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Our friend* will oblige by tending u
Item* ot local new* in their locality, gt*e
u- th© fact* only, and w# will put them in
ahnpe, al*o notice* of death* and niarri*
- Any onMending u* th# name* of six n w
subscriber*, with Uio ca*h, will ba entitled
to receive the Reporter one year face.
The Report ** being read by neatly
avert body on thi* siu* of the county,
where it ha* a larger circulation than any
two paper*, will ho feund the be*t medium
for advertising business, aale*. Ac. Ac.
Our friend Mr. 8. R. Oettig, write*
ut: I like Virginia very well, eo far;
I would not wih my*elf back again.
—A musical conventien will be held
at Freeburg, Snyder county, commenc
ing on the2i>th, and closing with a concert
on the Friday following, to which our
mutical talent U invited.
The hunting or killing of deer, tur
key*, pheasants, partridge*, squirrel*, rab
bit*. Ac., expired with th* close ©t Decem
ber, and it will be a* well to remember
that aven th# possession of gme, or their
fresh skins, out of season, i* prima facia
cvidenc* to convict and impo th* fin*.
StockTno Streams Witu Salmor.- On
Wednesday afternoon 12,tW0 salmon were
placed in tbe waters oftheSnyder tpting,
a branch of th* Mohontongo—a stream
which divide* Dauphin and Northumber
land—by Mr. Cta*eling, superintendent of
the state batching house and Col War
ral, of Uarrisburg, ex flsh comtuissianre.
The kalmon were hatched at Dr. Slick's
establishment. New Jersey, and were
transported from that placa to Harritburg
under the car* of Mr. Cleveling. This
makes th* thiid establishment which ha*
bean introduced ink) either th* Susquehan
na or tributaries of that stream In
March last \V. D. Sciier, Esq., Coloael
AVxrrel and Mr. Cleveling placed s,oft) in
the Susquehanna, early in December from
12,000 to 16,000 were put into the Y'allow
Breeche* and Toaodoguinnat and on
Wednesday 12,000 into Snydei'a spring.
An important change respecting the
morning hour of leaving eastward on the
R. R. went into effect on Monday of Ibis
week. Instead of that distasteful Br*
o'clock ride w* now hv# it at eight o'clock,
which will suit the traveling public admir
ably and thereby increase the patronage
of the Road.—.ViJßudsrg TWeyrepA.
Taken on an average, Haines town
ship has th* youngest couple in thas* paru
•f the vinyard. He it abaut A', ah* a lit
tle over 14. Better early than never.
Centra Hall, we find the following "mot
to'' over an opening in tha desk : "Lat
her box." vletter boa.) W# second that
motion any time, if she wants to box "let
bar boa," but send the school-master
—-"Avilude, or Game of Birds, just
published by West & Lee, of Worcester,
Mas*., is a card game ef real merit, and
•ntirely unexceptionable. It is getten up
in a fin* style, the play is excellent, while
the amount o( information afforded in such
email space, by the fin* engravings ot
Birds and their discriptions are surprising.
__ It must have a large sale, and deserves it,
Faieof persons! property of David
* Ertle, dee d, in Gregg twp., sth Feb.
The Harris twp. Farmer's Club met
at Kock Hill, pursuant to adjournment,
Jan. 9,1874. Geo. W. Campbell in the
chair. Subject tor discussion, "The kill
h ing, curing, and preserving of meat. '
■ Pork was ;th# main subject, mutton 2d,
F and beef *3d. C. Dale, John Carper, D,
M Weilsnd, Geo.' Swab, Sam'i Davis, F.
• Potter, A. Stover, Jerry Tressler, John
8. Forster, Joseph Baker and other* took
part in the discussion ; although the night
was dark and raining, the meeting was
large and interesting. The subject, al
though a plain one, yet opinions differed
very much—no two agreeing. Adjourned
t* meet in Boalsburg, Jan. 22d, in the
evening, subject, "Feeding of Cattle."
Josxrii BAKKX, Sec y.
—All in want of shingles can get them
at a bargain of T N. Wolf A Bro. S
adv. They have a real good shingle at six
dollar* per thousand. 31.
ber* to the Atla* ot Centre county, pub
lished by A. Pomeroy A Co., are notified
thai the work i* ready for delivery. Sub
tcriber* will plea** have their money
ready for the A Rent
Agent for A. Fotneroy A Co.
And atill Newt Wolf • neck is not
broken, although hor*e-fle*h again under
took the job, for the forty-eleventh time,
Tue-dsy of last week. Newt left Rebars
burg in the evening with the mail; it be
ing dark and no one about, when along a
lonely spot on tb* toad, hie horse tkought
it safe to make things lively for his driver
—juttas *o many of hit species bad done
before. The nag , put on a full bead of
steam, and the driver was set upon the
road in a manner to badly skin his face
and lay him up for a few days. Thinking
Nawt was all right, the fiery steed, with
boggy passed Wo[f s Store, and spent the
night in the Brush valley narrows. We
think it is about time that horses give up
the idea of breaking Newt Wolf's neck by
running off, and smashing buggies—they
have tried itloooftea, throwing him against
rocks, posts, fence*, building*, Ac.;—ex
perience thould bave taught the horse
tribe, ere tbi*, tost it i* all of no avail
when tried on Newt Wolf, let them quit
that mode and try it by kicking, biting,
stamping, or chawing him. Nawt, wa
reckon ia a safe tubjoct for life insurance
companies, but let accident insurance
concerns give him a wide berth.
Go t<r Hoffer Brothers for your
good*, if you would buy to cave money.
They sell dry goods, groceries, notions,
Ac., chaapar than elsewhere, and always
a full stock on hand.
Our Loop correpondent sand* the
BREVITIES. Petty thieving is rampant
at the unseasonable hour of midnight, i*
that a sign that be is going to steal your
corn? Not a bit of it The inclement
weather, for the past week or two, has se
riously interfered with the progress of re
ligious revivals Leonard Rhone's in
ventive genioux, ia never asleep. Ha has
just completed a wood-saw, which ha
think* will astonish the native*. Wood
chopping, baa no further ache* for him
The "spook" sensation, has abou' died
out. A lighted tallow-dip, may do to
scare immaginative people, hut it won't
scare sensible beings worth a red Jew-1
helljkens! if the "pedal extremities'' of the'
"Ferguson teacher," are as big and
strong, as the Jaw-breaking expletives
which ha hurl* at the head of the Loop re
porter, they must be about the size of a
coal-bucket, and smell stronger than e
xotten herring......"Cuba or bust," is the
motto of that Potter twp. teacher, who
drilled bis scholars on Naw Year* Day.
War to the knife, and knife to the hilt,
will he the rallying cry of the "Black
Hawks" ......It is said, that potty ia an ex
cellent substitute for braini, and ai we
kaow of several persona who are sadly de
ficient in this crgan, wa would recommend
abeut six pounds to each individual, it
might restore lost equilibrium......"What
next ?
beim, Aarocsburg, and Pennscreelt Ger
man-evening schools, will give a public „ —. —.
entertainment, under the supervision of The impression prevails in Washington*
their able and efficient teacher, Robert that the senate intends to stifle all measu-
Miller, in the town ball at Millheim, on res looking to a return to the original Con-
Saturday evening, January; 31st, 1874. gressionat salary.
The exercises will consist of addresses, es- —Met holla, who was hanged the otb.
says, vocal, and Our (r day, smoked a cigar until the loop was
readers will remember of a similar enter- put around his neck when the sheriff bad
tainment gi?n, three years ago to a larre take it frpm mouth, and a few days
audience and from there all returned will beforj he threw ft ftuh f f ltW in th nln
plMMlt "jlWlftcei
U* rout* ATE.—Mr. Law back t ED.
ward) af near llublarsburg, lost a valuable
bona about a week ago.
We had about three inches of tnow
on Tuesday night.
Mr. Young, of MitHinburg, we are
told, Intends bating tbe old Uubler store
•tar.J in Ilainet twp , Mailed up again.
