The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, November 20, 1873, Image 2

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Centre Hall,
TERMS!. $2 prr pear, in adeaner, -■'>
when in tn/ranf#
Adtrrtysen*-nU %k ftr li • •"
•erftoiw. nmi tor <1 and I'J month* by -j.r
eial contract.
W this weak print the new ConatltwtUm
but its length laaraa u# little mum for
comment. It is tba most important J-H-U
--roent that has bean submitted to the peo
ple of Pennsylvania for a long time. The
new Constitution strikes at corrupt!,* and
those abuses that have disgraced our stain,
and it adopted, as it will be if hotost dem
ocrats and republicans turn out on the IS
of next Dtoember and cast their vote# for
it, these e\H will be reotedout.
The legi-latura will hereatter be permit
ted to meet lutonee avery two years—mil
lions will be saved by that.
There it to be no more private and local
Frauds at the elections, by either pony,
can no more be practiced with ease, and
inscalsand rascality have at length beea
taken by the throat and the opportunity it
offered the people to choke them to death
on Tuesday, Dec. Itkh.
These, and many ether wholesome re
forms, will bo wrought under the new
Cerrupt politcian* of awry party are
combining t • defeat it. be win# it is lit*
work of hon*-t man, democrat* and repub
licans, uch a* Meredith, Walker. Mc \l
- Cartin. Bigler, Buckslew, and ma
ny others.
Nohonojt, patriotic ciltxefl of tbl* •ul
wtll neglect thi* sacred July on the 16ib
ol Pec.-tnber.
Slandering Candidates
A Califoraia Judge recently char
ged the jury on an election case iu the
following way:
"Either the last election was cor
ruptly carried on, or suns newapapers
of the counUy have been guilty of libel.
Somebody should be indicted and it is
your aworn duty, without malice ha
tred or atfectiou for any i>er*t>u. to
fully and impartially investigate these
matters, and if mouay has beeu cor
ruptly used for elections or for pri
maries, to bring the iniquitous party
up for ttial aud punishmeut; and if
newspapers have maligned any per
son without cause, then let their pro
prietors be indicted for libel."
We can agree with the Sditigrove
Times when is adds to the above:
Correct! If this ruling obtained in
all the Courts of all .the States, a
quietus would be put ou the multitude
of willful slanders that are heaped up
againat candidates for office by the
partisan press just prior to an election
that seems to be demanded by every
consideration of com mon decency. I n
casesuot a few, as is well known,gt-oo
men are deterred front asking or ac
cepting a nomination simply oy rea
son that they cannot muster up enough
courage to face the torrent of bill
ingsgate which they feel satisfied will
be let loose on them so soon as they
shall hare become candidates. This
is a state of affairs that should not be
permitted to exist, and the press, when
it departs from the legitimate path of
its duty character is maliciously black
ened, should be held f the fullest
measure of responsibility for the com
mission of such offence.
Ob IW>. at Caatra Hall, by In J. k Millar. Mr
laaac P. Bachfel aad Mm Mary C Horary, both of
Ob 11th. at Aaroaahßi*.! hf lha Bar. J. A Brkcht.
Mr. B, P. Bard, to Mlaa Mary A. Roarr. both of tha
abora plara. Rrr. C. H Rrittr, at
the Bride a residence. Mr. Eiia* Zellert.
of Sanr Vller, Clinton county, and
Miir Lou ita Wearer of Aaronsburg, Cen
tre CO.
4dmin7strators NOTICE. -
an of tulmtnlatraUoa on lha aatata a t Baatoa
M. Shirt, of Pouar it® . har d, hara haaa raaud ta
tha aaila i rijaadjaho naaat all pancaw kauwina
thaamlraa indebted to aaaf oaeato to aaaho Immrdiata
pay oat. aad thoaa ha'iac datoaada utlta tha mm*
to praam! thaot tall aothoauaatod to law far aatUa
A U'UXlti H.
oorSOtt _ Exacolon.
E stray.
Came to the residence of the under-
Ocaad. aaar Caatra Hall, la Aacaat laat a dark brtndla
hatiar. ahoat tyaan old. with a Botch la rtabt aar
Tha owaar la raqwaatod to oamm aad ptoaa prupartt
pay axpatwi aad nam lha aar. etharwtaa It a tlj
to dtapoaad of aerardlaf to daw
■%* B. H. ARTKY
all of them good at new. lor tale by theun
deraigned, at Centre Hall,
novls-ltn W. A. CURRY.
The und*r.igned will offer et public
tale, at hit farm, in Benner twp..
On Saturday, Nov. 22nd.
at 1 o'clock, p. rn.. all hia ttock, a* fol
C Head of Ilorte*
1 Colt,
1 Thorough bred Alderny Bull.*
2 Alderney Ow*.
1 Thorough bred Aldrferny Heifer,
8 Grade Alderny Heifer*.
Poland Chinaand Chester*bite Hog*,
Boars and Sow*,
Cotswold Sheep.
Grade Cotswuld Sheep,
2 Wagons, Sleds, Plow*. Cultiratao*.
Drills, CortiDlanter*, Hor*egear>. Rake*.
Fork*, Chain*, and every article kept
upen a well (tocked farm.
Terms will bo made known on day of
!ovl3. JOHN H. ORVIS.
Keystone Store.
Go to
No. § Bosh'a Arcade, Bellefmite, Pa.
Ail kinds of coun'ry produce tak
en. Best Bargains in town to be
bad. pov2oif
wanted by the undersigned, to be deliv
ered at Milroy. Price from 8c to H6o pei
bu.. Cash, acc irding to quality.
Lewistown, Pa. |
—Again wo huvr H Htnlih'n tlcalfi !•
Uhrnn/E. Mr. E/tjnli CHI/', •
P/eiMHI Can, whi/ hewing Mitk ■ t
limber ut W iuh. I/ntiebcrger'* barn,
on /nsl M.'uday. Mithlcn/y ilnqipcd
d#a>l with th< HXO in hi# It m l Mi.
GettA?'* wge WM alkiul f4 yar.
An inch of mow wnl >!• wn#
NVnlrrtJiy night.
Rev. .1 A Bright, f.-rmarly f
A*r tubnrg, l.< mvepteJ a call from tb#
NitUny Valloy rharge, stnl lt*s
nUoreU |iou hi* tUnie* a* Past.*. II)
P. O. KtlJmt U H üblemburg, IV
The Sunbury and Uwiiu*n rilr.l
will probably b*#oll on or about lb# list
day of January, list
Bargains Maraud- S Thomas' bw rich and poor.
Bargains tor metvhenla, mechaalca sad sit
Bargain, fur iu* people la all aawa
Hargalas for |s If pea ettt | as call
Tart aim. for all "■>•> #—*' """• l
t>r goods an !, # ww weal < k"'*
Thai ear atan w l ealy ptao* • *->
Bargains > Bareslaa ' ! Bsrmata.
nt'HNstok a THossat.
• -*• e - . •
More S|Mili IWluviitv -Kgi tv
I'riaoiicrs Shot.
New York, November lit • A private
letter from a tru# worthy eoun-e, d*le*l
Havana. November A, say- An -•rti. i*l
toll grain was yesterday rc,'>iv<-d at this |
place from Fuerte Principe oi ait engage- j
men! between a Spanish force aud a c*d of insurgents under command of
Sanguili, in which the insurg, nla were
severely beaten, losing twenty killeJ and
eighty taken prisoner* The Spanish com
mander caused all the prisoners to be shot
on the field of battle.
The Governor of Puerto Principe, upon
bearing of it, took the command away
from theSpauish cotiiuialidt r and atreated
him, telegraphing the event to tug Cap- :
la n General. The latter immediately |
telcgrvpbed to Puerto Principe, causing'
the commander to be reinstated, and or
dering the Governor t> Havana. J: is
thought here thai the Governor feels un
due sympathy toward the insurgepts
th ro.igh, the influence of his wife, who is
an aunt of the late Agramunte.
Havana, November 12.—0n the seventh
inst , the captain and thirty-six of the
crew of the steamer Virginia were execu
ted at Sauttug- de Cuba, and on the next
day, the Bth, twelve mar* Cuban volun
teers on the vassal were shot. Among if.
tailor was Kranchi Alfaro.
A dispatoh front Santiago de Cuba an
nouncing the execution of Captain Fry
more of the Cuban patriots, sa.vs ;hat
Franc hi Alfaro, who was among the latter
number, offered the Spani*h authorities a
million dollar* If they would spare hi* life.
The Spanish sa.v that Alfaro came to as
sume the presidency of the *->-calleJ Cu
ban republic.
