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farm, Garden and Household.
Orchard mil \ur*ry.
Flar,ting.—Should the ground remain
open this mouth many fruit trees can
Ims set and at a leea eost than when the
work ia done in the spring. Now labor
is plenty, and many n man at thia sea
son will accept a job at smaller wages
than wonld be deinandel iu the apring.
Do not, however, set trees in a wet or
partly frozen soil; they will lie likely
to perish. Better occupy the time in
cutting drains ami preparing the soil
properly. Trees not set out this fall
must be heoled-iu on a dry sandy soil
whore there is no danger of water set
tling during the winter.
Fruit, Any remaining ungathered
should be harvested at once and placed
where the temperature ia as low as pos
sible without danger of frost. Apples
gathered late, atom! in barrels and
placed in a low tornperatlire, will keoji
a long time.
Cider.—Continue to make cider from
the late varieties of apple*, using on'v
those which are free from rot. Cider
made at this season, strained through
•and to remove all pomace aud impuri
ties, may be barreled at once, and little
or no fermentation will take place il
kept, cool. This makes a very fine
quality of cider for ftse during the win
ter, as it remains sweet a long time.
The barrel should be bunged up as
aoou as the cider is put into it.
Viai|r. —All cider from inferioi
fruit should be made into vinegar.
Keep the vinegar barrels open, and from
time to time add cider, and in a few
mouths or years, according to the tern
pemture, good vinegar will be the re
Stocks. Take up stocks for rool
grafting, assort, tie in bundles of con
veuieut size, aud bury where they cat
be got readily during the wiuter. li
packet! in damp sawdust and put in a
cool cellar they will keep equally well
Cions.—Cut at any time when th
tree is not frozen. Store in Mwdnst
See that they tin not dry out during th<
Seedlings which need protectionmus'
not be covered until quite cold. Leave:
are the cheapest aud best coverinj
which can be used, aud they are aK
generally the easiest to procure.— Ayri
Care of Maanre.
From actual experience, I aay by al
means house your manure. "If yoc
haven't a cellar under your barn ami
cannot have one, build a shed at one
over the accumulation behind the barn.
You will save the cost everv rear. A
few jsists and boards will build a tem
porary one; the boys would be glad tc
do it if you give them a chance.
The accumulating of forest leaves
cannot be too highly recommended;
they are worth twice as mnch as the
swamp hay many farmers spyjul time
and money to get for bedding.
I am not in favor of saw dust for an
absorbent, as sometimes spoken of, un
less it be hard wood ; pine contains
pitchy substance which is not good for
the land. Swamp muck or peat is the
best, especially if yon are to use your
manure on dry land—if you are going
to use it on low, jblack land- sand or
loam may lie best. Carry the low land
on to the hills and the hills into the val
leys, and you will improve both. I
found that by the mixture of the drop
pings of the horse, cows, leaves, bushes,
and everything of the sort, that the
Suality was greatly improved as well as
ie quantity increased.
I found, however, that having so
much vegetable matter decaying, it was
more apt to heat, and having no boy to
work it over, I had to do it myself,
which I did three times, say once a
month. I shook up the green manure,
putting it one side, then in three or
four weeks gave it another shake and
more green in its place, and so on; con
sequently in the spring I had a lot of
rotten finely pulverized manure to use,
'and the rusult was my crops have come
in this fall nearly or quite doable what
they were last year, iceated in the old
way of farming. Brother farmers, try
it, and remember the basis of success
is the manufacturing of manures.—Mas
sachusetts Ploughman.
Sauer Kjraat.
Directions for making saner krant, as
given by the editor of the Germ an town
Telegraph: The best we ever ate we
make ourselves, and have done so for
many years, and for a considerable time
with our own hands, and always from
Savoy cabbage. It was manufactured
in this wise: In the first place, let your
stand, holding from half a barrel to a
barrel, be thoroughly scalded out; the
cutter, the tub, and the stamper also
well scalded. Take off all the outer
leaves of the cabbages, halve them, re
move the heart, and proceed with the
cutting. Lay some clean leaves at the
bottom of the stand, sprinkle with a
handful of salt, fill in half a bushel of
cut cabbage, stamp gently until the
iuice makes its appearance, then another
sndful f salt, and so on until the
st uid is full. Cover over with cabbage
leaves, place on top a clean board fitting
the space pretty well, and on top of that
a stone weighing twelve or fifteen
pounds. Stand away in a cool place,
and when hard freezing comes on re
move to the cellar. It will be ready for
use in from four to six weeks. The'cab
bage should be cut tolerably coarse.
The Savoy variety makes the best
article, but it is only half as productive
as the Drumhead or Flat Dutch. We
will just add that there is no dih more
wholesome than well-made sauer-krant,
but it should always be boiled with a
piece of pickled pork or corned beef.
Chicken Vermin.
Every amateur who has attempted
the raising of chickens, beyond the
small number usually found about
every rural home, has most probably
given it up in disgust, from inability
to cope with the subject oi vermin in
the shape of small mites that infest the
nests of setting hens, when even
do not take possession of the whole
hen-house and its inhabitants. Many s
one will remember his dismay at seeing
his hens quit their nests perhaps the
very day when the chicks were expect
ed, and on examining the eggs, find
them literally covered with these active
little animals. Madame De Ltuas has
found the secret of preventing these, as
well as this disease gi nerally, among
her feathered charges ; and *K* secret
is simply in absolute and
fresh air. The rooms where tbe hens
lay and where they rest at night, are
perfectly ventilated by Venetian shut
ters in the front and rear walls. In ex
oeeding cold nights these are not per
fectly closed, and on these occasions
the furnace supplies a constant current
of fresh, warm air. The interior is
smoothly finished in plaster, and the
wood" of the nest boxes, as well as the
wood of the buildings, has been sub
mitted to what is called the Boucherie
process, the invention of a doctor by i
that name. ;
Winter Fred.
My bill of fare for winter, says the
gentleman wjio took the first prize for
butter at the New York State Fair, is
twenty pounds clover hay, one peck
roots, and four quarts fine corn meal.
That will be the average ; if any cow
wishes more she shall have it A good
cow always pays for what she eats.
Last winter I cat and steamed the food
with a Prindle steamer, but am not pre
pared to say whether I got paid for the
extra pains. There is a great deal of
labor about it, especially when you do
it yourself. lam certain it pays to
cook the meal when the weather is too
cold to sour it. Cows are very fond of
steamed food, and will eat a great deal
of it. I cannot see any saving in
quantity by feeding cooked food. Pro
prietors of feed cotters and steaming
apparatus are always very enthusiastic
over the great saving of hay by cooking
it. In fact, so potent is their machinery,
that with it the farmer can (so they say)
transmute refuse straw and mustv hay
into a product superior to the best bay
uncooked. What a mess to place be
fore a well-bred Jersey cow, whose very
name is suggestive of delicious cream
and golden butter !
A Mexican paper says that the richest
gold fields in the world are in the
Argentine Republic
Now and Old.
New little feel
Teller 011 the floor;
I New little feeee
1 Peep through the door
' New little eon'*
r Here entered into life :
New little voices
Speak In love or strife ; -
New Utile linger*
j Tightly deep our own ;
£ New little tended*
Hound onr heart* Have grown.
Still the old vou-e*
' Echo in our ear,
And the old face*
Hallowed are and dear ;
il Still the old friend*
d Who have |aa**d away,
I* Live in our affection—
Love ha* no deoay ;
d And the old word*.
I' S(<oken long ago.
Keep the heart tender.
U Slake the tear* flow,
v I
J I Thn* New and Old
l Mingle iu one,
Each ha* it* Massing .
. And when life i*done,
j| Old faee*. eld ft tend*
0 Will meet u* again
Treasure* long buried
I, We *hall regain -
18 Al i that l* lovely.
At! that i* true.
, r Will live on forever.
t ; The Old aud the New.
M '
b The following remarkable account of
an ntrvvity alleged to hare been per
>t pel rated in New York oar is copied
i. from the San Francisco Keenimg lS*st,
n It exhitut*, if anorganiaed *y*teui
[f of kidnapping so revolting and cruel in
a every feature a* to seem improbable ;
I. yet the paper named above assert* that
"the account is tme in every particular.
' George F. Staple, the lad who makes
the charges, ia a native of Home, N. Y.,
U anil having worked as a carpenter in
New York city some tinfe ago. after
rt spending a few* weeks with his mother
* in Borne in May, IS?J, he returned here
8 to get work on the Brooklyn bridge.
■° Failing in that, he worked for Hugh
'• i O'Neill, stair-builder, corner of Co
lumbia and Congress streets, Brooklyn,
and W. F. Filler, on Van Brunt street,
JJ Brooklyn. About last Christmas his
„ work gave ont. He agaiu weut home,
j taking his aged mother S2OO. In May
he returned here, and his experiences
L are thus recorded ;
\ For some days he walked around
*_ from one carpenter-shop to another j
0 without finding anything to do, when,
on the 9th of May, between four and
8 five o'clock in the afternoon, he found
|. himself on Water street, having been
e inquiring for work at the shops on the
e Cast riTer side of the city. He had
about determined to give up his search
n for the day, when, as he walked along,
a well-dressed mau came up briskly be
„ hind him and tapped him familiarly on
, r the shoulder*.
e " Would'nt yon like something to
r do ?" said the stranger,
g " Yes, sir," replied the Iml ; " that is
, r just what I have been looking for."
j " Well, I think you will suit me. I
[. have been looking for some one to put
1 in the way of a good job. How would
K von like to go to San Francisco? I
, have just made a big contract to put up
,1 advertising for a patent medicine ont
8 there, and I want to get a smart fellow
to go with me."
0 "I should Like to go, sir, if the wages
s are good. Work seems pretty hard to
0 get here this spring. What would you
r pay me, sir ?"
a "I will give you $2.1 per month and
, pay all of vour expenses ;so that you
t can save all your wages. The pay will
,j be in gold, too, and you can have a nice
little sum when we get through, and
perhaps strike something even better
, 1 out theie, far there is plenty of money
g to be made there by a smart man.
t Will yon go ?"
