The Centre reporter. (Centre Hall, Pa.) 1871-1940, January 05, 1872, Image 2

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yftXD. KOKTI ——Wlter.
Centra Hall, Pa., J- 5-, '
TERMS.-The Oasrra* llut Rarua
vaa U published weekly at $i |n*r year in
advance, or $2,1*1 when not uid .n ad
tanoe Halfyearly and quarter y aub
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,rs of charge Ihir trends, .n at. warts ot
"to fi-ur." ... W .k. ."P?"
each subscriber's paper indicate that t •
uheription is paid up to
answer the same as a teoeipl Per*
..i.tting by mail, or etherwtse. w l undeH
stand from a change in the*# dales lhat the
money has been received
At aoou as the cara commence.l run
i.ii.g ou the I-vwi#lwu aud Sclin#
tr<iv* railroad, coal fell oue dollar l*r
inn at the former place.
11, L. Dicffvnhaeh retires front the
Rt-eirahurg Colli ahiau, and lake*
charge of the Williamaport Suiidmd.
Wo are plcared to find Diffy getting
nearer home. He U one of the
etwuuehest and most clearhvedtnl dear
m'ratic editera in this stale— hie pen
never fnila to give standing to what
ever journal be edits, and uudcr his
limit age tueul we expect to see th*
Staudard Uke front rank among the
juijiers of old Kevston .
• ♦ •
Judge Bucher held bis first court in
Snyder county, two locks ago, and
left a vary fhvorable iiaprvssiou
among all clmm*. who witnd Joe
iu the discharge of his duties. Even
lb* Lewisburg Chronicle which slan
dered Mr.Jßucher before the election
u*ur speaks in his praise. The people
ot the district have an able and up
ri-iit Judge, and will never regret the
eh ice they made.
♦ -O- ♦ ■ ■' ■ —*
We are informed, that as soon as
tlu- woather permits, a corps of engi
neers will be ordered to ruu a line
! Milroy, via Bear meadows, to in
tersect with the railroad iu this valley.
It is supposed that a line by that route
would intersect at Linden Hull. En
gineer Warrell, we are told, has been
uv. r a part oftbe tarritery in question,
and thinks a favorable route can be
found. It is claimed that this route
would make the distauce between
Bcllefonte and Lewistown 45 miles,
>r ten miles shorter thau a connection
byway of Havice valley.
Suutner in Furor of the One Term
Grant has not yet squelched Sumner
Tim Massachusetts Senator, on tin
21?t ult, iu the Senate, introduced I
joint resolution propueiug an amend
umtt to uto constitution, limiting th
l*r. *ident to one term. Mr. Sumner
wui is the greatest mind in the radi
f;l sauhedrim, long ago became dis
gusted with Grant's imbeceiily, ami
Unnks the radical patty is disgraced
by Ulysses. We thiuk Sumner it
right, and we feel that the country
alike is disgraced with the party, aud
the cause of the stain ought not to b
allowed to exist longer thau the 4ib
of March 1873, unless Providence,
having pity for our people, iuterferee
■.miter. But it is certain as fate, that
the great present-taker will be the
nominee of the radical party,
fur another four year's lease;
|..r Graut has it in his power to have
bin: elf again nominated next sum
mer. The immense patronage be
wi. Ida, and the bayonet* which he
c- u> mauds, are all to be used, and are
*•> being used, to secure this end.
All the beat men in tlie radical ranks,
are opposed to Grant's re-nomination,
ami are longing to see him leave the
whik-bouse with the end of the pres
ent terra. Sumner, Fcnton, Schurx,
and doxen of other radical senators,
wit*, are not in the ring of plunderers
at Washington, are opposed to Grant,
and so are hosts of other radical lead
ers, in awd out of congress.
W.? think such an araeudmeut as
Mr. .Sumner proposes, should be adopt
ed—let the teau bo extended to six
year*, but limited to a single term,
litis will preveut the president from
prostituting his high office and gather
ing wicked and unprincipled uteu to
bit support by bribes in offices, and
intriguing for a re-election. Mr.
Huumer's joint resolution is proceeded
* number of preambles, citing au
thorities iu favor of the oue-tcriu priu
eiplt. First, he cite* Andrew Jackson,
who hi hi* first and secund itie*agea
was impressed with the petil to our in
stilui 'uts. from Uie temptatious acting
on tliu President who covet* a re-elec
tion, mil spoke in favor of an amend
ment l. the constitution, renderiug the
Pi. si-Lut ineligible, after one term.
2td, William Henry Harrison is ci
ted hy his declaration in favor ef the
wue I* i m principle.
3ri. Henry Clay, in a speech, June
27th, 1840, aud subsequently in a let
ter, etrougly advocated a oue-Urtu
4u.. The Whig party, iu 1844, when
Clu . was nominated for Preeident, had
n m. term plauk in its platform.
sth. Benjamin F. Wade, iu 1866,
in lbo Senate, urged a one-term
am* ml men t.
6th,; De Tocqueville, the able French
writer, in his work on the "Democracy
in America," set forth the evile that
tluva> u our institutions, from the
temptations which surround a chief
mngiet ate to : utrigue for bis re-elec*
Acr siting these authorities, in
the preambles, comes the resolution,
as follows:
JfeWi-erf, By the Seuate mid Huu.-e of
Pepi-v utHtive*, Ac., That the following
Article is hereby proposed as to. amend
ment t.s the Constitution of the United
biMtc and when ratified by the L- kmlm-
Jure. ot three fourths of the several Miutos,
shall bo valid t > nil Intent* and purpo.e*
*► purl of the ('.institution, to wit;
AKTIC'LI I- Sprtliifi I. N> person whu
ha* htld onto the offio* uf l'rc-t.iciit | ihr
I'liltcd State* limll be hereafter ellgihte to
ill Hi office.
Section U. This amendment shall not
tki' effect until after the 4lh of March,
18,' S.
Mr. SUMNER, in introducing the
suit udiuciit, *at.| : I shall content my
self with n brief remark. This in an
em of Civil Service reform, mul tin-
President of the United Slates in hi*
tn#*age Inn. already cnllotl our alien
lioit to tlmt iui|iorimit uhjat mul lie
ha* inatle a reotiiiimcmlation with rvf
orvnee to it. It may be remembered
that 1 hailed that manage ai wnw a* il
was read from the desk. I fun-bore
then to stale that I missed one itnpor
taut recommcinlntiun —a very iin|mr*
taut recommendation —one aiilmut
which all athcr rvoutn mends li.ut* I
foar may be futile. 1 missed a rtvoin
uiouJatioti of an amettdiucut to th.
Constitution in conformity with th.
heat precedent# In <>r history, an.l
with the recommendation* of illu lii
out tuen limiting the person h-lditq.
the office of President lo one It- no
Sir, that la (be initial point of Civil
Service reform; lhat ia lue first nag,
in that great reform. The acheuie .t
iho President ia the play of Hiimh-i
without liamlct I propotw, by the
uiueuiiuient that I offer, to ace tlntl
Hamlet brought into play. [l*augh
Mr. SHERMAN—Doea the Sena
tor ItropoM to poatjHJiie the play ol
Oiril Service reform until we ailopt
thia ameiiiiiueiit ?
Mr. 6UMNEK— No, hut 1 u.0,-.s
to pat Hamlet into the |>Uy. It need
ut take long to do it.
'IV joint resolution wn then rend
and laid over.
Mr. SUMNEK called atteuiiou 1.
the (kct that the ameudtm-nt was not
tu go into effect until March 4th. 1873.
Therefore it would not iuterfcrc with
the preference of Senators for any par
ticular coadidate next year.
Itinurti Whitewashing t'ommttve.
Saj the Suit.
The whitewashing Commit tec agreed
I upon in the Republican caucu* t
1 J Washing tou, aud then foisted upon
the Seuate, will satisfy neither the
country nor iudepeudeut Republican*.