Key West, Fla.. November ill.—A letter
from Uavana. November o, gives the fol
lowing account of the execution •! prison
ers of the Yirginius at Santiago Je Cuba
The four prisoners were shot si a place
made tamous by previous anagutio&s, aud
in the usual manner close to
the slaughter house wall Alt marched to
the spot with firrune-s. Rembettaand
an showed marked courage, although th*
former was slightly affected towards tne
last. The two others were quite broken
down before they were bandaged, but Ry
an kept up to the U-i, never Jjnvhed a
moment and die,! without fear or regret.
Rembett* and Ryan were killed at the
first discharge.
—Hsrvsjr Groan was killed and William
Dow, Alexander Mclean ami John Green
were slightly wounded during a laU I gbl
in Sant Csra cjj r.y, Ct!, absul land
Published by ordgr of (he Secretary of tht
CommontceaUk, in pursuance i .f the ith
Seetton of an Act of tht (ienrrat Asscn
bly, entitled "/in act to prooide for toll
ing a (Vnrearion to amend tht fhnstitu
tion." approved the 11<A day of April,
A. D., IBfi
W. Lb* BM|>l ut ia (.'.nnmullii of Pmelo
ml* mtmfui to Almiebty M Urn IIM blMui ul <l-U
and nllflMi ltbertf. md hncmah ||
(Ulun. 4) artala awl HUblah Una LVutUaU ...
That tbm (moarxj. Ileal. *aad wotul pdacttdM aI
liberty awl lm |jnna,nl way be imeuu# awl
aaaltarabb Mtabl übmd. mm di-iin laal
oec L All BH arm barm, free aa4 ludctmn l
n and barm cmrtaia labmrmat mad ladrlr-mil l- rlUl.
awaf eklob an Ummm al amd d.loo.llna 111-
lid luierly. ul awjairtae. poweeaia*. aad pndmcliae
MOV mad rmpmuaOoo, and ml renaiss i .ni or,
lime. 1 All power u Inbmnnt la lh- mad aU
(raa imnwnto an (ouaiimd on mr aaikudtl atul
M.tilutmd tor their PHW. aalely, aad liilaa For
th* mdraaeeanel of Uw nda tber bavm at all
itaMS aa ißalls hta aad ladefeaadilu rWbi to alter, n
form, or aheUsh their proiiawl la imdi monur ae
thsj *riy thMk pmpet.
See. A All arc hare a mat arm! aad ladaltaa|!>la
rlsbt to oenhip Almtebi j God aer-wdta t to tb, dta
laloa ef their owa o.aeclenne .ao man nan rt*ht he
c—palled to attend, erect, or *ap(x-rt any place ol
-.eahlp. or to maintain any mlntatry acaiaat be cua
•eat : m> htuaaa aathortir ran. la any <a— etuUrer,
ooitnl *r laierfen alth th- rleht* ol eooarieacei and
ao prefenae* ahall ever beptvea by la to aay nllei
ou* ratabllahman!, or stodet of rronhlp.
bee I X* paewa alio ackaoelrdeaa tha Seine ola
God aad a lolnn atate of rewards aad paaiahraenta
ahall. au aocooat al nlie-ao* —nlln-eata. be duwoall
See to bold aoy odlee or place ol IraaA a* prahl aader
thu Cotmneawealth.
her. (. Klections shall be In* and rgsal. aad no
power, elrtl er military, ahall st any lime interfere to
present the free rierrtee ol th* rt*bt ol roSm**
Sec a Trial by yant shall be sa bentolun. aad the
rleht thereof nsaata larlolate
hec 7. Th* priaiine prea#shall be free to every
person who amy aaderiaks to stain is- the i>mr-*dinea
of th* LeeUlatan or any braarh of csrsramrnt and
ao law shall ersr be made to netraia th* rigbt thereof.
Tb* tree coouaanlcattoa of thooebta aof '.plaloaa
I* o— of th* thealaabla rlebu of raaa. aad avery ctli
tern amy freely speak, writ* aad prlat oa aay eonKcl.
beta* i ■stiaaislt-la for the abas* of that liberty. Ho
ooasMlon shall he had ta aay prnaacathm fur th* pnu
Uratloa |of papers relet tae to the odkul cod or t cf
"ftrers er at*a la politic rapacity, or to aay other mat
ler proper fa* public InrestieaUoa or information.
When the fact that each pebhratwa warn not mabrlooe
ly or taeelieeatly aaad* shall be feetablubed to the at
IWsUo tA- tun . Shd la all todktaMßls for libels
the ;ary shall bar* afriebt to determlaet bs law and (be
facta, aader the direction of lb* eovt, as la other
Use-. Tba paopls aball be eerara la their MI
eooa.boraes. paper. tad fnmmmumm. (ma nnun
•bit Hutbin in) (tinrai. twl w warrant in easrrh
any place art* astis any person orflhloce.Htsll law*
without daacrtbm u nearly u may be, nor
wit boo I probable ran.. .opporlwd by oaU or riinu
tua. enbecrtbed to hjt (bo attain
Beet la all the criminal proaerntirme, the arna
ad hath a risk! to ba heard by blmaalf and bla ama
I aal, to demand Iba batara and caaaa U'f Iba arruaatlon
aaalnat htm. to maat iba wiloaaarw faoa to faoa to haaa
aom| ulanry procaea (or bUlblatvilQawa it, bla laaor.
i and la proaaenUon br lndiet.neat or fnformaUoa. a
' epeedr fobllr trial br an Impartial Jury of iba Hbcln
MM . ba cannot ba compellad to alia arldaaaa ay.10.l
, blmaalf aorraahabt doprtaod o hi. hi... liberty. or
faw'of'lSeUed "** <* P""" or tba
baa. la Ho paraon ahall (or nay Indictable offence
ba pamaodad acaiaat Information, ai
eept la caaoa arUlaf In thn land of forcaa or la
Iba mtiltla, rtiaa la actatal eerrles. la tima ol war or
public dancer. or by loara oi Iba < hmrti lor oppraaaion
or in ottaa. Ha parson aball lor tba
aama ofaooa ba twlaa pat hi )aopwdy of Ilia or limb,
nor a hall private proparty ba taken or aapQad to tmb
IU uaa wltboat authority of law. and without juat
pwnaatloa balsa Brat mads or aacarad
Sac. 11. All courts .hall ba opan . and aaary man (or
an in jap dona him la bla Unda. p.d. Tere-m* .w
repaUUon. .hull bare remedy by due |r..rua of law.
and naM and justice administered wltboat aala. dw
ntal. or dauw, bull, may ba brought acalnat tba l om
moawaaltb la Mob manner, la aacb < ourt., and la
aacb caaaa aa tba Is striate .-v laay br Uw dirwci
*3- 11 , **l*gwr* wmpwadmc J,w. .ball! ba aiar
SutUd'" impoaad, aor crawl puamLk.oia la.
Hcc if AU prisoner, ahal Ib {bailable by aaOcleat
earetlee. unieaa lor capital odoaeca, wbaa the proof la
H!£&i!"£ZV mm ' Um JHf m * • and Iba pririle.l. ol tba
writ of habeas aorpas shall not Imp an.iM.ndMh unless
when io CM of robot lion or isv*irro th public eafifty
may rMßin U.
Bee. 11. Wo commission of U7.r and tarmlaar or jolt
deUrerr shall be issued.
Mac. U. Tba paraon of a debtor, when there la ao<
•troa. presumption of I read, abali loot be coatlaund la
r'rta o " }ar dellrerlna up bla estate for the benefit of
hi. cradttura, is aacb manner aa aball ,be iiraacrllmd by
No MPOH lute lap. nor any Uw Impalrtnc
the obligations of contrasts, u, a|in< Irremeable
anyjyraat of epecUl privilege or ImautMltla#, aball be
Sac. It. So person aball ba attatotad of UMaa or
felony by tba Legislature.
Bee. Ik, So attain tier .ball work conuption of blood
nor, durine tba Ufa of tba offender, lorfallure
of aetata to thainommonweajth : the aetata of .uch
peraon. as aba U destroy their om Urn* aball daeceod
or real aa In caaaa cf natural death, and if any hereon
Hoc.*). The cifi/.oa here n right In n peaceable
manner to assemble together for their common good
and to apply to tlioee Inmate J with the Powerc u fg„,
eraaaeal for redreaa of grievances or other p roiier pur
it address. or remoustrsji.e,
Bw. 21. The rl*ht of cjtirmi to hear inn* In d
fence of thamaelraa aud the btatc aball not be ouea
Hock JJ. No aland fad army ahall la time ol peace ha
k ? pt "P'tUwotthkconmnt of the I-cglalelura. and
4*.1!P lllUry.balllnallc.w.,an d at time., U In
•trict fubordination to the civil power
Boc. 23. No soldier shall In tliue of peace be quer
tmd in ear Uouae without the consent of the owner
nor Id time of war but in a maimer to b prescribed by
iflf .**'/\kZl!y < *'* tor T •'"l" r * r " any tula of
nobilitjr of b', eui^.v,, n.r create any or
no, the appoiiiiitraCfi.'V obj... . ball bo for a lunsiT
tarm than <1 Urine tpaal bcbarlM.. -
I Ibtad* 1 Kiultratton bom tba State ap all *e pa pro
Bac. k To ruard as.lnrt tnnarroaalona of the bleb
powera whicb we hare delupated. wa declare that ere
rytbtos In tbia article la excepted out of the trenura.
