The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, October 16, 1873, Image 3

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Mr. Geo L Ooodhart, had two fine
ftork-kiro pfir at the fair, fellow* that
hiako one* nvuilh water U *OO them.
-~.J.0. Kmeriok goon to Karthouse to
teach school. , v
The mountain! end wood* now look
like* Wl tower garden, end the eight
from the top of Mlttnny mountain is granJ
beyond dcifription. We challenge any
other part'of the world to evcnl it
—The men that put* up door-belle we*
In town I**l week. *nd came ecro** n fal
low who don I believe in bell*; he mid he
once hnd a gel wrhoie name wa* Bell and ,
be wer.t back on him, and ho swore he d
never again have anything to do with any
bell*after that, el they are o likely to
fool a fellow
The Rebersburg Luth. charge being
without a'paaior at 1 resent, R v. J A.
Bright <?f Aaronshurg. preache* for those
congregations temporarily.
. Th grain fields in thi* county have
a fine appearance just now,
There will be a great deal of soft
.corn in this county, this fall.
Read the advertisement of t. B
Kreisc A Co.. Milroy, they Intend that
the people of Tennsvelley shall ave
money by buying clothing, boots,
shoe*. Ac., of them, at Milroy.
Mr. Tobias, of this place, whom
fall front the haymow to the barndoor ol
Mr. Dmges' barn, we recently mentioned,
has net yet been able to walk ftom the
injuries sustained in hi* hip.
John Irvin, on hi* electioneering
trip, a week ago. got to Millheiut, when
he met that old outspoken democrat. Bill
Muster, *nd the following conversation
Mr. Irvin—Wall-Mr. Mussor, 1 think
you detnocrali down here should do some
thing for me once ?
Mr. Mu#*er- Well, Mr. Irvin, I just,
tell you what it ia, during the war you j
were for hanging all us democrats, and I
now you come down here and ask us to 1
vote (or you vet. I tell you Mr. Irvin,
right straight out, we don't do it.
Mr. Christian Dale, ot Harris twp ,
the vaaerahla. grower of fruits and vega
table, was at the fair, last week, as
usual, with a fine display. We wish,
particularly, to refer to hi* monstrous
beets, of which be raised ten tons from
oue-tbird acre of ground. These are beets
what are beets and yet can't bo beat. Mr.
Dale's beets will beat any other beets
that ever beat heretofore —they are none
of your dAid-beats but live beau, regular
beating beet* that beat any other beet out.
The Tuten RfpuUiean. outside of its
w,-oden nutmeg politic*, i a pretty fair
paper, keeps publishing a dry Waahing- i
ton lUar,;overy weok, of notb- j
ing. We auvise them to quit it and copy |
a chapter from scripture, once n week in
stead, as it would be news to some of its
radical renders, or, which wauld bo the
• neit best thing, let it copy from the edi
torial columns of the RINITH, and
afford its readers some wholesome politi
cal rending
J. H. Harpster, one of our Nimroda,
*hot 117 gray squirrels, thus far, this sea
son. On Saturday last, he and Benj.
Amey brought down £L
The installation ceremonies ef Re*.
King, a* pastor of tba Bellefonte Reform
ed charge will take place on Sunday,
<t>ct. 36th.
The Centre Co. Fair, held at Belle- j
f.-nte, last week, was one of the beet and
most successful ever held ja this county, j
Thedisp.ay in every department was bet- J
ter than at -any previous exhibition.
Among the live stock ware many fine
hot see, horned cattle and hofs. all of the j
best and most noted breeds. The depart-1
merit containing the products of the soil <
was a fair show ef what can be raised in j
Centre county, and was credit ible to eur
farmers, while the department tor domes-:
•ic manufactures and fancy articles was j
j u j* and complete, presenting a nice muse
am'thai WM constantly crowded by visit
er On *.f*ursday lh crowd iro *
inense. and exT*"* "J 1 * 11 * ew wit "
nsssed in this coun * r " trotting course
was constantly -T triU
of horses, foot races by fa" * nd
and the inside of the rinf ..* "* (
Several bands ef music were intend* 00 *,
aniens: which we noticed the Reber.b."*'*
Ban 3, Pine Grove Band, and Philipsburg
Band, which discoursed sweet music. AH
seemed to be pleased with this year s Ex
hibition, nnd pronounced it the largest
anc. best Fair yet held in the county.
cast for Isaac G. "Goroon," instead of
Geidon, a mistake in the radical ticket,
for tupretne judge.
On '.at Monday morning nbeut
break of day, a horse belonging to Mr.
George Swab, of near Linden Hall, fell
down a well, a distance of some 24 feet.
The horse broke through the plank and
went down butt foremost. There were
some ten feet of water in the well at the
lime, and Mr. Swab's other horsea
stood around the well, looking en as
their companion made bis exit from terra
firma, and they seemed to be much alarm
ed at the sudden disappearance oi one of
their number, wondering, perhaps,
whether he had a through ticket for Chi
na, The groanss of the unfortunate ani
mat in its watery dilemma were heard by
Mr. Swab in the house, and on going out
•to see what was up, found that one ef his j was "down" as above stated.
Neighbors to the number of twenty soon
hurried to the scene of trouble, and by
means of ropes and belts the animal was
pulled out of its close and went quarters,
having sustained some cuts and bruises,
but none of a nature to render the horse
s. R. Gettig, of Gregg twp., intends
eoon fo move to Virginia. Wearesorry
to loose Mr. Gettig, he was a good citixen.
and a man of influence in his neighbor
hood. //
Miller A Son haio Just opened a
Drug store at Centre Hall, and are now
supplied with a full line of fresh drugs,
mnbraeing every thing in that line needed
by the public, including the most approv
ed patent medicine*. The community are
invited to see their new establishment.
ly 100 democratic voters absent from the
polls on Tuesday
Don't forget that Theodore Deshner,
opposite Bush's arcade, is a practical gun
smith, and keeps constantly on hand and
makes to order firearms of all discriptions,
as well as ammunition and all articles
connected with the gun trade, and
all kinds of fishing tackle.
8. B. Gettig'* sale of personal property!
near Farmers Mills, on 18 Nov.
Penn twp., i* advertised in the Reporter,
. at public sale.
The farm of Geo. Gramly, dec'd, in Su
gar Valley, is advertised in the Reporter,'
at public sale.
A valuable farm 'in Buffalo Valley,
Union co., is advertised in the Roporter at
public sale."* '
The M'Minn farm in Potter twp., is ad
vertised in the Reporter at public sale.
The Nala farm in Pottet twp., is adver
tised in the Reporter at public sale.
The valuable mill property of J. F.
Throne, in Miles twp., js advertised in the
Reporter at private sale.
The valuable farm of Sam'l Spangler,
dec'd, 'in Potter twp., is advertised in the
Reporter at private sale.
—On last Tue*4J night Jake Bolt's sor
rel nag took the. totems to Bellefonte
quicker than they ft went .over before.
Wareaiu litis over 500 democratic
majority in MitHin, a large gain
Wareatu carried the district by
•ooie 500 majority.
