pa
,g ace at halios, on the Island ol Hawaii, i
t>f ' bronchial disease, which had throatene
his life (or several months previous. II
lr death, therefore, was not altogdhor unei
i|. pected. Ihe now* was brought to Sa
in Francisco by the Australian mall stean
i j ship City of Melbouroe,'which touched i
Honolulu on her way cast.
„ King l.uualilo was boin about the yea
iNi i, and was a native Sandwich islandei
j He was a • outin |ef the late King Kama
j. hamcha V . but, owing lu his exceeding
1.1 ly dissipated habits, he was rarcl;
is thought ol before the death of that person
I, age at on# ever likely to succeed to tht
~ throne "I'rince Bill," as he was familiar
ly called by the foreigners residing ti
r Honolulu, was very popular with the las
mentioned class for the rate and frecJou
, of his inaiilier. It has been related of hill
, that, in his days of privacy, it was not a
. all an unusual thing for him lo be picket
1 up in a most undignified state of into sic*
I tioii in the streets of Honolulu.
"I'rince Bill" owed his title of king U
. the iseglet lof his predecessor, Kaiueha
, inelia V., to appoint as it was hit duly un.
i Jer the constitution of Kauiehameha 111.
. t > do, a successor Kamehauieha died on
the lllli of December, 1872, after a reign ol
I uiue years. Failing to name bis successor
Jan interregnum occurred, and the Legia
. latine was called together by the acting
Council of Kegoncy to elect a king or queen
to govern the country. The Legislature
mot on January V, 1873, and on Ibal day
"I'rince Bill" wa)elected, and was crown
| cd King of Hawaii under the title of Lu
jualilol. Previous to the assembling of
this Legislature its legal authority to elect
king was denied by a large and intelli
gent element of the population, whose de
sires at that time was lo establish a new,
i independvnl home government in which
' the people should have additional privi
lege* in the selection ot a ruler. Howev
er, "Prince Bill " was elected, and no op
position was manifested to his elevation
: l'he principal incident of his rather uu
: eventful reign was the report extensively
circulated several months sgo that oar
Government w as contemplating the annex
alien of the islands to the Lulled States,
and that again a certain Hawaiiac harbor'
was to be ceded to the United Stales.
If a late letter from Honolulu is to be
credited the death of King Luualito hat
been due to continued dissipation. U
had long been a sufferer from -iterate, and
when his doctor advised "stimulants," I
but in moderate quantiea, Kibg Lunalde
drank to excess and steadily. At the turn
the letter referred to was wtitten
—December 18-he was at Kallua, whith
er he I ad gone for the sake of hit health
It w*s a disappointment te the people lo
tee this prince, who was popular, and of 1
whom great hopes were entertained, a lit- 1
tie more than a year ago whan be ascend
ed tbe throne, thus nrutraltxing hit power -'
for good and hasten tug his end by diasi- 1
Immediately upon the newt of Kiug Lu- I
ualilo t death becoming know n the Cabi- I
net met, and a meeting of the National '
Council was ordered lor February 12 to 1
take into consideration tbe condition ol '
tbe affair* of Hawaii. The telegraph 1
mention* as the two prominent candidates '
for the crown David Kalakaua, who it nut 1
related to the late King, but it a descend- 1
ant of the high chiefs of Mani and Hawaii- -
in chiefs, and tjueen Emma, the widow of 1
King kamehameha 1 Y (Jueen Emma it '
ihirty-aeven year* old, and became a wid- '
aw on the death of Kamehameha IV in !
I Mil. Her maiden name was M;tt Kn--ke
Bho visted this country a few years ago
riie portion ol the cuinmu nity of '
Honolulu would be glad lo sc* her elected '
but there i* no probability of this rosull in '
new <>f the candidature of DaviJ Kalaka- 1
na, whose choice U considered a foregone
L-oocfusion. Kalakana is a Very inleili- '
Kent man. and net long ago he published '
a letter in the Commercial Advertiser, of 1
Honolulu, in which he expressed the most
liberal sentiments, showed himself to be
tbe friend of the United Stales, snd de
rlarcd himself unreservedly in favor of 1
the immigration of foreigners into the is- '
lands. Another possible candidate for the
throne is Mrs Pan ah i Bishop, whose hus
band, C U Bishop, it a banker and the '
present Hawaiian Minister of Foreign Af-jl
fairs. The intelligence from Honolulu is '
to the effect that there would be a sever*
conlstl in the Legislature—it% of course, i
decided bv this time—over the candidate
brought before it.
