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Centre Hall, Pa., June 21., '3 |
TERMS.—The Rarest** i* rhlub^l
Weekly si $2 nor year, In
when not paid in advance, rorsixmont
... T . -
tt ARR.. £3
Any person sending us the names of i*
new suCeribesr, with rthessb. will re
ceive the RsrosTK* one T >co.
For Governor —Cham R. Bccxalkw,
Supreme Judge- Jamkm Thompson.
AUDITOR General —ML *■ B- Hartlky,
Cbngreemen al Laroe:
Jas. H. Hopkins j Rich'd. Vaux | 11
B. Wright
PWcynle* *( Largo to OmoWslsmwl the
w-HfieN ;
Jeremiah 8. Black, O. W. "Woodward,
Wm. Bigler, Wm. J. Baet.
Wis 11. Smith. T. R. L.owau
John H Campbell, 8. H. Reynold*.
Jstues Ellis, 8. C. T. £>odd.
George M. Dallas, R. A. UmberU-n.
A. A. Purmsn, Wm. Lterbett-
Tho democratic delegates from
South Carolina, are in favor of
Greeley and Brown.
The democraticcouveutiou of Flori
da pronounced iu favor *f the Cincin
nati nomination, but agree to abide
by the Baltimore convention.
President Grant has cleared out to
Long Branch alnmdy, where he will
spend the summer, as heretofore, iu
attending park-races, playing cards,
drinking whisky, Ac., like other fash
ionable folks.
Wm. H. Bu tasted, one of the Now
Jersey delegates to the Grant conven
tion, has siuce the meeting of that body
been sent to prison for twelve mouths,
for a conspiracy to defraud Jersey
City ef 115,000. He was a great
Grant man of course, like some more,
who, if they had their denerts. would
go to prison for lifo. Bums ted voted
for Grant in the convention, but it
is doubtful now whether he will have
the satisfaction of voting for him at
the poll*. Would it not be better to
have Grant issue a proclamation poet*
peuing the presidential election, until
his friend Butnstod has served out his
time, so as to make sure of that vote ?
Under Buchanan's administration
the Indians in the United States num
bered 44,021, land on them was ex
pended $2,991,121,64, or 67,92 i cents
per head. According to the last cen
sus the Indians .now number 26,731,
and upon tbem the Grant administrm-
tion expends 17,426,997.44 or $28d,64
cents on each Indian.
And now it is reported that Curtin
has writtea home that he intends tak
ing the stump against Grant. So one
after another the beet meo in the rad
ical ranks are deserting the Grant
crew. Curtin never had great love
for the present-taker aad he will take
thousands of radicalrwith him against
George W. Woodward, who took uch
a prominent part in the convaation which
formed the present Constitution to daprive
adopted citizens of their acquired rights,
and may therefore be said to be the father
of tha knew Nothing Party, is placed at
the head of the ticket for delegates to the
Constitutional Convention by the Reading
democratic convention!
The above we find in the Lewis
town Gaxette, and is going the rounds
of the radical organs. It is an old
slander against Judge Woodward, and
his action in the convention referred
to, is grossly misrepresented, and be
sides, his record since that, is that of a
warm and true friend of oar foreign
citizens. He was opposed to the Na
tive American party, which favored 21
years to acquire citizenship, and be de
tested the Know Nothings, who were
for denying foreigners all the rights
of citixenship. This alone is proof that
. wJudge Woodward bore no hostility to
our adopted citixeoa. But now these
same radical organs are supporting
Wilson for the Vice Presidency, who
was a bitter and an original Know
Nothing aud tbe father of that hated
organisation in Massachusetts. He j
belonged to tbe order that mobbed
Germans and Irish and searched tbsir
dwellings and which favored enact
ments to deprive them of the right of
holding office; even the sons of a for
eigner born upon our own soil were to
be outlawed because their parents hap
pened to be born upon foreign soil.
Henry Wilson was one of tbe origina
tors of this prescriptive order; let the
radical sheets mention this fact in con
nection with tbeir slander against
Judge Woodward, who ever denounc
ed Native Americanism and Know
Nothingism. Henry Wilson, tbe arch
enemy of the adontad citizen is on tbe
radical ticket wt th CAUL
FOOLXD.— Some in tfaa interests
Grant, has played a joke upon the Morn
ing Patriot, in a telegram, stating that th<
democratic county convention ef thiecoun
tyhad met and passed a resolution with bu
one dissenting vote, instructing tbe dele
gate from this tbe 18tb distiict. to the Bal
timore convention, to vote far a straigh
rout nomination and against any endorse
nient of the Cincinnati movement. Thii
is false. There was no meeting of uui
county convention ; and if there hed been
it would have been e piece of impudcnci
of which that body would not have beet
guilty, to pass such instructions, as it hai
no more to do with instructing the.delegati
aforesaid, thau the howling dervishes of
Persia. He is not the creature of anj
cpunty convention, and the despatch re
ferred to reflects upon the intelligent de
mocracy of this county, aud we correct it,
so that readers from home may not think
we are so dull as not to know our own
business. The talegram is the work ol
some otu who thinks he is smart, in dealing
in deception.
There was a meeting of our county com
mittee, numbering ouly 12, the full num
ber being some 3, called for local purpo
ses, a ltd under misrepresentation such a
resolution was passed. It is uncalled
for and out of place at this time, the com
mittee has ne authority whatever in the
The democracy of Centre is lor
abiding by the decision of the Baltimore
democratic convention, and has ne desire
to dictate to.tbat body, even if it bad the
right. The Baltimore conveaton will he
composed of the moat eminent democrats
in the country, and when they stand in
need of instruction from a minority of a
couty committee, they will send for it
Above all others do we prefer the elec
tion of arogular democrat but such trifling
aa referrea to wont help defeat Grant.
"The War Spirit Revlwl."
The Washington Chronicle has
among iU conspicuous heading- of the j
proceedings of the National Rcpubli- j
can Convention, "The War Spirit Re
vived." Aud Mr. George H. Stuart,
of Philadelphia, concludes hit note of
congratulation to Mra. Graut ou the
nomination el her husband as fol
lows ;
"M*y (led ble** him, ami prunrvi liis
vnlusbls life till every vestige of rebellion
U crushed out."
If this Is to be the key-note of the l'ree
dontisl campaign, it discloses a Spirit
to be greatly deplored. Surely the better
instinct* of the American |>eeple revolt at
the ides of reviving the war spirit now,
soveu years alter the war ha* terminated,
and raking its ember* for spark* to lire the
Northern heart. What "vetigo of rebell
ion" i* lelt, except the ruined survivor* of
the Confederate struggle, to all excepts
few of whom Congre** has just granted
amnesty, and though grudgingly, perhaps
yet shewing that it no longer would hold
them to be rebel*. And the Convention
tUelf claimed .lor the Republican party
that "it suppreeeed a gigantic rebellion.
Then let Republicans be coasUtenl sad
talk no fUrlher of the uosseaee of druhing
out the "vestige* of rebellion.' If there
were nothing better than that to conduct
the campaign os. it would be more hottest
to retire from.the Held.—{Baltimere Sua.
