The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, August 16, 1872, Image 1

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Through tba leaaly halls af the night
• lltfawfakliytoßisa:
Through the lonely halls of the night,
Alone, |cry to than.
For the wtars bring preaagea
Of lova, and of lore's delight:
Let them bear WIT messages
Through the lonely halls of the night!
In tbc golden porch af the mom
Thou eom'st anew to me:
In the golden porch off the mom,
Bay, art thou true to we '
If droama have shaken thee
With the call thoti oanat not aooro.
Let Love awaken theo
In the golden porch of the morn!
B ryord 7bgb*\
To a latdt.
1 think of thee when morning springs
From sleep with plum*go hsthed in dew,
And like a young bird, hfta her wing*
Of gladness on the welkin hi us.
And when, at noon, the breath of love
O'er flower and stream is wandertng free.
And sent in mu* o from the grove,
I think of thoe- I think of thae.
I think ef thee when soft and wide
The evouing spivsd* her rolies of Nght,
And, a young and timid bride.
Sits blushing in the artne of night.
And when the moon's sweat crescent springs
In light o'er heaven's deep, wavelee* sea,
And stars are Kirth, like bWsed thing*.
I Utmk of thoe—l think of thee.
1 think o! Thee; —that eye ef flam.-.
Those tressee (kiting bright and free.
That brow where " Beauty wrin-aher name,'
On fancy rush I think of thee,
Driniug Away.
Drifting away—drifting away !
Baby is having me every day,
Baihng far oat on the treacherous tea
Wberv the bright glories af woman-life txa
Vas. on the komr-rrpph-a, day after day.
Baby, my darling, is drifting awsy!
Driniuc away—drifting away I
Every morn loses a golden ray,
Every sight twineth a shade, less fair,
Over the tangles of clustering hair.
Pea. on the hour-ripp es, day after day,
Babr, my darling, is dnftiug away I
Drifting away—drifting away I
Hailing and surfing i O. bright httfo fay !
Ail the true strokes of thy silver-tipped oar
Float back to echo on jaeuoryh shore.
Yes, on the hrmr-ripples, day after day.
Baby, my darling, is drifting away!
Drifting away—drifting away t
Woodcrftr! words can the dainty lips say.
Wonderful tasks can the busy hands Jo,
Wonderftrl journeys go tinj fact true;
Tee, an the b mr-npp <■*. day after day,
Baby, my darhng, is drifting away 1
Drifting away—drifting aw-y I
Baby is leaving me every day ;
Bieering far out on the troaeheroua sea
Where the bright glories of woman-life be - i
Tc* omthe bonr-npplee, day aftvr day,
Ifaby, my darhn;, is drifting away!
LMVHUW n srerriT.
~ IT MBS. A A rrowa
We were in disgrace, we boys, and the res
son of H was this We bid laughed out in
meeting time ! To bo sure the oorxoion ra
a trying ooe. even to more disciplined nervw |
hrw* Lothnvp had exchanged pulpits with <
Par-ton biunmeial, of North Wcarem Now.
Pameo Sammeral WB a man hi the very out- j
set likely to provoke the rWWe* of unsplrit- I
nalisedi oven ties. He was a thin, wiry, frisky
little rutin in a powdered white wig. black
rights titnl silk stocking*, with bright knee- j
buck las and shoe-b-rckles, with round, dark. '
xaapptiuE eye*, and a curious, high, cmrkof.'
sqaeaaitig roice. the very nrxt rones of which !
made ali the children store nnd giggle Ihc !
new* that P*r* >n Sumrneml wa- going to j
preach is our village, spread abnwvT among
us as a prelude to something funny It hal
a flavor like the charm of circus acting: and :
on the Suudav of our story we *: ;
to the house of fled in a very hilarions slate
all ready to set off In a laugh oa the slightest
The rxrjsb-n we* not long wanting Par
w LothrT'Jti h-vJ a favorite dog yclept Trip
whose behavior in meeting was no'.ifior.jiv :
far from that eiifymg patteni whkh befits
a rauiistri's dog or. Sundays. Trip was a j
nervous dog ami a dog that" never could i
taught to conceal his emotions or to nugget
conventionalities. I< anything about the jer-
K*nunc- iu the -dnger* roat dkl not pleas
him hs was apt to ex|*eas himself in a logu
brious howl. Jf the sermon was longer thai,'
aßtlted him he would jr*i< with such a loud ]
crvak of his jaws as wonid arouse everybody' a
attention, li the ffios dUturboJ his after
• aor-n's asp he wonld irivv sadden snarls <>r
•raps, or if nnythiug troubled Lis dreamt, he
would hark oat in his sleep iu a manner hot
* only to ill-pel his own slumbers, bur these ui!
certain worthy deacons ami old hulks, wtirtir 1
•xnctaaiy veporc woe thereby sitrelj broken !
aud tiwitded. Few all these ivasdhS Minium ■
I/khrop had been forced us a gencial b. j
deny Trip the usual sauctuary privileges id i
good family dog* in that ags. "and shut him!
up oa Sunday* to private meditation. Trie, j
of course, was only tho J"re aut on attend, anil wonld hide behind door-. jump out.
of w-iiSiwws, sneak through byways and
and Ue bUI till the second hell hail!
done tolling, when suddenly be would Sfrpea.
In (he broad aisle, innocent and happy, and !
take his seat as composedly as any member ot
the ooogrsgatkiu.
Imacine us youngsters on the ysi wv with]
excitement at seeing Parson i-ummeml frisk
up into the pulpit with all the vivacity oi
black grasshopper. We looked at such "other j
and giggled very cautiously, with duexespeat j
to Aunt Lois' sharp observation. ,
AA fimt 4- ie was only a ndld. fluirt rim- j
wring of n giggle: |
within the bounds of propriety, andas pursed I
onr muscles U{> if|h lti;ig :t rtwiutioi. (
whenever WD NUJRHT the rq.i rehi. arit,- Ave of
our eMcrs. . ' J
ftfftjwlurg. dlretdly} gftcr the I bring notes I
of the tolling front bellr-Master Tripp walked ]
gravely up the centre aide, and testing htm- j
•elf squarely in front of tbo pnlpit. raiseil HISL
nose with a crtthal air tow ards the scene of!
the forthoofainx prrb nnsnc.j it was too much
for us—the REGRESSION was nlmot convulsive ]
Trip wore up alert, atlentive ear, lefittin* a
of heresy sad deems it bis duty to watch tk'e ]
performances narrowly.
Evidently he fek calle'l upon to tee who
and what were to occupy the pnlpit in hi#
master'* alwcnce.
Up rose Parson Hammers], and up went
Trip's nose, Tibratlng with intense attention.
The parsou began in liis high cracked tmlco,
to intone the Lynn
"Hiag to the Iced iloud."
when Trip broke into a dismal howi.
The parscn went on to give directions to
the deacon, in the same voice in which he
had been reading, so that the whole effect of
(be performance vw as follows
" 'flto* So the Lord aloud.' "
" Please to torn out that dog)—
And auto • joj-fUt nobw.'"
The dog was turned ont, und the choir did
their bet to make a Jeyful noise, but we
boys were upset for the day, delivered over to
the temptations of Satan, and plunged in
waves and tillows of hysterical giggle, hour
which neither Winks nor frowns from Aaflt
Lois, nor the aw/nl fear of tire tithing man,
nor the comforting hits of fctmei and orange
peel passed us by grandmother, could recover
Everybody felt, to he sure, that here wur a
trial that called for sotne indulgence. Hard
faces even among the stoniest mints betray
ed a transient quiver of the risible mnsclcs,
old ladies put up their fans, youths aod maid
ens in the singers' seat laugned outright, and
for the moment a general snicker among the
children was pardoned. But I was ate of
that luck lee* kind whose nerve*, once set in
vibration, could not be composed. When
the reign of gravity and decorum hod re
turned. Harry and I set by each other, shak
ing with suppressed laughter. Everything in
th subsequent exercises took a funny turn,
and in the long prayer, when everybody
was still and decorous, the whole scene came
over me *rith such overpowering force that 1
exploded with laughter and had to be token
out of meeting and marched home by Aunt
Loia, as a convicted criminal. What especial
ly maved har indignation was the more she
rebuked and upbraided the more I langhea,
till the tews rolled down my cheeks. Which
Aunt Lois construed into willful disrespect to
her authority, and resented accordingly.
By Sunday erenicir. as we gathered around
the fire, the reaction from undue gayctv to
sobriety had token place, and we were in a
pensive and penitent state. Grandmother
was gracious mid forgiving, but Aunt Lois
still preserved that frosty air of reprsfattion
which she held to be a salutary means ot
quiekening our consciences for the ftiture. It
waa, therefore, with unusual delight that we
saw our friend Sam oome in and sit himself
(juietlv down on the Meek in the chimney
FREI). KURTZ, Editor anil Proprietor,
) soiaer. With Sam we felt assure,l of Imlal
, geme and patronage, Air though always
! rigidlv moral and instructive in his turn of
miud, he had that teik<w feeling for traits
grarsor, which is characteristic o! the loose
j jointed, easy going style of bis individuality.