Tbe farmer* around Htiblenburp
are net troubled with the chicken dimase,
but with chicken thieve* A party of
young men are in the habit cf aneakmg
through the neighborhood in the night
and Mealing the chicken* (Voni the roo*t.
Farmer* Swart* and Thompson caught
•evaral of the "Sknuks la*t Saturday
night almost in the eery act. They fol
lowed tha two leggod to***, with lhaii
rifle*, but wore a little 100 late. "1 hey are
patiently wailing for them Uo"call again
when they will give them a warm recep
tion with powder and *hot. I*et them try
it again.
——Sec the notice in another column ot
the Tribune extra*, curtaining valuxhl
lecture* by most eminent *civnlifl
men of the age. whch are thu* brought
within th# reach of the poore*l.
——The Burreli School House, 1-ama;
District, Clinton Co., wa* set on Are lat
week, and burned to the ground, ooituum
ing all the book* and aparatu* belonging
to the ichool, and Teacher Aa eat end
chap remark*, that there it con*olati>n in
th* thought, that if school ui ever held in
that locality again, the teacher and com
munity will enjoy the blessing ef a new
order of book*.
The Boonevilte band anfertained the
valley folk* with music on uew year* eve
whilst .erenading the newly married cou
ple Mr. and Mr*. Aaron Kieckner. at the
residence of tha hridagrooiu near Logan
Mill*. They furnished eicellant mutc
and abo did"eoual justice to th* bountiful
repast eel before them by the happy bride
Quite a large number of wild tur
kjr hi;** b#en kit ltd in ike Su*
gar and Brush valley woods, awut hunter*
having killed a* high a* *i* and seven
separately, and yet they are *een daily in
flecks wandering about through the
Baa.v Bvrjct.—-On Saturday evening
lart, a short tiiua after dark, tha barn on
the old homestead of Abraham Mease, de
ceased, now in possession of Lewis M.
Snyder, was destroyed by fire. Mr. Sny
der was at home at th# lime, and ay* he
had been in the barn looking after his hors
e> just a short time before he discovered
the fire. Everything in the barn was des
troyed excepting the live stock, which was
all got out. About IWO bushels of oats,
500 bushel* of corn in the ear*. It 1 bushal*
of wheat, and sotue rya, and frem 20 to 25
tons of hay, together with all such farm
implements, gears, etc., as are usually
kept in a bam, were destroyed. There
was an insurance ef $3,1 *) on the barn,
stock, etc., in the Farmer* Mutual of Dan
ville.— Stiirugntw* Timet.
Traverse Juror*—lst week Janua
ry Term 1874.
Beiiefont# Boro.— John P Harris. John
Wagner, John Irvin jr., Win S. Trlpple,
A. > Valentine, and Geo. W. Jackson.
Milesburg Boro.—K C Onrr, Wm 11
Philipsburg Boro—John Bradin, John
S Gray.
Banner twp —John Lutx, Jm M Wilson.
Boers—John Beside*. James Llngle.
Curtis—John M Dalle*.
Fergunon—Peter Lauck. Jamm Dunlap,
Jo* B Ard, Wells Gardner, Henry Krebs,
U Y Meek.
Gregg— Luther Kiskel, Wm Heckman.
Half Moon—Wm L n lison.
Harrie— Evan Williams, Geo Kerlin,
Adam Stoeer.
Hsines—6eo B Slaver. Henry Keinhart,
H H Weaver, J C Mou, Wm C Warnta. j
Emanuel Musaer. ,
Howard—Rubtn Pletcher, Michral
Husten —Wm Turner.
Liberty—Wilson Clark, U A Snyder,,
David Robb.
Miles—George Weaver.
Penn— John Bracht
Potter—John Rishel, John Booxer.
Spring-George Valentine, Jeremiah
Union—Jacob Taytar.
Walker—James Huston.
Worth—Samuel Stevens.
List of Jurors 2d Week January
Bellefonte Boro—John W Moore. John
Moran. Edward Graham. Edward Browa.
Milesburg Boro—Wm Bogry
Union ville Boro—John H Shipley.
Boggs twp—P W Bamhart, James Id-1
Burnside —Fred Carson.
Furguson —Bigler Meek, Samuel Mus
ser. Peter Kecbline, Wm E Burcbfield.
Haines—Samuel M Motx.
Howard—Hiram Lucus, Samuel Kline,
Jonathan Schneck.
Half Moon-Samuel Martin.
Huston —Scott 'Mf i'!iam.
Liberty—Michael Sehdeck, Jos B Hall.
Marion—lra C Johnston.
Miles —Abs Barter, Jeremiah Heine''.
Potter—James Runkle, David Guisa, J ,
G Carson.
Penn-E C Campbell.
Snow Shoe— R H Roach, Calvin Rank
Spring—Charles Eckenroth.
Tayler—Wm Merry man, Geo Merry
Walker—Soloman Peck, Daved Dun
Worth—Hanry W Hoover.
List of Grand Jurors for January
Bellefonte Boro—ll U Rot brock, David
Bartley. Fred Smith.
Milesburg Boro—David Furey.
Boggi twp—Henry Homan
Gregg—David Kunkle, John Coldren.
Harris—Joseph Bsker, Perry Kreamer,
Isaac Woomer, Geo Wesson.
Howard—Wm II Neff. KC I-eatbers
Huston—Jno J Thompson. Jno O Miles.
Miles—Jaha Wolf, John B Shaffer.
Potter—John W ( onley.
Pann—J HRci&nyder
Snow Shoe—Samuel Y Lucas. Wm A
—John Noll, Jas R Alexander
Joseph Roes.
Trial List—lat week, Jan. Term.
Jas Smith use of Ac v K K Nelson
Isaac Uaupt v* Cleaviand A Fleming
Ilenry Snyder use of vs Ale* Knoll
A T Voornead vs K A G Hasting*
Commonwealth Pa vs H Brix kerhoff j
W L Wilson vs Henry Stephens
JAG Fraaier vs Hale A Co
John liy vs Williams A Cox
Ktnier A Foust v* Edw'd A Green A co
First Nat hank of Huntingdon vs Edw
A Green A Co
First Nat Bank of Huntingdon vs Jos
Green A Geo Kby
Jas P Coburn vs Geo Vonada et al
John Duke vs J a s P Smith
Mary Ackers Adams vs Robert Cooke
Geo Durst viJB Soil et al
Mark G Williams vs Penn a R R Co
John D Gardner vs D J Richards
Lloyd Caldwell A co vs J V Thomas A
Jot Alexander vs Penn'a R R Co
Amelia Royer vs John W Sholl
Trial List—2nd Week.
Joaiab Stahl vs R U Downing et al
Joa Wilkinson vs J W Scott et al
Illman Winter* va aaine
John Warren vs same
James Fox vs same
Cyrus Michaels v* same
James Sutherland vs same
C H Huston vs same
J A Winters vs same
G G Winters vs sauna
Andrew Gardner va same
J T Woods vs same
Lewis Dunkle vs same
John Frost va same
Milliken, Hoover A Co use of vs Jo*
Underwood* adm'n
Fillnaoro Naveling va J W Scott otal
John M Lest v* same
John Sheridan va same
James M'Henny vs Wm founget al
Martin Houser vs Penn'a RR co
Jonathan Krcamer trustee Co ■ Ira
A y r< J
Gyrus Watson et ai va J C Decker et al
Wm M Lyon et al va Henry Youngilng
Filghman heirs vi B F Shaffer
Agvew Moore vs Samuel Homan
E Morris vs Peaa'a RR Co
Geo W Jackson vs same
Wm Young et al vs Cline Quigley
E P Jones vs Penn'a RR co
John Kline vs same
Norwood coal A Lumber co vs Jno Kl
lisha A Co |
P McCafiTeryvs David Harter
Keller Staurt A co vs Jno I Thompson
E Elliot vs Wm L Musser
Philip DeHaaafvt Pa RR co.
For the Reporter.