The Philadelphia Press of yestcr
dav had auolher double-leaded "hall
leader ou the political situation iu
Peuusylvauia. It chargea that Cam
•r*u (is again intriguing for reelec
tion :
The old game is sought t* be played
agaiu.iu utter defiance of public opin
ion. Candidates far Legislature are
te be chosen in Philadelphia, Pitts
burg, and Chester, pledged to coutiuue
the persoual rule under which Penn
sylvania has suffered iu both parties
tor a quarter of a century. • * *
A great peril hangs over the parly.
It cannot be averted by wleuce. It
must be aggravated if it ia not arrest
ed and if disaster crowns the refusal
te respect public opinion, our duty
has been done.
Concerning the strikers iu New
York the World of the 12th inst,
says :
The failure of the working men's
parade on Monday might be consider
ered as an omen. Already there is a
break in the strike. The employees
at Singer's Sewing'machine Company
have gone back to their work without
getting anything* The sash and blind
makers are apparently successful.
All the men are at work wu tbe eight
hour plan. Tho bakers are about to
demand ten hours.
According to the Cincinnati Com
mercial, our member of Congress,
Henry Sherwood, thinks Greeley will
take a large republican vote up in his
A co res pendent writing from Wabs
ington, 7th inst, says :
The Hon. Henry' Sherwood, Repre
tentative of the Eighteenth District of
Pennsylvania, has just returned from
a visit to his home, where he spent
some time informing himself upou the
the political situation. His district is
composed of Centre, Clinton, Lycom
ing, retter, and Tioga counties, being
tbe aortbern tier of the State. The
district went Democratic fur tho first
time when it elected Mr. Sherwood to
Congress, and has been regarded as
one of thejjsurast Republican districts
in tbe State. Mr. Sherwood says that
"folly one-third" of the Republicans
of the counties of Susquehanna, Brad
ford, Tioga, and Potter, all being
strongly in favor of that party, have
already announced themselves for
Greeley. He was also at the Reading
Convention, and by.a careful count
satisfied himself tbat considerable
more than half ef the delegation to the
Baltimore Convention from tbat State
would sustain the nominations made at
The democrat! of Indiana have
nominate*" Hendricks for governor,
and a large majority of the conven
tion reported in favor of Greelejr.
The liberal republicans promise to
support Hendricks, democrat, for gov
ernor. This will kill tbe radical
roacbes in Indiana.
The Vengpnt and Indianua demo
crats, in their Sute conventions, have
eodorsed the Cincinnati movement.
The Baltimore domocracy have also
prooonnced in favor of Greeley.
An extraordinary rumor it currant ac
counting for the marked distrust with
which all the propoeals ef the United
States with reference to tho Washington
treaty have been received by the English
government. The story is to the effect
that secret negotiations have been under
taken bv this government with some of the
Genova arbitrators ; that very large sums
of money had been drawn by the United
State* foreign'ofice from the Japanese in
demnity, er some ether secret-service fund
that this amount was paid by a London
banking-house to one of the agents of this
government, who tootst with him to Gene
Last 'night the dissatisfaction with the
treaty was expressed in unmeasured terms
by the opposition members in Parliament
Karl Granville end Mr, Gladstone both
made explanation in regard to the propo
s<f postponement of the meeting at Geneve
for eight months, but the tempter of each
House was against them and the course of
the government was bitterly and unspar
ingly denounced,
Delaware la Favor of a Straight
Democratic Tick at.
Dovin, Del. June 11.— The Democratic
State Convention met to-day, J. B. Pen
nington cCcupying tbe Chair. The resolu-
JjfOiM denounce Grant in the bitterest
fferms, and tbe thirteenth, fourteenth end
Ifkeenth amendments to the Constitution as
a fraud on the American people, and call j
for a straight Democratic ticket
The Autocrat of tbe Ruasias Turns the
Cold Shoulder to the Sou of UJys
sea L
NEW TOEK, June 13.- A UtraU It-Uer
from Moscow, referring to tbe reception of
General Sherman there by tbe Cxar, says
that when the Autocrat of Kusaia learned
of the General'• preeence in that city, be
prolonged hie stay expressly to give him
an informal reception. The Cxar greeted
Sherman with great cordiality; but when
Minister Curtin presented Lieutailt Grant,
the Emperor didn't give his hand to Mr.
Grant, and appeared cool in manner. The
correspondent argues from this that Alex
ia' reception in Washington is not quite
forgotten by tbe Cxar.
Tennie C. Clafl in was elected last night,
colonel ofthe|eighty-fifth regiment colored
The first vote taken was 198 fur Miss
Claflia, tad fifty in opposition. Greet con
fusion oecured, but the election was Anal
ly made unanimous.
So Tennie has got>bat she wanted, after
all. She tried to get the colonelcy of Jim
Fish's regiment, but the boys didn't like
it. But, we are curious to know bow she ,
'will seat herself en her charger,
straddle or sideways.
General Graut Against Free Klw
On the Wth, when the Knforceuieut
bill was being conaiderad in the Sen
ate, Mr. Caaaerly, of California offered
the following ainendmeut: "It shall
be unlawful for any civil, military, or
uava) officer, or any person connected
with the attempt to exercise
directly or indirectly any undue influ
ence or control over voters, or to dis
tribute ballot* marked in any way for
the purpose of ascertaining how voters
have voted, or to use any meausto de
stroy or impair the secrecy of the hhl
lot, and providing severe penalties
for a violation of this law." In the
course of an able and telling speech in 1
support of bis amendment, Mr. Caa
aerlv presented some slartliug tacts in
relation to governmental interference
iu elections in the State he so fearless
ly re prowl* iu the Seoatr. He pic
tured upon reelection. It appears
that the Navy-yard at Mare Island
was crowded with tueu, ou the morn
ing of the State election, operations
were comuicucod by moving a gang
from then?* to the |r>ll*. They swept
away all resistance, aud theu com-
J me need. The Navy-yard men, paid
servitors ef Gsueral Grant, matched
' up in gangs, each gang with its head,
, and each matt with his ticket iu hi*
, band, marked with the!uutuber of his
name on the Navy-yard pay roll, the
foremau checking otfthe names on the
- pay-roll, which he had in his hand.
• In that way there were 1,300 or 1,40G
( votes cast, under such circumstances
of duress aud coercion as would hav<
' been a disgrace in any country on tht
w globe where evatt the semblance of i
Stir election is tolerated. The ticket
. used ou the occasion referied to b)
Senator Casserly was marked ou tin
back iu the haudwritiug ef ous ol
e General Grant's beuchmeu in (.'alitor
uia, and was a thin strip of peper
* with the State'ticket printed oil tin
face of it solid, with the smallest typs
" that is ever used, so a* to make ant
alteration impossible. The ticket baj
' also a peculiar priuted pattern on th<
1 back. The Grant spotters were thui
'j able to see how their men voted, am
reward or punish them aecorißtogly.
The rceult of this outrageous system
was to'put hundreds of improper vote*
iu the hose* aud impair the purity
aud significance of the election. Fol
lowing the general Slate election was
one for judicial officers, aud the same
conspirators against the freedom of
election, the dignity of a laboring
man, got up another such ticket.