" laudy iinn boy*- yl," *aM %m>. vji
tnotrslv. in view of owrpef Aflrft Tuffs thrust*.
| " ye ought never to laugh nor cut up in meet
in , that sues ss but then theie is (intra
when llit hrJ tu u| gets k,>V down We
gets look utiaw-.iVH. ve s<e- fern luUli*
,I,**. Yis, natur' will git the upper hand
afore they kuow it,"
" Why Sim, miuisleiadon't ever laugh in
meetin', do thev f" * k '* '
We put the quodioiTwilh wideeyra Such
a supposition bordered on prolanil,, we
, ihmtrbt: it was approachmy the <ln vf Vucah
j who unwarilv bached the aik of Hie Timl
" Laws. yea W'hv, hareu'l ran never
| beard how thrra was a council held to try
j Parwuti Moirrl lor laughing out iu prayer
j tuuc f
"Laughing in prayrr time!" we both re
| [icated with uplifted hands and eyes
I My eraiHlfathrr's mild fuee became hii'.iiu
<*M with a supprew-cd suiile,hkh brighteuoii
lit as the luoim doe* a cloud, i*t he said no
"Yea, yea," *.ud my granduioiber, " that
affair did make a dreadful scandal in the
thue oa't But Parson Morrel was a grant
map. and 1 m glad Urn council * rani hard
on him."
"Wall " said Sam Lswsoa, " after all. It
was mnv like Babbit s fault than twas any
body's. Ye see, Ike he was alters for gettiu'
what he eonklout o' the town, and ho would
(bed his sharp an the meetin' loose green
Somehow how or otlmr. Ike's fences a Hers
contrived to give out. Sundry, and up
would conic his sheep, and Ike was too ulcus
to drive 'em lack on Snndav. and m there
they was He was talked to enough about it,
causa, ye see, to have sheep ami lambs a
hs-a-iu' aud a lilt tin all praver and sermon
time *' a't the thing. Member thai are old
meetin' house up to the north eud, down
under Blueberry Hill, the land sort o' sloped
down, so as a body hed to cotne into the
arcetity house st ppin' down instead c' up.
" K et was. they said 'twas put there
'cause the hind wa'n't good for iiothin' else,
and the folks thought puttin' a racetlc" house
on't would l-o a clear savin'—but Parson
MorTvl he didn't like It, aud was free to tell
f'tu his atnd oir't that 'twas like bringin
the lame and the blind to the Lord's sarvice
—but there'twas. .
" There warn't a better laiuister nor no one
more set bv in all the State tlian Parson Mor
rel. His doctrines was tight up aad down I
good and sharp, and he gava Mints and siu
net* their meat in due season, and for cousol- j
in' aud cowfurtiu' widden and urphana he I
hadn't bis match. The women sot lots by 1
him and he was alius' ready to take tea round
and tpaltc tbinys pleagniit fUiff com: rKilde,
and he Ikf a psTstory for every one and a
word for tba children, and maybe an npufc- or
a ooofcey iff LL-, packet A>r Yin. WJI. you
know there an't no ploasiu' evervUxir, and
ef Gabriel himsell, right down out o Heaven,
was to come and be a minister, 1 expect
there d be* pickin' at kts wings, and sort o'
fault finding. Now Aunt Jeruahy Scran and
Aunt Polly Hokuu they saiJ lVrs.i* Morrel
wa'n't solemn.enough Ye see there s them I
that thinks a minister ought to be je*i like .
th' town hearse, so that ye think of death,
judgment and eternity, and nothin' else
when ye see him round ; and ef they aee a
ma a rosy and chipper, and bavin" a pretty |
nice sociable sort of a time, why lhev say he
an't spirftOoAl minded. Rut in my times l'v,
saeo ministers that th> most awakeniu' kiud i
in the pulpit was the liveliest when they was!
out on't. Ihere i a time tu laugh. |
savs, th< * some A>lk. nevef seem to remeailer
that are."
" Rut Sam, how came you to say that it
was Ike JiuUUt'a fault t What waa it about
the shi-epf"
"Oh", wall, yi* I'm a i-oiuhi' to that are.
It was alt about theiu shccp—l ex;<ect tber
waa the inurement the devil >t to work to
teinpt Pardon Mbrrei to laugh fc [vayer time
i "Ye w there wa* Old Ifick, Ike's bell
, wedii-i. v. as the lighten *t old cxittur that
'"ver y--r see -Why I>Mt weuM but t his
own shoddcr and citryhody said it waa a
shauic the old cri'tur should 1 left to ran
| loose, 'cmsaeheren at tlie children and • oared
| tfis women I Jill out "f their wit# Wall. 1
:ei to dre out in that p.uih iu tL ra days
j iad lero 8 a doc and I n sf to go ont * parkin'
| Sum tar nights to see the lairkitr gals -and wc
hod to" go right 'cross the It* where Itick waa
I —fo wc u**i W go andUuud l>v the fence and
i call, aid I'fHt WSuVrlre nil And put down hi*
| head and ran al on mil obiwl, ami c uss
j tmnt agin the fence and then I ketch him by
the Lores and hohJ blni while Ivrtn rtn and
got over the fecoe t'other side the lot. ami
j then I'd let-go and Rem would holler and
I shake a kte. k al hiin and awnjr be'd go full
i Imt at Lrtrt. nisi Ix-m won Id kelch his horns
| amj hold biti till I emne over- that wna the
| me nailed Diek last f h# sattcj'iid
den up bchiad a fellow, be'd give nitn a butt
I in the small of hia back that would make him
run on all fours one while-he waa a great
j rogue. Dick waa IVall, that Rummer 1 re
; member they had olfi Deacon Titkim for tith
| ing man. aud I tell yon he give it to the lioys
; lively. Thar wsrn't noSleepin' nor no play
in'. for tbo deacon had eye* like a gimlet,and
be was quick aa a cat. and the youngsters
hod to look out for themselves, it did really
>eem as if the deacon was like them four
i Lwasts in the-Ik-relations, that waa/all ot
| eye* behind and before, fur whichever way he
wa* stondin' if rem cave onlv a wink he wa*
down on yon til hit yws a tap with his stick
I know once Lem hudnc jist wrote two wonl*
in the p-alm book nod posted to Kesiah Lar
ktn, and the deacon gave him sacli a tap that
Lem XTCW red as a tet and vowed he'd be up
with him for th iL
>' Well, Lord MUST, folks that is so chipper
and high stc;>pio' ha* lo have their come
downs, and lb<- d< >oou he inui U> fcv hw
' That are >ufffiaf 1 KMBtfi ft now jest
!as veil IM if ' twae yesterday. Lite parson he
give us hi* grct sermon, reouncflin' decrees and
j free agency said that are sermon
i was a masterpiece. He preached it up to
Cambridge at oinimencenwrit, but it so hap-
I pened it was one of tbem bilin' hot days that
o.m# in August, when you can fairly bear
the huckleberries a sissiing and eookin' on
the bushes and the locust keeps a prat in like
a red hot saw. Wal, snch times, decrees or
oodecres, the best of tw will get sleepy. The
| old moetin' house stood light (loan at the
i foot of a hill that Urp off til the jrind, and
the *|M blared assy ai iheni gat wr-t wind
. <*w.Whd there wae pretty sbwpv Krtk-* there
Well, the deacon he flew round n spell, and
woke up Itie children, and topped §<• bay* on
thc.bcJitL'aiiA jfopt Iverpbßg straight as he
could till tire sermon was most through, when
hciaiilygot urast tuckered out, and he took
a ehirfr and he aot d®w n In the door fight op
posite the minister and Wrljr got asleep him
self jest as the minister-got np to make the
last prayer.
" Wal, I'arson Morret bad away o' prav
in' with his eyes open. Folks said it wa'n't
the best war, bnt it was Fanon Morsel's way
anyhow, and so as he was prayin'he couldn't
held seem' that Deocst litkins was a noddin'
and a bobbin' out toward the place where old
Dick was feedin' with the cheep, front o' the
mee ting bouse Apr. . . |'
'• Fein IM IM we ha* si Km' where we
could look out and we just sees old Dick
! stop feedin' and look at the deacon. The dea
con had a little round bead a-smooth as an
' apple, with a nice powdered wig on it, and
he sot there makin' bobs and bobs and Dick
begun to think it was suthin sort o' personal.
Lero and roe wussKti.i' jest where we con Id
look out and sac the hullpktcr, and Lero was
fit to split.
" • Good, now,' says he, ' that crittefll
pay the deacon off lively, pretty soon.'