Cuxera of tbo sorvrmucat and abali torsver remain
rials Ca.
Tin: i.tctiiwi. vTt'itt
Section. I The leiiislativo pitrr
nf-thia CottHitoiiw ttllli ehmli lm
in (ionrral sAanciitlilv, wlttvli aliall
iHuuSal of a Senate ami u llonao u|
Sec. '2. Members of tin* (letteial
Ataemblv slinll be c!io*e at tlte gtt
oral election evoiv second year.
Their term of nervic* alia'l begin on
the lirat Uv of Dec, inlier next afier
their elecrion Whwn-ver n vacancy
gbti'l occur in riihei llou# the pre
siilmg ntlicer there,.f shall i*uc aw rit
of election to ft.l aitch vncanv for the
remainder of the term
Set*. !> Senators sliill lie elected
for the term of four years and R. pre
sontatives forth# term of two year*
,S c, 4. The flencial Aaseiubly
shnjl meet at 12 o't'lvK'k ii tin, on tin
liis* Tueadav of January ewrv second
venr. and at other limes wln n eoi -
venml by tb# Oovernor, but shall bold
no adjourned annual s, *-io after tlie
year 1878. 11l case of a vacancy in
iho idHi-v of United Sute* Scnatoi
from this Commonwealth, in a recce
between the e*siona, the (i..v. rn<o
shall convene the two Houses In
proclamation, on n nice no ex. eedin.'
sixty days, to fill the saoi •
SH'. H Senators shall be at lea-t
twenty tiv years of age, an I U pre
sentatives twenty-one years of age
Thev shall have iwen cititcu" and in
habitants of the State four years, and
inhabitants of their respective dia
trieU one year next before tbrii e'ec
lion (unless absent on the public bu*i
nesa of tbo United Status or at tli.
Suta), and shall r.<side in their re
spective district.* during t'.eir term*
of service.
Sec. tl. No Senator r R.-pres.-nta
live shall, during the time for which
|he shall have been elected, lm ap
pointed to any civil office under tln
| Commonwealth, and no member of
CoDgres# or other |erson holding any
[ ~,fire (except of attorney at law or in
! the militia) under the I nited States
jor this Commonwealth shall be
I member of either House during liu
j cvvntinuaoce in office.
Sec. 7. No person hereafter con
victed f etubeiile.oent of public nion
cvs, bribery, perjury or other iufara
! ous crime, shall In.* e.igible to the
| tienera) Assembly, or capable of
i holding any oflice of trust or profit in
i this Commonwealth.
Sec. 8. The members of the Gen
! orgl Assembly shall receive such sala
ry and tuileag* tor rul' r aln ' H*-
cial sessions as snail be fixevl by law,
and no other compensation whatever,
whether for service upon committee
or other wise. No member of either
House Shall, duriug the term fur
which be may have beeu elected, re
ceive auv increase of salary or mile*
age, under any law paasrd during
such term
Sec. 9. The Senate shall, at the
beginning and close of each regular
session and at #uch other linns as may
be necessary, eUct one of its meuilms
| President pro tern., who shall perform
the duties cf the Lieutenant-Governor
[in any ca*c of tlatfloi or
Bbat officer, and whenever the #aid
of Lieutenant Governor shall
be vacant. The House of Representa
tives shall elect one of its members a.-
Speaker Each House elia'i chin**
its other officers, and shall judge ol
the elgflion and tjun ificatious of its
Sec. 10 A majority of each Ito UM ,
shall constitute a quorum, but u
smaller nuiulter may adjourn lr-iui
dav today, ami compel the attendance
of absent members.
Sec. 11. Uach House shall have
power to determine lite m!* uf it#
' proceedings and punish il merulters
or other persona fur cuutempt or dis
onlerly behavior in its presence, to
enforce olredience to its process, to
protect its member# against violence,
or olters of bribe* or private solicita
; lion, and with the coucorrejjci! of tw i
thirds, to expel a member, but nut u
second linte for the same cause, aud
shall have all other pow< rs necessary
for the legislature of a free State. A
member expelled for corruption shall
not thereafter be eligible to either
House, and punisbuu-ut for ronp-mpl
lor disorderly behavior shall <>t bar
I an iodictnietil for the same ofiencr.
Sec. 12. Each House shall keep a
journal of its proceedings and front
j time to time publish the -nine, except
Uuch parts as require secrecy, and thi
I ytfr* aud nays of the members on anv
I question shall, a! the de#ire of any
i two, be entered on the journpl
Sec. 13. The *ea*iniie of tacit
■ House and of committm of the whole
i -hall lie open, uuieaa when the busi
| ness is uclt as ought to be kept s
See. 14- Neither House shall,
without the consent ol lb- Qfher. ad
journ for more than three days. tnr
to any oilier place than that in which
| the two houses shall be sitting.
[ Sec. )5. The members of the Gen
eral Assembly shall ill all cases, ex
c -pt treason, felony, violation of fbeir
oath of office, and breach of surety of
;he peace, be privileged from a met
during their attendance lit the sessions
f their respective House, and ingo
ing to and returning from the same ;
aud for any speech or debute in eith
er House, they shall not be quest oil
ed at any other place.
Sec. 16. "The State shall be divi
ded into fitly Senatorial districts of
compact and contiguous territory, as
nearly equal in population as may be.
and each diutrict shall be entitled to
elect one Senator. Kacit oounly con-1
taming one or more ratio* of popula
lion shall be entitled to one Senator
for each ratio, and to u additional
Senator for surplus of population ex
ceediug ilirpe filth* of u ratio; but no!
county shall trout wparato district
unless it sha I contain four fifths of aj
ratio, except where the adjoining
countie* are each entitled to one or
more Btutnri, when such county mpy
i>c assigned a Senator on lw tliun
four-tilths, end exceeding one half 11
ratio, nnd no oouulv shall he divided
utile** entitled to two or more Sena
tore. No city nor county shall he!
entitled to t>eparale representation
exceeding one-sixth of the whole
nnruber of Senators. No ward,
borough, or township shall he divided
in the format ion of a disOju." The 1
Senatorial ratio shall ho ascertained'
by dividing the whole population of t
the State bv the number fi ty.
Sec. 17. The members of the!
lloii*e of Representative* shall be Hp
portioned among the several counties,!
on a ratio obtained by dividing the!
population "f tjie Slate IIH ascertained!
by the most i BUM! JJjjited States
census by two hundred. Brcry Cooii
tv containing less tlinn live ratios
shall hgrp one Renreaentative for
every full gill) an additional
Representative when the suipin* ex
ceeds half a latin; but each county
shall buvuut least ope Representative.
Every e unity containing iivu ratio*
or rii'ire*hall have one Representative
fir every full ratio. Every city con
taining a population equal to a ratio
shall elect separately it* proportion of
the Representatives allotted to tli-11
cimptv in which it is located. Every i
city .o fii.i. r tj'an four Repre-|l
sen ta lived, eVciy couuty bavin ' i
* . :,i; r ;
nvrr one tiutidrn| thou>and itihahi- t
lan'l*. shall ho divided into districted i
compact iti><l emit territory, i
l ill" 11 district lllclciT it* p.'OpUtlioil 111 ;
UeprrMmtativi a ii'-i'iinliiiji In its |>o|>* >
illation, Ijtit no i!itlilot •hull flfel I
mure than four llvpn-schutives. I
Site. IM. The (it neral Aittmbljr .
it* first sts-i-n aft IT the uilu|iti>ili <• I 1
ttii* <.\uint'tutinn, nii<l imintdiatch .
after each United State* decciliial ot II
mix, ►hull apportion the Stuto into
•emit-rul iiml Keprcsentativ. tlis-
I lets Hgle. it 111 \ In lilt' provisions lit
the iw- iii xt proceeding stH-tinna.
Aurii'i.i: in.
"iii'tiuii 1. No ln shall b# passed
• xcept by nil I. mill no hill shall In >■
■ 11111 ill ur uiiKiiiixl nit it* |#H#ugc
Through either liou*e MM lo cliunge it*
.liginal |iur|i' I*l',
Si-., 2 No hill khnli he considered
iiuUwr r< liTiil to m committee returned
therefr-on, And priuto l nr the use of
the iiieiitbci *.