( i "Yes, sir. When do you wish me to
r start ?"
s "We shall have to get off by Monday
at farthest, (it was Friday,) but may
have to go by to-morrow night, for the
firm I have centracted with are in a
great harry."
s '• Well, sir, I can be ready, though I
a should like to have time and bid my
e mother good-bye. But if I can't do
r that I can go over to Brooklyn, where I
e have been living, and get my clothes
11 and meet you to-morrow."
1 "All right, but you had better come
r and get supper with me, as it is prottv
a near supper time, and we can talk it all
e over."
0 They were by this time near the cor
r ner of Cherrv street, into which they
r turned, and ine kind stranger who had
e the big advertising contract for Cali
e lfornia led the way to a house opposite
a the Sailor's Home. It looked like s
f sailor boarding-honse, and oi a small
e sign bore the words,
j Two or three men were lonnging
t about the door, who looked somewhat
3 peculiarly at the lad as he passed in.
f The stranger, who proved to be Charles
Gleason himself, led the way to a small
r washroom, which opened off a dining
. . room, where a table was set.
, ; " Now, my boy, I suppose you feel a
t little dirty, as you hare been "tramping
>! around all day; take off your things and
f j give yourself"a good wash."
. The lad took off his bat, his overcoat
( and vest; hang them up, and rolling up
1 his sleeves, began to wash. When he
had ooncluded he turned around for his
"Nevermind," said GleasoD, " I sent
' them to the luggage room, where they
' will be brushed and De safe. Put on
' j this till after we get supper," he added,
producing an old monkey jacket.
r boy, though somewhat wonder
' ' fnff. pit it on, and Gleason led the way
> | into the dining-room. No one was
' there except a man who reminded
>q Staple of a lunatic, and who seemed
' afraid to say a word, though he com
menced grinning in a very significant j
way. rhev sat down and tad supper, .
Gleason talking kindly to the boy all
' the while abont what they would do in 1
California. When their supper had 1
been finished he said : 1
" Now, I guess we had better go
down and see the captain, and you must 1
tell him that yon are a sailor, and have <
been going to sea for four years, and 1
then you will get $.lO advance."
"But I can't tell him that, for I ain't
a sailor. I have never been to sea in
my life."
I'D •your soul, IU make yon a
sailor," said Gleason, with a threaten
ing air, clinching bis fists and advan
cing on the boy, who retreated toward
the wash-room. " You , come
down to the house and eat my supper,
and then tell me you have never been to
; sea." '
" But it is true, sir ; I never have
j been to sea."
" Hear me !" thnndered the man. !
" You have been to sea four years 1"
" But I can't "
" D'ye hear me ?" shouted be again,
1 hitting the boy a heavy blow with his
j right hand on* one side of his head,
j " You've been to sea four years, or I
will knock the d head off you ; do 1
| you hear ?" 1
" Yes, sir," said the boy, thoroughly t
frightened, and feeling that he could j
have no chance for escape until ho got t
I ont of the house. 1
After some more threatening language 1
a sailor's cap was placed on his head, (
' and with the landlord on one side and 1
I a stalwart runner on the other, he was
marched into the street. The boy's I
hope revived as he got into the open <
j air, and he told them that if they did '
not let him go he would call a police- 1
man and have them arrested. 1
" You say a word to anybody and I'll 1
knock the teeth down your throat," 1
said Gleason, while the runner, with 1
a menacing gesture, swore he would 1
kick him to pieces if he opened his 1
head. "Ana hear ye," added tbe 1
landlord, " the best thing that you can 1
do is to keep as quiet as you can. All 1
j the policemen down here are my friends, 1
and if you call to one I'll give him a i
; couple of dollars to club you." 1
The boy made no reply, but looked 1
j m keenly m he ooold at those they i
passed ; but at the time (it was now
after dark) in that section of the city
there wss no one to l>* seen to whom
lie dared appeal. Thev approached a
policeman who was standing on the
eonier, and the bov, in suite of threats,
made up his mind to call to him ; but
his resolve wa* cheeked when his cap
tor* and the policeman nodded ldc**-
antly to each other, and he thought his
safest plan was to see the captain, who,
iu hi* innocence, lie aummaed would
certainly refuse to take luni when lie
found he wa* uo sailor.
When tliey came to the *hipping of
fice not the office of the I nittst States
1 Commissioner, but an " outside " or
private office—the captain, who wa*
j present, without a*kitig any questions,
told Gleason that the boy would uot do,
. he wa* not heavy euotigh, ami he might
. a* well take him right back ami bring
' him a heavier mail or none at all. The
| Ihv attempted to *|>eak, but was si
lenced by a threat ami marched out of
the office again. On the war bock the
runner proi*>*od to take him to another
office ami *lup him for Liverpool, but
Gleason refused, saying he *** going
to send him ou a voyage where he
would not come hack aoou ami would
ship him for China ou Monday.
Arrived at the house again, he was ta
I ken to a small room at oue end, where
there was a little cot. and ordered to go
to bed, being admouiahcd that if lie
dared to try to escape during the night
j it would be at the peril of hi* life.
Left iu the darkness, thr boy cau
tiously felt the tl sir and the tiell, for
he had heard that there were places 111
Now York where they dropped men
through trap*; ami then, finding noth
ing that seemed like a trap, he sat
down oa the bed ami abamlomst him
self to bis thoughts. As he thought of
his |>osition a prisoner right iu the
heart of the groat city, aud held by men
who he was convinced would uot hesi
tate to murder him, ami threatened with
being aeut t* China without even Lov
ing a chance of letting his mother know
where he was, ami as lie thought of her
agony over his disappearance- bitter
tears conic to his relief, and he resolved
to make an attempt to get out. It must
have been about four or five o'clock iu
t)ie morning when he succeeded in
pickiug the lock on his door (there was
uo window) and cautiously o|>encd it,
only to see that he was guarded l>y a
sentinel, whose vigilance thare was 110
hope of eluding. There was u faint
light iu the larger room into which his
opened, and by it he saw an immense
bloodhound raise himself from the
floor, and, with white teeth and low,
savage growl, gather himself to spring
ou the intruder. The boy drew back,
for he was very much afraid of dogs,
having been badly torn by ae in his
childhood, and feeling that there was
no jH>*aibility of escape, commended
himself to God. *
The long night passed, and morning
came, and he was permitted to get some
breakfast ; but during the whole day
was kept jk secure prisener, either
Gleason himself or one of his runners
bring always on hand to check any at
tempt to escape. In the evening the .
captain of the Baltic sent up word that
if Gleason could do no better he would
take the mau who had been refused the
night before.
Thereupon the considerate landlord
fitted out the boy for sea. The pea
iacket he had been wearing was of some
little use, so from a box of old clothe*,
a long, swallow-ta.'ed coat, or what
was left of what had on. •* been the prop
erty of some shangha i bummer, was
selected, and he was made to exchauge.
This, with an old quilt, two flimsy
check shirts, three clay pipe*, a pound
of ping tobacco aud a sheath knife aud
licit constituted the outfit with which
he wa* to be aeut to ronnd Cape Horn
in the dead of the southern winter.
Making the boy carry his bundle, he
was again taken down to the shipping
office, as on the night before, the land
lord on one side and the runner on tbe
Two or three men were in the little
room, but no one was paying any atten
tion to him. He was marched up to a
desk and ordered to sign his name,
when the clerk pointed to a piece of
paper. " Sign, whi*|>ered the runner.
Sign, or I will kill you," said the land
lord, su ; *ing the action to the word,
and stri: ..g him heavily under the iaw.
The boy wrote his name and was hur
ried out and down to the wharf with a
drunken man. whom he had noticed in
the shipping office. On the way he
ventured to sak when he was to get the
$lO advance which hail been promised
him the day before.
" Yon will get that on board," ws
the groff reply.
At the wharf a boatman was hailed,
the drunken man was bundled down,
and, under the threat of t>eing knocked
down if he did not move quickly, he
was hurried into the boat, which pulled
off to the Baltic.
" Take your dunnage into the star
board forecastle," said a man whom he
afterward found was the mate.
The boy started off toward the
" Where are you going?" ahonted a
man, somewhat in liquor,who confront- 1
ed him, and who proves! to be the boat
"I was just going back there, air.
Are yon the captain ?"
" Going back there, yon fool !" half
laughed, half roared the Isiatswain,
hauling off and knocking him down
with a blow of his fist "You're a
pretty specimen to come aboard a ahip.
Go forward there, or I'll kick you for
There was no help for it; the boy
fonnd the forecastle, and found there a
number of men just like himself, who
hail never been to sea before, but who
had all been abangha-d in pretty much
the same way. He finally approached
the mate, who seemed a kindly man,
but who told him he could do nothing
for him. Men were scarce, and the shin j
must go to sea, and $lO hail been paid
for him. Late at night the watchman
found him crying on the topgallant
forecastle, heard his story and agreed
to take a letter from him to be mailed
to his mother, telling where lie hail
gone. The last hope failed when the
captain and pilot came on board, and
the tuglmata came lip and pnllcd the
ship through the Narrows and out to
sea, and the Baltic's white wings were
spread for an 18,000 mile voyage.
It ia needless to say that Staples did
not get his advance, and, when lie spoke
of it, the sailors only laughed at him,
and advised him to make a cow-hitch
in the extremities of his swallow-tail ;
though they soon relieved him of these (
by cutting off first one and then the
other to make blackball caps. But {
they treated him well. The crew of j
the Baltic was largely made up in the J
same way, and there was among them n ,
barber, a tailor, a shoemaker, a soldier,
a fireman, and a carpenter, who hardly
knew one end of th ship ftorn the ,
other,and who hail no more idea of ship
ping as seamen to go round Cape Horn •
than they hail of going on a journey tan (
the moon. (
The officers treated him well. The
first mate took him into his own watch, (
and he was not even sent aloft until he
had got over hia sea sickness. The (
treatment of the crew was excellent.