A Terrible Scene bv Night in Michi
gan—Five Men Literally Blown lo
Tiecttt while s'iepaing t>u*lin to
uae for a Sand-B'wat.
Gaxetle Office, Houghton' Mich. Feb.
15. —On last briday evening, about 71 o'-
clock, a tciribieaccident occurred at the
Phoenix mine, in Keweenaw county, two!
miles from Eagle river, the origin o!
which will probably never known.
Four miners and subordinate underground
officer wer* preparing in an apartment of
a building On the location, occupied by
the mining captain a his office, a quantity j
of dualin, to use in making a "sand-bla-t'
in uie mine. The men were taking the
i dualin—JOOp 'unds-froui It* orginal pack-;
nge, and transferring it to a bag, when the
explosion took place. Besides th; ,
there wore three keg* of powder in lh#j
I poop) Three of the men were handling
* tbe explosive, the fourth was holding aj
! lighted candle, while the fifth man I
! stood looking on when the explosion oc
curred. The house was shattered to atoms
snd the men literally blown to pircea.
Captain John Hoatson, underground sup
erintendent of the mine, was in his office.
au adjoining room, at the time, aaated at
hi* de*k, and wa* struck by aonis of the
Dying tnitiilea on the left side of the head
and face, receiving such Injuries that be
Panama, February 12. —On tho night of
tho "Jolli ult. a riot auior.g tho soldiers of
the Barrack* of .Hail Francisco took plan in
Lima. ft *ccuj* tho regiment became dis
satisfied at being continually refuted leave
to go out-idc, and a certain number deter
mined to make their escape. 4 desperate
alt net vj nt niado by the mutineers on the
gate of tho barrack*, and a tire *m opened
and returned at abort range. The guaeff
atood firm ; the belter dopoaed men turner
on their inaurgent comrade*, and after an
hour'* rcaiatance the rebel* laid down their
arm* Thirteen were killed in the action
and thirty wounded. Kxce*ive drill ia
•aid to have been the eauae of thi* affray.
The (joviitnniaiit baa ordered a oourt of 111.
Asiatic Cholera Making Terrible
Ravage* —Thirty to Forly Victims
Per Day—The People Fleeing fiom
the City,
Aijvjcrs by the steaiuar Irom Bueno*
Ayroa, Just arrived at Now Yrk, aj' that
the Asiatic cholera U raging there with
intensity, claiming fioiu thirty to forty
victim* per day. The total number of
death* attributed to lliia terrible scourge
amount* thu* fur to 30). Fifty thousand
people had HOandened thoir Input** i" |ht
city to seek refuge in the open country,
The President of tho B 'public had al'
fled tho contaminated city for a henllhiei
residence on the Island of Tarapachay
Tliia act of Sunnieiito is unfavorably com
j uuptjjd JjJ'Ufj b 7
The insurrection In Nagaaki, Japan, i
-pleading and thu aituation it coii>iderM
, j critical. Tjie insurgents arc advancing o
' that city and the foreign residents are pri
'paring to leave.