Sec. 3 No lull, except general MJ
, hills, filial I lie passu- coii
iitiiiiiijj more than one subject, which i
-hull It# clearly expressed ill it*ti-|
; I"'.
>e. -I Kvrrjf hill shall lie read at
i ih o.i thiee different day* in each
lion- ; all aiiieiidineiiU made thereto
shall t.e pi iiile l lor '.he oe ot tut-Ill
tier* hi'.oti ihrtioal vote u taken on
tSe hill anl no hilt shall tn c u
la a unless nu it* titml passage the!
voti > shall be taken hy yea* audi
uav* the name* of the poison# voting
| fur and agam-l the ame be entered
on the journal and a majority ofthe
. Itiemhei* elected to cacti Mouse be
recorded thru-nil it* Voting iu it*l
iii for.
See o No iinelidiueiil to 1 ill* hv
one II' •'tali be concurul HI by;
the other except by the vole of a
majority uf tjto members elected there- •
to, taktii hv yea* and lias* and the
name* of tho*e voting for at d against'
n coui ii I o | ion the jouuial tbelOof ;
and report* ul e-iunnU.r, lit confer •
eiiue .hall he ad-pled ill e.ltn r Mouse
only hy the Vote of a majority of tbej
iu mbr elected thereto tak<n hy
tea# iibd llav*, and the name* of liioe:
voting recotded upon the jour
Sec. 0. No law shall be revived
amended cr the provision* thereof
extended or c-ufered hy rvieienreto
toe titia only, hill so much thrreol
a* is revivtd amended, i-itnulwl, or
conferred, liall IK- icitiacted and
published at lei-gib.
Sec. 7. The (jrucral Assembly
. shall not pa. MI any local or SJK.CI.XI law,
' million* i.g the creation, extension, ur
'TOipairiug of lien*; regulating he
atfair* of Counties, cities, towubip*.
wards, horough*. or achnul district*,
changing the name* u! person* or
placet: changing the venue in civil
or criminal rase*; authorizing ih
' laying nut opening altering or main
tainiug road*, highways, *:ret, or
alleys; relating to terms or bnd fc >
1 or lucurj-oralitig ferry or bridge • out
-1 panics except (or the erection o!
brnigi* crossing stream* which fbrtti
1 bniindarie* between this and any
I other State; vacating raffs, town
i plat*, stnets, or alley*; relating to
■ cemeteries, grai'( yard.-, or publn
• ground* m lu| the Slate: authorising
• the adoptiiiii or lrgiiimati>u oi ehl
--: dreu: locatuig or (hanging e-unlv
-*i at*, erecting lit w c-tin tie# or chang
mg county lines; incorporating cities.
.1 lognf, cr villages, or (hanging their
i eh triers; tor the tqwiiiog and ooinlucl
i ing uf election* or fixing or changing
• Ihe place < f voting ; changing town
ship lines, borough limit* ur school
' district*: creating office* or pitwerib
' ing the power# and duties uf officios.
• in counUa*, cltifig, bornugbsu town
- *lnp, election or school di*tr!( I*;
1 ( hanging thelswof descent oraucc*sinn
> regulatiug the practice or jurisdiction
, of or changing the rub* nf evidence
in arty judicial proceeding or inquiry
before court*, ahiemu n. justices of the
. peace, sheriffs, cuinttiivn ner, arbitra
I tors, auditor*, master* in chancery nr
other iriduuu W, nr pmvidiug or
changing no-thed# for the collection
of debt*, or lite enforcing of judgment,
or prescribing the • fleet i judicial
sale* uf real estate, rtgulaling the
! let,- or v\tending the power* and du
t tie* of aldermen, juytjpy ul the |wat-e
• magi-Irate# or constaub* , regulatiugj
The manageineiit nf public school*, the
building r lejwiriiig ot school-house*
ami the raxing of money fur Mich
purposes; fixing the rate ol interest;
I affecting the estate of minor* or jmt
'son* under disability, except after due
!luetic jo ail parties iu interest, to be
recited iu lite gpgcjmeut; re
nulling tines, pvuallir* nmt forfeiture*
or refunding money* legally paid into
the Tn u*ury: exempting propertv
from taxatii n regulating labor, trade
mining or manufacturing, creating
• oO.jMj.ali -pt tjr amending, renewing
or extending the charter* thereof;
granting to any corjmiation, associ*-'
lion or individual any special or
exclusive privilege nr immunity; to
any corporation, association or individ
ual the |igh{ I't hv down a railroad.
Nor shall the General Asffmblv;
indirectly enact such special nr l<H-ai|
law hy the partial repeal of a general'
law, but laws rcjiculitig local or sttecin!
acts may be passed. Nor shall any
law be passed gtnnting powers oi j
i privilege* In any case where tbej
granting of such |K>wer* and priv
'ileges shall have been provided for by'
general law, nar where the court*
tiavcjuiis lictinn to grant the same oi
give the relief a-kc.l lor.
•Sec, 8 No local or speciui hill *hnll|
ilia passed unless notice of the inten j
'tion to apply therefor shall have lei>;
published in the locality where the j
I matter or the thing to he effected!
may he sittialid, which notice shall In '
at least thirty dais prim to thej
| introduction into ilie general asaem
hly of such hii|, atnl in the manner h j
he provided by law ; the evidence of
such notice having been published
shall ue exhibited iu the general
assembly before such act shall hi
Sec. 9. The presiding officer of each
m.use tfhail, in the presence of lln
house over which {pe preside*, sign all
hill* and joint resolution* passed by
the general assembly, alter their title*
have heen publicly read immediately
'beforesigning, and the fact of signing
ji>hl| hp pnlfrd on the journal,
i See. |O. the generifl jwcrobly shall
'prescribe by law the number duties
! uiid compeuration of the officer* and
{employees of each house and no pay
nient aim 11 he made from the state
treasury, or lie ill any way auth
orized to any person, except t an
acting officer or employe elected 01
apnointed in pursuance of law.
' kec. 44. hill shall he passer
giving any extra to any
public officer, servant,employee, agent
or contractor, after service* shall have
hejeij rc/idt fed or contract made, nor
providing fop the payment of any
claim against the fonwoopwealth,
without prrVM* authority of
Sec. 12. All stationery, printing
p:i|>er and fuel used in the legislative
and other departnn-nts of government
shall lie furnished, and the printing,
binding and distributing of the laws,
journals, department report*, aud uil
ot! er printing and binding, the
repaitiog and fill nulling the had* a •!
rti'iin* II*I d Ii r the meeliiigM id |! c
gen. aMsimihly audit* r niitiitttces.
*h .11 ha petfbriiiwd under emi tract, |o
he givvii to the lowest responsible
bidder below such maximum price,
ami under such teguhittont n* ahull
he prescribed hv luw : no memher or
.dlit'l r of Uiiv (hpurtoient ill the gov
i rutin Ml all he in any way interested
|in inch contracts, mi i all audi cm
(•Mi's shall le*U.ijn-l In the UppfoVal
.-if ihe g .veru i. uiidiloi general a-oi
-tale tiaasttlir.
Si c. Id No law *liall txlelid tin
lei oi o| an i publicilii i-r, or lucrenst
or IIIUIIIII*II III* salary or eiuoluineoi*
after In* • leclioti or upp< iutm-lit
Sen I-t AH bills fot rviaing revatiu**
shall originate in (lit? |{ou*e of
llepicsenlaiiwi s, hut the Senate may
lir.ip.we amendment* as in oiler
Sc. hi. Til* geneial a; propria!i m
toll stiall embrace nolbing but appx.-
priati oi* for the ordiary rxpctise* ol
I lie executive, legislative o ml judo iary
depurimei.l* of ibe f ominoiiwealth, 1
| iutcre*t uu the public debt ami f. r
public school*; all other apr ipria
j (ion* shall he made by separate hill,
each i-nihra iug hut on * subject.
Sir. Iti. No money shall IK paid
out of the Treasury except Uoou
appriipriutinu* made by law aud o i
warrant drawn by the ptoper etfi *er
|in pursuaiie.* thereof.
Sec. 17 No appiropi iatii-u shall he
made in any charitable or edu<:
institution not tiudnr the alwolute
control of tbc ( oiiiimmwealih, other
than normal kehonl# cetahlxlinl by
jiaw for the professional training of
teacher* f. r the public *chuol* of the
State,except by a vote ol iw .-tliiii!*
of all the members e.i-eied l-> <acli
Sec. 18. No appropriation* u-xcepl
for (tension* or gratuilica fr iitiiiutty
** i viota) sbaH he made for chariinrih
■ aiional or Isenevolaut |iur|*'Tt, to
xnv |ier*< it or tuiuniunity, tmr to ant
denominational or ectat isn ips'itutnoi
cor|K>ration or auMK-iaiiou.