The Republicans have elected the
State Ticket.
Orvis carried Harris and Belletbnte.
Ths following are the return* from this
county so far at received, up to Wednes
day evening :
TV tat r .Vui> Judy
a k c ©I
r g
H -; o J
r s
s- 5 ?
o i
at ; : i
Bellefonte i N Ward CO 00 00 Oil
' s •• 000 000 oai (xv)
t w " 00 000 (XI (TO
Milesburg 80rn........ 42 75 43 76
I'niunviiTe Boro 00 *lO 00 *l6
Howard Bom.. 00 *6 00 M
Philipsburg Bore (W0 *29 (00 *6l
Bogg* - 100 179 100 lfci
Benner— *7l UW *73 000
Burnside 00 00 00 00
Curl in (W 00 00 (X>
Fergusen AW 125 108 128
Urry 210 54 214 60
Haines (W0 00 UX) 000
Hnlfmoon 00 00 (W 00
Harris— 140 218 143 217
Howard——— 00 *27 (W *2B
Huston (W M 6 (X) *64
Liberty..-. iX) 000 00 000
Marion °34 00 *42 000
Miles. .- 224 61 224 61
Patton 00 ax) 00 000
Penn —. 200 29 199 30
Potter 272 127 260 110
Rush - _ 000 000 Ou) till
Snow Shoe 60 76 68 73
Spring OUU *4O 000 *4O
Taylor - —uO 00 00 00
Union - IX) OU. 00 000
Wnlker - 000 (XX) iwe 000
Worth „ 00 U) 00 (X)
Tetnl (WOO UXX) OCW 0000
Senator Attemhly
~ OS
* 3 =
If f *
a : :
Bellefonte, < N Wsrd 7 3 165 127 05
S. Ward 1( W 119 86
( WWsrd 40 66 58 60
Milesburg Be re........ 4* ®0 49 64
Unionviile Boro 00 *l2 tie ti
Howard Boro -... 00 *l3 *2 00
Philipsburg Boro 000 *3l 000 *2l
Beggs „ 109 in HI 177
Benner *B2 ((X) *76 000
Burnside OO €0 00 00
Curtin - 00 (X) 00 00
Ferguson..—. l9B 127 208 116
Gregg 214 57 201 66
Haines 150 83 149 84
Haifmoon 00 00 00 00
Harris -- 148 123 188 179
Howard - (X) *2l 00 *3l
Huston..——oo *64 00 66*
Liberty 00 UW 00 000
Msrion *35 08 *4B 00
Miles 230 49 251 47
Patten 00 OX) 00 000
Penn - - 201 33 194 28
Potter 279 130" 297 106
Rush (W0 UW OIW UW
Snow Shoe 7O 75 72 71
Spring (WO *35 *lO 000
Taylor (D 00 NW 00
Union— *> <W 00 UXi
Walker - _ (XX) 000 UXI OJU
Worth OO U) U) 00
Total 00U) UXX) UWOOOrt)
Irtat'r Comm'r
*9 | ?
s: H 3 i
ft pr 3
®" 2 .*
y fi- *<
-5 • •
Bellafunte | NWard 61 IOC 00 00
B 8 • 83 123 UW
I W " 00 (XX) (W UW
Milesburg Boro 39 78 42 76
S '4 S "
S:?:V r oo 000 *6i 000
Burnside"— -- U) 00 00 U)
Curtin 0 U) 00 U)
Ferguson 219 106 1% 130
Gregg- 217 o5 lid tO
Hnlfmoon - t 00 00 00
Hrrii 1., iri■■ i— - I'B 217 187 229 |
Howard CO *2B 00 *2B
Huston 00 *SB 00 Ml
Liberty U> UW 00 000
Msrion *42 00 *3B 00
Miles - 228 80 145 125
Patton - 00 (WO 00 UW
Penn - 208 30 149 52
Potter 274 181 264 110 l
Rush. W 000 000 awl
Snow Shoe 68 11 i2To 1
Spring - 000 *sl 000 *4l
Taylor 000 000 (XX) 000
Union - 00 (XX) 00 000
Wnlker 000 UO 000 000
Worth 00 00 00 00
Total OUtt 0000 0000 0000 j
s; jji c x
a 3 ? 5" I
-■ a 5 -•
* k- x r*
*:1 ! I
Bellefonte (N Ward (4) 00 00 00
' S " 000 000 000 00
|w " 00 000 00 000
Milesburg Re 50..,.., 42 °OO 72 000
Unionyille Boro'W it) 00 00
Howard Boro 00 00 00 00
Philipsburg Boro— UW 000 000 (XX)
Boggs 187 187 104 104
Benner 000 000 000 000
Burnside 00 00 00 00
i Curtin 00 5 00
' Ferguson..—— - 19!) 109 128 127
Gregg... 214 00 000 68
; Hsin". lie w 83
Haifmoon ui UC 00 00
■ Harris 162 000 219 000
) Howard 00 <WO 00 000
Huston 00 000 00 000
Liberty 00 000 00 UW
Marion—.— OO 00 00 OD
Miles 229 226 38 37.'
B Patt0n.,,.,.,, 40 000 82 000
a Penn..-".,, 201 200 31 31
• Potter-- 1480 273 W lj
, Rush (W0 000 UW 000
Snow Shoe 06 000 76 UW
. Spring - 0U) UW 000 000
1 Taylor 00 00 00 00
• Union 00 000 00 000
Walker 000 UW 000 0U)
i Werth 00 00 00 00
T0ta).,.,. 0000 0000 0000 0000
Thoaemtrked with HP * * re major*
MILL BU**T.— The fine saw mill of ]
Messrs. Thomas A Mason, situated on the
canal and B. R. RR. was burnt down
early last Saturday morning, ft is suppos
ed te have caught from a spark from the
stack. The mill was built in 1870, sod has
been very energetically worked by its en
terprising proprietors, particulsrly John
S. Mason, Esq., who has managed it. The
mill cost $10,000; was insured for $90,000
—52,000 in the Columbia, $2,600 in the
North America, $2,600 in the Penna. Fire,
sl,6ooin the Niagara of N. Y., $1,600 in
the Republic, end SIO,OOO in the Lycom
Mr. WIN. Lehr, from the ore bank
brought six whopptu potatoes to this of
fice, weighingl2%,averaging 21bs., each.
They are Chlliet, and do credit to Mr.
Lujit'a farming.
Mr. Orvis may well feci proud of
J the rota cut for him lu>t Tuesday
• the intelligence, decency and sobriety
iof Centre county gave him their sup
port. The rabbit voted ngainst hint
and attempteil his defeat. Many ot
the most retpectable republicans voltd
for him. because they knew in him
Centre county would have ti reprcen-j
tative who would be an honor to his
constituency. There were aunie pro- '
feasiug to beloug to the democratic i
fold, who secretly Worked for his de-l
feat—theeejoined in with the whiskey'
•lenient of the radical party and vot .
ed for Miller—nine tenths of the voti
cast for Levi Miller was made up ol
that portion of all parties that would
prefer to stand upon a keg of old rye 1
for a platform and who permitted
their fusfos to lead them in their choice,
I rather tliau support a statesman and
a man of known honesty and ability, t
It is an act of which they cannot ,
| boast and know they must feel asham
ed of.
