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    The DolP* Vigil.
* Dally, I'm tired, o urrd of play,
Tor cheek* with my tear* are wet;
No en* wil! look for tia, though It i* late,
For mother it clambering yet;
B!urot*rin<? yet, though eh* lore* n ae,
But. Dolly, well go and ace,
And if abe can hear a*. I know e.he will wake.
My Dolly, for you and me.
"Dolly, our mother'* aaleep by thia tree.
They covered the place with grass
For fear of the cold, and leat ahe ahould hear
The footstep* of people that pa**.
Home 1 tiu*Hro when it gets quite dark,
lint, Dolly, HI leave you her* :
If mother ehouhl waken. ad ** you, shell
We two have been wandering near.
" Oh, Dolly, it's *nowing. there'* no one to earw,
And oh, it ia damp and chill;
Poor mother may waken ao, Dolly, well atay.
And lovingly watch by her atUl.*
Both mother and orphan were sleeping aoon,
They beard not the wind's ead tone.
While drifting theanow o'er iheir reating-place,
Where Dolly waa watching alone.
Farm, Garden ami Household.
CCRRANT bushes which have become
sickly or unsightly from the want of can",
ought to have the old wood cut luck, to
as to give light and air.
GOATS am pronounced profitable to
farmers, if tor no other purpose than
elearinethe laud of noxious weed*, which
thev will devour with avidity in ail stages
of their growth.
WHXAT AVERAOH.— The average yield
of wheat iu different countries vane-, re
markably. In Austria it is 14 bushels
Spr acre"; in France and Prussia, 17 ; in
pain, 23 ; while iu Britain the average
yield is from 28 to SO. The yield of bar
ley in France is 21 busliels per acre ; ia
Prnssia, 23; and in England, from 33 to
40 bushels iter acre.
MILCH Cows.—At this season grass is
often too succulent. There is not nutri
ment enough in it in profit!on to btslk.
And it will generally pay to give the cows
in the yard some hay to eat during the
night, "and a little " cut feed " —say one
peck of bay and two quarts of fine mid
dliug*—the "first thing u the morning.
A g>xd cow at this season gives a gene
rous flow of milk, and it ia unwise not
to supply her with all the feed she can
in the Prairit Farmrr says that his ex
perience leads him to oppose the plan ot
drilling corn when raising this crop for
grain, and he gives the following reasons
for the opinion: First. Ia a wet season
weeds and ennw outgrow corn, and noth
ing short ol hand or hoe will remove
them from lietween hills. Second. When
the season favors the growth of corn, one
stalk in a place will sucker and corn will
be too thick. Third. In cultivation all
one way there is too much soil remaining
witlnut stirring.
Pon.TT.—Provide plenty of nest-eggs
for the hens, and see that two do notlav
in one nest or in the same nest with a
setting hen. See that everything is kept
clean in the poultrv -house, and that it is
well ventilaUd. Whitewash frequenter.
Move the coops frequently, to as to keep
the ground or grass clean. This is par
ticuburlv necessary with turkeys. Avoid
the eeinmou mistake of having the coop
too small, and see that they are well ven
tilated. The great la-cret of ruiaingdncks
is to fe< d them all they will eat, half a
dozen times a day, or more.
dressing for fruit trees, vines, grain crops,
or g&i ion crop* of any sort, on ground
that has been somewhat exhausted by
cultivation, the preparation described
below will be found very useful. It would
improve the mixture, however, to add to
the ashes about a peck of good, newly
sleeked lime, which would bring th pot
ash of the ashes to a caustic state and
enable it more speedily to soften and dis
solve the bones, which, when lime is thus
used, n, ed not be necessary in the ab
sence of quicklime. With its nse in thi
way. and with a sufficiency of good un
leashed wood ashes, the bones, which
have merely been cracked up w itli the
hammer, may easily be softened. Take
out- o.irrel of pure, finelv-ground bones,
and mix with it a barrel of good wood
ashes; daring the mixing, add gradually
three pailfuls of water. The heap may
be made ou the floor of a shed or barn ;
and. by the use of the hoe, the bone and
ashes must be thoroughly mixed. The
water added is just sufficient to liberate
the caustic alkalies, potash and soda;
and theae re act upon the gelatine of the
bone, dissolving the little atoms, forming
a kind of soap, and fitting it for a plant
aliment. It mn&t lie used in small quan
titles, or in about the same way as the
so-c* led snperplospates. A barrel of
this mixture is worth two of any of the
commercial fertilizers, and the west will
be but half as much. If the bone-meal
and aih.sare very dry, four pailfuls of
water may be required, but care most be
exerei-cd not to have it inconveniently
moist It may be ready for use in "a
w ck aft-r it is made. Pure, raw. Snely
ground bone and the best of ashes .°hoold
be employed.— Jjumal of dtrmisirg.
Worms.—J. 8. Titus, Sidney. N. Y..
asked what will save seed coin in the.
hill from wire worms ; has anybody ever
tried smoking the kernels before plant
ing, and with what Tesnlt; also, what is
the best practical means of checking the :
ravages of the cut worm in corn-fields,;
and how about the tobacco dust which ,
is advertised by the barrel by a New '
York manufacturer ? Doctor Trimble :
Nothing could lie done to seed corn to 1
?revent the attacks of the wire worm, >
he wire worm is the grub or larva of a
beetle, and is bred in the ground. A.- i
to cut worms—they are caterpillar* ; the j
larva of moths—a veiy different family.'
but bred in the ground also. An old
pod is best for corn, and there these
caterpillars art liable to be. Plow early ;
plant early, and drop eight or ten grains
in a till, and if some are cut of! so close
a*- not to sprout again, there may be
still enough left; if uot, replant. These
caterpillars, like most others, soon come
to their grow th, and will be out of the
way by that time. Mr. Colton : One of
the best farmers I ever knew, always
dipped his seed corn in coal tar before
planting, and it is a fact that he was
less troubled with the wire worms than
his neighbors. Coal tar is so cheap, auti
to be had in almost every town at the
gas works, that it is easy to try it at any
WOOD ASHES.—J. A. Manson, Sauls
bury, Toon., said b has 1,000 pounds
of leached ashes of hard wood, and he
would know upon what garden crop it is
best to Apply them. Mr. Curtis: They
are excellent to drop on top of a eoru
hill as soon as the seed is in ; admirable
around apple and other fruit trees, and
valuable everywhere. Mr. Stewart:
There is no better fertilizer for potatoes.
Dr. Trimble : The most profitable use I
have ever mads of ashes was upon pas
ture ground where the soil was rather
light Put on thick, and the white clover
comes as if by magic; and white clover
is good pasture. #
ISRAEL 13. FOWLEB, Williamston, Mas?.-
said: I have tried the " premium San
ford corn," and am satisfied it is a hum,
bug. Last year I planted, May 20, one
peck on good old laud that liad been
manured well, and manured on the hill
wilb horse and hog manure, and took
extra care of it; it grew very large (some
ten feet high), but did not ear as I ex
pected ; but if it had got ripe, it would
have been a fair crap, but it did not.
At the time I cut my other com, which
was planted ten days later, the Sanford
corn was just in the milk. I cnt the
tops and saved the fodder, and let it
stand until the frost killed it. All it was
good for was to feed as soon as I could,
and not worth much for that. Now, I
am saying this, thinking it will be a
benefit to some farmers. Try but a
little ; it will satisfy you. It may do
well in the Southern States, but it will
not here ; it has been a damage to me.
If I liad planted yellow and white corn,
I would have got 50 bushels of shelled
corn where I did not get any. lam not
the" only man who complains. One of
inv neighbors tried it with the same
Dayton, Ohio, widow announces on
the tombstones of three several deceased
husbands, "We will meet in Heaven,
hiuiwad dear."
Item* of Interval.
Tint Pope i* eighty veer* of Age,
MOORR and Moorcovnr ia a Council
Bluff* firm.
bt Switgerland all the voting ia done
upon SuuCaya.
Haannto, Penn., manufactures 100,000
bricks JKT day,
F.ROI.ANP. it i understood, withdraws
from the Treaty compact
Ovkb 15,000 persons am now engaged
in the strikes in New York.
THK roiuaiu* OF 117 stoumlwMita lio ou
the b.: mot the Arkansas mur.
Tu fifed printed Greek l*>ok was a
grammer, whtolt appeared in 1476.
A ptXAt.TT of $25 i* imposed for rob
bing hi rib' nests in Miwarliutdlk.
FRED. p. GRANT. while in McMOf,
was presented to the Ciar Alexander.
A wnrrn perch weighing nearly 13 lbs
w raughtnear Bowling Greou recently.
Wour-IIINTINO haa become a profita
ble industry in Musoatiue county, lowa.
Tn continuous dry weather in Cttlu
has increased the sugar crop eight ixt
THR Democratic Convention in Penn
sylvania, nominated Ex-Scuator Mucks
lew for Governor.
Corrrr, if drank freely, is said to be
an excellent preventative against disease
of the kidneys.
DI'MNQ the present F. S. Congress,
4,030 bills have been introduced and re
ferred to Committees.
IT is reported that the girls' boat club
of Michigan University will take part in
regattas this summer.
THIRTY ex children were born ou a sin
gle steamer during the voyage from
Liverpool to Quebec.
For* sisters are to be m irrted at their
home in New Loudon, Conn., on the
same dav. this mouth.