There was very little bullying and no
bearing, and Captain Taylor did not j
add to his sin of kidnaping men the
sin of torturing and killing them, 1
though the steward charged exorbitant 1
pricea for the few articles which the |
slop-ches contained. Arriving here, I
he was taken to Sanders' boarding- <
house, the third mate having given him 1
the abundant clothes in which he made I
his appearance to Mr. Morrow. I
We have given, in a connected shape, <
the substance of the boy's story, with
out color or embellishment of any kind. I
There is nothing improbable in it to 1
any one who knows anything about j '
the manner in which ships are 1
manned in American ports ; and the ]
boy exhibits every mark of truth- ,
fulness and sincerity. He appears
to be just what he says ho is—a good, 1
hard-working boy. He is a member of ; 1
the Episcopal church, having been eon- I
firmed in Rome, and while in Brooklyn ; 1
attended the church of the Be v. Dr.
Bancroft. He fears that his mother ; :
never got the letter sent ashore by the 1
watchman, as he asked her to write to ]
San Franctooo, but found no letter j 1
waiting him htre, 11
K.xmitiitn of ItiNurfrnU,
On t!* Ttli mut., tin* Captain ami
thirty-nix of tho crow of tlir* *trainr
Virginias worn ciccntml nt Hsutingo il>
Cull*, sin! on tlu> next <ly (Htb) twolvo
nioro of th Cuban volanteora on tin*
TVIMII worn shot, Among tin* latter
WM Frunchi Alfaro.
Tin* tliapatoli front Santiago !i* Cuba,
announcing; tin* oxnoution of Captain
Fry ami tin* crow of tin* Yirgiuiuit ami
twelve nort* of tin* Ctil>ati patriot*, aaya
that Kraiichi A1 faro, who wan among
the latter number, oflerel the Hpauiali
autlioritiea $1,000,000 If they wouhl
J apare hi* life.
The Hpatiiar*!* aay that Alfaro came
to aantiuip the I'ronitltMioy of the no
catted Cuban Hepubbc.
Aiming the crew, and diaguiaeil a*
firemen, were lgnnoio, Alfaro, Hon*,
Ar*e Varona, t'antellanoa, Piuada Vol*,
Itoitel and other jivraoungi's of iui|H>rt
Captain JIMBUII Frr wan uiauifeatly
aware of the object ol the nxpetllUon
and the nature of tho cargo, which he
waa tempted to take charge of hv the
largo mi IU of money offered hnu, think
lug that there were 00 chancea in 100 of
hi* lauding in aafcty.
The Captain ami crew were ahot hy a
*i|ttad of marine* in the pnblie square.
Twelve of the inaurgentn were abut
in front of the slaughter house wall, at
half-past eleven o'clock IU the morning.
Tbe Executed Cuban*.
The four persona on the Virginias,
captured hy the Spaniards ami ahot,
were as follow* :
\V. A. C. Ryan, if not bora iu Ireland,
was of Irtli deaeeut. He waa altoul
forty yrars old at the time of Insdeath.
DuriHg the civil war he aaw service, it
is *aid, in the Union arnir. In IM9 he
began to eouneet himself in some way
with the Cuban movement. Probably
no one but himself knew exactly to
what extent he participated in the
dangers of this cause, lie waa alwava
in trouble in New York. He affected
the eccentric and acini-military style of
dress. He was rarely seen in winter
without his martial cloak, and he always
wore a wide-brimmed sombrero, which,
with his long hair and general bearing,
gave him the air of a cavalier of the
old day*. The faces of moat of the
Cubans light up with a peculiar smile
when they *|ieak of his devotion to
their cause.
Gen. Jeaus del Sol was a native Cuban,
his birthplace having leen Cteufnegos.
He waa aiKJiit fortv-two year* old, and
; waa a man of distinguished devotion to
the Cuban canse, and of equally dia
tinguiabed courage. He possessed,
previous to the revolution, a large prop
ertr iu coffee plantations, cattle, and
horses. He had figured as an active
participator in the Cuban struggle since
lS(i9. In the spring of IS7I he was
captured by the Spaniards while lying
sick with fever in the woods and dis
abled iu lotb leg*. Subsequently be
was conveyed to Spain and there im
prisoned. Succeeding in making his
escape from orison. Gen. del 80l came
to the United States. The Cubans of
New York were much attached to him.
Mme. del Sol, his wife, is dead, and
their children, three sons and two
thing liter*, are in New York.
Genera! lternab© Varona waa, not
withstanding liia youth ibe was only
twentv-one years old i, one of the most
oonspicnona among the military leaders
'of the Cuban revolution. His father
was a prominent and wealthy sugar
planter of Puerto Priacap*, where Gen
era! Varona was Itorn. lie received hia
education in the United States. The
first months of the revolution found
him in Cuba, whither be returned from
this country. He operated in the Cain
ague v district, w here he sulMeqnmtly
acquired a general command iu that and
other districts. He was an intimate
friend of General Queaada's, and en
joyed to a great degree the confidence
of that officer. General Yamna waa in
many of the principal engageraenta
' between the Cubans and Spaniards,
and had acquired a high reputation
among the Cuban* at home and abroad.
In I*7o he came to this country. He,
too, like the other*, left New York a
month ago to join the ill-fated Vir
ginia* expedition. General Varona'a
mother and a cousin reside iu New York
I city.
General Pedro Oaßpedßß was a brother
of President CVs|>edei, of the Cuban
republic. Beyond that fact little is
known of him by hia romjmtriots in
New York, inasmuch as he has never
been iu this country. It is proboble
that he had gone from Cuba to meet
the expedition* on the Atlas, and so
was it that he fonnd himself upon the
Virginitts when that vessel was cap
i tared. _
The Sprague Deed of Trust.
Hy the deed of trust in the Sprague
ns(>ension, a* now made out, it is pro
posed by the A. A W. Sprague Manu
facturing Company, and A. A W.
Sprague, to convey all their corporate
and private property to three trustee#
byway of mortgage, to le secured by
notes amounting aay to $12,000,000,
having three years to run, wntli interest
payable nt 7 $-10 per cent, per annum,
with power reserved to pay a dividend
upon the principal on each recurrence
of the semi-annual payment. Absolute
power is given to trustee* to sell any
fiortion of the property in their diacre
tion, and apply the proceeds, ratably,
far the payment of the creditors. It is
also proposed by the stockholders in
the corporation to deposit with the
Trustees a majority of tho stock of the
corporation, to be field in trust by them,
so thnt they can have at all times power
to take jKissession of tho management
of the corporation. The details of the
instrument are full to cff<*ct this general
Power is also given to supply any
vacancies that may occnr, by suitable
judicial appointment. The document
was prepared Wv B. F. Thurston, ( 'has.
Hart. James Tillingliast, and John A.
Hlood. It if expected tlint before it is
finally delivered to the Trustees that
full opportunities will be hod for credi
tors, through their oommitte, to employ
counsel to seo that it* form is amply
sufficient to carry out tho proportion
on the pait of the Company nnd A. A
W. Sprague. i
Saving Money.
" How do yon get along ?" said a do
voted wife to her husband, a down-town
merchant, in the midst of the panic.
"Oh! I shall weather tho storm, bnt I
wish I had only a few hundred dollars
more. It would Ik> very convenient, to
say the least." " Don t you wish you
had married a rich wife ?' said she, in a
teasing wnv; then rising and going to
her room sfie returned with rather more
than the amount required in United
States bonds. "Why, where in the
world did you get this ?" said the be
wildered husband. "Well, my dear,
yon went to a champagne supper seven
years ago, and on your return finding
navigation around the room rather dif
ficult, deposited hat, shoes, gloves, nnd
s large roll of hank bills on the carj>et.
I put it away, and waited three weeks
for you to inquire if I hail seen it.
When finding you were ashamed to do
so, I invested it; and here yon have it."
A Commuter.
The commuters on the N. Haven road,
snys the Danbnry man, have held sever
al meetings recently to give the partici
pants opportunity to declare the road
to be a fiendish monopoly, and its offi
cers thieves. For tho benefit of those
of our renders who don't travel, we wish
to explain that a commuter is a man
gifted at euchre; he wears large buttons,
elegant studs, and occupies two seats.
When not engrossed in tho vagaries of
tho game he lightens enre by throwing
spitdjalls, and altogether he is a man
who suffers much. We sre glad he is
holding meetings, and hope it eases
CONVICTED.— Frank L. Taintor, tho
defaulting cashier of the New York At
lantic National Hank, was convicted in
the U. H. Circuit Court. His coun
sel wanted to show that the $400,000
which he embezzled was used by him
in Wall street speculations for the bank,
but the Court decided that this was no
palliation of his offence, and refused >,
admit it. A motion was made for a new
Whither Are He Priding I
The cpidemie of financial corruption j
nt last holds the proud Western City of
Wyandotte in its frightful S|KII, and the
' victimized town'* glorious newspapei,
' the /.'ub rnrisr- is aroused to the full
perils of the situation. It announces
Ihe Hhametul fuel under the heading of
" Malfes*iiiH* in Office I Corruption!
i Fraud 1 The I'oundniaster a Defaulter !
I How the People are Swindled I" Houte
> one got it suspicion that the Pound
mauler hod n "ring" all hy himself, and
i lie wns brought up before the Common
I Council nnd nake.l to explain, when he
prearuted tin* following bill;
ltecots $7.80
Fade out M. 70
, Tin* young city was astonished, and
, the F.nlrrftritt says: " With the illus
trious example of New York before us,
we have, nt an enormous expense, ob
tained the damning evidence of the
l'ouiidmsHter's peculation*." In other
i words, it has discovered that the offi
* rial's "reoeta" have been over SOO, with
i two thirds of the county to hear from.
This is an age qf corruption iu high
f places, and every hom-sl man will re- -
joiee to hear the /.'• trrpriar explain :
i "Fully resolved to protect the interest* '
of the pnblie, we dare the rage of dia- 1
t honest officials. Citizens of Wytui-
I dotte | wecsnnot be coerced or bribed
to suppress the record."