"The deacon bobhed his heatl.a spell, and
old Dick he shook his horns and stamped at
him sort o'threatnin'. Finally the deacon
be gave,a great bow and brought his head
Meirtdflftvif dtbtm, flMrVld I fdf he set out
full tilt and cant" down cm him kerchunk,
and knocked hlra head over tresis into the
broad aile, and his wig flew one way and he
t'other, and Dick made a lunge at it as it
flew.-and carried it 'off on bis horns.
" Wal, you may l*lieve that broke up the
meetiu' for one While, for Parson Morrel
laughed out, and the gals and boys they
stomped imd roared, and the old deacon bo
got up and began tabbing his shins— cunse
hedidiFFreethe joke onT ■
'"Yea(lent ortor iangh,' says he, 'lt's
no laoghin' matter—it's a solemn thing,'
*ty he. ' I might have been sent into
'tfrnity by that darned oritur,' says he. Then
they all roared and haw-hawed the more to
are the deacon dancia' round with his little
shiny head, so smooth a fly would trip np
on't. ' X believe, my soul, you'd laugh to aee
me In my pare,' says he
" Wal, the truth on't was, 'twas jist one of
| them buitio up (teen that nature has. wbeu
: (her* ain't nolhiu' Kir it l>ut to gi\o in ;
j I was |rat like the k break lu up in the
I I'luu IM rfvar -it ail corns* at I*K amino
wh<* to't. Sunday or no Sun,lay, ain or no
j .in, the Hiiwt on 'in laughed till they arte,l,
and (Mihtu't help it
; " Hut the deacon be Men! home larliy'
pretty wire atout it I<-iu fcuibx' he picked
up hi* wig and handed it to hlur Savs h,
i -Old IH,k WM plarin' Hthiue-uran, wan't be,
deacon ' Teach you to make allowance for
other folks that get sleepy,'
" I ben ilia. Titkins .he went over to Aunt
Jptusby Hrraii'a and Aunt IVilly Hokum's,
ami they had a pot o" tea over it. and 'greed
i it was awful of l'arou Morrel to set slch an
| example, on I suthia had to Isf Cot dene
I about it Mi-a Hokum said she alters knew
tiiat Parson Morrel hadn't no splritooality.
! ami now it had broken out iutoo|x.-u siu, and
' lot all the rest of 'etu into it, and Mr*, Tit
kins -be MUU stall a utau wan t lit to preach,
ami Miss Hokum said the ooaMn'tlievor beat
biiu a* In. aud the next Sunday the deacon
am) bit wife they bitched up and diiv eight
mihwover to Parson l*throp'san<ltixk Aunt
Pollv on the hack soat.
" Wall, the thing ground and growed. till
it see me, I aa if there warn't notbiu' else talk
ed about, 'e*ne Aunt Polly and Miss lltkina
and Jetushy Scran. they didn't do notbiu
but talk about it, and that apt everybody else
a lalkiu'.
" Pin Oy, it was 'greed they must her' a ;
council (o settle th bash. So all the wlmmin >
they went to a chopping miuce, and tuakia' I
up putikin pies t|nd crnnberry UrL, ami b'il-1
Iu doughnuts, gettia' ready for the ruhiiatcr* {
and delegates—'cause councils always eats 1
powerful and tbev had quite a atir, like a i
giucral I raids', 'lbs houses, tbev was hitch'-,!
ail up and dowu the stalls, a l unpin' and I
awitchin' their tails, and all the wimmin was
a-taikiu'. and thev bed up everybody round
for witnesses, itu.l dually Parson Morrel, he
say* ' Brethren,' saya he, ' jes let me tell
you the story jest as it tiappeueri, and if you
don't every one of TOU laugh as bard as 1 did,
why. then, I'll give up.
" The (tarwon he was a master hand at set- >
tin' off a story, and afore he'd d-ue, be got
Yin all in rich a roar they didn't know where
to leave off. Finally, they give sentence that
there hadn't no temptation took him but such
a* is common to man , hut they advised him
alterwarcls alk-r* to prav with his t-yus shot,
and the p>ir*ou be confessed be orter 'a done |
it, ami meant to do better in future tual so
tbey settled it.
"So. boys," said Sam. who always drew n
moral, "ye see it larns you you must take,
care wtiat ye look at. if you want to keep
from lauglan' in meetin'."
A WIC*EI> TYR-VST.—Ned a Karti, the
King of Cores, was. by nature and train
ing, bigoted, cruel aud fickle. At one
moment he would raise on humble serf
to the highest office; in a day or two
thereafter tins aamo whilom favorite
would be seen standiug upan the execu
tioner'* block for some real or fancied
offense. The kiug'as|iaamsof generosity
towuixl hi* own subject* were iuvariably
i followed by acta of oppression towaid
j those nnfortnuate Christians who were
I endeavoring to flmt means of subristenct*
within the realm* of his kingdom. Asa
solitary in*tance, I will state the fact
that its Xcda Kuril was ace day walking
' alone pas' the public batlia of hi* capi
tal, he suddenly professed to be nuuoyt cl
: by the conftiaion within, and n|>oulH'iug
> informed it came from the female bother*
there. M ImmrtHlUfr nlered every
i means of exit to be walled up, and thus
miserably perished all the nufortunate
inmates to the number of al>ont three
-core ! During hi* bloody reign of some
thing like thirty year*, BO K v than
1 thirty thousand jJeople were put to death,
while nearly one hundred nud fifty places
ol worship were destroyed ly liia orleia
The most fnmdish outregea were ilaily ,
practiced npofi aR foreigners. 'lboy
were deni'd the privilege of purchasing
even tlie common necessaries of life. I
Corenn merchants were forbidden to ex- 1
tend to them the smallest favor*. Neither ,
gold nor affection conld purchase im- j
ranuitv from tli® tyrant's cruel maudat", j
. nd when umo huudreds of them were
forced by the king's persecutions to leave
hi* domain*, they were forbidden the use
rd animals or bouts, and were thus com i
polled to travel out of the country on foot!
or pcn>l> in the attempt Death, even, |
was swi e!er to them than life, endured
under such manifold horrors. And yet
the name of this wind, sale butcher, thia
releutleasprosecutor,this fiend in human
aha|v>, is to-day looked npto by all native
Coreans with all reverence and love.
PADfTEii Dooa.—A recent traveller in
South Auurica, who accompanied a num
ber of Jnmnas on a tapir hunt, savs that,
besidea the hnnten, tiieir party was com
pose 1 maioly of women and boys of the
village, together with a score or twoof
dog*. Of the latter ,be adds; "These
dogs were enriou* creatnre# to loo* at.
A stranger ignorant of the custom* of the
Jumnaa, would luivo been at some la-*
to account for the peculiarity of their
color. Such dog* I have never aeen lie
fore. Home were of a bright scarlet,
others were of yellow, other* blue, others
m .tiled with a variety of lint*. What
could it mean ? But I knew well enough.
The dog* had been dyed. Yea, it l* n
custom among many tribes of South
American Indiana to dye not anly their
own bodies, hut the hairy coat* of their
dogs with brilliant colors, obtained from
vegetable juice*, such as the red huitie,
the yellow roca and the blue of the
white indigo- The light gray, often
white hair of these animals favora the
staining process, and the effect produced
pleases the eye of their savage master* ;
en BIJ eyes the effect wa* strange and
fantastical. I could not restrain my
laughter when I first scanned the cure
in tneir fanciful coat*. >Plctnro to your
self a pack ef scarlet, ornnge and purple
A Hi.Non.AB MEETINO.— A" somewhat
singular episode of real life occurred on
tlie piazza of the Union Hotel Saratoga
the afternoon of tho great nice. A some
what noted woman, formerly a singer of
some prominence, while walking with
her present husband, chanced to pass, in
her promenade, directly between two of
her former husband*. Tho three men
each of whom bad loved the same woman
rnd who bated each other mortally,
glanced at each other for a moment.
The woman,in her beauty,her diamonds,
and her airy rammer dress, eyed all
three curiously. T here WAS a moment
ary pause, then the lady and her escort
resumed their walk, the other men
stooped forth in diverging directions,
ana the episode was over. There are
ever and anon string* meetings at Sara
GOD.—It is singular that the name of
God should be spelled in foar letters In
almost every known language. It is in
Latin, Dens; in Greek, Zens; Hebrew,
Adou ; Syrian, _A<lad ; Arabian, Alia;
Persian, fiyrs; Tartarian, Igad;
Egyptian, Aumn; or Zeut; East India,
Esgl or Zeal; Jspanesa, fain; Turkish,
Addi; Scandinavian, Odin; Wallai-hian,
Bene; Margian, Eese; Swedish, Oodd;
Irish, Dich; German, Gott; French,
Dieu; Spanish, Dios; and Peruvian,
Llan. Tbe name of God is the Anglo-
Saxoft conception of the Divine Being.
