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LOCAL *EW.—Our friends, every
where, will oblige us by sending us local
P CIBCULATIO*. The circulation of th*
RsroßTKit, on this aide the *
ATCOT thnn thai of al) other 1*P 01 J in i *
county. Business men will therefore find
this one of the heat advertising medium*.
We invite all interested to com* and in
spect our list for themselves.
AKMITTA.KCM.-All monies for sub
scription will be credited or i thei
ber'saddress <*oh
which onr patrons can at all time* see now
heir accounts stand, and • JiS*
this system carries! upon each copy it me
pnp" 1 - _____ _
According to custom among all pub
lishers, there will be no paper publishes!
next week, on account of the Fourth of
July, which is tho most suitable time for
offering printing o®e hands a week of
vacation and recreation during the sum
mer months. We will therefore thank our
patrons for their kind indulgence
Mr. Jas. A. Sweetwood. of Centre
Hill, -sends us half a dcusen slocks of smooth
wheat, a specimen of his farming, measur
ing 6 feet in length each. This is pretty
well, for James, this dry season. he
has larger wheat?
Prof. Mitchell ays that the world
will be so cool 1,000,000 years from now
that no one can live in It. Won.t this
new s make real estate dull ?
The democrat* of Clearfield county,
have placed the follow ing ticket in nom
Assembly—Dr, T. J. Boyor.
Sheriff—W. R. M Pherson.
Treasurer—W. \V. Worrell.
Commissioner —Clark Brown.
District Attorney—F Fielding.
Auditor—L. C. Bloom.
Jury Commissioner—J. W. Shugert.
The new rood, in contemplation
from Millheiiu to the six
Rev. W. H. Gotwalt, of Sugar Val
ley, has accepted a call to the Lutheran
church at Milton. His residence is at
The Philipaburg Journal says Wallace
ton is to have a rovelty in the way of mo
tive power. A steam luce motive for an
ordinary wagon road is expected to arrive
this week, having been ordered by a lum
ber firm to draw the lumber from their
mill, a distance of two or three miles by
road, to the railway station. We are told
that tbe wheels are of a pocular construc
tion, being elastic so as to present an al
most flat friction surfoce to the ground.
The invention is m new one, and is thought
to have made rood steamers practice*-
Last track we noticed that our
friend, Judge Burchfieid, had suffered the
imputation of a limb. The following
further particular* are giren by a corre
spondent of Brown's Republican: •
About eight week* ago, whilst hauling
logs. Judge Burchfieid was caught and
pulled to the ground, by a roller, upon
which a log lay fracturing the small bona,
or fibura of the leg near the ankle, and
pushing the larger or fibid through the
skin to the extent of two inches constitut
ing what is known as a compound compli
cated fracture, whieh for ebvieus reasons,
as observed by Dr. C. P. M. Fisher was a
case justifying an amputation, but hoping
to saea th# foot, the Dr. reduced the lux
ation and set the fractured bone, at the
same lime told the Judge the prospects for
bis recovery with the foot were not bright
inasmuch as ho was a man of seTenty
years of age and the accident n serious
A few weeks after reduction, Mr. B. seem
ed to be getting along pretty well, finally
however, the limb began to pain him in
tensely and he became delirious and re
mained so for some daya The discharge
from his foot was excessive and reduced
him very much. About three weeks ago
Drs. Fisher, Smith, Dale, and Burchfieid
met in consultation and decided upon an
amputatioi. but Mr- Burchfieid objected,
and though the Drs. knew he could not
recover unless the foot was taken off,
they would not operate against his will.
On Saturday. June 7, the limb was ampu
tated in compliance with Judge B's re
quest He found himself growing worse
and concluded to have the limb taken
Th limb u taken off above tbo knoo
by Dr. Fisher of Boaltburg
We* regret to learn that Judge
Burchfield died on 12th inn., in conse
quence of the sufferings be had to endure.
Hi* age was about T2 year*.
The roof and upper story of the
old Conrad House, at Bellefonte were des
troyed by fire, about midnight, of Tuesday
By uncommon energy and pluck the
"boys." say* the Watchman, saved Wil
liam Reynolds' building and Daniel Gar
man's hotel, as well as the stab!e*[and Mr.
Freyberger't store on the south side. The
furniture of Mr. Fury, who occupied a
portion of the house, was nearly all res
cued. The law library of Messrs. Orvis
and Alexander was carefully removed,
together with legal papers and document*.
The billiard tables of Harry Kline and the
tobacco* of Mr. Hoffer were all secured.
Mr. Brokerhoff had fiOOOO insurance on
the building in the Lebanon Mutual.
Other parties hold insurance, but none
sustain any great loss. As to the origin
of this fire we can only say, that John
Fategan, a young man of this place, has
been arrested on suspicion of firing the
building- About midnight, says Mr-
Grenoble who occupies adjacent rooms in
Reynolds' building, he was aroused by a
""*** 00 fbe flat and lowered roof
of the bu 'Ming which he over looks from
his sleeping apnrtmsol Ha noticad the
fire and gave U "Jf™/ His women got
up and in looking tvt firs saw a young
man on the flat rV
in band. Mr. GrcMa "d Benjamm
Schrock both went out o. *"•
the young man asked, "How
I get out of this," and left suddenly.
-They think they can identify the *®*o
Limbert's hotel is undergoing consider
able repairi, which, when completed, will j
i mprove iu appearance very much. All
the old doors and windows are being taken
out, and new ones put in of different style.
A veranda will also be built in front.
New barns.—Mr. John Zieglar near
A-ironsburg, and Henry Fiedler 6 miles
east of Aaronsburg are building large new
barns this summer. Both are up and un
der roof.
Unfortunate. —Jno. R. Bair, ol Anions*
burg, lost a fine horse a few waeks ago.
Going up. -The toll bouso built by the
turn-pike company, at the weat end of
town, will oon be up and under roof.
Jf'e are informed that our friend Jack
Hosterman is to hold forth then, and
•"gather them in" —the pennies, Ac.
Seriously ill.—Solomon Wirt, an old
citizen of this place ,who is at present
away from home on a visit to his friends
in one of the lower counties of this State,
is lying seriously ill. His attending
physician says the prospects for his recov
ery are poor.
Co ws.—Our neighbor, Wa. HarUr Sr., I
lost an extra cow a day or two age. She
died of cattle disease that is now raging
in this section. The following person*
were also unfortunate in locing a cow—all
of which died within n few weeks.- H. B.
Fulmer, Wm. C. Hosternaan, and Fred'k
Dunkle. The latter is at present 7siting
his friends and solicting money to buy an
other cow.