Topekn, Kan., Feb. 19 At a moetii
10, | of the State Grange to-day restitutio
•I- 1 woro adopted requesting the Kama* l,r
of ialature to pan a prohibitory liquor la
odand declaring that no person who retai
lo liquor thai) bo admitted to the order , alt
i declaring that the greatest good and higl
an eat ha|>pii>-at of an enlightened, virtueu
in- and proaporout people, aro the legitime
at re*ulu of a thorough and practical cduci
; lion diffused among the luaaact
. A correapondent of the tyrant llrritlt
JJ. j writing from Messina, lauiciitatho lamuvi
lyj and deatruclion of thoae claaflic reman
„. which touie twenty-fire yeara ago all
i,| adorned the aite of the ancient town t
r . i Pompeyopolia Yiailing the tile at Porn
in ; neyopolii about ten year* ago the write
tl ' itatea that ttie walla of the ancient city, th
ui | Acropolis and Other odiflcta, and alto th
ID | lomaii.t ot a trnall mole, which in th
,1 i ourte ofcenturies had been fllle.l up will
J ( aaioi Pur tome yaara part the inhabitant
l. ,of Mratina have Utilised thete tnlerratilq
I remaina of antiquity aflc- a lasbioti wbicl
cannot fail toeicile horror among arcbae
ologiaU. The tile o( the ancient town hai
been retorted to aa a convenient quarry foi
I. bui Id itig ttonea, and, indeed, there it now
„ tcarcely a houte in Messina of which tin
tfj walla are not built with the finely polished
r marbles of Pompeyopolia. The recenl
. erection at Meraina of a lighl-houte, i
U moaque, and of an agency for the Meaaa
„ genet Mariiimot, and the repairing oftbs
~ streets, have abaorbed every vettage oflhr
ancient tow n, with the exception of a mar
. ble t-olonade, which hat hitherto been
. spared only because it* columnt were noi
I to well adapted foi building propotea at
I tbe block* of etune and marble which were
torn front the surrounding edifice*. The
. tupply of the letter materials, however,
having been exhausted, it will probably
! not be long before these columnt are bro
, kcii up and transported to another apot.
The latt trace of the ancient town of Pom
peyopolia wilt thus have ccated le exist
• •
liarritburg, Fubruery 19, 1871 ln the
Monte, th is atternoon, the assertion wet
made that a large amount of money Wat
, being raited by assessment in the various
i banks to pats the usury bill. Circulars
had been sent by Mauri Sander* and
j Gibbons to various banks. The names of
bankers hero were attached, which lbey
pronounce a* unauthorised end forgeries, ■
land denounce the attempt
A Special Committee, consisting of;
Messrs. Young, Orvis and McCreery were
appointed Ut investigate the uieltor.
a ooxli vridh'odn j
The im|K>rtence of careful Co ng rets ion
a) punctuation w as strongly illustrated re- j
< wntly at tbe meeting of the Ways and!
Meant Committee, where it was shown
list a comma in one piece w*i worth |i|,>
UUO.UUt) In the larifTbill whioh went Into
effect August 1, 1872, it will be remetnber
,ed that the free list was extended by the .
addition of several hundred articlee.
Among the number added was "fruit (
plants, tropical and semi-tropical," fer tbe i
purpose of propagation and cultivation. I
lu engrossing tbe bill, or in the process of**
copying it for official printing, acomma was '
inserted after 'fruit,' and ail fruit was there- i
by placed upon the free list. The customs 1
officers, however, not noticing the change,
continued to collect duties on fruit until
the error was discovered. The Wars and
Means Committee have agreed to report e
bill l<> remove the comma, in accordance '
with the intent of the law of 1872.—The 1
amount ol lax illegally collected u not far '
from f-\t©,(Wo
Plv i wjoN on a bill partly reatoriug 1
the franking privilege occupied a conaid- <
crahle portion of lha session of tbe llouee j
en 19 The bill permits the free distribution .
of public documents and seeds furnished i
by the Agricultural Department, end also '
the free exchange ot newspapers, a* well \
as free delivery pf papers to subscribers ]
within the county. This is a virtual res '
to rat ion of the privilege except as regards j
letters trom and lo Congressmen, heads of
departments, postmasters, Ac. The prin
cipal argument urged in ite behalf is that ,
nothing has been saved by the repeal, J
while the people miss their documents.
Severe fighting has been going on in
Biscay between the Cerlists end the re-,I
publicans Tbe Cerisls bate taken the '
lowtrof Yinaroa, in Valencia
Information has reached Calcutta, that 1
several persons have died from famine in
the district of Napcul.