I in refuting to piece upon it > tingle
one of the doxeu Republican Senator*
who had sustaiued Mr. Trumbull's
motion for raiting the Committee, the
| Grant Senator* set at defiance the
plainest principle* of parlimcntary |
law. We venture to say that in the!
whole history of Congreerioual pro-1
coediugs, nver before, uuder like cir-;
cumstauccs, was a committee of inquiry
to openly and so shamelessly packed j
aa this has been. Except in very ex j
treme case* those who propose an in !
qutry of this sort have been allowed
to have a majority of its members ; and
never in any legislature in this cotiutry
was there a case so exceptional in its
character that the movers of a meas
ure were not permitted to have a large
representation on the committee even
{though that representation might fall:
j short of a majority.
The composition of the Grant Seua-!
to rial Cemmitte of Investigation vio-!
lates these long and well-established 1
rules. With the exception of Mr. I
Bayard, a Democrat, the Committee, j
jaa agreed upon in the Grant caucus, !
j was made up exclusively of those aim j
had voted ogaiust Mr. Trumbull's j
propositions; and even in selecting the •
y femocrata in the Senate were not con- j
•.Why this violation of parlimeutary .
law and common fairness : There can !
be but one answer to this queston.
The friends of Grant in the Senate;
were afraid to commit tin inquiry iuto
the alleged abuses of his Adrainistra
! tiou t<> au impartial and fearless Com 1
! iniWee of Republicans.
Senators Conkling, Nye, Morton,!
| snd others, give another reason of their
I strange course. They tell the Repub
lican party and the countrv that
Trumbull, Sumner, Schurx, Logan,
and their eight or ten Republican j
I coadjutors, are opposed to Grant's j
] Admiiristratiou, ana hoetile to his re-j
j nomination. Take thete champions l
|of Grant at their word ? Do they im
agine that on the plain iaue of an
honest, searching inquiry into the
abuses of the Administration, it and
its head can survive the attacks of
j these eminent Republican leaders!
Do they not rememuer that it was pro
ciicly in this way that the rvnotmua
tiou of Pierce was prevented, and tht
Administration of Buchauan over
thrown, and the Democratic party
hopelessly prostrated ? Do they forget
that it was distinguished Democrats iu
the Legislature who led the assault
of the people upou the decaying dy
nasties of tuose eras, who expottd their
frauds and corruptions, aud fiually
brought them to the ground ?
The Republican advocates sf Graut.
by this left-handed attack upon Trum
bull aud his firiends, unconsciously ad
mit away their whole case. Arc
Trumbull, Sumner, Fenton, and the
rest, really opposed to Grant's Admin
istration, aud is this the reason why
they are not willing to see it white
washed by a committee packed by a
caucus ? Then, Grant's Administra
tion is doomed ? And the sooner the
Republican party takes note of this
fact and prepare* to bring out a new
candidate for the better; for the bare
statement of the case, as put by bis
apologists, shows that he cannot be re
But the debate proved that these
were not alone the reasons why Gram's
backsrs shrunk from the adoption of
Mr. Trumbull's resolution as proposed
by him, and the subsequent creation of
a fair committee under the dilutes]
and emasculated reselution as fixed up
in the caucus. Senator Schurx had,
during the discussion, specifically
pointed to a certain glariug abuse* ex
isting under the Administration. He
did uot deal in general charges, but rv
fererd to such as hod beeu proven to
exist, and the knowledge of which he
bad taken no steps toward extirpating
or reforming. Ibese abuses, and es
pecially those in the New York Cus
tom House, which were of a most fla
grant aud scandalous nature, touched
some of the President's uear and dear
friends and benefactors. Mesar*.
Conkling, Mortou, and their allien,
very naturally supposed that a coin
iu ttee of the Trumbull type would
rirobe these rascalities still deeper, and
ay them bare to the observation of
the Reformers of this Btate. now in
tent upou unearthing fraud and cor
ruptiou iu every branch of governmen
tal affairs./ So these gentlemen who
were st> brave in leading the attack on
Tammany showed the white fcuther
and retreated into a caucus room when
their good friend* in the Custom
House aud their great friend in the
Executive Mansion were aliout to lie
arraigned at the bar of public opin
In fine, we warn those Senator* who
are by these dishonorable tactics eu
de*voting to shield their patron, tliut
the popular indignation will strip off
their flimsy covering, und ex|>use to
view the iniquities of Grant's Adiuiu
trillion with as pitiless u hand us it did
those of 'fannually Hall.
Th* I'vnn'it Ifginlttlurt* met ott 'Jtitl
iitM Spt uk t llr- utllonil. 1i0n,., lull
o<l the amnto lii order and the return#
of tin* newly I'lifliil senator* wo to read
til tl i loio* of which llu* speaker an
nounced licit aiiurdti tor mi election
to till the vacaucy ly iho ileal It
ofCotlltl'll, 11111., Won 111 l*> i-mnl lll
ilnv, Sml Tliin vnmiity leaves the
senate alio. Hi In Hi. I In* Kiinto thou
niljiiiirtioil to iioxt ilny, willmut the
now m-imtiiin being awnru in.
Under democratic uaagvw sjicaker
Uroadliend vacates ih i linn st tlii"
|ioiiit. lloiuiucuoittg Iho election ho
it new #|M-kor on llu* oi l, ili<* voir, nt
j course will Ih> it tio. niol I u utml?
will I herein. n dead l- k ? I'lu ro t
hut nlio of two coiiim* h it l"i *| ill oi
UroAiilioMii, mul these I liml •*• w. 'I
•h linoil in u dally journal, lint I I ran
not |mits ihoiu nvor, vis :
First. 110 omt declare -.r tUNi< thai the
loriii for whieh In* *>-• .'UM] Speaker h*>
expired, mul vtcalu th-' rhtlf,
TliU rvtinuucnl of the hw *k-r at th
opening of tin* now term w.xil I bo in 'lui.
tminltiiM wt'.h ike u-ugo- m>t )"- 1 >1- ol*
of the Democratic pirty, and h- n >U
tUtoU u|oti by lli' ii* lf ti t*y \tr
Tlivv holit that uiiil-r llu- II*!' and IHh
it-rlioiii of tlio lit article .if llu* t'olirtilu
lion, the SriwU "hU" limtwrntit • 'y)
oli-rt it mw Speaker on i > iinlflhii; "on
the ilr-t Tuddty of January
The It. puhln an-, <-u the -lh.-r lihi. I,
hae ii>nteiiji.l that frulu the noo. -iti.' "I
the t-a>e, the Speaker can (legallet n*r
Jie; that neither the t.'uiiilituii>>ii nur .-u
loni ever .le-ianej that •h.-uhl he a
aingle moment when that otßce hul.l he
a nullity. In *uppi.rt of thU view, they
-y that one of the ilutle* ot the Speaker
(umler the }4(h >ii-ti.ui of tl") 'id article ot
the Constitution! U to supply any vacancy
ca-.sed by tlw actual death f the tiov. rn-1
or. To meet this exigency the ..rttce ofj
Speaker of the Senate luUil lc e*tinuiu
(Tile two p. lilical p .rti.i rni-e iiihiiV- Ih.-r
iminU, but tb above arc given -iinplv a-1
illutrating their lespective |Ki-ltions 1
.Wuuiing that Speaker llrmltiea.t h--utd
\ acate the chair, one re-ult rojlowi, via :
There would be 110 Speaker to is-ue a writ
..f ele-.ionfora uew Senator for the Fourth
IM.iittdc'phia UiatrieL B:<t ia all auhee
.im;nl balloting-, which w.-utd i-nut *n J
dor th# call of the Clerk, thara coutd t>ej
but one deei-ion via: Sixteen Kepublieaii.
vote* omKM-.l to sixti*en Hent.eratic vote-,
and no election for Speaker. It is not easy ,
to predict the end of this. It a -ingle
member of either party broke laith with
ht colleague-, a Speaker could be cho-.-n
It ha* been ugg.-tel that the Suprrim
Court might be appealed to, hut thejuri* j
diction of that tribunal might
n|. Tturv i* iiu prvcitlot.-t for it* action
in iliv |irtrtuUr*. If Sjwskir Urudkml
continued in hi* office, and then refuted,
or neglected to isuc the writ, it i argued
that it might he withiu the rungs of tb
duties of the Supreme Court to
compel him to comply with the section .if
the Constitution which wvi: "When va
cancies happen in either Home, the Suesk
r shall n-uo writ* of election to fill sucL
Second. The other alternative of Speak
er Brodhead is to continue iu office >uffi
cienllv long to i*auc hi* writ of election
t whether hi* party or himself would regard
uch a course a* a violation of their princi
ples is not here asserted.) In that event
the Sheriff would require tiltccn day*' no
tice. and the election in Philadelphia ten
days' preparation, so that a new Kcnubli
can Senator could take hi, eat at itarri*-
burg on or before February Ist. Tha new
Senator would, of course, uuluck the tie
and give the Kepuhlicaits control of the
Senate and it* patronage.