Some of the corn planted in our neigh
borhood did not come up after replanting
and the, owners of land sowed buck
wheat oa inoßi Ctyf f
—Tx Sraiito MILL* MritHt-
Sincc the suicids of A. J. Young, there
have been many rumor* and conjecture#
ti to tbe nuw thot lead kirn U gut nn
end to hi* lifo. We have not heretofore
referred to these reports, and weuld not
now, were it not thot they oro going
abroad, anl wo think it Utiino thot seme
of them bo c< rrected. It it alleged thot o
Mr. Kennely, whiio tick,hod made aeon
foesionto Dr. Von Votuh, of two mur
dor* committed in which Mr. Young
should have hod a hand, and ooa of those
was the murdor of a sub-contractor on tko
railroad, named Switaer, who had sudden
ly disappeared at spriog Mills wkilo ho
had som* $ IMB to f'AW in hit possession
which ho bad drawn to pay of hands
with. Ws havs it (him reliable authority
that Dr. Van Valaab donioo thot Mr.
Konnclly mads any confession at all to
him. Hence we wish to correct to much
of that story. It is a'fact that Mr. Swita
er disappeared, and that som*of hi* dobt*
remained unpaid, and also that hit horto
remain there and was afterwards told
at con atahle's sal* to satisfy some claims,
but tbe borse was at little value It has
been ascertained that not user S4OO was
draws by any railroader at any ono time,
and that amount was drawn by Mr. Van
Dyke, and if Mr. Switaer drew any it was
a less sum, and it is no* at all likely tkal
he possessed as large a sum of money
when he disappeared, as rumor has it, and
it is supposed by many that ho took
Fronck leave himself with what fond* he
had leaving thohand* minus their wages
Rumor has it that his breias were kneok
ed out, by certain parties ia Gregg iwp ,
and that hit body was sunk in the deep
sink or spring near Duncan's store. There
is at yet no foundation for this story and
we trust there aovor will bo, and it has
thus for arisen from imagination and con
jecture, and traveled until it baa got to be
repeated as foot, and hat been gatboriag
as it traveled. All tb* talk arising sine*
the recent melancholy suicide there, it hut
idle conjecture without facta to go upon,
notwithstanding there'U something myste
rious and hidden which drove Mr. Young
to commit suicide, and pronounce himself
"the ianocent victim of a conspiracy."
Time may reveal it all, while preeeat
rumor may ha for from the mark and only
do injuetice.
Since tbe above *s> ia typo we have re
ceived the following communication from
Spring Milts:
Sraixo MILL*. June ISih, M7S
Ma. SntTon .—There are many absurd
stories in circulation throughout this
county, concerning tho late tragic affair at
this place; hut the following 1* an out
rageous scandal. It is stated that a certain
eld German who worked in thia locality,
on the L. C. A. S. C. BR., has boon miss
ing and that Stephen Kennolly being sick
and net expecting to live long, mad* con
fession that k* and several others waylaid
the Gorman and sunk him in the largo
spring at this plac*.
Th>* is a hose and poaitivoly contempti
ble slander, grossly dofomatery of Mr. K.
and others, and is uttarly false in every
particular. Mr. K. has mad* an such con
fession and has never been guilty of any
crime whatever. He has been a life long
resident of this place, ia a peaceable and
honorable man and good citisen, is a con
sistent member of the M. B. church, and
is much respected in this community.
This scandal is the outgrowth of tho re
cent exciting occurence at this place, and
it is denounced by every intelligent man
in tho community. In this case tho legal
maxim may ho reversed aad innocence
verified by stating tbe fact that the sup
posed victim of the above supposed crime
is known to be in existence, being at pror
ata employed near Lock Haven en the
P. A K. RR when nny that er* troubled by
his absence from this locality can find
him. Jvcrics.
Tnjuncat DEATH of D. DOBBIBB
MCKEAH.—We announce with muck sor
row, any* the Lock Haven Republican,
the death of Mr. D. Dobbins McXeaa.
formerly of Xittany Valley, at Vinton,
lowa, on the 10th, inst Last foil Mr. Mc-
Kean sold out his property in Nittany. and
in April last removed with his foxaily to
lowa to engage in the cattle trade, but be
found | the prjee too high * for profita
ble investment, and recently mode arrange
ments, through the persuasion of hi*
nephew, Mr. Millard McKean, of Beech
Creek, to return and invest hie capita!
there. His intention was to leove lowa oa
Thursday of this week, and to arrive here
next Saturday. But on Tuaaday, the 10th
inst, his SOB, a lad of 13 years, persuaded
him to go pigeon banting in the woods.
They hod been gete about an hour whan
the lad came running to tho house, and
stated that his father was dead. The
family ran to the spot where Xr. Mc-
Kean was lying, about a quarter of a mile
from the house, and found him still
breathing X# had
evidently tripped upon a root and fallen
forward, and ths gua, having caught
upon a twig, had discharged, ths shot
taking offset in bis forehead. Tbo neigh
bora quickly gathered end carried hiss to
the bouse upon a lounge, hat he ospirtd
upon the way. His remains were brought
to Hubiorsburg, Centre eountv, last week,
and buried in the old family burial
ground.* He leaves a wife and nine chil
dren, ell of whom returned with their
father's remains, and will reside at JClt
tany hereafter.
Per ths Reporter-
En. RreoaTi*:— Ailsw me to recsm-J
mend an honest, life-loag democrat, one
whs has dons yionwn service in the ranks
of our party for the last twanty years, for
County Treasurer. I beve reference to
Thomas Yea rick, of Aaronsburg, a gentle
man of spotless character, and eminently
qualified for the position. Mr. Yearick
came within a vuta or two ot making the
nomination, two years ago, and it is but
an act of justice to an honest, faithful, up
right and hardworking democrat, toaom
nate Mr. Yearick for County Treasurer,
this ysar. JVSTICI.
TCTB.—The eighth annual sessien will ha
held at Centre Hall, commenting ea Tuns
day, July 22nd All teachers and these
preparing te teach are cordially invited to
CanJre County can boast of many first
class teachers, but we have net enough of
these to supply sll eur schools, and art
obligad annually to employ those who are
scarcely a* well qualified as some ef their
pupils, and who know little oi nothing
about the science of teaching. The rneult
of this is poor schools—teo user at any
price, er total failure. A higher standard
must bs reachad- Ths people demand it,
and directors are becoming mess Meeting
Salaries are graded in prepertion to abili
ty, and as the number of competent teach
ers increases, poorly qualified one* will
find it difficult to secure situations at nay
Prof. C. W. Rinhel, uow teaching inthn
Cumberland Valley BUU Normal School
end so well known to our teachers, hoi
boon engaged to wilt ttao County Super
inlondont in conducting tho Institute.