Thiuk of the degradation oflbcae poor
men, compelled to walk up lo.tho polls
like cattle, their tickets numbered by
the number* of their names ou the
pay-roll, their obligation to vole that j
ure|Mired ticket (hus couuecled;
directly with their daily bread,!
aud all under the eyes of the
government officials, aud* of course
with their full kuowledge. All these
facts were set forth iu defense of the
amendment offered by Senator easter
ly, forbidding officials from interfer
ing with elections, aud securing to
Americau citiseus entire freedom at
the polls. Yet the administration
took the alarm, issued orders, and it
was defeated. This is a bold, impu
dent declaration to tbe people of the
country, that henceforth elections are
to be managed by office-holders in
their own way. That way may be op
posed to the Constitution, to the per
petuity of our free form of govern
ment, to all tbe interests of tbe people,
but it is the only way by which Gen
eral Grant can be reflected, aud hence
iu adoptiou and enforcement Elec
tions, such as that described by Sena
tor C'aaaerly, are dangerous to the sta
bility of a Republic. They accustom
people to infractions of tbe tarrednese
of the ballot, and open tbe door for
other departures from tbe true Repre
seuative system. When a proper
point is reached, some scheming pol
itical knave, or bold,dashing roiTitary
usurper will seize tbe reins of govern
ment, and reduca the people to slaves.
Tbe Graut system has that extent He
would be re-elected by any means, aud
tbe tide of Reform, now to be seen in
all parts of tbe nation, has not risen a
day too soon to arrest the evil and
save the Repuplic.—Age.
We copy the following from the
Age, and cotnmcnd it to the careful
perusal of our readers.
It is hard to make some people see
the breakers ahead of ua. fbev can
not realise the terrible depth and
length and breadth of the iniquity of
the military clique which now aits in
the high places of the land and say to
one of their instruments, Go, and he
goeth ; to another, Come and he Com
eth ; and to a third, Do this, and he
doeth it.
To all objections made to the enor
nioue powers vested in Grant, they re
ply that he is a safe rnau and won't
abuse his authority. Why the meu of
,89 would have considered themselves
as dogs, bad they vested such powers
in the pure and incorruptible Wash
ington :
Last year, wheu Grant sent in a
message asking to have Butler's Ku-j
Klux bill passed, it was confessed and
acknowledged that such a bill made
him the arbitrary aud uncontrolled
master of bis own electlou. This was
so plain, that a proviso was nut in the
bill providing that it should expire
with the present session. It was passed
by lying declarations that the south
was in a stale of insurrection, over- '
throwing the carpet-bag governments ;
and resisting tbe Federal authority. :
This monstrous lie is embodied in the <
bill. It passed. Smelling commit-
tees ofyelcctcd partisans have since
traversed the South to collect evidence <
to excuse it. They found no trace or I
sign of the alleged resistance and in- 1
surrection. 1
They made a catalogue of every case
of murder, assault, and grand aod pet
ty larceny that could be heard of.
They were such cases as happen in eve
ry community. It was proved in de-'
bate that they were fewer in number
than the crimes committed, within the
same period in the city of Boston.
There was no crime that equaled in
atrocity or mystery, the murder of
Captain Colvocoresses the other day,
in Connecticut. Such a case would,
indeed, have been a God-send to the
Congressional smellers who were
bouud to find some pretext fer extend
ing their Ku-Klux act to the Presi
dential election. Pretext there is
none ; the true cause and object is le
carry out the plot of the imperialists,
of whom Grant is the tool, and was
chosen as such three years ago, and
bought with promises of gills and a
long term of office, lie will not will
ingly quit it. His desperate efforts to
get from Congress a cloak for usurpa
tion, in the Ku Klux law, betray his
intentions. The crew of desperate po
litical gamblers, who cluster round
him, have determined to overthrow
the free civil government they have
failed to administer. Incapacity and
rapacity have been the characterbticts
of Grant's civil administration. Now
his parthaus tell us he will do bet
ter, if we only let him turn it into a
military despotism ! Let the fate of
France, plundered,gutted aud brought
to ruin by the military tool of a crew
of thieves and peculators, be a
warning to u*. Kvety trua American
loathed the whiteJ sepulchre of French
Imperialism, when it yet made a show
of atrength and splendor. Who but
thieve* and traitor* waut to imitate it
now, exposed and degraded and
shamed ? I*l Qraut and hi* llutter
held*, Cameron*, Butler*, I-aats, and
Stocking* peacefully submit to the will
of the people. Their desperate plot to
coerce it will couvulse the whole coun
try and fail at laat. Imperialism with
a (*iant, i* not more attractive than
lnt|eriali*iu with a I-otii* Napoleon,
Auditor (icn cm I
It seem* that the Heading Couven
tion ww* peculiwrlv fortunate in aclect
tag our nominee for Auditor (iencral,
The ltcdfor J Uaielte, published at the
home of Mr. i/artley, say* :
' Bedford county waa honored by the
convention in the nomination of Win
llaitley, K>t , for Auditor General. Mr
ilartley'v peculiar tiMalificationv, for the
office to which be ha* been named, were
recognised by tbe representative* of tha
,State, and it wa* solely ou account of bit
[singular fitness for the pot it ion that be
wat singled out among the good men
iiamad in connection with thie nomination
as the'proper ]person la fill thii place on
the ticket We have known him intimate
ly for fifteen yeart, and we give it a* our
deliberate judgement that he will make at
honrtt, careful and efficient an officer at
ever presided over tbe financial accountt
of the Commonwealth Here at home no
man enjoy t a higher reputation for integ
rity of character, and in the north wettern
counliat, where Mr. Hartley hat acquired
large butiaette interevtt, he .it immciitely
popular. He ha* never been a politician,
never before tought an office, though al
wayt taking a keen interest in pablic af
fair*. lie it a man of refined culture, (a
graduate of Jefferson College), a writer of
much force, and a logical and effective
|>caker. The Ilemycracy of Uedford
county owe it to their brethern throughout
the State, to thow their appreciation of
the honor conferred upon them in the
nomination of, Mr. Hartley, by turning
out rx ii.i jif at the coiuiug election, and
polling the largest majority ever given in
the arinaU of politic*,"
Tall Speechuiaklug.
Purtuant lu a nolle*, Judge Settle, of
North Carolina, pro idem of tbe National
Republican Convention, aad the vlce-prea
t idenU for the aeveral State* and Territo
rial, mot at the at noon on
. K'th latL, to take action in regard to offi
cially notifying President Grant and Sen
' ator WiUon ol their nomination* at|Phila
' dolphia. Judge Settle and mo*l of the
vce-pre#iJ*nt warepreeant Anarrange
' ment had been previouly made with'lh#
Prctident to meet him at one t o'clock tbi*
; ( evening, but a* many of the gentlemen re
'! tiding in dittant Stale* detited to take the
' I evening train for home. Judge and teveral
i ol the vice-preidenU waited npen the
Pretident at lh<Capilol and|regue*ted that
he would fix an earlier hour, lie accord
ingly fixed 1 o'clock p. and at that
S hour wai at the White lloute awaiting
• the arrival of the officer* of the convention
- The latter arrived at about 1:30 and were
( thown into the President'* private
t The President came in a nteutent later,
, when each ef the delegate* wa introduced
t by Judge Settle. After the ceremony of
introduction had been performed. Judge
. I Settle *aid :
Mr. Praaident : We are before you to
perform a very agreeable duty. We are
here to officially inform you of y#ur Bom
iaalion.for the Preeidency by the Nation
al Republican Convention awembled in
I'hiladelphia en the 6th initant. Beyoned
thia 1 do not know that we have anything
to aay.