Oa 19th Feb. in Pine Grove Mill*, by
Ktr. M G. Karbart Mr. Daniel W. Mcy
•r* and Misa Emma Stover, both of Harria
At the residence of Michael Decker,
near Pollers Mill, Feb. 12. Mr Joseph M
Gilliland to Mia* Annie K Slahl, both ot
Can ire co
On tbestb init, Mr Samuel L Comer,of
Renovo, and MUM M Kila COX, of Plea
ant Gap.
At the residence oi the Bride* Parent),
on the *;iih tn*t, by Rev J A Hriifat, Mr
Francis Krabt offiublersburg Pa, to Mm
Jennie Jackaon of Zian Pa.
On 19. Daniel Keen, of Poller twp., and
Mr*. Lichty, of Pleasant Gap.
On 19, Jeremiah Shrrfflor of Old Fort,
and Aggie Runkla, of Cenlie Hill.
On 17, by Rev P Hahm. D I) Mr Cyrus
Bright, and Mi** Kinma. daughter of \Vm
SVoyar, both oi Aaronfburv,
On in Mileatwp., Mr Daniel Ri*hcl,
teed 8 year*.
On IV, in Potlcrlwp., Mr Adam Rankin,
a (ted W yeara.
White tVheat $1 60, Ked 116 ...Rye
70 Corn 60 ....Oai* 86 Barley (ML
70 Clorcrseed 4,60 Potatoes 60
Lard per pound 8 Pork per poundo6
Butler3o Egg*lW Plaater pertnn
sl6 Tallow 8 Bacon 10 Ham 16
Lard per pound ll cenu Uuck shout
06 eta Fiour per barrel re tails, 50...
wholesale 7,35 to 7,60
Corrected by John M'Dowel. Grain
White wheat 1,60.... Re J wheat 1 46....Rye
0 Corn 60 Oat* 86 Barley HO
Cloruraced 4,00 Tintyothyicod, &0........
Salt 2 25 per sack, -
Bacon 7c Han 16 Buttei 517... Egg*
•J) Plaater 9 60
Chestnut Coal per Ton $6.76 Storo
Coal per Ton $•". 50. Eft* Coal per Ton
tjfr.Mi Limeburnar't Ooal per Ton
Furniture Rooms!
1 ranpectfully inform the oitisena of Centre
county, that tljey hay* bought out the old
•land of J. 0 I)iiiiiiger, and have reduced
the price*. They liavo eonflantly on hand,
and make to order
TABLES. 4.5.. *.
ItoM k Map* Chair* At. way* ox Hard.
Their stock of ready-made Furniture ia
large and warranted of good workraanthip
' ana la all mad* under their own Immadt
-1 ate aupervlaion, and la offered at rate*
' cheaper than elsewhere.
r Call and *ec our Mock befora purchasing
elsewhere. 36 f°®. l.Vy
True Cap" Ood Cranberry. beat aort
I,' 1 . tor Upland, Lowland, or Harden,
C.' by mall, prepaid, SI.OO per 100, $6 -
"00 pur 1.000. A priced Catalogue, of this
r and all Fruits, Ornamental Tree*, Ever
green*, Shrub*, Bulk*. Roaea. Plant*. &o.
1 SEEDS, the choicest collection in the
country, with all novelties, *ill be lent
1 ETZjlfi CAT A
111 BM. WATSON, Old Colony Kuneriet
e * and Seed Warehomo, Plymouth, Mass.
Ustablished 1842. * fob.
ft ntTBLio nit'
I Will bo sold allhc residence of lh<
.7hdar.lgned In CKNTItK HALL
lo * on SATURDAY. MARCH 14th, 1874
"f> si I o'clock : X bursas. 2 cows ami 1 half
,eg- rr. I. h-ad of ihaa|i, and a lot of lamb*. I
iw *• >•"" wagon, I spring wagon, 1 l.uUleii
1 Knystons Reaper, ! rurnpisnler. X plowi
**''• ( rufiui ftimr, corn cultivator, horserake.
Is,i hay ladders, I pair lugharnass. buggyhar
Kli. nana, Plowgears, and many nluar article*
' too iiutnaroiu to mention.
ate | .