THK Toronto Mail savt : We have only
one volcano in Canada, and that i.-
Mounk Public Opinion.
THK great essentials to happiness are
something to do, something to love, auJ
something to hope for.
SESOR RARROS, of Cuba, owns a little
(limitation that yields him a*,income of
our million dollars a year.
A rownzß magazine exploded at Os
westry, m Shropshire. England. Six
persons ilrtfaatly killed.
Two women, who ••gouged" out the
eve of a witness in London, are sen
tenced by a judge to penal servitude for
A WESTERN railroad is setting out a
double row of white willows, to act as a
'wind-brake along two hundred miles of
its toad.
Drco RATION Day was generally ol>- throughout the United States,
although in many places it rained se
ven ly.
IT is stated that Dan Shnmway, a
notorious Western desperado, was buried
face downward* with a pack ol cards in
his honda.
TBK nse of artificial flowers was intro
duced into England by Philippa of
Hainan!:, the beautiful wife of King
Edward 111.
THE Ohio Democratic S'ate Central
Committee have issued a call for a State
Convention, which is to be held at Cltve
land Jnue 27.
TWENTY-SIX of the Kn-Klux sentenced
at Charleston, S. C., for violation of the
Enforcement act, are to be taken to the
Albany, X. Y., Penitentiary.
THE Free Trade meeting in New York,
at which Wm. Cnllen Bryant presides!,
adopted resolutions in favor of still
another Presidential movement.
A BRILLIANT week's racing was brought
to a close at Epcogi. Euglund, by the
French bred Ally Ttoine winning the
Oaks, a race for three-year-old fillies.
A MAN in Windham County, Connec
ticut, Is said to be work inn up a sw log
thirty feet long into a fire for Oilmoro'-
Jnbiioe. It will be blown by nitro-glyc
THE Paris Figaro announces ou what
it claims to be the best authority, that
Mile. Christine NiLssou will be married
to M. Kouzeaud, in that city, early in
July next.
Two men came to blows a day or two
ago in a dispute as to where a female
relative, now in good health, and with
fair prospects of long life, shall be buried
wben she dies.
THB Newfoundland steamer Torouto
brings the intelligence of the loss of the
schooner Velocipede, engaged in the seal
fisheries, which was wrecked. Twelve
persons were drowned.
WESTCHN stock raisers say that the re
cent report* of the death of stock in con
sequence of the hard winter were greatly
exaggerated. But little of the accumu
lated stock was injured.
100,001) men were employed for twenty
years in building the great pyramid at
Ghizch, and ten years had been previous
ly spent in quarrying the stones and
transporting them to the plare.
A STRIKE of horse ahoers for increase d
wages was partially inaugurated iu Bos
ton. Several of the largest emplovers,
including the Metropolitan Horse llail
road, at once agreed to the' advance.
THE Chamber of Commerce at New
Haven, Conn., claims tola?something of
an historic relic. It was first organized
in 1701, and numbers among its past
members Noah Webster and Roger Sher
THE wholesale German emigration to
America is attracting great attention in
Europe, and Tirions theories are given
to account for it, the best of which is
that the people are poor and want to do
MOST startling facta are being brought
to light in connection with the Metho
dist Book Concern. There is said to
have been no balance sheet kept for the
last twenty years, and all accounts are
.supposed to be at sen.
IT is said that about one-fourth of the
saloon keejiers of Illinois have already
closed up, and that about one quarter of
the remainder will go out of business
before the first of July, on account of
the State temperance law.
A CORRI-KPT; N DENT of the lown Home
stead describes a jx-ar tree which was
grafted on the haw thorn in 1808, on<l
which is now al>out fifty feet high, trunk
fire feet nine inches in circnnj fere nee.
It benrs fifty bushel* of pears annually.
A MAX named Donald McCbeck, who
has been convicted of murderin the first
degree twice, and waa convicted again at
Brooklyn, iDd., and waa sentenced to
imprisonment for life. Another rflbrt
it ia said, will be made to get him a new
HUGH MARBA and James Dougherty,
c nvicted of the attempted assassination
of Detective Brooke, in September,
1869, and who were sentenced to seven
years' imprisonment, and to pay a line
of SI,OOO each, have been pardoned by
Gov. Geary.
NEW YOKE physicians say that pneu
monia has baeu almost an epidemic since
the beginning of lust December, and
that more persons have died from that
disease in that city and its vicinity dur
ing the past winter ami the present
spring than during the like period for
twenty years past.
A REMARKABLE SCENE occurred in the
British House of Lords two or three
weeks ago. In the British Parliament
a memlier of the House of Commons
who becomes bankrupt, thereby loses
his seat if be does not pay up witliip
a twelvemonth ; and a bankrupt peer
is utterly disqualified from sitting," vo
ting, or speakiDg in the House of Lords.
On discharging his indebtedness, how
ever, a bankrupt peer becomes rehab
ilitated. These provisions are of recent
in traduction. Formerly, Pari iamen t wus
a favorite refuge for impecunious aristo
crats who wished to avoid the unpleasant
attentions of the bailifls. A victim to
the new rules in the House of LoidH,
Lord De Maulay, who had been com
pelled to vacate his scat, having paid his
creditors and produced a certificate from
the Court of Bankruptcy to that effect,
on motion of the Lord Chancellor lias
been reinstated in his privileges as a
peer, with all the formalities due to so
important au event. This was the first
occurence of such a ceremony in that
The lUuektniiih's Storj.
LLtt'fTßarrp at n. setTTfßsoo*.
Wall, a! Mr wife ain't dead, air, hut I'ra loat
her *ll the aame;
sl< left me voluntarily, and neither ua* to
It'* rather a queer atory, and I llunk you will
Wheu you hear the citvumaiaucea —'twas rather
rough on me.
She waa* ankier'a widow. He waa killed at
Malvern Dili;
VIHI when I married her the aeemad to aorruw
for him atill;
Hut 1 brought her here to Kanaaa. I never
want to nee
V better wife than Mary waa, for five bright
vears to me!
fh change of areue brought ehecrfulm e, and
soon a rosy glow
Of hanpineaa warmed Mar)'a cheeks and welled
alt iheir anow.
1 Lhiuk ahe loved meaoine - I'm hound to thilik
that of her, *ir,
And as for me—l
Three year* ago the baby came, our humble
home to hleea;
Ami thru 1 reckon I was nigh to perfect bappi-
tiena ;
Twa* hers - 'twas mine—hut I've no language
to explain to you
How that little girl'* weak finger* our heart*
together 4r*w!
dure e watched it through a fever, and with
each gasping breath.
Dumb with an awful, wurldioa* woe, we waited
(or it* death;
And though I'm act * pmu* man, our sou!* to
gether there
For Heaven to aparo our darling went up w
voiot-k-®* prayer.
tnd when the doctor said 'twould live, oar joy
whst word* could tell ?
Clasped in each other's arms, onr grateful tears
together fell.
8 ometMßCa, rou see, the shadow Ml across ocr
little neet,
But it only nude the sunshine wm a doubly,
welcome guest.
Work came to 810 a plenty, aa 1 I key: the aavil
Early and late you'd find me therv a hammering
and singing ;
Love nerved my arm to labor, and tuned my
tongue to song.
And though my singing wasn't sweet, it w*-
alnughiy strung
One day a one-armed stranger stopped to hare
menial % shoe,
And while I was at work we passed a compli
ment or two.
I asked him how he lost his arm. lie said
'iwasahot awav
At Mslvern Hill. "At Malvern Hill! Did row
know Hubert Ma;. V
*• That's meatd he. "Von. rou I" 1 gaape-',
ch<>king with horrid doubt;
" If you're s man, just follow m ; we'll try this
mystery out."
With dizzy step* I led him to Mary. God!
"Tw*s true!
Then the bitterest pangs of muk-rv unspeakable
1 knew.
Frozen with deadly horror, she stared with
eyes of stone.
And fr>>m her quivering lips there broke one
wild despairing tnosn.
'Twashe! the husband of beryouih, now risen
from the dead.
But all too late-and with that bitter cry her
senses lied.
Whst could be d-me T He was reported desd.
0 i bis return
He strove in vsJn some tidings of his absent
wife to learn. .
Twsa well that be was innocent! Else rd hsve
kill, d him too.
So dead he never would hsve nz till Gabriel *
trumpet blew I
It wss agreed that Mary then between o*
should decide.
And each bv her decision wonld sacredly abide.
No honor at the judgment ecat, wailing i totnal
Conld suffer what I did while waiting sentence
in that room.
Rigid and breathless th<re we stood, with
- nerves a lene steel,
While Mr>'s ere* sought each white face, in
piteous appeal.
Ood I Oonld not women's duty be lees hardly
reconciled ......
Between her lawful husband and the father of
ber chiid. *
Ah, how mt heart wss chillsd to Ice when she
knelt down snd said,
"Forgive mc John 1 He is my husband 1
Here! A lel not dead 1"
I raised her tenderly snd tried to tell bcr she
was nghl.
But somehow in my aching breast the prisoned
words stuck tight!
" Bat. John. I ran t leave bsby" "What! wife
and child?" cri'.d I;
"M'let I yield aU? Ah, eruel! Better that I
should die.
rhink of the long, sad, loacly hours waiting In
gloom f< r me—
No wife to cheer ins with brr lova—ao babe to
climb my knee!