He is goodaasa itself, and the author ol
all poodnase. Yet the idea of denoting
the Deity by a term equivalent to abstract
and abaolcte perfection, striking as it inaj
appear, is, perhaps, leas remarkable than
the fact that tlie word man, used to des
ignate a human being, formerly signified
The German Parliament baa 880 mem
bers, of whom 113 are National Liberals,
62 Clericals, 52 Conservatives, 45 Pro
greeaista, 86 Moderate imperialists, 18
roles, and two Socialists.
A Pict HlT of Poland.
" ODRW hen, boys," aaid one of a
pari v of travelers iu Poland, " here ia a
piece of furniture forjou." Wo gather
' ivl around the little door, which optuwl
into a room not uioro lliau seven foot
square, and, auro cnoiipli, saw U piece of
furniture which astonished na an ninth
by iU modem make a* ljc its protontioua
to luxury and refinement. It M a
cradle, und it coutaiued a sick baby.
; The itoor baby was very sick indeed,and
a girl, ap|iaroutly about twelve yeara old,
very pretty, biitelad in ruga, was sitting
beside It,* watching it in a despairing,
helpless kiu<l of any, that wan pitiful to
see. We at tint luppatnl the pretty
child was the baby'a ml. r, and that the
j mother was abaeot. ltut w hat was our
astonishment when, ataoine movement
; of H>f little one, she leant over the cradle
and commenced feeding it from nature's
own fount, giving unmistakable evidence
of being the uiolhcr. We might have
known this at the first glauca at that
! despttii itig facc.htid it not been so young.
How ahw, evidently so poor, could bo the
■ possessor of such a piece of furniture we,
;•' ? course, could not tell; but it was al
j most the only article, except a ft w cook
i ing utensils, iu the |>oor at>ode ; but the
. young mother had fouml it souiehow,
"and theie it was. This child, scarcely
i twelve years old, poor as poverty, with a
1 baby—a sick baby at tirat—watching
with a dumb kind of despair the little
life that was fust passing away. The
i poor, iguoraut little mother did not kuow
i anything else to do, ami was, I thiuk the
j saddest sight I ever saw.
-I She looked at us, too, with mute
I brooding eyes, she was but a moment
in learning we could understand nothing
she said, begging us as hard as eyes could
; beg to do something for her lal>e. A*
1 there was not a doctor among us we could
'do uothiug. and 1 never regretted so
much in my lift- knowing nothing of the
I healing art as I did with those sweet,
pleading, sorrowful eyes LNut UJHUI me.
j The tleiH-ral silently drw five ruble
note from his pocket and put it in her
hand, probably thinkiug it was the next
beat thing to a doetur.
The rest of us did thv same, so that the
poor child to her aatonishmeut suddenly
found herself the |HM*e*aor of more
wealth thau she had probably ever
dreamed of before. Htu- thanked us with
her very cxprewive eyes, and, looking
cautiously around her to s-e that uelxnly
was watching her, hid the money in her
Reel lons.
The election* during the present year
will be held aI follows :
New Mexico Territory, September 1.
California, September *l.
Vermont, September 3.
Maiue, September 9.
Colorado Territory, September 10.
Dakota Territory. October H.
ludtaua, October 8.
lowa, October 8.
Nebraska, October 8.
Ohio, October H.
Pennsylvania, October 8.
South Carolina, October Ith
West Virginia, October l! 4.
Alabama, NovemWr f.
Arkansas, November 5.
1 tela ware, November 3.
Florida, November '.
Georgia, November 5.
Illinois, Novembers.
'Kansas, Noveudwr ft.
I/ouiriaua, Novemlier .*.
Maryland, Novcmlwr 5.
Maaaachnsett*, Novemlsir 5.
Michigan, November 5.
Miuncsota, November A.
Mississippi, November 5,-
Miasonri. November 5.
Nevada, Novemlier 5.
New JiTr-ey, Novemlier 5.
New York, November 5.
Tennessee. Novemlier 5.
Virginiu, November f>.
Wisconsin, Noveiulvr 5.
Arizona Territory, Novemlier 8.
District of Columbia, November 27.
Tlie Presidential election will occur iu
all the State* on the sth day of Novem
tde address on Sumhv-*rhool tcsehing,
at Indianapolis, Dr. Lggleston gave this
forcible illustiation of (he value of per
sonal Hympaty with children in every
effort to gain a hwld on and lend them:
A hulf-xntted fellow or a " natural," a*
the Scotch would call him—found n
missing horso. when all other search for
him had failed and a liberal reward had
lajcn offered for hi* recovery. On hi*
bnngiug bock the horse to hia owner,
the question wa* asked of the simple
minded fellow, "Why, Ham, how came
you to find the horse, when no one else
could?" "Wal, I just 'quired where
the horse wa* men lu*t, and then I went
thar, and sat on a rock; and I jnst axed
ray-sel' if I was a hoiso, wlmr would I go
aud what would I do? And then I went
and found him." Sam'* putting him
self In tho horse's place, in the simplic
ity of his feeble mind, enabled him to
go to the horse and lead him back to the
, right place again. It would be well if
every Sundy school teacher, before sit
tiag down to a cla* of children, would
ask himself after Ham's sort, "If 1 wa*
a boy. how would I feel, and wlwt would
I waut?" He would thus be far more
likely to get a hold on those lioys, and
bring them along with him wherever he
pleased to go.
Regarding this oft-discn**ed subject,
Profewor Mnudsley says : "It has been
affirmed by some philosophers that there
is no essential difference between the
mind of a woman and that of a man ;
and that if a girl were subjected to tho
same education a* a boy. lie would re
nembte him in ta*tes, feeling*, pursuit*,
and powont. To my mind it would not
bo one whit more absurd to affirm that
the untlerH of the stag, the human
beard, and the cockscomb, are the
effect* of edticafioo ; or that liy putting
a girl to tho same education a* a boy
she could be sexually transformed into
one. The physical and mental differ
ence* between tho *oxoa intimate them
selves very early in life, and declare
themselves most distinctly at puberty.
If either sex is mutilated, it approaches
in character the opposito sex. While
women preserves her sex, she will nec
essarily be teebler tlinn man, and hav
ing special bodily and mental rliorne
ters, will have, to a certain extent, her
own spheres of activity. When she ha*
pretty well divested herself of her sex,
she urny then tuko his ground and do
his work ; but she will have lost all her
feminine attnetious, and probubly also
her chief feminine functions.
A II KRoi.vß.—Charles Reade, in his nen
novel, " A Simpleton," describes the her
oine thus: "Person straight, elastic,
and rather tall, mind—nineteen; accom
plishments—numerous ; a pi>r French
scholar, a worse German, a worst Eng
lish, an admirable danoer, an inaccurate
musician, a good rider, a bad draughts
woman, a Laid hairdresser, at the mercy
of her inaids; a hot theologian, knowing
nothing; a sorry accountant, no house
keeper, no seamstress, a fair embroiderers,
a capital geographer, and no cook. Col
lectively, viz., mind and body, the girl
we kneel to."
Placard for a smoking car; "If pas
sengers expect to rate as gentlemen,
they mast not expectorate npon the
A New York Theft.
A Now Yurk paper tell* Low a theft in
j iLai city WM inaugurated aud carried out
i succoMtully :
It appear* that a* the agent of a ferry
company with a bageoiilainiitg |W walked
aboard tha ferry boat he observed a man,
drrnaod In the garb of a boatman, clows
i behind him. Ml* suspicious were not
aroused, however, until he obaervad the
ouppowd boatman pull out a handkerchief
and, awiugitig it, atrike the bfldgamaa
acroaa the eye* u* he passed ou to the
boat from the bridge. lie, however, dis
missed him from hie thoughts tor lite
nouce, and walking forward deposited hi*
hag of money In the room of Engineer
Kawhe, who wa* standing by hi* engine.
A* the vessel moved out from the dork
the occupant* of a email boat that was un
der the stern of the Barney threw a line
to another man, dressed a* a boatman,
and aaked him to fasten it iu the riog
hook. The obliging boatman complied,
and aa it ia a common practice for la Hit
men, when the current ia rapid, to hitch
ou to the ferryboat#, thia mameuvre did
not eicite the aupiciou ol the ferry-mas
ter in the leaat. A moment latter the |
three occupant* of the boat again called
to the boatman and requested him to pass
the end of the rope under and over the
ccuter of the guard chain to them, that
they could drop away when they deaired.
Again the obliging passenger complied.