In view of the abova difficulty--. it ha*
been *uggi sted that a compromise be made
between the two political partie* by whith
the officers of the Senate would be divided.
This planbas *oioe tuke-warm friend, and
some bitter op|M>neitU on both side*. I'p
to the present time it exist* only a* a mciu
Another question is raised if there is a
deadlock in the Sunate, can the House
transact any business ?
The Coiisliiu'.ii n requires the General
Assembly to meet at a certain time. It
ha* been the rula for years for either House
to appoint a committee to notify the other
that it was organized and ready to proceed
to business." If the House receives no
such message from the Senate, the ques
tion is asked "By what authority can it as
sume that the General Assembly hat le
gally met ?" it has alto been that rule
tor the tw.. Houses to ap -oint a joint com
mittee to wait upon the Governor and in
form him that the "General Assembly"
was organized. If the Governor receives
no such joint committee, it i* asked, bow
can be legally recognize the Legislature
a* being in session ?
A* the Democrats Control the present
officsr. of the Senate that polities I pi-rty
of necessity take* the initiative, by assum
ing souio position. Wliatthe position will
be lias not yrl been ascertained.
Pending the contest, a warm light i* go
ing on for officers of the S*-natc whenever
that body shall organize.
The house organised by electing El*
liott. rad., speaker, the democrats vo
ting for Mr. Woolever.
Geu. Selfridgc was re-elected clerk
with Hinull and Morrison for artist's.
The Lock Haven Republican, iu
pointing out the families (hat have the
small pox, iu that city, mentions the
following circumstances:
Two in the Bantlcon family, on west
side of Jay street, between Main aud
These are two young wotnen, sisters
of the first case reported. About three
weeks ago they ceased to appear as
usual upou the streets, and, under the
circumstances, the neighbors judged
that their n*n-ap|>earuuce was caused
by their haviug contrtced the dis
ea-e. To all questions as to where!
the girls were, aud a* to their health,
the parent* and their brother answer
ed that they were out of town ami
well. To some they reported that
they were on a visit to Heading ; tooth
ersthat Ihey wrc ill the mountain* cook
iug for wood choppers* In the uncer
tainty a* to whether their statements
were true, Officer Keller went into!
the house and made a partial ex
amination, but that was not satisfacto
ry. The Mayor then authorized Chief
of Police McGill to offer $5 to any one
who would act as special policeman,
aud go into lh house, and make a
thorough search. But no one could j
be procured. They were away a pailj
of the time, probably, but not more!
than a few days, (in Monday after
noon, the continued apprehensions of;
citizeus led Doctors Hayes and Rich
ards to thoroughly search the house!
themselves. They were shown all
through the house hy the father ami
every room u|*icd to thern except !
one. "That is the one in which Jabu
was sick, aud there has not beeu any-'
thing in since, and there is nothing in
there now." The doctors insisting oil
adm *.< ion, the door was finally opcu
eJ to thetn, and entering, they found
both tlu-Jgirl* sick with small poX.
The conduct of (his family cannot;
he too severely condemned. The soiij
brought the disease here. How much
he is to blame for that depends upon
his knowledge of bis case wlioti he left
Alton* for Lock Iluven. But as soon
as it was known that his disease was!
small'pox, the City Couusil passed au
ordinance restricting him, and all
othersliimilaly afflicted, as well as ull
persons communicating with theiu to
a certain course of conduct. This or
dinance he and all his futility must
have been cognizant of; and yet, in
defiance of it he paraded our streets
aud exiaised himself iu crowds, at a
time when the disease was must lia
ble to be imparted. The family were
on the streets in a'l stages of the son's
sickness, und it seems made no effort
to rid the premises of the contagion,
but rather seemed to desire its diffu
sion, by concealing the reappearance
of the disease iu tlu ir house, contrary
to the provision* of family were go
ing iu uuJ out of the house, the ordi
nance, while the well members cir
culating freely among our citizeus.
The result of this reckless disregard
of the law and of every nictate of hu
manity *l*ut partially realized in the
case* of fciiliffl pox hitherto reported,
all of which are truci able to the first
Hani Icon case. As the family wete
about the streets until Monday lost,
t nmv mpfri utmtliri crop of cmn
I'hiui iluhiih* (•" •! m| tuuft twin I •*'■
iug. Wo 11 tut ilii* t'No will lo |>i<ilj-
Oil 111 till- LulU'lO Kill! lllllt )llO|M I ptll,-
Dllllutll Will III* lull.lll.istlTtll wl.Vtl It
is duo.
Wlirll tlinCily ('.llllll ll "I
in even toil Jtllenmn ! ; ttvi* with Ibe
ItliM bellllltttlgll lluUsC, HIM 111 ll.e
fi Ileal ieaiileliee# ill \'iie|lilit. In thai k
oil ilu hi, Inil nitl In tsMiltl nut • nimial
ellllv Willi lilt* iligliilV ul III* ollii'C nlltl
Ilia own self reetieel a.i*eiil liie gilt,
(icticrui Id'o uttM* refused lo ne> •| I u
house from the uitiacii* of Hieh m ini
At Akron, a canal boul driver twisted a
mule'* tail to make it go There was a lu-
I uoral the neat Jay.
—— - ♦ •
U it thought that t dorado, Saw Mexico
and Utah will hr adiuitlod to ike Union at
tkit totalon, nolwithatandliig that the new
apportionment bill requires oarb territory
to htvo a population of 13?,(U) |u*rtoni to
; entitle it to admirtion.
rito Height of Kl Captgin.
The great weather auincd aenrml
'face of Kl Captain waa on our ieA,
uuil though it* lnt*e waa almoat half a
mile away, it towerrtl an high almve
ami accttit-tl vo U> hung over u, that
we ahoultl nliimal have aaid we eouhl
throw u alone ugainat it frotu the path.
No piiiuie ly |K-u or hruah can ev>-r
j.-uiivey an idea of lite vuatneaa ot lliia
view ; it* magnitude hnlHea deecrip
lion; imr rati the spectator Imgiu to
nmliw it i XCept itfler seeing it from
.ill |Miiuiv, aiul aiudyiug for days at a
jliii.v its enha*al features iu detail. I
know • f no better way to cuuvry even'
hi iiiadcapiate idea of it thau by tak
ing punie familiar object, as a church
apirw lot iuetuitff, for eoiutiarisoii.
, i.*-l I lie rvailri I lien lake as ilie unit
|of ti.t-Mwtiieiitt*ii| a church rpire, say
2<K) fnt in height. Put yourself upon
illu iuilwtoue op|Misite and run your
|sye ah-iig it to the top.
Kit thai mearure in your mind
Now i!> lutt k a lililt way and
church ami spire—fancy yourself limit
ing upward lu the lop of two audi
apnea, 4IH) foil Have you fixed
your dial a new? Tin u go hack still
farther and doub.e the height of your
two spires—imagine youm-lf looking
up to the lop of the loutth spire piled
ouv above another. There's a distance
of 800 feet *trait up. Take a Utile
time lo think it over. Then back still
farther, to *nvr something of the ef
fect, ninl double up again— count
tlirin up from the bottom —eight spina
high I.IKIO feet. Heat a little, and, if J
you can. familiarise youreelf with the
lbought and with the distance, for 1
have not not yet done with the eye of
your lane). Now for the hut lenp in
thin |<-r|H mlicular geometrical pro
greveion—double the whole eight-pS
and nl the lop of your fiixleenlh #pirc
—if i haven't lout \ou on the way in
•.me of thrae tremendous upward
Ice j* —reachjuela hundred feet be
yoiid—tbe bviglit of half a apirv— lb u
draw a long breath—put your knife
into a cloud—you are at the top of
kl Captain, 3,300 feet iu air.