8 "C. 19. The General Aw nhiy
may m -ke apprupristiou* of mom-\
to institutions where HI the wi.l w - • I
soldier* are suppor.ed or ii.iilid or
the orphan* ol soldiers ate matoiMiocil
and eiliicaled ; hut such appropriaio n
shall be appii.d exclusively to the
*up|Mirlof *ucb widows and orpbaus
SCJ. 20. Tbe Get eral Assemble
, shall not delegate to any special
1 commission, | rivale corpjratn.n oi
a*oeiation. any power to make *u|ter
v:se or interfere with any muni. i;>ai
• improvement, nionev, property >r
effect* wbeibet held in trustor "tliei
wise or to levy axe* ur perform any
municipal fom lion whatever.
Sec. 21. No act of tht General
A*#eiubly shall limit the amount l-i
' be recovered for it juries resulting in
death, or f-r injurn s to person* or
proiterty, and in XM- of death from
•uch injutic* ih( right o action dii'l
survive, an I the Genera! Asscuib y
shall pr*cr(l>e for wimse bcttefi. uch
' actions shall be pr-.*<ruled ;no act
' shall prescnlM'an Vli nitatioo* if time
within wi.i h suit- may IK- brought
against corftorationa h- iojurte# t
pcrso: • or property, or for other
caue* different from tinfixed by
general law* rtgulaling a<(<
aeaiusl natural per.ui, and urh ac
tion* now exxiing arc avoided.
22. No act of the Generai
Assembly shall authorize tfte invest
inent of trust funds bv eXtcu or*, ad
mipUtrators, guardian*, or other trus
■ tee* iu the bond* or stiu-k of any
; private corpiratioii and *uch art*
' now existing are avoided Having
investment* heret< fore made
See. 23. The power to change the
Venue in civil and criminal case* shall
■ be vented in the Court# to be exercised
1 in #uch manner a* shall IK- provided
by law.
Bee. 24. No obligation or liability
of any railroad or other corporation,
held or owned by (he Ounnxinweaifh,
shall ever be exchanged, trauferr<d
remitted, postponed, or in any way
diminished by the Genera! Assembly
1 nor #hall such liability or obligation
• be releaed except by payment thereof
1 into the State Treasure.
Sec. 2-'. When the G-neral Assem
bly shall be coovetitd in special
jession, there shall IK- no legislation
Upon subject* other than thus
designated in the proclamation of
(he Governor, calling au -h set
Sec. 20. Kevcry order, resolution
or vote, to which the coucurrcnce of
both Houses may he ne -cssary (except
on the question of adjouinmuit, > shall
IK> presented to the Governor, and
bef ire it ha|i take effect lie approved
hy him or Itcing disapproved, shall lie
renasstKl by two-thirds of both Houses
according to the rules ami litnila
tioiu prescribed in case of a bill.
Sec. 27. No State office shall IK
;Notinued or created for the iii|H<ciiou
or measuring of any merchandise,
manufacture, or commodity, hut any
cotltity or municipality may appoint
such officer* when authorized hy
Sec. 28. No law changing tin loca-
thin of fh capital ofthe State shall
he valid until tha same shall have
been submitted to the qualified
electors of the Cornuipnwealth at a
general election, and ratified and ap
, proved by them.
Sec. 29- A member of the General
Assembly who shall solicit, demand
or receive or consent to receive,
directly or indirectly for himselfor
|fi.r another, from any company,
corporation or person# any money.!
i office, appointment, employment.!
j testimonial reward, thing nf valueorj
! Ml. joy men! or of |tersonal advantage,
jnr promise thereof for his vote or
'official influence or for withholding
j tin-same or with tin undent a tiding
jrxnresscd or implied tliat lii* vote or
official nctioii slinll IK* in MIIV May
influenced thereby or who sliiiii #o
licit <T lieiiiMipi nny such tiKHii-y t.r
other udianlagf. mutter or thing
aforesaid for another n# the consider
stioii of lii# vote or oflicini influence,
or for williliolding tlie sntue or rhm'l
give or nithhold lii# vote or
I in consideration of the puymcnt or
or promise ofaueh money, advantage
- niHtler, or ijiigg to fiuother, shall IK
held guilty of hridery within the
' meaning of this Constitution nml shall
incur the diaahilitie# provided
therekv for said offence, and such
additional punishment a* is or shall
I be provided fry law.
See. 30. Any pspou who jhall,
directly or indirectly offer, give ot
promise any money, thing of value
testimonial, privilege ur pers-nal
advantage, to nny executive or judi
cial officer or member of th# Genera
Aaaeiuhly, to influence him in tin
! performance of any of his public oi
official dujies ,-hall be guilty of bri
bery, and lie punished in ruoli rammer
us shall he provided by luw.
Bec. 31. The offence of corrupt
solicitation nf member# of
Assembly or of pgblje officer# of the
State or of any municipal division
thereof, and any occupation or prac
tice ol solicitation of such member# or
officer# to influeuce their official
!notion shall be defined hy law ancl
hall he puhished hy fiue and impris-i
See 32 Any jxirsou mav l cent
|Mliil to tiNlily to uuv lawful iiivisl
i igal inn or jmlirial jiriK-ci-ihnj*, aguibst
any |wnmti who may he cliargeii with
■ l.iivin, i -iii niil -il the -lh nee ofbri
• In-t v or c.itropl aiilicitatiuii or prar
. tiiv# of aolioitatioii ami ahull not be
I pel mi tl lo ttillilmlii hi* leatinmiiy
r ii| Hlit the ground tliat it may crimi
natc hi'itm-llTir sutiject liun to public
I ufamy, but utli leatimotiy sball not
ul' i r Muds Im Usui ngainat him ill any
I judicial prof, filing except for |K-r-:
I jury it. giving aii.h testimony and
ao/jxtr II foil vi. led of either uf (lie
• oil' tic. - af-rsuid ha|l a* narl of the
<• puiiishment therefor be disqualified
> t< m hohliug any uffioa or |-*witioii of
b iiml, trust .r profit in this (mmtnuu-j
I Sci '! I A member who lias a per-'
v soiial r private interest in any
r measure ur bill proved or ponding
brim tin* Assembly sball
II il aI -c the fiet to the Houast of
w n lie t# a member and sball not
I voie liitreiui.
TUX axxt-trrivo.
1 1 hie. I The Kxocutive Itepartmciit of
the Contitioiiwealth shall consist of aGov-
I eiii-r Lieuu-nantGovernor, Kecretary of
the t\ mm-uwi-it th, Attorney General,
.Vudllo' tteneral. Stale Treasuier, Secre-
I lary o t Interna! Affairs, and a Muparia
l( Irndent of l'nblic I iislruclion.
Sec 2. J lie supreme executive power
• hall he Verted in a Guvariiur, who shall
i take care that the laws be faithfully exe
cuted , he shall be chosen on the day of
general clec. ion by the qualified olectors
' ~t the tuition wealth, at tbe place*
A l.eic they shall vote lor Representatives.!
r . the returns of every election tor Govern- j
( -r shell be scaled up and iranaiuiited to.
Ihe n-a ol Government, directed to the!
V 1 i re- iP-iu of ihe Senate, who shall open
,| j and | publish them in Jlhe presence
t l "l I'-- imdobers of bolli houses,
lot lite General Arseutbly. Tbe person
• having the l-gheti iiuml-*r of votes shall
h! he tiov. riior, Put if two ur equal
..lid iiighert in votes, one ot theui tuaii
he choeett Governor by tlie joint vole of
I the member* ot b-th house* Contested
y vlediuii* *l.ail le deteruuuod hy a com
■nitite i- be selected from both house* of
jibe G, neral Asseiobiy. and luruted and
" in (tn b maimer a* shall be dl-
V le. ted by iaw
i Sec. .j The Go* . ru-r shali bold hi# of*
j ii. e (ikiring four yer* from the third
: lu-Ja) of January next ensuing hi
1' < i.e... li, and shall n-l be eligible to Ike
ffice for the next succeeding term.
• Sec. t A Lieutmant Governor shall be
.-hup-ii at the same time, in the same man
' Mr, fix ikt same term, and sut.ject P. ll—-
,| pr-vi-lona a> the G-veraor; ha shall be
•ill.* presldoiil of the Senate, but
-iiall h.ivr .. v.-te unless they be equally
•' j divided.