About thi* time the other confederate
moved forwaid to the engine room, near
the outside of which Collic was standing,
little suspecting any foul play. Step
ping up to the door, the fellow reached
into the engine room, and, while lighting
hi* cigar, took in with a glance the loca
tion of the bag, which lav on the seat in
rear of the engineer. Retiring he walked
up aud down the deck smoking until the
host wa* within a hundred yard* << the
Williamsburg shore. Calling again to the
door of the engine room, and standing
three feet iu the rear ot Coffie, he intently
heat hi* view upon the machinery until
the signal was given to slow down. The
moment Ravche's hands and eyea were
employed directing hi* engine the daring
pirate snatched the bag, and rapidly run
ning to the rear ol the ferryboat, threw It
into the small boat. Collie and Raehe
quickly detected the movement, and ran
to the rear of the boat in pursuit, but as
titer neared the thief he leaped into the
water from the deck, and jnst as Coffin
jumped to catch the line of the small boat
it *!ip|>ed over the chain and the boat
■dropped astern. >ue of the occupants of
it cried out, "Take him up quick," and
within a minute the boatman had been
rescued from the water, and before the
ferryboat could be put about the thieve*
and their booty disappeared out of sight
under some of the pier*. Subsequently th#
fellow who had struck the bridgeman with
hi* handkerchief, but who had taken no
part in the robbery beyond securing the
boat's hsw*er and haudlag the end of it
back to its occupant*. wa arrested by an
officer of the Brooklyn force aa he left the
fern boat, as an acocroplice. He mo#
positively denied the charge, lie gave
his name as Willian X rar . T Bn "' WM
for further examination.
The Wrong Hotel.
The Brussels Kcltt Jt tells a
pleasant story ot an Kugliahinan and hi*
wife, who not knowing a word of German,
hut being able to express themselves anil
in French, resolved to visit Berlin and
Drewlen. At Berlin Ihejr ha<l been recom
mended to a hotel, whither they were
riding in a hack, when all at onrelbo lady
eafiied an imposing editico apoo which
were inscribed in large let iris the word*
"Hotel Radxtevill." Bhe cried oat,
'There is a beautiful hotel, and the ritaa
tion is "£up|WM wegotLerif"
suggested the husband. " All right." It
was done ax soon as said. Tlie driver
was stopped. There were several ladies
about the hotel, but none of them spoke
either English or French. However the
servant* were made to understand by
guestucra that they were to take in the
luggage, and the travellers were ceremoni
ously conducted into an apartment. The
lady asked by sign* tor a sleeping room,
to which she wa* led, aud on her return
said to her husband: " I never saw in all
inj life a hotel so admirably furnished.
Come and see the chamber and sleeping
room!" Having dressed, our English
folks lunrlied and announced to the ser
veut that they would dine at five. They
went to walk. On their return a gentle
man of distinguished appearance entered
their room, saluted them and aakl some
thing in German which they did not un
derstand. The Englishman thinking him
a little familiar, replied carelessly in Eng
lish, " Good, morning. Howdoyoudof"
And tlie stranger withdrew. A delicious
dinner wa* served. When the servant
had gone, "Mv dear," ssid the gentleman
to hia wife, "all this is excellent. Thi#
is evidently first-clas*. Bat it must be
very dear, and a* a matter of prudence it
will be well to ask for tbo bill to-morrow
morning." But ho neglected to do so,
aud two day* more passed like the first.
At last the bill was aaked for, but It was
not brought. "I am beginning to lie a lit
tle uneasy, my dew." ssid the husband.
" Sorely no one could lie better cared for
than wc are here, but I am jiersnaded tlie
charge* will he frightful." At that mo
ment the gentleman of distinguished ap
Carance entered, and the following dia
rne took place:
"The Stranger—"l am Prince Rd
The Englishman (rising and bringing a
chair) —"To what may I attribute the
honor of this visit!"
Tho Prince—" Yon have evidently
taken this hoose for a pnhllr hotel."
The Englishman—"Certainly."
Tho Prince—" Well, this is my private
house, my hotel."
The Englishman was so astonished that
he could mako no reply and could not ex
plain the mistake of his wife, who, in the
greatest consternation, began to tell tbe
prince in English that the word "hotel"
over the door had caused her eiror. The
prince, who saw tlielr confusion, politely
expressed his satisfaction at having given
hospitality to English people, and begged
them to remain a few days longer tfiat he
might enjoy their society. Of course the
invitation was politely declined. The
Englishman succeeded in making the ser
vants accept a few presents, and the
prince insisted upen accompanying them
to a real " hotel" in his own carriage-
Prince RadzieviU is tho Russian Am
bassador at Berlin.
—A mass of iron ore, worth less at the mine,
may be worth a lew cents alter taking It
out, a lew dimes alter carrying It to the
(iiruace. a dollar alter being made into pig
iron,ana five dollars after being puddled into
wmught-iron; when worked into hoise
abo *, it is worth ten dollars; made into
penknife blades, it is worth three bandied
dollars; made into needle*, it Is worth
three thousand dollars; and made into
balance sprfogs for watches, two hundred
and filly thousand dollars. And so it is
with everything; all values arc tbe result
of labor. Even when a town or city lot
raises in vtlue, it is the result of tbe labor
of those who improve tbe neighboring land
by which tbe owner of the kt ia a gainer.
A gentleman in Syracuse took a nap
upon his parlor aofa. A little daughter,
who was eating cherries, playfully snap
ped a cherry-pit at him, nnd it lodged in
bis ear, The only way to get it out waa
to bore a hole in the centre of it, and
pick it oat with a fine wire.
An Indkn Massacre.
Iu describing the memorable luaasu
ere of Liegt. Kidder aud bis parly on
the plains, (K-n. Custer write*aa follow*:
As if impelled by one thought, Com
stock our guide, the Delaware*, and
lulf-a-do/'. n officers, detached themsel
ves from the column and, a*pa uting
into squad* of one or two, instituted a
search for the cause of our herrilde sua
picion*. After riding in nil direction*
through the ritalics and willows, and
when aliout to relinquish the search u*
frnitie**, <ute of the lJolawaroa uttered a
about winch attracted the attention of
the entire command ; at the name time
I lie waa aeon to leap from hi* horse and
assume a stooping posture, a* if critical-
Iv examining sum* object of interest.
Hastening, in common with many others
of the party, to his aide, a sight met our
gar.e which even at this remote day
make* my very blood curdle. Lying iu
irregular order, and within a very limit
ed circle, were the inaugled I iodic* of
poor Kidder aud hi* paity, yet so bru
tally hacked and disfigured aa to be be
yond recognition save u* human Wing".
livery individual of the party had
been scalped and hia skull broken -the
latter done, by some weajKin, probably
a tomahawk—excejit the Hioux chief
Real Beud, who*" scalp had aimply I wen,
removed from hia head and then thrown
dow üby hi* tide. Thi*. Cowatock in
formed iu, wa* in accordance with a ens
totu which prohibits an lodiau from
b"aring off the snalp of one of his own
tribe. This oircumstunce, then, told
Uh who the periM'trntor* of this di-d
were. They could lu none other than
the Sioux, led in all probability by l'aw
nee Killer.
lied Ik ad, lieing leu disfigured uml
mutilated than the others, waa the onlv
individual capable of being recognised.
Even the clothe* of all the party had
been carried away ; some of the laidwa
were lying in beu of anion, With partly
burned fragment* of wood near tbern,
ihowing that the ouvugua had put auuu
of them to de ith by the terrible torture*
of fire. The sinews of the arms and
legs bad l*-m cut away, the none of ev
ery man hacked off. and the features
otiierwuM* defaced MI that it would have
been scarcely possible for a relative to
roc gutr.a one uf tho unfortunate vic
tim*. We could not cv en diatiuguiah the
officer from hia men. Each body waa
pierced by from twenty to fifty arrow*,
and the arrows were found a* the mv.tge
demon* hud left them, bristling in the
bodtt*. While the di-tail* of that fear
ful struggle will probably navar bo
kuown, telling bow long aud gallautly
tliis ill-fated little bond contended for
their livtw. yet tho surrounding circuui
htauoe* of ground, empty cartridge *!uJl*
and distance frem where the attack le
--gan. satisfied us that Kiddar aud hi*
men fought as only brave meu fight
when the watchword is victory or death.
As the officer, hia men, and hia no hw*
faithful Indian guide, had shared then
final d*ugvr together and had wet the
•auie dreadful fate at the hand* of the
some meruleas foe, it was but fitting
that their remain* should be consigned
to oue commou grave. Thi* waa accord
ingly done. A single trench waa dug
near the snot where tlicy had rendered
np their live* upon the altar of duty.
Silently, mournfully, their eoni>ad of
a brother regiment consigned their
mangled remains to mother earth, there
to rei undisturbed, aa we rapnoawj un
til the great day of final review, ftat
thh was tnd to lie o ; while the uloseat
scrutiny ou our p*rt had IMWUI inaufil
cient to enable n* to detect the slightest
evideuio which wold aid ua or oUu rs
in identifying Lieut. Kidder or nuy ol
hia men, th mark- of n mother'* affec
tiou were the uiouu of identifying the
remains of her murdered sun, eveti
thoagh month* ho<l elajwcd after bin nn
tiiuejy death.
ruLsAKT JofRXAUiKM. —A Missouri
pajwr MV# It ha*. Imvond all qtioab.iu, (
one of the most delightfully situated ,
printing *stalilibinenta in the world. II !