Tho Literary Societies—The Kicelsier
and Eurokn—will moot one# a wook.
Daily instruction* will ho given in meth
od* of management, and method* of tom b
ing. Special ottontlon will b |jven to
Vocal Music, Physiology end drawing,
All tho books usod ton bo procured at
Centre Hall. Tuition will ranga from $4
to $lO, -fire dollars to b* paid in advance
and remainder dd r ' n t term. Ample pro
vision ba* been mada te appenmodste all
who may attend—price of board and fur
nished rooms per wook $. Studoal* upon
arrival will please cell upon tke tenchem
wko will designate suitable boarding
places. * M MAGII.
June26-3t P°;
On last Tuoaday wo bad a few rf
Benj. Arney, of near this place, re
port# that ha has plenty of clover stock,
that measure aver 41 inches in length and
wheat that measures 6 feet in length
Good for Bon, he knews how to bring
down a squirrel too.
—The editor being absent all this
week—having gone to the coal regions
—the readers will escuse any errors that
may occur in this ivsue.
Dr ElUi Green* who practiced tnedi
eine ia Bellefonte, and Centre county for
over thirty year*, recently went to Boston
to visit his eon, Oecar Greene, Ksq He
was taken ill there and died
la*t week, we published, In the He
porter, a marriage notice of Mr G. L. Lee,
and Mi.s Nannie Kemp, both of Centre
Kill. Mr. Lee wishes us to correct this
statement, and says it is folte and untrua.
We are serry for the mistake, and hope he
may And the guilty one and bring him to
A CIXTKMKARIAM. - Our pleasant,
■arena friend, Squire M. D. Reckey, of
Bugar Valley, returned with his wife a
fow day* since from n month's visit to Il
linois end Wisconsin, wber# he he two or
throe brother* and n titter living. At Rock
Grove, Stevenson county, 111., his aged
mother resides, and if the old ledy should
lie# till the 16th of August. 1873, hs will
hove arrived nt the ripe old age of ■#
Atmdrerf years t He found her in fair
health She move# about her room with
out a cane, tees without a glass, hear* well
and converses freely though somewhat
feebly. She was born, reared and married
in Maryland. (Her husband, Barnet
Rocky, died in hi# T&th year.) They mov
ed to Centre county, Potter township,
near the Old Forts, about sixty-one year*
age About eleven yeor* thereafter, or
illy yeor* age, thay moved to Sugar \ al
ley. and there lived till about nineteen
yenr* since, when the moved to Venango
county, lived there three years and then
moved to Illinois, where the is new a resi
dent with her daughter, Mr*. Susannah
Meyer.—Clinton Democrat.
For tho Reporter.
On last Saturday, the Loop turned out.
in nil It* glory and mirth—the young, the
old and beauiifol—with bright hearts, and
basket* ladened with the sweet delicacie
of nature— to the beautiful wood* known
as Pine Oreve, to try to out rival anything
ia the pic-nic line that has yet been held
ia their neighborhood. The day w*>
a lovely one. although very warm. How
they made that grove echo with their
merry shout* #f jey and laughter, that
mad* the sad-hearted feet that there is an
unbounded pleasure at such a gathering
as this.
For the Reporter.
I Wut to be a Rioter
I want to be a rioter,
And chief among the band,
Usurp the power of civil law,
Enacted by our land;
I would sot this civil nation wild.
And call it only spott.
And taio* n row in the towns.
As they did in Williamsport;
And nt defiance I would set.
The officers of law,
And laugh to scorn the judge that sat, j
My aontcnce for to draw.
And lury 100 1 would not need.
To help him state my crime.
Butonly ask and is this all.
And only "on#year's" time?
You men oi courts must not forget,
This is the fastest age.
And all the chief of rioter*.
Have a place oa History's page.
Think o'er the crime and justice too,
I know you have no doubt.
But o'ro you have half thought thi
The chief is pardoned out.
He marches home in quietude,
And peaceful as a lamb,
Which makes our citisen* all think,
Our courts are only "sham."
When Yerkcs sups so boldly up,
And tays not quite *o fast,
Yeu have not heard of all the nowi,
For mercy's come at last;
Now Bennett's men who stolehis cash,
Are not among this crew,
For rioters and thieves you know,
Their pardons are not few ;
When you become a criminal,
And judged by justice's stand.
Be sure you are in politics,
Of the party in command.
Then all your crimes are set aside.
And buried with the past.
Until lb* Besurection Day,
Whan justice cornea at Inst.
Then wo# unto the rioter,
And chief among the band ;
And woo to the chief magistrate,
Usurper of our land.
SOL-TB IASTOS, Pa.., June 9, "73.
30th of Jane next s postal charge of
fire cents per Quarter, or twenty cents
par year, will de made upon all weekly
newspaper* passing through the mails
whether delivered in the county where
priuted or elsewhere the following are
tbo rates quarterly in advance, either
at the mailing or delivery office t
Dailies 35 eta
Six times a week 30 cu
Tri-weaklies 15 cu
Bnmi-wsnkl|e ~...10 cu
Weeklies. 5 cu
Semi-monthlies, not over 4 0z5...6 cU
Monthlies,-not over 4 ois 3cu
Quarterlies, not over 4 ots 1 cU
It is generally believe<l|tbal the next
Congress will restore the Iree circula
tion of newspapers in counties where
printed, in consequence of which we
adviae our resulert to pay by the quar
ter which will be on the Reporter only
| five cents.
Subscribers to the Reporter who
get their papers at the Centre Hall
postoffice. can save poetage by getting
them at Wolfs store after July Ist. and
giving us notice accordingly
A Kan Bapposed to be ltead Re
tar as Home
New York, June 118. J. E. \ an Do
ranaon of Rev. L- H. Vau Doreu, ol!
Boon ton, New Jersey, missing some
eight months ago, has tnrned up. A
letter baa been received from bim da
tab at Rotterdam, in which he says he
left bis bom* in Brooklyn for a day's
E toning. While ducking uaar Fire
laud nib boat was capsized and bis
companions drowned Clinging to the
bottom of the upturned boat he drif
ted out to sea, and on the following
morning, when almost exhausted, was
picked up by a Swedish bark bound
ferßuanos Ayres. When fifty lour
days out tba Swade boarded a British
bark, bound from Pacific to Rotterdam
and all eoosenlihg, young Van Doreu
was transferred and carried to Rotter
dam, and from which place he propos
ed to sail immediately to meet his
wife and children in Brooklyn, who
hare pioyrned for him as dead for sev
eral months.
On May 18, by Bo*. G. VV. Snyder. Mr.