A Norway Kcene.
A scene witnessed by some travelers
iu the north of Norway, from a cliff one
thousand feet above the sea, is thus de- j
| scribed : "The ocean stretched away in
silent vaatness at our feet; the sound
( of waves scarcely reached our airy look
out ; away in the north the huge old
sun swung low sloug the horizon, like
the alow beat of the pendulum in the
tall clock of our grandfather's parlor
' corner. We all stood silent, looking t
' our watches. When both hand* came
| together at twelve, midnight, the huge
. round orb hung triumphantly above the
waves, a bridge of gold running due
north spanning the waves between us
' and him. There he shone in silent
majesty which knew no setting. We
' involuntarily took off our hats; uo
word was said. Combine, if you ran,
the most brilliant sunrise and sunset
' vou ever saw, and the Identities will ]*ale
before the gorgeous coloring which now
j lit up ocean, heaven, and mountain.
Iu half on hour the sun ha 1 swung up
. jn-reepubly on his beat, the colors
changed to those of morning, a fresh
' brceac rippled over the floor, one song
ster after another pijwd up in the grove
Ireland us—we had slid into another
A IH*ter on Lake Ontario.
( The *tearner Bavarian, of the Royal
. Mail Line, bound from llamiltou to
Montreal, with six cabin t**a*eugera,
, took fire about eight o'clock at night,
fourteen miles from shore, opj*osite
Oahnwa. The fire broke out in the
centre oi the boat, near the eugiue, and
r the flames up read with great rapidity.
Three boats were immediately lower -
. ed, and one of them went adrift and w as
lost. The passenger* aud crew got
into the other boats, one of which con
tained nine persona, including the pilot,
ladies' maid, and seven of the crew.
The other boat contained thirteen per
j ( sons, inclndirg the first and second
! tastes, the purser, and two |a*cu
, ger*, a bov, and five of the crew, lioth
boat* reached the shore safely. There
are fourteen person* to be accounted
| for, including Capt. Uartuicha<-1, Mr.
Fcunican, the engineer, William
Hpcuee, the steward, three lady passen
gers (Mrs. Hubbard and daughter, of
Hrockrille, ami Mis* Ireland, of King
t.>n', and Mr. Wier, of Chatham. |
i I These w-re not able to get into Use j
j boats. The last seen of Capt. Car
inichacl, he waa on a plank in the water. j
Beasts in the Billow*.
A correspondent, describing the
1 wreck of the *te*mer Agra, off Galle,
bound from Calcutta via Uio hues
- canal, aara that after the vessel struck
1 on the rocks the passenger* and crew
had barely time to escape into the
1 boat, as the seas came tumbling over
' the sides, sweeping everything before
them, carrying away one poor invalid
r sailor, and bursting open the cages and
1 dens of an extensive menageno on
1 bor-rd. going home for the Zoological
1 Gardens. The eaeajH* and striking out
r amid the waves of a crowj of tiger*.
- elephants, Ac., and their roars and
' screams adding to the terror of the
' wretched passengers, presented a speo
' tarlo that will not soon Ire forgotten.
' One elephant managed to swim ashore,
aa did one of the inhabitants of Uic ad
j jaccut coast, who are said to be living
iu a state of siege, not daring to ven
? tnre outside of Uieir barricaded door*.
" The Agra, which sank in deep water,
" belonged to the lied Cross Line of
steamers, plving between Calcutta and
* London, ami was to have taken a ntim
' bor of passengers homo from Ceylon.
Making hi* Record flood.
A member of the Missouri I<egiala
-1 tare, whose reputation was exceedingly
* below "par," absented himself for
' awhile and then had his dentil au
r ; nonneed. Thereupon the Legislature
passed the usual r< solutions of condo
lence, some of the wilv memlwr's bit
i tercst enemies eulogized Uieir '' depart -
i ed friend's exalted character and liigh
' moral worth," and the next day he re
* appeared in his seat with the rcsolu
, tions and eulogies nently pasted in his
r memorandum book, a* a receipt in full
t for the past, and a letter of credit for
* tho future.
No Vjk-EKTAIN Sown.—When a man ;
- discovers a (treat truth, it is his duty
. to proclaim it to his feilow man. The
cannot be too strongly recommended
to tho invalid public. To thoac who
, have tried it, nothing need bo said- j
> their experience is their proof, pure atid
positive N* Holy Writ-. To UHMW* who
have not tried it, these truths cannot
be too often repeated. It is a certain
vegetable specific, which aids faltering
natute against the triumphs of dyspep- (
sin, bilious disorders of every kind, ;
marlarious fevers, constipation of the
bowels, liver complaint, Spring and I
Fall debility, etc., etc. itcosts but lit
tlo, and can always lie nt hand. It is j
the poor man's friend. It saves a doc
tor's bill, and tho time loot in riding ;
five, ten or twenty miles after him ; be- j
sides being free from all the poisonous
medicament* of the pharmacopeia. It
will not stimulate you to-day to leave
yon weaker tomorrow. Its lienefits are
permanent.— Com.
Meohello, the Russian sailor, convicted
of the murder of the United States
Marshal Stevenson in Jersey City, was
brought into court. The interpreter was
tohl to ask the prisoner what he had to
say why sentence of death should not ,
be pronounced nnon him. Mecholla i
raised his head ami said : " They kill
me! They kill me ! Why they no kill j
me?" Judge Bedle sentenced liira to
bo hanged on Friday, Dee. 5, between ;
the hours of 10 A. m. nnd 3p. m. The
prisoner exhibited no feeling, and or- ;
j com pan iod the officer out of the court
room without protest.
Tho Elm wood nnd Warwick collars j
will fit better and wear longer than any
other collars, either linen or paper, [
j Try them.—Com.
Wn*Ta's mi***! for Bronchitis. Psm.
Comsumption, and Isarn how tnanv die of ]
neglected coughs and cold* that HAl.k'a HOSET i
I or ltonznocsD AM> TAII would have cured.
Pike's Toothache Drop* cure iu one minute. .
Com*, ______________ I
Have yon a severe wrench or sprain ? ]
1 Ilavn yogghcianstisin in any form ? Have yon | 1
a stiff neck, or bunche* caused hy rheumatic
pains? If so, Johruon't Anoitipw Linirnrnt is ]
a Kimoifir remedy, used internally, anil exler
nally.—[Com. <
We often sec a large stock of cattle j
which do not * m to thrive, and came out
; " spring poor." all for want of something to
| start them in the right direction. One dollar's
worth of Sheri/lnn't Cavalry Condition I'otc- ,
dm, given to suoli a stock occasionally during
the winter, would be worth more than au extra , <
half ton of hay.—C'om I <
Postal Telegraphy.
There ia no subject of greater ini
i<> tho whfh* A **ionn
is more imperatively required -T so
easily effected, as in the telegraph.
It is now a monopoly with rates no
high as to prevent the pnblie from us ing
the telegraph, sud reserves it as a but ury
Ui Ibe rich or to the a peculator, wl iUe
only the large dmlr iaj>r* in Uic
largest cities can afford it, and th ec
form an alliance offensive and defens lye
with the Telegraph Company in oppo ei
tiou to every plan of reform.
Two systems have 1M*OI proposed for
remedying these evils - one by the l'oat
master-Geiiersl, who desires to buy
and ojierate all the line* of telegraph.
Tina plan ia opi>oaed by many friend*
of a reform on aceouut of tlie gu-at
outlay rcqniriHl for the ouroJiaae ami
extension of tlie linca, ami of the grt*at
increase of piwer that it woivlJ oonfer
on the Executive.
The other plan was unloosed by
Gardiner G. Hubbard, ami a>lopted by
Committee* of the Heliate ami lloUße uf
Representatives to which both plana
were referred at the last Coug.*eaa. By
this system trbyrramn will be received
and dcliveretl through the poai-oflice as
letters are evervwhere, ami an tele
grams are abroad, transmitted to their
place of destination by telegraph, by
partie - owning and ojier*tug*luiea of
telegraph, at rates fixed by (ougroes
as tetters are now transmitted over the
railroads. This pJan requires lio out
lsy by the Genmul Government, in
volves" no liability for buying, building,
! or ojH-ratiug linca, and will not lucreaae
the powers of the Executive.
The rates proposed arc "J5 cents fur a
telegram of 'io words each &U0 miles, if
it is transmitted by day, aud each l.tkkl
miles by night—a reduction of over 50
ier cent, on the present rates, and mi
increase of Ml per cent iu the length of
the telegram. The pi ess rates are equal
ly reduced, am! arc io> low ss to permit
everv weekly pajicr to receive a tele
graphic summary, 2ringing its news
down to the hoar of its issne.
This plan prtipoass a* great a reduc
tion as the other can alTord, and gives a
cheap telegraph to the people without
cost to tho Government. C>>mpetitiou
has IMM- N tried and abandoned, and, by
the failure of the independent and com
peting companies, liaa resulted in plac
ing all the important lines in the coun
try under the control of a single inter
est, of which Mr. VandarbiU ia tho
It remains for Congress to asy wheth
er tlie telegraph ahull be made an auxil
iary to the poet-office, freely uaed by
the people, or the ally of the railroad
monopoly, wielded only for its own
Can W I AUS ia HUT gnat as* rauaUs FAAULF
itlll'l LCIO BALSAM.
I, IK* ><• nfiblckWll an* AIIFTXAOMLEOL
iu Ik. AC ADO T* AI Ik aa R LMMF AT UTRWAL Siaaaaa.