Christmas i alway* a*eaon of i ©juicing
i especially to the young. It ,wa *ucb, at
!ea*l, to the people ef Hublertburg end
vicinity. At an early hour the leer of
i the l*reb> terian church were epen and
invited young and old to come. Long be
fore the hour for the opening of the eier
|ci*# had arriveJ, the hou*e wa* fttll aU
mot to overflowing. The object, which
niott attracted attention. wa* a large Oh rill
ma* tree, well l*den with nice"and g<H>d
thing*, and beautifully lighted with was
taper*. Thl* tree wa* a friend to all; it
bore gift* for old and young, the rich and
poor, irrespective of name or denotuina*
lion It wa*, therefore, emblematical of
the coming ot ChrUt our Saviour, lie
came to save all. Tha rich and poor,
young and old, blacjf and white ; all can
cewr and partake..of the gift* whick He
brought with hun to thi* inful world,
rhi* Christmas tree, of wkich w# have
been speaking, bore some very valuable
{ill*, of w Inch the writer of thee line* and
ii* family received their full there, and
for which the kind friend* will. plea*# ac-
cept our sincere thank*. May God bl*
you richly, for your kiaJnett to hi* *er
vant for supplying hi* want*. The speak
er* on thi* occasion wero Rev. M C'ondit,
of the l'retbyterian church ; Rev, J. A.
Bright, ofth* Lutheran church, and Rev.
J. Longsdorf, of the Evangelical Asso
ciation. Rev. M. Stoat, of th* las', named
denomination wa* also invited to attend,
but could not. on account ef previous en
gagement*. Rev. Condit directed his re
mark* principally to the eld folk*, —head*
of families. He spoke with much earnest
ness of the vital importance of not neg
lecting the training'of the youthful mind,
lie advocaled.lhepluctrine of the wise man,
"train up a child in the way he should go, |
and when he is old ho will aot depart
faom it." (Prov. 22-C.J lie aleo spoke of
the Sabbath school,—the right arm of the
church, a* being neat to the family, the
place wherofthis training should be car
ried on, and of the responsibility which
rosts'upoii thvwe'who engage in this work.
His remark "take car* of the babies, and
th* men will take care of themselves,"
was certainly very true. By the way, we
hop* Rev. Condil may have hi* thare of
babies ie lake care of.
Revs. Bright and Lungtdorf also spoke
short time. Thejr|adopt*d th* Socratie
method, and by it accomplish* J their end*
It was Astonishing to all present
to hear how readily the children answered
the questions put to them. Their answers
were net such as you generally receive
from children, hut intelligent and senti
hie. The writer doee not hesitate in as
serting that there is not another Sabbath
school in Nattany Valley, and very few
in Centre Co., that will "out-anawer" the
Unien Sabbath School* of Hublershurg ;
and for all this we must thank the efficient
Superintendent, Mr. John Divent, nnd hie
able corps of teachers. All honor to them
tor their noble efforts in teaching the
! young the word ot God. which rnaketb
wise unto salvation. But we must not
forget those three little girls who "capped
the climax" by coming forward on the
stage, and without any assistance, scarce*
ly, singing that beautiful infant Sabbath
schawl hymn, "I am Jesus' Little Lamb."
jO, bow sweet I If any part of tha exercises
of the evening were more pleasing to God
than the others, it was the sweet tinging of j
these three little girls. Yea. they were
truly the "Little Lambs' of Jesus flock ;
and it was to such that He referred when
he said, "suffer them to come unto me and
forbid them not, Ac." Go on little girl*
in the ofpraising your K adeem
er—soon lie will tend hi* angels to take
you home to Himself, where you will be- ,
come lambs of that large (lock "who have j
washed their robei and made them white,
in the blood ofthe Lamb."
Now few closing remarks. We found
•niy one objection to all the exercises of
the evening, end it wee the coining into
the house of God, ■ character who wee
named "Kris K ingle," or "Belsnickle," ae
be is sometimes called. Now this we
thought, and do still think'so, was alto
gether uncalled for, and very inappropri
ate on such an occasion, via. : The cele
bration of the advent of our blessed Sav
iour. God was certainly not pleased with
this part of the exercises, it is impossible.
The appearance of this character in God's
house remember, where his name is re
corded, and where honor dwelleth, did
| not make the desired impression We
feel it our duty as God s servant, to make
these remarks. We make them in leve;
we make them for the good of us all, and
i for the glory of God. May they have
| their desired effect. J- A. B.
Lets a, 111.. Jan 6th, 1874.
EDITOU RnronTKft.—lt seems some of
the people of your town and neighbor
hood are very much concerned about my
welfare, and are anxious to know whether
lam dead or alive. Many no doubt pre
ferring the latter. By your permission I
! would say lo them through your paper
thai lam as live a man as lives in a live
town in the lively west. And I can vouch
for every one being alive that reads the
RaroKTaa. Now as the Holidays are ov
er our town is again a.-uming a business
like appearance. Hundreds ef teams are to
be seen our streets daily, laden with the
products of the broad and fertile pra ries,
waiting their turn to be unloaded at the
si ack>us elevators where they meet geod
j markets. After purchasing a few of the
necessary articles of life they return heme
with a full pocket book lo make glad the
hearts uf their wife and little ones. But
Ibe farmers are not the only ones that en
joy themselves, as we were convinced on
■ Christmas eve, when looking over the vast
i audience that crowded the Lutheran
church in our town, thero were two very
fine evergreen trees, beautifully ornament
' ed, and laden with choice end precious
gifts, amounting to seven hundred and
twelve dollars and twenty-five cents.
What joy was pictured on every counte
nance as the gifts were called off and pass
ed to the owner I—amongst the rest the
worthy Pastor, Rev. Treasler, was not for
gotten, receiving for himself and family
t two tewing machines, a baby perambula
tor, some clothing and a purse of forty
dollars. The next entertainment wet en
Friday night, Dec 27th, a public installa
tion of the officers of Lena Lodge, sad
chapter of Royal Arcb Mesons, which was
enjoyed by a full house.
Having a few days ef leisure time, I
paid a vi-it to Otangevillo, whero I met a
boat of my acquaintances and found thorn
all enjoying themselves, and all giving the
Reporter the credit of their success. On
Monday night I accompanied Mr. Chaa.
Muster to a grand concert, (which was
given for the benefit of the church) 'under
the management of the very accomplished
' and successful music teacher, Mise Jen
nie Coats, assisted by Miss Lucy Waster,
both formerly of Spring Mills, Centre Co.
The singers as well as the Excelsior brats
band of Orangeville, did themselves cred
, it. That part of our county is settled prin
cipally by Pennsylvanians, amongst which
I are the Messrs. Musters, who aro doing a
1 thriving mercantile business, their sales
footing up from aixty to eighty thousand
dollars per annnm. While some ere mer
chants others ere very successful farmers,
raiting abundant crops, especially of hogs
Georgo told me he could raise from one lo
* two hundred per acre, by simply planting
the tails in rows about six feet apart they
i would produce trom five to fifteen good,
healtby pigs to tbe hill j as a hogist, Goo.
■ a success. I saw them kill and luanu
■ facture five large fat ones into sausage,
- and Jhad about ten thousand lbs. yet in
' the pen, for which he refused five dollars
and fifteen cents per hundred, live weighL
George and bis brothers are not only good
[ farmers, but they are also good marksmen
> as the fruits of their labor showed when
from | hunting expedition in
Wisconsin, whore their unerring rillo*
brought down ten liitf large deer.
Hut, with lt lliu pleasure I enjoyed
suiong my "Id school mates tn that neigh
borhood, 1 wa* shocked to learn that one
of them, Mr. Mile* Itanna, committed
tuiciile en the 13lh of lW , hy cutting hie
throat while laboring under a temporary
aberalion of mind. Mr Henna lived to
eipre** hi* regret fur the rath art. He
leave* a wife and family to mourn hi*
untimely end, Alter (pending a week
will) my associate*. !|relurard onNaturdai
through the mud, via Freeport, w;jere 1
met my friend* Dr*. McKitu and Htiver,
both looking a* though they would be
happier if they would take to themaelve*
another rib. Alter (pending a hall hour
with theut, 1 look the train for Lena and
found it in the rame place.