Kcepiug that point in mind, down
frotu it aiidpn ad*ut under it, lor
half u utile, a granite curtain, M-attiad.
and scarred, and discolored by the,
storm# and tempests u| uncounted
age* —at it* base pile up a scraggy
•lujie of rock# and mountain debris—,
plaut along the dizxr far off edge a
row of giant pine*, that frotu its foot'
shall look like buabxa— turn a river
along it# front, and Ml a gtove bvnide
jit, and over it all throw the haio and
witchery of a golden sutt#el doepeuing
all it* thadow#, bringing into roiefj
it* outline*, and bathing in a ten-'
der light it* hoary summit— ami you'
have Kl Captain a- I *aw it on thai
August afternoon, ami seeing it wou
tlercd and worhipel.— ltaae 11. Itrom
ley, OH " The liiij Tree-* and Ike Vote ■
mite," Scribner'e for January.
in the blmk mid-winter
Frosty wind made moan ;
Ksrth tluud hard • iron.
Water like a atone;
Snow had fallen, now oa tnow.
Snow on tnow.
In the bleak mid-winter
Long ago.
Our (tod, heaven cannot bold Him
Nor earth sustain.
Heaven and earth shall flee away
When HP conic* to reign :
In the bleak mid-winter
A stable-place sufficed
The Lord (tod Almighty—
Je*u Christ.
i Enough for Him whom Cbarubim
Worship night and day,
) A breaktful ol inilk
And a mangerful of hay ;
Knough for him whom Angal*
Fall down before,
The ox and a* and caiuel
Which adore.
Angel* and Archangel*
May have gathered there,
j Cherubim ana Seraphim
Thronged the air;
Hut only His Mother
In her maiden blits
j Worshiped the Beloved
With a ki.*.
What can I give Him.
I'oor a* I am ?
If 1 were a Shepherd
I would bring a laiub;
If I were a Wise Man
1 would do my part,—
Yet what I can 1 give ilim,—
(Jive uiy lieart.
—Scriinrr' I for January.
e ♦ ♦
uary ia atill in the advance. For reading
at once spicy, vigorous, spirited and high
toned, ita bulky January number ha* our
warm comnirndatiot. A capital of the
new year. Among it* article* are : K. B.
Wasnbume, our Minister to France;
What can I do Best: Cheerful Living; Jo
eph I*. Thompson, I) D.j Kxureaaou ; Sol
Smith Russell ■ I'a*-ngcs from Dyak Life;
Only a Head ; Taking Cold ; Ac. Numer
ous illustrations are given. $3 a \ ear.
Valuable premium* ottered. S. It. Wells,
publisher, New York.
! The following lucclnct facta, in i vfureticc
to till* terrible dircatc, have been imlitpu
tubly ctiublikhcd by the careful obterva
lioli of icienliflc limn al bonx-tlid abroad ;
1. Thai infault houla b vaccinated in
a nionlli after birth.
i That vaccinalion should ba repealed
at the age of fourteen year*.
.1. Thai the older pel son# g oar after that,
the Lot danger there it of an attack ofauiall
nor varioloid, which ittinall uox modi
by |>rcvioua vaccination, ana that altar
lifty yoart there it no danger of an attack.t
4. Stilt, if thera it any danger ofunuaual
exposure to the disease, or it it prevails
largely in a community, it it safer to be
vaccinated again.
C. Miireoa in amall pox hospitals who are
re-vaccinated are almoat wholly exempt, 1
while other uuraca, who are carelctt of re
vacciuation, have varioloid lit cases ten
time* more nuincrout.
0. That the father the remove of the vac
cine matter from what waa taken from the
cow, the more noceaaary ia rvvaocination—
that i>, vaccine matter lo*ca omo of it*
power ia every person it passes through,
hence if city practitionara ahould take all
their matter from the cow direct, every ten
year*, the community he greatly
7. No mitliciiticnU'd cnc ba* yet occured
where any dicu*c hat lecii commtiiii
cated through vaccine matter, other than
modified |nall |nx. Tbia statement
should be fixed u)hiii the memory of tiie
intelligent ruder, a* barn assertion* to the
contrary are recklessly made by a certain
cia* oi uneducated pcraon*, who write on
matlera pertaining to health and diteaae.
8. It i* a very rare occurrence that any
| person|uho bat been owe well vaccinated
and wti in good health at the time tuffcr*
from varioloid. Those who have varioloid
ufter having heen vaccinated once tuffcr
because it did not take well or some other
disease wa* in the system at the time, or
the matter waa at too great a remove front
the original source, the cow.
Sil F.KIFF 8A LRU -By vliiu. ofaun.
dry writ* of Hon facta*, levari facia*
Venditioni exponas, l*uvd nut of the Court
of Cow mow o|,.a of tViilrooouiiiif, ami to
me directed, there trill ba exposed lo pub
llo •*!. at Ilia l oitrtdiouM in Hellefontc,
mi Mainrlay, January ilia 'JOth, 1572
The following real twlnle of defendant,
• lliiali' In \N twp., Centre county,
I'ii. Hounded and described a* follow* ;
I*.! in llublcrshurg, on ilia North, by land
.•I ,\. I kiii 1 look aril, on Kat, by land of
J*j.h SliafiT. on Mouth, by public road,
Ir .lo. a through lluhtersburg from Ka*t
to \\ ■>•(, and mi tb<> Wot by road leading
Hold. r*hurg to Howard, and knowu
• k tumor I total, I'oiitain in a about If
acre*. Tinrmtt ir#Unl aald I Intel build
in*, >ulil*, and other outbuilding* Al>w,
a certain Ir**•*! of iumi situate in \\ alker
tow uhi|i, itloi.-*ui.l, d on tlio North,
by laud* • I H. njainin Tilgl.mau, on Kat,
ny In ml o| .Iti.• Corner, on (bo M.ulli by
pubill' road, lauding Iron. 11 tiblersbnrg to
.lloMKid, alol on tba Wo>t by I.alnl of Jno.
i'arm r, contnimng about liny acre-, about
oi-.y at ro* i|or,>l ami uuJr Fctiee.
Meiaod, taken In rirt utiuii and to bo odd
a* the property ot Christina llubl*r,|
A trail or |i|ii' l land, -ituate
01 Mile* toaiobin, funtre county, I'm.
lioundod tm k .-t, by land of Jacob Ilium
gart South by land of Jerry Haines, West
by ll.iui ma'lo, mid on N.rtb, by
land of —— , containing twenty acre*
more or 10- or re tod a log duel
ling house, Mal.lo, and otbor outbuilding*.
.Soun d, talii li ill execution and to bo odd a*
the |>ro|crt> ul Jacob StuUcrbuck,
A I.Stl :
| AH that curtain lot r pone fground
Situate iu the Uoruitgb of lUdlefonte, t en
lire county, I'a ll.Otl.dial and deseribud
fa* follows: llegiuiiig at s post on the
north side of llulfalo rUU, along a io.a of
lot of Timothy h.-lly, north 10 degrees,
i west lltifi et to |s"l, thence north &ii dc
greet, sasl .'* feet 0 Inch.- to pot, tlo uee
south degru.-, oast lli feet to po.t,
'thence south stt degree*, we.t H feet to
place of be gin lug. Tliereon erUlei| a two
; story frame dwelling house, and other out
. buildings. Meixed and takutt iu execution
and to be ssdd a* the property ol Ueorgc
. W. Kbafer
All that certain messuage and tract ol
Dud situate In ltub township. tVnl-c
,suiiiy, I'a. i*sri*y*d in the name ~f
t'a.p. r Lswreuce, at a quaking
asp. tio-i ce by laud of William lluUoii,
south uO degrees, west ,IJJ p. to a
' white oak, by land vacant, south 10
1 degrees, -a>t 'JHo perches to a black oak,
tbem-e by laud of Samuel Chestnut, north
:oH Uugrues east Wl imt. li.-- to a hemlock, by Dud •( lfaiiiel llrunier, north
:lUdgrcr, west'AiU perch.-, to the hegin-
Im, containing UX acre* lis per. he* and, which aid tract was urv.-v.d
iu pursuance of a warrant dated Istb Afsv,
lIW, grantid to saidl'as|MT loiwrative (ex
cepting and reserving lo acres of said tract
at the maple corner at the |a.nd. I Also all
that tract of land *1108(0 in ltu*l. tow nship,
*iureaid, begining at a maple or black
1 oak, tl.i nee by land survey.-d in (lie name
of Mary Floyd, *outb *1 degrees, cs-t '£%>
purchca (o a hickory, thence by land ur
veyed in the nan.e of Jacob Sluugh, north
dJ Jugivi-i, -a*l | sere lies to a birch or
piue, hv Dnd surveyed in the name
••f Owrti Jortfan. north ill, west
fki jM-rche* to a lu-mlo.l. or jso-t, them-e by
DnJ surveyed in the halue of f'atprr I.a a •
mice, ouib 80 d-gr.-es, w.-.t Jfjti incrches
to the placu of begininr, (Jutilaining 4.VS
acre- lot pervb.-s and allow an.-.-. Survey
ed on a warrant iu the uaiue uf Satsuel
Chestnut, dated May loth 17Mi. (excepting
and reserving pi acre* of Dud off, the
wai corner of the tract adjoining
the maple or black oak corner.) Thereon
cres ted two dwelling house*, (wo stables,
an.l olhrr outbuildings, about two acre*
ideated. Srll*d, taken in execution and
t.> be odd a* the property of Charles W F.