• uck at A
OU4*. UMgkt, SttktM, BrvnrktHt, Cbtm—i|Stow
a*at> tsi rtustut;
l>- A L. SCOVII.L it tfca noes* of aavaral
ncS.nat I Xiaiat.c A.A whirk kava kac- nst vaff
I lar, ai4 kaa t—a litaiallv u,4. Aatnag bit
Alt " UAII 1 , Baitaa for tkt Lusgt,*' aa*
- I.)v<raurth aa* Tat " But Lkt MAI Mt i*att a
l#ll*> CABAD, HAT heat, ctiiM U. iha tofcllc XAM
ia< I Ik- a tag LATLU fruta Da. ICUVILL ratio lug
Iu II :
SlMta J F. Haaeii * So. :
U<at, I taaka tka L.LKITIU alalawiaßl from a
GA>;RT tDKiriicw aa* K- alaagr Mi. bacagtt of
at4-aa'T L.I AU IAIAAI la ITIUG Iba aotl tef
atai4 TULTK AM.> (- anutghti . 1 ka*a trtUtaataS
nt ATOII A IHT <>*!, aa* tka ols.aag I eaa truly
tty that it it by far tka bnt aawniuraai itatry
• I.K uktrh I ara ac-euatataS BUT rotybt, tt.l all
ihiaarsy AiAttt OR LEAF C -ayltt <ll. I bmrtrll .
IAWACU lata rati, ael If tiary ftailty Ttl4 LT< F
II by tbAis. raaSy B< i4aieiiltf tyut Iba Aral aw- 1
CAIAW •11 SitaaiA IU AI tbt LEEYT, Met tc*U
vary fW cant "f lata ratlAayiiAt It oast a*
IK* yti.yu A 1.0 maltat IU rataa ant hunt Irritating Oalloata r.gaut Oka L.uagt), aao wiikuut
kragac-iug ouattiwalM'* of tka bowalt llaltogtvn
■ Urtrtl T IHA tytta.lT) , tt I t tbt higkt awaatt.
AIR ckaagAt all tka taor UD tciAtiutl ia a kaalthy
(lata. ITOII, trtftcUUli,
F<A<r B 1A at taking Auaa'A Lrit BAISAM far
ITIAATIR IUIA laayt <4 leiuwa yaart ttanOiag
1 ha<T uaad aaary raasady I garad, and I hit is tka
ONLY ranaaOy that hat girra mt any raliaf I KE- a
it tatad lay life latl tbllug At 1 hat ittaa I aawv-
OA nitog tt atid tacatvad inatiut raliof.
It tf>rpad a my la. go la tau bowrt TOO art at
►IRTHL liberty H FTBl'tk tbit lattar, fur the laaa
at uf tuArrthg kuutaaity. and Bits iMftcl,
1 itmaia, Vourt Uuij ,
D. P. Boat.
Such, my to Waring friandt. T• tka Irtisra racata
ad daily, and d<> YOU Svuki fur a BUAMI Iha igci
ry of tk-.I valuator BtdirieA MaluUmr. and lake
to FUUT kc ma a buttlr of atxaWt Irra BAUTAB
T<-u tll Sud IB II a fl'tnaßt fiu, arid g aavat
tailiag IN ltd UI load OF uaad.
Bt not deceived Call *>r AU.KWS LTII BAD
SAM, AND take BO other.
Direction! AOCOMWAAG tut boAUa
3 X HABRIA S CO . ClttctsskU. O.
Bar tall by all Magtotse Daalara.
rot UU wauusaats BV
ILLU (' OAhltlW IH' 4 CO., Sottan
JOMMKOS BoIiOWAV S CO_ ruiladalrhla
ruiHTV x KIMV scxr#citiscst st ur
raJIbCKirTK'X or UNA of tka bait Brmala Thyti
riant and Xutaaf IB Ibt Catted Stated, and has
beau utvl FT R thirty yaart wrltb uavar falling tafrty
and tdcran by tatlUoßi of motbtrt nnd rklldran,
from tkd frthla Infant of sue weak old to tka adult.
IT C-o rracta acidity of tka (tomkch. rtlltraa wind
colic, rrgultlat TKA howelt, and glyaa real, health
and comfort to mother and ckllg. W'L balttvi it to
ha tka Ban and Butrtl Remedy In Ihr World In all
liaav. uhrthat II nritrt fr.-m Tea iking or from
any other ranie. Tall dlrac-Uon • for uilng Brill KO
ROBPINR ancb B ttlt NONA Clrnulna unleat tka
RAO tißiua of CVBTLB S RAAXIHS tt oa tka ontaide
Sous KR iu MBBICIS* DTTI NT _____
(111 I. lilt KM OrTKM UNI* PALE AMD
from to other rami Ikaa having vrormt la TIL*
ixowrs vzKMirroE COMFITS
will datlroy Worm* without Injuty to the EKLLS, ;
being parfbrUy WRITE, and tree frtm all oolortng
or other Injurtout lugraditnU utually utad in
Avorm yraaaratlant.
CL'HTIS dfc lIKOWM, Proprtatord,
St. MIS Button Strati, Xvw Turk.
ADD 1-V OmryiiO DAD CXrmitft. an* Sdolyrt ia
i SftStrfur A. ,)( FAT.TTK ivti'MTA K_VSB.
It the halt rvmtdy ta the world S<r tka H>l lowing
oomplaintn, vie.: Cramp* la the I.TMBI aa* Blom
ark. Pain In the Stomach. Sowele or Slda. Ekaa
malum In all lit forme, Bilioot CoUo, Xturalgta. '
Cholera, Dytantary, Colde, Bldth Wouodt, Burnt,
dor* Throat. Spinal ComplatnU, Sprain* and
Brums, Chilli and Bsvar. Bor Internal and IT
' tarnal utt.
lit operation It not only la rtllava the patiant,
HUT entirely rtm- vet Iht rtuet of th* onuiplaut.
t It lentlralat and pvrvadrt the whole lytlrm. re
timing hviltby action to all IU parU, and quickao
' log the bbmd.
I ttablv and All Ileal hg.
Prepared by
Bo MIS Pulton Street, Xtw Tork
Bor tala by all Drugglttt.
The Markets.
BOOF OatUa— Prttnrto Kttra DullocXt* .11 A JIV
Flrut quality IO'AS .l*I
IWnml quality (Nit A.(*>)*
Ortllnar; thin CatUr.. .. .<- . .(M
Inferior or lowrut grade .OA a .0*
M lie* Cotrt SMW a75.00 *,
ilogi-IJvr. ra\a ,f*d
Drtwaed. .(*(*, A ."6 ,
HHEEP 04 a .o**, I
riotton— Middling lt*,a .14
Flour— Kitra Wottern .. S.W a4 34
Xtaie Kttra 1.45 a 6.3S
Wheat—Hod Waatorn I S I I U
Ho. 3 Hprlug I.SS AL .w
Rye S a .P*
Bar lay-- Malt l.: a !.*<*,
Data—Mited Weator* t a .dT
Corn—Mtfed Wettorti M)(s "*,
Hay, pi r ton LS.oo *3*.< Xl
Straw, jar ton IX.(W aIS OS
Hope *7 St, .40 a .FC.%--, .1* a .IS
Pork -MM Id.tei al.(XI
lard IH a .07*. -
Petroleum -Crude I a S*,Uoßned IS
butler—Bute X a .X
Ohio Fancy .34 a .T*
•' Yellow 3S a .3A\ |
Wieteru Ordinary 1* a .31 I
IVmigylranla flue 34 a .34 ;
Chetat Hlte Parlory 10 a .I4X 1
•' Hklmmed (* a .FV |
Ohio cw a .ia
Egg* —BUTE. 3A a .39
Beef Oat tie 8.00 a S.IS
Hbeep 413 *4 AO I I
Hogb—Uvr 3.40 a *.75
Four C.50 ' a 5.25
Wheat— No. 3 Spring..... I.IT a I.IS
Corn 4THa .4*
(lata 40 a .*1
Rye .71 a .IS
Barley .75 a 1.45
Lard,.... .08 S .08
Wheat 1.45 a 155 j
Bye—Stale SS a .80
Oorn—Mixed 59 a .59 !
Barley Stale L.M s 1.40
Oata— BUte 49 a .50 '
Floor- Poiin. Extra....... 700 a 5.35
Wheat— Weateru 8ed..... 1.46 a 1.50
Oorn—Yellow 63 a .63 '
Mixed 61 a .65 J
Petroleum—Crude 10>; Heflnadlt K
Clave.) Hee<l 700 a 6.00
Timothy 3.50 a 3.60
Cotton— LOW Middling* 13]F'a .13J|
Four—Extra 8.80 a 7.55
Wheat 1.80 *1.70
Corn—Sallow 47 a .4D ,
Jam**, wlitis exiwrimaritliig. acctJenlaJly tna.l*
a ptajHtrsllnAt of damiald* Indioa. which curst)
bis only child OF 'onaumpUon. This rsmwdy M
now for tale at firet claim I irtirgtata. Try it ;
iirora tt fur yimruolf I*rloe 83. M1. HASTD atomf
for citi-alsr. I'ratLlock A Co., jirojirtotopa,
1033 LLAOO HI . ) hlla.l*ljilua. Pa -|C.IUI
Chttighs ami Colds *r<* often overlook
*)L A oouMnuktioa for any length of tint*
cannoa imiAlUMi of Ih* I.tiuga or aom* chrt.nie
itirost LNWIM. '■llrutou's Brottrhial Trvrhet'
Ml IU fffwlUtl UItMS lIEMEDT.— (CTM*.
Peerlesa UlolJir* Wringer.
L. Herttigsr A Co., 18 Fultso Hirsst. New
York.— (Com. ________
CHAPPED HANDS, f*oe, rotifh skin,
(Smpltm. ring worst, nail rtioum ANA otliar oo
lanooua afftxHioti* curaA, and th* shin mad*
aofl and smooth, hy truing LB* JtrMirs* Ta*
York. HO certain to got th* Juniper Tor hoap
tuiulo by tut. an there are many naitaUou* uad
aruii common ur which ate wurthhmm— COWL
twooty vraru Umt 1B warranUul TO giva tfxrue
<fi.sir T ritrf lo *ll Kbsumsue, Ntmrklgl*, Head
Har. sod HTU H achaa or UOOSY ruf uudad. COM
thai ulorUiig |'TO|>ARKLIOB. CtugTAxoko * KlM
atok Haia f>V, cannot ID a LEW tied hy Natttr* .