We are glad that the respectable
j republicans saw that the nom-
inee of their party was the creature (
of the lowest element that often con
trols politics, and that they rose above
I oarty aud cast their votes for John II
Or vis.
They will never need feel ashamed ,
of it.—Mr. Orvis was the representa
tive of the people, last winter, and he
| will agaiu prove true to his import- t>
aut trust.
The democratic party of the stale. *'
aud the houeet meu who yearn to see t.
corruption driven from our legislature
have turned their eyesto Centre coun
ty, prayed that our gallant member of
last wiuter oe returned to continue in *■'
the great work of reform which lie J
inaugurated. The lnpior element on
their |*art combined, openly where it
was safe, aud secretly where that an- tv
swered better, to defeat him. His '
defeat under such circumstances would j
have been as much of an honor to Mr. |
Or vis as success, yes, a thousand
times more honorable than success l>
under the Hag of the inebriate. W hen
we have good men up for positions,
let all good men make it a rule to
vote for tbem, in that way alone can
our government be purified, anil we
are glad that the intelligent aud re
spectable portion of the citizens ol Cer.-
tre took this view at the election on ]„
last Tuesday and cast their votes for tr
John 11. Orvis, for Assembly, while
the remainder voted for Levi Mil
* * f||
Centre Co. Official, lHri
lUrtiMft ki
Bellefonte, |W. Ward - r - -•
S. Ward Hi I">'- to
kS. Ward 1-W X"
OTO too
Ueionvilfe Boro 4-j en
Howard Boro 37 H
Pbilipsburg Boro I®< l li
Boggs ...... . 2C2 in
Bonner.™ 100
Curtin - 3®
Ferguson 157 Ik
Gregg 28] st
HeiSw HC
I Halfmoon 82
I Harris 245
Howard 108
Huston.™ HO
Marion • s '-
Mites 58 251 i
Pattoa WO -rt
Penn M 202
Pett.r - 135 37s H
Rush - 128 189
Snow Shae 100
Spring 195 145 d:
Taylor - 4® 40
Union.™™..™ - 113 gi
Walktr 113 l'J3
Worth.™ 75 57
Total 3292 3712
Buckalew's Majority 4'J'
j List of Traverse Jurors for Ist week w
Jsoverrubcr Term.
Bellefonte boio' Roland Curtis. Hinion C
Harper. Felix Mullen, Jainc* Harris, W
W Montgomery.
Mitcaburg bore" —George Gray, Jonalh.
Philipsburg boro—W K Irwin. Jamc.
Perks. w
Bonner twp —II I. Harvey, J*aai4Vn
nington, A J Shuey.
Boggs—James Thomas
Curtin--A C yuav, David Bcchdol, J
H Noll
Ferguson—J H M itcliell, James Lapot to ti
David Young
Haines—Thomas W Ilostcrman, 1) II p
Harris—Wm Gobecn, Levi William*, w
George Kline, Samuel Glenn, .1 Swim
Howard —Jobn Hughe*. W II Neff.
Miles—T N Wolf. ci
Patton—George Mattorn.
Ponn—Jacob lsenhuth.
Potter—Jainos M'Corniiok, Jo* Bitnrr.
Rush—T J Batcholor, Jonathan Beck,
Geo. McGaffey
Snow Shoe -Mark Moonee, Daniel
Wolf, Able Campbell. J 1! Breon.
j Spring—Mark William*
I Lnion—Perry Lucas.
Welker—Jes.e Stewart, Jacob ltcber.
Worth Jaines M Purdue, Owen M'- P
Cann, J G Jones
' •'
Ivst of Traverse' Jurors for November
Term, 2nd week. >
Bellefonte—D Z Kline
Pliilipsburg—A J Graham, J S Gray,
W R Fulton .1
Boggs twp— Michael Heaton, Itobt.
Bierly, John Dearnut p
Ferguson— Jarnos Dunlap. Sidney Slioi!
Geo Kecbline, J G Hess
Gregg—John Kishei, Henry Duck, Jno
Cold run. M ichael NofUcer
Half Moon—Jackson Thompson, Isaac
La rr. burn 1
Haines—Wm ShatTer, Jno U Jell, Lew
is Monoh,Charles llosterman 1
Harris—John Luc*.
Howard—John Jenkins, Jaine- Anli-
Liberty—ltenj. Ligget, Samuel Beeh- <
Penn—lsreal Confer.
Potter—John Snyder, John MeCor-. |
mick, George Kenrick.
Snow Shoe—Edward Poornian, C. P
Spring—Jno 1) Miller
I nion—Henry Blake-
Worth—J W Faust.
Walker—Josiah Johnston.
List ofCratid Juror* for November
Bellefonte boro'—James II M'Clure
Pbilipsburg—George S Fleglo
Benner— Martin MtMe, V Stover.
Boggs—Samuel Charles, Richard Gibl ■
Burnside—Geo P Zimmetman.
Gregg—Samuel P Herring.
Haines—Solomon Kttlingcr.
Harris—Jacob Meyer, George Fortney,
Jno W Stewart.
Huston—Win Steel.
Marion- W W Beck
Miles—John H Waite
Ppnn—Samuel Otu>, Jucob Dutweilor
Patton— M D Gray
Potter—Thomas Lingle, George Oden-'
Rush—Hamson B Ros*
Walker—W Snavely, Thonms Dunkle.
Worth—Wm B Beckwith.
, # t
Woodring JL Co., have purchased
Ruhl's well known Grocery, opposite Hof
fers, where they intend to carry on the
Grocery business on an enlarged scale, of
fering opportunities lor bargains in good
treshgoods at prices lower than elsewhere.
Ex-sheriff Woodring und his partner, Mr.
Strick, will he on hand at all times to ac
commodate the former customer* of this
good old stand, and will he glad te meet
many new onse.
Wlign Jay Cooko failed Henry Clew
said he "died ofNorthern Pacific." Per
haps it troubles hiro now to find Clews tc
the nature of his own fatal complaint.
Tito Fair—lVtiiluiiis.
IK-low wg furnish w partial list •! lh
| TcioiuiUt awarded to i'\llibitr Nt til
' Ut(> countv fair. A* it w copied fron
11 ho book* in great haste, thorn tuny hi
some errors, which, it there ho any, will
be corrrotl ill our next Uu when tin
balance of the lint will ho published
flits* 1
\ II Kunklo, ho ; ,i liliiik
.1 \ \\ oodwnt, t'. t iiinro
N S Human, best horse volt between .i
Mini 4 vr*
Jit,. M Kuroy, mure colt between ;t ami
4 yen
t'ou . Curlln, best hor>o colt bctw or* 2
and 3
M Purev, mare colt • an.l -
Prank Wont oi best hora > olt between 1
wild - i f*
A J HliUoly, mare colti hrtweon I ami
\ S Ti|>loii best ~iokiiit volt
Win M t'lellatid, bet pr carnage horse.