All that certain tue*.uage tenement slid
tract of land, lying and being in
ISnow Stow ii.hip. tVntre county, t'a.
/Hounded and JctriM a* follow*: Be
-gitiinjc at a loaplc tree, tlx n.-c by land wn
vrjol to Kdward Scott, north 1 degree,
>a*t I'JU f t to p..t by a pine, thence by
land surveyed to fi-ter llati. south IB de
gre*<v, ea-t 'JUn porch a* and l-IG of perch
to a nine tree, thence by Und urvcyel t
JntiM (iilliland. >outh 1 d.-gr.e, PJU
: par. he* to a p-.t by pine, lln-ncc by land
surveyed t. France* We*!, north ill do
gree*. writ l-lli perrhe* to place of bo
ginittg, eotitalning P.tS acre*, B | u-relic* and
, allowance, the -ante more or leu Said
11*< tof land in warranted ntui* lit .try
, \ attd.kc and odd by MarMatio* to
Cliarlo* Mt-faff. rty by him, odd In I*.
Crydcf and U. Met'orotick and by them,
odd to raid It. t.itcheidhaler together
with the 1,,-rid.lament* and appurtenance*
jSeiaod. taken in execution and to be *-ld
a* the property of It. A. Litchctithaler
All the right title and iiiterct of defun-
I dent in at. I to tbe following real e*tale,
vi# : All thx*e certain piece*, parrc or
tract* of land -ituate in ltu-h txwn.hip,
i Centre county, t'a. tine thereof with war
renlee name of Peter llriitxman, contain
iing I.- aero* and lii pert-he-, i\* :k'.,i
ai.otln r thereof, in the name of Thouia*
, lid ward*, ronlaiuing t acre* IU pert-lie,
i So :4>. I another thereof. In the warrantee
j nam* of Itolmrt Irwie, containing (XI
acre* and IU p. re he*. . So 17,) the residue
!of the tract hi the warrentec name of
| Thoma* Hamilton, containing Jl'i were*
and IU pafthe*. (So. IS,) the re*due
■of tbe tract in the warrantee name
of Thorns* (Irant, containing 2l> srr- and
MA perche*. < S. 13,1 another thereof, in
(the warrantee of Thoma- Ke.-*r, con
taining 4.13 acres and lot p. relic. So UV i
and al*o part* of tract*, So#. IC and 76,
surveyed in warrantee name- of Win Pot
ter and Martin Meyer, hetining at a pu*t
corner of land of Mrs. Sarah J. llalt- and
K. W. Hale, along land of raid K.
W . Hale, north till degree*. ea*l 17 perche*
jlo a po|, outh 16 degree*. ra*t 21
perche-, thence south 20 degree*. ea.t V
iwrclie*. thence euth 7 degree., w.-*t 14
perche#, tbene# uth lt| degree*, wo*l 14
perche*, thence uuth 4 degrees, we*t
14 8-10 perche* to a |wtt, thence north 60
j degree*. wet 474 perche* to a po*t. thence
along land of Mr*. Sarah J |ilale, north 4U
degree*. aat Si perche* to a post, thence
along *ame. north 84 degree, w*t 48
perche# to the place of begining. Contain
ing 21 acre# 112 perche#, net ut*a*iire and
alto lot* No#. 182, I (fit, lt*4 and 1 Wi. in the
borough of l'hilitwliurg. and the square
bounded ky north Kth street, Pine *tr.-et
Atherton* lane and Spruce street, in the
hoiough of Philimbtirg. Seised, taken in
execution and xml a* the property of
K. W. Hale.
| All the per.onal, unreal and real proper
ly fraiicliitu* and right* of the defendant,
i The Kddy run Improvement Company.
Situate lying and being in the towmphip *
ofCurtin, Snow Shoe and Hurntide. in the
I County of Centre, in and upon Kddy run
>nd two run tributaries of Beach creek,
from their source* to their iiiuutb*. for their
whole length, together with the dams,
'sluice*, sluice gab-*, crib*, canals, and
other dovicc*, for the floating of timber,
saw loga and timber, down the *aid run*,
and improvement* made and constructed
under and in pursuance of an act entitled,
an act to incorporate the Kddy run Im
provement Company, (rassed the 30lh day
of April, 18118. Seised, taken in execution
and to be sold a* the property of The Kddy
Run Improvement Company.
All of defendants, right, title, iutere-t
and claim of in and to all that rertaiu piece
or lot of ground situate in the borough f
Fliilipsburg, Centre county, I*a. Bounded
and described as follow- : begihing at the
corner of Laurel am) North ( i litre streets,
lliencc north by Centre street Ul feci lo the
line of lots, thence by lot No. UO, 120 feet,
thence at right anklet ami aero** lire mid
dle of said lot tit. feet to Laurel street,
thence by the same, 120 I'uet to the (ilace of
hegiuing, being one halt of lot No. 01. a*
designated on the plot of said borough,
with a large two story frame dwelling
house, thereon erected, with bakery, -table
ami other outbuilding-. Seised, taken in
execution and to be sold a the properly
ot John L. Barr.
The follow ing described building alnl lot
of ground of Joshua Hey l|old, James Me-
Mattigal owner ami contractor and Martin
llotiscr, trustee* of (he church of the Uni
ted Brethren in Christ, at Julian Furnace,
to wit: The building i* a frantu church,
bounded on the north by public A>ad lead
ing from Julian Juriiacu to Port Matilda,
east by land* of Jacob Loam and south ami
west by street or alleys, aud kuowii a the
property of tho United Brethren in Christ,
at Julian Furnacu in Houston township,
Centre county, Pa. Said building has a
front of Oti feet on -aid public road and ex
tending hack 40 leet, one story of 18 feet
ami surmounted with a belfry or spire.
Seised taken in execution ami to he sold a*
the properly of the United Brethren in
Christ, or Joshua Reynolds, James Mc-
Mauigal and Martin llouser, trustees.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock ot said day.
Slt'flV Office, Ucllefoute Dec. 2Mb, 1871.
Corrected by John M'Dowcll.
White wheat 1,4b....Rrd wheat 1,40.... Rj e
70 Corn 70 Oil- 40 Barley lib
Cloversced b,bO Timothyseed, -ill
Salt 2 b0 per sack,
Bacon Uk „„„ l|iu) 10....,,8 utter 20... Egg
ao plastor '• flo
CoTccled by Keller 4 Mutr.
iVblle A'heat Red Vlio. ~ llys
76 Corn UO, Oat* .40 Ilar'tv ob.
10,„...CIversecd 6.&0 Potatoes 4-V
Lard par pound 7.,..,,.P0rk per pound OP
Butter 'lO ..Egg* 80 pin-tcr par ton
Sib Tallow 10 Bacon 8 Ham 12.
Thursday tuoriiing—snow 3 inches.