W ill be * >l4 at I'ubli- aale. at the late
I residence of John I<ore, det-'d, I mile west
■ f Oburakwllla, ruttot tap , on Thursday.
hi. atari h 6th, 1874, at 10 o'clock. Hi* head
t a l work horsus, two year old coll, milk cow*,
. one hull, 4 head of young cattle, 1 4-horse
* hr<>ad wheel road wagon, I 4-horse planla
''"|lloti wagon, I 7 hutw wagon I 2 hora
of spring wagon, I Buckeye reaper, I Grain
m drill, Borse rake, threshing machine A
power, tlvigh, fanning mill, hay ladders,
l#r hay fork, rope and pulleys, cornsrrapor,
ha • 'ornplanter, plows, narrows, cultivator*,
he dinner hell, grindstone, copper keltic,
, J cook stove and pipe, X ten-plate stovae and
i pipe, desk and many other articles too nu
-1, 1. morons to inention. Itrasuoahla credit
.u Will be given ELIZABETH I! LOVE.
~, OLIVER K LoVK. Adtn'rs.
•"i 1 Bv virtue of the last will A teata-
meet of Nicholas lieckard, late of Potter
of township, dec d, there will be sold by pub
lic out-i ry, on the pritnisas. in Vuur
• township, on BATUKDA Y, MARCH 7lh.
lie 1874 at 1 o clock Two tracts of timber
land No. I bounded by lands of llenry
. , BroAorhoff, John Zettle, JohnD DectsrJ,
and containing about 46 ACRES The
• <mprovamanb are a ft MAi.l. HOUSE A
a- -STABLE, about 4 acres cleared and un
1# der cultivation. The balance well Um
bered with nine, oaA, and chestnut.
'• No. 2. A tract of land situated on Hand
r " Mountain, bounded by other land of said
. n estate, by land of Frederick Arnold,
Hnnier*' Heirs, and John 1> Dockard,
containing 147 ACKKH, neat measure.
u Tha last described tract is wall timbered
rc *uh pine rocAoak and chestnut. TERMS
OF SALE: 10 percent ol the purchase
money to be paid on the dav of sale, one
• half ol the remainder or. the delivery of!
7 the deed, on or before the 10th of April,
. and the balance in one year after with in
. terns Iu be aecureddiy band and mortgage,
Will be sold at Public Hale, at the
® residence of the undersigned at Aaron*-
s burg, SATURDAY, MAK 14th, at 1 o'-
t clock Large Dining and otber Tables,
t Cupboard Mahogany and othar Chairs, a
lot of cuod Carpet, a variety of Books,
• large Map of L*. H., one goed Clock,
1 Lookmgglass, Coal Stove, Glassware, tine
f leasett, and all kinds of kitchen Furniture
Spinning wheel, Tubs, llarreis, gram
11.-igs. W oodsaw. Ass, Iron Vewsia, kegs
. ol Hpath, and many other aitklei
The undersigned will offer at Public
s a!o, naar .spring Mills, on WEDNES
DAY, MAKCIIIIb at 10 o'clock: 4 Head
of Horses, 2 being mare* with loal. one 2
year old Coll, L good tuilk Cows. 6 head of
voung Cattle, 1 breeding Sow, 8 Hhuau, 1
Buckeye Keeper, Thrashing Machine with
Power and Shaker, ane new 1* Horse Wag
on. 1 br<>ad wheel plantation Wagon, 1
spring Wagon, 1 Carriage with pole and
shafts, 1 Baggv, X Sleight one new tied.
LgsleJs. I gumdrill, 1 Fanning Mill, 1
Hat rake. Hay ladders. S Patent Hayforks,
different kinds with ropee and pulley,
1 Corn-heller, Cornplanier, Curnseraper,
Plows, Harrows. Cultivators Keeper,
Grindstone, and other fanning implements
Chopper Machine with four knives and
balance whi < I 1 Copper Kettle, Iron Bat
tles, 1 Cook Stove. Parlor Stove. 1 ten
plate Stove, 1 Gatburoer Coal Stove, a
large tiusk Ol FURNITURE Bad room
Setu. Tables. Chairt, large dinner Bell,
and many othar article*
V SALE The undersigned offers at
private sale bis valuable Farm, ailuate in
Harris twp . Centre ccunty, near Linden
Hall, and about f mile from the L. C. A
S C. KK . containing 91 ACRES OF
about'JU Aires are fine WOODLAND.