For the Keporier.
Mn. Kptroa i—Accompanied by Mr
W. Royer, Secretary of |chool board, we
vleited the school* of thi* place, we llri
entered the primary taught by Mi* Laura
Barn hart, and found .her .ohool ta good
order and doing well. We neat (topped
a* No 2, .taught by Mr. Calvin Harper,
and found that gentlaman in good spirit,
and doing, we thiuk, very well i alter a
•hurt converatton with him we stepped
into the Grammar School, taught by I'. J.
LelUsll; *• wera vary much pleated to
>oe the condition ot hu *chool, we found
the room neat and clean, and very gcod
order preserved ; we do thiuk that Mr
LsilxtL t* making an atfort.lo gain a repu-
Ution for hi* *chool, and also to advance
hi* pupil* a* fa*t at poeohle. Hoping that
the parent* will by all the mean* in their
power *u*Uin him. we wiah him suocaee.
8. S. r.
The Farmer* Club of Potter Towu
•hip met at Ceulre Hill, Jan. 3, 1374, and
were organized by appointing Geo. Holler
Chairman. The tir.t question, W hat ben
efiu ara delived from fall plowing, wa*
opened by Peter Uolfer, followed by J. 11
Keller, Adam Rankin, David Giliiand,
Gee. Udenkirk, and other*. Th* follow
ing Keeoluliou wat then adopted. Reaulv
ed, that the club coutidei fall plowing a
benefit on very heavy clay oil; but on
light or loamy toil* it may be injuriou*.
Tbe second question "What breed of cat
tle ere beet adapted to thi* locality, ' wa*
opened by Lenard Rhone, followed by
Merira. Uillileud, Uoffer, Boal, Rankin
and other*, a majority of the .peaker* pre
ft red the /Vm CaUl*. Third question,
"What breed ofhortae are be*' adapted
to thi* locality," o* *■ 4 u- David Gilli
land, followed by Keller Wm.
Spangler and J. K Kunkle—the Englub
draft horse eeued to be the favorite.—
Tbe Executive cvmmiUee than reported
th# following question* for discussion at
lb* next meeting.
let Would it he n benefit to th* club
to hav# n recorder of stcck for *al\ be
longing to member* of the club.
2nd. What are the advantages of reis
ing clover aa<' *i jicthy relatively.
3rd. "' 9 Lir-asra join Ut /V.Vwi
of Uu^oanir>.
On motion the club adjournaj to ~ieet
at Pine UrotSch<iul llouee, the 4th Sat
urday ot January at 1 o'clock P. M.
Aud now Cushing's Domination for
Chief Justica i gi*ing (rouble. Many
of the radical aeuetor* will not vole
for his confirmation, because of hie
having one* been a democrat. Grant
can't iep hie congress under bia
thumb any more ; it went back on
him on Williams and wou't obey bim
on Cushing. The radical party is fast
going to decay, and thia chief justice
matter is a good sign of it.
The lower house, at Harrisburg, on
Bth, passed the following;
Kaeolved, By the Senate and House of
Representative* of Pennsylvania, That it
is the true intent and meaning of the new
Constitution that the fcrst mi on of the
tinnaral Assemhiy elected under its pro
visions begins on the first Tuesday of Jan
uary, IHT&, and tba members of the House
of Representatives thereof shali be elected
at the general elactiun of 1874
The vote stood—Ayes, '>l. nays, 2.
The following intereeting little talk
took place between two radical seua
tors a few days ago :
Mr. Sksrman said he w uld vote fer the
amendment, a* h* could stand th* smaller
pay a. wall a* the other Senator*.
Mr. Tipton said he hardly knew how to
express himself in parliamentary language
a. to lb* desire of Senators to accomplish
indirectly that which they cannot accom
plish directly. The gentleman from Ohio
(Sherman) aaid he could atand living on a
small salary. Perhaps he can, when tb*
last documtut which come* to my table
(producing a paper) speak* of man like
Sherman of Ohio, the head ef the Finance
Committee, now a millionaire, who came
into Con great poor.
Mr. Sherman—l a*k the Senator from
Nebraska if that is true T
Mr. Tipton—l know nolhiag about it, I
giv# it a* 1 get it.
Mr. Sherman—Well, Mr. President,
that i* grossly unaanaterial and grossly
false The Senator who introduced that
statement ber* violates hi* duty as a Sen
ator, and deserve* tba condemnation of all
his fallow Senator*
Mr. Tipton said ha did not think it dis
creditable to read the fart It was not dis
creditable to th* gentleman, a* other* had
come to the Senate poor anv are new
rich. He meant nothing against the char
acter or integrity of the Senator from
A bill haa been introduced into
CoDgreaa providing for tbe appoint
ment of a Railroad Commiwinner,
who (hall revise and regulate freighU
and tariff* on railways. This ia un
derstood to lie a Granger luovemeut,
and a strong opposition to its passage
by the railroad interests, is predicted.
The Supreme Court of the Suie of
Texas has decided adversely to the
election law framed by the Thirteenth
Legislature, under the provisions of
which the recent election was held.
This decision annuls the late election,
and retains in office the Thirteenth
Legislature and the present Governor,
Governor Davis. There is great ex
citement in Texas over this decision,
aod an open outbreak io some quar
ters is apprehended. Louisiana may
be duplicated iu Texas.
The bill repealing the Bankrupt
Law, which pasted i lie lower house
of Congress the other day, provides
that cases now in the process of
adjudication shall not be affected by
such repeal, aud that the law shall be
oonlioued, so far as these cases are
couoerned, until adju licit ion shall
have been accomplished. It also re
duces the fees of officials under the
Bandrupt Law iu such cases fifty per
The Baltimore aud Ohio railroap
and the Pennsylvania railroad are
just uow having a lively quarrel.—
fhe result is the passenger fare be
tween Philadelphia and Pittsburgh
has been reduced to 17, and between
Pittsburgh and Baltimore to $4. —
How long this child's play will last of
course uo one can tell.
Rukawat Enuih.— Y asterday fooe-noon
Engine No. 128, N. C. R. W., left the
yard st Sunbury with a full bead of stosin,
(how it happened ws hsvs not learned)
and without engineer, fireman or tender
sped sway up lha road. It seemed scarce
five minutes from the time the officer*
[plvty m lj# Wlff MIiJWU until it
!I.ewihurg like a meteor. The operator a
Milton received order* to open tho twitch
In two minute* after the ffiliiaway caun
bounding alung at a tearful pace. Lea*
'I mg the track at the upon twitch Just abovi
Broadway it bumped along over the ilh
for almiKt two square* bofoia U cam# toi
halt. The lrn k wa* knocked out of Joint
the (ill* (plintered and huge elone* whirl
lay bt-iweeu the track* were thrown ii
every direction. Wo noticed one weigh
j ing upwaid* of fifty pound* which lia<
been thrown arrot* tho road agalnil tin
fence The Engine wa* soon .urrounde>
by a crowd ol perton* drawn thither by
the nei.e ol the accident and the tire w*>
drawn. The gagua indicated 148 lb. u
• lean, enough to run it to Muncy
Strang) to ay th* engine (offered bul
little damage to il* machinery although lit.
cow-cvlchar and forward truck were oeai
pletely demoli.heil The Klmira mail
ea.t which wa* due In a tew minute* aftei
the accident wa* detained but a.hortlime,
being ablet" pa* around the obstruction
on the aiding belonging lo the Car Work*
Kroiii the *tory of the engineer of No
128, it appear* that th* tram wa* about
pulling out o! the yard, the fireman being
on board. The engineer wa* walking to
th* engine from the office where he had
gone tor order. The fireman ttepped
back on to the tender to lake up the signal
Aag* a* the engineer wa* about to .tap on
th# engine. At thi* moment the coupling
broke throwing the fireman back on the
Under and thi* engineer to one *ide, (tun
ning them koalk fora moment. When they
recovered the engine wa* rushing away
beyoud their reach, and all lhay could do
iwnatofo into the telegraph office and
give warning of th# runaway Mittonion
®/ Saturday.