Mere Judge Settle handed the Preaidctil
the letter officially notifying him of hi*
Speech of Preaident Grant.
The Preaident Mid:
Gentlemen : lam not itady to ropond
to your letter, but will|taka nn early op
portunity to do to in writing.
Judge Settle—Yet, air, your anwer, 1
pratuinr, thould he addreaacd tome.
Mr. Stor*. ol lllinol*-I wuhtbe Praai
dent of the Convention would teli Preai
dent Grant what a uperb convantton we
had. 1 have never acen anything toe<|ual
| Judge Settle—l confess 1 ini to
| the.task and consequently I mutt decline.
' Suppose you do it.
The President—That it a speech to
which 1 could appropriately retpend. It
t ia abort and to the point.
Tbia tally ol the Preaident occaaioncd
general merriment
Judge Settle —1 am quite ture I thould
fail it I attempted anything like a detcrip
tioa of the convention. It cannot be de
. acribed. The enthutiaam, the unanimity,
the eolid vote of every State, can't be ad
equately daacribed even in the public
piinte. The Preaident muat bimaelf have
been preaent to fully appreciate the con
vention. What we new want to do ea
penally ia to tell the Preaident what we
' intend to do in November.
Paul Slioback— Mr. Preaident, aa a vice
preaident of the National Convention, and
and aa a representative of the Germane of
America, I pledge Alabama for you in No
vember with aa handsome a majority aa in
lfWß.Jend the overwhelming Jvol* of ike
MOO.OOt) German voters in the United
j Stntw.
The President—lt ia certainly gratifying
| for me to learn that after holdirg office for
three years, never before held a political
office and never having been a candidate
for nomination, I have been indorsed by
my former supporters. This is something
I cannot forget. lam of course Very grate
General Solomon D. Meredith said :
The nomination ef President QranO* un
precedented in tke histery of the United
State*. In the Philadelphia Coavention
every Congressional district was represent
ed and every delegate cast hi* vote for yon
Mr. President, i have been present at
other Republican convention*. \ was
present when you, Jf r. President were first
nominated, and I ran say unhesitatingly
that I never before saw such spontaceous
unanimity as was exhibited at Philadel
phia. It is very flattering to you, sir ; and
now let me say for Indiana that she will
give you fifteen electerial votes. I will
not say anything precjg# majori
ty, but I am sure of fifteen electoral
votes. *•
The President's Huoior.
The President—At any rate, don't let
youi people vote but once. (Laughter.)
General Meredith—No., we propose to
give the State by a handsome majority by
allowing each State te vote once only.
B. F. Con ley, the Georgia vice-presi
dent, said ; We will do the best wo can
fur you. The President—That is as much
as Georgia can do. (Laughter.)
General John P. Benjamin, of Missouri
—You know, as well as I do, Mr. Presi
dent, that disaffection has existed in the
ranksofthu Republican party in Missouri,
but jet we assure you that the disaffection
is very slight. We propose to do now as
we did in IN6t< and v, ill do our duty at the
Governer Fairchild, on behait of Wis
consin, pledged the Fresident a handsome
majority, as did the vice-president from
Michigan, and Charles J. Melord (colored)
of Virginia, for 00,000 majority for Grant.
Mr. A. D. Norton, of Texas, said : If
Mr. Greeley should bo Indorsed at Balti
more, Texas will give you Iter electoral
vote. Every loyal man will support you,
inasmuch as they have already surrender
ed to you.
Mr. William H. Wisner, of Tennessee:
I promise you, Mr. President, that we will
make a gallant fight in Tennessee. There
are a good many of the Southern Deinoc-
racy ill my Stale alio, if they are tallud
upon to *ive III• their organisation to
Greeley ami Itrtiwn, would prefer to nur
reinler to yuii n tin y • li<l in iNl'i
(iruiiFa Acecplanrc
The following i* (smut's letter no.
cepting the nomination :
"WAMIKOTOK, |). C., Juno 10,
"//mH, i'tuirtfl* iVrßlr, /V, oi/rut .V,tfoooj/
HrfiuUti'HH OisrrshiiK; /'/ .Vfr-nAwrA,
A.7tAi liii/trr, I .1. \o< •/.oof, and "/Arcs
I'lVt- /Vrm/i m/
"GkfcTt.KMKk Your letter i t this date
advising me of the uclion of the conven
tion held in Philadelphia, I'M , on the Ata
and tills of litis month, urn! of my unanl*
mout numlualion lor the Presidency hy It,
is received.
"I accept tlie nomination, and through
you return my heartfelt thanks to your con
stituents for this mark of their confidence
and support. If elected ill November and
protected hy a kind Providence in health
and atrength to perform the dutios of the
high trust conferred, I promise Ihe same
leal and devotion to the good of the wlode
people for the future of my orticial itle as
shown iu tkw past. Past e*|serien e may
guide lou iu avoiding int-lake, inevitable
with novices in all professions ami iu all
"Win n relieved from tbu rc>|Hi*ibili
lie* of my present trut, by llie election of
a UCce*or, wbethorit be at llie end of tbi*
term or neat, I hope to leave to bim a* Kv
ecutive a country at paace wilbiii it* own
border*, at ueaee with out*idnation*, with
a credit at home and abroad, and without
embarrassing questions to threaten. it. fit
lurr prosperity.
"W ilh the expre.ion of a doini to ee n
•peedy healing of nil bittei lie-* ol feeling
between *ection>, J.arlie*, or race* of citi
xeun, and the time when the title of ciliaen
carriu* with it all the protection* and priv• j
ilege* to the htiuiblci-l that it dot-* to tlie
mo*t exalted.
"I subscribe myglf, very retpectfull.v
your obedient servant,
I'. S. Cms t,
From New l'ork.
New York, June to. The *tnker rc
lolved la>t night to prevent any workmen
from beginning their uual work ol the
day in Stein way * factory, in Ifty-lhird
•trcel. Consequently a Urge committee
wrvre ap|Hjinted u> lie in rcadiac*. at the
fa .'lory thi* moruing at U>'clock. The po
lice, however, wen- fully informed a> to
what wn to Lake place, and were also in
readme**. The *triker> gall.t red in mall
•quad*, and tlaried to fullflll their iuten
tion of destroying , the building and the
machinery within, iteforethem, however
tbu police were ma**cd in and around the
building,'nndertbe charge of .Superintend
ent Kelo, personally. Skirmub line*
were throw u out, ami number* oroArar*
•cut out in ciliaeu*' clothing to watch llie
kotule body The trikcr* assembled "**'
ktrung, a couple of block* further down
Luxingtoti avenue, but bearing of the pre
paration* made to receive theui, hesitated
about making an attack. The ottl men
employed in Uie factory began their work
at usual. While tome of them wore ap
proaching the faetory they were a**aulu-d
by the striker* who were *OOll driven
away by the police. Several were badly
clubbed, and other* were taken inle custo
dy. The policetlill remain in charge of
the building, and groat excitement exist*
in and around the ward. The mob
have gradually dispersed, and now num
ber but two hundred.