The farm is under good fences and in a
high slate of cultivation. Thereon are
erei Utl a very large BRICK HOUSE,
go -d BA N K BARN, and all other neces
sary Outbuilding* The water is piped to
the house and barn. There is also a large
and thriving OKCHAKI), with all kinds
of choice fruit, upon the place Taken
altogether this is one of the BMSt desirable
farms now offered for sale in this valley.
Purchasers can buy this property at a great
bargain, it application is made on or be
fore April l*t 1874 For further particu
lars, address,
Shavers Creek, Huntingdon Co., Pa., or
John or J a*. Ross, 1. nJen Hall, Pa.
N'OTICE.— Letters of Administration on
the esute ef Lucy Working, late ot
Houtzdale, Clearfield county, dac d, hav
ing been grantel to the undersigned, all
pront knowing themseiTes indebted to
aid estate are hereby notified to make im
mediate payment, and thoee.having claims
to present them legally authenticated,
without delay, for settlement.
|fab&-Ct Centre llall,|Centre Co. Pa.
Keystone Store.
Go to
No. 6 Bush's Arcade, Bellcfoote, Pa.
All kinds of country produce tak
co. Best Bargains in town to be
bad. io?2otf
Stoves! Fire! Stov's!
At Andy Recsmati's, Centre Hall, are
latest and best stoves out, he has just
received a large lot of
Cock Stoves, the Pioneer Cook,
the Eclipse Cook,
the Reliance Cook.
PARLORS-The Radiant I.ighL self-fee
der, Gas Burner, National Egg,
Jewell. Ac.
es-lie sells stove. Si LOW as anywhere
in Mifflin or Centre co.
The undersigned hereby informs the
citiaens of Pcnnsvalley that ne has pur
chaxcd the Tim-hop heretofore carried on
by thoC. H. Mfg Co., and wil, coutinue
the same, at the old stand, in all iUbranch
es, in the manufacture of
Ail kinds of repairing done, lje has
always on hand
Fruit Cans, of all Sixes,
All work warranted and charges reason
able. A share of the public patronage so
licited. AND. RRF.SMA3.
, 2se|)7oy Gcutre Hall
Shortlidge & Co.,
Bellefonte Lime Quarries,
The only Manufacturers of Lime, burnt
* exollusivoly with wood, in Central
Anthracite Goal,
White Lime,
Du Pout's Powder,
Sporting and Blasting Powder on
Fuse for Blasting,
Kirp Briclf,
Ground Fire Clay,
janflO 78
Office and yard near South end of the
Bald Kagle Valley Kailroad Depot, Belle
fonte, Pa. jan 10.78
, I Miller & Son,
4kc. Ac,
for .madicitiKl purpoae*.
Truaac* <C Supporter* in great variety.
Also, rhoie*
and all other article* uauatly kept in >
Art claw Drug Hur
Preacripliona carefully Compounded.
IBoet If )| ILLEIt A SON.
at the
NO. 8, 111 MI'S ARCADE.
Price* Lea* than at any Other Shoe
Store in Centre County.
Call and See Us /
No. 6. Bush'* Arcade, BellefonU.
July lfttf
Wood ring 6c Co.,
At lb. Grocery Ktore on Allegheny
Street, Bellefonte, Pa., opf>u*it II offer
Bro's inform the public generally, tbat
lb or hava now and keep at all lima. on.
of the boat and largest stock* of Grocariaa,
such at
Me., Ac., Ac.,
i untitling of aanncd pane bet, cherries,
omaloe., plum*, green corn, dried apple*,
peaches, cherries Ac.
In brief they bare ererytbing usually
kept in a first class Grocery Store. Cell in
ladies and gentlemen. Oor prices are
Reasonable We aim tc please. octfilf
••fieri hi* services to the citiaensof Mifflir
Centre and adjoining counties, in
Houm". Mgn and OruaeifiUtl
__ . Oak. Walnut, Maple, Ask,
Mahogony. Ac.,
Plain and Fancy Paperhanging. Or
ders respectfully solicited.