NU'I'IUK. —All persona bsvlng unpaid
..'Mtlui' i.ota* in the tmiid* of the under
*tga4, r> k< reh> uotiflvd that >b saute
fell dm-.. ttif Htb inst , snd that immedi
ate i-a*iiHn| ..f the same I* l armolly r
ii io<* ted
d.-cl.Vhi. IIKMJ. HITNKK.
1872. THE WORLD. 1872.
In the veur IH;'J Uuerl (J rant's aneees
uirb to be chosen J the Kirty-third (Jon
nr.". to be elected.
I'll.' people'* vote*, white and black,
North a in! Month, will tbu* decide the fu
ton- destine of the Iti-I.ublic, select Its ru
ler*. pt scribe their courts.
How lo influence the people'* volet?
11. ii.. 10 .|ui|.ci no it iii eludes avery
other A ,<*Pcy. It makes known avents and
lot- ui.mUg all llillui.ce* tlio chief. Il
aaavmh.ea the vutter outside nudiettces
al.iei. cann<4 gather to tbu Mt*lc-boue,
the pulpit, or the -lump It U the coiotaiil
tut prvtcf f uicn's sflairs, and of error or
Iriuh is the daily reed-sower.
Next November W our political barvasf
liior. As <• -> A arc shall map.
Tho WtH-ld'-r. .-d-oiwlug will ba fruitful
to the extent that it* circulation i* widely
p.idted by Utssrc who MMpruVe it* aim.
Tin- World will siio to represctil and
combine (be labor* snd the vol.* of
I. \ll those who Hud be.l insurance of
lit.* people . prosperity, peace, and pro
grisss in a government adminlslcrfd on the
|irou-iplea snd in the pure practice of
dctlVrsoi. and Ja. W-..n, and who duscr/ll.r
fount and origiuot the present corruptions,
exlrsyagancc, nihgoyrranicat, subversion
f public lib.-rth's, alol insecurity of pri
vat.-rights in our ruler*' lawles* usiirpa-i
lion el Interdicted and uudcrdictcd audi
uudetrgstcl (tow. r usurpation that u.- ;
day mar. lies deliberately on to tho sub--
jtiuallul. of popular rule and the possession j
ol dictatorial p. wer-- for by sots of (Jon j
gres. tsei.■ rat tirant may even now destroy
tbe fre.doi,. uf Slate el.-ctlons, invade th<-
Stats'- at bi- pleasure, and declare martial
law o| his ..Mil mere will.
'I til lhor alio w. uld maintain the
holier of republics, ami would preserve
i.oldit credit by puuetusi payment of pub
lic didst*.
X. All those who would cut dowm to
fewer and lit objects all appropriations of
tbu tmople's money (to-day more (ban dou
ble, nearly treble the appropriation* of a
Democratic (Jongrrs* eleven > oars ago, not
counting annuities to Indian*, pn*iuii* to
soldier*. i.uX interest wti debt i, and who
would otllge all spending of the people'*
money got by taves *.o be with honesty an.l
thrift; likewise all those who would spare
a little of the I copies landed est*la for tha
landless million* hereafter and stop iu
squandering dominion* in a day upon
those wbo already own Uai much.
I—All those wbo would reduce Die
number of cotuiiiodih tan d by our tariff!
from thousands to a f*w doscus, snd so)
empty our eustom-H.mse* ~f half their
cialx, rid the statute-books uf half their
odious nares for honesty or Nrihv* to fraud,
and unfeUcr scores ol our native itidu*-
&. —All those who would lower the rate*
also ot our tariff lin-t to the point of most
roily yielding the largv.l revenue—who
Would abandon the protectionist IVUetti of
reducing the public revenue whiUt in
creasing the ctluit>tW prollu of • few at
the cxpetira of all other industries.
All tbor who would abolish every
unlawful tax, likathat on it>cotu<>*; every
unju-l tax like that which give* ban in Un
people'# profit, on a national curr. my ; ev
ery unequal and indeteraiinatr tax, like]
that levied Howl cruelly upon the poor—
the tax of our irredeemable paper-money. j
Tux U uttLU will aittt—fialhr rocogtuin J
and leading urrni of the Deunrntic party j
in the great locu# of national commerce
end intelligence—to fulfill this it'# mission
and duly with steadfast hoidneaa and fidel
ity ; t incpirw In the rank# of thoae who
think the Mine thing* concerning the He
public an united, organized, determined,
and persistent xcal; to win new recruit# j
from among thu#i< who have been rnemioi
to the Domueracy in the conflict* of a dead
l<at ; and to mar.hai an unbroken phalanx'
to thu-triumph at the ballot-box (true bat- j
lie field of Liberty, Kijuality, and Law.
Ae n Vehicle of New#,
Tux Woat.ii will pre no expense. no
energy, to maielain end advance it* plan
in the firwt rank of metropolitan journal.
It. lrrli, abundant, varied, and accurate
MWi, couipri>iiig the who.e circle of cur
rent intelligence and literature, will be dir
rtt>M-d, e* become*
A Trustworthy of Opinion,
with candor, with lcedy devotion to sound
I.uhlic and private moral*, with special
,m*w ledge lor *|hwlbl thctuo, and with
variou* and wide-rear hi tig apprx-heniou
of the manifold interest# of men and wo
men in their home*, their market-place,
their work-.hop*, and their farm*.
A UMC qturto thrrl, printed ihroufh
out in iar c I.V|K\ and (tublisked ' iTirjr
Wednesday morning. Among its promt
nriil frtUim arc;
1. I T rKkv Ki i.J. MI AIH CKATK MAR
KXT Rxroisr*, embracing the Ltvx STUCK
market* >f Ni l Yurk, Albany, Brighton,
IJainbridgi. and Philadelphia; the Nxw
Yukk Cousrar I'aoot ex MARKKT,
id 4 Ummi I'koiiim Mxaxxr* f ihr
country; an J lull rrpurU of the NKW
YORK M >.MI VIAHKLT. Kach of these
rojsoru U complied with great care, au<l
runUiui tha latest quotation* that can lc
obtained up (<• the tune of (tutting the pa
|*r to press.
2. It- AURlC trrnt* lltrAiTMixr,
which contain* each week article*on prac
tical ami.'iciiliflc farming that are of great
value to the American farmer*.
3. A very full report of the farmer.'
Club of the American In-titute i printed
in each issue of the Weekly WORLD, TKR
ihy n/trr the. meefiag of Ikr (M. Ily thi*
arrangement the report appear* in the
Weekly WORD one wceK in advance of it*
publication in auv other weekly paper.
4. A portion f the Weekly WORLD i*
reserved for family mading matter, includ
ing original and selected atorie*. j>ocms,
waif* ;>f humor, and extracts from book*
and periodical*. Particular attention will
l*e given to thi* department during the
J rc * r
& A |K>cial feature of the Weekly
WORLD i* a carefully complied uuiuiary
of the new* of each weak. It U made <>
complete that no one who read* it can fail
of being well (mated on all the important
new* of the day.
TD Sctuiweekly World,
published Tuesday and Friday, ha huge!
quarto sheet, containing all the new* pub
lulled in the Daily WORLD, with the ex
ception of tuch local report* a* uiay be of
no interett to non resident* tf New Yoik
City. It- market report* are a* full a*
tho-e of the daily edition, and it eonlain*,
bcridu* intero-ting literary matter, on Fri
day of each week, a full report ol the
Farmer*' Club.
The Daily World
contain* utt Ikr HOTS of the day that can
be oblaiaed by mail aud telegraph from
all part* of the world, and thorough dis
cussion* of all topics of interest.
The World Almanac,
commenced in IBGB, has been published
SIHIU the Ist of January, in IHGB, 1870, aud
1871. That for 18758 will he ready about
January I*l
Tux WORLD ALII AX AC contain* a great
i quantity ol invaluable political informa
tion of use to every voter, and of such a
diameter a# can no obtained in no other
publication. In it are printed the full offi
cial return- of every iui|a>rtant election
held during the year proceeding the issue
of the Almanac; the vote of New York
Stale by election district-, ami New Jer
sey by towns; the name* ol and vole for
member* of both branches oflhcNow York
legislature; the return* of the New York
Ci v intinieipul elections; ii*t of member*
of the Failed Slate# Government, ofOon
gru**, and f the several Stale governments,
ami other statistical matter. TIIR WORLD
OUDAI lor 1872 will be neccasarv to ev
ery Democrat who desiro* to keep himself
thoroughly posted in fact* and figure*.