Jno A Woodward hett single liamtss
horse tlo hot saddle hor.e
Cla** l tiratio Cattle.
J:o A\\ 'iward bc-t heifer between
I and 2 yr*
Jno M Furry b- l |-r -leer* do 2nd
belt tui' I cat I
Mi, K It \ aloiiluir 2rd best heifer be
ta or nt and "J yt> >to boat ilttrr
Jno 1 Thompson, host breed of rattle
do'.'ml host hull over 2yi*
Jat Troisier 2nd bel hull, hel vtern 2
and !t
Adam Dei. l o t bt I#m -
Sum'l Gillilaiid belt cow over 8y- do
he>t hotter between 2 and 3y- do hrrl
bull call
Saitl'l Siirankle 2nd best bu'l between t
*n.l 2 yr*
A J Shtvely, boat bull ag.-
Tho* Pennington 2nd beat heller be
lween 2 and ,1y
S S lloman, beat bull between ti and Iv
II A C M t'lell ii.d brat I -t heifer bo
ween ! and 2y
Clan —Thorough llrcd Cattle.
Jno A Woodward Ist pr *hort horn
>ull between 1 and 2y -
Agr College 2nd |r t. II over Irri
K Hlanchard, S< c y, of stock (nip A*s
tet thorough bre.l Alderuey bull over Sy.
J H t)rvit 2 pr.(thorough bred Aldi-rnoy
>ttlV between I and 2 year*
Ad Hoy b, -t thorough bred Jewry cow
A S Valentino 2nd be-l do
J II tlrvia beat Alderney heifer between
! nitd ily
11 L I'eltert host thorough bred Aid
mil between 1 and 2yr*
Agr College 2nd best Aid bull between!
and oyr
li ibt outer bo-t Aid bull call
\gr College beat lioiatein bull between |
uitd 3 vr*
A S \ alentine Jiul beat Aid ~w, be
weft, 2 altd 1 do lirtt pr Aid heifer 1
nd 2
Henry Meyer* best short horn bull over
do tio-t altori horned cow between 2 and
yn do be-t short horn h- ifer between
and 2
I'h - <Srvc be-l abort horn hull calf
Mrs R It Valrtituio bc-l short horn
ult between 2 and Syr*
Cltt.-> (i—Sheep.
Jno M Furcv, lest buck
Jii 11 Urvi. 2nd beat buck
\\ J l>lc best yeo do best p. rt of
Jno M Furcv 2nd bed
Cia.-i B—Poultry.
Hev CritU ndi :, heat trio W bile 1>
Jno A Woodward best coop white Hoi
ind turkeys—do best collection of poul
K s M Camantbest pair bronze lurkeya,
-do 2nd beat
11 Hutts beat trio w hit* ban tain a
J C Uerr 2nd beat trio black Spanish
hickeua do beat trio black Poland
Mr-. .1 Ji Orv.-2nd be-t trio light Brab*
m chielien*.
1 K .riitau 20, l be-t trio white Uir
ey- '
I fail y A Singer best irto black Spanlfh
• wis do heal trio iioudan#.
A Harkhuncr beat pair ot Poland duck*
-do 2nd beat per. of white bantam chick
Win Short ltd go I t tr. • light Brahma
Iticken* do b, - t trio partridge Coch
1 chick*
Clas* H—Agr. Implements
linn Korman l*t pr revolving round
oard plow —do Michigan subsoil—do
irawbery plow
Geo Swartx roller
Cbr Furner, gang plow—do revolving
toidboard Godircya—do double Michigan
J II Frank, lt pr- Prank * pat Cultiva
Superior Mower l>t pr, Sujierior Mow, r
i Reaper lt pr
Russcl It caper, -elf take, lit premium,
liurt.aido .V Thomas Ist pr Imperial
Agr College, 2nd pr May's plow
\\ m Shortlidge it pr Speers potato
J P Zimmerman, la*, pr Keller * pal.
rain drill
M .ch Grove Ist pr plow sulky.
W P lhile, Ist pr combined cultivator A
orn plow
Class —Crops.
C Dale. Ist pr Rocky Ml corn
Sam ! Ely, 2nd pr peck of cloversoed
Geo l>ale Ist pr 1 bush white Jennings
rhcat—do 2nd pr 4 bush rye
P. Valentine 3rd pr mammoth corn
Win Hudereatler pr. 4 bush white
.'hrnin wheat
Wm A Marshall Ist pr peek clovcrteed
Mrs 1 frcs-ler Ist pr peck timothy seed
-do peck pop corn
Sum Gillilnnd Islpron buckwheat
II K Zimmerman Ist pr i bush red
rhcat -d*2nd pr red wheat Lancaster
\V J Dale 2d pr on |>p corn
Chr Dale 2d pr on hcans
I*an>- Trcs-ler 1-t pron white corn
Jul Zimmeraian 24 pr whito rye
i lav id Kdier 2d pr Tussey Mt main -
uotli corn
J I Lucas lstpr red Full/, vvlu-st- do Ist
•r white rye do 3d pr mamuiolb corn
John Isiiler 2il pr yellow corn d > 2,1 pr
rhil" gourd seed corn
If \\ atkins 2.1 pr white blue stem wheat
do Ist pr red wneal white chatT, bcardy
Saml Crawtord 4 bu>h white wticat, spe
ial nolico—do li pr ryo
l I. Good hart 1-t pr M'Clintic corn
As 'liplwn Ist pr. white wln at
Mix F Tipton Ist pr on peck beans
I Tressler 31 pr beans
J U Freed 1-t pr tlour
e Ycgatablea.
J A Woodward early rose potato $1 —do
I'rincc Albert notice—do Garret Chili $1
-do Hseezes Peerless notice do 2d pr
jest collection of |>etatoea
Ciir llaie sUgm heels pr.
J a G laker $1 - aetaten
Notico on other varietie*. tin '•> varieties
•f potatoes $2
Mr* .las Itaker tr white table turnnips
Jo pt Chickory—do pr <iip ay of g,>urds :
-do water musk citron ineilon* —do 2nd
pr table vege able*
C W Lambert $I pr sweet corn—do pr
on onion*—do pr trophy tomatoes
Mrs Joseph Kckerpr Hubbard squash
Win it hckley lstpr for display of pear*
—do apples 2nd pr do display of grape*
Ist pr
C l>ale sr Ist preollcction of apples—do
Ist pr l ider
,1 A G Hal.or 2d pr 2d varieties of apples
Mrs Joseph linker Ist. Pr display of
.1 I' Rupert Ist pr fall apples 11 varieties
do Ist pr do on peaches
.la* Zimmerman best ham
Mrs Jacob Fishbtirn, best home made
Miss SB Jones, best homo madechee-c
Mis* Rneluiel Strublo, best dibs butter
J 11 liarnhart, best honey
Mrs II A Gray, 2nd best butter
Win Wolf, MrsH F Foster,
Mrs I) Rhinestnilh
Class— Horses.