Tbe Striker* ou the War-path.
The police were informed tbi* morning,
about an hour after the at Stein
way *, that a large number of tlriKer* had
during the earlier part t the day had |mm
xwtion ot the factory of II B. Phyfe, in
Porty-tecond atrcet, between Second and
Third avenue*, and that they were pro
venting the own. r of the factory iron, en
tering IL Officer Tockcr, of the Nine
teenth precinct, a lio placed in chargv
of the police, aaw the atriker* on the atoop
of the factory ami rvfUae admittance to a
machinist fhmi Newark, who had come to
nurchaae machinery. For about half an
hour thia aUU ot' altair* continued, and
in the meantime communication tent
to the Central office- Superintendent
Kelao immediately took a furcc <>f one hun
dred men, under Captain* Waabburne,
Tynan, Gunner, Walafi and Burden, and
proceeded to the factory whereat ho alrtker*
were in full po&aeaaion. Anutht r atrmig
detachment, under lni>et>tor l>ilk, bciug
adviacd by the mounted patrol, proceeded
to the Twenty-firt precinct in Third ave
nue. and joined Kelao a gang Superin
tendent Kelao at firt attempted lay mild
meana to get tiro alxikera to depart, hut
without avail. At latglht) club waa retort
ed to, and a charge **> ordered on the
crowd. The police ru-hc-d in i|on the
atrikera with uplifted cluba. Some of the
rioter* thawed fight,* hut they were toon
brought to terma willi a few well directed
blowa frem the cluba of tbe police. The
mob fled in the grealeat confuaien, luinb-
each other toward* Third avi
nue, where they were met by Ir*|ector
Dilkaa, who alao on them at Lex
ington avenue, when ll.ey turned and ran
towarda tbe factory of Stein way Jt Solo.
In the ruth one the riatcra fell upon trail
ing in Third avenue and brake hiaahould
er blade. He waa afterward* taken to Bel
lev ue Hurpilal.
Railroad Men ou a Strike--Tho Move-
rncnt Extending.
Albany, June 15.—Thirteen hundred
machinists, carpenters and painters, em
ployed <>n|tho New TorkJCentral and Hud
son Kiver Railroad, havo struck for eight
hours a day. The claim wa* made on lait
Wednesday, and to-day a reply was given
that the demand could nut be complied
with, on which the men in the shops at
West Albany dropped their work tools,
marched out and formed in two linos.
One of the leader* called out "those in fav
or of eight hours step to the right— those
for ten hours to the lefl. "All the men
stepped Ito the right, and afterwards
marched, with ajbai.ner 'inscribed "Eight
hour* and no compromise," te all shops,
gathering accession* to lhcir|raiiks at every
shop until the strike was completed.
A Washington despatch says of Andrew
Johnson :
Ex-Presideiil Johnseu, who is now iu
this city, i* non committal on ilia Greeley
question. He says he will abide the decis
ion of the Baltimore Convention, what
ever that may be, and lie iaof the opinion
that whoever it nominates wilt be elected
and makea better President than General
Grant. not believe that the
country will again indorse Grant, and if it
does the people wi!!|havc abdicated their
rights and liberties. He proposes to take
the stump for the nominees of the Balti- I
more Convention.
The democratic oditor# of Illinois held n
convention on the 12th insL, and adopted
the following resolution . "Rrtol rr<f, That
in the opinion of this convention the nom
ination of a third ticket at Baltimore will
not subserve the interests of the democrat
ic party, and should the Cincinnati nomi
nations be indorsed at Baltimore we pledge
them our earnest support."
Hurrah for Cubal
Han of Operations of the Cuba Filibus
Account of the Escape of the Steamer
Fannie from Baltimore.
W ASUI.VQTOX, June 14.
The Daily Morning Chronicle of to-day
contains an account of what is propotcd to
bo done under the lead of General Kyan,
who left New York on Wednesday in the
steamer Fannie for Cuba. The plan of op
erations is slated to be : On disembarking
General Kyan will tlrnt rally the coast
guard, and immediately despatch a fleet
of couriers to the interior of tho island, to
announce to the trustees of Cuba, already
aware of it, the approaching army of liber
ation, and will with all expedition get to
gelhor the largest force he can for the pur
pose of protecting tho Undiug of two ex
peditions which will follow him without
delay. Three stcamuis put te sea the same
day, cash one hating the same destination,
but the Fannie will reach the rendezvous
some little time in advance of tho others.
The entire force amounts to fully one
thousand two hundred men, and all of them
are completely armed and equipped. Gen
eral Kyan will remain on tho coast, aud ex
peels to have within forty-eight hours of
his landing at least live thousand true Cu
bans rallied to his standard, and ready
armed to make a tight if necessary in the
protection of the dsiembarkation of the
twe steamers. More expeditions are to fol-
low the one already -tutted, and •tioiig
hopes are entertained that the great object I
will heliieeoinplUlted between now ami the 1
I'reddeiitial eleetloii.
Mr, K-ling informed Captain Moure that
they were to protect him and party incase
o| tieiug overhauled hy a Spanish itian-of-i
war, The captain of th {iurthsrns exam
ined the vessel thoroughly, hut found noth-'
ing on her hut coui.
The Flood at I'mguu.
J'erriblt />< rattation,
1-o.MniK, June J't The details of the
floods near Prague -tale that the Water
poun d over the country, sweeping every
thing before it. The lertilo district* were
devastated and a nutuber id villages swept
away. Tl.e Ins# of life it appal'ing, Ihe
I number ot persons who perished being e
timatcd at sSVeli liuinlred.
* niiip in,
Terrible Cnlauiity at MurKcillcN.
it tMtii.LM, J tint* Itl W ili*t
t*h •iiaiit-tliip tiuadayea wa* lying In thi*
pott to-day, with pa*neiigrr* tin board, her
hitler* ii|iliklihl, hiicl the entire upper per
limi of I lie >hl|> wn torn|>lcm -a Of (bote
on bourd, but few escaped death or injur v.
Forty-four pa*ciiger., ami eleven vf the
• •Nicer* and crew wort- uuiaiilly killed
Explosion til Steam-tug in lowa
Fearful 1.0-a of Lift*.
Mt-(i Kt.ooß, lows June Jo. The raft
boat ti. It, |wfil Imri! tt I I*
M ye.lurday, and when nearly opposite
Norib Mi (Jrcgor, liar boiler exploded,
hinwllig nil above tin- boiler deck* ililo
fragment*, iti*l lor bull immediately sunk
ill *lXleeli feet o( water. It is not iletiliilu
ly known bow many ware on board at the
Ulne of t lie aeeidunt, and it U impost jhlc to
nieertaiii at present, a- the Captain and
owner of the boat remained at St. Lai.ii.
About twenty-live peraona Were kilted.