Weekly World.
One Copy, 1 year ...... #2,00
five Copiea, I year, separately ad
dre.-ed 8,00
Tin Copiea, 1 year, icparately ad
drutted, ana nn extra Copy to
getl<<r-iip of Chili 1&.00 1
Twenty Copies, I year, e|arately ad
dressed, and an extra Copy to get
let-up ofClub 26,00
Fifty Copiea, I year, separately i d- >
dretted, ami tlieScun- Weekly, I _
year, to gettcr-up ofClub CO,®
Cine iiiindriHl Copies, 1 year, nepar
ately add retted, and the Daily, 1
year to getter-tip of Club 100,00
Send-Weekly World.
One Copy, 1 year #4,00
Two Copiea, 1 year, tcparatcly address- -
cd !Z
Five Copiet, 1 year, separately ad
drea-ed ..12,(0
Ten Copies, 1 year, separately. and an
extra Copy to getter-up of Club...'Jo.(U
J)ily World.
OuaCopy, I year.",,,,,...,,,,,, fll',oo
One Copy, 0 m0it1ht.,,..,, 6,00
Otic Copy, 3 month* 2,60
One Copy, 1 year, with Sunday Kdi-.
lion 12,00
One Copy, 0 uiontht, with Supdny
Edition 0,00
One Copy, 8 rnoiilliH, with Sunday
Edition S,(K
One Cofiy, 1 month, with Sunday
Edition 1,00
The World Alnuinw,
(Ki ias *>! n*;. in, isrtl
I'rk't, Mliitli* fopi. -, f offbi r yoar,
po-femEl. -• jp.9l)
Savon ot postpgku !.•*
Addition, to flub- may bo m-.laatany
tlmo In Urn vmi at Ibc übuve flub rate*. '
* ItWw*'* flub bid. made only .HI rr
eel el lit (Hub package*, stating data of sub
.crlpltou, edition, |><t ..ffloo and Mute lo
which It baa previously beo.i m>(,
Tv,nua— (huh In advance. Send Po.t
olttoe Money Order. IDim Ilralt. or Kegi--
tored Letter, Hill* aont by Mail will tie nt
the risk of the tender.
Wo have no travnlllnt agent*. H|ww
men copies, |aii>r>, ilo.. M*nt froo .if
charge, wherever and whenever do. I rod
Addre.* all order* and letter to
"THK WO/.'// M M 9m, N.
i)arr J a g c
f'qtlre If/ill, I'M,
GK'J, It. KA li I'.STKK
: Ha* on had and for sale at the mo*t raa
i .unable rate* a splendid stock uf
and every description of Wagon* Imth
u arrmite.l to W mad< of the be-tand most
durable material*, and by the most ogpe
rieucad workmen. All work sent out front
the c-lablishiiotut will he found to be of
the highest ul*-* and sure to gine perfect
satisfaction, lie will also bavu a Eva as
sortment of
ol all the newest and nvmt fashionable
styles well and carefully made snd of the
best materials
An inspects n of His work > a*kd a* it
U believed that none superior can be found
in the country. augKAtf.
CtOMMI.HSIOS KRsSaLK of united
/ laud*. In pur*uai-# of an act of A
-euthly passed ou the 2Mh day of March.
I>. IWtl the Co . mi-*iner* of Centre
CiHinty wtil *ell at public sale at the Court
tlouc, in the borough of BeitefuaU, on
Saturday the 27th day of January A. L>
1172, lh following duocrihod tract# and
part* of tract# of un.caiod laud* purchased
by the County at Tr>-a*urer* sate, and
which have remained unredeemed for
the .pare of five year* and upward*:
wxfigxxrxga. Xt-KKS HL TWr
Robert Amply *JU7 80 t'urtin
k. Hamilton 20 uO **
Itulh KltloU ..jn UU
aluuei 1ia1142 U0 "
jJusepb lbhert*.Ul "
Vateutiue Mey.-r 416 0U "
Sarah Bon ham— 217 00 Howard
White A Ncatierude..—o W)
Jutaa Hrsdy ..—.. .IU4 34 "
lA-'awi Kuia. ....„.._...-l IU lluaton
\daiu liubi**—.. _7O U)
jCASKuhu* 264 UU
Hichard H'aln 416 iUSn's Sh'
JllPyla 81 Out! I fin' on
J.ihn King , 2t 61
J M |M*r* v „-2SD 0U Worth
j t\'m Haird... est tOl Union
{ lWnjamin liaird 481 168 "
Samuel Phipp*.—.... lit) UU
John I>iua.*ody.,— — lid 00
Jane Itlakv ... 100 0U "
Polly Willtauis..—..434 O' Taylor
!l) lleck BO Of) '
.K hn Ih-ck tat 00 "
Jtiob Heck HL) tU
!VV 1* Ilrady ~IW 00 Mite#
It.>hi firav —.... 401 00
Hannah Brady ... 410 00 "
{Jama* Hepburn,—...,4lo ftO "
{ Charte* 434 tXI Kuth
{Jame# Lauritnore >1 0U lingg
John M Corming .lll ITS Spring
( Jxhn Jxh1x1xf1...........11'.1 to
'John Witsou..— ..Rfil UU "
J. 14. SANKKY,
Mmhmm 1 * t\mtee f.
W'M. FUIiKY. Vterk
MT PltttCL A M A
W. erua* the lion. Chartos A. Mayer,
l*r--ldent of the court of Common Plea*,
j m the 26th luJicial Ui*triet, con*iting of
j the eou title- of l>mrv, Clintxi, and I Sear
field and llxnorahle W W. I#ove and
jthe Honorable Henry l*mp, A**ociaU-
Judgc* iu Outre county, having i**ued
iheir preee|rt, hearing dale the Oik day of
jUWc'br A. L>., 1871, to me directed for
: holding a court of Oyer and Terminer and
1 General Jail Delivery and (Juarlor Sa#-
•ion- of the Peace in Bellefotita, for tbe
■-ounty of Contra, and to eotnmem-e on the
4th Monday ot January next, being the
22th day ot Jan. 1872, and twcoutinue one
; week.
Notice it therefore hereby given In the
Coroner, Justice of the Peace, Aldermen
and Constable* ot the said county ot Con
tre. that they be then and there in their
proper person*, at 10 o'clock in the fore
noon of raid day, with iher records, in
4uiitio*, cxaminaliou*. anfft'ioir own re
invmbrnnco*, to do tho*c thing* which to
their office appertain* to be done, and
lhoe who are bound in recognisances to
pro-.-cute against the prisoner* that are or
•hall be in the Jail of Centre county be
there and to pr*ocut>- againat them a* )>lt
bv just.
(hi en under my hand, at Hcllefunta, the
12th day of Dec in the year or our Lotd,
1871 and in the ninety-fourth year of the
Independence of the United State#.
D. W. WOODRINQ, Skerjg.
J.E. Caldwell <£Co.
Desire to envite the especial attention of
, purchaser* and others visiting the city, to
, their unusually large and varied a—ort
, merit of
during the present *ea*on.
Courteous and |Ktlile attention Is extend
ed to all who may be induced to accept a
- cordial Invitation to visit their beautiful
ooa ciramrirr T,
The uuder-igue.l olTer* at private
SrA sale a two Story dwelling hou*e and
JciALot. on k ain street, Centre Hall,
with stableaad all necessary outbuildings,
and choice fruit (> 'l the premises, ami wa
ter in tbo yard. The house u to good a*
mm Fr fulher partseulars apply to -
r U. 1). UriSMAN,
I laug.lf. Centre Hall
The annual moot ne of the members of
the Farmer's Mtrial Fire Insurance Com
pany of Centre County, and election of
twelve Directors, to conduct the aifair* of
tire Company, for lire ensuing year, wll
be hold at the house of John Spnugler,
Centre Hall, on Monday the Bth or Janua
ry, 18751. The annual statement of the
transaction* of the Company lor the past
year will be presented. Mouther* gener
ally are ronucsted to attend.
ALKX. FuAXNog, Fres't.
Bev'y. doc 22.