And Host on, ptetuium on light drafi
1' f I>ule heavy draft stallion
Mrs R H Valentine .pr on span of mule
1J Showers light drall stallion hetweet
! 2 and I year*
; J 11 Runklo heavy draft stallion over I
yen r*
J I Willimm light dratt "tallion over
1 For the Reporter.
I*l NK Ghovk Mili.s Oct. Urd, 1873.
1 Mr. Kditou The Furguson lownshi|
| Tompcrniice association convened in th
I M .K. ChurcJ, at the above time and plnci
| Rev. N ore rots, presiding, the meeting vvs
i opened by singing and yrlpyer, when Rci
j Norcro.-s inadea few introductory remitrk
I stating the object of the meeting, declni
ing intcnipcrimco the greatest evil of oi
land, urging the necessity of reform in th
I direction A". Gen. W. H. Blair the
followed with an earnest and interostin
' | address, astonishing the audienco wit
' | statistical statements of the great mortal
j ty caused by intenipui'unce, or the iminoi
" cru'.e usu of alcholic beverage, and th
j notwithstanding all the preaching an
pruying of the past against it, it has be<
' fearfully on the increase ; while ho heart
" lv endorsed preaching and praying, 1
0 ! said the time hud come when men shou
vote against lias well; it beings ipnch
[politichl •|ur*li<>ii ' any lhat MM COHil
IMbr* the pioplttikis lino political
question I'll! not n party i|tie*llon. lie
I'tuiud by *how ing the iuvo-lty of vigilant"
: I \ g muling tlio local option law by elect
ing only men w bo will urely not vole for
i it. repeal or modification.
Rev. M 1, Sniytrr, of llollofowlo, then
aiidrrmetl the audience in a very earnest
it ii it cihorlivo in ait lie r showing llml tlia
question of Temperance or Intemperance
i> paramount to every other question that
the people lint e to ileal w ilh ; that it should
lay m ar the heart* ami conscience® ol the
people much nearer than party lain or par
ty tie- , that it i* lrielly a (HiUlieal que
tion hilt not a party question ; that H cen-j
earned both pnrlie alike ; the proper tune
Ita* come for action, ami it hehoovoa the
friend* of Temperance to ec to it hy thej
power of their vote* and their influence
that men irrespective of party are elected |
who will ciuofully guard the local option
law, and aUo the law gcnvrally known a*|
the liurkalew law, w ilhout w Inch tlie form-!
er would be inettectual and of no value. I
' Hy request he then lead the constitution
• and bylaw* of the open Temperance Un
ion ot Centre Co Itev. Norero** then
• made u lew brief and pointed remark*,
jOn i.i t ion lCut k Spring was agreed upon
a* tlie neat place of meeting Friday Nov.
;th On motion the Secretary wi> refuell
ed to eiid a copy of the minute* fur pub
lication in the different county paper*.
Meeting adjourned to meet again at the
above time and place.
A. J. OrmpokF, Sec'y prolan.
New York, Sept. ; IU. - Wall and iiroad
-nd New tireul* in front of the tevrral eu
rauce* l- the Slock Exchange, were
rowded this morning a* the hour of open
ng approached. When the deor* were
thrown open, shortly before ten • clock,
the member* and kpectatur* ru*bcd in,
tilling the floor ofthc exchanoe and viait
or\ gallery. The ineutber, doted round
tin I lil*. in Millheini, ol dysentery, i
Mr-. IHllbttb Weier, wife of Sam II
Wetter, aged jtVl ytars, H month* and 2j
; <i a. L
M-- WaUar wa auaf Millhi-im • moat |
w ortliiet citizen*, and in ber death the j
community lim* lot a good and nraiaa- i
worthy CWMk She wa alway* liberal ,
and opened-hearted toward* the pc<>r and j
toward- benevolent purpose*. Mr*
W ui-t-r -ought and found the pearl of*
great price, and the i.ord prcciou* to her' t
• ml, -orne forty year* ago, and ever -ince -
-!ie proved a worthy member of the Evan
gelical church. She wa the mother ef j
• ighl children. Shu adorned her profes
-ion by a Godly walk, and a ch*te con
venation. She had to tuflbr great pain* *
during her illru -n, but *he bore them with- *
out a murmur. And we have the full a*- ''
-•■ trance of meeting her in a belter land. '
May hor name l>a cannonixed among the "
mo-t holy.
e- wo may all meet, ye* we may all k
meet. {j
W hen thi- life nmi it* toil* are o'er, lb
And each other greet, and each other h
i .rrs , „ h
In tin- lami w iicre we II part no inure. *
K. S. '/.
On tkik'llh instant, by Rev. M. L. Smy- a
M-r, 'plain Michael Kunkle and Mr*.!
Anna S brock, both ef Hellcfoute.
On Sept. k'ilh by Rev. M 1. Smy-er,
F '-ter \ Jodon, and Sarah J. S mil
both of Spring townihip, Fa.
On the tan • day by the *atue, Mr. J *
Fannin to Mi- Maggie Morgan, all <
On Sept. "Ist by the Rev. W I!. Oroh
c Samuel Grove of ItoaUburg, and
Mi-> Maggie M. lto ■Moan from nearfl
< 'hurcHvilte.
On SOili, ult-, bv K.v. It >bcrt Hamill,
Mr t< II Campbell, of Fine Grove, to
Mi-* Annie M F otter, of Linden llrll.
t lAI TION —All permit* are hereby
V cautu ned not to meddle witb the ar
ticle- named belew, which were bought
by the under-igned at Sheriff 1 < -ale a* tne
property of J. 11. Soil, and and which. 1
w ill leave in hi* puttCMiou at my pleasure,
vix '■ One torref horse, 2u U tug haruea*.
a I hre spring wagon, I cook *tore and
utensil*, I pair bcdt-ad, I barreljvutegar
I iron kettle, V tub*, shovel*, spade* and
pick-, axe and balance of defendant'*
P. I). NEFF.
Oct 16 "t Centre liall.
Xa (liable Farm
Will be offered, at public sale, on the
premise*, about I mile sooth of Millheim,
On Saturday, Nov. Bth, at 1 o'clock,
the valuable farm belonging to the estatal
of John Dingo*, dee d, on the road laad-j
ing from Millheim to the Fork*, andi
about I mile from the railroad, contain
with allowance, ol which 100 acre* are
clear, the balance being of the
The land i under a high date of culti
vation, and under good ikmi fence- There- 1
on i* erected n TWti STORY FRAME '
DWELLING HOUSE, large bank bam,
nnd other neceaaanr outbuilding*. There
i* a never failing Spring of Water near!
the door, the water of which i* conducted :
through the collar, thence piped to the'*
barnvnrd. On the prenti-c* i also a largo j
ORCEI iBD, with all kind* of choice!]
fruit Belonging to thi* property i* a
with 12 feet of heed. A lane run* through '
the farm having the field* on cither eido, j 1
enabling tho farmer to leave hi* bar* open! ?
*o that catt o can go at will from their | 1
pasture to water and back again; he-ide* '
which the farm i *o ihut out a* to exclude 1 1
entirely all ktrangv cattle.