M literally in the woods, lieing ftutr;
mihw nertJuwt of HtecKUle, eight mile*'
miuthwcat of the great Scotia Iron
Works, eight mth-a aoolk uf Lousbuqr,
aiul t n uuh* south of Cults. The pafwr
ia printed in the wowls, bat published in
SteelviHe, the county wat. A story and
a half fratue building ha* been flthil up,
twenty by twenty-two feet aside, with
eight windows anil two doors. The wtu
ation is a most lieautifni one, aaminndod
an it is by nature ID all her pristine love
lines—wood*, wild flower*, myriads of
birds singing around all day, aud at
night the call of the whippowil, the
hoot of tlui owl. and the howl of the
wolf. The working honse ia located ont
here uot becanao Uiere waa no town of
note in the county, but (or wveral pri
vato reason*, among which are comfort,
pleasure and economy. Tlie puliliaher
oana the office, aud means to do what be
pleases with it; he owns the bouse,
which he ha# fitt<-d up to anit himself,
and the farm (of 230 acres) on which the
print ing honae stands. He ha* six chil
dren (the youngest ten years old), all ol
whom can act type. The oldest daugh
ter*. Nellie and Dellie, can aet I,IXIO em*
of type per hour all day ; they alan write
stories for the paper, editorial*, locals,
etc., and oau use the scissors jndtnionaly;
while the eyes of the youngest daughter
Iwgin lo exhibit n jioctical frenzied ap
|M'nranco. lie intends to increase his
jiapcr to f-ixtcen pagee within a few
week*. Can any other county paper
show aa hnglit pronpcgU for aanccuaaful
" countY " pajH'r, or so haiipy a eornhiu- j
ation ot business and pleasure ? We!
1 -ause for n reply.
WHAT TO DO.—Dr. Dio Lewis givre
the following advice to a dyspeptic, with
the promise of a cure if it ia faithfully
followed for three months; 1. Rise
nrly, dress warm, and go out. It
stroug, walk ;if weak, saunter. Drink
cold water throe time*. After half an
hour come in for breakfast, 2. For
breakfast eat a piece ol good steak half
as large as your hand, a slice of coarse
bread, aud a baked apple. Eat slowly.
Talk pleasantly with jour neighliora.
Read the chVerful comment* of the
journals. Avoid hot biscuits and strong
foffta Drink nothing. 8. Digest fur
au hour, and thou toyonr work. I trust
It is in the open air. Work hard till
noon, and then rest body and mind till
dinner. Sleep a little. Drink water.
4. For dinner (two or three o'clock) eat
a alice of beef, mutton, or fish as largo
as your hand, a jHitato. two or three
spoonfuls of other vegetable*, and a slice
of coarse Imwd. Give more thau half
an lionr to this meal. Use no drink. 5.
After dinner iduy anaconda fur an hour.
Now for aooial, for pleasant game*. Have
a good tun.-. f>. No snppor. A little
toast aud. tea even, lor supper, will
make joor recovery Mry alow. 7. Iu a
warm room, bathe your skin with cold
water, hastily, and go to bed iu a wcll
venUkted room before nine o'clock.
Kru-ED IN a WKIA.— Near Laydyille,
Belmont county, Ohio, Tho*. Guynn aud
hia son loat their lives. They were sink
ing a wall. After blasting, the i father
descended to examine tlie bottom, he in
stantly felt the effect of poisonous gas,
and callad for help ; his son descended,
tied a rope around him, while those
above pulled him otit, but too late, aa
life was extinct When he reached the
surface the rope was instantly lowered
for the son, who made it faat around hia
body and waa drawn ont also dead.
*f*tua Kf sat ...
Dr. HUIMM'* verses ware never Wa* aa ••** '
At last two CahrenheiU blew up,
And k 111**1 two children email,
And on* bsrametor shut dend
A tutor with tin ball.
Now all iter hug the Incut* eaog
Ameog the hwlt-w* treee J
Tbn* nee houia warped lastiU out.
The pump* ouuJd uuij wheeae ;
Aud rijw old wine, that twenty years
Had coherbbed li'yy in vain.
Came spouting through the rotten Mils
I .ike Jul)"* beet chsmpegoe.
The W'uTWeeter iucoßotivee did ]
Their trip in half an huur; J
The IAIWI-H car* ran forty mHc*
Before they cheeked the pww ;
ft >ll brim stone soon became a drwg
And loc<-f. cu* Ml,
All aaked for lot, batowrywharw
Haitpetre wa* to eeiL
I'lamp urea of mornings ordered tighu,
But ere the neurehing noon*.
Their eandK mould* had grown w* Low
A* Ceaaaok pantaloons i
The dogs ran mad -nun could not try ,
If water they would chnuw-;
A Lome fell d< ad —he yuly left
four red-bot, ruaSv shoes 1
And *U about Hie warehouse *U-j
Were angry men m droves,
Crashing and spthiteriug through the doors I
'■fti smath the patent CTIO*. i
A -Niaial Fight.'
A naval engagement hna taken place 1
Itetw'ocu two uf the noted English wuß- 1
rUda. for the purpose of testing the '
ability of iron to withstand shot Tbn '
first aliot at the fHatfaW srne fired fnjtn j
the 00-|ieun'ter of the Hotspur at a dis
tance of JOB yard*, ift struck the roof 1
of tho turret and e Streak of tUnne attoef •
cl the seventy of the blow. The second I
shot wa* fired* and it told. An oeeospt I
anyn: The l*aliascr project Ue hAd struck P
op tW horizontal joint of the 14-inch
'plates, and had forced then* Migbthr l
apart, AS was dearly marked lap the dark
line on either aide of the putfeoUy uwiud
shot-hole. It vxl noire*! a 4enrt4c 1
lor the turret; it had hit undo* the fifth j
rib aa it wore, but its mechanism WAS not
hurt; it* gearing wn all sonnd. THW |
turret had litjd Ita own. Tl>e bitting
force of that huge shot wna over tM*M> <
foot-tons ; the W {tonnd* of jwkiblc pew- j
dor had hurled it with a spend of more. <
th no 1.900 tout per scened. The first
sbot had cut away two of the ntnuehion*
<iu tlx* top ef tl*e tnnvtr—this explained
the thin flash- and had twisted some of 1
the railing turn. The second shot bad
struck full on the middle of tire turret
between the joints, the *h<*-fcead re.
maining ia the hole, the dpth to the
'< end of Its core being 14 indie*, and Ihe
gape of tlie plate* 9 iDelves, diminishing
I to Xttro at about 4 or 5 feet on each aide.
| Insijie the turret tlie lj-inch iron lining
vya* tLrippoil frotn U'hind tfiW of the
M-rtical rilvahalf-wav down on one side,
' and frotn top to wiflrin -4ft inches of bot
tom on the other, and turned back ; be
! tweew two of th-ae rib* the ale# bed t
driven the dtmidr akin out into the haw \
mock, ajWiUiiig the inner akin at the.
j iHinrontnl joint of the oulei njuu. Ike J
middle rib of lite three Was broken:
through midway of lt ltcif?ht the gape j
J being 1 two Inptrev. AH thb-e eftis were
s ccu ort<-d, and loog divwwa ol the WCHK!
1 backing protruded througU ftdur crae* fa
t thenkin-plnten. Three of the ptirVnds
uf the large tKruugh bulla were
i iu v*ucai line, Uvc* uut of Hit- middle
! one bcum broken ofT at the cmimanv
J rnont oTlne Hlnus s"rew-fhresd,n4Ue
'rnbterof the lower Baseombe washer
'being i-wwud out at its odgw. The
dnmairn wan by no means navenvawd
i ww* such aa ribuebtiiyii** rnuwits
i would have lad oue to expect
A third shot wa* fined, and il was now
I churl Y soen that tlie turret had been
struck low, feloue upon the junetion line
of the glacta-phite— a perfectly rwaod and
dangyroim wouad. All uaxiety w
i relieved, however, by the right of the
turret alcwly wvobingflri on# Way and
thm the oflier. Again away in tbeten
der to isapcct roaufffi'. The shot had
struck on the leatliar fringe jnt where
it covered tlie extreme edge of th glad*-
jilating; thenoe it had curved slightly
upwards, driving iuto the lower frurteco
inch plaU arid war Ivetween tho j>oila.