To Ire hml Ut Ilcrhtchcr A t'roiiiiltcr'r
• A lot of good new Furniture on hand,
such n one Bureau, Bedstead*, Wab
-tand*. Arc:
! A sp'endid lot of Huclcskiii Gloves,
driving Gloves, dress Gloves.
The Chepagf, |
purest, besti
On Allegheny Street.
It 171! L AGAULT.
Coffee,'l'M, Sugar, Syrup, Dried Fruit,
Canned Fruit, llnm*. Dried Reef,
Salt. I'irk lie. Hotter, Floor,
Corn Meal. Ruck treat Flour,
and everything uwialy kept In • well regu
lated flr*t ela* Grocery Sturn
mart.On. til? ill-a OAULT.
~ I /
anil POWDER!
OtJAL— Wiikc.barre Coal, 1 tint aat
Stum, Kjrg, furnace and foundry,
Conl -of b et quality, at the low
wdpmw*. (*u •toiner* will pleoM
"te that oar cunt i* boated un
<fer caiumoditMii
*.L. TjiiiißfflßßH
Llllß—Wood or eonl-bami Lime, for salt
• the pU, leadingta
I'O WDKK -Having nwrivnl the agency
for Da Font'* Pueder A4
!h^£^ V "'' r,Wr^
OAee end yard near .oath end of Bdd
Ragle Valley K K Depot, Bellefonle. Fa
iia* been to tkeeMrumeead of the
market For BOOTS A SHOES
to Boeton.
For DBY GOODS to New York.
For CLOTHING to Philadelphia.
tip Kai l, article bought directly
from the Manufacturer, with a de
al re to suit this uisrkt-Miar
PI N E A LP AC AS from 10c to Tec the
lnot—equal to el.'ij alpaca*.
SUlTS—from RlUto IW. beat all
wool Caiin
( " '** ; f p
Carpet* at old rat**, tram M eati to W
cent# |cr yard, fur the boa.
And x-llinr frwn fit to 16 rent*, the lto>
I <li(stc, ana intuitu* in proportion, at
' rate*.
Women* Shorn, common good. to van
I all Uiuttier, at $1 |*< r pair
Kin* Bout* from #;ijO to #7,5(1 for
at the lowe*t rate*, and *o!d at 1(67 price
' front SIO,OO to #1 fur the brat.
and if it aint true, Sternberg will treat.
They only ak people to come and •**
even If they do not with to buy.
TBI AMVILSTORIt!* now "receiving
a large and well aMorted Stock Jl
Hardware, More*, Nail*, HotaeShoe*. Sad
dlery, Ola**, Paint*, Sheet Bar and Hoop
Iron alto Buggy and Wagon Stock of
every description —Oall and tupply your
•aire* at the lowest po*ible rate* at
aalQ'oß. IB WIN * WILSON
BA ROM KTKHS and Thcrmometert at
tba very beat duality Ju*t recclveda
Wolf* old (tand
Ladlea Trnawra.
ThU inraluabic article for female*, it now!
to b had at Herlocher'irtora, and no other]
place In Oentr county. Ladle* re member j
thai there tru*e* can ba had at Centra
Hall If.
Chits. H. Held,
(leek. Watchmaker * Jawelet
Millheim, Centre Co., Peaua.
ReepectiVillv inform* hit friend* and thi
public in general, that he ba* just openod
Ht hi* new onteblWhnieat, abore Alexaa
dor'* Store, and keep* ooastantlv on hand
all kind* of Clock*, Watche* and Jewelr*
of the late*t rt vleaa* al*o the Maranvilh
Patent Calender Clock*, provided with t
complete iudex of the mouth, and dav ot
lh month nU wtN*k on iU face, U
warranted a# a perfect time-keeper.
sa-Clock*, Watch** and Jewelry rw
oatred on abort notice and warranted.
V tepUGSfly
between Market and Arch, formerly 104.
Carpet*, Oil Cloth*. Oil Shade*, Wick
Yarn, Cotton Yarn*, Carpet Chain*, Grain
Bag*, Window Paper, Batting, Ac. Alto,
Brushes, Looking Glaum, Ac, decihly
and Conveyancer. Deed*, Bond*, Mort
gage*, and a* in-lrument* of Writing faith
rully attended to. S|tecial attenlbhi given
to the collection of Bounty and Petition
claim*. Oißce nearly opuutite the Court
House, two door* above Sewn. Bu*h A
Yooum's Law Office Bellefoute, Pa
in u*eat IRWIK a WlUo**M
plated fork*, spoon*, Ac, at
HOOTK, large stock, all style*, and
pricu, for men and boy*, just arrived
at Wolf well known old Stand. |
Great Destruction
, of high prices!
111 II!
the Old Staudjgw
it Crntre Hall,
Hate, Gape, Route, Khv.
Fl#A^il C " KAP L,NK 0i
, ateoe WaatfAdk ot,
FISH, the beat. Main
M At'KKKFL and liJUt|tl2C
the beat and chenpe* in the *•*
•Frtl WM. WOLF.
Furniture Kooms!
•aapeettully iafbrw* the citkru of Cent**
county, that he ka*euMlaatly on head, ana
in aha* to order, all kind* of ]
81? RK Aim,
Baal Mill Cain* Aivtri o Save
iliaati-ek of reedy-made Furaltare Hlar*
and warranted of good P liuanilnt '• *
all made under b oww immediate #u§.*r • i
' .ion and i* ottered at (Wte* a* ebenp > el• J
where. TbanLAil for |M>et faer. h.- M
i,, a continuance of the #ate. M
1 o*ll aadeehi*tock before purr I.*el- M
fin si
11l -K.
o* W %
or THE W AC El
* i I—,
fttiKft* n*. **►
| prrg^'wr , '^ a
, M West*** FVbunhixc Co. J
Attorney* t .Law, iU lt. Jvt.ta.
Offic , on the Diiutwl, neat <Ur t Car
man' Intel. tVnuhaihn in fhttwuta ei
Kafl *h. MtW'mt
' YOHN r. POTTER. Attorney it law.
tJ Gollortioa* promptly e nd.* and vpwcia
attention riven to tWe having land* at
t property far rale. Will draw up and tiaea
acknowledged Deed*. Mortgage*. Ac. (ll
flee fa the diamond, nHk *idc of the
, coun *aae. Bellefoato. tg<M
BMtr ißocKitaorr, jmuuiii.
President, OwWrr.
(Late NitHLea, Hoover A
• And Allow Interne
|| Di-count Note*,
fay and tie
Government Securities Gold and
plO'Oßtf Oew|Hi..
TAS II'HANTS. Attorney at Uw
U Bellefanta, promptly attend* to all bit
'"* entrutted U> him. juiB,(JKU
DF. FOKTNKY, Attorney at Law
• Bellefoatr. Fa. Office over Key
Inold * bank. mayH bvni
ja.a. M ALLItTKt, jamK* A. IKAVkk
Bellefonte, Centre Co.. Penn'a. apQttl
Bellefonte, Pa. Office in German,*
new building oppohe the Court Home.
Seienct on (Lditawt
C. H. Gutelius,
Hargmmgnd Vrrbaniritl Dent let
who t* permanently located in Aamndmri
in the office formerly occupied by I)r. Nig,
and who ha* been practicing with entire
tocce** —having the experience of a uumWi
of year* In the profe*ton, he would cordi
ally invite all who have a* yet net giver
him a call, to do •, and tent the truthfulnuvt
of thi amertion. Teeth extracted
without pain. niaySFOKtf
jxo. H. oavia. r. t. auxam.ii
Attorney-at-law. Office in Conrad liou*e
Bellefonte, Pa.
with Orvi £ Alexandor, attend* to eollcc*
SYRUP, the Inert ever n.ade, Jp*j i§
eoived, cheap at Wolf* old *tand- Uy it
Parlor Stove*, and four "ire* of Cat
U rner* constantly on hand and for rale
an!o*6B. Ifcwtx a Wijkox'*
Horn mblahkkts and sleigh
BELLS at low price-, at
lawik a VVilkok'
TY ANDfIB A and Door Pcft*. all ,
fl fan a hind* at
•PW. law IV * V II O* a
SCALES, at whoieaale nod-retail, cheap