Sec & N-person* shall be eligible to
(the office of Governor or Lieutenant Gov
lemur except a citizen of the Untied Slate*
- who shail hate attained the age of thirty
,1 vests hd have been seven years RSZt pr
_ '. eeding hi* election an inhsbiUnl ol the
t Stale, unless lie shall have been absent on
l ' ihe public boi e* of the United Stains or
ir -I this Sute
Sec u N.i memlser ol C-ngrea* or person
holding any offi. --'under the United States
?-r tGis Slat* -hall exercise the office of
Governor.<r Lieutenant Governor.
See 7 The G-vertisr shall be cotu
inander in chief f the army and tavy ot
the t mm—uweallh and uf the militia] <T
ti c. |.i w lirn lliey shail I.* called into the
>r actii#) service of the United State*.
. a lie shall nominate, and, by aiid
■ uh the adv ice and content oftwo-Utird*
•1 fthe metiibers of ihe Senate, ap|K>ini a
V a elary of the Commonwealth and an
j Vl' General during pleasure, a Su
-1 liKir years, and such oihei officor* of the
ft perintrndeni of Public Instruction for
lr ( "tuuioi iwlth as he is or may be aulhor
, i'■ dbv the L'-n-tautmn or by law* to ap-
II p-int; be shall have poaor lo fill all *a
''.•aii-! that may happen in offices t
■ r unirb he may appoint during tlie
(roc.-as l the Senate by granting cummis
■ jsion* which shall expire at the end of
I* ih.-ir nrtl session; he shall hava p-wer
to L i any va. aitcV that may happer. dur
ing ihe re < -* .f li.e i-rhxlc, in the office of
Audit .! General, Slate Treasurer, Secre
*' ur. . fln'.ernat affair* or Superintendent
t if I'utilu Instruction, in a judicial office,
j. -r in any other elective office which he it
-r tna) P<-authorized to fill; if the varan
. \ shall bapi-rn during th* sossmn ot tha
V Scfcala, the Governor shall nominate P>iU
[, ScfiaU-, before their final adjournment, *
pre per person lo till said vacancy ; but in
K ativ sueh ( e oi vacancy, in an elective
.filer, a per il shall be chosen to said <>f
j(. "Ice at the nevl general election, unless ihe
~ vacancy shall happen within three calen
dar month* immediately preceding such
'(i in i-lar'ii'ii, in which rate the election ler
,| >aiJ shaii be beid at th# second suc
ceeding general election; in acting en n
. cutive nominations, the-Senatr shall sit
V with —prn doors, and in confirming or re
l, jivlin( the n-tiiinations of the Governor.
' the v le shall tie laken by ye** and nays,
'' and shall be eMerrd on the journal,
u Sec. H<- shail bave pewer lo re.nit
y fine* and forfeitures, to grant reprieves,
(Qiumutations of sentence* and pardons,
■ .-leapt in cgso# of impeacbtqvtit; but no
n pardon shall t# granted, nor sentence
if -minuted except upon ihe rvcotnmenda
in-ns m writing-f the LieutenantGorern
!-r. Set retary .f the I'.immon wealth. At
lorni-y General, and Secretary of Internal
i] A (fails, or any three of them, after full
n haling, upjn due public notice and in
open session, and such lacommendati-n,
a ith rastiins therefore at length, (hail he
f recoided and filed in the office of tho
. Secretary -f ihe Commonwealth.
Sec. 10. lie may require information in
w riling fr ut the officers of the Kxecutive
li |)epartntnL upon any subject relating to
,f Ihe duties -J !ii ir respective offi. ex.
flat II He shall, from time b> time,
give to the G.neral Assembly inform*-
!l lion of the t-n. linn wealth, and recom
<j im-nd t<> U.eir (onsideration such mea
| sure* a he may judge expedient.
"ec. 12- He may. on extraordinary oc
e c M n#.convene ihe General A-scmlily.
<( and in Case of a disagreement between ibe
iwohnu-0., with msp<-ct t# th# time of ad
- uriin-iT. adjourn them to such time as
ue shall think proiwr, not exceeding four
K- months. He stiall have power lo convene
U the Senate in extraordinary session, hy
(proclamation, for the Irsnsaetion of execu
'• live t.u-ine*s.
f Sec. t-3 In case of lh# death, convio
|l lion on 'impeachment, failure to qualify,
resignation, or other disabilitr ol tne Gov
t i rn-r. the powers, duties, and emolument
ofthe office for the remainder ofthe term,
.. 1 or unti the disability be removed shall
II devolve upon the Lieutenant Governor.
" Bcp. 11 In case of vacancy in the of
e five of j,ieutcnanl Governor, or when the
) Lieutenant Governor shall be impeached
by the House of Kept cscnlatives, or shall
1 he unable to exercise ihe duties of hit of
fire the power, duties and emolument#
then—l for the remainder of the term, or
•! until the disability be removed, shall de
1 1 volvo upon the President, pro tempore, of,
4(the Scran-; and -hall in iike manner he-,
come Governor if a vacancv or disability,
' occur in the utile# ofGovernor; hit seat as.
Senator shall become vacant whcucr hv :
,i he shall become Governor, end shall be
t filled by election • any other vacancy in |
i the Ncliale.
j Sec 1&. Every bill which tliali havei
' passed bqlh Houses shall be presented lo'
)jI he OIIMtWX { if ho approve, he shall:
r sign it; hut if lie shall not approve, he shall
return il with his objections to the
! in which it shall have originated, which;
; House it shall enter the objections at large,
. upon their journal, and proceed to r#eon-j
aider il, L. after such reconsideration,
two third- of ml the member* elected te
thsst UOUACshall ngree to pas# the bil'. it
. shall be sent wit}s ijje obiecljonf to the
other llourc, by w})ich. llkvprisc, jl shail
: ho regopsidpred, and if approved by fwo
tlliidaot nil the nietr.b' r# of th#l ljouse,
it shall he a law; but In such case* the
! votes of both Houses shall be determined
' by yeas and nnyqaiid the names of the
- member* voting P.r and against the bill
t shall be entered on the journal* of each
House respectively. If any bill shall notj
be returned by ihe Governor within tenj
days after il shall have been piesented to
. him, the sniue shall be a law in like man-
I ner na if he had -ignid it, unless the Gen
eral Assembly, by their adjournment, pro
' vent its return, in whi. h case it shall be
I a law, unless he shall file the same, with
bil objections, in the office of the Secreta
ry ol the Commonwealth, and give notice
thereof hy public proclamation within i
, thirty Jay* after such adjournment.'
Sec. I'l. TheGovernbrshall have power
to di-Hpproye of qny itciq or item* of any !
hill making ippropriation* of money! em
bracing distinct items, and tho part or .
parts of the hill approved shall beihe law, !
and the item or items of appropriation '
disapproved sliall be void, unless repassed '
according to the rules and limitations pre- 1
scribed for the passage of other hills over 1
the Executive \ cto.
Sec. 17- Tiie Chief | l unties of the Su- 4
prcineCourt shall are-id# upon the trial
of any contested election of Governor, or '
Lieutenant-Governor, find -hall decide I
que-!ions rcgurdiffg the admiEsibilUy of 1
evidence, and shall, upon request' of the 4
commitlM pr-nounce'liit-pihion upon oth '
i-r i|Uestion* of law int-olved in the tffal. J
The Governor qnd 1
shall exercise (lie duties of their respective 1
oliices until their lucoeaaor* shall bo duly
qualified, *
Sec 18. Tit# Secretary nf tho Common- l
wonllh -hull keep u record of all official
nets ul d proceedings of tlieJGovernor, and ';
s ben required Jay the tutue, with all pa- s
per*, tninuis*. and vouehersrstatliif there
, i", l#fi>rn rilhir brunch of the O msral
Assembly, st'd petforiii suo'i other dutie#
1 ss may lie eeloitx-d IIIMKI htm hy law
I Kec. lit The Meernliiry o Ititsrnal Af
flr* stiall cisrrite all the uswer* ar.d (Kir
form *ll tb# dutie* of the Hiiryeynr-(lwnr
■I. subject to (lii-h clitrifws shall be
p tnsde hy law, lli* departmsnt *hall em
! brace a bureau ef Industrial Htatistie*, and
be shall dUcharg* such dutie* relnting to
luryWltl*W, tu the charllable institution*,
lh *Kric(iiiur*l, manutarturintt. mining,
t mineral, limber and other tnxtwml or bu*l
, ne* interest* of the Hlate a* may bn pre
' scribed by law lla shall snnually, and
*| at such other itmcs a* m*v he requlrej by
1 taw, mab report to the fsmeral AIM-SI-
i Sec. 'JU. Ihe Hupsrintendent of Public 1
' Instruction shall ezercise all tha power#
I , and perfi rm all the duties of tha Huperin
p tended! of Common ftchools, subject to
■uch chaiige* as shall be made by law.