TERMS : s£oo to be paid on day of '
-ale; half of the balance on the I*l of
April following, nnd the residue in two ,
equal iiiii'ual payment* thereafter. ,
oiT.iot. Executor.
The valuable Farm of George O ram ley, I
d"c d, about I mile -outh of Logansvllle,
Clinton county, will bejofferad at Public
On Friday, Oct. 31, at 1 o'clock, !
'containing j
• of which 12 acre* con*i*t of Timberlaod,:
; the balance boing under geod cultivation i
Thereon are erected a
■ynokehou-c Springhmue, Woodshed, Jet.
i There i* running Water at the house
anil at the ham.
Also, a thriving YOUNG ORCHARD
I on the pretnieee.
Term* will he tnnde known on day of
alo. !
Sugar Valley,
joctO Executor*.
Wood ring & Co.,
tj At the Grocery Store on Allegheny
Street, Rellcfonto, Fa., opposite lloffer
llro'* inform tho public gcnorelly, that
they have now anil keep nt all time* one
1 of I lie het and large*! stock* of Groceries,
| such it
• I TEA,
"• ' SVG AM, •*
Ac., A®., Ac-.
'' consisting of canned pcuchc, cherric
'• ourutoe*, plum*, green corn, dried apple*
i- peaches, enerrie* &c.
... I In brief they have everything u*ubll;
I kept in u first -las* Grocery Store. Cull
'"!lauies and gentlemen. Uur price* ar
n Jeatonablo. We (tint to plttaie. octut
" Boa'on, Sept., 21 -Some week* ag°
'2,<*Jo citi/.ons of thU city übd the Board
( Aldermen for a hearing on the petition
to require the Chiel of l'olioo to enforce
the Prohibitory Liquor lew in the City of I
Boston. The hearing took place on Mo
1 day evening, and singularly wattonducf
ed exclusively by Universal!*! minister*,
ilUv. l>r. Miner being the chief pokes
jiuan. It i well known that no attempt >
has been made to enforce the liquor law
for the reason that many of the leading
I merchant* ol the city, member* of the
l(e|iubiican party, have peculiar con
nection* with the city government, and
the mercantile community iuelf ha* met
the argument] of the probibitioniit* by®
representing that the impartial enlorre ,
mcnl of the law in Boston would ruin iul
trade, shut up it* hotel*, and that
grant would grow in it* street*.
1 r. Miner, however, held up before the
Alderman a terrible picture of the demur-1
alined condition of the City of Boston.i
Kev. (ieorge 11 Vibbert al*o trotted out a
fearful nrray of statistic*, showing howl
alt the citiaem wcr rushing toward*
Picsidci t * desk cheering vociierousiy
and waving their hat*. Prom|t'y at ten
o'clock President Chapman rapped the
broker* to order and at once all became
The Kebertburg Band, on last
Thursday evening oa Us return from the
Pair, treated our town to *everal poiee* ol
mutic. Tin* it a new band yet it perform*
it* peice* in a mailer which would do cred
it to tome older institution*. Our people
were highly pleated with the inuiical
treat, and long may the Kebertburg bend
live and "blow."
Known as the
Will be offered *
On Wednesday, Nov. ft, 1K73.
Thi* Farm corajv Ue*
170 ACKKr
store or les, tiluated in isuestone twp..
Union County, Pa., '2 tii'o southeast ol
Mifllinburg -the preaenl lerminu* of the
L O. A S. C. Ilk Thi* road will be;
completed ere long, when the distancei
from said Prrtu to the ltailroad will be but
one mite.
The land it ALL CLKAIiKI) except
iug about I*2 Acre*, and i in an excellent I
state ef cuilivaJoi.
The Improvement* are a Large flood
PICA MK H(UBK. known a* the
with a Tenant House attached, an exlen
live Barn with"other outbuilding* in con
nection. Not far distant from these
buildings it another tmali structure, used
■* a tenant houte, with a stable close by.
The farm it well (upplied with water
large Spring rising at the Mansion,
known far and near a* "WHITE
Sl'KINti.S from which the'poet office near
by derived it* name. The Spring U very
large, of exceedingly freth Limestone!
Water, and add* largely to the value a*j
welt as the beauty of thi* excellent (arm
Alto, at the *ame lime and place, about!
in an adjoining lowngtiip.
Sale to commence at ten o'clock, A. M.
jf said day, when Term* will be known by
Adm'r* rum testamento annexe.
In pursuance of an order of the Orphans'
Court ef Mifflin county, the undersigned
will offer at Public Sale, on the premise*,
Thursday, October 16, 1873,
situate in Potter twp., Centre county, ad
joining lands of oacob Wagner, John
Jjore and others, containing
and M perches and allowance, mostly
cleared and under cultivation, on which j
are elected a good two-story FRAME
and other improvement*. There are two |
ORCHARDS on the premises, one a
young one of choice fruit, and water i*
niped to both house and barn. Also, a
situate in said Potter two., adjoining lands
of J no. Fry e, W. W. Love and others,
containing 10 acres
TERMS —One third ol the purchase
money on confirmation of sale; one-tnird
in on* year, and the balance in two years,
iasith interest, and to be secured by bonds
[and mortgage on the premises. Sale to
commence at 1 o'clock, p. m. of said day.
Admln'r of W. Nale, dee'd. Mifflin co.
The well known farm of Samuel Speng
ler, dee'd. situated in Potter twp.. Centre j
, I'ountr, Pa., is offered at Private Sale, 1
containing about
' About 170 acres being in a high state of.
J cultivation. The ,balnnce being well set
1 with a
> consisting in part of White Oak, Chestnut
and Chestnut Oak.
f Tho Buildings are good, large and
Water A Fruit second to none in the!
State. A never failing well and alsoj
running water near tho door.
Any person desiring a good farm and
' pleasant home, as also a profitable invest
" I mont, can address
on the premises, or
Juliet, 111.
TaugSin Executor*
e at Centre Mills, within 6 miles of the L.
'• C. AS. O. Rll., and 8 mile* from Mill
helm. Thia is a well known merchant and
custom flouring mill, having 8 run of
On a Never Failing Stream of Water,
it in good running order, has** large cut
torn trade, and la located in one of the
finest wheat growing section* of the state.
Connected with it is a
Commodious Dwelling,
surrounded by ornamental shade trees,
making it a desirable place to live. Be
longing to the property is a
Store Room, Ware Room, & Tenant
house also a SAWMILL, and '220 ACRES
F OK LAND, part of which is tillable, the
balance being well timbered with a choice
luualitr of Whitepine convenient to the
Sawmill. There is also a YOUNG OR
js, CHARD on the premises. The water
is, power is an excellent one and suitable for
uTiy manufacturing purposes. For Term*
ly anil further information, address,
,' t , 2laugtit Centre M ill#, Centre co, fa.
White r/heat $1.40, Red 186 ... Rve......
116 Cot n 611 ....Oats 86. Ilaffay W.
7t......C10/ersecd 6,00 l'ulatoa* 46.