A phenomenon occurred 111 I>nke Onta
rio, The water rote two feet, then fell,
and continued tbi* moveim-iit for tuiau
lime. Kib etiut to the surface, and there
were other indication* of iubmarine earth
Ihe lowu tit uioci utic Rtalc cuuveti
tion unanimously ntlnpitxl the follow
iug reaolulioii;
Retohtd, Thai the jiruicijilcs enun
ciated by the late C'iuciiiuati Conven
tion, taken iu connection with the letter
of Horace (Jreclcy accepting the uotu
iuatiun of that convention, coiwlitute
a idatlorm on which all the elements
ol opposition to the prcseut corrupt a<l
luiuiatratiuii of the Federal govern
ment can rtaud.
-V ucgro named Peter Taylor taketi
out to be hung in Marshall, To* a*, on
the lOlh ult., did not await the lardy
action of the sheriff, hut touched the
Itap hiruself, and iu au instant was
dangling in the air. He had coiil'eaaed
lo a double murder and a hundred
other ciuuejt.
A young lady writing 011 the sub
ject of kiasiug rays "1 should us lief
have a good kiss a* a new cashmere"!
we would quite as lief if not liefer give
it to her.
(S ~ )!|
ifr g\ wl4 1 ilium I w'
Act NP- -A.g, \ BOUTOhNURtti£"
The Champion of the World.
The new Improved American Button
Hole Ovt-rat-atniitg and Complete
Sowing A/aciiine—The great
est machine of the Age !
Simplcily, Durability & Cheap
ness Combined.
Thia mac bine being the 1 ileal, h#a moiiy
improvemenla overall oilier, in a word, it
L'a |>crfcvi marhiiojw hich U acknow iedg
til by judge* andageuta of all other
Call on A. L. Hurtgi, Mxdiaonburg,
who U the authorized agent for Centre
county. Alao keep* tho boat ScWltijr Ma
chine thread, i.ecdie*, and repair- all kind*
of acwing machine*, clock*, wale hex, mu
aick bove- Ac 1 will llioroughlv canvan
the aet-tion belonging to me, ami I ahall be
very much pleaaod to M-ll every pcrn a
machine, on ea*y term* ; give it a trial be
fore pure hating any other—it ha* no eoual.
Partiea wiatiing the machine, will pfeaae
addre*- the undcr-igncd. Sail-fiction
guaranteed. All order- promptly attend
<k! to A L BAItTGKS.
Agent for Centre County
M App-oxnt ki., Pa-
New Clothing.Store
engaged to manage for I L. Beixeustein,
in the corner building. op|>o*ilo Holler
store, Uellefoiite, ha* established a new
Clothing Store, where the beat bargain* in
the county arc offered.
$7.50 to sls for Suits of the fin
est Cassintere.
and a full and complete assortment ofev-.
ery thing in the line of Clothing.
CaPUl'w t'liritiwhittK Gootla
all dirtily from their own manufactory. |
Jewelry, timeliest, Ac,
They have engaged their old clerk, Mr. j
A. Sternberg, so well known to the people,
and who will be pleased to see hi* old
friends, a|>stf.
Piece goods of every diacriptioti, sold
low to enable everybody to have his cloth
ing made to order.
Are the Sole Proprietors of the
Celebrated T. T. Kinsey Patent
Copper Lightning Rod.
Also maiiufactuicrs of
Of every Dccripton and of the most approv
ed 9tyl\
All URDRRT fur PUTTING HJI Aw/.< nml Vnnrs
wilt rteriwt prompt nttriitinn if g\rm to
Agents for Centre County
Centre Hali., Pa. aprl2tf.
Itailroad O. k.
Herlacher & Cronmiller.
Have just received,
Dry Goods, Notions, Groceries, Hard
ware, (jueensware. Wood and willow ware
Iron, Suit, Fi.-h mid in fact, n magnificent
assortment of everything
anil now uttered at prices lower than
the lowest.
Ih •ess Goods
A most beautiful variety, consisting of all
the novelties of the season,
white floods, embroideries, hoop skirts,
AH we ask that you will
silver plated and Yankee Hurness double
and single, bridles and halters. Apr 1
< H. O, KKIMkoKM a. *
New Firm- New xiutcrprae.
(Successor* to It. 0, U*l*i koicai
We would most r> poutfuily inform the
public, th*t they have taken eharge of
this old and successful establishment. nd !
propose to carry on the same under ro
ne wed auspice*,
They have on hand, and will make to
of any poasibla design, and pries.
We Use lha best grade* <if marhle
1 IT.LMA*,
• Car a aw,
itITIAMI' dtC.,
ami say with perfect assurance, "Our
work is our rsforenco."
Shop, |east of Itridge, Miltheiui.
. apt-July.
Noli llmckerlioff Hiw, Itcllelonte.Pa
Ih rtlcra in drugs*. 4 licmiculs*.
IVrftinicrj, fuiicy 4*uihll* AT..
Pure W'inu* and Liquor* for medieal
l>ur|io*e* a!way* kept. may *l. 72.
f U Wll Man IHugAk a uicKa.
z Wll AON A- HICK'S,
I Z ltellefssnte. Pi,,
\ y iSm-t es.-or# to Inwia a wiuoi,,) >
:f" Kcwpeetfully inform the citinen* of
Centre and other eountie*, that they *
< have one of lite largest and beat e- 5?
I ft. lacked st*K k of Hardware to be found, -
I.; nuaUting of In<n, Steel, Kail*, ®
"t~. Horae Shoe*. Afel, Spriijg Wagon
Skein* and noMA, Complete ator a of **•
J. car|seitler tool* and builder* hard- O
lock*. oils, paint*, gla**, var- ®
!j3 ni*he, brushes, cu< umber pump* and *
tubing, luimp* af all kind*, scale*, £
; cutjery, wj
Full line of saddlery and cuaeb ma
( iker* good*, wood work for buggie*
.. and wagon*, plough*, barrows, culU
, J .valor* and grindstone*. Looking H
Uf glai and mirror i.lalc- Picture S
frames maJc to order. They also"
J have the celebrated cook stove,
•t every one warranted h give perfect
'f satisfaction All kind* of |sarlor '
stoves. We are determined lo sell 2
< at tbc lowest price* for ca*h, or on!
la. short credit not to exceed three
. rlmottlb*. ("all and aae u, a* we take'
>5 pleasure in showing our good*. '
> marlotf. Bellefonte, Pa.
i i
I have fur sale n much larger!
Mock of
thi* *< n- .ii than h-rr-lofore.
Uolujuat received from New
Price* Ranging from
9cts. to $1 per Bolt
mar22.Jip. Milroy, Pa
Gift & Flory's
New Sluie Store !
Tlicy have ifww opened, and wilt cii-tanU
lv kwu on hand, a vplcndid -lock of new
men, women and children, from the bo-t in the country, and now of-i
fcrcd at the
Lowest Prices,
BOOTS and SHOES made to order, upon
► bort notice Tl.oy invite the people of
this vicinity toghethem a call, as they
will strive to merit a share of their pat
ronage. inyKnf
I uooa MEI.OW Uort fcK'a
Healer in
fUftMJ T u a 2
Parlor and Chamber Sets,
i Particular Attention to Ordered Work,
In All lis Branches,', V AI.NL'T, ROSEWOOD, ANI>
j Always on Hand, and Funerals Attended
With an Elegant Hearse. apktf.