And yet yon are ber mother, and the sacred
motb< r lore
la still the purest, tendereet tie that heaven
ever wore.
Take her. bat promise, Mary—for that will
bring no shame—
My little girl shall bear, and learn to lisp bcr
father's name 1"
It may he, in the life to come, I'll mee my
child and wife;
But yonder, by my eottage gate, we parteu for
this life; .
One long hand-clasp from Mary, and my dream
of love v an done!
One long embrace from my baby, and happiness
was'gone I
A GOCD STORY.— A capital "personal"
is told oi Bishop Whitehonse. of Illinois.
He rccen ly undertook to illustrate a
point in his sermou by telling his eon
grega! ion how he had once been lost on
the prairies of Illinois, and had wandered
for a long time, weary and almost hope
less. At last he saw a light, and made
liis way slowly toward it, shouting for
help. " Just as I thought I could go no
further." said the bishop, "and wns
about sinking dowu in despair, the door
of a cabin opened before me, and the
long looked-for Sucker came." The un
intentional puu bfougkt the house dowu.
Ratabtwe In Naw Tork— What Thsy are,
amt Whsre They Corns fromoThe Right
Hour Movemeut, eto., etc.
If the atrangcr visiting Now York
could sco nt one glance the enormous
ipiantity of food absolutely necessary
for the suhsistenco of the city for one
day, he would think we possessed the
most rapacious appetites of any people in
the country, and yet if the amount con
sumed in one day were equally divided
among all the mouths in our city, many
a sumptuous Hi or would feel his stomach
nearly empty, and many a child of pov
erty would feel wonderfully full, and cry,
perhaps, to think he would be as hungry
as ever the next day 1 admit that we
do consume ami waste an enormous quan
tity, hut like wealth, it ia unequally dis
tributed. The question of supplying us
with "our daily bread "and meat and
vegetables and fruits and all the endless
variety that make up our luxurious living
or meagre fare, is an important one, aud
is becoming a more perfect branch of
business each year. A few year# ago
wo vers satisfied to have a full variety
of fruiu and vegetables of the season as
other# of our climate enjoyed, though
now, as regards the variety, if not the
quantity, winter aud summer arc all the
Mime, and we would seem to be liviug in
a Tropic of perpetual fruitage and vegeta
lion. The rapid iucrease of ateam, tbe
iron bands that gird the continent,
aud the modern invention of refrigerator
cars, all serve to give us the product# of
the summer lands of every clime, and now
we care not if the " melancholy days "
come, or the bleak wind* of winter sweep
down upon us, we have laid every dime
and distant isle under tribute to our mar
kets, and summer and winter you can have
almost anything in New York that growa.
The business of transporting fruit* and
vegetable* baa become so extensive that
million* of dollars of rapital are now
invested in this highly nrotitable busi
ness, and such a market has been
opened up btre that Tropma) fruita #e|(
almost, if toi quite a* low as ia their na
tive land, and cheaper, at least, tfiau (hey
sell in New Orlean*.
California is our perpetual summer
laud, and we hope aooa with greater faril
' itles to l>e so well supplied at all seasons
. with her luscious protlueta that they wdl
'cease to ha luxurious in price.
The section from which tlie grvntyg ]
) quantity of our supplies called "track
comes, ia the Bermuda laics, Florida,
near Savannah, Charleston, Wilmington j
and Norfolk. Tomatoes reach u* from
Bermuda as early as the loth of Decern j
Iter, and these, with gra[tra, straw berries, 1
and other delicious things are brought to
i ua from one land or another at all seasons,
• ami the time is soon coining when the* j
j things w ill be placed within the roach ot
; all classes, benvtitiug the pwblitheallh, and
contributing to one of the greatest pleas
urea, the gratification of the appetite for !
TO palatable food than the daily pound
of bread and meat and potatoes. Hut
the advantage reaches beyond tkia; it has
made a garden spot of the Bermuda*, that j
la few year* ago were almost worthless, j
j barren hills, and now they produce toma
t toe*, onions and potatoes before any other ,
| part of tlie world, while other lands that
j come within reach of our market are
< awakening to tlie profits of agriculture.
Thus " Paul plants, Apollo waters, and i
God gives the ipgnses' 1 fur width tin j
! poor are becoming a* thankful as the rich
| iiav l>een, and beside this gratitication ot I
|the palate, coiuas the lieiH-tlclal renlt# it I
point of health which it has been clearly
i demonstrated that these fruits and nge
tnblre contribute to by the oconfiotial
! change from the heavy bRe-pitxlbehig
food ot winter, and they bid fair le ban
ub, to a great extent, the annually re-t
turning of season complaint*, by mating
i all seasons of food the same.
The grand finale of concession La* lecn
reached in the general strike of the work
ing men of New York by the employers
yielding tu tbe eigbt-lmor demand of the
employees, and work has been resumed
by all the trades engaged in the strike,
while it is clear that all who have yet to
innke the demand a ill reach tie same
Tint* through Washington sad New
Yerk, the head and heart of the nation,
the eight-hour system of labor becomes
virtna'ly established thronglitmt tbe laad.
It is thought that .10,600 workmen of
Chicago will strike, followed hy those ot
other communities a here tlie concession
is n*'t made by the employer*.
This will prohsMy rod the labor strike*
on the question ot time, although it give*
no guarnntea against strikes fog increase
of wages, or Mnke* of tfadc-niiioh* agalnt
the employment of DOII society men, or
for other real or imaginary grievances of
working men.
New it remains to be seen whether
a reduction of lalmr hours will prove a
blessing or a curse to the men who have
so peraitenily and successfully sought for
it. Will they spend the time they are
relieved from labor in grog-shops and
other dissipations that waste as much
money in two hours as they can earn in a
day, wasting more health and manhood
than the other fourteen hotirs of recrea
tion and sleep can build up, or will ttyer
devote thorn to their wives and children;
to their friends, to social intercourse and
study? Will they go to market? Will
they nurse baby, while the poor wife with
Htreainitig face prepares tbe meal? Will
they relievo her of the care of- the chil
dren ami help to raiae them and teach
them ? Will they take her oat on the itreet
for n pleasant walk ? Will they devote
those two hours to building up home and
making it happy and comfortable and
thcm-el res and their families better? Will
they give ita benefits to society? Will
they visit public libraries and reading-'
rooms, ami, in fact, devote the time to
such pursuits and pleasures as will bene
fit them pyaically, mentally, morally and
financially ? If so. we congratulate them
on the victory, and hope that the grand
labor reform movement will spread
throughout all the earth, wherever ex
cessive toil and oppression closes the ave
nues ef health, pleasure and profit.
Napoleon said that if he could teach
baronets to think he conld eonqner tlie
world; bnt if we can teach the saw and
chisel nnd plane and hammer and trowel
and all the tools qf the artisan to think,
we will accomplish a grander—and a
bloodless—revolution than all the mighty
legions of Ottsarorthe armies of Napo
leon could ever force by the brutal antag
ooisrn of war. If these two hours ef re
lief from labor teach tlie tools of trades to
think through the muscles and brains that
projiel them, they will be a golden gain
of moments to the world for ever.
But if they are whiffed away in clouds
of narcotic smoke, if they are mystified
in the drowsy brain of inebriation, or if
they are active in depravity and an
imalism, then they aro lost forever.
ENTOMB OF IT.—A Mrs. Hubbard, ef
Higganum, nndertook to train a calf the
other day. Soon after, some workmen
employed near the house saw Mrs. H.
sitting on the ground and the calf jump
ing around hor. They tbeu saw her
lying down on the ground the calf still
jumping about. One of the men ran
down, and found that the rope was wound
about her neck, and that she was black
in the fuce and nearly choked to death.
He cut the rope, when she gasped and
was soon restored to consciousness, hut
it tfns evident that she could not have
stood the pressure but a short time long
er. It is to be presumed that Mrs. H.
will not attempt to train animals very
soon again.
BCTOULAR. —A gas well or the Little
Kanawha, nine hundred feet deep and
four inrh-bore, has a two inch pipe lend
ing from it to A point a mile distant,
where it feeds the furnaces of twenty
eight steam boilers of twelve horse power
each, besides lighting fifty store", and a
Inrge number of private illuminating jets.
At "Venango, Pa., gns rises from walls
nnder a pressure of two hundred pounds
to the square inch, and instead of being
burned nnder a boiler it is used su en
gine cylinders instead of sttoaar.
(•ambling: aa A Nrlenre.
Casual and amateur Iwttrra at the apa*
(day at lamlom, without theorv or calcula
tion ol any kind; but the habitual and
proleMiunst gaineaiera alwaja hare ays
tema, by which they coufliletilly ex|,rct.
aoiue tim: or other, to break the bank. I
hate been told of men, and women too,
indeed, who have been going to Haden or
Wiesbaden for ten, twelve and llftren years
with that avowed purpose, and yet the
aole financial injury they have wrought
has been to theiuaelvea. Their ill lurk, as
they term it,does not, however, mar their
faith In system*. These they hold to he
uiii|urtiui>aldy correct the fault ia either
in their understanding or in their it.alig
uaut stars.
The principal lalDcy in respect tosysteins
is that chance is subject to law,extremely
mbtile, but (limcovrrable tl diligently and
earnest I v iiin-M ifcated The tntnd ol s
thorough gsmvete* can never lie disabused
ol thw notion, lie cleaves to it after year#
of experience to the contrary as he did al
the outset. Come what may. he will bold
that the blind goddess tine vision enough
to read the page* ol the volume of logic
which lie is jteisuadetl she carries concealed
in the (olds of iter rolw.