Lard per pound 7 l'ork ner pound 00
Hotter 2U Egg* 16 Plaster per ton
#l4 Tallow 8 Bacon 8 Ham 12
White wheat 1,40 ... Ktd wheat I,B6.^Hyc
•16 Corn 46 OaU36 Barley 00
Cloverseed 6,00 Tiinothyseed, 860
Hall 2 60per sack w.
Baron 10c Han 16 Butter 27... Egg*
20 Plaster 9 60
f PRICK L1 S 'l'
• Jo lilt Kits \ COMMIKBION MKK
Kalt per Barrel f 8
' Salt per Sack
.' Uetl It to Coffee per #0
*| While Sugar per *> 13
• Men > Stoft IktoU 8 76
Mooe Boots per pair... ... ...... 360
' florae Blanket* per piece I 76
Men' Shirts, piace..~....~...~.....~. 1 ®0
Army Pantaloon* ..... —276
lie.l double thick tobacco..... 36
Beat Navy Tobacco 60
We are Wanaumkers A Brown * agent*
and will fUrnUh cuatomera with any kind
of clothing you want at Philadelphia
pricaa, and will show you large sample* to
choo* from.
We are bar pie**' agent* of Pbiladel
phia and will furituh cuetoiner* with any
bind of dress good*, shawls, Ac., at city
Largest *tock of MerchnnJue ever
brought to thu town. Cellar, Kocm and I
up Stair* all full. Call and *ee for your
aelve* and tav# from 'JO to 30 per mat.
The highest Market price paid for but
ter, egg*, (rain, Ac.
Fifty different kind* of men's gloves.
Come to Milroy for Clothing, j
Jutt received a fine new itock of
Urns.* wntl HoyV l ull and W in-
Mr Clothing.
in *uiU. New stock of latest rtyle Hate,
Boots, shoe*, Ac. Nice Suit* at $lO.
Kino cattimere tuita at Irotn sl2 to slo
Also Milton Beaver Overcoat*, for fall and
winter, at the Clothing Store, Milroy.
•aptß 4t 7 IVKRISE A BRO
By a resolution of the Board of School I
Director* of Potter twp., the common [
schools of said township will commence
on the third Monday of October neat, be- j
ing the 'Jtfch day ot the month, and to con- I
tinue 110 days. Applicant* for achool* are I
hereby al*o notified that the Board, by |
resolution ha* graded teachers' salaries,
a* per nulwber of certificate*, a* follows:
Mate*- Professional Certificate, per month
$10; No. Il$38: No. Hs37; No. li SB6;
No. J $35; No. 21 s3l. Le** than 2i not
employed. Female*—Professional Cer
tificate. $37 . No If $35. No. li $34 ; No.
li S3B No. 2 SB2 ; *(o. 2i s3l. •
W. W. Roraa. Pre* t.
Sept. 18-41. Secy.
QTRA Y~( ATTLE Three heed ofcat
(l came to the premises of the under- J
signed, at Old Fort, about two month* ago.
the one a dark red steer, the other a light
red beifer, and the third a small white and
r<d spotted heifer. Alt of them are two 1
years old. The owner is requested to come
forward, prove property, pay i ,U, and
remote the tame.
Oct. 2. 8. t
The undertigtied. having been burned out,
offer* the following live Stock at private
Thu slock can be aeen at the reeidence of
the subecriber. about li miles west of Old
18aug3t A. KRCMREIN
Chas H. Held.
(Took. Wichuakerdk Jeweler j
Millhcitn. Centre Co., Pa.
Respectfblly informs bis friends and the
public In general, that ba ha* just opened
at his new establishment, above Alexan
der's stare, and keeps constantly on hand,
all kinds of Clocks, Watches and Jewelir
oftke lalt styles, as also the Maranyllle
Patent Calender Clocks, provided with a
complete index of the month, and day of
the month and week on it* face, which it
warranted as a per!eel time-keeper.
Gn.Clock-. Watches and Jewelry re
paired on short notice and warranted.
sepll 68 ly
THE undersigned, determined to meet
the popular demand for Lot#r I
Prices, respectfully calls the attention of
the public to hi* stock of
now offered at the old sUnd. Designed •
pccially for the people and the times, the
largest and most varied and complete as
sortment of
Saddle*. Harness, Col lam. Bridle*,
of*verv description and quality ; Whip*, I
and In fact everything complete to a first
class eetablbhroent. he new offer* at price*
which U- 1U „
IIINRT aaocKiaaorr, J. . BHrosaT,
President, Cashier. J
(Late Milliken. Hoover 40o)
And Allow interest,
Discount Notes,
BUT and Sell.
Government Securities, Goid d*
apKTMtf Coupon*.
JOHN F~P(ITTER, Atlorney-at-Law.
Collection* promptly made and
special altention given to these having
lands or property for sale. Will draw up
acknowledged l>eods, Mortgage*.
Ac. Office in the diamond, northjjideof
the court house. Bellefonte. oct*_ tr.Hf.
y—iiw I jdWfijjr | '
|y 1 f ijgj r xr^jt: . P
(FoawamLT WOOD * Ms**.)
Steam Engines.
The Best k Meat Complete Assortment
in the Market.
of BagtM. Boiler* and Nill* a
■pwialty. Ws have thesiyet and ". <wn,,t. te
work* f the kind tn the country, wph machinery
* >1' **• large number" of
Eiupne*. which we t UsvO I pi***
JTTthe nburtrat notiee. W* 6M,\'x7in*
-nLwMjil 1 v jsiitDta*.! U) Mine"* Kw M£TU* Ori*t Mill*,
tt oCuut., Thrcwher. and alieU-c
now building the celebrated Lano Ctmi-
Ur Bsw M i:l. the b*st and ny"! rouipleta aaw mill
"wilaiSks the manufacture of Raw Still onttta a
apeeial Iratura of our buainees, sud can fnrnieh
eomoUte on the Short*** aetlee. ,
; No Better Place !
Th subscriber U Just receiving from the
eastern rltle# A Full Stock ol
which ho Int. determined to roll very
cheap, consisting of
Prion, Mtulink, Opera Cantons. and Woll
Flannel*. LkdiM Dreu Goods, >uch at
Inliioi, Alpacas, Poplin. XnprM Oloth.
Sateens, Tameise, together with a full
ttork of everything usually kept In tho
Dry flood* line.
j A full stock, consisting part of Ladies and
j Children'* Merino flooo, Collar*, Kid
i aloret, hoot Quality ailk and Lisle thread
i Gloves, Hood*, Nubias, Breakfast shawli,
j Ac.
1 A full assortment ol
Men's ftuy'k and Childron'a
ol the latokt atyla and be*t-
Roady made, a choice aalactioaof Mae't
and Boy'kol the now art styles and moat
ser*iceabla material*.
Dentist, Mill helm.
Offer* hi* professional service* to the
public. He i* prepared to perform all
operation* in the dental profession.
He • now fully prepared to extract
teeth attmlutely without pain. n*y(t-7S*tf.
Yerk, Pa.