A G A 8 8 I Z AND H A Y I> K N.
The Tribune "Extra," No. It, tmw ready,
Prof. Agaaali'a Amazon Expedition,
(Si* lecture, en the Vallev of the Ama
zon, firet delivered in New-York in 1867,
•ml now published in ccmplete form for
the firtt time. 1
Tho Harden Colorado Expedition ol
(Letter* by Prof W. D. Whitney ef
Yale College, and Review by Prof. I \
New Route to Yellowatoue Park.
(Expedition ofCapL W. A. Jone* from
Fi'rt ilridgar, W. T.)
Price 10 cent#; Al copies for |1 fill
Tribune "Ext-e*," No. 8 i Agaai*
twelve lecture* on th# Method ol Creation);
No. 10 Proceeding* of the Portland Meet
ing of the American Aaaaelation for the
Advancement ol Science); and No.
mail, to anv addres*. for '& cenla. The
en.ire una of 14 Extra* now published,
sent by mail to auy adsir#** in (he bnii*4
State* for One Dollar Circular* giving
full details of the content* of eaob extra,
sent tree.
Address THE TRIBUNE, New-York
The City alrnoet Totally Destroy*!
Salt Lake, January k 9.- ll is reported;
; here that Helena, Uua., i nearly destroy-,
ed by a fire which commenced thi* inorn-i
ing in ChiaaU'wn al half pa.l six o'clock i
end swept away nearly the whole city j
Ilia International and Ccemepolilan ho- ;
lets, the First National Bank, and every j
frame building on Main street abov# tbe
St. Louis Hotel (have gone. Yen's A ;
Blrin's large flre-preol store and the offl- I
ce of tbe Western Union Telegraph Cum-
pany ara deetruyed. A strong wind was
blowing at tbe tune, and nothing could ,
•top the progress of the flame*.
Kepre*ea tative Uurlburt, vf Illinois,
member of th* Committee on Railway*
and Canals, Introduced a bill, tbe feature* '
of which he foreshadowed at the meeting i
of lb# friend* of cheep transportalio n for
the construction of a double track freight
railway from New York to Council Bluff,
with breach#* lo Chicago snd St. Louu,
th* railway lo be contracted anJ operated
by a corporation under the aa.picet of the
General Government and controlled by a
Board of Corouiiadouera, tbe rate* for
lraofsoriation on cereal* lo b# filed at
five mill* per n per mile for any distance
over even hundred and fifty mile*, tbe
enfre length of the rood being fifteen
hundred mile.; for ihorier distance* than■
Kita hundred and fifty mile* the rate*
are lo be a little rneru than five mill, per
ton per mile, lbs road I* to be operated
exclusively a* a freight road for cereal*,
•tack and other production*. Train* will
move at the quickest but moat economical
rate of peed which will be at l*a*l ten
mile* an hour. Th# co*t of the road t
e*timated at one hundred and aevenly
five million dollars, including necessary
rolling *tock.
Government aid i* suggested in a guar
antee o( five per cen. internet on thirty
million bond*. The tapacity of tbe road
will be aixly thousand ton* a day each
way. Tbe commissioner* are to fix the
various rate* ef transportation and make
suitable provi*iou for the car# and safety
1 of freight carried. When lha road hall
' earn beyond what b neec**ery lor the pay
-1 ment of the intere.t on the capital atock
and eight per cent, dividend, the rate*
of freight originally etablihed are to be
It is considered prubabl# that a new
election will b* ordered in Louisiana.
It i* slated tbat Secretary Robeson baa
enlisted, in positive violation of the law,
1,600 extra seaman.
■n., lavu accorded U> lOe Miiula: I*
U> eabtu cneblM ue to ee'-r upon U cowlas r-*'
• It* IU vwei ol metis* It store eltrsctlw eml . els
eble lUeu -t-r before lo lie ler* esd
ber of rseiler. Os bolt eldee id Lb- AUesUe. Tfce Us
ual atorr of Ibo jeer,
Katharine Earle,
b> Mus Trefton. I* e chanslna lore toorr 1,, s (tllsd
writer. sWrli Is dseUsed lo e wld# i-opstsril*
There sill be brUltes! soreHlee end Ike bsel ehart
etarlse. Br He.e Hobs. I'rrl Herts, end other dU*bl ,
rU i"lrrTr-* 'f*™ri(ln* end unbiue Toesw. with lUurtre
Uone "HID TimtXlt'HHY' . . ..
I.f lies) V Tar lor. known for hie bullion! eeblrtbs
ilase to the Wretwrs I'rwee. will eln* :Ur see* aln Ihe
mneie of lb. hplnnut* Wheel, rbe Ylell. Tbe ltla*e
1 pSrtrJiu* Isd' flbaerephlral Rketrhee of Aaeriren
Aslbots . Paiiere on l'elrr I ermln* end Hlock Kal"
in* ta Ksrope. OS llou-ehold DiKoreltos .nd fwrsl
tare. Besides more than lift* other Illustrated Articles
are sow In MrwpereUeo
the mwt Important esd eepeselre eerlre of |lJo*'y d
l-epere errr osdertahre b ear Mewerlnr. will be sot.
untied thmofh tb* fnr. Ia li# DIJMfcW "■■WW
• p eompl*tff Ukfl piper* o lmlMtna Th* w*R ]• orl*ff
l os- aier (tale . The Wonntale Ke*loo.
ef tbe Houib . Tbe Iron Kewlone of MiaeosH, 1 . *.
These with lb- Keeejrr end Editorial lierweeione ef
l.lieretnre. hriesrc end Art. bketrbee of r rwTwl. or
rsetose 1 Poems end Kt Inn*-, will make up e Me
tine of Christian Utareture d#einwd to be
"The Bed in the World "
Th* Oecoml>r Sul> (no r-adf) !>*• *n bU Ar
tl<|p oa lbs HiiimpU-n o( •*•s, bf IH
Att#r. I'fMim* by nn>t MA4*l>ottAt ao<l othr
Th wltoull..a *f lb bnrtnl Sljwtn*. HpUndld II •
luanUuM ol !*•• Orlnnn*. tbn Hti* t Anuria,
KrllWrUl* b a Urg* nd abla ron>*of wrllon. Top
ic of lb. Tim. bl>r Holland. In whirl. h. rjll|L
• Hour. K*llalona N*pa|>an i* a Uuababln Kubtaa.
Sc., S, An .nlotlalnioa numlaf.
The Holiday Ne. of St. Nicbola*.
oar Spl.ndld K.n tlllll iMmulm fsrJ lilrto *nd
Hoii. flnwi lewd, will b* ami U> • i;
SuUirlW. Monlhl/ for liCl Ala. lb. Noromlw and
l>mb.r nnntna of St StrboUa rfr~ to tboa.
who aubactlba foi bolb Maaaaiun. Tb* Jul* -lumlmt
of Horlbnor'a Monthlr oonlalnlna lb. Introdactory Ar
Ucl. of lb. tlmal Sou lb 5.r1.., wat to aulwcrlborai la
Srrtba.r wbo rauunnl It wbnn mating lb*lf *ub*arlp
Monlblr •< 00. HI JWi •*.
or $7 .<#o for Hll*
Just received another new lot of Besvsr
Cloth, Petersham, nnd other overcoats,
which are offered at decided bargains.
Also clothing of all kind* for men and
b-.ys. Boots, Shoe*. Ac., at prices to suit
buyers, at the Clothing Store, Milroy. Pa.
Z. B. Kri*e A Brj dsct
vVlnto iVheat $1 60, Red 1 16.... Rye—...