One ol tho simplest and must plausible
• vs'euis or theories is to begin with a
small stake, and keep doubling it until it
wins. There ate three bars to the success
of this plan; tirst, the vast amount ot
money required to eairy it out j aarondly,
the limitation a* to miniiuuui an 1 maximum
of the - take; and thirdly, the poicentare
of the bank (no amount of prudence, auda
city. or calculation can oiwtwsi tltiO, by
which, when the little ball at roulette
dro|w into teni, or the refait is made at
treute-ct-quaraiite, all tins betters, on
whatever side, lose their wageta.
Few |terMms without actual computation,
have any idea to what an enormous sum
the doubling process will soon swell. Let
any one, lor example, begin at roulette
with the smallest stake allowed, one florin,
and let him lose, a* not Infa quently
bappens, twenty times in succesaion ; hi*
last Ist must be s*di,2hM florin*—about
h2IO,UU0 —an amount very few men bare
at hand to devote to the purpose of play.
At treiit*-et-quarant the sum needed,
beginning with the low-cat stake, two
florins, for the twentieth doubling Iwt
would be 1,015,570 florin*—say s!'>',Uoo.
Besides long befote tbe player arrived at
his twentieth stake he would have rxceed
vd the limit of the bank, aud be forced to
rwturn to bis original bet, losing four or
fist- thousand fl>>rina in the desperate at
tempt to win one—a specie# of political
economy not likely to he taught or follow
ed outside of a mad house. Another
theory of the frequenters of the gaming
table* U that rhanevs an- governed by the
doctrine of probabilities—in other words,
that a number or color which has lost for a
long time must soou begin to w in. If this
could be tested for a century or two it
might be proved correct. Rut confined to
a limited |>criod,it turns out very fallacioua.
1 have known men who betted persistently
ou black in the evening, because red
had had such an extraordinary run of luek
during tbe ilav ; aud yet when tbe beuk
closed they bad no moie florin* than tbe
players who Lad stubbornly adhered to the
red.—Juaiu* lltnri Bmeiii. •
'■ SENATOR WILSON. —TBO nominee of
I the IMiiladtdidiia Convention for Vice-
President of the I". S., wti* bora at
' Fur mm; t xi, N. 11., on the 16th of Fel -
t rusty, 1812. ami spent hia earlv youth 1 1
: farming. At the age of 21 lie went to
Natic , Mass., where he learned the
trade of alow-making, lie then entered
npon the study of politic*, aud when 2S
veara of age, was eWtwl to the Masaa
chusatta Legislature, iu which be served
four veara, and then to the State Senate,
jof which ho waa president for two
' sessions. Iu 1852 he waa run as Free
jaoil candidate forCongTeas, hnt was de
t (< ated by a small vote, aud in 1H53 was a
member of tbe State Constitut.onal Con
vention. Since that tunc ho has taken
a leading fsssrt in all political conventions.
' In 1855 he succeeded Edward Everett as
Senator iu Congress, and waa ro-eleeted
lin 1859 for a long ti-jtu. Front that time
forward hi* career a* Senator ha* been
unbroken, and lie has conreqnt-utly
taken a part in all the great events of the
past two decades. Shortly after the out
break of the war Senator Wilson railed
the Twcnty-wcoud Regiment of
' > btisetb. Volunteers, of which he waa the
mtfeaa l. and after joining the army of
the Pidomae was made a inetu'-er of
(lencrql McClellnn's staff, to which capa
city lie at-rved until the meeting of Cou
TroDOAT Fxiixwioss.—Another steam
ing exploded its boiler in the harbor,
killing six and wounding four men. The
woudtr is, not that these little boats;
Haw up so frequently, but that we do
not have ten accident* of the sort where
wc have one now. Ihe eagities used in
these tug* arc all of the high n-a*ure >
pattern, an ! the boih r have seldom leas
than ninety ponuda of steam to the
Mjnorr inch. W hen it i* remembered
that Hie average pressure of steam used
in the Hudson Tbvt r |MUMcnger-boats is
twenty eight or thirty pounds, and that
even under this pressure a l>oilcr some
times explodes, it is evident that the
boilers on bonrd these tugs should la
far stronger and belt, r in every way
than those of the Hudson River boats.
The fact notoriously is that the tugboat
lioiiers are in many oa*os old and eaten '
with rust nnd that they ore in charge of j
engineers who certainly are not at the J
head of their profession. Therefore, as
wc have said, tW wonder ia not that we
have go many, but that we have so few.
tugboat explosions.— N. Y. Paper.
Tnr. YntEOA* Uaitn.—ln making the
licst of American pickles, cider viucgar
is much use<l. The English importiil
liicklcs are iu malt vinegar, wlnle the
"rench us<* u flue white vinegar, made
fn m wine. But iu the chen>er graile of
pick lea, no such luxurious waste of mon
ey is tiermitted. The sciettce of rhetni*-
istry has not been developed without ati
object, and now, with a gallon of cheap
whiskey and a chemical reouie, your
shrewd pickle manufacturer will turn out
an article of vincgnr which possesses all
the preservative qualities of the genuine
article, being acid enough to suit the
most bilious stomach, and possessing also
certain injurious qualities which it is per
haps wisest not to dwell npon. The pub
lie want pickles, and want them eheap :
and moreover, they want them of a bright
handsome green, nnd crisn and hard t<*
bite. These results can only lie attained
in a cheap way by the use fa vinegar
such as we have alluded to above, aud the
addition of a small proportion of eonper.
which, while certainly injurious,produces
a color so pleasing to the eye, that to omit
ita use wilh somo parties would be to
spoil the sale of the goods.
HOKRIJILF. ir TRI E. —The slavers of the
South Sea Islands have a barbarous way
of securing their human stock in tr< de.
According to Commodore Markham, a
British commander on the Australian sta
tion, the men engaged in the slave trwle
make treaties with the chief of a tribe
who has a feud on hand to supply him
with sotnnnv heads of his enemies in ex
change for live subjects of hisown. There
are different methods of decapitation pur.
toed. 'The commander's informant had
lieen an eye-witness of a scene in which
the murderers used their knivis. A brig
ley to ofT an island of the Solomon group,
and a canoe full of men put off to her
from the shore. As the canoe passed
nnder the vessel's stern, her stern-boat,
which had been loosened on purpose, was
suddenly dropped on it, smashing it to
pieces. Boat* were lowered and the na
tives pulled into them, but not to he
rescued. As soon as they were seised,
their heads were cut off over the gunwale
of the boat with long knives. The British
are taking measures for the suppression
of this horrible traflic.
BONDS.— The Secretary of the Treasury
of the United States, has directed the As
sistant Treasurer at New York to with
draw the 81,800,000 3 per cents, $5,000
nninbering from 8811 to 8856 inclusive;
SIO,OOO numbering from 897)2 to 4150 in
clusive, dated from August 1, J8('8, to
August 15, 1868, interest to cease July 81,
A boy at Lock port, 111., practiced with
his first shot gun by blazing away at his
father the other day, but the stern parent
speetQy checked his sport by the judicious
appUwtion of a strap.
The I'lilladrlphla Convention.
The Repnbleean Convention at Phila
delphia, organized by the appointing of
Morton Mi-Michael a* teuiiK>rary ehair
man, and Judge Buttle of N. C\, na par
marmot clunruiari On the tmeuirig nay,
remark* wore made by Ex-(low. f'lufliu,
Mr. MeMiehael, (Jen. I/ogim, Oerritt
Smith, Senator Morton, and other*.
The following ia the platform adopted:
"HIP Riitrtuun t'aiiy *T 'T" A lata* saaaiwblad
is National i iiHiffitiiofl. iii (bp i Sir u( l'i,.|.t-l|.l.ip. urn
lhatib mil Mli ill), at JUMP, I*ll. •*) *i-. lsir. Ila
lailb. .M-PSI. 11l It* bMoty. sad Piiauuspps Its pallM
u|i.ll dip UUPPMOUP lip TMP 111, i iwir
ft. 11 IHIIIUG PIPPWI >ssts ut •|piuwy II tisa seepfil
•D, with (TIPPI •••*•, lla# P.IPIIIU luipul L lap I HUP
|| ati|i|arapnl (lusue f.lnlll.n . rniasc oand IWI
MlS. una af llsiPa ; till. IPPJ Ibp |ttl tllu-liabitl I* I.
as.l iin.apippl .u*n.. gibibiUsa sufMi
iSI ,Gd muupiusallf. II pnapippi i iMWiabn* an sas I n
HlPilllinsluffruaaa pml mmimli sab. papal all sha piaaod
I..S'| b| uW)ius Ibp laaa andllpplin* Jaal'y will
uPlfblMara. tl baa aiasriiiy itppaupast PllS a li
(tip 1. atllipail <ll-olUlHSil( p (rupl PM, Pint
S aimi-LI,/ I. P.ISIIIP Isdtaaa TUPI'PUB- Kai'"--t
•ml alHillpi >SPI Pil 1|I a li.ap IMPS (PMRMIPII aidod
pml innppepfsllr ..jului i.l. lb - public p tip lr~i imp
la aa til pplllpr- iHi nlptPli a prolantod pml asaou,-
ajpii said p tsll si biMiwipdpaiPiii ot lb sainrplispn elti
snia lipl.l. assarad hup Itai 11 si a#• hipifi A s*i
luioi ualbinal ptirti iny lippb-PD (mmldad, rspwliallw.