> pe~Caialogutk Mailed to Applicant*^!
Rffrr (Ay permission) to
Hon. J. H, Black. Washington, D. C.,
Weiser, Son A Carl, Banker*, York, ra.
June b-fan.
Excelsior Cement-
The undersigned now manufacture Ce
OUALITY, at their kilns, near Pin*
Creek Mills, in Halaes tarn. This cement
ha* already been used in Wge quantities
upon the 1.. C. A B.C. KB., ana has been
found highly satisfactory upon all Job*
where it ha* been used, and a* equal to
any now manufactured The undersign
ed now take pleasure in recommending,
end warranting it to all, for u*t in CIS
TERNS. WATER PIiES, or wbateeer
purpose a good quality of Cement is dart
rahfe. Thu Cement has already been
tested far and wide, and rendered the ut
most satisfaction. Persons, therefore con
structing Cisterns, laying Water Pipes,
Ac., will And it to advantage to bear this
in mind, and aleo, that they warrant the
article as represented. Por further par
ticulars, address
90 dec tf Asronsburg, Pa.
Would most respectfully inform the cit
cen* of this vicinity, that he has started a
new Boot and Shoe Shop, and would be
thankful for a share of tne public patroa
age. Boots and Shoes made to order and
according to style, and warrants his work
jto equal any made eliewhera. All kinds
of repairing done, and charges reasonable
Give bim e call. feb It ly.
Coach Manufactory.
The undersigned ha* opened a new es
tablishment, at hi* new shops, far the
manufacture of
& Spring Wsgons,
of every description .
All vehicles manufactured by him .
are warranted to render satisfaction, and a*
equal to any work done elsewhere.
He uses none but the best material, :
nnd employs the most skillful workmen. <
Hence they flatter themselves that their i
work can not be excelled for durability !
and finish.
Order* from a distance promptly attend- i
ed to. 1
Come and examine my work before 1
contracting elsewhere.
All kinds of Reparing doss.
The Chamoion of the World.
The new Improved American Button-
Hole Overseaming and Complets
Sewing Jfachine —The great
eat machine of the Age 1
Slmplclty, Durability A Cheap
ness Combined.
guaranteed. All order* promptly attend
ed to. A. L. BARTGES.
Agent for Centra County
MADtaoXßuao. PA.
Banking Co.
And Allow Interest,
Discount Note
Buy and Sell
Government Securities, Gold and
__ Pros't. Cashier.
Fish, Cheese and Provisions,
144 North Delaware Avenua,
137 North Water Street,
R. A KOOR*. O SI-AWAS*. J. Bear* ASS
marfl ly.
of Potter township are hereby notified,
agreeably to law, that on all School Tax
paid over to tho undersigned on or before
November 4th, next, there will be a de
duction of 6 per cent; and on all paid
within one month after said date the full
sum will be claimed, after which all such
Taxes remaining unpaid, will be placed
in the hands of a Collector with an addi
tion of 5 per centum.
i 4aug2m Treasurer.
CEMENT ! CEMENT !--Meyer & Hot
Tor's Excelsior Cement for sale by the un
dersigned. This Cement It warranted
when worked by any experienced hand.
Apply at tbe lime kilns, to
18aug4t GEO. KOCH.
L JOHN Sr ANGLER, Proprietor.
Stage* arrive and depart daily, for *ll
i point*, aortk, loutf ml wd wt.
8 ltl By o
| 4L 'I'RABK
fCJ MARK. fl %
• Is UM eely lim Basil/ far Brtabt'i Ms
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-1141 par hottis ar sis bottles for |£ 00 drl:vored
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taaea eat faa isstor dtmruag syM)Htms.
•ad flattest!* ataau to peepa* portage
Tlia tale* of Soaring machine* in 1872, a
reported under oath, in 1873, lo own
" em of tba Sawing Machine *Ntcnts
tbow that the
Lsst Year Sold
2 19,758
35.49S more than in 1831,
Nicety -per ce#L of them being for
Tim tt Or**
4 5,000
More Sewing Machine* than were
sold by any other company
during the came period, and
of all the Machines told in 1 S7'2.
Principal Ofier ©/
The Sieger Manufacturing Co.
34 Usiow SgiAKK.
Philadelphia, office, 1106 Chestnut St
Allegnenev Street, Beliefonte, Pa.
D. JOHNSON & SONS, Proprietors,
a riaar class hotki.. cowroar a blx koom*
The proprietor* offer to, the traveling
pablic, and to their country flit-mi*, fir A
das* accoruniodalion* and careful atten
tion to the wants o/guesu at all time*, at
fkir rate*. Carefulhostler* and good table
ling for hones. An excellent table well
•erred. A Bar cuppiied with flne liquors.
Servant* well trained and everything re
quisite in a Irst class Motel. Our location
i in the business part of the town, near the
Post Offlce, the Court House, the Chur
ches, the Bank*, and tlfe p incipal places
of business, renders it the most eligible
place for those who visit Bellefoete on busi
or pleasure.
An Omnibus will carry passenger*
and baggage to and from all train*
free of charge.
A Fine German Chromo.
We send an elegant Chromo, mount*
ed and ready for framing,
free to every Agent for
942 Pages Octavo. 190 Pine Engravings.
Relates Incidents and Accident* beyond
the Light of Day; Startling Adventures
• In all parts of the World ; Mines and
Mode Working theui; Under-currents of
Society; Gambling and its Horrors ; Cav
ern* and their Mysteries; The Dark Ways
of Wickedness; Prisons and their Secrets;
Down in the Depths of the' Sea; Strange
Stories of the Detection of crime.
The book treats of experience with
brigands; nights in opium dens and gamb
ling hells; lire in prison; Stories of exiles
adventures among Indians; journeys
through Sewers and Catacombs; accidents
in mines ; pirates and piracy; tortures of
the inquisition; wonderful burglaries ; un
derworld of the great cities. etc., etc.
for this work. Exclusive territory givon.
Agents can make SIOO a week in selling
this book. Bend for circulars and terms to
agents. _
Hartford, Conn., or Chicago, 111.
If you art Buffering from any
Broken Down Conatitullon
Or require a Remedy to -
Portly u< Enrich the Blood,
You will And Dr.Crookb ©aaspwmsd Rjnraw
mt Fake tot to •—— greater merit, cure
won more speedily, and do you more good
than any and all other remedies combined.
That Fale.Yellaw, Dlclily-looklag fatal*
is olisuited to one of freshness and health.
Those Disease# of the Bkla.Flmples,Paa
•alee. Biaushee and Eraptloua are re
moved. Derafaia, MersfSlons Disease*
of the Kyes. While Dwellings. Lifers.
M Peres or any kind of Humor rapidly
dwind e and disappear under Its Influence.
What la lT It ta nature's own restorer i A
soluble oxyd of Iron combined, with tb
medtelnel properties of Pohonool divested
Ot all disagreeable qualities. It will cure any
wisim Whoso rest or direct cause is Badl
llaad. Rheumatism. Fains la Llmke
or Donee. CssUlbllb broken (lawat