00. Coin 60 ....Oat* 86 Barley 80.
70 Clo/erseed 4,60 Potatoes 60
Lard per pound 8 Pogk per poundoo
Butter 80 Egg* 80 TPlaster per ton
sl6 Tallow 8 Bacon 10 Hani 15
Lard per pound Scent* Buckwheat
05 ot* Fiour per barrel reUilb,so...
wholesale 7,26 to 7,60
Corrected by John M'Dowel, Grain
White wheat 1,40....Rid wheat 1 35....Rye
00 Corn 60 Oats 86 Barley 80
Cloverseed4,oo Tiinothysoed, 860
Salt 2 25 per sack,
Bacon 7c Hair 16 Butter 26... Eggs
20 Plaster 9 60
Chestnut Coal per Ton $6.76 Stovo
Coal per Ton $0.50.,,,,. Egg Coal J> er Ton
tlmebunwrVuol pgr lug fO.UU
it' Cincinnati, December 20 A .pecial di*-,
i.'patch from Dnhaon, Montgomery county,
• jobio, *nye that at a ahnotiug match near
f- there, yesterday, two brother*, John aup
e Henry Slon*. quarreled about leading a
I. rifle Juhc railed Henry a liar, when
a| Henry drew a revolver and ehot and kill*
Mod John. Tli* apeclalora being much ex
it cited, ceughl and hung Henry lo a tree
n{ when taken down life wa* ex-inct. Too
i-j much whisky cauaed it ail,
d• ♦ •
I Of the great painter, Sir Edwin Land
• eer, thnlmparial Biography of Artaay*:
•* ' Nii English painter ha. been more popu
i lar, and none—eaeept Sir Tboma* Law
,f ranee- ha* received uch immense .unit
for hi* work*. For th* copyright of some
'' of hi. picture* he ohuined xH.UJt) t^l
1 in addition to the original price <■( tlie pic
e lor.- It wa* a ma*ur lrke when the
I publisher* of The Chrittinn at Work pre
• ented the tuple combination of a magnif
'' | icent cliroiuo (about two by two and a
r half feet in *iae) ef Land.eer (great paint
nig af dog* and aheep 'The Twiu*' - with
Tannage a. editor of lhair paper, and
jSpurgcon a* apacial contributor They
de.orve *ucc.*, and will got it Write to
j than*, at 102 Chain bar* atreet, N. Y., for
I (ample copiea and term* Agent* wanted.
See their adverlt.tment."
I On Christina*. M. Ueileu Crandel and
. John Mliter, all ol Snow Shoe.
i On Sunday, 2Mth uIL, Mt.i Ellen Mr-
Kinney and Samuel Meoney, ail of Snow
[ Shoe.
Onthe23J tilt., by Friend* ceremony,
T. Wil*on Way 'and Annie A. Seller*,
1 both of Half Moon twp.
Ou the 31*t ull, Mr. Tall Lewi* and
' Mr*. Fannie KeikarJ, both Of Fowelton.
' On the 23d ult, Mr. Hhadrach Par*on
1 and Mi** Sarah Irwin, both of thi* coun
On 21*t ulL,by Rav. W. 11. Grob, Mr.
1 Jacob Wingert ami Mi*. Rebecca Becblel,
both of Potter twp.
On the 23J ult, by Hav. Wm M Lan-
Jit, Mr Samuel G. Clark of Lycoming
co., to Mia* Clara Foot, of Miilheim tin*
On the 'JMth ult, by Ui**ame, at the ret
iJence of bride* father, Vr. Aaron D.
Kiev* tier, to Mix Carolina St rob acker, i
, both of Sugar valley, Clinton co.
Ou the 4tfa inat, by theaame, al the Re- 1
formed I'arauuage at ReLvraburg, Mr.
John W. Snyder, to Mia* Sophia E Kahl,
both of Sugar valley, Clinton co.
[Clinlen co. paper* pleate copy.J
On thetHh ult, John I*. Kabi, of Sugar I
valley, aged S3 year* M month* 17 day*.
On th#23th ult, near FineOrov# Mill*,
Mr. John U 100 in. aged 78 year*.
T. *. woLr*. *■ t wolfb.
Wolfe (Store, Pa *
Have on hand and offer for aaie, at a very
low price,
100,0001'tnr hhinxlee, J lock, (
I for CASH, reasonable lime or any kind t'
; Grain, Seed, or Froduca. jaali-St
'aim l OaaaMi** •# m am*
IRfIU, ol i.fMf lf . Im I kA* Nm (raffilM W
KLawlW U> Mil MUM U4—kaU
imiwnl god U. • K*rin| Mu*
|>u ue. A4m * m * n> ~
riv.vKE NOTlCE.—Notice ia hereby
1. given thai my Vendue note# will be
left in the hand* of David llenney. at Pol- c
ter'a Mill*, whereauch a* are interacted c
will pleate and make payment in*ide of b
tour week* frem thi* dale, Jan. 1. Mr. t!
DaTid Uannay will be readv to meet nil e
■ucb, on the 24th and 30th day* of Janua
ry 1574 Pvr*an* paying their nolea inaatd
time will ave coat*
If NoGcei* hereby given, that on the
ajt of Deoember A. D RC3 the Copnrt
nrrthip of Miller and Celyer known un
der the name ef Centre Mill* Coatpeny,
for the making of all kind* of lumber ha*
been mutually dia*olved, and that the
bu.mea* wit! be carried on al the mill of
tawing and plaining floor board*, tiding. *
and facing by J. Keller Millar, in whoee ]
henda lieoxa and paper* are loft.
Thankful for pa*t favor*. 1 a*k the con
tinued patronage of the pqbi.c Th*a in- ,
debted to aaid Arm, will piea.e make ael
Br virtue of cundry writa of fleri facia*,
'levari facia* and venditioni expona*, there,
will be exioed to public tale at the court
boufa, in lteilefonte, on Monday tbe 2Rlh
day of January, A. D. 1874, at 1 o'clock,!
the following' described real eaUle U>
Wit: I'
AH the right title and inteie*t of defend- j
an: in a certain lot of ground kituaU in ;
Potter twp tTenlre county, beginning at a
.tone at the north east of land of the BOOR- J
era, thence by mountain land couth 6741
'leg.,, wet 7t) pcraha* to a dene thence'
by land ol Margaret Gregg, couth 214 de- i
grc ea.t, 11 S-10 per to a done, thence by j
land ol Jno Boorer, north 674 deg. WCt!
7J 3-10 per to a done ; Ibenca by land of;
north 364 dog, wed 11 3-10 per U> the j
place of beginning, containing about 6;
, acre* more or led, about 2 acre* cleared ;
land ; thi recti erected a dwelling houce.
.table and other outbuilding*. SeUcd and j
taken in execution and to t>e cold a. the'
' property of Henry Ueidwaile and Mar-:
[ garct Ucictwaite.
E All the undivided half part of throe!
tract* of land aituate in the townchip of
1 Snowcboe, county of t'ontre. One curvey-1
1 ei on a warrant to David Karvcadden, I
dated the IMb day of Dec. IHU, containing
412 acre* and 44 perche*" and allowance; i
t another thereof curvcyed on warrant to.
David Karrcadden, dated* the 16th day of t
June, IKVL containing 412 acre* and 44
IMg AM allobranco And the remaining
tract, centainiog 287 acme and 80 perche. 1
' and allowance. Surveyed on a warrant to
David Karccaddcn, Dated Nov Mb, Dihtt
I Alco all that tract of unsealed land (ituale
{in raid twp of Snowthoe, curvered on a
> warrant to 1-uke Micaimcr, dated 3d day
,* of March, 17.4, containing 400 acre* and
' allowance for which a patent wa. granted ;
'' lo *aid David Karccaddcn. dated 25th day '
of January, 1866. recorded in patent bock J
d ' W. Vol. ii, p 251.
1 All that certain tract of land situate ir
, th* township ol Bogg*, in said county of
i Centre, .urveyed on a warrant to David
Karccadden, dated June 17, iB6O, contain
* ing 4UO acre* and allowance for which a
patent wa* issued by said commonwealth,
" to said David Karccaddcn. bearing date
• Jan 26th, 1865, and recorded in Patent
" Book. W Vol 68, p 263 Also, all that cer
tain piece or tract of land situate in said
lowmhip of Bogg*. surveyd on a warrant
to John Cochran, dated 3d day of Match
14 17V4, containing 306 acres, 112 per and al
lowance fur which a patent was iaaued to
" tho said David Karccaddcn, bearing date
" the lt day of January 1865. Recorded in
i Patent Hook, W Vol 58, page 259, togeth-
J er with all the building*, way*, water
rights, liberties of Ac, thereto belonging
Seized and taken in execution and Lo be
aold a* tbe property of Wm. J. Health.
jt janS Sheriff.