Th shot-head ruinaiuad in the hole—
which wan pfrfcctly round—'bnfc waa
easily got out, when the penetration wan
fbund to be 13j inches, iuside the tur
ret the only damage dope waa tho knock
ing off the inward end* of tha two wood
buffer* against which the gun-carriage
would abut alien the gun wa* run ont of
the port for action. The result waa per
fectly satisfactory, for nothing could de
monatrate the excellent qualities of the
turret inoro completely. During the
practice a goat, a fowl, and a mhtrit, with
several buckets of water, were kept in
side it, tka living creatures oomiag ant
uuscratclied from their ordeal. Both
these rounds wen- moat fortunate, and
aa the latter solved tlie problem of the
free working of the turret without bml
•ng the ship—which waa only intended
to bring the junction of turret atul glacis
in position to meet the direct fire of the
Hotspur's gun—further practice waa
abandoned, except that the port stopper*
of the Illation's turret were taken ont %
and her two guns run in and out with
perfect ease, tier turret turned by liana
and by steam, and a 600-pounder shot
fired from each of her two gnua.
A DAIKTT DISH.—Thv mo*t extraordi
nary of all culinvry recipe* i* the following
diabolical one given by hi* " How
to roast and cat a goose alive Tab* a
goose or a duet,' or aome suck Irve ere*-
turr; pull off all her feather*—only the
bead and nock moat I* spared ; then make
a fire round about her—not too close to
her—that the fire do not touch her; with
in the circle of the fire let there be *at
pot* of wtter. wherein salt and honey arc
mingled, and let there be also charger* full
of sodden apple* cut into small pieci-*.' The
goo*c mu*t be all larded and ha*ted over
with butter; to make her the more fit to
be eatun, and reset the batter, (Hit the fire
about her, but do uot wake too umrh haste
when yon see bar begin to roast, lor by
walking about and living here and there,
being cooped in by the fire that stop* her
way out, she will drink the water to
quench her thlist and cool her hear* and
all her body. The apple sauce will purge
and empty her, and when she roastetb,
and eonsu'metb inwardly, always wet her
head and heart with a wet sponge; and
when j<u *ce her giddy with running Knd
begin to tumble, her heart wauta moisture,
and she is roasted enough. Take her up
and set her before Your guests, and she
will cry out at you cut off any jart ol her,
and will be almost eaten before she is dead.
It ia mighty pleasant to behold, "ilr
Mir.aid probably stole thia recipe (rem *ho<
kitchen of hia Infernal Majesty. Perhaps
It wa* one of the dishes the devil ordered
on tho advent of Nero and Caligula,
The latest f sensation in lowa Qty is
. the suicide o a oow. The cause of the
deed was the killing of her calf. The
lowa City Pr<vt* describes her actions:
" The oow was frantic at this slaughter
of her innocent, and after chasing the
butcher's yvagon to the slaughter-house
door, tuid bellowing a good-byo to her
infant, she repaired to the river near
DiDion's Liana, and wading in beyond
her depth, committed suicide by drown
ing' "
TERMS : Two Dollar* a Year, m Advance. ,
* ,y , , |
Killed by a Water.ftjwnt.
Thoae who have ere* wito****! a
waterspout will l*'f tertimony to iu
iarpallina w .
: p>*cd to bv formed I'J a whirlwind of
■ extreme lutcuaity, while others ascribe
tt to an electric origin, It oeotiw for
j Uio wort pert at era. but sometimes ateo
>a ehore, and pnrtlmlarty in rocky fat
ummn, though generally in the neigh
tx>rh<Mxl af wler Oae of these curious
phenomena occurred on the Central
ttsirc In (lohh-n-Onte Golrb, Col
orado. People residing in that vkinity
report having mb, just above the hither
I mountains, numerous dense clouds, from
which s conical pillar, resembling con-
I denecd vapor, was wen to descend, and
■ alimwt similtaneously a deafening P
of thunder was heard. Mr. Jack Viptten,
I wife, and his sister, and Mian Wood,
j •laughter of Lyman C. Wood, all of
, whom reside some Ave or six ami" up
the canon, bnl been to Ooldon, sod
wore returning tewnv in a double car
i riage, and had reached the point mdi
! mtod ab ve, when the peal of tbaudar
i came, and the watcMswwt dlflwnnL
i A moment before they had naaaod PwL
; Ruck wan, wbq bod pulted his team on to
an elevated spot of ground, and was
[sheltering himself, under a lodge of
' roths, from the approaching form-
S Presently violent wirooU<m,wttb em
fnaiou of sounds, like the tumult of the
idemcnta was heard high up ia the
iuiuunuiu*. Then came a tremendous
[torrent of saler, Ivaring trees and
bowlders, and ealculatcd to astonish sud
1 terrify tv its magnitude, force and rio
-1 lence." The homes took fright, and, shy
hag to one side, upset the carrigMt and
all oeenpaata were pitched into ti* bot
ban of tk gulch. Ia an Instant, as it
were. and iXe they could recovre their
feet, the wave, with s perpendicular}
brass! of ten of twelve feet, was npOß'
them, and lieked tht m up like the sands
of the gUlcb. Mn Vinton elang to her
husband, and he, by amiraeuloosehance
got held of a limb, and held Cam until
An flood subsided. The poor girte-
Mtnwn Blood and Virdcn. sged iwapee-
Lir]v twelve ad fourtoen years—were
lew fcutuntr, They were cWrtod
by the mightv current to an appalling
d-ath After"the turrent had exhausted
its frrrv, and a march for tha bodies bad
been instituted, that of Mica Blood,
taarilatod beyond recognition, was found
buried ia the sand, all but one root,
about a half mile below where the acci
dent occurred. Iler skull was completely
denuded Ln places, and her body was
frightfully gashed. It is a singular lack,
that Lyman C. Blood, her father, who
had been down the valley, and waa re-'
turning oa horseback, wbanthenpetdent
took ptsc-, and had joined Buckmma in
tin- *cjit:h for thebodies, was lie' find to
discover the corpse of tb' girl, though ft
is still more singular that he litd not
m-ognirf her, for he suppenad her to be
at home. The bodv of Mms Virdeo waa
recovered ansae these mites below the
I disaster, where it bad lodged tmain* a
I tree, and was stripped of ila clothing.
A -Bu*beam* PnxaxsvuitoT ox
DiuAm.— The following extraordinary
rimttnstance oraitwd on beard the
j British sloop Zebra, commanded by
i Captain Robert Faulknor, at the capture
of Fort Royal. Martinique, In March,
11794. Captain Fanlknoria eolh-i-toii
miod. olaefriTjg e visible confusion in
the counts mum cat the pilot of the Zebra,
wbon be received Capt- Fanlkwnr'a
order* to place the sloop dose under tins
walls of Fort Royal, said to onerf the offl
oe. "I think Hi.
* if he did notkaow what be aas about
Was be ever in art ton before V "Many
times air. he baa been twenty -four
years in. the
nor, however, being m eoffnlWw that
Ml suspicion wse well founded, went ap
to the pdot end ashed him some trifllnc
question to ascertain the real stab* of the
1 ease, when'his agitation was Mich as en
; tiiely to reuder him incapable-of giving
jaaaiwwer. But he added inn low voice,
; and * ithout raising "hi* <• to his noble
' commander** free: "I roe woor hoaoc
i knows ma lus unfit to gaide her. 1
ido not know what ia come over me. #
! dreamt laal night 1 should be killed, and
jam eo afraid I don't knpsr what I am
j about I never, i ail u*y life, fc* afraid
before. Captain Faul nor, with that
j presence of mind which marked. bi
I character, sad when afi around waa con
| fuaion and death, replied in a still tower
torn*: "The fate of this expedition Ue
-1 ponds cu the helm in your hamis—give
j it me 1 and go ami hide your bred In
, whatever yon fancy the mlmt part of the
| Ttip. But f,wra are catching : and if I
! hmtryuu tell yvun* to one of your m<-
4m y,,ur iif< (dndl answer for it to
morrow. " The poor fellow, panic
struck, went away ; and uve.cmne with
ahaoie. aat flobn upon the ana cheat,
while Captain Faulknor iwiiaed the helm,
uad with his own hand laid lbs Zebra
close to tha wnUs of the fortibtribefore
he had got upon them, at the head of
his gallant IbNowaiw, a cannon ball
Struck the arm ches* and blew the pilot
to atoms. ___ , IT ._
Tnar'a a Mas.—-A Itimer in IBinowhad
a netpbbor across the Wabavk in Indiana
who was keeping a pauper on contract at
bfe bouse, la the corc-koctng season the
Illinois man *netimss borrowed hi
neighbor's pauper to help in the corn field.
HIM Turner had a pauper working for him,
and as no one hi the neighborhood had
vwr seen a pauper, they wore very aaxKMi*
to get a peep at him. Consequently some
twenvt of them joined together cue day,
aimed wish their -hot-guns and rifle., gad
went over to Turner's to see the strange
vrcatarc. ftey got rtatlooslv ovet the
fence, and came up to whose the men were
working. " BilL' said ciiaa Brown, tbair
spokesman, " we ve hear 1 that you ve got
a pauper w. rkhnt for you. and we'd like to
wwic ". BUi thereupon pointed eut the
object of the'r curiosity. The visitors
walked around the astonished pauper and
silently surveyed him from every point of
view. 'At latf frill* spoke. " Look here,
Bill Turner," -aid he, " you cimt fool us;
that's a man!" We wish ell those In
charge of charitable institutions bad the
same idea about paupers an Silas had.