JHM Kern*, of Lamar township, and Mis*
0a)lla A. KUaman of Madlsonburg.
Onlitb, i M'ffl' n burr, Mr Charles Wil
low. (arinarlv of MHlheim, and Miw An
a Rchft, of Northumborland, Pa.
XjIXiCtJTOR'S WOTTCE.—Letter tes-
J2l tomentary on the estite of Jonn
Reynold , ofMiles twp., doc 1 *). ha*o been
Seated to the undersigned, who request*
I MrMJns knowing themselves indobted
to said estate ito mako imfliato payment,
and tboee having demands kgainst the
same to present them duly authenticated
by law tor settlement to Mr. JOHN WOLF,
ef Miles twp., to whom I have siren n
power of Attorney, to transact all businesi
R~ 1 ' *
'* ger It** opened, at Centre 11*11, opposite .
d bank. U K C'HKA M, CONFER. 1
_ Nidi) flavored Icwrwim to he had every ,
Saturday, and * full assortment of OonAsc- (
lionerlo* and l'i(ii*r* always on hand,
it o*ll in If you want * ntc<\ clean Shave, 1
, or with your hair trimmed in style. Mr |
8. will bo thankful for * liberal li*ro of I,
l ' public patronage Itljultu
TICK All ftraMta having a Laurtlton i
'r t 11 ay rake, arc hereby respectfully notified,!
n that the undersigned ia willing to nut tlx
NOVELTY RAKE alongside or It, for
'j trial, on condition that the Uako doing it ,
work in the moat satisfactory inannor be
~j purchased I have ordered 40 Novelty ,
! rukra litis season, and the greater portion
are already engaged, and peraon* desiring i
'* te purchase a Us) rake can have the Nov-i
, ieltv on trial, and where it doea not render
aatiafactton, the peraon having it on trial.
U not obliged to take It The underaignod
• alao has for sale a No 'i Dodge lleaper,
0 which ho will aell under price, a* he i*
not agent for the above machine thlaaea-l
aoti All ordera by mail attended to.
, I' Manatac.rK.
.fjune 19-31. Centre Mall, Pa.
• NOT I~C K 1 11 I. VAN PELT 4
. Co. are building a few FIRST CLASS
REAPERS and MttWKHN, for thia sea
son's trade, which they warrant in every
1 reapeel i|ual and in aome reapecta su|>erior
i to any Machine ottered in thia market, and
I which they propose to SELL for a little
. LKNN MttNKY than any olhei Machines
are aold at. Pertona wishing GOOD MA
' CHINKS, with the advantages of any ro
r paira handy at home, will do well to ex
, amine our Machiuea before purchaaing
, foreign one* Wo will put them all out
j on trial. l&mjrntS
The aalca of Sewing machines in 1K72. a
reported under oath, in IStTN, to own
ers of the Sewing Machine Pitenla
show that the
Last Year Sold
2 I tl , 7 5 8
3S,4oHiuoro llimii iu 1871,
Niuety p*r eeut, of them being for
THIS IB Ovtttt
4 5 , 0 0 (I
More Sewing Machine* thau were
aold by any other company
during the haute period, and
of all the Machine* aold in 1872.
l*riucipal Ofiicc of
The Sin&er Manufacturing Co.
Philadelphia, office, 1106 Chestnut St.
j una 36-6 m
Receipts and Expenditure* of I otter
School District for the year ending June
2nd. 1873- _
Fml Kurtt, Treasurer"! account
Gross anit. of Ul dupli
j cat® for school and
building purposes...... _ f s.''.3*l
Outstanding U* $647 61
Bal on J Bitner due bill 10l <2
Ual duo at settlement
June 1672 - 47
Note f Phil. Durst 10 9G
Duo bill Mfy comp.... 41 46
Order of W Slump on
m'fg comp : 61)00
Amt. received from Bon
ner twp., tuiti0n........ 'Ai4S
Ami received Jno F*r
ner col for 1871 - '2lß'At
State appropriation for
1872 407 34
Amt received from A
Reesman on lumber... 6 00
Amt received from tai
payers with abatement 3'278 80
Amt received without
abatement 100 62
Amt received from D F
Lusr, col to dale... 1300 00
( Int. on Phil. Durst note 114 KV
Total receipts-. 16819 70
Paid teachers' salary... 3273 44
1 " for lot, deed and
i surveying for school
, house at Churchvillr I l '.'" 1
" II K Smith for new
school house and potts
for fencing lot ... 4l'*' 00
"88 Earner first pay
' menl for school house
I at Centre Hall 'IOO WJ
B. A 8. S BR Co., for
30690 lbs coal - - 43 34
1 1" Shortlidgc A Co for
I 136701b* coal ...... 44 12
. '• J. B A C. T. Alexan
der for 4180 lb* c0a1... 13 .>8
• " for hauling coal 6684
i " for wood furnished at
10 school houses 168 00
1 " for kindling wood 14 l*>
• •' Durst A Harlachcr
rent for school r>m
Centre Hall Ist month 8 00
6 •' Henry Koyer lease of
• school lot 13"
r " Samuel Stover for *2
ceal stove* 4'2 00
" A Ree*man for stove,
s pipe, elbows, and re
pairing stove 2766
1 '• for repairing school
r houses. A frirnlture 7 7M
i " for glnss, brooms, bolu
j locks, buckets, Ac, for
I all the school houses in
I the district - 6092
."88 Farner for build
ing two coal boxes IGOO
" for Penn'a District
Register - 6 00
" Geo Stover for tilling
. duplicate •'OO
" Fred Kurt/, for adver
tising - 6 60
" Centre Hall m'fg comp
fot repairing stove 7 61
"J. J. Arnoy for sta
-1 tionary and postage... 100
t " salary for Sec station
ary and postage 31 00
6 per cent, abatement on
$3278 80 194
Commission of Treasur
er 2 per cent, on
$6708 10 - 114 10
S69BG 29
Balance in Treasury.. SBBB 41
M'fg company note...—.. 62 49
Jno B'.tncr note atoo
Phil. Durst note 10 83
Cash 260 00
Bal. in and due treasury. 333 41
Outstanding tax in du
plicate for 1871, Jno.
Farner col 9G 69
Exoneration and errors.. 84 79
Dua Treasurer H 80
" from Ben net twp tui
tion 20 62
" from Harris twp tuition 11 40
" from Gregg " " '22 80
Outstanding tax for 1872
D F Luie col 647 61
• ••-
Total In and due treas
ury from sources $947 44
W. W. Ror BR, Prr till rut.
We the undersigned Auditors have ex
amined the above accounts, and find them
to be correct to the bast of our knowledge
and belief.