All fine work for other painters.
nor 6tf.
Salt per Barrel.. . || 35
Salt per Sack J 26
Best Rio Coffee per a s
White Sugar par a lt lt
Men's Stoga 800U—.—..... t 7S
Hose Boots per pair I fcO
11 one Blankeu per piece 176
Men's Shirts, a piece—......—.—loo
Army Panta100n*........,.... 2 76
Best double thick tobacco a bar 16
Best Navy Tobacco per bar SO
We are Wanemakere A Brown's agents
and will ftirr.ish cuslomere with any Kind
of clothing you want at Philedalphia
prices, and will show you largo samplss to
choose from.
Largest stock of Merchandise erer
brought to this town. Cellar, Rocm and
up Stairs all full. Call and see for year
selres and sara front 39 to tO par cent.
The highest Market price paid tor but
er. eggs, bam and all kinds or produce.
Fifty different kinds of men's gloves.
Exoelsior Cement-
The undersigned now mannfacturo Ce
QUALITY, at their kilna, near Pine
Creak Mills, in Haines twp. This cement
has already bean used in large quantities
apon the L. C. A 8. C. RR , and has been
found highly satisfcetory upon all jobs
wheie it has been used, and as equal to
any now manufactured. The undersigned
now take pleasure in recommending, and
warranting it to all, tor use in CIS
TERNS, WATER PIPES or whatevsjr
purpose a good quality of Cement it desi
rable This Cement hat already been
tested far and wide, and rendered the ut
, most satitfaction. Persons, therefore con
structing Cistern*, laying Water Pipe*,
Ac . will find it to their advantage to bear
this in mind, and alto, that they warrant
the article as represented. For further
1 particular*, address
20d-c tf Aaronsburg. Pa.
ll<-f,>re ordering tdiewhere tend for Cat I
alogue, which U now ready and will be 1
mailed grulU on application. 1
Our Chrotno "The Little Florists." M |
beautiful Parlor Picture—pronounced by ;
judges a success, is now aent free to all who
favor ua with orders to the amount of tlve 1
SJan 3m. Rocheater, N. Y.
Wholesale & Retail
in large varieties and every thing gener
ally kept in HARUWAH* STORKS
Mv Stock at th\s time is heavy, and will
oflcr inducements to cash on snort credit
buyers. nov 2?. Bm.
New Store!
New Goods-!
New Prices!
New Every thing !
Beet American Print*. ............ iiirt*
Lauren* .... !t-u
Bedford " <_■[,
Appleton A. Muslin 4(4 lScta
Augusts-... d 0...... )4<*tt
Chestnut Hill bleached ~,, licit
Canton Flannel lfrtt
j White Sugar 12J.-U
Bnst Nary Toba. ro ;.v u
Lovenog Syrup : 76ct*
Ac., Ac., Ac.
A Fine AmorUnent of Ladle*
Horn colored Poplm. |iv
Japanese Silk* *(&<•"
Tycoon Rep* . a-<t*
Fine Mohair bilk Fiaib..,„ 1.00
Black Alpncat, floe.. 7&cU
French Merinoe 1.00
Very Fme Cashmere*.. 7Jk U
*-. Ac., Ac.
All other roods in proportion. We
hare laid in a large stock of the best good*
• Inch were purchased *t the very holt- ro
panic price*, and, the season being well
advanced, we are determined to close
. W** l * **
J?*™*® '* this country since the war.
Gems and examine our stock and nricea
and he convinced that wa will do yoo
docHltf- Outre Hall.
uen* it. oar in, e r. alkx akpke.
c. w. now in*.
b!£?X£mH, r,T" t -"
Jan Ist '74 it
tOHJf F. Pi /TTkIT Mirm rr si Isr
U Co) taction* prtxuoatn mas. ntid
special xiMititifl given to those having
lands or property Sir sale. Will draw up
and have acknowledged Deed*. Mortgage*.
Ac. Office in the diamond, north aide o<
the court house, Bellefontc. nctSfffilg.