ri-.asad nowa. lha lialmspl atlil sulasr m.aal
ratiaiitillnai> bstdcoa. 11.. upa I. <>*' MMutlatwl pi baa
aw nup yba iPI pi UP. bsvp bppn uaorfu.lj m limin* pml
b" up-lla •tlfll -•( Usai-ila IIIP annual lsrfp i. duel ma > a
Iplpp YUlilu H IhP jmMit drill bsp bawa raduaod dnf
lag la. a U-aul a 1-manic.p. l|n i.u al nap baudn-d
uanflup dnllaraayaar A srrpi nu.i ial aaisn hps brvai
ptuidnd PUS [nana pud lil.tllf (Kan til Ituuujl.ull lltp
Isiail M' I..ring lulrlgß d Itl.u lln lapip bar* h
Slid Ik al.!| .-.iniM.nsltgd. ppil Ibp bnlaipsiad tpiwrl
id lb. naiimi Vcj.i is hisb rpp|aap* niwsgaaal Ills a 1.l
Tl. tasbiituup rpourd at lb# aa.t la llir |Milp •bp -1 Biaplpa
is. tin luisi-p Wp lipli. %p It.* IPP'I'O sill spdiatnap* UP
li innatrt. 1 ID M| IWLJII ur p*l.tiMlup of taa .nan
....... I c Ut. It; id ilmap auu hupp ,ia*ad papry >l|. id
lb IP bp pad!. tpl vrwrtPPP
titpp.u< I atonl, • titwrlp st.d runt cptalby IA lltp
Pbiuitapnt id PI! uiiheni stid p >1.1.1' t ctiu ahsuld
Ira •atp. lmapd atiJ Plftpiuslli luu taiupt liar .tuhsat
I tat Dsn a by rtbeippi s< d M.ta pud rnb
ipt Ippipt ittns apttber 11. lit up. u# s.luaim.Upttpti
atl.iuld Pdaanlul pay dtpsriaantagliiaa is f 'PlipPt al rttispaa
by r. ins td <>. crwsl. pator ar pipunaa puadiltua ul
r>{ a.-Tks is.•si wanlMul, u Ike Mstloaal (Ks
•l,l •()..* •l.i.sld Ue eoiiilaJit MatSOolf. MlUsUMfin
■ 1(1)1 8..1 lun-aij IsSnlM MMM llM( SN U>. w4
•t,--i<td I— . irr <1 sul see fdi( l Iboir ,inril tijr Sl>|m<
vr >U uisi>Uun. U.• 1.,rii.l •! slii.ii mm Is
•Ul.. i)M,ird mm'f |) Uis t artj liiAi smiuisd Ulmm
Tk< KsltonsJ Umfsaisl •fasnld ml is
uu .sum ss lua osUe |ss, auk si! tulioa*, utMaMis* erabe\ ssd •>tsasUosia( * nil all p
|ilm bu nan l inati r lilwrl#.
ani-AuieAMS u* lb* anil nw •• Set thirl Itw
niodjMit iumlwiu ul lb, <.,•) nsml •)• i ib,irl r,U
Inutl t r isrrr pbitjr srsi M fsu!!> .1,1. til l.Li ul
„ u cii**t, f. •> ■ n.urui aI Uu >)4is b l),i , l.irli
•hail abulial. lu ii., ol laliobaf, ut issb, ueemj#.
•mi-Wbrjr and liAalilj lua anablial iibisi f,i
uub-ic laMiilua, silhuai ruci .tail) naai is( s lilt lab bra
ml trfhoa.
•uS -Wi are Wi fui-lbar ir .ilnj Iba ssblw
laud, D> euipuraous, isd u>uat|M>lisa. ami demand tint
Uic ns'.Kiusl domam bs ml a sail tor ties aumss fvr Un
' T?- J -TH, ssnssl rtvasssa. sMar pdio( U>, nu
mil dabta. -DMold lurui-h s nmdsrsta bs'sae, tot UW
t- dbiiius at lb, sna<is*l. sod Uta r,ri<sa. mmtmvi ma
much mm mm} ki Muni f>ois HUM i. i... and L
i|Ui)ra ba laled br dslna M|x>ti list- rlttiusa, iba dutlu
Sb ahull abuttie in aa adjuood nkud i aaaerie* i
siusaraitsa ••(• b> Ulxu. si d |umsuu Iba ndssne.
( ,<•]!. and sioa|m.l|r ot ill# mHolm cuius try.
r H ul. W. I,aid IS unaritie lew IIi asldim and
lailon aba) taUn aa.od Iba I SH)b . Ibrtr prsa)a< u,
a .red tl I* uf lb, uabus. aud lb, btdosa abduruaasa
at iW mum dutl ( a thou eusnlry u, rstillsd to lbs
■ hoi t mniai sad tal - In. )■•■ W, lour aaab
rdd lii'i. ,f I,a.* laa MWill (float Un Us uat Un
Guiarumrst In all nu, .aim, asd ~1l a •! . WW,
b.ilit.,at) 1 , d h!.-,#.-I snd •" IB Iba lib.# id dwl> In
nai doabrnl widumi isssfd w Iba LatKlb at sn-tns at
Un cam, .4 u. t, dochui,
.Vo.ii. Tb, Carwtsa ,4 Ureal lluiais ssd a*ir
Iwi -|aa ISrWcls cnmsnrt.( • h(ta, cr - '!., awb
Mid. slea#* s Hlea -bals( St m. lb, w b lb,
,Suru at iba H pal. icsn Harl, b-aa atnodnnad. rd
is, Amt,. las ot itto imlnldsa ,lals In 'laasft, i,a
Sllaalan. u lis, b( lireb W.,(iHd l> SaUatH, II
n I. a duly id -at tioanimasl tu(ua d vub stilesara •
iba ■ labia ad fiad ail.wsa hum Ul, aaouairtt XI < I
sbrsiiio,- tad ciaiao, b> Uuru lunw, Gs-oamasia ; aid
a, tt.yi u.a i isi Lab and mris; auouaiaaranvl afol
(Bala, usa Si tuius ary lutmwraliae
r< S- T„ Iruliai i„b|, Mfl-I mm b) abslwbot,
and U a ••, i tai-amJ l.fa a|>mdy mlnrtiui la Uu isla lis gsam abwh |ew lar l*t.
Uus la lb it a bull cwucorn, |U, nbliiiu at rajulal asd
Übat ami Iba Kaimbi.oui hit) mrisian lb- dalj at
ma rbi| u ie(aiai)sß ma in sen. Is I |wbi)a as*
U), SB.I 1., l Sa d to) rajalai asa tat lain,, ia, , rnM ot
cai-iUI lb, la,(ml i-nwrlasiiM* and a)ul abac mt lha
■iibliial |irobu ul Ibn-alev (rial rnnau at etalllis-
be 14 IkU Onirm and Ilia HrawifM
ban cutis hISIM as ip-t,uw (tuts is Uawi u-aM •
tui ibta-itw*)* Ot still■ ul tig t'-■:jbt' utauua.
IUM in n, all) nblu-ua mi an. uU tut Ua pro
Ml. ;, .1 Ibt tul-vt baa *ad Ibuvbn, ut at, tablM
(a si. tbsnka at ib* t auoa
natnaS-W'tUbiMuca IrfuiiaUM at I In nklsMl
Is *-tj Lent'a 4i-gucs as• a -tasa.s" crtaus na am*
• pri'l* lit, 'tf ri>* < tb nai u-'i*' uaihr.Wai ua
ais A > •! Ulan I asm ■>. hatonna
ai'-rt (tuU aur t-ioa aat ai ) nil. bs saa
iafU.l h) • M—'-) emtauilMMt <4 ipaes paisaMa
(>!'• a Tom JUt-nl'usi, I'ait) as annadtnl ml Na
<4- n w l Ua unl aunta an At MOW tor Sbnf
nasi- SaaUa an iba cnaaaa ot hsaiast T!ia adu-i
• la ..!•< nnlda <4 n—lala#*. ta rnmwMt with naoa
l.iilM, • ! Iba baanl bnasla <4 sau ibu ai Sutna
tut sal t laatlngl-la abtuaal taa l anl 4 tatUi nail/u.
MW4-humi _ __
f\aa.ft-a hearti t *| {UW,a Iba sr-MN- l Cattarain
IS rlla-4u>S ISMU is Uaoaa laUil IS wtarUWa. saw]
i*am an Iba cuaii si lean aud traumal f e.lus
I*l ush -al li e i.r.d
Am-ark TUt Ke|ab!K faM| In rtmptol I \M ra at ml la 1 a la Uia—a an sa onrrlulj
•a iba ** ilai-siM b) I bean la iba Miaia aail Sa U>a
I aataas Ueirratt-al. Is isawreaa. 4 Iba IVaorl to
si r. la.iib ul Issa loa Iba t.urtoas <4 nrasaa M eJa
bt ual rlrra sa nit*. Ilfbts sot as* OS.'atr.l b| tba peo
}4a sa rtk Ola -lata to *sl ansl lib >a*ssm|..