Tiir N tew (J AVI> Fin* I-*w. Many
change" were made in the tlamo and FUh
lawn during the lat nennion of tin login
! latum That >r rvtiltn may be thor
' oughly pnnted on tho"0 point*, nnd lliui
avoid making tliemeelvea llalde to a prone
cut lon through ignorance of the law, we
publUhthu following nummary of the late
' ad defining the lime and manner in
' wlt it-It iUb and game of vaiioU* klmU may
!be taken within the Jurindicthot of the
! Commonwealth ot Pctinnylvania.
Nil prmon aba 11 jitlNut or kill any deer,
nave only from the llrt day of September
|to the lint day of January, In any year, i
The pursuit of deer with dog b forbidden!
at all lime*. Trapping of deer, except for J
f'uinily une, in nlo forbidden. The penal-i
ly for the violation of the above law in a '
tine ol JmO. Any countable ot town offl-j
cial may kill any dog that habitually pur
uen deer, and the owner thereof in liablo
to a penalty of $lO for each deer or fawn
killed by nttch dog /Viinin/, That no:
much of thin tection an prohibitn the run
ning of deer with dogn shall not apply to
the countien of Centre, Clinton, Fayette, 1
■Sehuykill and Wyoming
tiray, lllack and Fox Squirrel* may be
killed only iroiu the drnt day of July until j
the firnt day of January, in each year
The penalty for violation of thin act in a
due of $5 for each mjuirrel killed out ot
KabbiU may be killed from Hie lirtl day |
!of October until the firnt day of February, j
in any year. The penalty for killing oui l
of neancii in so, for each rabbit no killed
Hunting rabbiU with a ferret in forbidden
under a penalty of $lO for each rabbit aoj
| killed.
Wild Turkeyn may be killed from the
jflreldayof October until the firnt day of |
January of each year. The penalty for
killing out of neanon i $Ui for each Tur
key no killed. I
Snipe may be killed troin the firnt day of
September until the twentieth day of April
of each year. The penalty for killing out
of neasou in $lO for each Snipe no kill- i
Woodcock may be killed from tho lirni
day of Augunt until the firnt day of Janua-j
ry of any year. Penalty of $lO for each
Woodcock killed out of tea ton.
Field Plover may be killed from thej
flmt Jay of Augunt until the tlrt day Jan-.
uary. Penalty of $lO for each Plover kill
ed out ot neanon.
No |Mr*ON >hill kill, i OI|H lor *alt\
or have in hit ar her possession 'after the
same hat been killed, any yul! or \ ir
,inia I'trlriilK', except only from the first
day of November until the tirt day of
January of any year. The penalty for
killing out of iriion i $lO for .each Par
tridge to killed.
No person shall kill or trap or have in
their possesion after the tame ia killed,
any Robin, Night hawk, Sparrow, Lark,
Swallow, Cat-bird, Blue-bird, or any oth
er inseetiverou* bird, at any time, under a
penalty of $4 for each bird so killed.
No person shall rob or destroy the nest
or eggs of any wild bird, excepting such
birds as are destructive of game and in
aectiverou* birds, under a penalty of $lO
for each offence.
No person shall, at any time or place,
take any Wild Turkey, Partridge or
tjuail, or Woodcock by mean* of any
blind, trap, net or any derioe whatever,
under a penally of $lO for every bird so
| taken. /V,,f that nothing ill this sec-,
lion shall prevent the trapping of game,
for propagation or preservation over * in
ter, from the SOth of December to the Ist
day of February neat following.
Shooting on Sunday i forbidden under
a penalty of $lO.
No corporation shall throw any culm or
coal lift into any of the water* of this
State under penalty of s.'*) for each fof
fence, in addition to liability for alt dam
age* inflicted.
! No person shall at anj lime < atch any
speckled trout with any device, save only
with hook and line, or place any set-lines
in waters inhabited by them, under a pen
alty for |JS for each offence.
It shall not be lawful for any person to
place uny set-net across any of the canals,
creeks or rivulets, of this State, under a
penalty of $35 for each offence.
In any waters of this State inhabited by
trout or bass, it shall not be lawful to
catch fish with any net the meshes of
which shall not he over three inches, un
der a penalty of $25.
Salmon or speckled trout may be caught
from the first day of April until the fif
teenth day of August of each year. Pen
alty for taking out of season. $lO.
Any person tresspassing on any preserve
or fish pond is liable to a penalty of sltW
to the owner, in addition to damages.
Bass and pike may be caught from lite
first day of June until the first day of
March, with a hook and line. The
penalty for taking out of season, or in any
! other manner than by hook or line, $35
i for each offence
Nojtersott shall catch any trout, baas <>r
other fish in any of the water* of thU state
by shutting or draw ing small net* or seins
therein, when-the water shall le partly or
wholly tfrawn off, under a penalty of $25
for each offence.
In all cases where the shooting of game
or catching of fish is prohibited in auy
county or counties, for a fixed term of
yean, by special act, nothing in the above
' act shall be constructed to alter or invali
date such special acts.
It shall bo the duty oftho Mayors and
j Burgesses of the cities and towns of this
Commonwealth, to require their jiolice
and constabulary force, and it is hereby
made their duty, and also the dulv of the
clerks of market* of said towns and cities,
to search out and arre-t all persons viola
ting any of the provisions of this act- Any
person having a knowledge of any of these
provisions may make information of the
same, and one-half of the penalty shall go
to the informer.
Clothing Store,
.Milroy. Aihoicc assortment of
Fine Black. Blue and oilier Cloth Dress
Suit*, Cusssinicre Dress and business suits.
Linen Pant*,
and Vest*.
White, Duck Vesta,
Alpaca Coala, Pants,
and Overalls for
1 working men.
Men's and Boys Hats, latest style* "f |
Hoots, Shoe*,
(.Sailers and Slippers.
1 TRUNKS. VALISES, and a full stock
of Mens' Furnishing Goods. Prices Low.
Come and examine for yourselves, and
buv at the Milroy Clothing Store,
juiilt'lf /KB KRISK ,* BRO.
Curtis' Zink Collar Pads, pronounced
bj all alio have used it, to lie the best Col
• Itlr Pad ever Invented.
They are warranted to cure the worst
case ot sore neck on horses.