The following account* hare been
examined and paused by inc and remain
Died of record in this office for tbc inspec
tion ot heir*, legatee*, creditors, and all
other* in any way interested, and will be
l>re*entsd to the orphan*' rsuri of Centre
county, on Wedieday the 2Htli day of
January, 1874, lor allowance and conc
iliation :
1. Tlio account el Alexander Kerr,
administrator of Catharine Rankin, late of
Potter twp. dee d.
2. The account of John Meyers, ad
ministrator of Ac. of Jacob Meyers, late ot
Bennar twp. dee'd.
8. The executorship account of Samuel
Gramley, executor of the estate of Elisa
beth Grimes, late of Mile* twp. dee'd
4 The account of Christian Hechdol
executor ol Ac. of Jacob 1). Hechdol, late
of Liberty twp. dee'd.
6. The administration account of J. li.
Fisher and Polly Fishor, executors of Ac.
of Adam Fisher, late of Gregg twp. dee'd
C The first and final account of John
Colo, executor in the last will and testa
ment of Eliza 11. Smith, late of Harris
two. doe'd. _
i. Tho trustee account of John Irvin,
Jr.. and Daniel Kliosds'surviving trustees
under ;tlie will of William A. Thomas,
late of the Borough of Bellefonte, dee'd.
janl Register.
wantod by tho undersigned, t<> he deliv
ered at Milroy. Price troiu 80c to 96c per
bu., Cash, according to quality.
; Wholesale & Ilelail
i in large varieties and every thing gener
ally kept in HARDWARE STORKS
M v Stock at this lime i heavy, and will
olfer inducement* lo cash on ahort credit
buyer*. liov 27. it in.
UOL'SK A Lot VoR BALM.— A two
,' .lory dwelling hou.e and good lot,
in one of the mint desirable portion* of
Aaron.burg, 1* offered at private aaie,
f> ith it are all necoMary outbuilding* tuch
a* kitchen, wood.bed, *mokehou*e, a .hop
(table, ciatern, Ae. Choice fruit of all
kind* on the premi.e* Apply to
ocCfit tf Aaronhurg.
Keystone Store.
Go to
No. G Buab'e Arcade. Bellcfoote, Pa.
All kind* of country produce tak
en. Beat Bargain* io town to be
had. novJOtf
Stoves! Fire! Sto v*s!
At Andy Reetman'*, Ceutre Hall, are
latest and best stova* out, he has Just
received a large lot of
Cook Btuvea, tbe Pioneer Cook,
tbe Eclipse Cook,
the Reliance Cook.
PARLORS—The Radiant Light, self-fee
der, Gas Burner, National Egg,
Jewell, Ae.
samite veil, stove, as LOW a* anywhere
in M;ffiin or Centre co.
The undersigned hereby informs the
citiaen* of Pt-nusvalley that as has pur
chased the Tinsbop heretofore carried on
by the C 11. Mfg Co., and wili continue
the tim, at the old stand, in all its branch
es, in tbe manufacture ef
All kind* of repairing done. He has
always on band
Fruit Can*, ufallSixM,
All work warranted and charge, reason
able. A share of tbe public patronage so
licited AND. BEESMAN,
2*ep7oy Centre Hall
Next door to Wileon A Hick*' Hard
ware store, Allegheny St.,
R. F. Rankin & Co.,
(Successors to Linn A Wilson.)
for medicinal purpose.
Also, Choice
' and all other article, usually hept in first
clau Drug Store.
tf.ljune R.F.RANKIN A CO.
1 T*r ANTED.—We will give energetic
i If men and women
from $4 to $# per dav. can be pursued in
your own neighborhood, and ii dricliy
honorable. Particular, free, or .ample,
worth icveral dollar* that will enabla you
to go to work at onca, will be ent on re
ceipt of fifty cent.. ....
Address J. LATHAM A CO.,
SJaaCt. 29ct Washington St., Boeton Me*.
I T. De Witt Talmego i editor oil
■The Christ iat; et Work ; C II Spur ■
eon. Specie! Contributor. ThoyM
■write for no other paper in America.™
■Three magnificent Cbromoe. I'ayß
■larger commiwlon then any other™
■ lY. No Sectariani.m. No Sec™
If xiali.m. One agent recently oVM
■tained KSO subscriptions in eighty-™
■hour, absolute work. Sample copies™
■and circulan sent free.
AGK N T S Wan ta d
, 111 W. ADAMS Publisher lOrll
H Chamber. Street, New York.
|Jan #
J AS. M M ANUS, Attorney at Law,
Bellefonte, promptly attend, to all
j butiaeu entrusted to him. jui2,'CSti
Best Santpie Rouius iu Town.
D. JOHNSTON A SONS, Proprietor.,
* Bellefonte, Penna.
! Free liim to and from the Depot.
TO-DAY.— We call attention to the ud
-1 verli.ement of 7u-/Viy in another column
Thin paper seems to have laid out a path
for iUcif, aiming to furnish a tlnely-illus
irntcd paper at a prico that places it with
' in reach of all intelligentreader., and .par
iug no expense to secure the best reading
i matter for its patrons.
Added to this, the sound judgment and
, eX'iui-ite taste that is shown in it- selection
of Premium Chromos enable. Agents to
offer inducements that are irresistible.
Last year Mrs. Anderson'. "Just So
High'' was the subject, and few thought it
could be excelled, but now the publishers
come forward with another charming
child picture, "Little Sunshine," by the
same artist, and also a Chromo of one of
the celebrated Birket Fester's most beau
tiful landscapes in wntsr-eolor. Each sub
scriber has a choice of either one of the
above named chronics, and we do not ex
aggerate when wo say that neither one
could be purchased fur less than seven
dollars. The publishers wish agents
everywhere, and offer .liberal induce-
ij On* of the ,<et ftim-lt smith Huitdt
n the country i offered for rent by the
undersigned. The shop is located tn Ms.i
--isnrbu-g. hat two lrr, end Ifdeeired, the
Toole can alao be leased with the shop.
Kerry thing le in the beet order for the
business. and the e.and ia always full of
work. Pcweeeetoa can be bad at any time
Apply to
Tbie etand ie also offered ior sala, with
dwelling houee and lot.
6BOT, im. Medi o <b> g, Pa.
Miller & Son,
Ac., Ac., Ac.
for juedlrina! purposes.
Trusses A Supporters in grrat variety.
Also, choice
| and ail other article* usually kept in a
ffrst class Drug Stare
j Prescriptions carefully Compounded.
at the
Price* Lea* than at any Other Shoe
Store in Centra County.
Call and See Us!
No. 5, Bush's Arcade, Bellefonte.
July mr.
Woodring <fc Co.,
At the Grocery Sura on Allegheny
Street, Bvllefoeie, Pa., opposite Hoffer
Bros inform the public gcuerelly, that
they have now and keep at *ll lime* one
of ins best end largest slocks of Groceries,
such as
Ac.. A., Ac.,
consisting cf canned peacban, cherries,
omaiocs, plums, green core, dried apples,
peachse, cherries Ac.
In brief they have everything usually
kept in a £n*t class Grocery Storv. Ceil in
ladies and gentlemen. Our price* are
seasonable. We aim tc please. octStf
offers hi* service* to the citiaen* of Mifltin
Centre and adjoining counties, in
Heuae. Mgn mid Ornnmenatal
Oak. Walnut, Maple, Ash.
Mahojtony. Ac.,
Plain and Fancy Paperhaaging. Or
ders respectfully solicited.
All tine work done for other painters.
nov 6 If.