"j Hie. ft The term of Iho Sicretarv of
' Internal Affairs shall be four years ; of the
. j Auditor tseiisral three year*, and of the
, State Treasurer two year,. These officer#
(; shall be chosen by the quellfted eleclo * of
I the statu at thecener it election*. No per
son el<H-lnd to the oftt c of Auditor Ueipir
c #1 orHlate Treasurer shall b" capable of
tinlitiiiKihe sa.oe office for two conecu
f live terms
Her 'Jti The present great teal of
Pennsylvania shall be the seal of tha
Sec 2A All rommitaisn* shall bain the
#|nain* and by authority of the Common
wealth of Pennsylvania, and be sealed
j with the Klete test and signed by the (sov
•r nor.
See. I. The judicial power of this Com
'. monweatlh shall ha vested in a supreme
CViurt. in courts of common plea*, court*
. of quarter session* of the peace, orphans
;court*, maritlfate* court*, and in such oth
* er courts a* the Ueneral A**etob!y may
' froto time to lime establish
j Sec. 2 Muprcme Courts shall <*-n#iet of
*jseven judges, who (hall be elected bv tbe
qualified elector* of the state at large.
'' They shall hold their office# for the term
# iof iwanty-oiie vears. if thev so long behave
themselves well but shall not be again
" ieligable The judge whose commission
I shall orst expire shall ba chief justice, and
therefore each judge whose cummissien
| shall first expire shall in turn bs chief Jus
j .tee 3. The juri-diction of tha Supreme
.'Court shall extend o-#r the slate, and the
f! ju'ig"* thereof shall, by virtue of their fi
* ccs, lie juu< as over *ny terminer and gen
. oral jail de'ivary in the wvrst countie# ;
lliey shall have-'rigiuai jurisdiction in ca
r se* of injunction tid. where a corporation
jjia a party defoidat. or hah*a# corpus, or
; j mandamus, and to iurls ot inferior Juri
diction; and in . *-t- -<f -ju • warranto a.<J a#
Mo all officer# of the commonwealth whssr
juri -diction extends over the state.but sbalt
* not exf rrise any othi-r origin# juridietion;
j. They shsll have apprltala jurisdiction;
i by ap|seal, certiorari or writ of error in alt
' esse,, a* is now or *) hereafter be provl
„ drd by law.
Sec i. Until (*herw ie directed by Uw.
! tlie courts of common please shall eontin
®ju as at pre-ent established except as hara
m changed; more than hsur counties
* - shall at any Included in one judi
' tela I dutrici orgatitaed for said caurta.
' Sec. 6, Whenever a county shall coaiaia
forty thousand inhabitant#, it shall con*U
' tule a separals judicial district, and shall
elect one judge learned in the Uw ; and
n th General Assembly shall p'ovidr far
additional Judges, as tho busine-# of tbe
r• taid diitrict may require. Countio# run-
U'nir.g a population less than is sufficient
U constitute ssqwrate distrn-ts shall be
,i f-rrmed intoeonvenioi.t single districts, or,
if necessary, may be attached to contig
uoux districts. •* the tienerat Assembly
mv provide. Tlie office of Associate
j Judge not learned in the lew, is atsohshed
I, in counties forming separate district* but
. the several associate Judges in 'lies' wheo
~ This Coaetilution shall be adopud shall
.. serve f-r their unexpired terms.
S- 6 In the Co'jntie* <>f Philadelphia
,r nd Alleghany, all the jurioiirtion and
r now in the ilfitfid rtmrUaf
colli men pleas, subject to such change# as
„ may be made bv this constitution or by
I. w sball be in Phiiadetpbia vested in tour.
- and" in Alleghany in two distinct and *ep
armle court* of equal and co ordinate ju
,f risdiction. composed ofthree Judgm ewch;
•s lb* #id court* in Philadelphia shall be
designated reapcctivsly in the court* of
,f , -in in <>n please number one nu miter two,
number three, and number fttur. and in
,l Alleghany as the courts of common pleat
„ number one and number two, but said
courts may I ebv law increased, from time
to lime, aii(l shaft bs h like manner desig.
" t . nated by successive number* ; the number
, <>f Judge* in any of said courts, or in any
court* where the establishment of an adi
„ lion a I court mar be authorised by law.
„ may be incrsw-ed 'rum time to lime .- and
p whenever *u h increase shall amount in
lC ilhe whole loth tee. such three judge# shall
compose a district and separate court as
i, (aforesaid, which shall be numbered a*
aforesaid. In Philadelphia all suit* shall
s. be instituted in said courts of common
[! plea*, without d.-signaling the number of
:t said court*, and the several court* shall
distribute ard apportion the business
t ; among tbcm in such manner aa shall Iu
provided by rule* of court, and uach court
to which any suit shall be thus assigned
; tl shall have exclusive juriadiolicn thereof
, subject to change of venue, as shall be
provided by law. In Alleghany ewch
J* court shall bave exclusive jurisdiction of
„iaH proceeding# at law and inequity cont
t. menced therein. *ubjeot tochange of ven
ue at mav be provided by law.
i Sec. 7. For Philadelphia there shall be
,1 one Proibonotarv's office, and one prolhon-
H|OUrv f->r all said o-urU, to be appointed
u bv lb* judge* ot said courts, and t hold
. -Sloe fu three years, subject to removal
by a majority of said judges: tho said
0 prothonotary shall appoint such as-itlanoe
as mar be 'necnsaary and authorized by
n hy said courts, and he and hi* assistants
shall receive fixed salaries, to be delermin
-0 cd by law and jmid by said county ; all fee*
collected in said office, except such as mav
. be by law due the commonwealth, shail
k ' be paid by the protnnnetary into the cou%
ly treasury. Rach court shall have its aep
,] arate docket*, except the judgment dock
et. which shall conU n the judgment and
, i leans of all said courts, aa it ur may he Ui
.* reeled by Uw.
-c a. The said court* in the couniiesat
IJ Philadelphia and Allcgbanr respectively
shall, fV-m time to time, detail one or
r more of their judge* to held the court* of
e t iyer and Terminer and the courts of <juar
v j ler seas ion of the peace Of aeid counties in
such manner as may be directed by taw.
; Sec.'.' Judges of the court* of Common
Pieas learned in the law shall be judge* of
. The courts of Ojer and Terminar, tJuartwJ
b Sets ions ef lbs Peai-e, end Ueneral Jail
, Delirory and of the Orphans' Court, and
, within tneir respective district* shall be
l' justice of the peace as to criminal matters.
Sec. 10. The judges of the courts of eotn
r. mon plea*, within their respective coun
n ties, shaif have power to issue writs of
■ certiorari to the justices of tho peace and
|j other inferior courts not of record, and to
-_ cause their proceeding to be brought be
y fore tbem and right and Justice to be dono.
See. 11. Kxcept as otherwise provided
in this (.Constitution, justice* of tbe peace
. or aldermen shall be elected in the>evera!
, j wards, districts, boroughs, and townships
' at the time of the election of coin-tables.
' by qualified electors thereef. Sfi such man
* tier as sball be directed by law, and shall
be commissioned by the Governor for a
term of Iv# year*. No township, ward,
district, or borough shall elect more than
Two justice* of the peace, or aldermen
, i without the consent of the majority of lh*
1 qualified eleulors within such township,
I ward, or borough ; no persox shall be
, t-leclcd to such office unlea* he shall have
"(resided within the township, borough,
, ward, or district l-r one year nc*t pm-eed
[: ing his election. In cities containing over
I otI.OUO inhabitants, not in->re than one al-
M detman shall be elected in each ward or
.; district.
Sec. 12. In Philadelphia there shall be
. established, for each .(U.UIO inhabitant* one
court not of reccord, of police and civil
causes, Willi jurisdiction not exceeding
; one hundred dollars j such court* shall be
( held hy magistrates w hose term of office
, shall be five years, and they shall be uicc
. ted on general ticket by the qualified vol
vr* at large,; and in the election ot sa d
magistrates, no \ oter shall vote far more
' j than two-thirds the number of persons to
|! he elected when more than one are to be
' chosen; they shall be compensated by
fixed salaries, to be payed by said county ;
and shall exercise such jurisdiction, civil
Hiid criminal, except as herein provided,
as is luw exercised by aldermen, subject
to such changes, not involving un in
crease of civil juriadictiofi or conferring
political duties, as may be made by law.
J'he office of alderman is abolished.