For sale by _ .
lOjunSm at Millheiin & Milroy.
fine assortment of Coffin trimming*,
iust received at Millheint and Milroy
Hardware stores. Barr handles, Lace Ac.,
!1572. John H Lee. Supervisor, Dlt
March 28, To Order
DM J Spatiglor $134,19
• 1878 March 24, l •
mount of duplicate 1<*,68
' - til 48,07
" 1K74, Contra, UK,
" March'il; by work $821,29
t " by lax clone
f ration*, 9,28
" " Spangler 9,38
" work by 0,66
" mrvlrri 110,00
" by order t Sam'l
It oyer, 183,72
r inTii, johh moophart, Supervisor, I>K,
March 24. To amount
of duplicate, s6lU,flß
|IB7B, Contra, t'K,
j March VI. by work, $127,5.'!
• " by tax exonera-
I ion a, B,o*
" by services, aelf, 100,00
j " by ra*h, 6,"'
1 " by order to sue
censor, 70,07
18*2 pavid*p, Overseer, DK,
March V-t. to order from
It Loe SV44,VI
" to cath at audit, fit 1,00
1873 March VI. to rath
II Hriiikotrn d<'d l,'i
" to rent from G Sto
ver, 16.00
" t<> amount of dup
licate, AW, 1 ®
1873, Contra, CR
March VI, by Keeping
pauper*, 019,16
" by tax exonera
tions, Nl"
'• by aervice*. self, fiC.OU
by percentage, 81,11
j " by a trip* to Belle
fohte, 6,00
by cab at audit, 20.U0
' by amount due tap
at settlement, 382,6 V
4 1
1872, jotia uunUKUik, Overseer, DK,
March VI. u order from
J A Keller, $79,66
to cah at audit, 70,00
1873 March VI, to am 1
of duplicate, 711.69
" to ctiu from It Lee 16,00
187 V, Contra, CR,
March 23, paid William
Markiu* at audit, $30,00
" 34, by keeping pau
pers, 036,41
" l>y tax exoncrattott, 1,61
" by >ervicea, aell, 80,00 ,
by per cenlage, 87.07
" bv paid on Doctor
Near* bill, 26,01
" by ca*h at audit, 6,00
" by amount due at
•cttleiuent, 118,21
1873 .March VI, to cah from
t* p officer*. SBO,OO
" 0) do from David
Gitliland, 3.00
1873, Contra, CR,
Mnrch VI, paid F Aurtx
for prinlitig, $16,60
•• do \\ W L '\e, auditor 2,00
"do Jaa M Ciinitck, " 2.00
"do J<Mi Gitliland. " 2.(8
•* do W A Kerr, clerk, 2,<*t
" auditing achoot account
1872, 4,00
Room rent, 1.00
Towuthip ltouk, 3,20
We the undersigned, Auditor* of PoU
ter Uwnhip, certify that we have exam
ined the above account* and testify to the
correctneaa of the arne.
Clerk. Auditor*.
While tVheal $1.66. Red 1tf).... Rye—
-76, Coin 60 ....Oatt 36 Barley 60.
70 Clorcr*eed 6.00 Put a toe* 46.
per pound 7 Pork per pound 06
Butter IS. Kg** IS. .....Pla*ter per lor.
sl4 Tallow 8 Bacon 8 .....11 nm 12
White wheat 1,66 .Red wheat 1.60....Rye
66 Corn 4V Oal3S Barley 60
Cloverred 6,00 Timothy wed, 860........
Salt 2 60 per *ack ....
Bacon Uk- Han 16 Butiei 15... Egg*
IS Platter '■> 60
Bclletonte, Pa,
2 good Cigar* for... —tfU
White ugar* per pound —_l3oU
Demarara incur per p0und........ .IScU
Rio coffee ■■■ - - • 26c1
Arbtickle* brown wff per pcuad.. ..B(k.-l
Rett watbing oaj per pound...6, 7 A BcU
Be l .-'.arch per pound ——lOcU,
Bc*t bright Navy tobacco | cr pound..V*ct>
Best Black Navy tobacco —fiOct*
*' double thick and bright and black 86ct*
Fine cut chewing tobacco per pound.SUcl*
B<t lugar-cured Ham* per pound-....lTctt
No. 1 black pepper |er pound-.....-. .80rt
Molaaae* per gallon - flOcta
Large die dairy Sail per sack— ...16cU
M.!a--c* per gallon OOet*
C'oal oil in 5 gal. lot* 85ct. per gallon be*t
; article.
Mackeral without head* and all kind ofi
tpackeral and Herring at city price*.
Double X X while, drip* 80cU per gal
lon, in 6 gallon lot* 6cl a gallon le*>.
1000 other article* too numerous to men- j
lion, cheap. Mao'a L>gie. heavy boe
at $1.36 per pair. They iiavo the large*!
nd cheapest ttock of goods ever offered to
the public. If you want lo
oppoaito the House. All kind* of
i w hole |>ackage* at le# price*.
\\ aires Willing to Work. Any-;
person, old or young, of
either *ex, can make from $lO to SSO per
; week, at home day or evening, n anted
by all. Suiuble to either City or Coun
try, and any season of tho year. Thi* la a
d rare opportunity for those who are out of
! work, and out of money, to make an inde
pendent living. No capital being required,
j Our pamphlet "HOW I*o MAKE A LLV-;
ING, giving full instruction*, sent on re-1
eeipt of 10 cent*. Addre'*, A. HI RTON
A CO.. Morriaania. Westchester N..
AG K NTS WANTED every where to sell
our now and novol Embroidering Ma
i iiiu, —'tut tor tllntrat*d OlrcaUr. to Iks Mcker
MuiMuttl fomion). ** Ur.i.l*e, Haw Tort.
Krorjr •*l* • I ,
Frpfj Man dttfhlUi haw on* . f .. t ,.. nR .
S#n* n rveipt at T*n (MnM AddnM* L. F. 11l DK A
00,. I#* Hwvwnth At>nns, York.
Sunt ..n r .lpt of *ru t'olqas IMnUaa u>d Publl
•ttlna lt.n*. ■ V*— 1 *UaaS. Hew V '*k_
Family Sewing Machine, on 30day* Trial:
moo; *.trnt*e* oror aU HM*fctloo a*iiteel. or
•a) refund—t 8"t fuU WMtn l
hock with MMclnn# I -0.. WB Hro>dwty. W. 1
portant ln.nOoo 11 Mtlu Uw Rwpar nt *JI HIOM
•ml under the hardest nervier or wrmrt ■train It U
worn with comfort. nd l( kept on "Jflht ana day. effect*
■ permanent euro In a few weeka Hold cheap,
kr Mftll -hen tManlad. circulars free,
l.y letter Mat UtThe Kinetic No <*s Broad
way N T. CM#. Nobody uaea klrul Isprtn* Trnanea .
too painful. Ibey allp off too frequently I maly. now
of ground, nt Potter's Mills, thoreon erec
teda two-story dwelling House, with good
Wngonmaker Shop. a good Stable, and all
necessary outbuilding*, is oflcred nt pri
vate sale, on reasonable terms. There is n
well of nover failing water, with pump,
nenr the door. For further particulars
auplv to Mrs. KATE SIIAFKH,
KaprSm Potters Mills.