IU tlnU elialieitgß < .gapacleoe trtlh Nalurs'S
taoat favorwd pruduoUuua. and defy deuaumt
'TMMCMIU' E'uulraa immeStata hitsatioa. aa*
*V tbOßld he Che. bed If attuwod ta
— lOoulißut. Irtitattoa uf ike Langs, a
OODOBM parwuneut Throat ASkeiion uv aa
ABB lucuiable Lang Diaeeet. la oft an
HT.tag a direct tuSueare oa the parte, gtse Imme
atete lelief Per RrottekOtt. Atlkma, Catattk, RidA
tutuptive ei. J THTUAL Dlleaae*. Trochee era AEED
MAI* great aaeraat
Will Bed Trochee uevful la rleartag tka voice wkae
takes kt<* 11 klbglug ur K peek lag. and relieving
ike thrust after an anutual vmertrua uf the vatal
Obtain only " Brown - * Bronchial Trorktt." and
do not take aay of the wnkltea imuaataaa that
may he OGETUD Add JEeerywAerv
Meet and Uldsst Family Hedlrlkt. tea
f <RD'T Lteer Jwatgereter a palely VegeUkle dtlkar
.AC tad R.-AATC fut lirtpeptia.CuusUpattoa.DehlUty
Sick Meadaoke, Attackt. sad all acreage
■eat* uf Liver, Stomach and Bowels. At* yew
Drugg'tt FUR IT fltaerv at tmrtaftawa
Phllrtdolphin P*
Newcastle, DEL
hafaMtahad MM.
VOLCANIC Robber-Coated Ijdd TOBE
WdBRM AXD (irriCE:
Fifth aud Itiktr klreele. Phlltdclpblt.
he. IK utid Mrttl, Meat lark.
ofTU'T :
SS Pcwberlta tqatit. Betlta, Meat.
T ItttevUlt, Pa.
PaiLAhßLrata. JUM, IXI
WR datura lo call L!T apenal alieattoa of lkt pub-
Vulcanized Rubber-Coated Iron Tube.
Alto, all lkt variout Fitiiegt tee tired ta unaat R
It u ailk tarn*, under Piniry • patent, whuh w*
keee been letting with entire eaoreee for Ike ptel
two (ttiA, and Me now rnady la piece NT Ike
market, thoroughly tatieStd thet wherever it may
IV ibtrwducog fuv the I>ettege*D netaial waleat.
eithrt hot or cold, lie met .IT will be ackuewlrtgad
tie! • likar galvanised lrua ar Lead T* bee, which
atv B)>w rilantively I.ted fbr tuck purpote, and t>
VK k.IT >naay kctliutedtridtd atrJadlreemitU.
TB aheolute mdeeuuctibtlity at vulrenited Bub
bat, alt. He purity for tbe purpose TO which we
AE.Y.I tt, TT so well keewe thai waatu it name
WI ebread a leMer from ibe celebrated thr-uu tit,
• "TH 1 Gerrrtt. who have bees kind nt. ugh to
; letl IHV niliele Nr an.
! The price will BE the name tt fbr galvaaued lrua
I lube .UD siitagt, tal|*T-t aa ibe moti liberal trad.
: diatouute
We are el no prepared to • Apply -A Tcnge." de
• etptM-iauy f -r thtt arlicta, • Ikattl caa I
1 A. rwwed ap to lit plate withoal lajanag TKA eoet
I lag.
at your order*. rvey>urirut)y.
' ABT T C Moor*. TaiaiA M Oanbarr.
Uietinij I I Prm ttialaad aualyUrel C HEM it try
<4IV 4K U 4I 4 hotel aiAtwd.
Bear f it Sirp'.AU • tkurth. Tvntk BUAAT. below
CttdMlehed fa LFTTK
MT aire UOBKIB. TSSK Eft SCO. PH'ladrlpk.T -
TPBTU bmt- WE have and* a careful aaamioalioa
I <**. yaur Rubber OTTAD lroa HT*. la order lo deter
1 iglaeiu retirtatKeh* beat uadcold, to el**m, ta
1 natural -tier., and bave eevn rateeded ear re
, near )HRT tt> artdt. alkali and buruiaggue WE may
1 meutioa that <H# ceiiug t* a similar tuapead to
• that N>.a*u fating gamt tor boMing artiSctal tradk.
. | earwpti g that yourt T- nleint AT mercury
It will bear* btgk dna'tev of beat. < rer M de
gtt.A F nktenkAil. at might be inferred from I •
he'll.* beat yrvpered at ebuve M* lrgratt. It wu
ni l nawi t<t>y bulling lor several kourt in Scbuyb
J kill uater City gut tkrougfc it tor about
three dait appeared W> bave AE eftect <M IT.
I The rubber mating rre. .TEE Srmly earbonlcarid
; wrier, tnndnattly dilute tulphuric nnd muriatic
, > acidn aad rautuc |. ta.H AT.lnUoa BoJulloai of
. : sen it el .nil A have WO action aa 1L
fiacv the robber roatiag exhibited tuck Brm re-
AI.INI.ce TT end. elk UI. salt awd beat, IT it deer
1 thai It will ettert T TUII tlronger resit I anew to all
' ! naiuial walert. ia whtcb *otnt of th* above tagrv
diebtA are found ta a let rxaggeral'd. L Ia a
pay FQY P flllvii# LLITS
la tae. WE congratulate you for Bading a cwatids
' ' f ,r Iron tubes Abd artlrlet of traa grot-rally, which
IA T). übvAually rotitlaiit many of the unaal agtutt
if lb# chvißifi. and to tkcAtordinary ngrott shirk
: SO effect I run ROE ted with other material* la a
greater or lett degree
Respectfully yourt.
- Rule* of praoaadtag aad dekaliagia daltkarotive
! att millet, de tmliafmaalit han* but tor riery
metuXer r/ a iMtberaltiv body, and Ik* kathority ta
aU ibe Slates.
•• Tbe most eeibornatieeexpoander of American
. parliamentary law."— Chaa. leattr.
I Print. *5 cents Sent by met! on receipt of artra.
I A4dreat TROMPSOR. BBOWX a Cti . Motion. Mae.
Dr. Toner's Goidt to HealtL
j Giving all advtre neoeetnry tor every one liable
W> dlteave of aay kind, marnod or tingle . tit or
| yourg for all age* tvaea, or condition* ta life
Agent* wasted for this th* beat eelliag book pab-
I lltbvd tend I HE MOLE for AEM pit ropy to BR L.
71 ISFX W Wttbtgl.-T Aveoas, St. Lout*. Mo.
Kvrrywbtrt $A to FB- per Week Mo interrup-
I ttoa to ordinary buelnett. Addrett BAN Xhd, CLB
! L IXXATL.L- 0..08HL
T3> X 43 a day mtarrnnta** IN Agon IT G. M. SRT-t.I •
~ I ~ VTIL TO ,- 5b Paul Street. Baltimcre.Md.
nee tone tit, rbmtdrfe ArorkAag eemffee mat
/rev W J CI kltir.*. ftil Motel. Bow tork City.
Ccmdort an agmcjr for (he rerrpdnn of adverdro
nieiiie for AMKUcan XKWSPaPUaia — the mot* mm-
PLTDO reinUinhaw-111 of the kind la the world. Mix
ibouetnd N TVNRRXA are kejd riyaitHr on *le.
ojwn It) ineptrlbui BY cvmtmtm. Xo rvw.iing-rooni.
hoartet ROTNIIWE, rerol'rw one-twroUetli of I 111.
numlwr. Frory Advcrtuament U (skew nl the
home prku- of lite pn|>nr, wllhout anj addltbuial
,-htrgr or iximmleeuin. oo (hot an advert leer, lstclcal
tug with IH# Agenry. LA TARED trontdc nod corroejAU,-
J dooce, making one CONTRACT ill. teed of a doueti. a
bundrvsl or n thousand. A Bock F *Gibty ywgee.
I rontallilng licit of bod pnprrv, L)G>vd drouialKiut.
J N-llgtoua |wjmre. agrK-nlturnl LLWRT. clam |W|cr.
l>-litlral pajwe. ihrtly pe|ier*. oountry paper*, megn aud all pnlilicatluiin, utth eonir mformaUoa
alwul jirlcee, le ectd FREE BE any eddrrot on TPIDI
calVon. L-vrtotte nl a distaace oinhlng to make CM
irartn for ndvertiatug In any (own, ctly. oonuly,
SLATR or Territory of the I'nlted Klaten, or aay por
tion of Ibe Dominion of ("AIUMU, may send a ooticlae
metemenl of what Ihr, want, together with a hopy of
Ibe Advertiaetnejlt Ibey deotre Inserted, aad will
receive informalloa B return maU which will etuiUe
them TO decide U bet he- to Incroaoe. reduce or forego
the order. For each Information there Mno charge
* Unlet er. Pnhlteheru not only mill their Wee free,
but lev Metre, lire. P. Rowabb A (*t. for their ner
v tcro. ' Drderv A). ncce|ded for a tingle paper aa Well
an for a Urger list ; for N tingle dollar nt rotdfly a*
for • larger turn. Addreeß the American Sewepaprr
Advertising Agency.
41 Park Row, N. Y.
NO Flnetnations ! A!w*Y* Improving 1* Vain*
TAt It'eollA qf (At Oanmin, >• MEG* 4* (As
Adorer* is Krnt Sriatf
Million* of acre* of tbe Snrtt lands on Iha Conti
nent. M KASTBRN 6EBRASKA. now for anle
)( (Arm Atrrvr KR/NRV IB mirrkef—at pi icaa that
rive aad Ten Tear* Credit Given, with later**
at Six per OVAL.
Th* Land Graol Bond* of th* Company It km n
per far land. They eaa now be purchased at A
large die COM.
Full particular* given, new Guide with new Map*
mailed free, by addretting O. F. DAVIS.
Loud (Vsimtectoner I*. P R. R„
17 I _.t"r Butinett legtlimate. Particulart
free J WORTH. SB LlWtg. ■* WUR.