Like Drxu. A good anecdote of
Alexander Danaa There are thousands
of good ones, but this is particularly
characteristic of the great writer. One
day his son, whose podretbook was very
light at that time, was strolling along
the boulevard, when he met literary
chum, and after a few minute*' conver
sation it was proposed that they should
go to the Maieon d'Or and enjoy a first
clans breakfast. " Well and good," said
Dnmos Ml, but I have only five francs:
how much have you t" " Three." "Eight
francs will never dp for die rqynl meal
we desire, so we bad better abandon the
Where is your father ?' asked
the friend. " Ttent / I forgot; be will
■lend me twenty francs." Apd off rushed
Dumas Jib to the author of the " Throe
Muoketeero.". Ten minutes after he re
turned laughing heartily. " Well," said
the chum, "did he give it to you ?"
i "XV* answered !Dumas jUs; "on the
contrary he borrowed my five froare."
The mill-workmen in Wilhamsport,
Pa., visited a mill where operatives were
■ at work, showered stones, sticks, clubs,
and brickbats at the police who were
drawn up to resent their violence, burst
into the building, attacked the men, who
fled for their lives, and many severe, not
to soy serious and dangerous, injuries
ere the result.
' 1 -
Facta and Fanrfe*. *■
The lee* power a man has, the more he
A Gild's bend w found 1 ■ wg
at CVmtwfl Bluffs, lowa.
If speech fa ailvnr and silence gold,
how much Is a dumb man worth f
There i promise of the targeet yield
of cors in Illinois ever known it that
State. ;fj
It coot the workingraes of Berlin last
v-tor, fl 71W,0 K) for the fun of their
tittle strike. —■
A Tennessee horse thiol, between 7B
tind W years of age, has been aentnowd
to the penitentiary for ill years.
The Rail rood Coadueton* Lite In*.
Co. lost ffltt.UOO the first wnk in May by
the death of six of its members.
i Emms O. Havre Ims been voted a
pair of gold btmoeteto as the most popn-
W yormg wnaasa otriahaon l'sll% X. 11.
The practise sf paying the miniates'*
salary in advance in nronth'v mstelmei te
ia gaining favor among tha Presbyte
Tha man who never told an editor
bow be could better bis paper, baa gene
out Wort to bubtv the woman who never
looked into a looking glaaa.
The City Oansdl of Rome, Oa., baa
passed an /.rdinanee exempting fnm city
taxation, for tea yearn, all machinery
propelled by steam or water power.
New Hampshire waa first called
- Laeonia." An att mpt was once made
to change the name ol Massachusetts to
John Molott, a farmer, waa shot dead
near Tebnutia, CaL, by a shoap rancher
uml l*w, whore sheep Mallot was
driving out of bis grain.
The wife of Henry Hyrnae died in Al
bany from die effects, it te supposed, of I
a bearing received at the band* of her
husband- Rke was sixty yaorn f age.
It te stated that percent., of
the gross products of California te from
agricultural saura**, white hot sixteen
per cent, is from gold and other metals.
The ebeny P te uncommonly large
througbtoxi the eouoUy. awl, notwitb
etanduigliieprediction of the croakers to
the contrary, there will be plenty of
Reports from some aecriont of IBinou
state that the heavy rains of the part few
days have somewhat injured the wheat
crop, bot the damage te thought to be
trifling in the aggregate.
A Chicago ooort has decided that it
is imperative opoeaaiusuraiw company
to give when _ • ■ poliey expire*.
A lawyer bre just mvurel the lorn of his
library uoddr iliia d*tJO.
The official pries of flie Frew h loan
which haa jvwt been famed to meet the
domand* of the new treaty with refer
ence to the evacuation of France by
German troops, te 84 franca 50 centime*.
A woman kicked to death, a hoy fote
d!v ntebbed, two poliremen amaulted,
four people iskmionoly ottoefaed, and
one nun robbed on the public highway,
ia a New York city record tor one day.
Tbe urogrere of an operator lu the re
cent wheat corner in Chicago te summed
up thwr "First stage, ptetoj money,
no wheat Second stage, plenty wheat,
no money Third stogo, no wheat, no
R highly nearitNe nmrttn Wheeling.,
W. Va. bong himself the other day he
canao dinner ynw not ready when he
came home. H-* waa a dravman by oo-
Mptodn. and Was family to take cue
of themsabm-
Thc ettcial trial of a road steamer on
the Erie Canal res mode in presence of
the Canal CommiawonCiw, anil proved a
complete soceasa. The engine drew
there loaded boat* at deubte the speed
of boats drawn by horses.
At a certain church fair, a ret of
Cooper's "Work* was promised to the
individual who shimfd answer a certain
ret of cunundrum*. A dashing young
fellow was pronounced the winner, mt |
Teetered a set of wooden 4wfla
Hair, or even straw mattresses, m
mote hnahhy to steep on than forth#
beds Never put children on these beet
tog bed*. Keep their deeping toomm
rorv dam and wsß nlred, end do not
sombre them pith uecemaiy furrn
txue. - i ■ . j
' The Maasaehuretts Pre*) excursion
psrtv had a pfawaaut time, during their
trip n ■ iwinto Ie wan appointed to confer
with the New iixuipalure Amociation in
referent to a joint excursion next year.
Tbe old board a# managers were re
The meanest man yet discovered haa
turned up, of tel places to the world, in
Oermnulown. PHMetehia. • The par
nwnifmtattou of total A-i-ravity
to hte am tea ptopenrity for cutting cff
the toil, of cob* .U owm haw iu
any way offended Mm
The Loedne mnmpondenee mvee a
%rsrj2E?3 t
Tifbnnal on the Alabama eteitea. The
dtrote of the Baited States are
cut down to about $8,000,000, and even
the justice of them denied in toto.
Two men named Seymour were shot
on Chatoaugey Lake, while lying ateeep
to their hoat, by one Sehultx who say*-
he mistook them for a deer which he waa
Still-hunting. One was praxed in the
arm by th hall whieh entered the buck
of the other's head, toflieting a danger
ous wound,-
Two young ladies at Salem, Oregon,
the other night were erooteng a mill race
when they discovered a white object a
abort distance below iu the water which
they supposed woa a goose, but as thev
eommcncod peltate: the object wstli
riooos they found out it waa a man tak
ing a bath. The young ladies left
When a Hindoo wants to get up an
clalmrate course of talae swearing, he
rtwnvs take* care to bar* a rehearsal
nto his arsooiatos of all the circum
sUucc* which are to be alleged to have
occurred.' In th way an air of exact
ness and reality is giwn to the narrative
which could not otherwia# have oceur
.red. '
The escape of King Amadeus was a
narrow one. One of the horses attach
ed to his carriage received no tees than
seven bullet*. Three of the would fx.*
assassin* and twenty-seven ethers who
ore accused of being their acoompliccs
hare been anjeeteiL The iailure of the % %
attempt created great joy in Rome and
all the Italian ciriee.
There is a hotel in California com
posed of ten hollow treea, standing a few
feet apart. The largest of these is sixty
five feet around, and is used as a hex
and kitchen. For bed-chambers there
are nine great hollow trees, whitewashed
or papered, and having doors cut to fit
the shape of the holes. Literature finds
a place in a leading stump dubbed " the
According to reliable statistics recent
ly pubhsbed, It appear* that the aver
age life of oertain animals and birds is
the following: The Ure lives 10 years;
thecal, 10; the goat, 8; the donkey,
80; the sheep, 10 ; the dog, 14 to 20;
the ox, 20; the low, 25; the pigeon, 8;
the turtle dove, 25; the partridge, 25 ;
the raven, 100; the eagle, 100; the
goose, 150 years.
In opening the trial at DuWin of pris
oners charged with burning Mr. Justice
Keogh in effigy. Baron DeaSy remarked
thai snob insolence would no* be tole
rated in the great republic even during
a Presidential campaign stating also, what
must have been an agreeable cireainstanee
for the learned Jurtice to contemplate,
that the outrage waa wite>e*&odby thou
sands of people with a savage satisfac
tion. ** —•
The whipping affair at Rihgochiye,
haa proved muck more horrible than was
at first supposed. One man. it was re
ported, haa received one thousand fiva
hundred lashes to induce him to make a
i confession ef jobbery, and had died be
fore the chastisement was finished. It
now turns out that seven men were thna
i brutally whipped; that one died and
i another is dying, while the remainder
ere fearfully mangled.
„ I *?#
NO. 32.