A. ters of administration on the estate
of Elisabeth Heckman, late ofGreggtwp.,
doe'd. havo been granted to tho under
signed, who rei|iiusts all persons knowing
themselves iudebted to said estate to make
immediate payment, and those having de
mands against the samo to present them
duly authenticated by law tor settlement.
junh 12-Ct Adm'r.
—LIMKI —Mr. George Koch hi taken:
charge of the Litno kiln, near Centre llnll
mid will confUntly keep on hand u Rood
quality of Lime Mr. Koch can he found
iat the kiln at any time during,
'towait upoa cutvmer<. luyio
I. (■iiggciilit'inuT.
ISAAC Gi'uokniikimkii, HAVING
I PURCHASED the entire stock of the late
firm ofHumtiuaii A Guggdiibeiroor, eg
cejit the LEATHER and Shoe findings,
hit* filled up hi* shelve* with A lot of
okemi good*,
audi* now prepared to accomodate all
IIT old customer*, uud to welcome all
new ouea who may favor biiu with
their patronage, lie feel* safe in aay
iug that he can please the moat fastidi
*UUB Call and aee.
-I*. B. — Mr, Sussmau still continue*
to deal in
in the old room, where he may alway
I BO found. 12ap.lf.
C. F. Herlaeher N, Cronmilier.
F ;I £ 2 }] A A 1 V A L
\\ R l*h tu infonn the I ili*eu of Patter
that LLI EY have OPENED an entire new
•lock of g*>d in their old quarter*, am!
will keep constantly on hand * full and
good assortment of
consisting of
I aim res.
and all other kinds o!
full line of
Hats A Capa, Boot# A Show
etc., etc , etc..
All of which we offer at greatly reduced
Highest prices paid for country produce.
ITY strict attention to business we hope to
merit and receive the patronage of the
Shortlidge & Co..
Bellefonte Lime Quarries.
The only Manufacturers of Lime, burnt
EXCLUSIVELY with wood, in Central
Anthracite Coal,
White Lime,
Du Pout'A Powder,
Sporting and Bloating Powder oo
Fuse lor Blasting,
Fire Brick,
Ground Fire Clay,
Office ard yard near South end of the
Bald Eagle \ alley ltatlroad Depot, Belle
fante. PA jan KITS
CIENTKAL HOTEL. Corner ofThird
/ and Cbodnut Street. Mifßinburg. Pa.
John Showers, Proprietor.
Its Central Location make* It particularly
desirable to persons visiting Town on
business or pleasure.
11. A. Taylor'* Livery Attaches!.
unpH ly
J IIAKItIh Jt hltrciltßT JAIIIt A V KM.
Banking Co.
And Allow Interest,
Discount Notes.
Buy and Sell
Government Securities. Gold and
Pktkk Horricn, Wis. B. MI so lb.
Pros t. Cashier.
■ at his establishment at Centre Ilal). keeps
lion hand, and lor sale, at the most reao*na-
J ble rates.
f Carriages,
* A Spring Wagons,
i Fancy.
* and vehicles of every description made to
" order, and warranted to be made of the
best seasoned material, and by the most
skilled and competent workmen. Person*
* wanting anything in his line are requested
* to call and examine his work, the.v will
find it not to be excelled lor durability and
wear. maylfitl.
C K N T R E 11 A L L, P A.
Will attend to administering Oaths, Ac
knowle Igemetit of D I*. *V<. writing Ar
tide*of Agreement, LKmhW, fcc\ nmvK>
i The Best substitute for Oil Cloths, Mat-
Iting* and Carpet*.
I Also, Boughton'* patknt aiijcstaui.k
and Window Bur, to prevent accidents to
children. Will fit nnv door, window or
.tairwaj. Price from $126 to $2 2.1,
Also, Boughton'* patent ai)Jl'*tahi.k
will fit any
Price for windows, with netting and fix
tures complete. from 60 cents to $1 60. For
doors, with netting and fixtures complete,
$260 to JL 00.
J. W. Boughton,
1200 Chestnut Street, rhil'*.
No Better Place !
I Tim subscriber (• ju*t from th'
u I'Mirrn riile* * Pall Block ol
M i; M M K It OO O DM
' J which ha ho* determined to toll vary!
' I ' heap, consisting of
Print*, Muslin*. Opra Cantons. and Wall;
; Finn net*. Lid i Dress Good*, iurh as,
Detain*, Alpiru, Poplin*, KmproM (jlotn,'
Batn*, Tnmeuo, together with n full|
stock of prarfdilni usually k*pt In thai
Dry Good* lln*.
! \ Wl *took, consisting port of Lndlo* and
Children'* Merino flo.a, Collar*, Kid
glove*, bi ou*liiy tilk nnd Lisle (brand j
Gloyaa, Hoods, Nubias, Breakfast shawls,
I A full lUMirUtteiit of
Men'* BOVM nnd Children'*
ol Urn lata*! (tyl* nnd boat.
Jtaady made, * ( bote* wlwtio* *f Man'*
nnd Hoy ol tba newest styles nod mot:
• >-ricanble mater ml.
Great Reduction In Prieot Of
Note Paper.
We are now prepared to furaiak Note
pn|mr nt price* far below nay tbnt bare
ever before been offered nt retnil la tbi*
He*t <|uality Commercial note paper
nt 16 eta par quire
Snoond bent do nt 12 (!■ per quire
I Third best do nt lOcU per quire
Putchaser* will find tbi* to be of the
>em qunlity heretofore told in tbi* place
for 'Jit, ISI, end 16 ct* per quire, but baring
1 bought our paper nt extremely low figure*,
we desire to give our customer* the full
benefit of tbe reduction.
Look At This!!
Initial Paper With Chromol
French Initial paper 16 ct* per box
Plain white " 20 " "
Bore (lot " 26 " •
Tw< tint* " " "
With n handsome chromo given away
with each to cent box,
20 mar if Opposite Bush House.
15,000 BOLTS"
Now on exhibition at Millbeitn and Mil
rey Hardware Store*. About 85 different
0 Beautiful Gilt Paper nt one dollar
Pane! Paper and Parlor
A reasonable credit will be given to re
ponible pertie* for paper, Jor 6 per cent
deducted from price* for cant. Price* are
the same at both Store*.
nprJlßt. W. J. M MANIOAL. !