Salt per Barrel... .......(3 4>
Salt per Sack 226
Best Rio Coffee per A 30
White Sugar per A.— —. ....... IS
Men's Stoga 800U...—.. „ ..
Moose Boots per pair 3 60
Horse Blankets per piece —— 176
Men's Shirts, a piece.... 1 00
Army Pantaloons 2 76
Best double thick t0b5cc0.................. 36
Best Navy fobacco CO
We are Wanamakers A Brown's agents
end will furnish customers with any kind
of clothing you want at Philadelphia
prices, and wiOshow you large samples to
choose from.
We are sharpie**' agents af Philadel
phia and wilt furnish customers with any
kind of dress goods, shawls, Ac., at city
Largest stock of Merchandise avar
brought to this town. Collar, Room and
up Stairs all full. Gall and saa for your
selves and save from 20 to 30 per cent.
The highest Market price paid for but
t'L <***. f*in, Ac.
r iftv different kinds of men's glove*.
Excelsior Cement
The undersigned now manufacture Ce- I
OITALITY. at their kilns, near Pine J
Creek Mills, in Hainea twp. This cement {
has already been used in large quantities <
apon the L. C. A S. C. RR., and has been J
found highly satisfactory upon all jobs i
wbeie it has been used, and as equal to |
any now manufactured. The undersigned i
now take pleasure in recommending, and
warranting it to all, for use in Clifi- i
TERNS, WATER PtPKS, or whatever i
purpose a good quality of Cement is desi- j
rable. This Cement hat already been <
tested far and wide, and rendered the ut- 1
most satisfaction. Persons, therefore con- ,
structing Cisterns, lading Water Pipes, i
Ac., will find it to their advantage to bear
this in mind, and also, that they warrant
the article as represented. For further
particulars, address
20dcc Aaronsburg, Pa.
NOTICE is hereby given that the ac
count of Samuel Hess, committee of
the person and estate of Lydia Musser a
lunatic, has been filled in this office, which
said account will be presented to the court
for confirmation at January term next.
18dec8t Prothonotar.v.
NOTICE is hereby given that the ac
count of Griffith Ly tie, committee of
the person and estate of Jacob Wortx a
lunatic, has been filed in this office, which
said account will be presented to the court
for confirmation at January term.
18dec8t. Prothonotary.
constantly on hand first class Mules*
which they will sell or exchange for Hor*
ses, at their stables at Milroy.Ta,
Udw. Bm.
I''New Store!
! New Goods!
New Prices!
New Everything!
Beet American Prists - lOete
' I Laurent.. .......d0.........f10t*
] Bedford Beta
Appiaten A. Muslin 4fd lAeta
' Augutta d 0..... ... Mete
Chestnut UUI bleached 12ct*
| Canton F1anne1...... 16et*
White Sugar USfcta
Beet Nevy T0bacc0—..................... "Beta
Levering .Syrup..... 76eta
A Fine Awtortoient of Ladies
Moss colored Poplins 40cta
Japanese Silks. . Biele
Tycoon Rape 2Bet
Pine Mobeir SHk Pinieli 1.00
Black Alpaca*, Cne 76da
Preneh Merin05..—.......... - 1.00
Very Fine Cashmeres.. 7Scta
At., Ac., Ac.
All other good* in proportion. We
have laid in e large stock of the beet good,
which were purchased at tha very bottom
panic price*, and, the season being well
advanced. we ere determined to closa
them cut at prices tht have not been
touched In this country since the war.
Come end esamiae our stock and prices
end be convinced that we will do you
good. S. S. WOLF,
dec IB If. Centre Hail.
SOBS B. oavia, cr. AiHistiw,
Attorneys-al-law. Ofice opposite Court
House, Bel let ante, Pa.
Jan l*'74t£
JOHNFPOTTEK, Attorney-at-l*w
Collection* promptly made aed
special attention given to those having
lend* or property Lr sale. W ill drew up
sod Lave acknowledged Heeds, Mortgage.
Ac. Oflce ie the diamond, north of
the court house, Bellefonte. octJfdStf.
V' JOBS Spanouca, Proprietor,
Stages arrive and depart dally, for el
points, eorth. sout.° r east and **
Bellefonte, Centre 00., Pa. aptttet
Hxaar naoexxaaorr, a. p. aaragT.
President. Cashier.
(Late Milliken, Hoover A Co.)
And Allow interest,
Discount Notes,
Buy and cell.
Government Securities, Goid A
apHTSßtf Coupons.
it. foRTNKY. Attorney at Law,
, Bciiefontc, Pa. Office over Rey
onld a bank mayM't
ILLER'S HOTEL Woodward, Pa.
Stages arrive end depart daily.
KOOXfi. Willi ARE Ac CO.
wHOLaaaut PKautae i*
Fish. Cheese and Provisions.
1M North Delaware Avenue,
117 North Water Street,
V. a. Koqgu. O lesvm tlcavoi
mard ly.
Banking Co.
And Allow In .wrest.
Discount Note
Buy end Sell
Government Securities, Gold end
Pres'L Cashier
Chas. H. Held,
Clack, Watchmaker A Jeweler
Millheim, Centre Co., Pa.
Respectfully informs his friends and ti><
public ia general, that he ha* just tmenrd
at his new establishment, above Alexin
der's store, and keeps constantly on tuu • .
all kinds ot Clocks, Watches and Jewe;rj
of the latest style*, a* also the Msrani itt
Patent Calender Clocks, provided with i
complete index of tbe month, tnd da% v
the month and week on it* fisce, which i*
warranted as a perfect time-keeper
guff-Clocks, Watches and Jewelry IT
US.ted on short notice and warranted.
set. true IV
Would most respectfully inform theoit
sens of this vicinity, that he has started •
new Boot and Shoe Shop, and would be
thankful for a share of the public patron
i|i, Bool* and Shot* made to order and
according to style, and warrants hi* work
5 equal any made elsewhere. All kind
of repairing done, and charges reasonable
Giva him a call. fvb I<> 1)
Dentist, Millheim.
Offers hia professional services to the
public. He s prepared to perform all
eperations in tbe dental profession,
pgr He is now fully prepared to extract
teeth abtoin My without pain. iuyß-7-tf.
Ym OUNO'S HOTEL. Comer of Ttird
and Chestnut Street, Mifflinburg, Pa.
John Showers, Proprietor.
Iu Central Location makes it particularly
desirable to persons visiting Town on
business or pleasure.
H. A. Taylor's Livery Attached.
un(2l ly
u.'2S3 , s£i. c iS5 Sis Ksssjj:
Hoaorabi* Hsnrr JK.pi.. W. si. Jodto*. Ui Ceatrs
lot til. v-ouuijr Of Contra, mad locommrncc tut the *h
Honda* of JH.MII. bnni IKT SStb ds* of JOB. 1114,
uf to oooUaos two wsnh*.
Notice is bsrsbr jlton to tits Coroner. Justus* of the
Ponce. Aldermen sad .unstable. of the said count* of
spiwrtaias to bo done aad those who are bound la re
oocaisaaoee to proeecote uuut the pOaooors that are
or shall be la the Jail of Centre count. , be then and
X.~tprolateEatart theme.dnßte tajt.
Utren under m* hand at BeUoloate. the 4th da* of
Jan In ths iss* of oar Lord WJ4. aad In the aiaetr-
Dr. Crooks Wine of Tax
|B Contains ftmrtaMe In
ersdieato ofPafentied
SAf Tonic value eomulued
n with the rich ttf OK
Qualities of Tar. which
- cause U to bulla an
the weals sed drhli
tUlcd and rapidly
strength. It cleanse#
the Stomach, relaxes
the Liver, and rautrs
Use feed to di|t,
and Indtg. alien. It
la a Superior Tonic,
restores the appetite
and strengthens the
system. For Paine in
the Breast, htde or
Back, Clravel or Kid
ney dla ease, diseases
of the t'rlaaiy Or
■aasjeaedlce or mar
User Cemplolnt ft
has no equal. It eneo
tnally cures aUOossph*
St* the raioATtS
LVHOB. and has been
iwaiiyww ww W Btiw **