Sec. IS. All fees, fines, and penalties in
-aid Courts shall be paid into the county
Sep. 1 i fn caea of summary conviction
iu thi* Cuiniuoiip'cHllh', or of judgement
iu suit for a penalty before a magistrate,
or a court not of record, cither party may
appeal to such court of record as may be
prescribed by law, u;>oti allowance of the
Appellate Court or Judge thereof, upon
enU*e shown
Sec. lf> All judges required to be learn
ed in the law, except the Judge* of the Su
preme Court, shall be elected by the qual
ified elector* ofthe respective districts over
which -they are to preside, and ihn|l hold:
their officii Itvr the-period of ten '
they shall to long behave 1 theinshlves well;
but for any reiisonajilr cause, which shall
noi be sufficient groqnd lor iqjpeachpient, j
the (i-veruor may rntiiova uy of theui on
the oddress of (Wo-thirds of each h-useot
the General Assembly.
Bec. 10. Whenever tAIS Judge- of the
•Supreme Court lare to be chosen for the
same term of service, each voter shall vote t
(Continued un 3rd page.) 1
I. f illicit lie inter. |
purchased the entire stock of the lata
firm of Stiastnan A Gugganheimar, ex
cept the leather ami Shoe-findings,
ha* filled up hi* shelves with a lot of
apEaaofii MKW tioooa,
r uuomuooo*,
■ PKovuioxa,
■ ami is now prepared to accomodate all
hi* old customers, and to welcome all
! new uuea who may faymr him with
their patronage, tie fuels safe in say
[ tng that he can please the moat fastidi
ous Call and see,
H.—-Mr. Suaaman atill contianes
1 to deal in
.in ltie old room, where he majr alwaj
be found.
ft i
;; No 6 Brockerhoff Row, Bellefonte Pa
Draler* in Drugs, ( hemleals,
IVrfuusrry, Fancy tiesds Ac.,
Pure Wines and Liquor* for medical
| purposes always kept. may 11. TX
, 1 uooa silos liorrxn s
, r Dealer in
; fU ii ill •/ U H t
Parlor and Chamber Seta,
Particular Auielkw b> Ordered Work.
' In All lu Branches,
Always <m Hand, and FunrraU Attended
J Will an Elegant lit-arsc. apktf.
Stoves! Fire! Stov'si
! At Andy Recstuau's, Ceotre Hall, are
latest and beat stove* out, ho has just
received a large lot of
, Cook Stoves, the Pioneer Cook,
1 the Eclipse Cook,
. the Reliance Cook,
j I PA KLOBS-The Radiant Light, self-fee
der, Gai Burner, National Egg,
, Jewell. Ac.
, SM.Hc toil* stove* as LOW as anywhere
in MiSia or Centre co. AT
The undersigned hereby informs the
* ciliaen* of Pennavalley that ne ha* pur
f chased the Tinshop heretofore carried en
by the C. 11. Mf g Co., and wilt continue
the same, at the old ttand. in all its brnnch
t;e. in the manufacture uf
All kind* of repairing don*. He ha*
. always on hand
Fruit Cans, of all Sixes,
J 1 All work warranted and charge* reason
■! able. A share of the public patronage ao-
Micited. AND. REKSMAN,
' TMPTOT Centre Hall
r lN
It A new and Hardware Store
has been opened bv the undersigned in
' i Urockerhoff* new building—where tbey
; are prepared to sell all kind* nf Building
and Huse Furnishing Hardware, Iren,
r (Steel. Nail*.
Buggv wheels in setU. Champion;
'iClothes Wringer, Mill Saw*, Circular and
lltand Saws, Tennon Saw*. Webb Saw*,
1 Ice Cream Freeaer*. Bath Tub*, Clothe*
,; Back*, a foil assortment of Glaaa and
L Mirror Plate of all rite*. Picture Frames,
M Wheelbarrow*. Lamps, Goal Oil Lamp*.
{ Belting, Spoke*, Felloe*, and Hub*.
■ Plow*. Cultivator*, Corn Plow*. Plow
i Points, Shear Mold Board* and Cultiva
p tor Teeth, table Cutlery. Shovels, Spade*
* and Fork*. Look*. Hinge* Screw*. Sash
' Spring*. llorse-Shoo*. Nail*, Norway
J Bod*. Oil*, Lard, Lubricating. Coal.
I Linseed. Tanner*, Anvil*, Vice*, Bellow*.
Screw Plates, Blacksmiths Tools. Factory
' i B*lD, Tea Bell*, Grindstones, Carpenter
[Tool*, Fruit Jar* and Can*, Paint, Oil*,
; Varnishes received and for sal* at
juneS GS-tf. J. A J.HARRIS.
I "
i| •
Next door tu Wilson A Hick*' Hani
ware store, Allegheny St.,
R. F. Rankin & Co.,
(Successors to Linn A Wilson.)
for medicinal purpose*.
Also, Choice
nd nil other article* u.imlly hept in first I
class Drug Store. <
tf.Uune R. F.RANKIN A CO. ]
J. B. ByfTS. Prop'r.
Has first class atM-ominiajgtiou ; chxrg
reamti** if. i
JAS. MM AN US, Attorney at Law, '
Ucllefoutc, promptly attends to all
buiiaew ectruttud to hun. jui2,'6Btt \
Sliortlidge & Co.,
Bellefonte Lime QuarriM,
The only Manufacturers of Lima, burnt
eielurively with wood, in Central
Anthracite Coal,
[ White Lime,
* Du Pust'v Powder,
" Sporting nod Blasting Powder on
■ Ud,
( FUM lor Blasting,
Fire Brick.
oround Fire City,
inao ?t
oce ocd yard near Mouth end of the
8.1.1 Eagle V alley Railroad Depot, Bella
fante. Pa. J*alo.rt
) _
YOU Na-M HOTEL. Corner of Third
arid Chaatnut Street, Mililfttbtirg, Pa.
John Showers, Proprietor.
I lu Centra) Location makes it particularly
desirable to psraon* v wiling Town en
business or pleasure.
11. A. Taylor's Lfrery Attach*!,
1 onfai ly ___
|C. F. ,'ferlacher N. Croomlßer.
f 28MAnniVAL
1 \IT t.b to info*m the rititeu* of Potter
f T that they have opened en entire new
* .lock of good* in their old quarter*, end
. will keep constantly on hand a full and
good assortment of
consisting of
* Poplin*,
and ail other kind* of
full line of
Hats A Cape, Boots A Shoes
dCL t #iC , Vbt
l Alt of which wa offer at greatly reduced
Highest price* paid far country produce.
* By *trict attention to huaiaea* wa hope to
merit and receive the peiruaage of the
at hi* establish rnent at Cantre Halt, keep*
on hand, and lor ml*. *t the moat ramus*-
bie rate*.
' Carriages,
A Spring Wagons,
PL.W..D P..C,.
and vehicle* of every dmripSaa made lu
> order, and warranted to be made ef the
, beat Meeoned material, and by the moat
* skilled and competent workmen. Person,
wanting anything in hi* line are requested
j to call and examine hi* wnrk, they will
* Srd it not to be excelled for durability and
wear. may ".fit If.
Will attend to administering Oath*, Ae
f knowle Jgement ef Deeds. Ac. writing Ar
ticle* of Agreement. Deed*, Ac, may IS
\ Gift dfc Flory'a
' New Shoe Store !
* They bare now opened, and will conetant
ly keen on band, a .p'nuiid Mock of saw
men, women and children, from the hast
manufactories in the country, and new ef
fared at lb*
Lowest Prices.
- BOOTS and SHOES mad* t* oeder, upon
abort notice They invite the people of
tbi* vicinity to give them a tail, a* tbey
will strive to merit a abate of their pat
ronage myMaf
J. U- uavi*. C, T. ALttiXaU.
Attornev*at-law. OSes o|ptrite Coort
House, Bel let en le. Pa.
' with Ore it A Alexander, attend*, to cob
I lection* and practice in the Orphan's
[ Court. j**7 TOtf
| r. a. viuM*. T. a. aicxs.
Hardwarr ami Rtara Dealer*.
I Builders Hardware
whi :b will heat on* or two room* down
stain, and *m number above. Coat
very little more than ring)a store*. These
•re the best parlor store* made.
This stove ha* large oven*, will burn
bard or soft coal ana wood. Every one
warranted to give perfect satisfaction.
tf Bellefonte, fa.
Big Stock of Clothing,
Shoes, Hats,
and Ntiou|.
i . §
Z'B. KriseA Bro., wi,h the people of
Pennivalley to know that thy have un
packed a Urge stock or Clothing, such as
vest*, suits for map and boy*, and a b'f
stock of
for nien and women, which they boast of
selling cheaper than any other establish
Go and try them, they offer die best
bargain* outside the city. Remember,
their motto is, CHEAP. octlfitf
...* ......
(lAUTION. —Whereas, my MP Geo M*
J Long, has left bome.and is out of my
control, notice is hereby fjivea, that I will
in no manner be responsible tor hi* own
duct, or pay an debt* of his contracting.
13nov-8t Gregg twp.