Stoves! Fire! Btov*si
At Andy I tec-man "a, Centre Hall, arc
latest and best stores out, he has just
received a large lot of
Cook Stoves, the Pioneer Cook,
the Eclipse Cook,
the Reliance Cook.
PA BLURS—The Radiant Light, self-fee
der, Gas Burner, National Kgg,
Jewell, dee.
He sells stoves as LOW as anywhere .
ia Miffiiu or Centre co. >
The undersigned hereby informs the
eitiaens of Peon*valley thai ne lias pur
chased the Tiusliop heretofore carried on
hy the C. 11. Mfg Co., and will continue
tlie same, at the old stand, in all its branch
es, in the manufacture of
All kinds of repairing done. He has
always on hand
Fruit Caus, of all Sues,
All work warranted and charges reason
able. A .-hare of the public patronage so
licited. AND. REKSMAN,
'isepTOy Centre Hall
i; x ECU TORS NOTlCE.—Letters Tes-
I j tainentarv on the estate of Solomon
ltiMiel, late of Gregg twp., dee'd, have
been granted to the undersigned. All per
sons knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will make immediate payment, and
those having claims will present thein
properly authenticated for settlement.
maylT.St. Kxecuto .
ter of AdmisiiMration on the estate ot
Susannah Nee.-e, late of l'eiui twp., dee d,
having been granted to the undersigned,
he requests all persons, knowing them
selves indebted to said estate to make im
mediate payment, and those havingclairns
against the same to present them, duly au
thenticated by law for settlement.
may 24. Ot Administrator.
V\ oorfni Pumps,
.uSS w.uld reapeclfullycall
(h<>attentionofthecitiaena oft en ire county,
and Fonnavaliey in particular, to the fact
that he is manufacturing
THE JJS3? PUiai',
i.Md.nt luw.a or olu.bon. Uo ui" 0000
but the b( n inut.rsal, NI: TIIICM
to give satisfaction, as being the moat last
nig and durable, aurcnioa TO VHI OLD
j wooden pump. being arranged to let the
water on and prevent Iraaamg in winter.
I Ine, P"plar or cucumber puinpa always
in hand. Ilia maUrial for pumps Is all
!*aw*d fhmi large timber, and are thus
Secured against ( becking or Cracking.
orders by mail promptly fllled.
PIT ING, madeefthe beat material, of
five Inch scant!lag, joined together with
! coupling blocks, thoroughly banded, and
■ wat ranted to stand any pressure required
j for ordinary use. Prices of piping range
(rm late Itf e it> per foot. Send orders to J TKLLKK,
Milasbwrg, Pa.
Centre Mall, Pa.
if a. on bad and tr sale at the most rea
sonable rakes a splendid stock of
and "very description ofWagons both
warranted |a be made of the best and most
durable materials, and by the most espe
rienced workmen AU work sent out from
! ibe establishment will be found to be of
| the highest class and sure to giaa perfect
satisfaction. Ife will also have a tfve as
suftment of BLJ£HJIIH
: of all lita newast and most fashionable
style* well and carefully made and of tb#
best materials.
An inspect!, u of his work is akd as it
; is believed that none superior can be found
[ in the country.
Receive Deposits and allow interest.
Discount Note*.
Make Collection*.
Issue Hasten. Exchange,
And a general Banking Business dene, j
i A WALT aa, PaaaincKT.
Cashier. mar&tf.
A new and complete Hardware Store ha
Seen opened by tbe undersigned in 11 rock- j
arholT* new building—wheretbevar* pre
wired torn Hall hind* orbttiidingandHoum
Furnishing Hardware, Irou, Steel, Nail*. :
ggy wheel* in setts. ChanipionClotha* l
ringer, Mill Saw*, Circular and Han/1
! Saws, Tennon Saw*. WebbSawi, Ix-Crean
Freezer., Uath Tub*, Ciothc* Rack*, a fui.
aaaorttnent of Ulbm andMirmr Plate of a!
six#*, Picture Frame*. Wheelbarrow*,
Lamp*, Coal Oil Lamp*, Belting. Spoke*.
Felloe*, and Hub*, Flo w,Cultiv,-ior Corn
Plow* Plow Pointa, Shear Mold Bwud
and C alti valor Teeth, Table Cutlery Shov
el#, Spade* and Fork*, Lock*, Hinge*
(Screw*, Sa*h Spring*, Hore-Shoe, Nail*{
Norway Rod*. Oil*. Lard. Lubricating,
Coal, Linseed-Tanaer*. Anvil*. Vioea, BeJ
tow*, Screw Plata*. BLo kunith* Tool*.
Factory- Belle, House Bell*, Dinner Bells.
Con* Be!l>, Tea Ik-U*.Grindstone-, t'arpen
ler * ool*, Fruit Jar* andCana, Paints, Oils, j
\ ami#he* received and for rale at
juoeS' J. A J. HARRIS.
(vrand Opening
FOR 1872.
whore hi ha# o|>ened with a very large
stock of the luted style*, both fancy and
Parlor, Chamber and Kitchen Furni
of alt kinds.
All kind* of repairing done with newt
no** and dispatch having four good work
men at the bench. I am pr--pared to do
tall kind, of* utiotn work, fine or common.
Thankful for past favor*. I hope by strict
attention to hu.ine## you and everybody
else will show smiling face* at my new
1 ware room*
Machine Shops.
Van Pelt dc Co.
The undersigned, having leased the
' j above oUblithiuenl. announce to the pub
i lie that the same will be carried on in all
I its various branches, as a
nnd Manufactory,, of Agricultural
I m piemen ta,
I They are prepared to ill, upon shortest no
tice, all orders for
Horse Powers
Threshing Machines
Llaj Hakes,
PLOW'S and Plow Castings
"f every description, all kinds of Castings
made and tilted up for
Mills. Forges, Furnace*,
Factories, dx.
Also, everything in the line of
. , „ HANGERS,
ID Irou or Brass.
We employ the beat Patternmaker*.
Our Patterns arc new and of the latest '
improved plans.
Alsomnnnfaclure the unrivalled
Corn Planter,
which is the best now made.
All orders by mail promptly attcm
ded to ldec7ltf
For kale by
• \VM. J. M a NTGAL.
Allegueuey Street, Bellefonte, Pa.
D. JOHNSON A SONS, Proprietors.
The proprietors offer to the traveling
public, anu to their country fticnds, first
class accommodations and careful atten
tion to the wants of guests at all times, at
fair rates. Careful hostlers and good stable
ling for horses. An excellent table well
served. A Bar supplied with fine liquor*.
.Servants well trained and everything re
quisite in u first class Hotel. Our location
11 in the business part of the town, near the
Post Offico, the Court House, the Chur
ches, the Banks, and the p incipai places
of business, renders it the most eligible
place for those who visit Bellefoete on busi
er pleasure.
Au Omnibus will carry passengers
,and baggage to and front all trains
'free of charge.
Furniture Rooms!
oespcctlully inform* ths oltUcns of Canttr
county, tbnt h has constantly on bind and
make* to order, all kind* ot
TABLKM, 4c., 4c
11 io kicck of ready-made Furniture l Ist >
■nd warranted or good workmanship mot
ill made under bis own Immediate *uprr -
•ion, and I* offered it rate* at cheap
where. Tbankftil for |Mt favors, h -.t ■
iu a continuance of the name.