V Jon* Hraxais*. Proprietor.
tMnges arrive and depart daily, for al
potato, aorth. aonth. east and wtrt.
n * K iLUITU. SaifMA. B*AV
Bellefonte, Centra cm. Pa. affigtl
a*asv BSOCK satiorr, . it. ch cottar,
President, Cashier.
(Late Millikea, Hoover A Co.)
And Allow iotereat,
Discount Notts,
r But tad call.
Government Securities, Gold A*
apKf&kf Coupee*.
DP. PORTNBY, Attorney' at" Law 1 ,
# Bellefonte, Pa. Office over Rev -
oaid s bank. n... .4 •
Old Port, when- he is at all time*, pr -pa: ed
to make all kinds of men end hoy s ckuh
ing, according to the latest style* and at
reasonable charge*.
Fish, Cheese and Provisions,
144 North Delaware Avenue,
14? North Water Street,
_ . PutLAPKt VHIA.
razors. a scwwsjiA j.kcrvai
ttornut* * "
Banking Co.
UKhTP- "■■■ — —i
- And Allow In.ernst,
Discount Note
Buy and Sell
Government Securities, Gold and
, Prrsa Horrn, W*. B. Mikqlx.
' Pres'L Cashier
Chas. H. Held.
Oteit, Watchaakfr A Jfvekr
Millheim, Centre Co., Pa
Respectfully inform* his (fiends and the
public ia general, that he be* just opened
at hit new establishment, above Alexin
der's store, and keeps constantly on hand,
i all kinds ot Clocks, Welches and Jewelry
of the latest styles, as also the MaranvtUe
Patent Calender Clocks, provided with a
complete index of the month, aad day of
the month end week on Ha face, which is
warranted as a perfect time-keeper
Clocks, Watches and Jewelry rv
> paired on short notice and warranted.
sep 11' Gb ly
Would most respectfully inform the cit
aens of this vicinity, that he has started a
new Boot and Shoe Shop, and would be
tbankftil for a share of the public palroa
age. Boots and Shoes made to order and
according to style, and warrant* hi* work
go equal any made elsewhere. All kinds
of repairing done, and charge* reasonable
, Give hint a call. fib 13 ly
Dentist, Millheim.
1 Offers hit professional services to the
1 public. He i* prepared to pcrlorm all
J operations in the dental profession.
pR-llt is now fnily prepared to extract
1 teeth a&soloteJy without pain. iiiyK-TH-tf.
Beat Sample Rooms in Town.
■ D. JOHNSTON A SONS, i'r-i-tMr,,
. Bellefonte, Penna.
J Free lints to and from Iht Depot.
- Ha.<.r.ywtae-miwe*wt.oyaliita*Wilste>
r.ln*re IV..W UMfc. s> sasr 1)
MfWUDr. ft tier's V*|*uUs Rkjam''
p. s.—Dr. Killer Pills 2UcU, should be
used with syrup.
ILLER'S HOTEL, Woodwa d, Pfc
Stages arrive and depart deny.
Dr. Grooms Wine of Tar
Ifffiffiß Contain* re?*blm /*
Hi urrHtrnl, ofVnUouOted
BBS Tonie value combined
with the rich nsealcinal
qualities of Tar. which
cause It to Solid ap
XallkX Use weak and debll
#K ■%\lUtl and rapidly
■ <BSSr IS %|resl*r*cxlisn*le4
■ W VlaUvaftk. lleleauaee
Bnlß^HalAl lb4 Stomach, relaxes
pMRftSUHHMMSVthe Liver, and rauws
** e f*a to Atcent,
BIIWRb jS'SWfra "• ma Dyspepaiw
liillTiHKlUl^^.iMiHßand Indlgsslfon. It
MRTIrMBIiHIH* Superior Tonic,
roatoree the nstwetito
UOBH suit strengtkena the
HiiNrldJll! IBHBIIBIB evatcm. For raiaa In
" Breast, Side or
. Btck, Ur*vl or Kl4>
wineaae, diseases
the I'rluary Or
_ has no equal. It i fec
tnal It euro* aiJCowgho
11 lew, and ha* been
i pronounced a spfctt*