A ter* of adminUtration on tbe estate of
J tm Lva, late of Potter twp.dac'd,
nave been granted to tbe underlined,
who r ju.-t all persons knowing them
salve* indebted to said estate to make im
nsndhae payment, nnd those bnviag de
mand* agsinst tbe aarnn to present them
duly authenticated by Inw for settlement.
may 16 fit Adair's.
LF s.G. <;t*TELIOB, |
Dentist, Millhelm.
Offer* hi* professional service* to the!
public. He t* prepare I to per fan a alii
operation* in the dental pro tea* ion.
jNP'He i* now folly prepared to extractj
| teeth otso luttiy ri ikout peus. myfi-7S-tf.
1 I>V ARD J EVA NS *cs7~
York. P.
| JtrCtUlofeu Mailed to Applicant*"** j
Rtfrr (iy wreinwa) fo
1 Hon. J. S, Black. Washington, D. C., j
Writer, Sou A Carl, Bankers, York, Pa. I
Excelsior Cement-
I The undersigned now manufacture Co
I QUALITY, at their kilns, near Pine,
Creek Mills, in Haines two. This cement!
ha* already been used la large quantities;
upon tbe LC. 6 8.0. > R.. and ha* been!
found highly satisfactory upon all Jobs!
j where it has been used, and as equal to
I any now manufactured. Tbe undersign-1
I cd now lake pleasure in recommending,!
and warranting It to all, for t*a in CIS-1
TKRXS, WATER PIPES, or whatever!
purpose e good quality of Cement i* deal
j ruble. This Cement baa already been]
| tested far and wide, and rendered the ut- j
most satisfaction. Persons, therefore con-,
■ structing Cisterns, laying Water Pipes,
| Ac., will find it to advantage to bear this)
i in mind, and aire, that they warrant the;
article as represented. For further par
ticular*, address
I 20 dec tf Aaron*burg. Pa.
wr A. CURRT7
CKYTRE II .4 LI., PA. , ,
Would me*l rfipctl\illy Inform the cit-<
1 xens of this vicinity, that he ha* started a
! new Boot and Shoe Shop, and would be
: thankful for a share of the public patron
age Boot* and Shoe* made to order and
according to style, and warrants his work
I (to equal any made elsewhere. All kinds
I of repairing" dono, and charge* reasonable-i
Give him a call. feb 18 ly. j
Coach Manufactory.
The undesigned ha* opened a new es
, titbhohmeiit, at his new shop*, for the
manufacture of
■> i Buggies,
& Spring Wagons,
: of every description . ....
All vobic>es manufactured by him
! tiro warranted to render satisfaction, and as
; equal to any work done elsewhere.
He ut>* none but the best material,
nnd employa the most skillful workmen,
llence they flatter themselves that thair
work can not be excelled for durability
and finish.
Orders from a distance promptly attend
j ed to. "
Come and examine my work before
| contracting elsewhere.
| All kinds of Reparing dons.
paraiuu t U4U'. Ill* K
MASNir* Hmi-t lICHI ,
fmmmimm. sad MI aspssare. It essaa* t fr-
The Weekly Sen
The Best Family Payer.-The Weekly
ST. Y. Hun. |S I year Send your DON
The hit Agriaaltwal Paper.—The
Weekly New \ ork B— t |mg*, fl a
year. Bend your Dollar.
The Beet PeUtieal Payer Tie Weekly
N. Y. Sua—B payer, fl a year. Send
year Dollar.
The Beet ■•weytpcT-The Weekly K.
Y. Sun—B payee, $1 a year. Seed year
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Sun —k payee, f1 a year. Send your Dot
The Beat fttery Payer.-The Weekly X
Y. Sua—B payee, fl a year. Send your
The Beet Faahiea Beyerte >n the Weekly
N. Y. Sue—P page*. fle yeer. Send your
The Beet Market Beaerts la U. Weekly
X. Y. Son— page*. fl year. Send your
TheßaetCattle Beyerte in the Weekly
N. Y. Sun—S payee, ?! a year. Bend
your Dollar,
The Beet Payer in Every KeepeoL—The
Weakly X. v/Sun—B payee, $1 a year.
Send Toor Dollar. Address,
THE SrN. Now York city.
June lIML
B'tJ T T"S""I"dUSl.
J. B. BCTTX Proper.
Has first class accommodation; charg
es re—o— _ *•*. t£
p ABMEES Sue Taw.—'The *upernor
Reaper * Mower, it a candidate for fit* or
to which the attention of Centre county
termers i* called. The Superior b manu
factured in Wheeliny, W. Ye., and has
met a large tale, and obtained many high
recom mendatkme in Ohio, and other tatos.
This machine dispenses with cow-gearing
and all unneceeaary trap* with which
many other machines are afflicted ; it h
simple In construction, strong and durable,
easily managed, and light draught The
Superior is folly warranted U> do it* work
right, or no tele.
Mr. John H. Odenkirk, of the Old Fort,
is agent for Centra county for the Supe
rior, and persons wishing n Mowerdt Reap*
ehad better call on him before purcbae
g another. W Jan.
T?XKCDTOB S NOTlCE.—Letters les*
fi tameatary en the eMaie ef Christo
pher Xoyei, of Peon twp . dee'd, hare
been granted to the undersigned, who re*
ourau ell persons knowing themselves -
I debted to mid estate to make immediate
; sß^tL*"JS ,, hSrse
> June 12-fk Executor*
• Spring Opening of
- Reanrts. Trias-lug*. Xllltae
> rj. at
• In Centra Hell, who just raturued from
f Philadelphia, with the LATEST FAHH
' IONS, and a complete stock of New
Bonnet*. New Hats, elegant Trimmuigs,
Ac., which will be sold or made up, at
raaeonable price*. Also, old ladies Dress
°S e new styles are very pretty. Ladies
cell and see them early. First come, first
serred ma.vls..
, The Chamoion of the World.
The new Improved American Button-
Hole Overseaming and Complete
Sewing Machine —The great
est machine of the Age !
Simplcity, Durability A Cheap
ness Combined.
Agent for Centre County
legneney Street, Bellefonte, Pi.
|D. JOHNSON A SONS, Proprietors.
The proprietors offer to the traveling
public, and to their country friends, first
class accommodations and careful atten
tion to ths wants of guests at all times, at
fair rate*. Careful hostlers and good stable
ling for horses. An excellent table well
servod. A Bar supplied with fine liquors.
Servants well trained and everything re
quisite in a first class Hotel. Our location
i in the business part of the town, near the
Post Office, the Court House, the Chur
ches, the Banks, and the principal places
>f business, renders it the most eligible
slace for those who visit Bellefoete on busi
er pleasure.
An Omnibus will carry passengers
ind baggage to and from all trains
'ree of charge.