. A.a,ul-U lalaa dull ft Iba Nalarn taaasrsasspl
Si abet I aorl, Kmiain aaailluaib tuea|a Am* r:
cis aoun-ssma anj Up b.-litrs
/\y. ~-to- Wa bebr.a Iba! Iba uaiaat aatr.neus, tbs
asrnaa- )*r,r>-a. iba -as* 4 iudfmautl, sod luaotac I si—
dots. Iba tsnursMibW isla*wSs. and lh nVuNlllsi saw
urn of t'lliaai b. Gaul bare aocnsarl-bad ham IS lbs
Sesrt at Iba iMiaaa paatsa. sat 4. "'lb hits sa oatr
band, sa t - taj upoti a arm marali ta ricCurr
■FW VORK SARKI!T—Weekly Review.
Coffee ia very firm under as improv
ing di-Lund-
Flour uud Meat.—The market fo
fltiur, under n limited demand, ia lower
for ail grades under #ll. At the close
the market is dull and heavy at the oou
i cc*si<*!i.
Southern flour ia doll, and common
extra* ami superfine lower. Choice fam
ily steady. At the close the market is
heavy and very qniet; sales of 470 bhla.
ltye fiour is in tmr supply, and easier.
We quote: Hye floor, western, $4. Uk
4.70 ; rye flour, State and Pennsylvania,
fel li&aj.'io.
(!uru meal is dull and lower. We
quote : Corn meal, Jersey, s3.fsW3.fas ;
> Corn meal. Western, fi.l.frfVi'.'*. 6.7 ; Corn
meal. Western W, #3.oo<iA.ho; Corn
meal, ltr're, #JAVi!t.!W,
Indigo.—The roarki t for mist Jcsrrip
i tiona remains very dull, and prices have
s downward tendency ; we note small
sales of Manilla and Madras at sl.ooa
, LlO currency.
M iiiutses --Foreign gnules are dull and
UDM-tihd. but New Ori*ans i* steady ;
sakw at 7.V., and by auction, Porto Hiou
Provisions. Pork is dull and notni
na'ly unchanged, tbe sales are at fi1.1.25
for new men*. tfl27.VilH.oo for wi-stern
prime mess, ffl3.7f. for clear ; for future
delivery dull; sales mess for June at
913,85, and 2Wbbls. do. July at 913.25*
Beef is steady for really prime, sales
at 67ti9;i for plain mess and s&isl2 for
extra mesa. Tierce l*eef remains dull,
and sahw at #U'iSl" for prime mean, and
517520 for India mess. Beef hams are
quiet, but sternly ; sales at
for Western. Bacon ta somewhat dB.
Dtrrgaed hogs are quiet, 5J5 7-Hc. for
i citv. I ami is dull, but held more firnd tu
sales at 81c. fdr No. I, BJc. tot city, tf i
9jc. for fur to prime steam, and 9 3-8a
I Jtje. for k*ttle rentlered ; for future de
livery, sales for June at 9 3-16.; for July
at 9 3-Sc., and August at 9j.
Petroleum.—Crude, in bulk, continues
firm, but the demand is light; wc quote
at lSftlSic , the latti-r for city gaiigtvl ;
shipping crude is in moderate demand
at 17 l-4017jc. Reflned has been a shade
firmer ; sales of 2.0"0 bbls. Case oil a
shade easier and dull st 28 1 4t2Bjc.
Nophtha scarce and nominal at 16c.
Bice.—The demand continues moder
ate, sales. Foreign st 7071-4e. for Ran
goon, and 51 for Patna, and Carolina at
909 l-4e.
Sugars.—Raws nre moderately netive.
and we qnoto fair to good refining at
6 3-8* i9c.; sales at 75-Ac. for common
Martinique ; fie. for On Ha ; 9 l-4r. for
Porto Itieo ; Havana at fi 1 -4e. Keflncd
oontinues dull at 12 l-4012|0. for Harda;
11 l-B'illje. for white A ; 11c. for B.
and 10 3 4a 10 7-8 for C.
Methodist Book Concern. to which wo
much attention lias brcn lately directed,
has done a busineaa during the last four
years of 82,42'\840, and the net earnings
for the same time have been 8275,140.
The southern branch of the concern at
Nashville is said to earn SI, OOO er day.
The American Tract Society's sales last
year were $410,908; the total receipts,
including donatious and legacies, with
last year's balance, were $7,38,132 up nil
the expenses 5"37,194. This establish
meut publishes six periodicals, having
an aggregate circulation of 560,141 cop
ies ; it has also issued during the year
138 Books and tracts, and supported 263
colporteurs and students. The Amen
can Bible Society shows $089,923 re
ceipts dining the year, including 8361.-
274 from publications. It lias printed
1,030,255 volumes and issued 1,100,871,
in sixty languages. Seven sets of new
electrotype plates bave lieen made at the
Bible house ; five sets for the Arabic
scriptures are now in progress at Beyront
and one set at Constantinople. The
American Temperance Society, which
may le mentioned in this connection,
printed 25,277,478 pages of tracts and
periodicals last year, and its receipts for
these were 842,010.
A NOTK.—The Danbory Vctrs says:
•'The following note, picked up on the
street Monday afternoon, is a manly expo
sition of what narrowly escaped being a
grievous wrong: 'llear Jane : I hope you
aint mad because 1 didu*t laff at you
when you lufft at me last evening at the
post-offis. 1 aint prowds dear Jane, but I
hive got a bile under my arm, and I can't
1 iff as I used to as Heaven is ray judge,
loiri truly, "Hnww.
■CUT* .11
The Senate em furred in the ffnone
resolution to adjonm on the IM of June.
During the debate on the tariff bill, the
section concerning i|>prwaetruekont
at).| | ])iu|yt>aition to (liw" acioutifin
hooks, or Imoka in forrigu of
more tluui twenty yean' standing,on tfco
free-Hat, rejcctotl.
Scnntor BumnT, In a four hottra
speech end Henntor Hrbnrx in one of two
hours, adilreaard tin* Senate on tbo gen
eral names of the day, attacking the ad
ininistintiona. Morion will reply to
.Sumner and Carjeuter to Schniz.
The Hniuto janabed the Tar if! and Tax
bill by a rote of 50 to 3.
The Bon ate agreed to tba conference
committee"a report on the Tariff and
Tax Mil without a diviaion, and thej
House did the aatne. The Benate psaaeit
the bill for (be prevention of cruelty to
animals in transit, not withstanding its
conntitutiowditjr was gravely questioned
by eminent authority,
Tba House, after appointing a eo- i
mttte* to investigate tins etiaitg. a agaMMt I
Judge Drkehag, of i van so*, musie to a
vote on the Eo-Klux Uih It was ioat, ,
twciiti-three Republican* voting with
the D. iit'w-ftii*. The
Civil Rfgl.cs Mil was ahm rcj.-ctcd. *
The House noti-eoneurred in all the
Houat* AmondmeiiU, to tba MR exaapt
tboaa in roganl to spirit*, tobacco, and
Ixjiuh-d wurt-lioiwos, wn which spestol
votes were taken- The tax of spirits wan
placed at 70 cenpi, on tobacco at 1G cents,
and the ainrudment in reference to the
time for the abolition of bonded "ware
house* was iioß-otnwmrrd in. eou
fereiice committee, consisting of kfsaani
Dawes, Kelley (Pa.and Kerr Was or
dered. ' iii>illltll na I •IT
In the Houae Mr. Da we* congratu
lated the member* on thO passage of the
Tariff bill.
For the prioea of Railrattl Htmda writ*
to ruAXbM W. Usaauti, No T Wall ft ,
N. Y.
Symptom* *f Liver UowpUlat ami MM
of lb# (trodiicad by tt.
A eellow or yellow oolor of #Wn, or
yellow lab brown *|M>t* on fee* and parte
of tbo body; duUneae and drew m ease
with frequent lreadeche . diiriaoae, bitter'
or tad taie in w>ntk, tlrynwa of throat,
and internal teat; palpitation, in many
caaea a dry totting cough, with tore throat,
unsteady appetites, a rising of food, and a
choking renaatinn in* throat- diatreaa,
heavine. or bloated. or (hi! feeling aboot
ntoraacb and rides, pain in aides, hack or
treaat, and about nbouldwr*; eulir, pain,
and aorwne*# through bowels, with beat;
eottipaUon, alternating with frequent at
tack* of diarrho-a; pih-*, flatulence, nrv
onaneaa, coldness of extremities: nan of
blood u head, with aymulM pf aponlexy,
uumknee* of Kintaa e-p'ikally at night:
cold chill* alternating with hot flashes,
kidney and nriuery difficulties; female
wrtkn*> and irregnlaritlg*, with dollneaa.
lw spirit*. unsociability and gloomy fore
bod in pa. Nily a few of the abore eymp
toma ar# likely to bo present in any onae
at una time. AH who nae l>r. l'ierea'
Gulden Me<lic*t I>i#puvery fur Liver Com
plaint and ita oouplic*tiona are lotd io
it* praise. Sold by all druggist* every
The Union Pacific roed loct 9100,000
by the now blockade.
Tin Srrnxxn (jrcaviov.—Health ia the
most important ot earthly hleasinga, and
therefore the net vona anxiety of the tick
to merer!sin the relative merits of the va
riotis medicines in use is not surfriing.