(Milwhuks* * ST PA*L Railway Co.)
Bxlendlna fr-ONT Chtrngo lo MLLN nuhee.l.n
Srotar. Ulaont. HU.itngt, SR. Foul and
ilttnrapAillt. Alto to Mnclliou, Prairie da
4 litem. Aiiitln. Owttount, t'toni let City.
I|n ton City and Algonn Y alto TO Janttville,
Monroe, Itlpon. Berlin and Oahkoali.
EM bracing more UnalraeaaCentrca and Plent
ure Keaoria than any other Xorthweatern Una.
CIIICAUU DKIMIT - Corner Canal aud
Mwdlton Xlre-eta. (with Plttaburg.Fort Wayne S
Peiintylvnnla.tud Chicago, Alton t ST. Lout* B'yt.)
niLWAI KKB DKPOT - Corner Heed
nnd booth Wnter Mtrwets.
Cxnneetliig IN St. Paul with all Ballwayt diverg
ing thence.
Kxw Yon* Orrtoa 319 Broadway.
BotTox Oyrioa— l Court Street
GNXANAL oaricß*— Milwaukee. Wl*.
878 MERRILL. Oen. Manager.
JKO. 0. OACLT. Att't Oen. Manager.
A V H. CARPKNTRR. . P. nnd T. Agent
83 pages. Built, Baart. Prnataon pate end callt.
coating 10 to 1100. Mailed for tlamp br Vnlanllr.*
Tnmbrldgs B Co., Bnnhtre, Brokers A WaU.IT. J(.Y, J
: WHISKERS!iv?S^!siS
<1 h•* on lk imnUMl M wtlkuai Ik
n 4irt of itmif rfti4i4 W eta. a iviifl
pSSi, rlt. ■ W JOXBS. <W
▲font* W nntcxl.
i Hit <> esTsi.oaoa.
Domestic Sewing Maohin# Co.. M. 1,
_ Tim Pill* in racliMfitr of ••bk
" Inyr ud .lib. u„>. IkOf entire). liiKIMI
(k* aiiiifniK itr, <• mil IwiiHiraflli lajoftoot
•fhcio Ykf ki Olroclly ayoo th live*, m 4 art
a velaekle rm*4r In all '•••• of deraeMe*l '
, calling ftoa moi4#4 (late of ikat organ. U*
>* uwkUiul. am..11l liiiordara, t4tgMtin, Sict
• taaaa*i*a, Tyya-i* and ,th*r P*v*rs, Ar Ac , all
a aaurnaia U lk> fiaa aaa of triu.-i'i Maaoaaai
r riua For aaia b 7 all Brugfftci* ana Boalora.
■m ambii) .in t. maba a iu.^narnl atari la ka*l<
MM. aaa *ff*r*4 .vnertor fwllnio* kr tmariM
tan*atita*i*a*< skus wamniaoSC
I Laos ati*MkM. wu
tNYI MI,<II, f lk * aidraaa of IM' pinna. Mill
| "" 1 Ifmoli• /ro,,a kaaalifkl taiuao. aa< la.
fiaicli'iu. ii-.m aovto ma, |N'*< pni*. Off
> ir a-.nih ma >1 . Pklg
. a # i | Tl.l Voril Cairt f'ur*d la Idas* wiikool
AM II Ti VMMMor MUM*. aoturnia, IIIHM
In Mail tii. P. C. Beaear.ff** atawar. Vred
arUk Co , Ma.
■ THIS peiNTiHGfflj[;Vw^rooj
Hai|,.r i alMl*|i.i!T II I* for aaia by I. f.
• aaoapapar taiaa, itti Wurtk Strata, la >• fa. aa4
, Ik. *rkaf Alan a fail aaaonaaaai of Ark lata.
iJ I "I Pir Dap. • **•• .ibik k*ad
' "I •' • lan J. 1.. AII ilurf Oi.fl Loan. Ma.
G E TZ E' 8
Ilfblrai Ilia 1-afeor af Trarkrr a mA
J lefctaar, to k had ai alt Book aaA Vualc Btocna.
• Bint tj mall. hut, Nk
f ciiAiis' m
New Method for the Piano.
I.'iiitaraadl by IB# Pnrfitalaa ad Ilia Wad,
■ I i MMI ibipafb atoat alira*n*d.aad taarkatla
ilk* nil diri I aiaaaar, iilul to papita at mry
fade of iHly, preparing Iba Mora iIIMMI for
Thoroudk Baaa Paul kg Mall. Prlaa, tflfK.
i * I.PK 4 WAI ABB ajj rkaataal >1 , PkllaArlpaia
i 1-aa A *U->UI Maaiaal Abakan*. f/aa to oar
' M
which can bo cured by a
timely resort to this stand
ard preparation, as has been
; proved by the hundreds of
' testimonials received by the
i proprietors. It is acknowl
edged by many prominent
• j physicians to be the most
reliable preparation ever in
troduced for the relief and
. cure of all Lung complaints,
t j and is offered to the public,
J sanctioned by the experience
j of over forty years. When
resorted to in season it sel
, I dora fails to effect a speedy
, I cure in the most severe
• cases of Coughs, Bronchitis,
Croup, Whooping Cough,
I I Influenza, Asthma, Colds,
- Sore Throat, Pains or Sore
ness in the Chest and Side,
Liver Complaint, Bleeding
I j at the Lungs, &e. Wistar's
• Balsam does not dry up a,
1 Cough, and leave the cause
' behind, as is the case with
; most preparations, but it
loosens ami cleanses the
' lungs, and allays irritation,
; | tiius removing the cause of
1 j the complaint.
runuD BY
BETH W. FOVLE 4 SOKE, Boatoa, Haw,
▲ad aoid by X'ruggist* bad IbMbfegwMUy.
' Dr. Trash wan ratagrd ft* treaty rtma la
a roar** at rxparlMeuu M|MO UK medical prop
•run and iwrrrr of M-partar and
; romMnri! AI the af* < eavtait* inn be *sr
credod ID )>r<olin( to "br n-iirrd. AI tbr malt
f of bli < li-narotA. A corablaAtlon of VrfriAh!*
ntractA tbr (Miner of wblcb m rtrnoriaA dl-
I in- naeqnalod ta tbr annal* f Brdirlor.
Hl* dlirotrrj romliti in a nnnbtna
t mof ta -~r niinfm Vffrubb Extfart* irtlh
K'x trku V or SUsneUwD in UK fora. at an Otuk
( U, Ihal Ik rrtnukablr and
aaccror which ha> allendrd tta
AiiplicAliini ia the rwr* of dimiri. cinji Xat
•liior aa Iba crmlrrt dlirorery of Ibe aft. and
raili to: • trial acd cloac lui-caUfalJOO of tta
• (.o^rrllra.
ti bfrrr raiu, whtlr there miuta nf-
Arlrtit life lo rri >re a nataral and healthy ac
tion to tin ranillanr iMib of tta body, aad
rqaalwr ib clooliiloo of the blood By thia
niram a rontmilraf power to punrd over Iba
m ot'i-nmi form* of diaoaar. which rannol
b.- obi lined fran any oiber remedy.
karh li llir power of IbliraMblaai
lion, that ti ponriiaua to nary portion of |
the human ffttmr; ery banc and maarje, reta, j
nerve and llfamrnt ia aearrbed oat aad made
i'Oilt.l. of tu parifylaq aad beaUnf lataaara. .
Krnre it r.ipca aa readily with Internal aa eg- j
t.rnal dler*^>.
Namrraaa lailaim are on record ,
Where till, remedy hai i>—lomd health to pa
tient* *o near the rrare Ihal the moat powerful I reiwediM fail. 4to prodsrr nay rtart. j
s irh ba Owqaeully bora Ibe cava Is loaaaiaa- 1
turn of the Bowrti.
Nw pa ileal ever need die with thia
diieane where the llafurtk (>mtaMtlcaa baoh- i
For Inflammatory Rheamatlam
Ibla Ointment !• the mt rompifemaadi erar
Prepared For X>lpblbcru or Cutrid bora Throat
It !• oniiealed.
In nlaHoalar ranea oat of B
linndrwd. II will afford entire relief to the worst |
ra*aauf Nerrona Hcadarbe In thirty Mlnatra.
Por Nrnona Dlaennea thk mrdklne la
of Immenar valne
AH'-cilona of the Spine, RbenmaUam, 1
Umrneae, Ckeraled bore Tb Broocbltu, ,
Hnrbt. Cmap. Colle. Cholera Morboa. Afar la
Iba Face or RmaM, Bonis Be*M lieod. Sctofala,
bah Rheum. Krynipriaa, laAamed Eyes Freer i
bore#. Sores etc.. art!! he immdtatr!e reberrd j
by tba aeeof Dr. Traak't Maariir Olntmrat
D. Ranaoa. Sow A Ok.. Propr'a, BuHblo. N T.
ic *l 0 iBCBWry,
walll rma a rouih In one>balt the
Blme it it canary fW cure ll with any
either medicine. W it **t it. tu>t h /•> j
•V >t A Sl S rrm.-rjfrttt igtut tuUmixe
rm/afi**. t„fim ~f rkrftr\ tut fwlt For all
caw, of tlonrnenraa, NankreMlai or
l.o*k of %'olro, HroutVltis beaero
CHraulr or (.lunertuA fn|ha. u
will be found lo H.'}...t any mdlliriaa ih.i na> J
ever before been oderel to Iba pdbiic. While it
curea iba mttnl Cougby it Mrenfthem tba tyv
Irm and purlflea the tdCod. By it*
area! blood purifying (naKri, it aim all
llnmorl frtwn ihejufQ Brratlla to a
common RlolcS o. Bntuple.