Call and *ee kia stock before mirrhsr.i
elae where. s|df'h
Aitorneysat Law. Beliefonta,
Otßc , on the Diamond, nest door to Oar
man's hotel. Censultationa In Herman i
Engl ah. fehtFlKHf
TOHM F PoTTKK, Altera ay at Law "
J Collections prom fitly made and spceia
attention given to those having lands wt
property for sale. Will draw up and have
acknowledged Deeds. Mortgage*, 4c. Of*
Ice In the diamond, north aide of tin
court house, Beliefonta. <-CEf tibu
nsasr asocsskaorr, > t SHOSST.
President. (Jaahier.
(Late Milliken, Hoover 4 Co.)
And Allow Inlercwt,
Discount Notes,
Buy and Belt
Government Heeurlties, Gold and
apionmr CMiwa>,
J AS. M M A WITS Attorney n* £L
Bailee" -.ik* , ineptly attends to all tie
inaaa entrusted to him. JulS.fißtf
DP, FOKTNRY, Attorney at Us
# ftellefonte, Fa. Ofice over Kay
nold'a bank. may 11' Out f
u tt'AlXtarca, JAUT* a. BKAVKK
Beilefonte, Centre Co., Penn'a. apfdhf
IKA C. MITCHELL, Attorney at U
■ Ralisfonte Pa. Oflrs in Uarman.s
new building opposite the Court House,
C. H. CJ utellus,
Snrgroii mad Korhuikal l)pi(i*i
who i* permanently located is AafMubura
in the- ufor formerly occupied by lr Ji*S,
and who Ut l practicing with entire
succee*—having ike experience of a numhei
of year* la tha profusion, he would cordi
ally invite all who have m jet 'wot giver
him a call, to do m, and tact the trutkr-JW.
of tki a**rrtioa. JW-Terth extracted
without wain. mjrtftMf
/no. u. oavia. c. v. iuinbit
Attorneyvat-law. OAcc inCourad Houtn
BellefonU, Pa
with Orrkd Alexander, attend* to roller
lion* and practice in the Orphans Court,
j flaa'TOtf
BOyTH, large (dock, all jl.;.iii . and
price*, for men and hoy# ju.t arrived
at WotPwall known otd ma ad
Chas. H. Held,
( lack, Walchealter dfc Jrwrlrt
Millheim, Centre co.. Penna.
Rrapectftilly inform* hie mead* and IS*
public in general, that he ha* Jtiot upea**.
■t ho new <-Ublihm)l. above At*tan
der** Store, and keep* constantly on band
all kind# of Clock*, Watch** and 4*w*b%
of tbe Intact *tvlm, a* at*o the Maraavilk
Patent Calender Clock*, provided with a
complete index of the month, and dav ol
the month and week on it* face, which i*
* arr!i!< <j*i* perfect time-keeper.
K®.Clock*. Watches and Jewelry re
paired on ibort notice and warranted.
\f ILLKR S HOTEL, Woodward, P.
iU Stage* arrive and-depart daily
Th (avorita hotel i* now ia every rwpect
one of the moot pleaaaat country hotel* ia
central Pennsylvania. The traveling com
munity will always And the brat accommo
dation. Drover*can stall time* be accom
modated with stable* and pasture fdr any
ii umber of cattle at bone*.
jutyS-flttf UKO. MILLER.
ABAITM, wurxoui'a stv utin t
• ruoar, atnnor at., Bellefoata.
WINES AND L 1 y I O lis
The subscriber iwpectfuliy cwU* U at
tention of the public to hie et*Vii*bui wt,
where he is urepwied to furnish wU kind* {
Foreign end Domastk- Lie worn* wholesale
at tbe lowest cash price*, which era warren*,
ted to be the beat qualitse* according t**
ibeir rtapeclive t rice*. Hi* stock consist*
of Bye, Mono ay* lu I*, Irish and other
WhLkie*, ail kind, of Brandies Holland
Gin, Port, Maderia. Cherry, Blackberry
and other Wine#-the brat article* - at a*
reasonable rate* a* can be had in the city.
Champagne, Cherry, Blackberry, Ginger
and Carrawai Brandies, Pnnr Jamaica and
I New England Rum, Cordial of all kinds.
1 He would particularly invite Parmer*. Ho
tel keeper* and other* to call and examine
hi* large supply, to judge for tbemvelvee
and be certain of procuring what they buy,
which can seldom he done when purr bat
ing in the city.
t#- Phy iiciatu are renter Ifhlty requested
o give hi* liquor* n trial. apio
On Marriage.
Eassyt for Ttuf In. oa QUAY tOCI A L
EVIL* 4 iISID which tiMrikn tHU
K*rrii|* and rain the of tkat
u4,-iU iu mwM of rtlkf for U
Erring md Untoi-iunate, diuM.l ltd de
bilitated. Boat in waled letter envelop®,
ftttof rhirre
No 2Sooth Ninth St. Philadelphia, Pn
The Che past,
£ purest, best.
Oa Allegheny Street.
* Coffee, Tea, Sugar, By run, Dried Fruit,
Canned Fruit, Hone, Dried Beef,
Salt, Pick lea, Butter, Flenr,
Corn Meal, Buckweat Flour,
s and everything usualy kept in a well regu
lated first elaas Grocery Store
marital HUHL* GAULT.
J own SrAUOLta. Proprietor.
Stage* arrive and depart daily, for ail
points, north, south, east and west.
Bishop street, Bellefonte, in the Stone buil
ding formerly occupied by the Key
stone Bakery
Takes pleasure in informing the public that
he keeps constantly on hand a supply o,
choice Foreign and Domestic Liquors."
, All Barrel*, Keg* and Latk* eorranted
to restrain the quantity repreamted. |
The attention of practicing physician* is
. tailed to his stock of
suitable for medical purposes. ifotilc
end demUohns constantly onTiand.
W HlShi in town.
All liquor* are warranted to give aatis
faction. Liquor* will be sold by the quart,
barrel, or tierce. Ha ha* a large lot 01
Of the finest grade* on hand.
Confident that he can please customer
he rospectfally solicits a snare of public pa
tronage ayl4t
THE undersigned, determined to met lh
popular demand for Lower Prices, re
spectfully calls the attention of the puldi.
to hit stock of
now offered at.the old stand. Designed o
for tb© pooplt ind tli© tims, tb© lnr-
Ket and most varied and compete
mont of
Saddle*, Harness, Collars, Bridles,
of every dcacription and quality; Whips,
and in fact everything complete to a first
class establishment, he now offers at price*
which will suit the times.
JACOB PINQEft. Centre Hall
HOUSE AMD LOT ro* SALS. —The uodtr"-
signed offer* a choice property for isle
consisting of a new two itory Irame house,
new stable, and other outbuildings. The
n* * ° n .?V on M * ln sOcet,
Centre Hall, and has a variety of choke
fruit tree* upon it For farther informa
tion apply to
faPm M. RICHARD, Ag't.
Beautiful Toilet Setts,
. Chamber Palls, dke.,
I For tale by
aprf. tf. WM. J. M'M ANIGAL.