Within the last two year* many thousands
of invalids have abandoned the prepara
tions vf the pbartnaonpolist tor the remedy
itUriMinord by Dr. Wslker, of California,
under the somewhat eccentric name of
V INK*, is BiTTKita. That this new Vege
table medicine is winning golden opinion*
of all sorts of people is Wyond a doubt,
The acoounts we hear of its extraordinary
effects in canes of chronic dyspepsia, rheu-.
ins'lam. liver eotaplainu. aiatsrions fevers,
nervona prostraiiooe and many other die
trcst-ingdWsses, certainly jnrtify the pop
ularity which it has eva-rywhere acquired.
f>r. Walker claim* for hi* specific a reme
dial power over ill disorders that do sot
involve an irreparable destruction of bows
atwl fibre, an*l ea-swito so far appear to hare
justified Lisa claim, in lh*. age of won
ders wo are UML disposed to deny the
possibility ol any phenomena not difpetly
at varience willi the laws of natare, and
as it is held by many phystnlnglsta fhkt all
inaia*lies proceed from the same generic
cause, we see no reason for the incredulity
m ith which some people regard the idea of
a Fniverwil Mevheitse. Ur. Walker 1 # prep
aration stems destined to be noiverulfy
approved*- Cma. nil a . J
HEIGHT or Ft uc FA vow— lt has bean
justly remarked that tbe popotar judgment
dtdiberatrW made op, is eorreet and relia
ble. " Standard Preparation*,"
for the toilette and cuisine are article#
in point. They moat their friends by
Uiousanda, at d their curling meriUentitl*
them to the enviable reputation they have
attained in all aectiona of the Country.—
ilrprrxi ran be cared wit hoot suffer
ing. El .vrtie Trusses are suprcsediqg all
ethers. Before buying Metal Tnuwesor
Supporters, aena for# descriptive circu
lar to the Elastic Truss Co., 663 Broad
way, N. Y.—Cbs.
Habitual eonattpition had* te tba fetlowfcig
re*ail* luflatamauoa of tba kidnrr*. rick and
tiervoua ba<!ache, bihoutnra*. dyspepsia, in
digestion. pile*, bxvi eg appetite ana strength ;
*l. or *hi*-h may be avoided by btiag regiUar
in*< nr babfU, and taking, aav one of PASSOU'*
IVaormw PttJ-a nightifcr, wr lonr orrix week*.
-[Cow.) ______ i
Tin parent and sweetest Ood-ldver Oil in tbe
world re rias s * 4'anaran.ts, matt* on iba nam
shore from fttvh, selected livers, hy CASWKLL,
HIXJUUIAOO., Kew York. Hia abeolntab PW
and ttrmrl. Patient# who have onee taMUti
prcft-r it to ail other*. Phyatciana have decided
It superior to iny of tire "titer ails in market.
—Cbnv. 11
Whether far are on man or tvkat, the Ner
ehant a (IsrgUng Oil will hrifounti an tnvalnahlr
T.irrmoct. suit worthy of nre by war T rrsnient
in the Unl. Wc know of no proprietary meitt
enne or article now ured in the United State#
which share* the rood will ef tire people to a
greater degree than tin*.— X. T. JadrptntlmL
Jnnsn'i A VONRAX LUOWKJIT aay he nsed to
advantage where any Pain Killer i* desirable.
In care* of revnre cramp# aud p*ina in the
stomach, it i* nv*donl*tedly the best article that
can te need.- [tiom.]
Talk at the Toilet. -Every lady* msid kwewv
*>.., lire bewileWn* K, ln*n who pie tbNr Waa
phsttt wsy wilh conqtt-re,l hnwrta rnwrd * *pl*-adid
head Of l**lr Ihc ruont eflhrtire of *U * I'IN*I ly fhreta
stlon* Ttrey bela-ve. sad they re* rfht. tbst they
can l***o u mvny beam with th* Invnrtaat rtaglela
stid *Wy braid* •• th<y can "kill al *i*hf with
ihelr bctunloir eye*. ltnce In tbei* --lotiat lalk"
aaaoos Ikraatt' *ad wilh their attendants, the
merit* Of mt-iaoUnot for the heir in freely ran
f*ae>l. *nd th* latest moult of thi* direorelon recm*
to b* tb* almost tin IT* real adoption of Lvos 1 * tUva
tson ae an article better adapted to prom<* the
erowth tad beeety of th# - Chief Ohwy of Woman
than any othet at present before tb# world. Twey
■AT that without trrltatioe th# *kta el the bead It
eradicates dendr-'fl. and that It I enetrate# below the
nurfac* to the root* of lb# hair, endowing tin m with
new Ule an 1 rigor.— {Com.)
isnssrsJt a tares
to' The !*■>>|nw>inlisowtatw
of tht prot-nllde of Iron. I- • lur tned ad wrll-etab
h.h.-.t r—'r far this diefremfiy emnptainl; It baa
cured tboaaaada when fiber remedim hare failed —o.
annnM and il Itt mn!hwtaitoon,termllf
acknowledged that It would be e aapererowelion to dm-
Mm on inotti any furtbor.
Not ting can boat It.— Otm.
year. toil. It warranted to tCO (tutdfow to >ll
RheameUe, N*nrtlcte. Head. Ear and Raek aka.
mnti Aim Ilm ># ok TBK Fact.—la thii eoadl
UOB of UM tkin. (ht.VaokTlaa It the artel rented*, aa
It tola rllT-rC, BIK.B tb. mm. It and parillaa
the blood, thereby oausiac humect of ill kind* to diaap-
IMi.-Com. j
Bpeoial Notioo*.
taabella. although the lost her orown. le aaid to be rery
particular hlt kind of ehoe ehe wtere. So re AB who
here worn the CABLE SCREW WIRE Boote A Shorn:
they want no other. Pliable, dry and datable.
The edTertiaer. hacins been permanent**eared of that
dreed diet tee. Conturoptten. b* a tlmpie rrmed*. la aai
loot to latkt known to hie fellow tuSerart the laeeat of
cure. To all who detlrt it. be will tend* eopj of the
prererlptioD need. (free ef ehar*e), with the dtreoUpne
for prcparin* and utin* the earn*, which ther will fled a
sum iviil for (joNtcarrios, AWTHMA. Bnoseßme.
and all tbrott or lane iflfSonlliea.
Fartie within* the preeonntion will pleaee addroea
IS! IVnn. ttr.'ol WiUUmthorrh N T
Through the lenath and breadth of the land the oele
bratrd SILVER TIPPED Boole and Shoot are eotd b*
the million, for paronta knew the* loot twice a* laof is
wHlpml** twtbw
Hpocial Jfotioaa.
Lew Masltk Mapslsad.
Mf-oaftnt tor* ih* kwndaUaa af nook bodttr at
lartaf. da a rat* ana aw at* nttettaaa la ***** aad
Ttof Mi * vk*o a wall loaato— a prop. * • *
gwetoto a trd*f. kot pp*ar • be IMMMMW of. *r
indlHwiii *®, tk* era* tad daw* aad avtdaam af
decoy la Ik ear owe (rail aad MaaSU** nsilaaiUa
Tk**M*ta*aa**fMt*waatuf nao prwd*a* ta
that Mtu*a*wda tail by tlMoaiSd* t* *prt*sf ltd*
•wir pv w* aiuHt ban lirad la *a|*rakalaaad
heart# eld aeo. lltkar bad noema la tk* **pw ea*
of neraM* UM>W faiM# *iar at tk* propgr It*
Besas okat that fegeewa rtlaUse# ecu) tarttna**
attiM. llueMHer'l aiMeagh BtUara, IMH daw* io> Waak i
lea yraWM* af the ea*n**e4 aad bnMiaa do**, aad
wltk the tens, aahrdwa reeecd af ll* aa* before baa.
it gigwi waealaf Ik a* ae/ gpßsor fret* ptoasMare
AAAKAMI A■IMH1I WI LL*I an— akawda
rraatprtMO. m iHwaa* el a r ogmtet a* btlsoutleel
ekaraobar, ahgwM dalar. '*e few as hoar. M art *
aid okMb H* tsuac r*H*UUa aad tarisarptas anpw
UM ban a*r*r tailed lo afetd
II le ae eusget eitee lo Mr thai BaneMer**—***ll
Bltaet* 1* the w<Mt iattkfal atfar of aataro, ta hro rtr*
#ho Wilh Milgot aed lints, that gaedieel kotaayaad
beee.f aheattrtry bare yet #tee *a the ootid
Tke UrMk
paw ttas. *
Hsa#Qassfc--prt*wit( kaMotHe# .11 'M .ll
Viral uualJty.... 17 V .11
■5xwd5*......... -It . -MM
( i iioeey Ibla Catlia -IIS# til
lufr ar keawot yrada H',f If
tfiu-a Cttwa MjOu *HM
liaa-Ut* aSiliie M%
(soaaed .H# —H
o#a -•'>*
aprroa—MtdditiMi if a -ll
ri*tt-Utn Westers ...t..: IH •?
ttm ltd ta T.ia
Wcwtera _ IH AIM
' " a Male ISe *IN
ESJ3S:::-.:::£ I :
o.aa— lOaed Waea0ra....... .M... .ft M -Tl
Man-WtSMTB H'ii *1
itay. K?L...Z 1-aa f tn
fnuv....*i,, -di a I.N
Hon "ill at A l A M
.~ lan MN
Uaa... MM*'**
firadura-fVod*. Ityt ka*-T'fi,
omiLtL . § .