Four to lit !-i JS are warranted to cure
Ball Rheum ,/Tetter and tba went kind
of IMmpleaon fie face, ftoil,Carbii■>.
e les Bo res Elyalpc lan and Riot chew
among iba hair, it Si to Iwclva botilea are wa
raniid to cure Klunlnt of thk Ears
corrupt or Kutitimji I leers Scrofula
an.ltSeworrt form,oNMcoitdkry and Tern
tlary Dlaeanea. Liver
t ompluiut.
fliOOy by all Dniggiui RAiHifactured at the
World'! Dlapeunnry, >• So, ly It Aod
JR Wnat SeoecA St.. Bi rrALO. N. ny. ■
jk.l*; Per Day C ■nuaioa or
fPniil Salary, and aapeuaaa. We offer tt and will
pay It. Apply now Q. WEBIBB A CO.. Mkltas ft,
And. Its Cure.
Carbolated Cod Liver Oil
la a acten title combination of two well-known modi
clnoa. It. the ry I tjat to nrreat the dot ay. then >
build op the'it. PhyalctAi n SndttaAocirluc tor
yoct. The really .tartlmg curea piTfortnod Oy Will
aun'. (Ml are proof.
Carbolic And potato*** a rreta /Una#. 11l tb.
moat powerful antlAoptlcln the known world. En
tering Into tba rlrrulhtlos It li <"■ rmpplea with
corruption, and decay ceaaea. It purlflea the aoureo.
of dilftiS
Cud Liar Oil H .Valuer 1 ! btl axMant In retlatlng '
Put up In lwrwe wedgeah.ped Sottlea !
M John Btrtat, Man York.
" fffar Bitten btb • poreiy VneeMblß
5 ptwparattofi, mad rtilM/ from Um ns
*■ live berba found on tb tower range* at
* the Skerra Nevada mountain* of CaJifor
- ote, the medicinal neopertlee of which
f are er" Acted therefitmi without the uee
i of / >ohoL The question is almost
dsi asked. "What is the cause of the
'i uaparalleied eaceem of VITBGAR Brr-
I- TEaaf Our answer is that they remove
- the eaoae of disease, aad the patient rs
* covert his health. They an the great
t. blood purifier and a life-giving principle
fa perfect Renovator and lev iterator
- of tba system. Never before la 0M
.. hhtarjr ef Che world he* s Madtedue how
" oonponndod yiMiiadßf th rtatafhkbU
qoaiiuea of ViaauAS liiTTSS* in healing the
; a*k of at try itiaaa.a bum is h'if to. Tbf
I. . an a gontlo Pnnmtlvo aa wall a* a Tenia
i ROLIRVIUY Ceng—One or laieinßiefiaß m
u the Liver and Vknafal Grgaa*. ta Bilioua
The properties of Da. WAXJutfa
•, ViißdAff IliTTsaa *r Apenrnt, lHai>hon>tis
* CamuiAtivs NutritioaA. Lesstive. IHuraCis
, Mem, (Vxtnter-Irritoat, Sadaiids AJSRS
* Ufa Bad Anti-hiliuua.
a tirmlefhl Thooaaads proclaim For
' EtjAR BITTEEA the mart waoderfol In
- I viyrant that ever curtained the rtnklng
No Perwm ran take theae Blttera
according to directiona, and remiin long
unwell, provided their bones are aot de
stroyed by mineral poiam or ofher
mesne, and vlul organs wasted beyotM?
BttkNML Rcinitifnt and filar
mlttPßt rrvrrn, which are so prove
lent in the valleys of our groat riven
throughout the I ntted States, especially
those of the Misrtunppi. Ohm, Ifieeoun,
liiinoß. Teonceaoa, ('umbwiaad, Arkaa
sa*. Red, Colorado, Brans Rio Grande,
Besri, Alabama, Mobile, Harattnah, Ro
anoke, James aod uuu ij others, with
, their vast tribytark*. throughout our
eatiro country during the Summer and
Auturnn. and remarkably so during asa
moe of unusual best and dryness, are
'in rclablyaocompaniedb.vciteaatvsde
ran • -neht* of the stomach aod ttvsr,
aod other abdominal viscera. In their
treatment,a purgative, exerting a pow
erful influence upon these various or
gans u essentially necessary- There
' i* no catharsis for the purpose equal la
Da. J WALKER'S Vikeoaa Brraum,
a* they will speedily remove the dark
rokired riacid matter with which the
bowel* are loaded, at the same time
stimulating the sccwslons of the liver,
nod generally restoring tbm healthy
functions of the digestive organs.
Fortify tbr body against dianaa*
by purifyinr all it* fluids with Vieecas
BITTERS. NO epidemic can take hold
if a system thus fore armed.
Dysscmia or I ndigpstion. Head
ache, Pain in the Pboulders. Coughs
Tigfatnees of the Chest, Diezineas, Boor
Eructations of the Htonarh. Bed Taste
j m the Mouth, BUkms Atuiks Palsita
tat ion of the Heart, Inflammation a the
Lungs Pain in the region of the Kid
neys, and a hundred other painful symp
toms are the offsprings of Dyspepna.
One bottle will prove a better guarantee
of its merits than a lengthy advert Is*
. Nrrofblh, or King's Erife Whim
Swellings Clews Krynapdaa, Swelled Nsek.
Goitre, ScrofuJout InflAiuaßtloos Indolent
laflammaUonA Merrnrial A Sot-Una*. OM
Son*, EnipO of the Skis. Sara Eyes ets
|a tliana |f |j} otbCT CwfWtlJZaAI Dlfl
'am*. WalkeK* VunKAB Brrrm haro
•htm their groat enrsriv# powen is the
moMt obotinkte and mtroclsbU CAMS
For Inflammatory aad t'hrouic
Itheamatiiaa. Gout, Bilious Remit
tent and Intermittent Fevera, Diseases of
ibe Blood, Liver. Eidasys end Bladder,
throe Bitter* hare BO cuual. Bod> Ptitatai
v* caaand by Tiuaied Blood.
Mechanical IMaeaaos— Ferseuaeo
raged In Palnta and Minerals each as
riunbers Tvpe-aetsora. Goid-iniaSiiS sad
diuers aa thajr advanro m hfo, aro saldaot
to paralysis of the Bowels lb gwsid
agaiart this take adow of VlUlflT
SCAB BiTTffffff owasinßaWr.
For Skin Diseases Eruptions Tet
ter, Salt Khroa. Bttotcbro, Spots HsplS
Ttiatnlea. Boils Cortiaatdos Biag-weoas
Scold hood, Sora Eyas Eryspriaa, Itch,
Scurfs Diooolorßliaoa of the Bkm, Bsmon
aod IMaroon of the Skin of whsirejr aaaw
or BBtura, ore Htwally dog op and carried
out of the arrtam ia a abort time by tba 808
of ibero Bitten.
Pin, Tape, and other M orms,
J lurking in the arrtMß of oo many tbuoaands
are cSectaaUy ioatroyod aad romoved. Xo
M rteia of medictae, oo vermifuges ao am
tholmtaitlcs will frro the ijrteas wm nm
like throe Bittern.
For Female Complaints, tn young
or old. married or rangla, at tbe dawa of wo
manhood. or the torn of life, then Tonic
Bitter* diaptay oadeoidod an infi .tuioo that ,
improremeot l* aooa perceptibls
Cleanse the Tltiated Blood when-
I over von find ila impunue* burrting through
tba win ia Pißples Eruptioas or Sore*;
clean it when you find it obrtrurtad aad
•loggiAh ia the veins; cleanse ti when it is
1 fiial; roar feeling* will teL you when. Keep
the blood pure, aad the health of the system
I will fellow.
R. H. M* DOW ADD * CO^
' kkd'oor T WaaklkA-W:**i>d
l.hl k nil Dr*(ttO> **4 OMtlwrk.
I " * P-s*
\V "'t l,S(rbt*t BrtvuM ttMilnr
VV rtMH Ml Aamtn Jmlrj, BMtaAOMi,
! On. BoaofftialaaiSaS. Caai#ff*a, fwrnsba root
1 **•*. p a VICEBSY AOO . tiwrtA. go
, Pass This By &**.%•:£tUTSl
lljlk"Hia— TNEA-NCCTAR
is A rrn
'""fltirSir "I TWA.
HHHN with tk* Or**n T*a FU* w Tk*
VaimPSt tal Taa Wapn la*. M aale
Ajmnr-p **rvwh*r* Aa* tor aala
VBt g v>ilni> Mb ta taa arm
St JUS Atlantic u>4 P*riST*aOa.J(o.
IM PwMn St, andl AtCtart-k
• ™. gtfgfaEiaffi
It is not a quack nostrum.
The icpedient* are published
on each bottle of medicine. It
ia used and recommended by
Physicians wherever it has
been introduced. It will
positively cure SCROFULA
in its raria*a stage*, RHEU
CONSUMPTION, andalldis
saaes arising from an impure
condition of the blood, bend
for ourBOWADALW A i,Mi WAC, in
which you will find certificates
from relisble and trustworthy
Physicians, Ministers of the
Gospel and others.
Br. A Vflas Chir, of DaHtawa,
Mjrah* haa u*rd It In caws of Scrofula
md other dUcaaea with much aaUafao.
Br. T. C Pugh, of Brtthaers, teeom.
aenda It lo aupanooa auffrrlcg with
Uaeaaed Blood, aajrlnff it la sapertw to
IDT j rrjwration be baa artr Mid.
. Bffv. Babney Ball, of the BeHbaore
K £. Conlerroce Booth, aaya ha haa
two ao tanch benefltted by tta eaaJUiat
ta ehearfnDy rrconmrada It It an hi*
rienda and acqnaintancea.
Craven A Co, Bnuurtata, at Oordeww
rtllM, Va., aagr itrovrohaa failed toffiv (
Siua'l6. Meßsdias, Mwrtiwebtw'
rconaaaeo/ a*j e ftTinid him of Bhen!
nattam when all aba faSad.
wtll rora Chills an* Fever, Uror Complaint, DT-
Repel a, ate. Waautrsntee RosASau. auperior to
all nth.r Blood Parlflsrs. Send fo. De.estptlve
C Urolar or Almanac.
18. Cosuaaroa St, JBohtaors, JUL
BSRSRhSff W ask vvsr BissuM feff BUSAIMMR