Paner .......Z... . A•
VlOsi ordit-iry....... .11 f H
the U A J?
OS I * Itgaoatoftory .Id A '•
•• ahimtaoit M A -It
ObW .it | U
near Caipui • MfJd
fl*ap7Z~ a..... ui an
IIQI TUy0....................... aad A id
#m tea |IIH
Wa**y-Su. I*l*l**™ 3.11 U)
Ooaa .14 A da
0n... Nil M
Haaunr t# A •
l.i'u ................... N A -if
Tint 1"0 At*
Has mm NAN
i una—Mia'd NT A -*T
Beaiary—biau N *LH
Pan Man t0....e~........ N a N
nMM.o.e ..MO. dad AM*
Wer.i-Weetoto MM. 110 s 10
Coaa—TaUs* NT • M
Hied *d A NT—t rua* ............... IT Vrodaod Sl-,
ou*aa ksaa • AM-*#
TlßoMjr... ITL A **
aatat acaos
Oartos—low 1Ldd1taca............ .X A •*
Piatt ••—Bit r* T.TI AST*
•lUT- 1* did
Oaa* * A Tl
o*n U M
(s> al CWk *" "rtl-rlaM Ptoeoa I* fbmsL X*
> 4 j/Lceota aactna V. . ftdkO 0&. as
ksN ettola. by toXWit BY *O) Cbi adettdua Pa.
na&at : wvss^.fa.ft&Wto
bar. aaeaaallßMeJ lo OB wars M Bsgpg Utr-uea-i Ik*
r iwS@sifis**s*.
UOllrr URKII.IY'g mn.-Tra
n CiJ. ** MM • t to OltlßOti
WUtT. Mn Of the J .IS *ll*ol PrwrtogW Oaap
etltr. a.ur;.!-'.*.. *. i.te.t li . Brw Tats.
A OCa rw Wa*|ed.-A|raOsatrsrc*niri
wjri lor e> tbae at a,r< hr f eU. Pattwal*. tr.-
lytooot d Cn. M.4 tftßi -a Pietiaf. Mi
IfUl IHT. etwopMaa. tojS-Cfonn om aaa sss
II eneb.ea i piodMMr wtafe: we rlehar
"•I ArMH- C >t'nT tUertatibt- HsOeo N*...
Free to Book Agents.
W# trill lend a huh et I r-.terte asr flee-
Ait. Wtt to*. Htotltej t
The New Popular Song.
**S&Utjr Rraaa." brtSawitborcd ■a.laMafaSa
"AS *1 Hw, t. auM a ramtpt *< fane*. Ma*
MrKaaatmaa * Ma aw awl aha***.
"Walla M akaaa Martk." h wf ttadin. br
laM" mradresrr MkaMana Mat*.
WW. A. PONO A 111. Ml Rroadwap. Baa Taifc.
~ Atrali Haaiaf far tba APTOWfXJR *PHT if
ior Rrriiltaat lain ai a Ban Ufa. UtaWaalad Tba US*
*1 d Tuaw *( a. turn a WiUialhi up btaad Maaw
Mortar* Walas*. AMI Slhadwar. *. T,
-W- fw- rtw HMwWIh - tfl 4 ww* Ve>%
ttigfrtiifciia The a-N ectar
■R399U U A Fl RE
r<ih tba Wo tm fin ■ Tba
•* * Ta* ls.rtad for aab ■* -
aAara. A'A tar aala Aaia lb onh
lWaßw B br ♦ Mrril AlUaltr aad
tm Partfla Too Co., >'•-• ! I .Is at
UN vs >** Twt
W**w TO— V-pr
Th Beat
Hair Dressing and Restorer.
" BURN At's <5 O AIN 1."
Tour Omffitt ba HI
float fbll • pr.r.ra MBS. WITILOWS
It ao< pldf lanaroa lha rh ij from paia. bal mri< r
*lm tba ooaart and taaal* rorraMa adlt|. aad ctaas
loaa aad la tta what* palia. It will a la* ta
ataalli irhrw
Crip la# ta th Bawrla aad Wind Call..
Wa halt*" I* tha BEST aad SI"REST REMEDY IS
THE IVuHI,UL tn ail swam at BVM.MK.vV AND
ISIARKHJ A is CIUI.I'BES. whrtUar ariaiac boat
lortkind oranr irthrr rti.a.
Dopaad upon it aanthara. w>U pta* tat* s>aoiaataa
Rrllrfaad Health ta Taar latitat*.
IU rnra and aal! for
a Mrs Wlaalosw'a Sootbta# Sj-r-ap,"
H triad lis laoSimWa of " CURTIS A PEIUCIIfS"
oa tha bitu.d* wrapprr.
Bold h( r*HM?eta tha World.
What is Needed.
Idtrai. Pah is. tan.
ntoat B. limn. Km , ... „ .
too .*r._Aboot OS. joar ateea I faaad atjmlf la a
faabla mtsdrtlna from (taaaral DabllWf. V? 0 * 1 "?**"
■sr.flr rwnaonwlrf to ta* bi a frtrnd who had bam
much aaacfttad bj .ta urn I prtwurad tba wOola aad
altar aatnf aararal bottlaa. wa* raßorbd to bratlh aad
diwna'.mtrd IM am I far) qaMa cmSAmt Ibai ttaam
thine rmtmr* th©n beeHA#
Givee Health, Strength and
Heartily Recommenda
Soctb HOdTOM. Prb. f.WW.
Ma Sfrnem.—Aw *r._l ham Sta
of your Vionwi. and aw ooorinaal D J *?AT*i"! > y
raised, for Uyjm/fi*. f **" mm*
I ill wall aaSartud haw tha
abom oont plaints
' .
as wi xsra
Is ssr mam. a*i* asd twiaide ts ui mm m
"SHURWW* *S **• V—
--lac 10 CfKUuM, *OO maa tone oawtw, P r "'*®*d
tfertr to—* ar* set <sujrtTf artaarai poms
Of other uy-atUMiad lIM rlUJi*toa waalod Ixyvod
IXTw Mouik. Sttoos* Wwuiha of
sH^gr , .ttsSSsa
pror* bettor mnHn T M* mriwa tsi s
CsclhT SrtcrriteMßMt!
IW T*MOI* <aaw>Uart la IMMSIM.
tasftpd grasp*, at 11* daws of *osiaMM*. or
STSof ttS, k* Tank- Milan dtapiajt an *M-
Ss*d it ttilaoaca Mat a Marked u*|nt**at M
SSStsng* ?ix~ra
K,"sstus; sSrK.'ssiS'ss
pLffl bintorti niaot rwemfni saes Vmrnm
1 asuE&lktfsE&issia
*lWttUPtea*M, rxayuoaa. Tttur,**-
bi-TT: iwdM sp* Pfcaw** run M",
SSSTLd BdSS a* ON. *. -f w^rnr
MrttMHfs*Maabort um b, X wlda*
Milan. <w> hnaeSiMnSnanwWstNNSMMß
1 taow*** •' uwr £2!!*f<s2L-o _
*UM I la* vtrtat** Maad nswf r°*
tat Ha lisps Hun Uanua* ilnisgh N *
Mas*. ArNpn***. or Sana: cu**m a * br ywi ,
j lad u ataaracMd naa mussmSMM*vadae; cMM
! it warn a Stool; yotwSMlMr" *W taltywa wkaa.
< Baaplka Stood pan. and Mc HaalUt *f UM sTMa
wtflhOow. _ _
(ir*if*l TkMuuli pro** VMNMB
,S n Uta mm jum**i Mat cm ma
iiHr - - u>r amis wan . .. _
Ma. Tap*. a4 adaa* Waram. HWfcMt M
piH/XSSusrs m£SSS
nrrSTaens to~ * ** Ma
praaw* of worm h la am spaa M* mum
ftonrMa of UM bad? that W*M* *. lart ■*•
lt diseased htUWOf* a* aS* drftofll* thai breed
tiMM* Hvusr anauwa af Mini, Asapse* af
I M % t-ruiH*. IM HI
if"ni" "isti ai 'rhai* TfM-
Ktun void haawiw. asd Mlorra., aa ibej edtasge
la Ulc, are sstojrrs to parallel* ad Oar How* tW
guard aamioal t*. tafca a dun of Waunts'* Vla
st.** Hrraaa twin a wot*.
■ttktu. mm* lalgmHm*
rtnt*. Wtdca M* aa pnmMMt HI URN MHARA OF
luCiui* ti aanaaiw, cs*wn*aa, fUfaua*. Bad.
Outorado. Srssoa. Bio Graad*. IN*. IWi*
Mottle. naraiuuk. RoaaoM. JMan a* naay
gumwitti* raanntasaf*. uwnyfc* oar
aattn ooaotfj donac tkt HSHHWW aaddwrne,
asd u*rta*V *0 donay mmam af 'aaajal My
1 and iryaoaa. an iaaariii> aimaai|H*il Waa sa
am dcnacMMßUaf um sHNnaat aad Irnr. asd
uibrr aMoodsai Hnrra. ta tarlf trnnimt a
patwMin. aaartun aMw*M imainsar spaa tkaa*
JTrfla. or**n. t* mituaii j Bawaa an. TMwa ■
DO cathar* for UW paipta* aal ta H* I- T*ut
saw Vivaaaa Brrrsaa. a* Hry ana yw*y
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